Mark_MillimanWhen I do it as you suggested, I receive, "Can't display location 'smb://channel/" No application is registerd as handling this file.00:00
CarlFK"The upgrade aborts now. ...  Setting up sysklogd  ..Running depmod." and lot of other stuff that isn't very "aborts" like00:01
[Hardy]TuTUXGjscript should work out of box with ff3 right?00:06
slackernheh, kde4 was quite nice :)00:07
Mark_MillimanWhen I use the IP address to access shares Nautilus finds it00:15
Mark_Millimanit can't seem to browse by name though00:15
Mark_MillimanIs there still a bug to restore files from the Trash in Nautilus?00:17
Dr_willisMark_Milliman,  edit your hosts file and put its name/ip in there perhaps.00:22
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CarlFKis there a ubuntu source for bug 192310 workaround: wget http://debian.mirror.inra.fr/debian/pool/main/h/hyphen/openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us_2.3-5_all.deb00:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192310 in hyphen "package openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us None [modified: /var/lib/dpkg/info/openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us.list] failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite `/usr/share/myspell/dicts/hyph_en_US.dic', which is also in package openoffice.org-hyphenation" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19231000:25
nandemonaiCarlFK, Not sure, I can however verify that the workaround worked for me.00:30
CarlFKi guess if there was one, it would be here: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/h/hyphen/00:30
CarlFKdo-release-upgrade -dChecking for a new ubuntu release00:31
CarlFK"No new release found" how do I re-run it?00:31
oxigenha, it work this time! \o/00:35
Mark_MillimanSeems to be that my SAMBA problem had to do with OpenDNS.  I had to change the order in which names are resolved00:37
oxigeni want to send info about which packages i will install, is this still possible in hardy?00:38
RAOFoxigen: If you mean "popularity contest", then yes.  It's in the same spot it's always been, IIRC.00:39
oxigenRAOF: yes, do you remember where?00:39
[Hardy]TuTUXGi686 means 32bit or 64bit?00:46
[Hardy]TuTUXGwhat should be 64bit?00:47
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Flannelteprrr: AMD64 is for 64 bit00:48
Flanneler, [Hardy]TuTUXG00:48
[Hardy]TuTUXGFlannel, sweet, thanks00:48
[Hardy]TuTUXGFlannel, so if install the 32bit ubuntu on amd64 cpu, will it work?00:49
Flannel[Hardy]TuTUXG: yes00:49
[Hardy]TuTUXGFlannel, and all the stuff, java, flash should work as well?00:49
Flannel[Hardy]TuTUXG: On 32? yeah00:50
FlannelWell, as well as they work anywhere00:50
[Hardy]TuTUXGFlannel, thanks alot never used a amd pc, so dont know00:51
AnswerGuyCan I say right now, right here that I really don't like that new "panning map" TZ selector in Ubiquity?00:51
twbAnswerGuy: hear, hear.00:53
RAOFoxigen: System->Preferences->Software Sources->Statistics.00:53
twbAnswerGuy: it's very difficult to use if you aren't acclimatized to pointing devices00:53
AnswerGuytwb, I've been using pointing devices for over 20 years!  The new widget is a bad UI!00:55
CarlFKI bet that is the result of "doesn't fit on 800x600"00:55
AnswerGuyWell, we should revert to the old one which worked fine.00:56
AnswerGuyThis one is just a bad idea.  (You should *at least* be able to click *anywhere* to zoom in one level)00:56
AnswerGuyAnyway I suppose I have to dig up my old Launchpad account info and find the bug report web pages.00:57
oxigenRAOF: i can't believe this, i dont have Software Sources, i feel so stupid :S00:59
AnswerGuyI've also found a bug in the partman stuff; (using Ubiquity 1.7.14; after starting from a Hardy alpha5 AMD disc and updating the package in my live session)01:00
AnswerGuy(Same bug was in the alpha5 version)01:00
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lime4x4bluetooth still disconnecting after screen saver activates01:31
DanaGWow, some things behave VERY badly when the PulseAudio server dies.01:33
DanaGFor example, Decibel Audio Player will start eating 100% of both cores of my CPU, as well as eating memory at a moderate (i.e. gives you a chance to kill it if you notice it quickly enough) pace.01:34
DanaGIf I had let it go on unchecked, it probably would've eaten ALL of my memory.01:34
burneranyone know the story with epiphany webkit?  are we going to see it?01:36
burnerfirefox 3 nightlies rock, but i'm curious what webkit is like... an apple guy was telling me how great webkit nightlies are01:36
igorgueanyone with a intel 3945abg card that works in Hardy?01:48
igorgueI'm having problems right now :(01:48
Hobbseeigorgue: yeah01:50
Hobbseeigorgue: ignore the fact that it has no light01:50
igorguegot any workaround?01:50
Hobbseeit just works.01:50
igorguemen, but I was not able to connect01:50
Hobbseeignoring the light01:51
Hobbseeis this wep?01:51
igorguedon't know01:51
igorgueyou mean if it has password?01:51
igorgueahh no01:52
igorguesorry, I don't know anything about wireless, actually my networking knowledge is almost 001:53
igorgueare you using roaming mode?01:53
igorguemanual(managed) then?01:54
igorgueHobbsee: are you using Gnome right?01:55
igorguewhat's the difference between ipw3945 and iwl3945?01:56
igorgueone is FLOSS and the other no?01:56
CarlFK"To make recovery in case of failure easier a additional sshd will be started on port '9004'. If anything goes wrong with the running ssh you can still connect to the additional one."01:56
CarlFKoh, I get it now01:57
igorgueHobbsee: so let me try, bbr01:57
igorgueahh Ubuntu should include ipw3945 too01:57
Hobbseeit's probably still in linux-restricted-modules01:57
Hobbseebut check for bugs, workarounds, etc01:58
* Hobbsee --> class01:58
DanaGWTF?  That time I LET the thing eat memory, and not only did it bring the system grinding to a halt... it also brought basically EVERY SINGLE SERVICE crashing down.02:12
DanaGHow is it that something running as NOT root can be allowed to do that?02:12
DanaGI did init 1 and then init 5 to recover, and now ntfs-3g gives me this:  fuse: failed to access mountpoint /media/XP: Transport endpoint is not connected02:12
DanaGOh, and sometimes PulseAudio segfaults on moving a stream.02:15
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RyanPriorIs there a program that lets you create DVDs with menus and so on?02:25
CarlFKthere are a few, never really figured out how to make them work02:26
anolisanyone know of a fix for update-manager problem?02:29
CarlFKyes.  hold please02:30
CarlFKwget http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/h/hyphen/openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us_2.3.1-1_all.deb02:32
* DanaG thinks too many people use "dpkg-reconfigure it!" as a miracle fix for all problems.02:32
DanaGIn Xorg, I mean.02:32
CarlFKsudo dpkg --force-all -i   (that file)02:32
CarlFKdisclaimer, the posted fix uses a file from debian repo. I tried that one, and it seems to work02:33
RAOFDanaG: Surely the proper fix is now "sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf" :P02:33
CarlFK"System upgrade is complete."02:33
CarlFKthat's encourageing02:33
* DanaG has lots of tweaks in his xorg.conf, and thus won't live with the stock one.02:33
RAOFThing I didn't know about irssi #32: /etc/X11/xorg.conf is tab-autocompleted.02:33
pwnguinRAOF: not if i want wacom ;)02:33
DanaGFor example, for touchpad stuff, it must go there.02:33
RAOFpwnguin: Or want nouveau to rock, either.02:34
anolisnvm i fixed it02:35
* RAOF goes to rebuild the nouveau PPA against the -11 kernels.02:35
anolisoh thanks carl. i just got the .81 deb and did "sudo dpkg --install --force-downgrade <path to deb>"02:35
anolisseemed to work02:35
* DanaG can't live without his 3D WM!02:36
RAOFCompiz *does* rock, yes.02:37
DanaGArgh, why does the following app DEMAND mmap?  It means I can't use it with PulseAudio:02:38
DanaG!info japa02:38
ubotujapa (source: japa): JACK and ALSA Perceptual Analyser. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.2.1-3ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 33 kB, installed size 136 kB02:38
DanaGArgh, I want to USE the thing... but nope, doesn't even work with the HW: device of my Audigy!02:39
DanaGso says PulseAudio, when I try to move a stream away from a virtual device from .asoundrc.02:42
tumbleweed__I'm having trouble getting ndiswrapper to work with the new kernel update, can someone help?02:47
jimmygoonIs Hardy going to get the artwork refresh that it is supposed to get (like gutsy was supposed to get, etc)03:00
Daisuke_Laptopartwork refresh has, afaik, been pushed to intrepid03:03
Daisuke_Laptop(which by itself is an okay code name...  but why ibex?)03:03
tumbleweed__I'm unable to get ndiswrapper to work still :/03:03
jimmygoonIt has been getting moved back for too too too long03:03
Daisuke_Laptopi think the reason it got moved is partly because hardy is an LTS release03:04
Daisuke_Laptopbetter to introduce something like that in the moving-target releases03:04
tumbleweed__I have a bck432803:05
macogwjimmygoon: there's a new Human theme based on the Murrine theme engine and a very different wallpaper...no more big swooshy swirls03:07
jimmygoonmacogw, is it on the current alpha 5 or somewhere that I could install it and play with it in Gutsy?03:08
jimmygoonwell, it sure isn't whats in the screenshots on the alpha5 wiki page :/03:09
Kanohi, is there an "official" pxelinux.cfg for hardy?03:11
jimmygoonare there nightly builds?03:11
Kanoi modified the isolinux.cfg and can boot it via pxe too, just want to know if there is one official one03:11
Kanoalso how about adding a pxelinux.cfg dir on the iso + the very small pxelinux.0?03:14
macogwjimmygoon: yes there are nightly builds03:15
Kanothen you could just export the cd and setup the tftp to that dir too03:15
Kanoand you are done03:15
jimmygoonmacogw, I found it.. they are "daily" builds03:15
Kano(when you already configured your dhcp server)03:15
Kanoi dont think that this would take more than 500 kb03:17
Kanonobody using pxe boot?03:17
Kano1 gbit network boot is way faster than booting from a cd...03:19
jimmygoonKano, do you do a pxe boot from the network?03:20
jimmygoonwow, that was a stupid question03:21
jimmygoonthats not what I meant03:21
Kanowell of course i do03:21
jimmygoonI meant do you do the boot from the iso or extract stuff from the iso to prep for the net boot?03:21
Kanowell you need the casper dir03:21
Kanothen you take pxelinux.0 from the syslinux package03:23
Kanoand write a little pxelinux.cfg/default03:23
Kanoyou can export it using nfs or smb03:23
CarlFKKano: i do pxe - love it. and you are right03:24
Kanowhat do you think about the idea to put the needed files directly in the iso?03:24
CarlFKthey were there a long time ago03:25
CarlFKare you sure they arent now?03:25
CarlFKwhat I do now is wget the installer kernel and initrd.gz, then use apt-cacher as my repo03:26
Kanoi only see an isolinux dir03:26
Kanowell i boot the live images03:26
CarlFKpxe ?03:26
Kanoi dont want to install03:26
Kanoi fixed the kanotix terminal server and now i test the same with ubuntu03:27
CarlFKim about to run out, but would love to see your config - mind posting it?03:27
Kanoyou copy isolinux.cfg to pxelinux.cfg/default03:28
Kanothen you add just 2 options03:28
Kanonetboot=nfs nfsroot=ip:/path03:28
Kanoin the dir should be the casper subdir03:29
Kanowell you get an error when you do that, therefore i asked if there is an "official" dir03:29
Kanobut it boots03:29
Kanoguess what you only need to do when the files are on the iso, then you dont have to extract it...03:30
Kanoalt least you could override the nfsroot settings03:30
CarlFKI cut/pasted that into my pxelinux.cfg/default - I'll se about geting ti working when I come back03:30
Kanoi am sure it directly boots03:31
Kanocasper and do the same as live-initramfs which i tested first03:31
Kanolive-helper can create directly net images03:31
Kanowhat i would like would be live-helper for ubuntu...03:32
wastreli just ran into my first major hardy problem03:47
Kanobash-completion is not installed and active03:48
Kanovery bad03:48
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wastrelwhat's live-helper03:50
DanaG"intrepid" sounds too long to me.03:50
DanaG3 syllables.03:50
Kanowastrel: http://debian-live.alioth.debian.org/03:51
wastrelno gui03:51
Kanoi think there is a gui, but i never use that03:52
DanaGHere's something odd with ALSA: I plugged in my USB sound card, and it shows up in /proc/asound/* but not in aplay -l.03:52
DanaGHow is that possible?03:52
Kanoi only use lh_config/lh_build03:52
wastrelno, i don't havea gui for web sites03:52
DanaGAnd my Audigy2 can't do Stereo Mix recording.03:52
nomasteryodaDanaG, isn't all that working thru pulseaudio?03:54
nomasteryodamy amarok works perfectly everytime now in hardy03:54
DanaGWith that "japa" thingy, you have to use something mmap'able, so I had to call it on the hw:1 directly.03:54
DanaG!info japa03:55
ubotujapa (source: japa): JACK and ALSA Perceptual Analyser. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.2.1-3ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 33 kB, installed size 136 kB03:55
DanaGOh yeah, when you increase the "PCM" volume on the Audigy, all it does is increase the noise level.03:55
nomasteryodanice ::/03:56
wastrelso do i need to file a bug for this, getting the wrong kernel in my last upgrade?04:01
wastrelso debian live is like wubi04:03
wastrelno it's bootable media04:03
wastrelhrm my gnome-panel is b0rked04:03
Kanone live-helper is a tool to create custom live cds04:03
DanaGHmm, I seem to have found a "Noise" slider on my Audigy2.  It's labelled "OLD PCM".  WTF?04:03
Kanobut not only live cds, also network images, usb sticks...04:04
* DanaG goes and sics some OLD PCM on Creative.04:18
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crimsun_guys, if you're experiencing either bug 194052 or bug 194719 (or both), please try my ~3 packages at http://www.trilug.org/~crimsun/hal/ and report results in comments on one of the bug reports.  Thanks!04:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194052 in hal "hal not reading information about sysfs batteries correctly" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19405204:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194719 in hal "01_proc_sys_batteries.patch causes a regression making gnome-power-manager not detect the battery properly" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19471904:55
AtomicSparkhal? why would i want an evil computer on my machine?04:58
RAOFcrimsun_: No amd64 love? :(05:01
RAOFcrimsun_: Or, more constructive, _want_ some amd64 love?05:02
dencryptamd64 <305:02
crimsun_RAOF: feel free and add as comment(s)05:06
crimsun_I'm hacking this stuff up on a rather paltry Pentium II05:06
* crimsun_ -> Z05:07
AtomicSparkwhat is HAL?05:07
RAOFcrimsun_: Sleep well :)05:07
Sonic1trying to find apps that are lightweight alternatives to the openoffice suite, anyone know of any?05:13
Sonic1I have Abiword replacing the writer already05:14
hwildeSonic1, how about Ajax Write   http://us.ajax13.com/en/ajaxwrite/05:20
RAOFSonic1: abiword may do some of what you're after.05:21
Sonic1ew, web based05:24
Sonic1Laptops don't always have access to the internet you know ;)05:24
tabenxMorning everyone05:25
lsmobriananybody know anything about the new policykit05:29
RAOFYes; it's a breed of staffordshire terrier.05:30
lsmobrianso no?05:30
RAOFlsmobrian: I'm sure than many people know what you want to know, and merely await the specification of the particular aspect of policykit that you'd like explained :)05:30
lsmobriangotcha, resetting to default policies05:31
lsmobrianis there an easy way?05:31
Amaranththere is a policykit manager gui, isn't there?05:31
RAOFYes; and particular setting-by-setting reverting to default is easy.05:31
lsmobrianyeah.. i somehow locked myself out of it..05:32
RAOFThere's a button "revert to default" next to each action.05:32
lsmobrianeverytime i click on something it closes with a segmentation fault05:32
Amaranthrun that05:32
RAOFThat doesn't sound like you've locked yourself out; that sounds like it's broken.05:32
lsmobrianthats what i've been running05:33
Amaranthalso, my System->Preferences is the size of my screen :/05:33
RAOFAs is mine, but that's because I've got about 4 different JVMs installed.05:33
lsmobrianwell i changed a few things. hoping to allow all..  but now its crashes05:33
Amaranthi blame java, compiz, and kde405:33
RAOFEwww, kde4.05:34
Amaranthi needed kwin and systemsettings05:34
Amaranthfor seeing if compiz sucks or the infrastructure sucks :P05:34
RAOFlsmobrian: So, firstly, there's probably a bug report somewhere in here.05:34
hwildecompiz kills my video card;  kde4 is no problem05:34
RAOFIf all you did is fiddle around with the gui, it shouldn't suddenly start segfaulting.05:35
hwildedefine 'fiddle'05:35
RAOFhwilde: As long as you don't leave the gui, anything whatseover.05:36
lsmobrianim on my mac right now, so i couldnt tell you the exact keys i changed... but i think it was system configuration05:36
Amaranthhwilde: I don't believe you05:36
Amaranthhwilde: What video card?05:36
Amaranthwow, splashy kills booting05:37
Amaranthpretty neat thing for a bootsplash to do05:37
hwildeyou dont believe me what?  i didn't say anything05:37
hwildeohhh right05:37
RAOFgrub2 *doesn't* kill booting for me, which I was somewhat surprised about.05:37
hwildeI've got an nvidia 8600 gts05:37
hwildeI think it's actually metacity that kills it05:37
hwildeif I startx with no window manager it's fine05:37
Amaranthhwilde: Oh, I believe you, you're using kwin with XRender compositing then05:38
hwildeif I run icewm it's fine05:38
hwildeif I run kubuntu it's fine05:38
Amaranthoh, then you're not using any compositing05:38
Amaranthso compositing is broken, awesome05:38
hwildebut in default xsession with metacity, if I grab a window and drag it around real fast, I can see the cpu spike and hten it locks up05:38
AmaranthI swear if I ever meet someone from nvidia...05:38
RAOFAmaranth: What?  8600's don't have sufficient support to compi?05:38
hwildebut I can play full screen games with 3d graphics for hours05:38
hwildeif I boot up and go right into the game05:38
hwildebut if I exit and like try to check webmail or open a window, it will lock up05:39
hwildeif I open a pdf and it goes full screen it really locks up hard05:39
hwildebut in icewm it is stable for days05:39
hwildeI keep waiting for an update that will magically fix it05:39
Amaranthhwilde: sucks to be you, i guess05:39
* RAOF files this little anecdote away for the next time someone says "but the nvidia driver is really good, it doesn't matter that it's a binary blob"05:39
hwildenah the gui is overrated anywyas05:39
Amaranthhwilde: that update would be called 'nouveau'05:39
RAOFMmm, seriously fast 2d.  But not for you.05:40
RAOFWell, not yet.05:41
AmaranthRAOF: I'm hoping by the end of the year I can tell people "only install the nvidia driver if you need power saving"05:42
Amaranthand 3 months later i can just stop telling them to install it05:42
RAOFAmaranth: This seems unlikely, at least in general.  *I*'m certainly hoping to not tougch the blob by the end of the year, but I suspect cards outside the nv4x sweetspot might not be so lucky.05:43
RAOFMaybe I'm wrong, and if so, that'd be awesome.05:43
AmaranthRAOF: Well it sounds like a 3D driver for NV3x doesn't sound so hard05:44
AmaranthRAOF: older than that and I honestly stop caring so much05:44
AmaranthJust need that NV5x05:44
RAOFYeah, certainly.  And nv5x sounds hard, especially since 2d isn't particularly stable at this point for those guys.05:45
AmaranthThat isn't much different from the blob though05:45
RAOFOh, really?  Surely the blob supports nv50 reasonably well?05:45
AmaranthThe sweet spot for people using the blob is something old enough to have gotten lots of driver work but new enough to not get marked obsolete in 3 months05:45
AmaranthThat means NV4x05:45
AmaranthSo...splashy bad05:46
RAOFNouveau good :)05:47
Amaranthi wonder how hard it is to put usplash in debian and create a theme05:47
* DanaG wonders how ATI will be by June.05:47
AmaranthDanaG: why june?05:48
DanaGBecause that's when I'll be shopping for a new laptop.05:48
DanaGPondering an HD2600, or if possible, a 3600 series.05:48
Amaranthyeah, um05:49
RAOFWhy does git suck so hard?  I've cloned nouveau's gallium git repository, and checked out the branch.  Now, I want to update this checkout.  Why doesn't "git pull" do this?05:49
Amaranthyou'd better hope fglrx gets really good by then05:49
AmaranthRAOF: the magic flag is --track05:50
RAOFOh, really?05:50
RAOFAt what point?05:50
Amaranthhell if i know05:50
RAOFgit pull --track?05:50
Amaranthsaw a nouveau guy say it05:50
Amaranthi think so05:50
Amaranthhe was talking about this same thing though :P05:50
DanaGI just want it to be not-significantly-worse than NVIDIA.  I don't actually care if the performance is amazing, but I do want it to not do that damn BLINKING (... though I actually haven't had that issue in a while).05:50
RAOFDanaG: Whereas it's re-appeared for me with a vengeance today.  Complete with no-screen-updates between blinks.05:51
DanaGI just want to be sure I won't regret it if I get ATI.05:51
DanaGAnd by "regret it", I mean, for at least a year and a half.05:52
AmaranthDanaG: If you're getting a laptop the answer is obviously X310005:52
DanaGLet me rephrase that: I don't want to find myself hating it every second I use it.  If I got IGP, I definitely would hate it -- can't do HL2 at nice resolutions.05:52
AmaranthIt's not a bad performer now and apparently the gallium driver for it makes the current driver look really slow05:53
DanaGI don't want anything weaker than my Go 7600.05:53
RAOFHaving the specs suggest that the support will generally get better over time for the ATI card.05:53
hwildeI am happy with nvidia 860005:53
hwildedual monitor, 3d support, 1600x1050 widescreen05:53
RAOFhwilde: Apart from the fact that it locks your box :P05:53
hwildeyeah aside from metacity locking up but I blame the software05:53
AmaranthRight, so if you can get a laptop with an rs670 you're set05:53
hwildeI can play full screen games for hours so I do not think it is the card or the driver05:53
AmaranthBecause that's the mobile chip that combines r600 2d with r500 3d or some such thing05:53
DanaGHP 8510p is the one I'm thinking of.05:53
DanaGHD2600, currently.05:54
Amarantheither way they know how to drive it, 2d and 3d05:54
AmaranthDanaG: right, with an HD2600 you'll get probably zero power management and mostly non-accelerated 2d05:54
AmaranthDanaG: in 12-18 months you might get mostly stable 3d05:54
DanaGAre you speaking of the open-source or the closed-source?  It doesn't really matter too much to me.05:55
Amaranthopen source05:55
Amaranthas for closed source, well05:55
DanaGrandom aside: /me wonders what 1920x1200 at 15.4" looks like.05:55
Amaranththey're doing alright now but they don't have a good track record05:55
Amaranthit looks like that, those were whole words05:55
Amaranthzoom in, you'll see it05:56
DanaGMy current LCD is 1440x900 at 17", for 100DPI.05:56
RAOFMine is 1650x1040 at 15.4", for 130DPI.05:57
Amaranthi've got 1440x900 with 17"05:57
RAOFI haven't actually seen how windows handles that DPI, but Gnome likes it.05:57
AmaranthDanaG: you said you had an HP laptop with a 17" screen and a Go 7600?05:57
DanaGNo, current is Gateway M685.05:58
Assidgnome doesnt like it either05:58
Assidthe fonts loook huge05:58
DanaGAssid: make sure your DPI settings are right.05:58
DanaGM685 is also known as NX860 series.05:58
Assidincreasing the dpi ends up with more fonts05:58
AmaranthActually if your DPI is set right the fonts should look huge05:58
Assiderr.. bigger fonts05:58
Amaranththe problem is fonts are resolution independent, everything else isn't05:58
DanaGThat could be a factoid for !dpi05:58
DanaGWith the note to check that Xorg gets it right.05:59
Amaranthi forget how to show what X thinks my DPI is05:59
Assidalso after the laste few updates05:59
DanaGdmesg | grep -i dpi05:59
Amarantherr, no06:00
DanaGgrep -i dpi /var/log/Xorg.0.log06:00
Assidmy fonts are darker in alot of places.. and much thinner in the others06:00
Amaranth(--) NVIDIA(0): DPI set to (88, 91); computed from "UseEdidDpi" X config06:00
DanaGNow, my dad's plasma TV: 1024x768 stretched to 42 inches widescreen.... that's rectangular pixels.  If it were square, it'd be 30 DPI.06:00
Assidyou know the gdm login ? see the username there.. its  huge06:00
AmaranthAssid: yay intel06:00
Assid(--) NVIDIA(0): DPI set to (87, 91); computed from "UseEdidDpi" X config06:01
DanaGHmm, I like the heavy text at the login screen.  How did it get that way?06:01
RAOFHm.  They fixed nouveau's gallium build on amd64.  Cool.  Now to fight with the build to try for a 32bit version.06:01
AmaranthAssid: oh, nvidia, wow06:01
AssidAmaranth: it just started in the last few days06:01
AmaranthAssid: Ok, either way, this goes away in hardy+106:01
DanaG(--) NVIDIA(0): DPI set to (98, 99); computed from "UseEdidDpi" X config06:01
DanaGYay for good EDID!06:01
AssidAmaranth: what goes away06:01
Assidthe font being dark ?06:01
Amaranthgdm in hardy+1 will use gnome-settings-daemon so it'll set fonts to 92DPI no matter what06:01
Amaranthno, the fonts being huge at login06:01
RAOF(--) NVIDIA(0): DPI set to (129, 133); computed from "UseEdidDpi" X config06:02
RAOF(--) NVIDIA(0): DPI set to (129, 133); computed from "UseEdidDpi" X config06:02
AssidAmaranth: it just started.. it used to be dine upto before06:02
Amaranththe default on your desktop is DPI of 92 too06:02
DanaGIt should use the REAL dpi value, I'd think.06:02
RAOFNow that's going to be annoyingly small :)06:02
DanaGhttp://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/1.0-9742/README/appendix-d.html -- note the ConstantDPI option!06:02
AmaranthDanaG: the real DPI is hard to calculate06:02
Amaranthas we've just shown06:02
AssidAmaranth: i dont know.. but the fonts are horrible06:02
Amaranthmost hardware gets it wrong06:02
DanaG"By default on X.Org 6.9 or newer X servers, the NVIDIA X driver recomputes the size in millimeters of the X screen whenever the size in pixels of the X screen is changed using XRandR, such that the DPI remains constant."06:03
Amaranthalso, 100 DPI fonts look like crap06:03
* Assid doesnt know what to do06:03
DanaGI use 99 in gnome.06:03
AmaranthAssid: *shrug*06:03
Amaranthwow, the difference between 99 and 100 is huge06:03
Assidit just started  in the last few updates06:03
AmaranthAssid: you've said that 5 times now06:03
DanaGHuge, but hard to quantify.06:04
AmaranthNo, I mean literally huge06:04
AmaranthThe fonts were 1.5x larger at 10006:04
Assidyeah but i dont want to go blind06:04
DanaGWow!  Mine doesn't change that much.06:04
AmaranthSo what does having Xorg know my correct DPI get me?06:04
DanaGI think it'd help with proper font rendering.06:05
Assidthe thin fonts, on the other hand look scratchy06:05
DanaGOh, and that ConstantDPI thing seems screwy to me.06:05
Amaranthalright, i'll tell it i have 99 DPI then06:05
DanaGChanging resolution shouldn't change the physical size of the screen!  That's just weird.06:06
Amaranthoh, you can't set DPI06:06
Amaranthyou have to set mm dimensions06:06
Amaranthi forgot06:06
DanaGGo to font settings and hit "advanced"06:06
AmaranthThis I know06:06
AmaranthThis I did06:06
AmaranthDoesn't much help me in gdm06:06
Assiddoesnt help me in regular X either06:07
Amaranthhrm, my terminals got huge06:07
DanaGPerhaps the font sizes themselves are too big.06:07
Amaranthyeah, i had the rest of my fonts set to 906:07
Amaranthterminal set to 1006:07
Amaranthbecause 9 looked horrible before, it's good now06:07
DanaGYou can set it to 9.5 by typing the number manually, if you want.06:08
Assidsee that06:08
DanaGOh hey, is there a way to override minimum resolution for an external display?06:08
Assidthose fonts are soo damn bold and huge06:08
DanaGMany projectors at our school have Pin 9 missing, so they have no EDID... and thus appear as 800x600 max.06:09
AmaranthAssid: ah, this problem06:09
AmaranthAssid: bad fonts06:09
AssidAmaranth: worked fine all this time ?06:09
Assideven terminal was working fine06:09
AmaranthVista fonts randomly work and don't work06:09
Assidterminal became darker too06:09
Assiddont wanna compare to vista.. mainly cause its vista06:10
DanaGI use the DejaVu fonts.  In fact, fonts in Xorg feel much nicer to my eyes than ClearType.06:10
AmaranthDanaG: set the vert and horiz freq and set a modeline06:10
AmaranthAssid: I mean using vista fonts in linux06:10
AmaranthDanaG: also, 9.5 seems to make the fonts taller but not wider06:10
DanaGI hated when they got rid of the Legacy hinter.06:10
Amaranthmight be because i'm using Consolas :)06:10
Assidi dont think im using vista fonts06:11
Amaranthheh, Liberation Mono is the other way around, wider than tall06:11
Assidi use dejavu sans06:11
Assidand its still messed up06:12
Assideven kvirc input text got messed06:12
AmaranthAssid: Try it with a clean xorg.conf and a clean user06:12
DanaGI'm using the Heron-remix wallpaper, with windeco using Tropic with red-button commented out, and Aurora engine with color set to #E48A3406:12
AmaranthAssid: If it's still messed up file a bug06:12
DanaGLook for a .fonts.conf, too.06:12
AmaranthDanaG: Oh hell I'm just using Clearlooks :P06:12
=== smurfslover is now known as smurfslover|Away
assid2kvirc input is still messed06:14
DanaGI was using Nodoka with the Coming-Storm GDM background and selected_bg_color:#71718989a6a6,06:14
DanaGbut I found it was making me feel rather gloomy.06:14
DanaGI changed to the nice bright orange, and my mood changed literally INSTANTLY!06:14
assid2however what i do notice is the OSD for audio increase/decrease from my keyboard.. shows the proper icon06:14
assid2the way it used to..06:14
assid2my other profile for some reason just shows me the audio level bar06:15
DanaGFunny thing: switch from metacity ↔ compiz and hit volume keys.  gnome-settings-daemon crashes06:15
assid2this might be related06:15
assid2okaty brb06:15
Assidanother bug... when switching users..  and you logout of the 2nd user to come back to the first.. you get a white screen . this is apparently a locked screen where you type a password06:16
Assidno way for the user to know btw06:16
Assidits plain white06:16
Assidcan someone make a screenshot of this: http://pienotech.com/06:17
Assidthe fonts look horrible for me from the get go :(06:17
AmaranthAssid: that's an nvidia bug06:18
Amaranththe white screen06:18
DanaGSOmething to do with Firefox: set it to default to DejaVu and not allow other stuff.06:18
Amaranthi've loving dual monitors06:18
DanaGSomething odd about my laptop: suspend works better if compiz is running before suspend.06:18
Amaranthoh shit06:19
Amaranthoh crap06:19
Amaranthi think yesterday was my sister's birthday06:19
Amaranthi was talking to her... :/06:19
AmaranthRAOF: did you ever try the static plugin?06:20
RAOFYou _think_ yesterday was your sister's birthday?06:20
AtomicSparkanyone have import errors on rhythmbox? I have it set to watch folders but it just outputs cannot access errors. :-\06:20
RAOFAmaranth: Not yet.  Let's have a look...06:20
AmaranthI suck with dates :/06:21
Amaranthyay gvfs fell over again06:21
RAOFHey, where is static anyway?06:22
AmaranthRAOF: on the forums06:22
Amaranthmakes your panels not move during viewport switching in compiz06:22
RAOFOh, bugger that.  If it's not it vcs it's not worth looknig at.06:22
Amaranthreally neat effect for wall06:22
* DanaG uses the cube.06:22
DanaGThe cake is a lie, but the cube is forever!06:23
RAOFAmaranth: And possibly for "on all desktop" windows, too?06:23
Amaranthit sort of works for cube but it looks awkward06:23
AmaranthRAOF: i don't think there is a way to catch them all automatically with the match system06:23
Amaranthhttp://www.realistanew.com/random/desktop20080303.png <--dual monitor ftw06:25
Assidokay whats the "correct" thing thats supposed to happen with volume keys06:25
Amaranththey're supposed to change your volume?06:25
Assidis the OSDsupposed to show the volume bar ONLY or a proper OSDwith the speaker06:25
Amaranthdepends on your theme, i guess06:26
DanaGHmm, any benefit in Linux to getting a Quadro over a GeForce?06:27
=== sourcode_ is now known as sourcode
Amaranthyes, that thing that controls how your desktop looks06:27
AmaranthDanaG: there really isn't in windows either06:27
Assidwell.. im on human.. and it still doesnt show it06:27
Amaranthunless you need 10-bit colors or something06:27
Assidall i get is a bar06:27
AmaranthAssid: Software comes to you to die06:27
DanaGWell, there is in XP for AutoCAD and such, but I don't use them in my major.06:27
AmaranthAssid: I never want you to beta test anything I work on, I'd never ship :P06:28
Assidlook at it this way06:28
Assidif it passes me06:28
Assidtheres a good chance it wont break06:28
Assidokay your gmail fonts vs mine06:28
Assidmine look horrible06:29
DanaGI manually set the Legacy font filter, but it doesn't seem to work.06:29
DanaGI'm also using the firefox-3.0 ppa.06:29
Amaranthppa? you're not using hardy?06:29
Amaranthoh, the hardy ppa has a font fix06:29
RAOFUrgh.  iwl3945, please suck less.06:30
DanaGOoh, I thought of another fix for the edid thingy: dump the EDID of a good monitor, and then use override.06:30
Assidcheck that out06:30
AssidAmaranth: see the messy fonts06:31
DanaGThose look fine to me.06:31
Amaranththey look fine here too06:32
Assidsee the last email06:32
Assidsee the word "drafts"06:32
Assidthe folders on the left06:32
Amaranthnope, looks fine06:32
Assidwhats wrong with you people!?!?!06:32
Amaranthmaybe a little smudged looking but that's because you seem to have no hinting06:33
Amaranthbut i have no hinting either because i like OS X-type fonts06:33
Assidyes.. i want it like osx type fonts06:33
DanaGI liked the Feisty fonts better than anything else, myself.06:33
Assidhow do i get that06:33
AmaranthAssid: That's what you seem to have06:33
Assidno man..06:33
Assidi got hinting on full06:33
Assidand the text fonts on the left for example look horrible06:33
AmaranthAssid: Which would imply your problem is not what the computer thinks it is drawing but what it displays06:33
DanaGLook for a ~/.fonts.conf06:33
Assiddont see that06:34
Amaranthmaybe broken XRender acceleration06:34
Assidi see a .fontconfig06:34
AtomicSparkDanaG: Don't get a quatro. They're for people who design stuff. The drivers are updated rarely and it wouldn't be good for gaming. (and overpriced).06:34
AmaranthAssid: in xorg.conf in the Device section do Option "RenderAccel" "false"06:34
Assidokay brb06:35
DanaGAah, with the 8510p and 8510w, the choice is Radeon, FireGL, or Quadro.06:35
Amaranthdon't get a consumer HP laptop06:35
Amaranthget a business one or get one from somewhere else06:35
AtomicSparkoh wait.06:36
AtomicSparkis Quadro their opengl line?06:36
DanaG8510p IS business one.06:36
Amaranthessentially all chips nvidia makes are quadros06:36
DanaGOh yeah, is there anything wrong with the consumer ones?  (I still specifically want a business one.)06:37
Amaranththe ones that fail certain tests or need to be sold as something else get pieces disabled06:37
Assiddidnt help06:37
AmaranthAssid: ok, try turning hinting off06:37
Amaranthand do you have the subpixel thing enabled?06:37
AtomicSparkI don't trust "shiny plastic things"06:37
DanaGGo to http://notebookreview.com .06:37
AmaranthDanaG: the consumer ones wear easily06:38
DanaG(big thing people often don't think of: leave a space between the url and the period.)06:38
Amaranthmeaning they look old quickly, keys worn down, touchpad color worn off, etc06:38
AtomicSparki have a 6820s :D06:38
AtomicSparkati though :(06:38
Assidnah it looks bolder if i put it off06:38
DanaGPrevious model.06:38
Assidand less precise06:39
DanaGMy Gateway currently has a part where my hand has actually worn off the paint.06:39
AtomicSparklawl @ scam websites06:39
AtomicSparkreview? more like price guide. :P06:40
DanaGI actually seem to see three or four layers:  shiny top, then color, then "primer", perhaps, then base white plastic.06:40
AssidAmaranth: you dont notice a difference in fonts betrween yours and mine06:40
DanaGActually, that site DOS have reviews.06:40
AmaranthAssid: mine seem..sharper06:40
AtomicSparki need to clean the oils off my laptop. so it wares slower.06:40
Assidright.. i need sharper fonts .. with proper hinting06:40
AmaranthAssid: which is odd because i use Lucida Grande with subpixel filtering and no hinting06:41
Assidmy smaller fonts seem  to "bleed"06:41
Amaranthsubpixel smoother, whatever06:41
AtomicSparkdo you have subpixel smoothing enabled on appearance > fonts?06:41
Amaranthhe says it makes it look worse06:41
Amaranthwhich makes me think his system is _really_ broken06:42
Assiderr disabling it makes it look worse06:42
AtomicSparkare you using the correct resolution for your monitor? no streachy?06:42
=== MagnumRapper is now known as BigAdmin
AtomicSparki really dont get these options. why do hinting: none, medium, slight, full change the size of the fonts?!06:43
Assid(II) NVIDIA(0): Virtual screen size determined to be 1680 x 105006:44
DanaGOh, another odd thing: Medium and Full look EXACTLY the same to me.06:44
Amaranthit adjusts how much it should lock them to pixel boundaries06:44
AtomicSparkDanaG: doesn't change a thing on mine. slight makes it HUGE.06:44
Assidi dont like getting a headache06:44
AtomicSparki wonder why 96 dpi is standard06:45
AtomicSparkwhats big fonts in windows? 120?06:45
AtomicSparkbtw don't select high contrast, you can't go back easily.06:47
AmaranthRAOF: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=48235406:47
ubotuGnome bug 482354 in general "gtk_window_present() causes full applications to move workspaces" [Normal,Unconfirmed]06:47
Assidokay you guys have any suggestions?06:48
AtomicSparkfor your screen thing?06:48
AtomicSparktry a different monitor?06:48
AmaranthAssid: I ran out of ideas some time ago06:48
AtomicSparksome monitors look different. :-\ i get used to one and then see another one and hate it or like it better lol.06:49
* AtomicSpark has learned the truth about shiny screens06:49
Assidokay thats a image06:49
Assidsee the w of "which" , L of lucida  and f of filtering?06:50
AtomicSparkyeah the pixels look off06:51
AtomicSparkmy L is one pixel wide06:51
* AtomicSpark notices how blurry his w's are06:51
Assidsee what i mean06:51
AtomicSparkno my w's are blurry because it has smoothing on lol.06:52
Assidi got smoothening on too06:52
hwildethat pic is fine for me06:52
Assidyou dont see the L a little of?06:53
hwildenot at all06:53
Assidas in the sub pixel hinting06:53
hwildeas in it's perfectly rendered06:53
AtomicSparkhis L is too fat!06:53
AtomicSparkdon't lie!06:53
hwildesome ppl like em fatties06:53
AtomicSparklike your mom06:53
Assidyou dont see the thin vertical for the L06:54
AtomicSparki can't tell if i like subpixel smoothing or not06:54
hwildeno it looks perfect to me.06:54
* Assid keeps a shotgun ready06:54
Assidokay so you want to explain to me why my fonts have become huge all of a sudden at the same time this happened06:55
Assidsee the freenode written there06:55
Assidsee how FAT it is06:56
Assidit all started at 1 go06:56
AtomicSparkclick details on the fonts page. what is it set at?06:56
Assidsupposed to be for  subpixel smoothing.. but it thinks all06:57
Assidhad it in full06:57
Assidtried medium06:57
Assidno difference06:57
AtomicSparknone and slight make it big. donno why.06:58
Amaranthhinting does different things with different fonts at different DPIs06:58
Assidohhhh.. check this out06:58
Amaranththat's supposed to happen06:59
Assidall ?!?06:59
Amaranththat's what happens when you tweak settings to a mode that none of those 4 things represents06:59
Assidits a radio button06:59
Amaranthyou clicked on details and changed stuff06:59
Amaranthyour settings don't match any of those 4 options anymore07:00
AtomicSparkAmaranth is correct. i just checked.07:00
Assidaccording to this.. neither hinting option will work07:00
Assidall give me that07:01
AtomicSparkshould be subpixel > full > RGB07:01
DanaGHmm, pidgin deals very badly with suspend and resume.07:01
AtomicSpark> = +07:01
Amaranthah, maybe it shouldn't be RGB07:01
AtomicSparkmy suspend doesnt work07:01
Amaranthsome LCDs work differently07:01
AtomicSparkyes. RGB.07:01
DanaGBoom, sudden burst of 20 or so lines of conversation.07:01
AtomicSparkyes. foreign LCDs07:02
AtomicSparklawl @ BGR.07:02
Assidviewsonic VA2226W07:02
Assidim telling yoiu it started acting up after some update07:02
DanaGViewsonic does EDID badly, I seem to remember hearing.07:02
AtomicSparkwhy not look up your res online? i think your res is off.07:03
DanaGor the DPI settings.07:03
* AtomicSpark checks mine.07:03
DanaGaptitude changelog fontconfig07:04
Amaranthwebsite says viewsonic VA2226W is 1680x105007:05
Assidit is07:05
Assidthats native07:05
Assidworks fine on windows07:05
Amaranthwell, i don't think we got a new nvidia driver07:05
Amaranthso i'm at a loss07:05
Assidwe did07:06
AssidVersion: 169.12+
hwildei've got a viewsonic  vg 2230 and the res is 1680x1050 widescreen07:06
AtomicSparki don't know. lol.07:06
AtomicSparki'm just throwing things out there. :)07:07
* Amaranth eats some gardetto's and ponders07:07
Amaranthoh, we did get the 169.1207:07
Amaranthtry the old one?07:07
AmaranthRAOF: whoa, what's this linux-nouveau-modules stuff?07:07
RAOFAmaranth: What?  Where?07:08
AmaranthRAOF: i assume from your PPA07:08
oxigencan i set apt repository from some menu or only from /etc/apt/sources...?07:08
RAOFAmaranth: I desperately hope you're referring to my nouveau PPA :)07:08
DanaGWoah, 2 load cycles in 1 second.07:08
Assidokay see this:http://picpaste.com/pics/Screenshot_10.1204528109.png07:08
Amaranthoxigen: System->Administration->Software Sources07:08
Amaranthi can't click on that07:08
Assidsee how the text inside there looks decent?07:08
AssidAmaranth: click on?07:09
Amaranththat link07:09
AtomicSparkwhy not?07:09
oxigenAmaranth: any idea why i dont have Software Sources there?07:09
Amaranthhe typed it funny, xchat won't recognize it07:09
Assidno space between : and http07:09
Assidokay dont click07:09
AtomicSparkwhat is that thing on the bottom? how do you have a "dock"? D:07:10
RAOFoxigen: Because you don't have software-sources-gtk installed?07:10
Amaranthoxigen: you're not using Ubuntu but rather Kubuntu or Xubuntu?07:10
AtomicSparkhow do i get my linux widgets on my desktop?!07:10
oxigenAmaranth: ubuntu07:10
oxigenhmm, software-sources-gtk...07:10
Assidokay what about the "bold" fonts07:10
Amaranthoxigen: then what RAOF said, you apparently uninstalled it07:10
Assidwhy'd they come07:10
RAOFAmaranth: Yeah, from my PPA that's OK.  You need the nouveau drm kernel modules, and linux-nouveau-modules seemed the easiest way to do that.  At some point I'll convert that to some modules-assistant fun to help the guy who wants nouveau in Debian experimental.07:10
AtomicSparkAssid: your min/max/close buttons on the background window look funny07:11
Assidsemi transparent.. more windows behind07:11
Amaranthyou're using compiz?07:11
Amaranthok, this is getting really annoying, pulseaudio hates me07:11
AmaranthAssid: but no shadows07:12
Amaranthevery time my CPU does any sudden increase in work (even jumping from 3% to 15% my audio stutters)07:12
RAOFAmaranth: In what way?  Alsa (or, particularly, l-u-m) was hating me for a while.07:12
Assidand thats bad?07:12
Amaranthevery time someone says my name in xchat-gnome and it beeps my audio stutters07:12
* AtomicSpark wants to know about the desktop widgets07:12
Amaranthwhat desktop widgets?07:13
RAOFThat's really obnoxious.  You're in the pulse-rt group and all that fun, I presume?07:13
Amaranthpulseaudio is running as root07:13
AtomicSparkon that picture. the things on the bottom.07:13
Amaranthi modified the initscript to start it07:13
AmaranthAtomicSpark: that's just a dock07:13
DanaGWhy?  If you run it as root, you can't control it with the padevchooser, I think.07:13
AtomicSparkwell :P07:14
Assidokay here07:14
AmaranthRAOF: so does that mean your nouveau is gallium enabled now?07:14
Assida screenshot with windows and linux fonts on google website07:14
Assidsee "Maps" for example07:14
RAOFAmaranth: No.  Although it's getting tempting.07:15
Assidfor some reason linux firefox decides "web"  should be bold07:15
Assidand when i say bold. i mean BOLD!!!07:15
DanaGStupid load_cycle_count increase.07:15
Assidaieee.. he left07:16
Assiderr do you guys have volume keys on your keyboard07:16
Assiddo you get OSD showing audio volume there?or a proper OSDwith a speaker and everythiung?07:17
DanaGOh, and my hard drive doesn't EVER spin down.07:17
AtomicSparkyou know firefox win and firefox linux use differnt fonts right?07:17
AssidAtomicSpark: yeah. im just saying my fonts arent clear on linux since the past week or so07:17
Assidyou saw the previous one with freenode on the left (kvirc)?07:17
Assid1/2 of my fonts are super bold07:18
Assidlike they are on drugs or something07:18
AtomicSparki dont know what to tell you.07:18
Assidi cant even make a bug report for  this07:19
ysth1Assid: my volume keys stopped working recently07:19
ysth1ditto mute07:19
ysth1recently = 1-2 weeks ago, maybe07:19
Assidi have to run keytouch everytime i reboot now07:19
Assidbut check this out07:19
ysth1hmm, I didn't even have keytouch installed, whatever it is07:20
Assidneeded it for my keyboard07:20
oxigenRAOF, Amaranth: thanks. software-properties-gtk was missing07:22
oxigendunno how07:22
Amaranthwell, i'm stupid07:22
Amaranthmy server/build machine is currently getting its internet connection from my laptop via wireless07:22
Amaranthso my laptop is setup to do "internet connection sharing" and run as a sort of server07:22
Amaranthso what happens when i restart the laptop?07:23
AmaranthI lose all connections to the server and it's running headless07:23
Assidokay check that07:23
Assidi think its gone loco07:23
Assidits supposed to show me a nice OSD.. with a speaker.. and the waves07:23
Assidinstead i get that bar07:23
Amaranththat is not even gnome-settings-daemon07:24
Amaranthsomething else took over control of those keys07:24
DanaGFile upload seems to be abandoned by sender07:24
AssidAmaranth: ?07:24
Amaranthgnome-settings-daemon doesn't show a percentage like that07:24
Amaranththat is a completely different program drawing that window07:24
Amaranthyou are running something that has taken over handling volume keys07:24
Amaranthif i had to guess i'd say it's that goofy dock07:25
Assidawn ?07:25
* Amaranth crosses fingers and hopes his server comes up07:25
Assidused to work with it07:25
Amaranthphew it came up alright07:25
Assidis there a way to "simulate" those buttons?07:25
AmaranthAssid: dunno what to tell you but there is no bug there07:25
DanaG"File upload seems to be abandoned by sender"07:25
Amaranthsomething you installed has simply taken over control07:26
AssidDanaG:  yea.. weird. hold on07:26
DanaGNo picture.07:26
AtomicSparkcould you imagine being blind? :-\ (sortof on-topic)07:26
Assidits a xvid video07:26
Amaranthand the server can still get out to the internet, yay07:26
Amaranththat was scary, gotta remember to shut that thing down before the laptop07:26
Assidsee what i mean07:27
DanaGhmm, swapper, exim4, pdflush keep waking the drive.07:27
DanaG File upload seems to be abandoned by sender07:27
DanaG                                                      07:27
RAOFAmaranth: You need the kernel drm modules to run nouveau at all (that being one of the big points with kernel modesetting and all)07:28
AssidDanaG: weird!07:28
Assidokay quick question07:28
Assidisnt this supposed to be mapped to amixer - volume increase?07:28
AtomicSparkokay! i can't take any more of assid. lols jk. night all.07:29
AmaranthI too can no longer do this07:29
AmaranthI need to get some work done today07:29
Assidstill havent got my fonts fixed:(07:29
hwildewhat started all of this07:30
Assidfonts not working ? who knows07:30
hwildebut they were working ?07:30
hwildeor they never worked07:30
Assidused to yes07:30
hwildeok then what changed07:30
Assidby working i mean "getting messed up now"07:30
hwildewhat action immediately preceeded the fonts stopping working07:31
Assidsame time gdm ended with larger fonts07:32
hwildedo you know which updates specifically?07:32
hwildepeople here will go a long way to help you troubleshoot, but you have to have some basic building blocks...07:33
Assidits around the same time gdm got the big fonts07:33
Assidwhich apparently people notice07:33
AssidDanaG: http://assid.com/volume.avi07:33
Assidthe  bar intead of OSD07:34
DanaGThat's not gnome-settings-daemon, for sure.07:34
hwildesounds like a profile setting...07:34
hwildecan you make a new user and see if you have the same issues07:34
Assidother user doesnt have this problem07:35
Assidthe osd issue i.e.07:35
Assidfonts yes07:35
hwildeok well that pretty much tells you where to look for osd07:35
hwildeits in your profile settings07:35
hwildeprobably .osd or something07:36
Assidso this happens often?07:36
Assidprofile corruption?07:36
hwildeit's not corrupt07:36
hwildeit's... modified by the user in a way that the user does not prefer07:37
hwildeyou know this is beta right... ?07:37
Assidi didnt do it :(07:37
Assidyeah i know07:37
Assidmy main issue is the fonts really07:37
Assidim not going blind for no software07:38
hwildewell you see in the topic where is says "update without checking what is to be updated"07:38
hwildethat is so you can undo stuff when it breaks07:38
hwildeI don't know which update broke your fonts but if you can figure it out just roll it back to the previous version and you'll be fine07:38
Assiderr ive had tons of updates.. nvidia-glx-new .. xorg.. fontconfig..07:39
Assidalready reported another bug:https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/19787507:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 197875 in ubuntu "[hardy]desktop incons sometimes do not load. If I CTRL ALT BKSPC it shows again" [Undecided,New]07:39
Assidone more thing07:40
Assidis it common for the fonts to "dance" as you highlight them?07:40
Assidlike pixel shifting?07:40
hwildein beta software sure there are tons of unexpected behaviors07:40
hwildethat's part of the fun07:40
Assidhehe yeah i know07:41
hwildeif it all just worked we wouldnt need beta testing07:41
hwildemaybe you would be more happy sticking with the stable system07:41
hwildeyou can dual-boot feisty you know07:41
Assiddecided i might as well do some testing if i expect it to work on my machine "stable"07:41
Amaranthstable means "doesn't change"07:41
Amaranthnot "bug free"07:41
hwildeI mean if you are going to run hardy and get all the updates you shouldn't use that for your main system07:43
hwildeyou should keep another partition that acutally works so when hardy breaks you don't spend hours on here asking why07:43
hwildethat's what I mean by 'stable'07:43
Assidoh your gonne love this07:45
Assidkeep your eyes on the same line as the text being hilighted07:46
Assidsee the text dancing?07:47
hwildeI am gonna click on your video07:47
hwildewhat do u think I am stupid07:47
hwildeI like my system stable thanks07:48
Assidwtf will a video do?07:48
Assidapparently it has something to do how hilighted "space" is handled07:48
hwildethere is zero chance of me executing that video from your website07:49
Assidyou want me to upload it to launchpad?07:49
Assidyou do realize your on linux07:49
hwildeyour lack of paranoia leads me to believe you probably have viruses07:49
Assidviruses?linux ? you sniffing gas?!07:50
hwildei'm not sniffing gas, but i'm also not clicking some executable from some random irc guy who's system is broken07:51
Gninegnome settings deamon is acting up07:51
hwildegood luck with your font issue... just make a bug post they will fix it07:51
Gnine@lart hwilde because of virus07:52
DanaGDang, 80013 load cycles in 1220 hours.07:52
AssidDanaG: ?07:52
DanaGSMART data on hard drive.07:53
Assidanyone wanna confirm that: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/19790307:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 197903 in ubuntu "fonts pixel shifting on hilight" [Undecided,New]07:57
=== qzio_ is now known as qzio
AssidDanaG: load cycles?07:59
DanaGWow, 4 load cycles in less than a minute.08:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 104535 in ubuntu "Default HD power management settings will kill drive (dup-of: 59695)" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 59695 in laptop-mode-tools "High frequency of load/unload cycles on some hard disks may shorten lifetime" [Unknown,In progress]08:00
NoWhereManhi guys08:00
NoWhereManI'm trying to rebuild an image to test an upstream patch08:01
Assidfor no apparent reason i get loads08:01
NoWhereManas I have already built the kernel once with debian/rules binary-generic08:01
DanaG5 in under a minute.  What keeps waking my hard drive?08:01
Assidgoes to 25% (quad core.. so 1 cpu)08:02
NoWhereMancan I rebuild incrementally from where I left?08:02
AssidDanaG:  tick tock ?08:02
Assidokay im outta here.. bbl08:02
DanaGWow, in 5 or 10 seconds, I got 3.08:03
DanaGOddly, I can call it once and get one value, and then immediately call it again and get another increase.08:04
_rubenNoWhereMan: there's ccache .. c compiler that caches stuff that hasnt changed between compile runs .. never used it myself tho08:05
NoWhereMan_ruben, doesn't make rebuild files that changed on his own? it's just that if re-run debian/rules it starts packaging without rebuilding :/08:07
DanaGThose load cycles are increasing ridiculously much.08:09
_rubenNoWhereMan: then whats the problem?08:13
NoWhereMan_ruben, the problem is that I would expect it to first rebuild the files that I have patched08:14
_rubenNoWhereMan: perhaps the patching is flawed? like just adding new files without altering others so they dont get referenced?08:15
NoWhereMan_ruben, I don't think so, I'm manually patching file1.c file2.c; no new file is added08:17
_rubenNoWhereMan: strange .. unless you're editing in a flakey way (not updating timestamps), i wouldnt a reason for it not to be rebuilt08:20
NoWhereMan_ruben, I'm using this line:08:21
NoWhereMan AUTOBUILD=1 NOEXTRAS=1 fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic08:21
NoWhereManbut I've tried removing the env vars to see what happened08:21
NoWhereManit started packaging anyway08:21
NoWhereManmaybe I could try touching the file :/08:22
_rubenweird .. tho must admit that i dont have very much experience building deb packages08:22
RAOFNoWhereMan: debian/rules is a make file, and you're calling the binary-generic target.  It's probable that binary-generic doesn't depend on any of the files you've touched.08:22
RAOFIn fact, that it's not dependent on _any_ of the kernel files, just a "I've built everything" stamp.08:23
NoWhereManwhich is.....? :D08:23
NoWhereManI mean08:23
NoWhereManwhich is the timestamp?08:23
NoWhereManwhere does it read it from?08:23
RAOFYou could remove the stamp file, but I'm not sure what that file is; you'd need to read the makefile.08:23
DanaGWow, 65.6 load cycles per hour.08:25
hwildeDanaG, how are you seeing this data08:25
DanaGsudo smartctl -A /dev/sda | grep Cyc08:26
Gnineload avg. here is going off the roof08:27
NoWhereManarrrrgh find /media/hda2/store/linux-source/linux-2.6.24/debian/build/build-generic -name "*.ko" | xargs rm -f08:27
NoWhereManwell it almost worked08:27
hwilde!find smartctl gutsy08:27
ubotuFile smartctl found in munin-node, smartmontools08:28
DanaGoddly enough, nether 254 nor 255 disables the cycling.08:28
hwildemine says Power_Cycle_Count 8708:29
hwildeis that a lot08:29
NoWhereManRAOF, ok, found, I had to comment a line though, because it first rm -f all the "*.ko"s; thank you08:29
NoWhereManouch, too soon, it says dir not clean -.-08:30
NoWhereManoh well looks I'll have to rebuld from the ground up again08:30
oxigendang, this distro is really cool! it looks i will finally have 64 bit distro without pain :) thanks guys!08:31
maxxeranyone using f-spot here?08:32
oxigenis there some menu way to disable compiz or is metacity only option?08:33
Assid193 Load_Cycle_Count        0x0032   200   200   000    Old_age   Always       -       42608:33
DanaGHmm, I can hear it click once per 5 seconds.08:33
AssidDanaG:  drive giving way08:34
oxigenAssid: is this seagate?08:34
Assidoxigen: western digital08:34
panosruHello! :D Does Mouse over preview of MP3 work for you in Hardy? thanks in advance!08:34
Assidwhy is it bad?08:34
NubaeI've downloaded the vmware-package and the server and workstation from vmware site08:34
DanaGNope, my drive is a relatively new (got it just before Thanksgiving) Hitachi 7K200-200.08:34
Nubaenot how do I use make-vmpkg to debianise?08:35
AssidDanaG:  is 426 bad ?08:35
Assidis that per hour ?08:35
DanaGJust 426. or some number of zeroes after it?08:35
Assidthats it ..e xactly as a pasted it08:36
DanaGThat's amazingly low for load cycle count, actually.08:36
Assidhrmm sweet08:36
Assidi just installed smartctl btw08:38
Assiderr smartmontools08:38
DanaGWow, the ticking is pretty durn regular.  Idle for 5 seconds, unloads heads; 5 seconds later, reloads heads.08:39
hwildesounds like it is overflowing the buffer repeatedly08:39
hwildethen it stops and waits then it overflows again08:39
AssidDanaG: nothing wrong with that one right08:43
Assidthe other one is pretty bad actually08:43
Assidit doesnt show load cycle count08:43
DanaGEven if I set my hard drive to spin down after 5 seconds, it does not.08:48
Nubaehow do I use make-vmpkg to debianise?ç09:25
h3sp4wnDoes anyone in here use a Sun keyboard (UNIX layout) with ubuntu (or Linux in general)10:16
mohbanahow do i get a list of all packages INSTALLED that contain the word 'font'10:19
h3sp4wnaptitude search font\~i10:21
kalatianmohbana: use synaptic to search for the word font, and sort them by installed status10:21
hwildeAmaranth, lol this is like parallel universe10:21
Amaranthhwilde: haha10:21
hwildeX is not crashing it's fine10:22
hwildeit's metacity as far as I can narrow it down10:22
hwildeand I don't think it's the driver because I can play full screen games for hours with no problems10:22
hwildeit's very fast10:22
Amaranthare you sure you are using metacity?10:22
Amaranthcompiz is the default10:22
Amaranthand as i said, only a driver can lock X or the system10:23
Amaranthcompiz uses the driver in a way most driver developers never really tested heavily before10:23
hwildewell there are only a couple things10:23
hwildeif I drag a window and move my mouse around real fast, I can see the cpu spike, then the system locks up10:23
hwildeand if a pdf jumps to full screen it locks up pretty hard10:23
Amaranthit is your driver10:24
hwildeit's like a race between the video card and the cpu and htey crush each other10:24
hwildeyou say that, but I can do much more intensive things with the driver with no problem10:24
hwildethat makes me believe it is the coding in the window manager10:24
mohbanaapt-cache search font ... then?10:25
hwildealso, using the Same driver, in icewm I have no issues10:25
Amaranthand i'm telling you i know something about how this system works, the WM cannot crash the system10:25
hwildeok how do you explain it doesn't crash in icewm10:25
hwildeit is using the same driver.10:25
hwildethe only difference is the window manager10:25
Amaranthyou are obviously using compiz10:25
Amaranthnot metacity10:25
hwildeif you say so that's fine10:25
Amaranthcompiz is an OpenGL compositing window manager10:25
hwildesomebody once told me metacity --replace10:26
Amaranthdo you have shadows? do you get cool animations when you minimize stuff?10:26
hwildeno I turned all of that off10:26
Amaranthregular WMs are just...WMs10:26
hwildebut if my driver works fine with other wms and with fullscreen graphics then the driver is fine and the problem is in the wm10:26
Amaranththe only thing metacity could do to you is stop letting you move windows10:26
Amaranthwhatever, nothing to fix it will ever happen in the WM10:27
h3sp4wnhwilde: agreed - no one cares about doing things right (except the people working on e17)10:27
Amaranthyou're all out to get me10:27
Amaranthit's a conspiracy, i tell you10:27
hwildebut I am still convinced the issue is specific to the wm10:28
hwildeI think the driver is fine10:28
hwildemaybe there is no update for compiz to help and I need the nouveau driver to accommodate the bugs in the wm10:28
Amaranthhwilde: Listen to me. As far as the X server cares the WM is just another client10:28
hwildebut don't tell me it's the driver's fault if other wms work fine and full screen 3d graphics works fine10:28
AmaranthAn X client cannot crash your system unless it hits a bug in the X server or the driver10:28
hwildeI think it overloads the buffers10:29
AmaranthWhich means your bug is either in the X server itself or the driver10:29
AmaranthThe driver is much more likely to be the location10:29
hwildeno I think the wm cues up a billion operations and eventually the video card and the cpu would crunch them10:29
Amaranthmoving a window around rapidly is always CPU intensive, unless you're using a compositor10:30
hwildebut I can do much more intensive video graphics operations than dragging a window around10:30
Amaranthwhich, incidentally, is the main reason compositors exist10:30
hwildethis tells me the driver and the graphics card are fine and the issue is specific to that wm10:30
hwildeadmit you are biased and defending compiz10:30
AmaranthAnd I'm telling you you are a moron10:30
AmaranthMatter settled.10:30
hwildewhy do you have to be like that10:30
AmaranthIf you were using compiz it is possible for compiz to make the system appear to be locked up. But you say you are using metacity10:31
RAOFBecause he has a good working knowledge of the full stack; compiz, metacity, X and the drivers.10:31
AmaranthSo the WM cannot be the thing that crashes the system10:31
hwildewell it might be compiz, whatever the default is10:31
AmaranthYou said you had no effects10:32
hwilderight I turned them all off10:32
kalatiandid you disable compiz entirely, or just turn off the effects?10:32
AmaranthAlthough, again, locks of times when compiz gets "stuck" and I look at where in the code it got stuck it happens inside libGL which is the nvidia driver.10:32
mohbanakalatian, apt-cache search font ... then?10:32
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
hwildeif I just run startx it doesn't crash10:32
hwildeif I then run metacity --replace  it will crash10:32
hwildewith the default install, it crashes10:33
hwildewith icewm it does not crash10:33
Amaranthhwilde: How about kwin 4 with compositing enabled? Does that crash?10:33
hwildewith the default install, starting a full screen game, it does not crash10:33
AmaranthYou may have accidentally enabled compositing in metacity too10:33
kalatianmohbana: I'd suggest you use the other suggestion if you want a command: aptitude search font\~i10:33
hwildeI dunno how do I get kwin10:33
hwildeis that kde4 ?10:33
Amaranthsudo apt-get install kwin-kde410:33
hwildekde is fine.  which doesn't make any sense because it's supposed to be heavier10:34
hwildeyeah I tried that it's fine10:34
Amaranthyou'll need systemsettings-kde4 too10:34
Amaranthdid you go into systemsettings and turn on compositing?10:34
hwildenope never heard of it10:34
AmaranthRAOF: http://www.fooishbar.org/blog/tech/x/brokenCards-2007-10-08-18-44.html10:35
Amaranthdaniels flooded the planet, must have updated his blog software10:35
Amaranththat came back out10:35
oxigeni like compiz, but i have problems with blender & compiz, it looks they fight for full screen..10:36
hwildethe other thing that locks it up is if a pdf opens up full screen10:36
hwildei'm like phobic clicking on weblinks now afraid it will crash10:36
Amaranthoxigen: This is one of the things I'm hoping to figure out soon :)10:36
oxigenyea! cool! :)10:36
hwildeI caught myself at work on a completely different (stable) system hesitating to maximize a window lol10:37
RAOFAmaranth: Heh.10:39
robnHi all, has anyone had any success getting an RTL8187 wireless chip to work out of the box on Hardy yet? Supposedly the new kernel (any post 2.6.23) work with the native driver.10:41
oxigenbut i really wonder why default FF plugin for java still doesnt work!? (IcedTea)10:41
oxigenisnt java free now?10:41
oxigenor something... :)10:41
oxigenwhat to use blackdown?10:42
oxigenit used to work..10:42
h3sp4wnUse a 32 bit firefox10:42
oxigenbut flash is ok now!10:42
h3sp4wnand 32 bit java and flash I know that works 100%10:42
hwilderobn, realtek has linux drivers on their website... http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=1&PFid=1&Level=6&Conn=5&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false&Downloads=true#RTL8187L10:42
h3sp4wnnspluginwrapper is a hack10:42
oxigenhmm, 32bit java ,huh!10:43
kalatianicedtea works fine for me -- but you have to do something special, add a different repo or something10:43
oxigenis there some cool howto around!? :)10:43
robnhwilde: thanks, i know, but these are supposedly now built into the latest kernel and was wondering if anyone had any success. i've been using ndiswrapper but would prefer to use native10:43
kalatian...so not out of the box, sadly10:43
kalatian(at least not on gutsy)10:43
h3sp4wnoxigen: sun only supports webstart and the plugin atm on 32 bit10:44
mohbanayeh they need to fix the icedtea plugin10:44
h3sp4wn(even on Solaris - if it was ready it would be in Opensolaris already)10:44
oxigeni have no idea now what is 32 now here for flash player on this 64bit thing..10:44
h3sp4wnthe flashplayer10:45
h3sp4wnunless adobe actually did release a native one - I doubt that10:45
oxigeni would like to install that way java plugin too! :)10:45
h3sp4wnYou cannot - nspluginwrapper doesn't support ns7 plygins10:45
h3sp4wnmaybe you can find a version of java that has a ns4 plugin somwhere10:46
robnhwilde: have you used the drivers off the realtek site yourself?10:46
oxigenwhat then to install 32bit FF?10:46
h3sp4wnsudo tar xf firefox-whatever.tar.gz /opt10:47
hwilderobn, no I don't have that card10:48
n0ydAnyone having issues with 404 errors on some of the repos at the moment?11:30
yusuoijust updated to 8.04 and one of my packages crashed along the way, now its prompting me to update the package but i cant, i want to remove the package so i stop getting these warning11:32
yusuoijust updated to 8.04 and one of my packages crashed along the way, now its prompting me to update the package but i cant, i want to remove the package so i stop getting these warning11:32
rsk!spam yusuo11:32
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about spam yusuo - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi11:32
n0yddude, no reason to ask more than once11:32
rskwhat package11:33
yusuosorry i accidently paste twice sorry guys11:34
yusuocan anyone help me though11:34
Milos_SDwhat package?11:35
yusuoalways says corrupt when i try and download11:36
Milos_SD:S I did the update of that package today, and had no problems :S11:36
yusuohang on ill try again11:37
yusuoE: /var/cache/apt/archives/deskbar-applet_2.21.92-0ubuntu1_i386.deb: subprocess pre-installation script returned error exit status 111:37
yusuothats what i get when i try and update11:38
yusuowhat do u suggest i do, download the package manually and install11:38
yusuohi how would i go about install a program from a tar.gz file11:40
yusuoplz can someone just talk me through this i keep on getting errors when i run ./configure11:44
hithappening again (?)11:45
hitfound a solution tho..11:45
yusuoeverytime i try and download a tar.bz2 file and get round to compiling it gives me an error while im doing ./configure any ideas anyone11:50
ubotuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)11:51
Hobbseeyusuo: so, fix the compiling error.12:00
slytherinIs anyone using ftp via nautilus here?12:34
napsy_hm why doesn't nautilus create thumbs of video files?12:36
PiciIt doesnt do it by default if the files are on remote hosts.12:37
napsy_files are local12:39
slytherinnapsy_: What types of files are they?13:05
slytherinnapsy_: I mean which codec specifically?13:05
napsy_hm avi13:06
napsy_ RIFF (little-endian) data, AVI, 512 x 384, 25.00 fps, video: XviD, audio: MPEG-1 Layer 3 (stereo, 48000 Hz)13:06
slytherinnapsy_: I am surprised. I have faced problem only for wmv13:07
slytherinnapsy_: What player are you using to play them?13:07
h3sp4wnwhat implies wmv about that ?@13:08
h3sp4wnavi = container - codec = xvid13:08
slytherinnapsy_: Oh then the problem might be that you haven't installed necessary gstreamer plugins and hence totem-video-thumbnailer is not working.13:09
slytherinh3sp4wn: Who said those were WMV files?13:09
h3sp4wnimplied to me by you13:13
h3sp4wn(and the fact that I have the same issue only with wmv)13:13
h3sp4wnnapsy_: You can just pay for the legal codecs if you want from fluendo13:14
h3sp4wn(and indirectly support them doing gstreamer development)13:14
napsy_yes i know but why would I do that13:16
h3sp4wnnapsy_: Why not ?13:16
valbergi'm getting a wierd error when running update-manager,13:16
valbergE: /var/cache/apt/archives/openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us_2.3.1-1_all.deb: trying to overwrite `/usr/share/myspell/dicts/hyph_en_US.dic', which is also in package openoffice.org-hyphenation13:16
h3sp4wn28 EUR is nothing - and if you watch alot of videos then the quality difference would certainly be worth it13:17
napsy_h3sp4wn: well firts i have no spare money and second, codecs work for me13:17
h3sp4wn(if the free mp3 codec is anything to go by)13:17
napsy_yea and 28 eu is a lot for me13:17
slytherinvalberg: I have faced same problem. Check if there exists a bug for that13:17
[Hardy]TuTUXGseems like some mirrors are out of date13:18
slytherin[Hardy]TuTUXG: which one?13:27
Nubaehmmm...  just did a apt-get upgrade and my dhcp server broke completley... says I should check syslog, but greping for dhcp gives me nothing13:29
slytherinNubae: which server is it?13:29
Nubaehardy was working great till the last update, and I've been upgrading every 3 or 4 days13:30
[Hardy]TuTUXGslytherin, some of them, have heard that people couldnt get the latest updates13:32
[Hardy]TuTUXGslytherin, as that ooo-hyphenation error should be fixed a few days ago13:33
slytherin[Hardy]TuTUXG: I am using the main mirror and that error is not fixed even there.13:33
slytherinNubae: Can you explain what is 'broke completely'?13:34
[Hardy]TuTUXGslytherin, afaik, the main mirror will pick the nearest mirror it can find13:34
slytherin[Hardy]TuTUXG: No that is not the case.13:35
slytherin[Hardy]TuTUXG: All the mirror sync with main mirror at different intervals.13:35
slytherin[Hardy]TuTUXG: Do you have any link to changelog or upload which says that issue is fixed13:35
[Hardy]TuTUXGslytherin, i got that bug fixed13:36
[Hardy]TuTUXGslytherin, there should be a bug report on launchpad13:36
slytherin[Hardy]TuTUXG: Will check. Because I faced the problem even today13:38
[Hardy]TuTUXGslytherin, bug 19231013:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192310 in hyphen "package openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us None [modified: /var/lib/dpkg/info/openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us.list] failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite `/usr/share/myspell/dicts/hyph_en_US.dic', which is also in package openoffice.org-hyphenation" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19231013:44
[Hardy]TuTUXGslytherin, there are fixes, no official fix yet13:45
[Hardy]TuTUXGsorry i was wrong13:45
Nubaeslytherin, dhcpd3-server will not startup13:47
Nubaeand tells me to look at diagnostics in syslog13:47
Nubaewhich shows nothing13:47
slytherinNubae: what grep command did you use?13:47
Nubaegrep dhcp13:48
slytherinNubae: how about grep -i dhcp13:48
Nubaewill try that later, I restarted in gutsy for now as this is a production server13:48
Nubaeand I run ltsp so dhcp is essential13:49
Nubaewhat is the -i flag for?13:49
slytherinNubae: ignore case13:49
pwuertzhi, my gnome-terminal fonts are looking weird since I upgraded to hardy...14:10
pwuertzapparently it uses some different type of anti-aliasing14:10
pwuertzin contrast to all other applications14:11
slytherinpwuertz: try changing it from System->Preferences->Appearance14:11
pwuertzslytherin: it does not have any effect :/14:13
pwuertzeven when I change the font settings in gnome-edit directly14:13
slytherinpwuertz: Did you restart gnome-terminal after changing the preference?14:13
pwuertzslytherin: I did14:15
pwuertzok... I see whats happening here... my fonts should be rendered using sub-pixel-hinting14:15
slytherinpwuertz: then something wrong with your system. By the way, can you post a screenshot somewhere of this weirdness14:15
pwuertzbut for some reason, gnome-terminal is the only application using another hinting technique14:16
pwuertzslytherin: http://img235.imageshack.us/my.php?image=fonthintingpo7.png14:19
pwuertzok... sorry.. should have checked bugs@ubuntu14:20
IdleOneneed some serious help. with alpha5 I can only view google.com and no other sites. what could be causing this?14:21
soc some time ago there was a blueprint about integarting/upgrading to grub2 ...14:23
soci think it was for feisty ... did anything happen in the mean time or was it just a lack of time/problems/etc?14:23
socthere is a grub2 package in the repos ... but i don't know how integrated it is ...14:23
socwill it be recognized on kernel updates when writing the automagic kernel lists?14:23
h3sp4wnnot automatically anyway14:24
h3sp4wnIt uses grub.conf instead of menu.lst14:25
h3sp4wnand probably if it does have something to do that auto you would have to manually edit kernel-img.conf14:25
socdamn ...i wanted to try out grub-invaders :-(14:27
IdleOneh3sp4wn any idea what could cause me not bieng able to view any sites besides google.com?14:28
h3sp4wnTry it out then just14:28
h3sp4wndon't complain if you break stuff14:28
h3sp4wnIdleOne: `Whatever that thing that the christian thing uses14:28
h3sp4wnDunno how that would get installed though14:29
IdleOneh3sp4wn what???!14:29
h3sp4wnmore likely to be an isp issue14:29
h3sp4wnIts some filtering thing14:29
IdleOneon the live cd?14:29
h3sp4wnWouldn't be on there14:29
h3sp4wn(given you are using just the normal version)14:30
h3sp4wnanyway can you connect to freenode from the live cd14:30
IdleOneh3sp4wn yes reg ubuntu14:30
IdleOneh3sp4wn nope I cant14:30
IdleOneonly google.com nothing else. cant apt-get update or anything14:30
h3sp4wnpost some useful - traceroutes / pings / nmap's (dunno if nmap is on the cd)14:31
h3sp4wnmaybe someone can help you14:31
IdleOneI have been Ubuntu-less for a month now14:31
h3sp4wnprobably it won't be me as I am leaving in 2/3 mins14:31
IdleOneh3sp4wn if it is an isp issue then you know as well as I do I am SOL14:32
h3sp4wnIdleOne: Well it depends - I have worked for a few in the past14:33
IdleOneverizon will not help me with Linux issue14:35
IdleOnethey hardly know about windows14:35
h3sp4wnThat doesn't surprise me14:36
h3sp4wnI guess you don't have choice14:36
slytherinsoc: grub2 works fine if yours is not adual boot machine.14:39
slytherinsoc: By the way grub-invaders should work with grub also. grub2 is not necessary14:41
socah ok14:41
socwhich problems can i expect with a dual boot system?14:41
socdoes it just not work?14:41
slytherinsoc: as of now the update script does not detect other operating systems.14:42
slytherinsoc: When you install grub2 it will actually add an entry to existing menu.lst to chainload grub2. grub2 will overwrite grub only when you do grub-install AFAIK.14:43
socah ok14:43
slytherinsoc: And if you install desktop-base package you get a nice shiny sky blue Debian wallpaper as background in grub214:44
socah ok14:46
socthat might be the most interesting feature ...14:46
slytherinsoc: One more interesting is that grub2 can create rescue CD images (apart from floppy). Haven't actually tried using it.14:48
socah ok14:48
soclooks like grub2 can't read ntfs, does that mean it is unable to boot win at the moment?14:48
slytherinsoc: Where does it say it can't read NTFS?14:49
slytherinsoc: I can see an ntfs module in list of files14:50
sochttp://grub.enbug.org/CurrentStatus -> supported filesystems14:50
slytherinsoc: That page was last edited in 200614:52
RoootyHi, will the ipod classics be fully supported in Hardy Heron?15:09
socslyah ok15:12
Stonekeeperhi all. Does anyone know the status of integrating openvz into Ubuntu 8.04? Was it ported in time for the feature freeze?15:34
h3sp4wnwhen did parallels buy virtosso ?15:44
hitterminal aliases won't save?15:55
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RoootyHi, will the ipod classics be fully supported in Hardy Heron?16:01
ZambeziThanks for giving us two minutes too answeer. :-P16:04
h3sp4wnHow could ipods be fully supported without a port of itunes16:04
Zambezih3sp4wn: Amarok works fine.16:04
h3sp4wnthe itunes store is part of the featureset16:04
h3sp4wnand dealing with breaking the encryption all the time is hassle16:05
Zambezih3sp4wn: You meant so. Of course not, but I think he meant adding mp3 mostly.16:05
h3sp4wnAh ok - I guess he could use rockbox16:05
Zambezih3sp4wn: I'm not satisfied with the firmware in iPod so I'm going to give Linux ipod a chance.16:06
h3sp4wnI need to revive one (I got it for free) but the screen was smashed within 2 days16:06
h3sp4wnand I broke the clip that holds the screen in16:06
Arwenargh damn it, upgrades b0rk3d compiz. I really wished the repositories kept at least 1 version previous to allow for rollbacks...16:11
nDuffIs it a bug that firefox-3.0-dev doesn't include xpidl?16:23
nDuff...hmm; actually, firefox-3.0-dev presently doesn't include anything but docs.16:23
dandel!bug 10965916:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 109659 in pulseaudio "jack sink missing in pulseaudio" [Low,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/10965916:25
dandeli'll go ahead and put up a request to have the package pulseaudio-module-jack be included, so i can see about testing it.16:26
wastrelmy laptop takes forever to boot17:05
wastrelhi hi17:05
ArwennDuff, hehe, I round that one out the hard way17:05
Arwennow I still wish the repositories kept at least 1 version previous of everything... there's no way to reverse b0rk4ge17:06
glaucouscould someone please point me to a page describing how to get intel wireless working in hardy?  sucks being connected by a lame wire again :)17:07
wastrelwhat card?17:07
wastrelwhat kernel are you running?  uname -r17:07
glaucousIntel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection (rev 02)17:08
nemooh. that's the card my mom's ubuntu hardy uses17:08
wastrelyeah i had that probllem  - seesms to be a bug in the latest upgrade.17:08
RyanPriorThere are some updates available today, but if I mark them for upgrade in Synaptic it asks whether I want to remove a ton of stuff, including Alacarte, Deluge, deskbar-applet, gnome-applets, a bunch of other Gnome packages, Serpentine, Miro, and others. Should I go through with that? Is it an error?17:08
nemo05:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection (rev 02)17:08
nemowastrel: there's a bug in latest update that affects wireless? I'll have to avoid it then17:09
wastrelinstall linux-image-2.6.24-11-generic linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-11-generic17:09
Milos_SDRyanPrior, do Reload from Synaptic, and check again if that error will occure :)17:09
AmaranthRyanPrior: can you figure out what package is causing this?17:09
wastrelfix your /boot/grub/menu.lst to point to that kernel17:09
wastrelthe linux-image-2.6.24-11-386 didn't seem to have ipw3945 drivers17:10
RyanPriorAmaranth: it seems to be the latest Compiz packages: Compiz, Compiz-core, Compiz-gnome, Compiz-plugins17:10
wastreland i don't see why i got the -386 kernel anyway on my core2duo17:10
glaucousI thought we were changing from ipw3945 to iwlwifi17:10
AmaranthRyanPrior: nope, not doing that here17:11
Amaranthwastrel: you got jumpy and upgraded nvidia-glx-new before the generic kernels were uploaded17:11
Amaranthso it pulled in the 386 one17:11
RyanPriorYikes. I guess I'll just wait awhile then.17:11
wastreli didn't get jumpy17:11
wastrelthe little thingy said there were updates so i updated :]17:12
wastrelactually i've been waiting a couple of days between upgrades but i guess i caught this one at a bad ttime... :]17:12
RyanPriorSounds more like the packagers got jumpy. :-)17:12
nemowastrel: ok. so updated to 2.6.24-11 would be a bad idea17:13
nemoI'll warn my mom not to run any updates17:13
nemoI've already asked her not to do it without running 'em by me anyway, after what happened last time17:13
wastreli just installed the 2.6.24-11-generic packages and it worked17:13
glaucouswhy is your mom on an alpha os? (none of my business, just curious)17:14
Assidanyone here run an email server? and uses qmail+vpopmail17:14
nemoglaucous: serious audio bug in Gutsy. occurred halfway through Gutsy cycle, which is annoying17:14
nemoglaucous: her computer was unusable. apps crashing/freezing.17:14
glaucoussounds familiar :)17:14
glaucousI got here in edgy and gutsy is/was by far the most buggy so far.  Really looking forward to hardy but now I'm stuck without wifi17:15
nemo... no wifi? what's your card?17:15
glaucoussame as your mom's17:16
RyanPriorSo when can we upgrade to Intrepid?17:16
nemoglaucous: this trend towards bugginess seems to span distros - I think it is due to acceleration of feature development without sufficient time to integrate17:16
nemoglaucous: oh. well. seems to work fine for her on -8  - maybe you should revert17:16
glaucous_did I get booted?17:18
glaucous_nemo, if you said something after my "revert?" I didn't see it17:18
nemonot sure what you mean by *your* revert. I did suggest you revert to version that seems to be working for her.17:19
glaucous_I guess my "revert?" question didn't come through then17:19
glaucous_I can't revert.  Just upgraded from gutsy today17:20
glaucous_poor timing it seems17:20
CarlFK /topic "Help test LTS upgrade: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTSUpgradesHowto " = Page moved.17:28
CarlFKsomeone should update the /topic17:28
AmaranthCarlFK: No thank you, the URL it redirects to is very long17:30
Amaranthand the redirect won't go anyway any time soon17:30
CarlFKgood point17:34
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Assidgod these fonts look horrible18:13
mooboo1i had 8000 fps in glxgears before, like 2 days ago, but today i only have 5000 fps, why?18:14
Assidfonts in kopete - horrible18:15
nemoAssid: you running gnome?18:17
Assidheck fonts in gnome look bad too18:17
nemooh really?18:17
Assidstupid buggy software18:17
nemoAssid: oh. the default does suck18:17
nemoI switched my fonts to bitstream long ago18:18
Assidwas working a few days ago18:18
nemoI wonder what the Qt default is18:18
pwuertzhow to configure fonts in Qt4?18:18
pwuertzqtconfig does not support font settings...18:19
Assidhave you noticed gdm to have bold fonts18:19
nemoAssid: no. but then. I haven't checked out gdm in a while18:20
Assidyou havent noticed some fonts being darker since a few days18:20
CarlFKbug 192310 seems to be fixed. ( do-release-upgrade -d just finished without the workaround)18:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192310 in hyphen "package openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us None [modified: /var/lib/dpkg/info/openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us.list] failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite `/usr/share/myspell/dicts/hyph_en_US.dic', which is also in package openoffice.org-hyphenation" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19231018:24
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nemoAssid: nvidia18:29
Assidnemo: strange18:30
Assidmines been acting strange18:30
Assidand i mean STRANGE18:30
Assidmy eyes hurt18:34
mooboo1so i have linux and ppl say its rock solid and great for multitasking, but my music skips sometimes18:36
rskmooboo1: alpha5 ?18:36
Idleonemooboo1, amount of ram?18:37
mooboo14gb, thats like 4000000000000000000 bytes18:37
Idleoneyeah that should be just about enough :)18:37
mooboo1and dual-core cpu, intel core 2 duo, 2.13 ghz18:37
napsy_how do I turn on clearlooks animation?18:37
=== Stormx2` is now known as Stormx2
Idleoneis there anything in the alpha5 livecd that would cause me being unable to view any sites besides google.com?18:39
nemoIdleone: your DNS is screwed up and that was the only cached entry?18:39
Idleonenemo, possibly18:39
Idleonehow do I check?18:39
CarlFKinstalled gutsy server, ran "do-release-upgrade -d", rebooted, apt-get update/upgrade, got error  http://dpaste.com/37757/ cp: cannot create regular file `/var/lib/apt/keyrings/ubuntu-archive-keyring.gpg': No such file or directory18:40
CarlFKwhat package should I report this agains?18:41
Idleonenemo, if dns was messed up would that not affect windows also?18:41
smurfslovergood evening everyone18:47
Idleonehello smurfslover18:47
smurfsloveri'm about to give up at hardy :(18:48
smurfslovercan't get x to wrok properly18:48
smurfsloveri'm stuck to a 800x600 res18:48
smurfsloveri tried everything18:49
smurfsloveri got good results with ripping of a xorg.conf from a gutsy live cd18:50
smurfsloverbut after installing nvidia driver my x is lost again18:50
smurfsloverso i tried ripping of a xorg.conf from gutsy after installing the nvidia driver but that didn't do the trick18:50
smurfsloveranyone who can help me18:52
CarlFKsmurfslover: how did you install nvidia?18:55
nemoIdleone: well. your DNS is probably issued by a DHCP server, so. dunno. maybe, maybe not.18:55
smurfsloveri don't even have a decent x without nvidia driver18:56
smurfsloverseems like kubuntu hardy doesn't configure my gfx card18:57
smurfslovernot even with the live cd18:59
smurfsloverare the kde4 packages for gutsy the same as in hardy?19:04
atomicpotatoyay, compiz works again19:06
atomicpotatosmurfslover, they're old19:06
smurfsloverhow old?19:06
atomicpotatoa couple versions19:07
atomicpotato4.0.0 gold iirc19:07
smurfslovereven pclinuxos has kde 4.019:07
mooboo1my mp3s lag19:07
frank23smurfslover: I think there is a ppa for recent kde4 releases for gutsy19:07
smurfsloverhardy has 4.0.119:08
frank23smurfslover: http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.1.php19:08
smurfsloveri want to help testing kde4 but pclinuxos development team is to small to deliver regular kde4 packages19:09
smurfsloverand they are busy with an upcoming release19:09
smurfsloverthen i'll install gutsy instead of hardy and give it a 2nd shot with the next development release19:10
smurfsloveryeah kubuntu even has koffice 219:11
smurfsloveri've beenon kubuntu from 5.10 till 6.1019:12
smurfsloverall the following releases gave me troubles untill gutsy19:12
smurfsloverhi oliver_g219:12
oliver_g2will 2.6.24 be the kernel that will ship with Hardy?19:12
oliver_g2mainly I want to know whether 2.6.25 will be considered, as that would probably break my WLAN which uses ndiswrapper :-/19:16
rskyea hehe.19:16
rskyou read kerneltrap i presume?19:16
rskor lkml19:16
oliver_g2rsk: yes19:17
smurfslovereven if they do it's always possible to install another kernel19:18
rskhopefully broadcom etc can do what intel and amd does before that.19:18
affluxoliver_g2: 2.6.24 will be the only one shipped with hardy19:19
oliver_g2afflux: that sounds good :-D19:19
PiciIts way too late to switch to a different kernel19:19
oliver_g2pff... they added gvfs and murrine that late as well...19:20
affluxmurrine came with the artwork deadline19:20
smurfsloverthis one doesn't do a nice job on configuring my fx520019:20
Picimurrine isn't isnt as big of a change as a new kernel is19:20
affluxgvfs wasn't that late, way before featurefreeze19:20
oliver_g2well, it was late enough to make me wonder if a big change like a new kernel would be possible as well19:21
affluxis 2.6.25 going to be released soon?19:22
smurfsloverbbl going to install kubuntu gutsy :)19:22
* cyphase is liking the new hardy theme20:00
rskafflux: no20:01
rskprobably a month left or soo20:01
zniavrehello i got gnome-apps -install crash is it a known bug?20:06
rubeeshi...i noticed that without gdm front end (i.e. starting up gnome using startx), none of the admin tools work..the unlock button always grayed out20:10
rubeesis there a workaround for this?20:11
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ZambeziWhat's apport-gtk? It's using 100% CPU.20:23
ZambeziOh. It's report. Nevermind. :-)20:23
PiciIts what generates the bug reports.20:24
ZambeziPici: I saw that when the gtk popped up. At first it didn't. It's FF again.20:26
TiyukHello... updating my kernel from 2.6.24-10-generic (the latest available version of it as of yesterday) to 2.6.24-11-generic, results in brightness controls not responding on a ThinkPad X61t. Not only that, but its /proc/acpi interface doesn't do anything either.20:26
TiyukIndeed, rebooting into 2.6.24-10-generic fixes the problem.20:27
Tiyuk[   33.387320] thinkpad_acpi: standard ACPI backlight interface available, not loading native one...20:29
ephracisIs network manager 0.7 gonna be in hardy?20:30
=== marko-_-_ is now known as marko-_-
ZambeziOkay. I tried to upload a bugreport, but the database crashed.21:02
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
andatcheanyone know why the latest xorg in hardy seems to ignore screen dimensions and just sets the dpi to 96x96?21:29
andatchefound a few debain bugs that seem related but nothing I can find will fix it :(21:29
h3sp4wnBecause its stupid21:32
h3sp4wnwhat driver are you using ?21:33
h3sp4wn(I have got my radeon to work right)21:33
h3sp4wn resolution:    106x105 dots per inch21:33
andatcheI have tried with both intel and i81021:33
andatchewith the intel driver I can fix the dpi using xrandr (obvisouly)21:34
h3sp4wnI can with radeon but it doesn't fix it for already started apps properly21:34
h3sp4wntake a look at http://paste.debian.net/5044021:35
h3sp4wnperhaps you can do something similar with intel21:35
andatchethat's what I've tried already :(21:36
andatchedoesn't seem to work21:36
h3sp4wnI think the edid part is what made it work for me21:36
h3sp4wnI did spend a long time messing with it21:37
h3sp4wneven longer with xrandr 1.221:37
h3sp4wn(everyone seems to think its gtk2 job to deal with this but I think its the wm21:38
h3sp4wne17 does xrandr 1.2 perfectly sanely21:38
andatchethe funny thing is there is a line in the xorg log saying: intel(0): DPI set to (95, 128)21:38
andatcheyet xrandr still shows it as 96x96 and all the fonts look nasty21:39
andatchethis is using fluxbox21:39
andatcheit's an issue with xorg it would seem21:39
h3sp4wnIt is indead21:40
andatchetis a pita21:41
h3sp4wnWell for me it was oh as well did you get rid of the hardcoded thing in /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc21:41
h3sp4wn(if you are using startx / xinit)21:41
h3sp4wnIts hardcoded at 96 in there as well21:42
andatcheI'm still using gdm21:42
fdsjkalfi use mint linux, is there a way to upgrade that to the hardy core21:43
ysth1for some time now, I've been getting "eth1: unknown hardware address type 801" (twice) when doing ifup wlan0_rename22:08
lime4x4did places/network break again after todays updates?22:09
steph_Can someone help me compile b43-fwcutter VERSION 011?22:19
steph_Or tell me where I can find it?22:19
DanaGysth1: if you want to fix the "wlan0_rename" being named as such, look in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules22:26
ysth1DanaG: I don't really care what the name is22:27
DanaGThat name thing is just a cosmetic issue, too.  I think it's the wmaster interface.22:27
lime4x4also now my network transfer speed is 40.3 kb per sec atleast before i was getting 1.5 megs per sec22:27
ysth1ah, there's an entry for eth1 but not wlan0_rename there22:28
ysth1eth1 used to be the wireless until some hardy update long ago when it became wlan0_rename22:28
DanaGPerhaps there's another wlan0 there already.22:29
ysth1just eth0 and eth122:29
mooboo1does ubuntu monitor my S.M.A.R.T hard disk status?22:30
ysth1there's an "auto eth1" line in /etc/network/interfaces22:30
h3sp4wnmooboo1: can do22:30
h3sp4wnmooboo1: smartmontools22:30
mooboo1h3sp4wn, it should do by default22:30
* DanaG finds that checking SMART data can cause the drive to un-idle.22:30
h3sp4wnDon't see why22:30
ysth1everything works (except that error message being issued) so I'm reluctant to change anything22:30
mooboo1DanaG, oh22:30
DanaGOh, and my hard drive doesn't ever spin down, even when spindown time is set to 5 seconds.22:31
mooboo15 secs is crazy22:31
DanaGIf I manually spin down the drive, it stays spun down for a while, actually.  Perhaps 30 seconds or so.22:31
h3sp4wnI have one that has issues with some ata commands with power management22:34
h3sp4wnneed to disable all of it somehow22:34
h3sp4wn(Only use it as an external drive now though)22:34
DanaGOh, and even -B 254 OR -B 255 sometimes don't work.22:34
DanaGOh hey, now my drive is actually spinning down.22:37
h3sp4wnDanaG: This does work in this case but not when its using a usb->ata22:42
h3sp4wnannoying thing is there is a firmware upgrade but I messed it up by using freedos instead of drdos22:42
h3sp4wn(lazy basically)22:42
DanaGUSB can't pass SMART commands.22:45
h3sp4wnIs that a smart command22:52
mooboo1what package does 'ddcprobe' belong to?23:21
mooboo1and why does my 'ddcprobe' say that EDID fail?23:21
h3sp4wnDo you know what an EDID is23:41
mooboo1yeah, its the thing in the monitor that communicates wtih the graphics card23:46
mooboo1to tell its what refresh rate its capable of doing and other stuff23:47

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