bddebianHeya gang00:28
RAOFHowdie bddebian.00:53
bddebianHi RAOF00:54
LaserJockanybody know off-hand a where native packages are talked about it Debian Policy or DDR?00:59
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Davieyj #ubuntu-offtopic03:08
jdongany MC'ers online? I'm wondering what's the situation with Kmos and Launchpad?03:34
jdongHe recently added activity to bug 190028 and further filed duplicate bug report 197785 with non-useful information03:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190028 in deluge-torrent "deluge crashed with SIGSEGV in libtorrent::piece_manager::export_piece_map()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19002803:35
jdongsoren: you're MC right? ^^03:35
nixternaljdong: what's up?03:42
jdongnixternal: I was wonder whether the MC has revised its decision about Marco Rodrigues posting to Launchpad... He has generated about 25% of my bugmail over the past two days03:49
nixternaltell me, is he marking stuff as 'Fix Released' and stuff or just commenting?03:51
nixternalie. deluge03:51
jdongnixternal: well.. he made a comment on a bug that he filed that it's still not fixed in Hardy, which I have absolutely no problem with, but...03:51
jdongnixternal: he also for some reason filed a new bug against Deluge with the same information and marked it duplicate of his original bug03:52
jdongnixternal: and to make matters worse apport retraced his new bug which resulted in like 4 more bugmails03:52
nixternalthis dude is getting on my last damn nerve03:53
jdongyeah, I mean... it wouldn't hurt if he thought a step ahead before clicking on buttons that generate bugmail03:53
nixternalit is LaserJock's fault03:54
LaserJockanybody know off-hand of a package using CDBS that has a get-orig-source ?03:54
LaserJocknixternal: isn't everything?03:55
superm1ipod convenience :)03:55
nixternalsuperm1: answer LaserJock, you are the get-orig-source mastah03:55
nixternalhahah told ya!03:55
superm1although gmyth's is prettier03:55
nixternalI was going to say, anything with 'mythbuntu' in the name :p03:55
nixternalor anything touched by superm103:55
superm1yeah most of the stuff i do in cdbs has it03:56
LaserJocksuperm1: excellent, thanks03:58
superm1no prob.03:59
superm1nixternal, when you had your server setup with sbuild, did you have it set so you could dput thing there and sbuild would take over03:59
superm1and send you an email when done?03:59
LaserJocksuperm1: 2nd question. How do I use it? :-)04:01
LaserJockI tried make -f debian/rules get-orig-source04:01
superm1LaserJock, from the root of the directory, you run debian/rules get-orig-source04:02
superm1just like that04:02
LaserJockI get: make: Nothing to be done for `get-orig-source'.04:02
superm1dont use make04:02
LaserJockstill no help04:03
superm1the rule isn't working?04:03
superm1or what's happening?04:03
LaserJockI would think it *should* do something04:03
superm1it does04:03
superm1it branches bzr04:03
superm1and tar's it up04:03
superm1you have cdbs installed locally and bzr right?04:04
LaserJockthat's my debian/rules ^^04:04
superm1i'd guess it can't switch to DEBIAN_DIR04:05
superm1for some reason04:05
superm1you sure you have that DEBIAN_DIR defined right?04:05
LaserJockit's near the top of rules04:06
superm1right, but where is MAKEFILE_LIST04:06
superm1coming from?04:06
LaserJockheck if I know04:06
superm1i'd say nuke         cd ${DEBIAN_DIR}/.. && \04:06
superm1if you run the rule from the root of the directory that's not necessary04:06
LaserJockI'm just using the stuff from PackagingGuide/Basic#CommonMistakes04:07
superm1well comment out DEBIAN_DIR and try that04:07
superm1you need to debug which part of the rule is failing04:07
superm1and that's the best way to start04:07
protonchrisLaserJock: make sure that you are using tabs under the get-orig-source rule and not spaces.04:07
RAOFLaserJock: You probably want to add get-orig-source to .PHONY, too.04:08
RAOFOtherwise make will think that it should generate a file called get-orig-source :)04:08
LaserJockRAOF: there is no .PHONY04:09
jdongwhatever makes it happy (ha ha ha ok no more puns tonight)04:09
RAOFThere probably should be (but I don't _think_ it's mandatory)04:09
LaserJockmy assumption was that cdbs was doing .PHONY04:09
superm1i've never had to do one for cdbs04:09
LaserJockhmm, it's almost right04:11
LaserJockit just dumps the .org.tar.gz one dir down04:11
jdongIs there anything inherently special about jeos that I wouldn't get from, say, debootstrapping?04:12
LaserJockI think the major problem was just what protonchris said, I had spaces instead of tabs04:13
LaserJockbecause I copy-n-pasted from the wiki page04:13
protonchrisYeah, that got me before.04:13
jdongLaserJock: you should use a real text editor such as vim, which highlights things in annoying red when it thinks it's not correct :)04:14
LaserJockI usually do use vim04:14
LaserJockbut use nano a lot as well for small stuff04:15
superm1i use geany, which puts dots where there are spaces and arrows where there are tabs04:15
jdongI use emacs, which makes me wait long enough that I realize I used tabs instead of spaces04:16
ScottKjdong: My experience with kmos is there's no point in just chatting about him.  I'd suggest sending mail to the MC mail list with complaints.04:42
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* StevenK sniffs. Debian bug 46903905:55
ubotuDebian bug 469039 in ftp.debian.org "RM: linda -- RoM; deprecated" [Serious,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/46903905:55
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RAOFStevenK: Awwww!06:10
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warp10Good morning06:45
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Hobbseenixternal: so, shoot him.11:52
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Skiessi"<intengu> any repository with apache tomcat 6 on ubuntu it is version 5"12:24
slytherinSkiessi: on Ubuntu it is 5 and 5.512:25
SkiessiI know12:25
\shFor me, tomcat6 with a eclipse jdt is very difficult to maintain somehow...regarding duplication of sources in ubuntu/debian12:30
\shbut I'm not a java expert on this...and how we get eclipse jdt + tomcat6 in sync12:30
slytherinIs anyone using ftp via nautilus here using the latest gvfs in hardy?12:35
Skiessiyou just have to put some ftp server as the path or is some package required?12:38
SkiessiI can't connect to ftp://ftp.idsoftware.com/ as anonymous12:40
slytherinSkiessi: I tried that. First it asks for username/password and when I provide information it gives error - "invalid reply, try some other viewer"12:40
SkiessiI don't know about Hardy's schelude, but is there some restriction on updating packages now? There's been only a few updates lately...12:41
slytherinSkiessi: Yes, we are in feature freeze now12:42
Skiessisecurity updates can be done?12:44
slytherinSkiessi: of course12:47
IulianHello RainCT. Do you have two minutes for a /query?13:12
TuxCrafteris there a way to check if there are applications installed that depend on *-dev packages13:13
TuxCrafterwhen i try to run13:13
TuxCraftersudo apt-get remove $(dpkg -l '*-dev' | awk '{print $2}' | sed -n '6,${p}')\13:13
TuxCrafterit wil remove almost my compleet isnstallation13:13
slytherinTuxCrafter: Why do you want to remove -dev packages?13:18
TuxCrafterslytherin: to clean up my system and remove unwanted applications13:18
TuxCrafterslytherin: i think i found the problem13:19
TuxCrafterslytherin: sudo apt-get remove $(dpkg -l '*-dev' | awk '{print $2}' | sed -n '6,${p}' | sed /xutils-dev/d)13:25
TuxCrafterso going to reboot13:26
TuxCraftersudo apt-get remove xutils-dev13:35
TuxCrafterthat command removes my compleet xserver system13:36
RainCTHey Iulian. Sorry, didn't see your message... Sure :)13:36
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TuxCrafterxutils depends on xutils-dev13:40
TuxCrafterwhy is tht13:40
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\shScottK: when I knew which wine version will work in the future before hardy release, I would be  happy14:22
\shScottK: but thanks for your whitelist ack :)14:22
ScottK\sh: Sure.  I'm just happy to have you and YokoZar figure it out and not have to be bothered with FFe paperwork.  Maybe someone else on motu-release will agree.14:22
\shScottK: well, the only thing I know, there is something strange happening with the compiler...as Yokozar said, his gutsy version was build with an old gcc...(wine + gcc 4.1. on hardy FTBFS as well)14:24
hellboy195ScottK: and finally added a comment to LP bug? ^^14:25
ScottK\sh: There's always 4.2 and 3.4 you can try.14:26
ScottKhellboy195: Which bug?14:26
hellboy195ScottK: PPA14:26
DaveMorrishow can I add my ppa repo to my pbuilder?14:27
ScottKhellboy195: Ah.  Thanks.14:27
hellboy195ScottK: for?14:27
hellboy195DarkSun88: log in into pbuilder and edit /etc/apt/sources.list14:27
hellboy195hoi DarkSun8814:27
ScottKhellboy195: I thought you were saying you'd commented on the PPA bug.14:28
DarkSun89Hi hellboy19514:28
hellboy195DarkSun88: would you mind looking at something. just a sec14:28
\shScottK: 3.4 is another shot...but 4.2.3 doesn't work...(rebuild it today)14:28
DarkSun89hellboy195: Not now. Sorry.14:28
\shthat reminds me to file a FFe for claws-mail14:28
hellboy195ScottK: no ^^ but yesterday you were keen to add a comment. a *bad* comment14:29
\shwhich I forgot over the weekend :(14:29
ScottKhellboy195: Right.  I managed to avoid the temptation IIRC.14:29
hellboy195ScottK: good boy :)14:29
ScottK\sh: If 3.3.1 is just bug fixes, no FFe needed.14:29
\shScottK: new features added...(at least some small ones)14:29
\shScottK: I'll have to follow up still on the extra-plugins...14:30
DaveMorrishmm I log, add the repo but it doesn't get saved14:35
* ScottK hands DaveMorris --save-after-login14:40
DaveMorrisit might also be getting over ridden I think since I use DIST=blah14:40
DaveMorrisbut that did it, thanks14:42
ScottKNo problem.14:42
\shScottK: gcc 3.4 ftbfs too :)14:52
\shScottK: you gcc 4.3? this will be worse14:54
\shScottK: actually it needs to be compiled with our official toolchain of hardy...14:54
ScottK\sh: Was kidding.  I agree with you.14:55
bddebianHeya gang15:27
geserHi bddebian15:38
bddebianHeya geser15:42
emgenthi people :P15:42
bddebianHi emgent15:43
\shok..send a google adsense violation notice hopefully he will be stopped in the near future (it's the linuxindex issue)15:50
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\shanother two bugs fixed in lighty16:47
emgent\sh, ARGH16:48
emgenthard work in lighty ehehe16:48
\shemgent: naaa..no security stuff16:48
emgentoh lol :P16:48
\shemgent: 1. index.html now points to launchpad and ubuntu (lp: #115565) and lighty had a problem with pdf files...where you have to add a accept ranges parameter...(http://trac.lighttpd.net/trac/ticket/541 and patch: http://trac.lighttpd.net/trac/changeset/2090)16:49
\shoh well...16:50
\shs/who/which/ in changelog16:50
\shdamn non native speakers like me ,)16:51
emgentme too :P16:51
emgenti talk Engrish!16:51
\shemgent: thx to my buddy here at work who pointed me to this problem :)16:51
\shemgent: here it's Denglan ;)16:53
hellboy195pochu: thx for looking at my stuff and sorry for the incorrect changelog entry17:07
\shnow THIS FCKS ME UP17:11
\shthe problem is really running wine from sourcedir works...running from another directory doesn't work17:12
\shoh much better17:13
\shsource compiling wine on my amd64 works...but not via sbuild/buildd17:13
\shwell...working on it tomorrow somehow17:17
* \sh goes for dinner17:17
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hellboy195The binary for a game should go to /usr/games and not to /usr/bin right?17:18
RainCThellboy195: yes17:18
hellboy195RainCT: k, thx :)17:22
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zulsiretart: ping17:56
siretartzul: hi! (need to leave in ~5mins, though)18:12
zulsiretart: hey you are the maintainer for boxbackup in debian but it depends on libddb4.3 and we want to move it to libdb4.6 is that ok with you?18:14
zulit builds with ok18:14
siretartzul: there is even a bugreport in debian open about this.18:16
zulah didnt think to look18:17
siretartzul: fixed in experimental18:17
siretartzul: but the changes are too big there, and I for this bug, just flipping the build depends was the right thing to do18:17
siretartso yes, go ahead!18:17
zulok ill upload what I have here18:17
james_whi siretart. I hope all is well with you.18:18
siretarthey james_w! thanks for asking! how are you?18:18
james_wsiretart: great thanks. It's the bzr sprint this week, shame you can't be there.18:19
siretartjames_w: yes, I'd love to18:20
siretartdamn, gotta leave. perhaps I can catch you later here?18:20
james_ware you busy with work currently?18:20
james_wsiretart: I'll be here for a while.18:20
siretartok, I'll try to be back after dinner18:20
siretartcu later!18:21
james_wsiretart: bye18:22
RadlyEelAnyone here who can answer a newbie developer question?18:25
broonieRadlyEel: just ask, if someone can answer they probably will.18:25
RainCTRadlyEel: if it's a packaging question, just ask; else, you're on the wrong channel18:25
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RadlyEelThe PackagingGuide *seems* to have an error in it, but I can't be sure since it's my first time through.18:26
jdongwhat is it?18:26
RadlyEelIn the esample  changelog, the command is "ls ../../ubuntu/hello-debhelper-2.1.1/debian/changelog"18:27
RainCTRadlyEel: URL please?18:28
RadlyEelI'd feel a LOT better if the hello-debhelper-2.1.1 node was hello-debhelper-2.2 instead.18:28
RadlyEelNavigating to it now.  Just a sec.18:28
RadlyEelLook  for the line that says "Now look at the changlog..."18:29
RainCTRadlyEel: it says "less", not "ls" :)18:30
RadlyEelRight.  Sorrry.  I was using ls to see why less couldn't read the file.18:30
RainCTRadlyEel: in which directory are you?18:31
jdongI don't understand why it should be -2.2?18:31
jdongmaybe I'm not looking at the right section18:31
jdongI see downloading and debianizing version 2.1.1. ,no reference to 2.218:31
RadlyEelLet me find the sequence that got me here.   Just a sec18:32
RadlyEelThere are two commands: "cd hello-debhelper-2.1.1", followed by "dh_make -e ..."  That leaves you in the hello-debhelper-2.1.1 directory18:33
RainCTRadlyEel: there is a "cd debian" somewhat more above18:34
RadlyEelThe version downloaded at the top (apt-get source hello-debhelper) is hello-debhelper-2.218:34
* jdong looks at madison18:35
jdongyeah since Feisty we are at 2.218:35
RadlyEelSo maybe the guide is just a tad behind?  I can handle that; I just need to know for sure that's the problem.18:37
jdongright, it looks like the guide is a bit out of date with regards to the version of hello18:37
RadlyEelK.  Thanks.  That's perfect.  I can make some progress now.  :)18:38
emgentheya people18:38
Amaranthjdong: Who would have expected the version to ever increase?18:38
jdongAmaranth: lol18:39
RadlyEelThat's the value we newbies bring. :))18:39
RadlyEelAnd now I know how to get help when I need it.  I'll probably be back.  Thanks again.18:40
jdongRadlyEel: if you'd like to update the guide to match your experience, it's a wiki :)18:41
RadlyEelI might as well get registered and actually make a contribution. :)18:42
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cbx33hey hey all19:00
cbx33who is handling GSoC this time round?19:00
zulhave you checked on #ubuntu-devel?19:05
emgentnight people19:05
jdong    Present rate       : 11579 mW19:06
jdong    Remaining capacity : 29230 mWh, 57.48%, 02:31:2719:07
jdongthanks hardy devs :)19:07
cbx33jdong: what's that for?19:07
jdongcbx33: macbook core 2 duo19:07
jdongyeah, quite impressive19:07
* cbx33 is playing with cacti19:07
jdongwith very minimal tweaking on my part19:07
cbx33wish i had a fairly decent laptop19:08
jdongthe Gutsy feigure was 13-15W19:08
jdongand of course, compiz is running19:08
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Amaranthjdong: which, iirc, uses like 0.1W extra19:09
jdongAmaranth: on Intel? surely vblank firing off costs more than that19:10
cbx33this laptop is crawling19:10
cbx33but I'm slowly making it better19:10
Amaranthalthough you do get 60 wakeups a second because of it thanks to no dynamic vblank interrupts19:10
Amaranthso your cpu can't sleep as long19:10
jdongatheros wifi is my biggest offender though19:11
Amaranthjdong: also apparently the x server sits in a spinloop waiting for the GPU to finish when it sends it a command19:12
jdongAmaranth: lovely19:12
Amaranthwhich would be why those X perf tester things melt your GPU and CPU19:12
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MTecknologyhow can I create my very own repository full of pretty packages? and how do I create the packages from the source to add into it?20:33
murlidharthis might help you20:34
bmhmthanks for the mail, scottK (scottk2?). I will take a look at dasher's language bug now.20:39
broonieDoes Zhengpen Hou IRC?21:03
brooniefreeflying: Ping?21:05
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alex-weejdoes anyone know how to downgrade packages from some third party PPA to distro versions?21:16
alex-weejother than going through each one and choosing "Force version" in synaptic21:16
jcastroapt-get install firefox/hardy21:17
jdongalex-weej: apt-get install pkgname=ubuntu_version or pkgname/hardy (assuming the PPA has been removed for the latter)21:17
jcastroor whatever the package is21:17
jdongalex-weej: though synaptic's "local/obsolete" view is very handy for this21:17
alex-weejhm, i guess that could work if i do it all at once21:18
alex-weeji tried it last night and ended up breaking my networking21:18
alex-weejbut i think it was because my configuration wasn't downgraded21:18
jdongcat list_of_packages | xargs -i apt-get install {}/hardy21:18
jdongalex-weej: and I don't know of a single packager who writes or checks their scripts for downgradability, so packages with heavy postinst/prerm activity are more likely to nuke themselves on downgrade21:19
alex-weejbut there's surely some way i can force a package to reinstall its configuration files too?21:20
alex-weeji don't mind having to set it up again as long as it actually works. i think the problem i had was dbus policy.21:20
brooniemost robust is probably to purge the currently installed package then install again21:22
alex-weejcan i do that without uninstalling all the dependants?21:22
brooniedpkg --force is probably your friend :(21:22
alex-weejhaha, probably21:22
blueyedShould Firefox plugins get installed into /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins or /usr/lib/firefox/plugins, or even /usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins ?21:24
blueyedasac: ^ you might know about it :)21:24
RainCTblueyed: iirc for Firefox 3.0: usr/lib/firefox-addons/extensions/21:27
RainCTblueyed: and usr/lib/firefox/extensions/ for 2.021:27
RainCTblueyed: the package should have it's own directory in /usr/share, and then the necessary files should be linked into those extension directories21:28
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blueyedRainCT: the directories appear to be correct according to what /usr/share/mozilla-devscripts/xpi.mk says (from mozilla-devscripts), but links are not used really. E.g. ubufox even installs the same files into both directories..21:35
RainCTblueyed: well, that's what asac told me to do, and what I've seen in other extensions21:38
asacblueyed: if plugin is compatible with ffox 2 + 3  you use firefox + firefox-addons + iceweasel for now ... if just ffox 3, use firefox-addons only22:04
asacblueyed: and like RainCT said, create links and install your extension to /usr/share or /usr/lib22:04
asacblueyed: and consider to create an upstream branch and a packaging branch in firefox-extensions LP project :)22:05
asacblueyed: http://code.launchpad.net/firefox-extensions22:06
blueyedasac: thanks for explaining. Is there a wiki page with this info by any chance?22:08
hellboy195asac: already had time to look at nspluginwrapper?22:09
blueyedasac: I was looking into bug 179588 - and would only change/extend the link creation there..22:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 179588 in swfdec-mozilla "swfdec-mozilla not working in hardy" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17958822:09
LaneyIs there a known problem with some packages 404ing on some mirrors?22:16
mathiazzul: I'm reviewing your samba merge diff. It seems that you've just listed the patches that have been dropped in the changelog entry.22:16
RainCTgood night22:36
james_wLaney: you may need an apt-get update if you haven't for a while.22:38
Laneyjames_w: Thanks22:52
LaneyCan anyone explain why cc would be called with different arguments depending on whether I'm building with debuild or pbuilder - http://dpaste.com/37835/22:52
azeemLaney: do you have CFLAGS set in the environment or something?22:54
Laneyazeem: No22:54
RAOFLaney: Because you haven't got the dbus & hal development libraries specified as build-dependencies, so pkg-config (and hense make) can't find the necessary CFLAGS22:54
azeemhrm, no idea then22:54
azeemshouldn't HAL error out during configure then?22:55
LaneyRAOF: They are.22:55
RAOFIs there a configure step?22:55
RAOFLaney: In that case, post full logs.  There's insufficient context there to help you.22:56
RAOFLaney: Is pkgconfig a listed build-dep?22:56
LaneyRAOF: No.22:56
LaneyWhat would you like logs of? debuild or pbuilder?22:56
RAOFThat would be at least one of the problems, then.22:56
RAOFTry it with a build-depend on pkgconfig (or whatever that package is called) first.22:57
james_wLaney: do you have different versions of dpkg-dev inside and outside pbuilder?22:58
Laneyjames_w: No, they're the same22:59
RadlyEelI've worked my way through PackagingGuide/Complete to the "Building the Package" point, and have run into a sticky wicket.  The output of "debuild" tells me i "do not appear to have all build dependencies properly met", and recommends running /usr/lib/pbuilder/pbuilder-satisfydepends", but that also does not exist, and apt-get can't find it to install.23:00
RAOFRadlyEel: That binary is a part of the pbuilder package.  You may be interested in the "apt-file" package, which would allow you to run "apt-file search pbuilder-satisfydepends", and recieve a list of all packages which contain a file matching that name.23:01
mok0RadlyEel: another way is to manually install the packages listed in Build-Depends:23:01
RAOFThat also works :)23:01
LaneyRAOF: Build-depending on pkg-config doesn't seem to have made a difference :(23:02
RadlyEelRAOF's looks like a slightly more global solution.  Is it?23:02
RAOFLaney: Curses.  Therefore, we'll need full logs.  pbuilder first, since that's the failing one.23:02
LaneyRAOF: http://dpaste.com/37842/23:03
mok0RadlyEel: yes, you want to install pbuilder23:03
LaneyI see "dpkg-buildpackage: set CFLAGS to default value: -g -O2"23:03
RAOFLaney: Awwwm.  Can you pastebin the makefile?23:05
RadlyEelmok_0: pbuilder is already up to date.23:06
james_wRadlyEel: weird. Do you have anythin in /usr/lib/pbuilder?23:07
LaneyRAOF: http://dpaste.com/37843/23:07
RadlyEelQuite a few scripts.23:08
james_wCFLAGS ?= -O2 -g -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 `pkg-config --cflags glib-2.0` -Wall23:08
james_wso the pkg-config stuff won't be set if dpkg-buildpackage sets CFLAGS. Laney, does dpkg-buildpackage do that outside pbuilder?23:09
RadlyEelAnd pbuilder-satisfydepends is one of them.23:09
Laneyjames_w: No, I just looked for that and can't see it. Why would it be different?23:09
james_wLaney: that's why I asked about the versions, that's the only reason I know that it would be different at the moment.23:09
james_wThere may be more, for instance environment variable.23:10
james_wRadlyEel: and you can't run /usr/lib/pbuilder/pbuilder-satisfydepends?23:10
RadlyEelGag.  I left out part of the path to it on the command line.  My bad.23:11
james_wRadlyEel: oops23:11
LaneyThe plot thickens. So if I run dpkg-buildpackage directly I get the error (and CFLAGS is set)23:13
RAOFLaney: That makefile, if not broken, then seriously strange.23:14
RAOFLike that sentence.  Verbs are for wooses.23:14
LaneyRAOF: Haha, I agree. But I'm not even doing the first Ubuntu revision here - these problems are preexisting.23:15
LaneyI submitted a 3 line patch to the preinst and the reviewer flagged up the build problem :(23:15
RAOFLaney: So it's been *built* in Ubunty before?23:15
LaneyRAOF: Apparently.23:15
RAOFRight.  We're probably now setting CFLAGS to do fun things.23:16
RAOFLaney: Time to patch the makefile!23:16
LaneyRAOF: Woohoo!23:17
james_wThere's been loads of uploads to fix issues like this, due to the change to dpkg-dev to set CFLAGS23:18
* RAOF starts to wonder why his .evolution directory is 2.2GB23:18
james_wLaney: one solution is to pull the pkg-config stuff out of CFLAGS in the Makefile to its own variable, so that it isn't stomped on, but you can still change -O etc.23:18
james_wThat may well be accepted upstream.23:19
RAOFAnother solution would be to simply append the pkgconfig stuff onto CFLAGS.  But pulling it into a separate variable is possibly cleaner.23:19
Laneyjames_w, RAOF: I'm a little over my head here. So would I declare a new variable in the Makefile to be `pkg-config ...` and then put this after ${MAKE}?23:22
james_wLaney: yeah, that's the idea.23:22
RAOFLaney: The easiest thing would probably be to remove the pkgconfig thing from their initial CFLAGS ?= bit, and add a "CFLAGS := $(CFLAGS) <pkgconfig bit>" after it.23:23
LaneyRAOF: Right. I'll give it a go.23:24
LaneyWish me luck!23:24
james_wRAOF: do you not mean CFLAGS += after?23:24
RAOFjames_w: That'd be an automakeism, right?  Standard make doesn't actually support += ?23:24
james_wRAOF: no, I looked it up -> http://www.gnu.org/software/make/manual/make.html#Appending23:25
RAOFjames_w, Laney: Even better.  Do += :)23:25
RadlyEelI got the following error on debuild: "dpkg-source: error: source package has two conflicting values - hello and hello-debhelper", which I fixed by editing the Source: line in the "control" file to make it say "hello-debhelper" instead of "hello".  I've been fixing up the Wiki to show corrections, but I'm not sure this is the best solution to this problem.23:25
james_wRadlyEel: that sounds right. Were there two lines?23:26
james_wRadlyEel: otherwise it is the package in $(head -n 1 debian/changelog) that must be the same23:26
RadlyEelNo, just the one loine23:28
LaneyRAOF: Gah. It's literally appending `pkg...`23:36
* Laney head in hands23:37
james_wthe other option is to unset CFLAGS.23:37
LaneyWhy wouldn't it expand in +=?23:38
RAOFLaney: += $(shell pkg-config foo) ?23:38
* Laney is so close!23:42
LaneyI take it back23:47
ScottKLaney: No need to take it back.  Just pick a different definition of "so".23:51
LaneyGrr. I'll come back to it tomorrow.23:56
LaneyNight all23:56

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