Chewyhi people00:00
Slartmad_max02: run "sensors-detect" in a terminal00:00
bod_Slart, ok, fair point,.;~)00:00
bod_!hi | Chewy00:00
ubotuChewy: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!00:00
Chewyso can i has some helps with ubuntu 6.0600:00
bod_!ask | Chewy00:00
ubotuChewy: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:00
stormze1Slart: That was it.  Wow. o O  Thank you.00:01
Slartstormze1: wow.. I've learned something as well.. I've never put a space there in my files.. guess I've been lucky so far =)00:01
bod_!helpersnack | Slart00:01
ubotuSlart: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!00:01
Slartyum.. or.. apt00:01
Chewy!ask so can i have some help with firefox and ubuntu00:01
claudio75danand: i think it's better i go to sleep....i'll ask again tomorrow00:01
danandclaudio75 - ok ... might call it a night myself claudio ... take it easy00:01
kenro1700 pkg upgrading. -finally-! I got them all dl'd. Only took me 10 days.00:01
Slartjust ask you're question, chewy00:01
bod_!gq | Chewy00:02
ubotuChewy: Are you sure your question allows us to help you? Please read http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html to understand how to ask a 'better' question.00:02
claudio75danand: thanks a lot...you've been patient and gentle00:02
iceswordi am back00:02
claudio75danand: :)00:02
Slartyou're question? really slart... shape up.. shesh..00:02
mewshiCan someone help me with my wireless?00:02
Chewyok anyway, im not sure what the problem is, that when i start firefox, it loads for like 2 seconds then imediately the program closes00:02
danandclaudio75 - no problem ... my pleasure00:02
arakthorHow can I stop gnome-power-manager from running? It causes problems for me on my laptop, the work around is to disable it, but I don't want to have to kill it everytime I start the machine again00:02
kenroHope Hardy is solid enough...00:02
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mad_max02Slart, I just ran that script and I got some strange stuff. I'll paste it in pastebin uf ur wiling to check them out00:02
danandclaudio75 - you learn fast :)00:02
claudio75danand: ciao00:03
SlartChewy: try starting it from a terminal.. that way you'll see the errors00:03
kostkonChewy, open a terminal and give "firefox" to run it from there00:03
Slartmad_max02: sure.. seems I'm on a roll =)00:03
bod_Chewy, open a terminal and type   firefox        then pastebin the error messages (if any)00:03
* bod_ curses at Slart for beating him to the response00:03
Chewyill come back here if i get any00:03
Chewyim currently on other pc00:03
Slartfinally my gold plated keyboard is paying off... carpal tunnel syndrome.. here I come =)00:03
Jack_SparrowChewy, Did you install flash?  and how did you install it?00:04
stormze1Slart: Now that I've read the wiki, I might change my scripts to work differently.  (They were kind of slow...)  Thanks alot!00:04
mrunagiis it possible to see the contents of a locked folder on an OSX hard drive?00:04
ChewyI installed it from the flash website linux version00:04
bod_Jack_Sparrow, flash wouldnt stop firefox from loading,.,.would it?00:04
deadlyallance259what is a good pice of software i can apt-get that alowes me to do a video capture of my desktop00:04
Slartstormze1: you're welcome00:04
iceswordJack_Sparrow, does sygate have a linux firewall00:04
bod_Chewy, get it from epo's,.,.more reliable00:04
EmmerPWhat do I need to do to get vlc working with firefox-3.03b?00:04
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Jack_Sparrowbod_, There are some poorly written plugins that would.. or corrupt flash00:04
Chewythe problem is, now i cant even access internet, and it worked fine until i updated ubuntu00:05
bod_Jack_Sparrow, oh, ok,.,.i thought if they were that bad, they wouldnt be released00:05
fentontravershow do I open port 8080 on ubuntu server 7.100:05
mewshii have a bcm4318 chipset.  It seems to have been disabled somehow, and I screwed around and used different solutions to try to get it to work.  The light comes on, and it lists "wlan0_rename" in the network selector applet, but it never works.  can someone help me out, please?  I'd appreciate it! :D00:05
Slartfentontravers: it's usually open.. you have to have something listening on the other side though00:05
iceswordfentontravers, are you working on apache00:05
fentontraversI've got oracle xe running a webserver on that port...I know it's running cause I can telnet to locally, but I need to access from outside00:06
fentontraversso I know the port must be closed off.00:06
Chewyso could it be an update issue?00:06
Jack_Sparrowbod_, I have seen a few pwople with problems directly related to bad plugins.. not sure where they got them.. that is a whole nother matter.  Chewy.. have you installed any other plugins.. and have you ever used automatix or envy scripts00:06
Slartfentontravers: you might have to tell it specifically to listen on the external network interface.. you have to do that with ssh and apache for example00:06
bod_Chewy, unlikely,.its your the first case ive seen of this recently,.,.00:06
bod_del=its ^^00:07
fentontraversslart_how do I do that?00:07
Chewyno other plugins, and niether of those, i am a Ubuntu/linux first timer, so i dont know what im doing, ive been getting help from someoen though00:07
tinmanhmm, I have managed to figure out my x server is NOT working (I havent even touched the configueration) (chrooting through live cd and dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg with ALL default option didnt to the trick)00:07
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drew_hi, stupid question, how do I move the panel back from the side to the top?00:07
Slartfentontravers: I have no idea.. I've never used oracle00:07
mewshii have a bcm4318 chipset.  It seems to have been disabled somehow, and I screwed around and used different solutions to try to get it to work.  The light comes on, and it lists "wlan0_rename" in the network selector applet, but it never works.  can someone help me out, please?  I'd appreciate it! :D00:07
Slartdrew_: tried dragging it?00:07
bod_Chewy, in terminal type            sudo apt-get purge firefox && sudo apt-get install firefox00:07
ubotuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx00:07
* danand just spent 10 mins googling ciao to find out what it stood for ...00:07
drew_Slap_Sti1k, there is no where to click00:08
Chewywill that reinstall firefox?00:08
mad_max02Slart, here it is http://www.pastebin.org/2176900:08
bod_Chewy, correct00:08
mewshiNo, it was working.  Then it got disabled.  Now it doesn't anymore.00:08
drew_Slart, , there is no where to click00:08
Jack_Sparrowbod_, I would pull out flash and use the repo version too..00:08
* danand - not an acronym ... just italian for bye :)00:08
drew_Slart, it is all taken up with stuff00:08
Slartdrew_: just click anywhere on the panel.. or you caN't see it?00:08
Chewyand i tried another browser too, but it would load google, and the home page but had trouble otherwise00:08
bod_Chewy, also uninstall the flash thing you got, then install the correct one from synaptic00:08
Slartdrew_: oh come on.. you can find one little spot to click on.. or you'll have to remove something00:08
Chewyhow do i uninstall00:09
bod_Chewy, sounding more and more like flash00:09
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Slartmad_max02: doesn't it offer to do that for you?00:09
drew_Slart, I really have to remove something? that strikes me as a bug00:09
bod_Jack_Sparrow, i was gonna suggest it but i thought maybe see if its a bad install first,.,.but if othe browser has probs then flash may be the prob,.,.;~)00:09
Jack_Sparrowbod_, You may also find something odd in his sources list...00:09
bod_drew_, just because its broken doesnt mean its a bug00:09
Slartdrew_: there might be some secret shortcut key voodoo combo.. but I don't know one... dragging is the only way I know of00:10
judgen!nvidia mobile00:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about nvidia mobile - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:10
bod_Jack_Sparrow, true,. but why would that stop firefox?00:10
drew_bod_, a feature then ? ;)00:10
judgenhelp... i cant get video to work properly.00:10
Jack_Sparrowbod_, I am thinking a script was used by his friend to try and get him going..00:10
mad_max02Slart, Yeah it asks to add these lines to /etc/modules00:10
bod_drew_, yer,.,.if you like ;~)00:10
Slartdrew_: you can change it in "properties" too.. but then you have to rightclick on the panel..00:10
Slartmad_max02: let it do it's magic00:10
mad_max02Slart, you think I should add them ?00:10
mewshiok, I have discovered that I have the kernel driver loaded.  However, it doesn't seem to like me.  How can I go about fixing this, and make it work again?00:10
bod_Jack_Sparrow, what sort of script?00:10
Slartmad_max02: that's why you ran the program in the first place =)00:10
bod_Jack_Sparrow, flash downloading script?00:11
Chewyso how would i uninstall flash?00:11
judgeni need help nvidia driver wont work, and nv just dont cut it. what  do i do??00:11
mad_max02Slart, okay lets try00:11
tinmanHi Jack_Sparrow, my x server that had worked for pass 6 month is now sudenly not workign and I have not even touched the configuration, (I tried chrooting with live cd and dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg with all the default options (seve selected) and didnt work) . Now I just get a gray screen when I should get a login screen00:11
mad_max02Slart, should I reboot after that or something ?00:11
judgeni mean BeOS have better 3d support for gods sake at this point00:11
bod_Chewy, not sue, you'd need to know the name of the plugin you donloaded00:12
Slartjudgen: buy a new computer.. if indeed the nvidia driver wont work..   if you want help with the nvidia driver that's another thing of course..00:12
mewshijudgen, did you use the ubuntu package of the nvidia driver?00:12
bod_Chewy probably flash00:12
Jack_Sparrowtinman, what about recovery mode...  can you get into that  and from there can you startx00:12
Chewyit is flash, just from the FLASH website00:12
Slartmad_max02: I'm not sure.. can't really remember00:12
judgenmewshi, yes00:12
bod_Jack_Sparrow, r u getting my pm replies>00:12
judgenSlart, its an mobile chipset that has accelerated 3d in BeOS00:12
mewshiTry using the official driver directly from nvidia00:12
Slartmad_max02: try running some kind of application that uses those sensors..00:12
tinmanJack_Sparrow: Go to recovery mode and manually start x?00:12
drew_Slart, bod_ I've had to remove the clock and user switcher00:13
mohbanaHey guys any idea when the icedte plugin is going to be fixed? i can't run azureus because of it, and i dont intend to isntall sun's eithe00:13
miladenwhen i put in my new external harddrive it says: hal-storage-removable-mount-all-options refused uid 1000... Why cant i do anything with it?00:13
Jack_Sparrowtinman, Just a thought.00:13
judgenSlart, nforce4 go00:13
Jack_Sparrowbod.. no00:13
mad_max02Slart, I'll just reboot00:13
Slartjudgen: and the restricted driver doesn't work?00:13
mewshijudgen, go get the official nvidia driver from nvidia, and install it00:13
judgenSlart, as nvidia does not develop any go driver before geforce7, sadly no00:14
Daisuke_Laptopmewshi: wouldn't apt-get install nvidia-glx-new be better?00:14
judgenmewshi, does not work as nvidia has never made the drivers for nvidia go00:14
bod_Jack_Sparrow, would    sudo apt-get purge flash               remove the flash he downloaded ,. or will it scew other things up?00:14
judgenuntill now00:14
mewshino, because i had a similar experience with the ati driver00:14
Slartjudgen: what chipset does the videocard use?00:15
mewshithe ubuntu package had problems, but the offical driver worked great, and even automatically detected my proper dual-head setup :D00:15
renehello everybody00:15
renewont install flashplayer in fluxbuntu00:16
Daisuke_Laptopmewshi: ati != nvidia00:16
amenadomiladen-> as soon as you plug in your external hd you get that error?00:16
Daisuke_Laptopexpect ati problems, nvidia works a whole lot better.00:16
miladenas soon as i try to open it yes00:16
mewshiDaisuke? O_o00:16
miladenas soon as i try to open it yes amenado00:16
renehowto install flashplayer in kazehakase ?00:16
bod_Chewy, search Synaptic for Flash, anything that is installed called 'Flash' mark for complete removal00:16
mewshiyes, daisuke, I know they're not the same00:17
mewshiI was just relation an anecdote about the ubuntu package not being 'right'00:17
amenadomiladen-> without opening it, type mount and paste the line for this partition here00:17
Slartjudgen: I think you might be able to see the chipset.. or at least the device id by running "lspci -v" and looking for the videocard part00:17
miladenamenado this partition? it is just called media00:18
amenadomiladen should be just one line am interested in00:18
Daisuke_Laptopmewshi: understandable.00:18
amenadomiladen well paste the result of mount..specifically just for that problematic partition00:18
boolkawhen is the next ubuntu release? are there any screenshots availble?00:18
Daisuke_Laptopboolka: april, and it's going to look about the same00:18
bod_boolka, 8.0400:18
mewshiand i'm testing it atm00:19
Daisuke_Laptopmostly under-the-hood improvements00:19
mewshiit's pretty nice so far :D00:19
Daisuke_Laptopthere is a big theme change coming in october with the release of 8.10 (or so i've heard)00:19
miladenamenado in the terminal i type mount and then what?00:19
bod_Daisuke_Laptop, 8.10?00:19
mewshithey should provide girl-friendly themes :P00:19
amenadomiladen paste it here, i can not read your mind, so i can see here00:19
bod_Daisuke_Laptop, codename?00:19
Daisuke_Laptopbut with 8.04 being a long-term support release, it's not happening yet00:20
Daisuke_Laptopbod_: intrepid ibex00:20
amenadomiladen well paste the result of mount..specifically just for that problematic partition00:20
boolkais there a list of improvements?00:20
Daisuke_Laptopwhich i hate saying :D00:20
Daisuke_Laptopboolka: not yet00:20
bod_Daisuke_Laptop, what a stupid name,.,.;~)00:20
Daisuke_Laptopbod_: hence why i hate saying it00:21
Daisuke_Laptopi like ignoble iguana :D00:21
bod_Daisuke_Laptop, what does ignoble mean?00:21
amenadomiladen have I lost you?00:21
mewshiit means not noble00:22
bod_oh, ok,. ty00:22
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bod_Daisuke_Laptop, i agree,.that name is better00:22
nfuscoIf i have a partition of 50Gb for a fresh install, i want to have: /, /home, /swap - what partion sizes  should I pick for each?00:22
jeffMASTERflexan ibex is a horrible animal. lion snack is all it is00:22
EmmerPwho's got VLC with Firefox 3.03b working?00:22
mewshiEmmerP: there's no such thing as 3.03b in firefox yet00:23
combat_nfusco: /swap = size of ram, / = 6-8GiB, /home rest00:23
Slartnfusco: I'd use 10 GB for everything but home... swap should be about 2GB or so.. twice your memory... and the rest for /home00:23
EmmerP3.0b3 sorry00:23
Daisuke_Laptopprobably 3.0b300:23
Daisuke_Laptopwow, i'm good.00:23
bod_combat_, its usually swap = ram *200:23
EmmerPI see video, but don't see controls... or right-click menu00:23
combat_bod_, why?00:23
tinmanAnyone good with x servers? :s00:24
bod_combat_, because swap isnt as good as physical memory,. so you need more,.,. its usually suggested to have twice the amount00:24
Slartthe swap=ram*2 is an ancient rule passed down from our ancestors.. noone knows why.. =)00:24
jeffMASTERflexcombat_: if you have over a gig of ram, it's safe to make it the same size as the ram00:24
nfuscotwice meory or same as memory or does it really matter? machine has 3Gb...00:24
acee1234are there any linux programs that can encrypt a cd simular to full drive encryption?00:24
nfusco3gb memory00:24
bod_!anyone | tinman00:24
ubotutinman: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:24
ChubbyoneGot a dvd/ cd drive that plays dvd's but wont recognise cd's00:24
tinmanbod_: I have asked it 10 times hence simplifying the question :\00:24
LimCorewhat is the difference betwen server and normal edition?00:24
LimCoreserver edition is the same tihng only it installs less by default?00:24
combat_bod_, its an old opinion, i only need swap for hibernate, and therefore it has the same size as my ram00:25
LimCorecombat_: it is totall bullshit to "use x2 more swap then you have ram"00:25
bod_combat_, fair play ;~)00:25
Slartacee1234: you could create a truecrypt volume and burn that to a cd.. I suppose00:25
Daisuke_Laptop!wtf | LimCore00:25
ubotuLimCore: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:25
SlartLimCore: I think the server version doesn't install gnome/kde/xfce00:25
Daisuke_Laptopthe most common number is 1.5x ram00:25
bod_tinman, well people come and go all the time,. a question that isnt eally your question is unlikely to get you an answer00:25
LimCoreSlart: but it is the same distro, only it installs less by default?00:25
nfuscoso just match the size of your ram then?00:26
SlartLimCore: it's the same distro00:26
jeffMASTERflexLimCore: server version includes apache, mysql and php and no GUI00:26
mewshiit depends on how much ram you have00:26
LimCoreDaisuke_Laptop: that is totall bull rainbow as well00:26
nfuscomewshi, 3gb of RAm00:26
acee1234Slart: ill give it a go00:26
basculenfusco: the old 2x RAM is a bit old thinking, but if you wan to suspend you will need more than 2x ram00:26
mewshinfusco then prolly... like... 1GB swap00:26
LimCoreswap_size = RAM_SIZE - memory_your_applications_need_at_once * 1.2 + 128 mb00:26
tinmanbod_: Somehow my x server crashed (I havent touched the configs) so i chrooted through a live cd then dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg and used all teh default options (seve was selected) but the problem still presists00:26
LimCoreso basicly, use 2 gb swap.00:26
LimCoreor less00:26
basculetinman: describe problem00:27
mohbanaHey guys any idea when the icedte plugin is going to be fixed? i can't run azureus because of it, and i dont intend to isntall sun's eithe00:27
SimplySethis there a graphical proggy that lets me add boot entries to grub ?00:27
jeffMASTERflexmerde extraordinaire, i see00:27
bod_tinman, well,. im off in a min, so you should prob address the channel,. not just me00:27
Daisuke_LaptopLimCore: forgive me for offending the almighty swap god.  i was just quoting the most common number bandied about00:27
LimCoreSimplySeth: like, kate00:27
mewshiOk, I need help fixing my internet configuration settings00:27
SimplySethLimCore: cool .. kate .. thanks00:27
mewshiI A) don't want to see wlan0_rename anymore00:27
combat_SimplySeth, /boot/grub/menu.lst is self-explaining, u dont need a tool for it00:27
Daisuke_Laptopand for most users, who have 1-2gb ram, 1.5x ram is a perfectly sane amount.00:27
LimCoreDaisuke_Laptop: ok you ar forgiven, next time dont quote stupid old superstitions00:27
mohbanaHey guys any idea when the icedte plugin is going to be fixed? i can't run azureus because of it, and i dont intend to isntall sun's eithe00:27
void^mohbana: on 64bit?00:27
mohbanavoid^, yes00:28
warriorforgodI am having problems burning cd's in 7.10.  Is anybody else having any issues?00:28
bod_!elaborate | warriorforgod00:28
ubotuwarriorforgod: Please elaborate, your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)00:28
mewshib) want my bloody wireless to work00:28
LimCorewarriorforgod: k3b works fine here. what is the problem00:28
nfuscothanks guys00:28
SimplySethcombat_: yeah .. I'm a vi master .. but I'm out to show the world that Ubuntu can be as mindlessly easy to configure as the worst OS :)00:28
void^mohbana: there seems to be an issue with the build environment, who knows when it will be figured out..00:28
Daisuke_LaptopLimCore: perhaps you could try not being a dick and sharing this information before calling people and ideas "stupid"00:28
Slartwarriorforgod: I have problems too.. my problem is that I don't have any blank cds.. what is yours?00:28
Daisuke_Laptopi'll let myself out00:28
LimCore!ohmy | Daisuke_Laptop00:28
ubotuDaisuke_Laptop: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:28
mohbanavoid^, it works perfectly fine on fedora 8 64 bit, what seems to be the matter, can't they just resolve it00:29
combat_SimplySeth, most people in the world dont need to add boot-entries :D00:29
KuwangerHow do I find out all packages (installed or not) that depend on a package?00:29
warriorforgodI have been able to burn cd's find up until today.  I cannot seem to blank a cd-rw or burn one without gnomebaker, or Write-to-disc saying there was an error in burning.00:30
basculea GUI wouldn't be so hard, browse for kernael image, set sane defaults that can be configed with an advanced button, easy really00:30
LimCoreKuwanger: perhaps in synaptic or other gui (or not gui) package manager by browsing dependencies info00:30
SimplySethcombat_: unless they have a lost boot partition somewhere :-/00:30
jeffMASTERflexKuwanger: if you use synaptic, it will tell you when you right click on a package and select properties00:30
SimplySethcombat_: but good point00:30
SlartKuwanger: there are probably better ways.. but you could try removing it and see what goes with it.. use the -s switch to simulate00:30
SimplySethLimCore: thanks for tryin' ta help :)00:30
void^mohbana: like i said, an issue with the build environment. if you build it yourself (from ubuntu sources even) it will work just fine.00:30
mewshiWhy not set up different channels for different topics?00:30
LimCoremewshi: there are many other channels =)00:31
amenadothere are already00:31
Slartmewshi: it would be very very confusing for the people trying to help out00:31
SimplySethcombat_: I'm bloggin' the setup of my Lappy too .. :)00:31
LimCore!elaborate SimplySeth00:32
mewshihm... well, still, then if someone has, say, a wireless problem, they could go to #ubuntuWireless or something00:32
mewshiinstead of this crap here00:32
amenadoits is not crap00:32
SimplySeth*hands mewshi some TP00:32
LimCoremewshi: this is a good idea which some people try to implement ;) want to help?00:32
Slartmewshi: and noone would be there.. we'd all be in the general channel00:32
jeffMASTERflexmewshi: that would be too specific and the helpful folks would have to switch between lots of different channels. horrible idea00:33
mewshiHaving so many different topics that it's impossible to keep track IS crap, sorry :\00:33
SimplySethmewshi: what Wireless device are you running ? what is your issue ? have you used KWLan ?00:33
AtomicSparkanyone use firestarter, firewall for ubuntu?00:33
amenadomewshi-> you have apache issues? visit apache channel, java? java channel00:33
SimplySethAtomicSpark: yes ?00:33
jeffMASTERflexmewshi: if you are down to provide support for the wireless problems, then by all means, go ahead and do it00:33
mewshiyeah, but those channels don't have over 1000 people all talking about DIFFERENT THINGS00:34
mewshiit's REALLY hard to keep track :\00:34
combat_erm, whats happened to the hidd tool in the bluez-utils package in hardy? cant connect my bluetooth devices anymore00:34
LimCoremewshi: want to help with such idea?00:34
jeffMASTERfleximagine that, people complaining about free support00:34
zeeeeeis there any way to "merge" two ext3 partitions? one is / and the other is /export/home; i'd like these to not be partitioned.00:34
amenadothe beauty of open source, great minds comes together. :P00:34
Slartmewshi: you can always start by putting the name of the person you're talking to first in the line00:34
SimplySethcombat_: is it in gnome-bluetooth ?00:34
zeeeee(both contain data that i need to preserve)00:34
AtomicSparkSimplySeth: i just installed it and it's blocking TCP connections already from a public ip address (i am behind a firewall) and i dont have port forwarding enabled. this is probably stuff from gaim being blocked correct? i have nothing else running.00:34
SimplySethAtomicSpark: that would be a good guess .. yes00:35
combat_SimplySeth, no it belongs to bluez-utils, but i reinstalled bluez-utils a few times and there appaers no hidd :(00:35
* AtomicSpark found lookup hostname option00:35
AtomicSparkheh aol00:35
amenadozeeeee-> not in one shot, save both to a temporary dir, repartition or merge the two, then move the temp over00:35
zeeeeeamenado, thanks!00:35
combat_suddenly, hidd disappeared after a bluez-utils update, a few weeks ago00:35
mcview@zeeeee: copy /export/home to a temporary location in your "/", afterwards use eg. gparted and repartition00:36
AtomicSparkSimplySeth: should i allow or ignore? only thing that works in pidgin is p2p from and to pidgin lol.00:36
mewshiI'm trying to be helpful00:36
SimplySethAtomicSpark: disallow unless you really really really know you need it :)00:36
Hilikushow to i expand the partition where root is mounted?? it seems i need to unmount a partition to extend it but i cant unmount /00:36
SimplySethHilikus: 'cause / is your c:\ drive ?00:36
combat_Hilikus, boot a livecd00:36
SimplySethHilikus: try gnoppix or knoppix :)00:37
HilikusSimplySeth no, its not, but i cant unmount it00:37
AtomicSparkSimplySeth: k thanks. :D maybe this will protect my computer a bit more.00:37
amenadoHilikus-> not in one shot, save to a temporary dir, repartition  then move the temp over00:37
amenadoHilikus-> you can not unmount what you are using now00:37
SimplySethAtomicSpark: yeah FireStarter even does internet connection sharing00:37
jeffMASTERflexHilikus: i siggest using the gparted live cd. because it's a root partition you can't unmount it when you log in to your computer00:37
Hilikuscant i just use the ubuntu live cd?00:37
SimplySethHilikus: you can :)00:38
combat_does nobody know whether hidd is gone? :P00:38
amenadobut do not forget to save, just in case...00:38
Hilikusamenado save what? you mean backup the partition?00:38
amenadoHilikus you like to take risk? go ahead and just move things around.without saving00:38
Slartgood night everyone00:38
combat_Hilikus, backup your data00:38
Hilikusoh yeah, i have that already00:39
SimplySethcombat_: funniest thing .. I just did apt-get install  bluez-utils and its there00:39
billysup guys00:39
combat_which version is it?00:39
Hilikusis it even possible to extend a ext3 partition??00:39
=== dermoth_ is now known as dermoth
SimplySethcombat_: 3.1900:39
amenadoextend in what sense?00:39
PeloHilikus, yes it is  you just need room00:39
combat_ok in hardy its 3.26 already00:39
SimplySethcombat_: ahhh bleeding edge .. nvm :)00:40
Hilikusamenado i removed a partition i had before to store media, now i dont need that and want to give it to /00:40
juannicolasHi, I'm running Ubuntu 7.04 server and trying to do a file transfer  via ftp or samba of a file more than 4.0Gb from a windows machie to thise server and everytime the file reach the 4.0GB file size the conection or transfer breaks.00:40
jeffMASTERflexHilikus: / is  a waste of space. add it to /home if you have a separate home partition00:40
amenadoHilikus-> yeah per the other gentleman, use it for /home instead of expanding /00:41
combat_juannicolas, which file system goes the file to? fat32 only supports 4gb files00:41
=== cure is now known as cure-s
Pelojuannicolas, what is the FS onthe window machine ?  fat32 is limited to files size of 4gig00:41
HilikusjeffMASTERflex its not, i actually need more space when creating dvds, thats /tmp which is /00:41
juannicolascombat_ so maybe thats the problem, the HD in my ubuntu is fat32 (160GB)00:41
amenadojuannicolas-> try scp  you maybe surprised that it will work00:42
juannicolason windows?00:42
jeffMASTERflexHilikus: in most burning programs you can set the tmp directory. also, you could always make a separate temp partition if that is the case00:42
juannicolashow can I do a file transfer of more than 4.0GB?00:42
amenadojuannicolas-> from linux, you can scp00:42
SimplySethwhat size blocks does fdisk show ?00:42
AtomicSparkSimplySeth: i switch from wireless to lan a lot, will this be a problem for me? seems to only detect one at a time.00:42
juannicolasyes, but this time is from windows to linux00:42
combat_juannicolas, get another FS, fat32 does not even support acess restrictions00:43
SimplySethAtomicSpark: not really .. if you don't mind switching it in FireStarter :)00:43
_Marek_hi all00:43
=== ceej_ is now known as ceej
amenadojuannicolas-> if it has sshd (openssh) you can00:43
Cacophonyserver irc.partyvan.org00:43
_Marek_anyone has multiple WEP keys setup with wpa_supplicant/networkmanager?00:43
juannicolasamenado how can i do a file transfer from windows to linux using sshd?00:43
=== schlort_ is now known as schlort
combat_ok gn8 everybody00:44
SimplySethjuannicolas: apt-get install openssh-server openssh-client00:44
juannicolasnight combat_00:44
amenadojuannicolas-> you have a running ssh in windows?00:44
juannicolasamenado client or server? i do have a cliente (putty)00:44
=== combat_ is now known as combat`zzz
zoeI need help with nVidia graphics drivers and xorg.conf configuration plz00:44
SimplySethjuannicolas .. por si acaso :)00:44
amenadojuannicolas-> then make sure you have sshd running on linux side00:44
AtomicSparkSimplySeth: maybe ill just use it for unsecure public wireless. like at school.00:44
slenentinejuannicolas: PSCP00:45
juannicolasSimplySeth I do have sshd in my server00:45
slenentinejuannicolas: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html00:45
billyonce again.. another broadcom issue. my eth1 shows that its connected to my wireless network, but it wont get to the internet.. what do i do?00:45
Stwangehas anyone managed to install the Silverlight plugin on 7.10?00:45
SimplySethJuanNicolas .. how get pscp program from the putty website like slenentine shows :)00:45
nikon252I have had trouble installing the latest updates for ubuntu lately00:45
nikon252could someone please tell me how to fix this problem00:46
zoeI need help with nVidia graphics drivers and xorg.conf configuration plz00:46
ubotunikon252: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:46
amenadobilly-> paste in pastebin your ifconfig; iwconfig; route -n; and cat /etc/resolv.conf00:46
ubotuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras00:46
billyamenado.. k gimme a few mins00:46
zoeI need help configuring nVidia GeForce 9600gt xorg.conf plz00:47
SimplySethwhat block sizes does fdisk show ?00:47
renei need help00:49
juannicolasoh oh!00:49
_Marek_it seems to be impossible to set up multiple wep hex keys with network manager or wpa_supplicant00:50
nikon252How can I fix this error?E: /var/cache/apt/archives/libvolume-id0_113-0ubuntu17_amd64.deb: files list file for package `mono-runtime' is missing final newline00:50
=== KlineMePlease is now known as MarkSays
SimplySethjuannicolas: que paso ?00:50
=== MarkSays is now known as DanQuayle
boris_i have a problem with my tv card00:51
amenadospell potato00:51
DanQuayleMy name is Dan Quale, I am like Jack Kennedy and I can spell Potatoe.00:51
billyamenado: how do i save a file in ubuntu so that its windows readable?00:51
DanQuayleAm I smart enough to install Linux?00:51
NDPMacBookDanQuayle: No.00:51
SimplySethbilly: what kinda "file" ?00:51
SimplySethDanQuayle: yes00:51
Starnestommybilly: run 'todos filename.txt'00:51
nikon252because of this error, I can no longer install updates00:51
amenadobilly  store it as ascii text00:51
nikon252this has occured before00:52
renesomewhere can help me => http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57779/00:52
boris_boris@logitech:~$ scantv00:52
boris_v4l2: open /dev/video0: No such file or directory00:52
boris_v4l2: open /dev/video0: No such file or directory00:52
boris_v4l: open /dev/video0: No such file or directory00:52
DanQuayleI have made good decisions in the past; I have made good decisions in the future.00:52
LimCorebilly: normally, text is text.  the problem is WHERE you store it00:52
SimplySethbilly: there is a program called  dos2unix that has a program called unix2dos :)00:52
DanQuayleI want to be the president with my Ubuntu school program!00:52
LimCore!ops channel is being trolled00:52
Starnestommyrene: does 'gksudo users-admin' work?00:52
DanQuayleNow I am no troll.00:53
DanQuayleI haven't a Clue; I have a Quayle!00:53
reneStarnestommy, nop00:54
rene/home/rene# cat /etc/issue00:54
reneUbuntu 7.04 \n \l00:54
Starnestommyrene: does it work from a graphical terminal when not done as root?00:54
=== boris_ is now known as crni
reneStarnestommy, in terminal work, but in GUID no!00:55
Starnestommyrene: guid or gid?00:55
Starnestommywhich of those two?00:55
reneyes all users :S00:55
Starnestommyrene: are you talking about GUID or GID?00:56
purity^can someone tell me how to get a list of servervs i'm connected to in Irssi?00:56
LimCorepurity^: of all servers out there? probably no command00:56
tinmanpurity^: /server00:56
LimCorepurity^: sorry I missred.00:56
Starnestommypurity^: /server with nothing after it00:56
purity^thanks :D00:57
LimCoreread, even.00:57
purity^it worked great00:57
tinmanI am still not able to ficure out X.org :<, if i can't within a few hours, will formating my root partition work? (It was working before)00:57
Starnestommyrene: what are you trying to do?00:58
renelet's see00:58
reneii have 3 user in my computer but don't show me in users-admin00:58
Starnestommythat's strange... there should be users shown there.00:59
mouseboyxIs there  a keystroke that will open the gnome main menu?00:59
nekostarbuilding new system bbl ^_^ q66 here i come!!!!!!!!!!!00:59
Blaze2011Please, I changed my Desktop to Server by mistake, how can I change it back?00:59
juannicolaswhat should be the best FS for a 160GB to be used as DATA storage in a linux systemm?00:59
nickrudmouseboyx: alt-f100:59
mad_max02I have a problem. I just installed 169.12 nvidia drivers with envy and I cant enable extra desktop effects. Drivers are active and I get almost 20.000fps in glxgears but I cant activate extra effects. Any solution ??01:00
reneStarnestommy, upgrade to gusty ?01:00
mouseboyxWhat about closing it?01:00
=== ka2zzzz is now known as ka2u
ScuniziCan the latest version of Evolution be installed and integrated..ie time/date calendar pull down?01:01
machine56msg ubotu etiquette01:02
reneStarnestommy, i'll upgrade my ubuntu to gusty okay!01:02
Blaze2011Please, I changed my Desktop Edition to Server Edition by mistake, how can I change it back?01:02
renefeisty is crap01:02
l815i can i upgrade from firefox 2 to 3?01:02
l815*how can i01:02
warriorforgodBlaze2011: What did you do to make that change?01:02
Starnestommyrene: there might be a package that can be reinstalled to fix it, but I forget which one01:02
mouseboyxHow do you disable the cursor in X?01:02
renebest ubuntu's 4.10 :D01:03
ScuniziBlaze2011,  you mean you get a text screen on boot instead of gui?01:03
reneStarnestommy, i'll upgrade from gusty01:03
reneto gusty**01:03
warriorforgodBuZZ-dEE: D&B is the best music01:04
BuZZ-dEEwarriorforgod yes :)01:04
Blaze2011No, I was trying to fix Virtual Box  and installed a package with apt-get, now my grub menu says server and graphics are all messed up, it tells me to install a package that has server in the name when I try to use Restricted Drivers Manager01:05
tinmanRawr, any better resource on how to reconfigure xserver-xorg? o reven use a .conf from a few days ago when it was working (I havent changed ay thing and it stopped working) :<01:05
LimCoreoh thanks Seveas.01:06
Blaze2011VirtualBox kernel driver not installed. The vboxdrv kernel module was either not loaded or /dev/vboxdrv was not created for some reason. Please install the virtualbox-ose-modules package for your kernel and execute '/etc/init.d/vboxdrv start' as root.01:06
mad_max02How can I use extra desktop effects with newest Nvidia drivers ????01:06
Blaze2011Thats what terminal says when I try to start it01:06
lollo_a good program that can match ( in a sequence ) more videos together ? ?01:06
lollo_and a music background too :P01:06
mad_max02How can I use extra desktop effects with newest Nvidia drivers ????01:07
stormze1I had to take the -e from the command echo -e out of my scripts because it was adding "-e" into the output;  Now the scripts are being interpreted so that they're not escaping the \t's.  What's going on?  Is this another dash thing?01:07
ScuniziBlaze2011, sounds like maybe you had a kernal upgrade (or sideways) and vbox doesn't know how to talk to it.. reinstall vbox.01:07
bastid_raZorl815; technically firefox 3 isn't out yet.. you can play with the beta though .. package firefox-3.001:08
j_how i mount my usb flash drive01:09
Flare183j_: plug it in01:09
Blaze2011Ok I'll try it I did run apt-get update and upgrade and it made me restart but why would that screw up X-Server?01:09
tinmanj_: it's not being auto detected?01:09
j_Flare183 i can't see it or view it it say you are not privilged to mount the volume 'name'01:09
lollo_a good program that can match ( in a sequence ) more videos together ? ?01:09
tinmanj_: with sudo?01:09
kenro wha dis ting? http://mfrost.typepad.com/.shared/image.html?/photos/uncategorized/2008/02/26/old_camera_446.jpg01:09
l815bastid_razor, i know, but will it require me to do something funky like linking my current installation?01:09
j_tinman with sudo /media/ ????01:10
j_tinman with sudo where dir?01:10
bastid_raZorl815; it'll be as if you installed a fresh browser. no theme or add-ons or bookmarks.. etc but so.. it is beta01:10
tinmansudo -t vfat /dev/name /mount/point -o rw01:10
bastid_raZorl815; you can have both ff2 and ff3 installed at the same time.. no worries01:10
mad_max02How can I use extra desktop effects with newest Nvidia drivers ????01:10
l815bastid_razor, alright thanks for the response :)01:10
tinmanj_: that worked for me, see if it works for oyu01:10
tinmanj_: err sudo mount <options here> in terminal01:11
j_tinman where is the dir for flash drive01:11
tinmanj_: in /media/ probably01:11
j_tinman i know drivers are /media but dont see the flashdrive01:11
bastid_raZorl815; sure.. ff3 has some great features..01:11
tinmanj_: it's sdb for me (gusty)01:12
KuwangerHow do I find out all packages (installed or not) that depend on a package?01:12
l815bastid_razor, do you know if ff3's buttons look better, or do i also have to install the widgets?01:12
bastid_raZorl815; widgets for? the buttons look fine.. i'm sure there is a screenshot available if you google01:12
LimCorewhat should I use... noobuntu that messes kernel so much I dunno how to rebuild it, or oldbian with outdated versions of software I need, hmmm01:13
lollo_a good program that can match ( in a sequence ) more videos together ? ?01:14
Blaze2011It says I need to install linux-restricted-modules-2.6.22-14-server when I try to run Restricted Drivers Manager to fix my video card...01:14
LimCorehow to rebuild a kernel so that it will work fully; last time I builded vanilla kernel for ubuntu it didnt worked fully.  Should I apply some extra drivers / patches etc?01:14
l815bastid_razor, okay, if you google "ubuntu firefox buttons" the first link should be what i'm talking about01:14
mad_max02How can I use extra desktop effects with newest Nvidia drivers ????01:14
teqsunhowdy yall01:14
* tinman gives one last attempt at reconfiguring xrog01:14
IndyGunFreakmad_max02: what happens when you enable them01:14
teqsunmad_max02 Do you have the envy drivers?01:14
IndyGunFreak!envy | teqsun don't recommend that01:15
ubotuteqsun don't recommend that: envy is not needed or supported. Use the Resticted Manager to install binary drivers and see « /msg ubotu binarydriver »01:15
teqsunSorry indy01:15
KiD_ChAoSwhy do i get a "sound device is in use" when i'm trying to play a new music file with xmms. I usually have to wait 2 minutes between songs for them too play successfully01:15
l815oh wow the font with ff3 is hurting my eyes T-T01:15
Blaze2011Hmm and apt-get says it can't find the package01:15
IndyGunFreakteqsun: i could care less, it just does more harm than good01:15
teqsundoes it./;01:15
darkhola algun español queme pueda echar una mano01:15
bastid_raZorl815; i see.. cool.01:15
Odd-rationale!es | dark01:15
teqsunIf you have a better driver please let me know.01:15
IndyGunFreakteqsun: if you use it, you will soon find out01:16
teqsunplease let me know why :)01:16
ubotudark: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.01:16
IndyGunFreakcuz you'll end up reinstalling when it screws up.01:16
teqsunI just want a hassle free driver installation for my nvida geforce 8600gt01:16
l815bastid_razor, ff3 font looks different, it hurts my eyes haha01:16
bziobnicI have the Intel ICH9 chipset. Does anyone know if there is a driver available that will let me use the esata port?01:16
teqsunI figure I'll be reinstalling shortly heh01:16
warriorforgodteqsun: Did you try the restricted drivers manager before install envy?01:16
Frogzoo!compile | LimCore01:16
ubotuLimCore: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)01:16
Frogzoo!kernel | LimCore01:17
ubotuLimCore: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - For more: /msg ubotu stages01:17
IndyGunFreakteqsun: well, envy will cause you more hassle than compiling the driver.01:17
teqsunIm kinda a linux nub when it comes to compilin01:17
KiD_ChAoSwhy do i get a "sound device is in use" when i'm trying to play a new music file with xmms. I usually have to wait 2 minutes between songs for them too play successfully01:17
mad_max02teqsun, I installed newest nvidia drivers via envy. now I cant enable extra desktop effect01:17
mad_max02IndyGunFreak, ^^01:17
IndyGunFreakmad_max02: well, thats your own fault.01:17
IndyGunFreakgood luck01:17
bastid_raZorl815; yeah, i guess my system theme has an effect that i didn't realize. i like my OSX buttons a bit better :)01:18
jeffMASTERflexteqsun: you don't really have to "compile" anything. the nvidia driver provides a script that builds the driver against your kernel01:18
teqsunoooh wait.  I went to nvidia.com and they were giving me trouble when I tried to install their binarys01:18
l815bastid_razor, oo maybe you should share it with me :D01:18
mad_max02IndyGunFreak, what do you mean ?01:18
teqsunbut that was before I enabled the restricted stuff....01:18
mad_max02IndyGunFreak, what did I do wrong ??01:18
stormze1IndyGunFreak: What are you supposed to do when the restricted drivers don't work?01:18
IndyGunFreakstormze1: either install the drivers from Nvidia's site, or wait till its supported, trust me, i understand, i've got an unsupported intel chipset, but it works fine on 8.04 Alpha 501:19
l815anyone here use ff3?01:19
darkhay algun español queme pueda ayudar?01:19
teqsunhrm how does one get the 8.04 alpha?01:19
stormze1IndyGunFreak: Oh; which chipset do you have?01:19
jeffMASTERflexl815: what is the problem?01:20
IndyGunFreak965BM, or something like that..01:20
Comet!es | dark01:20
ubotudark: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.01:20
IndyGunFreakteqsun: download it.... just google "Ubuntu 8.04 alpha", and it will pop up01:20
l815jeffmasterflex, the font looks horrible compared to ff2 and i read it has to be compiled with cario to fix it?01:20
stormze1IndyGunFreak: Ah-hah.  That might be my problem, too.  ( G965WH )  You're using the alphas?01:20
teqsunI hear they fix the nvidia problems with splash in 8.0401:20
mad_max02IndyGunFreak, can you please tell me what did I do wrong ???01:20
NetMI m trying to install ubuntu @ my pc , when i choose install starting loading and then in screen nothing readable showing.. sorry for my english... anyone help ?01:20
IndyGunFreakmad_max02: nothing, you did everythin right, thats why it works01:20
teqsunNetM what graphics card are you using?01:21
mad_max02I dont get it ?01:21
IndyGunFreakstormze1: i'm not using the alpha now, its dual booting with gutsy, but yes, it works perfectly with my intel chipset01:21
NetMNvidia 6600 le01:21
teqsunNetM I have an nvida 8600GT and I was having trouble01:21
mad_max02should i remove envy and reinstall driver or something ?01:21
jeffMASTERflexl815: definitely do not have that problem. the fonts look exactly the same to me. and i am using 3b3 and 3pre401:21
IndyGunFreakmad_max02: do whatever you want01:21
teqsunI just removed the splash option from the boot and it worked.  just wait a few min after your monitor turns off and see if that doesnt work01:21
warriorforgodNetM: restricted driver manager should work for 6600.  That is the same card I have.01:21
mad_max02dude I asked for help because I dont know what to do01:21
mad_max02not because I'm bored01:22
stormze1Oh -- alpha as in Hardy?01:22
IndyGunFreakstormze1: yes.. as in Hardy01:22
NetMHow can i remove splash screen from setup ?01:22
l815jeffmasterflex, that's strange :/, I googled it and it seems to be a common problem01:22
teqsunI think its F601:22
warriorforgodNetM: Wait, wrong response.  When does the screen get garbled?01:22
teqsunlets you choose boot options01:22
teqsunjust delete it from the list01:22
IndyGunFreakmad_max02: unfortunately, helping you at this point, will be more headache than its worth01:22
Name141Should I install the nVidia linux driver for my video card ?01:22
stormze1foo.  ( hehe )01:22
lollo_i'm in the folder extracted manually from the tar.gz, i type ( like the instruction suggest) ./configure in the folder but it says DIRECTORY NOT FOUND !!!!01:22
warriorforgodName141: What card?01:22
lollo_what could it be ?01:22
NetMWhatever u think :P01:22
teqsunWorked for me NetM01:22
NetMOk lets try01:22
stormze1well, good to know it'll work in the next one..01:22
EitheLHmm i have a question01:22
teqsunmy monitor turns off while the ubuntu bar is loading then it comes on01:22
Name141warriorforgod: nVidia GeForce 8300 GS01:23
EitheLWhen I go to add/remove program and i choose a program, it keeps on saying that the list needs to be refreshed or something and I click ok, and it downloads a file01:23
jeffMASTERflexl815: try using the swiftfox build and see if that solves any of your problems01:23
EitheLbut then it keep sayin01:23
EitheLthe list is outdated or something01:23
warriorforgodName141: Try the restricted driver manager.  If that doesn't work, get the install script from nvidias site.01:23
teqsunhow do you use the restricted driver manager?01:24
teqsun<--- nub01:24
lollo_i'm in the folder extracted manually from the tar.gz, i type ( like the instruction suggest) ./configure in the folder but it says DIRECTORY NOT FOUND !!!!01:24
warriorforgodteqsun: System -->  Administration --> Restricted driver mangaer01:24
nikon252could some please tell me how to fix this error?01:24
teqsunThank you01:24
lollo_please smeone could answer me ?01:24
mad_max02IndyGunFreak, well atleast you can tell me what is wrong in this picture so I can not do it next time or something coz I tried to install drivers manually and failed every time01:24
nikon252E: /var/cache/apt/archives/libvolume-id0_113-0ubuntu17_amd64.deb: files list file for package `mono-runtime' is missing final newline01:24
jeffMASTERflexteqsun: open it, it should be pretty explanatory when you open it up, there are only boxes to checkmark01:24
teqsunThanks guys Didn't even know this was here01:25
EitheLAnd also why am I not able to use my external hard drive in my linux computer01:25
EitheLand it says unable to mount01:25
NetM*teqsun* i hit f6 and the start install .. @ splash screen sucks again !01:25
teqsunno no01:25
whiteguysamuraican anyone help me set up ics?01:25
teqsunhit f6 and remove splash01:25
techIIok, i want to toggle wwwoffle's (proxy that stores web pages for offline use) offline/online modes from network manager, how do i do this?01:25
NetMHow can i remove it ?01:25
teqsunjust wait like 5 min01:25
teqsunyou hit backspace01:25
Name141warriorforgod: my hardware doesn't need any restricted drivers01:25
NetMI think that i cant change the options01:25
Name141warriorforgod: is what it says anyway.01:25
whiteguysamuraiinternet connection sharing01:25
NetMI m noob01:25
teqsunme too :)01:25
EitheLWhen I go to add/remove program and i choose a program, it keeps on saying that the list needs to be refreshed or something and I click ok, and it downloads a file  and it keeps asking me to refresh the list so I can't install any apps...01:25
warriorforgodName141: Go to nvidias site and grab the linux drivers01:26
teqsuneithel are you on a macbook?01:26
teqsunI had that same problem.01:26
EitheLwhat did you do?01:26
teqsunI wish I could help you out but it seemed to fix it for me when I installed it on a PC01:26
EitheLits ok01:26
EitheLmabye because acer just sucks :D01:26
EitheLi actually got my friend to install ubuntu on his comp since windows failed on his01:27
NetM*teqsun* "quiet splash" ?01:27
Name141warriorforgod: I am guessing http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_169.12.html01:27
teqsunkeep quiet01:27
teqsunremove splash01:27
EitheLand i would install ubuntu on my comp if i could keep my windows runnin :P01:27
teqsunor else its very... loud ;)01:27
IndyGunFreakEitheL: all you have to do is dualboot01:27
=== insiderboy is now known as chatsiri
EitheL dualboot...?01:28
teqsunI have it dualbooting with windows xp01:28
NetMSays "loading, please wait..."01:28
IndyGunFreak!dualboot | EitheL01:28
ubotuEitheL: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot01:28
teqsunjust keep letting it load01:28
Name141I just use Vmware01:28
teqsunmay take like 6 - 7 min01:28
teqsunexciting aint it ;)01:28
EitheL ooo01:28
teqsunI darn near jumped for joy when I got ubuntu to boot01:28
teqsuntried almost every distro I could get my hands on01:28
maimsterHi all.01:28
l815what's the terminal command to remove a folder with files inside?01:28
warriorforgodName141: yes01:28
IndyGunFreakEitheL: short and sweet, you partition your hard drive, 1 partition for Ubuntu, 1 for Xp/Vista, and you get a menu when you turn on yoru PC, asking which to boot.. i'd say a majority of folks dualboot.01:28
teqsunrm -rf dir01:28
teqsunrm -rf "dirname"01:29
l815thanks teqsun01:29
NetMIt says errors @ blocks :x01:29
mouseboyxIs there a hotkey to show desktop?01:29
teqsunIs your Master IDE device a hard drive?01:29
mad_max02anyone else that knows how to enable extra desktop effects with newest nvidia drivers installed ???01:29
mouseboyxctrl+alt+d nvm01:29
teqsunI think all satas are masters ?01:29
teqsunjust see if it goes past that01:29
teqsunuh oh01:30
NetMSame think with graphics01:30
teqsunjust let it go01:30
teqsunits probably loading the ubuntu OS01:30
maimstermad_max02: What new features do you get when using the nVidia cards?01:30
NetMIts the same :/01:30
teqsuni kno01:30
teqsunjust give it a few min01:30
mad_max02maimster, what do you mean ?01:30
teqsundid your monitor turn off?01:30
NetMBlue green screen with purple mouse01:30
maimstermad_max02 I have a few of them lying around.01:30
techIIanyone know if there is some place i can put scripts, that execute when network-manager comes up/down01:30
maimstermad_max02 I thought you were saying that you can different features.01:31
kenroFor wishink me luck, upgradink to Hardy already.01:31
mad_max02maimster, I still dont get it what ur trying to ask me.01:31
IndyGunFreakmaimster: he's trying to use compiz... unfortunately his card requires the binary driver... and he's robably already hosed any chance of getting it to work by using envy01:31
maimstermad_max02 IndyGunFreak just explained it.  Thanks.01:32
stormze1IndyGunFreak: That's a "temporary hose", right?  Can't he just uninstall everything he installed?01:32
maimsterAnyone having a problem with download speeds?01:32
IndyGunFreakstormze1: not usually, thats why its such a bad idea.01:32
maimsterMy 7.10 is crawling....01:32
IndyGunFreakits the same problem wiht automatix, easyubuntu, etc.01:32
mad_max02IndyGunFreak, I dont want to use compiz. Compiz works on my machine01:32
marble53_can someone help me with updating my alsa driver?01:32
IndyGunFreakmad_max02: then what do you want to do?01:33
mad_max02IndyGunFreak, I just want to use plain and simple extra desktop effects01:33
tinmank, tried dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg plenty of time :<, i get an error, too many paramater given in line 47 in /gmd/defaultXserver or something similar01:33
tinmanany way at all to fix this?01:33
IndyGunFreakmad_max02: if compiz works, then extra should work, pure and simple.;01:33
mad_max02IndyGunFreak, there is none, normal, extra and custom01:33
stormze1oh. :(  I resorted to envy as well when the restricted drivers didn't work.  Oh well, doesn't sound like it will work for 965 anyway until the next release.01:33
mad_max02IndyGunFreak, nope. thats the problem.01:33
IndyGunFreakdon't know.01:33
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mad_max02IndyGunFreak, I can select custom and use compiz but I cant select extra coz then it asks to enable driver which installs the old 100.xx one01:34
DevourerHow I extract a .tar.gz file?01:34
IndyGunFreakmad_max02: i really don't know, i dont' know how many times i can say that01:34
joshaidanDevourer: tar xvfz filename.tar.gz01:34
mad_max02IndyGunFreak, do you really think that envy is bad thing ?01:34
dvarg388Devourer, tar -xvfz01:34
Devourerjoshaidan, thanks.01:34
IndyGunFreakmad_max02: i don't *think* envy is a bad thing01:34
teqsunI made the mistake of installing kubuntu over ubuntu...01:35
mouseboyxIn xchat is there a key to scroll up in the window?01:35
mad_max02IndyGunFreak, u just dont like it ?01:35
teqsunnow all of my options and stuff are in weird places01:35
stormze1IndyGunFreak: .. I should have known from the crappy interface... hehehe01:35
mad_max02or its really that problematic01:35
NetM*teqsun* with "safe graphics" its ok :)01:35
IndyGunFreakmad_max02: ok, i guess you didn't get it, I *know* is a bad thing01:35
ubotuenvy is not needed or supported. Use the Resticted Manager to install binary drivers and see « /msg ubotu binarydriver »01:35
NetMLets try :)01:35
teqsunmaybe you can install with safe graphics01:35
teqsunand install driverS?01:35
NetMDunno yet01:35
teqsunyou can boot into safe mode01:35
LogiarI'm just curious. How do i uninstall stuff that I've installed by doing make install?01:36
mad_max02IndyGunFreak, ah. Ok. Then I should uninstall it ? I have problem coz I cant install driver manually01:36
IndyGunFreakmad_max02: no.. cuz then you'll have more problems than yous tarted with most likely01:36
teqsunoh wait01:36
teqsundid you make uninstall?01:36
IndyGunFreak!enter | teqsun geez.. there's 1200 people here01:36
ubotuteqsun geez.. there's 1200 people here: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:36
mad_max02IndyGunFreak, but I can always roll back to old 100.xx drivers01:36
UbubeginIs AVG a gud anti-virus software for Ubuntu... or any else , u guys can recommend01:36
IndyGunFreakmad_max02: you can do anything you like01:37
techIIalso, anyone know how to automatically authenticate against cisco's clean access?01:37
maimsterUbubegin: Have you tried Avast?01:37
IndyGunFreakUbubegin: you really don't need antivirus for ubuntu, unless you plan on protecting windows machines w/ it01:37
IndyGunFreak!virus | Ububegin01:37
ubotuUbubegin: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2101:37
Name141warriorforgod: I am guessing that the nVidia driver will help Ubuntu run better?01:37
LimCoreare there gui tools to appArmored to configure it?  how secure is this solution?01:37
juggaloreborncan anyone tell me how to reg my nick on here?01:38
Pici!register| juggaloreborn01:38
ubotujuggaloreborn: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.01:38
UbubeginIndyGunFreak: :D ...no viruses in Linux..... thanks...01:39
IndyGunFreakUbubegin: well, i wouldn't say none, but i'd say you really have to piss someone off to get one..lol01:39
maimsterjuggaloreborn /msg nickserv help should get you started01:39
GattonDoes hdparm / dma need to be set for SATA drives? Or does gutsy configure that automatically?01:40
dvarg388Good to know about the lack of virus thing, JUST made my first leap into Linux.01:40
LimCoredvarg388: therre are viruses etc for linux01:40
maimsterI have never ran virus software within linux. In years....01:40
LimCoremaimster: me too, but dont let the guards down01:41
EitheL can spyware effect linux?01:41
LimCoremaimster: btw, you didnt run skype? its accused of beeing spyware01:41
Odd-rationale!virus | dvarg388, you can read more here:01:41
ubotudvarg388, you can read more here:: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2101:41
LimCoreEitheL: yes01:41
EitheL ahh like all spyware?01:41
EitheL same as ones that will infect windows01:41
maimsterLimCore I have a Skype account on a windows box, and on my Nokia phone never had a problem though.01:41
magnetronEitheL: no01:41
LimCoreEitheL: the one targeter for linux,  or universal (i.e. exploits targetet at web browsers usally)01:41
tinmanx-server problem, i get a something/gdm/defaultXserver too many paramater given on line 47 when i boot, i have tried dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg with no avail01:41
ubotuA/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2101:41
EitheL ahh I see01:42
EitheL thanks :D01:42
LimCorewow this !virus entry is faulty01:42
jscinozis it possible to use suspend2 to instead of the default suspend/hibernate functionality without using a custom kernel (e.g. as a module)?01:42
magnetronLimCore: why do you say that?01:42
ogre_hello everybody!)01:43
LimCoremagnetron: there are TONS of troyans, worms, rootkits etc targetet at linux.  such fanboi articles do not help by false sense of security01:43
magnetronLimCore: the article is only about VIRUSES. please don't confuse viruses with other malware01:44
juggalorebornbut with linux, if you get a virus you go into Godmode (Use the CLI) and cleanse it01:44
mouseboyxHow do you run commands with a keystroke in the terminal01:44
LimCoremagnetron: users confuse it.  No viruses (omg omg)  ....but rootkits etc.01:44
ogre_I'm a newbie in Linux, plz help me fix the problem01:44
juggalorebornwhatcha need ogre01:44
LimCoreogre_: what problem01:44
nikon252could some please help me take care of this error:  E: /var/cache/apt/archives/libvolume-id0_113-0ubuntu17_amd64.deb: files list file for package `mono-runtime' is missing final newline01:45
celi0usLimCore: go google "rootkit"01:45
EcoBluehow will ubuntu handle a new dvd drive01:45
LimCoreceli0us: and?01:45
magnetronLimCore: so we agree the article is not faulty01:45
Jangariwhen i run vpnc, it causes my connection to the server to choke, and eventually nautilus freezes. Even cd'ing to the server in a terminal freezes up. Any ideas?01:45
teqsunI just finished reading the article about the virii Awesome read!01:45
EitheL Ecoblue: all you need are the driver and software to run DVDs from it01:45
mouseboyxhow do you open something from the system try without a mouse?01:45
magnetronLimCore: it's just possible to misinterpret... as other texts01:45
EitheL like VLC player01:45
LimCoremagnetron: worms, viruses, same thing for end user01:45
ogre_I don't now how to chage xdm to kdm01:45
ogre_Kubuntu 7.1001:46
magnetronLimCore: no.01:46
EcoBlueEitheL, will it just detect it and use it?01:46
EitheL also is there a shortcut for switching screens?01:46
Odd-rationaleogre_: Have you installed kdm ?01:46
EitheL yep01:46
EitheL works for me :P01:46
nikon252anyone able to solve that problem01:46
LimCoremagnetron: I got my files deleted by a virus :((((   No... WAIT! it was a WORM not a virus! pheeeew!01:46
EitheL ur comp should be able to detect it even before linux starts up01:46
bluefoxxok, so i just got a new dvd drive and installed it, however, gxine wont detect it, and says something about dma mode rad failure from /dev/dvd. the device in question is a brand new lg super multi dvd burner with secure disk capabilities. how should i configure this device?01:46
EitheL thats how ppl install linux anyway :P01:46
magnetronLimCore: worms don't do that, get your facts straight01:47
LimCoremagnetron: some do, why not? or cause other damage01:47
IndyGunFreakmagnetron: he apparentlly likes to imbelish a bit, in case you havent noticed01:47
* magnetron is imbelished01:47
LimCoreit might delete files on a host system (e.g., the ExploreZip worm)  -  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_worm01:47
jarrettgreenEvening guys. I've got a newb question here. I don't know what I'm even referring to - perhaps DNS, so I don't really know where to start looking for tutorials. Here's my scenario. I've got a Dapper box up and running. Everything is awesome, working well togheter, ftp, ssh, apache, etc. I have a static IP from my cable provider, and have routed port 80 on that IP to the box. I work with a hosting company for our corporate01:48
LimCoremagnetron: either you, or wikipedia article on Worms, is mistaken. I guess that you01:48
NetMTeqsun partition for boot , logical or primary ?01:48
ogre_I've installed fluxbox and KDE01:48
bluefoxxso how do i configure a new dvd drive in 7.10?01:48
LimCorebluefoxx: hmm what is there to configure? it should just work01:48
magnetronLimCore: yes, but does worms magically become viruses? no?01:48
KiD_ChAoSwhen i right click on a file and i go to Actions---> then Email, it always opens up with Kmail but i want to use evolution. i have changed many settigns trying to achieve the task but still i get krappy kmail. help me please01:49
ogre_Also I don't know how to add fluxbox to boot list01:49
LimCoremagnetron: both viruses and worms can destroy user files; or do other damage. linux may be quite secure from viruses, but not so much from worms, which that fanboy style article forgotten to mentioned01:49
bluefoxxLimCore: for the most part, it does. however it doesnt appear as /dev/dvd and as such gxine cant seem to use it. also i dont belive the dvd reigon has been set in it01:50
LimCoreogre_: just install it01:50
Odd-rationaleogre_: Have you tried uninstalling xdm and reinstalling kdm? form command line, kill X.01:50
KiD_ChAoSwhen i right click on a file and i go to Actions---> then Email, it always opens up with Kmail but i want to use evolution. i have changed many settigns trying to achieve the task but still i get krappy kmail. help me please01:50
teqsunhowdy yall... having to use Bitchx now01:50
LimCoreKiD_ChAoS:   run kcontrol and change default applications there01:50
maimsterteqsun: You mean there are other chat clients other than BitchX?01:50
LimCoreKiD_ChAoS: and btw, kmail > evolution,  from what I've seen :)01:51
guillaumehi all01:51
guillaumeim kind of new to this01:51
GattonThunderbird ftw ;-)01:51
ubotunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit01:51
teqsundoes kmail support imap?01:51
guillaumei need to run a program from terminal01:51
KiD_ChAoSLimCore, i use an exchange server, Kmail doesn't have the wit for that01:51
ogre_Isn't possible do it by editinh any configs?01:51
Gattonmmm splitteroo!01:51
Jangariyeeee haw!!01:51
Jangarii love a good netsplit!!01:51
magnetronLimCore: power shortages may also damage your computer. so does your brother, or a corrupted hard drive or static electrical charges. they are not !viruses anyway.01:51
Jangariagain again!!01:52
Gattonjust like the good ole days01:52
teqsunso does kmail support imap?01:52
guillaumeand then save the outoup01:52
KiD_ChAoSLimCore, i use an exchange server, Kmail doesn't have the wit for that01:52
Odd-rationaleteqsun: Yes.01:52
teqsunthank you odd01:52
maimsterAnyone know the site for ubuntu forums?01:52
LimCoremagnetron: most users mistake viruses for worms.  most users do NOT mistake viruses for brother01:52
tinmanxserver is not loading.. can't get it to work..kill self01:52
magnetronLimCore: you have apparently not met my brother01:53
maimsterevilbat: Thanks.01:53
evilbatno problem01:53
KiD_ChAoSLimCore, it already has evolution in there, i made that change but still Kmail opens instead01:53
LimCoreKiD_ChAoS: hmm not sure then... from every program?01:53
mad_max02IndyGunFreak, dude I just uninstalled both nvidia and envy01:53
wols_tinman: check your Xorg.0.log01:53
mad_max02IndyGunFreak, do you maybe have any link to good install guide ?01:54
LimCoreKiD_ChAoS: hmm not sure then... perhaps ask also #kamil and/or file a bug01:54
KiD_ChAoSdo you know the evolution executable01:54
tinmanwols_: then? :,01:54
LimCoreKiD_ChAoS: evolution01:54
guillaumewhat is the comand to run a program in a console?01:54
IndyGunFreak!nvidia | mad_max0201:54
ubotumad_max02: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:54
NetMInstalling :)01:54
KiD_ChAoSLimCore, ok thankyou01:54
guillaumeand Stay in the console01:54
NetMError :x01:54
wols_tinman: then you pastebin its contents01:54
LimCoreguillaume: open a console, then type the program name and press enter01:54
wols_guillaume: command&01:54
LimCoreguillaume: to open a console use alt+f2 and type  aterm   or  konsole   and enter01:54
tinmanwols_: okey, i did that last time, was told to dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, didnt help01:54
rycolehey guys, i just installed ubuntu, and i am trying to install xchat via the "Add/Remove" dialog. when i click the check mark for xchat, it tells me the list of applications is not available, and to click refresh. when i click refresh it seems to download a list (it says "download file 6 of 6") and then processes it, it looks like01:55
tinmanwols_: brb, i'll reboot into live cd01:55
rycolebut it does this every time i click the x next to xchat01:55
rycoleany ideaS?01:55
guillaumebut it's start the program in a window01:55
LimCorerycole: click apply01:55
guillaumeI need to copy the result to pastebin/...01:55
wols_guillaume: so?01:55
LimCoreguillaume:   what result?01:55
guillaumeI get an error in gnucash and they asked me to do this01:55
rycoleLimCore: the apply button is never enabled01:55
guillaumeI need to open a invoice in the console01:56
guillaumeno clue how to do that01:56
IndyGunFreakrycole: just open a terminal and type "sudo apt-get install xchat"01:56
wols_ubotu: you will see output in the xterm you can copy+paste01:56
LimCoreguillaume: start an xterminal like  aterm   or konsole,   then write there   gnucash  and press enter01:56
guillaumegnucash is starting01:56
LimCorerycole: or just click APPLY instead refresh01:56
guillaumeput can I stay in the console and use the program in the console01:56
mouseboyxwhat is the keyboard shortcut in gnome to give focus to the panel or , how do I select the system tray?01:56
rycoleLimCore: there's *never* an apply button enabled for me to click.01:56
wols_an X program AWLAYS opens a GUI window01:57
LimCoreguillaume: hmm?01:57
mad_max02IndyGunFreak, that guide is for installing restricted drivers which are old 100.xx ones.01:57
LimCorerycole: strange, perhaps indeed just use apt-get01:57
wols_but gnucash will write its errors in that xterm01:57
LimCorewols_: (actually not really always ;)01:57
wols_LimCore: when not?01:57
guillaumeI see01:57
rycoleIndyGunFreak: i tried that as well, and it says there's no xchat package. i even tried apt-get update, and it doesn't seem to download anything new.01:57
LimCorewols_: one can make window-less X program01:57
mrpocketsi need the command to force kill a program01:57
baldiois ubuntu a circus? www.ubuntu.de01:57
LimCoremrpockets: kill01:58
IndyGunFreakrycole: hav eyou modified your source list?01:58
mouseboyxkillall name of progam01:58
KiD_ChAoSwho handles Kmail issues? there is no Kmail room here01:58
rycoleIndyGunFreak: nope01:58
rycoledo i need to?01:58
LimCorebaldio: sure01:58
IndyGunFreakrycole: maybe.01:58
LimCoreKiD_ChAoS: try #kde  or use some mailing list etc01:58
IndyGunFreakrycole: open synaptic package manager.. system/admin/synaptic01:58
mouseboyxIs there a keyboard shortcut for pidgin to bring up the buddy list?01:58
Ashnalokay, so, a friend of mine left his computer installing updates and locked the screen so no one else could touch it, his sibling cold booted the thing into windows while he was gone and now the kernel is kaput and wont mount the root filesystem, so i fiured we need to rplace the kernel, so my question is, where can we obtain the kernel for gutsy and where do we put it? We will be using the windows ext3 driver to do this since he los01:58
LifeisfunnyI try ot do an update through the terminal and all I get is one line of.........    0% [Connecting to (] [Connecting to (192.1601:58
guillaumewhat does that mean: "gnc.bin-Message: main: binreloc relocation support was disabled at configure time."01:59
dzer0I recently installed Ubuntu 7.10 and then Windows XP on another partition. Is there a way to activate grub again from Windows?01:59
IndyGunFreakdzer0: you'll have to do it from the live CD02:00
IndyGunFreak!grub | dzer002:00
ubotudzer0: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:00
IndyGunFreakrycole: were you able to install from there02:01
KuwangerAshnal: Um, what do you mean it won't mount the root filesystem?  Does it say it doesn't exist or is the kernel hanging in some bizarre way?02:01
KuwangerAshnal: Further, what about the recovery mode option?02:01
computer09809do i need a hub or a router? i have a print server02:01
rycoleIndyGunFreak: i don't see an xchat package in this. it looks like a different package manager?02:01
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IndyGunFreakrycole: click settings/repositories02:02
AshnalKuwanger: 14.319125 kernel panic - not syncing:VFS:unable tomount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)02:02
Ashnalrecovery mode does the same thing02:02
LifeisfunnyI try to do a system update through the terminal but all I get is one line of.........    0% [Connecting to (] [Connecting to (192.1602:02
rhineheart_mHello! Is anybody of you here knows postfix very well? I've been trying to visit #postfix and send messages there but nobody responded.02:02
rycolei have download from main server chosen02:02
rhineheart_mm configuring it work in my ubuntu box02:02
IndyGunFreakrycole: thats fine, are all the boxes checked? on the top under "download from the internet"02:02
tinmanwols_: okey, i am pastebinning02:03
rycoleno, none are02:03
KuwangerAshnal: Is block(0,0) the right place to be mounting?02:03
IndyGunFreakrycole: thus the problem,check them all02:03
AshnalKuwanger: I have no idea02:03
nikon252how do I recover .deb packages that fail to install02:03
IndyGunFreakrycole: after checking them all, apply changes, then in synaptic, click "reload"02:03
mouseboyxnevermind i enabled mousekeys02:03
AshnalKuwanger: but the OS is installed at the beginning of the disk so i think02:03
rycoleIndyGunFreak: ok, this seems to be working. it's downloading about 45 files.02:04
IndyGunFreakrycole: right, now, you can either search synaptic for xchat, and install it, or go to add/remove, or in a terminal, sudo apt-get install xchat02:04
KuwangerAshnal: See, my guess would be either (a) the wrong locations is being pointed to or (b) initramfs wasn't created properly.02:05
Lifeisfunnyanybody have a good website that can teach someone about compiling programs?02:05
KuwangerAshnal: In any case, your easiest option would be to boot the Ubuntu Live CD and go from there.02:05
Lifeisfunnysorry, that might be for offtopic02:05
AshnalKuwanger: umm i stated that the liveCD was lost02:05
rycoleIndyGunFreak: thanks. i have to say, desktop linux has come a long way since i last used slackware/freebsd back in 2000, or so. :P02:05
IndyGunFreakrycole: a LONG way02:05
KuwangerAshnal: Make a new one?02:05
AshnalKuwanger: not an option, could you answer my original questions please?02:06
rycoleyeah, i almost fell out of my chair in shock at the graphical install02:06
rycoleand how sound actually worked out of the box.02:06
jarrettgreenHey guys. I have a newb ? here. I don't really know what I referring to, but I think it's a DNS thing. Here's my scenario. I have a Dapper box up and running, everything works good. I ahve a static IP, and our router points port 80 to our box. I use a seperate hosting company and would like to have dev.ourcompany.com point to out box. With my host I can redirect (which just resovles to the ugly IP but works) or do a CNAME02:06
IndyGunFreakhardware support is quite good now days02:06
praetorLifeisfunn: http://tldp.org/FAQ/Linux-FAQ/development.html02:06
rycoleyeah, i just need to figure out this wireless adapter issue. it says i need some proprietary firmware, or something. i02:07
jarrettgreenI guess the reason i can do a namesever thing from my host is because this is a sub-domain- is what I want even possible?02:07
rycolewill have to do some googling.02:07
KuwangerAshnal: Fine, but I still doubt it's the kernel that's the issue.02:07
tinmanwols_: http://pastebin.ca/922867 <- the x log you wanted me to pastebin02:07
IndyGunFreakrycole: whats yhour wireless chipset?02:07
jsteezeyrycole what wireless do you have/02:07
rycolewell, it's a newer dell laptop, so im sure it'll have some support somewhere. it was telling me the chipset in a notification earlier.. let me see if i can find it again02:08
IndyGunFreakrycole: open a terminal, "lspci" no quotes.. see how it identifies your wireless device02:08
jsteezeyor lsusb depending lol02:09
wols_tinman: this is not the one when it doesn't work, is it? you get vesa loaded with it. what vga chipset do you use?02:09
IndyGunFreaktrue, well i'm assuming its internal.02:09
* wols_ bets it's a broadcom. oh joy02:09
jsteezeyright i did also when i bought this new box02:09
tinmanwols_: umm, inbuilt intel vedio card?02:09
jsteezeymine is usb though02:09
IndyGunFreakjsteezey: how does it work?02:10
wols_tinman: so why is acpi and agpgart not working?02:10
jsteezeygreat with the Ralink drivers02:10
rycoleumm.. the output of lspci is at http://dpaste.com/37294/02:10
jsteezeythe one is the repo are horrible02:10
tinmanwols_: when it dosent loat it points to something/gdm/defaultXserver or something similar and says too many paramaters on line 4702:10
IndyGunFreakjsteezey: whats the specific make/model of your device?02:10
jsteezeyalso i had to blacklist all the other Ralink modules02:10
rycolebroadcom, you were right wols_ :P02:10
wols_!error | tinman02:10
ubotutinman: Please elaborate, your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)02:10
IndyGunFreakwols_: you win the prize...lol02:11
IndyGunFreakrycole: 03:03.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g] 802.11g Wireless LAN Controller (rev 02)02:11
tinmanwols_: well,  can't find where that eooror is02:11
rycoleAirForce One, :P02:11
IndyGunFreak!broadcom | rycole02:11
uboturycole: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx02:11
jsteezeyAirforce one FTW02:11
genbuntuHi , when I try to run nessus from terminal I get the following error: "bind() failed : Address already in use" . Any ideas what could be the problem?02:12
IndyGunFreakjsteezey: what model USB wireless device do you have?02:12
wols_genbuntu: some other program already uses the port nessus wants to use02:12
jsteezeyuh its a Ralink rt7302:12
amenadogenbuntu-> which port your nessus is attempting to use?02:12
BoostedSSif I have a program that I want to start up automatically how do I do it?02:12
IndyGunFreakjsteezey: thats a chipset isn't it?02:12
tinmanwols_: okey, it's /etc/gdm/failsafeXServer and somethign about too many parameters on line 47, that what i  get when i try to boot in02:13
genbuntuwols, amenado: how to I check which prot nessus or other program is trying?02:13
rycoleIndyGunFreak: ok ill check that link out. that's the thing it was giving me in the notification earlier, btw. the bcm43xx :P02:13
wols_tinman: you don't get that. I need concrete steps what you do and what the exact error is02:13
jarrettgreenHey guys. I have a newb ? here. I don't really know what I referring to, but I think it's a DNS thing. Here's my scenario. I have a Dapper box up and running, everything works good. I ahve a static IP, and our router points port 80 to our box. I use a seperate hosting company and would like to have dev.ourcompany.com point to out box. With my host I can redirect (which just resovles to the ugly IP but works) or do a CNAME02:13
IndyGunFreakrycole: lol02:13
jsteezeyIndyGun: I guess02:13
IndyGunFreakjsteezey: well i don't think ralink makes a usb device, thats strictly a chipset.02:14
amenadogenbuntu-> look to its manual? readme files?02:14
tomd123does anyone know of any tool which will tell you the bandwidth usage/ total bandwidth used in the past 24 hours, hopefully something like a graph that just sits in my desktop bar02:14
jsteezeyhang on ill get it02:14
jsteezeyim on my laptop02:14
tinmanwols_: There is no way i can copy errors during bot up, i boot into ubuntu and when I an supposed to get login screen it tells me X server failed to load and wehter i want to view the error or not, and when I do it gives the aforementioned error02:14
Jahromeowhat is avant window manager called in the repos?02:14
wols_tinman: then pastebin THAT error02:15
genbuntuamenado: hmm.. surprising. when i try to "man nessus" it says "No manual entry for nessus" .02:15
wols_EXACT error02:15
tristanmikeHi all...weird thing happening. I've tried installing DVD playback using the instructions found under "Help and Support" in the menu, and when it didn't work, I went to the Ubuntu Documentation site for Restricted Codecs, but now my DVD-RW doesn't read discs and I get "cdrom: This disc doesn't have any tracks I recognize!" and "end_request: I/O error, dev hdc, sector 4" in messages. Any ideas ?02:15
xeenanwow I finally got this to work, lol02:15
brad01I want ubuntu to be able to display my battery charge02:15
wols_tinman: and yes it is possible02:15
tinmanwols_: where can I find that error?02:15
guillaume__LimCore: Thanks man02:15
wols_when you display it02:15
amenadogenbuntu-> maybe you have to google for it02:15
genbuntuamenado: btw, i used the .deb package for its installation02:15
Jahromeowhat is awm under in the repos?02:16
wols_tinman: errors never say "somethign about" so don't try to fool me02:16
amenadogenbuntu-> research what it uses as ports02:16
genbuntuamenado: do u remember what was the command to view all the internet applications which are using ports ? (something similar to "top" ) ?02:16
tinmanwols_: i didnt say error said that, that is me trying to remember it..02:16
bastid_raZorJahromeo;  avant-window-navigator and awn-core-applets-bzr02:16
amenadogenbuntu-> lsof -i  or netstat -aup02:17
jsteezeyIndyGun:You were right02:17
Jahromeothanks bastid_razor02:17
rrmhey guys... sorry that i have to ask so many question but i got one02:17
IndyGunFreakjsteezey: i know..lol, what make/model si it?02:17
genbuntuamenado, k lemme try that, brb02:17
mrpocketsWirless card in Ubuntu02:17
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:17
rrmmy ibm r51 work fine and everything is detected but the wireless card at times disappears or does not work02:18
xeenanTrying to install an ATI driver, but when I try to install I get the error""gedit has not been able to detect the character coding.02:18
xeenanPlease check that you are not trying to open a binary file.02:18
xeenanSelect a character coding from the menu and try again.02:18
rrmwhat could it be?02:18
ionstormhttp://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/ <--launched check it out02:18
bastid_raZorJahromeo; you'll need to add some stuff to your sources.list02:18
jsteezeyIndyGun: Belkin F5D0705002:18
Jahromeowhat repo is it in ?02:19
bastid_raZorJahromeo; deb http://download.tuxfamily.org/syzygy42 gutsy avant-window-navigator  and   deb-src http://download.tuxfamily.org/syzygy42 gutsy avant-window-navigator02:19
KiD_ChAoShow do i edit my context menus (ie. right-click menu) in kde?02:19
Jahromeodo i just open those?02:19
bastid_raZorJahromeo; add those two lines to your sources.list and you'll have it02:19
IndyGunFreakjsteezey: thank you02:19
IndyGunFreakjsteezey: also, if you're gonna prefix my name, might as well prefix it all, or its not gonna alert me02:19
on_hiatusi'm currently running Ubuntu 5.10... tried to load 7.10... coiuldn't load it... not enough RAM... question: will incremental upgrades one release at a time allow me to reach 7.10 without using up all available RAM?02:19
jsteezeyIndyGunFreak: C00l Beanz02:20
jarrettgreenHey guys. I have a newb ? here. I don't really know what I referring to, but I think it's a DNS thing. Here's my scenario. I have a Dapper box up and running, everything works good. I ahve a static IP, and our router points port 80 to our box. I use a seperate hosting company and would like to have dev.ourcompany.com point to out box. With my host I can redirect (which just resovles to the ugly IP but works) or do a CNAME02:20
genbuntuamenado: hmm.. i checked with netstat and lsof but the TCP port 1241 doesn't seem to be in-use . (nessus uses tcp 1241)02:20
wols_!repeat | jarrettgreen02:20
ubotujarrettgreen: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience02:20
tristanmikeon_hiatus, how much RAM do you have ?02:20
JahromeoI think I might give gnome a go kde is too buggy for me atm02:21
jsteezeyIndyGunFreak: I was using Sabayon with KDE on the box before02:21
prettyrickyHey guys what can I use to increase the hard drive space since I only allowed 10 gig for the installation of ubuntu. Is there anything that I can repartition my drive?02:21
KiD_ChAoShow do i edit my context menus (ie. right-click menu) in kde?02:21
genbuntuamenado, can I manually stop that port's use : tcp 1241?02:21
IndyGunFreakjsteezey: never cared for sabayon., are you sure thats the right model number?.. can't find one of that model for belkin02:21
amenadogenbuntu-> those port are not showing in lsof -i ?02:21
jsteezeyIndyGunFreak: and it listed it as Ralink USB wireless device so i just assumed and i didnt no nothing about it02:21
AutoMatriXhi folks, which firewall does one use with gutsy ? and how can I be notified of an intrusion in realtime ?02:21
jarrettgreenwols_ thanks for the repeat............02:21
zerohi any one can help me with a problem with a card reader ?02:21
genbuntuamenado, nope :(02:21
=== Num43 is now known as Num43|Sleep
on_hiatusless than the 384 (approx.) that I seem to need... a full 7.10 install conks out at 82% complete...02:21
wols_jarrettgreen: no thanks for yours02:21
tristanmikeKiD_ChAoS, check out #kubuntu02:22
amenadogenbuntu can you try moving the nessus port to something without conflicT?02:22
genbuntuamenado, lsof -i only shows 5 ports in use : 4 of pidgin and 1 of xchat02:22
KiD_ChAoStristanmike, thanx02:22
Jahromeoon_hiatus i had that problem02:22
amenadogenbuntu-> netstat -aup same?02:22
jarrettgreenhow do I change a users password that I've just created?02:22
on_hiatus& how did you fix it, jahromeo?02:22
wols_on_hiatus: how much do you have?02:22
hoarycrippletinman, log in on a terminal CTRL-ALT-F1 and issue the command: sudo modprobe intel-agp02:22
amenadogenbuntu-> netstat -atup same?02:22
Jahromeoon_hiatus is it a kubuntu or ubuntu install02:23
zeroany one get a card reader on aspire 3680 working ?02:23
bastid_raZorjarrettgreen; in a terminal sudo passwd username02:23
on_hiatusas I said... about 380 +/-02:23
killerbeesatemeAutoMatriX:  I've had good luck with a program called Firestarter02:23
hoarycrippletinman, and then try restarting gdm: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart02:23
wols_on_hiatus: ubuntu needs "only" 256MB02:23
Jahromeoon_hiatus what installed is it ubuntu/kubuntu?02:23
jsteezeyIndyGunFreak:how can i find out cuz i went to Ralinks website and that was the only one that was listed under RT73 chipset along with one other Linksys device02:23
genbuntuamenado, netstat -aup gives a list of only UDP ports, and none of them are 1241.02:23
hoarycrippletinman, also, you can check if intel-agp is loaded:  lsmod |grep intel-agp02:23
foibleswhats a good rss feed program?02:23
hoarycrippletinman, and check the output of that02:23
on_hiatusjahromeo: regular old Ubuntu (gnome)02:23
amenadogenbuntu-> netstat -atup same?02:23
IndyGunFreakjsteezey: lsusb in a terminal should say02:24
tristanmikeon_hiatus, have you tried the alternate disc with the text based install and opt out for installing any of the eye-candy ?02:24
AutoMatriXkillerbeesateme, thanks02:24
Jahromeook on_hiatus and 82% is scanning mirrors?02:24
killerbeesatemeAutoMatriX:  no problem.02:24
on_hiatustristanmike: no02:24
Jahromeokubuntus 82% is scanning mirrors thats where i got stuck , can fix that02:24
jsteezeyIndyGunFreak: when i do that it doesnt list a wireless device02:24
Jahromeois ubuntu the same?02:24
AutoMatriXkillerbeesateme, that gives you a real-time warning ? or can it be configued that way ?02:24
on_hiatusjahromeo: not sure I understand your reply... old noob disease...02:25
jsteezeyIndyGunFreak:it just list other devices02:25
tinmanhoarycripple: i am on live cd, should i do that in recovery mode02:25
IndyGunFreakjsteezey: is your wireless device connected to a USb device?02:25
Jahromeoon_hiatus when it says 82% what part of the install is it busy doing "scanning mirrors"02:25
KiD_ChAoSnow im going to ask a bunch of questions and i want you to answer them immediately02:25
tristanmikeon_hiatus, I'd say if Jahromeo has a solution for you, great, otherwise, I'd suggest doing the text based install and see if you have better luck02:25
killerbeesatemeAutoMatriX:  Yes, it will place a program in your system tray that will turn red with alerts...if I remember correctly.  I havne't used it for a while02:25
jarrettgreenbastid_raZor what are the default permissions given to a user?02:25
tinmanhoarycripple: also, i fond the error using google, the forum said dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg fixed one guys problem but the the other ones02:25
on_hiatusno... if i understand you... no... I'm working off a cd02:25
JahromeoI had this issue with Kubuntu and I fixed it so if ubuntu installer is similar nowdays it might work02:25
jsteezeyIndyGunFreak:its in the back of the box02:26
killerbeesatemeAutoMatriX:  it's pretty easy to set up too, it will also monitor active connections too02:26
on_hiatusok, tristanmike...thx02:26
Jahromeoyes but during install when it reaches 82% is installer displaying "scanning for mirrors" e.g. does it get stuck when its scanning for repositories?02:26
jsteezeyIndyGunFreak:all i had to do was srew on the attena02:26
genbuntuamenado, hmm.. netstat -atup gives some tcp and udp ports . Some tcp ones are like :*:nfs , *:netbios-ssn , localhost:ipp etc..02:26
KuwangerAshnal: You can download a kernel here: http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux-source-2.6.22/linux-image-2.6.22-14-386_2.6.22-14.46_i386.deb02:26
on_hiatusnot that I recall...02:26
jsteezeyIndyGunFreak:it just said it was usb in network menager02:26
jsteezeyIndyGunFreak:the one that is in the KDE02:26
genbuntuamenado, but none specifically 124102:26
Jahromeoon kubuntu when it gets stuck at 82% it is a bug with scanning the repo's what I do for that is enable/disable network card02:26
on_hiatusstupid noob should have written that down...02:26
Jahromeoand installer carries on02:27
tristanmikeon_hiatus, out of curiosity, do you get an error telling you you're out of RAM ? or is that an assumption ?02:27
on_hiatus... and next time i will02:27
IndyGunFreakjsteezey: so its actualy in a PCi lot?02:27
AutoMatriXkillerbeesateme, ok, so I will not get into trouble if I plugin a windows machine via ethernet ?02:27
Jahromeoso if its a mirroring issue disable network card / internet then install02:27
on_hiatustristanmike... assumption02:27
KilllerKlowncan anyone help me with xcompmgr here please>?02:27
amenadogenbuntu am not familiar with nessus nor what port 1241 is..02:27
jsteezeyIndyGunFreak:lol i feel like a noob02:27
wilhi, When I type shift 2, I get ¨ instead of the usual quote mark... this is a problem as I cant do querys on google and I have a similar problem with apostrophe. How can I put the normal ones on?02:27
on_hiatusit seems to load slowly... then stop at about 82%02:27
tristanmikeon_hiatus, have you confirmed the disc is good by doing a check on it ?02:27
amenadogenbuntu-> are you sure those are the port it uses  now?02:27
bastid_raZorjarrettgreen; what you give them.02:27
tinmanand wols http://pastebin.ca/922893 that's the EXACT error i am getting02:28
on_hiatusyes... worked just fine on my friends machine02:28
Jahromeois the install direct from the livecd like kubuntu on_hiatus?02:28
levanderAre there any good GUI video editors available?02:28
KilllerKlownxcompmgr is giving me a continuous error... someone please help02:28
jsteezeyIndyGunFreak:i dont even now what device it is but i had to compile the rt73 drivers and it works now lol02:28
KiD_ChAoSnow im going to ask a bunch of questions and i want you to answer them immediately!02:28
genbuntuamenado, yes thats what someone posted on the internet02:28
IndyGunFreakjsteezey: ok.02:28
on_hiatusit is a live cd that can also be used for a traditional install02:28
killerbeesatemeAutoMatriX: are you using the linux box as a firewall for the windows machine?  or are you just on the same network?02:28
amenadogenbunt verify, it proly has a config file, look for it02:28
genoobiealright people...I'm a little desperate and I need some help...I'm trying to rescue my filesever HDD data and temporarily transfer it to a windows machine02:28
amenadogenbuntu verify, it proly has a config file, look for it02:28
Jahromeoon_hiatus sounds the same as kbuntu install - if it gets stuck on 82% check if installer says "scanning for mirrors" if thats the case go into networking disable and enable network card / internet02:28
on_hiatusok, jahromeo... thx02:29
tristanmikeon_hiatus, yeah, for sure. Um, I still suggest if you still hit a roadblock, to do the text based install and see if you have better luck...however, the upgrade may work too...02:29
genbuntuamenado, okie . *runs off to look for more info*02:29
genoobieI have sysrecuecd booted and I'm staring at a command prompt, not quite remembering how to setup the SMB from command prompt02:29
AutoMatriXkillerbeesateme, I'd like to 'dowload' some pics to my windowsmachine but I don't trust that thing :D don't know what's been going on with it and if it's contaminated or not02:29
on_hiatusthx, tristanmike02:29
ffm_How do I supress "gnome-session" 's many debug/warning messages?02:29
pbjhi! -- just installed Gutsy with alternate cd and can't even boot to a visible console. i think it's my ati x1550 causing problems. Can anyone help me?02:29
KilllerKlownhelp with xcompmgr please someone02:29
tinmanhttp://pastebin.ca/922893 <- I am getting that error (regarding x server) can anyone help?02:29
KuwangerAshnal: You can use 7zip to extract the .deb file.02:29
credibleKuwanger: why are you using xcompmgr?02:30
on_hiatusi'm starting to think that the sheer size is the problem... you know... the more complex the more likely to break02:30
credibleKilllerKlown: ^^02:30
KilllerKlowni'm getting an error 182 when i run xcompmgr02:30
KilllerKlownplease help02:30
AshnalKuwanger: is there any way to fix this without a liveCD? If not, is there a way to use the live CD to repair the installation without reformatting?02:30
wilhi, When I type shift 2, I get ¨ instead of the usual quote mark... this is a problem as I cant do querys on google and I have a similar problem with apostrophe. How can I put the normal ones on?02:30
KuwangerAshnal: And once you do, you should put the kernel image into /boot.  Now, that may be on the root partition or it may not be.  But if it is, you should also see a /boot/grub/menu.lst02:30
KilllerKlowndude i'm running fluxbox ... its the shizzle02:30
killerbeesatemeAutoMatriX:  well if you're looking to protect your linux box from it, it should work perfectly for you.  If you're plugging the windows pc directly into your linux PC, all bets are off of course.02:30
ffm_!repeat | KilllerKlown02:31
foiblesevolution is forever freezing on me02:31
ubotuKilllerKlown: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience02:31
KilllerKlowntrying to get my cosmetics going02:31
foibleswhats the dealio with that02:31
ffm_KilllerKlown: in any case ask in #fluxbuntu, we don't support itl.02:31
KuwangerAshnal: Um, you said you were going to use the ext3fs driver.  I assume that means you know the filesystem is ext3 and you've installed said driver.02:31
xeenanHey guyz noob ? here. Trying to install an ATI driver but when I click the installer I get an error box that says.....gedit has not been able to detect the character coding.02:31
xeenanPlease check that you are not trying to open a binary file.02:31
xeenanSelect a character coding from the menu and try again.02:31
AutoMatriXkillerbeesateme, ok, tx for info, I'll find it out :D02:31
xeenanwhat should i do02:31
wolsAutoMatriX: windows malware generally doesn't attack linux and vice versa02:31
credibleKilllerKlown: xcompmgr is a worthless hack intended only as a "technology preview"02:31
AshnalKuwanger: i cant get the driver to work, so ill have to wait a while to get a live CD i suppose02:31
_Oz_what's fluxbox?02:32
credibleit's extremely slow and rather ugly02:32
=== Luke_ is now known as Luke
AutoMatriXwols, nice to know :D thanks, too02:32
wolsxeenan: what installer? we don't support installers from aait.com02:32
wols!ati | xeenan02:32
ubotuxeenan: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:32
ffm_!fluxbox | _Oz_02:32
ubotu_Oz_: fluxbox is a lightweight and responsive window manager for GNU/Linux. For how to set it up and more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fluxbox02:32
tinmanRepeating myself but http://pastebin.ca/922893, problem with X server02:32
KuwangerAshnal: Actually, yea.  I would suggest explore2fs, but it only works on an ext3 filesystem that's been properly unmounted.02:32
JangariI have a bunch of images from one larger image that has been chopped up into a grid. Is there any way I can stitch them back together with some sort of batch?02:32
tristanmikeHi all...weird thing happening. I've tried installing DVD playback using the instructions found under "Help and Support" in the menu, and when it didn't work, I went to the Ubuntu Documentation site for Restricted Formats, but now my DVD-RW doesn't read discs and I get "cdrom: This disc doesn't have any tracks I recognize!" and "end_request: I/O error, dev hdc, sector 4" in messages. Any ideas ?02:32
on_hiatusthx for all the help, all!  Have a good night.02:32
icesword!fluxbox > _Oz_02:32
KuwangerAshnal: What's the problem with the driver?02:32
ffm_icesword: already did that.02:32
iceswordffm_, what?02:33
AshnalKuwanger: the machine was cold booted so no nothing was properly shut down and it was in the middle of updates02:33
wolstristanmike: on a console /etc/init.d/gdm stop   then run "startx" and then check your Xorg.0.log02:33
iceswordoh i see02:33
ffm_icesword: I already sent oz that message,02:33
AshnalKuwanger: it detects the filesystem as RAW and wants to format it02:33
KuwangerAshnal: Ie, you're using an ext2 fs driver.02:33
wolstinman: on a console /etc/init.d/gdm stop also make sure NO X server is running at all then run "startx" and then check your Xorg.0.log02:33
_Oz_thank you, icesword02:33
xeenanya im useing gedit, im new to linux didnt know there was more that one installer02:34
tristanmikewols, what exactly am I looking for in that log ?02:34
tinmanwols: okey02:34
wolstristanmike: sorry, worng nick complete02:34
=== danny is now known as dny
tristanmikeheh, LOL no worries :D02:34
KuwangerAshnal: Have you considered making a recovery floppy, then mounting and unmounting root?02:34
wolstristanmike: have you rebooted since then?02:34
AshnalKuwanger: no floppy drive02:35
tristanmikeI should clarify that "burned" dvd's do work02:35
tristanmikeit's just Pressed Movie dvd's dont' work02:35
KuwangerAshnal: Got a network connection to another machine that you trust?  Got a BiOS that supports netboot?02:35
ffm_!dvd > tristan02:35
wolstristanmike: what did you do to make your dvd watching work?02:35
ffm_!dvd > tristanmike02:36
tristanmikewols, last time I had it working was on Feisty, had no real reason for it until tonight02:36
wolstristanmike: answer my question02:36
AshnalKuwanger: I dont know if his computer supports netboot, but we can always use my computer for the one to connect ot02:36
AtomicSparkso when i try a fresh install of the alt cd, i get that problem where it freezes at "loading boot scripts". any ideas? I've read it's a problem with the inittab or event.d format is invalid, but a fresh install shouldnt have such bugs. this also happens with 8.04.02:36
KuwangerAshnal: Then you could try a recovery netboot.02:36
ErtainHello everyone.02:37
tristanmikewols, It doesn't work02:37
AshnalKuwanger:how do we go about that?02:37
wolstristanmike: come back if you can answer my question. good day02:37
ErtainI'm trying to remove this pack meant for Heady, but it won't uninstall.02:37
BrakkvatnHello. When will the new ATI driver become available in ubuntu?02:37
tristanmikewols, I don't understand the question02:37
TrichomeKidAnyone familiar with GXMame?  I need to load the roms from a windows machine on the network02:37
foibleswhy does evolution keep freezing on me!02:37
foibleswould anyone have any ideas?02:37
bombiHi - anyone got exp in unerase files ?02:37
wolstristanmike: what commands did you use to get dvd watching work?02:37
ErtainIt keeps giving the error "subprocess post-removal script returned error exit status 1".02:37
ErtainAny ideas?02:37
ffm_!kindness > wols02:37
wols!samba | TrichomeKid02:37
ubotuTrichomeKid: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.02:37
wolsbombi: what filesystem?02:38
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jarrettgreenHey guys. I have a newb ? here. I don't really know what I referring to, but I think it's a DNS thing. Here's my scenario. I have a Dapper box up and running, everything works good. I ahve a static IP, and our router points port 80 to our box. I use a seperate hosting company and would like to have dev.ourcompany.com point to out box. With my host I can redirect (which just resovles to the ugly IP but works) or do a CNAME02:38
KuwangerAshnal: Download a tftp server.  Download a netboot image to server.  Run the tftp server.  And then netboot from the other system.02:38
ffm_wols: pardon me, I misread and didn't AGF.02:38
wolsffm_: I ask clear questions and I want answers to those questions. if they will tell me non sequiturs I stop talking to them. easy02:38
AshnalKuwanger: how do I perform the netboot on the computer booting?02:38
ubotuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate02:39
ffm_Ashnal: depends on the system.02:39
wolsjarrettgreen: repeating it over and over won't help you especially when your question is so unclear02:39
_Oz_question: how can I mount an .ISO in ubuntu for viewing, like daemon tools would work in Windows?02:39
ubotufluxbox is a lightweight and responsive window manager for GNU/Linux. For how to set it up and more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fluxbox02:39
ffm_Ashnal: see above from ubotu02:39
KuwangerAshnal: Going into the bios and change the boot order so that netboot occurs before other booting.02:39
mrpocketsbest way to mount an iso in Ubuntu?02:39
wols_Oz_: yes02:39
tristanmikewols, I installed gxine, libdvdnav4, libdvdread3, libxine1-ffmpeg, totem-xine, build-essential, debhelper, fakeroot, then installed the libdvdcss script02:39
ffm_!iso > _Oz_02:39
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen: what are you trying to do?  I can try to help.02:39
KuwangerAshnal: At least, that seems the msot standard way BIOSs do it.02:39
wolstristanmike: where did you install that script from?02:39
AshnalKuwanger: okay thanks i will check to see if it supports netboot02:39
killerbeesatemejarretgreen:  a cname to your ip address should work...at least if i'm understanding your question right...02:40
tristanmikewols, ^^02:40
wolstristanmike: and that file you got from where?02:40
wolstristanmike: dpkg -S /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh02:41
KuwangerAshnal: If you do go with netboot, don't go with the ubuntu netboot installer image.  It doesn't have mount tools in the image.02:41
tristanmikeit was on my computer, I'm assuming when i installed libdvdread302:41
tristanmikewols, ^^02:41
wolstristanmike: wher did you get libdvdread3 then?02:41
genbuntuamenado, Yea the nessus document says that it listens to port 1241 by default. I even tried opening port 1241 from firestarter but no use .02:41
AshnalKuwanger: what will I wan to use?02:41
tristanmikewols, the ubuntu repositories02:41
Chewyi am back, and am still having firefox issues02:41
KuwangerAshnal: Some sort of recovery image.  I'm currently searching around for one.02:41
tristanmikewols, done, reinstall ?02:42
neonprophetquick question, and yes I know there is a wine channel, no ones alive in there :)02:42
neonprophethello all, can anyone think of a reason that playonlinux would make all the text and buttons disappear when I try to start wine without using playonlinux?02:42
_Oz_To mount an ISO image, ubotu tells me to use this syntax: sudo mount -o loop <iso filename> <mountpoint>02:42
wolstristanmike: you should have used medibuntu repos02:42
_Oz_what is the mountpoint?02:42
wolstristanmike: what did the script do? make a kernel module?02:42
jarrettgreenkillerbeesateme: I don't know how else to say my question, as I'm unsure what I'm referring to. I need to make it so dev.server.com points to my dapper box02:42
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jarrettgreenrather than getting to it from it's IP02:43
Chewyok can someone help me, i run firefox and the second it opens, it closes, i ran in console and the error is "bus error"02:43
wols_Oz_: the directory where you want to mount the ISO02:43
tristanmikewols, I followed the instructions on the "Official" Documentation, I don't know what the script does....lol02:43
jarrettgreenwols_ you could have pointed out my question was unclear 40 minutes ago02:43
wolstristanmike: pastbein the scrip02:43
iceswordjarrettgreen, hahah,then you need a dns service02:43
wolsjarrettgreen: stop whining please02:43
genbuntuamenado, is there a command to stop all net services, so that i can run nessus alone?02:43
jarrettgreenwols lol whining?02:43
J-a-k-edoesn anyone know how i might get better sound quality in ubuntu?02:43
Chewyanyone able to help>02:43
wols!volunteer | jarrettgreen02:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about volunteer - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:43
neonprophetChewy, you have HAL installed I assume?02:44
_Oz_wols: okay, I did that, it says the directory does not exist, must I create it first?02:44
jarrettgreenawww your fun irc stuff didn't work02:44
wolsjarrettgreen: this is a volunteerchannel. if you don't like it here, pay someone to give you support02:44
Chewywhat is HAL02:44
wols_Oz_: of course02:44
iceswordjarrettgreen, hahah,or anyway you get a domain name02:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hal - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:44
wolsChewy: hardware abstraction layer02:44
_Oz_wols: so I should just create a dir like /media/whatever/ ?02:44
jarrettgreenIcesword i have bind9 installed02:44
jarrettgreenI have a domain through another host02:45
XacarithEasy question.  How do you disable dragging windows using alt+left mouse button And disable ctrl+alt+d to show desktop02:45
Chewyumm no? i dont know tell you the truth02:45
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen:  where does your domain point?  does it point to the public IP of the machine?  or does it point to somewhere else?02:45
wols <dpkg> hal is probably a Hardware Abstraction Layer from freedesktop.org, which gives desktop software a programmatic way to examine02:45
wols             the hardware present in a system and be notified of its changes.02:45
jarrettgreenand just wanted to resolve the subdomain 'dev' to it02:45
Chewyso i need it?02:45
iceswordjarrettgreen, is it on line ,and did you try ping your localhost,that name02:45
wolsChewy: usually yes02:45
neonprophetso, no closet wine wizards in here?02:45
wolsneonprophet: #winehq ?02:45
Chewyhmm, well i cant download it if the internet wont work...02:46
Chewyif the browser i mean02:46
wolsChewy: it comes with your ubunut install by default02:46
wolsand your browser doesn't have anything to do with HAL usually02:46
tristanmikewols, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57781/02:46
Chewythen i do02:46
jarrettgreenkillerbeesateme - my main domain is hosted by another company. I can POINT dev.thatdomain.com to my IP, which is then routs port 80 t0 my box02:46
jarrettgreenbut it ends up as the ugly IP in the browser02:47
wolsChewy: sudo ps aux|grp -i hal02:47
jarrettgreenrather than dev.02:47
Chewytype that into term?02:47
XacarithThought for sure some one would know those..02:47
CrocoJethi for all02:47
CrocoJetsomeone knows if exist some software to generate a revocation certificate, and upload that to the keyserver ?02:48
ubotuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.02:48
bombiAnyone got Exp in unerasing files from a EXT2 Filesystem?02:48
wolstristanmike: pastbin your /var/log/dpkg.log02:48
wolsbombi: was it ext2 when you deleted the files?02:48
techno_freakCrocoJet, gnugpg?02:48
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen:  thats a weird one.  are you checking that address from where the dev box is?02:48
genoobiehey all...I need a little help02:48
Chewyso what do i do???02:48
neonprophetwow, I say "wine" and everyone ducks for cover ;p02:49
_Oz_thanks for the help wols, that worked02:49
bombi@ walls - jep didnt even change the FS yet02:49
wolsneonprophet: I told you whre to go02:49
wolsyour choice if you ignore it02:49
genoobieI just booted a linux live cd in an attempt to rescue a freebsd hdd02:49
wolsChewy: I asked you something02:49
jarrettgreenkillerbeesateme - checking what address? my public IP?02:49
_Oz_neonprophet: let's just say that with virtualbox out there, WINE's days are somewhat numbered02:49
Chewyrepeat please02:49
wolsChewy:  /lastlog wols02:49
bombiIs there a tool to recover my deleted data?02:49
tristanmikewols, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57782/02:50
wolsbombi: midnight commander has one02:50
Chewyno such command!02:50
chetnickhi i'm running ubuntu gutsy and i have some problems viewing some web pages. I tried opera and firefox, same problem. Can somebody use this navigation menu on the left side on this page http://tncc.edu/02:50
DevourerHow do I make mv create the directory if it doesn't exist?02:50
genoobieI'm really kind of desperate here...02:50
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen:  are you accessing "dev.mydomain.com" from the same internet connection as the dev machine?02:50
Chewyi dont see your question02:50
jarrettgreenI was. I'm not at the office now though02:50
jarrettgreenI can try it from hom02:50
jarrettgreengive me a sec02:50
chetnickor use calendar on http://www.vayama.com02:50
bombithx wols man I'll try that out02:50
wolstristanmike: uninstall (and purge!) libdvdcss2 and all other packages you installed on behest of that dccu entry02:51
wolstristanmike: then reboot and try your dvd drive with a data dvd again02:51
jarrettgreenkillerbeesateme I'm pretty sure the problem though is when I choose "redirect" in my hosts control panel, and type in my IP, it's just going to simply forward the domain to that one.02:52
tristanmikewols, data dvd's work fine, it's the encrypted "store bought" movie dvd's that don't, just in case you missed that part.02:52
Chewyso what do i do naw02:52
wolstristanmike: then it'S defintely your facked libdvdcss2 I guess02:52
wolsso rmeove it and all should be well02:52
tristanmikewols, LOL02:52
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about fscked - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:53
wols!dvd | tristanmike02:53
ubotutristanmike: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs02:53
wolstristanmike: medibunut has a  prbuild libdvdcss2 for you02:53
tristanmikewols, yeah, I have all that info....not so much a noob this time around ;)02:53
tristanmikewols, good to know, never really dabbled in medibuntu02:53
pawanhow to enable automatic updates02:53
wolsChewy: in a termina: lynx www.google.com02:54
jarrettgreenkillerbeesateme still resoles to IP02:54
Chewyi can user internet, thats my issue...02:54
KuwangerAshnal: Sorry, but I'm not finding anything specific.  :/  Floppy rescue distros seem common enough.  Let me look on freshmeat.02:54
Chewyso i cant google02:54
jarrettgreenkillerbeesateme I can do a DNS transfer or a CNAME to my subdomain in my hosts panel02:54
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen:  so you're redirecting your whole domain to the router's address?02:54
genoobieokay...how do I start a simple ftp server...02:54
jarrettgreenkillerbeesateme nope - I want to just redirect subdomain02:54
pawanhave to check manullay to update02:55
Chewyso you cant help me?02:55
bobhas anyone had luck getting vinagre to grab keyboard input?02:55
bobi can click all i want. just cannot type >_>02:56
robdigChewy: hey, check /etc/firefox/firefoxrc, make sure that the option FIREFOX_DSP="none"02:56
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen:  so, do you have a CNAME pointing to dev.mydomain.com?02:56
jarrettgreenkillerbeesateme I have nothing right now - except an http redirect. I don't know WHAT I should have to accomplish this - that's my question02:56
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen:  i got ya.  So, where does your mydomain.com point to?02:57
jarrettgreenkillerbeesateme my host02:57
jarrettgreenkillerbeesateme their nameservers I guess02:57
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen: ok, but what page does it bring up, or where is that webserver?02:57
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danbhfivejarrettgreen: can I get the actual address, maybe I can help too02:58
Chewyit Was set to none02:58
jarrettgreenkillerbeesateme  yeppers - blinkmg.com brings up our page on THEIR servers -which is what we want02:58
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen: what kind of hosting panel is it by the way?  or what DNS service do you use?02:58
pipinohi anyone here who uses WPA2?02:58
jarrettgreenkillerbeesateme I dunno I use 1and1.com for a host02:58
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen:  ok, let me check on 2 things, and i'll be right back02:59
Elevator_HazardWho knows anything about how ubuntu running on external that I usually have plkugged into my desktop would work on my laptop? Its got different graphics card type like nVidia where this one has ATI, and other differences like that...02:59
xeenanI have a noob question for you guys. I have a creative X-Fi sound card and im have trouble getting sound. its recognized in the hardware menu but the volumn has an x thru it and i get the error box     ""No volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found.""  any help would be apreciated02:59
d0s4gwIs anyone aware of any tools for partitioning and formatting a newly added second hard disk?  In this case the drive is SATA.02:59
Chewyso what do i do>02:59
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen:  i just tried dev.blinkmg.com and it doesn't flip to an ip on me03:00
Chewyi checked the file and it is set to none03:00
jarrettgreenkillerbeesateme oh yeah crap. we switched it back to their server03:00
Chewyso what do i do03:00
jarrettgreenkillerbeesateme i'll change it back to the ip03:00
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen:  ok, let me know.  i'm checking out 1 on 1 right now03:01
KuwangerAshnal: I might have found something.03:02
Elevator_HazardWho knows anything about how ubuntu running on external that I usually have plkugged into my desktop would work on my laptop? Its got different graphics card type like nVidia where this one has ATI, and other differences like that...03:02
wersdo UIQ 3 devices support SyncML? :)03:02
xeenanI have a noob question for you guys. I have a creative X-Fi sound card and im have trouble getting sound. its recognized in the hardware menu but the volumn has an x thru it and i get the error box     ""No volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found.""  any help would be apreciated03:03
Chewyhelp please03:03
tehmassHey guys wuts a good FTP Client foR Linux03:03
tinmanChewy: ask the question03:03
jarrettgreenkillerbeesateme - ok it's up. But again, all I did was hit "http redirect" on that subdomain - so obvioulsy it'll show the IP, just as if I put google.com in there - I know this is not the right way to go about this. I need to choose either DNS or CNAME, but I don't know which03:03
tinmanwols: http://pastebin.ca/92293603:04
nickrud!ftp | tehmass03:04
ubotutehmass: FTP clients: !Nautilus, !gFTP (for !GNOME) - !Konqueror, !Kasablanca, !KFTPGrabber (for !KDE) - See also !FTPd03:04
Chewywell i run firefox and it loads for 2 seconds and then closes, i checked the error and it said "bus error" i went into firefoxrc and made sure it said "none" and it did03:04
Chewyso i dont know how to fix03:04
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen: well, i'm still not showing a flip03:04
jarrettgreenWhat does your browser page say?03:05
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen:  have you directly accessed the ip from your browser?03:05
jarrettgreenbefore yes03:05
wolstinman: and no X when you ran startx?03:05
wolstinman: also: still vesa03:05
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen: i'm just showing dev.blinkmg.com, or blinkmg.com03:05
jarrettgreenno I mean, what is displayed at the page?03:05
tinmanwols: i tried vesa,  get a flickring screen (live tv without cable)03:05
EstesarkWhen I load some pages with flash, the flash loads and displays, but then immediately afterwards it goes completely white (for example www.jimmyeatworld.com) - rendering some pages unusable. Any advice?03:06
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen:  yep03:06
blahblahxanyone here know about yelp?03:06
tinmanwols: i tried startx03:06
AshnalKuwanger:what did you find?03:06
jarrettgreenYeah that's the 1and1 server03:06
wolstinman: a grey screen and a X with startx?03:06
jarrettgreenyou need to reload or something03:06
wolsChewy: why didn't you do what I told you?03:06
tinmanwols: vertical brownish lines03:06
danbhfiveEstesark: are you using opera?03:06
KuwangerAshnal: Here's two things to look at.  One, http://trinityhome.org/Home/index.php?wpid=1&front_id=12  It seems to be a 3-way booting rescue system.  I've no idea how well it works.03:06
wolstinman: describe better please03:06
nickrudChewy: try   mv  ~./mozilla mozilla-backup && sudo apt-get install --reinstall firefox firefox-gnome-support . That will remove any personal settings (and saving a copy) and reinstall firefox03:06
danbhfiveEstesark: well, that page works for me, you can try this: sudo apt-get install --reinstall flashplugin-nonfree03:07
nickrudoh, wols you've been working with Chewy then03:07
KuwangerAshnal: Second, there's this:  http://pxeknife.erebor.org/  And it seems to work with boot floppies.03:07
Estesarkdanbhfive: Thanks, I'll try that and let you know.03:07
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen:  ok there we go03:07
tinmanwols: there are series of paraller verticle lines alternating to brownish and black so bworn black brown black like lines03:07
tehmassuse nautilus u need to do the ftp:// cmd ya?03:07
wolstinman: LCD?03:07
nickrudElevator_Hazard: your video would need resetting, but otherwise most stuff should just work03:07
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen:  i'm thinking you need to add a CNAME pointing dev.blinkmg.com to that ip03:08
steph_Hi everybody. I just bought a linksys router wrt54G (wireless). I can't connect with my laptop. I don't know what to do exactly. Can someone help me?03:08
Estesarkdanbhfive: No, same thing still happening03:08
killerbeesatemeand turn the redirect off03:08
tinmanwols: samsung CRT 15 "03:08
jarrettgreenFROM 1and1?03:08
wolstinman: ut X didn't crash back to console or did it?03:08
dvarg388steph_, I assume you're using it wired now?03:08
Elevator_Hazardnickrud: Heh ok I get kind of worried when messing with stuff that isn't mine... Well its my dad's laptop03:08
tinmanwols: when i hit enter it goes back to concle03:08
wolstinman: and with the livecd it all osrta works?03:08
pawanhave to check manullay to update03:08
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen:  well is your domain actually hosted by CNAME too?  or is by another company like godaddy or networksolutions?03:08
wolstinman: but not before?03:08
tinmanwols, works perfectly03:08
Elevator_Hazardnickrud: You helped me wiht some vid problems I had :D03:08
KuwangerAshnal: Here's an example for a rescue floppy:  http://freshmeat.net/projects/tomsrtbt/03:09
nickrudElevator_Hazard: heh. Must have been a simple one03:09
wolstinman: it'S your xorg.conf then03:09
tinmanwols, not before i press enter, no03:09
jarrettgreenkillerbeesateme - no 1and1 has it, and it's on their name servers03:09
steph_dvarg388: :) No I'm using another computer (wired)03:09
xenthroquestion: is there a windows device manager equivalent in *nix? I want to see a list of hardware and which drivers are attached to it.03:09
wolstinman: so X "sorta" works with startx03:09
tinmanwols: can i copy xorg.conf from live cd and some how paste on my root partition03:09
d0s4gwbtw, the answer to my question is GParted.03:09
KuwangerAshnal: I have to go, but I'll hopefully be back later.  In any case, you can look for more help by searching for pxelinux.03:09
wolspurge gdm and reinstall it03:09
tinmanwols, it starts, kinda03:09
Elevator_Hazardnickrud: also I had problems with my usb audio you said you couldn't help me with. Figured it out, set frequency to something else and the sound is wonderful03:09
tinmanhmm, okey03:09
wolstinman: you can try. nothing you can break :)03:09
blahblahxin yelp how do i change what the help is? like what if i want to change what it looks like when it starts up?03:09
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen: is there anywhere on the control panel you can add CNAMES too?03:09
wolstinman: how "kinda"? :)03:09
philphotonew problem to tackle. if i hotswap or install a device into my IBM T30 then reboot, I lose wifi.  network manager returns no wireless devices detected.03:09
wolsah, startx, yes03:10
philphotoany ideas?03:10
nickrudElevator_Hazard: like from 44100 or so to some 48000 thing?03:10
dvarg388steph_, Have you enabled the wireless and set an SSID?03:10
jarrettgreenunder specific domains and subdomains03:10
Elevator_Hazardnickrud: actually the opposite03:10
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen:  ok03:10
nickrudElevator_Hazard: ah. Well, I'll remember that one03:10
DevourerHow do I extract a .zip file in the terminal?03:10
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen:  so when you add a cname, is there  a spot for a subdomain or hostname and an ip address?03:10
tinmanwols: when i do startx, the screen becomes black for a second, then i get the aformentioned paraller lines, total of about 10-15 lines maybe03:10
nickrudElevator_Hazard: actually I kinda lied, I might remember that one ;)03:10
jarrettgreenkillerbeesateme - i dunno it just asks for an 'alias'03:11
Elevator_Hazardnickrud: heh, yea. It was a Logitech USB Headset 25003:11
steph_dvarg388: Yep. And I have a MAC osX who work without problems. So I assume the router is ok. But in Ubuntu 7.1, something is missing. Is there a way to see if my laptop can see the network (even if not working )?03:11
nickrudDevourer: install  unzip03:11
wolstinman: what does ls -l /etc/alternatives/x-window-manager say?03:11
szx0Can anyone link me to some good resources for setting up hardware RAID 1?03:12
nickrudElevator_Hazard: now I remember. Might get one of those, now that I know they work03:12
wolssteph_: iwconfig if it's wireless03:12
wolsszx0: depends a bit on the driver iirc03:12
wolsszx0: what'S your raid card?03:12
tinmanwols: r03:12
tinmanlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 17 2008-01-31 23:33 etc/alternatives/x-window-manager -> /usr/bin/metacity03:12
jarrettgreenkillerbeesatme - ok I read the faq and I think that's where I put the other domain, under alias.03:12
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen:  in that spot, enter dev03:12
Elevator_Hazardnickrud: They actually are a little bit fragile, I had another pair and the ear peice thing started to come loose. In the end a wire broke in between those and they stopped working.03:12
billycan some one help me with freaking bcm43xx.. i can't believe how messed up this stuff is.. i can't get it to connect.. ive installed bcm43xx cutter, tried ndiswrapper.. nothing worked03:12
szx0wols: it's built into my MB... Tyan Tomcat K8E S286503:12
Elevator_Hazardnickrud: I had a year warranty though.03:13
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen:  does it prompt for an IP address anywhere?03:13
nickrudElevator_Hazard: good03:13
tinmanwols: i an running the ls in th mounted root partition and not in liveCD's /etc bt03:13
wolstinman: update-rc.d x-window-manager and try some other one. or maybe apt-get install fluxbox and checkt he x-window-manager link again03:13
wolstinman: good thinking :)03:13
nickrudbilly: what chip number03:13
steph_dvarg388: It gives me information about eth1. But is it the information I wrote/configure or it is a kind of "reply" from the router?03:13
wolstinman: go and install irssi on the ubuntu install thn you don't constantly need to reboot and can be in here03:13
wolsszx0: doesn't say what chip it is03:14
chris0C3PO: *tweet clack clack whirrrrr*03:14
jarrettgreenkillerbeesateme - no specifically, and when i put in the ip it says the top level domain I entered isn't valid03:14
wolsszx0: but to be fair, I dunno much about hw raid either03:14
tinmanwols: screen through shell03:14
bahadunnhi I am using the flashplugin-nonfree on amd64 with nspluginwrapper and I cannot play flash in firefox03:14
bahadunnany ideas?03:14
wolstinman: what irc client are you running right now?03:14
tinmanssh'ing into a shell then screening into irssi03:15
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen: so you put in the CNAME alias, as dev, or dev.blinkmg.com and then it never asks for an IP address?03:15
danbhfivebahadunn: i dont think flash works on 64 bit03:15
bahadunndanbhfive: it is suppose to with nspluginwrapper03:15
eccentricityhey guys, I've never been able to get my mic working on ubuntu. Off the top of anybody's head, besides things being muted or not plugged in, is there any reason this might happen?03:15
philphotoproblem with wifi on reboot after installing device (usb, pcmcia) or hotswapping bay on ibm t30.  wifi devices are not detected after reboot.  second reboot fixes problem.  ideas?03:15
wolsdanbhfive: with nspluginwrapper it sorta does03:15
wolsbut tricky to setup usually03:15
tristanmikewols, just to let you know, I've fixed it... just changed the type of the "dvd" to auto in fstab...03:16
bahadunnwols: is there any alternative?03:16
jarrettgreenkillerbeesateme http://faq.1and1.com/domains/dns_settings/13.html03:16
jscinozis it possible to use suspend2 to instead of the default suspend/hibernate functionality without using a custom kernel (e.g. as a module)?03:16
jarrettgreensee if you can get to that03:16
amenadogenbuntu-> if you go to init level 1 ?03:16
wolsbahadunn: mre info would help. e.g. maybe start ffox from a xterm and check the ouput03:16
szx0wols: The MB chipset is "nVIDIA nForce4 Ultra" with "NVRAID"... hmm ill dig some more03:16
bahadunnwols: besides gnash which has never worked for me03:16
wolsbahadunn: could be flash doesn't get /dev/dsp and gets cranky03:16
wolsszx0: that is NO hardware raid.03:16
Wabbitythis may sound stupid, but does anyone know how to find the Linksys WUSB54G 64bit driver?03:16
wolsszx0: don't use it03:16
billynickrud: sorry got disconnected03:17
bahadunnwols: all I did was install flashplugin-nonfree and then run nspluginwrapper -i /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/libflashplugin.so03:17
wolsWabbity: what chipset does it use?03:17
Xupiterwould anyone be able to point me in the direction of a tutorial on how to build an .iso.03:17
billynickrud: any ways, its bcm431103:17
GibbProblem: My monitor cant display the mode upon boot and shutdown that has the graphical display with the orange bar. Is there a conf file to change the resolution it goes to?03:17
wolsbahadunn: that's not what I talked about03:17
cdsboyAny wiz's at ati drivers around?03:17
Wabbityits v1...03:17
szx0wols: oh... hmm... why do you say that?03:17
wolsXupiter: use k3b or mkisofs for the commandline03:17
nickrudbilly: same as mine, so I at leat know this one03:18
bahadunnwols: I realize that but you asked for more info so I am providing it03:18
Xupiterok, thank you very much!!03:18
billynickrud: fo sho03:18
wolsszx0: bacuse it isn't. not chipset based raid is ever hardware raid. adapter, 3ware they make some (not all) hardware raid cards. tyan puts sometimes their chips on the mobo: hw raid too. but chipset raid is NEVER EVER hardware raid03:18
billynickrud: ive tried everything03:18
ubotuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto03:18
ubu2I have a weird issue with Adobe Flash freezing and looping during video or animation even after it has buffered. It just stops moving and the sound stutters for a few seconds, then it resumes a few seconds later (causing you to miss those few seconds of video). It seems to be completely random when it happens.03:18
nickrudbilly: I'm reviewing some stuff, a sec03:18
wolsbilly: poor you03:19
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen:  so, when you get into that screen, what does it say under the Domain name spot, the first field?03:19
philphotogibb: you need to change the image size in /etc/usplash.conf03:19
pawanhave to check manullay to update03:19
billywols: you have no idea03:19
wolsnickrud: ever tried a .24 kernel?03:19
Gibbphilphoto, thx03:19
jarrettgreenkillerbeesateme - could you read the faq?03:19
nickrudwols: mine works just fine with th3 .2203:19
bahadunnI got it working03:19
bahadunnthanks anyways03:19
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen:  yea i was able to get into it03:19
Wabbitywols: It's WUSB54Gv1 I remember reading somewhere that it isn't the same chipset as the v4.03:19
philphotogibb: that could be one culprit03:19
Gibbphilphoto, is it an image that takes up the whole resolution? what causes it to go that that mode?03:19
upsilonphiomegahello !03:19
jarrettgreenkillerbeesateme - ok well check this out I think this is what I need? http://faq.1and1.com/domains/dns_settings/12.html03:19
wolsWabbity: find out which one it is03:19
jarrettgreenan A-Name?03:19
billynickrud: i might get disconnected for a minute here, ill tell you when i get back03:19
Elevator_HazardOff the top of anyone's head - can you use a remote admin tool on windows to remote admin / use remote desktop in linux?03:20
szx0wols: so, it would not be acceptable to use the chipset based raid just for mirroring a Hard Disk to another?03:20
cdsboyAnyone have some ideas on how to get decent performance with newer flgrx drivers? I need to use one of the catalyst 7.12 drivers or up, because of suspend issues. Except i am getting horrible performance compaired to the flgrx drives that come with ubuntu03:20
wolsbahadunn: how?03:20
danbhfivejarrettgreen: i think you want the a-name03:20
jarrettgreenerr a record03:20
wolsszx0: no. use linux software raid03:20
philphotogibb: it should be set to the default screen res that you have associated with your graphics card03:20
wolsszx0: no problem with raid1 anyways: no computation03:20
danbhfivejarrettgreen: if you can use an ip address to access your website, then just use an a record03:20
szx0wols: gotcha! ill read on that, thanks03:20
Gibbphilphoto, uh oh. hmm. The screen after grub right? thats the one im talking about. I wonder what its deal is? ill mess with the conf. thx03:21
jarrettgreenbandhfive - I'm guessing this works on subdomains too - I'm just trying to point a dev subdomain to my dapper hox so I can work on Ruby on Rails apps and other things our hos doesn't provide03:21
wolscdsboy: ask ati.com: their software. we can only support ubuntu drivers03:21
philphotogibb: it's just a splash script.  what are you wondering about it?03:21
nickrudbilly: try running   sudo /usr/share/bcm43xx-fwcutter/install_bcm43xx_firmware.sh03:22
cdsboywols: i was just hoping there was a graphics wiz laying around03:22
billynickrud: theres no internet connection on my ubutu comp at all03:22
danbhfivejarrettgreen: yeah, i think it will work.  It looks like 1and1 is handling dns for you, so you don't have to worry that it is a subdomain03:22
billynickrud: im on a windows comp in here..03:22
ubu2Flash freezes up, hiccups, or whatever you want to call it with different video cards and drivers. I tried even different versions of Firefox. it's driving me insane03:22
wolsdanbhfive: how can it work if he isn't the auth domainserver for his domain?03:23
Wabbitywols: prisim chipset03:23
nickrudbilly: bummer. A sec again03:23
jarrettgreendanbhfive - awesome! Dooes this take long to propogate? Does it even need to propogate?03:23
jarrettgreenerr propagate03:23
wolsWabbity: prism should be supported out of the box03:23
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen: about 24 hours, i think03:23
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen:  but i've never seen it take that long03:24
openbackhi, I was going through the 'Synce on Ubuntu' instructions, and was finally succesful at getting a connection to my pda, but then I noticed that my internet connection wasn't working I had to uninstall ppp to get it to work again. Does anyone know of a workaround?03:24
jarrettgreendanbhfive killerbeesate me thanks guys. I'll see if it takes.03:24
danbhfivewols: I'm not totally sure of the question, which may stem from my ignorance on dns, from the link given, it looks like 1and1 takes care of it03:24
jarrettgreenThis has been the last step to what was a very enjoyable first time experience setting up a linux box.03:25
danbhfivewols: *but from03:25
killerbeesatemejarrettgreen:  no problem.  i apologize mixing up A record and CNAME.03:25
nickrudbilly: ok, it's a really short script. go get http://downloads.openwrt.org/sources/wl_apsta-
wolsif it does, their server is the only one where he can set his subdomains03:25
Wabbitywols: under the hardware manager I get unknown in the usb slot03:25
jarrettgreenkillerbeesateme - no prob man, you got me there somehow...03:25
wolsWabbity: lsusb03:25
billynickrud: i did thatone already.. used to work not anymore03:25
nickrudbilly: used to not work?03:25
nickrudbilly: doh, mis read03:26
billynickrud: i had it working, but then it stopped and i totally reinstaled ubuntu03:26
ScuniziOccationally when printing from my networked lasar printer, the printing process will hang consuming a huge amount of the processor.  Top says it's user "lp" with a GS command. printing hung with an email I wanted to print.  Any ideas why this would happen?03:26
billyand now i can't get t to work at all03:26
nickrudbilly: if it worked once, it'll work again.03:26
eccentricityhey guys, I've never been able to get my mic working on ubuntu. Off the top of anybody's head, besides things being muted or not plugged in, is there any reason this might happen?03:26
billynickrud: i tried it again after the install.. its not working at all03:26
wolsjamesrdorn: in that 1and1 dns webpage, can you set your home IP as the IP for the subdomain?03:27
eternalswdanyone have a recommendation for a usb bluetooth dongle.  Apparently the one that comes with Microsoft Desktop Entertainment 7000 isn't fully supported, so I'll need to get one.03:27
billynickrud: thats the first thing i tried after the install03:27
Jordan_Ueccentricity, Drivers not being available03:27
nickrudbilly: lsmod | grep bcm43xx , is it there?03:27
d0s4gwAnyone feel like helping me with some FStab stuff?03:27
yyeagod0s4gw:  sup?03:27
d0s4gwI just installed a 250 GB SATA drive03:27
wols!hcl > eternalswd03:27
feveldoes anyone use an ipod touch?03:27
billyyeah its there03:27
wols1anyone > fevel03:28
d0s4gwPartitioned it with GParted.  Now I want to mount it03:28
Jordan_U!anyone | fevel03:28
ubotufevel: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:28
nickrudbilly: with a couple of ieee80212 things?03:28
d0s4gwI tried something but it is only showing up as 94 GB03:28
Scunizi!fstab | d0s4gw03:28
ubotud0s4gw: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions03:28
billynickrud: i have a paste on ubuntu forums.. h/o and yes03:28
d0s4gwand I can't write to it.03:28
nickrudbilly: so far so good. do you have a paste of /lib/firmware ?03:28
d0s4gw/dev/sda1 /media/sata_drive_1 ext3 defaults 0 003:28
billynickrud: h/o03:28
billynickrud: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57780/03:29
Jordan_Unickrud, Do you know what chipset it is yet?03:29
fevelnaaah im just chatterring and looking for some questions i could anser03:29
EstesarkI'm having problems with synaptic... I tried to install ubuntu-restricted, then synaptic froze when it was unpackaging msttcorefonts and quit. When I next launched it, it told me to run dpkg -a, which I did, but now one of the files to download, trebuc32.exe, won't complete. It's stuck at 68%. What should I do?03:29
Jordan_Unickrud, More specific than bcm43xx I mean03:29
billyjordanu: bcm431103:29
nickrudJordan_U: 431103:29
RootyRootRootW00Hi grsync won't write to my vfat drive. As far as I know, it's not permissions, any ideas anyone?03:29
wolsnickrud: did you ever try a .24 kernel with your wlan?03:29
nickrudJordan_U you know wireless much better, if you would take that?03:29
nickrudwols: no. Never needed to03:29
Chewyso can i get some help now03:30
fevelI was wondering thexperiences people had with touch and ubuntu03:30
wolsSinnerman: how do you know it's not permission?03:30
=== puff is now known as jrhammer`
wolscheeby: ping google.com03:30
Jordan_Unickrud, Sure, I probably know less than you think though :)03:30
ionstormcan some admin ban the spammers at http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/search?ordering=new03:30
ionstormthey are screwing up the site03:30
josh13I have a basic question. Is it possible to tell /etc/fstab to mount a certain disk under /var/foo directory, with my_user & my_group as uid/gid ?03:30
wolsnickrud: you use the (old) bcm43xx drivers then?03:30
=== jrhammer` is now known as jrhammer
Sinnermanwols eh?03:30
feveli had pretty bad ones syncing03:30
nickrudwols: yes03:30
wolsjosh13: yes it is03:30
wolsSinnerman: srry03:30
billyJordan_U: take a look at my pastebin: this is up to date: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57780/03:30
=== jrhammer is now known as puff
mystery_hi everybody03:31
wolsnickrud: trying to use the acx patch for .24 right now. awful :)03:31
wolsChewy: ping google.com03:31
nickrudwols: heh. I'm lazy. If it works, I don't try the new stuff anymore.03:31
yyeagocan I just throw a shell script into my /etc/cron.daily and expect it to run daily?03:31
cheebyhi.  when I try to connect to my treo via bluetooth, the bluetooth applet crashes.  Is there something else I shold be using?03:31
Jordan_Ubilly, can you add the output of "ls /lib/firmware" to that?03:32
wolsnickrud: want WPA finally03:32
josh13wols i've looked at the man page..but cannot find what i'm lookin for .. any hints ?03:32
billyyeah.. gimme a few mins tho..03:32
nickrudwols: ah. strange that, I'm using wpa2 no problem03:32
amicrawlerhow do i get a new xorg03:32
Jordan_Uamicrawler, xorg.conf or a new version of X.org the program?03:33
eccentricityOk, I need some help getting a microphone working. Usually my mic Just Works. What, besides muting and not being plugged in, could be wrong?03:33
amicrawlerwell i got kde403:33
amicrawlerand the res is not right03:33
wolsnickrud: old acx can't use it. the new new803211 can03:33
chris0amicrawler: is it 800x600?03:33
Jordan_U!xconfig | amicrawler03:33
ubotuamicrawler: To reconfigure your X server, open a console and type « sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg » - To configure only the driver and resolution, type « sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh » - See also !FixRes03:33
wols!kde4 | amicrawler03:33
ubotuamicrawler: KDE 4.0.1 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.1 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.1.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.1.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde403:33
wolsamicrawler: we do not support kde4 here03:34
Jordan_Uamicrawler, But if it only happens in KDE4 it is probably not an xorg.conf problem03:34
eccentricitynobody has an idea?03:34
yaroHello all. Here to help others again. n.n03:34
amicrawleryep it only happends in kde 403:34
amicrawlernot 303:34
openbackhi, I was going through the 'Synce on Ubuntu' instructions, and was finally succesful at getting a connection to my pda, but then I noticed that my internet connection wasn't working I had to uninstall ppp to get it to work again. Does anyone know of a workaround?03:34
nickrudwols: to be honest, not even sure what you're talking about :) I just chose wpa2, plugged in the number on the bottom of the wifi box, and it Works for Me™03:34
spaghetti_knifeWhich protocal does apt-get use? HTTP? FTP?03:34
eccentricityOk yaro, take a shot, I need some help getting a microphone working. Usually my mic Just Works. What, besides muting and not being plugged in, could be wrong?03:35
chris0eccentricity: if it's not muting or not plugged in, all I can think of is that your sound card (or mic) has issues03:35
wolsnickrud: not all drivers support WPA03:35
wolslike my current one :(03:35
eccentricitytried multiple mics03:35
Wabbitywols: Bus 005 Device 002: ID 1915:2234  rest are 0000:000003:35
chris0eccentricity: what card is it?03:35
yaroeccentricity: Have you tested from System -> Preferences -> Sounds?03:35
AgentHeXhow can i check to see if a USB wireless mouse I have is dead (like the receiver is messed up)?03:35
eccentricitysound card thing brings me to an interesting question03:35
Jordan_Ubilly, can you add the output of "ls /lib/firmware" to that?03:36
eccentricityin GNOME? What's the command for that ap?03:36
Jordan_Ubilly, :)03:36
billyits all the way at the end03:36
chris0eccentricity: it's in the GNOME panel03:36
nickrudwols: I've been incredibly lucky with my hardware over the years. The only thing that didn't just work was a sound card way back when. I bought a driver from oss.03:36
eccentricityI don't use GNOME03:36
praetoreccentricity: have you tried alsamixer?03:36
praetorto see if the mic is muted?03:36
Wrecanyone know how to make my address bar use google's "I'm feeling lucky" again?03:36
eccentricitythis thing has an onboard soundcard I'm not using. Where are the modules for that, I need to delete them03:37
eccentricityand yeah, I'm using alsamixer now03:37
praetorhave you tried alsamixer /dev/dsp1?03:37
chris0eccentricity: if you know what modules they are, you can modprobe -r them and then remove them from /etc/modules03:37
CrimsonDorkAnyone knows how to set surround sound with SigmaTel again? Or maybe without SigmaTel but any way to restore the surround sound again?03:38
eccentricityI could probably isolate which they are. Thanks, chris003:38
chris0eccentricity: no prob.03:38
* eccentricity tries alsamiser /dev/dsp103:38
typomandI love ubuntu, thought i would blurt that out03:38
yaroWrec: I'm not sure if that is an Ubuntu support question.03:39
praetoreccentricity: i have tweo cards on mine as well and I have to set them seperately like that as well03:39
RootyRootRootW00Hi grsync won't write to my vfat drive. As far as I know, it's not permissions, any ideas anyone?03:39
Jordan_Ubilly, how did you get the firmware?03:39
eccentricitydoesn't seem to be happening.03:40
praetoreccentricity: i was hoping that would work. sorry it didnt03:40
billybrb guys..03:40
AgentHeXCrimsonDork: are you using linux-restricted-modules-generic?03:40
EstesarkI had a problem installing msttcorefonts. Now, every time I try to remove it, for some reason it goes through the configuration process - connecting to kent.sourceforge.net and downloading all the font files. However, every time it does this, it freezes. What can I do?03:40
deadowlAnyone know if there is any kind of desktop use thing for espeak?03:41
=== CR_cwek_Toket_Gd is now known as CwoJKT_SKCE36B_
chris0deadowl: how do you mean?03:41
jscinozis it possible to use suspend2 to instead of the default suspend/hibernate functionality without using a custom kernel (e.g. as a module)?03:41
deadowlAnd no, I don't mean Orca, I just want to get my computer to read things out loud so i don't have to03:41
yaroEstesark: How specifically are you trying to remive the fonts?03:41
=== yyeago is now known as subsume
chris0deadowl: I see03:41
tero-I have a problem with the wireless connection working when I start Blackbox windowing manager. When I start gnome, it works fine. Any clues?03:41
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CrimsonDorkAgentHex: Good question. I don't think so, but I can check. *kinda noob here*03:42
Estesarkyaro: I've tried two ways - through synaptic (which just freezes) and through dpkg --remove -a03:42
=== CwoJKT_SKCE36B-u is now known as CR_cwek_Toket_Gd
xtknighttero-, network manager maybe.  it's a gnome and kde thing03:42
AgentHeXCrimsonDork: just search synaptic for that string.03:43
Jordan_Ubilly, There are more firmware files, one of which is probably the one you need for your card, you can get them by installing the "bcm43xx-fwcutter" package, or I can give you a link to a zip file with all of them03:43
tero-xtknight: aha, it's network-admin?03:43
chris0deadowl: not sure. I guess not surprisingly, gedit | espeak doesn't work...03:43
killerbeesatemeEstesark: have you tried --force?03:43
yaroEstesark: Have you tried sudo apt-get remove --purge msttcorefonts03:43
philphotoproblem with wifi on reboot after installing device (usb, pcmcia) or hotswapping bay on ibm t30.  wifi devices are not detected after reboot.  second reboot fixes problem.  any ideas?03:43
Estesarkyaro: Yes, killerbeesateme: No.03:43
xtknighttero-, hmm nope network-manager03:43
xtknighttero-, "nm-applet" is the applet for it.  but network-manager is a library kinda..03:43
yaroEstesark: Go ahead and try killerbeesateme's thing.03:44
tero-xtknight: thanks. I'll have a look03:44
xtknighttero-, basically network-manager in some cases can compete with ifconfig/ifup and mess things up03:44
EstesarkI get "dpkg: --force option takes a value"03:44
=== Freecast454450 is now known as iceman_
xtknighttero-, nm-applet is the network icon in the system tray.  use that always to configure network in gnome/kde03:44
jastivwhy doesn't ubuntu have a program that converts to ogg?03:44
prashantgnomeradio not work03:44
deadowlchris0, it would be interesting if I could program a key binding that would send highlighted text to espeak in the same sense it is sent to a clipboard with cut/copy commands03:44
CrimsonDorkAgentHex: Lemme try running it.03:44
xTheGoat121xI am having a lot of issues, but they've only developed recently.03:44
Jordan_Ujastiv, Because it does? Or do you mean installed by default?03:45
CrimsonDorkAgentHex: I have it already.03:45
=== CR_cwek_Toket_Gd is now known as coJKT_CrCE36B-up
chris0deadowl: that sounds like it may be a bash project...03:45
prashanti am nt able to select d line03:45
AgentHeXCrimsonDork: ok...  hmmm...  iono then.  i'm a bit of a n00b, though i've been using ubuntu for a couple months straight.03:45
yaroxTheGoat121x: Could you be more specific?03:45
jastivaudacity doesn't seem to have that ability even though the old version did.03:45
CrimsonDorkAgentHex: Heh, thanks. I'll keep digging.03:45
wershow do I install the multisync syncml plugin in gutsy? there's no gutsy package. The latest one is the edgy package which doesn't work in gusty03:46
iceman_anybody know how to get zeroconf working....and know of any windows like skin/themes that i can use. or MAC like skins/themes that i can use?03:46
TheEagle02Can anyone help with the driver install for a Belkin F5D7000 Wireless network card?03:46
Ububeginlets say i issue this command... **find . -name "jsf-api.jar"** but i want the size of each file to be also stated in the list.. how do i modify it03:46
Estesarkyaro: It's bizarre - I seem to have to configure the package before I can get rid of it03:46
xTheGoat121xyaro, (1) every time I start the laptop, most of the stuff on the panels freezes... when I restart them, nm-applet never comes back03:46
Jordan_Uiceman_, There are many of both kinds of themes, but I personally think *NIX looks better when it's not trying to be something it's not :)03:47
killerbeesatemeEstesark:  i had the exact same problem about 6 months ago, and for the life of me, i can't remember what i did03:47
AtomicSparkamazing. my computer fails to boot if i install with the alt cd.03:47
xTheGoat121xyaro, (2) I have system sounds, pidgin sounds, but no sounds in games or audacious.03:47
chris0Ububegin: cd / && ls -R | grep jsf-api.jar03:47
killerbeesatemeEstesark:  bear with me here, i'm trying to recreate my google steps03:47
chris0Ububegin: it'll take a whike tho....03:47
tero-xtknight: hmm. nm-applet does not seem to work in Blackbox. is there another interface?03:47
xTheGoat121xyaro, (3) and ntos_wq seems to be eating approx. 3-5% of my CPU...03:48
Estesarkkillerbeesateme: I just tried sudo dpkg --purge -a, and it downloaded all the files succesfully03:48
xtknighttero-, knetwork-manager maybe or something...i think there's a kde one03:48
billyJordan_U: what is the link for all the firmware files?03:48
Estesarkkillerbeesateme: Perhaps there was a network problem03:48
chris0Ububegin: if you know that it's in your home directory, just say cd && ls -R etc. Etc. Etc.03:48
iceman_Jordan_u, while i have to agree with u. i need it for ease of function and so i can get the other people in my house to use it by tricking them into thinking its still windows.03:48
deadowlchris0, is it possible to create a key binding that takes some sort of buffer through GNOME?03:48
billyjordan: and how do i install them with bcmfwcutter?03:48
yaroxTheGoat121x: (1) You'll probably have to delete your .gconf and .gconf2 folders and go back to a default GNOME configuration. I'm sure there are other ways, but they're difficult at best.03:48
xtknighttero-, either way im not sure how your supposed to configure it under blackbox03:48
Estesarkkillerbeesateme: So now I'm going to try removing it again03:48
yaroxTheGoat121x: (2) Are you using anything like, say, Pulse Audio?03:48
subsumeWhat would be the best way to use CRON to send an email (from a postgres database) every day? have bash script dump mysql result into a text file, then read it...then....or....?03:48
killerbeesatemeEstesark: i think i got it03:48
ubu2am I the only person with terrible skipping in Flash?03:49
Jordan_Uiceman_, I don't recommend tricking people either, especially if it's not your computer03:49
chris0deadowl: I've been thinking about it. You'd need to copy/paste text to a temporary file, less it and then pipe it to espeak. I'm not sure how you'd do the copy/paste part tho....03:49
killerbeesatemeEstersark:  i went thru with this with network manager, and what i did, was go into synaptic03:49
Jordan_Ubilly, I will make it in just a second :)03:49
xTheGoat121xyaro, (1) OK, I'll do what i can regarding that.  (2)  No, I use ALSA.  And it worked until just yesterday.03:49
haymakeri deleted my user account, i am using a backup account, how can i create a new account with the same name as the first?  when I try it does nothing03:49
Ububeginchris0: i think u misunderstood me... I issue a find command now...and it returns the location of the files.. But I want the sizes of the files as well as the location03:50
yaroxTheGoat121x: (3) I don't know what that is. D:03:50
killerbeesatemeEstersark: then clicked the status button, and went into Not-Installed, residual package configuration03:50
philphotoproblem with wifi on reboot after installing device (usb, pcmcia) or hotswapping bay on ibm t30.  wifi devices are not detected after reboot.  second reboot fixes problem.  ideas?03:50
chris0deadowl: the 1337 hax pwnag3 way to do it is to say espeak in gnome-terminal and then Ctrl-C/Ctrl-Shift-V it into the terminal03:50
xtknighttero-, ifup eth0 doesnt work in blackbox?03:50
xTheGoat121xyaro, yeah, most I've talked to have no idea.03:50
RootyRootRootW00Hi grsync won't write to my vfat drive. As far as I know, it's not permissions, any ideas anyone?03:50
xTheGoat121xand it's not on the forums.03:50
yaroxTheGoat121x: (2) Do you have a lot of things configured to use ESD or OSS?03:50
iceman_normally i wouldn't either, jordan_u but considering all our other pc's with xp and/or mac broke down i have to get them to use this. people are scared of linux because everythingisn't handed to them in one easy package like macs/ or windows apps are03:51
killerbeesatemeEstersark: and then find the package, and then mark it for complete removal03:51
xtknighttero-, if networkmanager is not running on blackbox (it isnt) then ifup should interfere03:51
xtknightshould not *03:51
deadowlchris0, yea, it would essentially be a script that runs espeak < src03:51
Ububeginchris0: u have any idea :?03:51
xTheGoat121xyaro, not a thing, actually.03:51
gorgpersian talking03:51
iceman_because of that people are like no. linux sucks when in fact it doesnt03:51
chris0Ububegin: oh my bad it would need to be ls -aRh. that would ls recursively and then display your jar file03:51
yaroxTheGoat121x: So they're all calling ALSA... or should be.03:51
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion03:51
Estesarkkillerbeesateme: It's not in that list, because like I said, last time I tried to --purge it, it succesfully configured03:51
j__Is there google talk > in 8.04 or 7.10??/03:51
Estesarkkillerbeesateme: But now I can't remove or purge it - turns out that --purge actually just configured it03:51
yaroj__: Pidgin does Google Talk.03:52
UbubeginI issue a find command now...and it returns the location of the files.. But I want the sizes of the files as well as the location03:52
Enigma0j__, you can use pidgin03:52
tero-xtknight: I tried it but it says ignoring unknown interface eth103:52
chris0Ububegin: so I'd do a cd && ls -aRh (add an l in there if you want) | grep name.of.jar.file.jar03:52
xTheGoat121xyaro, yup.  If I start, say, Audacious from terminal, I get a message about the device not being available.03:52
j__yaro can i talk / speak  with a speaker?03:52
j__yaro mic ?03:52
tero-xtknight: I guess I should add a line to /etc/network/interfaces03:52
yaroxTheGoat121x: Sounds like something is using ALSA that shouldn't be.03:52
tero-xtknight: it's not going to break anything, right?03:53
Estesarkkillerbeesateme: Take a look at http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d1949f53203:53
Ububeginchris0: i dunt wanna seach inside the jar files... lets say its just a text file then..03:53
xTheGoat121xyaro, ugh.  That's what I was hoping you wouldn't say.03:53
m1chaelare there any mobile devices that you can install ubuntu on? like a palm03:53
Jordan_Ubilly, Grrr, the file size limit was changed on google pages03:53
xtknighttero-, hmm i dont think so03:54
billywhat can i do03:54
yaroj__: I think so.03:54
chris0Ububegin: gimme a sec...I'm looking....I thought -r did a recursive search. I'll get back to you in a sec.03:54
j__yaro how i set it up03:54
Jordan_Ubilly, Do you have another computer?03:54
jscinozis it possible to use suspend2 to instead of the default suspend/hibernate functionality without using a custom kernel (e.g. as a module)?03:54
xtknighttero-, gonna put static ip config in there or something?03:54
billythis is another computer03:54
killerbeesatemeEstesark: Did you try the steps from above?03:54
deadowlchris0, yea, X apparently runs the selection buffer, i think03:54
yaroxTheGoat121x: Try to find what else uses ALSA on your system and kill it before using the "offending" applications.03:54
Jordan_Ubilly, Actually, there is another way...03:55
Estesarkkillerbeesateme: It wasn't in that list, because it succesfully configured in the end03:55
xTheGoat121xyaro, I will do what I can.03:55
Estesarkkillerbeesateme:  I just can't uninstall it now03:55
FastZanyone know of a good open source CAD program for linux?03:55
yaroj__: Not sure. Refer to the documentation, if there are voice features, chances are they are mentioned thete.03:55
Jordan_Ubilly, Go into restricted manager, it should give you a URL to download a file from which the firmware can be extracted03:55
tero-xtknight: maybe just a definition of the interface, that it exists03:55
killerbeesatemeEstesark: so where is it freezing up again?  sorry i cleared my scroll log03:55
Estesarkkillerbeesateme: It's not freezing any more, it just won't uninstall03:56
chris0deadowl: yeah, that's a little beyond my programming ability.....03:56
EstesarkIt's exiting with an error03:56
ubotuBeryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz03:56
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion03:56
chris0Ububegin: do you know about how many files would be in the same folder as the file you're looking for?03:57
chris0Ububegin: 1?10?100?1000? etc03:57
xtknighttero-, sure it's called eth1 ?03:57
billyJordan: restricted manager doesn't give a url03:57
xtknighttero-, like "ifup eth1" in gnome, would that work03:57
philphoto FastZ: Qcad  it's in the ubuntu repositories03:58
philphotoFastZ: it has full back and forth compatibility with autocad minus 3d rendering.03:58
=== GnarlyBo1 is now known as GnarlyBob
philphotoFastZ: i'm in mech eng school & use Qcad for all lf my 2d work.03:58
Estesarkkillerbeesateme: Success! Turns out someone else has had the same problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=64981903:58
FastZawesome, ill check that out philphoto03:59
cjonesi got an online game to work under ubuntu with xp running in vbox whora03:59
killerbeesatemeEstesark:  nice03:59
Estesarkkillerbeesateme: Yeah. That'll teach me to flirt with Microsoft.03:59
chris0Ububegin: here's what I'd use: ls -Rlh | grep -B 20 <part of filename>. if it doesn't show the full path, change 20 to some bigger number. That should show you both the filename, the size, and the path to the file04:00
ubotunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit04:00
=== [1]dahlia is now known as dahlia
xTheGoat121xWhoa, what just happened there?04:00
tritiumxTheGoat121x: a netsplit04:00
xTheGoat121xtritium, interesting04:01
=== J_To^ is now known as J_To
billyJordan_U: what should i do?04:01
chris0for a sec I thought that something serious happened!04:02
Jordan_Ubilly, Is the 'other' computer running Ubuntu, or can it get to the internet from the liveCD?04:02
billythe other is running ubuntu this ones on windows04:03
billyboth inspiron 1501 laptops04:03
Jordan_Ubilly, How desperate are you ? :)04:04
deadowlwhat application does GNOME Ubuntu use as a clipboard04:04
Jordan_Ubilly, Actually, did restricted manager give a URL before you grabbed the one you have now in /lib/firmware?04:05
billynever gave a url04:05
ryan_mandelbaumdoes anybody know if there is a fluxbuntu for ppc04:05
Jordan_Ubilly, You could run the Ubuntu LiveCD in a virtual machine, install bcm43xx-fwcutter on that then save the firmware04:06
tero-xtknight: pretty sure. eth0 is the wired ethernet interface, eth1 is the wireless one04:06
billyhow do i run a virtual machine?04:06
xtknighttero-, any luck then in blackbox?04:06
Jordan_Ubilly, Or if you know of a place I can host a 10.6 meg file?04:07
xtknighttero-, eth1 simply does not appear in "ifconfig -a"?04:07
billyemail it to me?04:07
xtknightyousendit.com for big email attachments also04:07
tero-xtknight: it's there in the listing of ifconfig but ifup eth1 does not do anything. I'll try to add it in interfaces-file now04:09
aghachiwhy does screens and graphics crash when i open it?04:10
=== alan is now known as speeddemon8803
aghachiit happend after i isntalled the updates04:10
xtknightaghachi,  hmm don't know...but filing a bug may be a good idea04:10
aghachilol im a n00b ubuntu user how do i do that04:10
xtknight!launchpad | aghachi, well you can file bugs here04:11
xtknightrather ^04:11
aghachithen what04:11
aghachiclick bugs04:11
deadowlIs there any way to get a custom application launcher to run xsel --clipboard | espeak?04:11
xtknightaghachi, click bugs ya04:11
xtknightaghachi, then report a bug04:12
mrpocketshow can i find the MAC address of a wireless network in Ubuntu?04:12
openrosjoin #django04:13
tero-xtknight: okay, that worked. now it works. I just wondered if there was a fancier way to do it in Blackbox04:13
xtknighttero-, what did u do04:13
Jordan_Ubilly, grr, now gmail is being slow04:13
openrosjoin #django04:13
xtknightaghachi, and after you report the bug, people will contact you on the bug's page about reproducing the problem or fixing it04:13
amenadomrpockets-> ap?  sudo ip a   for your nic,  iwconfig04:14
tero-xtknight: I added line "iface eth1 inet dhcp" in /etc/network/interfaces04:14
xtknighttero-, ah, interesting.04:14
jack|assSo I have serveral files that apparently had their timestamp written as "1961-11-25 17:31."  Anyone have ideas on what caused that?  and how it's doing dates before 1970?04:14
tero-xtknight: and then I setup the wireless adapter with iwconfig04:15
xtknighttero-, ah well blackbox is too obscure to have a network UI i guess.  im not sure if filing a bug for that would do any good altho im surprised eth1 wasnt there by default.  might be a bug higher in the food chain..04:15
soreauOk, so i'm ready now to reinstall feisty on the older box that is incapable of running Gutsy at all, but I want to have the system see the two hd's as one. How do I do this?04:17
deadowlis there way to get a gnome custom application launcher to read one commands output as another's input?04:17
soreaudeadowl what are you trying to ultimately do?04:18
xtknightdeadowl, i dont quite understand what u mean04:18
tero-xtknight: yeah I guess that those who wish to use Blackbox should be able to tackle with something as simple as configuring a network interface04:18
xtknighttero-, hehe04:18
deadowlsoreau, I'm trying to essentially do xsel --clipboard | espeak from the panel04:18
tero-xtknight: it's just that the window manager (compiz, I guess) is too heavy for my poor little laptop with 512 megs of ram04:19
haymakerok, i have orphaned some files, the account that owned them got deleted.  how can i fix?04:19
xtknightdeadowl, and u cant craete a launcher for that?04:19
xtknightdeadowl, try    sh -c "xsel --clipboard | espeak"     or something04:19
foxtwofoxtwoi wants to be on bash.org!04:19
xtknightnot usre04:19
foxtwofoxtwofamous quote here!04:19
xtknightnot sure04:19
soreaudeadowl: hmm .. I wouldn't know, just wait a sec and perhaps someone else can help you here04:19
aghachido i just state the bug on that site?04:19
soreaudeadowl: Make a script04:19
deadowlTHANK YOU xtknight04:19
xtknighttero-, oh yeah?  well gnome's WM is metacity.  you can disable compiz04:19
deadowlnow I can do something really cool04:19
xtknightdeadowl, it's cuz sh is a single cmd.  i guess launcher doesnt support pipes or sometihng04:20
soreauHi guys. Ok, so i'm ready now to reinstall feisty on the older box that is incapable of running Gutsy at all, but I want to have the system see the two hd's as one. How do I do this?04:20
deadowlguess so, I'm no expert with this kind of thing.04:20
aghachihmm when i uninstalled the unlocked graphics the screnn worked04:20
xtknightsoreau, grab the alternate cd and utilize RAID/LVM04:21
wolssoreau: why is it unable to run it?04:21
wolsrun gutsy that is04:21
xtknightya there really shouldnt be any regressions04:21
soreauxtknight: How would I do this? The live cd is sitting here loaded right now04:21
soreauwols: idk04:22
xtknightsoreau, you need the alternate cd for raid/lvm installation04:22
soreauAlt cd04:22
xtknightsoreau, what does gutsy do when u try to run it04:22
soreauI guess the one I have just wont do it04:22
xtknightsoreau, nope04:22
Jordan_Ubilly, got it?04:22
fus10nxHey all, I jus order this motherboard: http://www.intel.com/products/motherboard/D5400XS/index.htm  -- anyone else use it?04:22
wolssoreau: then your statement is simply worthless04:22
tero-xtknight: aa that might do the trick. is there a menu for that or would removing compiz-package just do the trick?04:22
wols!anyone | fus10nx04:22
ubotufus10nx: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:22
soreauxtknight: It freezes with a blinking cursor after loading the kernel and pci probe devices iirc04:23
xtknighttero-, system preferences appearances desktop effects->no effects04:23
fus10nxwols: that was my real question :)04:23
billyjordan_u lemme check04:23
wolsfus10nx: that is a BS question04:23
xtknightsoreau, ahh..have you filed a bug for this?04:23
soreauwols you're worthless :)04:23
wolsand it was NOT your real question04:23
fus10nxya i wanna know if anyone has it04:23
wolssoreau: don't do an ad hominem please04:23
fus10nxin here04:23
soreauxtknight: No, this is a resurrected dinosaur computer lol04:23
wolsfus10nx: no one does. you can't buy it yet last I chcked04:23
tero-xtknight: thanks. I'm from the command line generation, completely lost with the menus04:23
billyjordan_u not yet04:24
fus10nxwols: ya, its on sale.04:24
xtknighttero-, oh.  ya i wonderd.  u seemed pretty well versed04:24
fus10nxi jus ordered it04:24
xtknightsoreau, oh well..but feisty works right?  but gutsy doesn't... so that's a regression...bug filing material! heh04:24
iceswordwho is from Singgapore here04:24
xtknightsoreau, you dont have to but it would be nice04:24
* jscinoz is away: I'm busy04:24
soreauxtknight: Seems gutsy isn't as great as I would think it should be since it is newer release04:24
zerohey how do i make thunderbird my default mail client?04:24
fus10nxthats where i got it from04:25
soreauxtknight: Even here on this pc where it does work04:25
xtknightsoreau, well ya sometimes it's better in some ways worse than others04:25
xtknightworse in others04:25
* jscinoz is back (gone 00:00:52)04:25
fus10nxim trying to build the highest end system possible04:25
iceswordwho is from Singapore here04:25
fus10nxsuper super fast04:25
soreauxtknight: I usually don't file bug reports, I just wait for the issue to hopefully work itself out in the future04:25
xtknightsoreau, lol04:26
Dvargmy brother got a macpro... 2 quadcore xeon processors04:26
soreauThe *buntu devs are usually pretty good about this04:26
billyJordan_U: i wont give out ur email lol04:26
soreauxtknight: Ok, lemme start an alt dl04:26
xtknightfus10nx, so what's your question04:26
xtknightfus10nx, will 8core work on ubuntu?  yes , kernel has SMP suppotr04:26
fus10nxxtknight: if anyone else here had it and how it runs in ubuntu04:26
NickGarveyfus10nx: IBM had this one computer.. deep blue I believe it was called ;)04:26
zerohey how do i make thunderbird my default mail client?04:26
xtknightblue gene04:26
fus10nxNickGarvey: ha ha04:26
xtknightor somethin04:26
iceswordhello,who is from Singapore here04:26
fus10nxwell fastest consumer04:27
fus10nxi wish this board had DDR304:27
fus10nxbut ill deal with FBDIMM04:27
xtknightfbdimm isnt going to be faster though04:27
xtknightits for reliability isnt it?04:27
xtknightmight even be slower than ddr2 800 i dunno04:27
=== jms1989_ is now known as jms1989__
billyjordan_u: what do i do with those files?04:27
fus10nxand does Ubuntu support SLI?04:28
xtknightfus10nx, yes through nvidia binary drivers04:28
Jordan_Ubilly,  extract them to /lib/firmware04:28
* fus10nx is new to Ubuntu04:28
zerohey how do i make thunderbird my default mail client? it keeps trying to make me use evolution04:28
xtknightfus10nx, my main concern would be with the new intel 5400 chipset but kernel is usually fast about adding support04:28
fus10nxso thanks for the help04:28
xtknightfus10nx, the new ubuntu release Hardy might support it out of the box04:28
fus10nxxtknight: hopefully HH has support04:28
xtknighti dunno if Gutsy would04:28
fus10nxwell HH is next month, right?04:29
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu04:29
fus10nxawww ok04:29
spepshey guys has somebody tried skype 2 beta version ... it seems like i can't choose my avater ... isn't it?THANKS04:29
soreau@lart credible c ya!04:29
billyjordan_u: do you know where outlook express saves its files?04:29
DindeDoes anyone get some information about dccprobe problem ? edidfail, i can reproduce this bug, actualy it happends when you update from feisty to gutsy. If anyone have a workaround/fix, it would be appreceated !04:30
xtknightoutlook express saves email in Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities i think04:30
xtknightor something like that04:30
wolsfrom what I remember the 6400 chipset has been available a while. so the kernel might already have support04:30
wolsit's a bog standard server chipset04:30
xtknightthey're .dbx files04:30
Jordan_Ubilly, It's all one monolithic file, can't you just get to it from the outlook UI?04:30
DindeThe result of this bug is i can't use my DVI output with the native resolution for the screen04:31
xtknightDinde, i dont know i havent had the problem04:31
CrimsonDorkAnyone knows how to set two different screens using a Nvidia 8400 chipset?04:31
billyJordan_U i think its corrupted..04:31
wolsDinde: handedit the xorg.conf04:31
Jordan_Ubilly, Try getting it through the web interface04:31
xtknightCrimsonDork, dual monitor?  is 8400 chipset a dual head04:31
billyin ubuntu? you sent it to my windows computer.. the ubuntu one isnt on the net04:32
DindeTried to do that but it's a plasma display through a DVI -> HDMI adaptator, it worked fine on feisty. I can't get the good Modeline for this screen ...04:32
xtknightDinde, ahh hmm.04:32
xtknightDinde, did you install drivers for your video card04:32
Dindeyes i did, fglrx04:32
gorbierdsuggest me please where information about system language(imean language pack) are stored?04:33
CrimsonDorkxtknight: Dual monitor, yes. Dual veiw, not just duplicate. And on Windows it would let me have both but that inside the Nvidia settings, here I don't seem to find this option.04:33
DindeI've seen on launchpad that i'm not the only one with this bug, no workaround on the board.04:33
xtknightDinde, so modeline generation thru "gtf 1366 768 60" does not work, or w/e the native res of your plasma is..04:33
xtknightCrimsonDork, do u have nvidia proprietary restricted drivers installed04:33
gorbierdI just want to change this information in my customized livecd04:34
DindeI tried also, when i supply the information from my manual, and compare, there is some big difference, and display become a real mess04:34
xtknightDinde, have you tried using a Modeline, though?04:34
CrimsonDorkxtknight: I think I do, I can see the settings and make miracles with the main screen, but when I try to set a secondary screen it doesn't let me.04:34
xtknightCrimsonDork, type "gksu nvidia-settings"04:34
gorbierdany one can help me?04:34
billyjordan_U how do i extract it to lib/firmware?04:35
gorbierdor see me)?04:35
xtknightDinde, how about UseEDID false or whatever ATI driver's ignore EDID command is04:35
ubotugorbierd: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:35
Dindei did it also :(04:35
xtknightDinde, hmm maybe it's a fglrx bug?04:35
xtknightDinde, what launchpad04:35
chicagonpgDoes anybody know of a good website for Linux Admin training?04:35
xtknightDinde, well HDMI might possibly be a problem i dont know04:35
CrimsonDorkxtknight: Kk. That is the same windows I saw earlier.04:35
Jordan_Ubilly, Save it to the desktop then "cd ~/Desktop && unzip firmware.zip && sudo cp firmware/* /lib/firmware"04:36
xtknightCrimsonDork, and you can't summon the second display using that control panel04:36
xtknightCrimsonDork, ?04:36
xtknightCrimsonDork, it will appear as disabled to begin with or something.  press Detect Displays04:37
Dindextknight: the point is, it was working 1 hour ago before my update to feisty :|04:37
xtknightDinde, oh really04:37
DindeAs reported at launchpad website ;)04:37
billywhat about the generic folders?04:37
prasannahey, what can i use to sync my smartphone on ubuntu?04:38
Frijoliei'm getting some weird stuff happening. Every time I get to a GUI boot my window decorations are gone and I have to type "metacity --replace" in a terminal and leave the terminal open for them to stay04:38
CrimsonDorkxtknight: Set it as Separate X screen?04:38
xtknightCrimsonDork, depends04:38
xtknightCrimsonDork, do u want span or dualview04:38
Jordan_Ubilly, It's not necessary for the firmware to be in each of them as long as it's in the root04:38
brad01How would I find out what's in my pc card bus?04:38
MrPiracywhere can i enabled phisics in kiba-dock settings?04:38
Frijolieit also takes networkmanager about 5 minutes to load after I see the GUI04:38
CrimsonDorkxtknight: Dual.04:38
billyjordan u do i extract those files as well tho?04:39
xtknightCrimsonDork, separate X screen makes them two different GNOMEs04:39
CrimsonDorkxtknight: Right on. The other is just big. K.04:39
xtknightCrimsonDork, otherwise you want twinview.. well twinview is like span mode.  but maximizing one window will only use one screen04:39
Jordan_Ubilly, Sorry, didn't mean to include those04:39
Frijolieany ideas how to fix this?04:39
Dindeanyway, thanks for your concerne ktknight. Gonna install gentoo.04:39
billyk so there not important? now i just restart right?04:39
xtknightDinde, alrighty then04:40
MrPiracywhere can i enable phisics feature in kiba-dock settings?04:40
Jordan_Ubilly, instead, to unzip all of them but only copy the firmware "cd ~/Desktop && unzip firmware.zip && sudo cp firmware/*.fw /lib/firmware"04:40
billyso how do i undo what i already did?04:40
brad01How would I find out what's in my pc card bus?04:41
techqbertdid a security update to thunderbird just come out?  I just apt-get upgraded to it but its taking forever to dl04:41
Starnestommybrad01: lspci?04:41
billyJordan_U: anything else after restart?04:42
CrimsonDorkxtknight: Now it doesn't even detect the second screen.04:42
brad01StarnesStommy, It says I have a cardbus bridge but It says nothing about the card in it04:43
Jordan_Ubilly, Nope, hopefully it will "just work™"04:43
xtknightCrimsonDork, interesting04:43
billyshould i blacklist any old drivers?04:44
xtknightCrimsonDork, well when you can get it to detect everything, press Save to X config.04:44
szx0I'm trying to install Ubuntu with Software RAID1, I have two 300GB drives, I configured everything in the partitioner and told it to write it to disk, but now no matter which option I pick from the main menu it just dumps me right back in the partitioner! Is that Ubuntu's way of telling me something isn't right?04:45
Dindelet's try hardy before reinstalling whole os :x04:45
speeddemon8803Dinde, you do realize hardy is still in testing stages right?04:45
Jordan_Ubilly, I feel like an idiot now, if I hadn't included the other firmware files for every device for multiple kernel versions it would have been much smaller and uploadable04:46
brad01I want to get my network card working04:46
Dindeof course i am ...04:46
speeddemon8803!hardy | Dinde04:46
ubotuDinde: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu04:46
billylol its cool.. still not working tho.. gonna try one more thing.. whats the command to reload all the drivers?04:46
DindeThis box is a media center, i don't need a lot of stuff04:46
Dindejust X a window manager and my media center ...04:47
Jordan_Ubilly, you should just need to "sudo rmmod bcm43xx && sudo modprobe bcm43xx"04:47
goudkovhi guy, how do i search for the available source packages? "aptitude search" doesn't seem to list them, but deb-src is in the sources file04:47
billythen restart? jordan u?04:48
CrimsonDorkxtknight: Hmm.04:49
xtknightCrimsonDork, so any luck04:49
Jordan_Ubilly, That should prevent the need to restart, if restarting didn't work that probably won't either ( but it might be nice to see if it gives any errors )04:50
CrimsonDorkxtknight: Says it's supposed to work, but the screen simply doesn't turn on or shows anything.04:50
brad01How do I get a cardbus network card to work in ubuntu?04:50
billyJordan_U: its still not working...04:51
pawanwanted rocketdock for ubuntu04:52
CrimsonDorkxtknight: When I do apply, it displays some reason why it might not set it.04:52
xtknightCrimsonDork, ya04:52
xtknightCrimsonDork, u have to use Save to X Config04:53
brad01How do I get a cardbus network card to work in ubuntu?04:53
xtknightCrimsonDork, apply is a misnomera bit04:53
ThreeFingerPetehi there. i've installed ubuntu on 4 machines, but i have a question. i'm about to install it on a toshiba laptop. the hdd has four partitions. "TOSHIBA SYSTEM VOLUME", the partition with vista on it, a small 3 gig partition and a hard drive recovery partition. An hdd is only allowed 4 partitions, right? how should I approach this?04:53
CrimsonDorkxtknight: Same thing, Save X it and nothing happens.04:53
xtknightCrimsonDork, u have to pres ctrl alt backspace to restart X server..04:53
xtknightCrimsonDork, logout otherwords04:53
CrimsonDorkxtknight: K, lemme check.04:54
billyhelpppp jordan_u04:55
J1hey i have a strange issue... i isntalled ubuntu and now i dont have access to some partitions since they are owned by the root account04:56
szx0When configuring software RAID... how many HD should I create?04:57
ThreeFingerPeteJl, you normally dont access them. give yourself su if you wish to04:57
szx0When configuring software RAID... how many HD (* correction MD)  should I create?04:57
xtknightszx0, well in any case make sure your /boot partition is not a raid partition04:57
Jordan_Ubilly, I don't know :( I am curious why you were never offered the standard options for broadcom cards from restricted manager though04:57
xtknightszx0, an MD is just a partition04:57
billyJordan_U: yeah.. i dunno..04:57
szx0xtknight, right but how many do I need to make?04:58
MrPiracywhere can i enable phisics feature in kiba-dock settings?04:58
=== jms1989 is now known as jms1989__
xtknightszx0, well probably one for / and one for /home at maximum04:58
billyi hope a restart will fix this s***04:58
J1threefingerpete -  not my system partitions or anything. a separate empty partition where i want to save my larger files. only data on it is a folder called "lost and found" (whats that btw?) and i cant access it04:58
xtknightszx0, you really only need a /04:58
xtknightszx0, but i guess you can use RAID for swap.. i dont know if that's a good idea04:58
ThreeFingerPeteJlL that should be your garbage can04:58
szx0xtknight, so I need to make a MD for every partition that I want for the RAID setup ?04:59
ThreeFingerPeteJl: that should be your garbage04:59
xtknightszx0, correct04:59
szx0xtknight, ok04:59
J1whats the command to change the permissions so i can access that folder?04:59
xtknightszx0, for example md0 can be a partition spanning hd1+hd204:59
ThreeFingerPetextknight: i didnt know a partition could span two drives05:00
Jordan_Ubilly, This is a PCI card, right?05:00
xtknightThreeFingerPete, yup in a raid config05:00
szx0xtknight, let me try this now05:00
xtknightor lvm also05:00
xtknightlogical volumes05:00
Some_PersonHow can I create an Xserver Window with a program running in it?05:00
jetsaredimis it possible to reconstruct a raid setup without having the raidtab file?05:01
xtknightlost+found is a directory for recovered chunks from file system checks...i think05:01
xtknightjetsaredim, yup05:01
xtknightjetsaredim, just add the drives to a device with mdadm05:01
J1threefingerpete -  how can i edit the partition so i can use it without problems?05:01
szx0xtknight, so I should make another /boot on both Hard Disks, make it bootable but also don't make a MD for it ?05:01
brad01How do I get a cardbus networking card to work in ubuntu?05:01
jetsaredimxtknight: do you know where I'd be able to find some docs on that?05:01
xtknightszx0, make only one /boot partition on one hard disk05:01
theAtomwhenever I try to use printer, it never prints a page.  How do I get printer to work in Ubuntu?05:01
xtknightjetsaredim, i wish i could tell ya..05:01
xtknightjetsaredim, i dont remember exactly the cmd05:01
=== jms1989__ is now known as jms1989_
xtknightjetsaredim, but i do know you need to update your kernel intird afterwards.  sudo update-initramfs i belive...that will at least save you some frustration05:02
xtknightjetsaredim, after you do mdadm create on the two hard disks05:02
ubotuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows05:02
Some_PersonHow do I make an embedded Xserver?05:02
jetsaredimxtknight: I'm not using it as a boot device - and I think that when you install mdadm it runs mkinitramfs05:03
ThreeFingerPeteJl: i am not sure. I am still a little new myself05:03
r00723r0How would I install a .ttf font?05:03
xtknightjetsaredim, not after you add a device to raidtab it doesnt automatically05:03
Some_PersonHow do I make an embedded Xserver?05:03
xtknightjetsaredim, i had that trouble05:03
J1threefingerpete - ah ok thanks anyway ^_^05:03
xtknightjetsaredim, i think you mdadm create and then the two partitions, then /dev/md0 or the MDx device... i just dont remember the exact syntax05:03
Some_PersonHow do I make an embedded Xserver?05:04
r00723r0Does anyone know?05:04
Jordan_USome_Person, Xepher05:04
J1its just kinda strange i didnt have this the first time i installd ubuntu. now im having this issue and I dont know why. root is the only one allowed to edit the partitions and i cant login with root, so i have to do sudo every 5 mins05:04
ThreeFingerPeteJl: if you change your name to more than three letters, people can press tab to auto complete it, and it will show up in color when they respond to you. if you are using xchat anyway05:04
Some_PersonJordan_U: Where do I get this "Xepher"?05:05
J1j1 - ill do that ^_^05:05
tanathmy sound is distorted playing flash videos05:05
tanathi've tried reinstalling flash05:05
tanathcan anyone help?05:05
Jordan_USome_Person, Sorry, xephyr05:06
tanathseems like it might be a bug in flash, 'cause my firefox is using a slightly different version, and it's fine05:06
Some_PersonJordan_U: thank you05:06
J1tanath -  to isntall flash go to applications: add/remove and search for "ubuntu restricted"05:06
J1tanath - you will find "ubuntu restricted extras". it comes with mp3, dvd, java, flash and some other stuff05:07
tanathJ1, um, i know that. i have it05:07
VarangerI've got a question about dd. What is the difference in the output fil when I use the operand: bs=1024k05:08
J1tanath - and its not working?05:08
tanathJ1, i said the sound is distorted05:08
RugHowdy all05:08
r00723r0Does anyone know how to install fonts?05:08
J1tanath -  ah ok i didnt get that part05:08
googlingtingwanatanath, flash was the one thing that didn't work for me out of the box ... I ended up installing from the tar.gz file from the Adobe site05:08
tanathJ1, i've tried reinstalling05:08
nixboxI have an HP dv2500 with Intel Wireless WifiLink 4965 AGN wireless card, somehow the wireless interface is not showing up after I have restarted the system, the wireless modules are loaded as indicated by lsmod, they are "iwl4965"05:08
crackhead100_hi, for some reason, my network wireless card can see the available wireless networks, but i can't connect -- i adjust the settings properly.. and then dhclient just goes repeatedly and says no leases persistent.. sleeping.. any help???05:09
nixboxi have tried doing modeprobe -r iwl4965 and then doing modeprobe iwl4965 again05:09
Jordan_U!font | r00723r005:09
ubotur00723r0: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer05:09
power788How do I change what is said before the $ on the command line? I dont like user@computer05:09
J1tanath - my mozilla was kinda slow and laggy with flash first time i installed, somehow it fixed after i reinstalled... so no idea05:09
brad01That's your computers name05:09
deadowlanybody know if there's anywhere I can download nicer voices for espeak?05:09
nixboxcrackhead100, do you know if you card associates with an access point? you can check this using iwconfig05:09
power788i know it has to do with the bashrc file but Im not sure beyond that05:10
Jordan_Udeadowl, I doubt any exist :(05:10
crackhead100nixbox, it's associated with the right access point..05:10
jetsaredimxtknight: I was able to use mdadm --assemble to get the setup back05:10
crackhead100or seems to be..05:10
xtknightjetsaredim, ahh ya assemble05:10
xtknightjetsaredim, good to know05:10
brad01Does anyone know how to set up a network card via cardbus on linux?05:10
nixboxcrackhead100, is that access point under your control? Do you know it is running DHCP ?05:11
MrPiracywhere can i enable phisics feature in kiba-dock settings?05:11
googlingtingwanapower788, you need to set the PS1 variable - you can see the options in "man bash"05:11
jetsaredimxtknight: do i need to re-create the raidtab?05:11
Tokaylai accidently deleted my etc/modules file ... any idea how i can rebuild it?05:11
crackhead100nixbox: it's a d-link wireless router, very simple, and yes, i think it uses dhcp.. dont know why it wouldnt.. it's connected fine before to othe rlaptops runnign windows and whatever else..05:11
xtknightjetsaredim, not sure.  i thought assemble did that automatically05:11
power788googlingtingwana: thank you very much05:11
szx0xtknight, I'm trying to install setup RAID1, I have two 300GB drives, I configured everything in the partitioner like u described...and told it to write it to disk, but now no matter which option I pick from the main menu it just dumps me right back in the partitioner! Is that Ubuntu's way of telling me something isn't right?05:11
xtknightjetsaredim, do update initramfs after assemble i think?  i dont know05:11
xtknightjetsaredim, i think initramfs needs something in raidtab05:12
xtknightszx0, did you mount a partition as /05:12
nixboxwhich wireless security mode does the wireless router use?05:12
xtknightszx0, and /boot and swap05:12
nixboxcrackhead100, see above...05:12
crackhead100nixbox: see what above?05:13
JJ1why cant i mount/unmount partitions since i reinstalld ubuntu?05:13
xtknightJJ1, need sudo?05:13
googlingtingwanajetsaredim, I've recently setup raid-1 using mdadm, but there was no raidtab file - I thought that was for an "older" tool05:13
__mikemHow long does it take to change the size of an NTFS partition from 110 GB to 100 GB?05:13
crackhead100nixbox: it's a dlink wireless router, veyr simple.. other comps running windows and ubuntu have connected fine to it, using dhcp..05:13
Rug__mikem: It could take awhile05:13
jetsaredimgooglingtingwana: I'm just rebooting now to see if it comes back up05:13
MrPiracy__mikem: depends on the contents and the free space u have05:14
JJ1xtknight - yeah, since i reinstalled root is the owner and I have only read access05:14
szx0xtknight, well when i goto partion the disks it is asking me what I am going use the partition as... so i change it from ext3 to "physical volume for raid"... but once that option is chosen the mount point (i.e., "/") is gone and I have no where to define that now05:14
tanathmy sound is distorted playing flash videos. i've tried reinstalling it. can anyone help?05:14
JJ1xtknight - and i dunno how to change it05:14
nixboxcrackhead100, oh I mean, which security mode does the wireless router use? WPA, WEP etc?05:14
xtknighttanath, maybe alsa needs a rule for flash, or something, i dont know.  im thinking different Hz .. 44000hz vs 22000 or something causing distortion?05:14
crackhead100it's using wpa 40 bit or something right now.. 0000000000.. a form of that05:14
brad01do you have wpasupplicant?05:15
xtknightszx0, ok well that's fine.  you should designate two partitions as phys vol for RAID05:15
xtknightszx0, then you use the RAID partitioner that appears at the top.05:15
xtknightszx0, the raid partition has u create an MD device.  this md device's mountpoint can be set05:15
tanathxtknight, sounds like a possibility. sounds like what i imagine that might sound like05:16
crackhead100nixbox: you get that?05:16
tanathxtknight, i seem to have two versions of flash though. my firefox install is pointing to a different revision number and it works fine05:16
szx0xtknight, ahh yes yes I see now!!05:16
crackhead100nixbox: i can't change the encryption or anyting..05:16
ThreeFingerPeteis it safe to delete the recovery partitions for vista after i make disks, so that i can install ubuntu?05:17
crackhead100nixbox: others are using it set as is..05:17
nixboxcrackhead100, how have you specified the security key using ubuntu?05:17
xtknighttanath, what do you mean...05:17
xtknighttanath, which one doesnt work ?05:17
crackhead100well, i was using wireless assistant.. but it doesn't work.. i try iwconfig and it sets fine.. but then i try to get a lease from the router and get a connection, and it doesnt.. just during dhcpdiscover or whatever.. and then no leases.. sleeping..05:18
tanathxtknight, the one firefox points to works fine. the installed one from ubuntu, which is used by epiphany doesn't05:18
xtknighttanath, ahh i see05:18
tanathxtknight, i generally use epiphany though05:18
xtknighttanath, well i say just upgrade them both05:18
xtknighttanath, epiphany uses mozilla plugin architecture does it not05:18
Rugcrackhead100: have you tried manually setting the IP info?05:18
tanathxtknight, it's the latest version05:18
tanathxtknight, the firefox one is slightly older, but works05:18
prettyrickyHey guys what can I use to increase the hard drive space since I only allowed 10 gig for the installation of ubuntu. Is there anything that I can repartition my drive?05:18
xtknighttanath, ah well i hate to say it but u could use the older one for epiphany also.  are they both flash 9 a?05:18
xtknightflash 9*05:18
tanathxtknight, firefox is a dependency of it...05:18
tanathxtknight, both flash 9...05:19
Rugprettyricky: qtparted, or gparted05:19
nixboxcrackhead100, how have you specified the security key using ubuntu?05:19
prettyrickyany of those work?05:19
xtknighttanath, weird.  how did you end up with two revisions05:19
prettyrickywhere do I get them at?05:19
Frogzooprettyricky: if there's space at the end of the partition, you can boot a live cd, and use gparted to grow the fs05:19
tanathxtknight, y'know, i'm not even sure why firefox is using an older version, or where it is, lol05:19
crackhead100nixbox: what do you mean? i set it in the iwconfig and then also i tried it in the wirelessassistant program..05:19
tanathxtknight, dunno. i obviously installed it a while ago and forgot05:19
xtknighttanath, heh im thinking maybe u downloaded a flash from adobe..but then wouldnt that be newer05:19
Rugprettyricky: apt-get install, or through synaptic05:19
prettyrickyis it user friendly?05:20
tanathxtknight, i'd like to know why it doesn't work as it should though. epiphany and the flash it's using are both from the repos05:20
Rugprettyricky: depends on the user05:20
=== RawnPaw is now known as JoseGosdin
xtknighttanath, yeah i dont know honestly05:20
tanathxtknight, er, well, it's the nonfree flash, so it downloads it, but still came from the repo package05:21
AntiUSAis there a driver for Ubuntu for the NVidia 8600 GT?05:21
xtknighttanath, all i can think of is asound.conf (alsa configuration) needs something for flash05:21
xtknighttanath, mine worked out of box though05:21
tanathxtknight, yeah, i know nothing about that05:21
VarangerI've got a question about dd. If I make a "dd if=input of=output_file" and "dd if=input of=output_file bs=1024k"... will the output file will be the same or it will be affected by the "bs" operand?05:21
tanathxtknight, well then mine should too... only it doesn't05:21
prettyrickythanks guys!05:21
FrogzooVaranger: same file, 2nd command will be quicker is all05:21
xtknightwhat's default bs05:22
=== JoseGosdin is now known as josegosdin_
xtknight1 byte?05:22
xtknighti think that's bs05:22
Varangerxtknight: According man, the default is 51205:22
crackhead100nixbox: hello? what do you mean??05:22
prettyrickyrug----> which one do you prefer? qtparted or gparted?05:22
AntiUSAis there a driver for Ubuntu for the NVidia 8600 GT?05:23
BidouHi !05:23
canerthis morning update manager came with a disto upgrade. i am already using 7.10 ?? what can this be about;??05:23
billyJordan_u: you still here?05:24
Frogzoocaner: just ignore I guess05:24
Bidoumy directory /opt doesn't exist ! Anybody know why ? I'm on a Gutsy Gibbon.05:24
Bidouis it a big problem ?05:24
nickrudBidou: no, you can create it if you like05:24
caner<Frogzoo> thanks. is  there any announced date for a new version??05:25
nickrudbilly: how'ed it go?05:25
billystill broken05:25
VarangerI am trying to make a quick backup for a partition in my hard disk. This will be very fast: "dd if=/dev/sda2 of=/home/sda2.image bs=1024k"05:25
billybut.. in lshw i found a discrepency05:25
Bidouok thanks, but wath's his utility ?05:25
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu05:25
nickrudBidou: it's a place many people put extra software, like a copy of firefox from mozilla for example05:26
billynickrud: it shows module:b44, but i need to run the bcm43xx module for a driver?05:26
VarangerI am trying to make a quick backup for a partition in my hard disk. This will be very fast: "dd if=/dev/sda2 of=/home/sda2.image bs=1024k"05:26
Varangerwill it enough?05:26
zelrikriandohi nickrud05:26
AntiUSAcan anyone help? is there a driver for my NVidia 8600 GT?05:26
automatanyone have problems with uintptr_t ?05:26
nickrudbilly: not sure. Like I was talking with wols, I'm not real strong on the ins and outs of wireless chips05:26
Bidouoh ok ! it's because in a turoial, they tell me extract xampp in /opt05:27
FrogzooVaranger: sure05:27
billymm who in here is?05:27
Bidouthanks a lot !05:27
FlannelBidou: Just use the real LAMP stack: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP05:27
Bidouhum, ok05:27
Bidoui'll see that05:27
nickrudBidou: yeah, definitely don't use xammp05:27
automati can't compile vmware player or the cisco vpn client, and both fail complaining about some declaration and uintptr_t05:27
xtknightautomat, do u have build-essential installed05:28
MushroomsHi everyone, I've been trying to get my graphire 4 tablet to work with ubuntu, and i've consulted the ubuntu forums at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=25151&highlight=graphire4 .. one problem, I forgot where the xorg.conf file is located05:28
Bidoubut what's the difference ?05:28
automatxtknight: yep... as far as i know.  i had it installed on gutsy, so i assume it carried through to hardy.05:28
billyis there a command to turn on your wireless card.. i think its turned off.05:28
billyand theres no switch05:28
xtknightautomat, try sudo apt-get install --reinstall install build-essential, maybe05:28
DritzenHey billy, the wireless card was working again?05:29
nickrudBidou: lots of things you can add to apache using repos, with xammp you're locked into what they offer05:29
billyis there a terminal command to turn on your wireless card?05:29
Bidouok, so it's for newbe who just want to create a little siteweb05:30
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
nickrudBidou: sudo apt-get install apache2 , drop your html in /var/www05:30
jamesrdornhey guys, I am having a problem w/ ubuntu forgetting my WPA key on every reboot. The fix is simple (just open the network config, and re-enter the key) but anoying. Anyone know of a fix?05:30
Bidouapache isn't in lamp ?05:31
billyhow do i turn on my wireless card?05:31
automatxtknight: just triet the --reinstall.  same error. conflicting types with uintptr_t.  thanks, though.05:31
xtknightautomat, post the error on pastebin if you world05:31
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:31
xtknightautomat,  i'll be right back05:31
bazhangbilly does it show up using ifconfig/iwconfig?05:31
nickrudBidou: if you have problems, or want to expand apache you'll get help here if you use the ubuntu stuff. xammp, you'll have to look elsewhere. Best reason I can offer :)05:31
Frogzoobilly: sometimes there's a hardware switch, then open network manager05:31
googlingtingwanajamesrdorn, is there a checkbox to remember the password? - I use WPA and don't have this issue05:32
nixorhey, i have problems installing the XGL for my nvidia 8600M GT SLI DUAL GEFORCE05:32
billybut the wireless light isnt on05:32
spinmanhello, I have a question about the suspend/hibernate bug05:32
bazhangbilly well you want to connect to a wireless network when ethernet is not enabled05:32
=== icesword is now known as memoryisnotenoug
Bidouok thanks for help, i'm going to use lamp05:32
billybazhang: it shows up as eth105:32
billybazhang: its in there..05:33
bazhangbilly if you try to connect wifi it will disconnect your ethernet you know05:33
=== memoryisnotenoug is now known as memisn
=== memisn is now known as memis
billybazhang: how do i get my wireless working?05:33
billybazhang: thats all i wana do lol05:34
nixorhey, i have problems installing the XGL for my nvidia 8600M GT SLI DUAL GEFORCE 51205:34
bazhangbilly are you not reading what I am writing?05:34
=== memis is now known as mrking
billywould ip6v mess it up?05:34
spinmanis there a fix for the suspend/hibernate bug on lenovo t60s?05:34
Daisuke_Idonixor: yeah, why are you using xgl?05:34
nickrudnixor: if you ship it to me I'll experiment05:34
nixorwhen i try to install the drivers05:35
nixorthey askme for configure the xconfig05:35
jamesrdorngooglingtingwana: no there is not05:35
=== mrking is now known as whoami
nixorand when try to install i get an error05:35
billyanyone? would ip6v cause problems with my wireless? its bcm4311 so im sure it would..05:36
griffi1anyone can help me out with a external cdrom ?05:36
jamesrdornmaybe I should clear it from my interface.conf and retry the vui05:36
googlingtingwanajamesrdorn, hmm - yes, I was going to suggest deleting and re-adding05:37
automatbilly: bcm4311 will cause problems with your wireless.  maybe ip6v too.05:37
billyautomat.. i had it working before... then it stopped.. ive done everything that i did to make it work and its still not working..05:38
=== whoami is now known as icesword
bazhanggriffi1: that sounds like a hardware question--could you be more precise please?05:38
spinmanso whenver I suspend or hibernate I have to shut the laptop off to get back into the OS because it doesn't wake up when I do something05:39
automatbilly: i went with ndiswrapper and windows drivers on gutsy.  what version are you running?05:39
billyndiswrapper didn't work05:39
billyunless i used it wrong05:39
billyhow'd you do it?05:39
bazhangspinman suspend and hibernate have long been serious problems for linux on laptops--there are numerous bugs on launchpad about it05:39
Frogzooyeah, suspend has gone past frustrating to ridiculous05:40
griffi1bazhang: yep, the hardware is Welland 5.25 external cd drive, it is recognized when I plug it ( ID 067b:3507 Prolific Technology, Inc. PL3507 ATAPI6 Bridge) but I can't mount it05:40
automathardy drops the bcm* module in favor of b43 and b43legacy.  i've had better luck with them.  on gutsy, i had to download the working win driver from my win partition---it came with the thinkpad i'm using.05:40
spinmanso is there anything I can do to get it working right?05:40
bazhanghttp://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/ spinman you can add ideas you have about improving ubuntu here05:40
SpamInaCanhow come when i boot the live cd the gnome menus do not expand all the way05:41
bazhangspinman you can check the bugs at launchpad and see what ubuntuforums has to say but it is a case by case thing if it works or not--never been able to get it working myself05:42
prettyrickyWhy is it that I cant find gparted after I installed it?? Where does it go05:42
automatbilly: I haven't really looked into it, but see if there's a way to force the b43legacy driver in gutsy.  get rid of bcm43xx05:42
griffi1I ve got: device not accepting address 7, error -71     AND     reset high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 7 as errors few time       AND FINALLY      : scsi: Device offlined - not ready after error recovery05:42
Daisuke_Idoprettyricky: system > administration > partition editor05:42
Bidoui've a new question: when I installed mysql-server he didn't ask me for set up my password, anybody know why ?05:43
prettyrickywalla@! Thanks!05:43
automatbilly: if you think you have the right windows *.inf file, try blacklisting bcm43xx in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist after you install ndiswrapper.05:43
spinman thanks bhazang05:43
bazhangsorry not to be more helpful spinman05:43
automatbilly: then go through the normal ndiswrapper config.05:44
spinmanit's not your fault bazhang, I've read most of ubuntu-forums after an exhausting google search05:45
automatxtknight: here's the compilation error with vmware: http://ham.space.umn.edu/~kkersten/vmware.error05:45
bazhangspinman just out of curiousity what make and model of laptop05:45
spinmanlenovo t60p05:46
automatbrb. smoke.05:46
andong_mxserver matrix.dal.net05:46
spinmansmoking's bad for your helth05:46
bazhangspinman just a moment I'm going to check thinkwiki..05:46
=== beautifulsnow is now known as Oh
BidouI'v a problem with mysql-server when I type the commande: mysql -uroot /// ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)05:47
Bidouand it didn't ask me for set up my password when I installed it05:48
xtknightautomat, you might need to use a patch called vmware-any-any05:48
Breakageanyone know how to get grun to load urxvt as the default terminal, i've added "Terminal = urxvt" to .grunrc and tried "Terminal = usr/bin/urxvt" but it loads then flashes and dissapears, I don't have the default terminal for gmrun "gnome-terminal"05:48
xtknightautomat, i dont know, other than that.  maybe a newer version of vmware would do it.05:48
Daisuke_IdoBidou: try mysql -u root05:48
Daisuke_Idonote the space05:48
BidouDaisuke_Ido: I've the same error05:49
Daisuke_Idono clue then05:50
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-503587.html spinman here is one thread on that just a minute please05:50
googlingtingwanaBidou, have you tried reconfiguring mysql-server? Use dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server05:50
optiqhello, has anyone ever had a problem using namespace with gcc in ubuntu?05:51
=== Bhaal is now known as BhaalWK
Bidougooglingtingwana: i tried sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server // and the shell said anythings and the command mysql -uroot don't work again05:52
Ghost1227-afkanyone have any idea why desktop switching would stop working?05:52
googlingtingwanaBidou, it sounds like you were NOT asked for the root password again during the reconfigure, right?05:53
Bidougooglingtingwana: exactly but i don't know how i can set up this password05:53
=== Ghost1227-afk is now known as Ghost1227
googlingtingwanaBidou, have you tried purging the package and reinstalling?05:54
bazhanghttp://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Installing_Ubuntu_7.10_%28Gutsy_Gibbon%29_on_a_Thinkpad_T60 spinman here is more on that model hope this helps a bit05:54
Bidoui'v to do: sudo apt-get remove mysql-server --purge to do that ?05:54
automatxtknight: i've heard of the vmware-any-any patch, but i'm hesitant.  i get the same error trying to compile the cisco vpn client.  i suppose i could dig into the patch and see how vmware fixes it.  might shed some light on the cisco client.05:55
googlingtingwanaBidou, just "apt-get purge mysql-server" should do it05:55
squarebracketfor some reason sudo chown will not change anything, can anyone help me, uh, change that?05:55
spinmanthanks bazhang05:55
xtknightautomat, i dont know why it's not working for you.  you use a ubuntu kernel right?05:56
bazhangspinman no worries hope you get it working05:56
xtknightautomat, probably older verison of vmware that doesnt support the kernel.  i dont see a relation between the cisco vpn and vmware failures  though05:56
googlingtingwanaautomat, the vmware-any-any patches have been very reliable for years; for me anyway05:56
Bidougooglingtingwana: ok, i do what you said, but whan i reinstall it, i had the same problem, it didn't ask me for set up my root password, and it automatically shut down05:57
squarebracketdoes mounting something lock it exclusively for root/sudo users?05:57
googlingtingwanaBidou, shut down the mysql server, I hope, not the whole computer?05:58
Starnestommysquarebracket: not if you use the right parameters for the mount command or on /etc/fstab05:59
Bidougooglingtingwana: yeah just the mysql-server05:59
squarebracketStarnestommy: what are the "right" parameters? --help didn't say anything about locking for users or whatever...05:59
googlingtingwanaBidou, the mysql-server is a meta package and it installs another package, for my that was mysql-server-5.0, same for you?06:00
Starnestommysquarebracket: I'm not sure06:00
bijumon_hi all06:00
ReXioHi everyone, This is my first time using Linux!06:01
iceswordbijumon_, hi06:01
squarebracketReXio: congradulations :)06:01
Bidougooglingtingwana: yeah me too it's mysql-server 5.006:01
bijumon_my ubuntu ldap user log outs frequently, while seeing on daemon log i ve seen some erro like  gdm[7623]: WARNING: gdm_slave_xioerror_handler: Fatal X error - Restarting :006:01
bijumon_hi icesword06:02
squarebracketStarnestommy: i'm just confused why i can't chown it :(06:02
Bidougooglingtingwana: I just verified in my synaptic and it's the mysql-server 5.006:02
Ghost1227anyone know why desktop switching would stop working?06:03
ReXiosquarebracket: thx! Im running the Ubuntu LiveCD now xD06:03
googlingtingwanaBidou, I'm just starting up a vmware instance of ubuntu which doesn't have mysql-server installed and I'll install it just to check what happens - what release of ubuntu are you running?06:03
jscinozwhats the average boot time for a fresh install of gutsy on a 7200rpm HD?06:04
Bidougooglingtingwana: ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon06:04
griffi1hello again06:04
Bidouthanks for your help !06:04
griffi1I really need a bit of help to make my external cd drive working anyone pls ?06:04
amedxhola chavales06:05
griffi1I can't mount it06:05
DrBanzaiAnybody else experiance slow program launches?  Brand new hardware, and new install of Gutsy...06:05
Ghost1227griffi1, what's the error?06:05
ReXio=( Im still running Ubuntu 7.04 Fasty Fawn ... Gusty Gibbon didn't work for me06:05
griffi1reset high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 306:06
griffi1device descriptor read/64, error -7106:06
griffi1and it will finish with06:06
griffi1scsi: Device offlined - not ready after error recovery06:06
iceswordReXio, did you try sudo apt-get dist upgrade06:06
ReXioicesword: no I didn't06:07
iceswordReXio, you know a upgrade usually takes 1hour or so06:07
matthiashi i have ati graphics card and when playing movies i have like flickering on the movie itself and not on the screen ...06:07
googlingtingwanaBidou, my VM is not behaving ... it'll be a couple more minutes06:07
iceswordReXio, you have to look at www.ubuntu.com06:07
bijumon_ my ubuntu ldap user log outs frequently, while seeing on daemon log i ve seen some erro like  gdm[7623]: WARNING: gdm_slave_xioerror_handler: Fatal X error - Restarting :006:07
matthiasi do not have ccsm06:07
Bidougooglingtingwana: ok thank you for your help06:07
ReXioicesword: Im still running the Live CD version =P06:07
iceswordReXio, i see06:08
CrimsonDorkxtknight: Thanks. It's working alright now.06:08
matthiasanyone have an sollution ...06:08
iceswordReXio, or just wait for that lts version06:08
bijumon_any have solution for my problem06:08
matthiasalso the second screen option is not working with my ati video card ...06:08
ReXioicesword: Im afraid of formating my Windows Vista Partition xD06:09
iceswordbijumon_, that is hard to say,what about you try google it06:09
bijumon_ubuntu 7.10  my ubuntu ldap user log outs frequently, while seeing on daemon log i ve seen some erro like  gdm[7623]: WARNING: gdm_slave_xioerror_handler: Fatal X error - Restarting :006:09
icesword!install > rexio06:09
matthiasi have installed the driver for the video card i think ..06:10
matthiasi hope that the driver i have is the right one, the properties seems ok06:10
jscinozis there a vga mode for 1280x800 24bit?06:10
griffi1anyone had have the issue ?06:10
prettyrickyhey guys i have no sound it says something about audio being busy06:10
ReXioicesword; I tried to download Gusty Gibbon but Live CD option says "Error booting cd" or something06:11
eagle-101hey all, Is there any information about getting this modem to work in ubuntu? Modem: Intel Corporation 82801CA/CAM AC'97 Modem Controller06:11
CrimsonDorkAnyone knows how to install a Epson Stylus CX4100 multifunctional?06:11
iceswordReXio, have you tested the md5 of the iso before you burn06:11
xtknightCrimsonDork, oh cool06:11
CrimsonDorkxtknight: Thanks a lot. ^^06:12
iceswordReXio, if you are on windows now,i recommend you google " md5sum"and test the iso,or re download if you have to06:12
ubotuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows06:12
googlingtingwanaBidou, after downloading the packages, the first thing it asked for was to set the root password, so I have no idea why it is not working for you - is your system up-to-date?06:13
ReXioicesword: ok thx , Im running Ubuntu 7.04 Fasty Fawn right now06:13
prettyrickyhey guys i have no sound it says something about audio being busy06:13
fr500prettyricky: all the time?06:14
Bidougooglingtingwana: yep my system is up to date, i don't know why on my ubuntu that doesn't work oO06:14
Bidoui tried to stop apache to install it again but that doesn't work to06:15
Bidoui tried to restart my apache and same problem06:15
prettyrickyjust started06:15
za7chsup yo guys, how ya'll doin' tonight?06:15
jscinozis there somewhere i can find the list of vga modes (the 3digit numbers i put in grub on the vga=nnn part)06:15
mrunagihow can i find out where my webcam led is in the proc tree (or other place)06:15
prettyrickycurrently using ubuntu 7.1006:16
googlingtingwanaBidou, have you checked your logs?06:16
prettyrickyi had sound before06:16
bijumon_ my ubuntu ldap user log outs frequently, while seeing on daemon log i ve seen some erro like  gdm[7623]: WARNING: gdm_slave_xioerror_handler: Fatal X error - Restarting :006:16
za7chwhat do i need to install to get my Sound Blaster X-Fi to work?06:16
DrBanzaiOk, I have slow program launches.  For instance, when I click Applications at the top, it works fine, then I point to Accessories then I click on Terminal.  I get a "Starting Terminal" box, on my "task bar", for 17 seconds...then that goes away, and I have nothing for another 12 seconds, then the terminal finally pops up...any ideas?06:16
bazhangDrBanzai: how much ram06:16
DrBanzaibazhang 2 gig06:16
Bidougooglingtingwana:  my logs on my shell ?? Dépaquetage de mysql-server (à partir de .../mysql-server_5.0.45-1ubuntu3.1_all.deb) ...//  * Stopping MySQL database server mysqld  [ OK ] /// Paramétrage de mysql-server (5.0.45-1ubuntu3.1) ...06:17
faninmy laptop wont boot from cd even if it is set as first boot order in bios.. can someone help me?06:17
masakaBeginner's question. My network card (Texas Instruments ACX 111) is supported "out of the box". I don't see the wireless icon on my Panel. Where do I start?06:17
bazhangDrBanzai: are you running compiz, awn or other cpu consuming widgets?06:17
iceswordfanin, if you have to do livecd install,what about you try a external cd drive06:18
DrBanzaibazhang: Hmmm, I'm really sure.  It's a stock install of Gutsy for the AMD64...06:18
googlingtingwanaBidou, I think I've run out of ideas ... sorry06:18
bazhangmasaka this is internal or pci card06:18
DrBanzaibazhang: But I do seem to recall turning on compiz06:18
masakabazhand, PCCard in my laptop06:19
faninicesword: i dont have one :/06:19
bazhangDrBanzai: can you open up a terminal and type top to see what is eating processes06:19
iceswordfanin, what is wrong with your cd drive?why does it not boot06:19
Bidougooglingtingwana: thanks a lot for help me, i'll try to fix the problem later06:19
klwanyone speak german ?06:20
bazhang!de | klw06:20
ubotuklw: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de06:20
klw... need a short help06:20
za7chwhat do i need to install to get my Sound Blaster X-Fi to work?06:20
faninicesword: no idea.. it just says GRUB something (can't remember).. i think it works fine, just wont boot06:21
masakabazhang: pci06:21
DrBanzaibazhang: Load Average: 0.51 0.39 0.24  pidgin is using 4%...that's the highest06:21
iceswordfanin, you put that cd in drive ,if it is right,choose that livecd install,the first one,06:22
bazhangDrBanzai: that is odd; if you turn off compiz what are the results-- alt-f2 metacity --replace06:22
klwcan i install  ubuntu as a multiboot on a vista harddrive ?06:22
googlingtingwanaDrBanzai, I've had slow program startup issues when there have been problems with my network connectivity - don't know why it has this affect06:22
bazhangklw is vista already installed?06:22
DrBanzaigooglingtingwana: I delt with those already.06:23
faninicesword: i'm trying to install windoze on this one.. ubuntu works fine on it though06:24
j_hi is there a program for grammer check in office ...06:24
iceswordfanin, ok here you go06:24
masakabazhang: never mind, found the problem. wrong screen resolution, icon was out of visible screen!!!06:24
j_hi is there a program for grammar check in office?06:24
bazhangmasaka: I have one of those cards the acx111 cards and have had very mixed results; in edgy it worked and feisty not, gave up and got a new card for gutsy and have not looked back--open up a terminal and type ifconfig and see if the card is recognized06:25
DrBanzaibazhang: It's a little bit faster...8 seconds of "Starting Terminal" Then 4 seconds of nothing06:25
masakabazhang: it's working now, sorry for the confusion06:25
bazhangDrBanzai: what video card and what driver for getting compiz more in sync--its good that it is faster but still waaaay too slow06:25
bazhangmasaka aha good news ;]06:25
speeddemon8803!accessability > speeddemon880306:26
jscinozWhat is the vga mode for 1280x800 32bit?06:26
DrBanzaibazhang: GeForce 7300 GS 256MB PCI-E 16x, and how do I check the driver?06:26
faninicesword: ?06:26
iceswordfanin, what is wrong06:27
bazhangklw if you put in the live cd then the installer for gutsy should see your vista install and ask you if want to resize the drive for the install, it will then add vista to the boot menu (grub) and then you can choose between the two at startup06:27
faninicesword: just wondering what you mean.. "here you go"?06:27
iceswordfanin, i mean you can go to windows ,if you don't like linux06:28
ReXiobazhang: oh thx! that helped me too xD06:28
bazhangDrBanzai: that is the exact same card I have and a slew of recent updates ruined my video, had to reinstall the drivers--are you able to view video no problem?06:28
DrBanzaibazhang: BTW, everything works perfectly fine once launched.06:28
DrBanzaiExcept youtube, yes06:28
bazhangDrBanzai: then there is a serious memory leak--and youtube not working has been fixed you just need to reinstall the flash plug in nonfree06:29
faninicesword: i love linux but i have two other machines with ubuntu.. i just want to know how i can get the boot thing to work06:29
iceswordfanin, what boot thing06:29
bazhangReXio: for dual booting? good news then ;]06:29
speeddemon8803Where is the accessability team's room/channel?06:30
bazhangfanin you really need to explain your issue in some greater detail06:30
DrBanzaibazhang: Oh wonderful...06:30
bazhanghttp://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/ speeddemon880306:30
faninicesword: the boot order (first floppy, second CD, third HD) sorry i'm a total noob :)06:31
sourcodehi everyone06:31
faninicesword: i set CD as first but it makes no difference06:31
iceswordfanin, are you wondering about setting bios,choose the boot order06:31
diegosouzaspeeddemon8803, #ubuntu-accessibility06:32
bazhangfanin: if you describe the exact problems you are having with some greater detail then everyone can easily understand and contribute; but saying it does not work is not very helpful06:32
friedtofufanin - shouldnt there be an option to just select a device to boot from from your bios?06:32
iceswordfanin, did you save you set06:32
j_hi is there a program for grammar check in office?06:32
speeddemon8803you do realize that has absolutely nothing to do with what im asking....now THATS what i wanted.06:32
sourcodeI have problem about vnc4server like this http://www.realvnc.com/pipermail/vnc-list/2007-April/057593.html06:32
speeddemon8803thanks diegosouza :)06:32
bazhangspeeddemon8803: hmm, well sorry then06:32
diegosouzaspeeddemon8803, any time06:32
friedtofui doubt oooffice has grammar check atm...06:32
speeddemon8803bazhang, i do thank you for trying though bud!06:32
jscinozWhat is the vga mode for 1280x800 24/32bit?06:32
sourcodethis is my config http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57786/  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57787/06:32
bazhangspeeddemon8803: you can also check the channels by using the !irc command06:33
diegosouzajscinoz, its itself06:33
icesword!irc > icesword06:33
speeddemon8803bazhang, i never knew that was an ubotu command, and ive gone through ubotu's brain more than 100 times :P06:33
jscinozdiegosouza, no i mean the 3 digit number you put on the kernel line in grub06:34
speeddemon8803!irc > speeddemon880306:34
fanini know how to set the boot order in BIOS and i did save it.. but it still wont work.. so, i was wondering if there where some other Ubuntu settings for doing so (hope you understand) :/06:34
joankihow can i get my sys to shutdownm in one hour?06:34
diegosouzajscinoz, ah... i'll try find it for u06:34
joankisudo halt ???06:34
jscinozthanks :)06:34
iceswordfanin, sorry,that is it all,all of modern computers are the same,unless your cd is bad06:35
jscinozjoanki, sudo shutdown +6006:35
cottimadoes ubuntu have the rtc-cmos driver?06:35
joankithanks jscinoz .... does halt not do it?06:35
joankii thought i got it to work once06:35
jscinoznot sure06:35
jscinozi just use shutdown instead06:35
joankik thx06:35
friedtofui think a better syntax is "sudo shutdown -h +60"06:36
jscinozi believe either work :P06:36
billywhy dont i have an /etc/iftab directory?06:36
friedtofui tried it without the h one time, and the computer still had power :/06:36
fanindarn.. just checking if there was something different with ubuntu.. like i said im a total noob at it :)06:37
diegosouzajscinoz, i found it these days... but i don't remember... i'm still trying06:37
faninthanks anyways icesword06:37
jscinozthanks :)06:37
billywhats the internet configuration file equivalent to fstab?06:38
DrBanzaibilly: Uhm...what?06:38
iceswordfanin, you have to make the cd is right06:39
bazhanghttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VESA_BIOS_Extensions#Linux_video_mode_numbers jscinoz06:39
billyin an ndiswrapper tutorial it needs me to modify /etc/iftab06:39
billyproblem is it doesn't exist...06:39
jscinozbazhang, i've looked at hta tthey dont say one for my resolution06:39
DrBanzaibilly: Oh!06:39
billyyeah.. what do i do drbanzai?06:40
jscinozbazhang, i know 352 is 1280x800 but only 8bit06:40
iceswordbilly,is it /etc/fstab06:40
Slartbilly: /etc/network/interfaces06:40
Slartbilly: or perhaps /etc/networks/interfaces  I can never remember06:40
googlingtingwanabilly, is it an Ubuntu tutorial?06:40
DrBanzaibilly: Do you have ifrename?06:41
griffi1nobody  can help please I can t find anything off the internet to sort my problem with my external cd drive ???06:41
DrBanzaibilly: do a sudo locate -u  then do a locate ifrename06:42
illmorta1can someone please help me remove network-manager-gnome please?.... via terminal.06:43
billydrbanzai.. its seraching06:43
billyit didn't find anything06:43
diegosouzajscinoz, hey i think don't have the exact param for widescreen06:43
jscinozugh >_< thanks anyways06:43
DrBanzaibilly: So you have done steps 1-4 of the page you linked me?06:44
bullgard4Where can I find a description of the executable program /usr/bin/X? 'man X' does not describe the -query option.06:44
stuufanyone know if the installer or livecd includes an ntfs resizer tool or gparted or anything like that?06:44
illmorta1can someone please help me remove network-manager-gnome please?.... via terminal.06:44
billyi thnk i found the problem thats been messing with me for so long06:45
Slartbullgard4: man startx ?06:45
Kasra_ubuntuHello to all guys!06:45
DrBanzaiHello Kasra_ubuntu :)06:45
ThreeFingerPetein a dual core is it possible to burn just one core out?06:45
Slartbullgard4: or man xorg or man xserver06:46
Kasra_ubuntuHello DrBanazi!06:46
Kasra_ubuntuhow are u?06:46
j_Is there grammar check for office?06:46
josh13ThreeFingerPete use a non-SMP kernel ?06:46
Slartj_: there might be a bad one for english06:46
j_are there any grammar check program for office06:46
DrBanzaiI'm doing well, how are you?06:47
j_Slart ... so what option do i have ...06:47
Kasra_ubuntunot too bad!06:47
DrBanzaibilly: Well...what was it?06:47
Slartj_: that's one are where Ms Office is better than open office...06:47
louie2k8 /msg nickserv set unfiltered on06:47
ThreeFingerPetejosh13: it worked fine the other day. now i have no second core06:47
Kasra_ubuntueeem I have a problem!06:47
Kasra_ubuntucan anyone help me?06:47
miphardware related question: are tv tuner cards and dvb cards different or same ?06:47
Slartj_: you can try to find an online checker.. or just learn to write properly without software to aid you =)06:48
bazhang#users.openoffice.org can likely answer j_06:48
diegosouzaKasra_ubuntu, write and someone will try help u06:48
DrBanzaimip: Different06:48
bazhangmip ask in #hardware06:48
SlartKasra_ubuntu: nope.. my telepathy is a bit rusty... I'm not getting anything.. you'll have to tell me your question to old-fashioned way06:49
Kasra_ubuntuwhen I boot my Ubuntu I can't see ubuntu Logo (Splash screen)!what can I do?06:49
Kasra_ubuntusorry for my bad English!06:49
bazhangThreeFingerPete: the second core in no longer recognized? that is odd--what kernel do you have06:49
ThreeFingerPetebazhang: i've always had the 386. now i cannot even find 686 with apt-get06:50
diegosouzaKasra_ubuntu, me too, just in my desktop, my laptop works fine... i think i've read about it06:50
mindheavyi have the package 'flashplugin-nonfree' installed but firefox will not display flash, is there more than just the package to install?06:50
bazhangThreeFingerPete: what about the generic06:50
diegosouzaKasra_ubuntu, wait a moment06:50
MeshezabeelWhen will the Pudgy Penguin release be out?06:50
ThreeFingerPetebazhang: i had whatever installs with the livecd06:51
bazhanguname -r in the terminal ThreeFingerPete06:51
DrBanzaibazhang: So how do I turn compiz back on?06:51
bullgard4Slart: man xserver says: " '-query hostname' enables XDMCP and sends Query packets to the specified hostname." What is 'XDMCP'?06:51
dan__diegosouza: goto the adobe website, download the tar.gz file and install that... it will fix the problem06:51
bazhangMeshezabeel: funny but offtopic06:51
bazhangDrBanzai: alt f2 compiz --replace06:51
diegosouzadan_, no thanks06:51
Meshezabeelbazhang, so was that06:51
ThreeFingerPetebazhang: 2.6.22-14-38606:52
DrBanzaibazhang: Thanks06:52
Kasra_ubuntuWaiting for response!06:52
Slartbullgard4: X Display Manager Control Protocol... not that I know what it does.. that's just from googling it06:52
bazhangDrBanzai: no worries ;]06:52
diegosouzaKasra_ubuntu, what's your resolution?06:52
illmorta1can someone please help me remove network-manager-gnome please?.... via terminal.06:52
bazhangThreeFingerPete: I have  a dual core here and am using the generic odd that you are not as well06:52
bazhangillmorta1: sudo apt-get remove packagename06:53
ThreeFingerPetebazhang: whats the apt-get line for the generic?06:53
illmorta1thank you!06:53
bullgard4Slart: Thank you very much for your help.06:53
Slartbullgard4: you're welcome to what little there was of it =)06:53
diegosouzaKasra_ubuntu, pvt06:53
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
bazhangThreeFingerPete: I would search in synaptic for that or apt-cache search generic for the precise name--would be bad to install wrong one ;]06:54
ThreeFingerPetebazhang: thanks06:54
lotiafolks, is there a way to list all the updates installed on a system? updated from base versions?06:54
billywhat is the etc/iftab file?06:55
bazhanglotia all the updates or all the packages?06:55
lotiabazhang: all the updates06:55
billybazhang: do you know what the iftab file is? in the etc/ directory?06:56
Slartbilly: I don't think there is one in ubuntu.. look in /etc/networks/interfaces06:56
xTheGoat121xCan I safely remove the pulseaudio packages from synaptic?06:56
ThreeFingerPetebazhang: that helps! it looks like i can get the restricted 686 now06:56
DrBanzaibilly: http://linux.die.net/man/5/iftab06:57
skull-DTanyone know how to install XP after Ubuntu and vista are already intalled? (3rd OS)06:57
=== BrazilianJJitsu is now known as Templario
billyhow do i change the interface name?06:57
iceswordbilly,less /etc/iftab06:57
Slartbilly: just look at the file /etc/iftab... it tells you where the replacement file is06:58
Andre^anyone here can tell me how, if possible, remove main panel?06:59
dan__mindheavy: http://ubuntu-utah.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=664242&highlight=adobe+flash+plug06:59
diegosouzaKasra_ubuntu, troubles?06:59
DomevloAndre^: the gnome panel?06:59
billyi can't find the replacement file...06:59
DomevloAndre^: can you right click on it and click "Delete this panel"?07:00
Andre^I use compiz with awn so I want to replace it07:00
Kasra_ubuntudiegosouza: pvt.07:00
Andre^is disabled07:00
billywhats the replacement file for etc/iftab?07:00
billyits not network/interfaces.. i changed that and it didn't do anything07:00
diegosouzaKasra_ubuntu, ok07:00
Andre^I'm using feisty and I can remove all additional panels but main one :/07:01
Andre^*gutsy, sorry07:01
NanakiI'm having a problem installing from Live CD. Everything is going fine and it looks great, I install, reboot, and then after I apply all the updates, I reboot again and it has completely changes its appearance. It is giving me an error when I try to change appearance, saying "Unable to start the settings manager 'gnome-settings-daemon'" - could one of the updates be causing this?07:01
=== cva_ is now known as cva
diegosouzaKasra_ubuntu, why don't you answer me?07:02
ThreeFingerPetebazhang: i now have two CPU cores. thank you for your kind assistance07:02
rajajihi to all , i am trying for xen virtualizetion but getting Error: HVM guest support is unavailable: is VT/AMD-V supported by your CPU and enabled in your BIOS?07:02
bazhangThreeFingerPete: nice work! ;]07:03
DomevloAndre^: I don't know, perhaps someone else on the channel can help?07:03
diegosouzarajaji, i think not07:04
Andre^Nanaki: done all updates this morning and I wasn't able to reboot: started with recovery option and restarted again in normal mode and now works07:04
rajaji<diegosouza>:what you meaN SO??07:04
Andre^Domevlo: tnx anyway07:04
mindheavydan__:  thanks for the link07:04
diegosouzarajaji, i think u just need the correct xen kernel image to boot, no one special hardware config07:05
gold44which tftpd show i install? there are couple in apt-cache07:05
billybazhang: do you know what the replacement file for /etc/iftab is?07:05
SimplySethwhere do I start looking on how to "blacklist" certain drives from automounting in GNOME ?07:06
ReXiook guys... time to go sleep... tomorrow I will be right here again with a new fresh installation of Ubuntu xD07:06
dan__mindheavy: no problem... that will fix your issue... I have a better link if you want to fix more video feed problems youll probably encounter07:06
diegosouzarajaji, what xen image do u have?07:06
bazhangskull-DT: have a support question?07:07
diegosouzarajaji, if u are running ubuntu 7.10 u should have installed the xen-image-2.6.19-4-generic package07:07
Kasra_ubuntucan anyone help me ?07:08
Frogzoowhy'd they get rid of iftab? strangely it made sense, instead of /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules07:08
rajaji<diegosouza>:xen-hypervisor-3.0.3-1-i386-pae, xen-ioemu-3.0.3-1, xen-linux-system-2.6.20-1-xen-686,xen-utils-3.0.3-107:08
diegosouzaKasra_ubuntu, i can if u talk to me07:08
skull-DTI was wondering how to triple boot between Vista XP and ubuntu07:09
skull-DTI already have Vista and Ubuntu running fine07:09
bazhangskull-DT: what do you have installed already07:09
skull-DTI want to add XP as a third07:09
Andre^I think you just have to install xp and add it to grub config07:10
skull-DTbut if I install XP wont it take over the boot system07:10
Andre^(if you use it as boot manager)07:10
bazhangskull-DT: then you should ask in windows; it really is better to have both the windows systems first here is a link http://lifehacker.com/software/ubuntu/hack-attack-how-to-tripleboot-windows-xp-vista-and-ubuntu-193474.php07:10
diegosouzarajaji, does was it installed through apt-get or aptitude?07:10
skull-DTok bazhang thanx alot man07:11
skull-DTim just worried im gonna mess up my ubuntu07:11
bazhangskull-DT: come back if you have ubuntu questions ;]07:11
SimplySethokay what is the daemon that controls automounting of drives ?07:11
skull-DTI will07:11
xTheGoat121xSo, I've got an odd problem with Pulseaudio07:11
bazhangSimplySeth: what are you trying to do please explain clearly07:12
diegosouzarajaji, hum... it's new kernel boot ok?07:13
=== arnducky is now known as evilducky
bazhangkasra_ubuntu what is your precise question please07:13
SimplySethbazhang: trying to NOT mount /dev/sda1 and not mount /dev/sda7 (both windows volumes)07:13
Andre^skull-DT: see also here: http://neosmart.net/dl.php?id=107:13
SimplySethbazhang: in GNOME/Nautilus07:13
diegosouzarajaji, hum... i'm sorry so... =/07:13
bazhangSimplySeth: you want them not to mount? edit your fstab then07:14
skull-DTok thanx andre! im checking it right now07:14
SimplySethbazhang: and there will be nothing that overrides my fstab ?07:14
Andre^np, I remember it supports linux too07:14
bazhangSimplySeth: as far as I am aware no07:15
SimplySethbazhang: hmmm okay07:15
diegosouzarajaji, have u ever looked for that error message through google ?07:15
bazhangSimplySeth: keep in mind I dont use ##windows ;]07:15
diegosouzabazhang, hey... by the way have u ever read about the half open source m$ products ?07:16
killownhiffy, when  I click on icon show desktop my screelets hide . . do anyone know why it happen?07:17
gold44pstree did not show tftpd, what's the matter? sysvconfig says, it's ON. and i rebooted system07:17
bazhangxTheGoat121x: what is your problem with Pulseaudio? I dont know much about sound but perhaps others here can help if you state your problem clearly07:17
rajaji<diegosouza>: i am trying but not getting proper answer07:17
xTheGoat121xHold that thought, bazhang07:17
diegosouzarajaji, ok07:17
bazhangdiegosouza: ;]07:18
rajaji<diegosouza> xen-hypervisor package is require for running guest os?07:19
diegosouzarajaji, i dont know07:20
diegosouzarajaji, take a look if u did same things: http://howtoforge.com/ubuntu-7.10-server-install-xen-from-ubuntu-repositories07:21
TemplarioSeveas, remove my ban07:22
diegosouzarajaji, i think its more secure install xen through the task package called ubuntu-xen-server, surely it installs everything needed07:23
bazhang!ops | Templario07:23
ubotuTemplario: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow or nickrud!07:23
ZXC314hello everyone07:24
diegosouzaZXC314, hello07:24
ZXC314I have a question for anyone who is willing to help07:25
ZXC314I am a really new ubuntu user07:25
speeddemon8803Zxc4314, please ask your question :)07:25
ZXC314trying to do a fresh install on a Dell Dimension 240007:25
billydoes anyone know much about the bcm43xx issues?07:25
diegosouzaZXC314, ok07:25
ZXC314(always love the open source community so helpful)07:25
MeshezabeelxTheGoat121x, what is your audio problem? I also have audio problems.07:25
ZXC314i go to the start or install option once the gui comes up07:26
Dritzenbilly: I really hope you get that fixed, you're persistent, so good for you man.  I hope the new Ubuntu has that stuff built right in for ya07:26
ZXC314then it pulls up the Ubuntu thing and loading screen07:26
diegosouzaZXC314, ok, go more specific07:26
ZXC314anyway after the orange bar goes back and forth for a while and we start loading from left to right07:26
billyDritzen: yeah.. im an "autodidact" if thats how you spell it..07:26
ZXC314it gets about 75% of the way07:27
ZXC314then stops07:27
ZXC314(cd drive stops totally)07:27
ZXC314just sits there07:27
billyDritzen: anyways, when i do iwconfig, everything pops up, the only thing wrong is that no wireless networks show up...07:27
ZXC314any ideas?07:27
diegosouzaZXC314, dell dimension 2400 is a notebook ?07:27
speeddemon8803i have that same issue, except mine doesnt even get that far zxv314....oh wait...um...not that bad.07:27
xTheGoat121xWell... what happens is that when I boot, I get system sounds, and things like pidgin IM sounds, but if I try to play music or games, terminal informs me that the device is unavailable.07:27
ZXC314it's a desktop07:27
DritzenHm.. to be honest, I don't even use a wireless card in Ubuntu, so I don't have much experience with it07:27
MeshezabeelWhen I play audio in a java program it usually clips off the first half second and last half second of the audio file.07:28
crowI got 3 partitions on my disc. 1 ubuntu, 1 xp(fat32), and one neutral(fat32). my windows reads the two fat32 partitions, but my ubuntu reads only it's own partition, and the one windows is installed. how do I mount the neutral one, so ubuntu could read it?07:28
xTheGoat121xI've noticed a call from sh to pulseaudio in my running processes, and if i kill it, I get my sound card back.07:28
billyanyone else?07:28
Andre^hm, I think I need to know where find a config file that runs gnome apps at login07:28
diegosouzaZXC314, have u ever took a look about parameters to boot?07:28
Andre^so I can comment/remove gnome-panels07:28
ZXC314diegosouza, no i haven't07:28
ZXC314diegosouza, not even sure what that is07:29
prince_jammysZXC314: how much RAM ?07:29
DritzenxTheGoat121x:  I wonder if you are using OSS drivers instead of ALSA?  The old OSS drivers could only have one audio source at a time, so anything using sound would cause other programs to not be able to access your soundcard07:29
bazhangbilly try to bring the card up with sudo dhclient eth1 (this may disconnect your ethernet though)07:29
billywhatam i looking for bahzang?07:29
diegosouzaZXC314, before u start u can press the Function keys (F1, F2, F3...) to read some interesting things07:30
prince_jammysZXC314: i've seen this problem before online, specifically with Dell Dimension.  I think I even had this problem myself installing Ubuntu on one of those07:30
ZXC314also known as a GB07:30
speeddemon8803prince_jammys, ive had it07:30
DritzenxTheGoat121x:  do you know the name of your soundcard in /etc/ ?  Is it /etc/dsp or what is it referenced as?  You can type fuser /etc/nameofyoursoundcard and it'll show what programs are using it at the time  (same goes for fuser /media/cdrom  to see what is using your cdrom, etc)07:30
xTheGoat121xDritzen, nope.  I'm using ALSA, I know this for a fact.  It's that sh call that's killing me, and I don't know how to trace it down.07:30
ZXC314so any suggestions07:30
billybahzang: it said no working leases in persistent database - sleeping07:30
speeddemon8803prince_jammys, i think we have all eventually ran into that at one time or another, could be wrong.07:30
diegosouzaZXC314, to do as a geek, google it and find the reason  :-p07:31
ZXC314not sure where to start though that's the problem I guess07:31
bazhangZXC314: you can try with the acpi=off boot parameter or try booting in safe mode07:31
diegosouzaZXC314, there are a lot of blogs solving that king of problem07:31
pufffirefox crashed ubuntu, I rebooted, started firefox, restored my session, it crashed again.  Anybody know how I could just list the open URLs from the shell, and then start firefox fresh?07:31
billybahzang: it said no working leases in persistent database - sleeping07:31
prince_jammysZXC314: i second that, unless someone here knows. there's also the alternate CD07:31
Dritzenpuff:  Don't restore your session then07:31
bazhangbilly are there any wireless hotspots where you are07:32
Dritzenpuff:  Ah, didn't see that second part.. not sure about that07:32
speeddemon8803somene else here has possible solutions ZXC314, i would try them before going to google.07:32
billybazhang:im connected to wireless on this comp right now07:32
bazhanggoogle is if here fails07:32
ZXC314all good points07:32
billybazhang: but the ubuntu comp wont find anything..07:32
ZXC314like I said just not sure where to start I guess07:32
ere4sitrying to listen to streaming radio and only have a choice of win media player or real player - what can I use in ubuntu for this?07:32
skull-DTI also have a Xubuntu question07:32
xTheGoat121xDritzen, how would I figure out which one is my sound card?07:33
ZXC314being that I basically have no prior linux knowledge07:33
billybazhang: and its a totally unsecured network...07:33
crowI got 3 partitions on my disc. 1 ubuntu, 1 xp(fat32), and one neutral(fat32). my windows reads the two fat32 partitions, but my ubuntu reads only it's own partition, and the one windows is installed. how do I mount the neutral one, so ubuntu could read it?07:33
ZXC314i tried other distros07:33
ZXC314mandriva, xubuntu, and even linspire07:33
ZXC314all booted to a live cd just fine07:33
evilduckyskull-DT, there is a #xubuntu too if you like07:33
prince_jammysZXC314: it looks from what i'm seeing online that the alternate CD will do it07:33
bazhangere4si: for shoutcast and the like?07:33
prince_jammys!alternate | ZXC31407:33
billybazhang: im totally stuck.. i don't know what to do from here...07:33
ubotuZXC314: The Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal07:33
billybazhang: it should be working07:34
psilocydei get verry low sound with my intel-hda on gutsy07:34
ere4sibazhang, it is the abc radio in aus...07:34
psilocydeasla mixer master is at 00 and wont budge07:34
ZXC314ubotu, that is so weird though, live cd works on my dell laptop (inspiron 8500) and the dimension is just a P4 with a gig of ram nothing special or odd07:35
billybazhang: any ideas?07:35
prince_jammysZXC314: ubotu is a robot.07:35
ere4sibazhang, Choose a stream from below and click on the link. The media player of your choice should pop up and begin to play the stream. - and the choices are wmp or real07:35
puffI'm gonna have to back up all of my user files and do a fresh ubuntu install, sometime RSN.07:35
speeddemon8803!ubotu | zxc31407:35
ubotuzxc314: I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots07:35
psilocydehow do i find out if there is a driver installed for it?07:35
bazhangbilly you were talking about downgrading from your updates--I hope you did not try to do that07:35
prince_jammysZXC314: i'd say that unless you get a specific answer here, the alternate CD is a good solution07:35
ZXC314oh weird (about ubotu)07:36
billybazhang: i did a total reinstall, then didn't install the upgrades07:36
speeddemon8803I second that prince_jammys07:36
ZXC314does the alternate solve a lot of odd issues?07:36
prince_jammysspeeddemon8803: :)07:36
speeddemon8803ZXC314, yes07:36
DritzenxTheGoat121x:  If you go to System, Preferences, Hardware information, then find your soundcard and go to Advanced, it will show you the device name.  For example, mine is called /etc/snd/seq07:36
bazhangere4si: have you tried rhythmbox or amarok for that?07:36
diegosouzaZXC314, talk to ubotu... he's a cool bot hehehe07:36
ZXC314I'll have to read about the alternate cd then07:36
Eldaquick question :s  Where would I find the gedit program on my hard drive?  I am trying to modify the registry setting so that in wine I can use that to bring up my text files instead of having the wine version of notepad to see if that can be done07:36
Daisuke_Idopuff: take a look at ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/sessionstore.js07:36
ZXC314hmmm riiiiiiight07:36
prince_jammysZXC314: yeah the bot has the answers to certain FAQs and is invoked by keywords. i did !alternate and he told you the message07:37
speeddemon8803if your computer has less than the recommended ammount of ram for ubuntu, the alternative cd is your best friend...or xubuntu.07:37
bazhangalt f2 gedit Elda07:37
ere4sibazhang, r/box and vlc and nothing happens after they open07:37
skull-DTok thanx evil07:37
EldaBut WHERE on the hd is it located?07:37
crowcan anyone help me?07:37
billybazhang: i started from complete scratch, reinstalled from livecd and everything, installed the drivers like i did before, and it didn't work..07:37
EldaI know how to run it, lol07:37
speeddemon8803crow, did you tell us what you needed help with before?07:37
psilocydelow sound on my laptop under kubuntu 7.10? anyone?07:37
EldaIm trying to find where it is located though so I can edit the registry of wine to point to there when I open txt files07:37
crowI got 3 partitions on my disc. 1 ubuntu, 1 xp(fat32), and one neutral(fat32). my windows reads the two fat32 partitions, but my ubuntu reads only it's own partition, and the one windows is installed. how do I mount the neutral one, so ubuntu could read it?07:37
ZXC314does anyone know any good small channels to chat with people about unbuntu07:37
prince_jammysZXC314: it's also not necessarily a RAM issue.  I have had the same problem with a Dell Dimension, using the Live CD. But the alternate CD should work07:37
billybazhang: ubuntu completely recognizes the card and the drivers are running, but i just cant connect to the internet or see any networks07:37
crowI did 2 times, this is 3th time07:37
Daisuke_IdoElda: which gedit07:38
DritzenxTheGoat121x:  Actually, I found some other devices in /dev/snd07:38
prince_jammysZXC314: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-386920.html07:38
Eldathe gedit that comes up when you use the command line07:38
Gattonwhereis gedit07:38
EldaIE gedit ....07:38
speeddemon8803Crow, patience friend.07:38
Daisuke_IdoElda: 'which gedit'07:38
crowk k07:38
Eldaah okey07:38
speeddemon8803We will eventually get to you.07:38
ZXC314prince_jammys, thanks I appreciate all the help, what you are doing really is what makes the open source community great07:38
diegosouzaZXC314, ubuntu-br, but in portuguese  ;-)07:38
Eldathanks :)07:38
speeddemon8803your welcome ZXC31407:38
prince_jammysZXC314: you're welcome, and come back and let us know07:38
Daisuke_Idoyou're welcome Elda07:38
xTheGoat121xDritzen, all right, hold on a second.07:39
EldaSo basically when specifying it in the registry it would be Z:/usr/bin/gedit07:39
puffDaisuke_Ido: domo.07:39
bazhangbilly no real experience with that card first hand--if the wiki does not help and you have blacklisted the driver and completely followed the ndiswrapper steps then not sure what to tell you07:39
prince_jammysZXC314: as for the other chat question: #ubuntu-offtopic07:40
xTheGoat121xDritzen, only strings I get are /sys/devices/     strings07:40
DritzenxTheGoat121x:  I went to /dev/snd and typed:  fuser *   and it showed me that pcmC0D0p:             8495m    I'm running Exaile and playing audio through it, and I did ps aux | grep exaile and 8495 is the process ID, so that's how I can tell that exaile is using my audio07:40
ArthurArchnix!log | ArthurA07:40
ubotuArthurA: Channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - Logs for LoCo channels are at http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/ - See also « /msg ubotu ircstats »07:40
skull-DTok the #xubuntu channel is dead...07:40
billybazhang: i blacklisted the ndiswrapper and activated the bcm43xx drivers cuz thats what i know works, but it obviously doesn't now lol07:40
ZXC314thanks prince_jammys07:40
prince_jammysZXC314: that deals with general ubuntu-related (but not support related) stuff07:40
billyalright well i need to get to bed.. gnight all07:40
ZXC314any idea how to add people as "friends" with irc (I'm new to that too)07:40
bazhangbilly I meant the reverse07:40
xTheGoat121xDritzen, aha, got it.  However, the problem still arises that I07:41
Daisuke_Idopuff: was that what you were looking for?07:41
xTheGoat121xdon't know how to stop said process from running.07:41
prince_jammysZXC314: that probably depends on the IRC app you're using.  check the help page for that app or specify which IRC client you use and someone might know07:41
ZXC314that seems fair07:42
bazhangZXC314: the best way is to choose who is *not* a friend and put them on /ignore ;]07:42
DritzenxTheGoat121x:  The people that made fuser were clever.  It shows you what is accessing the device you inquire about.  However, you can use fuser -k devicename   and it'll KILL (stop) the process that is accessing it.   so for my example, if I typed fuser -k /dev/snd/pcmC0D0p   it will kill whatever program is accessing my soundcard07:42
xTheGoat121xDritzen, that's pretty cool.  I never knew about that prog.07:43
DritzenxTheGoat121x:  To be honest, I just learned about it recently myself :)07:43
diegosouzaZXC314, first of all register your user, so u can chat private messages07:44
puffDaisuke_Ido: Yeah, now I just need to figure out how to parse it.07:44
ZXC314diegosouza, don't know how to register your user?07:44
ubotuBy default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.07:44
puffDaisuke_Ido: Actually I'm thinking about taking a quick swack at writing a script (preferably perl) to extract the URLs from it,.07:44
ZXC314(I know I know I'm hopeless)07:44
diegosouzabazhang, youre quick  ;-)07:45
DritzenxTheGoat121x:  You could always write a simple bash script as well, to do that command before running your game, for example.07:45
Jigshello there everyone... i am having problem mounting my windows partition.. any idea how to mount it again.. ?07:45
xTheGoat121xDritzen, that's exactly what I'm doing right now, actually... LMAO!07:45
DritzenxTheGoat121x:  Personally, I use a script for all of my games to turn off compiz before I run them, then turn it back on 30 seconds after the game is finished :)07:45
ZXC314oh crap I definatley just registered myself as "nickname"07:45
speeddemon8803zxc314, you probably didnt07:46
Eldawell poo07:46
diegosouzajorel, hi07:46
bazhangZXC314: no worries just type /nick newnick07:46
EldaIt now tells me "gedit cannot handle z: locations07:46
speeddemon8803!register | zxc31407:46
ubotuzxc314: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.07:46
jorelany can hel me whith ubuntu 8.04?07:46
EldaThere is an 8.04 now?07:47
bazhang!hardy | jorel07:47
speeddemon8803!hardy | jorel07:47
ubotujorel: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu07:47
ZXC314where is the vertical line07:47
jorelok ok hardy ;)07:47
diegosouzaZXC314, aka pipe ?07:47
Dritzenjorel:  I am looking forward to it but I doubt many here could help you, most of us aren't running it yet07:47
bazhangabove the enter key its called pipe ZXC31407:47
speeddemon8803anotherwords, jorel, not in here :)07:47
ZXC314huh thanks never used it before07:47
diegosouzaZXC314, that's great07:48
ZXC314!register | ZXC31407:48
bazhangvery useful key, pipe07:48
ZXC314i'll keep that in mind07:48
xTheGoat121xDritzen, I appreciate all your help.07:48
diegosouzaZXC314, no one linux user lives without the pipe key07:48
ZXC314so how do i know whether or not I am registered and have a nickname07:48
joreli report my bug on ubuntu.com and somebody post me here i can help about07:48
DritzenxTheGoat121x:  no problem, I hope it worked :)07:48
ZXC314(I will try to learn it well)07:48
bazhangZXC314: you can also /msg ubotu register for a pm from the bot after you have registered and identified yourself07:48
xTheGoat121xDritzen, well.. we shall see07:49
blackman!register | blaq07:49
ubotublaq: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.07:49
bazhangZXC314: try this /msg NickServ IDENTIFY yourpasshere07:49
ZXC314do you have to do that in every channel and or server? register and get a nickname and stuff07:49
speeddemon8803no, you register once and you are done.07:50
jtsladeAnyone knows the solution to the problem with Mics on Dell XPS laptops?07:50
jorel             mattikoo          wrote     14 hours ago:                        (permalink)                       Screen errors was solved in #ubuntu.07:50
speeddemon8803after that you type in /msg nickserv identify <password you set up during registration>07:50
bazhangZXC314: no just the once, then when you login you have to identify yourself though some irc clients allow autoidentify07:50
ZXC314so now I can talk to people idividually?07:50
bazhangif you have id'd yourself yes ZXC31407:51
=== Fersure is now known as Fersure|Away
ZXC314(my eyebrow is raised in confusion)07:51
ZXC314I thought I did that07:51
jorelmy problem is whith fxglr ... i have white screen when i activate desktop fx07:52
nikon252does anyone know how to fix packages that are missing final new lines07:52
* Fersure|Away is away: Not here.07:52
ZXC314bazhang, can you see the message I sent you?07:52
prince_jammys!away > nikon25207:52
bazhangZXC314: nay you need to id yourself like this /msg nickserv identify (yourpasswordhere)07:52
Jigshello there everyone... i am having problem mounting my windows partition.. any idea how to mount it again.. ? before it was happened, i disconnect the slave HD because of some trouble i encountered when am in windows after using ubuntu07:53
ZXC314I need a password! Sheesh07:53
ZXC314alright let me try it07:53
bazhangZXC314: do it in the server window and not this channel window07:53
bazhangJigs: does your fstab not match what you have any more?07:54
prince_jammysJigs: do you know the mount point? (the directory where it used to be mounted)07:54
ZXC314bazhang, not sure how to get to it07:54
nikon252/away sleepy07:54
ZXC314I am using Colloquy and it doesnt seem to keep a seperate window for the server07:54
Jigswell sorry guys dont know what ur saying.. can u guide me sir?07:54
bazhangZXC314: try doing this /msg nickserv help07:54
Cew27hey all im trying to install ubuntu on a sony vaio but i cant boot the live cd i get a message about leading the kernal then the screen goes blank it does this with bot ubuntu and mint07:55
prince_jammysJigs: type the following, and paste the output here::  grep /etc/fstab ntfs07:55
=== alan_ is now known as speeddemon8803
madsporkmurdererI am having codec problems with my new 64 bit machine, apparently they arent availible. Surey there is a workaround?07:55
jtsladeAnyone knows the solution to the problem with Mics on Dell XPS laptops?  :)07:55
Jigsprince_jammys: ok07:55
prince_jammysJigs correct07:55
prince_jammysJigs: correction07:55
bazhangjigs please /msg ubotu fstab for info and a link07:55
prince_jammysJigs: grep ntfs /etc/fstab07:55
bazhangmadsporkmurderer: what codecs07:56
Jigsprince_jammys: heres the output >>  grep /etc/fstab ntfs07:56
bazhanghi Seveas!07:56
Cew27hey all im trying to install ubuntu on a sony vaio but i cant boot the live cd i get a message about leading the kernal then the screen goes blank it does this with bot ubuntu and mint07:56
diegosouzajtslade, surely google database knows07:56
Jigsprince_jammy: aw w807:56
madsporkmurdererwell I am trying to install the extra xine plugins from the add/remove panel for a starrt07:57
magickI had a flash problem in 64bit gutsy and I solved it with the miracle script on ubuntuforums. However, when I run an apt get for something else, apt wants to remove nspluginwrapper which will break the flash install. How can I tell apt to ignore this?07:57
Jigsprince_jammy: heres the result >>grep: ntfs: No such file or directory07:57
bazhangjtslade: could you describe your issue with some precision please07:57
prince_jammysJigs: sorry, i said it upside down:   grep ntfs /etc/fstab07:57
jtsladebazhang, Yes I will do so thanks.07:57
Jigsprince_jammy: heres the result >>grep: ntfs: No such file or directory07:57
jtsladeBut I will do this later. Got a call.07:57
bazhangah ok07:57
allorderI have a question, are a rooter enough with ubuntu without firewall ?07:58
Cew27can anyone help me with the problem i posted above ??????07:58
prince_jammysJigs: you're getting that after::  grep ntfs /etc/fstab   ??07:58
FlyerfyeDear Ubuntu gurus, how do I connect to an IRC when Im on a VPN connection at a college.  When I was using Vista I managed to do this but it the client I was using (mIRC) had to try(or retry) many different ports(or times) before it would conenct whichever it was, I am not sure.  But I know it was possible, Im just wondering how I do it now07:58
ZXC314so when i am in the server how do I register, pick a nicknae and a pass?07:59
ZXC314then I can talk to people idividually?07:59
Jigsprince_jammy: well i repeat it again by pasting the grep to the terminal and theres no result07:59
bazhangallorder: yes should be07:59
mrpocketsdo i need to install print drivers in Ubuntu?07:59
bazhangmrpockets: depends on the printer--some are well supported out of the box08:00
Dritzenmrpockets:  One of the nice features of Ubuntu 7.10 is the ability to auto detect printers08:00
mrpocketsits a dell :(08:00
mrpocketsit comes up08:00
mrpocketsbut says error when printing08:00
prince_jammysJigs: ok type::  sudo fdisk -l    and paste the line with NTFS here08:00
Cew27hey all im trying to install ubuntu on a sony vaio but i cant boot the live cd i get a message about leading the kernal then the screen goes blank it does this with bot ubuntu and mint08:00
diegosouzaFlyerfye, I'm sorry i don't know abour vpn08:01
bazhangCew27: have you tried with acpi=off boot parameter?08:01
Flyerfyeoh well thanks for trying08:01
Cew27bazhang: no whats that and how do i change it08:01
Jigsprince_jammy: here > /dev/hda1   *           1        3391    27238176    7  HPFS/NTFS08:01
ZXC314guess I'll just try a few different things08:01
prince_jammysJigs: good08:01
ZXC314thanks for all your help everyone, you guys are great08:02
bazhangZXC314: you need to read the link about !register we gave you ;]08:02
prince_jammysJigs: now type ::  grep  /dev/hda1 /etc/fstab08:02
nikon252does any know how to fix the following error:08:02
ZXC314especially Prince Jammys and Diegosousza, bazhang and others08:02
nikon252E: /var/cache/apt/archives/libvolume-id0_113-0ubuntu17_amd64.deb: files list file for package `mono-runtime' is missing final newline08:02
ZXC314bazhang, the link is to far back now can't find it08:03
diegosouzaZXC314, sure, we run ubuntu, we rox  ;)08:03
ubotuBy default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.08:03
Cew27bazhang: how do i change that boot parameter08:03
ZXC314duh haha08:03
Jigsprince_jammy: still no result sir08:03
bazhangsee above ZXC31408:03
prince_jammysJigs: ok we need to add a line to fstab08:03
jackieHow can I reinstall libgtk without removing all dependent applications08:03
Jigsprince_jammy: ok ok08:03
prince_jammysJigs: first you have to create a directory where you want the partition mounted.  for example /media/windows08:04
bazhangCew27: do you see the screen start or install ubuntu?08:04
skull-DTis it possible to assign the Scale Compiz-fusion effect to a mouse button instead of the weird keyboard combinations??08:04
Jigsprince_jammy: k08:04
prince_jammysJigs: like this::  mkdir /media/windows08:04
prince_jammysJigs: sudo mkdir /media/windows08:04
bazhangskull-DT: not sure about that; I always just assign a screen corner (eg top right) for that08:05
Cew27bazhang: no wait all i see is start ubuntu there is no install option08:05
Dritzenskull-dt:  I use the corners of my screen08:05
skull-DTohh good idea08:05
skull-DThow do I do that?08:05
bazhangCew27: there should be some options at the bottom of the screen f2 etc do you see them?08:05
Jigsprince_jammy: ok windows dir created, i can see it now in the media dir where i was now mean am in the filesystem08:05
Dritzenskull-dt: Press alt-f2 and type ccsm08:06
bazhangskull-DT: go to the plugin click it in the ccsm and then assign the screen corner you want under keybindings08:06
prince_jammysJigs ok now:: gksudo gedit /etc/fstab         and a text editor should pop up with the fstab file08:06
skull-DTok let me try that08:06
ZXC314bazhang, the info you gave me the link to tells me stuff but not how to actually register the name08:06
ZXC314just the password and my e-mail and stuff08:06
Jigsprince_jammy: yeah its open now08:07
prince_jammysJigs: any particular permissions you want to set? read-write, etc?08:07
gnychisi want to use the Guided disk space partition option, but I want to format as reiserfs, not ext3 ... is there any way to simply change this without having to manually setup all the partitions?08:07
Cew27bazhang: im not on the live cd now but im sure i will be able to what do i do from there can you type a little list of instructions08:07
Dritzenskull-dt:  Once CCSM is open, go to scale, Actions, General, and you can set the screen corner settings there.  I use bottom right for window picker for all windows, and then I use the bottomleft corner for the plugin called "expo", it works well08:07
Jigsprince_jammy: this is the place where i have to put the partition of windows?08:08
skull-DTnice it worked!08:08
skull-DTthanks I lke it like this08:08
skull-DTits nice08:08
bazhangZXC314: try this: /msg nickserv register <your-password>08:08
skull-DTthank you guys08:08
prince_jammysJigs: yes, i'll paste the line for you after you answer a couple of questions08:08
ZXC314is that for my actual nick name not "you-password" as it would suggest?08:08
prince_jammysJigs: do you want to read and write to the partition or just read?08:08
bazhangZXC314: then this /msg nickserv set hide email on08:08
Jigsprince_jammy: do i have to answer the first question?08:08
Dritzenskull-dt:  This guy wrote a pretty nice compiz guide, check it out  http://forlong.blogage.de/article/2007/8/29/How-to-set-up-Compiz-Fusion08:09
bazhangZXC314: no choose a password08:09
prince_jammysJigs: huh?08:09
Jigsprince_jammy: oh well nvm08:09
ZXC314got it got it08:09
ZXC314so now that i fucked that up08:09
Jigsprince_jammy: just go ahead, whats next?08:09
skull-DTok Dritzen I'll check it out thx08:09
ZXC314so i can make my password something else how do i do that08:09
bazhangZXC314: then finally this08:09
bazhang    /msg nickserv set email <your-email-address>08:09
prince_jammysJigs: type in a different terminal::  echo $UID08:10
prince_jammysJigs: probably 100008:10
unimatrix9hello all08:10
DritzenHey unimatrix908:10
Jigsprince_jammys: yup ur ryt08:10
aghachiwhere can i add for more sources for nvidia graphics card08:10
bazhangZXC314: then last do /msg nickserv identify (the password you chose here)08:10
Jigsprince_jammys: i got 100008:10
unimatrix9i have an older ubuntu version wich does not have lstree, is there an way to get it installed?08:10
prince_jammysJigs: ok, now i missed whether you want to be able to write to this partition08:11
Jigsprince_jammys: just wanna used the windows partition in normal way08:11
Dritzenunimatrix9:  I'm running 7.10 and I don't seem to have lstree either, let's see08:11
prince_jammysJigs: ok after the last line in the fstab file you opened, paste the line i'm about to post08:12
unimatrix9i treid apt-get install lstree, but that did not work , either08:12
bazhangCew27: you still around? the boot parameters (cant remember the exact one atm) are listed at the bottom of that screen and one of the choices is boot apci=off choose that then try continuing08:12
prince_jammysJigs:/dev/hda1       /media/windows    ntfs-3g  uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=002     0       008:12
bazhangunimatrix9: which version of ubuntu08:12
ZXC314bazhang, did you get that message08:13
ZXC314I believe i am all registered up!08:13
bazhangZXC314: aye08:13
unimatrix9i know its old, but rock solid...:)08:13
skull-DTby the way, whats a splash screen?08:13
Dritzenunimatrix9:  I didn't find any reference to lstree by using apt-cache search lstree , nor did I find it in synaptic.  I found a page on sun's website,  http://www.sun.com/bigadmin/jsp/descFile.jsp?url=descAll/lstree_print_direct    however, I haven't used this, not sure how much I'd trust it08:13
Jigsprince_jammys: ok done, but what is umask=002?08:13
Cew27bazhang: ok will do what does that change/do ?08:13
=== Elda is now known as Elda|SleepBubble
lesshaste_are there any problems with solid state drives in linux? I am thinking of getting a toshiba r500-12608:14
prince_jammysJigs: it means your user and your group can read, write and execute files in there. other users can only read and execute08:14
unimatrix9i thought lstree to be standerd in any linux distro, but i guess i am wrong08:14
vawkselIs there a key to push to active the "Start" menu -- I am on LinuxMint (Gnome).   I tried the Windows key, no go.08:14
Jigsprince_jammys: ok nice ncie08:14
Dritzenunimatrix9:  I know pstree is installed by default for sure :)08:14
unimatrix9ah , okey, that good too08:14
unimatrix9thanks for the tip08:14
DASPRiDJigs, umask is the oposite of chmod, see: 777 - 00208:14
prince_jammysJigs: make sure the last line in fstab is blank (ie there is one empty line at the very end)08:15
bazhangCew27: that may solve the issue you are having, though just as a failsafe you may want to check out the alternate cd and stay away from Mint (its slow) ;]08:15
unimatrix9cool, yeah thats it...08:15
unimatrix9thanks again08:15
vawkselbazhang, mint is slow?08:15
Dritzenunimatrix9:  no problem08:15
prince_jammysJigs: make sure the line is exactly like the one i pasted, and save the file08:15
Jigsprince_jammys: already check, same as the last line b4 i put the new string..08:15
Gattoni didn't find mint any slower than ubuntu08:15
Cew27bazhang: mint is slow?! all teh reviews i have heard say its faster than ubuntu08:15
vawksel Is there a key to push to active the "Start" menu -- I am on LinuxMint (Gnome).   I tried the Windows key, no go.08:16
bazhangvawksel: yes, afraid so; why have mint when you can get the original? ;]08:16
vawkselbazhang: mint is slow?08:16
vawkselbazhang: hrm08:16
Dritzenvawksel:  Press alt-f108:16
unimatrix9bye all08:16
DASPRiDvawksel, exchange the windows key with a linux key ;)08:16
prince_jammysJigs: ok you can close the editor and go to a terminal and type:::  sudo mount /media/windows08:16
Jigsprince_jammys: already checked, no emptry line there08:16
Gattonoriginal? heh you mean Debian? ;-)08:16
prince_jammysJigs: if there's no empty line, hit enter after the last line so you have a blank line at the bottom08:17
vawkselhrm, Alt-F1 seems to mostly do the trick.08:17
Dritzenvawksel:  Alt-F1 is the Gnome shortcut to get the applications menu open.  You could go into the gnome keyboard shortcuts section and rebind it I suppose08:17
bazhangvawksel: and Cew27 from long personal experience it is slower but this is better suited for #ubuntu-offtopic ;]08:17
DASPRiDDritzen, i wouldn't do that, <super> is the standard key for most compiz operations08:17
DritzenDASPRiD:  I was thinking that it would be a major pain in the butt, personally but who knows if he's using compiz at all08:18
vawkselWell, Alt-F1 launches the app menu, but not the same functionality.  I want the search box, so I can type "net" and see NetBeans appear... I tried using Alt-F1, it doesn't go to NetBeans, but typing "Calc" does show the calculator08:18
Jigsprince_jammys: Mount is denied because NTFS is marked to be in use. Choose one action:08:18
prince_jammysJigs: so it's already mounted?08:18
prince_jammysJigs: wait08:19
prince_jammysJigs: type:: pwd08:19
Dritzenvawksel:  The run command is Alt-F2 but I don't think it autocompletes commands for you08:19
vawkselDritzen: maybe this is a linux mint thing?   In the main "menu", there is a search box, you type and the results on the right in real time whittle down.08:19
ArthurArchnix!mint | vawksel08:19
ubotuvawksel: The following are some examples of Ubuntu derived distributions that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes, please consult their websites for more information: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (support in #linuxmint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), Ubuntu Ultimate08:19
prince_jammysJigs: or if you browsed to /media/windows from the file browser, get out of that directory08:20
magrethello mates, is there no linux support for the nvidia 8800 GS card?08:20
Jigsprince_jammys: i can see the drive but like what  ive said recently theres an error ,  "cannot mount volume"08:20
vawkselArthurArchnix: true -- I was thinking this was universal for gnome/ubuntu though08:20
Dritzenvawksel:  I think it's Linuxmint, it doesn't look anything like that in Ubuntu, at least not for me personally08:20
vawkselArthurArchnix: maybe i'll uninstall linux mint then and go straight ubuntu.08:20
vawkselDritzen: ah ok, that makes more sense then.08:20
prince_jammysJigs: if you have any file browser that is presently inside that directory, move out of it. if you have any terminal inside that directory, type ::  cd08:20
vawkselDritzen: well, it's a really slick feature, ubuntu dev's should copy it ;-)08:21
prince_jammysJigs: it can'08:21
vawkselDritzen: its kinda like QuickSilver (OS X) if you know what im talking about08:21
prince_jammysJigs: it can't be mounted while that folder is open08:21
Dritzenvawksel:  Sure.  Sounds like a useful feature, I hope they do copy it08:21
Gattonvawksel, yep it's a neat feature. i'm using gnome-do to get similar functionality08:21
Jigsprince_jammys: o ic, i'll check it08:21
vawkselGatton: gnome-do?  I haven'e heard of that.08:22
Gattonvawksel, it's a launcher like quicksilver. very basic but it does the trick08:22
vawkselGatton: oh wow, do.davebsd.com (gnome-do) looks fantastic.08:22
Carbonfluxmagret, the 8800 series is supported by the nVidia binary driver, you can get at it using the restricted drivers manger in system->settings->administration08:22
vawkselyeah it looks great08:22
vawkselthats what I want08:22
Gattoni just installed it today. i'm liking it08:22
gworkJigs: on the console try something like "sudo lsof | grep <insert-directory-name-here>" you should see what processes have the open handle08:22
Jigsprince_jammys: ok08:23
vawkselGatton: sweet, im going to do the same right now.08:23
ArthurArchnixGnome DO:   http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=%22GNOME+Do%22+launchpad.net%20gc+OR+davebsd.com&num=10&so=4&start=0#224200439642642760508:23
prince_jammysJigs: success?08:23
karuna_bdcdoes anyone know any good websites to learn linux from scratch (as in how it works and all?)08:23
Jigsprince_jammys: not yet pls w808:23
Gattonvawksel, cool. have fun it's a pretty neat app08:23
DASPRiDkaruna_bdc, http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/08:23
bazhangkaruna_bdc: their home page08:23
karuna_bdcwow, didnt know that page existed...08:24
Gattondoggone it i've been saying i'm gonna do LFS for years! one day :-)08:24
Dritzenmagret:  I just looked on nvidia's site and they have the 8800 GS listed, looks like it is supported08:24
flowOveri found out why my vbox was crashing constantly08:24
ArthurArchnixuhhh... that's some horrible screencast work. I'm having to repress my gag relfex to see how cool gnome do is...08:24
ApOgEE-karuna_bdc, download the LFS book, you'll love it08:24
flowOverin xp, you need show windows while dragging turned on, or else it's buggy08:24
DASPRiDflowOver, gnome-do for winxp?08:25
Jigsprince_jammys: sir i used the command like this > sudo lsof | grep /media/windows no result08:25
Gattonin winxp you want launchy for that kinda thing :-)08:25
prince_jammysJigs: try mounting again with::  sudo mount /media/windows08:25
* Gatton got hooked on the launcher thing with LaunchBar on OSX08:26
Gattontakes all day to go through menus! :-)08:26
flowOvergnome wha?  I'm a newbie linux desktop user.  most experience in command line linux.  i only just made the switch to ubuntu after having crossed paths with it a few times with good experiences... kind of08:26
Jigsprince_jammys: already did, same result, i better restart my pc then i'll come back here08:26
prince_jammysJigs: ok come back and let me know08:26
DritzenNight all08:26
onefunkanyone know of a macdrive equivalent for ubuntu08:27
ArthurArchnix!goodbye | bazhang08:27
bazhangwhat is macdrive onefunk08:27
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about goodbye - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:27
* DASPRiD pats ArthurArchnix 08:28
onefunkbazhang: it's a prog that allows me acces my mac formatted drive on pc08:28
DASPRiDreally, who wants to access a mac? :P08:29
pbne04when I change graphics card driver under system-->administration-->screens and graphics, it doesnt save the settings - how do I fix this?08:29
gnychishow do i get the update manager to start using the internet and stop using the cdrom? for example when i do sudo apt-get update it does "Ign cdrom:// ....."08:29
bazhangonefunk: hfs+ not sure there08:29
onefunkhah... i have tones of media that i need off it and we work cross platform with my project08:29
ArthurArchnixgnychis: gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list and add a # in front of any deb.cdrom08:29
Jigsprince_jammys: sir same error08:29
prince_jammysJigs: any luck? if not, you should paste the contents of fstab here08:29
ArelisHi people. I'm trying to run compiz on Ubuntu gutsy. It does it's usual checks, succeeds, but then fails to find compiz. this is the error message: /usr/bin/compiz: 378: /usr/local/bin/compiz: not found <-- how can i fix that one?08:29
Jigsprince_jammys: ok08:30
vawkselGnome-Do is great, I got it up and running and it works really well08:30
prince_jammysJigs: do ::  gksudo gedit /etc/fstab and paste in the paste bin08:30
Jigsprince_jammys: w808:30
prince_jammys!paste | Jigs08:30
ubotuJigs: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)08:30
ArthurArchnixArelis: You can try reinstalling compiz08:30
xivenI just upgraded to Gutsy, and...kdm starts up..but i get a shell screen, saying "No Screens Found"..how do I fix this?08:30
Gattononefunk, this page might have some useful info?  http://fosswire.com/2007/09/12/dealing-with-mac-formatted-drives-on-linux/08:30
Jigsprince_jammys: heres the result of the mount > Mount is denied because NTFS is marked to be in use. Choose one action:08:30
ArelisArthurArchnix: what packages?08:30
JigsChoice 1: If you have Windows then disconnect the external devices by08:30
Jigs          clicking on the 'Safely Remove Hardware' icon in the Windows08:30
Jigs          taskbar then shutdown Windows cleanly.08:30
JigsChoice 2: If you don't have Windows then you can use the 'force' option for08:30
Jigs          your own responsibility. For example type on the command line:08:30
FloodBot3Jigs: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:30
karuna_bdcis it quicker to install packages from terminal?08:31
DASPRiDkaruna_bdc, yes08:31
simplexioArelis: that /usr/bin/compiz script trys to start compiz from wrong place, locate compiz executable and modify script08:31
Gattonkaruna_bdc, once you are used to typing it synaptic seems dog slow08:31
Jigso boi08:32
xivenDid anyone see my post?08:32
ArthurArchnixArelis: I think it would be: sudo apt-get --reinstall compiz* --purge   but wait a tic and see if someone corrects me.08:32
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* DASPRiD is too lazy to correct ArthurArchnix 08:32
karuna_bdcDASPRiD: ah no wonder. the package manager takes forever, Time to fire up the terminal!08:32
DASPRiDkaruna_bdc, hehe08:33
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DASPRiDwhy the heck isn't gnome-do in the repos btw?08:33
onefunkgatton: thanks cheers08:33
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ArthurArchnixArelis: reinstal does what it says, compiz* means reinstall everything with compiz in its name, and --purge means ignore all my old settings, restore to default.08:33
prince_jammysJigs: hold on, i'm seeing what this message is about08:34
ArthurArchnixArelis: You may need to restart x to take effect. Either logout and back in or hti ctrl alt backspace08:34
scraga2I keep getting errors from apt-get and synaptic, "Unable to copy the user's Xautorization file." what have I done wrong?08:35
prince_jammysJigs: ok first let's double-check by pasting in the pastebin ( http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org  ) the entire contents of the fstab file.  you can open it with gksudo gedit /etc/fstab08:35
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gnychishow do i change mirrors for my repository access?08:36
ArthurArchnixArelis: If you don't want to do it from the command line, just go into synaptic, search for compiz, and reinstall.08:36
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Cew27hello all can someone help me here when i boot i get a few options of what to boot from there are some kernal options can anyone help me make my pc boot faster and clean up my menu.list08:37
cerberushello, when i use the command "head" its show me the first lines of the file, but if i want to see just the last (end) lines of the file does it possible ?08:37
ArthurArchnixtail ?08:38
DASPRiDgnome do is neat, indeed \o/08:38
panosruhi, yesterday i run the update-manager -d to upgrade to 8.04 but in the middle of update (on the part of install the updates) i unintentionally cut the power of my computer and after that i have many problems. can anyone help me?08:38
ArthurArchnixman tail tells you how08:38
bazhangpanosru: sounds bad08:39
Cew27can anybody help me clean up by menu.lst08:39
ArthurArchnixe.g., tail --lines=2 /etc/X11/xorg.conf08:39
ArthurArchnixcerberus: ^08:39
DASPRiDhardy is in a stable phase yet?08:39
bazhangDASPRiD: nay08:40
DASPRiDgood :)08:40
idyllicCew27: can u paste ur /boot/grub/menu.lst first for me to see?08:40
Cew27idyllic: yeh hold on08:41
DASPRiDbtw ubuntu should install thunderbird by default, not epiphany08:41
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)08:41
Jigsprince_jammys: sir thank you very very much u did a very good job.. windows mounting successfullyyy.. what I did is, just restart the pc and load windows system and shut it down neatly.. then back to linux and mounting success08:41
prince_jammysJigs: very good08:41
bazhanghttp://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/ add your ideas here DASPRiD ;]08:41
Cew27idyllic: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57796/08:42
DASPRiDbazhang, ah ^^08:42
panosrubazhang yes it is bad... now after i login to my account nothing works, i can't click anyware its like a frozen graphic only mouse works and keyboard08:42
Gatton mmm frozen bubble. almost as addictive as peggle08:42
spearthi all08:42
boohoomy permission for a directory (d---rwxr-- 3 root     mygroup)08:42
boohooisn't that world readable?08:43
gorbier1how do i change my gnome language within terminal?08:43
idyllicCew27: comment out line 12 to line 21, by adding a # infront08:43
idyllicCew27: reboot and voila08:43
panosrubazhang this is what i'm geting: E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)08:45
bazhangpanosru: you could try booting up in cli mode and try to continue the dist-upgrade from there08:45
speartanyone oc with ubuntu?08:45
flowOverthe 'taskbar' or whatever it's called at the bottom.  how can i style that like i can window borders08:46
boohoodoes CD require executable bit also set?08:46
bazhangspeart you have an actual question?08:46
panosrubazhang i boot in recovery mode and from there i tried "dpkg --conficure -a" but didn't work i tried "apt-get install -f" but this didn't work to neither "aptitude disk-upgrade" worked... :(08:47
DASPRiDbazhang, done :)08:47
speartbazhang, just wanted to compare results, or get to know new tools08:47
DASPRiDbazhang, http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/1136/ you surely vote yes for it? ;)08:47
prince_jammysboohoo: yes08:47
Cew27idyllic: ok done that, now is there anyway to speedup boot time at the moemtn it is about 30 seconds to login screen and then 10 after that08:48
bazhangDASPRiD: of course ;]08:48
boohooprince_jammys: ahh explains it08:48
prince_jammysboohoo: :)08:48
boohooi was pulling my hair off08:49
idyllicCew27: okay, my laptop also boot in about 30 secons08:49
prince_jammysboohoo: yeah, x has special meaning when it comes to dirs08:49
mkquistspeart: u mean overclock?08:49
speartmkquist, yeah08:49
idyllicCew27: there are several links floating around for you to reduce boot times, i didnt bookmark those. You should google urself, cos i need to go off.08:49
DASPRiDbazhang, bah you voted it down, didnt you? :P08:49
bazhangDASPRiD: not voted yet ;]08:50
DASPRiDhm, ok, then the brainstorm users are quite active ;)08:50
Cew27idyllic: ok08:50
boohooprince_jammys: but, shouldn't i be able to vi a file in that directory?08:50
speartany tools for measuring system temps?08:51
mkquistspeart: cause thats a whole new set of problems...  you can create all sorts of probs w/oc'ing, but if your willing to do that you can't blame the OS, you just pushing things and I doubt you'll get much help w/that.. just my opinion...08:51
boohooeven if the directory is not executable08:51
ubotuYou might find something useful at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto08:51
goniochromismi'm downloading the current hardy daily08:52
prince_jammysboohoo: mmm good question. i don't know. you could make a couple of test dirs and see :)08:52
goniochromismhas anyone tried it out yet here?08:52
mkquistspeart: btw, ive done that in the past, but w/the proc speeds as they are now, I just don't see much point...08:52
prince_jammysboohoo: you're right, i would think you could access the file directly08:52
wolsmkquist: getting a 3GHz cpu for 60EUR08:52
speartmkquist, I know what to do, I run mem test and my motherboard bios is quite extensive. I run boinc and various java ides, there is a great speed boost for a 500MHZ dual core oc.08:53
mkquistwols: well, uno your trying to cheat, now... idk... past me i think (speed is sooo cheap i think)08:53
wolsmkquist: my wallet of course!08:53
boohooprince_jammys: but if a file in a non-readable directory is world-readable, is it really world readable?08:53
boohooor only by the people who can enter the directory?08:53
speartit's nice to have desktop tools for tracking the system08:53
prince_jammysboohoo: it could have to do with conflicting permissions in your user/group (a guess)08:53
mkquistspeart: last time i bothered it was like and amd k6-2 350, ran at like 550, but I just don't see the need anymore... so g/l with that..  IMHO it's just easier to upgrade08:54
prince_jammysboohoo: my understanding was that you could access it directly, even if the parent dir is not readable. but i definitely could be wrong on that08:54
speartmkquist, but that's not fun08:54
Wobbo!dvd | Wobbo08:55
bazhanggoniochromism: you should check #ubuntu+108:56
LDS_TrooperI need the terminal command to remove a directory08:56
speartand just for the record, my system is more stable with overclocking08:56
bashcahi there08:56
prince_jammysLDS_Trooper: rm -r dir_name08:56
mkquistwols: just seems like speed is soo cheap that the downsides now don't justifye the returns.  I'm of the opion that the OC's from the past made it clear to the proc companies that they had more to get. so now they (the companies themselves) are pushing so hard its lucky to get much out of an OC08:56
bashcaLDS_Trooper,  #rm -Rf  dir08:57
LDS_Trooperprince_jammys thanks08:57
goniochromismcd #ubuntu+108:57
mkquistwols: but i could be wrong of course08:57
bazhanggoniochromism: too much time in the terminal ;] /join08:57
mkquistwols: its like by the time u spend to make a system OC u can just spen almost the same to upgrade w/o the headaches08:58
mkquistspend* sry08:58
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!08:58
mkquistwols: just my opinion at this point...  returns not being justified anymore... unless its just for fun..08:59
speartok dropping this topic, but it took me just 15 minutes to tweak the system08:59
bazhangmkquist: see above08:59
mkquistbazhang: above? which.. now im curious... not like i wouldtnt like to cheat some speed myself...09:00
bazhangthe offtopic part ;]09:00
mkquistthe !ot?09:00
spearti'm there fellow ocers09:01
wolsspeart: have you seen the factoid?09:01
mkquistso ubuntu+1?09:01
wolsmkquist: your babble is OT on any channel09:01
wolsyou can annyo ##hardware if you insist tho09:01
mkquistof course, but..09:01
wolsplease drop it already09:01
mkquistwols: i wasnt babbling about OC'ing.. someone else was...  I was just thowing my 2 cents in..09:02
wolsthe other guy was sorta on topic. you weren09:02
mkquistic ok09:02
wolsspeart: did you see the factoid?09:02
mkquistwols: wait how was i off? wasnt trying to be i assure.09:03
speartyeah wols09:03
mkquistsry if i got that wrong. not intentional to be sure09:03
wolsmkquist: go finally away. please09:04
mkquistdont be rude09:04
wolsyou are still OT ffs!09:04
mkquistfine done then09:04
ThreeFingerPeteif i copy my partitions to a second drive; and later copy it back, will it be functional?09:05
bazhangThreeFingerPete: your /home?09:06
ThreeFingerPetebazhang: dont you ever leave chat? :) no, i got full compiz working with 7.10 and a radeon 9600 card. but my game needs the opengl resources. I dont want to go through that config nightmare. I've been doing it since i got the dual core working again09:08
mkquistjoin #ot09:09
cerberusdoes it possible to restart server(restart the computer) from romote access via terminal ?09:09
allorderwhy ubuntu doesnt have an integrated firewall ?09:09
wolscerberus: sudo shutdown -r now09:09
wolsallorder: what do you need one for?09:09
pecisk_cerberus: sudo reboot09:09
simplexioThreeFingerPete: yes, but watch user rights09:09
wolsand it does btw09:09
ThreeFingerPeteallorder: it doesnt need it09:09
bazhangallorder iptables is it; you can use firestarter as a gui09:09
simplexioallorder: it dosn't need it09:09
prince_jammys!firewall | allorder09:10
ubotuallorder: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).09:10
simplexioallorder: and iptbles is there09:10
pecisk_allorder: would be nice to have, but there is no real pressure to do it, as Ubuntu follow zero ports open policy by default09:10
allorderiptables isnt user friendly09:10
simplexioallorder: try firestarter09:10
wolsallorder: a firewall is not for users?09:10
pecisk_allorder: install Firestarter09:10
simplexioallorder: firewall settings shouldn't be something that users config09:10
bazhangsudo apt-get install firestarter allorder ;]09:10
allorderthx but why it doesnt need it09:11
simplexioallorder: no open ports as default09:11
ThreeFingerPeteallorder: some users might open ports and then need a firewall09:12
pecisk_allorder: because there is no open ports by default and all security issues, if there are any, aren't related to firewall.09:12
sysadmin-lb22does ipw2200 on ubuntu support injection ? or do I have to patch it ?09:12
allorderya but unknown security issue will be protected with firewall..09:13
mkquistallorder: firewall is part of linux, so u don't need to worry about it unless u need to manually configure..  It's called iptables09:13
bazhangallorder this is not ##windows ;]09:13
pecisk_allorder: says who? with no ports open, there is nothing for firewall to protect09:13
pecisk_allorder: uknown security problem can be only local user root exploit, DoS, etc.09:14
pecisk_allorder: using user locally09:14
allorderif a program open a port without my permission, firewall will block it by default.. ?09:14
ubotuWant to know the differences between Windows and Linux? This guide, called "Linux is Not Windows" is a pretty good read -- http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm09:14
bazhangsee above allorder09:14
Squawkguys, linux firewall (netfilter, with usrespace tools iptables) is set to allow all connections by default with ubuntu09:15
[Hardy]TuTUXGbut bittorrent opens some ports right?09:15
pecisk_allorder: aha, that is valid issue, but so far no official repository apps won't open _unknown_ ports09:15
ThreeFingerPetequestion: does wine suffer from windows virii?09:15
simplexioallorder: you cant open ports under 1000 without root permissions, and even if "user" installs some program that allows access, attacker would have only users permissions09:16
pecisk_allorder: Ubuntu justs respects user whishes and don't control it because it "thinks" that user knows what to do09:16
abujanai am asking if anyone tried master shaper with ubuntu server09:16
SquawkThreeFingerPete, you can actualy find some good articles on that online, where people have tried to intentionaly infect themselves, with mixed results09:16
abujanaor any other bandwidth controller09:16
pecisk_ThreeFingerPete: on very limited basis09:16
simplexioabujana: kernel + iputils2 when using gentoo, probably same packages are in ubuntu09:17
bazhangthis is getting waaaay offtopic ;]09:17
pecisk_in fact, there was very nice idea to allow clamav scan exe before running it on wine09:17
Squawksimplexio, whats the scenario here, wherever there is software thats buggy there are ways into a system09:17
simplexioSquawk: well my opinion is that if computer has users, game is allreadyd lost when talking about 100% security09:18
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Squawksimplexio, if a computer is connected to hte internet security is lost, firewall or not09:18
joshdoes ubuntu have an RDP client by default ?09:18
simplexioSquawk: not09:18
allorderpecisk: good call, but its a philosophy of a pure debian,slackware,bsd09:18
pecisk_josh, yes09:19
allDanhelp i cant play mp3 on my ubuntu09:19
allDanwhat shall i install09:19
Squawksimplexio, not what?09:19
ThreeFingerPeteSquawk: and pecisk: thanks. tomorrow my brother will be a new linux user and will be happy to hear that09:19
simplexioSquawk: if there is no users then it isnt, and newer really uses net conenction09:19
gold44where's a good tutorial for tftpd? where's the folder when i can put iso and bin images?09:19
bazhanginstall ubuntu-restricted-extras allDan09:19
pecisk_josh, Applications => Internet => Terminal server client09:19
bazhangno worries ;]09:19
Squawksimplexio, if you think you can connect a computer to the internet with 100% certainty of no risk then you do not understand the nature of the internet09:19
abujanadoes ubuntu has a web interface installed09:20
bazhangfirefox abujana?09:20
Squawkabujana, web interfeace? firefox?09:20
abujanalike webmin09:21
gold44where is /etc/inetd.conf ?09:21
gold44ubuntu don't have it09:21
bazhangebox is what you want abujana09:21
simplexioSquawk: ... i mean, if you dont use that computer at all, have no services, and you dont update assuming that your installed programs are good ,there is no real risk09:21
dgjones!webmin | abujana09:21
ubotuabujana: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.09:21
Squawksimplexio, minimal maybe, but there is a risk. gold44 what exactly are you trying to do?09:21
pecisk_gold44: propably it is xinetd?09:21
abujanadoes it support squid09:22
simplexioSquawk: of course 100% secure computer is under 100m concrete, no users, no access means it secure09:22
pecisk_abujana: yes, check their website09:23
pecisk_abujana: Features section09:23
Squawksimplexio, the point im making is that I would firewall any computer off, no matter what it is used for09:23
joshthankyou pecisk09:23
simplexioSquawk: but question was is there need for iptables as deafult and i say no09:23
simplexioSquawk: and i dont09:23
bazhangcould you firewall users take it to offtopic? ;]09:23
gold44Squawk: trying to setup tftpd server. i installed it, it's running. now where should i place my goodies? pecisk09:23
DASPRiDgold44, better use proftpd09:24
gold44pecisk no xineted in /etc09:24
RookieXIm running ubuntu on my DELL Inspiron 1520 Laptop, with Intel Graphics X3100, could someone help me get the drivers setup?09:24
pecisk_gold44: tried to reach man page or /usr/share/doc/tftpd docs?09:24
pecisk_gold44: really don't know, haven't used it09:24
simplexioSquawk: there is no protection for stupid admin and allmoust no protextio for stupid users09:24
gold44pecisk man page no help. trying /usr/ll..... that link now09:24
crowanyone available to help me with somth?09:25
* gold44 looking up proftpd09:25
Squawkgold44, personaly when I run an ftp server I create a new user "ftp", give him a home directory, and then give anyone who wants ftp access to that user account. YOu will have to figure out the tftpd config file yourself though09:25
Squawksimplexio, amen to that ;)09:25
pecisk_gold44: try /etc/xinetd/ or somewhere there09:25
crowI got 3 partitions on my disc. 1 ubuntu, 1 xp(fat32), and one neutral(fat32). my windows reads the two fat32 partitions, but my ubuntu reads only it's own partition, and the one windows is installed. how do I mount the neutral one, so ubuntu could read it?09:25
neohelp on installing themes in ubuntu09:25
gold44pecisk  no not in there09:25
pecisk_gold44: wait a sec09:26
crackhead100_help, please anyone.. i keep getting NO DHCPOFFERS RECEIVED.. in trying to set up my wireless.. wireless card fine. driver fine. router fine. dhcp. wep 10 digit hex key. windows can connect fine..09:26
Squawkcrow, for a one off mount, do "mkdir /media/dirname && mount -t fat32 /dev/partid /media/dirname"09:26
Squawkcrackhead100_, is the dhcp server running, and does it have a big enough pool of ip addresses to allocate one to your wireless?09:27
gold44Squawk: that's no different from ssh with sftp, if you set it up that way is there? maybe i not understand u correctly09:27
Squawkgold44, he said tftpd09:27
crackhead100_Squawk: it's a dlink router. it has a huge pool. there are only two computers using the connection.09:27
pecisk_crackhead100_: tried with NetworkManager?09:27
crowSquawk, I choose the dirname?09:27
gold44DASPRiD: proftpd will make my life easy?09:27
Squawkcrow, yes09:27
crackhead100_pecisk: tried with networkmanager. fails. no luck.09:27
crowhow does it know to choose the right one?09:27
crackhead100_(network manager is just calling the same command line requests.. )09:27
Squawkcrow, the right one what?09:28
DASPRiDgold44, yes it will :)09:28
pecisk_this is very popular issue, even with Windows09:28
Squawkcrackhead100_, firewall blocking the dhcp request?09:28
crackhead100_pecisk_: yes, it sure is..09:28
DASPRiDgold44, it will suffer all your needs09:28
crackhead100_Squawk: i dont belive so. how do i check?09:28
neohelp on installing themes in ubuntu09:28
neohelp on installing themes in ubuntu09:28
neohelp on installing themes in ubuntu09:28
pecisk_crackhead100_: I suggest you to change card settings, however I am not sure about the way of doing this09:28
crow'partid' is some id of the partition, or I should type 'partid' there?09:28
gold44DASPRiD: you mentioned it, but i got lots of interesting responds. so i better talk to them, while topic is hot =)09:28
DASPRiDneo, first get help against your spam09:28
crackhead100_pecisk_: that's not very helpful.09:28
Squawkcrackhead100_, simple answer, run "sudo iptables -vnL" and see if there is a firewall as such09:28
crackhead100_ok, one sec. will pastebin result.09:29
DASPRiDgold44, well if you are still interested, punsh me ;P09:29
neochecked it!!!!    now help!09:29
crackhead100_Squawk: they all appear to be blank.. input.. nothing listed.. forward nothing listed.. output nothing listed..09:29
DASPRiDhm dunno09:29
pecisk_crackhead100_: what is your wireless card?09:29
Squawkcrow, put my name when you type, I nearly missed it. partid will be something like /dev/hda309:29
Squawkcrackhead100_, ok its not firewall, so have to look elsewhere09:29
crackhead100_pecisk_: a belkin usb wireless adapter. very simple.09:29
pecisk_crackhead100_: what chipset?09:30
Squawkcrackhead100_, can you do iwlist interfacename scan?09:30
crackhead100_Squawk: i'm all ears..09:30
gold44DASPRiD: last q, before install. will proftpd let me change port?not use 69 as defaul09:30
Squawkcrackhead100_, basicaly that should see if you can see the connection09:30
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DASPRiDgold44, you mean not use 21 as default, dont you?09:30
neohow do i install themes in ubuntu?09:30
Joshyboyi love ubuntu09:30
crowSquawk, how do I see the partid?09:30
crackhead100_Squawk: i can see the proper network essid with the scan.09:31
gold44DASPRiD: no, 69 T ftpd, not ftpd.09:31
DASPRiDgold44, now i'm confused, thanks09:31
Squawkcrackhead100_, check wep password, nothing wrong then that I can think of immediately09:31
crowSquawk, u said somth like /dev/hda3, how can I know for sure?09:31
pecisk_gold44: about xinetd, if you have installed it - which I doubt now - then you should have /etc/xinetd.conf which is general config and /etc/xinet.d/ which is seperated config files for each of services. It would be better to keep it that way :)09:31
gold44DASPRiD: TFTPD not FTPD09:31
Squawkcrow, can you do "sudo fdisk" and then press "p", and show me the results ina  pm (probably about 5 lines of text)09:31
neohow do i install themes in ubuntu?09:32
crackhead100_Squawk: i know the password is correct09:32
DASPRiDgold44, ok nvm, understood it wrong, stay with tftpd :)09:32
gold44pecisk buntu default install, never gave me xinetd09:32
mkquistnoe, have u tried system/pref/appearance?09:32
mkquistneo: sry last for u...09:32
pecisk_gold44: exactly, because xinetd by default would be very huge security issue :)09:32
pecisk_gold44: install it09:32
mkquistneo: check system/preferences/appearance09:33
pecisk_gold44: sudo apt-get install xinetd09:33
sarah__hi, im in network manager, and i hit unlock then change some stuff, then when it should reload it says "The configuration could not be saved You are not allowed to modify the system configuration ()" even though i have sudo privliges, could it be my write access to the config file was removed somehow? how do i find out where it is and fix that?09:33
DASPRiDtoday is a good day to fry09:33
pecisk_gold44: but first check if you really really need it09:33
Squawkcrackhead100_, do you have dhcp server configured correctly in your net config? tbh I havnt done this under ubuntu (only gentoo) so not sure where the config is kept09:33
crackhead100_Squawk: the server is a router. where else is my server configured? I dont kno what you mean09:33
gold44pecisk_: no i don't. i just found a link for tftpd. let me try that first09:33
crowSquawk, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57799/09:33
pecisk_gold44: wait, just install it with apt-get09:33
neowhere do i download the themes from??/        in which format   ????   i downloaded a theme and it said that format was invalid09:34
Squawkcrackhead100_, I mean where did you configure your wireless? YOu must have config file, can you show me it?09:34
crackhead100_Squawk: i can actually get a connection from another ubuntu machine, a laptop, through nm-applet09:34
ArthurArchnixYou guys/girls know any good links for settings up a basic hosts file? I want to ease up the load on adblock and I read that the hosts file is even better than adblock (makes browsing faster, etc)09:34
crackhead100_Squawk: which config file do you want to see?09:34
Squawkcrackhead100_, sorry man, should have been more specific. I need you to run "fdisk /dev/hda", or "fdisk /dev/sda" one will give output, one wont09:34
neowhere do i download the themes from??/        in which format   ????   i downloaded a theme and it said that format was invalid09:34
ArelisHi there. Can anybody help me with a complicated problem with my PC that goes further than only Ubuntu? It's about segmentation faults and random crashes in every distribution09:34
Squawkcrackhead100_, anything to do with wireless09:34
crackhead100_Squawk: i didnt do any manual file configs, except for /etc/net*/networkinterfaces.. i added "auto eth1.. iface inet eth1 dhcp"09:35
crackhead100_or whatever properly09:35
mkquistneo: check www.gnome-look.org09:35
ArelisAnd if so, can you please join #helparelis to avoid the overhead of this channel?09:35
Squawkcrackhead100_, ok, hmm09:35
ThreeFingerPetei just tried something and it worked so well i wanted to tell everyone. sudo gedit /etc/make_it_all_work_perfect.conf09:35
gold44pecisk_: xinetd vs inetd ? one for x i supposed. but other than that, is one newer than the other?09:35
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hosts - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi09:35
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about host - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi09:35
pecisk_gold44: of course xinetd, because it is more secure09:35
ArelisHi there. Can anybody help me with a complicated problem with my PC that goes further than only Ubuntu? It's about segmentation faults and random crashes in every distribution, and more weird stuff. If so, can you please join #helparelis to help me?09:36
achilles616hello everyone09:36
Squawkcrackhead100_, what does ifconfig interfacename give?09:36
gold44pecisk_: ok, usually, i prefer to install non X stuff. that's ONE dependence less09:36
pecisk_gold44: by the way, you can install tftpd by apt-get install tftpd09:36
SquawkArelis, seg faults accross distributions suggest bad RAM, check your RAM with memtest09:36
gold44pecisk_: am already running tftpd-hpa09:36
pecisk_gold44: that name is confusing, it has no way any connection with Xorg or X-Windows09:36
ArelisSquawk: i already did that. Also spinrite, so it's not the harddisk either09:36
pecisk_gold44: nice, so why do you need xinetd then?09:37
neogtk1.0 or gtk2.0    or     should i download special theme for compiz?????         and will ordinary theme work with compiz??????09:37
gold44pecisk_: u told me to install it. and i am hesitant to do so.09:37
simplexioArelis: random segfault usually mean that you have broken hardware09:37