tgm4883_laptoplevander, a popular ir remote and receiver is the mceusb2 remote00:12
tgm4883_laptopget one with the usb receiver and you are good to go00:12
tgm4883_laptopas for ir blasting?  I hate it00:13
tgm4883_laptopa wired solution is much better00:13
tgm4883_laptopbut with the right equipment, the IR blasting does work pretty good00:13
staind9383soo... would it be a particularly stupid to call up cablevision and bitch to them that my firewire port on my cable box stopped working?01:07
pwnguinI've been using mythbuntu for a week now01:16
pwnguinis it correct to say that if new videos need to be added via the video manager before they'll be viewable in mythVideo?01:17
soulfuryCan anyone tell me the name of the package I need to search for in aptitude to get the amd64 kernel source code I need to compile my nvidia driver?  7.10 of course.01:22
directhexsoulfury, linux-headers-$(uname -r)01:24
directhexyou don't need source code to compile kernel modules. just headers01:24
soulfuryright right01:24
soulfuryNot sure why that isn't installed by default on 7.1001:25
soulfuryIt is with ubuntu 7.1001:25
directhexno, it isn't01:25
directhexlinux-headers is never on by default01:25
staind9383is it more of a pain in the ass to get myth up and running on amd-64 vs x86?01:26
soulfuryI've installed Mythbuntu 7.10 and Ubuntu 7.10 about 4 times in the last two days on this trying to get it to work.  When i run the nvidia installer on ubuntu 7.1 the only thing i'm mising are the libc6 dev libraries.  On the mythbuntu install it complains about kernel source.01:26
directhexhm, you're right, someone added linux-headers-generic to the depends: on ubuntu-desktop01:26
directhexnot much use for those of us running better kernels. nevermind01:27
soulfuryyeah I'm just now getting back into linux01:27
soulfurybeen in solaris land for the last few years01:27
directhexpoor you :(01:28
soulfuryit's pretty easy =)01:28
directhexthere there, the nightmare is over01:28
staind9383is there any advantage to 64 bit over 32 if you dont have lots of mem to throw at the system?01:29
directhex"ed" and "sh" won't hurt you anymore01:29
soulfuryof course staind938301:29
directhexstaind9383, media-related tasks (e.g. transcoding) are faster01:29
staind9383might have to give that a whirl01:29
soulfuryplus you can just throw some more ram in later01:29
soulfurywhen you've teh cash01:29
staind9383well its not the cash... dr2 is dirt cheap right now01:29
staind9383ddr2 rather01:29
soulfuryMythbuntu, when you get it working, is totally fucking slick01:30
staind9383i've been shying away from 64 bit anything for poor driver support... then again taht was mostly on the win side of things01:30
staind9383anyone else using a kworld atsc110 tuner?01:31
superm1directhex, those builds better for you now?01:33
superm1happy at least :)?01:33
directhexsuperm1, well i nicked the packages out of edge.lp.net as soon as you alerted me to them, and they seem fine01:33
directhexsuperm1, presumably packages.gz is up to date now01:34
superm1directhex, yeah it is01:34
soulfuryIs an A64 x2 4000 with a geforce 7050PV strong enough to play like 6GB 1080 ts stuff?01:34
superm1just didnt get a chance to check with you again01:34
directhexsoulfury, americanese hd? probably01:34
staind9383i think one of my main probs with myth so far has been lack of linux experience01:34
staind9383is there a faster download for the mythbuntu iso anywhere?  the torrent link on the site is dead01:37
directhexi have a sore throat, i'm tired, i feel it's bedtime01:37
superm1staind9383, we should take that down i guess if its dead -01:38
superm1just try clicking the direct download, there are a few fast mirrors in the rotation01:38
staind9383ok i got a much faster one... was going 40 Kb/sec, now 50001:39
staind9383so would you guys recommend a dedicated vid card, or are onboard geforce 6150 graphics enough01:40
staind9383for HD that is01:40
andyP4 - 1800, 512 Ram, 60GB HDD, Hauppauge PVR-150-MCE, NVidia 6200 - I can get the Mythbuntu install to see the card (it thinks it's a V4l (ivtv) PVR-150).  I can find a dozen channels on a channel scan, but I can see nothing01:45
andyTo be honest, I've got no idea what I'm doing here, I'm using the force.  It was pure fluke that I got the PVRs remote to go...of a limited nature...01:46
andy...any thoughts or suggestions?01:47
WcktKlwnandy, did you switch to to us-cable in the setup?01:53
WcktKlwnI believe the default is something like us-bcast01:53
andy...being from NZ and all...  THought that might be a flash idea...01:54
andyThats good enough, though...  I'm gunna try that...   AFK for a few...01:55
WcktKlwnthere might be another one in there for NZ01:56
andyYeah, there's a few options...  US Broadcast/cable/japan/NZ/etc01:56
andyI always assumed that was more a NTSC vs PAL vs Secam selection01:58
WcktKlwnI first set mine up for bcast, and couldn't go above channel 13.. and I got stumped01:58
andyI'm a little nervous that it kinda works (in as far as it gets detected, and goes through all the motions, making all the right noises, but all I get is 12 channels of pitch black... THEN...I read that Hauppauge ran out of 150s so started shipping HVR-1600s in their place.  Some HVR-1600 cards look the same as a PVR-150 but I read that there's little to no support for linux for the HVR at all02:04
andyI may have a HVR-1600 cleverly disguised as a PVR-150-MCE02:05
Cacketteis there any reason that menu transitions lag like crazy (takes ~5 secs to go from Manage Recordings to next menu, etc)02:11
superm1Cackette, your video card doesnt support opengl02:23
superm1switch back to the Qt theme painter02:23
superm1or install the right driver02:23
staind9383i hate firewire....  its official02:23
staind9383default install for mythbuntu is /var/lib for media correct?02:46
Cackettemy video card sure as hell supports opengl02:46
Cacketteits a nvidia 660002:46
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SteveoSupHey all02:59
SteveoSupCouple questions.02:59
SteveoSupif I get Mythbuntu set up on my system can I play media off of my FreeNAS file server? if I have multiple shares?03:02
SteveoSupso I'm guessing that no one here knows anything about this huh?03:04
staind9383i would assume that you could... nut i realy dont know too much so i'm not gonna be much help03:05
SteveoSupHEHE its ok03:08
staind9383sooo if i am using the amd64 version, so i need a different firmware for my tuner card?03:31
staind9383so = do03:31
staind9383is a firewire connection possible using an amd64 build?03:46
staind9384what might be the problem if the audio sounds like alvin and the chipmunks04:03
staind9384and the entire playback is choppy... almost like the card is buffering then playing extra fast, over and over again04:04
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HEP85I just wanted to ask if it is already safe to use the 8.04 alpha 2 version or is it still unstable?17:19
tgm4883HEP85, yes, alpha 2 is perfectly stable.  In fact, thats why we call it alpha, as in alpha male, the leader, the strongest in the pack.  There really is no reason for for us to even continue development, alpha 2 is perfect.17:51
tgm4883by definition, alpha 2 is still unstable17:51
adaptrdoes it do my laundry ?18:13
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zabadappfoxxbuntu: I found the problem, a ~/.gtkrc-2.0 (from the install) would override my own changes. By removing it the GUI-themes changes correctly.20:29
hugolpHow can I record a recording into a DVD or CD?21:03
hugolprhpot1991_laptop:  I allredy installed it but I dont see the option21:06
rhpot1991_laptopits in mythtv itself, you use it to archive recordings and such21:07
rhpot1991_laptopmight be under optical discs, I'm not entirely sure of the menu location21:07
hugolpoh ok I think I see it21:08
foxbuntuzabadapp, thanks...I will look into that21:14

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