sdakakWill ubuntu mobile work on T-mobile Dash / HTC S620 / Excalibur? It doesn't have touchscreen06:42
dholbachgood morning08:19
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K-Foxis it possible to install ubuntu-mobile on n80011:09
dholbach(from the topic)11:10
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* agoliveira -> lunch and bank15:02
mjg59lool: Cheese is mostly dealt with. I've come up with some hacky widget rearrangement to avoid the need for a new .ui file, but I'd like you to check it over once I'm done15:25
loolmjg59: Okay15:26
mjg59lool: http://www.codon.org.uk/~mjg59/tmp/cheese.diff15:42
mjg59lool: Urgh. Ignore the wscript_build hunk.15:43
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loolmjg59: It seems really clean; nice work15:55
loolmjg59: So it only leaves the position of the photo list?15:56
mjg59lool: That gets shifted as well15:56
loolI mean it's #ifdefed on HILDON; what do you think of GConfing it?15:57
mjg59Oh, right. Hm.15:57
loolI think it's fine to send upstream as it15:58
mjg59I'm not sure it would be terribly beneficial?15:58
loolIt's just that I think the position of the photos are completely unrelated to hildon; just related to the orientation of your screen so to say15:58
loolBut then this is only a suggestion; it's really fine like this15:58
mjg59On desktops, I think the default is fine15:59
mjg59It's really just an issue on space-restricted devices15:59
loolmjg59: Say we rotate the UI on the Q115:59
loolAnd make it vertical when the device is rotated15:59
mjg59lool: At that point, I think cheese is the least of our concerns :)16:00
mjg59My experience is that most hildon apps are heavily optimised for widescreen16:00
loolWell picture a Q1 turned the other way around ;)16:00
loolmjg59: Ok, nm then16:00
loolmjg59: I'd be happy to support inclusion of the patch when you send it upstream; can you ping me with the bug id when you have it?  :-)16:01
mjg59lool: #51954816:01
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mjg59lool: Ugh. hito seems to be in worse shape than I remembered17:57
loolmjg59: It should be in a good shape at the lib and openmoko levels18:04
loolmjg59: But the Gtk+ and Hildon ports are really completely obsolete upstream unfortunately18:04
mjg59lool: No, the library has no edit widget18:05
mjg59And the viewing widget is currently, well, failing to view18:05
kdean06What keyboard is being used on UME?18:08
loolmjg59: Ah; you can write thomas@o-hand.com to get more information on this18:11
loolOr Ross Burton, but Ross told me to see with Thomas18:11
loolI was told I should really run the hito branch, but didn't actually try it out18:12
mjg59Right, it seems to be the future18:12
loolmjg59: Sorry for putting you on a half broken track then; hopefully it's just intermediate breakage18:13
mjg59But possibly in kind of the same way as concrete was the future18:13
agoliveirakdean06: What do you mean by "what keyboard"?18:14
loolI think I read about an hito branch for dates or tasks, but I can't locate one for either of the two18:14
kdean06agoliveira, I'm wondering what kind of on-screen keyboard is used in a default image of UME.18:15
mjg59I'm chatting to Thomas now18:15
loolmjg59: If useful information comes out, I'm a taker -- as always  ;)18:15
agoliveirakdean06: IIRC, matchbox keyboard18:16
kdean06Oh, okay. 18:16
kdean06Thank you.18:16
agoliveiraMy pleasure18:16
* lool really wanders away for WE now; cheers!18:18
GrueMasterdavidm: Ping19:15
davidmGrueMaster, how may I help you?19:16
GrueMasterApparently, you put a private hardy build up on a wiki for Don Johnson?  I need to get that, but our rep for adding access is off-site until Monday.19:17
GrueMasterIs there any other way I can get that image?19:17
davidmDirectly from Don, he has password access now.19:19
davidmAnd he has downloaded the files that are there19:19
GrueMasterI'll see if I can pry him out of his cube then.  19:19
davidmWe can get access accounts for anyone within Intel, if I have email today, by Monday morning your time accounts will be active.  Just have Don drop me a line.19:20
davidmGrueMaster, you are welcome19:21
GrueMasterThey wanted me to start testing on it today.  I'll just harass Don.  I've already sent an email to our internal contact for account access.19:21
davidmGrueMaster, that build indeed has private things in it. 19:21
davidmThe access to that private area is through me via Don19:22
davidmIt's not the Intel/Canonical Wiki that we use for shared documentation19:22
GrueMasterI'll bug him then.19:22
davidmYou are welcome19:23
sabotagekyleN: ping20:09

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