DavieyFujitsu: my thought exactly00:00
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ubotuNew bug: #196814 in malone "searching for bugs needing forwarding returns one that doesn't" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19681400:55
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icculusHey, I just wanted to stop in and say that the launchpad translation services are awesome. My project has been available for less than a day and it's already got people working in 13 languages on it. I'm very impressed.02:32
icculusSo if any of the translation crew are around: you guys rule. This was a great idea. Thanks!02:32
USN1520hello, looking to remove my email from launchpad projects, please help02:49
USN1520sorry about that, found it in the docs02:52
mptGoooooooooooooooooood afternoon Launchpadders!02:59
synichttps://translations.edge.launchpad.net/exaile/release-0.2.12/+translations  <-- why does this show that there are no translatable strings?  I uploaded a messages.pot for it03:54
Fujitsusynic: Has the POT been approved yet?03:59
FujitsuLooks like it hasn't.03:59
synicI guess not :)  Ok.03:59
HobbseeSteveA: ping04:51
Hobbseehm, wrong admin.  unping04:51
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ubotuNew bug: #196882 in launchpad "Not obvious how to unsubscribe from launchpad-users@" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19688206:21
Hobbseethe "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the email isn't clear enough, apparently06:22
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Hobbseemorning carlos 08:20
mdkemorning carlos 08:23
carlosmdke: hi, I was not able to handle your request yet08:23
carlosI hope I will be able to do it today08:24
mdkecarlos: no worries, that will be great. was the email clear enough?08:25
carlosmdke: I hope ;-)08:25
carlosat least it looks clear 08:26
mdkecarlos: feel free to send me an email if there are any issues08:26
carlosI will know it when I start with it :-D08:26
carlosmdke: sure08:26
carlosmdke: btw, do you think there is any way to validate the messages automatically?08:26
carloswe have the infrastructure in Launchpad to prevent that broken translations are added08:26
carlosso we just need to tag those messages and execute a validation for it08:27
mdkecarlos: I think it would be quite difficult. unless Lauchpad could check the docbook tags in the original template against the translations08:27
mdkeit would have to have some kind of docbook plugin08:28
mdkedanilos is the guy who should be able to tell you if it's possible08:28
carlosso the problem is not just with the msgid and msgstr08:28
mdkehe wrote the tool which we use to turn the docbook into a po file and back again08:28
carlosI mean, if we have all the information in the msgid to validate msgstr, that's doable08:29
mdkecarlos: the problem occurs when translators make spelling errors on tags in the string. so, instead of writing <application>, they write <apllication>08:29
mdkethere is no such tag as <apllication> in docbook, so it breaks the resulting docbook xml file08:29
carlosok, that's more or less easy to handle08:29
carloswe could check that the same tags in msgid appear in msgstr08:30
carloswould that be enough?08:30
carlosanyway, if is that kind of errors, danilo should be able to give me that input ;-)08:30
mdkeyes, if some subtelty was added08:30
mdkeso, translators should be able to modify urls inside tags if they want08:30
mdkeso that they can localise links08:30
mdkebut broadly, checking tags would be enough08:31
carlosmdke: well, the tag is the same, the attributes in that tag would be different08:31
mdkeor at least it would eliminate the vast majority of the errors08:31
mdkecarlos: yes. Although often a problem is that attributes change when they shouldn't ;)08:31
carlosok, let's see whether we could start with the tag validation08:32
carlosand try to fix attributes later08:32
mdkecarlos: that rocks08:33
mdkeI can help with providing details of common errors if you like08:33
mdkeyou can probably also fine some in the last 3 or 4 commits to the ubuntu-doc/gutsy branch in my email yesterday08:34
mdkelook for any changes to po files08:35
carlosmdke: could you file a bug about adding such validator?08:42
carlosmdke: we still need to schedule that feature08:43
ubotuNew bug: #196913 in launchpad-bazaar "Cannot lock LockDir(lp--1218658708:///~5-a-day/5-a-day-data/main/.bzr/branchlock): Transport operation not possible: readonly transport" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19691309:05
daniloscarlos, mdke: one thing we'd need to have done first is to have xml2po (and maybe intltool in XML mode) set 'xml-format' on such XML strings (it's not hard for xml2po, except that gettext tools would remove them, so we could work around it by checking the file extension to be .xml or .xml.in, but that's not very nice imo)09:52
carlosdanilos: does gettext remove it?09:53
daniloscarlos: yeah, at least some tools do, the last time I checked :(09:53
carlosdanilos: anyway, for us is not a problem09:53
daniloscarlos: maybe not any more, I've had a discussion with Bruno Haible (gettext maintainer) long time ago09:53
carlosgiven that the .pot file is the one adding those tags in Launchpa09:53
daniloscarlos: right09:54
daniloscarlos: (but I'd like this to work with intltool extracted XML files as well :)09:54
carlosdanilos: still, if intltool adds the tag09:55
carlosis not a problem for us09:55
daniloscarlos: intltool can't add the tag because it leaves actual extraction to xgettext09:55
carloshmmm, right, intltool creates a .h file, I forgot that...09:56
daniloscarlos: I think using extension would work for now though, what do you think?09:56
* danilos restarts skype :)09:56
carlosdanilos: sure, that should also work09:57
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HighNoHi there, how long should svn imports from sourceforge need?10:34
HighNoI registered my project with launchpad (blueproximity) and want to import the source from sourceforge's svn repository. It takes about two weeks now...10:36
HighNoI hope this answer does not take as long as the import... :-)10:52
HighNoCan anybody help me please at least to tell me if I am doing something wrong here?11:03
lifelessHighNo: did you file a question on launchpad?11:08
HighNolifeless: no, should I?11:10
lifelessHighNo: yes, the documentation for getting imports says to :)11:10
HighNolifeless: ok, just an ordinary question or a bug?11:10
lifelessplease read that :)11:11
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HighNolifeless: thanks11:11
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muszekI found a bug @ launchpad that my machine suffers from (using hardy).  The status was changed to "fix commited" yesterday @ 20:24... I have fresh packages and rebooted after upgrading (it's related to kernel)... but the bug still exists.  Is there some regular lag from "fix released" to "released to users"?12:43
muszekI'm not quite sure which timezone that 20:24 is from12:43
Hobbseemuszek: it gets fixed in the development release.12:50
muszekHobbsee: I am using dev release (hardy)12:50
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muszekall I'm asking is: does this bug still exist in my case because it hasn't really been fixed or is it just it takes time from "fix commited" to "I get fixed packages via apt-get"12:51
Hobbseemuszek: fix committed != fix released12:52
Hobbsee(which bug?)12:52
muszekHobbsee: that answered my question, thanks :).  it's https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24/+bug/19047512:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190475 in linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24 "iwl3945 produces a lot of error messages in syslog" [Medium,Fix committed]  - Assigned to Tim Gardner (timg-tpi)12:55
muszeka lot = ~3GB daily in my case12:56
Hobbseemuszek: committed is "there is a patch"12:56
Hobbseemuszek: release is "it's in the archive"12:56
muszekyeah, now I get it (sorry, I'm not familiar with those dev processes)12:56
Hobbseeno problem12:59
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HighNohm, does anyone know how to 'invite' translators from the official translation groups to translate your package?13:46
ubotuNew bug: #196997 in blueprint "blueprint registration page should have more explanation" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19699714:26
wbradyI'm still looking for some help with question #25833 and #25435 in launchpad itself if anybody can help14:27
matsubarawbrady: kiko will take a look on those next week14:29
matsubarawbrady: kiko is one of the LP admins.14:30
matsubarawbrady: also it helps getting an answer if you outline the questions here instead of only giving the numbers.14:30
wbradymatsubara: so I should discuss my two questions here?14:33
wbradyquestion #25833 is just asking to remove the group intro+to+it+developers14:37
matsubarawbrady: I've assigned your question about the super-project to kiko. He can take care of it, but only next week.14:37
wbradyquestion #25435 is asking to make the project intro2it a super-project and I included 2 projects that would be sub-projects14:38
matsubarawbrady: I'm asking another LP admin to take care of removing the intro+to+it+developers team14:38
wbradythank you14:38
HighNoHm, I'm having a strange behaviour with rosetta: I uploaded a translation, get the import mail with the correct number of entries but the translation does not show up in launchpad - it still shows an old version...15:18
HighNodid that twice already15:18
UbuletteI can no longer push/pull my brz branched using bzr+ssh:// uri, is this a known issue ?15:31
mattva01hey is anyone else having trouble with doing a bzr push to launchpad15:40
HighNomattva01: yes, Ubulette15:40
matsubaraUbulette: what's the error?15:41
pooliebazaar.launchpad.net is down; it's being addressed urgently15:41
Ubulettetimeout after a long while15:41
Ubuletteix:~/bzr/mozclient.dev$ bzr pull15:42
UbuletteUsing saved location: bzr+ssh://fta@bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/mozilla-devscripts/mozclient.dev/15:42
Ubulettessh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer15:42
UbuletteConnection closed by
Ubulettebzr: ERROR: Connection closed: please check connectivity and permissions (and try -Dhpss if further diagnosis is required)15:42
poolieUbulette: the machine is having trouble15:42
poolieit will be back as soon as we can 15:42
Ubuletteoh; ok :)15:42
matsubarathanks poolie 15:42
pooliematsubara: can you change the topic or something?15:44
pooliemrevell: ping?15:44
mrevellhi poolie15:44
* mrevell reads up15:45
pooliemrevell: is there any way to make a service announcement about this?15:45
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mrevellpoolie: I can write a blog post and a launchpad-users post right now. I think anything in the LP UI itself would require a cherrypick.15:46
pooliei don't think they're necessary unless this takes a while to fix15:47
poolieit's back now15:47
pooliewtg lifeless15:48
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mrevellAh, cool.15:50
* mrevell disengages announcement-helmet15:50
pooliemrevell: however, i really think you need a faster way to do such things on the site15:56
pooliesqueaky wheel me15:56
mrevellpoolie:  I agree. I'm pretty sure we have a bug report. Let me check the latest status.15:56
tdoggetteI'm a dev for GASP, a Launchpad featured project. We just redid the branding, and were wondering if the link on the featured list could be changed from launchpad.net/gasp-code (the location of the API) to launchpad.net/gasp (our superproject).16:05
mrevellpoolie: We have two related bugs and two related blueprints (whats-new and system-status-page) but nothing that quite matches what we want. So, I've filed a new bug 19702916:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 197029 in launchpad "Announcements in UI without code roll-out or cherry pick" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19702916:07
mrevellKiko are you able to change the link for GASP in the featured projects list as per tdoggette's request above?16:08
ubotuNew bug: #197029 in launchpad "Announcements in UI without code roll-out or cherry pick" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19702916:15
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wbradymatsubara: thanks for answering the question about deleting the group17:39
matsubarawbrady: thanks to herb :-)17:40
wbradyherb: thank you too17:40
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ffmwbrady: you there?18:04
wbradyffm: yes18:04
ffmwbrady: An admin will look over your superproject request by monday.18:05
ffmwbrady: and the introtoit old group will be deleted.18:05
wbradyit has already been deleted18:05
wbradymatsubara and herb helped me with it earlier today18:05
ffmwbrady: mhm. I asked in irc yesterdat,18:05
wbradythank you18:06
ffmwbrady: np.18:06
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UbuletteIs bazaar.launchpad.net broken once again ? I have a push frozen18:15
Ubulettepoolie, ^^18:17
lifelessUbulette: checking18:21
lifelessUbulette: it seems ok to me18:21
lifelessUbulette: I suggest giving it a few minutes18:21
matsubaralifeless: is it ok to remove the notice about bazaar.launchpad.net being down from the topic?18:23
lifelessmatsubara: oh sure18:24
lifelessmatsubara: didn't realise it was there.18:24
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Ubulettelifeless, ok, i had to interrupt it, it works now.18:26
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jcastrokiko_: you can rename gc -> do if you want. upstream would like that20:27
kiko_jcastro, so, not gnome-do?20:28
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jcastrokiko: no, just do.20:29
jcastrohe might drop the "gnome" part20:29
jcastroso this is more future proof20:29
kikojcastro, "do" is kinda a bad name (think google)20:30
jcastrook, let me ask him20:30
jcastrokiko: he's pretty sold on just "do"20:31
* kiko shrugs20:32
jcastrocool, thanks!20:32
kikohe should think more about it20:32
kikonot even gdo?20:32
jcastroheh, I'll ask20:32
mdkecarlos_: ok, will file a bug about it some time20:35
kikojcastro, https://edge.launchpad.net/do, but I do think it's a bad name20:39
kikoand that's it!20:39
jcastrokiko: yeah he's set on it20:39
jcastrothanks though. 20:40
* jcastro throws a dollar in the tip jar20:40
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tormodhi, I got a "chroot" error on a PPA build. Is this a known issue? Will the build be restarted automatically?20:45
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HighNoCan anybody help me with a broken translation import - launchpad does not import it though I get the success mail...20:53
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jcastrostatik: around?21:49
statikjcastro: nope, I'm at Future of Web Apps in Miami right now, listening to Kevin Marks from google and simultaneously trying to fork gTwitter21:50
jcastrofile that away for later.21:50
jcastroalso, try gwibber, he just moved it to launchpad21:50
statikooh, thanks for the tip21:50
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mdkeis there any plan to have commits to Launchpad branches which are registered under a product series automatically fix bugs with a certain syntax in the commit message? A bit like with the Ubuntu uploads?22:04
mdkeat least, "fix committed"22:04
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