agrokermrunagi, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/00:03
pedrowhy i can't run wine on hardy00:04
pedroi need00:04
mrunagibecause hardy isnt ready yet?>00:06
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pedroso i can't do anything00:08
miladenwhen i put in my new external harddrive it says: hal-storage-removable-mount-all-options refused uid 1000... Why cant i do anything with it?00:13
socblogtk depends on python 2.4 and python00:14
pedropython is for wine right00:15
socimo, the dependency on 2.4 should be removed, looks like the maintainer forgot it somehow even if it's mentioned in the changelog00:15
socpedro: not really00:15
soc"  * Rebuild for python2.5 as the default python version."00:16
pedrobut when i try to run windows apllication on sistem cofiguration / advaced00:16
pedroit don't run00:16
socwhat are you trying to run?00:17
pedroit sais libpython2.5.so was not found00:17
pedroi installed it with synaptic00:18
socok, you installed wine with synaptic?00:18
pedroit appears on my initial menu00:18
socwhat did you type to get that error message?00:18
pedrono on the menu when i go to gonfigure wine he don't open00:18
pedrohe stay thinking00:19
AtomicSparkis python still broken in hardy?00:20
AtomicSparkthat would be his problem.00:20
pedrothe error mensage it shows up when i go to the menu then click on configuration settings then advaced then windows aplication00:20
socdo you have python 2.5 installed?00:21
RAOFpedro: Wine is broken.  I'll just hunt down the bug report.00:21
pedrook i will go and see00:21
RAOFpedro: You'd be after bug 19157500:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191575 in wine "wine segfaults on winecfg" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19157500:21
AtomicSparkoh yes. i remember someone saying it was boken.00:21
Sonicadvance1I installed from source and it works ;)00:21
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about works - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:21
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about itworks - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:21
ubotuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/00:22
pedrohow i do that sonica00:22
RAOFSonicadvance1: Or you can install the winehq package, and that works.00:22
Sonicadvance1w/e floats your boat I guess :P00:22
pedroit seems i have to install an older versation00:27
Arwendo not run hardy?00:35
Sonicadvance1That's what most would say00:37
xtknightweird...presing back at the PASSWORD stage of the ubiquity installer should not change the password should it?00:37
xtknightbecaues my login doesnt work00:38
xtknightand that's the only thing i can think of..00:38
xtknightit wasnt caps lock00:38
AtomicSparkanyone test out the new firewall yet? how does it compare to firestarter?00:40
Sonicadvance1ack, Pulseaudio clogs my 100MB/s connection00:41
Sonicadvance1Had to make it stop sending out audio00:42
xtknighti have a feeling my password got wiped when i pressed back on the wizard.  anyone aware of this bug?  the account name was the same, but i had to go in recovery mode and do "passwd acct" to fix it.. no way to confirm this either way, im just wondering if that's a known bug or something00:43
xtknightthe account seems to function normally after setting a password.  passwd seems to be the only thing wrong with it00:44
pedroguys how i can run a deb packege00:50
xtknightdouble click it00:51
xtknightif you have everything it needs, you should be able to install it from the GUi00:51
pedrobu it gives me an error00:51
pedroit says these packege oesn't exist00:52
xtknightwhich package is ti?00:53
pedrois the new one that works wine on hardy00:53
xtknightwell you can try installing it from the terminal too00:53
xtknightsudo dpkg -i packagename.deb00:53
pedrogo and see00:53
pedroeveryone say it works00:53
ionstormanyone have a problem with firefox 3 not having an icon00:54
xtknightwell i dont have FF in my quick launch00:54
ionstormor having a icon in applications-->internet00:54
ionstormfor some reason ff isnt listed, I have to run ff from cmd line00:55
xtknightFF is in my apps shortcuts00:55
xtknightpedro,  well i cant tes tbecause i have amd64 hardy00:57
xtknight if i force architecture, it installs...so i dont see other problems...00:58
nekostarbuilding new system bbl ^_^ q66 here i come!!!!!!!!!!!00:59
pedrohow i install01:00
pedroi click on it twice but doesn't work01:01
xtknightwell there should be an install button on the thing that comes up01:01
xtknightyou double click the DEB, it starts a program called gDebi01:02
xtknightyou click install and what does it say01:02
pedrobut when i click on install it gives me an error01:02
xtknightwhat error is that01:02
pedrothese package doesn't exist01:03
xtknightdid you save the .deb file to the desktop or to a directory before opening it01:04
pedroto the sesktop01:04
xtknightpedro, well did you try installing the .deb from the terminal01:05
xtknightit doent matter if you saved it to desktop or a directory01:05
xtknightonly matters that it is saved01:05
xtknightfor example, you cant click open from the website.  the deb might be deleted or something.  i dont know, but saving is safer sometimes01:06
pedroi saved i have it on my desktop01:07
xtknightpedro, open a terminal01:07
pedroi runed the console i and make these01:07
pedropedro@pedro-desk:~$ sudo dpkg -i wine_0.9.56-1_i386.deb01:07
pedrodpkg: erro ao processar wine_0.9.56-1_i386.deb (--install):01:07
pedro não pode aceder ao arquivo: Ficheiro ou directoria inexistente01:07
pedroForam encontrados erros enquanto processava:01:07
pedro wine_0.9.56-1_i386.deb01:07
xtknightit says like...directory does not exist?01:08
pedrohelp me01:08
xtknighttype sudo apt-get install wine01:08
xtknightand try installing the deb over it01:08
xtknighti guess01:08
xtknightit's hardy anyway it'll be a little broken.  lol01:08
xtknightinstalling the original wine will make it create the directory, i guess.  then maybe installing the deb will work01:09
pedrooh mabe that cause i intalled the wine with synaptic but i unistalled to install these one01:09
xtknightyea maybe01:10
xtknighti think that package is a patch01:10
xtknightor something01:10
pedropray for me01:10
xtknightso you need original wine01:10
xtknighti will01:10
pedroit still give me the same error01:11
xtknightafter installing wine from repositories, then installing .deb?01:12
pedroyes i try to intall the .deb but give me the same error01:12
pedroyea very01:12
xtknightmine installed fine01:12
xtknightmy hardy had no wine01:12
pedrodo i have to chage anything on configurations01:13
xtknightbut i didnt get an error at least after fixing i386->amd6401:13
xtknighti dont think so01:13
xtknighti mean my Hardy was a clean install01:13
xtknightnothing changed or configured01:13
xtknightand the wine .deb installed for me01:13
xtknighti didnt have repository wine01:13
xtknightas far as i know01:13
pedroi'm going to resatart the pc01:13
pedromaybe that work01:14
xtknightwell i'm out of ideas, so maybe01:14
pedrowait here01:14
xtknightyou can try downloading .deb again01:14
xtknightyeah i'll be here01:14
pedroi tryed for 5 times01:14
xtknighti downloaded from filefront01:14
pedroso is not the download01:14
pedroola rpedro__01:16
pedrook i'm going to restart01:17
pedroit doen't work01:24
xtknighti dont know, dude01:24
xtknightwell the exact english error is "No such file or directory"01:25
pedrodo you know anyother packege i can install that is .deb01:25
pedroto see if it the file01:26
xtknightu can try that01:27
pedroit install that one01:31
xtknighti'm not really sure what's wrong with the wine thing01:33
pedroand what was that01:33
xtknightpedro, gcalctool installs, but i'm not sure why wine .deb doesn't01:33
xtknightthe error makes no sense to me01:33
pedrowhat is gcaltool01:35
xtknighta calculator01:35
xtknightit's already installed by default i think01:35
pedroxknight do you have tha link to the forum01:39
pedroi gave you01:39
pedroxtnight you know how to compile the souce01:51
pedroxtknight you know how to compile the souce01:51
ethana2Where do I go for help with virt-manager?02:09
ionstormhttp://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/ <--launched check it out02:18
ethana2I'm not seeing any IRC channel for virt-manager support..02:18
ethana2I've checked it out; I'll have to move my like 15 ideas from ideapool soon02:18
ethana2anybody here virtualizing windows xp with virt-manager?02:19
RAOFethana2: Probably #ubuntu-server is the best place apart from here to ask about virt-manager.02:19
ethana2thank you02:19
RAOFBut feel free to ask here, too.02:20
RAOF(You're yet to actually state your problem :))02:20
ethana2then I shall begin02:20
ethana2I'm virtualizing windows xp to run Office, MSN, and WMP..02:20
xtknightwhat's virt manager02:21
xtknightlike xen?02:21
ethana2like a gui02:21
RAOFOn top of Xen/Qemu/kvm02:21
ethana2...it makes using things like xen not insanely complicated02:21
xtknightbut xen doesnt run on top of ubuntu does it02:21
ethana2it can02:21
xtknightoh really02:21
ethana2I think so02:21
RAOFYou'd be looking for the various -xen kernels, yes.02:22
ethana2anyway..  I installed xp from an .iso02:22
Yahooadamxen is in the kernel isnt it :s02:22
RAOFThe nvidia drivers make those frequently FTBFS, but they do occasionally build :)02:22
ethana2that I ripped from the xp install disk because the permissions were wrong to get to the actual drive02:22
RAOFRight, so bug one :)02:22
ethana2...i don't know how to get access to the cd-rom without running in sude02:22
Yahooadamwell, works for me :p02:23
RAOFethana2: Was that your problem?  It sounded like there'd be more.02:24
ethana2ok sorry02:24
ethana2my mom started flipping out02:24
RAOFThat's cool.02:25
ethana2because her touchpad under windows clicked02:25
ethana2...and she lost half an hour worth of work02:25
ethana2my dad is a windows user, and I don't know why02:25
ethana2 /anyway/02:25
ethana2oh yeah02:25
ethana2I need the vm to be able to use the actual cd-rom drive02:25
ethana2without running as root02:25
xtknightmaybe theres a cdrom group02:26
RAOFLet me have a look at my setup...02:26
ethana2I checked for that02:26
ethana2didn't see it02:26
ethana2if I can create one though, that'd be great02:26
xtknightya root owns cdrom02:26
xtknighti guess you could re chown /dev/cdrom to cdrom but i dunno if theres a better way02:26
ethana2running a vm as root sounds like a bad idea02:26
xtknightya it is02:27
ethana2so if the owner of /dev/cdrom is cdrom..02:27
ethana2then I'll have a group I can join?02:27
xtknightya i'm not sure if that's the best way or not02:28
ethana2probably is02:28
ethana2nope, fail02:29
xtknightu have to logout02:29
xtknightfor users to join a group02:29
ethana2well I just changed the owner to me02:29
ethana2same thing?02:29
xtknighthmm dunno02:29
xtknightthat should take effect immediately02:30
xtknighti think02:30
xtknightbut even if ur the owner02:30
xtknightu need permissions02:30
ethana2I'll make it a group02:30
xtknighti guess you could 777 it... no idea how insecure that is but if you're desparate...02:30
ethana2I would prefer to do this 'correctly'02:31
ethana2I created a cdrom group..02:31
ethana2but when I went to chown the thing, it wouldn't let me02:31
ethana2invalid user02:31
xtknightu have to logout to craete groups maybe?02:31
ethana2I think my problem was this:02:32
ethana2cd drive didn't work unless I was root02:32
ethana2networking didn't work unless I wasn't02:32
RAOFYou need to log back in to have access to the new groups.02:32
ethana2brb then02:32
ethana2let's see..02:34
ethana2it is /not/ letting me make a cdrom group02:36
ethana2even if I do have to log out, it should show me what it's going to be, right?02:36
ethana2well, anything is more secure than running the vm as root02:36
ethana2what did you say to do to the cd drive?02:37
ethana2sudo chmod /dev/scd0 777 ?02:37
ethana2777 /dev/scd0 *02:37
AtomicSparkso i tried the alt cd of 8.04, and i still get that "freezing at loading boot scripts" issue that i had in 7.10. any ideas?02:38
RAOFethana2: That's because there already _is_ a cdrom group.  You're not a member?02:38
ethana2there is no such group on my sistem.02:38
RAOFethana2: That's odd.  Hm.02:39
ethana2I changed permissions to 77702:39
ethana2virt-manager still won't let me use the drive02:39
RAOFYeah; I tried, and it doesn't seem to want to let me do it either.02:40
RAOFI'd ask in #ubuntu-server, and file a bug.02:41
Milos_SDethana2 & RAOF, How can I make new virtual mashine with virt-manager? :S I don't have New in File menu, as it says in Help file :S02:58
RAOFSo, first you file a bug against the documentation, which is either wrong or unclear :)02:58
RAOFMilos_SD: Then, you File->Connect -> local QEMU.03:00
Milos_SDand then what? :)03:00
RAOFMilos_SD: Then, there's a "new" button down the bottom of the window, which does what you awnt.03:00
Milos_SDI get an error that some process is not started03:01
Milos_SDUnable to open a connection to the libvirt management daemon.03:01
Milos_SDVerify that:03:01
Milos_SD - The 'libvirtd' daemon has been started03:01
RAOFRight.  Do you have libvirt-bin installed?03:01
RAOF(Also, that error would have been a better way to open the conversation).03:02
prasannahey quick question, has i been mentioned if hardy will have a different compared to gutsy? i know theres tons of artwork out there, but alpha still looks the same as gutsy. do they plan to keep it that way?03:02
RAOFprasanna: A different what? :)  There's a new background, for example.03:03
Milos_SDprasanna, yes, it will be the same as Gutsy ... but major artwork changes are set for 8.1003:03
ethana2oh I see03:03
ethana2I think they should pick 4 great themes:03:03
ethana2nodoka, mint, studio, and human.. and ship hardy with all of them03:04
prasannaoh well03:04
prasannamilos, i assume this has been confirmed?03:04
RAOFNodoka's pretty cool, yeah.  That's what I use.03:05
Milos_SDdon't know ... just read about it somewhere :)03:05
Milos_SDRAOF, I have another problem, I can't enable kernel/hardware acceleration, but I have CPU that have VT support (Intel E6550)03:06
RAOFMilos_SD: Hm.  Try the command found in the output of "aptitude show kvm".  It's possible you need to turn this support on in the bios, or that your particular chip doesn't have the extensions.03:08
ethana2you do need to turn it on03:09
RAOFOn some bioses, yes.03:09
ethana2on this Dell Latitude D830 C2D, yes03:09
Milos_SDI have VT enabled in BIOS, and I have vme extension in /proc/cpuinfo03:09
RAOFMilos_SD: Presumably you mean "vmx", right?03:10
Milos_SDyes, vmx :D03:10
Milos_SDso, I just need to install kvm packege then?03:10
RAOFYou don't already have that installed?03:11
RAOFWell, you won't get kvm without it installed :)03:12
Milos_SDok, thanks :)03:13
Milos_SDRAOF, just one last question :D03:23
Milos_SDkvm want to install vgabios package: but in details for that package it says this:03:23
Milos_SDWARNING: It is NOT meant to drive a physical vga card. You will probably03:23
Milos_SDfry it if you try. You have been warned.03:23
RAOFYou're not trying to use it to drive a physical vga card.03:24
Milos_SDwhat does it mean ... I can fry my video card by using qemu with vgabios enabled, or?03:24
RAOFIt means "If you flash the bios on your vga card with this code, it almost certainly won't work"03:24
Milos_SDok... thanks... so I understended that well :D03:25
xtknightspeaking of flashing video card bios..would i need to flash my  video card's BIOS to get it to default to output DVI at bootup?  I attached a dvi-i connector to my dvi-i monitor, and it's using vga (looks kinda ugly as well).  i guess i could use a dvi-d connector (if dvi even works at POST)03:27
xtknightalso uses vga with vesa driver which is interesting...but goesto dvi in nvidia03:27
clintonCould someone tell me if what versions of nvidia drivers are available in 8.04?03:34
tritium!info nvidia-glx hardy03:34
ubotunvidia-glx (source: linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 ( NVIDIA binary XFree86 4.x/X.Org driver. In component restricted, is optional. Version 1:96.43.05+ (hardy), package size 3761 kB, installed size 11992 kB03:34
clintonargh, no 169.04?03:35
clinton!info nvidia-glx-new03:35
ubotunvidia-glx-new (source: linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 ( NVIDIA binary XFree86 4.x/X.Org 'new' driver. In component restricted, is optional. Version 169.09+ (hardy), package size 5124 kB, installed size 15232 kB03:35
clintonah there we go03:35
clinton!info nvidia-glx-new gutsy03:36
ubotunvidia-glx-new (source: linux-restricted-modules-2.6.22 ( NVIDIA binary XFree86 4.x/X.Org 'new' driver. In component restricted, is optional. Version 100.14.19+ (gutsy), package size 4896 kB, installed size 14848 kB03:36
AtomicSparkWhen I install 7.10 or 8.04 A5 via the alt cd, I cannot get passed "Running local boot scripts." This seems to be a known problem. Anyone know the proper way to fix this?03:53
AtomicSparkIt's on a new laptop, i'm thinking its an unsupported hardware issue. one of the guys had a unsupported keyboard that caused it.03:54
clinton!info g15render hardy03:56
ubotuPackage g15render does not exist in hardy03:56
clinton!info g15 hardy03:56
ubotuPackage g15 does not exist in hardy03:56
clinton!info libg15 hardy03:56
ubotuPackage libg15 does not exist in hardy03:56
clintonalright, where do I file bugs for missing packages for hardy?  I still have over a month to get these in there....03:56
AtomicSparkubotu is made for ubuntu 7.10 and lower. your package probably doesnt exist at all. did you search apt-get?03:58
clintonAtomicSpark: I explicity stated hardy, and I don't currently have Ubuntu installed.  I'm debating whether or not to install it based on the existance of some required packages.03:58
tritium!botabuse | clinton03:59
ubotuclinton: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.03:59
DanaGaptitude search g15 gives the following: g15composer g15daemon g15daemon-audacious libg15-{1,dev} libg15daemon-client-{1,dev } libg15render{1,-dev}03:59
clintonDanaG: in hardy?03:59
clintonDanaG: ty03:59
wastreli have hardy04:00
DanaGDang, now I want a banana split.04:00
AtomicSparkDanaG, help me. D:04:00
DanaGSpeaking of netsplit.04:00
clintonWho's running the Kubuntu Alpha, how is it right now?04:00
DanaGBooted without splash or quiet?04:00
* AtomicSpark says "come on"04:01
clintonmoderately stable or roll the dice stable?04:01
AtomicSparkit booted with splash. went to text. stoped at loading boot scripts.04:01
AtomicSparklive cd install has no splash, and will boot. i dont see why it should be different.04:01
DanaGHmm, also removed "quiet", of course?04:02
AtomicSparki'm re-installing with live cd now.04:02
AtomicSparkwhat does quiet do?04:02
DanaGSuppresses messages.04:02
AtomicSparkah. i donno. some posts say the tty1-7 were wrong. i changed them. that didnt work. lol. i just dont get why the live cd install would be so different then the alt cd. :-\ should have same support/bugs.04:03
AtomicSparkoh well. no working splash or encrypted lvm for me.04:04
clintontritium: just a thought, perhaps the bought can be taught to being /msg'ing "abuse" to the user04:04
clintonOK, do not watch tv and type thoughts at the same time =)04:04
tritiumclinton: not a bad thought04:04
clintontritium: quite honestly, bots everywhere are not consistent.  some respond to /msg, some ignore it.  I tend to forget to even bother checking and just do it in the channel04:05
tritiumI agree with you.04:06
skwashdhi all04:07
skwashdcan i run firefox2 and 3beta at the same time with hardy?04:07
=== boomer` is now known as boomer
skwashdi know 2 is available via universe ... but when i try to run it i just get a new window of 304:12
skwashdiceweasel isn't available as an alternative either :(04:14
* jscinoz is away: I'm busy04:24
* jscinoz is back (gone 00:00:52)04:25
Idleonestrange error with Alpha5 live cd I am able to boot the cd using all_generic_ide option and my sis191 gigabit ethernet controller is recognized but all I can connect to is google.com. any ideas what can be causing this? I had the same issue with gutsy04:34
xtknightBug #9499404:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 94994 in xresprobe "edidfail for widescreen lcd (viewsonic vg2030wm) causes incorrect resolution and refresh rates" [High,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9499404:35
Idleonewon;t fix?04:36
AtomicSpark"Hi, xresprobe is no longer used in Hardy Heron, the development version which will become Ubuntu 8.04. Because of that I'm closing this bug. Please test Hardy (alpha3 or later), and if your hardware still fails to get a correct resolution (or if it drops to failsafe mode), file a bug against the driver package (xserver-xorg-video-$driver). Thanks!"04:37
AtomicSparkread th ecomments :P04:37
AtomicSparkwon't fix = driver issue04:38
AtomicSparktis lame. need better drivers.04:38
wastrelwhat's EDID04:38
RAOFAtomicSpark: Actually, "Wont fix = this bug doesn't exist in Hardy, because the _software_ doesn't exist in hardy"04:38
AtomicSparki assume its a way for your hardware to talk to your monitor.04:39
AtomicSparkoh well that works too :)04:39
RAOFAnd it doesn't satisfy the criteria for a Stable Release Upgrade.04:39
RAOFAnd the EDID is a little blob describing the monitor to your videocard/X server.04:39
RAOFContaining things like the panel size, supported resolutions, etc.04:39
AtomicSparkwell as long as the alt cd magically works for me in 8.04, ill be happy.04:39
AtomicSparkhonestly, raof, i don't get it.04:41
RyanPriorGVFS has networking support!!!04:41
P2502viewsonic cant program EDID properly, its broken for my VX2025wm too04:41
RAOFRyanPrior: Yup.  And will soon have obex support, and other joyous stuff.04:41
AtomicSparkyay they fix?04:41
xtknightya viewsonics are messed up04:42
xtknightedid wise04:42
AtomicSparkdid they fix the "files might get corrupted" thing? thats preventing me from updating. :P04:42
RyanPriorRAOF: I don't know what EDID is, but I've been using workarounds for weeks and I'm happy to have integration again.04:42
wastreli don't get gvfs04:42
wastrelnot that i've tried to read anything about it :]04:42
RyanPriorwastrel: it's the new gnome-vfs. It's better.04:43
xtknightextended display information data...tells X server frequency ranges (refresh rates) and resolutions.  and DPI.04:43
P2502RyanPrior: now since he has explained, you know04:43
wastrelit's some nautilus thing that i won't use much :]04:43
RyanPriorwastrel: you'll use it every time you open Nautilus. Nautilus is built on top of it.04:43
IdleoneBug 18666604:44
wastrelyeah i don't use nautilus much04:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186666 in linux "Hardy cannot recognize sis191 network adaptor" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18666604:44
xtknightwhat's gvfs?04:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about gvfs - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:44
RyanPriorAnyway, I hereby express my excitement. YAY! Bye guys and gals. :-)04:44
RAOFThe new awesome virtual filesystem layer.04:44
xtknightahh.  i didnt even know what gnome-vfs was so that's ok04:44
wastrellets nautilus browse different things04:45
wastrellike you can browse a remote system via ssh04:45
xtknighti see.  so it's like file api in windows04:45
wastreli guess04:45
AtomicSparkthats about gvfs04:45
xtknightnew vnc client? ccool04:45
* DanaG is glad to have e1000.04:46
xtknightthat system monitor looks sooo awesome :D04:46
P2502at least for now, its buggy04:47
DanaGHere's my impression of the graphs:  slideLURCH slideLURCH slideLURCH eatCPU slideLURCH slideLURCH04:49
P2502eatCPU i like most04:49
DanaGIt's not too horrible, but it is enough to be a bit annoying.04:49
P2502try system monitor with generic nv driver04:50
P2502you will be impressed more04:50
xtknighti tried system monitor under vmware it wasnt that bad04:50
RAOFThat's because the nv driver is crap.04:50
Sonicadvance1That it is04:51
RAOFWell, except for >= nv5004:51
xtknightoh i see yeah it does jump a little04:51
P2502RAOF: how so, isnt it open source and cant be crap by definition?04:51
DanaGoss != !crap04:51
DanaGLook at Audacity (editor) -- the UI sucks.04:51
RAOFP2502: But it's needlessly obfuscated, so that's OK>04:51
DanaGYou have two options for closing last window:  A.  Quit program.  B.  Re-open last window.04:52
DanaGI mean, you can set it so you can keep hitting 'close' and it'll keep popping back up.04:52
DanaGEither that, or you file->close and it fully quits, instead.04:52
DanaGDuude, where's my "quit only if I close an already-empty window" option?04:52
DanaGArgh, media keys don't work.04:55
RAOFThey do with Rhythmbox, right?04:55
DanaGI don't use Rhythmbox, but I believe they do.04:55
DanaGThey don't with Exaile or with Decibel media player.04:55
P2502mu volume keys work system-wide but not in games04:56
AtomicSparkthe "loading boot scripts" bug happens to me with the 8.04 live cd too.04:57
DanaGI haven't used any of the LiveCDs.  I just dist-upgrade.04:58
RAOFDanaG: That'd be because the API changed.  Again.04:58
DanaGLovely.  Anything I can do to fix it?04:58
AtomicSparkdist-upgrade works for me but some of the old software remain. lame.04:59
RAOFFile bugs upstream, or write a patch?  It should be fairly easy to do.04:59
DanaGI mean, I moved to Hardy quite a while ago, so I have no reason to use named alphas.04:59
AtomicSparkwell as long as its fixed before the release :( i am worried now lol.05:00
AtomicSparkdo you think it could be hardware support? i mean this laptop was just released in aug.05:02
ViakenMy laptop's running at 74C (under load) and the fan doesn't appear to be running as fast as it should be. I modprobed fan and thermal, but /proc/acpi/thermal_zone and /proc/acpi/fan are both empty.05:13
ViakenAny suggestions?05:13
P250274 - T of what component it is and how it was measured?05:13
ViakenCPU measured with lm_sensors.05:14
P2502actually often computers may report incorrect data05:15
P2502do you have issues with your laptop?05:16
ViakenIt's hot to the touch and the fan's barely moving, and I think this is new to
ViakenNo issues yet, no.05:16
P2502what was speed of fans before 2.6.24 and what is speed now?05:17
ViakenI don't know. I can't measure them.05:18
P2502but you may say that based on loudness?05:19
P2502i mean difference05:19
ViakenLoudness/feeling of air moving out of the laptop vent.05:19
AtomicSparkokay. how about this. it doesnt get past starting boot scripts because xserver cannot find a display. maybe the driver for the alt cd and new live cd doesnt support my video card? i have a x1350.05:22
AtomicSparki think i read somewhere that thats not supported by the open driver.05:22
ViakenHm... /etc/fancontrol are missing.05:25
P2502Viaken: you may try gutsy if not tried to be sure about fan speeds, search on launchpad for bugs ... and when i'm worried about cpu temp (but i'm sure it is reported incorrectly in my P965 based mobo) i underclocked my cpu, but it is not related to kernel05:25
P2502what is idle temp?05:26
AtomicSparkshouldnt fan speed be controlled by mobo not the os?05:26
P2502i think os may override it05:27
Viakenidle temp is fine. 40C-ish.05:27
AtomicSparkor is that another user-mode thing i don't understand?05:27
* AtomicSpark caughs DanaG05:27
DanaGLaptop or desktop?05:30
AtomicSparkwho me or him?05:30
DanaGAbout the fan.05:30
AtomicSparkwell i'm on laptop. he's on ...?05:30
ViakenI'm on a laptop. Gateway mx3410.05:33
AtomicSparkhp compaq 6820s here05:33
DanaGHmm, the last time I've used ATI was with my old desktop, and a Radeon 9800 Pro.05:34
ViakenIt's nvidia.05:36
Viakenoh, nevermind.05:36
AtomicSparkhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedDrivers/ATI oops didnt need highlight05:36
AtomicSparkbut anyways it says " Radeon R500 - Radeon X1000+ cards have no support at all (not even 2d) in the free ati driver, so you must either use vesa (a generic driver) or fglrx."05:36
AtomicSparkwould that cause the live cd of hardy to fail and maybe alt cd of 7.10?05:36
clintonKubuntu alpha is nice =)05:37
* DanaG hopes things will be better by summer, or else I'll have to pay something like 500 bucks extra for the 8510w (with an 8600-based Quadro) instead of the 8510p (with the Mobility HD2600).05:37
AtomicSparkof course mine is also the xpress so i dont get the difference.05:37
AtomicSparks/he huh? we can't know? :P05:38
P2502Viaken: more things to look into are dmesg and system logs, to see what is acpi behavior and messages related to cpu throttling etc05:39
ViakenWell, I'm running Diablo II which has got one core pegged...05:40
P2502!bug 2233605:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 22336 in linux-source-2.6.20 "CPU overheats during high usage "throttling <not supported>"" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/2233605:40
ViakenActually, throttling is working.05:41
* Viaken forces halfspeed.05:42
clintonxorg.conf is quite different, is there another way to instruct X to load nvidia drivers now?05:43
P2502why another way? xorg.conf still can be used05:44
P2502for overrieds05:45
clintonP2502: I'm just asking.  xorg.conf has almost nothing in it now05:45
clintonlets see if that works...05:46
cvwall good05:48
AtomicSparkgah launchpad is so slow05:48
cvwAtomicSpark: still faster than sourceforge05:48
xtknightwhat should i install if something is looking for GL/* headers05:49
xtknighti installed nvidia binary drivers from nvidia.com05:49
AtomicSpark!bug 10929905:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 109299 in ubuntu "Startup stops at "Running local boot scripts (/etc/rc.local)"" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/10929905:49
AtomicSparkneeds fixin, go!05:50
P2502startup may freeze for me on various stages, like very 1st "Loading" or initramfs or so, rc.local also....05:51
AtomicSparkit happens for me with the 7.10 alt cd after install and 8.04 live cd.05:51
AtomicSparki think it might be video drivers, i tried running startx and it said monitor not found. D:05:51
P2502it not happen to me all the time05:51
P2502i mean its rare for me05:52
P2502monitor not found... funny05:52
P2502but this message you see on your monitor?05:53
AtomicSparkyeah it booted, i hit enter, went to a console?! then i typed startx, said monitor not found. ha.05:53
DanaGNo Screens Found?05:53
AtomicSparkyes that one.05:53
DanaGOh yeah, you know, you can install fglrx in the livecd.05:53
AtomicSparkyeah. maybe.05:54
AtomicSparkdo they usually add new hardware support in new releases?05:55
P2502AtomicSpark: it may take years fo linux to support particular hardware05:55
AtomicSparkdells open source ati thing hopefully will speed this up.05:56
P2502why not use vesa if its video driver problem05:58
AtomicSparkif i dont have the gui, i can install the restricted driver by typing "sudo apt-get install xorg-driver-fglrx"?05:59
DanaGI pray by summer ATI ≳ NVIDIA, in terms of Linux support.06:00
AtomicSparkas we all do.06:00
DanaGI'm sick and tired of nvidia.06:00
AtomicSparkbrb going to fail at installing a driver to a live cd.06:00
DanaGremember to aptitude update06:00
DanaGthen install.06:00
P2502actually fact of ATI opened their drivers may be clarified as bad thing, like one of last resorts AMD doing to survive, and AMD doing is pretty bad06:02
DanaGThe notebook I'm pondering for my next purchase currently has an HD2600 card.  It's +500 bucks or so for the workstation version with FireGL, plus some other amount extra for Quadro.06:07
AtomicSparkDanaG: gosh aptitude is confusing :P06:09
AtomicSparki just used apt-get lol06:09
AtomicSparkwhat will i run to start gde since i cant reboot?06:13
AtomicSpark /etc/init.d start gde? something?06:14
bazhanggmd start06:14
bazhanggdm arg06:14
AtomicSparkk. lawl. it tried to install sudo. wtf.06:15
* AtomicSpark sighs06:17
AtomicSparkit died06:17
lunksWine is segfaulting here06:44
lunksUsing ubuntu repo.06:45
RAOFlunks: Yes, known.06:50
lunksk then =)06:50
CarlFKwhat is the signature  file name ? Feb 29 05:56:53 debootstrap: BAD signature from "Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>"06:52
CarlFKI am running apt-cache, guessing something got out of sync and I just need to delete the file06:52
savvasCarlFK: maybe it's in the cd?06:58
savvasCarlFK: http://pastebin.ca/raw/92308007:16
savvasi've just exported it from my apt-key list07:17
savvasso.. logically: wget http://pastebin.ca/raw/923080 | sudo apt-key add -07:17
DanaGdon't forget -o -07:18
savvasah oops07:20
savvasCarlFK: wget http://pastebin.ca/raw/923080 -O- | sudo apt-key add -07:20
savvasit doesn't need -q does it?07:21
mojoehi the last update broke my X - i think. gdm is loaded, i can see the mouse pointer, but the screen is black. the strange thing is, that i can't open any terminals <str><alt><F1..>. any ideas and tipps would be nice. i have an ati card07:57
mojoewhen i boot in recovery mode an try to fix X then, i get the normal gdm screen, but i can't type anything on my keyboard, nor opan a terminal07:59
mojoeso, could it be something with fonts?07:59
Assiderr how do i get kopete to link with thunderbird for its links08:11
vega--is there any way to make firefox look good in kde4/hardy ?08:20
RAOFvega--: Isn't there a gtk2-engine-qt?  That should make firefox pickup the QT theme.08:27
vega--i seem to have that installed08:30
P2502A vulnerability was found in VMware's shared folders mechanism that grants users of a Guest system read and write access to any portion of the Host's file system including thesystem folder and other security-sensitive files. Exploitation of these vulnerability allows attackers to break out of an isolated Guest system to compromise the underlying Host system that controls it.08:30
vega--but clearly firefox doesn't use it08:30
DarkMageZRAOF, could you please not recommend gtk2-engine-qt without a warning cause it's an unstable pos?.08:30
RAOFDarkMageZ: Ok.  I merely know that it exists, I've not used it :)08:31
vega--DarkMageZ: any alternative at the moment?08:31
DarkMageZvega--, you need to set your gtk2 theme to the qt theme. i can't recall where in the kde settings that is, but it's there. no alternative that i know of.08:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192579 in gnome-system-tools "shares-admin sometimes doesnt synch with smb.conf" [Low,Incomplete]08:45
Assidsomeone wanna confirm thatbug08:45
Assidwhy doesnt kopete use the default browser08:55
goniochromismis anyone running kde4 with hardy?08:58
goniochromismi'm downloading right now - how buggy is it?08:59
bazhangkde4 or hardy?08:59
goniochromismboth ;)09:00
goniochromismkubuntu /w kde4 iso09:00
goniochromismhaven't tried hardy yet09:01
goniochromismare most of the "official features" implemented yet?09:01
goniochromismi.e. (from wikipedia) "Better Tango compliance; compiz usability improvements; tracker integration;; Brasero disk burner, Transmission BitTorrent client and Vinagre VNC client by default; PulseAudio by default"09:04
goniochromismhow stable is it? Do kde4, compiz and hardy play together well?09:06
goniochromismanyone with some experience to share?09:06
bazhangwait a few hours--tis early still ;]09:08
goniochromismheh all right :)09:09
ethana2or late09:10
ethana2depending on where you are ;)09:10
[Hardy]TuTUXGonboard got fixed~09:11
goniochromismyou mean support with onboard graphics chipsets?09:16
[Hardy]TuTUXGno... a pkg09:16
[Hardy]TuTUXGhas something to do with keyboard config09:17
goniochromismoh ok.. - I had probs with some onboard graphics confguration under gutsy09:17
goniochromismso I'm hoping the new X server will help with that09:17
goniochromismand via i think.. not sure09:18
[Hardy]TuTUXGi heard there was some issue with the driver09:18
muszekis anyone using wireless at the moment?09:22
TheInfinitymuszek: i dont have gui atm ;)09:25
sarah__hi, im in network manager, and i hit unlock then change some stuff, then when it should reload it says "The configuration could not be saved You are not allowed to modify the system configuration ()" even though i have sudo privliges, could it be my write access to the config file was removed somehow? how do i find out where it is and fix that?09:26
muszekbut are you using a wi-fi?09:26
sarah__muszek: i am =p09:26
sarah__linksys pci adapter with ndiswrapper09:26
muszeksarah__: could you please do sudo tail -f -s 0.1 /var/log/kern.log for me?09:26
sarah__(only works on 32 bit tho :(09:26
muszekmy syslog, debug and kern.log are trashed with wi-fi related stuff09:28
sarah__sure :) ill pastebin it when i get internet working on that comp in a min or 209:28
muszekI went to bed ~9 hours ago... those logs got ~1.2GB bigger since then09:28
sarah__can you help me with my error so i can help you (plz :?)09:29
muszekthat's been going for some time now... I just found out last night after I ran out of space on root partition for the second time in two days09:29
muszeksure, if I only can09:29
sarah__btw if you want how i got it working i can tell you...09:29
muszekyou got what working?09:30
muszekmine works without problems (using restricted drivers, though)09:30
sarah__ah ok09:30
muszekwi-fi is the reason I dist-upgraded... ipw3945 (wi-fi driver) kept crashing my lappy on Gutsy09:31
sarah__hmmm my last kern.log message is ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlan0: link is not ready09:31
muszekdoes it relate to your problem, or mine? :)09:32
sarah__it might relate to mine, not sure!09:33
sarah__so the problem is your logs are trashed?09:33
muszekyeah (it's not very important, though... )09:34
sarah__ah thx09:34
muszekhave you tried going through those? that exact phrase on ubuntuforums09:34
sarah__it shows up in network-admin, so not SAME problem...09:35
sarah__just when i try to change something in it i get the The configuration could not be saved error09:35
sarah__but i CAN change host name09:38
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Mohero|Workdoes anyone want to do my work for me so I can go back to bed?10:22
goniochromismwhat's the pay :)10:26
Mohero|Workwell LXF is a little boring this month, and although it has a page or 2 on Ubuntu - they're still covering Gutsy, and not covering the "New upcoming Hardy" ...10:29
lemonadei have never liked linux format :(10:31
Mohero|WorkLinux format is OK occationally, but they seem to go on and on about some of the boring stuff that's easy to find out, and say nothing about the interesting stuff.10:36
lemonadeand it's quite expensive here in finland10:36
lemonadei find more worth reading in linux journal10:37
lemonadebut it's only my opinion10:37
slackernlemonade: how much are magazines like that in finland?10:41
lemonadeslackern: all linux magazines are imported10:43
lemonadethere are none that i know in finnish10:43
slackernlemonade: ahh i was thinking about how expensive10:44
lemonadeslackern: aaa.. hmm... well.. importing costs10:45
lemonadebut prices are quite high here anyways10:45
slackernlemonade: just qurious since they are often quite expensive here in sweden too :)10:45
lemonadei guess we might have even more expensive here then in sweden10:46
lemonadebut dunno10:46
slackernmaybe 7-8 euro?10:46
lemonadewith dvd it costs 16.30 euros10:48
lemonadei've never seen anything else sold10:48
slackernouch, well thats expensive10:48
lemonadeyeah, and that dvd doesn't include anything interesting anyways10:49
slackern=/, i think maybe the most expensive i've seen here has been like 129 skr and i guess thats like 10-12 euro or something like that10:50
slackernbut been a while since i bought any magazines like that, probably years ago :P10:50
mazzenwould anyone be so kine and give me a hint, how i can downgrade my xserver-xorg-video-ati driver?10:51
lemonademazzen: one way is to download older deb and use dpkg10:55
lemonadebut it could cause trouble10:56
slackernmazzen: have a look in /var/cache/apt/archives/ also an older version might still be there10:56
mazzenslackern: unfortunately not :-(10:59
slackernand i cleaned out the cache yesterday also so no older ati driver there either =/10:59
lemonadepackages.ubuntu.com is usually good place to find older packages11:00
lemonadeand some mirrors too11:01
mazzenwhat a pity11:01
mazzenlemonade, slackern: i tried http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/xserver-xorg-video-ati  but this is the one which makes me troubles...11:01
mazzenshouldn't it be possible to download the latest hardy images and extract the deb file?11:02
slackernIm still more o r less forced to using vesa still with my ATi card :P11:02
lemonademazzen: yeah, it's possible11:02
mazzenhuh, i hope that works :)11:03
mazzencurrently i have to run my notebook with vesa driver and 800*600 which is not fine ;-)11:03
slackernmazzen: hehe, i know what you mean...I have a X1950Pro AGP card in this machine and the drivers have been causing me lots of troubles in both Win and *nix, they finally got out the 8.2 drivers for Win that was the first updated driver that i could use for like 6 months11:04
slackernand in linux fglrx just crashes on me badly or gives worse performance that vesa, my biggest hope is the radeonhd project which im using back and forth11:05
slackernThat works but there is still alot of performance to be included into them so just sticking to vesa right now atleast causes me the least of troubles11:06
mazzenja. ~two years ago, when i bought my notebook, there were *only* notebooks with ati chips in it... (depends on my cash ;-))11:06
Amaranthslackern: your card will be supported by the 'ati' driver long before the radeonhd guys ever add support11:11
=== thekorn_ is now known as thekorn
Amaranthslackern: your card is an r500, the ati driver has 3d support for the r300 and the r400 and the r500 isn't that much different11:11
Amaranthand now they have documentation on how it works so... :)11:12
Amaranththe radeonhd driver just needs to die11:12
Amaranththe only use it has is r600 non-accelerated 2D, just stick it in the ati driver and be done with it11:12
slackernAmaranth: I'll have to give it a spin, haven't had so much time lately to invest in tinkering :)11:23
Amaranthit does not currently work11:24
Amaranthtry again in 4 months :P11:24
slackernYeah i read about it on phoronix :)11:24
slackernI'll use whatever works more or less, radeonhd/radeon/ati whatever works :)11:24
slackerni'll even use fglrx if i can atleast pop up a browser without the computer slowing to a crawl11:25
Hobbseeanyone else got a dell 6400 here?11:30
P2502does ping send dns request for every ping sequence?11:34
cwilluP2502, I think so12:39
P2502yeah i checked this with tcpdump already, i wonder why12:48
mazzenlemonade, slackern: i downloaded the image and extracted it, but there is nothing xorg* stuff in it. (find . | grep xorg) any idea, why? in fact there are only 32 deb file there. which sounds to me very strange.12:48
* mazzen restart X12:56
mazzenyes, this gave me my resolution back https://launchpad.net/~tormodvolden/+archive :-) (Just for the case someone else will have troubles) but everything is pretty slow!13:00
andrew_OMG great job on this release13:17
andrew_its been LESS buggy than any os ive ever used... in beta13:17
coz_andrew_, its beta already?13:18
coz_beta sometime in march , no?13:19
P2502enabling compiz cause firefox to dissapear (where it go? crashed probably :/)13:20
HobbseeP2502: can't reproduce that13:21
HobbseeP2502: but clearly, firefox is terrified of compiz.  You should put it under a blanket13:21
coz_P2502, is this consistent?13:22
P2502i think it random and happened some times, but not sure if every time13:22
P2502i have not tested that13:22
P2502compiz cause many issues13:23
coz_P2502, how are you starting compiz fusion?13:23
P2502like it cant be disabled properly almost always13:23
coz_P2502, gnome or kde?13:24
P2502appearance preferences13:24
coz_P2502, in terminal  metacity --replace &13:24
coz_to kill compiz fusion13:24
coz_P2502, then  compiz --replace ccp & to restart and if there are problems there should be a readout in the terminal13:25
=== Pricey is now known as PriceChild
P2502well i got some warnings, paste them?13:26
coz_P2502, not here  no go to http://pastebin.ca13:26
P2502but i dont think its important...13:27
Nubaeis there a reason why this rep doesnt exist: deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu hardy-commercial main ?13:27
coz_P2502, the problem is hardy is still alpha   y ou have to expect things to not work properly :)13:27
NubaeI want vmware, but cant seem to get it13:27
P2502coz_: i know, hope bugs will be fixed before release, not after13:29
h3sp4wnNubae: Just use vmware-package13:30
h3sp4wn!info vmware-pacage13:30
h3sp4wn!info vmware-package13:30
coz_P2502, i wouldnt even begin to worry13:30
ubotuPackage vmware-pacage does not exist in hardy13:30
ubotuPackage vmware-package does not exist in hardy13:30
h3sp4wnjust compile the source (its worth it makes handling vmware alot less hassle)13:31
P2502coz_: actually i expect compiz continue to not work with games and have corrupted titlebar, just like it was in gutsy13:31
P2502so i prepared13:31
coz_P2502, well i woulndt judge the performanc of compiz fusion with it on gutsy though13:31
Nubaeand that has everything Ineed from vmware?13:32
Nubaeincluding mouse widgets and stuff13:32
h3sp4wnIt has a package which makes deb's13:32
coz_P2502, right now I am on feisty and games and compiz fusion are fine  but in reality there is no reason to have both compiz f usion running and a game to eat up resources13:32
h3sp4wnfrom what you download from vmware13:32
Nubaeright, but doesnt ubuntu already have it pre-packaged?13:32
Nubaey would I wanna do that?13:32
coz_P2502, unless you have a really high end video card  etc13:32
Nubaebtw... just so people know... virtualbox cannot import vmware images directly13:33
h3sp4wnNubae: server and workstation ?13:33
P2502coz_: ok so it is probably will good if it disable itself while running games?13:33
Nubaeit tries and breaks13:33
coz_P2502, I do for most games yes  it just doesnt make senxe to have both running13:33
h3sp4wnYou can easily update using vmware any-any etc if you want to there is tons of reason13:33
h3sp4wnIs workstation in that repository13:34
coz_P2502, give your games total access to resources, as much as that is possible13:34
Nubaebut its for feisty13:34
Nubaeand kernel modules are missing13:34
h3sp4wnWhy I used vmware-package last time was updating to a new point release etc becomes really easy13:34
P2502coz_: not me... compiz should disable and reenable itself... i may start games many times a day and dont want to everytime disable and enable compiz13:35
Nubaewell, its still nicer to have in your package db13:35
P2502coz_: also i want ability to switch to desktop with games running13:35
h3sp4wnWhat do you mean ? Its in dpkg's db in  both cases13:35
Nubaehmmm, wait, vmware-server is in there, workstation isnt13:35
coz_P2502, mm  switching desktops when games are running..  never tried that13:35
coz_P2502, anyway work the way you see fit13:36
=== OSUKid7` is now known as OSUKid7
Nubaeok, so download vmware source, repackage into deb using link u sent.... that's the best way?13:37
h3sp4wnThat is how I would do it - what arch are you on ?13:38
coz_what is the state of affairs with sun java on hardy?13:43
Nubaesupposedly fixed13:44
chombeeCan anyone tell me/point me to info on what's become of the Screens & Graphics config tool in hardy? I just read a preview that said it was "very, very dead" and am interested13:44
coz_Nubae, mm  thats good news13:44
MythorAfter a update of Hardy, ubuntu no longer loads kernel drivers by its self, they are there, and manual loading does work, how can i fix this?13:48
mazzencoz_, Nubae: a simple swing window leads to http://pastebin.com/d5f43797513:48
coz_mazzen, so its not fixed  then13:49
Nubaerightwhat exacty is broken?13:50
mazzencoz_: no, unfortunately not. i googled for it and found something that it is a java bug, which should have been fixed in the last java version.13:50
Nubaethat uses Java IcedTea13:51
Nubaeso might be different13:51
NubaeI'm on 64 bit and it seems to work13:51
mazzenhm... i didn't install java713:51
coz_mazzen, maybe java 7 has better support for xcb  which i assume is the problem13:52
Nubaefor 64 bit, that at least is the solution, but u can take a look here at another howto: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java613:53
Nubaeoops, without the 6 on the end13:53
mazzencould be, i try it with icedtea13:54
MythorAfter an update of Hardy, ubuntu no longer loads kernel drivers by its self, they are there, and manual loading does work, how can i fix this?13:58
mazzenyes, it works with java714:00
Nubaeok, so I do make-vmpkg?14:19
Nubaei dont get how to use vmware-package14:23
pedroanyone have steam installed on kubuntu14:42
pedrowith wine14:42
yeltsinatorhey, anyone heard of a bug where hardy randomly deletes a couple hundred gigs of stuff  every once in a while?14:57
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nick__hello all how do you turn on gdm?15:06
MythorAfter an update of Hardy, ubuntu no longer loads kernel drivers by its self, they are there, and manual loading does work, how can i fix this?15:21
mazzenMythor: put the name of the modules  in /etc/modules15:25
h3sp4wnWhen did xv video output get broken for the radeon oss driver15:26
Mythormazzen: i did that now for a couple, but thats not a neat sollution15:27
Mythormazzen: a lot of modules don't load automaticly anymore, like lan, sound etc15:27
mazzenMythor: sry, but i can't confirm that on my system. just wait for the next alpha, maybe it's gone then15:28
h3sp4wnTry rebuilding the initramfs (or looking inside it) - do sudo depmod -a15:28
Mythori've rebuild initramfs15:29
Mythorand looked at the code behind it15:29
h3sp4wncheck there is nothing like udev not running15:29
Mythorudev neatly detects my phone on the fly when i connect it, so i guess that works15:30
h3sp4wnudev not hal ?15:31
h3sp4wnanyway don't guess find out for certain15:31
Mythor(i can see it has been detected with udevmonitor)15:32
h3sp4wnWhen you say manual loading do you mean with modprobe or insmod15:33
Mythori now have 67 modules loaded, used to be about 10015:33
h3sp4wnI have 99 - I think half of them or so are for things I don't need thouhg15:36
Mythorwhen i do a update-initramfs -u -v, should my networkdriver.ko be in the list?15:37
h3sp4wnYou can put in there if you really want though15:38
Mythorso where/when does it detect my networkcard and loads the approprate driver?15:38
h3sp4wn/etc/initramfs-tools/modules - the only stuff that goes in the initramfs is what you need to boot15:38
h3sp4wn(and if you want a framebuffer for that to work that has to be in there for such as radeonfb)15:39
h3sp4wnudev wherever in the init process that is15:39
Mythorit is just weird that the devices are no longer automaticly detected15:40
Mythordo you know the name of the script/app that is used to detect the hardware or is it all inside udev15:41
savvashm.. how can i add ANSI coding to gedit?15:49
savvasi know about unix2dos, but i thought there might be a better way to save windows-readable text files15:50
h3sp4wnWhat do you mean ?15:54
h3sp4wnboth formats are ANSI15:54
h3sp4wnthe difference is LR CR vs CR thats all afaik15:54
Milos_SDHi all ... Did someone downloaded all updates to today, and are they working ?15:55
MythorMilos_SD: i have some problems with the updates of today15:56
savvash3sp4wn: ah sorry, didn't know, i thought they16:04
savvas*they're different because they're named separately in windows notepad, utf-8 and ansi16:04
Beererdehi. how do i do an upgrade from ubuntu 7.10 to 8.0?16:20
henkjanBeererde: do-release-upgrade16:20
hydrogen8.04 isn't released yet.16:20
hydrogenyou should only do it if you feel like bleeding16:20
Beererdei have a serious problem, my open office won't run, and i filed a bug report. answer was he had information that it is fixed in 8.016:21
hydrogenthats a problem fixable on gutsy16:22
hydrogenmost likely.16:22
hydrogenconsiddering ti runs for lotsa other people16:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194414 in openoffice.org "WARNING **: Unknown error forking main binary / abnormal early exit" [Low,Incomplete]16:23
Beererdei need both lyx and ooffice16:24
Beererdeif you have suggestions...16:24
muszekBeererde: if I were you, I'd download a live cd and try if everything works nicely... then do a dist-upgrade (not from CD...)16:28
muszekBeererde: and to answer your original question: update-manager -d16:29
Beererdemuszek: ooffice from a live cd works16:29
Beererdeit must have been some automatic update that broke things16:29
muszekBeererde: I meant "download Hardy live cd before you decide to upgrade" because stuff might be broken for you16:30
Beererdemuszek: aah ok. good idea16:30
Beererdeok i'll do that16:30
nemohydrogen: well, I reluctantly had to upgrade my mom to hardy alpha since her machine was almost unusable in gutsy16:31
muszekBeererde: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/hardy/alpha-5/16:31
nemoabout half-way through gutsy, something or other completely !@#$ed up sound...16:31
nemohydrogen: any application using sound stood a very good chance of locking up or crashing.16:31
muszekI did an early upgrade because of serious problems in gutsy, too16:32
mazzenaehm.. i would say that  8.04 *is* currently extremely unstable and i would *never* use it for my productive system!16:32
CorruptTerroristwhere can i download cpanel?16:32
nemomazzen: overall I agree.16:32
nemomazzen: I did upgrade myself to 8.04 so I'd know what problems my mom was facing :)16:32
CorruptTerroristoops wrong chan16:32
mazzennemo: yes. and if X is broken.... yes, that's funny... :-/16:33
mazzentoday's update broke it and it costs me hours to get it working proper...16:33
* mazzen thinks whatever "proper" means ;-)16:34
nemomazzen: ... was that the hardware autodetect they rolled out?16:35
nemomazzen: the one that blew away most xorg.conf ?16:35
mazzennemo: hm... honestly i couldn't identify the accurately reason. i guess it was something with the driver for my old ati card in combination to the xorg-server16:38
mazzennemo: i installed the xserver-xorg-video-ati packes i found on https://launchpad.net/~tormodvolden/+archive and it worked again.16:39
nemomazzen: ah. well, I've had a grudge against ATI cards for years16:40
nemoeven in windows development they made my life hell16:40
nemoand their support was crap - we gave them test cases, stack traces, narry a fix16:40
nemoso we switched all our cards to nvidia16:40
mazzenif this would be possible with notebooks... i would!16:40
Beererdei use intel, intel gma ftw16:46
LeeJunFando I need to do anything other than wait for the BAD SIG problem I'm having with apt?16:48
Arwenargh, someone broke it16:53
DanglyBitshow do i install kde 4.0.1 in Hardy ubuntu?17:02
muszekDanglyBits: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-kde4-desktop17:04
muszekI'm not 100% sure, though (don't have kde myself)17:04
punQ-arThi guys17:17
punQ-arTdoes anyone have problems with ndiswrapper in hardy?17:17
lunksWhich is the name of the sound system implemented on Hardy? Is it esound?18:01
lunksI don't remember the name18:01
lunksoh thats it, tnx18:02
awalton__it replaces esound.18:02
lunkshmm ok18:02
Arwenamazing, I've been running compiz for two days straight and I haven't caused a kernel panic yet18:04
DanaGError: HTTP Error: Not implemented18:05
DanaGPlease select another viewer and try again.18:05
DanaGTrying to view an Avahi-presented web page via service-discovery-applet.18:05
nemoArwen: that's amazing? :)18:06
DanaGbug 19093418:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190934 in libgnomekbd "[hardy] keyboard modifiers randomly forgotten" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19093418:07
Tikiheadhey herons18:08
ViakenI'm trying to build the rtl8180-sa2400 driver and am getting an error. http://pb.udderweb.com/169 Am I missing some sort of header or library?18:23
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jronhello, i'm attempting to setup vmware; however the installer needs linux-headers to build off of for one of the modules. Problem: linux-headers-2.6.24-8-server is not in the apt repo18:27
jronanyone know why 2.6.24-8-server is missing?18:27
jron2.6.24-10 is there.... *-6 is not though18:28
nemojron: virtualbox ;)18:29
nemoalthough actually...18:29
ViakenVirtualbox is fairly buggy, in my experience. kvm is nice, and qemu is ok, too.18:30
nemoI seem to have .24-818:30
nemoViaken: buggy how?18:30
ViakenRandom crashes18:30
ViakenThe VMs would just die18:30
jronnemo, do you see 24-8 in the apt repo?18:30
nemoViaken: I'm in vbox right now.18:30
* Viaken shrugs18:30
nemodo 98% of my operations at work in it18:30
nemoQemu, unfortunately, is not windows-friendly :-/18:30
ViakenFair enough18:31
nemojron: you think it is just left over?18:31
ViakenYMMV, after all. lol18:31
jronnemo, i assumed it would be there by default too... but it is not in /usr/src is there another location?18:31
nemojron: that's where it is in mine18:32
jrongrrr =) well that is good to know. did you install desktop or server of alpha5?18:32
jronk, wonder if that is my problem.18:32
jronor part of it at least.18:33
nemoyep. there it is in synaptic18:33
jronvbox will overtake vmware soon if vmware keeps going towards being a windows app with a focus on esx / 3i18:33
nemothat's odd18:35
jronI only see *-10 =(18:35
* nemo reconnects and rechecks synaptic18:35
jroni think it use to be there at some point in time...18:36
jrongoogle returns results for it18:36
nemoI definitely have it in synaptic, and listed as installed. I wonder why it wasn't cleaned up18:36
nemoperhaps 'cause I already had 'em installed?18:36
jronfirst result18:36
jronalso odd, imo.18:36
nemomaybe -8 was buggy18:37
jronmust have been real buggy for them to remove it! =)18:38
jronguess i'll try and update the kernel...18:40
DanaGThey always remove old versions, for some reason.18:43
DanaGI wish they'd leave at least one previous version of things, for safety.18:43
h3sp4wnUnless you manually remove them you end up with a stack of kernels anyway18:45
DanaGargh, pdflush keeps waking up the drive.18:49
h3sp4wnLast try test version of lrm anywhere with nvidia 169.12 (Or I just hack it together for myself its not even difficult to do just time consuming)18:50
jronis there a simple one liner for kernel upgrades? or must I get linux, headers, image, modules etc?18:54
h3sp4wnJust keep the meta packages installed18:55
s0u][ighthello i have a problem with my usb webcam18:59
s0u][ightin gusty it worked fine18:59
s0u][ightbut in hardy lsusb gives nothing18:59
me64is there a howto on compiz-fusion for hardy heron alpha 5 x86_6419:00
s0u][ightno one?19:00
me64or a readme19:00
PiciIf you need a how-to, you probably shouldnt be using Hardy, see the /topic19:01
h3sp4wnIs it not included ?19:01
h3sp4wnI don't know the difference between whatever compiz hardy has and compiz-fusion19:01
jronoff to try this again... thank you all the help guys =)19:01
nicolahdoes hardy heron use xfce 4.4.2 ?19:02
s0u][ighthow can i enable usb ports i think they're closed19:03
Pici!info xfce4 | nicolah19:03
ubotunicolah: xfce4 (source: xfce4): Meta-package for the Xfce Lightweight Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.4.2 (hardy), package size 5 kB, installed size 48 kB19:03
PiciI guess the answer is yes then.19:04
nicolahok, thanks19:04
nicolahthe bot answer wasn't that clear19:04
mohbanahow can i get access to a sqlite database .db file19:04
h3sp4wnDid xfce properly fix xrandr 1.2 support yet19:04
nicolahis http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/ influencing your work, developers ?19:05
baastrup_hey there,  im having some problems with my wireless network i hardy, it worked in gutsy. it connects to the network get an ip. but i cant ping or do nslookups. i notits the thre was a wmaster0 adn a vnet0 in ifconfig19:05
h3sp4wnnicolah: probably not the right channel to ask that19:05
baastrup_!info wireless19:06
ubotuPackage wireless does not exist in hardy19:06
baastrup_!info nm19:06
ubotuPackage nm does not exist in hardy19:06
baastrup_!info nm-applet19:06
ubotuPackage nm-applet does not exist in hardy19:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about fish - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi19:06
h3sp4wnironic - I was pretty sure there was a thing for that - either way use /msg19:07
baastrup_!info wlan019:07
ubotuPackage wlan0 does not exist in hardy19:07
h3sp4wnbaastrup_: stop that crap19:07
h3sp4wnuse /msg19:07
baastrup_h3sp4wn: sorry19:08
h3sp4wni.e /msg ubotu msgthebox19:08
s0u][ighthello i can't see my usb webcam can some one help me?19:11
nicolahh3sp4wn: #ubuntu-devel guys said they will keep that website in consideration for 8.10 release19:14
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dusti[n]anyone got wine working ?19:18
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PiciI believe its currently broken.19:19
Dusti[n]i wonder how long it will take um to fix it19:20
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Arwenstupid broken metapackages...19:24
ArwenDusti[n], you can use the feisty version until it's fixed19:24
Arwenjust apply a pin to keep it from getting replaced19:24
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kahrytanDoes Hardy have the cx18 driver for ivtv?19:41
h3sp4wnnicolah: I guess that is the one where they do what they like again or ?19:45
lunksWhen transferring files over a smb share, remote computer is hanging due to other problems. Thing is, Hardy hangs and it's impossible to hit cancel as it's too slow.20:06
lunksIs this known?20:06
DrHala1firefox 3 seems to have a kde skin (blueish) im on gnome though20:24
picard_pwns_kirkfollowing recent updates, I have noticed that some of my games render funny in 3-d.20:29
picard_pwns_kirkspecifically, like this: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3184/2299007958_6a34ce5bb1_o.jpg20:30
picard_pwns_kirkmy graphics card is an intel x300020:31
picard_pwns_kirkthe windows version of the game works fine on my system20:33
hischildis there an online version to upgrade to hardy?20:35
picard_pwns_kirkhischild: open a terminal, type "sudo update-manager -d"20:35
picard_pwns_kirkor that20:36
hischildpicard_pwns_kirk, Flannel <320:37
Oli``picard_pwns_kirk: which game is that?20:37
h3sp4wnHow can I get gnome to be more sane with the virtual desktops i.e if I move off one side move to the next20:37
credibleh3sp4wn: use compiz? :)20:38
crediblemetacity use desktops instead of viewports, so that's not possible20:38
hischildonly 1025 files to fetch20:43
DrHala1hey i just updated to 8.4 and winecfg gives a seg fault...20:47
h3sp4wncredible: Most other sane window managers manage it20:49
thegveHello, I just read the wiki page the link in this channels subject points to, and in the "network update for ubuntu desktop users" I see a link in what looks to me like Polish or something. "Wgraj nowy załącznik "update-manager.png"". The link doesn't seem to point anywhere.20:49
thegveWould anyone mind if I remove it?20:49
thegveDrHala1: something about an assertion?20:50
hischildDrHala1, correct ... use the gutsy ones ..20:51
hischildthey borked the latest hardy ones20:52
h3sp4wncredible: Makes my laptop feel slow as hell - maybe the new nvidia driver might fix20:53
credibleh3sp4wn: by supporting viewports20:53
h3sp4wnbut I don't need it enough to suffer running compiz20:53
h3sp4wncredible: by running compiz20:53
h3sp4wnsuch as even afterstep does that right there is no technical reason gnome shouldn't do it20:53
crediblemetacity will never support viewports, so you can give up on that :)20:54
h3sp4wn(This is on a quadro 1600m with 512mb of video memory) its ok if I disable speedstep20:54
h3sp4wnI should just switch to sawfish20:54
h3sp4wnOr away from gnome but I am lazy20:55
thegveI just switched back to running compiz20:55
thegveOn my system it 'feels' faster than the old system (metacity - or am I confusing stuff again)20:55
lordleemoquestion are the packages going to be updated in hardy?20:56
thegve"the packages" ?20:56
h3sp4wnAnd it assumes that people don't use the windows key20:56
h3sp4wn(I use it for meta in emacs so I can do other stuff with alt)20:57
lordleemopackages that are oudated in the repositeries20:57
thegveh3sp4wn: You can reconfigure stuff using the gnome-control-center (compiz-config)20:57
LeftmostIs there a reason that the gnome-terminal in Hardy, despite being the latest 2.21, does not show the latest translation updates? Even in Launchpad?20:57
thegvelordleemo: Possibly - A lot of updates will occur on hardy20:57
thegvelordleemo: You can look up package versions on http://packages.ubuntu.com20:58
h3sp4wnIs there a trick to get rid of all that flickering you get with compiz20:58
h3sp4wnSGI had that right a decade ago20:58
lordleemook but what about packackes im trying to install gnumeric  which is now 1 year old it relies on various packages also outdated20:58
thegveh3sp4wn: When do you get flickering?20:59
thegveh3sp4wn: You do have 3d accelaration?20:59
h3sp4wnthegve: moving windows about quickly20:59
h3sp4wnor can I set vsync somewhere20:59
credibleh3sp4wn: nvidia misreports the refresh rate20:59
credibleso if you want to get proper vsync, you have to manually tell compiz your true refresh rate20:59
thegveh3sp4wn: I just moved some windows as fast as I could, not flickering21:00
h3sp4wncredible: Would the same thing work if I disable dynamic twinview21:00
thegveonly the rollup and rolldown stuff sometimes makes some drawing errors it corrects in 1 second or so21:00
thegveonly half of the screen being rendered etc21:00
h3sp4wncredible: Or is it really easy to tell compiz the proper refresh rate ?21:01
thegveI run a AMD64 3700+ / ATI X800 (256mb??) / 4GB21:01
credibleccsm: General Options > Display Settings21:01
thegveh3sp4wn: System - Management (i use a localised version..) - Screens and Graphics21:02
crediblethegve: that's where nvidia misreports it ;)21:03
thegveMonitor settings (click plug and play in most cases on the left tab)21:03
thegveh3sp4wn: But you can configure it there...?21:03
h3sp4wnNo - And why don't I have nvidia-settings21:03
thegveI see21:04
h3sp4wnor whatever it is that normally tells you what nvidia is doing21:04
thegveIt offers the option to import a .inf file21:04
thegvemaybe you could hack one21:04
thegveBut I wouldn't recommend that of course...21:04
h3sp4wnbecause its not installed that is why21:04
h3sp4wncredible: is ccsm -simple-ccsm21:07
h3sp4wnor compizconfig-settings-manager21:08
hischildupdate errors should be filed as bug reports?21:13
credibleh3sp4wn: the latter21:15
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h3sp4wncredible: It seems a bit better now - If I disable speedstep and the equivalent thing for the nvidia then its perfect fast - its a bit better now though21:23
h3sp4wnchanging the texture quality to best seems a good idea21:23
h3sp4wnor some of the other misc stuff I don't know what does21:23
DigitalNinjaIs there a kubuntu hardy heron?21:27
TimSI am running hardy and when I open the Screens and Graphics dialogue, nothing shows up, so I cannot adjust my resolution.21:37
TimSNot sure if this is a local problem or one with ubuntu.21:38
LaneyHas the home button been removed in ff3? :(21:43
nemoTimS: WFM21:43
nemoTimS: tested remotely with sudo displayconfig-gtk21:43
TimSIt isn't working on my test machine or on virtualbox21:44
nemoLaney: is on my bookmarks toolbar...21:44
nemoTimS: any output to console?21:44
nemofile a bug I guess :)21:44
Laneynemo: That's more clicks21:45
TimSI have been running it GUI, ill try it on a terminal21:45
nemoLaney: install a theme that has it? dunno. I never found it that useful.21:45
nemoLaney: actually, you can just move it with customize21:46
nemoLaney: I moved it next to the other buttons, then, since I was in there anyway, got rid of the silly thing21:46
Laneynemo: I can't see it in customise...21:47
nemoLaney: that's 'cause it is already in bookmarks21:47
nemoLaney: but you can drag it while in customise21:47
LaneyDoesn't seem to work21:49
nemoWFM :-p21:50
nemoLaney: ... you *are* in firefox customise dialogs option right?21:50
Laneynemo: Ah, I got it. It was in the bookmarks toolbar, not the menu :(21:51
LaneyMuch better!21:52
nemothat's what I said :-p21:52
* Laney fool21:52
swx1anyone has problems with language-support-writing-en package?22:17
lucasv1is there an issue with font sizes in gnome at the moment?22:17
lucasv1firefox and some other apps act all weird. some text is too big, some to small22:18
swx1lucasv1: wich other apps?22:19
lucasv1swx1: gdm for example22:20
lucasv1guifications in gaim22:20
swx1no problems over here22:20
TimSNone for me either.22:21
DigitalNinjaOnce again is there a kubuntu hardy?22:21
dencryptDigitalNinja: yes22:21
DigitalNinjaWhere do I get it22:22
dencryptI'm running it now22:22
dencryptone moment22:22
DigitalNinjadencrypt: Thanks22:23
lucasv1swx1: I've had this from the beginning22:23
lucasv1swx1: I filed a bug already, I just wanted to know if it occurred to anyone else here as well.22:24
swx1lucasv1: np22:25
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TimSMy kubuntu hardy is downloading =]22:28
TimSKeep seeding guys if you torrent'd it :p22:28
s-wxis there a way to fix the language-support-writing-en package problem ?22:29
s-wxanyone has brokencount problems?22:30
EnderTheThirdAnyone else having trouble with Xorg taking 90+ % of the CPU in Alpha 5?22:32
avisis it unwise to adopt hardy since its in non-beta ?  when i tried the beta of gutsy there were some bugs i didn't like very much like disappearing bookmarks22:38
s-wxis anyone has problems with hyphenation openoffice package, just take a look https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hyphen/+bug/19231022:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192310 in hyphen "package openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us None [modified: /var/lib/dpkg/info/openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us.list] failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite `/usr/share/myspell/dicts/hyph_en_US.dic', which is also in package openoffice.org-hyphenation" [High,Confirmed]22:38
s-wxavis: stay on a stable version22:40
avisok :)22:41
s3phirothhi there. were there significant changes in the graphics configuration on hardy heron ?22:52
s3phiroththe thing is22:52
s3phirothi just installed it, and there's almost nothing on /etc/X11/xorg.conf22:52
s3phirothand X doesn't start22:52
s3phirothi tried running dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg and it doesn't asks anything about my graphics card22:52
s3phirothis this normal behaviour ?22:53
s-wxdid you tried to install from the drivers ?22:55
s-wxnvid or ati?22:55
s3phirothnot yet22:55
s3phirothby the way22:55
s3phiroththis is an extremely recent laptop22:55
s3phirothwith an ati x230022:56
s-wxdownload most recent drivers for the ati website22:56
s3phirothThe latest Xorg is available in Hardy, Xorg 7.3, with an emphasis on better autoconfiguration with a minimal configuration file.22:56
mazzens3phiroth: add  Driver          "vesa"  to your Device section to have something with X22:56
s-wxgo in console mode, kill gdm, install build-essential and then run the installer with sudo sh filename22:57
s-wxthis should help you a bit22:57
s3phirothgdm doesn't even start22:58
s3phirothand i had already tried adding vesa22:58
s3phirothno go22:58
s3phirothgdm just refuses to start22:58
s-wxwell then you need to find a way to get those drivers22:58
s3phirothbut i'll try the binary22:58
s-wxof stay on a stable version ;)22:58
s3phiroths-wx: the thing is22:59
s3phiroththis is a sony vaio cr3122:59
s3phirothi've had a cr21 before which has broken22:59
s3phiroththey gave me my money back after some trouble with the store and now i got this one22:59
s-wxI8 dont know about ati drivers binary install but I had no problem with my nvid860022:59
s3phirothand even back with the cr21, some things like suspend/hibernate were a pain to setup on gutsy22:59
s3phirothi even had to compile a more recent kernel23:00
s3phirothso now i though giving hardy a try23:00
s3phirothand see if those things were already supported, since this is a really recent laptop23:00
s3phiroththis thing is a penryn...23:00
Mike_Feravolohello, has anyone had problems with the lastest (as in today)  64 bit kernal update ?23:01
s3phirothso you can see how recent it is :)23:01
s3phirothis there any way where i can find more information about the new "minimal" configuration file for xorg and what has changed ?23:07
nandemonaiHas anyone noticed Firefox 3.0b3 not updating page changes until it's restarted?23:25
dencryptit works perfectly :)23:26
nandemonaiHmm. I was working on a wordpress site and changes wouldn't show without restarting the browser. Epiphany was showing the changes fine though. Odd.23:27
lime4x4core 2 duo is better to use hardy 64?23:31
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s3phirothwell i tried installing the latest binary drivers from ati but they don't seem to like the new xorg configuration scheme23:39
macogwis open office hyphenation broken for everyone right now?23:40
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DanaGThat was odd: my computer just hard-rebooted, completely randomly.23:55
dencryptI think it's the aliens.23:57
Moherono, not Aliens, but maybe the Leprichauns23:57
dencryptwe are the matrix.23:59
dencryptnight all. Time for spacebed.23:59

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