ubotuNew bug: #196835 in ubuntu-doc "broken links" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19683501:36
robotgeekupdated this page with information about ssh keys, and the "correct" way to update to a working bzr install in Advanced Methods05:07
robotgeeknixternal: updated kde-menus-C.ent file05:25
nixternalgroovy, were there a lot of updates for it?05:25
robotgeekjust 205:26
nixternalwow, then jjesse did a good job with that, because he changed everyone of them05:26
nixternaland I know there were a lot of them05:26
robotgeekyup, he got to them before i did. he did a good job05:26
j1mcgo jjesse05:27
nixternalfinally, vbox on hardy amd6405:27
robotgeeknixternal: how else can i help?05:28
nixternalumm, I really don't know yet..I haven't had a chance to really look at the docs...you could go through and see if there needs to be anything added or removed...maybe pick one document and then get it all setup for kde405:29
nixternalthat's what I was thinking of doing..just grab one of the documents and see what pertains to KDE 4, change stuff, add stuff, remove stuff and so on05:30
robotgeeknixternal: okay. will do, as soon as i get the live cd downloaded05:31
nixternalgood deal05:36
j1mcnixternal: all my docs validate now.  now i need to make them less crappy.05:37
nixternalhehe, that is the easy part05:37
j1mcthe less crappy, or the validate?05:37
nixternalthe less crappy05:37
nixternalyou did the hard part05:37
mdkemorning all08:10
nixternalmorning mdke, long time no see :)08:13
mdkenixternal: hi, how's it going?08:15
nixternalnot to shabby, how about yourself?08:15
mdkevery well thanks08:17
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dencryptgive me something to do.22:52
sommerrun around the block22:54
sommerdencrypt: any interest in server?22:55
dencryptI run a 7.10 server22:55
dencryptin my clauset :)22:55
sommercool, one thing that needs doing before String Freeze is to read through the Server Guide and make sure all the commands work22:56
sommerbasically double check that the package names and path names are correct22:56
sommerfor instance I believe the current PostgreSQL section lists version 8.2 and 8.3 is released with hardy22:56
sommersmall things like that are a great way to get started22:57
mdkethere are a few bugs open on the server guide still which can be fixed too22:58
sommermdke: what's happenin22:58
sommerjust saying hi22:59
mdkeah, hi22:59
dencryptI will take a look and see if it's something I can manage. :)23:01
dencryptAny links to those bugs? launchpad?23:01
mdkewhoops, remove "edge" from that last one, if you don't use it23:02
mdkehave a sift through the two lists on those pages and see if you find something you like23:02
dencryptconfirmed. :) Perfect. A project without time-pressure. wooo :D23:04
dencryptGotta get to sleep now. cya.23:04
mdkeon the time pressures, our string freeze is on 20 March, so there are some :)23:05
dencryptwell, I only work 80% så I have plenty time.23:06
sommermdke: on the generic/server question, that I totally messed up, I'm all for maintaining the one directory23:06
sommeruntil you brought it up I thought they were the same :-)23:06
mdkesommer: ok, thanks23:07
mdkesommer: one more question for you since you're here23:07
mdkethere appears to be a stray directory in generic/server/c (as opposed to "C")23:07
mdkei didn't want to delete it since there is some content in there (mail.xml)23:08
mdkeany ideas what that is?23:08
sommerya, I believe that was a mistake by jjesse... made because I asked him to review the new section23:08
sommerit was right after I was given commit access23:08
sommerI can clean that up if you want23:09
mdkecan it be safely deleted or is there material there which isn't also in C/mail.xml?23:09
sommeryep, it can be removed... the content should actually be older than C/23:09
mdkei'll do that23:10
sommercool, thanks23:10
mdkesommer: is the question of how/whether the serverguide will be included in the server edition going to be resolved soon?23:35
sommermdke: heh... I'm not entirely sure23:36
sommerI'd say not at this point23:36
sommerI asked at the last server meeting about the motd bug, and since FF is past that one probably won't be solved23:37
sommerat least for Hardy23:37
sommerand the serverguide install question, I think has been postponed as well23:37
mdkesommer: geez23:38
sommermy take is that the amount of work at this point out weighs the importance of installing it by default23:38
sommersince it's already on the CD, just not installed23:38
mdkeno one will install it if it isn't brought to their attention23:39
mdkeit should clearly be installed by default... I find it astonishing that it isn't23:39
mdkeoh well23:39
sommerfor me as long as the content is availabe some how, I'm satisfied23:40
sommerbut I look at the net first ;-)23:40
mdkethat's only half the battle though; you need people to be aware of the existence of the content in order to be able to look at it23:40
mdkethe net is all well and good, but people might not realise there is a comprehensive guide to their server system there either23:41
mdkeI would have thought it's trivial to add something to a default server motd23:41
sommersure, but I think the google page rank bug will help that23:41
sommerheh... me too, but I think if we should have added it a while back23:41
mdkenot completely; people will still need to know that the guide exists in order to google it23:42
mdkeotherwise they will just google what they need (like "apache Ubuntu"23:43
sommerthat's exaclty how I do it, usually "ubuntu apache" though23:43
sommerif the first link when they do that is the official docs we'll be home free23:43
mdkeI have some doubt about that23:44
sommerif it's possible?23:44
sommerthat's my question anyway23:45
mdkewell yes, because searches like that don't necessarily only turn up documentation23:45
sommerya, I'm hoping for the first link though23:45
sommeror the first link for "hardy apache"23:45
sommerbut I see where you're coming from... I'll bring up the motd bug again at the next meeting23:46
mdkehrm. It would be so easy just to install the package by default23:46
mdkeand the motd, as you say23:47
sommerI think that's the issue though, it's not easy?23:47
mdkepeople can do anything with technology23:47
mdkeinstalling a package by default on the server edition just seems so trivial23:47
sommerI don't think I know enought about how the ISOs are created23:48
mdkewell,you said before that it's already on the cd, so that isn't the issue23:48
mdkeit just needs to be installed23:48
mdkenot that there is any point to having it on the cd if it doesn't get installed23:49
sommerI think it's more the seed thing... from what I understand server uses the same seed as desktop and tasksel to install additional packages23:49
sommerif you don't have a network connection you'd need to rely on the CD for additional packages :-)23:50
mdkea server without a network connection?23:50
mdkepretty rare I would have thought23:50
sommeror aren't allowed a network connection...23:50
sommerinternet connection rather, heh23:51
mdkeeven that must be immensely rare23:51
mdkeanyway, past my bedtime23:51
sommerlater on, have a good one23:51

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