Ubuletteok, i think i've got it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5213/00:07
Ubuletteno more tarball for us00:07
Ubulettexulrunner/installer is never cleaned up, we generate the .pc files in there00:12
Ubuletteso i needed the build system to recurse in there too00:12
Ubulettebut it started to generate the tarballs we find in the ftp00:13
Ubulettei hope the patch is ok00:13
Ubuletteit works for me but no idea for windows and mac00:14
asacisn't the installer build somehow different for us?00:14
Ubuletteit's just a tar00:19
asacUbulette: how about: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5214/00:19
Ubulettesimpler but i thought clean was deprecated00:20
asacUbulette: thats the way install: is hooked into00:21
asacif you step down from installer/ it will always build the full installer00:21
asacwhich is more than we want00:21
asacno idea about clean00:21
asacmaybe distclean:: is enough00:21
Ubulettejust distclean:: will do for now00:37
Ubulettecleaner than ever00:39
Ubulettewe just drop:00:39
Ubuletteno more leftovers, no more ugly clean in debian/rules00:40
asacsounds greak00:40
Ubulette[reed], who should I put for review ?00:41
* asac gone00:45
Ubuletteme too00:45
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asac[reed]: there?08:38
asachow did your R61 notebook work out ... did you manage to install ubuntu?08:38
asacerr i mean X6108:40
[reed]asac: yep08:42
[reed]I got it working off the usb key08:42
asac[reed]: and are you happy in general?08:42
[reed]still haven't installed winblowz yet for my school work08:42
[reed]well, I am having problems with the network card08:42
[reed]basically, if I change locations, I literally have to restart the laptop for the card to connect again08:43
[reed]and then it'll work for as long as I'm still connected08:43
[reed]probably a wifi driver issue08:43
[reed]dmesg shows some stuff, but I just haven't taken the time to debug it yet08:44
[reed]since it's easy to restart, really08:44
asacyeah ... you need to unload the ipw3945 module and kill the ipw3945d regulatory daemon i guess08:44
[reed]yes, so, why do I have to do that? :)08:44
asacas you said its a driver issue. the old driver is pretty fragile because of the user space daemon08:45
asacin hardy we have now the new driver iwl394508:45
asacby default08:45
asacyou can use that in gutsy as well afaik08:46
[reed]I might just try upgrading to hardy08:46
asacif you blacklist ipw3945 and modprobe iwl394508:46
[reed]since it is my play laptop08:46
asacyeah ;)08:46
asacupgrading is better ... iwl3945 is under heavy development so the hardy version should be well ahead of the gutsy one08:47
[reed]how easy is it to upgrade to hardy from gutsy?08:47
asacshould be simple08:48
[reed]update-manager -d08:48
[reed]maybe I'll try that now08:48
asaci am here to hold your hands ;)08:48
[reed]that command just throws a python exception and dies08:51
[reed]great user experience!08:51
asaci never used update-manager to do that08:51
asaci just replace gutsy with hardy in /etc/apt/sources.list08:51
asacand do apt-get update08:51
asacapt-get dist-upgrade08:51
[reed]I got it going finally08:52
[reed]it's downloading packages08:52
asac[reed]: can you give me the python exception?08:52
[reed]1111 packages08:52
asacbetter do an apt-get clean before08:52
asacso your /var/ cache is freend (in case you don't have much space left)08:53
[reed]104GB free08:53
[reed]I don't think that's a problem08:53
asacok ;)08:54
[reed]19 min. remaining08:59
[reed]pulling at about 459kb/s over wifi08:59
asacyeah ;)09:03
asac[reed]: what state to choose if a bug is not reproducible anymore anymore? WORKSFORME?09:11
[reed]and comment :)09:11
[reed]saying that09:11
asacdebian bug 46756009:16
ubotuDebian bug 467560 in iceape-mailnews "iceape-mailnews: iceape crashes immediately after sending a mail" [Important,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/46756009:16
[reed]"About 1 minutes remaining" :(09:18
[reed]"About 1 minutes remaining" :(09:18
[reed]there, underlined09:18
asacwhere are you stuck?09:20
[reed]no, it's grammatically incorrect09:21
[reed]it's installing now09:21
[reed]asac: are you going to take the metacity fix downstream?09:24
[reed](seen caillon's blog?)09:24
asacno :)09:35
asacstill catching up on weekend email09:35
asacbug 18373609:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183736 in firefox-3.0 "On first launch of firefox-3.0, some HTTP authentication dialogs are missing text" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18373609:35
asac[reed]: ok i will patch that for metacity then09:41
asacmozilla bug #39039109:44
[reed]I can't see that bug09:47
[reed]cc me?09:47
asachehe :) ... well i was too dump and wanted to get an url ;) ... of course forgot about the fact that thats closed up09:48
asacwasn't it timeless who committed unreviewed patches?09:55
[reed]it was one of the Nokia guys09:55
[reed]but it was timeless's fault it got on trunk09:56
[reed]I'm playing with hardy09:56
[reed]what should I play with?09:56
asacso the upgrade worked?09:56
asacsee if you wifi issueis fixed :)09:57
[reed]Tracker has a typo10:04
[reed]"serveral minutes"10:04
[reed]it popped up a dialog10:04
[reed]talking about combining indexes10:04
[reed]with that typo10:05
[reed]best way to report that?10:05
asacbug against tracker10:09
[reed]so, apt-get build-dep firefox-3.0 made me install autoconf2.13... that's fine, but it diverted the normal autoconf to another name10:11
[reed]how do I get rid of the divertion?10:11
[reed]also, lp 176484 is a dupe of lp 18843910:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 176484 in tracker "Spelling mistake" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17648410:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188439 in tracker "[hardy] tracker-search-tool: misspelling in popup notification" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18843910:13
asac[reed]: you can use dpkg-divert i guess10:15
asacbut i usually don't do that10:17
[reed]what do you do?10:17
asaci run autocon2.50 :)10:18
asacand if you are in maintainer mode it usually just works10:19
asacafaik the diverted autoconf will be smart to figure out which version to use10:20
[reed]you allow anybody to mark bugs as duplicates and such?10:23
asacyes duplicates are ok10:23
asacyou cannot bump importance i guess10:24
[reed]looks like my wifi driver is iwl496510:28
asacthat makes tsense then10:30
asacno old driver exists for 4965 ... so gutsy driver can be shaky10:30
asacshould be better i guess10:30
asaccarlos: so will the filename be .../en_US/firefox.po ?10:32
carlosasac: the exported one?10:32
carlosno, it will be firefox/es.po10:33
asacah ok10:33
carlosand so on for the other languages10:33
asaccarlos: can you give me a complete path?10:33
carlosasac: that part is up to you10:33
carlosI think you agreed with martin pitt something like10:33
carlosis that correct?10:33
asacwe just chatted where the mozilla builds should put the normalized en-US.xpi ... we didn't talk about where the PO files will end up10:34
asaci am fine with that10:34
asaccarlos: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/LaunchpadTranslationSupport#preview ... does that make sense (still incomplete)10:49
carloslet me check...10:49
carlosasac: oh, there is a change I need to discuss with you10:50
asacgo ahead10:50
carlosasac: the id will not be in msgctx but in the '#: ' line10:51
carlosat the end of the file location where we got that message from10:51
asaccan you update the example?10:51
carlosasac: updated10:54
asaccarlos: hmm ... so will you use the full path to identify the translations?10:55
carloswell, that information is not used by us at all10:56
carlosis just the way we export it10:56
asacok great10:56
carlosit makes more sense to do it in that way, instead of using msgctxt10:56
asacso if i import en-US.xpi/test.jar!some/path/file.dtd(translatable.key)10:57
carlosso if it fits your use case, that's better10:57
asaci can also import a translation that has de-DE.xpi/chrome/de.jar!some/file.dtd(translatable.key) ?10:57
asaccarlos: (just to be sure)10:59
asaccarlos: http://people.ubuntu.com/~asac/test.translations.tar.gz11:14
asacplease take a look11:14
asacthis is more or less what will happen11:14
asacfirefox/ ha en-US.xpi with just those keys that firefox (without xulrunner) needs11:14
asacby de.xpi has firefox+xulrunner11:15
asacso in xulrunner/ there is only one .xpi11:15
asacis that good enough?11:16
asaccarlos: i just reconnected ... did you get the test url?11:21
asac_carlos: got what i said above?11:30
asac_12:14 < asac> carlos: http://people.ubuntu.com/~asac/test.translations.tar.gz11:30
asac_12:14 < asac> please take a look11:30
asac_12:14 -!- Channel #ubuntu-mozillateam created Wed Jan 10 09:49:30 200711:30
asac_12:14 < asac> this is more or less what will happen11:30
asac_12:14 < asac> firefox/ ha en-US.xpi with just those keys that firefox (without xulrunner) needs11:31
asac_12:14 < asac> by de.xpi has firefox+xulrunner11:31
asac_12:15 < asac> so in xulrunner/ there is only one .xpi11:31
asac_12:16 -!- Irssi: Join to #ubuntu-mozillateam was synced in 133 secs11:31
asac_12:16 < asac> is that good enough?11:31
asac_12:21 < asac> carlos: i just reconnected ... did you get the test url?11:31
carlosok, just give me 15 minutes to finish something and I will take a look, ok?11:31
asac_just wasn't sure what you got because you reconnected and i reconnected as well ;)11:31
asac__damn connection11:39
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carlosasac: actually, is better if you copy the translations into xulrunner directory12:09
asaccarlos: why? that would happen manually anyways12:39
carlosasac: manually?12:40
carlosasac: if you copy the translations, it can be autoapproved automatically and I don't need to copy it by hand...12:40
asaccarlos: we don't have the translations12:42
asaci just put that in that tarball for your convenience right now12:42
asaclater we have to copy them from ftpĆ¼12:42
asac(e.g. thy are not in the source tree)12:43
asacwe can write an automization for that though12:43
carlosok, so you will not provide any translation12:43
asacnot for the core apps12:43
carlosbut we should use what we discussed a while ago, direct fetch from mozilla's ftp server12:43
asacfor extensions it might happen12:43
carlosok, that's fine12:43
asacyeah ... lets get the general process right12:44
carlosI was not sure whether that still applies here12:44
asacauto synching won'tbe hard12:44
carlosI know12:44
asacok :)12:44
asaccarlos: anyway ... from our lats discussion i thought that we import the translation twice: e.g. 1. xulrunner + 2. firefox12:45
asacis that still okay?12:45
asacok great12:45
carlosis just that I was not sure whether the translation was coming from your packages or direct ftp download12:45
asacmaybe at some point i can produce them from source ... but not for hardy12:46
asaccarlos: you think we could do a test upload of those .xpis to your local system today?13:10
carlosI hope it, yes13:10
asac(and maybe even export the .po so we can start writing the .po -> .xpi script?13:10
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* armin76 looks at asac 14:01
armin76you didn't pay? :P14:01
asacarmin76: what?14:01
armin76your conn sucks :P14:01
armin76router running ubuntu? :P14:02
asacunfortunately money is not the issue here14:02
asac(well except if you consider 2000 EUR per month a viable optoin)14:02
asaccarlos: https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=91920&package_id=9708215:34
asacis that the tool that required a special .po file syntax?15:34
asac__carlos: you wrote anything (internet connection is flaky)16:03
carlosasac__: no, sorry, I didn't answer yet16:08
carlosasac__: that's the tool we use for OO.org16:08
asac__carlos: k ... but that moz2po didn't work because of special po file requirements?16:08
carlosand which produces an slightly different .po file format that we produce16:08
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carlosasac__: we were not able to do the full process16:08
carlosto move from xpi to .po file and back to xpi16:09
carlosin an easy and scriptable way16:09
carloswe do it for oo.org, though16:09
carlosthat's why we are not using it for Mozilla applications16:09
asac_sorry ... off again16:22
asac_carlos: if you manage to export the .po for the xpis i gave you please send them by mail16:22
asac_i will do something else for the next hours now ... connection is too bad16:23
asac_be back in a few hours16:23
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carlosasac: I'm not sure whether I would be able to get them ready today, too many things running at the same time...16:52
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Ubuletteasac, any news about cairo ?19:10
asaclet me ask19:14
asachmm seb is off19:15
Ubulettei've sent you an email earlier today19:15
asaci know ... and i had it on my list ;)19:16
asacasked lool for now19:17
asaccarlos_: ok.19:27
armin76what's up with cairo? :)19:28

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