marnanelI have a program I've been building in a private branch and I just created a project for it.  The docs say I can do "bzr push lp:~marnanel/blog-wrangler/trunk" but that fails with " http does not support mkdir()".  Did I do something wrong?03:48
RAOFmarnanel: You probably need to tell bzr about your launchpad username.  Before you do that, bzr will default to http:// redirection (which is read-only) rather than bzr+ssh://03:56
RAOFTo do this, you'd run "bzr launchpad-login <lpnick>"03:56
marnanelRAOF: Oh, lovely. *tries it*03:58
marnanelhm, I don't appear to have that command. But I will try using bzr+ssh:// instead of http://...03:59
RAOFHm.  I thought anyone for whom the lp: redirection worked should have launchpad-login.04:07
marnanelYay, bzr+ssh:// worked.04:10
marnanelThank you for your help.04:10
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mdkeis there any plan to have commits to Launchpad branches which are registered under a product series automatically mark bugs with a certain syntax in the commit message as fix committed? A bit like with the Ubuntu uploads?08:05
RAOFmdke: I'm pretty sure that's already implemented, but I'm not sure about the actual syntax - it may be Fixes: #lpbug or Closes: #lpbug, or something similar.08:06
mdkeah, that would be neat08:08
mdkeRAOF: I can't find anything in the help wiki at the moment08:11
RAOFHm.  Many of the LP/bzr guys will be in London right now for a sprint, and as such not really up now :)08:11
mithroI wish the LP guys would hurry up and support git :)08:14
RAOFmithro: As in mirroring git branches to nice, sane bzr?  That'd be nice.08:14
mithroRAOF: well - just being able to tell launchpad about remove git branches would be nice08:15
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RAOFmtaylor: Surely you need to follow such an excaimation up with juicy details?08:21
mdkei'll second that08:24
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mtaylorevery time I upload a package to a PPA that is the first package for that release series the build fails on the first time it tries to read from the non-exsitent local ppa apt repos08:25
Fujitsumtaylor: Indeed. Just retry it, and it will work. You only have to do it 5 times, hopefully.08:27
mtaylorFujitsu: yup :)08:34
mtaylorFujitsu: but it's a little annoying :)08:34
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cprovbigjools: hey09:11
bigjoolscprov: duuuuuuude09:11
cprovmhr:  welcome 09:12
mhrcprov: cool!09:12
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aVirulencecan someone help me out with setting up translations for my  project?11:39
intellectronicadanilos or carlos should be able to help you11:40
aVirulencesee, the problem is the following, I've uploaded a .pot file, but the message remains that we're waiting for review11:42
carlosaVirulence: I will do a new queue review today, so it should be approved later today11:43
danilosaVirulence: we do manual approvals (for reasons stated on https://help.launchpad.net/TranslationsImportPolicy)11:43
aVirulencethanks, I was wondering if I should give myself some rights in order to approve it or that I should wait until someone approved it for me. However, since I uploaded it last Tuesday, I thought I should ask.. ;-) 11:45
aVirulenceoh another, thing, since I uploaded the *.pot file, there have been some changes.. I tried to delete the *.pot file I uploaded before and add a newer version, but it gives me "There are 2 errors"11:46
aVirulencecarlos or danilos, any thoughts on that?11:57
danilosaVirulence: you should be able to just re-upload the file, no need to delete the old one (it may even cause problems if the same file names are used)11:58
aVirulencedanilos, well, the thing is, another contributor also uploaded messages.pot but he did it with (probably) the right directory po/messages.pot that's why I wanted to remove it12:00
carlosaVirulence: I will handle it. is the content the same?12:05
aVirulencecarlos, perhaps his messages.pot file is a bit more recent12:05
carlosok, I will use latest one then12:05
aVirulencethanks carlos12:06
neliushi folks12:16
neliusi registered my project last week at launchpad.12:16
neliushow long does it take, till a trunk from subversion gets imported?12:17
neliusi also uploaded my first po file, how long does it take, till i can start translations?12:17
aVirulencenelius, I just had the same question, today's another import day12:19
aVirulenceso, later today12:20
neliusok, tnkx12:24
carlosaVirulence: hmm, I don't see anything pending to approve for any project. Which project is the one where you uploaded files to?13:03
carlosaVirulence: approved13:07
aVirulencecarlos, thanks a lot :)13:07
aVirulencecarlos, I just uploaded the latest version. I thought that later additions could be uploaded without first needing approval13:15
carlosaVirulence: that's true, but is not instantaneous13:16
carlosit would take between 5 and 30 minutes to be imported13:16
aVirulenceah, thanks again, btw, my fellow contributor uploaded the file with a path po/messages.pot, do you know how to do that?13:17
carlosaVirulence: he uploaded a tarball13:17
LarstiQelmo: thanks! One of these days I'll have working wifi.13:33
elmoLarstiQ: welcome13:36
ndazzahi, is there a way to update my email address in Launchpad? The one i used to sign up with is no longer a valid email account14:35
ubotuNew bug: #198028 in launchpad "Ability to be able to list branches from the command-line" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19802815:06
mrevellndazza: Hi. If you no longer have access to that original email address, please create a new Launchpad account using your current email address and then file an admin request (https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion) to ask us to merge your new account with your previous account.15:13
ndazzaok thanks mrevell15:14
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affluxhow can I mark the translation of my project in rosetta as "synced"?16:58
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carlosafflux: upload it as 'published' (in the per language upload form) or upload a tarball in the per template upload form if you don't want to go one by one17:02
carlosafflux: which project are we talking about? I could tell you the direct URLs17:02
affluxcarlos: gdecrypt17:02
carlosafflux: https://translations.launchpad.net/gdecrypt/trunk/+pots/gdecrypt/+upload17:03
carlosanything you upload there will be uploaded as 'synced'17:04
affluxah, okay17:04
affluxcarlos: will rosetta choose the new "suggestions" from the uploaded POs as the used ones, when the previously selected in rosetta differ?17:04
affluxor will they be just added as new suggestions?17:04
carlosafflux: if they differ from what we had imported first, they will appear as suggestions17:06
affluxokay, thank you17:06
carlosafflux: otherwise, Launchpad will continue showing the one you upload as the translation17:06
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RainCTIs it possible to link to an upstream bug without registering the project in Launchpad?17:50
RainCT(for Ubuntu bugs)17:50
salgadoRainCT, nope, but you can register the new project quite easily when linking to the upstream bug tracker17:51
RainCTsalgado: how can I do that?17:53
salgadoRainCT, just click on the "Also affects Product" link17:53
RainCTyes I'm there17:54
salgadoRainCT, search for the project and if it doesn't show up you'll be offered a link to register it17:54
RainCTah, at the bottom17:54
RainCTThanks :)17:55
salgadoyou're welcome17:55
RainCTgreat, BerliOS isn't supported... :P17:56
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cyberixLaunchpad allows me to publish my bzr branch for a project even, when the project admins wouldn't want me to do that?C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C19:39
intellectronicacyberix: sure, that's the cool thing about launchpad code hosting! and why wouldn't the project admins want you to do that? all projects on launchpad are free software, and contributions are always welcome...19:47
cyberixintellectronica: What, if the project has not been registered?19:48
cyberixI would not want to admin it as it is not my project19:48
intellectronicacyberix: what's the project? sometimes we import projects ourselves and then offer them to the real project admins if they want to take over19:51
cyberixQuite indie atm19:51
intellectronicacyberix: you could do this yourself, but you probably shouldn't publish your branch as the main branch, but rather import the project's official branch, and then add your own branch for any changes you want to make19:51
cyberixBut I was asking about the general philosophy19:51
intellectronicacyberix: the philosophy is that this is all free software, and we want to make it as easy as possible for simple to contribute19:52
intellectronicacyberix: anyway, which project is it? is it hosted elsewhere? you can import CVS and Subversion branches automatically, and you can create 'bug watches' which import the status of bugs from other bug trackers19:53
cyberixCan I register bzr branches that are not mine?19:57
intellectronicacyberix: you can import them, but if they are really someone else's, it would be nice to offer them to take over if and when they want to. don't forget that it's free software, you have the right to copy and modify and do whatever you want with the sources as long as you comply with the license20:00
neliusintellectronica: someone told me today is an "import day"...20:01
neliusis there any chance to get our project code imported today?20:02
intellectronicanelius: i'm not really sure what that means, and what sort of import you are expecting. whom did you talk to?20:03
neliusi just was asking this morning in this channel, if someone knows when svn branches get imorted / or how long it takes.20:03
neliusthe project is tine20, an egroupware fork20:04
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goobsoftWhy is it that my PPA packages don't show up in the standard Add/Remove Programs (gnome-app-install) interface?21:26
mptGooooooooooooood morning Launchpadders!21:37
* mpt scowls at NetworkManager21:38
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jkakarYou guys rule.22:49
jkakarI just had my package build for 5 Ubuntu releases in 7 minutes.22:50
jkakarI'm very happy! :)22:50
ubotuNew bug: #198169 in malone "Filing package bug against project requires far too many page loads" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19816922:51
mptjamesh_, is there anything useful we can do with bug 148636?22:52
ffmwhat happens once we get really big bug numbers, like 48564516487.7 non-terminating?22:57
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jamesh_mpt: other than Launchpad-over-HTTP, I don't know.23:11
mptffm, I discussed that issue in bug 10000023:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 100000 in malone "There are still too many bug reports" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/10000023:12
jamesh_ffm: I guess we could always switch to base-64 bug numbers -- that'd shorten them a bit23:14
ffmjamesh_: how about base36?23:15
jamesh_ffm: base64 would cut the length by ~ 45%.  Base36 would be just 35%23:15
sorenjamesh_: So 0-9a-z and then what for the remaining ones?23:18
ffmsoren: A-Z.23:18
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ffmsoren: and !-*23:18
jameshsoren: probably just the standard characters used by base6423:18
sorenSee, that's where it gets icky :)23:18
sorenjamesh: Um... Good thinking :)23:19
mptBut we'd have to have some way of avoiding a clash with the bug nicknamespace23:20
jamesh'+' and '/'23:20
jameshmpt: we could base-64 encode the nicknames too23:20
jameshand require that nicknames contain more bits than the largest bug number23:21
mptHow would that avoid the clash?23:21
mptoh, ok23:21
mptSo we'd need to decide on a largest bug number23:21
mptI propose 64023:21
sorenIs that base64 or base10?23:21
mpt640 bugs should be enough for anyone23:21
mwhudsonba-dum tish23:24

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