DPichey guys02:39
boredandbloggingDPic: hello02:57
DPicjust thought of an idea02:58
DPic"I used Linux before it was cool" as a marketing campaign. the only application i can thing of for this is making facebook, orkut, myspace, whatever groups with that as the title. 1) to say that Linux is or will be the cool thing. 2) to show off stuff like compiz02:59
boredandbloggingshould have t-shirts made with that03:11
DPicshould i make that a project under this team? or is that unnecessary and i can just make groups on those social networking sites03:12
DPiccould you think of other ways to use that phrase?03:20
boredandbloggingyou don't want to leverage the existing groups? I know there are some Ubuntu groups on facebook03:21
boredandbloggingnot sure people won't think its a complete geek thing03:22
DPichmm.. well i think having a group title like this won't make it a geek thing03:27
DPicand the point is to attact people who aren't the types to join our existing groups03:27
DPict-shirts was a good idea, can you think of other ways to use it? 03:28
boredandbloggingnot really, but the group idea is actually growing on me03:29
DPicdo you think it's worth creating a project page on the wiki? 03:32
DPici'll create the groups-- do you think i should use Linux or Ubuntu? Ubuntu would probably be better since it's more mainstream and less geeky03:33
boredandbloggingi'd create a page and just say what you did03:35
DPicand do you agree that i should use Ubuntu instead of Linux? 03:37
DPic"I used Ubuntu before it was cool"03:38
DPicor should i say linux? 03:39
boredandbloggingUbuntu is fine03:53
Mike_Feravolodoes anyone know how to report a problem with the lastest hardy update ?18:34
Mike_FeravoloI tried the mail list but it kicked back18:34
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FlannelMike_Feravolo: Launchpad and/or #ubuntu+119:51
Syntuxare there any of Marketing team available ?21:19
desertcwhat's up?21:21
Syntuxnothing serious but http://www.flickr.com/photos/jad/2300189167/21:22
desertceh - it's a guy on a camel21:23
Syntuxit's me. 21:23
Syntuxwith Ubuntu hat.21:23
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