CacketteCan someone help me w/ screen resolution00:28
Cackettei have a 1080p TV and mythbuntu wont let me past 1280x72000:28
nettow0822cackette....you will need to first modifiy the xorg.conf file and look at Xorg.0.log for results00:37
nettow0822also find out your monitors spec's......00:37
nettow0822then either enable or disable the EDID in the xorg.conf file.....00:38
nettow0822you are going to have some trial and error getting it setup00:38
Cackettei heard about a package called automatix00:41
Cackettei'm gonna check that out, then mess w/ xorg00:41
tgm4883_laptopCackette, automatix may help you install your restricted drivers, but they probably wont help you with your edid problem00:48
nettow0822tgm4883_laptop I had to blacklist the tuner audio to get the audio issue resolved00:55
Cacketteactually, 1080p showed up automatically after i rebooted after installing the restricted drivers01:02
Cackettemy comp is too slow to playback a 1080p movie01:17
tgm4883_laptopCackette, specs?01:34
Cacketteamd 3000+, 2GB DDR1, nvidia 660001:44
Cacketteit works01:44
Cackettebut the audio is out of sync01:44
tgm4883_laptopCackette, is this gutsy or hardy?01:48
Egghead3i have 8.04, it just updated, and now im at kernel 24-11, will this keep happening?02:49
frank23Cackette: still there?02:50
frank23Cackette: http://code.google.com/p/coreavc-for-linux/   It's a better performing windows only H.264 codec that can be made to work in linux. I haven't tried it myself though.02:53
tgm4883_laptopEgghead3, yes03:22
tgm4883_laptopyou will continue to get update03:22
tgm4883_laptopuntil 8.04 is release.  Then there will only be a few updates03:22
Egghead3tgm, thanks03:31
Egghead3stuff keeps breaking, but only on one of 3 machines03:32
superm1swhat's breaking?03:34
superm1filing bus? :)03:34
superm1that is03:35
Egghead3well for starters, after update, navidia driver wouldnt load, it was the restriced-modules~~-11-generic didnt load...03:36
Egghead3but synaptic saw it, whent in manually and installed it, other 2 machines no problem, saw it and installed it03:37
superm1oh well that's stuff  that gets sorted out on its own though03:37
superm1and happens during development cycle03:37
superm1anything else though?03:37
Egghead3hehe i guess03:37
Egghead3ummm yea the same machine, had the -386 kernel as the 0 (default) in the grub03:38
Egghead3i changed it but thought it was wierd, other two machines started with the -generic kernel03:39
superm1can you file a bug about that and attach your upgrade logs and dpkg logs?03:39
superm1someone else saw that too03:39
superm1and i'd like to narrow it down03:39
Egghead3ok will do03:40
Egghead3also, playing iso friles with internal player, it doesnt play audio on some iso's, known good isos03:40
Egghead3np, least i can do, for such a great proggie :003:41
Egghead3oops :)03:41
Egghead3on the good side, in 7.10, internal player would puke if thrying to fastfwd/ or rewind, nolonger a problem in 8.04, also video quality looks much better03:43
Egghead3superm1, how do i file a report?, ive only done it when there was a crash03:49
Egghead3thanks :)03:50
Egghead3what is the upgrade log called?04:00
superm1i dont remember that04:01
superm1maybe /var/log/update-manager04:01
superm1or /var/log/upgrade.log?04:01
Egghead3dont see either of them, there is a an aptitude log04:03
superm1nope thta's not it04:04
superm1do a ls -alhR04:04
superm1and pastebin it04:04
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superm1wait this wasn't off an upgrade?04:08
superm1this was a fresh install from a2?04:08
superm1you just filed bug 197847 right?04:08
superm1if that was a fresh install, then there will be no upgrade log (and we have bigger issues ) :)04:10
Egghead3yes 19784704:11
superm1so was that a fresh install then?04:12
superm1or a 7.10->8.04 update?04:12
Egghead3nope feash04:12
superm1okay then dont worry - you won't have a log for updates04:12
superm1but we have a bigger issue then04:12
superm1thanks for the report, hopefully we can nail it :)04:12
Egghead3let me know if there is anything else u might need04:13
superm1that's very bzr that you ran into it.  on the alpha 3 live disk at least, the only kernel is the generi04:13
Egghead3i think it was alpha 2, might have been 104:14
superm1well we'll see if we can reproduce it04:14
Egghead3in anycase i installed same disk on 3 different machines04:14
Egghead3only one exhibited that problem04:16
superm1that makes it even weirder then.04:17
superm1do they all have intarweb access during install?04:17
Egghead3no none did, i have static ip network04:17
superm1so it couldn't have gotten the kernels from the intarweb04:18
Egghead3hay thats a suggestion, on install maybe have a static setup section, like in ubuntu installs04:18
superm1live installs dont have that unfortunately04:19
superm1we're working on an alternate disk04:19
superm1that will be able to04:19
superm1that and LVM04:19
Egghead3well right after install i run the gui network config, then edit the /etc/network/interfaces file and add auto eth0 right over the eth0 entry04:20
superm1well the problem with the alternate disk install is that its SLOW04:20
superm1like really slow04:20
Egghead3then do the updates04:20
superm1it installs every package from the deb off the git go04:20
Egghead3ahh then, scracth that suggestion :)04:21
Egghead3i do like the fact that the installs when really fast04:22
Egghead3did u guys revamp the internal player?04:22
superm1we didn't, but upstream did :)04:23
Egghead3seems like video is much clearer04:24
Egghead3upstream is ubuntu developers?04:24
Egghead3well time for bed, night all04:28
superm1upstream is mythtv developers04:28
superm1okay night04:28
superm1we're ubuntu :)04:28
DiggThisneed urgent help!!09:25
DiggThisdoes anyone know what causes schedules not to be saved??09:25
DiggThiscan anyone of you 20 plus people help09:27
beavis_superm1: today's mythtv-frontend fails because of a wrong chmod command in mythtv-frontend.postinst12:32
beavis_superm1: I commented out the line chmod 2775 "$dir" and the apt-get upgrade worked again12:32
beavis_just fyi12:32
superm1ugh gosh.12:36
superm1thanks beavis12:36
DiggThisdoes anyone know anything about my earlier problem?12:52
DiggThisstill there superm1?12:53
superm1i'm not sure of your problem DiggThis. :(12:54
superm1check the sql tables make sure don't need to be repaired?12:54
DiggThisthe record schedules dont save...12:54
DiggThisfixed sql but did not restart should i do that?12:55
superm1you may need to12:55
DiggThisill try it now and get back to ya in a few mins12:55
DiggThissuperm1: does not help still says you haven't scheduled any programmes. Any other advice?13:00
superm1look at the logs and see what its saying13:00
superm1if it cant save to the table, if the table is still marked broken13:00
superm1its usually pretty good at telling you these things13:00
DiggThissuperm1: what logs am i looking for? I am not a linux expert only newbie sorry13:01
superm1DiggThis, /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log13:01
superm1that's always the first point to look at when things are failing like this13:01
DiggThissuperm1: thx13:01
DiggThissuperm1: k the line that stands out is mythsocket (b0b02458:-1): writeStringList: Error, called with unconnected socket.13:05
DiggThisdont understand13:05
superm1DiggThis, well what you can do is adjust the verbosity of that log13:05
superm1run mythbackend --help13:05
superm1and you can see what log options are available13:06
superm1then modify /etc/default/mythtv-backend13:06
superm1to add more log options13:06
superm1and restart it via /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend restart13:06
superm1and look at your log again13:06
DiggThissuperm1: would MainServer::HandleAnnounce Monitor be it?13:24
DiggThissuperm1: nothing is working!!13:32
holoduke_any programmers here15:06
holoduke_thusfar i only programmed in php,, i want to learn programming in linux.. where do i have to start15:07
surlyjake... probably start by going to a programming channel15:08
directhex|workthat's generally sound advice15:08
beavis_holoduke_: no java/c++ experience so far?15:08
directhex|workas is "buy a book on programming and work through it", and "pick a project to work on, and just do it, learning as you go"15:08
holoduke_yes i have c++ experience15:09
holoduke_but i want to improve the game part of mythtv15:09
holoduke_someparts can be automated very easy i think15:09
beavis_so catch the mythtv code and try to hack something in :)15:09
directhex|workapt-get source mythgame, get cracking15:09
holoduke_sounds very good :)15:09
ViakenYou'll likely need build-essential, too.15:10
holoduke_yea. i am just wondering if the step isnt too high15:10
directhex|workViaken, apt-get build-dep mythgame15:11
holoduke_one advantage of windows mediacenter is that you can do things together. For example.  i wish i could listen music and watch pictures15:13
holoduke_now in mythtv it isnt possible15:13
directhex|workcan be done on 0.2115:13
holoduke_you mean that processes will keep running even when you go back in the main menu?15:14
directhex|worki mean mythmusic supports backgrounding when you go back to the main menu, yes15:14
holoduke_hmm nice15:14
ViakenI'm having problems getting my Atheros card to connect to my WPA2 network. :\15:25
beavis_could you guys check if you also have a conflict inside /var/lib/python-support/python2.{4,5}/MythTV/MythDB.py which belong to libmyth-python?16:46
beavis_I have something like <<<<<<<< .mine and >>>>>>>>>>> .r161333 in there16:47
beavis_which results in16:47
beavis_    <<<<<<< .mine16:47
beavis_     ^16:47
beavis_SyntaxError: invalid syntax16:47
Davieyhttp://digg.com/linux_unix/Mythbuntu_8_04_Alpha_3_Released <-- dig it chaps :)17:04
frank232What happened? It is very important to note that this release is not compatible with Mythbuntu 7.10 or any other MythTV 0.20.2 based distribution.17:50
tgm4883_laptopfrank232, AFAIK different versions of MythTV have never been compatible17:59
tgm4883_laptopand 8.04 contains MythTV .2117:59
frank232ah .21  is it supposed to be released soon?18:06
tgm4883_laptopit's in FF and IIRC is supposed to be out this month18:08
directhexeven minor, patch releases aren't neccessarily compatible18:54
directhexthe real issue is the protocol version, and if there's a protocol bunp for any reason, then versions won't talk to each other18:55
directhexiirc the current svn snapshot in 8.04 uses protocol 40, but it was 39 a few weeks ago18:55
rhpot1991_laptopdirecthex I think it was 39 at 0.20.99 and 40 at 0.21.019:09
directhexrhpot1991_laptop, i think that was just a package name change for debian policy reasons though, pretty sure the protocol bump is coincidence19:10
rhpot1991_laptopquite possible19:10
jdugganare there any plans to put the screen setup wizard in the mythtbuntu trunk repo?22:54
=== foxbuntu___ is now known as foxbuntu
nettow0822hey guys23:13
tgm4883jduggan, screen setup wizard?23:20
nettow0822tgm4883  when I use xine to tune in channels using the channels.conf file....I get all the channels but...23:24
nettow0822when I use the channels.conf file in mythtv ...it does tune all the channels....23:24
nettow0822the channels I don't get in mythtv I use to get before I reloaded gusty23:25
nettow0822sorry...it doesn't tune aal the channels in mythtv23:25
nettow0822any ideas?23:26

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