pleia2can someone post logs when they have a chance?01:18
pleia2this is the unfortunate thing about not having it on IRC :(01:18
naliothpleia2: /topic01:25
pleia2nalioth: it's not up yet01:26
nalioth"it" ?01:26
pleia2transcripts for the gobby meeting today01:26
naliothi see: no gobby URL present  :(01:27
pleia2I don't really understand gobby, but I don't think there are public logs, or logs accessible through the "document" when you log in :\01:28
pleia2so I think people have to manually post them?01:28
naliothif you have the URL, you should be able to log in and see the docs01:28
pleia2yeah, I can see the actual document01:29
pleia2but not the chat stuff01:29
nalioththere hasn't been a class in the last 24h according to my backlog01:33
visualdeceptionpleia2: are you just wanting the meeting log?01:43
pleia2visualdeception: yep01:43
visualdeceptioni got it01:43
visualdeceptiongive me a sec I'm gonna move them to my webserver01:44
visualdeceptioni'm getting the chat transcript up01:51
pleia2thank you :)01:52
pleia2one comment I do have, is general dislike for posting transcripts on blogs01:52
pleia2not that I don't believe you'll stick around - but if you notice older transcripts in the project, they are on blogs that aren't around anymore :(01:53
visualdeceptionyea i know, i put it somewhere else but it kept giving me a 404 error01:53
pleia2so it's all lost01:53
visualdeceptioni think heartsbane is supposed to be putting it on the wiki later this week01:53
pleia2something to discuss anyway, finding a place to put them01:53
visualdeceptionso hopefully by mid week they will be up, if not I'll get them up there01:54
* pleia2 nods01:54
pleia2thanks :)01:55
* pleia2 is so excited to have others working on this now!01:55
visualdeceptionwe are going to be giving the wiki an update this week i think01:55
visualdeceptiontentative class scheduled for the 3rd week of march01:55
visualdeceptiondepending on if we can get the team to give a presentation01:56
* pleia2 nods01:56
* pleia2 sees using IRC got voted down ;)01:56
visualdeceptionlol, just because we can all see the meeting minutes01:57
pleia2I can open up gobby for meeting notes and use irc at the same time01:57
HeartsbaneWell we will do the next meeting on IRC then01:58
visualdeceptionyea i think its just easier to have one open....even though i usually have both open and then 5 more windows01:58
pleia2I think most of us are on irc during the meetings anyway?01:58
visualdeceptionthere should be a way to integrate from one to the other01:58
HeartsbaneI just got home from the hospital and I will get all that stuff posted as soon as I make some dinner01:58
pleia2it's just that we have tons of people in here, and I expect a lot of them would like to read the buffer but won't go out of their way to click on a link to read a blog with logs posted01:58
pleia2Heartsbane: hospital? everything ok?01:59
* pleia2 notes Zelut's comment about her being busy with other things01:59
Heartsbanepleia2: no my grandma had a stroke, so I have been a little unavailable01:59
pleia2I am a bit - but this is certainly a priority as far as foss stuff goes, I really just needed a team to help01:59
HeartsbaneGimme a hour and I will get started02:00
visualdeceptionif need be i can post the meeting minutes and stuff02:00
pleia2I was sorta dragging this along with minimal help, and it was just too hard02:00
visualdeceptionwe seem to have a good team going02:00
pleia2Heartsbane: sorry to hear that02:00
pleia2visualdeception: yeah :)02:00
visualdeceptioni'm working on an article for UWN/the fridge02:00
pleia2so now - this is great!02:00
Heartsbanevisualdeception: if you want to post the notes in the wiki I will come back and touch it up02:00
visualdeceptionok, do you want me to get the chat log as well?02:01
visualdeceptionshould i add them to another page?02:01
Heartsbanegimme a hour, ya go ahead because we can alway rename it02:01
visualdeceptionalright being added right now02:04
visualdeceptioni'm basically reposting the document that was edited....02:06
HeartsbaneThanx visualdeception even though you are not here03:13
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