troy_skwwii: Have you replaced the "vaguely bloody" heron image yet with a / the viable replacement?08:03
DPicwhy is the default background in hardy in png when the svg isn't even as big?10:46
AnchakorI don't know if this is a good place to report this, but I have a problem with ubuntu website13:26
AnchakorI use theme with inverted colours (back bg, white text) and the website displays wrongly13:28
AnchakorI don't use Ubuntu though so I just thought that someone should know...13:28
Anchakoroh and I juse latest firefox213:29
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thorwilhi nand! hope the slashdotting wasn't too bad :)  when i submitted the story, the site was running fine and i figured somone would report it anyway19:12
nandhoho you missed something! The website was literaly smashed, as basically at the same time, it got first page on wired and digg !19:13
nandfortunately, our beloved canonical sysadmins moved us to a stronger server19:14
nandwe are still steaming full ahead with 50 new users per 10 minutes, and so far, the input is of great quality!19:15
nandNow, I have a TODO list of around 30-40 items to care of ...19:15
thorwilit's quite amazing :)19:15
nandthorwil: Would you give me an hand with some visual reorganization? Basically we will had much more menu items, options,... to integrate into the current page design. Well, if you're interested :)19:17
thorwilnand: i should have an hours or so :)19:18
nandOk, then not today. First, I have to figure out what is asked and what we will modify19:19
nandthen try to make some mockups19:20
thorwiltomorrow i will be at the linux audio conference in cologne19:22
nandok no probs :)19:23
thorwilnand: but do you already know how many more items and options it might be?19:25
nandnop! I currently gathering the - shall I say incredible - number of good and even excellent idea for Brainstorm submitted in Brainstorm itself19:26
_MMA_thorwil: I sent you a email reply with some details about a 3D logo right?19:26
nandBut it will be probably a lot.19:26
thorwil_MMA_: yes. and there's something in a 75% state of completion. not quite what you expected, i guess, though :)19:27
_MMA_thorwil: I'm looking forward to whatever. This is part of an idea for Hardy+1. Thanx for any work you do.19:28
_MMA_So even if its not quite what's in my head, it could spark other ideas.19:29
nandthorwil: will you be at FOSScamp?20:25
thorwilnand: nope20:26
nandah, too bad, I would have offered you one of the Brainstorm bulb tee shirt we will make!20:26
thorwilaww :}20:26
thorwilnand: remind me that i give you a large scale version of the icon before you make t-shirts20:39
nandyou can make large versions with the SVGs, no?20:40
nandah they are not optimized for large scale ok20:41
nandif you have time, thanks ;)20:41
thorwilnand: you have to take care of line widths20:41
nandah ok20:42
thorwilnand: shouldn't take me long, but it would be best to have a target size20:42
thorwilwidth x height in mm and resolution20:42
nandOk, I will tell you. Probably a standart A4 size, that what shops take IIRC20:42
thorwilnand: cool20:43
thorwilnand: how are updates of image links supposed to work?20:44
nandcurrently, once a image link is generated, it is cached for one day20:44
thorwili see 31 on http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/163/, but still 27 on http://thorwil.wordpress.com/2008/02/29/idea-promotion/20:44
nandso you will not see the update of vote before next day!20:44
thorwilah, ok20:44
nandIt is planned to be changed to an one hour cache20:45
thorwili guess the browser cache could become a problem20:45
nandit should not, the HTTP response will return the updated creation date and thus the browser should fetch the new one20:49
thorwilah, ok. i learned the hard way that using wordpress, if i replace one of my images with one of the same name, i will still see the old one20:50
thorwilgood night!21:00
cody-somervilletroy_s, Hey :)22:19
cody-somervilletroy_s, Want to evaluate?: http://cody.zapto.org/xubuntu-hardy/Screenshot-2.png22:19
nothlitcody-somerville: ! wallpaper/theme clash!22:21
* kwwii returns from his trip to london after a *very* delayed flight22:28
kwwiitroy_s: nope, I haven't got to that yet...I was busy with meetings in london this week22:28
kwwiitroy_s: luckily while there I found out that sabdfl likes the wallpaper and basically made the same comments about what he would like ot see tweaked in it22:29

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