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Nubaeis there a way I can switch off all messages about new cdroms being put into drive? (right now it comes up on every screen), I know this is due to a change to gvfs, but there must be a way to switch off notification completely13:30
ogra_cmpcNubae, you can make the cdpinger binary in the chroot unexecutable (and rebuild the image) but that switches off any cd handling)13:33
Nubaeeven at pxe level?13:36
Nubaebecause I boot from cdroms13:36
Nubaeif not, that's fine13:36
Nubaeand that doesnt affect the server's cdrom drive right?13:37
ogra_cmpcno, only in the users sessions13:37
ogra_cmpcthat will still show up on all desktops and be accessible by everyone13:37
Nubaeok, Ill do that13:37
ogra_cmpcserver and client media handling are two totally separate things13:38
Nubaeonly the fat chroots need cdrom media anyway13:38
Nubaeso can handle it that way13:38
ogra_cmpcwell, the fat ones should handle it as local devices via hal13:38
Nubaeyeah i supposed, but never good to assume anything ;-)13:38
ogra_cmpcand gnome-volume-manager otr whatever the desktop you have uses13:38
Nubaeok, so cdpinger is where?13:39
ogra_cmpcin usr/sbin/ in the chroot13:40
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NubaeI'm running hardy production now13:41
Nubaelast couple days without issues13:41
Nubaeexcept for the cd thing13:41
Nubaei get it for the floppy too13:43
ogra_cmpcdelayed mounter in the ldm rc.d scripts13:44
Nubaeany idea where?13:47
Nubaeright now my system places has everyone's cdrom and floppy locations :-) funny13:48
Nubaefound it: /usr/share/ldm/rc.d/S10-delayed-mounter14:03
Nubaeso delayed mounter only does floppies?14:04
ogra_cmpcand usb devices that were plugged in before login14:05
Nubaeok, so if I turn this off, then when a person puts ina  new stick14:05
Nubaeit will still show, right?14:05
ogra_cmpcif your users use them like that they need to re-plug14:06
ogra_cmpcafter logging in14:06
Nubaeok, so make sure plug in after logging in?14:06
stgraberogra_cmpc: Have you filed the MIR ? :) (just a quick reminder)14:06
Nubaeok, cool14:06
ogra_cmpcoh man14:06
ogra_cmpcgimmie 10 min to finish lunch, i'll do it right now14:08
ogra_cmpcstgraber, the build-deps are all in main, right ?14:26
stgraberogra_cmpc: last I checked, yes14:35
ogra_cmpcoki, working on the report14:36
NubaeI've got a list of non-existen places under places -> removable devices, how can I get rid of that/refresh it?14:37
ogra_cmpcstgraber, do you know the ica port from the top of your head ?15:27
stgraber5800 and 590015:28
stgraberfor the default values, for LTSP it's 10000+last byte from IP and 11000+last byte from IP15:29
ogra_cmpc5800 and 900 are enough15:29
ogra_cmpcwhy two ?15:30
ogra_cmpc5800 for master and 5900 for client ?15:30
stgrabernope, one for VNC, the other for italc's internal protocol15:31
stgraber5800 is isd (iTalc daemon) and 5900 is ivs (VNC)15:32
stgraberivs is basically a slightly modified x11vnc15:33
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ogra_cmpcstgraber, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionReportItalc please take a quick look that i didnt tell any rubbish16:20
ogra_cmpc(you know it better than me)16:20
TelnetMantaAny exciting news coming from Edubuntu in the near future?16:20
TelnetMantaHi Ogra16:21
ogra_cmpcTelnetManta, i think the cd reorganization is the biggest one ....16:22
ogra_cmpc(and thats not actually *new* news :) )16:23
stgraberogra_cmpc: looks good16:23
TelnetMantaogra_cmpc: Thanks, any new built in support for ldap/AD user authentication for those of use wanting to integrate into an existing network?16:27
ogra_cmpcTelnetManta, that task was completely assigned to the server team at the beginning of the hardy cycle16:28
TelnetMantaAh, I dont know of you remember me. I worked last year to get Edubuntu to work with Novell NDS Servers.16:30
TelnetMantaWas a pain :) and just wondered if any support was built in yet.16:30
ogra_cmpcstgraber, bug #197034 :)16:30
ubotuLaunchpad bug 197034 in italc "main inclusion request for italc 1.0.6" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19703416:30
ogra_cmpcthere we go16:30
ogra_cmpctrhanks for nagging again ... i'm knee deep in classmate stuff and tend to forget other stuff atm16:31
ogra_cmpcTelnetManta, #ubuntu-server might be your best bet16:31
TelnetMantalol, not nagging you. I was just wondering. I dont talk alot in here but saw you on.16:32
TelnetMantajust wanted to say hi, really/16:32
ogra_cmpcTelnetManta, no, that thanks was for stgraber and meant as a serious thank you :)16:33
TelnetMantaoh, ok. :)16:33
LaserJockogra: pitti rejected all my squeak packages :/16:50
ogra_cmpcugh, why that16:50
ogra_cmpcand i was joking in -devel16:51
LaserJockmostly licensing16:51
LaserJockand he didn't like that the image packages are native16:51
ogra_cmpcdidnt you tell him iTs multiverse ?16:51
LaserJockwell, I thought so16:51
LaserJockbut he said there's some GPL violation16:51
LaserJockand the actual license is unclear16:52
LaserJockwhich I totally agree with16:52
LaserJockbut it's Multiverse, it's supposed to be messy ;-)16:52
LaserJockI don't think I can do much better with these silly packages16:52
LaserJockit's just a messy messy upstream16:52
ogra_cmpcdid the license change wrt our old packages ?16:52
LaserJockI think it's much clearer in the new packages16:53
ogra_cmpcthe old one was approved by elmo16:53
LaserJockbut standards have greatly increased since Dapper/Breezy16:53
ogra_cmpcwith pro-vote of sabdfl back then16:53
LaserJockI'll email pitti back with the best explanations I have16:54
LaserJockbut most of it is really out of my hands16:54
ogra_cmpcand point out the history as well16:54
LaserJockespecially if we're trying to sync with the Debian guys16:54
ogra_cmpc(the one in ubuntu i just listed)16:54
ogra_cmpcwould be a massive loss to keep the old ones16:55
LaserJockogra_cmpc: is your nick registered, btw17:00
ogra_cmpcerm, not ths one, no17:00
ogra_cmpcsad news though, but the other stuff is more important17:01
LaserJockmy wife is gonna kill me if I don't graduate ;-)17:02
ogra_cmpcmoquist, RichEd and me will hold up the edu flag in prague ...17:02
LaserJockI'll try to help as much as I can as always17:02
LaserJockgood :-)17:02
ogra_cmpcnext time again then :)17:02
LaserJockyeah, I'd like to go again some time17:03
ogra_cmpcprague is quite a loss though ....17:03
ogra_cmpca city i wouldnt want to miss17:03
LaserJockyeah, 2 grad students from my department spent 6 months there doing research last year17:03
LaserJocksounded like it was a real experience17:04
ogra_cmpcits a beauty17:04
LaserJockI'd like to see a German UDS17:04
ogra_cmpca city to fall in love with just beacuse of the looks17:04
LaserJockstop, you're making me want to go ;-)17:05
* ogra_cmpc shuts up17:05
LaserJockmaybe I can defend my PhD via Skype? :-)17:06
LaserJockalright, well I gotta run to a meeting17:13
LaserJockI sent an email to clair/jorge/moquist saying I can't make it17:13
LaserJockand I'll follow up with pitti about squeak :/17:13
ogra_cmpci'll nag pitti a bin17:13
LaserJockyeah, if you could that'd help17:13
LaserJockI'll send an email explaining the details as best I can17:14
LaserJockbut some "backup" from you would help ;-)17:14
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