Solarionso, anyone around now?03:41
Solarionman, my life is going to suck for a while then03:45
SolarionKano: is not funny.  filesystem horkage is no joke03:45
Solarionmaybe in ten years I'll be able to laugh03:45
Kanowhat filesystem do you use03:46
Solarionreiser is the only one atm03:46
Solarionspace is at a premium, but that's not the problem03:46
Solarionlack of enabled usb persistance is my problem.03:46
ubotuLaunchpad bug 197166 in linux "[hardy] kernel should have usb persist mode built in" [Undecided,New] 03:47
Solarionubotu: thanks03:47
ubotuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)03:47
Solarionubotu: I know, but bots rock03:47
Kanoyes reiserfs is very tricky. you will lose your data fast when you oc your system or your ram is faulty...03:48
SolarionI'm not doing either thing03:48
Solarionbut regardless, the reason I'm here is to discuss enabling USB pesist mode in the kernel03:48
Solarionit doesn't actually turn on usb persist mode; it only enables it.03:49
Solarionpersist must still be turned on per device, so those users who don't need it won't feel the change03:49
Solarionthose (like me) who need it will have their lives suck much less03:49
Kanoyou can recompile the kernel with that option with ease03:50
Solarionso it's pretty clear-cut to me, but then I'm not an ubuntu let alone an ubuntu kernel dev, so I might have missed it03:50
Kanodid you do that03:50
SolarionKano: I'm doing it03:50
SolarionI want to try to keep it semi-official, so I'd rather not keep doing it every time the kernel gets updated, which happens pretty often with hrdy03:51
Kanojust remove the meta package03:53
Kanowhats the problem03:53
SolarionI then have to maintain the kernels myself?03:53
Solarionis one of the reasons I use a distro?03:54
Kanowell maybe somebody adds your option, thats of course more easy03:54
SolarionKano: are you an ubutu kernel dev?03:54
Kanono, i am from kanotix03:54
SolarionKano: yes, that is my hope; find out if I can get it enabled in the ubuntu build03:54
Kanono problem to do that03:55
Kanoyou could do that even via sed ;)03:55
Solarionto do which?03:55
Kanoto enable options03:55
Solarionyeah, I know03:55
Solarionbut enabling it in the ubuntu build is significantly more difficult, now isn't it?03:55
Kanoi do that this way03:56
Kanoyesterday somebody asked me to disable one option and then i disabled with via a sed command too - fully scripted03:56
Solariontoll, aber das hilft mir net weiter03:57
Kanoguck dir das query an, in dem script sind einige tricks,wie man mit sed an config files rumspielt03:59
Solarionich kann doch mit config files rumgehn03:59
Kanodas bezweifle ich04:00
Solariondas Problem is halt, dass ich usb persist mode in *ubuntus* kern aktivieren, nicht in meinem selbstgebauten04:00
Solarionkannst ruhig tun04:00
Kanonaja ich kann den u kernel nicht ändern, nur kanotix kernel04:01
SolarionKano: dann kannste mir net weiterhelfen.  :)04:01
Kanoim dem script im query findest aber alle infos wie man die config von u standard kernels ändert04:01
Kanowers nicht sieht ist blind04:01
Solarionmensh, das letzte mal, als ich in Deutschland wohnte, hab' ich in DM bezahlt.  :)04:02
* Solarion notices that kano pm'ed him04:04
Solarionah well.  I'm still not blind then.  :)04:04
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Solarionthis is a very quiet channel14:22
amitkSolarion: you can start making the noise :)14:49
amitkSolarion: were you the one requesting that USB_PERSISTENCE be turned on?14:49
zul*sigh* who was asking me about nvidia xen stuff last week15:14
tjaaltonzul: _o/15:18
zultjaalton:  http://people.ubuntu.com/~chucks/nv-fix.diff is the fix for you15:18
tjaaltonzul: thanks!15:26
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Solarionamitk: yes16:40
Solarionkraut: moin moin16:41
krautSolarion: hi16:46
Solarionwas fúr eine Art Kraut biste denn?16:47
* Solarion ist UNkraut16:47
krautsauerkraut, wenn du so weiter machst ;)16:50
amitkSolarion: I'll be looking at enabling USB_PERSIST sometime this week...if the default behaviour is off, then it should be in the next kernel.17:13
Solarionamitk: it is, from the documentation I read17:39
SolarionI'm compiling today's kernel (2.6.24-11) with it enabled to try it out17:39
* Solarion is rather a n00b when it comes to doing kernels the Ubuntu/Debian way.17:40
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Solarionamitk: ping17:57
* Solarion grabs lunch18:16
johanbrcrimsun_: Have you had any time for bluetooth testing? One thing that's happened is that the cvs version of the bluez audio service doesn't immediately drop the connection upon close, but reuses it in case an app reopens the connection in the next few seconds. This makes voip work much better.18:20
johanbrI think it'd be nice to have this patch in Hardy.18:21
mario_limonciellis there a trick to attempting to get a USB serial console up and running?  I've tried to include the usb-serial driver in the initramfs18:36
mario_limonciellor will I have to recompile the kernel differently to allow this at least?18:37
fR_hi, i'm trying to add a new option to the custom xen kernel config. what I've tried doing is modifing debian/binary-custom.d/xen/config.amd64, however when the scripts/kconfig/conf is run, it removes my option from the file it creates.18:49
fR_is this the correct way to do this? can I make this conf script explain why it's rejecting the option?18:52
amitkSolarion: hi19:01
Solarionamitk: do you want/need the bug number or more information?>19:11
amitkSolarion: no. As i said, I am looking into it now.. Hopefully I'll have it enabled for Hardy beta.19:26
Solarionamitk: right, I was just trying to be helpful.  :)19:34
Solarionamitk: thanks for looking in to it.19:34
Solarionhmm, if it's not gonna be in before the beta, I'm gonna have to keep compiling my own until then, particularly for next week19:40
amitkSolarion: thanks. We are in freeze for alpha 6 now, so it won't go in before beta20:07
crimsun_johanbr: a bit but not on recent hardy due to gvfs being a bit unstable.  I'll check tomorrow's daily-live20:21
smbmjg59: Hi Matthew, can you help me with a missing piece of powermanagement? When pressing the hibernate button I can follow the call chain until acpi_fakekey is called.21:13
smbmjg59: What exaclty does acpi_fakekey do? Just sending a virtual keypress (to what)?21:13
mjg59Yes, which should then be caught by hal and turned into a dbus event21:15
smbmjg59: Which then would be handled by powermanagers listening there. Has there been a change you know of which could change defautls here?21:16
smbmjg59: I am asking because I was looking at a report where the fakekey was called but the reporter claims there doesn't happen anything21:17
mjg59Nothing springs to mind21:18
smbmjg59: Hm, ok. Seems the next debugging step would then be to check for hal and dbus events. Or just plainly ask whether there is a power mannagement applet running... Thanks21:21
mjg59xev should show the keystroke21:21
smbmjg59: Got a log from showkay that shows the keypress. Could try xev as well but I expect this yields same results21:24
mjg59Hm. Showkey wouldn't show it if it was from acpi_fakekey21:29
mjg59So I suspect that's not what's happening21:30
smbmjg59: Or it might just be unrelated. Just proving the key does something at all. But then xev would be a good candidate to go on. And maybe dbus-monitor21:33
BenCsmb: if showkey has it, it may just need to be mapped properly with the hotkeys-setup package for that particular model21:39
smbBenC: It already does show up in acpid.log and call the correct action script, which does then an acpi_fakekey21:40
BenCsmb: hmm...sounds out of the kernel space to me then21:40
smbBenC: Sounds like it. I just wanted to make sure I don't miss a bit. But I would generically suspect power management applets/daemons. 21:43
fR_ok, I think the problem is that by selecting the XEN subarchitecture type, ARCH_SUPPORTS_MSI gets set to false, which prevents CONFIG_PCI_MSI, which is required by CONFIG_DMAR (the option I wanted to add). Does anyone here know anything about this? My understanding was that IOMMU is designed specifically for virtualization.21:47

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