philphotoevening folks.  last night I was troubleshooting my excessive boot time & by simply shutting off services at boot i got the time from bios post to xubuntu login down to 47 seconds.  I'm liking that much more than the 200 seconds it booted in previously.01:54
philphotoI'm still having the problem of my onboard wifi device intermittently disappearing on boot.01:55
philphotothis happens on reboot after changing an ultrabay device (IBM T30) or also after the system completeing a big upgrade.  on reboot after the dev has disappeared, the issue rectifies itself and wifi is back.01:57
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Breakagehey, anyone know how to get gmrun to pickup urxvt or xfce terminal as default terminal to run term apps in? i've changed it to urxvt from gnome-terminal in .gmrunrc but urxvt loads the dissapears. anyone using gmrun?05:54
skull-DTI have a question07:37
skull-DTI have a old ibook g4 700mhz  128ram I decided to install Xubuntu for the low requirements and it worked fine. I decided to format the HD to install the latest version only to realize that the cdRom was busted. is there any other way to install xubuntu or am I screwd?07:37
ron_oinstall over network..07:40
ron_oor internet07:40
ron_ohowever, you still are required to have a cd-rom drive for that.. or some drive. Do you have a floppy? maybe that will work.07:41
skull-DTthats the problem07:41
skull-DTits an ibook so it only came with a cdrom07:41
skull-DTthats it07:41
ron_oyou'll have to have some way of installing it on your harddrive or system. I think you're screwed.07:42
skull-DTand since it only has 120 ram I had to use the Alternative CD07:42
ere4sithis might help - http://lubi.sourceforge.net/unetbootin.html07:42
ron_oask around. I really can't help.07:42
skull-DTok thanx ron07:42
skull-DTlet me check that link07:42
ron_oere4si, the problem is even if you he could try a network boot, but how?07:42
ron_ohe can't even install anything on his system or in RAM.07:43
ere4si!I'd go for a usb stick set up on another comp07:43
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:43
ron_othen network to that computer. However, I still won't know how he can get his computer to try anything.07:44
skull-DTof course it is a power pc07:44
ere4siprob won't boot from usb...07:44
ron_onot a chance. :)07:44
ere4siit's a mac - just set it on fire :)07:44
skull-DTwell I just thought I would put it to office use07:45
ron_oif you had another macintosh similar to that one then you might be able to get away with installing it on that machine then replacing harddrives..07:45
ron_obut who'd know how that would work out.07:45
ron_oit's all touch and go.. but at least with a Mac it might be able to configure itself to work on the new machine.07:46
ron_oyou could do that with Intel and linux, but you'd need to configure things manually which is quite hard.07:46
skull-DTbut its a power pc cpu, requires a special version07:47
ron_ooh, wait.. duh.. you'd be using linux on the Mac. :/... you'd still have to configure things manually.07:47
ron_oyah.. sorry skull-DT. I can't help you much. :/07:47
skull-DTthanx for trying man07:47
ron_oget a new cdrom if it's worth it.07:48
skull-DTthe truth is that I dont even know if I can open this things07:48
ron_oheh, yah.. I bet.07:48
skull-DTthery are like sealed, have you seen one?07:48
ere4siand gutsy doesn't support power pc07:48
ron_oI've seen some Macs that are sealed.07:49
skull-DTit does07:49
ron_othey were never meant to be messed around with.07:49
ere4sithought I saw that on the ubuntu site07:49
skull-DTppc version is right there07:49
ron_oGood luck skull-DT ... nite07:49
skull-DTok bye07:49
skull-DToh well, I think I have the coles paper weight in the block thats for sure07:50
skull-DTthanx guys07:50
skull-DTappreciate the help07:50
ere4sigot a friend with an external cd drive?07:50
skull-DTwould that work07:51
skull-DTI dont know much about macs07:52
skull-DTso they boot from external drives?07:52
ere4siif the mac can use it - I don't know anything about macs except they're overpriced and underpowered :)07:52
skull-DTim not much of a fan ether but I have it, might as well try to put it to work07:53
ere4siyou might have to google about that07:53
ere4siI'm all for using it if you have it07:53
skull-DTbecause mac os sure ass hell did not work well I tell you that07:53
ere4si:) = trying for humor07:54
ere4sias an aside - why didn't you upgrade the old install?07:55
skull-DTwell actually that was the problem, I did try but the upgrade failed and screwd eveything up. so I had to format07:56
skull-DTafter the upgrade nothing worked even the display looked like crap07:56
skull-DTso I decided to go for a fresh install07:57
ere4sifair enough and a common enough prob that it should be looked into by those that offer these things07:58
skull-DTto my surprise the cd rom died, so some files could not be red from the install cd07:58
skull-DTyeah that would be cool07:58
ere4sidid you do the md5 check on the cd?07:58
skull-DT11 different cds man07:58
skull-DTnot only one07:58
skull-DTburned in different machines and everything07:59
ere4siwas it burnt on another comp? - and at a slow speed e.g. 4x07:59
skull-DTI did went for 4X a couple of times07:59
skull-DThad to be the mac drive07:59
ere4siall os's should be burnt at a very slow speed07:59
ere4sigtg - bbl :)08:00
skull-DTI might do of thouse smash my Ibook and put it on youtube08:01
gynterkwhat font does xubuntu logo use and where to get it ?08:16
Ven]nhey, is nautilus a part of xubuntu?09:53
ere4siVen]n, no - xubuntu uses thunar - it is lighter on resources but still thorough09:58
Ven]nits just that i also have nautilus installed in my xubuntu09:59
ere4siI like it :)09:59
Ven]nbut i guess it came from when i installed gnome-desktop-environment09:59
ere4siyep it wouldhave09:59
Ven]nso thats where it came from10:00
Ven]ngah.. probably alot that didnt get removed when i removed gnome-desktop10:00
ere4siif you open synaptic package manager you can click an installed package and select to remove it and the other progs it needs will be shown - if xfce is not one then it might be safe to remove - if you've installed lots10:03
ere4siand you can select cancel to not remove it10:04
Ven]ngood suggestion :p10:04
ere4siit lets you search for dependencies and stuff :)10:04
* ere4si wonders what dramas bloodboy is having?10:11
ceacyI've got a problem under Xubuntu, with quodlibet (and dbus hotkeys)10:55
ceacyit used to work, but i uninstalled a few packages, without any problem in dependencies, and now Quodlibet doesn't recognize my hotkeys anymore10:55
ceacyunfortunately, i don't know which package is supposed to interact with the dbus system, in xfce10:55
TheSheeppython-dbus probably10:56
ceacyI've already the latest version10:57
ceacyoh, and quodlibet message is :10:57
ceacy"DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.gnome.SettingsDaemon was not provided by any .service file"10:57
ceacy(btw, the xfce hotkeys work fine ; it's just the quodlibet's dbusmmkeys plugin which fails)10:58
TheSheeplooks like it equires gconf10:59
ceacyi just reinstalled it, but the error is stille the same : do i have to login/logout, in order for the changes to apply ?11:01
TheSheepyou shouldn't have to11:01
ceacywell, gconfd isnow running :11:02
ceacyceacy     5095  0.0  0.1   5680  2752 ?        S    11:45   0:00 /usr/lib/libgconf2-4/gconfd-211:02
ceacybut the error still occurs11:02
TheSheepI really don't know how gconf and other gnome apps organize these things11:03
ceacyIn the plugin script dbus*.py, this is the commentary :11:03
ceacy# This plugin is needed for quod libet to handle multimedia keys properly in11:03
ceacy# GNOME 2.18. gnome-settings-daemon grabs all keys and publish it as dbus11:03
ceacy# signals, thus preventing applications like quod libet to grab the key11:03
TheSheepmaybe there is a gnome-settings-daemon package?11:03
ceacyBut i guess i never had gnome-control-center installed in xubuntu, so ... (gnome-settings-daemon is provided by gnome-control-center, if i remeber correctly)11:03
TheSheepno, it's a deparate package11:04
TheSheep!info gnome-settings-daemon11:04
ubotuPackage gnome-settings-daemon does not exist in gutsy11:04
TheSheepat least in Hardy :/11:04
TheSheepceacy: well, you've seen the code. It uses g-s-d.11:08
ceacybut i don't understand why it worked before, and not now11:08
TheSheepno idea how it could have worked before, maybe earlier version of the plugin?11:08
ceacywell, i'll install gnome-control-center, just to see11:08
ceacy(don't think so : i'm brand new to xubuntu, i installed it yesterday ; it worked this night ; i removed packages this morning :p)11:09
ceacyThank you, anyway !11:10
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AltelierHello everyone, anyone knows how to add/change a mime type icon on xfce?13:09
TheSheepAltelier: yes13:10
AltelierIs it hard?13:11
AltelierCould you explain it to me?13:11
TheSheepAltelier: yes :)13:11
TheSheepAltelier: you just put it in your /.icons/hicolor/<size>/mimetypes13:12
TheSheepwith apropriate name13:12
TheSheepso, an icon for text/plain would be called text-plain13:12
AltelierSize will be the icon size right?13:13
TheSheepsee /usr/share/icons/gnome/<size>/mimetypes for some examples13:13
TheSheepyes, like 48x48 or scalable13:13
TheSheepthe system will pick the icon that is closest in size to the required13:14
AltelierSo for an application/x-cbr13:15
AltelierI should put a x-cbr , right?13:15
TheSheepI think it's application-x-cbr13:16
AltelierOk I'll try13:16
AltelierDoes it need to restart the windows manager?13:17
TheSheepthe problem is, cbr and cbz will be recognized as application/x-rar and application/x-zip, respectively13:17
TheSheepor archive/rar and archive/zip13:17
TheSheepnot sure13:17
TheSheepah, no, it's fixed13:18
TheSheepI can now us my thumbnailer on them!13:19
AltelierYes its fixed13:19
AltelierThat's why I asked13:19
TheSheepthat's great news13:19
TheSheepyou think they will also fix .gbc.zip and .gba.zip? :)13:20
AltelierWill be an improvement for sure13:21
AltelierI think that should be fixed too13:22
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AltelierTheSheep, thank you, it worked fine ^^13:52
* TheSheep reuses the 'irc chat' icon13:53
ubotuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore15:03
ubotupong is an old atari game. It's fun!15:03
jarnosI just had my pc freeze using gqview. Actually 100% of CPU power was used and best that I could alt-sysRq-s alt-sysRq-u alt-sysRq-b15:05
jarnos^best that I could do to reboot15:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about gqview - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi15:11
ere4sijarnos: installed from source?15:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about gtkrc - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi15:12
jarnosNo, from repository.15:13
jarnosere4si: No, from repository.15:13
ere4sijarnos: from the bot gqview isn't in the repos - what version are you using?15:13
ere4sithe bot works of gutsy atm15:14
jarnosere4si:  2.0.4-0ubuntu1, I am using Gutsy15:15
ere4si!info gqview15:16
ubotugqview (source: gqview): A simple image viewer using GTK+. In component main, is optional. Version 2.0.4-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 454 kB, installed size 2676 kB15:16
ere4sijarnos, that rules out dependencies :)15:16
jarnosere4si: what do you mean?15:17
ere4sijarnos, if you didn't have a needed lib that might have ramped cpu while it searched - but as a xubuntu package all dependencies are taken care of15:19
jarnosere4si: I see.15:19
ere4sijarnos, simple solutions first in my book :)15:19
ere4sijarnos: can you type   gqview in a terminal and check any output ?15:21
tomd123does anyone know of an applet kind of like the weather one for the network? I would like to be able to view my total bandwidth usage with in the past 24 hours. Any suggestinos would be appreciated :P15:22
ere4sitomd123, there is a network applet that shows real time usage - right click the panel - for usage over a day...not that I know15:24
jarnosI tried to rename a file in gqview when the window was maximized and tried to move the window right because I couldn't get the name visible. I can't reproduce the crash.15:25
jarnosere4si: I started it now from terminal and no text there.15:26
ere4sijarnos, k - might have been a mem address issue at that moment or something similar - s#$% happens15:27
jarnosere4si: There is a bug in gqview anyway. It didn't show the rename field wholly.15:28
ere4sijarnos, there are other image viewers as well15:29
LeAstralewow a lot of activity in here :)15:33
ere4sipeople use - people ask - people answer - stuff happens :)15:34
LeAstraleere4si: still a little more than usual, dont you think so ?15:34
ere4siLeAstrale, yep - that's why I spend time here trying to help - can be like a desert sometimes except for TheSheep and others15:36
LeAstraleere4si: ahh The trigger happy Sheep :P15:36
ere4siLeAstrale, that bloke should have a wage :)15:37
LeAstraleere4si: i think most people using Xubuntu actually goes to the #ubuntu channel.15:37
LeAstraleere4si: he banned me some days ago because i accidentally posted a link to a website in the wrong tab in Konversation15:38
ere4siLeAstrale, they might get a complex if they only asked here :)15:38
ere4sioops to you hen15:38
ere4si*then :)15:38
LeAstralei meant to post in #ubuntuforums-beginners but i accidentally wrote it in here instead15:38
LeAstralethats were i usually feel at home15:38
ere4siHe's young - he'll get over it15:38
LeAstraleheh.. i guess so15:39
LeAstraleere4si: do you know much about wifi ?15:39
ere4sididn't know there was a #ubuntu-forums-beginners15:39
ere4siLeAstrale, never use it - found a linux distro that will crack any wifi security so...15:40
LeAstraleere4si: its for the Ubuntu Forums beginners team15:41
LeAstralegenerally a very helpful channel :)15:41
LeAstraleand very universal15:41
LeAstraleere4si: i wasn't talking about wifi security.. just getting it to work on Xubuntu15:42
ere4siLeAstrale, I don't use it - link is all I know15:42
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs15:42
LeAstraleere4si: no need to sorry :)15:42
ere4siLeAstrale, I like to help but for wireless that's all I know :)15:43
LeAstraleere4si: im considering pulling cables througout the house to get rid of the wireless aspect of my network15:43
ere4siLeAstrale, my whole house runs wires for 5 comps - the only way imho15:44
LeAstraleere4si: yes it is.. wireless is just no good for the backup solution im making here15:44
ere4siLeAstrale, speed was my reasoning15:45
LeAstraleere4si: speed and stability is the reason of Linux in general (and ethernet btw)15:46
ere4siLeAstrale, can't get gigabit wireless anywhere...15:46
ere4siLeAstrale, wireless is new and trendy but slow and insecure15:47
LeAstraleere4si: do you have a huge RAID array since you're considering gigabit ?15:47
ere4siLeAstrale, no - but transfer 700mb files regularly15:48
LeAstraleto fully use a one gigabit LAN line you would need to have disc setups capable of 128MB/s reading15:48
LeAstraleere4si: on a regurlar HDD you won't note the difference15:48
LeAstralebetween 100mbit and 1000mbit15:49
ere4siLeAstrale, noticed the diff going from 10/100 to gigabit15:49
LeAstraleit cant have been much15:49
LeAstralebecause a regurlar desktop disc has read speeds about 35MB/s and write at some 20MB/S15:50
ere4sifrom nearly 2 min to 30 sec for 700 mb15:50
ere4sionboard lan to nic cards15:50
LeAstraleif you had a RAID Array of 4 discs like i have you would however note the difference between 100mbit and gigabit15:51
ere4siraid in linux is still immature15:51
LeAstralethat is if the host has the same amount15:51
LeAstraleere4si: RAID isn't inmature... it has always been meant to be made in Hardware to get the true performance15:51
LeAstralei have a pretty expensive Raid card with 8 IDE slots in it15:52
ere4siand linux works best with software raid15:52
LeAstralei got 4 7,200 rpm discs right now15:52
LeAstraleere4si: a good hw raid the OS wont even now exists..15:52
ere4sik - don't need it atm15:52
LeAstraleere4si: im fiddling with it for the backup solution ;)15:53
ere4siLeAstrale, it's great for that15:53
LeAstraleyes with the redundancy and everything :)15:53
LeAstralei got a RAID 5..15:54
LeAstraleand i tested it manually some time ago by just unplugging a cable while the server was running... it just kept going.. a little box popped up about a HDD failure that i needed to replace ASAP15:55
LeAstraleand when i plugged the cable back in the disc it ran a consistency check and then integrated it into the RAID array again15:55
LeAstralethat was a nice feeling  :)15:55
LeAstralehmm... i think ill take a nab.. nice taking to you ere4si15:58
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tech404so I have just installed xubuntu-desktop... now I need to remove all my old gnome stuff.. I thought that removing ubuntu-desktop followed by autoremove'ing would do the job but it seems to have missed quite a bit... any ideas on the best way to make this happen?17:10
nazdalfhello ppl....i hav xubuntu 7.10 and the screenlock has ceased to work.....it has xscreensaver-gl installed in linux...can some1 pls help me with it....18:12
TheSheepI thought that 7.10 used gnome-screensaver18:13
nazdalfwell probably ubuntu does...i have xubuntu18:13
nazdalfwell....can ne1 tell me why my screenlock stopped working on xubuntu.......did ne1 else not get the same problem??18:21
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zoredachelook at the autostarted applications and see if the screen saver is listed there18:25
nazdalfzoredache: no it is not....18:28
zoredachenazdalf: try running the command sudo apt-get install gnome-screensaver xscreensaver-data xscreensaver-gl18:32
zoredacheif that is installed then make a new autostarted application.. the name and program should be 'gnome-screensaver18:34
nazdalfzoredache: oops....i ws wrong....turns out gnome screensaver is instald on my system.....18:36
nazdalfzoredache: the other two packages are installed as well.....18:37
nazdalfzoredache: i ll do the autostarted thingy....18:37
nazdalfzoredache: its wrking now!! thanks a lot!! ....i ws trying to get it to run by 'xscreensaver-gl' since yest....lollll18:44
zoredacheyour welcome18:47
nicolahwill xubuntu hardy heron use xfce 4.4.2 ?19:01
TheSheepnicolah: yes, it will use 4.4.2 the same as Gutsy19:14
nicolahgutsy did ? so the bug about the usb stick removal and the trash will remain19:15
nicolahthanks for the answer19:15
TheSheepnicolah: if the bug was reported, it will probably be fixed19:15
nicolahnow I can't find the page but it was well reported19:16
nicolahthunar daemon wouldn't let unmount a usb stick19:16
TheSheepnicolah: it definitely doesn't happen for me19:16
TheSheepnicolah: so I guess it's fixed19:16
nicolahTheSheep: I'm installing hardy heron and I'll try19:17
nicolahI don't really care about that bug but being my girlfriend laptop it's pretty annoying19:17
TheSheepyeah, I can imagine that being a laptop can be annaoying if you don't have apropriate features19:18
TheSheeplike a keyboard and a display, for example19:18
nicolahas far as the trash in removal drive ?19:18
nicolahwill it still create a .trash folder and never delete it ?19:19
TheSheepnicolah: I think that's what the standard specification says19:19
nicolahthe standard specification says it's cool getting usb device full withouth even being prompted to empy the trash ?19:20
TheSheepyou can read it at http://freedesktop.org19:21
nicolahwell I mean I *love* xfce but gnome at least prompt for emptying the trash when umounting a usb drive19:22
TheSheepit would be pretty annoying to me19:23
nicolahassuming your hidden files are not showed, what do you do when your usb device is full and you don't even know why ?19:24
TheSheepI empty the trash19:26
nicolahwhich one ?19:28
gabkdllydoesn't thunar automatically remove files from the trash if you run out of space?19:28
nicolahnever happened, btw I'll test19:29
TheSheepgabkdlly: no, as far as I know19:30
TheSheepgabkdlly: thunar won't ever remove anything it didn't create19:31
TheSheepgabkdlly: without an explicit command19:31
gabkdllywell, I usually remove stuff on the command line if I don't want it to hang out in the trash19:32
gabkdllybut I can see how it would be a pain if you are used to doing that with a GUI19:33
TheSheepgabkdlly: just hold down shift if you want to remove permanently19:34
gabkdllyoh, that's handy to know, thanks :)19:34
TheSheepsigh, it's in the manual :)19:35
gabkdllyTheSheep: I am actually not seeing it in the F1 help manual. Maybe I should file a bug.19:48
ubotuHi! Welcome to #xubuntu!21:02
qsrvhas anyone had problems with brasero freezing when burning audio cds?21:02
qsrvit freezes for something like 5 minutes21:02
qsrvthen starts burning the cd21:02
ere4siI don't use iy - sorry21:03
qsrvwhat do you use to burn data and audio discs?21:03
ere4siit's the most recommended21:03
zoredachefor data disks I use cdrecord directly... I don't make audio disks...21:04
qsrvk3b depends on KDE, so it's not an option - I'm running on a rather limited system21:06
ere4siit will load some dependencies but not all - won't load kde21:07
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about vino - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:17
ShinjinIs .msi a linux file extension?21:18
ere4sithat's a windows installer file - no good in xubuntu21:24
ere4siMicroSoft Installer21:24
ubotuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell21:30
ubotuYou might find something useful at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto22:07
MikademusAnybody who knows why my 64-bit 7.10 live CD won't boot on my Core 2 Duo?22:07
MikademusI get to the "Kernal is alive" message, then the monitor turns off and nothing happens22:09
ere4siwhat's the brand and model pls - helps with a google search22:09
Mikademuse6600 2.4ghz22:09
MikademusI have Googled for 2 days :-/22:10
MikademusAm new to Linux, and want to switch from Windows, but I just run into obstacles22:10
ere4siand the brand? - toshiba acer...22:11
MikademusAh, home built. Not a laptop22:11
MikademusDesktop computer22:11
ere4sik - m/board maker and model?22:11
ere4siand vid card22:11
MikademusMB is an Abit DH7-Deluxe, Video is ATI Radeon X850X22:12
ere4sik - brb22:13
MikademusSorry, Asus22:13
MikademusHold, I gave you the name of the wrong MB22:15
MikademusIt is Asus P5W DH-Deluxe, I mixed it up with my old one22:15
* Mikademus feels like a n3wblar22:16
ere4siok - seems there is no issues with that setup so maybe the cd - did you do the md5 check on it? - did you burn it at a slow speed?22:18
MikademusOn slow speed, yes, I haven't done the MD5 check, but I have exactly the same issue with the 64-bit Ubunto LiveCD I also tried22:20
MikademusAre there some "safe mode" or similar parameters I can switch on, since I get to the boot loader?22:21
ere4sipress F6 I think22:21
ere4sithis - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=376713 - talks about the success people have with the core 222:22
MikademusOk, thanks, will read the thread. F6 is the key to enable options, but I have no clue *which* options to set... I'm quite virgin in the ways of *nix22:22
MikademusThing is, I really want to run a Xubunto install, pereferably 64-bit, but it won't boot at all, and the i386 version fails on 15% of installation, which apparently is a quite common problem22:24
ere4sibeen so long since I ran the live cd - there is an option for safe graphics22:24
MikademusSo the GFX is a common source of issues?22:24
ere4sinot from what I read - that's why I asked about the cd22:25
ere4siis your burner oldish?22:25
ere4siI had lots of dramas with burnt cds then tried an os burn on another comp and it worked - seems the one drive was on its' way out22:26
ere4siwasted alot of cds finding that out...22:27
MikademusWell, it is not very old, but it's still worth checking. I'll simply do the MD5 test in the installer.22:28
MikademusBtw, I always burn with "verify data" on, just for that reason.22:28
MikademusStill, your experience sounds like a bummer too... :P22:29
ere4siI've got a large stack of coasters - something to be aware of...22:32
MikademusBah, I'd gladly waste a few CDs if I could get the 64 bit version to install22:35
ere4sithe 64 bit is troublesome from what people are saying - needs work to get apps happn'n 'cause they're 32bit written etc22:40
LeAstraleere4si: discussing 64bit atm are we ?22:46
ere4siLeAstrale, and booting probs with it...22:46
LeAstralewith the 64bit :O ?22:47
LeAstralei haven't had any such at all with Xubuntu22:47
LeAstraleexcept when i played around with alpha 322:47
LeAstraleere4si: i have updated my wireless thread now :)22:47
LeAstraleplease take a look at the above thread if you have knowledge in wireless under Xubuntu22:47
MikademusLeAstrale, aye, booting probs with the 64bit Ubuntu and Xubunto LiveCDs on a Core2Due22:48
ere4siLeAstrale, I don't do wireless - sorry :)22:48
MikademusAnd the i386 version won't get past the lockup at 15% done problem22:49
LeAstraleere4si: i know it was just so that i could post it out load in here if anyone had any ideas22:49
LeAstraleMikademus: tried the alternate discs ?22:49
MikademusNo, I haven't, as I understand the main difference is the installer program?22:56
LeAstraleMikademus: yes.. which could solve your 15% issues of the install... i have however heard of cases where that step took extremely long time22:57
MikademusI searched and found some threads where the 15% issue was discussed, and it seems to be a relatively common if not directly widespread issue23:00
MikademusSo the i386 install issue is not isolated to my particular config23:00
LeAstraleMikademus: i would however recommend you download the alternate.. its not that different.. a little harder to partitionate that should be the only thing23:01
LeAstraleMikademus: i dont know23:01
MikademusWell, I'll give the alternative a try. I just wish I had some rewriteable CDs :)23:01
LeAstralehow do i format my WD external HDD from within Kubuntu ?23:02
zoredachewell if you are a cli type person you would drop down to a shell, then use something like 'sudo cfdisk' to make your partitions, followed by something like 'mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdnn'23:03
MikademusAlternative 64 bit gibbon on its way. Thank the Powers for a reasonably broad band, though a band broad would be adequate too. Anyway, wish me luck with this version.23:09
LeAstralezoredache: and if i would like it with a smaller NTFS partition on it (which should hold the driver to access EXT3 from windows)23:10
MikademusI have a nagging feeling Shub-Nuggorath don't want me to leave the dark side23:10
ere4simy cows eat hay :)23:12
unowhen i tried to burn xubuntu to a cd it didnt work it had 3 errors... and i really dont want to keep waisting cd's so is there any way to boot from an external hdd to install xubuntu on my internal hdd?23:12
zoredacheuno: there are ways, but they are tricky...23:14
bitformdid you verify the MD5 of your ISO image?23:14
zoredache!install | uno23:14
ubotuuno: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate23:14
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cisco - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi23:20
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sillywordgame - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi23:24
MikademusOk, here goes. Wish me luck. Mikademus signing off23:32
ere4sik lol23:33
beautifulsnowHello, I would like to know to trim my dekstop down to the core, I mean, I don't want games, extra applications, etc etc, just the core (like with kde, you can have kde core.. if that makes any sense...).... anyone know how to23:38
ere4siI used this and am impressed - http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/minimal23:40
ere4sibut you can open synaptic and select packages to remove23:41
beautifulsnowman, that site seems to have everything I need >_> *thumbs up*23:42
ere4siusing fluxbox I halved mem usage and saved a third of the disk space used by the "normal" install :)23:43
beautifulsnowYes, that's what I'd like to do too :)23:44
beautifulsnowSee, I just installed Ubuntu a week ago, and I'm using 40Gb on my hard drive already.23:47
ere4sinext I'm using the server install and flux to see if hd space is further reduced23:47
beautifulsnowGranted, 10Gb is for virtual box ;)23:48
ere4si40G - how - avi's?23:48
beautifulsnowNo. I have an external hard drive that I use for media23:48
ere4siwhat uses the 30G?23:48
beautifulsnowYou tell me :P23:48
beautifulsnowOOPS sorry, thats 35gb total, not 40 ;p23:49
ere4sidoesn't seem right...23:49
beautifulsnowToo bad I already love my setup too much, or I'd do a barebones install ;___;23:50
beautifulsnowMaybe saving my home folder would be enough? :-/23:50
ere4siI set up with 5G for / and the rest for /home - the / uses 1.2G23:50
* beautifulsnow ponders23:51
ere4siyep - with a /home you can reinstall and keep data and most settings - e.g. firefox has a .firefox folder in /home with your bookmarks etc in23:52
* beautifulsnow starts making a list of the programs she will want to install ^____^23:52
beautifulsnowYeah, that's what I'm thinking, if I reinstall, and keep my /home, I should be ok, no?23:52
ere4siI do that - don't upgrade but reinstalll so my /home is great idea for me :)23:53
beautifulsnowI forgot to make a /home partition, been using Linux on and off since '97, I should know better >_>23:54
ere4siI've gone from dapper to gutsy with same /home partition23:54
ere4siwell - it's got to be on its' own partition - you can install a window manager that is light then start removing apps23:55

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