mousecloneI need to ask some questions... if any one is out there03:54
mouseclonethe first major one is - is Ubuntu Mobile ready for prime time on a Q1U?03:54
larsemilamitk: would it be worth putting ubuntu mobile on a eee with touchscreen? or would i just miss alot of functionality?07:29
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amitkmouseclone: ubuntu mobile should work well on the Q109:42
amitklarsemil: reports seem to suggest the ubuntu mobile works on the eee. I am not sure if the touchscreen version has open drivers though.09:44
larsemilamitk: well, i get a cd with the touchscreen when i order it, and its says that there are drivers for windows and linux. so we will see09:45
larsemilif it works in normal ubuntu it would work with ubuntu-mobile i guess.09:45
amitklarsemil: from reports, ubuntu works well with the standard eee pc09:46
larsemilthis i know. using it now09:46
larsemilbut dont have my touchscreen yet09:46
larsemilbut it would be cool to have ubuntu-mobile on it. looks good.09:47
amitklarsemil: aaaah. Good. To increase the chances of success, try to find out if the touchscreen driver is open source or binary only09:49
larsemilwill do when i get it. maybe it works out of the box, we will see09:49
loolmjg59: Cool, cheese hildon support merged; nice work!10:43
mjg59lool: No problem10:43
mjg59lool: It'd be good if someone could test the fast resume stuff - works for me, but I don't have any Menlow hardware10:43
loolmjg59: I heard from amitk that it was working I think10:44
loolamitk: ^^^10:44
lool(I don't have menlow hardware either)10:45
mjg59I've refactored the Intel code somewhat10:45
mjg59Which makes it easier to work with10:45
mjg59update-grub probably needs some special-casing for lpia, but other than that I'm optimistic10:45
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slytherinMithrandir: Now that gvfs has obex support can you chnage bluez-gnome to drop the patch I added for disabling 'Browse Device..'? Also gnome-vfs-obexftp dependency can be dropped.11:58
Mithrandirslytherin: hum, we have gvfs obex support in hardy already?11:59
loolMithrandir: gvfs (0.1.8svn20080227-0ubuntu1) hardy; urgency=low12:01
lool  * SVN snapshot version:12:01
lool    - new obexftp backend (lp: #186973)12:01
slytherinMithrandir: Yes, not sure how good it is.12:01
MithrandirI'll get that tested&fixed then12:02
Mithrandirslytherin: thanks for prodding12:02
slytherinMithrandir: As per Sebastien's comment in bug #196239 it may not be as good as expected.12:02
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196239 in gvfs "Enable Browse device again when gvfs gets released again" [Wishlist,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19623912:02
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smagounlool: do you have a minute to discuss bug 191064 ?21:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191064 in ume-config-common "Set midbrowser as the default URL handler for HTTPS" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19106421:16
loolsmagoun: Yes21:17
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loolsmagoun: (If you're talking in a /query, you might need to identify with nickserv as I don't see it)21:21
smagounlool: sorry, I get interrupted in person anytime I ping someone.21:22
smagounI'm willing to prepare a new ume-config-crown-beach for that bug21:22
smagounlool: One problem with ume-c-c-b is that it needs repacking as a non-native package, and the version number in the PPA is 0.28; 0.26 is the latest upstream. Should I add an epoch to the pkg, or just clobber the version in the PPA and rebase on the upstream 0.26?21:24
loolOk, so it would be nice to make it depend on the fixed ume-config-common to ensure that people relying on ume-config-crown-beach always get the gconf settings in some way21:24
loolsmagoun: I see21:24
loolsmagoun: epoch are the real fix, but they are horrible and should be avoided if possible; do you think you could try to talk to Intel to merge our changes as new versions?21:25
loolOr to release a 0.29 whatever it has? :)21:25
smagounlool: I can try to talk Intel into that, yes.  I hate epochs too. :)21:26
loolsmagoun: An alternative is to use some temporary ugly version numbering like 0.28+really0.26-0ubuntu121:26
loolepochs will cause more mistakes in the future, and I fear an epoch race; not counting the fact that we will have one more thing to explain WRT to versionning which is already quite complex21:26
smagounlool: I'd rather not do that, nobody ever seems to know what to do in that case21:27
smagounI'll talk to Intel..21:27
loolLet's try to talk with Intel; we should have commit access to these trees I think21:27
smagounAFAIK I only have access to image-creator; are we supposed to have commit to everything?21:28
loolsmagoun: I think it's per module too, but I don't see a good reason they shouldn't trust us; they are uploading to our ppa after all21:28
loolIt's particularly painful with git because it's something not integrated with launchpad and hence our teams  :-/21:29
lool(I mean we don't have any group access control or anything)21:31
loolI wonder whether we should set something up on rookery or so21:31
loolBut then Intel wouldn't get access, ah21:31
* lool goes to bed now21:31
benj3onenight lool21:41
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GrueMasterdavidm: ping.23:16
davidmHi GrueMaster whats up?23:17
GrueMasterSo, I'm going over the image you sent us Friday, and I've found a few glaring issues.23:17
GrueMasterSudo still doesn't work until the host name is added to /etc/hosts.23:17
GrueMasterAnd the 3D drivers are not installed.23:18
davidmI found out the Intel regressed our fixes by accident on the sudo issue23:18
davidmWe have sent in a patch to Intel to avoid that happening again.23:19
GrueMasterfigures.  23:19
GrueMasterDon't say I said that.23:19
GrueMasterAs to the 3D drivers, is there some licensing issue?  I know they're binary only.23:20
davidmWe asked to have a pach applied about a month ago, it was not done and a week ago last Friday when a bunch of stuff was dropped into the PPA a bunch of stuff either broke, or regressed.23:20
davidmI'll see, since we can't include them in the normal builds, but should be able to in private builds23:21
davidmWait on please23:21
GrueMasterwill do.23:21
davidmGrueMaster, is just the userspace binary missing?23:29
davidmI'm trying to figure out what did not get installed23:29
GrueMasterit looks like libgl1-mesa-dri-psb, psb-video, and xorg-modules-Xpsb are missing.  I'll verify the actual file names.23:30
GrueMasterI have the source tree here and can rebuild them, just noticed they weren't there.23:31
davidmOK that will help, if you can verify which packages got missed I can make sure they get picked up for the private build without fail23:32
GrueMasterAlso, libva1 is mia.23:32
davidmGiven how touchy X and the kernel I just want to install exactly what is needed and no more23:33
GrueMasterok, but without these, helix is useless.23:34
davidmhelix is useless?  Did not realize helix was 3D, thought it was 2D interesting.23:36
GrueMasterIt uses the 3D engine to render the frames.23:36
GrueMasterMost video hardware decoders do (nVidia, and ATI, for example).23:36
davidmWell I'll take the tar ball and open the project and attempt to install the packages and have that put into the private area23:37
GrueMasterI'll see about making the closed source modules into a single package.  Less confusing that way, I think.23:37
davidmGrueMaster, that would be good I think, I must have missed the step while I was getting the rest straightened out.23:43
davidmAs soon as StevenK is online I'll get this taken care of.23:44
mousecloneanyone use the touch screen Eee setup on jkkmobile.blogspot.com?23:50
mouseclonesomeone talked earlier about a touchscreen Eee23:51
mousecloneusing Ubuntu Mobile23:51

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