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nixternalman is it warm in Chicago tonight01:41
* Hobbsee dumps ice on nixternal 01:42
nixternalno doubt..I just went outside and messed around in the yard with the dog, and I started to sweat...totally unheard of01:45
nixternalwe have severe weather tonight turning into yet another snow storm tomorrow01:45
* nixternal throws a snowball at jjesse 01:45
nixternalRiddell: are we going to apply for GSoC this year?03:39
nosrednaekimhe's probably way asleep by now....03:39
nixternaloh I know, but when he wakes up he can respond :)03:40
nosrednaekimbut I hope so! I want to do a project :)03:40
yuriynixternal: idea page is in the topic, i would think that's a yes04:22
ScottKDebian is doing it.  You could always apply through Debian and then Kubuntu gets it too.04:40
ScottKAny of you see my mail to kubuntu-devel?04:43
nixternalthe qt3 email?04:45
ScottKMore precisely the please test my mountconfig changes in my PPA email.04:46
nixternalI would need KDE 3.5.9 to test that right?04:46
ScottKKDE3 something.04:47
nixternalguess I would have to install KDE 3 then04:47
ScottKYou're probably no help then.04:47
nixternalsince I just accidentally wiped it04:47
* ScottK will just upload the changes next week.04:47
nixternaloh wait, I still have KDE 3 on this laptop04:47
nixternalhow do I go about testing mountconfig04:47
nixternalI forget about this laptop still having KDE 304:47
ScottK2Install be version from my PPA (linkage in the mail) and run mountconfig.  See if it works OK for you.04:48
nixternalroger that04:48
nixternalOK, before I install this, I just ran mountconfig and it opened the Disks & Filesystems window04:52
nixternalwill I notice any difference between the old and new?04:52
ScottK2If you do, it's a problem.  It should be just the same.04:52
nixternalsurvey says04:52
nixternalits the same04:53
nixternalso I guess it works then04:53
nixternalbut it worked for me prior to the update04:53
nixternaldon't know how good of a test case I was04:53
ScottK2Right, but the package you just tested removed some code that was driving bogus changes in the Py QT3 package.04:54
ScottK2So it's not a change to fix mountconfig but to allow me to fix Py QT304:54
nixternalGuidance has never worked for me anyways04:54
ScottK2It does well enough for me in Gutsy/Hardy.  Feisty wasn't so fun.04:54
nixternalit did work for me a long time ago, maybe Edgy, but all of the dist-upgrades since then and has been useless04:55
ScottK2BTW, I read the MC call minutes.  Did Kmos make a new LP account for himself?04:55
nixternalreports 2 batteries, doesn't do CPU scaling or show my CPU speed04:55
nixternalya he did04:55
ScottK2Someone turned him in?04:55
nixternalsomeone noticed the similarities04:56
nixternaland then he set himself out with one of his commits under the other account04:56
ScottK2On my Dell D430 the battery/cpu stuff is perfect.04:56
ScottK2I'm not suprised.04:56
nixternalI am sure there is a configuration somewhere that stuck between dist-upgrades during development cycles04:56
ScottK2Actually I predicted that if he made a new account it'd be noticed before long.04:56
nixternalhe committed an example of the end of pbuilder and it had his gothicx shell info in it04:57
nixternalwhat a moron04:57
nixternalhe has me so pissed off it isn't even funny04:57
crimsun_nixternal: 2 batteries seems like hal and not guidance*.04:58
ScottKWell he's staying out of my bugmail, so I'm happy.  Glad it's you on the MC and not me.04:59
nixternalI swore I looked at hal and it was OK04:59
ScottK2He seems to managing to stay out of my bugmail, so I'm happy.04:59
nixternalwrong button?04:59
nixternalmust be switching puters04:59
crimsun_note that hardy's current hal has fixed that but has introduced regressions in power reporting.  I have posted test fixes with ~3 at http://www.trilug.org/~crimsun/hal/ .  This affects #194052 and #194719.04:59
ScottKNo.  I typed the ScottK2 comment on my laptop about 30 seconds before and gave up on IRC through it.04:59
ScottKLaggy as heck.05:00
nixternalis there a simple package that will give me xorg and what not for ubuntu-server05:01
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nixternaldon't want any de stuff as I will build it from trunk/05:01
ScottKMy standard ubuntu-server answer is as soon as you install X, it's not a server any more.05:01
nixternalwell I use server for my KDE 4 builds so I don't get all of that old qt3 stuff and kde3 apps05:02
ScottKMakes sense.  I always build in a chroot of some kind.05:02
nixternalya, trying to get qtwebkit to play nicely on a Kubuntu Hardy install isn't fun05:02
nixternalbut it worked flawlessly on a server install05:03
nixternaland our qtwebkit package is so out of date05:03
ScottKSounds like you need to write an FFe ...05:03
nixternalplus our decibel doesn't build, and that is because someone decided to sync it from Debian with their KDE 4 configurations05:03
nixternalthank god it FTBFS05:03
nixternalhrmm, does Debian use apparmor on their default installs?05:04
nixternalI just might go with Debian instead of Ubuntu server05:04
ScottKNo.  Debian has no apparmor packages at all.05:05
nixternaldamn...trying to find a lenny net install iso05:06
nixternalit always takes me an hour to find it on their site05:06
nixternalmy god our daily isos suck05:08
ScottKGood night all.05:16
ScottKThanks for testing nixternal.05:16
nixternalg'nite, no prob05:16
nixternalsomeone hold me, I am scared06:29
nixternalRiddell: just so you know, I didn't get a chance to work on any of the kde4 packages this evening...got stuck reparing my booboo on my buildbox :)06:46
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apacheloggeryuriy: I think you should create some bug reports about the kde4 alpha5 issues07:57
hungerWhere does this damn scim applet come from again?! I killed everything containing scim and skim and then purged all packages that contained those two strings. Yet the damn applet keeps popping up and switching languages.09:04
Tonio_Riddell: the translation for kde apps just broke09:10
Tonio_it only concerns the menu bar, are you aware of the problem ?09:10
RiddellTonio_: no idea09:17
RiddellTonio_: maybe bug 196106 ?09:18
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196106 in language-pack-kde-de "context menu entry "Paste File" [and other dialogs] not translated into German (anymore)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19610609:18
Riddell08:58 < carlos> pitti: it's related with some data migration when we added native kde plural forms support09:18
Tonio_Riddell: same bug looks like....... I'll investigate toonight09:21
Tonio_Riddell: ah oki09:21
* hunger had to log out again to get his keyboard settings back.09:26
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Hub441is there any reason why there is no fix for a simple packaging mistake for almost 5month now? see: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/14614510:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 146145 in kdebluetooth "Can't recive files from cell phone" [Undecided,Fix released]10:14
Tm_THub441: "fix released" ?10:17
Hub441Tm_T: fixed released for hardy not for gutsy10:18
Hub441Tm_T: i appreaciate the efforts the dev took to update the package between the last rc and the final release but doing a packaging mistake and not fixing it any more just.. well, sucks10:19
_StefanS_hey Tonio_10:26
_StefanS_kwwii: ping?10:26
kwwii_StefanS_: pong10:27
_StefanS_kwwii: finally :)10:29
kwwiiI looked for you last night...was gone most of sat10:29
_StefanS_kwwii: oh, I was having some friends over last night, so I werent online10:29
_StefanS_kwwii: oh well, do you want me to email the settings to you?10:29
kwwii_StefanS_: can't you commit them yourself?10:30
_StefanS_kwwii: to bzr? yes maybe I can10:30
kwwii_StefanS_: to be honest, it has been awhile since I commited anything to that package...I'd probably ask a Riddell or someone as well :-)10:31
_StefanS_kwwii: I just thought that you maybe was going approve it before it got comitted10:35
_StefanS_kwwii: what about the wallpaper, does it need adjustments besides that you did initially?10:35
* apachelogger is super informed about any package10:36
apacheloggeromg, coffee on the keyboard10:36
* apachelogger starts crying10:36
kwwii_StefanS_: I think that it is quite light, but I like it10:36
_StefanS_apachelogger: keep typing until its dry :)10:36
kwwii_StefanS_: we should probably talk about these changes at the next meeting10:36
kwwiiget some feedback10:36
_StefanS_kwwii: err.. so you want me commit them to k-d-s and then activate after the meeting?10:37
apachelogger_StefanS_: just don't push the changes until post-meeting10:37
_StefanS_apachelogger: alright..10:38
_StefanS_be back in 30mins10:39
kwwii_StefanS_: branch the package, commit your changes, push them...add this as in item for the next meeting10:40
* serega waves10:53
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seregadarn, kubuntu-kde4 is very good!11:05
_StefanS_serega: how is it good ? - just curious11:07
serega_StefanS_: it is really promising, imho11:08
_StefanS_oh ok11:08
_StefanS_serega: does the search in the kde4 kickoff menu work for you? my session crashes11:09
_StefanS_serega: when using it11:09
apachelogger_StefanS_: is there a bug report?11:11
_StefanS_apachelogger: uhm I'm still investigating it, I just saw the bug now11:11
_StefanS_apachelogger: err.. now it works11:11
* apachelogger likes it when other people track down issues :P11:11
serega_StefanS_: didn't try to search. I can just boot it at laptop and answer any your questions11:13
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_StefanS_apachelogger: well its not a crash... its a looong wait. It happens if you're too impatient when logging in. I start typing search keywords in kickoff before the startup sound is done playing. It will hang for 40-50 secs11:14
_StefanS_apachelogger: guess its just a matter of some services not being all ready11:15
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apachelogger_StefanS_: actually, I think this is a very deep going issue11:18
apacheloggerfor some reason knotify can't be started at login11:18
apachelogger...first try...11:19
apacheloggerand I think the reason for knotify being unstartable is exactly the same source of this search problem11:19
_StefanS_hmm might be11:19
_StefanS_ah well.. its probably something that will be looked at in the future, if its something deeper11:20
_StefanS_apachelogger: anyway, that kubuntu-kde4 package, is that on ppa?11:20
seregavery strange... numerous read errors on laptop, I can't boot :-\11:21
apachelogger_StefanS_: dunno, but considering stdin didn't backport, and I didn't backport either recently ... I doubt it11:21
_StefanS_serega: maybe your harddrive is b0rked11:21
serega_StefanS_: thanks god no :) CD read errors11:21
apacheloggerktorrent is also out-of-date in the ppa11:21
seregait can be a kernel issue11:22
_StefanS_apachelogger: hmm what is that SKIM thingy that appeared on the recent kde3 update?11:23
hunger_StefanS_: input method applet for strange languages.11:26
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hungers/strange/east asian/. Sorry.11:26
_StefanS_apachelogger: what defines a strange language ? :D11:27
hunger_StefanS_: strange as in "with more characters than can comfortably fit on a keyboad".11:28
hungerAnyway that skim thingy is highly annoying.11:32
_StefanS_yep, its gone now.11:32
_StefanS_from my machine atleast11:32
hunger_StefanS_: How did you do that?11:32
_StefanS_apt-get remove11:32
hungerI did that as well... but it still pops up occassionally. Only stopped after logging out/in.11:33
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seregadoes anybody know how to fix such situation? http://kubuntu.pastebin.ca/92590512:00
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Hobbseeserega: what happens if you try to apply kubuntu_03_ioslaves_protocols.diff manually?12:02
Hobbseeand why do you want to reverse patch it, anyway?12:03
seregaHobbsee: Hi, Sarah.12:03
seregaHobbsee: I just want do perform debuild -S12:03
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seregaHobbsee: I wonder why debuild tries to reverse all patches12:04
Hobbseeserega: i see that.  your patch is broken.  is it already applied?12:04
seregaHobbsee: I did no changes in source, the only changes in ./debian/sime_script12:05
Hobbseedoes that modify what the script then modifies?12:06
seregaHobbsee: not sure I follow you... The script is just for installing to target system it is not for package building/installation.12:08
Hobbseeserega: can you put the source somewhere?12:08
seregaHobbsee: sure. But it will be ok if you make 'apt-get source kaffeine' and update that script and kaffeine. Current broken state of the package is the result of some my faulty actions.12:10
Hobbseeah right12:10
Hobbseeso the rest of the package doesn't need fixing.  don't worry then12:11
seregaHobbsee: if this is not common problem of newbies I can just refresh the source and dig into manuals12:11
seregaHobbsee: thank you for your attention12:12
Hobbseepatches don't tend to break, unless you do things to the directories they patch12:12
Hobbseeno problem12:12
_StefanS_anyone know if file deletion in ext4 is faster than ext3?12:49
ScottK_StefanS_: I saw your question about my Klamav patch the other day, but haven't seen you since.13:24
ScottK_StefanS_: I sort of got it to work, but could use some more help if you have the time.13:25
_StefanS_ScottK: I pinged you a few times :) anyway, what do you need help with ?13:26
ScottK_StefanS_: I got the U/I looking like I wanted it.  The problem I have is that if you try and enable automatic update or if you have it (or the removed autoscanning function) enabled from a previous version, klamav will crash.13:27
ScottK_StefanS_: I never had any luck with getting a nostrip version to produce a useful traceback.13:27
_StefanS_ScottK: like previously, make a screenshot of where the automatic update is13:28
ScottK_StefanS_: I was wondering if you would have another look at it and see if you can point me in the right direction (or maybe make a traceback I can use).13:28
_StefanS_ScottK: I will have a look tonight13:28
ScottK_StefanS_: Will do.  Is there an email address I can send this screenshot too?13:28
ScottK_StefanS_: Thanks again.  I really appreciate the help.13:29
_StefanS_ScottK: its no problem :)13:29
_StefanS_ScottK: I like these small things13:30
ScottKSmall maybe for someone with the right knowledge ...13:30
_StefanS_ScottK: btw, I'm a bit puzzled as to why 'use export DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nostrip' and debuild after that, dont make you see the lines in the krash dialog (?!)13:30
* ScottK too.13:30
ScottKI'm suspecting I lacked another debug package for KDE, but I'm not sure.13:31
_StefanS_uhm, you should see the symbols anyways.. but we can always look at that another time13:32
_StefanS_ScottK: btw I need the download url again for the dget13:33
_StefanS_ScottK: so I'll be working with your patched package13:33
ScottK_StefanS_: It's the one in Hardy.  I uploaded it to make U/I freeze13:33
ScottKBad me, I know.13:33
_StefanS_thats fine13:34
_StefanS_(for me atleast)13:34
ScottKThis has the added bonus of forcing me to actually get this worked out.13:35
_StefanS_yes, and you can always just pretend you're working overtime on something important for your work ;)13:35
_StefanS_to get time off from the kids + wife hehe13:36
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Jucatomoin jjesse!13:52
jjesseevening Jucato13:54
Jucatoyay! he didn't mistake me for jussi01!13:54
* jussi01 whacks Jucato 13:54
jussi01I still got hilighted...13:54
Jucatothat was my intention :)13:54
* ryanakca wonders if Kubuntu has a color palette14:00
* ryanakca wonders using the oxygen one for the website14:01
Jucatoryanakca: we seem to change color palettes every release anyway :)14:01
ryanakcaJucato: I know... *wonders what the hardy one is*14:02
* ryanakca doesn't think he's used KDE3 since early january :)14:02
Riddellryanakca: we don't, oxygen one is good14:05
ryanakcaRiddell: okies14:06
aos101I've put a patch on the KDE bug tracker for bug 93878.  It's only a minor GUI bug, but do you think it could make it into Hardy or is it not worth it for something so minor?14:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 93878 in kdeadmin "The "up" and "down" buttons in the DNS configuration have very low quality icons" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9387814:13
Riddellhi aos10114:16
Riddellthat should be fine14:16
Riddellthe best fix is to not to embedded images but use the normal icon loader but that's a KDE 4 job (if the issue is still relevant there)14:16
aos101Yeah I thought it would be better if it would use the icon from the current theme also, but I didn't know how to do that.  Presumably that would involve some code instead of just changing the .ui file.14:18
aos101Do I need to do anything or will someone upload the change sometime?  (I'm a bit new to all this)14:19
Riddellaos101: I'm uploading it now14:21
Riddellaos101: or I can take you through making a debdiff if you want the launchpad karma14:22
aos101I'm not bothered either way.  I've played with debdiffs a little before, and I think they're fairly straight forward.14:23
aos101Whatever is easier for you guys really.14:23
Riddellaos101: I'll just upload then, thanks14:26
Riddellthere she goes14:27
aos101Cool, thanks.  I'm just glad to see my (very simple) fix make into the OS I use :-)14:27
Riddellso dudes, what do we want on our CD covers?14:45
nosrednaekimI think the should have "kubuntu" on it:)14:46
sebasTHey won't do naked girls again, I suppose?14:47
davmor2Riddell: A background image ;)14:47
nosrednaekimsebas┬╗ they'd probably do naked dragons....14:48
ryanakcaRiddell: is our moto the same as the Ubuntu one? I'd pass on having people's faces on them (like Ubuntu has every year). Also, if I'm not mistaken, we've had a gear on them since 6.06 (no way of verifying, I gave all my CDs away), so maybe try something different?14:50
* ScottK would suggest a Kubuntuized version of some of the KDE4 promotion artwork.14:51
* ScottK thought some of that was pretty good.14:51
ryanakcaScottK: yeah14:51
nosrednaekimcan we have a screenshot of a kde4 desktop for the kde4 one?.... thats more beautiful than any artwork :)14:52
ryanakcaFor the website. Should a, a:visited be darker, lighter; lighter, darker; or same color? Colors are pulled from http://www.oxygen-icons.org/wp-content/themes/oxy/images/figure4.png . darker = 6th row, 2nd from right on Normal. lighter = 6th row, furthest right on Normal14:56
Riddellryanakca: I'd use default web colours unless there's a reason not to14:59
ryanakcaRiddell: if I'm not mistaken, different browsers might have slightly different default colors for links. Also, a:visited as purple (IE jumps to mind) would clash with our pretty blue :)15:00
davmor2Riddell: why not turn Konq into nessie for the cover :)15:01
Jussio1apachelogger: hei, you around?15:04
* Jussio1 is playing with quassel15:04
ScottKRiddell: Are you OK with what I proposed on kubuntu-devel for mountconfig and Py QT3 (assuming no one reports problems)?15:06
Riddellhi ScottK, thanks for looking into that, let me read it over again15:06
ScottKI didn't mention it in the mail, but I'll take care of Debian/upstream bug reporting too.15:08
apacheloggerJucato: ahoy15:08
Jucatooy! :)15:08
RiddellScottK: does anything use kdedesigner?15:08
jpatrickapachelogger: try Jussio115:08
apacheloggerJussio1: sup?15:09
apacheloggerJucato: how are you?15:09
Jucatodoing ok. except for the fact that Jussio1/jussi01 and I are mostly mistaken for each other :)15:09
Jussio1apachelogger: are you one of the quassel devs, or just packager/maintainer?15:09
apacheloggerJucato: huh, who does do such things?15:10
apacheloggerJussio1: just packag0r15:10
nosrednaekim#quassel is VERY helpful15:10
Jussio1nosrednaekim: tanks, just joined15:11
* apachelogger is pushing a new neon builds15:11
apacheloggernosrednaekim: pffft, that sounds like I wasn't helpful :P15:12
Jussio1apachelogger: ahh, ok, just had a small bug or 215:12
apacheloggeruhh, they probably are features :P15:12
ScottKRiddell: Not as far as I can tell.15:16
ScottKRiddell: I grepped the source for references to it and didn't find any.15:17
ScottKRiddell: Since upstream doesn't have the same -dev package splits we do, I doubt they ever notice.15:17
RiddellScottK: go ahead then15:19
ryanakcahmm, for a cheesy CD cover, we could have a pretty semi see through globe, made in KDE colors, and have a heron flying across it...15:20
ScottKRiddell: Will do (after the Alpha).15:20
ScottKThe Alpha 6 milestone sched for Thursday.15:20
ScottKI figure on waiting until that to do it since I'm touching two packages in Main for non-alpha milestoned bugs.15:21
* ryanakca crunches so that we can get the website at about the same time as release15:21
Riddelloh jings, we're onto two week alpha15:21
Riddellryanakca: that'll need coordination with sysadmin15:22
ryanakcaRelease is the last Thursday of April, correct?15:22
davmor2Riddell: ah yes :)15:22
Riddell April 24th15:22
davmor2thursday alpha 6 :)15:22
ScottKOTOH, since I just updated my Hardy laptop displayconfig crashes for me, so I can actually work on that one and may have something before the alpha for that.15:23
RiddellScottK: well   I"developers are asked to refrain from15:23
Riddelluploading packages between Tuesday and Thursday"15:23
Riddellso quick quick!15:23
ryanakcaRiddell: yes, it won't be up the day of release, because the sysadmins are going crazy with the increase of traffic, etc. But I'm hoping within a week of release. If I can get it done soon, I can tarball the document root, run a mysql dump and send it to them for whenever they get a chance to install it.15:24
ScottKHopefully tonight.  I'm about to head out for a $WORK Meeting.15:24
davmor2Riddell: It's amazing how quickly this release cycle is going...15:24
ryanakcaworse comes to worse they only put it up after UDS, but I can live with that too :)15:25
Riddellryanakca: week before would be better if possible15:25
Riddelldavmor2: I agree!15:25
ryanakcaRiddell: okies. The theming part is done I think... I'm just looking for things that might be leftover from ubuntu.com ... if you know of somebody who wants to help port content, that would be helpful :)15:26
Riddellmust of the content can be consolidated15:27
RiddellI think the new package announcements can all go on one page15:28
jpatrickRiddell: http://alioth.debian.org/~jpatrick-guest/effects/ - new version as requested by nosrednaekim15:29
Riddellooh, thanks jpatrick15:32
jpatrickawesome, thanks15:34
* jpatrick is off till... his ISP brings back his connection15:47
TommyHhallo everybody! congrats for the work! As soon as I'll have some time, I'll try to help you if it's needed15:56
Riddellhi TommyH!15:57
TommyHdon't know if I can help... I coded in C, now mostly php-asp... once upon a time, ASM...15:58
manchickenOh yeah.16:36
Riddellmanchicken: blog it!16:37
Riddellthat child is going to be so embarraced in 15 years time :)16:37
manchickenWill do.16:37
manchickenNo way.  Kubuntu is nothing to be ashamed of.16:38
davmor2Riddell: that or in your job :)16:38
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nixternalmanchicken: I should take a picture of me wearing that same outfit :)16:43
nixternalgroovy pic16:43
manchickenIt are blogged.16:44
Riddellmanchicken: wherever did you get that?16:51
ryanakcamanchicken: you're missing a y to gallery in your post.16:51
nixternalRiddell: probably cafepress16:52
manchickenAm I?16:52
manchickenYeah, I got it from cafepress16:52
manchickenfound it, fixed it.16:54
ryanakcalol, common sense is an obsolete skill :)16:54
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Riddellhunger: does anything use libdecibel0.6.0 except decibel and kdenetwork?17:23
hungerRiddell: I doubt it.17:26
hungerRiddell: I would be surprised if kdenetwork used it already.17:26
Riddell"Used by the Kopete telepathy protocol."17:28
hungerRiddell: Oh, didn't know that.17:28
nixternalRiddell: have you seen the Decibel FTBFS we have in Hardy right now?17:29
nixternalfor some reason we attempted to sync from Debian17:29
hungerRiddell: I'd just disable decibel in kde 4.0.x in your place.17:30
hungerRiddell: It is not offically supported there.17:30
Riddellnixternal: yeah, I'm looking at that now17:30
hungerRiddell: If somebody complains (which I doubt) you can send them over to #decibel;-)17:31
nixternalRiddell: I was looking at it and it was giving me a headache17:32
nixternalI thought the original package installed normally and didn't do the KDE4 install17:33
seregaRiddell: Hey, Jonathan. I have found that the kubuntu_03_ioslaves_protocols.diff patch of kaffeine is -p1 and it breaks package build in some cases (on clean). Should I fix it?17:33
Riddelloriginal package?17:33
hungerRiddell: The kde4 integration had a problem for a while.... maybe that is killing you? Try setting INTEGRATION_OVERRIDE_DIR to simplistic to fix it.17:33
nixternalRiddell: ya, I did the initial package for decibel last year I thought..though I might be thinking of something else17:34
hungers/fix/work around/.17:34
Riddellhunger: what does that do?17:34
Riddellserega: I would expect the problem is the added translation domain lines17:34
hungerIt turns off kde4 integration in favour of using the simplistic file based stuff.17:34
hungerIf the package is older than a couple of weeks that this is the problem, then kde4 and simplistic will not differ anyway;-)17:35
* hunger is heading home... see you later/tomorrow.17:36
Riddellthanks hunger17:36
* Riddell hugs kde 4.0.2 for fixing kded4 and the konsole control-q annoying thing17:41
Riddellhmm, control-s control-q thing is still there17:42
seregaRiddell: can I fix all such patch warnings? (Hunk #1 succeeded at 2859 (offset 96 lines).18:06
seregaRiddell: what the changelog entry should be if I can?18:10
Riddellserega: I tend not to bother but you can if it annoys you, I'm not sure of the easiest way to do it, maybe just cdbs-edit-patch18:14
Riddellchangelog is just "rebuild patches" or similar18:15
seregaRiddell: thank you18:15
Riddellnixternal: I've uploaded a quick fix that doesn't include the kde bits18:28
=== uga|away is now known as uga
RiddellI don't think there's an easy way to do anything else18:29
Riddellinstalling to /usr/lib/kde4 would be an option but it didn't want to compile forme18:29
nixternalRiddell: same here18:32
nixternalissue with QtTapioca right?18:32
nixternalI think the only way I got it to compile for installation into /usr/lib/kde4 was I commented out DEB_CMAKE_PREFIX, hard coded the paths up top18:34
nixternalor maybe it was something with RPATH in the CMake files...can't remember now18:34
Riddellnixternal: yes18:37
Riddelldoesn't link to QtTapioca even though it is told to18:38
nixternalya, I couldn't figure that one out18:38
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seregagod, cdbs-edit-patch rocks! this are MUCH easier with it :)19:18
Riddellit can be handy yes19:19
Riddellpitti is the one to hug there19:20
* serega hugs pitti strongly19:22
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jussi01hunger: now now you shouldnt go round calling people that :P20:06
hungerjussi01: ?20:07
DaSkreechMatt stil rubbing raw on Decibel?20:07
hungerDaSkreech: I guess so:-)20:07
hungerBut I have not seen a reply to my mail from this morning yet.20:07
DaSkreechIt's kinda tricky though since it's a shared process if you have already gotten over the pain it's little utility to port right now20:08
hungerDaSkreech: you go round spending lots of time building a cool and and then there shows up some guy and says he'll do everything differently;-)20:08
DaSkreecha cool what? :)20:08
DaSkreechCause that can be from Matt's point of view as well20:08
hungera cool chat app. Sorry.20:08
DaSkreechYeah I know Sho is having the same issue as well20:09
DaSkreechWhat's the groovy goodness for him to port Konversation to Decibel20:09
hungerAnyway, I have been telling about the app starting and filtering and stuff at two akademies now, so it is nothing new.20:09
seeleDaSkreech: you pinged me?20:09
DaSkreechseele: All the time :)20:09
seelehey now, hehe20:09
seelewhats up20:09
hungerDaSkreech: The greater good. What else?20:09
DaSkreechseele: Wanted to kontinue the diskkusion on kard sorting20:10
DaSkreechWhen you have time :-)20:10
seelewhat did you want to know?20:13
DaSkreechDo I have to limit it?20:13
seelewell i'm not an ebook!20:13
DaSkreechseele: since you seem to be in mix of eternal busy do you have any links?20:13
DaSkreechmmm eBook20:13
DaSkreechseele: not with DRM at least :)20:14
DaSkreechWe are being asked at work to do some Govt FOSS training20:15
DaSkreechI'm wondering if Card sorting might help20:15
seelecard sorting of what?  training topics?20:15
DaSkreechWell they are a) kinda dumb when it comes to IT and b) of really varied jobs so that we may need to figure out the expectations they have20:16
DaSkreechFrom what you described I think that may be helpful for us20:17
DaSkreechMost of our training is more short term so I was interested in card sorting but didn't have a grasp of where we would use it in out workflow20:19
DaSkreechThey asked us to train on Openoffice and "open Source Adminstration" for front and backend20:20
seelewhat is it exactly you are doing?20:20
DaSkreechSo I don't know what they want I don't know if they do either20:20
seelei'm not sure i see where card sorting fits in.20:20
seelewhat are you building/designing?20:21
DaSkreechme either :)20:21
DaSkreechseele: systems for differnt depts20:21
DaSkreechNo idea what for yet20:22
DaSkreechWe do FOSS consultation for companies which need a better workflow or cheaper solutions20:22
DaSkreechso we build things to go along with or strengthen the organizations workflow20:23
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DaSkreechNormally that comes along with training20:23
=== smarter__ is now known as smarter
DaSkreechthis is perhaps the first time I can think of us being called in to do training and then later build a system20:24
=== smarter is now known as smarter__
=== smarter__ is now known as smarter
seeleso do you need help organizing the training?  card sorting is sortof a librarian method to help organize stuff20:25
_StefanS_Tonio_: hey, just sent you the updated buttons20:26
DaSkreechwell I was thinking of the way of splitting the groups into training classes based on what they need to learn20:29
ryanakcawoah, KDE4 is slow all of a sudden20:31
DaSkreechseele: Plus I'm kinda just interested in having it explained :)20:33
jussi01ryanakca: all of a sudden? its always been slow here :(20:36
ryanakcajussi01: hmmm... I guess uninstalling a program while its still running wasn't so good an idea :)20:39
fdovingryanakca: check if kded4 uses alot of cpu. i find that nepomuk server is a cpu hog sometimes.20:42
ryanakcafdoving: konsole is using the most CPU, 5.3%20:44
fdovingoh. that's not much.20:44
ryanakcahowever, Xorg and kwin are using lots of MEM. 13.2% and 11.9% respectively20:44
ryanakcanixternal: oooh, I see. that ugly grey box in KDE4 is because compositing was off :)20:45
fdovingryanakca: my kwin only use 57M. or 0.8% of 2G.20:46
ryanakcafdoving: lol, I only have 512M of ram, so 11.9% of 512M... about 43M20:47
fdovingoh, not that much then.20:47
fdovinggo buy more, it's not that expensive now.20:47
DaSkreechseele: if you are uplater I can try and poke atta you20:48
DaSkreechassuming the money market is flat20:48
ryanakcafdoving: my net worth is < 600$... I've only recently turned the legal working age over here... I'm going to go job hunting next week, so I guess I'll be able to get more ram in a few weeks :)20:48
fdovingryanakca: nice :)20:49
fdoving1G is way better than 512. that's a noticeable upgrade, imho.20:49
* ryanakca nods. I think I can get 2x1G for ~ 125$20:50
fdoving1G - 2G is not that much a difference. only thing i've noticed is that hibernation is slower. :)20:50
ryanakcaokies :)20:51
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nixternalRiddell: should the new extragear package be renamed to libksane-kde4-x.x.x?20:51
* ryanakca debates on going for XHTML 1.0 Strict or HTML 4.01 Strict20:51
DaSkreechbtw are we divorcing KATE in KDE4 ?20:52
* DaSkreech hugs kate :)20:52
nixternalwhy would we do such a thing?20:52
* jussi01 huggles kate20:52
nixternalKate is the greatest20:53
DaSkreechIt's no longer KDE4's default text editor20:53
ryanakcawhats the default? kwrite?20:53
nixternaljust like konqi isn't the default file manager20:53
* DaSkreech puts ina vote for Katie ;)20:53
nixternalsimplicity was chosen for default20:53
* nosrednaekim <3 KATE20:53
nixternaland kate moved from base to kdesdk20:53
Riddellnixternal: we don't seem to have an existing libksane package, so I don't much mind20:54
nixternalOK, just wanted to make sure first20:55
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
seregagoodnight all21:52
nixternalnote to self: when creating new KDE 4 packages, remember to not forget cmake in the build-depends21:59
* ScottK boggles.22:04
ScottKWe moved from Kate to Kwrite for simplicity?22:04
nixternallooks like it...for simple text editing, all anyone needs is KWrite22:05
DaSkreechScottK: Define We22:05
nixternalthose who are doing coding and what not will open up Kate22:05
nosrednaekimeh.. what?22:05
nixternalKate has become a little stronger in KDE 4 than it was in KDE 322:05
nixternals/stronger/more powerful I guess22:05
ScottKOK.  On KDE3 Kwrite never struck me as simpler than Kate.22:06
nixternalwell, simpler as in it doesn't have all of the options that Kate has22:07
nixternala notepad is a notepad is a notepad, and I guess that is the role KWrite fulfills with a smaller footprint I guess22:07
nixternalI use KWrite all of the time, only use Kate for a couple of things now22:07
DaSkreech!info glest hardy22:08
ubotuglest (source: glest): A free 3D real-time customizable strategy game. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.0.0-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 436 kB, installed size 1252 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 ia64 mipsel arm alpha kfreebsd-i386 kfreebsd-amd64)22:08
nosrednaekimbut is Kate going to be on the liveCD?22:09
ScottKMaybe I'm just odd, but Kate made immediate sense to me and Kwrite just confuses me (in KDE3).22:09
DaSkreechI'm thinking you may not be the arget audience :)22:12
nixternalScottK and Riddell: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=libksane  <- ack it and lets go! :)22:14
nixternalerr, only one of you has to ack it, first come first serve then!22:15
ScottKGot FFe?22:15
nixternalthought we had an open one for KDE 4?22:15
nixternalif not, then you need to tell your MOTU-Release people to stop telling us otherwise22:15
ScottKActually no.  No one ever asked for one.  I've suggested it several times22:15
ScottKMaybe I missed it.22:16
nixternalya, why nobody answered your request was beyond me22:16
nixternalI can whip up one really quick, or you can just use the bug report I created that the package will close..granted it is a needs packaging boog, but it answers the questions you will have I am sure22:16
nixternalthat is my first library package too, so be gentle22:17
nixternalthough it is a small but important library for anything dealing with kipi22:17
nixternalbefore it can be uploaded though, the kdelibs5-dev (>= 4:4.0.1) needs to be changed to (>= 4:4.0.2)22:18
nixternalScottK: how should I go about filing an open FFe for KDE 4 stuff? I am going to need it in 5 minutes to upload all of these new extragear packages for 4.0.222:19
* DaSkreech should file a kipi SoC22:20
ScottKnixternal: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntustudio-sounds/+bug/192535 is a good sample.22:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192535 in usplash-theme-ubuntustudio "FF: General exception for Ubuntustudio packages." [Wishlist,Confirmed]22:21
nosrednaekimDaSkreech┬╗ a what?22:23
DaSkreechnosrednaekim: SoC is open KDE has a wiki page up for projects22:23
hungerOh, cool. Decibel has build.22:23
nosrednaekimoh... summer of code...right :)22:23
hungernosrednaekim: There are a couple of really nice decibel projects up there;-)22:24
nosrednaekimI don't know C++ so thats out for me22:24
DaSkreechI'm out22:25
ScottKIs skim starting automagically now on purpose (in en-US)?22:32
hungerScottK: Everybody else has purged the damn thing already...22:33
nosrednaekimok.... this is getting annoying... search this : http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&client=firefox-a&rls=com.ubuntu%3Aen-US%3Aofficial&hs=mYy&q=kubuntu+summerofcode+ideas&btnG=Search22:33
nosrednaekimand see what it suggests!22:33
ScottKhunger: I suspect we ought to find out why it's running and get it stopped.22:34
hungerScottK: It keapt randomly switching to some strange input method. I have no time for that stuff.22:35
jjesseis it bad if i'm just starting to work on a presenation i'm giving tomorrow on a subject i know nothing about22:37
nixternalScottK: roger that, I will go ahead and file one for KDE 4 then for us22:39
hungerjjesse: The worst preparation I had was when a coworker asked me whether I could take over a presentation for him. I said sure, when. He replied in 25min.22:39
ScottKnixternal: Great.  I'll ack it no problem.  I don't imagine the 2nd one will be hard to get either.22:39
jjessehunger: that's awesome22:43
jjesseat least i have tomorrow22:43
jjesseand an early flight at 5:30am :(22:43
ScottKOnce I was preparing a presentation for a customer (this is back when we still had to print them on acetate and project them) and the printer was slow and things were running late.22:45
ScottKIt was time to go and it wasn't done.22:45
jjessewow that's crazy22:45
ScottKSo I handed him the stuff that was done and said "Here's the first half.  Talk slow."22:45
jjessethe person i'm co-presenting with caleld me today and had no clue what he was supposed to present on22:45
ScottKI once had to give a presentation I'd never seen before.22:46
ScottKI was familliar with the topic, so it wasn't hard to improvise, but it was interesting.22:46
jjesse_wow wirelesses is crappy today22:58
nixternalScottK: you want me to go ahead and Confirm/Wishlist each package affected?23:11
nixternalI am going to add a *-kde4 in the comments so I don't have to list every KDE 4 package if that is OK23:11
ScottKnixternal: No.  Need two motu-release acks.23:11
nixternalwe have a bunch of KDE 4 packages already23:11
nixternalOK then23:11
ScottKFine with me.  As long as it's clear what's covered.23:12
nixternalany special tags needed for FF report23:13
nixternaland we will need the 2 motu-release acks asap, as we need to get these packages all complete within in next few hours, which some have already been uploaded :)23:14
jjesse_you don't ask for much do you?23:15
jjesse_nixternal: you are a motu now right?23:15
nixternalScottK: bug 198178 is all you I think :)23:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 198178 in kdewebdev-kde4 "FF: General Exception for KDE 4 packages" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19817823:17
* nixternal notes that motu-release need better documentation23:17
nixternalhrmm, Henrik said I have been registered on the QA site for 38 weeks...I thought I just signed up for the brainstorm stuff...interesting23:18
ScottKnixternal: It's a wiki.  Go for it.23:19
nixternalI knew you would say that23:19
nixternalI hate wikis just for that reason :p23:19
ScottKnixternal: Ack #1 done.23:20
nixternalheh, if the bossman tells me to upload, do I still need an FF? :p23:20
nixternalI was just going to do something and now I can't remember23:24
nixternaloh ya, revu that libksane people :p23:24
=== nosredna_ekim is now known as nosrednaekim
* nixternal points that revu has a cool new feature...it is called libksane :p23:58

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