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nixternalso do you Jucato :)00:14
Jucatonot anymore though :)00:14
bluszczhello, any here?00:16
nixternalRiddell: I have just tested the 'Print Head Cleaner' and it is making the printer in class go crazy :)00:28
nixternalso the button worked!!!00:28
nixternalNote to self:  "You cannot clean print heads on a LASERJET printer" :)00:29
nixternalRiddell: simply copy the maintenance_command(self, command) stuff from the gtk version, and then add the following code for the button:00:31
nixternaldef on_btnCleanHeads_clicked(self):00:31
nixternal    self.maintenance_command ("Clean all")00:31
nixternalthat is all you need, and comment out the .hide() on self.btnCleanHeads.show()00:31
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ScottKIf it's bugfix only, go for it.02:39
ScottKJust file a bug to document what you're doing02:39
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yuriynixternal: copy stuff from the gtk version? they're not using a common backend? :O03:02
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nixternalyuriy: there is a common, but that isn't in it03:39
nixternalthat whole thing is a mess, the worst thing I have ever looked at03:39
crimsun_nah, there's far worse.03:43
crimsun_or should I say "there are far worse"03:44
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nixternalryanakca: gahahahahahahha, you need to see this email I just got with your email addy in the To: field...it is great04:57
Czessihi nixternal, i've printed some kubuntu posters. the documents are only available in the german A0 (841mm x 1189mm) format. are you interested for an pdf in an us format?05:07
CzessiI think ANSI E is the right format?05:32
nixternaloh man, I really don't know05:36
nixternaldo you have the source of the posters?05:36
Czessithe source is the svg from the kubuntu marketing wiki page05:38
Czessiwikipedia says, ANSI E is the right format ;)05:38
* Hobbsee wonders when kde4 will become usable.05:39
nixternalwell I will just grab that then, unless you have it all funkdafied and what not :)05:39
nixternalKDE 4 has been usable for me now for a couple of months05:39
nixternalI will say it isn't the greatest on an amd64 system05:39
nixternalit is always locking up and crashing, but I can't blame that on KDE 4 just yet05:39
nixternalI installed from the new kde 4 cd05:39
nareshovI had hardy kde4, didn't lock up or crash05:40
nareshovexcept that it's just unusable without proxy support05:40
Hobbseenixternal: does the gtk qt engine work yet?05:40
nixternalnot that I have seen thus far05:40
nixternalso Gtk apps look a little ugly, so does gnome, but that is still usable :p05:40
nareshovyou can always enable "apply kde4 colours to non-kde apps" in system settings :P05:41
Hobbseethat's not enough :)05:42
nareshovya :p05:42
nixternalonly gtk app I use is Gimp, so it doesn't bother me05:42
nareshovyou don't use firefox?!05:42
nixternalI hate firefox05:42
nixternalit is a bloated turd just like internet explorer05:43
robotgeekOMG, nixternal blasphemes.05:50
robotgeeki guess it is okay in #kubuntu-devel , lol05:51
ubotuOh no!  The pointy-clicky Vista lover has arrived!  He's rumoured to be giving out free money, too!05:57
nixternalHobbsee: do I need to file an FFe for a sync from Debian that just incorporates a couple of fixes for some bugs?07:07
Hobbseenixternal: any features?07:09
nixternalit is Gwenview, in main07:09
nixternalthere are the 2 patches I want, and then the only changes made int he Debian package is bump to 3.7.3 and and compat to 6, which may be an issue07:10
nixternalreally? :)07:13
neversfeldesorry, wrong input field. Early in the morning :)07:14
nixternalnow we all know your password for your bank account07:14
neversfeldenot so bad ;)07:15
neversfeldeyou can be admin in forum kubuntu-de.org07:15
nixternalHobbsee: I think I will just go ahread and create a debdiff for Riddell with those 2 patches from Debian...we don't need compat 6 in case we want to backport it to >= Dapper07:16
neversfeldeI think I should change the password now^^07:16
nixternalnow that you told us what it was for07:16
Hobbseenixternal: right07:17
Hobbseenixternal: then you can just upload07:17
nixternalwell I can't, but you can :)07:18
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nixternalHobbsee: do you want to do this debdiff for gwenview really quick?07:55
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nixternalRiddell: http://www.nixternal.com/~rj/  <- gwenview and polyester debdiffs to fix some bugs - gwenview fixes 2 bugs and polyester fixes 1 bug08:34
* nixternal beds08:34
Jucatobye nixternal08:34
Jucato :)08:34
hungerWhy can't I download the kde4.0.1 stuff from the archive?08:44
hungerAh, now the debs finally showed up:-)08:56
hungerKDE4 will not start up: Splash screen appears, last icon flashes there. It vanishes after a while and nothing more happens. Any idea how to debug this?09:28
nareshovhunger: it takes you back to the login screen?09:29
hungernareshov: nope.09:29
nareshovtry sudo mv /etc/kde4rc /etc/kde4rc_do_not_use09:29
hungernareshov: I just sit there with an empty screen that will only respond to ALT-CTRL-Backspace.09:29
hungernareshov: That helped! Thanks!09:32
hungerAny idea what was in the file? I rm-ed it;-)09:34
nareshovit was supposed to go anyway09:35
hungernareshov: Well, if I cared I could just check it out again;-)09:35
hungerremoving that file improves my kde 4.1 build, unfortunately it does not fix it.09:36
nareshovhunger: any idea if anyone is working on the proxy-support bug at all?09:38
hungernareshov: Which proxy support bug?09:38
nareshovhunger: http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=15570709:39
ubotuKDE bug 155707 in general "proxy settings are not followed" [Major,New]09:39
nareshovOh, it's assigned to someone now09:40
hungernareshov: No idea, sorry.09:42
hungerbut it is good to see it assigned;-)09:42
* hunger sighs. Soprano is borked in SVN since yesterday evening already.09:43
* hunger grumbles. KDE 3 is no fun anymore... konqui got so damn crashy since the last update:-(09:57
_StefanS_hunger: desktop icons in kde4 isn't exactly amazing either.. I cant figure out why they're made like applets10:02
nareshovadd the taskbar to that10:02
jussi01hmmm, is it possible to not have the temp files ending in ~ left in the folder after use? ie. the ones created when you edit a picture or document?10:02
_StefanS_nareshov: agreed.10:02
nareshov+ KDE3 is like < 500MB ram on my laptop, KDE4 is about 800MB, plasma is heavy :\10:02
hungerThe taskbar sucks, I agree.10:02
hungerI do understand the icons as applets approach from an engineering point of view. I don't have icons on the desktop, so I do not care from a user POV;-)10:04
_StefanS_hunger: well, kde4 is not finished yet, so it will be improved along the way..10:05
_StefanS_I hope.10:05
* nareshov too sincerely hopes 10:05
hunger_StefanS_: Well, it will pick up Decibel and other stuff, so it will improve;-)10:06
hunger_StefanS_: Let's just hope that the stuff that is annoying right now will improve as well.10:06
_StefanS_hunger: yep I think it will. I just hope they will optimize the UI for general usage along the way, and not wait ~3-4years. I think it so unusable in its current state (and thats without window animations, fades and that).10:07
hungerI hope that butt-ugly menu thingy will vanish as well... I always hated suse's menu in KDE3, now I have to see it on every distribution in KDE4.10:07
nareshovwe need a Finder kind of thing10:08
hungerAnd it even got more ugly in the conversion (cramped icons and everything).10:08
_StefanS_hunger: yep that menu is definitely not good.. but then again I dont have anything else that the regular "start"-menu approach to suggest either.10:09
hungerTHe good ol' K-menu was good enough for years. I want it back;-)10:09
nareshovthe old style menu is there in kde410:10
_StefanS_hunger: cant you change that btw?10:10
hungerI hardly ever need a menu anyway.10:10
nareshovyou can10:10
_StefanS_oka, I might want to try that sometime10:10
_StefanS_ScottK2, ScottK: did you succeed with the patch?10:11
_StefanS_hunger: what gfx card are you using?10:13
_StefanS_hunger: I have a Nvidia Quadro 570M, but I cant get it to perform decently in 2d..10:14
hunger_StefanS_: A ATI card... it basically is a very expensive framebuffer in linux.10:17
_StefanS_hunger: yep i recently got rid of ATI in my house. But this quadro thingy is just amazingly slow... i can see the webpages, windows repaint from top and down.10:18
_StefanS_pretty b0rked.10:18
hunger_StefanS_: I have a laptop, so replacing the graphics card is not that easy.10:18
_StefanS_hunger: I replaced my laptops.10:20
_StefanS_hunger: using new thinkpads now10:20
_StefanS_ah I think i found something... dynamic clocks is ruining performance in 2d..10:21
nareshov_StefanS_: you mean dynamic cpu frequency policy?10:24
_StefanS_nareshov: nope the gpu frequency policy10:25
hungernareshov: That or dynamic clocks on the GPU.10:25
_StefanS_nareshov: the cpu has not effect, I tried it.10:25
Jucatohere we go again :/ http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/247/11:08
Hobbseemore spam?11:08
jussi01Hobbsee: no the we need more paid canonical employees on kubuntu11:09
Hobbseeah yeah11:09
jussi01then... the lovely gnome vs kde...11:10
* Jucato sighs with jussi0111:11
Hobbseesome nice stuff on there11:21
* hunger is looking for a "clean up the base system idea"....11:38
hungerI really hate those errors visible when usplash is disabled.11:39
* hunger wonders which account is needed to access brainstorm...11:47
Nightrosehunger: QA account11:48
Nightroselike the one for iso testing11:48
Nightrosethat is the one i used11:48
hungerThat is a different one from launchpad, the wiki, mailman and whatnot?11:48
Nightrosewhen you register a new account there it lists all the services you can use it at11:48
Nightrosejust above the registration form11:49
hungerThe ubuntu website is so sucky! Launchpad is so annoying and confusing, you need different accounts all over the place, the ubuntu.com site has hardly any info at all.11:49
Nightrosethere was a wish @ brainstorm for access with open id for everything ;-)11:50
NightroseI think you want to give that a +11:50
hungerThere are lots of cool sites, but you need to find out about them one by one.11:50
hungerNightrose: Nope, can't be bothered to create yet another account for yet another system where I'll get ignored;-)11:50
Nightrosewell I gave all the kubuntu stuff a +11:51
Nightrosewe need more kubuntu there after all11:51
Nightroseat least there is a slight chance it helps11:51
hungerIf something bothers me enough I'll just write some bugreport in launchpad. At least I have an account for that;-)11:52
Nightrosewell once you got an account there you can use it for iso testing as well...11:53
Nightroseso it is not entirely useless11:53
hungerIso testing is useless to me. I aptitude upgrade;-)11:53
Nightroseuseless to you... - not useless to kubuntu ;-)11:54
hungerNightrose: Sorry, I just do not care enough anymore to bother. I got work to do and there is lots of more interesting stuff out there to do in my spare time.11:55
Nightroseyea sure11:55
hungerI do write bugreports (when something annoys me enough), I even try to fix stuff and append patches to those reports, but that is all I am willing to contribute back.11:56
Nightrosewhich is more than a lot of other people do11:56
hungerAnd I do read the bugreports on the stuff I wrote, so that I may help those guys that package it. But that is not "helping ubuntu" but doing the more interesting stuff;-)11:58
ryanakcanixternal: lol :P12:02
* ryanakca wonders how many other distros get spammed12:02
Hobbseethe popular ones12:03
mhbgood afternoon friend12:34
Jucatohi mhb12:40
Jucatolooks like someone successfully made a kcron kcm :)12:41
mhbJucato: groovy13:03
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mhbis it so silent these days?16:22
nosrednaekimyeah.... silent....16:22
nosrednaekimactually, is it too late to change something in the desktop-effect-kde? the descriptions of the different levels need serious help :)16:23
emonkeyseems like that16:23
emonkey.oO(I spoke about the silence)16:23
mhbnosrednaekim: I hope they still accept bug fixes16:24
mhbit's not even March, after all16:24
nosrednaekimok, i'll hurry up and change that then16:25
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jpatricknixternal: don't worry, we all got killed from OFTC18:32
Nightrosehey nixternal :)18:32
nixternaljpatrick: any idea what that was all about?18:33
jpatrick<Ganneff> bug in services turning something into a *@* kline.18:33
jpatrickRock on!18:33
nixternalBug 1, OFTC 018:33
jpatrickevenin' nonetheless :)18:33
nixternalbug in services == we got hax0red18:33
jpatrickyeah, that would explain it...18:38
jpatrickheh: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57857/19:00
* nixternal puts the core-dev lu*re into the water and checks to see if they are biting19:09
nixternalya, I had to 1980s 1337 on it19:10
mhbwhat was hacked again?19:10
mhbI'm not sure I follow19:10
nixternalnothing probably, but OFTC crashed earlier giving everyone a *@* kline19:11
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nixternalanyone else experiencing problems with archive.ubuntu.com?19:41
neversfeldefor me too19:43
nixternalnow its working19:51
_StefanS_kwwii: hey19:58
jpatrickevening _StefanS_19:59
_StefanS_hey jp19:59
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nixternalhrmm, there aren't many updates to kde 4.0.2 extragear packages20:16
nixternalmostly just strings20:16
NthDegreewhere can I find a list of .patch files used in the Ubuntu Gutsy kernel?20:30
jpatrickNthDegree: http://patches.ubuntu.com/20:30
jpatrickNthDegree: apt-get source PackageNameYouWant20:31
NthDegreejpatrick: it doesn't seem to give me a list of .patch files unless i'm missing something20:34
NthDegreejust one big clump of a patch20:34
NthDegreejpatrick: what i'm meaning to look for are things like the individual patch file ubuntu uses for dazuko or for apparmor for example20:39
jpatrickNthDegree: you'll have to fetch the source package then20:40
NthDegreei've got the package known as linux-source but that has kernel sources which are already patched right?20:40
NthDegreeand the sources to kernel-sources are a bunch of linux-meta bits which are just confusing the hell outta me :(20:41
jpatrickmaybe #ubuntu-kernel could help better?20:41
NthDegreeah, didn't know there was such a channel.. thanks =]20:41
mhbcome on, it's friday night, let's have a flame war!21:29
Nightroseis this a regular thing? I must have missed it until now :P21:30
Nightroseok do we go for the usual vi vs emacs? or something more advanced?21:30
mhbwe could have a "linux is a no good unix"21:32
mhbI've heard that a lot of times21:32
mhbfrom the lecturers at "Introduction to UNIX"21:33
Nightrosesounds good21:34
mhbis there a command-not-found app for man pages?21:34
mhbwhen I need a man pages I never seem to find one21:34
Nightrosewe could also do a nice kubuntu vs suse21:34
mhbor are command liners not in favour anymore?21:34
mhbNightrose: I would have to know suse21:35
Nightroseok then a kubuntu vs whatever21:35
mhbwhat do you think of that brainstorm think?21:36
mhbI don't find it very helpful21:36
mhbideas has never been a problem21:36
Nightrosewell if it helps making these ideas heard then I am all for it21:37
Nightrosejust not sure it does help with that21:37
NightroseI really hope though21:37
* Nightrose voted for all the good kubuntu stuff 21:37
mhbI'd vote for21:39
mhb* more automation in package management21:39
mhb* more automation in configuration tool building21:39
mhb* more automation in testing21:39
mhb* spending more time code reviewing so the code isn't slow as hell21:39
mhbI've never understood how can you people tinker with packaging21:40
mhbbut that's my very personal opinion21:40
mhbI'd be happy if we could just let packaging to the machines21:42
mhband concentrate on bug fixes and coding21:42
NightroseI suppose a lot of people would be happy with that21:43
mhbthen why aren't they trying to make it reality?21:43
* Nightrose gets something to eat21:45
blizzzekin certain situations, my xserver freezes the system. thist afternoon while playing freeciv, now having amarok frontend open :-/21:56
ryanakcaErr http://archive.ubuntu.com hardy/universe klipper-kde4 4:4.0.1-0ubuntu6 404 Not Found [IP: 80]22:10
ryanakcaamong others, that's after running 'sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude dist-upgrade'22:10
jpatrickryanakca: nixternal was experiencing similiar problems earlier22:11
Riddellseele: possibly interesting question for you http://ask.slashdot.org/askslashdot/08/02/29/1745230.shtml22:11
ryanakcajpatrick: hmm... archive.u.c seems to go into laps of trouble... same thing happened last week.22:12
nixternalRiddell: did you get my link to the 2 debdiffs I did for gwenview and polyester?22:24
nixternalryanakca: ya, I was getting that earlier as well22:24
* kwwii makes it back from a very delayed flight22:26
nixternalhowdy kwwii22:26
Riddellnixternal: nope22:28
Riddellkwwii: enjoyed london?22:28
nixternalboth of those are just minor fixes to close out some bugs22:28
nixternalthe polyester one might be a good backport candidate22:29
kwwiiRiddell: oh, package training was *so* much fun22:29
Riddellkwwii for MOTU!22:30
nixternal+1 :)22:30
kwwiiand having a flight delayed so that I miss my connection in Zurich (spent 11 hours underway) was the cherry on top of it all22:30
kwwiiRiddell: lol, trust me, you do not want that (but others at the company do!)22:30
Riddellnixternal: uploaded, thanks22:38
mhbman, I feel lonely :o)22:46
nixternalRiddell: thank you!22:46
mhbRiddell: hi, have you tried fixing any of the jockey-kde bugs?22:46
* nixternal goes and does some quick chores before getting back to bug destruction22:46
nixternalhowdy raphink22:51
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_StefanS_kwwii: hey23:02
_StefanS_kwwii: you awake?23:02
_StefanS_kwwii: just read the scrollback... seems like some flight delays catched up with you :)23:03
Riddellmhb: I've not really look at it at all23:03
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* txwikinger is amused about nixternal's comment to a bug23:25
Nightrosetxwikinger: the confuzius one? *g*23:26
nixternalthe one where the guy told me about opening my mouth or something?23:26
txwikingerNightrose: yep23:27
nixternaloh that one23:27
Nightrosehehe yea that was a good one23:27
nixternalsomeone used a bug report to document how to compile the kernel for a grub issue or something23:27
txwikingerConfuzius confuses many very confused people23:27
nixternalI was like, put it on the wiki not here23:27
Nightrosenosrednaekim: sec23:27
nixternalthat was for kmahjongg23:27
txwikingeryes nixternal23:27
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181152 in kdegames-kde4 "KMahjongg generates non-solvable boards (at least when pressing shuffle)" [Undecided,Won't fix]23:28
nixternalsomeone in here said "oh so we should add a gnome-mode to kmahjongg"23:28
Nightroseright that one23:28
nosrednaekimor like a vista mode to Minesweeper (keep the same game next timecause I think I have good short term memory and want to amaze my freinds)23:29
* Nightrose had quite a few "interesting" bugs today as well when triaging some amarok bugs23:30
nosrednaekim!info lmms (hardy)23:31
ubotulmms (source: lmms): Linux Multimedia Studio. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.1-1ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 2529 kB, installed size 6428 kB23:31
nosrednaekim!info lmms (gutsy)23:31
ubotulmms (source: lmms): Linux Multimedia Studio. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.0-1ubuntu3 (gutsy), package size 2525 kB, installed size 6436 kB23:31
nosrednaekimmy freind is singing that app's praises right now ^^23:31
nosrednaekimnixternal» hahaha....23:32
nixternalwho's buying dinner?23:46
* Nightrose votes for blizzzek23:47
nixternalI think I am going to make me a Chicken Caeser salda with a bit of wine23:47
nixternalya, I can speeel, salad!23:48
txwikingerYes, we can!23:48
nixternalthe question is, should I bread and fry the chicken breast a bit or be totally healthy and broil it?23:49
* nixternal goes for the unhealthy breaded and fried23:50
txwikingerdeep-fry nixternal23:51
* txwikinger has lived far too long in the South :D23:51
* blizzzek does not participate in this terrible consumption23:52
Nightroseblizzzek: vegetarian?23:53
blizzzekyepp :)23:53
* nosrednaekim chops off a chicken's neck in front of blizzzek23:54
* nosrednaekim sees its only a rubber chicken23:54
txwikingerAin't chicken vegetable?23:54
blizzzektxwikinger: it isn't green, is it?23:54
Nightroseblizzzek: still paying for dinner for nixternal and me? ;-)23:55
txwikingerwell.. you can put spinach in the breading23:55
* txwikinger goes to breed green chicken23:56
blizzzekNightrose: http://www.comics.com/comics/herman/archive/images/herman2008073346229.jpg23:56

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