asacUsing saved location: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/mozilla-devscripts/mozclient.dev/00:22
asacPushed up to revision 64.00:22
Ubuletteyou need to update src/Makefile (and README)00:26
asacUbulette: well ... not yet active ;)00:26
asacprobably will need a few more checkins00:26
Ubulettemozilla-devscripts was a good idea after all00:34
Ubulettehmm http://weblogs.mozillazine.org/roc/archives/2008/02/platform_tilt.html00:36
Ubulette"The source to the WK wrappers is not available; the implementations are in a binary blob library that you download with the Webkit sources. It appears the sole purpose of closing the source to this library is to conceal the signatures of the undocumented framework APIs used by Webkit, presumably so that ISVs like us can't use them. "00:36
asacis that true?00:38
asaci don't think that debian would have let webkit in if it had binary blobs00:38
asacah its mac only00:38
Ubulettedonno if it's mac only or not00:39
asacUbulette: how to match all whitespaces in plain grep?00:41
asac\s ?00:43
asacok let me try00:43
asacdoesn't work :(00:43
Ubulette\s would be perl, not grep00:43
asacthat sucks00:43
asacwhats going on :(00:44
Ubulettefta@ix:~ $ echo "a   b\nab" | grep '[[:space:]]'00:44
Ubulettea   b00:44
asac good00:44
asacthats better00:44
asacsame for sed?00:45
Ubulettefta@ix:~ $ echo "a   b\nab" | sed -e 's/[[:space:]][[:space:]]*/+/'00:48
asactar: Cowardly refusing to create an empty archive00:49
asacUbulette_: i contacted john a while back. i received a reply yesterday. apparently his health is still pretty bad (internal bleeding) and he needs another surgory that will hopefully fix it10:48
asacUbulette_: i thought you would like to know10:48
asaccarlos: ok i have written a generic .xpi mangler .mk file for our mozilla builds systems. I will try to hook this into ubufox and firefox-3.0 + xulrunner-1.9 today and provide you with the resulting .xpi files11:20
asaccarlos: do you need something else for your local import to happen? .e.g. like the .changes file of a build?11:21
asacor can you say: this is xulrunner.po while importing manually?11:21
asaccarlos: further i have acquired scarce resources from the mobile project that will write the .po -> .xpi transformation based on an outlined algorithm11:22
asacso ... all in all: things move!11:22
carlosasac: I only need the .xpi files11:28
carlosbecause I will do a manual upload11:28
asaccarlos: yes ... i just wondered if the project-id would still be firefox for ubufox?11:28
asac(like what you pasted yesterday)11:29
carlosasac: and yes, I can upload the xpi file as many times I want and with as many names I want11:29
asacif we could get that right for these demo imports it should be enough11:29
carlosasac: no, for ububox it will be ububox11:29
asaccarlos: good11:29
carlosor whatever you ask me to be11:29
carlosasac: it was firefox because I didn't take the time to create an ububox product in my local launchpad11:30
carlosand reused a firefox one we have around11:30
asaccarlos: my mangler thing is pretty smart ... we could also sort out multiple translations: like en-US.xpi + de-DE.xpi if the install tree ships translations for other languages11:30
asacwould that be of use for auto importing translations?11:30
asac(some extension packages have translations in the main binary)11:30
carlosthat would be perfect to handle translations for extensions11:30
carlosthat include multiple languages inside the tarball11:31
asacok ... not my primary objective, but certainly something we should keep in mind11:31
carlosasac: I have a question for you. What happen for those translations in the package build?11:31
asacthats still open ... for now we just do en-US ... in that case it will stay in the package11:31
carlosremember that if we install them, that will conflict with the one from language packs11:31
asaclater when we do translation exports we should remove them from the package11:31
asac(but just the translations)11:32
asacis that ok?11:32
carlosyes, that would be perfect11:32
asaccarlos: yes. lets for now focus on get the initial use case right11:32
carlosanyway, we sent a request to Mozilla developers to know whether there is any way to override translations11:32
carlosso you don't need to remove them from hte package11:32
asaccarlos: you can ask [reed] in this channel11:32
asache is our mozilla liason ;)11:33
asacthe one shielding the efficient mozilla devs from stupid questions from ubuntu ;)11:33
carlosasac: we were talking with Seth Bindernagel who is supposed to forward our questions to someone else11:33
carloswhich I guess may be [reed] ;-)11:33
carlos[reed]: btw, hi11:33
asaccarlos: maybe try [reed] to get more instanteanous answers or irc nicks suitable for certain kind of questions11:34
asaci think works better than writing mails11:34
[reed]so, what's the question?11:34
carlosI guess :-)11:34
asaccarlos: anyway ... in the long run we don't need this "overwrite translations" feature11:34
asacthe mangler should just remove the translations from the chrome11:35
asaci think that should be possible. its just one more step11:35
carlos[reed]: is there any way to have two directories for the same Firefox extension with translations for the same locale?11:35
carlosso one would be translations that come from the package itself11:35
carlosand another one with extra translations from Ubuntu language-packs11:35
asaci think its possible ... but its undefined in which order they are loaded/applied (so you don't know which package wins)11:36
[reed]yeah, maybe... I'll ask around when people are awake11:36
carlosasac: yeah, that's what you told me before, just wanted to get a confirmation :-)11:36
carlos[reed]: cool, thank you11:36
asaccarlos: but if we have the import/export, we won't that anymore, right?11:37
asacas we can just export everything?11:37
asacs/won't/won't need/11:37
[reed]I should just go to bed11:37
[reed]it's 5:38am11:38
carlosasac: well, if you keep removing translations on package build, that's ok11:38
[reed]working on some assembly programs, though11:38
carlos[reed]: or maybe start waking up and have breakfast :-P11:38
asac[reed]: yeah, take a nap11:38
asaci know you will be back in 3 hours anyway ;)11:38
asaclife is too exciting to sleep that long11:39
[reed]yay, it's Friday at least11:39
carlosasac: take in mind that you should remove translations only in packages that are in mind. But anyway, nothing that should be done yet in that field11:39
asachehe ... i will do lunch now instead11:39
asaccarlos: he? yes. we enable the translation support on a per package basis. if a package is not translated by launchpad, we just don't do any mangling for it11:40
[reed]I do wish launchpad didn't dominate my Google search results11:40
carlosasac: cool11:40
asacubuntu community is *HUGE*11:40
asaci mean really huge. if you have an issue for windows you usually end up in ubuntuforums.org :) ... thats what a friend told me who uses XP11:41
[reed]no, I mean if you search for "Reed Loden", you get tons of launchpad results11:41
[reed]I'm not even that active on launchpad!11:41
asachaha ... how did you get your name into launchpad?11:41
[reed]well, I have an account, but that's about it11:42
asacfor me there is not a single result on the first result page11:42
asacwon't call it "dominating"11:42
[reed]for "Alexander Sack" ?11:43
asacyeah ;)11:43
asacno for "reed loden" :)11:43
[reed]well, other people have your name, too :)11:43
[reed]my name is pretty unique11:43
asacfor me that is true11:43
asacok headinf for lunch11:44
asacif you have a test xul app, i can try for you12:28
asacoh wrong channel12:29
elprofehi people12:32
elprofei cant browse in firefox flash pages from a user of my linux system, but yes from another users12:37
elprofeany body can helpme?12:37
asacelprofe: hardy?12:45
elprofeI dont understand asac12:47
asacwhat ubuntu version are you running12:48
asacUbulette_: the UI of branch listing in launchpad has been changed. maybe we should consider to use the APPNAME. prefix from all branches again12:49
elprofegutsy, asac12:49
asacelprofe: don't install things from adobe, but use flashplugin-nonfree package from ubuntu instead. then look in the user directory: "$HOME/.mozilla/plugins/" and remove anything "flash" related from there12:50
asacif that doesn't help => #ubuntu12:50
asacor ask on ubuntuforums.org or on answers.launchpad.net12:50
elprofeI can browse with another users in same machine12:52
elprofebut in this new user, i cant do it12:52
asacyes, do what i said12:57
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asachi Ubulette13:48
Ubulettethanks for the news about John13:48
asacUbulette: ok i enabled the lp-locale-export.mk helper in mozilla-devscripts and inserted a stub to README.14:08
asacfinal documention will follow once initial issues are flashed out14:09
asacUbulette: can you translate that?14:10
Ubulettewhich part ?14:11
asacis there any valid point in there?14:11
asacin text + comments ... i don't want a translation, just if there is anything in that matters14:11
asaca guy pasted that through pmsg to me14:11
Ubulettethey are talking about breakpad not able to send crash report to mozilla14:12
asacdo we support that at all?14:12
Ubulettewe disable breakpad14:12
asacok then don't bother i guess ;)14:12
asacits just crash submission what we are disabling? or are there other features that users still might want to use?14:13
Ubulettewe use --disable-crashreporter = Disable breakpad crash reporting14:28
Ubuletteasac, yep, that was mac only: http://browsing.justdiscourse.com/2008/02/29/browsers-and-commoditization/14:44
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asacdamn thing ... lp bzr+ssh push is broken somewhat14:55
Ubuletteworked for me 30min ago14:56
asacyeah for me too14:56
asacnow it doesn't :(14:56
asacbzr push --create-prefix bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~asac/gnash/ubuntu.0.8.214:56
asacthat doesn't work14:57
asacis there a typo or something?14:57
asacUbulette: did you look how the branch name looks like on launchpad now?14:57
asacwell ... you complained about missing project context :)15:01
asacnow we have ~USER + project + name15:02
jetsaredimso i need a new engimail package for the new tb release?15:05
Ubuletteasac, I prefer https://code.edge.launchpad.net/firefox15:06
Ubuletteexcept that "Recent revisions" lists old branches15:06
asacjetsaredim: you need?15:09
asacjetsaredim: for it worked15:09
jetsaredimit workie15:09
asacjetsaredim: i didn't do lots of QA on hardy, but its the same version as we have in gutsy - and that i QAed15:09
jetsaredimi'm planning on upgrading my machine tonight or tomorrow15:10
asacUbulette: well ... you now prefer, because we fixed the branch name due to the missing project context :)15:11
asacwe have firefox. in everywhere now15:11
asacbut that was more a fix than a feature i guess15:11
asacbut its still ok for now15:11
asacUbulette: can you test on some branch if you can still push a revision?15:12
Ubuletteix:~/bzr/mozclient.dev$ bzr pull15:15
UbuletteUsing saved location: bzr+ssh://fta@bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/mozilla-devscripts/mozclient.dev/15:15
Ubulettehmm, ff3 is no longer able to detect the proper app to view a pdf15:17
UbuletteOpen With is empty15:18
armin76you broke it15:18
Ubulettebut the type is correct15:18
UbuletteI didn't touch that15:18
Ubulettehm, i have nothing registered for pdf in the prefs15:21
asacin gnome?15:21
Ubuletteno, ff3 prefs / Applications15:22
Ubulettein gnome, it works fine15:22
Ubulettetry: http://www.ladefense.fr/publications_esplanade.php and click on "Télécharger ce numéro"15:24
Ubulette(just below the flash viewer)15:24
asacsuggests Document Viewer here15:25
asacbut i think there were some gnome upgrades  and i should restart X15:25
asaclet me try15:25
Ubulettei like that flash viewer, funny what you can do with pages :)15:27
asaci have gnash ;)15:27
asacbut works great15:27
asac(at least the not yet released 0.8.2)15:27
asacstill Document Viewer15:28
asacso either you trashed your settings somehow15:28
asacor its beta415:28
asacor do you run gnome head?15:28
asac(self built)?15:29
Ubulettenot at the moment.15:29
Ubuletteasac, <poolie> bazaar.launchpad.net is down; it's being addressed urgently15:42
asacyep ... i prodded them too15:44
asacok fixed15:50
armin76nspr and nss doesn't respect LDFLAGS :(16:31
armin76asac: fix!16:31
Ubuletteasac, i've replied to the breakpad thing17:37
asacarmin76: i can live with that17:37
Ubulettei've explained we prefer bug reports on lp, preferably using ubufox, rather than breakpad17:38
Ubuletteasac, bazaar broken here18:18
asacstill? works for me18:18
asacUbulette: thats a good answer ;)18:19
Ubuletteit did but just now, it's dead18:19
Ubuletteasac, [15:36] <Ubulette> http://kazehakase.sourceforge.jp/?date=2008022918:23
Ubulettenot sure you go that18:23
asachmm ... posted a comment and told them to come here if they want to do it in a real environment18:26
asaclast time i looked they did it completely wrong :)18:26
asacwell ... appeared like they did it for some archaic pre alpha xul18:26
Greeneryyou guys have tested firefox pgo for linux?18:37
asacwhy would we want that?18:53
asacits only useful if you want to optimize specific use-cases18:53
Greeneryi just read that they gonna push firefox pgo for linux soon18:54
Greenerymozilla Bug 41886618:54
ubotuMozilla bug 418866 in Build & Release "turn on profile-guided optimization on fx-linux-tbox" [Normal,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41886618:55
[reed]not for b419:02
Ubulettewhat is that? the patch mentions tinderbox only19:02
Greeneryit's going to be pushed for b4 i think19:03
[reed]profile-guided optimization19:03
[reed]Greenery: it's not19:03
[reed]only for Windows19:04
asacfolks ... please add some random comment to: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/gnash/+bug/19706119:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 197061 in gnash "test bug for gnash-dev email" [Low,Fix committed]19:04
asacwe need to test something ;)19:04
Ubulettei don't use gnash19:04
asacUbulette: it doesnt matter19:04
asacjust post "HAllo"19:04
asacthanks ;)19:04
asaci hate dch19:08
Ubulettedon't use it ;)19:09
asacif i provide a comment at command line it should not refuse to safe if i didn't edit :(/19:09
asacwell ... why reinvent the well ... how do you create automatic changelog entrie?19:09
Ubulettemost of the time yes, now I have scripted all that.19:10
asacyeah ... but dch already does that ... it should just not die if don't change the temp file :)19:10
Ubulettefix it :)19:10
asaci think ill construct on my own :(19:13
Ubuletteit's quite trivial19:15
Ubulettehere are the scripts I use to update the package and push to my ppa19:16
Ubulettedirty but efficient19:16
asaclets see19:17
asaci do it even dirtier now :)19:17
asacUbulette: can you send another comment to the bug above?19:36
asacbug 19448620:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194486 in firefox-3.0 "printing in Firefox 3 Beta 3 is broken" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19448620:03
Ubuletteasac, the blog in french is not talking about our builds, it's about ubuntu running nightlies20:07
Ubulettedamn, sm2 needs nss HEAD since mozilla bug 403563 landed20:48
ubotuMozilla bug 403563 in Libraries "Implement the TLS session ticket extension (STE)" [Enhancement,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=40356320:49
Ubulettestrangely, xul doesn't fail there20:50
Ubulettecairo 1.5.12 is out21:09
Ubulette"This snapshot includes the long-awaited change from 16.16 to 24.8 fixed-point values"21:10
armin76Ubulette: it uses 24.8 now22:11
armin76sorry, didn't read :D22:11
Ubulettearmin76, i've patched it already: https://edge.launchpad.net/~fta/+archive/+builds?build_text=&build_state=all22:51
Ubulettei meant, packaged it22:53
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