troy_skwwii: I was looking at the supported Nikons on the dcraw site.  It supports every DSLR up to the D3.  It makes me wonder why your weren't able to decode the NEFs.04:45
troy_skwwii: The ONLY camera I can see on there that isn't yet supported (but probably is as the NEF won't change) is the D60.04:45
troy_skwwii: Anyways, if you can't get it sorted let me know.04:46
kwwiigood morning all08:58
kwwiitroy_s: yeah, I have/had a fuji (almost sold now)08:59
kwwiitroy_s: and yes, I need to tweak the wallpaper and work on gdm ;-)08:59
* kwwii answers emails, etc08:59
kwwiihehe, checking the site, even the s5 is supported now09:04
xhakerkwwii: good morning10:03
kwwiimoin xhaker10:03
xhakerkwwii: can you give me a link to the current plans for hardy theme?10:03
xhakeri've talked with seb128 about a bug in the theme, and managed to hunt it down and patch ubuntulooks10:04
xhakerthe previous theme nowI presume10:04
xhakerit has to do with inconsistent radio buttons. at first i thought that it was a bug somewhere else, but it proved to be the theme10:06
kwwiixhaker: for now we are planning on using murrine or clear looks as default but I think that we will still ship an ubuntulooks theme10:06
xhakerkwwii: well, i wonder what would ubuntulooks be if i merged it with current clearlooks10:07
xhakerkwwii: http://leetcorp.net/theme-radio-easy-fix.png10:07
kwwiixhaker: I think that the code is really different in the meantime10:07
kwwiixhaker: one thing we are interested in looking into is keeping the look of the ubuntulooks scrollbars10:08
kwwiibut I am not sure how close the code is...if one could just cut that out of ubuntulooks and paste it into clearlooks10:08
xhakerkwwii: it would be cool to know when did clearlooks get forked for ubuntulooks10:09
xhakerthat'd help10:09
kwwiixhaker: I am writing an email as we speak on the notes I took from a meeting last week on this stuff10:09
xhakerfor now I fixed the radio buttons, inconsistent = glow, no bullet10:09
xhakerthanks, i'll let you type10:10
kwwiinot sure what you mean10:14
xhakerkwwii: about the radio buttons?10:33
kwwiixhaker: yes, do you have a screenshot to explain?10:34
xhakerI've pasted the url before10:34
xhakersee how all the radio buttons are glowing but have no bullet indicating which is selected10:35
xhakerthey're in a state called inconsistent10:35
xhakernone is selected10:35
xhakerthat is with my patched ubuntulooks10:35
kwwiiso this makes them orange filled, if I see it correctly10:35
xhakerthe one in the repositories makes them all *appear* selected10:36
xhakerkwwii: in the code the orange fill is called glow10:36
kwwiiI guess a change like this needs to be discussed...I'll ask a couple of people and get back to you, ok?10:37
xhakerkwwii: i've talked with seb128, it is a known bug10:37
kwwiiemail address?10:37
xhakerhe just told me he'd prefer the clearlooks style for inconsistent radio10:38
kwwiior send me one at kwwii at ubuntu dot com10:38
xhakerxhaker at gmail.com10:38
xhakerthat's why i will probably try to merge clearlooks back to ubuntulooks10:39
kwwiithat would be pretty cool if you can make it work well10:40
kwwiithere are quite a few things from ubuntulooks that we would like to keep10:41
xhakerkwwii: are they enumerated in the email?10:44
kwwiiyes..it'll probably need more explanation, but it is a a start10:46
xhakerand now i would love to know the fork version10:47
xhakerhave to try to find it. doesn't seem to exist a correlation with the ubuntulooks version number10:48
xhakermy question: ubuntulooks is based on which version of clearlooks?10:50
kwwiiI've no idea :-)10:50
kwwiiit was from shortly before dapper10:50
xhakerright. i was saying the ubuntulooks version is 0.9, and clearlooks didn't have that version number ever10:51
xhakerhaha.. lookin into murrine10:52
xhakera comment inside radiobuttons draw routine ./* inconsistent state is missing? */10:53
xhakeri have a class now. will be back later10:54
kwwiisee you soon10:56
troy_s_MMA_: New NIN album.  CC licensed and FLAC.12:09
_MMA_troy_s: Holy shit really?12:09
troy_s_MMA_: ghosts.nin.com12:10
troy_s_MMA_: Still getting hammered.12:10
* _MMA_ goes now.12:10
troy_s_MMA_: Free download, 5 bucks gets you FLAC or AAC (shit)12:10
troy_s_MMA_: 10 gets you the cds plus immediate download.  Etc.12:10
_MMA_Awesome to see Trent (or someone near him) knows a little something. :)12:10
_MMA_I think Ill order the CD.12:11
troy_s_MMA_: It's all Trent judging from the last two interviews I have read.12:12
troy_s_MMA_: He was choked at the quality of the Radiohead album.12:12
troy_s_MMA_:  So he wanted to offer a better version (360(?) on the MP3 and FLAC for paid.)12:13
_MMA_I might get the Deluxe Edition. Kinda a historic collectors thing IMO.12:13
troy_s_MMA_: Yep.  Toying with that too.12:13
troy_s_MMA_: The 300 dollar one might be helluva historic.12:13
_MMA_$30? Thats really an awesome deal.12:13
troy_s_MMA_: Not to mention that the bundle is pretty amazing.  Hell... Vinyl!12:13
troy_s_MMA_: It goes back to my idea of making the bloody stuff worth buying again.  Pump the money into art direction etc... Nice to see that he has done it this way.  I suspect it will be a large smashing hit.12:14
troy_s_MMA_: Site was _CLOBBERED_ last night.12:14
_MMA_Yeah. Im buying this now. Thanx for the heads up.12:15
troy_shrm... they moved the 'Free' over to the right side...12:15
troy_s_MMA_: I tried to find you last night.  Rather bombshell.12:15
troy_s_MMA_: No pre-announcement or anything.  Just poof -- instant site and huge news.12:15
troy_s_MMA_: Oh and look -- LAME encoded.  Rather interesting.12:16
troy_s(if you bother with the mp3 rubbish.)12:17
_MMA_Must correct the s/$30/$300 for people watching. Damn I cant type. :P12:18
_MMA_troy_s: Yeah. Looks like he knows what to use. What the preferred encoders are.12:20
troy_s_MMA_: 300 gets you everything -- it is an incremental setup.12:20
troy_s_MMA_: Site is still getting hammered.  Good to see.12:20
_MMA_$1000 Gets you the Pro-Tools session. :P12:20
troy_s_MMA_: Look at the 300 dollar version ;)12:21
troy_s_MMA_: You get the source WAVs12:21
troy_s_MMA_: Trent is _on_.12:21
_MMA_Killer. Yeah. I gotta seriously consider this. Gotta convince the wife. :P12:22
troy_s_MMA_: multi-track sessions in wav format.12:22
troy_s_MMA_: If you had a paypal link on a blog... lol.12:22
andreasntroy_s: did you manage to order?12:35
troy_sandreasn: Nope... tried three times thus far.12:35
troy_sandreasn: And that limited version I am wanting to buy is probably gone now.12:36
andreasnI just getting the regular 10 usd version, so I'll wait a day or two till the servers have settled down a bit12:36
troy_sandreasn: Incremental.  You get immediate FLAC download.12:37
* _MMA_ wants the Ultra but will have to settle for Deluxe.12:37
troy_sandreasn: _and_ the disks.12:37
troy_s_MMA_: 300 for the three books, vinyl, disc, etc. is quite a steal really.12:37
_MMA_Totally. Just gotta convince the wife of that. :P12:38
troy_sto be totally honest... this could easily sell enough albums to make Trent a distributor (not that he isn't close already)12:39
Cimiis this real? http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2008/03/02/two-new-themes-arrive-in-ubuntu-804/13:56
Cimiquite ugly, I have a lot of better colorschemes13:57
kwwiiCimi: yes it is true13:57
kwwiiand the gtkrc included is very crude and in now way finished13:58
kwwiiCimi: in any case, we need to stick with typical ubuntu colors as seen in the Ubuntulooks stuff13:58
Cimikwwii, but in that way people will think clearlooks and murrine are ugly too13:59
Cimikwwii, I have a lot of better *orange/brown* colorschemes14:02
kwwiiCimi: yeah, I am not saying it has to be 100% the same but it should look visually equal14:03
andreasnis it the same metacity theme as before?14:04
Cimikwwii, I see no reason to ship such ugly themes14:05
kwwiiCimi: nobody is saying we will ship the themes as they are14:05
Cimiat least ship two new themes when you'll have something good14:05
kwwiithe idea is to have something to work on14:05
kwwiiso that we can move forward, if only slowly at first14:06
Cimibah, I can make a theme in 2 minutes... it's not the problem14:06
kwwiithe problem is making you do what I want :p14:12
* kwwii has to run to the store, be back in a bit14:12
Cimi1: http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/901/schermataev0.png14:15
Cimi1: http://img339.imageshack.us/img339/5237/schermata1wo1.png14:15
Cimiquick try14:16
Cimiandreasn, impressions?14:16
andreasnis that the active window?14:16
andreasnI want the inactive window to look like that!14:17
Cimithese are two themes I made when I said14:17
Cimi<Cimi> bah, I can make a theme in 2 minutes... it's not the problem14:17
andreasnthe flat-thingy you blogged about a couple of weeks ago was pretty nice14:18
andreasnseems gilouche enabled that by default14:18
andreasnI like the color of the metacity theme in the murrine screenshot, that looks pretty coo14:22
andreasnanyway, I better get back to work14:22
Cimikwwii, ?15:33
vallhalla81hello all16:10
xhakerCimi: murrine lacks inconsistent radio buttons :) you have a comment near the drawing code about it. but you better do something about it.. or i'll do!18:27
xhakerkwwii: where is that email? did you send it to a list or me directly?18:31
xhakerubuntu-art. ok. will check it soon18:32
Cimikwwii, updates?23:35

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