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Apollo9Hi! I'm using Ubuntu server and I wonder if it's possible to install KDE and run it? 'apt-get install kde' ???00:04
kgoetzyes you could, but we dont provide support for kde here00:08
kgoetzhere being this channel00:08
jjessekubuntu-desktop would install things to work and act like kubutnu00:08
jjessekde is the entire kde metapackage00:08
jjesseso if you want ubuntu server to include everything in kubuntu, just install kubuntu-desktop00:08
jjessethe kde package has more then just kubuntu-desktop00:09
Apollo9jjesse: ty00:13
jjesseApollo9: no problem00:13
gopp__hey I have bind setup correctly00:19
gopp__I still get can't find gopunix: Non-existent domain00:19
kgoetzyay for samba :|00:21
kgoetzalthough i guess its really MS filesharings fault00:21
gopp__I can00:22
gopp__ nslookup gopunix.local00:22
gopp__in linux, but in windows nothing shows up00:23
gopp__in nslookup00:23
kgoetzdoes windows have the correct name server?00:23
gopp__in network connection yes00:23
gopp__were  else should I check00:24
kgoetzdunno. i'm not in ##windows :)00:25
kgoetzare you sure bind is listening on that IP?00:25
gopp__kgoetz what do you mean00:44
gopp__ it is00:44
gopp__kgoetz could explain00:45
kgoetzgopp__: are you sure other systems can connect the dns server00:45
kgoetz*to the00:45
gopp__yea other system can not00:45
kgoetzif bind is only listening on loopback, you cant connect from outside the system00:46
kgoetzfor example00:46
gopp__this is what I have zone "1.168.192.in-addr.arpa" {00:46
gopp__        type master;00:46
gopp__        file "/etc/bind/db.192.168.1";00:46
gopp__and I have _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs    IN      SRV     0 0 389 gopunix00:47
gopp__and kgoetz gopunix                 IN      A
Bidoui cant connect to the jabber server im.apinc.org the error is: "conflict"00:48
Bidouwith the client gajim00:49
kgoetzBidou: try #ubuntu00:49
gopp__kgoetz do you know00:50
kgoetz!private message | gopp__00:51
ubotugopp__: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.00:51
gopp__err still bind will not work00:53
gopp__*** DD-WRT can't find gopunix.local: Non-existent domain00:54
kgoetzbind should be listening on all interfaces, so your client is probably misconfigured00:56
gopp__but were what file do I need to look at please00:57
kgoetzon the client? or server?00:57
gopp__my client is a00:58
gopp__windows xp00:58
gopp__and my server is ubuntu00:58
kgoetzi'm starting to get confused.00:58
kgoetz!enter | gopp__00:58
ubotugopp__: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:58
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pubohi all01:16
puboDoes anyone know how can I export the audio device from a pc to another pc?01:16
puboI have 2 pc's. One in the living-room. Another one in other room. And I would like to play a sound in one PC and it would sound in boths pc's01:18
puboany idea?01:18
CGS|JaredCan someone help me with a floppy drive and ubuntu?06:03
CGS|JaredHow do I mount a floppy drive?06:04
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henkjanhmm, rsync 3.0 released with huge improvements in speed and memory usage09:01
henkjanwhat can i do to get in in hardy main?09:01
sergevnDoes anyone have any experience with dhcp3 failover?09:38
ere4sior a sip server?09:44
Viper111look ere4si some1 in th other channel send me this link  http://www.voipphreak.ca/2007/11/03/freepbx-ubuntu-howto/09:46
Viper111check it out09:46
ere4siit was a prod for your quest in #ubuntu Viper111  hehe...09:46
Viper111yeah i now09:47
Viper111but u know sharing info :P:d09:48
ere4sithnx for the thought Viper111  :)09:48
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spiekeyif i add ldap to my group line in /etc/nsswitch.conf i can not log in anymore. Any idea why? (this is hardy)10:04
sorenspiekey: Where did you add it? Beginning or end?10:12
spiekeymy login seems to time out10:20
sorenDo you have a working login?10:20
spiekeyonly if i comment out the ldap in the group line.10:21
henkjanpasswd:         files ldap10:21
spiekeyactually....i just found out that slapd is NOT starting automatically10:21
spiekey(so far i only to to log in with a local account)10:22
henkjanfile ldap in nsswitch.conf should allow local logins10:22
sorenspiekey: How do you change nsswitch, if you can't log in?10:23
spiekeythere you can see a working and a broken config10:24
spiekeyit does not make sense to me since i should be able to log in if the ldap server is down10:24
sorenspiekey: Again: How do you change nsswitch if you can't login?10:25
spiekeyoh, sorry. I misunderstood your question.10:26
spiekeyin single mode (recovery root shell)10:27
spiekeymaybe this is the source of the problem? http://pastebin.ca/92584110:27
spiekeywell...cn=nssldap,ou=DSA,dc=example,dc=net does not exist...but i still wonder why my local user cant login then.10:28
spiekeyit works on dapper10:37
spiekeycould someone please verify this on hardy? add ldap to the  groups line in /etc/nsswitch.conf, stop slapd and try to login with a local user10:39
sorenspiekey: Well, I suppose it asks ldap for addition group memberships and as ldap fails, it bails out.10:42
spiekeysoren: but that should not make the login fail...should it?10:44
sorenspiekey: That's debatable.10:45
sorenImagine if you have a "DenyGroup evilusers" in your sshd_config..10:45
sorenand that group is maintained in LDAP.10:46
sorenIn that case, it's the safer choice to fail completely.10:46
sorenIn you situation, though, it's not very convenient.10:46
sorenHere's what you can do:10:46
sorengroup: files ldap10:47
sorengroup: files ldap [unavail=continue]10:48
sorenAlthough, that really should be the default.10:48
spiekeywhere can i read up what "compat" is?10:51
sorenspiekey: man nsswitch.conf10:54
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spiekeysoren: group: files ldap [unavail=continue]  did not solve it .-/11:07
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spiekey.   /etc/ldap.secret only contains the password, not the rootbind, correct?11:26
sorenI belive so, yes.11:27
sorenspiekey: When you're logged in in single user mode, and enable ldap in nsswitch.conf, what does "getent group yourusername" give you?11:27
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spiekeywhats the diffrence of /etc/ldap.conf and /etc/ldap/ldap.conf?11:38
Kamping_Kaiserspiekey, ones part of pam, ones part of ldap iirc11:43
* Kamping_Kaiser sleep. gl11:43
spiekeywhere can i read that up?11:50
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spiekeywhy does dapper not have a ldap.conf?12:25
spiekeyapt-file search ldap.conf12:25
spiekeyreturns nothing12:25
gopp__can I create bind dns zone records easily in webmin12:41
gopp__in ubuntu-server what the easyiest way to do dns12:42
sergevn /join #linux-server12:46
sergevnlol sorry12:46
rhineheart_mIs there a known issue with ubuntu server attached to a LAN using single IP address...I most of the times experienced intermittent connection when my ubuntu is on.12:46
nijabafaulkes-: around?13:26
sommermorning all13:32
sorenrhineheart_m: I don't understand the question.13:34
rhineheart_msoren: when I will connect the server to the LAN.. the modem seems loosing its control even if I have a huge bandwifth13:38
AnRkey_I followed this howto http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=24988914:07
AnRkey_the only problem is that my mounted nfs share is read only for clients14:07
AnRkey_how can i mount it readable and writable14:07
flohackHi there! I'm trying to setup nfsv4 with kerberos authentication on my server and already went through a lot of troubles. Could someone lend me a hand?14:33
flohackI get the following error message when trying to mount my share on the server (same on the client): mount.nfs4: mounting lancelot.acoveo.com:/ failed, reason given by server:14:34
flohack  No such file or directory14:34
flohackIn the logs I get the following output (which seems to be fine): http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5236/14:36
flohackSetting the following options for the rpc.mountd server does not really help: RPCMOUNTDOPTS="--debug all" I don't get any log messages from it, not even when running it from a shell with -F14:37
flohackI have the following entries in /etc/exports:14:38
flohack/exports                gss/krb5(ro,fsid=0,insecure,no_subtree_check,async,anonuid=65534,anongid=65534)14:38
flohack/exports/acoveo_share   gss/krb5(rw,nohide,insecure,no_subtree_check,async,anonuid=65534,anongid=65534)14:38
flohackexportfs -v shows then just fine14:38
flohackBut mounting it via the following line in /etc/fstab fails with the error mentioned above:14:39
flohacklancelot.acoveo.com:/           /media/acoveo_share     nfs4    ro,sec=krb5i,users              0       014:39
flohackAAAAAARRRRGH I just found the problem...it's the krb5i option, replacing it with krb5 makes it work. I picked that option from a tutorial somewhere and forgot about adding it...sorry14:42
rhineheart_mhello! I found this issue.. SAMBA tends to slow down network connection..15:13
frame45foo: u there?15:14
zulmathiaz: when you get a chance can you look at that samba merge?15:28
mathiazzul: sure - I'll try to review it later today15:29
c1|freakywhat is the best CMS today?15:38
spiekeythats like asking for the best linux dist these days...15:38
henkjanor 4215:38
c1|freakyhow do i found out which CMS is the best for me?15:39
mathiazc1|freaky: try - http://www.cmsmatrix.org/15:39
faulkes-determine what your needs are, look at the available CMS platforms, compare features15:39
faulkes-or use mathiaz' handy url ;)15:40
faulkes-morning mathiaz15:40
mathiazhya faulkes-15:40
c1|freakythank you15:43
zulmathiaz: oh yeah I talked to ScottK about the libdb4.6 migration and you have just have to grep for the word transaction15:55
mathiazzul: great - could you update the Roadmap with the new information ?15:57
zulill do some as well15:57
spiekeywhat does use_first_pass do in common-auth?17:13
spiekeythere is no manpage for pam.conf17:14
spiekeyfroma man page: "Specifies that pam_ldap should always use the first password provided in the authentication stack."17:15
spiekey==> but when can yuo provide a 2n passwd?17:15
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lionelspiekey: it prevent your user having to type two times his password (one for unix auth, one for ldap auth)17:19
sorenspiekey: You can stack authentication modules. You can require users to authenticate against passwd/shadow, LDAP, opie, and otpw, one after the other. Most things that use pam for authentication support this.17:37
Exfilhello Soren17:44
keescookjdstrand: toma (who seems to be having connection issues) brought to my attention an interesting use-case with akonadi -- it launches (and fails) mysql in a separate directory.  The AA profile is breaking it...18:10
mathiazkeescook: yes - I've seen the bug18:12
mathiazkeescook: I've been thinking about this.18:12
keescookmathiaz: okay, cool.  :)18:13
mathiazkeescook: I think that akonadi shouldn't use mysql the way it does now.18:13
mathiazkeescook: I don't see a reason to start your own mysql server process18:13
keescookI'd tend to agree there.  :)18:13
mathiazkeescook: either you should directly embed mysql in your application18:13
mathiazkeescook: or use the system server18:14
mathiazkeescook: I haven't looked at how they're actually doing it though.18:14
keescookmathiaz: me neither -- I just wanted to make sure it was on our radar (passing along toma's concerns)18:14
zulhey keescook18:21
keescookheya zul -- I take it you got back the next day?18:22
zulkeescook: yep had to go through montreal18:22
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* jdstrand wonders why akonadi would do that by default...19:10
mathiazjdstrand: yeah - it's an uncommon design.19:27
mathiazjdstrand: however I wonder if they're embedding mysql19:27
mathiazjdstrand: it may come from that19:27
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* faulkes- eyes zul20:38
jdstrandzul -v20:38
* faulkes- <mr burns church fingers>20:38
zulfreaking cyrust-imapd20:39
faulkes-I think what we really need to concentrate on, is bringing back gopher for 8.04 server20:39
faulkes-perhaps maybe toss in a bit of WAIS as well20:40
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alapidasHi all - I am trying to install ubuntu-server 7.10 in a vmware VM, but when I check the cd for defects, I get the error "The ./isolinux/boot.cat file failed the MD5  checksum verification.  Your cd-rom may be corrupted"  The only thing is, the MD5 checks out20:53
donspauldinganyone know of a good alternative to ebox-platform?21:12
alapidasHi all - I am trying to install ubuntu-server 7.10 in a vmware VM, but when I check the cd for defects, I get the error "The ./isolinux/boot.cat file failed the MD5  checksum verification.  Your cd-rom may be corrupted"  The only thing is, the MD5 checks out21:19
keescookjdstrand: is your vmware-to-kvm conversion process documented?  I feel like I used to have a URL, but now I can't find it.21:25
jdstrandkeescook: it is not yet, but should be a part of libvirt soon, per soren21:26
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