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tjaaltonhmm, should we just drop -unichrome..06:56
brycehave we converted over to openchrome as the default?  or are we still using via?07:37
bryceI think -unichrome could be dropped to universe for Intrepid07:38
tjaaltonit is already in universe, and openchrome is the default07:43
tjaaltonit's just that there are no unichrome releases, the current one is a git checkout from a year ago07:44
brycewell I would leave it for hardy and drop it starting with intrepid07:45
tjaaltonwhy wait?07:45
tjaaltonit's just collecting bugs, albeit not that many users apparently, given that it's not even installable currently :)07:46
bryceoh, if it's not even installable, I guess there'd be limited value in keeping it07:47
tjaaltonit's simple to fix though, just change the Provides07:47
bryceI'm just thinking that if people have been using it in the past, dropping it entirely for hardy might be a bit too drastic since hardy is supposed to be an lts07:48
brycehowever if it's not installable, and hasn't that many users, it probably won't matter07:48
tjaaltonthe driver uses "via" name anyway, so on upgrade the users will end up using openchrome07:51
tjaaltonor maybe not07:52
tjaaltonopenchrome sucks in modesetting though07:58
tjaaltonpoor via users, nobody cares :)07:59
tjaaltonbdmurray: nvidia-xconfig is still there, but maybe it should be dropped08:05
tjaaltonbut not before jockey has a cmdline option08:06
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Ngis bryce's xrandr stuff going to replace the Screens and Graphics tool?09:57
tjaaltonI think so09:57
tjaaltonalthough they server different purpose09:57
NgI was playing with the latter last night at home and it does some strange stuff. I tell it my monitor is an LCD Panel that can do 1920x1080 and the highest resolution it offers is 1680x105009:57
Ngtjaalton: yeah, that's what I wondered09:57
Ngthe strange and wonderful thing is that X actually figures everything out itself if I remove the xorg.conf. pops straight into 1920 :)09:58
tjaaltonguidance trying to be clever or something10:03
pwnguinman, that tool really kicked my ass when i set up our mythbox10:14
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seb128bryce: I officially don't like those gnome-desktop changes15:08
Q-FUNKseb128: which ones?15:22
seb128Q-FUNK: the xrand changes15:22
Q-FUNKhmm... such as?15:24
Q-FUNKhere, I'm mostly worried that Hardy will be released withthe absolute piece of crap known as Firefox 3.15:39
tjaaltonff3 rocks16:21
Q-FUNKit's as slow as molasses and polutes the notification tray with crap.16:23
Q-FUNK"upgrading" to ff3b3 that is currently in hardy made me fele like someone had removed all the RAM out of my workstation. the difference of speed was that drastic.16:24
tjaaltonhmm? fast as hell and my notification tray is empty :)16:24
Q-FUNKtjaalton: i really wonder how you do that.  here, access speed is down to half what it was and the UI has become extremely unresponsive.16:25
tjaaltonuses less memory too16:26
Q-FUNKnot here16:27
tjaaltontry a new profile16:27
Q-FUNKyou mean they still haven't gotten rid of profiles either?16:28
Q-FUNKhard to tell with a new profile.  it fails to import my bookmarks or my session form the other profile16:38
bryceseb128: what do you not like?16:48
seb128bryce: it add a lot of functions to the public api16:49
seb128bryce: I think I would like better to ship copy of the code in gnome-settings-daemon and gnome-control-center if possible16:50
seb128bryce: another issue is that those functions don't use a gnome_ namespace and they should16:51
seb128those symbols could conflict with other libs, etc16:51
seb128soren said he would accept a patch to use a correct namespace16:52
bryceby 'ship copy of the code' what do you mean?16:53
seb128the functions which are added to gnome-desktop16:54
seb128have this code in gnome-control-center16:54
seb128and gnome-settings-daemon16:54
seb128so they would not be in any public library16:54
seb128just code in the binaries16:54
bryceah, ok anything else?16:55
seb128sorry about that, but I think it's a better solution16:56
seb128this way we don't provide a non stable api16:56
seb128and we will not break the lib compatibility when upstream does something similar16:56
seb128I mean some function names might change etc when that's upstreamed next cycle16:57
bryceok, shall I make these changes or are you planning to?16:57
seb128which means the ubuntu libgnome-desktop abi would break compatibility16:57
seb128I'll not do those today most likely16:58
seb128you are welcome to look at those16:58
seb128I'm sorry I had a very busy week16:58
seb128what we can do if you want to get the things some testing is to upload the changes now as you did them16:58
seb128and switch to the copies later16:58
bryceyes, that would be great16:59
seb128ok, I'll do that then16:59
bryceI'll work on the changes today16:59
sorenseb128: I said that I'd accept a patch to use a correct namespace for what?17:03
seb128soren: not you, the soren from redhat who is writting the code we are speaking about17:04
sorenseb128: Oh, sorry. :)17:04
seb128soren: sorry about the confusing with your nickname ;-)17:04
sorenseb128: No worries :)17:05
seb128bryce: gnome-desktop changes uploaded17:35
bryceseb128: thanks17:50
bryceseb128: you'll be uploading g-c-c and g-s-d as well?17:51
seb128bryce: looking at the gnome-settings-daemon changes17:51
seb128there is no setting migration, right?17:51
seb128which means user will be back to whatever xorg uses rather than what he had configured, right?17:52
bryceno, it detects and starts from the current settings17:53
bryceso if they achieved that via xorg.conf, it uses that; if they did it through the current screen resolution tool, it uses that.17:53
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seb128bryce: how does that work? the user settings are written to gconf and applied on startup right now, the code applying those gconf key is replaced to use the libgnomedesktop one apparently17:59
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seb128bryce: gsd uploaded now18:01
brycewhat gnomedesktop does is store the configuration layout in an xml file in the user's home dir18:15
bryceso (if I understand correctly) the first time it's run, it will store whatever the user has set up18:15
bryceI tested on a system with dual monitors set up via a .xprofile setting, and it picked up and handled that.  If it handles that ok, it should handle most anything18:16
bryceI also tested with laptops in a few different configurations and it picked up the existing settings correctly18:17
seb128bryce: well, the question was whether it'll pick the setting written by the old capplet on gutsy and stored in gconf when you first log in hardy18:19
seb128bryce: because I've seen no code reading those gconf keys and written a new .xprofile with the values18:20
seb128bryce: which is not really an issue but could be nice to fix18:20
bryceright, it does not read those gconf keys directly, just indirectly by taking them from what has been booted up (which in some ways is better)18:22
seb128I fail to see how that can work18:23
seb128let me take an example18:23
seb128xorg default is 1024x768, user is on gutsy, he picks 800x600, the value is written to gconf18:23
seb128he logs in on gutsy, gnome-settings-daemon read the gconf key, apply it and he gets 800x60018:24
seb128he update the hardy, reboot18:24
seb128he logs in, nothing read the key, nothing apply those, he gets 1024x768 which is the xorg config18:24
seb128since gnome-settings-daemon in hardy doesn't read those keys18:24
bryceyeah I guess that's true18:25
seb128ok, not a big issue but might be worth considering migration code before hardy18:26
seb128should be easy to have something reading the gconf keys and writting those to xprofile on first hardy login18:26
seb128bryce: looking to the capplet changes now, the patches are mostly redhat work, right?18:26
seb128bryce: just wanting to give some credit where it's due in the changelog if that's the case ;-)18:27
brycethe first (main) patch is from redhat, the auto* changes I did, and there's a patch I did to clean up the ui a little18:28
brycethe hard part was getting the changes into the gnomedesktop lib such that everything linked to it properly18:29
seb128bryce: your new capplet seems to be working but I just broke my session using it :-p18:45
seb128I did rotate the screen18:46
bryceI've found it certainly offers a good way to test for xrandr bugs ;-)18:46
seb128but now it doesn't take any click or keyboard event18:46
brycesounds like a known xrandr bug18:47
brycefwiw, rotation worked 100% on all of the systems I tested on.18:47
seb128lucky you :-p18:47
bryceone system has problems when scaling up or down18:47
brycemaybe we should include a note on the dialog, "Um, maybe save your work first?"18:47
seb128rather "backup your disk"18:48
seb128because restarting xorg doesn't fix the issue18:48
seb128I've no a broken session and no way out of the command line to fix it18:48
brycethe issue I ran into required a reboot18:48
seb128that's not good18:49
seb128well, it's applying the rotation on login18:49
seb128which seems to be an issue18:49
brycehrm yeah18:49
seb128where is the config file?18:49
brycethere should be a confirmation dialog like displayconfig-gtk has18:50
seb128I've to go for diner but I've g-c-c ready for upload18:50
seb128will upload later18:50
seb128having what the previous capplet had would be nice18:50
bryceI'll look into that next week18:51
seb128a counter which reverts if you don't ack18:51
bryceyeah displayconfig-gtk had that as well18:51
seb128otherwise good work, it looks cool ;-)18:51
brycedid it get your monitor name correct?18:51
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seb128_bryce: still around?21:04
seb128_I uploaded gnome-control-center21:05
seb128_xrand is really buggy on my dell laptop though21:05
seb128_rotation breaks xorg in a way I've to switch to a vt and edit the xml by hand to get xorg working again21:05
bryceaside from the rotation, are you seeing other issues?21:05
seb128_and changing resolution corrupts part of the screen21:05
bryceseb128I will put a note in the dialog on how to restore21:06
seb128_yes, changing to 800x600 worked correctly, switching back to 1440x900 doesn't21:06
seb128_I get what looks like a working 800x600 area21:06
bryceright, that is one of the bugs I ran into on one of my systems that I mentioned21:06
seb128_and a corrupted border on right and bottom which is not usuable21:06
seb128_I expect intel to be not too buggy ;-)21:07
bryceand you can move the mouse into those areas, and interact with buttons located there21:07
seb128_expect intel not too by too buggy rather21:07
seb128_but I can't move things there21:07
bryceyup, that's the same bug I found - jdub also reported it earlier, but identified it as a metacity bug21:07
brycehe tried running a different window manager and it worked correctly21:08
seb128_compiz consider the corruption border as the viewport limit and will switch to next one21:08
seb128_I'm using compiz21:08
bryceyeah mine was with compiz as well. 21:08
seb128_I think I've done my part for this week now that those packages are uploaded21:08
seb128_I'll let you figure the xrandr issues ;-)21:09
bryceso maybe check if the same thing happens with metacity - if not, then it may be a compiz bug21:09
seb128_let me know if you need debug informations21:09
seb128_well, you said jdub had the issue using it21:09
brycesure, thanks, yep I'm working on the xrandr issues21:09
seb128_cool, thanks21:09
seb128_and again, nice work ;-)21:09
seb128_out of the xrandr bugs the capplet looks great21:09
brycethe rotation one is well known; this other one I've not seen reported but I can reproduce it easily, so...21:09
brycegood to hear21:10
brycestill needs a few more features, but good enough for hardy.  Much better than what we've had21:10
brycetjaalton: btw I have a new patch to extend the "greedy" fix to all intel chipsets here - http://people.ubuntu.com/~bryce/Uploads/21:25
seb128_bryce: btw you come you don't use a ppa for your uploads?21:25
brycetjaalton: but I'm not certain yet if it's appropriate to do that, or if it would cause more issues21:25
bryceseb128_: I should start using that, I just have my workflow set up for doing local builds mostly21:26
seb128_well,; you copy those on rookery apparently though21:26
seb128_so you could as easily dput them on launchpad ;-)21:26
brycecan you delete things from a ppa?21:28
mvotjaalton: hm, what happend to the nvidia-settings that used to be part of nvidia-glx (-new) ? is that now all folded into the nvidia-settings package?21:29
keescookbryce: yeah, it's on the left side, 2nd action down, IIRC.21:29
tjaaltonmvo: yep21:30
mario_limoncielltjaalton, why did that happen?21:30
tjaaltonbryce: ok, maybe after the weekend?21:30
tjaaltonmario_limonciell: because it has source21:30
mario_limoncielloh fair enough :)21:30
brycetjaalton: sure21:31
brycetjaalton: I may have more user reports on it by then21:31
tjaaltonmario_limonciell: but now that the default xorg.conf has a ServerLayout section again, it's not a problem anymore.. without that it would just crash21:31
bryceheya keescook21:31
tjaaltonman, I'd love to see fglrx banished from the archive when r5/6xx has 3D support21:32
mario_limoncielltjaalton, there are similar problems with aticonfig not liking the default xorg.conf (when trying aticonfig --initial)21:32
mario_limoncielli've reported them to the beta team21:33
tjaaltonmario_limonciell: yep21:33
tjaaltonwell, jockey should have a cmdline interface, then every doc should mention that aticonfig/nvidia-xconfig are Evil21:34
mvotjaalton: hm, I use it in compiz to detect the available video ram, any chance to get it back ?21:34
mario_limonciellwell there features of the AMD driver that are not exposed via any other public interface21:34
tjaaltonmvo: maybe by depending on it21:34
mvotjaalton: its universe currently, but that shouldn't be too much of an issue - but let me dig a bit into it, maybe there is a different way to get the video ram21:35
keescookheya bryce :) I just happened to catch your question :)21:36
tjaaltonmvo: btw, jockey still disables composite for fglrx, but apparently composite still has some issues..21:37
mvotjaalton: I can give it a try early next week - I can't wait to see fglrx go21:37
brycetjaalton: do you seriously think we may be able to drop fglrx?  that'd be rather stunning.  I hadn't realized things had progressed that far already21:37
tjaaltonmvo, bryce: no, we are not there yet :)21:38
mvotjaalton: the "ati" driver works quite well with the r500 now in 2d, randr, suspsend all of this is good for me21:38
mvo(well, radeon)21:38
tjaalton3D support is still very much a work in progress..21:38
tjaaltonmaybe intrepid+1..21:39
tjaaltonr5xx docs are out, so maybe intrepid will have a mesa which supports it21:39
tjaaltonbryce: the archive has 2.2.1-1ubuntu2 ;)22:00
bryceah, hmm22:26
brycetjaalton: I'll rework the patches then.  I also have another quirk to add22:26
tjaaltonbryce: yep, saw that one22:26
tjaaltonlooks nice23:36

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