Kamping_Kaiserrhineheart_m, did you type that pastebin out by hand?00:00
rhineheart_mnope.. I just pasted it.. I just hide the domain/machine name..00:00
Kamping_Kaiserrhineheart_m, was that stuff from mail.error or mail.log?00:01
rhineheart_m cat  /var/log/mail.log00:02
Kamping_Kaiserrhineheart_m, i want the last *30* lines of both mail.error and mail.log00:02
rhineheart_mcat /var/log/mail.error?00:04
Kamping_Kaisertail -n 30 /var/log/mail.error00:04
rhineheart_mgot this: tail: cannot open `/var/log/mail.error' for reading: No such file or directory00:05
Kamping_Kaiserrhineheart_m, `ls -lh /var/log/mail*`00:07
rhineheart_mgot this: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57776/00:08
Kamping_Kaiserrhineheart_m, i suppose the last 30 lines of /var/log/mail.log /var/log/mail.err /var/log/mail.warn /var/log/mail.info would be useful00:10
Kamping_KaiserAtomicSpark, welcome back00:12
AtomicSparkyou can never get rid of me :P00:13
Kamping_Kaiseryes i can, i can go and eat breakfast :p00:13
AtomicSparki just had a whopper. mmm.00:13
Kamping_Kaisera what? o_000:13
AtomicSparklol. burger king.00:14
AtomicSparkand now i am setting at work. listening to groovy music.00:14
AtomicSparkwondering if i should install a server now or wait till 8.08 is released.00:15
Kamping_Kaiser8.04 ;)00:15
AtomicSparki almost got it right. :P00:15
Kamping_Kaiserand the answer really depends on how soon you need it stable00:15
AtomicSparkwhere do they get the version numbers?00:15
Kamping_Kaiser$(year -2000).(month)00:16
AtomicSparki never thought of that.00:16
Kamping_Kaisershould have been : $(year -2000).$(month of release)00:16
AtomicSparkwell month of hopeful release ;)00:17
AtomicSparki hate how m$ does their years. its always the next year... like its a freaking car.00:17
Kamping_Kaiserno, month of release00:17
AtomicSparkso if it was delayed till may, it would be 8.05?00:17
Kamping_Kaiserwhich is why dapper was 6.0600:18
AtomicSparkoh god i hope it's not delayed that long. waiting till april is enough.00:18
* Kamping_Kaiser was rather hoping this would get shifted to 8.06. lts needs more work imnsho00:18
* AtomicSpark hopes for desktop alt cd will work00:18
AtomicSparkstupid freezing on boot scripts. i read about it and lost interest lol. only can do live cd now.00:19
AtomicSparkoh well. at least server cd's work. :)00:19
AtomicSparkis there a list of updates to the hardy server? i've only seen the desktop "improvements".00:23
AtomicSparkof course it's probably just new versions of stuff.00:23
rhineheart_mKamping_Kaiser: is procmail needed by postfix?01:26
* lamont gets dragged off to dinner01:28
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ethana2anybody here use virt-manager?02:20
AtomicSparkalthough if it makes KVM easier, i would be happy. can't seem to figure out how to go host > guest networking.02:23
AtomicSparklike cant ssh to the machine.02:23
ethana2it makes it much easier02:26
ethana2I had it; networking just worked02:26
ethana2..but the second time just now it didn't..02:26
AtomicSparkcan you install it for 7.10?02:26
ethana2don't know02:27
ethana2I'm on 8.0402:27
AtomicSparknope D:02:28
faulkes-ethana2: iirc soren is handling kvm / virtio / virt-manager stuff on 8.0402:38
faulkes-I'm not sure what his current status on it is02:38
ethana2my problem seems to be that virt-manager won't let me use the cd-rom even if it has permission to or something..02:42
ethana2there is no cdrom group on my system02:42
faulkes-however, if you have found a bug, by all means, report it to https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy02:46
faulkes-create the cdrom group then?02:46
faulkes-just add something like "cdrom:x:<unique group number>:<your username>,haldaemon" to /etc/group02:49
ethana2I don't know anything about group numbers02:53
ethana2I'm filing a bug02:53
sorenethana2: Wazzup?02:56
faulkes-there ya go, the man himself02:56
faulkes-heya soren02:56
ethana2oh hey02:56
ethana2I was told about you02:56
ethana2I'll file this bug and pass you a link02:57
faulkes-I guess I lit the Soren Signal02:57
* faulkes- will have to remember that trick02:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196850 in virt-manager "vm cannot access cd-rom unless run as root" [Undecided,New]02:59
sorenethana2: Yeah, I noticed you talking about in #kvm this morning, too :)03:00
ethana2and last night03:00
sorenethana2: Well, kvm can.03:00
ethana2they directed me to the CLI03:01
sorenethana2: Virt-manager makes some rather crude assumptions about what you can and can't do.03:01
ethana2I tried it and was exhausted and confused within minutes03:01
ethana2I see03:01
ethana2...can one of those crude assumptions be fixed?03:02
ethana2reading from an optical disk drive isn't that high risk..03:02
ethana2but I was running a windows virtual machine as root03:03
ethana2and networking didn't work that way03:03
sorenethana2: Well, yes, sure it can be fixed. It's just not as high priority as a lot of the other stuff I've got on my list.03:03
ethana2I see03:04
faulkes-ethan2: sounds like a job for a volunteer03:04
sorenIf you can send me a patch, though... :)03:04
faulkes-come to the dark side of the server team ;)03:04
ethana2I don't really know how to code03:04
faulkes-lots of ways to help other than just coding03:05
ethana2I wouldn't mind learning if someone had enough patience to lead me to being productive...03:05
ethana2like filing bugs ;)03:05
faulkes-like bug reporting, testing, packaging, support03:05
faulkes-all that good stuff that makes our team rock03:05
ethana2I try to participate as much as possible03:05
faulkes-there is a mentoring process being setup by mathiaz03:05
ethana2sign me up03:06
ethana2my problem is this: we need to reinstall windows because it got a virus we can't remove03:06
ethana2we need to run the latest Office03:06
ethana2blasted standards incompliant mi...03:06
faulkes-iirc, send mail to mathiaz@ubuntu.com about mentoring03:06
ethana2 /anyway/... I don't want that code touching my MBR03:06
ethana2..so I wanted to put windows in a little cage were it couldn't hurt anything03:07
faulkes-or check the server team wiki at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam I believe it's listed there as well03:07
ethana2...but still use it for Office and such03:07
ethana2contacting him now..03:07
faulkes-ethan2: yeah, I know, I tried to install xp sp2 on a g4 via qemu ;)03:07
faulkes-lets just say, unless you have 5 days to wait for it to install, it really isn't that useful ;)03:08
faulkes-then again, a 350mhz process running seti at full blast and only giving qemu 256mb of ram probably didn't help03:08
ethana2man..  I want a tablet with a SPARC T2 and an x86 chip on a card with kernel virtualization03:08
faulkes-heya nijaba03:10
* faulkes- gets the feeling nijaba is either gonna be happy, or is gonna kill him03:10
* faulkes- whistles innocently03:10
nijabafaulkes-: what's going on?03:11
faulkes-eh? nothing03:11
faulkes-just commenting on outstanding bugs for survey03:12
faulkes-I just figured being new with bzr and lime I might have blown something up ;)03:12
faulkes-but I don't think I have03:12
nijabadoes not look like you did...03:13
faulkes-what's your feeling on03:14
faulkes-!bug #19655903:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196559 in server-survey "target of questions is hard to follow." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19655903:14
ethana2so in the mean time, since filing that bug..03:18
ethana2am I advised to learn how to work this via CLI?03:18
ethana2I may give it a try, if someone can explain the process in a way that doesn't confuse the heck out of me03:18
sorenethana2: You can add the cdrom to the libvirt xml afer creating the rest of the stuff via the gui.03:20
faulkes-the server is shipped CLI, so getting comfortable with it is always good03:20
ethana2where is this xml file?03:20
sorenWhat you want to do is do a "virsh -c qemu:///whateveryouusedtouse dumpxml nameofyourvm"03:21
sorenedit the output.03:21
sorensave it to foo.xml03:21
sorenAnd then do:03:21
ethana2virsh -c qemu:///whateveryouusedtouse dumpxml windows | foo.xml03:21
soren "virsh -c qemu:///whateveryouusedtouse define foo.xml"03:21
sorenNo, > instead of |.03:21
ethana2now, I can't have any residual confusion03:22
ethana2so to avoid being overwhelmed again, I need to really understand all of that03:22
ethana2what is virsh, exactly?03:23
ethana2and what I used to use for /what/?03:23
faulkes-ethan: https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/advanced-topics/C/index.html is a good place to start learning about the server environment03:24
faulkes-re: CLI and other stuff03:25
ethana2I'm on a laptop03:25
ethana2never touched a server in my life03:25
ethana2opening link...03:25
faulkes-CLI principles still apply to desktop environments03:26
ethana2I can use the cli generally03:26
ethana2I use it to install stuff...03:26
ethana2I've gotten ubuntu gutsy working on a machine with two gpu's with vim in xorg.conf03:26
ethana2...but I have no familiarity whatsoever with virtualization03:26
* faulkes- nods03:27
faulkes-it's all about the reading and the talking, which you seem to be doing, we'll help as best we can03:27
ethana2(I don't know if you're aware of a certain xorg bug that makes that last accomplishment look really impressive....)03:27
nijabafaulkes-: regarding bug 196559, I think that it is a bit to convoluted and I don't see any simple way to solve that.  what do you think?03:27
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196559 in server-survey "target of questions is hard to follow." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19655903:27
ethana2I don't see virtualization on that page you sent me...03:28
faulkes-nijaba: I think some re-ordering may make sense but overall, I think it's convoluted03:28
ethana2also, this is ubuntu hardy..03:28
faulkes-ethan: it wouldn't be, however, that was server stuff, one sec03:28
nijabafaulkes-: for the reodering, ok, but explaining what will be the impact of an answers over the rest of the survey?  I really don't see how, plus I believe it is not that important, IMHO03:30
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faulkes-ethan: http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/jeos.html thats ubuntu specific and jeos specific but it does deal with virtualization03:30
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faulkes-nijaba: agreed03:31
faulkes-I'll make a note on it03:31
faulkes-and give some thought about ordering03:31
ethana2so it's recommended that I use vmware instead of virt-manager and such?03:32
ethana2Does it take advantage of the hardware acceleration present in C2D chips?03:32
ethana2I think it's called something like 'intel vt'03:33
faulkes-8.04 is going to use kvm03:35
faulkes-the docs are still being written03:35
sommerhey all03:35
faulkes-7.04 docs on KVM are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM - I wouldn't suggest using them, but reading them will get you familiar with stuff, plus links at the bottom03:36
faulkes-speak of the documentation devil himself03:36
ethana2so kvm is a method of acceleration03:37
ethana2that is used by xen and qemu03:37
ethana2ok, well I have all that installed and enabled in my bios already...03:37
ethana2I was running a vm that worked just fine..03:37
ethana2blasted permissions..03:37
ethana2two vm's actually03:38
faulkes-yes, damnable permissions03:38
sommerethana2: what's your issue with virtuals?03:38
ethana2well, when I go to crea..03:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196850 in virt-manager "vm cannot access cd-rom unless run as root" [Undecided,New]03:39
sommerethana2: ah... okay, I also read the back log03:40
sommerpermissions woot!03:40
ethana2policykit integration would be marvelous ;)03:41
sommerethana2: ya, I'd imagine a future version will have it03:42
sommerare you running this on server edition?03:42
ethana2I'm using this to run Office on a laptop03:42
ethana2without letting xp slaughter my MBR03:42
ethana2the hardware supports kvm, and it came with 1 GB of RAM03:42
ethana2what else am I going to do with that?03:43
ethana2eliminate rebooting all the time03:43
sommerheh... compile stuff03:43
sommerwatch movies while compiling stuff :-)03:43
ethana2well I don't, really03:44
ethana2..but that of course isn't the point03:44
sommerso you didn't have a cdrom group?  or am I understanding that wrong?03:44
ethana2I did not have said group, no03:44
sommerstrange... new install?03:44
ethana2I still do not have that group, now03:44
ethana2of course, I do have a group for libvirtd and kvm03:45
sommerMmmmm... I have the cdrom group on a new hardy server install and a gutsy desktop03:46
sommerhave you tried creating it?03:46
ethana2I did try yes03:46
ethana2I'll try again03:46
ethana2add group03:46
ethana2group name: cdrom03:46
ethana2..so far so good?03:46
ethana2group ID: 100103:47
ethana2group members set to include myself03:47
ethana2clicked ok, and the window went away03:47
ethana2do I need to log out and back in, or should it have done it already?03:47
ethana2can I just open that thing up again and see that group?03:47
ethana2...it's not there03:48
ethana2does this mean I have to log out?  ..or is this group thing segfaulting on trying to create the group?03:48
ethana2I'll run it from the terminal03:48
sommerya, try logging out03:49
ethana2oh, ok03:49
ethana2k.. checking for group..03:50
ethana2not there.03:50
ethana2running from terminal..03:50
sommertry grep cdrom /etc/group from a terminal03:51
ethana2oh, ok03:51
ethana2I did set it that way recently trying to figure this out03:52
sommerit's there03:52
ethana2so users-admin is buggy?03:52
ethana2running from terminal03:53
ethana2Segmentation fault03:53
ethana2suspected as much03:53
ethana2no wonder03:53
ethana2I'm going to see if a bug has been filed on that yet03:54
ethana2oh no03:56
ethana2users-admin doesn't even have a launchpad project03:56
* ethana2 explodes03:56
ethana2I don't want this virtual machine to see the same fate as my dual seat desktop03:59
ethana2ran into so many bugs, so much frustration and confusion03:59
ethana2that an essential function just never got done03:59
ethana2...then found userful, which doesn't work on Hardy yet...03:59
ethana2I think I have to go now04:00
ethana2well, thanks for your time...04:02
sommersure, have a good one04:05
ethana2I'll try04:06
faulkes-well, that was fun04:34
* nijaba vanishes.... good night04:41
faulkes-night nijaba04:42
jetsaredimhow do I re-activate a raid setup?04:59
jetsaredimI reinstalled, but forgot to backup my raidtab05:00
AnRkeywhy is webmin not supported on ubuntu?06:25
AnRkeyit works just fine for me06:26
Kamping_Kaiser'works for me' is not a big picture view...06:26
AnRkeyKamping_Kaiser, help me understand then06:27
AnRkeyworks for me is probably not the best statement06:28
Kamping_KaiserAnRkey, its guilty of reguarly breaking system configuration, and is *amazingly* buggy and insecure06:28
AnRkeyyou see i run it on and have run it on many installs of ubuntu06:28
faulkes-iirc, webmin has in the past had isues with security, stability and support06:28
AnRkeyKamping_Kaiser, but then are we not supposed to help them with bug reports?06:28
faulkes-eBox is the current preferred solution for ubuntu06:29
Kamping_KaiserAnRkey, pardon?06:29
Kamping_Kaiserfaulkes-, hello06:29
AnRkeyfaulkes-, I like ebox but it does not do enough for me06:29
faulkes-if it's not supported, there would be no reason to submit bug reports06:29
faulkes-eBox is growing daily06:29
faulkes-zul just put up a whole whack of ppa's on LP06:29
AnRkeyKamping_Kaiser, i just don't understand why every1 stopped supporting it when (imho) we should help make it better06:30
AnRkeyis it really that bad?06:30
faulkes-I'm not arguing that webmin may have all the functionality you need06:30
AnRkeyand what are the examples of this06:30
Kamping_KaiserAnRkey, go and help make it better, just dont expect us to fix your system when it doesnt work :)06:30
faulkes-well, I don't that's an appropriate answer, however06:31
AnRkeyKamping_Kaiser, Thats not cool bud. I am asking not telling06:31
faulkes-it is simply a decision made by ubuntu06:31
Kamping_KaiserAnRkey, sure, and i'm telling you what i think.06:31
faulkes-if you feel strongly that webmin should be supported, you can bring it before the council06:31
Kamping_Kaiserit should however have been s/us/me06:31
AnRkeyis there a wiki page about this that is hidden somewhere?06:32
faulkes-about eBox?06:32
AnRkeyfaulkes-, how do i do that? is there a mailing list that non council members can email?06:32
faulkes-the wiki lists the various councils06:33
AnRkeyfaulkes-, no webmin06:33
AnRkeyfaulkes-, thanks06:33
faulkes-and yes, they have mailing lists and they meet on irc06:33
AnRkeyi don't want to bother the council, I am just reading up for now06:33
faulkes-more power too you06:33
AnRkeyare the meetings open to non members of the council?06:33
faulkes-to a point yes06:34
faulkes-if a meeting becomes out of order, they will take it private06:34
faulkes-but otherwise, they are open06:34
AnRkeythanks faulkes-06:34
AnRkeygonna do some more reading first and then take it further06:34
* Kamping_Kaiser would have thought muting everyone else would be more apropriate06:34
faulkes-if you do plan to petition them for it though, I suggest you bring a very strong case06:34
AnRkeyi have looked around but there is no complete list of problems that ubuntu has with it06:35
AnRkeyor is there?06:35
AnRkeyfaulkes-, thats what my plan is06:35
faulkes-I can't fully answer the question06:35
AnRkeyI don't want to waste their time06:35
faulkes-it was a decision that was made prior to my joining and may in fact have been something related to debian06:36
faulkes-as we work closely with them06:36
AnRkeyKamping_Kaiser, this is open source, should we not always be open to fixing things if they are broken?06:36
Kamping_Kaiseri expect it was removed by debian (or you'll find discussion about it on debian-devel)06:36
AnRkeyyeah i read about the debian part in their lists06:36
Kamping_KaiserAnRkey, no we shouldnt.06:36
faulkes-AnRkey: it's all about support and development, commitment to maintain, etc.. as well as the actual application itself06:37
AnRkeyfaulkes-, thanks for your help06:37
faulkes-fixing oss is fine, but if you have to support it in a 5 year plan, thats a different story06:37
faulkes-np, glad to help06:38
AnRkeyI am trying to find an alternative and ebox is cool but just does not do all the cool things that webmin does06:38
faulkes-what do you need it to do?06:38
faulkes-you can always submit feature requests or see the latest development06:38
faulkes-that is zul's latest work with ebox modules06:41
AnRkeybrb, client here06:42
AnRkeyis ebox going to be ready for 8.04?06:42
AnRkeyi have not checked it's progress06:42
AnRkeyalso, ebox tends to take over a bit06:42
AnRkeyin London my old network's firewalls use ubuntu with webmin06:43
AnRkeythe proxy and firewall is all done from there as well as vpn06:43
AnRkeyand webmin rocked for thi06:43
AnRkeyebox worked well in tests but the biggest problem was that it wiped configs done manually06:44
AnRkeywe had a parent proxy for example that required one line of config to work06:44
AnRkeyebox kept wiping that line for some reason06:45
AnRkeyfaulkes-, it looks like ebox is my solution despite it's small problems that I have with it06:45
AnRkeythanks for the chat06:45
Bidouhi! i've a problem with mysql-server install. When i installed it, it didn't ask me for set up my password, why ?? and  the socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' doesn't exists!06:47
AnRkeyhave you already got databases in it?06:48
AnRkeyguess not06:48
Bidouhow can i get it ?06:48
AnRkeyremove mysql-server with apt-get remove mysql-server --purge06:48
AnRkeythat will wipe it's configs too06:48
AnRkeythen reinstall, it should then ask for a root password06:49
AnRkeymine did06:49
Bidouok, i did what you said and there are the same problem. I did exaclty what you said06:50
BidouDépaquetage de mysql-server (à partir de .../mysql-server_5.0.45-1ubuntu3.1_all.deb) ... * Stopping MySQL database server mysqld [ OK ] /// Paramétrage de mysql-server (5.0.45-1ubuntu3.1) ...06:50
Bidouit's what i can get in my shell06:51
Bidouwhen i installed it06:51
Bidouan idea ?06:51
BidouAnRkey: ?06:51
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AnRkeythen you can set a root password06:52
Bidouhow ?06:52
AnRkeygoogle is your friend06:53
Bidouthanks, i'll see06:53
AnRkeyi googled reset root password mysql ubuntu06:53
AnRkeyBidou, by default mysql's password for root is not set06:58
BidouAnRkey: hum sorry, for the first command i've a problem :/ "Any file or directory" > kill `cat /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.pid` cat: /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.pid: any file or directory06:58
AnRkeysorry about that06:58
Bidoubut i cant change it ?06:58
Bidoui think it's an other problem06:58
AnRkeyis it a fresh install?06:59
Bidouof mysql-serv or gutsy ?06:59
Bidouyep it's a fresh install for mysql-server07:00
AnRkeysudo /etc/init.d/mysql stop07:01
Bidouwhat i have to do now ?07:02
AnRkeysudo mysqld --skip-grant-tables &07:04
AnRkeythat starts mysql so that you can login as root without a password07:04
AnRkeythen run07:05
AnRkeymysql -u root07:05
AnRkeythen you should be logged in to the mysql-server with root07:06
AnRkeythen run07:06
AnRkeyUPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD ('newpassword') WHERE User = 'root';07:06
Bidoui can see that in my shell: Version: '5.0.45-Debian_1ubuntu3.1-log'  socket: '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock'  port: 3306  Debian etch distribution /// But anythings  else happen now07:06
AnRkeyreplace newpassword with your new password07:06
AnRkeypush enter07:06
Bidoui think that's ok07:07
AnRkeyI have just tested that on one of my test boxs07:07
AnRkeythen type exit to exit the mysql client07:07
AnRkeyand run07:07
AnRkeysudo /etc/init.d/mysql restart07:07
AnRkeyyou should be good to go07:07
Bidouok i'm trying07:08
BidouOh thanks a lot !! it's works !!!07:09
AnRkeycool, glad I could help07:09
Bidouanybody else find the problem07:10
AnRkeyi don't know07:10
AnRkeyit's not really a problem\07:10
Bidouanybody else find the solution, if you prefer :)07:11
AnRkeywhat you mean?07:13
Kamping_Kaiseri thought those Translation-en_AU issues had been fixed in apt :/ it's been 3 releases07:15
Bidoui mean you're the first who find the solution of my myster07:15
Bidouif you don't understand me it's because i'm french and my vocabulary is very short07:16
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AnRkeyBidou, your english is cool07:18
Bidouthanks 8-)07:19
AnRkeyBidou, I think it's just setup that way and it's up to the end user to configure a password07:19
AnRkeyBidou, it's not a bug if that's what you mean07:19
AnRkeyhi Jeeves_07:20
Jeeves_What's new today?07:21
Bidouno not a bug but a difference like others people: i ask many people for help, and all said "I don't understand, at me mysql-server doesn't proced like this"07:21
faulkes-hmmm, 2:21am est, I should probably go to bed07:21
faulkes-Bidou: there is also #ubuntu-fr when language is an issue07:22
AnRkeyBidou, maybe they did not understand you07:22
faulkes-however, your english seems ok07:22
AnRkeyBidou, i have set up many servers like that for my clients so I do password resets often07:22
Bidou#ubuntu-fr sleep all the time -_-07:22
faulkes-my french however, mon dieu07:22
Bidoufaulkes-:  lol tu connaît le français toi ?07:23
AnRkeyBidou, this is where you should teach me07:23
Bidou:p ok if you want lol07:24
AnRkeyi am already learning xhosa07:24
Bidousome word: Bonjour = Hello / Bienvenue = Welcome / Merci = Thanks / Merci beaucoup = Thanks a lot07:25
AnRkeyour employee's laugh at me allot07:25
BidouJ'adore tellllement Ubuntu = I love so muuuuch Ubuntu07:25
AnRkeywell i know 3 of the 4 :D07:25
faulkes-Bidou: je pense qeue sais presque vignt ans ou j'parle francais chaque jour07:26
AnRkeyok i better get back to work07:26
BidouAnRkey: ok ok, thanks again for your help07:26
faulkes-je suis trais rouille, oui?07:26
Bidoufaulkes-: lool a little bed07:26
faulkes-hmm, I thought that was rusty07:27
AnRkeyBidou, no probs, remember to pay it forward07:27
Bidouthat good ! but there some mistakes07:27
faulkes-mais, pas de probleme mon ami, bon nuit07:27
Bidoulol bonne nuit, in france, time is: 08:28 am07:28
Bidouso good morning for me07:28
faulkes-ou'est vous dans france?07:30
BidouA Paris !07:30
faulkes-you'll have to excuse my spelling, it's been 20 years ;)07:30
faulkes-Ah, Paris! je t'aime07:30
Bidouit's ok, i can understand07:30
Bidoulol, every morning i can see the effeil tower because my high school is just under07:31
faulkes-jais travaille dans arondismant pour quelque mois dan l'anne 199907:31
faulkes-arondismant neuf07:31
Bidouohh ok, what did you do?07:32
Bidouok ok, and do you know trocadero ?07:32
faulkes-eh bois beaucoup de vin ;)07:32
Bidoulol sorry ?07:33
faulkes-drank lots of wine07:33
Bidouoh me ? no, i don't like it but it's maybe cause my age07:33
faulkes-non, c'est moi qui bois beaucoup ;)07:34
Bidouah ok ! >> any mistake in your sentence !07:34
faulkes-et travaille tojours07:34
Bidoufrench wine ?07:34
faulkes-mais oui07:35
Bidou^^ sure you drink french wine im stupid07:35
Bidouso i asked you if you know "trocadero" ?07:35
Bidouoh it's maybe the most beautiful place of Paris !07:36
Bidouvery near the effeil tower07:37
faulkes-il'a une, je ne sais pas in francais, "bar" ou "pub" avec le non anglais "the frog"07:37
Bidouhum that mean something to me07:38
Bidoubut im not sure if I know07:38
faulkes-le grenouille, beaucoup de l'ais ex-pats et las apres le jour travaille07:38
faulkes-je suis canadienne07:39
Bidou"de l'ais" ? "ex-pats" ? i don't understand these two words07:39
Bidouoh ok it's why you speak french well !07:40
faulkes-ex-pat est les ex patriots de les autre countrie07:40
Bidouah ok, i didnt know this expression07:40
Bidouwhich places did you visit in paris ?07:41
faulkes-the museums, churches, cafes, the eiffel tower07:42
faulkes-jais une photo de moi avec la mona lisa07:42
Bidou^^ you see many things i never seen !07:43
Bidoumaybe i'll live in america next years07:44
faulkes-c'est une nouveau ville pour moi, je pense que sie to visite canada tu sons visite beaucoup de les place ou j'ais nais pas07:44
Bidoumaybe in connecticut, or near new york, or i dont know yet07:44
faulkes-c'est difficile, le couture c'est trais, hmmm,07:45
Bidoucouturee = culture ?07:46
Bidouok ^^07:46
faulkes-heh, ok, enough trying to remember a language I havent spoken in 20 years ;)07:46
Bidousome people say, american are not very cultivate, is it true :p ?07:47
faulkes-thank you though, it brought back some wonderful memories of paris07:47
Bidouit's ok if i can understand ^^07:47
faulkes-I wouldn't say that, I have many good friends in america07:47
faulkes-it is the adjustment to many things, like food07:47
Bidouor maybe i was thinking about geographic07:49
faulkes-and like many countries, they have perceptions of other countries which aren't true07:49
faulkes-it is just an adjustment from what you are used to being around, to new surroundings07:50
faulkes-for some people, it is easy, for others, very difficult07:50
Bidoui think people must be interressted if they want to be cultivate07:51
faulkes-cultivate = cultured?07:51
Bidouyeah xD07:52
faulkes-cultivate in english is usually referred to growing plants07:52
Bidoulol xD07:52
Bidouok i've to keep learning english07:52
Bidouthe best solution is to go in us and learn by listening07:53
faulkes-thats entirely more difficult in new york or connecticut07:53
Bidoulast time i was in us was last summer and after 2 month i spoke english well07:53
Bidouwhy ?07:54
faulkes-'cause in new yawk, it's like dey speak a different language, use knows?07:54
Bidoui didn't know yet07:54
faulkes-very accented english07:55
Bidousome people in new york cant understand other people in new york ?07:55
faulkes-like dialects, consider that quebec french is very very different from parisien07:55
faulkes-they do, but only because they live there everyday07:56
Bidouquebec is very different but a french can easy understand quebec07:56
faulkes-however, travelling, exploring and learning are all good07:57
Bidouit's better to leave in wich parts of us ?07:59
Bidoulol are you searching on google ?08:00
faulkes-leave or live?08:01
Bidouoh sorry: live08:01
faulkes-boulder, colorado is nice, so is san francisco08:01
faulkes-new york is nice as well, especially if you enjoy dancing/night clubs etc08:02
Bidoui went to las vegas but never to sans fransisco08:02
faulkes-I remember my time exploring paris, I got off at les alles, was with an american woman I was seeing at the time08:02
Bidounew york and for theater too :p (broadway, i saw grease, en the chorus line)08:02
faulkes-we walked around, enjoyed a cafe and then down to the seinne, walked along it and came to the louvre08:03
faulkes-she asked "I wonder what the big old building is"08:03
* faulkes- had to laugh a little bit08:03
Bidoulol yeah, le louvre is so beautiful08:04
Bidouand so old08:04
faulkes-although I have to say, navigating the paris subway system is a nightmare if you've only been in the city two days and you've been drinking for 6 hours08:04
faulkes-the damn things just keep going in circles until you reach the turnstiles08:05
faulkes-but I loved my time there, I want to go back again08:06
Bidoulol, maybe yes, but with a guid that isn't good ?08:06
faulkes-walk along st. germaine08:06
Bidouif you come back to paris, visit "trocadero" and "champs élisée" and "l'arc de triomphe", there are good places to visit08:07
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
faulkes-yes, we did champs elisee and the triomphe08:07
faulkes-walked from les alles station to the eiffel tower08:08
Bidouok but trocadero is maybe the most beautiful ^^08:08
faulkes-taking side streets, stopping at cafes08:08
faulkes-looking in little shops08:08
Bidouoh that's the best !08:08
Bidoueven for me08:08
faulkes-in new cities I like to take long walks around the neighborhoods rather than subways and taxis08:10
faulkes-gives you a much better feel and enjoyment, for me at least08:10
faulkes-discovering new places08:10
faulkes-ok, now it's time for bed, I've been reminiscing for too long08:11
faulkes-enjoy your day Bidou08:11
Bidoui think i have to rediscover paris, when you speak to me of paris like that i remember i forgot how it's so beautiful paris ^^ tanks to you08:12
Bidougood night !08:12
Bidouand sweet dreams of paris ;)08:12
AnRkeyfaulkes-, what virtualization would you use on ubuntu server08:15
AnRkeydamn, he's gone08:15
faulkes-heh, just as I head off08:15
henkjanAnRkey: kvm is the ubuntu way08:15
henkjani'm using Xen08:15
faulkes-kvm is the ubuntu way currently, most of my experience is with Xen and Qemu though08:16
* faulkes- & bed now08:16
ethana2oops, sorry about that..  lol08:20
AnRkeyand an easy one for gutsy08:26
AnRkeykvm integration in 8.04 just makes me supper excited08:26
AnRkeyit's on my production box08:27
AnRkeyi was about to use vmware08:27
AnRkeyto me anything that needs a serial to activate it is not open enough08:27
AnRkeybut i do like vmware08:28
AnRkeyOh by the way08:52
AnRkeyI get to remove a SCO server soon08:52
AnRkeyas in wipe the thing08:52
* AnRkey feels good about this08:53
ethana2that's awesome09:10
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Jeeves_Why doesn't 'do-release-upgrade' in Feisty/amd64 work?09:39
Jeeves_It tries to download stuff from us.archive09:40
Jeeves_And that really isn't configured anywhere09:40
NafalloJeeves_: is not?09:58
NafalloJeeves_: grepped for it? :-)09:58
Jeeves_Nafallo: Yes, I'm sure of it :)09:59
Kamping_KaiserJeeves_, can you describe your problem/s better ? i'm not sure what they are :/10:32
sergevnHeeft iemand ervaring met een redundante dhcp server?12:18
Kamping_Kaisersay what? o_012:19
nijabafaulkes-: around?12:23
Kamping_Kaisersergevn, can you use english? i take your question is something about redundant dhcpd's?12:23
henkjanKamping_Kaiser: sergevn was indeed asking if someone had experience with an redundant dhcpd setup12:25
Kamping_Kaiserno, not real servers.12:26
henkjansemi redundant with two dhcp servers with both theire own scope works nice12:27
Kamping_Kaiserif you set two servers with the same ranges and make sure only one is authoritive you should be mostly ok12:28
sergevnKamping_Kaiser: sorry, mistaking i was talking in ubuntu-nl :)12:29
sergevnKamping_Kaiser: yes I need to setup an redundant dhcpd server(s)12:29
Kamping_Kaisersergevn, ah, np *hehe*12:30
sergevnKamping_Kaiser: If one goes down, the other has to take over12:30
Kamping_Kaisersergevn, try what i suggested above. it should work ok, depending on your routers12:30
faulkes-nijaba: I am now12:46
sergevnKamping_Kaiser: yes, but it does not automaticly take over12:50
Kamping_Kaisersergevn, it should become authoritive when the first server goes away12:50
Kamping_Kaiserthe problem you'll have is a lack of shared asignments files (but i havent done proper redundatn dhcp )12:51
sommermorning all13:28
faulkes-morning sommer13:34
sergevnKamping_Kaiser: ok thx13:38
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J_Phi all14:06
J_Ppeople, what package I need instal to have file /etc/hosts.deny and hosts.allow ?14:06
faulkes-iirc tcpd is what you want14:09
Kamping_KaiserJ_P, its tcpd14:09
faulkes-sudo install apt-get tcpd14:09
Kamping_Kaiser/var/lib/dpkg/info/tcpd.postinst:      cat >> /etc/hosts.deny <<EOF14:09
faulkes-sudo apt-get install tcpd14:09
* faulkes- not fully awake yet14:09
* Kamping_Kaiser injects cafine into faulkes- 's eyeballs14:10
faulkes-I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee, what I really need is a decent martini or a good scotch14:10
J_PKamping_Kaiser: thanks14:11
Kamping_Kaiserfaulkes-, heh14:11
faulkes-morning nijaba14:19
Kamping_Kaisernijaba, helo14:20
J_PKamping_Kaiser: and faulkes- thanks :-)14:27
* faulkes- pokes nijaba14:39
zulfaulkes-, he is away from his computer14:43
* faulkes- nods14:43
* faulkes- goes back to perl stuff14:44
jetsaredimanyone have a recommendation for a web svn frontend? I know there is websvn and viewvc, but are there any others out there?15:25
henkjanjetsaredim: trac combines bugtracking + wiki + websvn15:30
jetsaredimhenkjan: not sure I need all that15:31
jetsaredimthis is just for my own personal uses15:31
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sommermathiaz, soren: had a chance to look over the virt section?16:23
mathiazsommer: not yet - I hope to get there by today.16:23
sommermathiaz: cool, I just wanted to make sure it's on the right track16:24
sommerI think that section is the hardest I've worked on yet :-)16:24
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Jorelhi, any parameter for igorar some folders in rsync?17:48
Jorelany parameter to ignore some folders in rsync?*17:52
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rjuneI just read an article about landscape. I was curious if  the beta was available at all, or if it's unavailable until release18:40
gclericrjune: there is but it's by approval only.18:40
gclericrjune: also beta are limite to two systems only.18:41
rjuneI was wanting to find out how it compared to ZENworks. but if I have to wait, I have to wait.18:41
gclericit's pretty sweet...18:43
rjuneZENWorks is very slick. it would be difficult to be better then it18:44
gclericbut only avaialbe when it is released to purchased support.18:44
faulkes-or people who carefully craft marketing emails to blog about it ;)18:45
* faulkes- whistles innocently18:45
rjunenice. looks like a good run at zen18:46
henkjanlandscape works nice18:47
henkjani applied few months ago for the public beta18:47
henkjanmy employer is just worried about the fact that canonical has access to too many resources from the systems you manage with landscape18:49
henkjaninstalled packages, users etc18:49
henkjanthat might be a privacy issue18:49
rjunelandscape is not installed locally?18:50
rjuneI figured you set it up on a local server, ala ZEN.18:50
henkjanlandscape client is18:50
henkjanbut it connect to central landscape server at canonical18:51
rjuneyeah, that's a bit of an issue18:51
henkjani asked for local landscape server, but canonical has no plans selling the server product18:51
rjuneI had submitted for the beta, if they contact me. I'll excuse myself because of that18:52
nijabarjune: you should certainly write a note to us stating this right now.  I think it is a problem that we would like to address ASAP18:52
rjuneWhat email address should I send it to?18:53
* faulkes- prods nijaba18:53
nijabanick.barcet@canonical.com will do, I'll forward18:53
rjuneor more appropriately, which department do you think it should go to?18:53
* nijaba prods back at faulkes-18:54
faulkes-you were looking for me earlier today?18:54
nijabayep, did you read my msg?18:54
* faulkes- didn't think he did18:54
faulkes-refresh my memory18:54
nijabamerging your branch looks like you took the wrong version of the survey to make your changes as they are reverting all of my previous fixes.  What survey did you use?18:55
nijaba in the inactive survey, the one marked TEST is the old one.  You'll recognize it because it has 4 section.  The newest version is the other one.18:55
faulkes-ah, yes, actually, I didn't see your message about that but I came to the same conclusion18:55
faulkes-v0.2 wasn't listed for me when I did the original export18:55
zulScottK: ping18:55
* faulkes- will fix it up18:56
nijabafaulkes-: sorry about that :(18:56
faulkes-eh, it happens18:56
faulkes-no biggie18:56
faulkes-your current branch should be up to date with v0.2?18:56
nijabayep it is18:56
faulkes-ok, I'll pull from there and go about it18:56
faulkes-all god18:57
nijabawell, god can help, maybe?  not sure... ;)18:58
faulkes-I'll ask him next time we go drinking18:58
faulkes-he gets a bit uppity though after the tequila's start flowing around18:58
rjunefaulkes-: when you go drinking with god, who buys?18:58
faulkes-he has a fully stocked bar ;)18:59
faulkes-he is god after all18:59
rjuneso you freeload his booze, eh?18:59
rjuneI would too18:59
nijabarjune: mail received, thanks19:01
rjuneno problem.19:01
rjuneI hope it works out well19:02
faulkes-rjune: I got 3 rules about drinking, all booze is good booze, free booze is the best booze and get me another drink before I call you sally and treat you like my prison lover ;)19:04
soulcis there a package that I could install that bans an ip if multiple login attempts fail say set to 3 unsuccessful attempts from <ip> no matter what login then it gets banned?19:09
soulcI believe the proper term for that is "prison bitch"19:09
henkjansoulc: fail2ban19:10
soulcdo you know the deps?19:10
henkjandepends on iptables i think :)19:11
faulkes-soulc: fail2ban or denyhosts19:11
soulcdamnit I don't know what to do with iptables....|-(19:11
faulkes-denyhosts works with tcpd19:12
faulkes-no iptables19:12
faulkes-and fail2ban iirc will do all the iptables work for you19:12
henkjanindeed, no need to type iptables yourself19:12
soulcI am using tcpd19:12
faulkes-nijaba: I've updated to v0.2, I'll go through and re-update as required19:12
nijabafaulkes-: thanks so much19:13
faulkes-np, it's a small issue, things like this happen19:13
faulkes-nijaba: for countries, do you just want the primary regions listed on the url you supplied?19:16
faulkes-listing everything would be, a bit much19:16
faulkes-I can do either but one is alot more work19:16
nijabaI think we shouldjust add the url for reference.  What do you think?19:17
faulkes-allow people to enter it themselves then?19:17
faulkes-could be a bit hard on tabulation, given case matching and such19:18
nijabano, I think we should stick on listing the UN regions19:18
nijabaand place the URL in the decription of the question so that people can refer to it19:18
nijabaif they do not know where they live19:18
faulkes-ah, ok19:18
faulkes-heh, not knowing where you live ;)19:18
nijabawell, that seems odd, doesn't it?19:19
faulkes-I will take care of it19:19
* nijaba hugs faulkes-19:19
soulcwhat is the post url plz?19:36
soulcer paste?19:36
sommersoulc: this what you're looking for: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/19:40
soulclibclamav.so.2 how do I find what package this is supplied by?19:53
\shapt-file search libclamav.so.219:58
\shsoulc: but most likely it belongs to libclamav* package19:59
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LiENUSis there a fix for fail2ban on 6.06?20:53
zulwhats wrong with it?20:55
LiENUSit has a leap year bug20:56
LiENUSie its not running at all it dies immediately after starting20:58
LiENUSi guess that would be a no21:18
faulkes-perhaps you should report a bug then21:20
LiENUSlooks like a bug report to me21:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196854 in fail2ban "fail2ban doesn't handle leap years" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:21
LiENUSlooks like the official position is 6.06 is unsupported21:21
zulLiENUS, please open a bug in launchpad21:23
* LiENUS looks again21:23
LiENUSa bug is open21:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196854 in fail2ban "fail2ban doesn't handle leap years" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:23
LiENUSwhy should i open another bug when one already exists?21:23
LiENUSthe official position seems to be that 6.06 is unsupported and the fix is to upgrade to a newer version21:24
LiENUShence i came to ask if that was true or not21:24
zulLiENUS, its supported but its in universe so the fix has to be fixed in hardy first and backported ill look into it. For now you might wan to get the source from upstream21:26
zulI meant to say 6.06 is supported but fail2ban is in universe which is not supported21:28
LiENUS http://breakherthewang.com/fail2fix  is a patch based upon the patch from the fail2ban guys21:33
zulthanks...ill try to get the fix in for hardy now21:34
incorrect_hello, i am trying to figure out why i get this message when trying to up eth0:1 SIOCSIFFLAGS: Cannot assign requested address21:43
sommerincorrect_: what's the exact command you're using?21:44
incorrect_ifup bond0:1 :)21:46
incorrect_i have an ip, a netmask and a gw21:46
incorrect_i tried without a gw21:46
sommeryou might try sudo ifup bond0:121:46
incorrect_i am root21:46
incorrect_sudo -i21:46
incorrect_im lazy21:46
sommerah... are there any errors in /var/log/syslog ?21:47
incorrect_do i need a module to ip alias?21:48
incorrect_i wonder if that error is coming from ipv6 module?21:48
incorrect_i just want to understand the error21:49
incorrect_the interface comes up21:49
sommerit's probably because of the leap day ;-)21:50
sommerincorrect_: is there another dhclient process trying to get an ip?21:51
sommerincorrect_: you might also read through this thread: http://forums.theplanet.com/lofiversion/index.php/t13650.html21:55
sommeris bond0 the correct interface?21:55
incorrect_yes i bonded the two gigabites together21:58
sommergotcha... I wonder if that's why you're getting the error21:59
sommerhaven't used bonded interfaces myself22:00
incorrect_i've done it before22:02
incorrect_not had this error22:02
pike_!enter | incorrect_ :)22:06
ubotuincorrect_ :): Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!22:06
pike_its undoubtably something silly and obvious but im not sure22:13
incorrect_i think its something to do with ip622:14
incorrect_its not like i can't use the interface22:14
incorrect_arg, sorry can't help hitting enter22:15

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