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mjg59BenC: #180678 - seriously. Every single release I can remember. This really isn't funny any more.13:54
alex_jonibug #18067813:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 180678 in acpi-support "dmesg: toshiba_acpi: Unknown parameter `hotkeys_over_acpi'" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18067813:54
BenCmjg59: every release it is the same reason...acpi core changes so much the patch cannot be applied13:56
BenCmjg59: pretty sure it was in the list of "patches that got left behind"13:56
BenCmjg59: we've audited the patches that got removed at hardy kernel rebase, and that's the only one13:57
mjg59BenC: As far as I can tell, that mail never went anywhere public?13:58
mjg59Amit replied with a subset Cc:ed to kernel-team13:58
BenCmjg59: I mean the list I sent you months ago13:59
mjg59BenC: No, it's not in that list14:03
mjg59Can you check whether any other patches have fallen through the cracks?14:04
amitkBenC: can you please send me this other list that you sent to mjg5914:14
BenCmjg59: I told ya we just did an audit of the patches :)14:14
BenCamitk: it's the same one you got, minus stuff that already got checked14:14
amitkBenC: ok14:14
mjg59BenC: As I said, that patch isn't in hardy git. It was in gutsy. It's not in the email you sent me.14:15
mjg59If your audit process doesn't pick that up, then that's a problem with your audit process14:15
mjg59Which is consistent with previous occasions where patches have gone missing from the lists of missing patches14:16
mjg59BenC: 2d35697db5e3c4f240ac288c7c5abeb5a03c805c in gutsy14:18
BenCinteresting...it applies cleanly...wonder why it didn't hit the rebase14:19
mjg59BenC: It would be good to know if anything else falls into the same category14:20
rtgBenC: be sure to mark it as  a SAUCE patch so we don't lose it again.14:20
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siretartdid someone already encounter bug #197006, and/or knows a workaround?14:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 197006 in linux-meta "NFS over Unionfs prevents updating existing files" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19700614:59
BenCmjg59: toshiba_acpi patch applied15:16
mjg59BenC: Thanks15:16
rtgtjaalton: I'm turning the ABI crank today. I'll upload -11 in a few hours in advance of Alpha 6 scheduled for next Thursday.15:55
Kanohi rtg , did you find my bug report16:12
Kanortg: btw. the ivtv-fb driver is not working, maybe compiled against wrong header16:12
rtgKano: I didn't notice it. What number is it?16:12
Kanowill check if i can do a fix for ivtv-fb16:13
rtgKano: we are still working on the ABI mismatch which is probably what is wrong with ivtv-fb16:13
Kanoyes the most easy way is to overwrite the included .h files with the one from the kernel16:13
Kanothat fixes it16:13
rtgKano: can't do that (debian policy). see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Sprints/Feb2008/HeadersABI for possible solution16:14
Kanothen remove the included headers16:15
Kanohow about that16:15
Kanothey are not needed anyway16:15
rtgdunno. we'll get it figure out before Beta.16:15
Kanothe fastest hack is just to replace the ivtv-fb headers - not the kernel ones16:16
rtgKano: at the risk of sounding pedantic, file a  LP bug so I can track it.16:18
Kanortg: will try to fix it and then report a bug16:18
Kanoi have got a pvr 350..16:18
Kanojust dont use it so often16:19
tjaaltonrtg: ok, I have nvidia almost ready to go, targeted -1116:24
Kanortg: how about enabling vmware client modules?16:24
rtgKano: which ones? seems like there is a pending LP for a sound module.16:25
Kanowell the standard ones needed for vmplayer16:25
Kanoi think those will not change16:26
rtgKano: do you think enabling ALSA in the kernel would be sufficient?16:26
Kanovirtual box needs always differnet modules, so i would not integrat it16:26
Kanoi think you have alsa already enabled?16:27
Kanodidnt you16:27
tjaaltonzul: what about xen & nvidia?16:27
zultjaalton, i havent got a chance to look at it16:28
tjaaltonzul: ok16:29
Kanortg: also did you notice that "ifneq ($(wildcard /CurrentlyBuilding),)" has to be "ifeq ($(wildcard /CurrentlyBuilding),)" in debian/rules.d/0-common-vars.mk ?16:40
Kanocurrently it is absolutely stupid that it compiles faster when there is a dir/file named /CurrentlyBuilding16:40
Kanodont you think so...16:41
Kanops aux|grep -e -j16:42
rtgKano: looks to me like it just overrides CONCURRENCY_LEVEL when on a buildd.16:42
Kanoyes, but completely in the wrong way16:43
Kanowhy would somebody build on a multi core machine with -j1?16:43
Kanoyou could even disable that check16:44
rtgKano: because there might be other builds going on the same machine.16:44
Kanortg: i thought that, but then the logic is completely reversed!16:44
Kanoas you compile with 1 thread when there is NO such file and with twice the number of cores when it is there16:45
Kanocheck it out yourself16:45
Kanoyou will at least see -j2 even with a single core when the file is there and -j1 when it is not there16:48
Kanomust be clear16:48
Kanothat this is wrong16:48
rtgKano: this particular problem is not important. I've a zillion other issues to deal with. buildd passes happen overnight for me, so I just don't care.16:48
Kanortg: but i care16:49
rtgstart a bug report then.16:49
Kanoyou only have to remove the "n" 16:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 197040 in linux "reversed logic for bbuild check leads to -j1 default" [Undecided,New] 17:06
Kanohere it is17:06
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Kanoyou mean that erro?17:31
Kanohmm no, the error is in toshiba_acpi.c17:52
Kanowhat did you do there17:52
rtgKano: I'm just getting to buld testing. looks like the acpi crack broke something.17:54
Kanoyes it does not build17:54
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tjaaltonrtg: lrm with new nvidia ready17:54
rtgtjaalton: I'm still build testing. it'll be a bit yet.17:55
tjaaltonrtg: np17:55
Kanotjaalton: if you added .12 then you can be sure it will not be the last update17:56
tjaaltonKano: surprise17:56
Kanolatest is still set to 169.11217:57
Kanothat can show my script with -v latest option...17:57
KanoDISPLAY= fakeroot install-nvidia-debian.sh -pv latest17:58
rtgmjg59: can you have a look at the acpi patch BenC applied? It doesn't build, so I've reverted it. I'm kind of on a deadline for Alpha 6.17:58
mjg59rtg: Not currently, no17:58
mjg59I'm up to my eyes in mobile17:59
rtgmjg59: ok, its gonna have to wait until after -11 is released.18:00
mjg59Well, as long as it hits before final, I'm unfussed18:00
rtgmjg59: can do.18:00
Kanobtw. you know that at least 2 ide modules are too much?18:02
Kanovia82cxxx and amd74xx are useless, because you have pata_via and pata_amd18:03
Kanowhich work much better18:03
Kanomaybe more, but you can be sure that pata drivers are tested for those18:04
Kanotjaalton: so what did you package 169.12 or 171.05?18:05
Kanobtw. did you try pxe boot for your live images?18:09
Kanolive-helper can for example use net as target18:10
Kanoand creates a tftpboot dir18:10
boucmanhello all18:12
boucmanI have been skimming the bug list for some time, but can't find a bug similar to what I observe18:12
boucmanmy machine has some huge speed problems with 2.6.24 (2.6.22 is fine)18:13
Kanoboucman: lsmod|grep -e ide -e pata18:13
Kanobest check this18:13
Kanoif you have got an legacy ide + pata driver loaded blacklist the old ide and run: update-initramfs -u18:14
boucmanKano: thx... I'm using 2.6.22 right now, are you interested in what it reports, or should I reboot in 2.6.24 to check ?18:14
Kanowell you would need 2.6.2418:15
Kanoto get this output18:15
boucmanI do get an output :P18:15
Kanosure, but i dont think something with pata or?18:16
boucmanKano: you're right18:16
boucmanI'll reboot in a minute, but since I'm unable to log to irc with that kernel, what should I be looking for precisely ?18:17
Kanothe problem is when you would do that now you could not boot your old kernel ;)18:17
Kanoi would prefer those old modules removed, but..18:17
boucmanyou mean 2.6.22 wouldn't boot anymore after doing that ?18:17
Kanoif you blacklist the module and run update-initramfs -u (updates initramfs for current kernel)18:18
Kanousually the new kernel runs the devices without dma access18:19
Kanobecause 2 drivers want to work with the same device, disabling the old ones fixes that usally18:19
boucmanKano: ok, can you walk me throught the process (or point me to a web page ) I would be gratefull18:20
Kanowell i dont think that ubuntu ppl did that before, thats what i did for kanotix users ;)18:20
boucmanok, so 18:22
boucman1) blacklist the module 18:22
tjaaltonKano: 169.1218:22
boucman2) reboot with .24 kernel18:22
boucman3) run "update_initramfs -u"18:22
boucmanright ?18:22
Kanono you forget the major step18:22
boucmanoh, 18:22
Kanothe blacklisting18:22
boucmanthat was step 1, but I'm not sure how to do that18:23
Kanoshow me lsmod|grep -e ide -e pata18:23
Kanoafter reboot18:23
boucmanKano: ok, I'll reboot, do that and come back.18:23
boucmanthen we'll discuss how to fix18:23
boucmanand thx a million for your help18:23
Kanoso check lsmod|grep -e ide -e pata18:28
Kanocat /etc/fstab18:28
Kanocat /proc/cmdline18:28
boucmanvideo                  23316  0 18:28
boucmanoutput                  5632  1 video18:28
boucmanide_core              136344  1 amd74xx18:28
boucmanpata_amd               16772  0 18:28
boucmanpata_acpi               9856  0 18:28
boucmanlibata                176304  4 pata_amd,sata_nv,ata_generic,pata_acpi18:28
Kanoto be sure that you use uuids18:28
boucmanthat's under .24 (i'm back to .22 right now)18:28
Kanothe problem is definitely amd74xx18:28
Kanowhy dod you boot the .22 kernel?18:28
Kanodoesnt it boot at alls?18:29
boucmanit does, but usually it takes approx 5' just to start pidgin18:30
boucmanso not really usable18:30
Kano cat /proc/cmdline18:30
Kanoshow this18:30
boucmanroot=UUID=aefdb9c5-c42d-4de4-863d-e8db4afcd1e8 ro quiet splash18:30
Kanook, should be no problem to use the fix18:30
Kanowhich 2.6.24 do you want to fix18:30
boucmanmain one, I guess18:31
boucmanyes, that's the latest one18:31
Kanols /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.24-*18:31
boucman(so far :P )18:31
Kanoshow this18:31
Kanoecho blacklist amd74xx > /etc/modprobe.d/custom-blacklist18:31
Kanoupdate-initramfs -uk 2.6.24-10-generic18:32
Kanothen you should be able to boot new kernel18:32
boucmanok, done18:33
boucmanI'll be back in a minute (hopefull with .24) thx again for your time18:33
Kanoi hope you did that after sudo -i18:33
Kanothen it should work18:34
boucmanyeah, I used the "administrator terminal" not the normal one18:34
Kanortg: at least it compiles with reverted toshiba18:35
Mike_FeravoloHello People18:36
Mike_FeravoloI loaded the lastest hardy update and my dual amd opteron 840 will not boot anymore18:37
KanoMike_Feravolo: i guess because of amd74xx kernel module in initrd ;)18:38
Mike_Feravoloi just what to make sure that someone knows18:38
Kanoboucma1: didit boot18:38
boucma1Kano: yes, but pidgin froze at startup like it used to, I'll start a few app to see if it's better than previously18:39
Mike_Feravoloi have been running the hardy alpha for a couple of months and this is the first major snarl18:39
boucma1and login was very slow...18:39
Kanoboucma1: but at last the hd should be fast, you could check that18:40
Mike_Feravolokano- hangs on the UBUNTU splash screen18:40
boucma1Kano: yes, it seems to work better but still very slow18:40
Kanoboucma1: i only use the kenrel not the rest18:40
boucma1Kano: well, pidgin start time was my measure of perf, but it applies to everything18:41
boucma1it's usable now, at least18:41
Kanoboucma1: fdisk -l18:41
Kanothen you will see only sd?18:41
Kanoyou can then check performance with18:41
Kanohdparm -tT /dev/sd?18:41
Mike_FeravoloI am not near that system now, but i will try a few things before reloading gusty - Thank You18:42
KanoMike_Feravolo: can you boot antoher kernel?18:42
boucma1 Timing cached reads:   1604 MB in  2.00 seconds = 801.97 MB/sec18:42
boucma1 Timing buffered disk reads:  220 MB in  3.00 seconds =  73.27 MB/sec18:42
boucma1(no idea if that's good18:42
Kanosure, without dma it would be less than 10 the 2nd one18:43
Mike_Feravoloyes the gusty 64 live cd boots, so does dsl, slax and other 32bit distros18:43
Kanowell you only need a live cd to chroot to it18:44
Kanoif your install is 64 bit you need that of course18:44
boucma1ok, thx a lot, I'll use it like that18:44
boucma1bye all18:44
Kanortg: i hope you get how bad the amd* module is...18:45
Kanovia is not needed too18:45
Kanoblacklisting is a bit dangerous to older kernels,but easy to verify18:47
Kanobest disable the modules you dont need18:47
Kanovia+amd are the most common ones18:50
Kanortg: disable at least19:10
Kanogrep BLK_DEV /boot/config-2.6.24-10-generic |grep -e AMD -e VIA19:10
Kanoto avoid huge problems19:10
Kanoamd is critical19:10
Kanortg: also you could use -jX for lum too19:33
Kanortg: http://paste.debian.net/5020519:37
Kanothats the problem with ivtv-fb19:37
Kanortg: what you try is to use ivtv-driver.h19:58
Kanortg: thats basically <linux/ivtv.h>, but then you have to fix the driver itself19:58
rtgKano: is there a patch for ivtv-fb ?19:59
Kanowell not an easy one19:59
Kano1.0.3 is only up to 2.6.2319:59
Kanowhere did you get the driver?19:59
rtgdunno, probably inherited it from Feisty/Gutsy20:00
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Kanowill check if the driver can be used from v4l hg20:02
Kanomaybe you need then ivtv + ivtvfb from hg20:03
Kanohmm that will also need m5279020:10
rtgKano: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24/+bug/19708920:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 197089 in linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24 "ivtv oops" [Medium,Confirmed] 20:16
Kanowell disalbing is not really fun. as you could even use a new xorg driver with it or for pvr350 output plugin20:17
Kanobtw. the -j bug is in lum too20:18
Kanofor debugging -j1 is more easy but in that case you can set CONCURRENCY_LEVEL=1 if needed20:18
Kanortg: maybe it is much more easy 20:29
Kanoyou have that module already20:30
Kanoin the main kenrel20:30
Kanobut you miss the right firmware20:30
rtgKano: attaching a patch to the LP report increases the likely hood  that it will get fixed .20:31
Kanortg: you can remove the code completely from lum20:31
Kanothe module is default and enabled in the kernel20:31
Kanoyou only need the correct firmware20:31
rtgwhich needs to be updated in lum20:32
Kanowhen this is already in lum just disable the module -you can completely remove the code20:33
Kanowhen i remove lum20:33
Kanogrep -i ivtv /boot/config-$(uname -r)20:34
Kanostandard kernel20:34
rtgis the firmware the same version as is already in lum? the file names are the same as the web site.20:34
Kanodidd not try, but look20:34
Kanoisnt that nice20:34
rtgits certainly an easy fix.20:35
NthDegreewhere can I find a list of .patch files used in the Ubuntu Gutsy kernel?  as in each individual patch, like for example just ubuntu's apparmor patches or just ubuntu's dazuko patches 20:43
Kanortg: yes and it seems to work20:45
rtgNthDegree: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelGitGuide20:45
rtgNthDegree: search the log for 'SAUCE:'. Thats most of our special patches.20:46
Kanoso you just have to disable some legacy ide modules20:47
rtgKano: I'm still researching that20:47
NthDegreertg: so there's no chance of just grabbing things like a linux-2.6-apparmor.patch or the like that applies to the Ubuntu kernel then?20:47
Kanortg: kanotix thorhammer has a kernel completely without config_ide set. only very few pcs could not boot it20:48
Kanothe 2 modules i told you before are definitely verified20:48
Kanoand share the same pciids20:48
rtgKano: its likely that I'll blacklist them so that the binaries are still built, just not installed.20:48
Kanono good idea20:49
Kanobecause when somebody executes update-initramfs -uk all20:49
Kanothen older 2.6.22 kernel will never be bootable20:49
Kanoisnt something like that even triggered by module-init-tools?20:51
Kanoyou can use that as hotfix20:51
Kanobut no for permanent use20:51
rtgKano: start an LP report so we don't lose track, but its gonna have to wait until after Alpha 6 and I'm gone Mar 4-27 so you'll have to deal with the other kernel folks20:52
zulhmmm... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZenKernel21:13

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