Keybuksadmac: Bill is using emit in a very strange way in #43536816:04
sadmac_Keybuk: what's the issue?16:47
Keybukis it just a minimal test case that demonstrates the bug?16:50
Keybukie. why are you using emit?16:50
sadmac_exactly, just a test case16:50
sadmac_the point is a job started by an event with arguments doesn't get those arguments again when restarted16:50
Keybukbut since events don't even *have* arguments anymore in trunk16:53
Keybukand even while they still did, they weren't passed to the job anyway ...16:54
Keybukit's kinda a null test case :p16:54
Keybukit's certainly a bug in 0.3 that the associated event information is lost for services once they're running, so not available after the respawn - that is fixed in trunk16:54
sadmac_Ah cool16:57
Keybukthe trunk equivalent would be something like:16:57
Keybuk  initctl emit foo DEV=bar PATH=baz16:58
Keybukand then you'd use $DEV and $PATH in the script16:58
Keybukand they survive respawn16:58
Keybukuntil a different event starts the job16:58
Keybukor you change them with start16:58
Keybuk  initctl start jobname DEV=wibble PATH=wobble16:58
sadmac_Keybuk: have you had any thoughts on lod and making it work?17:00
Keybuknot really17:01
Keybukthe only thing I've come up with would be making logd have a pty17:01
Keybukand telling upstart to divert output from jobs to that pty while running17:01
Keybukthat doesn't fix logd dying though17:01
Keybukso has the same basic problems as the socket17:02
sadmac_Keybuk: you could have upstart itself hold a pipe to each program, and then just bridge it through sunrpc to logd (since sunrpc has that lovely property of just sitting and buffering when the listener goes away)17:03
Keybukwould you need the bridge in that instance?17:04
sadmac_the one big limitation of sunrpc is it has a custom interface (no file descriptors) so you can't just bolt it right onto stdio17:04
sadmac_so yes17:04
sadmac_oh, not sunrpc17:04
sadmac_or sun ipc17:05
Keybukthe problem with the bootlogd approach, btw (stealing console output via ioctl) is it doesn't work with our usplash17:05
Keybukand I suspect it wouldn't work with your X rhgb either17:06
Keybuksince both *change* the console to be a graphical one, with text diverted elsewhere17:06
sadmac_you could alter usplash of course. (I may rewrite rhgb once we get off the ground. right now I'm patching some stuff into upstart to deal with it)17:07
Keybukit isn't usplash that's the problem17:08
Keybukit's svgalib17:08
Keybukand I want to fiddle with that about as much as I want to wake up without my kidneys17:08
sadmac_Keybuk: it looked like in trunk the event files had moved, is this the case?17:20
Keybukevent files?17:21
Keybukpossibly moving to /etc/init/jobs.d17:23
sadmac_yeah, any particular reason?17:23
Keybukto stop people calling them "event files" :)17:24
Keybuksince they're not17:24
Keybukthey're job files17:24
Keybukjobs and events are different things17:24
Keybukbut everyone confuses the two because of the directory name17:24
Keybuke.g. people think that if you have /etc/event.d/foo17:26
Keybukthen initctl emit foo will start it17:27
Keybukwhich isn't true at all17:28
sadmac_Keybuk: one more correction, it wasn't sun ipc. it was sysv.17:32
* sadmac_ should drink coffee while reading things17:32
sadmac_specifically message queues17:34

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