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lobamani need to press double ~ to show that character.02:47
lobamani mean to show ¨~¨  i need to press double.02:48
lobamanand also double quote.02:48
lobamanand i cant type apostrophe.02:48
lobamanedubuntu does it. is there a way to make this disable.02:49
crusader_hello can someone please help me with LTSP installation on edubuntu 7.10?02:49
lobamanhow to make my keyboard normal as before?03:13
lobamancause i need to press ¨ twice. to show ¨ character.03:13
lobamanand also i can do this. ä <== double quote + a  and i dont like it.03:13
lobamanand these ë <== double quote + e ... i want to disable it.03:14
lobamananyone alive?05:24
lobamanok i have problem in keyboard.05:36
lobamani have to press twice ` to show the character.05:37
lobamanalso the double quote ¨05:37
lobamani dont want this feature05:37
lobamani can do this ä .... <== doublequote + a05:38
lobamani dont want this. it slow me to type.05:38
Amaranthcompose key stuck on?05:57
Amaranthoops, too late05:57
johnny_so.. what to do about moving ubuntu to another drive..06:01
johnny_trying to figure out the whole uuid thing06:01
johnny_used to normal designators06:01
johnny_i'm trying to use blkid but it doesn't to work06:01
kgoetzjohnny_: replace the uuid with a proper identifyer06:43
johnnykgoetz, found it.. vol_id07:36
vi390where can I disable XDMCP08:39
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Kamping_Kaiservi390, its disabled by default10:19
MegaIRChi everybody15:30
MegaIRCis there somebody than can help me in a project15:31
LaserJockogra_cmpc: did you get my email to pitti regarding squeak?17:49
foefieslidesmall issue18:23
foefieslideinstalled edubuntu 7.10 - works great18:23
foefieslidehooked up via terminal no problemo18:24
foefieslidebut i have 40 amd terminals that pxe boot, run through initial stuff, shows the edubuntu screen and then just before log in18:25
foefieslideit gets stuck...so the cursor simply flicker all the time18:25
foefieslidei checked the chipset is GeodeLX18:26
foefieslidei added XSERVEr = VESA to the /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/lts.conf18:27
foefieslideran ltsp-update-image18:27
foefieslidebut the problem persist18:27
foefieslideany advise18:27
johnnythere have been various video problems with thos geodes.. i don't know what what the ultimately issue is tho18:33
johnnytry asking in #ltsp18:34
foefieslidejohnny tx Qfunk's patches worked very well19:50
nhainesHi everyone!  I'm curious about the best way to try out Edubuntu Hardy Alpha 5.  Is it to install Ubuntu Hardy and use the Edubuntu add-on CD?19:57
johnnynhaines, i don't know the mechanics for sure, but that sounds right20:00
nhainesOh well, it's not a Desktop CD, but adding the CD as a repo source and doing 'sudo apt-get install edubuntu-desktop' can't be too hard.  ;)20:01
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nixternalogra: you around?21:31
subsumeI am attempting to follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/LTSPFatClients22:25
subsumebut I am not understanding how to make the client machines link up to this22:25
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