Lowke1still doesnt work pelo :(00:00
Lowke1doing the second one too00:00
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LjLmouseboyx: are those numbers even all alone on their line?00:00
PeloLowke1,  and sun-java6-bin as well , after that I'm out of ideas00:00
jessidLjL oops i think i will have to read a little more before asking about this again...i am very thankful!!!00:00
mouseboyxLjL, no i see maybe it should have another wildcard before it?00:01
nemoAntkin: I'm thinking he should just use the Vista boot loader instead of grub.00:01
nemoif Vista is going to be an ass about this00:01
LjLmouseboyx: going strictly by what you said, i.e. « replace " 660 480" where the numbers are wildcards with "" null », that would be « sed 's/ [[:digit:]]+ [[:digit:]]+//g/'00:01
Pelonemo, vista is an ass about everything00:01
nemoapparently he can't ditch vista or person who got him the laptop will be annoyed00:01
LjLmouseboyx: no00:01
omnisteganHey guys, I seem to have encountered a strange problem. My sound was working fine up until I changed a video setting for a game under wine, then all my sound stopped. Since then I've found that sound works in a few things (totem movie player for example) but not for others (Amarok, firefox, aMSN, log in log out sounds, etc.) any suggestions?00:02
soderqvistusser: now all of a sudden my sound has disappeared. I pressed audio in wine, and it said something about installed drivers. But now Its gone?00:02
LjLmouseboyx: so are you looking to simply every couple of numbers in the file?00:02
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, java not working with ff?00:02
Sarahomnistegan: Do you have multiple sound cards?00:02
LjLmouseboyx: so are you looking to simply delete every couple of numbers in the file?00:02
Pelo[Hardy]TuTUXG,  javascript00:02
Antkinnemo http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=712997&highlight=dual+booting+guide00:02
mouseboyxLjL, sed: -e expression #1, char 32: unknown option to `s'00:02
omnisteganSarah: Yes00:03
mouseboyxevery occurence of them in the file00:03
LjLmouseboyx, i put one / too much00:03
gravemindphix -- hey that's my name too00:03
PeloLowke1, you might also want to try and install flash manualy from the adobe website, get the tar.gz file and just follow the instructions in it00:03
ubotuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button or the File -> Acquire menu in the GIMP.00:03
Sarahomnistegan: The problem is most likely that wine somehow changed which output goes to which sound card. Try plugging in the other sound card and see if the programs that now give no sound suddenly do.00:03
Lowke1okay pelo00:03
soderqvistMy sound has disapperared, how can I get it to work again?00:03
nemoAntkin: hm. doesn't seem to cover vista in particular.  I have a feeling this OS is a whole different beastie from XP00:03
_Oz_Ubuntu friends: where can I paste a screenshot online?00:03
nemoAntkin: thanks though00:03
mouseboyxIt still does not work00:03
danandmouseboyx - not sure what your trying to do - sed 's/\*//g' file.txt will replace all instances of "*" in the file with "" ie 6*0 will be output as 6000:03
Sarahsoderqvist: Can you give a little moe to go on? :-)00:04
_Oz_Isn't it imagebin.us or something like that?00:04
iositdnick hischild00:04
LjLmouseboyx: « sed 's/[[:digit:]]\+ [[:digit:]]\+//g' » this will work to delete every couple of numbers with a space inbetween00:04
omnisteganSarah: Yeah, that worked, is there an easy way to reset all the settings on the one card?00:04
mouseboyxThere are many wget http://www.addictinggames.com/D78AQSAKQLQWI9/1434.swf 550 380 and  i want to get rid of the numbers at the end exactly00:04
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Antkinnemo Vista is not much of an improvement over XP it still uses NTFS00:04
mouseboyx"wget http://www.addictinggames.com/D78AQSAKQLQWI9/1434.swf 550 380"00:04
LjLmouseboyx: you should ensure that doesn't get you rid of *other* numbers too.00:04
ducklyHi Im in then ubuntu livecd enviroment. I want to write on my hdd but i have to sudo -i first and start all programs as root in the xterm (like gedit /mnt/gentoo/home/list.txt instead of using nautilius) to be able to do that. is there a way to automaticly be root in livecd so i can in nautilius doubble click on a textfile, alter it, and and after saving it?00:04
Sarahomnistegan: I would advise disabling the unused sound card completely, barring that, try fidding around with the preferences on your volume icon.00:04
_Oz_antkin: at the risk of getting offtopic there is literally nothing about vista that is an improvement over XP00:05
nemoAntkin: yeah. but it acts differently.  Certainly I'd recommend XP if he had a choice.00:05
mouseboyxThats why there are spaces in between them.00:05
nemo_Oz_: I've done two Vista to XP upgrades for friends in past month :)00:05
LjLmouseboyx: so my command will work.00:05
soderqvistSarah I installed ubuntu today and it worked like 2 hours ago. Now I installed a new version of wine. And in wine theres a "audio" to go to. I pressed it and it said something about installed OSS drivers00:05
Peloduckly, gsku nautilus will start nautilus as root for you00:05
soderqvistWhatever now it doesnt work nomore00:05
Sarahsoderqvist: Heh, seems there's an epidemic.00:05
_Oz_nemo: I've done it too.  Infuriating that one has to do such a thing.  Microsoft "broke" Windows with Vista00:05
hischild_Oz_, it has a better look, you have to give em credit for that ... yet it doesn't improve workspeed, it slows you down ... not like compiz speeds things up00:05
Sarahsoderqvist: Do you have multiple sound cards?00:05
[Hardy]TuTUXGPelo, i dont think jscript is handled by java-plugin00:05
ducklyPelo: ok thanks00:05
_Oz_hischild: right. it's a pig. anyway, we're offtopic now00:05
soderqvistSarah no a soundblaster live card00:05
Sarahomnistegan: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=712908 -- you might find this useful00:06
Sarahsoderqvist: No onboard sound card?00:06
hischild_Oz_, true ...00:06
soderqvistwhats that?00:06
omnisteganSarah: Thank you very much.00:06
_Oz_Ubuntu friends: where can I paste a screenshot online?00:06
Sarahsoderqvist: A sound card that is built in to your motherboard.00:06
hischild_Oz_, www.imageshack.us00:06
Sarahomnistegan: Much abliged00:06
Antkinnemo so would I people are uninstalling Vista and going back to XP, XP is vista biggest thret00:06
soderqvistDont know? dont think so00:06
_Oz_thanks, hischild00:06
golf_gtihm... crappy attansic nic...00:06
Pelo[Hardy]TuTUXG, neither do I but we were out of options , he's getting a msg about either javascript or flash not being installed/enabled , both are ,  options are becoming limited00:07
LjLmouseboyx: anyway, i strongly suggest you ask a better question next time... you mixed a technical term - wildcards - with the idea that you simply wanted a turnkey command. now, what you wanted to do was to *remove every sequence of two space-separated multi-digits numbers*, and that's what you should have asked if you wanted a turnkey solution. if you wanted to learn about regular expressions, you could have asked about wildcards in a general sense. but the00:07
LjLway you asked simply didn't make sense. a space is a character. "wget" is characters. a URL is characters. unless you're used to pretty strange wildcards, asking "how can i change wildcards into nothing" doesn't make any sense.00:07
[Hardy]TuTUXGPelo, so flash is not working neither?00:07
LjL!gq > mouseboyx    (mouseboyx, see the private message from Ubotu)00:07
Sarahsoderqvist: My guess is that you have multiple sound cards and wine now set the sound output to the wrong card, the one that you don't use00:07
sdfwofsi'm getting really confused and angry.00:07
soderqvistSarah ok, so how can I fix this im noob in linux just got it..00:07
mouseboyxLjL sorry i thought i could figure it out my self if i just got what i was looking fore00:08
Pelo[Hardy]TuTUXG, not sure which, he can'T view youtube videos , might be the site but I don,t know where else to send him to try00:08
sdfwofssays it's unable to find /lib/modules/ direcotry.00:08
AntkinOz installed Vista are you honestly doing them a favour I personally wold refuse00:08
danandLjL - confused me :)00:08
Sarahsoderqvist: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=71290800:08
sdfwofsther kernel dir is there, but no build directory. how do i make it?00:08
[Hardy]TuTUXGPelo, so flash is not working00:08
_Oz_antkin: no, I installed XP back over vista00:08
sdfwofsi thought making the directory would fix it ,but it iddn't00:08
Lowke1mines not either lol00:08
Lowke1flash I mean00:08
* hischild gives _Oz_ a cookie... good!00:08
rp3trying to get my new palm 755p to sync, but I don't think ubuntu even see's it when I plug it in to the usb?  how can I tell if it's seen or not?00:09
Pelo[Hardy]TuTUXG, either that or javascriopt, which is why I recommended he try installing flash from adobe's tar.gz00:09
_Oz_friends, please look at nautilus in this screenshot and tell me why I see "desktop configuration file" in the right column? http://img519.imageshack.us/img519/1276/screenshotli1.png00:09
AntkinOz yes that the best thing to do00:09
amenadorp3 dmesg or udevinfo00:09
sdfwofsif i make the directory it just says it's missing a bunch of config files.00:09
rp3amenado: thanks will look now..00:09
[Hardy]TuTUXGPelo, link the plugin file to /usr/lib/firefox-3.0ba/plugins/00:09
[Hardy]TuTUXGPelo, if it's not there00:10
Pelo[Hardy]TuTUXG, don't tell me , tell Lowke100:10
SarahDoes anyone know how to make OpenSSH log failed login attempts to the btmp file?00:10
[Hardy]TuTUXGPelo, u tell him00:10
hischild_Oz_, where?00:10
hischildit's a bit big00:10
* Pelo needs a video player that will let him resync audio as it plays 00:10
Lowke1Hardy didn't you help me last night00:10
Lowke1with my cube00:10
nickrud_Oz_: because you're not looking at the disks themselves, but desktop files pointing at the disks.00:10
* Pelo twists [Hardy]TuTUXG 's arm behind his back and forces him to confess to Lowke1 00:11
hischildoh ... now i c it00:11
Lowke1yes! I want to watch videos!00:11
ryjydhello all you happy people00:11
Sarah_Oz_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/nautilus/+bug/24660 Is this the problem?00:11
rp3ok says address 8???  hmmm00:11
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, the original file should be at /etc/alternatives/mozilla-flashplugin00:11
Antkinryiyd Welcome, do you have a problem?00:12
ryjydyep... heard this is the place to take it00:12
ryjydanyone have any experience with creox?00:12
Sarahsoderqvist: Yes? Go ahead and ask your question, don't ask to ask. :)00:12
FixmanHow do you change channels?00:12
Lowke1Hardy, whats that mean?00:12
soderqvistHow do I know whick one that is my onboard soundcard:S?00:12
Sarah /join #channelName00:12
Fixmanenter #ubuntu-games00:12
Antkinryjyd can you give us some details?00:12
ryjydof course, Sarah, just making polite conversation... sort of...00:13
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, go to /etc/alternatives/00:13
soderqvistSarah How do I know whick one that is my onboard soundcard:S?00:14
ryjydI have a guitar jacked straight into the sound board (slightly unhealthy) and I have looked over the Effector > preferences... window00:14
Lowke1hardy, im there00:14
* Eddie hasnt used Ubuntu in a long time00:14
ryjydmake that Options...00:14
sdfwofsam i retarded or something? or is make broke?00:14
Sarahsoderqvist: You could pastebin the output of lsmod|grep snd and maybe someone here will help you identify it00:14
EddieFeels kind of strange, Debian used to be second nature to me00:15
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, ls mozilla*00:15
metguruHey all! I'm having a problem mounting an external drive. Its a seagate. I don't have problems with another external, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.00:15
hischildryjyd, that sounds ... unhealthy ... if it has an active output00:15
ryjydand I have the program running into the alsa driver for capture and playback...00:15
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, tell me what u have00:15
soderqvistSarah could u please help, I dont get what u say :S00:15
Lowke1alll sorts of shit hardy00:15
ryjydtry to hit [Play] and it gives a very descriptive (X) Error.00:15
ryjydnot helpful at all00:15
Sarahsoderqvist: In a terminal, run the command "lsmod|grep snd" - then paste its output at pastebin.com and give us the link here.00:16
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, wait a sec i m figuring out a command for u00:16
Lowke1ok :)00:16
madmaxmadcan someone help me with eSata mounting ??? thats eSata not usb or anything other00:16
iceswordi am back00:16
hischildryjyd, maybe the error is about your sound not having enuogh juice to power it?00:16
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ryjydnah, that's silly... ti would record nothing and output the same00:17
Pelomadmaxmad, did you check in here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport &00:17
iceswordmadmaxmad, what is up00:17
hischildryjyd, hwo did you plug it in ... an active guitar or passive?00:17
_Oz_sarah: looking now00:17
madmaxmadicesword, this is killing me00:17
anarchistCan anyone offer me help setting up a Dynamode PCMCIA wifi card? The OS doesn't recognise it.00:17
madmaxmadPelo, dude stop pasting me links pls00:17
ryjydactive would eat something, I would think00:17
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, first check if u have the flashplugin installed, go to /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/00:17
hischildryjyd, then either you have a very strong sound input or it won't give you sound anyway00:18
madmaxmadicesword, do you know maybe how can I hotplug and mount eSata hdd ??00:18
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, see if the dir exists and any files in it00:18
soderqvistSarah I typed lsmod|grep snd in terminal and I get a lot of things..00:18
ryjydright, and that's a good start, but why the error?00:18
iceswordmadmaxmad, what did  parted say00:18
soderqvistSarah can i Pm you?00:18
Antkinicesword do you have a problem?00:18
Sarahsoderqvist: Okay, now copy the output to pastebin.com00:18
iceswordmadmaxmad, you said it is not usb device00:18
iceswordAntkin, ???00:18
madmaxmadtheres no hope for me :(00:19
Lowke1directory exists, no files, hardy00:19
Antkindanix Welcome00:19
hischildryjyd, maybe it drains so much?00:19
Antkinicesword yes I'm here00:19
hischildryjyd, try it without anything plugged in?00:19
madmaxmadicesword, do you know what eSata is ?00:19
soderqvistSarah like this? http://pastebin.com/m3a11d9100:19
ryjydthat's an idea...00:19
iceswordAntkin, i think i did not talk to you00:19
_Oz_sarah: I don't see anything in there that sheds any light on the situation, other than perhaps the cold comfort that this is a bug and not user error? :)00:20
_Oz_friends, please look at nautilus in this screenshot and tell me why I see "desktop configuration file" in the right column? http://img519.imageshack.us/img519/1276/screenshotli1.png00:20
iceswordmadmaxmad, sorry,;let me check00:20
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, so apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree00:20
hischildryjyd, i only have experience in pluggin in an entire mixerboard into a soundcard00:20
Stormx2Hi. Weird sort of question I know, but is there a way of outputting the current ALSA sound as raw PCM data? Like, to stdout. There must be a command for it, yeah?00:20
Sarah_Oz_: From googling a bit this seems to be a common problem with SMB and nautilus00:20
Sarahsoderqvist: Yep00:20
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, u r not on amd 64 rn't u?00:20
flowOvermadmaxmad: i think it's external sata00:20
ryjydit woudl be the same either way... I'00:20
hischildryjyd, tried a diff program to see if that could record?00:20
_Oz_sarah: interesting.  could I switch to a different filebrowser and not have this problem?00:20
Lowke1permission denied, are you root?00:20
Antkinicesword I will not hold that against you, do you want to talk now?00:20
nickrudmadmaxmad: possibly this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hal/+bug/15376800:20
ryjydm thinking driver problem, perhaps a config file change might be of interest?00:20
madmaxmadflowOver, thats correct. finally someone that knows what eSata is00:21
Sarah_Oz_: That's quite possible.00:21
hischild_Oz_, you tried to switch views? it seems like it's on details or sth like that now ...00:21
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[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, install with sudo00:21
ryjydaudacity captures00:21
soderqvistSarah can u see anything interesting in that :P?00:21
iceswordAntkin, i don't understand what are you talking about00:21
_Oz_hischild: not sure what you meant by switch views00:21
flowOveri've only had a run in with it.  don't expect that i'm experienced ;)00:21
madmaxmadnickrud, well its not that bug00:21
Sarahsoderqvist: It appears you only have one sound card, so I believe I was mistaken in my diagnose. Do you not get any sound output at all?00:21
danandsoderqvist - can you pastebin the output of lspci ?00:21
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, ur not on amd64, right?00:21
hischild_Oz_, the way you view icons00:21
Lowke10 upgraded 0 installed [Hardy]TuTUXG00:21
Sarahsoderqvist: And of course, you're sure that it's not muted or anything silly? O:-)00:21
hischild_Oz_, like tiles, a list or sth else00:21
Lowke1intel hardy00:21
_Oz_hischild: I see. hold on00:21
madmaxmadMain problem is that my eSata is on 3rd sata connector and I have 2 disks on 4th and 5th sata connector00:22
Antkinicesword Do you want help with a problem on this forum?00:22
iceswordAntkin, yeah,i love this channel00:22
madmaxmadso when I hotplug eSata hdd ist not even recognised00:22
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, r u using 64bit version of ubuntu?00:22
_Oz_hischild: when I ctrl-1 to go back to folder views that error data goes away, but it comes back when I ctrl-2 back to detailed view (which I prefer).  is this just an output problem?00:22
Lowke1i do believe so00:22
iceswordmadmaxmad, did you try sudo mount -a00:22
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, so the flashplugin is not working00:22
madmaxmaddude I'm not that noob00:23
ryjydright... audacity captures the input, records, and plays back, no issue00:23
Sarah_Oz_: I think nautilus simply misunderstands a file extension here or something similar.00:23
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, adobe doesnt support 64bit os00:23
Antkinicesword this is my second day on IRC, I have used Linux since 199900:23
ryjydit sounds tiny/tinny, but it works00:23
madmaxmadwhen I boot with eSata plugged it gets /dev/sdc100:23
Lowke1so I can't have Flash?00:23
madmaxmadand can be mounted with no problem00:23
_Oz_sarah: I'm starting to think you're right00:23
hischild_Oz_, hmm ... there might be another view to just list them all ...00:23
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, u can install the 32bit version of ff00:23
madmaxmadbut when I boot without it hdd on 4th sata controler gets /dev/sdc100:23
Lowke1where do I do that?00:23
flowOverLowke1: you can chroot a 32bit ubuntu inside of it with ff and any other 64bit conflicted program into it00:23
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, and use the 32bit plugin00:24
madmaxmadso when I hotplug eSata hdd it dont get recognised00:24
iceswordAntkin, you are my big brother then,i learned linux from 200700:24
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, wait a sec00:24
Dr_willismadmaxmad,  this is when mounting by uuid gets handy.00:24
nickrudmadmaxmad: yu've made an fstab entry for it the? Did you use uuid00:24
flowOveri have a 64bit chip but run 32bit because the hassles aren't worth the few benefits i found with 64bit os.00:24
madmaxmadnickrud, u mean that I have to make UUID entries for about 20 hdds that I have and connect to eSata ???00:24
flowOver64bit is not ready for anything but server use00:24
Sarah_Oz_: What version of Ubuntu are you on?00:25
soderqvistdanand of my lspci?00:25
iceswordmadmaxmad, i think if you have a product instrution,you 'd better have a look at it first00:25
nickrudmadmaxmad: or label the partitions, that works as well00:25
madmaxmadDr_willis, problem is that I connect many diff drives00:25
Antkinicesword maybe even your dad I have used computers since 197500:25
ducklyPelo: I get "bash: gesku: command not found" Is there a other way?00:25
madmaxmadnickrud, how can I label partitions when I cant see hdd ??00:25
danandsoderqvist - type lspci in a terminal and pastebin the output - same as you did for lsmod00:25
soderqvistSarah no its not muted or anything00:25
hischildflowOver, i have the same thing ... both for my server and my laptop00:25
Peloduckly, gksu , sorry if I made a mistake00:25
nickrudmadmaxmad: you said you see it as sdc1 ? e2label /dev/sdc1 <label> ?00:26
salsilocoquick question guys, every time i load Ubuntu it forces a disk check but it stups either at 61.3% or 72.5% any ideas????00:26
Dr_willismadmaxmad,  i always just start mounting things the old way. :) of course gnome has a way you can use the properties of the  drives icon to customize its mountpoint and name. I just found that the other day00:26
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, have u enabled the universe and multiverse repos?00:26
nickrudDr_willis: yeah, they shouldn't have hidden it below those triangles00:26
soderqvistdanand here u go http://pastebin.com/m55c7937500:26
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, sudo apt-get install ia32-libs lib32asound2 lib32ncurses5 ia32-libs-sdl ia32-libs-gtk gsfonts gsfonts-x11 linux3200:26
Lowke1the options inside of synp, right?00:26
madmaxmadnickrud, I see it when I boot with eSata hdd on. I dont want to reboot everytime I change eSata hdd00:26
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, yes00:27
hischildsoderqvist, are you on a laptop?00:27
nickrudmadmaxmad: just umount and mount. The automount issue is the hal bug I think00:27
iceswordAntkin, f*** !what you mean,how did i offend you,you dick00:27
madmaxmadDr_willis, well I mount from terminal too but how can you mount something u dont see at all ??00:27
danandsoderqvist - ok00:27
Lowke1couldn't find package inside of ia32-libs [Hardy]TuTUXG00:27
_Oz_sarah: 7.1000:27
Sarah_Oz_: Oh and could you try typing smb:// in the nautilus bar and see what happens?00:27
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, gusty?00:27
Dr_willismadmaxmad,  that sounds more like a kernel bug then. :(00:27
iceswordnickrud, you see what Antkin said00:27
salsilocoquick question guys, every time i load Ubuntu it forces a disk check but it stups either at 61.3% or 72.5% any ideas????00:27
_Oz_sarah: typing smb:/// gives me two windows networks00:28
Antkinicesword you have not offended me00:28
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, a sec00:28
madmaxmadits not the kernel bug its the /dev assignment problem00:28
nickrudicesword: and you also. Antkin you both drop it, or work it out in pm00:28
ducklyPelo:np Ill try that instead :) thanks!00:28
iceswordAntkin, why you said that,00:28
nickrudmadmaxmad: and that's libata. You'll have to adapt00:28
soderqvistIt worked earlier and I had sound when i installed ubuntu00:28
_Oz_sarah: smb seems to work overall00:28
madmaxmadit would be good if I could assign /dev/sdxx to 3rd sata connector00:28
Sarah_Oz_: Oh wait, sorry. You're experiencing this problem with stuff that isn't SMB at all00:28
iceswordAntkin, what i did?00:28
flatsI'm sorry someone mentioned to me earlier what I needed to do so I didn't have to enter the root password everytime something needed admin rights.  What was that?00:28
Sarah_Oz_: Does it happen if you browse for instance your home directory?00:29
iceswordAntkin, do explain,this is not funny,not a joke00:29
DarkmystereCCan some one please help me get internet working on m,y ubuntu box i really need it working never noticed how useless a linux distro is without internet :/....00:29
hischildflats, you never enter the root password. are you talking about entering your own password when sudo'ing?00:29
flatsyes, sorry thats what I mean00:29
hischildDarkmystere, can you be a bit more specific? like does it find the interface?00:29
_Oz_sarah: n00:29
_Oz_sarah: no00:29
Antkinicesword I'm not joking do you want help or not?00:29
hischildflats, visudo00:29
madmaxmadnickrud, if you meant this http://linux-ata.org/faq.html  then I dont understand what u meant to say00:29
danandsoderqvist - type    asoundconf list    in a terminal and see what the output says00:30
salsilocoquick question, every time i boot Ubuntu it forces a disk check, but it stops either at 61.3% or 72.5% any ideas how to fix this????00:30
Sarah_Oz_: Sorry, I'm stumped then. Might be a problem with Gnome mime types or something. I don't know. :(00:30
iceswordAntkin, did i ask you for help?you!English!00:30
_Oz_sarah: it's a pretty minor problem...  no big deal.  thanks for thinking about it.00:30
flatsthast it thanks00:30
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, pastebin ur /etc/apt/source.list00:30
soderqvistdanand: Names of available sound cards:00:31
* Pelo feels the channel is a bit nasty tonight 00:31
herojokercould you give me an irc channel which is dedicated to video editing? (need to change headers...)00:31
Markgrafenso i have to go00:31
Markgrafenhave a good night00:31
Markgrafenfor all00:31
Lowke1sources.list [Hardy]TuTUXG?00:31
nickrudmadmaxmad: <madmaxmad> when I boot with eSata plugged it gets /dev/sdc1 <madmaxmad> but when I boot without it hdd on 4th sata controler gets /dev/sdc1 . So, it gets recognized, but not where you expect it?00:31
Antkinicesword I greet new visitors onto this site today and ask them if they need help that is all00:31
Peloherojoker, try for #ffmpeg maybe00:31
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, ys00:31
jtg23hey, i have a pxe setup wherein i had a client successfully booting but now i have another one that won't--it says "can't open /tmp/net-eth0.conf" - is anyone familiar with resolving this issue?00:31
x89xI'm trying to USE VirtualBOx.I need to make a virtual hard drive. Its only allowing to choose the Home hard drive. I want to choose a drive thats NTFS. How do i do that ??00:31
madmaxmadnickrud, it dont get recognized thats the problem00:32
enkrypt_Anybody have a suggestion on Ubuntu and Firefox running a Macromedia Flash?00:32
_Oz_x89x: visit us in #vbox00:32
x89xi am able to write to my NTFS drive00:32
Lowke1when i open it it opens software sources [Hardy]TuTUXG00:32
enkrypt_I tend to lock up - no sound - blank screen.00:32
soderqvistdanand: anything:S?00:32
danandsoderqvist - type    alsamixer in a terminal - go through the settings checcking all have reasonable values ie not muted. also check if you have an entry for an external amplifier. if that is enabled you need to disable it00:32
nickrudmadmaxmad: then  sudo fdisk -l won't show it after the hotplug. Just trying to get my head around all the symptoms00:32
iceswordAntkin, then why you said "that even your ...",you must apologize,i have been here for a while,and never seen people like YOU!it is not a joke!00:32
nickrudicesword: that was not an insult, it was stating he'd probably been using computers since before your dad00:33
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, gedit /etc/apt/sources.list and copy the content of that file to pastebin00:33
nickrudicesword: so, cool down ;)00:33
danandsoderqvist - also can you check for me the card that alsamixer reports is being used00:33
hischildis there a chance both of you could take it to offtopic please?00:33
iceswordnickrud, you are good man,always thinks people are good,:)00:34
soderqvistdanand: Dell soundblaster live is being used00:34
nickrudicesword: english is native language, I know the slang and shortcuts well ;)00:34
oxigenhi, where is channel for hardy?00:34
j_humphreydoes anyone know how what the command for a script that writes the output data to a text file?00:34
hischildoxigen, #ubuntu+100:34
hischildj_humphrey, command >> file00:34
Lowke1http://pastebin.us/?show=m7d42d42d [Hardy]TuTUXG00:35
Antkinicesword apologize for what exactly please spell it out letter buy letter I don not mean to offend but you called me English00:35
enkrypt_Anybody have a suggestion for Firefox and Macromedia flash problem?00:35
iceswordAntkin, i call you English,then what?00:35
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j_humphreyhischild, so a simple one would be echo hello world >> helloworld.txt   ?00:35
=== kas_ is now known as kas-
danandsoderqvist - ok that sounds ok - you have a sound blaster live card00:35
RyanPriorIs there a way to have Ubuntu auto-detect the domain to use when you're connecting to a SMB server?00:36
nickrudicesword: Antkin please drop it, last warning00:36
hischildj_humphrey, as far as i know, that would be correct ...00:36
marbleslingerenkrypt  have you tried flashplugin-nonfree00:36
Darkmystere can some one please help me Wicd iwconfig IFconfig show that im connected but i cant ping..00:36
hischildj_humphrey, on the assumption your commands/script is correct ofcourse, it works ( i tested on my path00:36
Antkinnickrud is there a problem?00:36
oxigenwhere do i switch on 'send info' about installed packages?00:37
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, a sec let me fix it00:37
j_humphreyhischild, yeah, assuming its correct :P00:37
nickrudAntkin: nothing that dropping the subject wont' fix00:37
enkrypt_<shrug>  I guess this isn't the place.00:37
flatsAfter I run visudo. Do I have to reload something or reboot or should it just work?00:37
hischildflats, it should work at once00:37
Peloenkrypt_, this is a busy chanel, ask periodicaly00:37
flatshmmm not good00:37
Lowke10k [Hardy]TuTUXG00:37
soderqvistdanand: Now I my phones recognizes sound and turns on but it is only ZZzzzzZZz sound00:37
ryjydBump: Trying to run creox. It tells me it's running capture and output through the alsa driver... give "(X) Error:"00:38
hischildflats, run it again and check if you wrote it all correct. Or give me the single line you added00:38
Antkinnickrud there is no subject to drop I just great people onto the forum00:38
hischildryjyd, i just thuoght of it ... can you run the capture on the sound tab?00:38
gopp__I am getting this in windows, from my ubuntu bind server "The following error occurred when DNS was queried for the service location (SRV)" ubuntu00:38
ryjydhischild: checking...00:38
Antkinenkrpt do you have a question?00:39
soderqvistdanand nothing happens :S:S00:40
soderqvistSarah please00:40
ryjydhischild: there does not appear to be a "Sound" tab00:40
danandsoderqvist - see if the command cat /dev/urandom > /dev/audio gives you and sound. press ctrl+c to stop it if it does00:40
=== ubuntu is now known as ZackVixACD
Antkinubuntu Hello00:40
hischildryjyd, sorry i should be more clear ... system -> preferences -> sound -> the capture test00:40
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, can u type uname -a and give me the output?00:41
Antkinemomika Hello00:41
ZackVixACDnow I wish I was here just to chat and not ask for some help00:41
iceswordAntkin, new now know how?00:41
hischildZackVixACD, feel free to ask for help00:41
Lowke1Linux Lowkey-Ubuntu 2.6.22-14-generic #1 SMP Sun Oct 14 23:05:12 GMT 2007 i686 GNU/Linux00:41
emomikaomg time is ticking away ... 2.41 am -_____-00:41
soderqvistdanand: niklas@niklas-desktop:~$ cat /dev/urandom > /dev/audio00:41
soderqvistbash: /dev/audio: Device or resource busy00:41
ryjydhischild: uh... that was weird... Failed to construct test pipeline for 'gconfaudiosrc ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink profile=chat'00:42
iceswordnickrud, what is up00:42
ZackVixACDokay. Now can superGrub help you boot os on flash drive?00:42
Lowke1[Hardy]TuTUXG: did you get that?00:42
hischildryjyd, i was afraid of that ... basically means it can't use the input ... thus we know the problem isn't very likely to be the program00:42
danandsoderqvist - some process is using the sound system.00:42
Antkinubuntu do you have a problem?00:42
danandsoderqvist - wait one00:42
mabus_when running X my display is all fuzzy, almost like static. what should I change?00:42
ryjydI was figuring on the driver... but what then am I looking at...00:42
ZackVixACDyou  mean ZackVix, i changed my  nick from Ubunut to ZackVix00:43
emomikahow i can use windows programs ???00:43
Antkinemomika Do you have a Problem?00:43
Pelotook me 5 tries but I manage to resync the sound with the video in this file . hurray for me00:43
hischild!install | ZackVixACD00:43
ubotuZackVixACD: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate00:43
ZackVixACDtrying to boot Ubuntu from a flash drive on pc without USB bios support00:43
ZackVixACDI have searched the forum for the past two days :? lol00:44
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, ys00:44
danandsoderqvist - try restarting alsa - type   /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart   - that may work for you00:45
iceswordnickrud, i will stop,but even you forengners don't make jokes like that,do you00:45
danandsoderqvist - sorry -    sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart00:45
FlannelZackVixACD: you'll need some sort of boot medium, floppy or CD00:46
Peloicesword, quit it00:46
ekicesword: I'm not sure you understand. It was not a joke. Antkin was being friendly. Just misunderstood.00:46
iceswordok,let it pass.00:46
ZackVixACDYup, I have tried grub on floppy but it doesn't seem to see the flash drive. So I tried SuperGrub on CD but it didn't see it either00:46
=== Ttech is now known as The_Doctor
ZackVixACDnow I am wondering if I have the lastest version of SuperGrub because the website is down00:47
emomikaomg i want instal windoxs xp with my computer but i can't argh </300:47
emomika(i have ubuntu now)00:47
soderqvistdanand no sound:S:S00:47
Antkinemomika 7.10?00:48
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, so ur runing 32 bit00:48
iceswordnickrud, ok,let it pass00:48
philphototrying to install 7.10 on an old imac desktop and the cd won't boot up.  tried  ctrl + c & no joy.  any help?00:48
ZayneHello.. I hope I am in the right place. I'm pretty much at my wit's end, and i've searched the forums and documentation to no avail. I'm hoping someone can help me through a problem with Ubuntu, namely that upon making it to the login screen the graphics become severely garbled, so much that I can not see to even log in. I'm assuming it's due to my video card.00:48
RyanPriorIs there a way to have Ubuntu auto-detect the domain to use when you're connecting to a SMB server?00:48
emomikayes 7.1000:48
flatsOk, Now I'm going to ask a step further.  Thanks to hischild I got it to not need a sudo password.  What about config options from the GUI that just ask for a password.  I want my user to just have access to these without needing to enter that password.00:48
ryjydhischild: the soundcard i am using here is the onboard... i have a soundblaster live (yeah oldskool, I laugh at it too) with like 4-55 jacks on it... think that would make a difference that the onboard does not?00:48
releodAnyone know a solution to stream music/movies from my ubuntu server onto my xbox360 (similar to Connect360 for OSX)00:48
hischildflatface, that's already set by editing00:48
RyanPriorZayne: have you tried fixing X via the emergency boot procedure?00:48
bruenig_Zayne: do ctrl + alt + f1 when you get there, login via tty and fix your configuration00:48
Antkinemomika do you need any help tonight?00:48
Lowke1[Hardy]TuTUXG:  I didn't know that sorry =[00:48
hischildryjyd, it might if ubuntu can recognize it properly00:48
danandsoderqvist - does    cat /dev/urandom > /dev/audio   still give a "device busy" error?00:48
Pelog'night folks00:49
ZayneI.. okay. I feel like an idiot but I have no idea what you're asking me to do. I'm totally new to this.00:49
emomikanot yet ... thx ...00:49
nickrudsee you later Pelo00:49
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hischildsoderqvist, do you know wether it is an intel soundcard by chance ...00:49
bruenig_Zayne: when you get the the garbled login screen, do that keyboard shortcut, you can log in to the console00:49
soderqvistdanand:  yes it still says the same00:49
RyanPriorZayne: reboot your computer, and when GRUB comes up, hit esc. Then select to do the diagnostic boot up.00:49
ZackVixACDwell, thanks for the help. I was  hoping to see someone who has had teh same issue and was able to fix it. But thanks for asnwering. I will keep on googling I guess...00:49
soderqvisthischild dont know00:49
RyanPriorZayne: it will boot to a menu where you can continue booting, fix X, or a few other things. Fix X, then continue booting.00:50
BidouHi, I cant connect to the jabber server im.apinc.org the error is: "conflict"00:50
AntkinBidou Welcome Do you have a problem?00:50
ryjydhischild: I think I need to disable the onboard first... have to come back later and let you know what breaks and whatnot... I had it in here at one point, but ubuntu kept switching cards randomly between reboots00:50
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, then that's easier00:50
Lowke1[Hardy]TuTUXG: good00:50
hischildryjyd, you can disable onboard just by bios?00:50
ryjydhischild: most definintely00:50
ZayneWhen I hit ESC, I didn't see this option. I had a standard boot, and then one for recovery mode, and then a.. i'm not sure. it said memtest or something.00:50
tgm4883_laptopis there a way to disable the bubble popup of update-manager and other taskbar programs00:50
RyanPriorZayne: recovery mode is the one.00:50
BidouAntkin: yes i cant connect to the jabber server im.apinc.org the error is: "conflict"00:51
ZayneOkay. And what do I type there?00:51
danandsoderqvist - theres probably a nicer way to do this but ... some process is using your soundcard and stopping it from being used. the best thing i can suggest is to reboot the machine :)00:51
hischildryjyd, good luck ... i need some sleep00:51
soderqvistill try to reboot00:51
soderqvistdont think it will work00:51
RyanPriorZayne: don't type anything. Just boot into recovery mode, select the fix X option, then continue booting.00:51
Bidoumaybe it's my firewall ? but how can i fix it ?00:51
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, ur sources.list is a little bit messy, i need some time here00:51
ryjydnight then... thanks for the help in finding the issue00:51
AntkinBidou are you using Kopete?00:51
hischilddanand, maybe wierd suggestion ... can't you unload the module so it can't use it?00:51
Lowke1[Hardy]TuTUXG: okay, thank you for your help00:51
BidouAntkin: no Gajim00:51
danandsoderqvist - sorry, but i've gotta go to bed ... hope that works00:52
=== joer_ is now known as Syn-
AntkinBidou I have used Gaim00:52
ZayneBut when I boot into recovery mode, it simply scrolls a whole lot of text then leaves me at a command prompt. I've never seen any options to select.00:52
RyanPriorAntkin: Gaim is not Gajim00:52
danandhischild - not sure if that would work or not ,,, reboot is simplest way :)00:52
FlannelZayne: That's correct.  What are you trying to accomplish?00:52
BidouAntkin: I'm using gajim no gaim00:53
RyanPriorAntkin: They are ubar different.00:53
danandnight all00:53
nickrudZayne: that's what recovery mode does. What do you want to do?00:53
nickrudheh. Slow again00:53
ZayneI was being told to use a Fix X option in recovery mode.00:53
hischildgood night folks, stay safe, and don't break it all <300:53
oxigenhey, how do i switch on this: http://popcon.ubuntu.com00:53
=== bruenig_ is now known as bruenig
AntkinRyanPrrior Ok I will back down on this one hopefully you can help00:53
Flanneloxigen: install the popularity-contest package00:53
DellbuntuStudio5Hey yall00:53
zetheroohi there,00:54
DellbuntuStudio5i have printing problems00:54
RyanPriorZayne: hmm, maybe that's something that's only in Hardy. If you're at a command prompt, try typing sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg00:54
DellbuntuStudio5Ubuntu wont print anything00:54
Antkinzetheroo Welcome do you have a question?00:54
theunixgeekWhich is better for a small business: Vista Business, OS X Leopard, or Ubuntu Linux 7.10? and why?00:55
FlannelZayne: That safe X stuff is Hardy only, so you shouldn't have it.00:55
Flannel!offtopic | theunixgeek00:55
ubotutheunixgeek: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:55
=== latansa is now known as co_galaww
AntkinDellbuntuStudio what printer do you have?00:55
ZayneOkay.. i'm in 7.1000:55
=== Darkmystere_ is now known as Darkmystere
RyanPriortheunixgeek: I'd be happy to discuss it in #ubuntu-offtopic00:55
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, ok00:55
DellbuntuStudio5Espon ColorStylus 67000:55
Antkinone_mattias welcome back00:55
=== co_galaww is now known as co_galaawww
one_matthiasAntkin: Hi00:56
BidouAntkin: You cant help me for my problem with the server im.apinc.org ? maybe its my firewall blok it00:56
zetherooi recently had a client come in for help with their Ubuntu running laptop.... they told me that they had a Dual Boot system with Windows XP and Ubuntu Gutsy. One day she decided to boot into Windows XP instead of Ubuntu and after selecting Windows from the GRUB menu the, GRUB shot out the infamous Error 17.......00:56
ZayneSo i'm on the LiveCD right now. If I try to boot off my hard drive, the graphics garble badly on my login screen just to re-state my problem. I'm using a Radeon HD 2600.00:56
one_matthiasAntkin: still here ...00:56
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, sudo cp /etc/apt/source.list /etc/apt/source.list.backup00:56
=== co_galaawww is now known as co_galaaww
deejayhi all00:56
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, sudo cp /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.backup00:56
DellbuntuStudio5deejay: Hello!00:56
RyanPriorZayne: did you try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg ?00:56
Lowke1cp: cannot stat `/etc/apt/source.list': No such file or directory00:56
soderqvistCan someone help me I cant get any sound on ubuntu?00:57
one_matthiasAntkin: what pakage suppose to kepp in order the screen saver option and pawer saver options ???00:57
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, s*, sorry00:57
flatsAnyone else familiar with visudo?00:57
DellbuntuStudio5how do I set up an Espon Printer with Ubuntu00:57
ZayneOh. No I totally missed that. Okay, I will reboot and try that, RyanPrior. Thank you.00:57
Antkinone_mathias just for 10 more minutes then I'm going to mbed00:57
deejayanyone know of  an easy all in one app for converting avi to dvd???00:57
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, done?00:57
one_matthiasmy screen saver aand power saving option does not work ...00:57
DellbuntuStudio5Ubotu: How do I print?00:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about how do i print? - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:57
Lowke1where do I put the s00:57
nwahsadudehow do you get more work spaces?00:57
DellbuntuStudio5Ubotu: Print00:57
ubotuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows00:57
one_matthiasgenome screensaver ?00:57
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, sudo cp /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.backup00:58
RyanPriorIs there a way to have Ubuntu auto-detect the domain to use when you're connecting to a SMB server?00:58
BidouAnybody know why i cant connect to the jabber server im.apinc.org, maybe it's cause my firewall, i need help please to create an account and connect myself to im.apinc.org !00:58
DellbuntuStudio5 how do I set up an Espon Printer with Ubuntu00:58
Lowke1[Hardy]TuTUXG:  done00:58
RyanPriorBidou: try disabling your firewall and connecting.00:58
BidouRyanPrior: How ?00:58
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list00:58
DellbuntuStudio5how do I set up an Espon Printer with Ubuntu00:58
RyanPriorBidou: what firewall do you have? Are you using iptables or a GUI or what?00:59
BidouRyanPrior: I dont know but im using Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon00:59
Antkinzetherone_matthias are you on Gnome or KDE?00:59
one_matthiasanyone have any idea what package suport power saving ?00:59
RyanPrior!patience | DellbuntuStudio500:59
ubotuDellbuntuStudio5: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines00:59
Lowke1its open00:59
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, copy everything here into that file : http://pastebin.us/?show=m2f1a514400:59
nwahsadudeis it possible to set up more workspaces?00:59
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, and erase what u have, dont copy the line numbers01:00
DellbuntuStudio5nawhsadude:  YEs it is01:00
x89xanyone know a C# GUI for ubuntu :??01:00
DellbuntuStudio5x89x: what?01:00
RyanPriorx89x: Mono-Develop is similar to Visual Studio .NET01:00
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, make sure no line numbers?01:00
atlefDellbuntuStudio5: administration printing add printer01:00
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, save it close it01:00
RyanPriorx89x: If what you mean is a GUI IDE.01:00
DellbuntuStudio5atlef: Ok01:00
deejayanyone know a good graphical all in one avi-dvd converter01:01
nwahsadudewhere do you set more up?01:01
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, in terminal: sudo apt-get update01:01
Lowke11 second01:01
BidouRyanPrior:  So you dont know how can i desactivate my firewall in ubuntu gutsy gibbon ?01:01
jeff__having trouble with nvidia driver (nv works fine), 7800GT and Dell 3007 monitor on 7.10.  I get a scrambled screen.01:01
x89xRyanPrior : hmm thanks. Ya i wanted something simillar to VS 300501:01
RyanPriorBidou: It depends how you set your firewall up. What tool did you use?01:01
Antkinzetheroo do you have a problem?01:01
Lowke1how do I get rid of the line #'s [Hardy]TuTUXG01:02
BidouRyanPrior: I use any tool01:02
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, use the field below01:02
RyanPriorBidou: Sorry, none of your answers are useful. I doubt you even have a firewall.01:02
DellbuntuStudio5atlef: It added it01:02
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, on that page, u have an editable field below, see it?01:02
MarcNBidou: sudo iptables --list shows you what firewall rules you have setup01:02
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, np01:02
DellbuntuStudio5What is a good Virus Scanner for Ubuntu?01:03
=== tuna-fish is now known as tuna
RyanPriorDellbuntuStudio5: Ubuntu generally doesn't need virus scanning, but Clam is a good scanner if you want to scan files before passing them on to your Windows-using friends.01:03
BidouChain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)01:03
Bidoutarget     prot opt source               destination01:03
RyanPriorBidou: Nope, you don't have a firewall then. That's not your problem.01:03
Lowke1[Hardy]TuTUXG:  workin on it 1 sec01:03
DellbuntuStudio5Can XFCE apps run in gnome, and Vise Versa?01:04
AntkinDellbuntuStudio5 have you tried Klamav?01:04
zetherooAntkin: i recently had a client come in for help with their Ubuntu running laptop.... they told me that they had a Dual Boot system with Windows XP and Ubuntu Gutsy. One day she decided to boot into Windows XP instead of Ubuntu and after selecting Windows from the GRUB menu the, GRUB shot out the infamous Error 17.......01:04
RyanPriorDellbuntuStudio5: Yes.01:04
BidouRyanPrior: so do you have any other solutions ?01:04
MarcNBidou: they here are no rules, you don't have any setup.01:04
ironcladlouI am trying to create a launch for a shell script. It's necessary to cd to the directory before executing the script. I've tried making a launcher which does an sh -c "cd dir && ./script.sh", and the launcher does nothing. I've tried making an external script (executable) which does the cd/invocation and making a launcher which points directly to that script, and nothing happens. No output, no process. What am I doing wrong?01:04
amenadoBidou you have a firewall ready to go, it just happens to be that default rules are blank.01:04
DellbuntuStudio5kan KDE and gnome apps run? Can I have the KDE Envirmonet over Gnome?01:04
bruenigDellbuntuStudio5: you can run any app in any window manager01:04
bruenigDellbuntuStudio5: the split between desktop environments is entirely illusory01:04
bruenigit is just a bundle of apps01:05
RyanPrioramenado: That's not his problem. He was worrying that his firewall was interfering with his apps.01:05
Antkinzetheroo what is error 17?01:05
bruenigpeople associate gui with more than they should01:05
BidouMarcN, amenado so wath can i do to resolve my problem ? and connect myself to im.apinc.org ?01:05
Lowke1ok [Hardy]TuTUXG01:05
Lowke1now  i do sudo apt-get update01:05
amenadoRyanPrior-> but to advise him of him not having a firewall is false01:05
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, sudo01:05
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, in terminal: sudo apt-get update01:06
amenadoBidou-> can you resolve any website address like for example   www.google.com01:06
RyanPrioramenado: He has no firewall configured. He may have the capability buried down somewhere, but that's like saying you've got a ready-made nuclear launch system and just haven't configured it yet. It may be true, but it's not practical. :-)01:06
zetherooAntkin: now when booting with the Live CD and checking out the Partitions in Gparted I can no longer see an ext3 partition01:06
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, one question, are u using ff2 or ff3?01:06
Lowke1im not sure01:06
=== tripl is now known as tr1pl
Bidouamenado: i can connect to google but i want to connect to the jabber server im.apinc.org with the gajim client01:06
Lowke1it came with ubuntu 7.1001:06
amenadoRyanPrior you realized iptables is always there?01:06
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, open firefox check help -> about01:07
Bidouamenado: internet works at me01:07
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, ok01:07
amenadoBidou-> can you resolve that address  www.aplawrence.com ?01:07
zetherooAntkin: there is only a huge 60GB NTFS partition, a 7GB Fat32 partition (the compaq recovery partition), and the 600 MB swap01:07
RyanPrioramenado: you realize that the nuclear launch system is always there?01:07
MarcNBidou: you have an ip address from dhcp?  It should have set your dns server (see /etc/resolv.conf)01:07
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, so update done?01:07
Antkinzetheroo you said dual boot is that Windows and Linux?01:07
amenadoRyanPrior-> and your point is?01:07
Bidouamenado: yeah i can go to this site web01:07
Bidouto this website*01:07
zetherooAntkin: any thoughts on the matter? .... seems like linux has just vanished01:07
RyanPrioramenado: I can explain it to you in #ubuntu-offtopic if you'd like. :-)01:08
zetherooAntkin: I said ... Windows Xp and Gutsy01:08
amenadoBidou-> so what is the ip address of im.apinc.org resolve to?01:08
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree01:08
BidouMarcN: no i havn' an ip adress from dhcp01:08
Bidouamenado: euh sorry i dont know01:08
Lowke1flashplugin-nonfree is already the newest version.01:08
Lowke10 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 207 not upgraded.01:08
amenadoBidou-> dig  im.apinc.org01:08
flatsIs there a way to copy all settings and preferences from 1 user to another?  All desktop settings and icons and such?01:09
MarcNBidou: so you were assigned on by a network admin or did you just pick one?  If so, sounds like you need to manually set your dns servers in /etc/resolv.con01:09
Bidouamenado: i can connect to the website but not to the jabber server01:09
atlefis it possible to replace tracker with google-desktop?01:09
Antkinzetheroo maybe have to install gutsy again but when it comes to the format option leave the files as is01:09
RyanPrioratlef: Yes, it is possible.01:09
amenadoBidou-> so you can resolve, do you really know that their server is up and running? and available for you to connect to?01:09
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, sudo apt-get reinstall flashplugin-nonfree01:09
atlefRyanPrior: even get nautilus to use it01:10
Lowke1E: Invalid operation reinstall01:10
RyanPrioratlef: That might be slightly trickier, but it's still possible.01:10
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, sudo aptitude reinstall flashplugin-nonfree01:10
zetherooAntkin: what do you mean ?.... there was a lot of data on the Linux side..... won't reinstalling Gutsy wipe all that out?01:10
TetracommHow do I connect to a server using the console in Ubuntu?01:10
RyanPrioratlef: The question is, how much hacking are you willing to do to get the level of integration you desire?01:10
Bidouamenado: yeah it's a public jabber server where anybody can register himself and use the service, but i cant use it i dont know why01:10
atlefRyanPrior: ah see, i knew that would be the answer01:10
RyanPriorTetracomm: You use ssh.01:10
MarcNTetracomm: do you mean via ssh?01:10
RugTetracomm: connect how?01:10
Lowke1E: I wasn't able to locate file for the flashplugin-nonfree package. This might mean you need to manually fix this package.01:10
amenadoTetracomm-> different ways, connect like telnet? http? ssh? vnc?01:11
TetracommRug: Just connect.01:11
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, that's wired01:11
atlefRyanPrior: no nautilus scripts maybe01:11
MarcNTetracomm: telnet is insecure and old, use ssh instead.01:11
amenadoTetracomm-> is the server allowing telnet?01:11
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, a sec01:11
RyanPrioratlef: Everything is that way. Ubuntu developers do work to build up levels of integration, but it isn't always easy to just swap one system out for another.01:11
Antkinzetheroo if you use exsisting Linux partitions then you may not lose the data01:11
amenadoBidou-> perhaps its off at the moment and not taking any connections temporarily?01:12
atlefRyanPrior: of course, i understand.01:12
ubotutelnet is not safe. Please use ssh instead. See !ssh01:12
vALIENhey whats linux for?01:12
zetherooAntkin: but there are no existing Linux partitions.... no ext301:12
Bidouamenado: ok maybe, i'll wait and i'll see tomorow01:12
Bidouamenado: thx for your help01:12
ironcladlouanybody? creating a launcher to a script seems like it should be simple...01:12
amenadoBidou-> no problem01:12
RyanPriorvALIEN: It's an operating system kernel. For more info, ask in ##linux or in #ubuntu-offtopic01:12
vALIENno i know i was joking, sorry01:13
MarcNBidou: are you on a network that is preventing external connections?  ie: at work?01:13
vALIENim just bored01:13
Rugironcladlou: why not make the script executable?01:13
Free4itIs there a screen rec. for Linux01:13
ironcladlouRug: did you see my original question? the script is executable01:13
Antkinzetheroo then a Gutsy install will create them01:13
RyanPriorFree4it: Did you search Google?01:13
Rugironcladlou: sorry no, I didn't see it01:13
BidouMarcN: no01:13
amenadovALIEN-> help write a tutorial perhaps on how to use ubuntu? :P01:13
lealthere is a "standard" player on gutsy to swf8 files?01:13
BidouMarcN: i'm at home01:14
ironcladlouRug: may I paste ti to you?01:14
zetherooAntkin: is it possible that Gparted is miss-reading the partitions?01:14
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, sudo aptitude upgrade01:14
AntkinFree4it Hello do you have a question?01:14
RyanPriorleal: no "standard". You can use swfdec, flash-nonfree, or Gnash.01:14
MarcNBidou: try telneting to the jabber server, something like telnet jabber.whatever 5555  (or whatever the jabber port is)01:14
flatsIs there a way to copy all settings and preferences from 1 user to another?  All desktop settings and icons and such?01:14
zetherooAntkin: where did the ext3 partition go?01:14
MarcNBidou: you should get some kind of answer.01:14
Free4itYes i do01:14
Lowke1206 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.01:14
Lowke1Need to get 288MB of archives. After unpacking 5800kB will be used.01:14
Lowke1Do you want to continue? [Y/n/?]01:14
lealRyanPrior, gnash does not work with swf801:15
usserflats: just copy users home directory01:15
leali will try swfdec01:15
Lowke1yes right?01:15
Free4itAre there any good screen rec. for linux, and im also here to help01:15
RyanPrior!pastebin | Lowke101:15
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, y01:15
ubotuLowke1: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:15
MarcNLowke1: sure, if you have the bandwidth01:15
usserflats: ie cp /home/olduser /home/newuser01:15
flatsusser: It's that easy?01:15
BidouMarcN: ok01:15
Antkinzetheroo Gparted is good I use it myself I think you have lost data01:15
usserflats: why should it be hard01:15
BidouMarcN: thank you01:15
usserflats: its not windows after all01:15
flatsOK, works for me01:15
flatshehe very true01:15
Lowke1Ryan,  it was small enough to paste in here01:15
zetherooAntkin: how could that happen?.....01:15
Lowke1MarcN, thank01:16
lealRyanPrior: swfdec is a stand alone player or a plugin?01:16
usserflats: oh one more thing use cp -R01:16
AntkinFree4it Then please ask your question01:16
leali need a standalone player to combine with xscreensaver01:16
flatsOh OK, thank you very much01:16
RyanPriorleal: It's a gstreamer plugin.01:16
Rugironcladlou: Join #tmp and paste it there01:16
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, upgrading?01:16
Free4itare there any good screen recorders for ubuntu???????????????????????????/01:16
usserflats: no problem01:16
ironcladlouRug: done01:16
lealRyanPrior: any app to *easy* combine with xscreensaver or gnome-screensaver?01:17
AutoMatriXhi folks : question .... can I find the SENDER (original) 's IP from a person who dropped a mail in mu MSN-mailbox ?01:17
RyanPriorFree4it: Google it. There are answers there.01:17
* lazy247x which is better ubuntu 64bit or 32bit??01:17
usserFree4it: take a look at istanbul01:17
Antkinzetheroo I think it could be too late to ponder on the reason why01:17
leali have a swf saver and i want to use it.01:17
usserinfo istanbul01:17
x89xRyanPrior : does it support viaual C# ??01:17
RyanPriorleal: If you need the very latest swf support, there is probably not an *easy* way. What do you expect?01:17
lealthe player from adobe does not have any options...01:17
Stavrosi tried to upgrade to gutsy through ssh with do-release-upgrade but it restarted networking, how do i get back to that screen?01:17
usser!info istanbul01:17
ubotuistanbul (source: istanbul): Desktop session recorder producing Ogg Theora video. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.2-1 (gutsy), package size 70 kB, installed size 608 kB01:17
lazy247xwhich is better ubuntu 64bit or 32bit??01:17
RyanPriorx89x: I do not know for sure, but Mono-Develop is designed to support C# in general.01:17
lealRyanPrior: actually i just need a standalone player that works with swf8. the official player does, but does not have options (like fullscreen).01:18
Lowke1lazy247x: they have their pros and cons01:18
gbugmiaminot a matter of better, if you need more than 3 gigs ram and have the hardware, use 64. i have and it works.01:18
amenadoStavros-> what do you mean through ssh? you  remotely logged in to a host to upgrade it?01:18
RyanPriorleal: it does have fullscreen. I've used it before with websites like YouTube.01:18
Stavrosamenado: yes01:18
Lowke1lazy247x: i would suggest 3201:19
RyanPriorlazy247x: It depends on your hardware, not your preferences.01:19
zetherooAntkin: well why would someone continue using Linux if they can loose their entire OS and all their data without explanation....01:19
lealRyanPrior: but does not have in command line mode. just in the gui.01:19
amenadoStavros-> ssh back in again, you will get same session you started with though..and most likely the process you were running previously has stopped, you can ps aux to check it01:19
Stavrosamenado: i did, i get a new one :/01:20
gbugmiamiyes in windows, you would never lose your os.01:20
* AutoMatriX repats his question in another way ...; some AssH... is regularily dropping me a 'bad' mail via MSN ....01:20
Stavrosit does say sshd: poromenos [priv]01:20
RyanPriorleal: dunno what to tell you. Non-free programs suck.01:20
amenadoStavros i meant to say you will not get the same session01:20
hellhoundcan someone help me setup my wireless card on my kubuntu machine.  The card is a netgear wpn311 and the Kununtu is a fresh install of gutsy gibbon01:20
AutoMatriXwow can I know where it comes form ?01:20
Stavroshow do i get to the old one?01:20
Antkinzetheroo I have lost tons of data to Windows crashes over the years01:20
amenadoStavros you can not01:20
amenadoAntkin-> and you have learned i hope to make backups right?01:21
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, if it ask u to reboot after the upgrade, do a reboot then come back01:21
Lowke1ok :D01:21
* AutoMatriX repats his question in another way ...; some AssH... is regularily dropping me a 'bad' mail via MSN .... how can I know where it comes form ?01:21
RugAutoMatriX: what does this have to do with Ubuntu?01:21
zetherooAntkin: I am just saying that people have a hard time switching to Linux already ... and then to just tell them that all their data was lost for no reason whatsoever is NOT going to improve relations with Linux01:22
Antkinamenado I have restore it pro this can recover form a total Windows crash in lest than fifteen minutes01:22
PinkFloyd102489Oh joy, other people losing data01:22
hellhoundcan someone help me setup my wireless card on my kubuntu machine.  The card is a netgear wpn311 and the Kununtu is a fresh install of gutsy gibbon01:22
Stavrosso i have a server that's halfway through the update and can't do anything?01:22
PinkFloyd102489I just lost 3.5GB to a corrupted tarball01:22
amenadoAntkin-> you live an exciting life :p01:22
PinkFloyd102489Stavros, you did apt-get upgrade and you're wanting to continue working on it?01:22
Pyrofoolhellhound: try looking into ndiswrapper01:22
gbugmiamiwhats wrong with it hellhound?  I have atheros card in my laptop i couldnt get working in gutsy. got a pmcia broadband and problem solved.  I gave up.01:23
flowOveri used gmount-iso to mount an iso, and now it won't let me unmount the iso because it's not int he fstab and i'm not root.01:23
StavrosPinkFloyd102489: i did do-release-upgrade01:23
Pyrofoolfor atheros drivers look at madwfi which are in ubuntu already01:23
PinkFloyd102489Stavros, and you're wanting to continue working?01:23
Stavrosit's probably asking for some detail to continue installation but i'm not logged in that session01:23
amenadohellhound-> is the wifi detected?01:23
=== Towlie_ is now known as ffej
hellhoundPyrofool: i am not exactly new to linux but i have never setup a wireless card.. and now i need to for a desktop computer the wireless card is a pci card on a desktop that is too far away for a wired connection01:24
Antkinamenado computer hardware engineer CompTIA a+, web designer, web master and writer of short computer guides yes it keeps me busy01:24
=== ffej is now known as ffejery
Pyrofoolthere is a gui for ndis wrapper in synaptics if you look01:24
tripppyi've just installed 7.10 and can see and copy my video files off my windows share, yet i cannot stream them. in 6.10 im sure i did.01:25
amenadoAntkin-> wasnt anything there missing? hehe01:25
TetracommYes, the server accepted telnet01:25
Pyrofoolmight help, also there are many help threads on the ubuntu forums regarding ndiswrapper01:25
amenadoTetracomm-> then telnet away..what services does the server have that you need to get to?01:26
Antkinamenado maybe but you would have to check out my about me page at http://is4uk.co.uk01:26
TetracommWell, I was just trying something, i'm going to write a program, so I won't need telnet later on anyway.01:26
amenadoAntkin its a joke..01:26
TetracommJust testing something.01:26
TetracommThank you. :)01:26
slugonehey what librsaries do i need to build / make file01:27
Stavrosah, it was a simple case of dpkg --reconfigure -a01:27
amenadoslugone-> make a file? are you referring to Makefile ?01:27
Antkinamenado Ok I am starting to feel sleepy, not realy in the mode for jokes will have to log off soon01:27
whileimhereHi I know this is not exactly the right channel to ask but since there are so many experts here well... I was wondering if someone downloads files with bittorrent (deluge) is there an enormous chance that the downloader will be tracked?01:27
slugonei just installed ubuntu and you need some libraries01:27
Stavrosamenado: poor man :p01:27
amenadoslugone-> autoconf, automake  but if you download build-essential they maybe part of that already01:28
TetracommDoes anyone in here know of any simple C++ socket libraries that enable me to use sockets without typing many lines of code?01:28
Pyrofoolif you turn on encrypted outgoing and icoming in deluge you should not be able to be tracked01:28
amenadoStavros-> yes am poor, man..01:28
Pyrofoolbut also i would use the block list importer too01:29
DarkmystereErr, can some one help it seems im connected to internet but i cant go to www.google.com or anything iwconfig says im connected wicd says im connected ifconfig says im connected...01:29
flowOverhow do i unmount an iso mounted with gmount-iso?01:29
zecamaradacd ubuntu-br01:30
amenadoTetracomm-> why the need to code in C++ , try netcat the swiss-army knife01:30
DivineSpectrummetal rulez01:30
DarkmystereWhen i try and do Ping With Root privs  it says ping:sendmsg: Operation Not Perimitted. A bunch of times01:30
gbugmiamidont need to be root to ping01:31
flowOverhow do i unmount a mounted volume with a command?01:31
amenadoflowOver-> umount /mountpoint01:31
=== magical is now known as MRDANGER
flowOverdevice is busy even with sudo01:32
Antkinbye all01:32
=== MRDANGER is now known as magical
flowOverit tells me media it's not in the fstab when i do it regular01:33
amenadoflowOver-> any other apps using it? are you cd'd to it?01:33
flowOveri'm installing simcity 4 deluxe with wine01:33
flowOverit needs disc 201:33
o_oK__the internet stops working 3-5 minutes after i boot. the tray icon says im still connected to the network, but the internet does not work. ping <somesite.com> will not work also01:34
flowOverit wouldn't read the discs so i had to rip them and i got the install going01:34
o_oK__any thoughts?01:34
flowOverbut now it wants disc 2 and it wont look for it anywhere but where disc1 is01:34
Rugo_oK__: ifconfig     What's your IP/can you ping your router?01:34
Darkmysteregbugmiami, i tried without root privs and it gave operation not promitted..so i tried with root...also use my Title so ill acctually know your talking to me..01:35
amenadoflowOver-> you can find out which process still have a hold of the /mountpoint via  lsof01:35
flowOveri imagine it's the install program01:36
o_oK__Rug: i don't know im not in ubuntu now, im in windows.01:36
Cyberaio_oK__, soudns like DNS to me. Try a ping on something you know the IP of.01:36
zulerdonglecould someone please help. i have ubuntu on my laptop and the taskbar disappeared, how can i like reset the equivalent of explorer.exe (if it exists and this is the case) from the terminal01:36
o_oK__Rug: i did run iwconfig, and the connection was there. signal strength and everything01:36
Cyberaizulerdongle, go to a terminal and type "panel'01:36
o_oK__Cyberai: internet just stops in general. i cant even finish the security updates01:36
zulerdonglecyberai thanks will try that01:36
=== o_oK__ is now known as helloKitty
flowOverthere's too much information with lsof.  my terminal buffer doesn't hold it all.  how do i limit it too the mount point ?01:37
RugflowOver: lsof |grep mountpoint01:38
jeff__having trouble with nvidia driver (nv works fine), 7800GT and Dell 3007 monitor on 7.10.  I get a scrambled screen.01:38
helloKittyWhere can I get a list of fully linux compatible NIC?01:38
jtravnickis there any doc for installing ubuntu7.10?01:39
Lowke1[Hardy]TuTUXG: its still updating01:39
jeff__looks like a sync issue, but i can't seem to fix it01:39
Bossmanbetaanyone aware of a way of detaching a remote X application running via 'ssh -Y' for re-attaching later? (Just like 'screen' but for X apps) There's an old-old app called 'xmove' (last updated 1997) but it's very buggy and doesn't work. VNC and NX are whole-desktop solutions and doesn't work well when I want to run local & remote apps on a unified local desktop.01:39
flowOverit was the bash console i used to start wine01:39
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, could take a while01:39
PinkFloyd102489jeff__, install nvidia-settings and enable sync to vblank01:39
jeff__and all of those settings are the same in nv as nvidia01:39
ubotuA desktop course manual for Ubuntu 7.10 can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Training01:39
scraga2what's the term for putting a liveCD in public computers and leaving it? I had a page on it, but I've lost it now01:39
jeff__thanks PinkFloyd102489, i'll try that01:40
Pyrofoolcompatibility list  http://www.linuxcompatible.org/compatdb.php01:40
PinkFloyd102489scraga2 pleasant surprise? :-p01:40
lunksI noticed xorg is taking too much cpu, after I upgraded compiz and nvidia to the latest ones. How can I debug what's going on?01:40
diogofsrSomeone is having problem doing search using google? I keep receiving doubts about my humanity and captchas to insure I am not machine.01:40
=== jhfksajdfh is now known as TABBARD
scraga2PinkFloyd102489: not the term I was looking for, I found the link somewhere on the ubuntu forums, guess I'll have to search for it again...01:41
=== TABBARD is now known as Tabbard
=== Fersure is now known as Shinigami
joeaminedi'm using xchat-gnome in gutsy01:41
Darkmysterei went to /ect/network/interfaces...opend it up and vralla my Ath0 isnt in there.. could that be a problem...?01:41
joeaminedwhen i want to connect to ##java for example, it tells me i need to identify myself but i can't do it !01:41
joeaminedso how to identify myself in xchat gnome please ?01:42
alex-weejyay the archives are fast again01:42
Starnestommyjoeamined: are you registered with NickServ?01:42
Pyrofoolgoogle irc commands01:42
Darkmysterejoeamined: just do /msg nickserv identify <password>01:42
Jack_Sparrow!register | joeamined01:42
ubotujoeamined: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.01:42
joeaminedStarnestommy : yes01:42
joeaminedi'm already registered01:43
lsthim having a problem logging in. after i log in at the gui i see the brownish gnome background and the mouse but the login doesnt continue. it just hangs there. how do i reinstall gnome01:43
joeaminedit's just that i don't know how to enter this info in xchat gnome01:43
Starnestommyjoeamined: now /msg nickserv identify <password>01:43
gopp__I setup bind on ubuntu01:43
gopp__when I connect to nslookup from windows01:43
joeaminedthnaks it worked01:43
gopp__I get error *** DD-WRT can't find gopunix.local: Non-existent domain01:43
joeaminedbut do i have to do it everytime ?01:43
DarkmystereJack_Sparrow, Can you help me get my internet working..?01:44
lsthim having a problem logging in. after i log in at the gui i see the brownish gnome background and the mouse but the login doesnt continue. it just hangs there. how do i reinstall gnome?01:44
[Hardy]TuTUXGLowke1, brb01:44
Starnestommyjoeamined: no, just put that password as the server's password in the network list01:44
bsundsrudhi, i have an HP dv2000 laptop, and the touchpad uses the synaptics driver.  I can't get it to mind the settings I set in ksynaptic, like something is bypassing it.  anyone know anything about that?01:45
=== jasonw is now known as jasonw_
joeaminedStarnestommy: how to do that please ?01:46
Jack_SparrowDarkmystere, Sorry .. I am busy elsewhere01:46
lsthcan anyone help me out01:46
Starnestommyjoeamined: let me load up xchat-gnome and check01:46
bsundsrudlsth: whats the problem?01:46
meoblast001hello.,.... i recently got a Jabra bluetooth headset for my ps3 and i want to use it for my laptop but dont even know where to start.... could someone help... im running Ubuntu Gutsy01:46
joeaminedStarnestommy : no that's okay01:47
joeaminedi found it01:47
joeaminedthank you very much01:47
lsthbsundsrud: im having a problem logging in. after i log in at the gui i see the brownish gnome background and the mouse but the login doesnt continue. it just hangs there. how do i reinstall gnome?01:47
Darkmystere_so Jack_Sparrow, Could you help i cant connect to the internet well i can iwconfig ifconfig and wicd tells me i am but i cant ping www.google.com or any dns it just gives me an operation not permitted01:47
bsundsrudlsth: is this after a new install or did it start doing it all of a sudden?01:47
lsthall of a sudden01:47
TurgonHello. Would this gadget: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.5572 (a Serial RS232 PCMCIA Card) work in Ubuntu? Thanks a lot :)01:47
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:47
lsthbsundsrud all of a sudden01:48
bsundsrudlsth: did you set any new programs to start recently? install anything that you think might cause it?01:48
bsundsrudlsth: to start on login, i meant01:48
jtravnicki cant believe theres no official doc for installing ubuntu01:48
lsthbsundsrud no. i also created a new user and am experiencing the same problem01:48
ks3Darkmystere_, can you ping by ip address?01:48
lsthbsundsrud no01:49
flowOverjtravnick: what is more official than the instructions offered inside the installer?01:49
bsundsrudlsth: I've exhausted all the stuff i can help you with, i use KDE myself.  if you could get to a terminal i think theres something like 'aptitude reinstall <package>', and you could try doing that to the gnome-panel package01:50
flowOveror perhaps even the installation instructions on their website01:50
jtravnickflowOver, would have been nice if somewhere it had told me that it had that im sitting here going through the web site trying to get this to do a dual boot install01:51
Darkmystere_ks3, give me an ip to ping please.01:51
lsthbsundsrud gnome-panel isnt installed according to that command01:51
Darkmystere_ks3, sec seems it disconnected..01:52
bsundsrudlsth: install it... pretty sure its supposed to be there01:52
bsundsrudanyone here have a HP dvX000 series laptop?01:54
lsthbsundsrud ok installing01:54
bsundsrudlsth: ok, not sure how that could get uninstalled but im pretty sure thats one of the main gnome programs :)01:55
lsthbsundsrud thanks!!!01:55
bsundsrudupdate gone awry maybe?01:55
bsundsrudthat work?01:55
bsundsrudk, make sure nautilus is still installed too :D01:56
Darkmystere_ks3,Every Ping i do it comes back operation not permitted01:56
bsundsrudthats the filemanager, and i think it handles the background pic as well01:56
Darkmystere_ks3,cept if i type www.google.com01:56
nwahsadudewhere do you find add remove software?01:56
bsundsrudlsth what version of ubuntu are you running?01:56
nwahsadudei think 7.401:57
bsundsrudah, i was going to see if you were running hardy alpha, which could cause an update to break things like that01:57
lsthbsundsrud either 7.04 or 7.10. i think 7.0401:57
ks3Darkmystere_, what shows up if you run ls -l `which ping`01:57
bsundsrudoh well, glad that worked for you lsth01:57
Darkmystere_ks3, ls -l then ping <ip here> correct?01:58
ks3nope, just do ls -l `which ping`; backticks and all... if you're getting operation not permitted the permissions on ping may have been set incorrectly01:58
=== Darkmystere_ is now known as Darkmystere
malocitegood evening all :)  - I cannot seem to locate the theme manager in gutsy... does it not install by default02:00
ks3Darkmystere, the permissions on ping should show up as -rwsr-xr-x02:00
jtravnickcan somebody please tell me just where i find the install docs?? I need to make sure i only install over fedora and not my windows partition02:00
ArielMThi there.  for some reason, my swap partition isn't being mounted even though it's listed in /etc/fstab.  exact error is "swapon: /dev/mapper/vg-swap: Invalid argument" and ubuntu version is 7.1002:00
jeffMASTERflexmalocite: System/Preferences/Appearance02:00
atlefmalocite: under apperance in the preferences menu02:00
amenadojtravnick-> no README file on the liveCD ?02:01
malocitejeffMASTERflex: Doh02:01
Darkmystereks3 -rwsr-xr-x 1 root erot 30856 2007-07-06 09:40 /bin/ping02:01
malocitejeffMASTERflex: I thought it was called emerald.... thats what it was the last time I installed gutsy, this is a re-install :)02:01
jtravnickamenado, im not finding one02:01
Darkmystereks3 *eroot sorry for typing so slow but im  typeing what i see from my labtop that has ubuntu on it..02:02
jeffMASTERflexmalocite: you can install the emerald theme manager if you do not have it installed02:02
ks3Darkmystere, no problem. have you done any firewall setup on this box?02:02
pinguanyone know why my wireless is weaker in my linux partition. i have both xp and linux and cannot connect to wireless easily in linux but in xp its is smooth. am i missing something?02:02
Darkmystereks3, nope02:02
Darkmystereks3, although about 3 months ago i tried firestarted but then removed it.02:03
malocitejeffMASTERflex: does it serve any other purpose since there is already this appearance preference thing?02:03
jeffMASTERflexpingu: probably lower quality drivers for your wireless card02:03
pingujeffMASTERflex: can i get better ones? where?02:03
jeffMASTERflexmalocite: emerald is a different window themer. it is actually a separate program used to draw window decorations. you don't need it. you can install regular metacity themes02:04
Darkmystereks3, how do i check and see if an Ip address has been set to my box?02:04
jeffMASTERflexpingu: no, you cannot get better ones02:04
TheManiacKYIs there a way I can easily share my DVDR on my Ubuntu server with my OSX mac ? Besides for making iso files and copying them between the network. Is there some service or somthing I can run that will stream the burn to the burner?02:04
ks3Darkmystere, ip address ls02:04
malocitejeffMASTERflex: cool thanks02:04
pingujeffMASTERflex: are you sure?02:04
jeffMASTERflexpingu: it really depends on the driver. most of the time, you can't search around on google to see if anyone has already solved this issue02:05
zero-jtugh, my screen resolution is messed up and it wont let me fix it02:05
Darkmystereks3, yea inet brd scope global ath0....i can ping my routers ip too..02:05
bsundsrudpingu: what is the wireless card/laptop model?02:05
Darkmystereks3, it acctually gives me data...02:06
pingubsundsrud: laptop-acer aspire 5100, wireless card- 802.11 b/g wireless LAN02:06
ks3Darkmystere, so you can ping your router... how about traceroute -n
zePh7rhi all02:07
bsundsrudpingu: go to a terminal and type lspci02:07
ader10Is there a way I can lower my fan speed?02:07
bsundsrudpingu: then look for the lines that talk about network controllers and tell me the manufacturer02:07
pingubsundsrud: 06:02.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g] 802.11g Wireless LAN Controller (rev 02)02:08
bsundsrudoh my02:08
pingubsundsrud: what?02:08
Darkmystereks3, traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40byte packets *next line* send:Operation not permitted02:08
zePh7rI did a "make install" of a snapshot of madwifi in an attempt to put my wireless card to work. Anyway it didn't work out and now I would just like to know if there is anyway I can delete madwifi (this custom installation)02:09
AangFani need some help with the keyboard02:09
bsundsrudbroadcom is very mean about their driver specs, and there aren't any FOSS solutions that are on par with their drivers yet.  some users have had luck with ndiswrapper though02:09
ks3Darkmystere, anything interesting show up with sudo iptables -nvL02:09
bsundsrud!ndiswrapper | pingu02:09
ubotupingu: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:09
pingubsundsrud: what is FOSS solutions and diswrapper?02:10
bsundsrudpingu: the 4318 and 4311 (which i have) are the worst performers02:10
Darkmystereks3, like what i really dont feel like typing all of that...02:10
AangFanI need desactivate num lock because my keyboard is space saving and hace the num pad integrated to other keys02:10
bsundsrudpingu: FOSS is Free/Open source software.  Ndiswrapper is a program that takes your windows drivers for wireless cards and wraps them so linux can use them02:10
ArielMThi there.  for some reason, my swap partition isn't being mounted even though it's listed in /etc/fstab.  exact error when running "sudo swapon -a" is "swapon: /dev/mapper/vg-swap: Invalid argument".  i've tried specifying device name and device uuid, with a reboot in between. and ubuntu version is 7.1002:10
ks3Darkmystere, there should be an input, output, and forward section; in a default config, each of them should be blank02:11
ks3Darkmystere, if they aren't blank, try running sudo iptables -F, then ping again02:11
pingubsundsrud: i was just reading about some ndiswrapper stuff but it didn't sound like what i needed but maybe it is. when i was reading it i was kinda confused, it sounded fairly complicated to do02:11
ArielMTAangFan: when during start-up does the numlock light come on?02:12
ader10Is there a way I can lower my fan speed? It's at a constant 100%, making it hard to concentrate.02:12
bsundsrudpingu: there are some easier methods to do ndiswrapper, i think in ubuntu there is a utility called ndiswrapper-gtk, which gives a GUI for doing the work. also, the other piece you need is the windows drivers for your wifi card02:13
AangFanyes, but when I tipe on GDM my name and psword I have tis efect: 4b4nt402:13
dyslexicfeetHi I am new to ubuntu, i have an eeepc and i think i really screwd things up.  Can anyone help me?02:13
Darkmystereks3, im looking at wireshark too theres alot of who has Tell
IndyGunFreakdyslexicfeet: just ask your question.02:13
ks3Darkmystere, interesting... is .254 your router?02:13
pingubsundsrud: i have the drivers for xp ( its my other partition) so that won't be hard ill have to do some looking around to figure out how the ndiswrapper works exactly.02:13
Darkmystereks3, idk...:/....02:14
bsundsrudpingu: ok, good luck02:14
=== pingu is now known as mwhit74
Darkmystereks3, it also has a
dyslexicfeeti installed Ubuntu and could not figure out how to tweek it so that my eeepc would work.  i founda tweeked version of xubuntu on the web and installed that and now its reading both versions.  i only want the xubuntu02:14
ArielMT192.168.1.254 sounds like the default address of an older 2Wire DSL modem, like mine02:14
DarkmystereArielMT, its a 2wire02:15
mwhit74bsundsrud: pingu here, just changed my name, thanks for the advice02:15
ArielMTDarkmystere: 1800HG?  That's the exact model I have.  Looks like it got squashed in the middle before it left the factory.02:15
DarkmystereArielMT, :D02:16
IndyGunFreakdyslexicfeet: what do you mean its reading both versions?02:16
ArielMTDarkmystere: then wireshark is telling you something nice to know. is your modem's address02:16
DarkmystereArielMT,ks3, well it looks like some packages ARP Sources are  AskeyCom_89:1b:9b02:16
dyslexicfeetwhen i start it up it makes me choose which i want to run... so i have02:17
AangFanbsundsrud yes, but when I tipe on GDM my name and psword I have tis efect: 4b4nt402:17
IndyGunFreakdyslexicfeet: did you remove the partition that had the old version of linux?02:17
DarkmystereArielMT,ks3, i tried pinging that ip it says operation not permitted..02:17
DJSBXIs anybody here?02:18
blasteri have a question02:18
wasabi_hey is a there a terminal application launcher? a text base program that shows you what programs you have and organizes it by category?02:18
IndyGunFreakDJSBX: no, all 1200 of us are asleep02:18
ArielMTi wish :)02:18
ks3Darkmystere, can you ping localhost?02:18
DarkmystereArielMT,ks3, Also  that ASKeyCom ARp is the only one without FF:FF:FF:FF:FF in  it02:19
DJSBXsorry <_<, didnt see how many people were on here.02:19
dyslexicfeetUbuntu 7.10, kernal 20622-14-generic  --  ubuntu 7.10, kernal 206022-14 - generic recovery -- ubuntu memtest86+  --  other operating systems  --  ubuntu 7.10 (7.10) (on/dev/sdb4)  --  ubuntu 7.10, kernal 2.6.22-14-generic (recovery mode) (on/dev/sdb4) --  ubunut 7.10, memtest86+ (on/dev/sdb4)02:19
DJSBXanyways, I have a problem that I was hoping somebody could help me with02:19
Darkmystereks3, Operation not permitted..02:19
dyslexicfeetthoes are all seperate options and rather than just book one autromaticall i have to choose on every time i start up the computer02:19
blasterhas anyone else had mouse problems with 3d fps games, more specifically, the logitech g502:19
moparisthebestI just installed xubuntu-desktop and want to remove ubuntu-desktop, how would I do that?02:19
IndyGunFreakdyslexicfeet: it looks like you have two different installs of hte same version of ubuntu02:19
DJSBXI downloaded and burnt Ubuntu Server 7.1, I tried to install it, but once it got to "Installing Base System" and it got to about 83% it just stopped for like 30 min, and nothing happened.02:20
moparisthebestaptitude remove ubuntu-desktop doesn't remove any packages either :/02:20
ZayneGood evening! Is there anyone here who could help me with figuring out how to get a video card installed properly?02:20
dyslexicfeetindyguyfreak:can i delete the one i dont want?02:20
IndyGunFreakmoparisthebest: i think its gnome, or maybe gnome-desktop02:21
moparisthebestZayne, what kind of video card?02:21
IndyGunFreakdyslexicfeet: yes, but you'll still need to reclaim the space by formatting the partition02:21
dyslexicfeeti dont know what that means...i am in WAY over my head02:21
moparisthebestthere is a package called ubuntu-desktop, but removing it doesn't remove any dependant packages :(02:21
Zaynemoparisthebest, it's an ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT.02:21
IndyGunFreakmoparisthebest: i know.. i think its gnome-desktop maybe02:21
dyslexicfeetindygunfreak: I have also lost the ability to restore the factory settings that the eeepc came with02:22
moparisthebestZayne, I've had excellent luck with this: http://albertomilone.com/nvidia_scripts1.html02:22
zero-jtcrap >< my resolution is complete messed up and its not letting me change it back, something about x server not being able to support XRandR extension but like an hour ago i was able to change my resolution on the fly, help02:22
IndyGunFreakdyslexicfeet: well, no telling what yhou've done02:23
IndyGunFreakblaster: if you have a question, ask it.02:23
Zaynemoparisthebest, thank you I will try that. i'll check back later if there's no results. take care~02:23
ks3Darkmystere, wow... so it can't even ping itself... can you ping the ubuntu box from the machine you're on?02:23
ubotuScanning software: XSane, the GIMP (GNOME), Kooka (KDE). For instructions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo and to see supported hardware: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsScanners - See also !OCR02:23
dyslexicfeetindygunfreak: is there anyway to reset the whole thing and start again?02:23
Darkmystereks3, err what would i ping..02:23
Daisuke_Laptoperr...  wouldn't #eeepc be a better place to ask?02:23
blasterIndyGunFreak: my logitech g5 does not work at all, with any 3d game aplication, is this a known problem?02:24
IndyGunFreakdyslexicfeet: i reallky don't know, i'm not that famiiliar w/ the eeepc.. maybe just try doing a clean install.02:24
DJSBXI downloaded and burnt Ubuntu Server 7.1, I tried to install it, but once it got to "Installing Base02:24
IndyGunFreakblaster: i have no idea... don't even know what a logitech g5 is02:24
ks3Darkmystere, whichever ip showed up in ip address ls... i think it was .67?02:24
DJSBX+System" and it got to about 83% it just stopped for like 30 min02:24
dyslexicfeetindygunfreak:can i run a clean install through what i currently have on my system?02:24
blasterIndyGunFreak: logitech g5 is a usb mouse02:24
Darkmystereks3, Request Timed out.02:25
IndyGunFreakdyslexicfeet: yes, when it comes time to install, tell it to "take over" the entire hard drive.02:25
IndyGunFreakdyslexicfeet: but you will lose everything, and have a completely new install.02:25
ks3Darkmystere, okay, so nothing in or out02:25
ArielMTfor some reason, my swap partition isn't being mounted even though it's listed in /etc/fstab.  exact error when running "sudo swapon -a" is "swapon: /dev/mapper/vg-swap: Invalid argument".  i've tried specifying device name and device uuid, with a reboot in between.  google didn't help.  ubuntu version is 7.1002:25
ks3Darkmystere, did we run sudo iptables -F already?02:25
IndyGunFreakblaster: the mouse doesn'tt work at all, or just extra buttons, etc, dont work?02:25
RyanPriorIs there a program that lets you create DVDs with menus and so on?02:25
dyslexicfeetindygunfreak: i dont have any files on there yet so maybe it will work02:25
Darkmystereks3, yeP02:25
IndyGunFreakdyslexicfeet: i would hope so.02:26
blasterIndyGunFrak: it doesn't work at all, with 7.a0, it works perfect with 6.10 perfectly02:26
Darkmystereks3, ive ben tryinng to get internet for 5 days now..02:26
mlstwho can help me pls private chat ??????02:26
FlannelArielMT: You're on LVM, right?02:27
ArielMTFlannel: yes02:27
IndyGunFreakblaster: thats kinda weird, is it hooked up to a USB port, or do you have it going to a PS2 port w/ an adapter?02:27
FlannelArielMT: and what are your volume group and logical volume names for your swap partition?02:27
blasterIndyGunFreak: i have it in the USB port02:27
ks3Darkmystere, what happens if you run sudo ping localhost?02:27
FlannelArielMT: Or more importantly, whats listed in /dev/mapper for it?02:28
Darkmystereks3, Operation not permitted..02:28
IndyGunFreakblaster: maybe shutdown, and try putting it in the PS2 port w/ an adapter?..02:28
ArielMTFlannel: iirc, vg and swap respectively.  it's mapped to /dev/mapper/vg-swap02:28
alekaI am trying to draw a simple diagram in a word document I have been working on. I have the oo.o-draw package, but can not see it in my menu picks... How do I draw basic shapes in this document?02:28
blasterIndyGunFreak: I have tried that as well02:28
blastersame result02:29
jimmygoonxsane sucks02:29
IndyGunFreakblaster: then sorry, i have no logical suggestion02:29
blasterIndyGunFreak: no worries, I thank you for your time, I am going to reinstal 6.1002:29
Daisuke_Laptopaleka: select "draw" in the word processor.02:29
ks3Darkmystere, it seems like a firewall issue, but iptables -F should flush all the iptables rules...02:29
FlannelArielMT: Odd.  It shouldn't give you an error.  What does `sudo swapon /dev/mapper/vg-swap` do?02:30
ssmithNewb looking for help on how to install source files.  Can someone help?02:30
Flannelssmith: What are you looking to install?02:30
Odd-rationale!compile | ssmith02:30
IndyGunFreakblaster: not erally sure thats the answer02:30
ubotussmith: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)02:30
alekaDaisuke_Laptop: under what menu pick?02:30
ArielMTarielmt@cleos-cat:~$ sudo swapon /dev/mapper/vg-swap02:30
ArielMTswapon: /dev/mapper/vg-swap: Invalid argument02:30
Flannelssmith: last-exit is in the repositories02:31
IndyGunFreakblaster: are you stil there?02:31
blasterIndyGunFreak: the same mouse works perfect, in 6.10. I just wanted to try out 7.1002:31
ssmithubuntu last exit package hangs at startup of program02:31
blasteryes im here02:31
Daisuke_Laptopaleka: it's the button that looks like a pencil drawing a square, when you hover, it gives the tooltip "Show Draw Functions"02:31
IndyGunFreakblaster: try googling, "Logitech G5 Ubuntu 7.10", i got several hits, this suggests this si not an isolated problem02:31
alekaDaisuke_Laptop: Thanks!!02:32
ssmithshould I unistall and reinstall last-exit from repositories?02:32
blasterIndyGunFreak: dohhhh, now i feel like an idiot. LOL  I didn't even think to google it. ROFL02:32
IndyGunFreakblaster: it happens02:32
Daisuke_Laptopaleka: you're welcome02:32
Darkmystereks3, soz internet./.02:33
iceswordIndyGunFreak, i am running 7.10 in 100 m ram,it is using 33% of swap now,lol02:33
ArielMTwhat i'd give to have any swap usage about now02:34
IndyGunFreakicesword: didn't we suggest flux to you?..lol02:34
FlannelArielMT: And that partition is correctly created as a swap partition?02:34
ArielMTFlannel: was when i set it up, aye02:34
RippedcaI setup my mother in law up with a pc running ubuntu, She does not have a lot of computer experience but seems to be enjoying Ubuntu. She wants to start using IM. What IM service provider should she sign up with?02:34
brunnerwhich wireless chipset should I get? Atheros AR5006EX, Intel WM3945AG, or Intel 4965AGN?02:35
iceswordIndyGunFreak, can you give me screenshot of fluxbox under ubuntu,i just want it easy!02:35
FlannelArielMT: Double check, sudo lvdisplay | less02:35
peepsalotwhy are info pages the same as man pages?  is this an ubuntu idiosyncracy?02:35
Odd-rationaleRippedca: Why not google talk?02:35
RippedcaHer family are using macs02:35
FlannelArielMT: er, I suppose that actually doesn't give you the partition type02:35
Darkmystereks3,what did you say before i dced? Firefox Crashed again..02:35
IndyGunFreakicesword: fluxbuntu.org has screenshots02:35
Rippedcathanks I will check out google talk02:36
Starnestommypeepsalot: the info files often are a lot more in-depth than the man files for some things, like emacs or bash02:36
iceswordIndyGunFreak, ok,but now ctrl+alt+f1 don't get me console,now,is it because i disabled hotkey-set 、02:36
FlannelArielMT: sudo mkswap /dev/mapper/vg-swap02:36
ArielMTFlannel: nope, but it showed that everything's right, except of course that # open is 002:36
IndyGunFreakicesword: most likely02:37
mwhit74anyone know anything about ndiswrapper for ubuntu. im considering it as an option to make my wireless card work better02:37
iceswordIndyGunFreak, you said most likely,what is other possiblity?02:37
blasterIndyGunFreak: wow, allot of editing for a mouse, I am going to go back to 6.10, not worth anymore headache. I have been fighting it two days. :-)02:38
ArielMTFlannel: yup, since it's out-of-commission swap, no harm formatting it even on a live system.  afk, reading manpage and doing that02:38
jimmygoonHow is ubuntu support for NVIDIA Quadro FX 570M02:38
peepsalotStarnestommy, but they aren't more in depth, i see the EXACT same text that is in the man pages02:38
IndyGunFreakblaster: seems strange it works under Edgy, but not Gutsy.02:38
xyblorwhat does it mean when ssh just hangs when you run it?02:38
IndyGunFreakjimmygoon: as a general rule, Ubuntu/Linux support for Nvidia is solid.02:38
peepsalotStarnestommy, including the part at the bottom that says to go look at the info pages for more information02:38
AangFanArielMT yes, but when I tipe on GDM my name and psword I have tis efect: 4b4nt402:38
IndyGunFreakunless its avery new card02:38
Starnestommypeepsalot: the output of info emacs looks different than man emacs for me, but not for something else like mv02:39
jimmygoonIndyGunFreak, really? I thought ATI support was better? NVIDIA is kinda the last guy holding out with the closed-ness?02:39
Leetbumblejimmy, no idea but i do use an Nvidia 8800gts and their little installer edited my xconfig just fine and i use dual screen with no probs02:39
ArielMTAangFan: so numlock comes on during boot-up?02:39
blasterIndyGunFreak: I hear ya there, doesn't make any sense to me either. I wasnt unhappy with 6.10 at all, just wanted to try 7.1002:39
jimmygoonLeetbumble, thats good to hear02:39
AangFanArielMT yes!02:39
IndyGunFreakblaster: maybe install 6.10, upgrade to 7.04, then upgrade to 7.1002:39
IndyGunFreakjimmygoon: well, until ATI actually gets stuff releeased for their cards, Nvidia, although its a closed driver, its a well written driver02:40
Darkmystereks3, You here??02:40
iRRVii need a cross platform (windows, mac, linux) cluster computing software, preferably opensource and free02:40
icesworduse that alternate cd to upgrade02:40
jimmygoonIndyGunFreak, alrighty. thanks02:40
Daisuke_Laptop6.10 is about to EOL in april, though02:40
IndyGunFreakjimmygoon: but as a general rule, Nvidia is almost always easier(obviously very new stuff is different, but thast old enough you should be fine)02:40
blasterIndyGunFreak: possible that would work, but again, i liked 6.10, so no need to fix what isn't broke. :-)02:40
peepsalotStarnestommy, well i'd rather not install emacs just to find out.  but do why would any command say at the bottom to refer to the info pages, if they were the exact same as the man pages.  I think there is something not conifugred correctly here02:41
blastertake care peeps, :-)02:41
IndyGunFreakblaster: true, other than it will be obsolete here soon02:41
RyanPriorIs there a program that lets you create DVDs with menus and so on?02:41
LeetbumbleiRRVi - im using knopixcluster for a project at university. boots in memory which is always fun. and it went up pretty easy.02:41
flowOverati is opensourcing even the chip blueprints02:41
Daisuke_LaptopRyanPrior: search synaptic for "dvd"02:41
flowOver /amd02:41
ArielMTAangFan: sounds like you need to turn it off in the bios, then.  depending on your bios type, the access key is either f2, f10, or del.  reboot and mash that key as if it were a joystick's fire button.  that'll take you into the bios, where you can tell it to boot with numlock off.  if you see the ubuntu logo instead of the bios screen, it was either the wrong key or too late: reboot and try again.02:42
AangFanArielMT ok, now.. rebooting02:43
iRRViLeetbumble: thanks i'll check it out02:43
IndyGunFreakflowOver: yes they are, bu thtey haven't yet, so until they do, Nvidia still kills ATI w/ linux for ease of setup02:44
RyanPriorDaisuke_Laptop: Thanks for the suggestion. However, I had already done that, and I don't see anything that does what I want -- that is, linking video clips together using scriptable menus.02:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about planeshift - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:44
ArielMTFlannel: puh.  that did the trick, but i've no idea what corrupted it in the first place.02:44
Daisuke_Laptopnow that could be a little more difficult...02:44
mlstI cant see my other partition what did i do ???02:44
juice_anyone know what planeshift is?02:44
ArielMTFlannel: thanks :)02:44
Daisuke_Laptopi haven't seen anything that would really take care of that02:44
Daisuke_Laptopjuice_: yes, why?02:44
Frederickfolks which is the command line to reconfigure nvidia packages in ubuntu?02:45
juice_Daisuke_Laptop: top linux download on mininova.com, just wondering..?02:45
__mikemFrederick, dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-glx02:45
Frederick__mikem: did not work I think I lack some package02:46
__mikemFrederick, then do apt-get install nvidia-glx02:46
smartfaceHi, is there a way I can completely reformat my ubuntu server without a cd?02:46
Daisuke_Laptop!piracy | juice_02:46
smartfaceJust with ssh?02:46
Frederick__mikem: done, do I need nvidia-kernell too?02:46
regeyaby 'reformat' you mean...02:46
__mikemFrederick, I never did02:46
juice_Daisuke_Laptop: ppssh. i was just asking what it is?02:46
LimCorehttp://www.puzzlepirates.com/index.xhtml <--- be amazed02:47
Frederickoki brb02:47
smartfaceregeya, basically reset the system02:47
LimCoreis this a new trend?02:47
smartfacea bunch of programs are messed up02:47
Daisuke_Laptopi wasn't amazed with puzzle pirates originally...  something interesting?02:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bind9 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:47
regeyaby 'reset the system' you mean...reinstall everything from scratch?  over ssh?02:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bind - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:47
smartfaceyes regeya02:47
smartfacerestore all the original installation files02:48
RyanPriorjuice_: planeshift is a free software MMORPG, and downloading it off mininova is not piracy! :-)02:48
* morphiend cries for help while pulling out his hair02:48
Daisuke_Laptopoh ho!  LimCore, that is interesting...  i hope it's a trend :)02:48
morphiendAnyone have any ideas as to why my mouse would be acting like its on crack?02:48
juice_RyanPrior: thanks02:48
LimCoreDaisuke_Laptop: that site probably is legit, as it is linked there from a popular comic side (still, be carefull ;)02:48
RyanPriorjuice_: http://www.planeshift.it02:48
* LimCore should use apparmored02:48
smartfaceActually, I should try to fix my problem02:49
smartfaceI've got apache2 working02:49
smartfacebut php5 doesnt02:49
flowOverwhich fonts in linux are good substitutes for Verdana, Arial, Helvetica02:49
regeyasmartface: let's say 'no'02:49
AangFanArielMT a lot of thanks, the Bug Intruse what Obstruce System config works02:49
morphiendIn other words, if I single left click,  more times than not its detected as a double click, and if I perform actions like dragging, if I move the mouse too fast the action is moved to the next window the cursor "hits"02:49
smartfaceWhen I access php files on my server, it just asks me if I want to save them02:49
smartfaceyet I've installed php502:50
Daisuke_LaptopLimCore: i was never a fan of puzzle pirates, i tried it once on windows...  but yes, that casual games are being released for linux is a major...  gesture of goodwill?  that's close enough...  to "average" users02:50
GNUtoohello,is there anyone that knows well the kernel?02:50
regeyaok, so the real problem is php5, not that you've had your remote system compromised with no way to drive to teh thing, or anything like that.02:50
morphiendGNUtoo: what parts of it?02:50
GNUtoomorphiend, don't know...i'm looking for the device 25...i don't know what is it...02:51
ArielMTAangFan: you're welcome... as opposed to we2c90e ;)02:51
macogwsmartface: your server is misconfigured02:51
GNUtoomorphiend, cause i'd like to make acpi work02:51
macogwflowOver: Liberation Sans02:51
GNUtoomorphiend, s/acpi/suspend to ram02:51
macogwflowOver: but you can get at least Arial from the msttcorefonts package02:51
smartfacemacogw, how does one fix this02:51
LimCoreDaisuke_Laptop: probably good will, since linux users are like 3% desktop02:51
macogwsmartface: dont know. i fixed it once and then forgot.02:51
LimCoreand most do not like to buy, esp closed source02:52
macogwsmartface: google told me how.02:52
morphiendlooking for device 25, how? you mean that its listed in your /dev fs?02:52
flowOveri'm more wondering for web design purposes.  people with default ubuntu installs02:52
smartfaceWould re-installing ubuntu in LAMP mode make it all work?02:52
morphiendif you cat /proc/devices it will correlate the number to the device (driver)02:53
Daisuke_LaptopLimCore: simple games like that could draw more "everyday" users over (the web, email, im, casual game group), so it's a good thing (to me, at least)02:53
benny269how can i update octave to the latest version?02:53
GNUtoomorphiend, no my dmesg gives me that:   hash matches device device:25 and /proc/device doesn't list it02:53
RyanPriorbenny269: Do you mean that you want a version newer than the one in the repositories?02:54
GNUtooGNUtoo, cat /proc/device | grep 25 gives numbers such as 25102:54
Daisuke_Laptopwhen popcap starts releasing linux versions of its games, watch out :)02:55
flowOverwow changing everything to alsa mixer from the nvidia drivers for the nforce4 really destroyed all the crashy bug problems i was continueing to have02:55
smartfaceCan someone indicate to me how I can completely uninstall Apache, PHP, and mysql in order to reinstall them late02:55
smartfaceincluding settings02:55
benny269RyanPrior: well I installed the standard version from synaptic but i think the latest version is 3.0 and is much newer with more functions?02:55
RyanPriorbenny269: The version in Hardy Heron is release 3.0.0, so you can always upgrade to Hardy. =D02:56
Daisuke_Laptopand RyanPrior, juice_: my apologies about the jumping to conclusions re: piracy.  my first thought was planeshift = planescape and oops :\02:56
morphiendGNUtoo: paste the output from your dmesg that you're referring to02:56
RyanPriorbenny269: Otherwise, you can compile the latest Octave from source.02:56
IndyGunFreakRyanPrior: that is freakin awful advice02:56
Daisuke_Laptopcheck backports.02:57
IndyGunFreakbenny269: what are you trying t upgrade?02:57
crusader_hello can someone please help me with LTSP installation?02:57
benny269RyanPrior: can you explain how to do that please?02:57
GNUtoomorphiend,   hash matches device device:2502:57
benny269IndyGunFreak: octave, its a mathematical programming environment02:57
Jack_Sparrowbenny269, Be careful what you wish for.  Bleeding edge... can hurt.. HAve a good backup if you go outside the repos02:57
GNUtoomorphiend, and also PM: Adding info for acpi:device:2502:58
Frederickfolks I have issues with nvidia drivers I have no video output at all when starting x02:58
RyanPriorbenny269: The best way is to wait until Hardy is released. Do you need the latest version immediately, or can you wait a couple months?02:58
IndyGunFreakbenny269: whatever ti is, what he suggested was absolutely foolish.. and like Jack_Sparrow just said, be careful.. because sometimes newer isn't always better.. at least what is in the repos, is stable.02:58
Daisuke_Laptopwhat's changed between 2.9.12 and 3.0.0?02:58
Daisuke_Laptopbecause if it's not that much, you're really better off hanging back02:58
benny269ok, is there a gnu frontend? alternative to kde's koctave?02:59
Jack_SparrowFrederick, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg  set vesa as your card and 1024 max res to get basic gui functioning02:59
luicalhi every one, i need some help with ntfs support, i have an old ntfs drive and i cannot get write support on it, even though i have ntfs 3g active, please help02:59
smartfaceDo you guys know a place where I can get LAMP help?03:00
DarkmystereCan some one Help me im still having problems with intetnet in my ubuntu 7.10 install with Atheros AR5006EG a/b Wireless card03:00
LimCoresmartface: payable or free ;)  and what is the question03:00
Starnestommysmartface: #apache for apache, #mysql for mysql, or ##php for php03:00
smartfaceLimCore: free is better :D I can't get php to work with my apache server03:00
smartfacethanks Starnestommy03:01
FrederickJack_Sparrow: I brb I will try it out03:01
morphiendGNUtoo : sorry, acpi is outside of my realm of knowledge in the kernel03:02
RyanPriorbenny269: I don't know of any graphical front-end other than koctave.03:02
LimCoresmartface: simple setting of LAMP is just apt-get install   of  like  apache2   php5   apache2-mod-php5 or something    php5-mysql  mysql03:02
GNUtoomorphiend, ok thanks and bye03:02
efren20i need help i add music to banshee library and when i try sync my ipod it tells me all the songs will be earesed i do sync anyways and it earsed all my songs but doesent add the new ones help me please?03:02
=== AfterDea1h is now known as AfterDeath
iobeliskhi, i changed my computer name (system-admin-network) and rebooted and everything was okay, except i could not load a few kde apps (i use gnome), i got a keyboard numlock error from time to time and while burning a cd i got a nautilus error (though the cd burnt fine). i ran "locate old_host_name" on the terminal and found a few directories still reflected the old host name. anyway, i reverted back to the old host name and everything is03:03
iobeliskfine. most errors i got with the new host name were benign, but was just wondering if anybody had an idea how to get around them?03:03
malocitewhat version of x server is in gutsy?  1.3.0?03:03
Starnestommyiobelisk: it probably has something to do with /etc/hosts03:03
=== LuGaLbAnGa is now known as zePh7r
smartfaceLimCore: cant find apache2-mod-php503:04
DarkmystereIs there a way to reset my Wireless card's configureation back to the default one?03:04
luicali need help, how can i get ntfs support on my feisty?03:04
IndyGunFreakefren20: i would suggest gtkpod, its a better tool than banshee for ipod mgmt, if you ask me03:04
Starnestommysmartface: it might be libapache2-mod-pgp503:04
Starnestommyer, php-503:04
RyanPriorluical: Install ntfs-3g; or upgrade to Gutsy.03:04
ubotuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions03:04
efren20were can i get that?03:04
iobeliskstarnestommy, i checked /etc/hosts-- the old host name was not in it03:04
Starnestommyno, php503:04
IndyGunFreakefren20: its in the repos, sudo apt-get install gtkpod03:04
regeyawouldn't ntfs and/or ipods be offtopic03:05
* regeya runs!03:05
macogwregeya: why?03:05
RyanPriorregeya: "how do I use * with Ubuntu" is generally on-topic.03:05
=== mrunagi is now known as mrunagi_
Daisuke_Laptophe disappeared :)03:05
luicalcan i get ntfs write support on gutsy?03:05
malociteI'm trying to install the 8.2.28 drivers in ubuntu gutsy, and it is saying Detected version of X does not have a matching 'x130' directory03:05
smartfaceStarnestommy: thanks i'll try03:06
RyanPriorluical: Read up. You already got answers from two people.03:06
malocite(thats the ati proprietary drivers)03:06
juice_how do i point my terminal to the desktop directory?03:06
PinkFloyd102489cd ~/Desktop03:06
malocitejuice_:  cd ~/Desktop03:06
malocitejuice_:  or cd /home/USERNAME/Desktop03:06
flowOveris there somehow i can run video as a background?03:06
PinkFloyd102489juice_ or just cd Desktop if you're already in your home dir03:07
malociteflowOver: Ooo, that'd be neat, i'd like to know that too :)03:07
RyanPriorflowOver: You mean, as a desktop background?03:07
flowOvervlc on windows does it03:07
smartfaceDoes anyone know how to fix error apache2: Could not determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName03:07
Jack_Sparrowjuice_, make sure you use a cap "D"03:07
RyanPriorflowOver: You could do it, but probably not without some xorg hackery.03:07
flowOverRyanPrior: yes03:07
Cpudan80smartface: put the server's FQDN in the config file03:08
JoesephI'm having problems with my internet connection dropping at random intervals...  how can I figure out what my problem is?03:08
ussersmartface: set ServerName03:08
PinkFloyd102489smartface there's a guide on the forums somewhere detailing how to do it03:08
smartfaceusser: and how do i do that?03:08
Cpudan80smartface: You probably dont have an FQDN anyway --- so
Cpudan80so is ok03:08
smartfaceSorry, this is my first server set up03:08
mrynitis google broken for anyone else?03:08
ussersmartface: well do you have a name for your site, like dns?03:08
smartfacewell, when i try to install mod-php5, it gives me the error and doesnt want to move on03:09
smartfaceno usser03:09
crackhead_25crimsun_: are you here at the moment? intelikey in kubuntu recommended i talk to you03:09
Starnestommymrynit: I'm just randomly getting errors that say I might be a spambot or trojan03:09
Kanohi, is there an "official" pxelinux.cfg for hardy?03:09
mrynitStarnestommy: ?03:09
Kanoi can do my own, just want to know if that already exists03:10
ussersmartface: then its no biggie anyway03:10
hellppmeeis there a way to load my  /dev/sda5 which is an ubuntu and my /dev/sdaa a winxp in the same hard disk?03:10
efren20can any one give me a web that show cool programs that could be installed in ubuntu03:10
joomlaNEWBIEanyone here know whats wrong when I try to complile something03:10
joomlaNEWBIEI get checking for C compiler default output file name... configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables03:10
Jack_Sparrow!hardy | kano03:10
ubotukano: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu03:10
ussersmartface: it sets apache to the name of your machine so to speak03:10
KanoJack_Sparrow: ok fine03:10
crackhead_25hi guys, can anyone help me get my sound to work? i've tried everything.. i did a feisty to gutsy upgrade, and now it doesn't work..03:11
=== Darkmystere is now known as Ethernal_Storm
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:11
IndyGunFreakefren20: http://linuxappfinder.com/03:11
RyanPriorcrackhead_25: The same thing happened to me, and it's fixed in Hardy.03:11
Jack_Sparrowcrackhead_25, Did you recompile alsa with ver 15 and not 1603:11
crackhead_25RyanPrior: what do you mean? and what should i do?03:12
crackhead_25also my printers don't work..03:13
JoesephDoes anyone know why a network will have random period drops?03:13
Jack_SparrowJoeseph, Some cards have issues, I hate to suggest you google your card for problems with linux03:13
RyanPriorcrackhead_25: I suggest downloading the Hardy Heron Alpha 5 LiveCD and seeing if your sound works in the LiveCD environment. If it does, then you just have to wait a couple months until Hardy is released and your sound will work.03:13
efren20thanks indy03:14
JoesephJack_Sparrow:  I'm using a usb dongle -03:14
crackhead_25RyanPrior: wtf? huh? i can't do without sound for a few months..03:14
JoesephNetgear WG11103:14
Jack_Sparrowcrackhead_25, Compile alsa first..  /j #Alsa if you need more help with that03:14
ScuniziI don't want to run Emerald. But I am running Compiz-fusion. What catagory do I pick on gnome-look for theme's?03:14
Jack_SparrowJoeseph, THat does not change my suggestion03:15
mrynitStarnestommy: I have a good deal on viagra for you!03:16
Jack_SparrowJoeseph, How did you install the drivers to begin with03:16
JoesephI didn't at first, then I ndiswrappered them03:17
monstermike234hey if i were to buy a new graphics card which plays nicer with ubuntu ati or nvidia.03:17
hellppmeeanyone care to help me?03:17
IndyGunFreakonly if you help us read minds03:17
JoesephJack_Sparrow: It seems all the solutions to this problem are to run scripts when it happens: I just got my remote desktop working... I can't run scripts if I don't have the working03:18
ray_`24If ubuntu is starting up for the first time after install and is hanging on "Starting bluetooth services", am I able to press a key combination to skip that step?03:18
hellppmeehehhe IndyGunFreak03:18
FrederickJack_Sparrow: man ive tired your command it doesnt boots :/ I have a black screen despite of the sound of an apparent x server beeing booted03:19
hellppmeeIndyGunFreak: i have a dualboot and i reinstall my winxp, now is there a way to load my /dev/sda5 which is an ubuntu and my /dev/sdaa a winxp in the same hard disk?03:19
IndyGunFreak!grub | helloKitty03:19
ubotuhelloKitty: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:19
IndyGunFreak!grub | hellppmee03:19
ubotuhellppmee: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:19
ShinigamiIndyGunFreak: Would that include burning ISOs?03:19
hellppmeewow that must be 100pages inside that url03:19
dcatibogmy chikka didnt run wat should i do03:20
IndyGunFreakShinigami: well, the presumption is, that you have a current Live CD03:20
Jack_SparrowFrederick, at the black screen try ctrl-alt F2.. if you get a terminal screen then you didnt do that command right or have other xorg issues03:20
dcatibogano ga ere03:20
ShinigamiIndyGunFreak: How would I burn ISOs to disk on Ubuntu?03:20
FrederickJack_Sparrow: brb03:20
=== juminten is now known as indraxyz
IndyGunFreakShinigami: like a thumbdrive, or to an actual harddrive?03:20
Jack_SparrowShinigami, right click the iso and write to disk03:21
malociteI'm trying to install the ati 8.2.28 drivers in ubuntu gutsy, and it is saying Detected version of X does not have a matching 'x130' directory03:21
ShinigamiIndyGunFreak: As in a CD/DVD-ROM03:21
ShinigamiJack_Sparrow: Thanx. =D03:21
IndyGunFreakShinigami: depends on the program, but there's tons of ways03:21
ShinigamiI'm not using Ubuntu *yet*.03:21
ShinigamiI feel I don't know wnough about it yet.03:21
JoesephJack_Sparrow: would anyone here know how to fix, or how to figure out how to go about fixing my problem, or would I be better off spending a couple hours in google?               First link was a fix using commands, but it seems to happen more often after I set up a remote desktop connection, in which case I can't fix it03:21
crimsun_crackhead_25: hi03:22
trippsanyone have a good experience here using the linux-rt ubuntu kernel?03:22
dcatibogmy god03:22
IndyGunFreakShinigami: well, use the live CD for a few days to get practice.. but its not hard03:22
RyanRyan52Would a mirror of ubuntu's packages be bigger that a mirror of debian's packages?03:22
FloodBot2dcatibog: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:22
IndyGunFreakShinigami: google, "How to burn an ISO".... there's several web pages w/ instructions03:22
Jack_SparrowJoeseph, By all accounts on the internet that card barely works in windows..  I would suggest you try a diffewrent dongle..03:22
ShinigamiIndyGunFreak: Okay. I will do. I'm getting some CDs tomorrow. I'm fresh out atm. =/03:22
ShinigamiIndyGunFreak: Okay. Thanx. =)03:23
Jack_SparrowRyanRyan52, DOnt switch to debian repos03:23
checkershi all, do the amd64 builds of ubuntu work with AMD Turion X2?03:23
efren20i put the songs in gtkpod i update the songs i want in my ipod when is complete i put eject ipod and it deletes all songs wtf?03:23
JoesephJack_Sparrow: *sigh* I bought it and can't return it... :(   what to do what to do....03:23
RyanRyan52Jack_Sparrow: thats not what I meant03:23
Jack_SparrowJoeseph, A little research on what works for your OS next time03:23
FrederickJack_Sparrow: no luck. still Ive managed to make it work once03:24
FrederickJack_Sparrow: I mean, ive used ubuntu before with this same hardware03:24
RyanRyan52Jack_Sparrow: I am mirroring debian packages on my server. I want to also mirror ubuntu's packages but I want to make sure it will fit. I havce used 44% of my hard drive with debians and I am wondering if it will all fit...03:24
trippsmy first experience with apt-get install linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.22-14-rt linux-rt linux-image-2.6.22-14-rt wasn't so great since the initrd was anemic; i couldn't even boot03:24
JoesephJack_Sparrow: I didn't buy this myself: I recieved the newer version, but have had the older one for a long long time03:24
RyanRyan52and I am running debian, so its a good thing to use debian's mirrors :D03:25
Jack_SparrowFrederick, DOnt know what to tell you. does live cd work and if so what have you installed or changed03:25
constantine_Hi, where is the setting to change number of desktops pls?03:26
trippsforced to compile my own kernel and have had mixed results due to not being able to configure CONFIG_SECURITY_CAPABILITIES as a module in 2.6.24. only available as builtin which won't work with rt and lsm03:26
RyanRyan52constantine_: number of desktops?03:26
Jack_SparrowRyanRyan52, Fine, but it was important to make surer others didnt assume you were using Debian repos with Ubuntu..  That is NOT a good idea.  Will they fit on your drive.. no idea03:26
FrederickJack_Sparrow: nothing changed the cd seems oki I mwean no erros during install I remmember to have issues last tme too but I dunno how I did solve it im using an lcd monitor maybe this is part of the problem03:26
efren20 put the songs in gtkpod i update the songs i want in my ipod when is complete i put eject ipod and it deletes all songs wtf?03:27
RyanRyan52Jack_Sparrow: okay, thansk03:27
Jack_SparrowFrederick, lcd's work fine in gutsy.03:27
killownflash player 9 work on opera 9.26?03:27
constantine_RyanRyan52 I had 4 previously, now after reinstall of gutsy, I have 1 only.  WAIT. I FOUND IT. Hiding in the bot. rh corner03:27
Jack_Sparrowefren20, Please stop with the wtf.. That is NOT acceptable in here03:27
hellppmeebtw i have a prblem running ubuntu 7.10 live cd03:27
FrederickJack_Sparrow: well Im just trying to provide as much input as I can to help you to help me :D03:27
CarlFKhow do I fix this? Package libmagick10 is not available, but is referred to by another package.03:28
joddeHi guys.03:28
Jack_SparrowI am calling it a night just stopped to look up something03:28
FrederickCarlFK: problably enabling multiverse03:28
iceswordhellppmee, ?03:28
joddeI have a strange problem with my keyboard driver that I'm hoping somebody can help me with.03:28
hellppmeebtw i have a prblem running ubuntu 7.10 live cd, when i click install icon at the partition menu i cant see my old partitions like winxp and ubuntu partitions,how can i resolve this? im trying to reinstall my ubuntu03:28
Jack_Sparrow!find libmagic03:28
ubotuFound: libmagic-dev, libmagic1, libmagick++9-dev, libmagick++9c2a, libmagick9 (and 2 others)03:28
Jack_SparrowCarlFK, what did you install from outside the repos03:29
joddeAnd can anyone tell me how to search libraries from terminal?03:29
killownflash player 9 work on opera 9.26?03:29
iceswordhellppmee, you need to choose edit partition by hand03:29
CarlFKjack-desktop: transcode, from .debian-multimedia.org experimental03:29
CarlFKI have debian seid and lenny in my srouces03:29
jack-desktopdo you need something carl?03:30
joddeCan somebody help me with my keyboard driver?03:30
joddePlease please please?03:30
gRaCiOsOi wanna see some .swf file but when i try to open them this is the message "GStreamer foun an erros with a general support lib" someone could help me pls?03:30
hellppmeeicesword: i can only see /dev/sda and im expecting /dev/sda1 which is my winxp and my /dev/sda5 my ubuntu, even doing edit still the same :(03:30
ryan__hey guys. i'm new to linux as a desktop, and im wondering where i should save program that i have downloaded? i downloaded eclipse, the java ide03:30
Jack_SparrowCarlFK, Personally, I think you are heading for trouble and a broken system03:30
ryan__is there something similar to program files, on windows?03:30
iceswordhellppmee, maybe your partition table is damaged?03:31
FrederickJack_Sparrow: I just have nvidia-glx is the nvidia-kernel package outdated?03:31
FrederickI mean deprecated03:31
CarlFKJack_Sparrow: im ok with that.  it's a test box that will get toasted in a few days03:31
alex123hey guys. i want to set up internet sharing over wireless on my ubuntu laptop. can you please point me in the right direction?03:31
joddehi tylerd.03:31
gRaCiOsOi wanna see some .swf files but when i try to open them this is the message "GStreamer found an error with a general support lib" someone could help me pls?03:31
tylerdubuntu rocks03:31
joddeWould you be able to help me with a keyboard issue?03:31
wileverything is muted, I usually just restart my machine but I cant at the moment. How do I reset the sound?03:31
hellppmeeicesword: and when i click COmputer of my livecd i can see the partitions and only in gparted i cant see them :(03:31
flowOverahhh vlc wallpaper mode is only available through directx03:32
joddeYou want to see some single white females, gRaCiOsO?03:32
=== kas is now known as kas-
ubotuTo switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard (GNOME) - KDE: K -> System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout (KDE) - Xfce: see https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/xubuntu/desktopguide/C/switch-keyboard-layout.html - See also !Shortcuts03:32
PanzerMKZif you have a 64bit ubuntu box up can you make a 32bit chroot enviroment?03:32
wilhow do I reset sound?03:33
gRaCiOsOjodde,  no men i wanna see some funny videos of "killer pollo"03:33
CarlFKah, I needed to apt-get upgrade: 605 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 127 not upgraded.03:33
malociteHi, I am trying to install the ati drivers, and it is saying that I do not have an x130 directory... I have tried googling this but I can't seem to find a solution03:34
joddeOkay guys..03:34
joddeEverytime I hit the left arrow key in Linux, hyphens are typed.03:34
joddeIt's only the left arrow key.03:35
Scunizijodde, consider it a short cut ..  :)03:35
joddeHere's an exam-ple of how it beh--av------es---.03:35
joddeIt's not a shortcut, Scunizi, it's a pain in the ass.03:35
joddeIt's not the key either.03:35
joddeIt works fine in Winblows.03:35
Scunizijodde, check to see what type of keyboard you've chosen . that might make a difference03:36
malociteHi, I am trying to install the ati drivers, and it is saying that I do not have an x130 directory... I have tried googling this but I can't seem to find a solution03:36
joddeUS English.03:36
AutoMatriXwhich soft could one use to record the sound of different kins of hanguns and ammo in a shooting range ? I'd like to make my own database with that03:36
joddeOr Generic 105 key if that's what you mean.03:37
Scunizijodde, 101, 105, 102 version etc..03:37
jodde(Intl PC)03:37
Scunizichange it up and see what happens03:37
malocitewhat version of Xorg is installed in gutsy03:37
Scunizi7.1 I think03:37
malocitenot 7.3?03:38
joddeTo what though?03:38
joddeI know it's an Acer, but that's all.03:38
kas-how do i accept a file using xchat?03:38
flowOverAutoMatriX: audicity03:38
flowOverit's top notch03:38
wilhow can I find out what app is using / locked sound? I cant hear anything and I can not restart at the moment but need to reset it03:39
malociteStarnestommy: is there  a way to query your system to give you the answer?03:39
Scunizikas-, you have to be registered w/ freenode and have the appropriate ports open on your rounter..03:39
Starnestommymalocite: aptitude show xserver-xorg03:39
kas-it's not on this server, Scunizi03:39
Scuniziwil, killall esd03:39
AutoMatriXflowOver, going to test that in a while ;)03:39
constantine_Has anyone here got their ipod classic to work on gutsy, and if so, which tutorial did u use?03:39
Scunizikas-, I don't know the rules of other servers..03:40
malociteStarnestommy: 7.2-5 got it!03:40
efren20can anyone tell me why my ipod is not getting the songs i sync the songs with gtkipod and it sync perfect when i eject ipod says no music nothing.03:40
flowOveras for cataloging the sounds, thats a separate issue03:40
joddeIt's still doing it.03:40
AutoMatriXflowOver, you also might an ID of a USB cam which is performant enoug to see the impact of a .380 or .357 on a stadanard C50 hardboard target ?03:41
ggeniuswhat's the best movie creating software on linux? Blender? anything else?03:41
wilScunizi, I tried killall esd, it just says esd: no process killed03:41
kas-Scunizi: , im just wondering what the command is, as im not getting a prompt after he sends03:41
bastid_raZorif i have several user accounts on my box and user1 logs in via ssh is there a way to see when user1 logged in?03:41
flowOverhmm.  you might be wanting to look into highspeed gear03:41
Scunizikas-,  never done it before myself.. sorry I don't know.03:42
FrederickFolks I keep having Xorg issues I cant boot it it reports (WW)NVIDIA: no matching Device section for instance (BUS ID PCI:2:0:0) found03:42
flowOveri don't think there's anything that would be in consumer directories for that03:42
Scuniziwil.. I thought I'd throw that last one out there.. It's fixed me before.03:42
constantine_iPOD classic question: how do I install libgpod 0.6.0 without breaking gutsy?03:43
efren20can nay one help me i plugg a usb video cam and when i plug it in the computer dosent find it like dosnet say a device has been plugged in what do i do?03:44
AutoMatriXefren20, try to do lsusb ... that will give you at least some more info about the numerical ID of your camera03:45
efren20it found this03:46
efren20auto it found htis Intel Corp. Easy PC Camera03:46
Frederickwhen I try to boot it hangs on a black screen I dont even see the nvidia logo from the driver03:47
efren20and when i try caputering a video in kino it says theres no camera03:47
AutoMatriXwhat numbers did preceed ?03:47
efren20Bus 002 Device 002: ID 8086:0110 Intel Corp. Easy PC Camera03:47
wilAnyone know how to reset sound? :(03:47
AutoMatriXefren20,  what numbers did preceed ?, please paste the complet line of that lsub command, mathcing the one of your camera, of course03:48
Itakuhow do i set na utilus to view hidden files?03:48
AutoMatriXItaku, press Control 'H'03:48
AutoMatriXthe 'H' of hidden03:48
efren20automatrix:Bus 002 Device 002: ID 8086:0110 Intel Corp. Easy PC Camera03:48
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
Genocidicbunnywould anyone mind helping me out with a problem im having getting Ubuntu and XP to dual boot?03:50
Itakuwhat command to view hidden files in terminal?03:50
efren20automatrix:what should i do?03:50
StarnestommyItaku: la or ls -A03:50
AutoMatriXefren20, I had a quick look, but this myght be of any help03:50
AutoMatriXefren20,  webcam_scpa50x03:51
efren20webcam_scpa50x: command not found03:51
AutoMatriXI think that's the kind of driver you need, which ins in ubuntu, somewhere, I believe03:51
_Oz_please help with a permissions problem, Ubuntu friends.  I have an NTFS hard drive (hdc2) which has become read only and I don't seem to have the status to change its permissions.03:51
efren20webcam_scpa50x: command not found03:51
_Oz_if I attempt to change them, I am told "permission denied."03:51
Genocidicbunny_Oz_ I think you need to have a ntfs drive installed03:52
AutoMatriXefren20, try to look for spca50... in your packet manager03:52
Genocidicbunnybut then again, im here for another problem03:52
Itakuwhen i login to my comp from ssh it says last login from03:52
Itakuhow do i change that ip03:52
efren20nothing found03:52
_Oz_Genocidicbunny: ?03:52
joddeCan somebody please help me with my kb?03:52
Genocidicbunnyanyways, I installed XP and then Ubuntu, but when I boot i get DISK BOOT FAILURE03:52
AutoMatriXefren20,  which version of ubunut are you using, dear03:53
Itakuhow do i change that ip that is in Last Login from: thing03:54
FrederickFolks I need help setting up X server with a nvidia 8800 and a lg lcd monitor03:55
AutoMatriXefren20, http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/gspca_spca5xx03:56
jodde!help keyboard03:56
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about help keyboard - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:56
ubotuTo switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard (GNOME) - KDE: K -> System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout (KDE) - Xfce: see https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/xubuntu/desktopguide/C/switch-keyboard-layout.html - See also !Shortcuts03:57
RyanPriorMy VLC Media Player is playing video but not sound. Can anybody help me find out why?03:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about gspca_spca5xx - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about gspca - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:57
joddeYes, reg, but what do I change my layout to?03:57
RyanPrior!askthebot | AutoMatriX03:58
ubotuAutoMatriX: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.03:58
efren20waht i do matrix?03:58
AutoMatriXefren20, as I seem to have burnt my fingers, or, you go to the french doc, or you use the bot :D03:59
efren20still lost mate i only speak english is in portuges or something'04:00
thinman1189I'm trying to set up firestarter but it keeps saying that the device is not ready.04:00
efren20please just help me04:00
smartfaceWhat happens if I have libapache2-mod-php4 installed, and libapache2-mod-php5 installed04:00
smartfacedo they conflict?04:00
smartfaceOk, basically, I've got this program installed - myphpmoney - that forces me to reload my apache2 server04:02
_Oz_can someone tell me how to change the permissions of my ntfs hd (/dev/hdc2) in my terminal?04:02
smartfaceand it keeps crashing when i try to remove it04:02
hidoxserver mirc.irc.cl04:02
_Oz_I want it to be read/write instead of ro04:02
iratik_smartface: when you try to remove what?04:03
iratik_I found one app to record screencast through add/remove...  Anyone know any other screencast utilities for ubuntu?04:03
smartfaceiratik_: myphpmoney04:03
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:03
_Oz_/dev/hdc1 /media/hdc1 ntfs ro,user,fmask=0111,dmask=0000 0 004:04
_Oz_can I just change that to:04:04
AutoMatriXefren20, spca5xx-source - this should be found in your package manager, supposed that the universe packages are available in your sources.list04:04
_Oz_/dev/hdc1 /media/hdc1 ntfs rw,user,fmask=0111,dmask=0000 0 004:04
_Oz_just change ro to rw?04:04
iratik_smartface: so you installed myphpmoney , and you had to reload your apache server after you installed it... what crashes when you try to remove myphpmoney?04:04
RyanPriorMy VLC Media Player is playing video but not sound. Why is that?04:05
smartfaceiratik_, I installed it a while ago, and now when i try to install apache mod php5, it forces me to reload then crashes. here's a log : http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58210/04:05
efren20i did this  sudo aptitude install module-init-tools04:06
=== ghost is now known as noodles12
malociteI have a radeon 9000 in Gutsy, should I be able to have direct rendering?04:07
AutoMatriXefren20, gspca-source - this should be found in your package manager, also, and evenso supposed that the universe packages are available in your sources.list04:07
chowdercan anyone help me get GRUB to load another OS?04:07
mjw-malocite yes04:07
iratik_smartface: you might have more luck in #php04:07
malocitemjw-: It doesn't seem to work since I re-installed, and I had no problems the last time Iinstalled... grrrrr04:07
iratik_Do you have 2 daemons competing for port 80?04:07
malocitemjw-: And it should work with the open source drivers?04:08
mjw-malocite you shouldn't need the restricted driver either for the 900004:08
mjw-malocite the opensource "radeon" driver lists the Radeon 9000 as being 2D/3D supported04:08
malocitemjw-: How do Iknow which one is running?04:08
AutoMatriXefren20, you have to modify your /etc/apt/sources.list and uncomment the multiverse sources04:08
iratik_smartface: seems that you already have something running on port 8004:08
chowdercan anyone help me get GRUB to load another OS? I'm trying to dualboot FreeBSD with Ubuntu04:08
efren20what do you mean by that?04:08
mjw-malocite look at your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file and look for the "Device" section and look for the line that says Driver "..."04:09
malocitemjw-: mine says ati04:09
efren20i search this in package source gspca-source04:09
malocitemjw-:  Driver          "ati"04:09
mjw-malocite you can try changing it to radeon - that may help.04:09
crediblemalocite: what does this command return?: glxinfo|grep vendor04:09
AutoMatriXefren20, open your packet manager, and in the sources you should enable te universe sources ...04:09
crediblemalocite: I'm only interested in if it says "ATI" or not04:10
malociteserver glx vendor string: SGI04:10
malociteclient glx vendor string: ATI04:10
malociteOpenGL vendor string: Tungsten Graphics, Inc.04:10
crediblemalocite: you installed fglrx, which broke your driver04:10
crediblemalocite: sudo apt-get --purge remove xorg-driver-fglrx04:10
Genocidicbunnywell then, somehow, GRUB started loading, but now I have another error. Whenever I select any OS it tells me that the selected disk does not exist04:11
malocitecredible: done, do I just restart x and see what happens?04:11
efren20also im using gtkpod for syncing my ipod and i sync it when i eject no songs there what should i do04:11
crediblemalocite: nope, should work now :)04:11
AutoMatriXefren20, one proble at the time, please04:11
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about amule - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:12
AutoMatriXefren20, did you enable those universe packages ?04:12
efren20ok can you help me when we finish the one about the camera?04:12
efren20the sudo installation not done yet04:12
malocitecredible: HEEY!!!  now the desktop effects work again :)  Thanks, I felt like I was taking crazy pills04:12
efren20can i open it anyways?04:12
jessidhello. I dont have any firewall installed in my ubuntu 7.04 and when i try to connect with amule, i receive a low id...how can i fix that??? thanks a lot!04:13
mjw-malocite fglrx is evil. it breaks the open source ati/radeon drivers ;)04:13
uw_hyI put an HD in but my Ubuntuu is not recognizing it. How can I mount it? thx04:13
RyanPriorMy VLC Media Player is playing video but not sound. Why is that?04:13
malocitemjw-: And actually I believe its incompatible with the radeon 9000 period :)04:14
triorieelon packages.ubuntu.com there are some updates xine librarys I need.  how do I get them through synaptic?04:14
mjw-malocite that's true, plus having it installed keeps the open source drivers from actually functioning correctly, which was likely your issue04:14
LiraNuna I'm trying to set an SVN server, I was following this guide http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/install-subversion-with-web-access-on-ubuntu/ because I was lazy; I got everything setted up, and I get a "Forbidden" error; my repos folder (/var/lib/svn) is owned by www-data:www-data04:14
malocitemjw-: Now that that is done, should I install xorg-server-xgl?04:14
mjw-malocite no, that's not needed and will also tend to break things04:15
macogwmalocite: not if youre using the open drivers04:15
helloKittythe internet stops working 3-5 minutes after i boot. the tray icon says im still connected to the network, but the internet does not work. ping <somesite.com> will not work also04:15
macogwmalocite: those are only for fglrx because it lacks AIGLX support.  the open source ones have it04:15
malocitemjw: k, got it...04:15
macogwhelloKitty: have you tried disabling ipv6?04:15
helloKittymacogw: how?04:16
macogwhelloKitty: gksu gedit /etc/hosts04:16
macogwhelloKitty: comment out (put a # at the start of the line) all the lines about ipv604:16
helloKittymacogw: thanks. brb04:16
=== Thoth_ is now known as chowder
malocitemjw: this install seems different than the older one :)    Is compiz-config-settings-manager not automatically installed?04:16
macogwmalocite: no, and it wasnt auto-installed in the old one either04:16
macogwmalocite: there's no - between compizconfig when you go to install it either04:17
malocitemacogw: Its been a while ....04:17
=== _max` is now known as max`
triorieelI am told I have 4 broken packages in my system,  use the broken filter...where do I find this filter?04:19
=== OSUKid7` is now known as OSUKid7
rabiddachshundHow can I share my HDD over my network? Google just tells me how to mount other network drives.04:19
AutoMatriXefren20 ?04:20
tesmarhey does anyone knoe how to select all the text from one level in a bulleted list in OO and then delete that entire level?04:20
tesmarI know this is OO, but no one over there seems to know04:20
AutoMatriXefren20, , I came ito a private conversation with you04:21
nomasteryodachange the view to outline and delete that section04:21
efren20i knw ur not responding04:21
nomasteryodathat was for you tesmar04:21
LtLtriorieel: under gnome click system > adminstration > synaptic update manager. Choose fix broken from it's menu.04:21
triorieelLtL: its suggestion is to remove stuff04:23
LtLtriorieel: I suggest you note them, then remove them.04:23
sdlfesgot a grep question, but i think i'm misunderstanding the -o optoin. i use cat to print out logs, but i want to rip any urls out of them, -o http rips out, and prints _only_ the word http. how would i go about this?04:23
AutoMatriXefren20, did you read the info I wrote into your provate dialog ?04:25
sdlfesubuntu logs all their chats, and occassionally someone or a bot prints a url, and instead of reading thru ALOT of lines, just rip out the url. but grep may not be the answer?04:25
macogwsdlfes: look for something that tells grep to treat symbols and numbers as part of a word04:26
macogwsdlfes: should be an option, i think...04:26
storm-zensdlfes: Try #regex.04:26
macogwsdlfes: oh or you could try "http.* " maybe?04:27
prince_jammysgrep -Eo 'http[^[:space:]]*'  is a cheap way04:27
efren20im talking to you matrix throught private can you read wat i write?04:27
prettyrickyhey guys how show that Im connected. My wi-fi on the panel?04:27
macogwprettyricky: nm-applet has to be running04:27
prettyrickyhow can I show sorry for the misspelling04:27
* storm-zen thinks he shouldn't have downloaded "PDF cube"...04:28
camdeni'm having trouble with vmware04:28
prettyrickywhere can I run it from or where do I go to set it up04:28
constantineHi, how do I enable Desktop Effects in Gutsy? WHere is it on the menus?04:28
camdenspecifically with microsoft activiation04:28
camdeni called them and they say my code is invalid04:28
camdenand i have to call dell04:28
camdennow i'm worried i'll get in troube04:28
storm-zenThere's a #vmware chat... but what's the problem? Hmm.  Ok.  Then it's not a VMware problem.04:29
camdenif i call dell04:29
camdenshould i?04:29
camdenanybody have experience with this?04:29
camdenit's a bit complicated because i have 2 computers04:29
storm-zenA little, camden.  Dell might provide replacement disks.  ( might. )04:29
camdenboth have a legal xp license and a sticker04:29
camdenso i'm not doing anything wrong04:29
camdenbut what i did was use the cd from 1 computer in another computer04:30
prettyrickymacogw-------> how can I start it or where do I go to start that program?04:30
storm-zenIf you bought them both from Dell, they might cover you.04:30
camdenso maybe that's causing the problme04:30
phoenix5002Constantine, is this what you mean?   http://www.howtoforge.com/compiz-fusion-ubuntu-gutsy-gibbon-nvidia-geforce-fx-520004:30
storm-zencamden, I've done that.  Yes.  That causes a problem.04:30
camdenwell both are from dell04:30
smartfaceconstantine: right click, then all the way to the right on the top bar04:30
macogwprettyricky: just hit alt+f2 to get a runbox and type it in04:30
camdenbut i bought 1 second hand04:30
macogwprettyricky: it shouldve started at startup though04:30
smartfaceconstantine right click then desktop ppties04:30
camdenok so i need to get the cd for the 2nd one?04:30
storm-zencamden: Then that could get messy.04:30
camdeni don't have it04:30
prettyrickyok thank you04:31
Belboz99does Ubuntu have an equivelant of /etc/init.d/functions, a library that holds common init script functions, list start, stop, restart, etc?04:31
camdeni got the first one from dell within the warranty period04:31
camdenbut for the 2nd one is 2nd hand04:31
camdenand out of warranty04:31
storm-zenBelboz99: In gutsy, they're in /etc/init.d ...04:31
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=== steven__ is now known as notmeever69
camdenso if i get it from them it will work?04:31
Belboz99storm-zen: you mean all the functions are seperate scripts in the init.d directory?04:32
camdenthe 1st 1 i got by saying that the hard disk crashed04:32
constantinephoenix5002: Thanks, I think that was what I need04:32
=== steven__ is now known as notmeever69
joddeOkay, does anybody know what the keyboard libraries for Ubuntu are?04:32
camdeni guess i can say that with the 2nd one04:32
constantinesmartface: thanks!04:32
notmeever69hello all04:32
efren20hey auto matrix04:32
storm-zenBelboz99: Isn't that the way *nix usually does it?04:32
efren20can anyone read what im typing?04:32
camdenso i guess i have to redo the whole vm installation?04:32
notmeever69i c you efren2004:32
efren20ok =)04:33
Jaso1Ok I cannot figure out to make the Shell text bigger when I hit ctrl + alt + F104:33
notmeever69i need advice on how to get dvd running right in gutsy04:33
AutoMatriXefren20, you seemed to be have thrown out du to exxess of flood04:33
Belboz99storm-zen: I'm trying to write my own script, using common intit script arguments like start and stop, there is a guide that says to use /etc/init.d/functions for these common arguements, but I cannot find it04:33
sdlfesJaso1, ctrl + +04:33
storm-zencamden: Oh, one of them was a VM ?04:33
sdlfesJaso1, need to hold shift.04:33
sdlfesor is it minus?04:33
efren20go private04:33
AutoMatriXefren20, next time you paste some text to me, please do it line per line, or maximmum 3 limes at once04:34
sdlfesgot a grep question, but i think i'm misunderstanding the -o optoin. i use cat to print out logs, but i want to rip any urls out of them, -o http rips out, and prints _only_ the word http. how would i go about this?04:34
storm-zensdlfes: You got two great answers.  What gives?04:34
Jaso1its on Ubuntu6 server, I would like to boot to a larger prompt04:34
prince_jammyssdlfes: try this grep -Eo 'http[^[:space:]]*'04:34
sdlfesstorm-zen, huh?04:34
joddeHey guys.04:35
phoenix5002does anyone know how to fix the suspend/hibernate issues with laptops?04:35
Jaso1Cant read the text very well04:35
joddeCan somebody tell me how to search for libraries?04:35
storm-zensdlfes: Scroll back.  I told you the channel to join and another nice gentleman actually gave you a command.04:35
notmeever69i have issues with that for my desktop phoenix04:35
phoenix5002any luck?04:35
Belboz99storm-zen: I found it from a RedHat site, I do wish Ubuntu would include this type of library such that init scripting would be made easier:04:35
notmeever69not really04:35
notmeever69itlll resume but networking is disabled when it does04:35
sdlfesthx prince_jammys04:36
notmeever69i have to reboot to get the connection back04:36
efren20um can yoiu go private04:36
notmeever69and im hardwired ethernet 100mbps04:36
phoenix5002this is the only issue I'm having with Ubuntu, but it's a BIG one for me04:36
notmeever69what laptop you have?04:36
phoenix5002sony VAIO04:36
phoenix5002ati graphics04:36
sdlfesshit, sorry then.04:36
notmeever69you look in forums?04:36
storm-zenBelboz99: Oh, I know what you're talking about.  I don't know if there is any "common script" in buntu, sorry.04:36
notmeever69whats the issues exactly?04:36
=== cim_pui is now known as rara_jelek_
__mikemDon't use Sony, they like DRM04:36
usserBelboz99: why it has it04:36
phoenix5002been trying to solve this since the day I installed ubuntu04:37
notmeever69what is the issue phoenix04:37
usserBelboz99: /etc/init.d/skeleton is the thing you looking for04:37
phoenix5002it will suspend the problem is waking it up04:37
phoenix5002gets stuck at black screen04:37
sdlfesdid you read my apoligy?04:37
prince_jammyssdlfes: this is better: grep -Eo 'http://[^[:space:]]*'04:37
sdlfesprince_jammys, yes, it works awesome, appreciated04:38
phoenix5002I tried uswsusp, but that makes it worse, it dosn't even suspend just goes to a black screen right away04:38
prince_jammyssdlfes: otherwise you pick up the word http on its own04:38
sdlfesprince_jammys, now i got something to go buy and know how to interpret the commands.04:38
notmeever69phoenix did you read http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-479829.html04:38
sdlfesprince_jammys, ya, i was on the right track though.04:38
phoenix5002i'll take a look04:39
notmeever69im haveing issues wiht dvd04:39
notmeever69have live at pompei running right now04:39
notmeever69but its a pain to get anything to play properly04:39
Belboz99usser: Thank you!!!04:39
phoenix5002seems like a different issue04:40
notmeever69the first posting says its black04:41
efren20automatrix look at private04:41
notmeever69and lists the ati card04:41
notmeever69i cant help you personally04:41
Agent_bobhttp://ubuntu.pastebin.us/?show=d22020b58  <<< why can't i do this ?04:41
notmeever69laptops aint the best unless they are dell due to the proprietary stuff they put on the hardware04:41
notmeever69some work04:42
notmeever69some dont04:42
nickrud!enter notmeever6904:42
notmeever69you likin ubuntu tho?04:42
nickrud!enter | notmeever6904:42
ubotunotmeever69: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:42
phoenix5002I love it except for suspend04:42
efren20automatrix:you there?04:42
yurimxpxmanis there any way to get artwork onto a 6th generation ipod?04:42
notmeever69maybe you can get it to work, but im not the expert on it seeing as i dont have one of them of my own04:42
nickrudyurimxpxman: sure, with itunes ;)04:42
phoenix5002I just wish I knew whats causing the issue and whats being done to correct it04:43
notmeever69that and i aint a unix expert04:43
tripppyhow do i put back the stair step wifi icon in the panel?04:43
notmeever69i would say that its a vid card issue, thats usually the case wth suspend04:43
phoenix5002I was counting on it being fixed when Hardy comes out, but they say it isn't04:43
nickrudtripppy: try right clicking the panel, add to panel -> notification area ( most common reason)04:43
notmeever69you cant tell that seeing as its not frozen yet04:43
nickrudphoenix5002: what's causing your suspend issue? (just curious)04:44
Agent_bobanybody ?04:44
pyrakwhat's the difference between SOCKS and normal ssh port forwarding ("-L")?04:44
efren20does anyone know a program for ubuntu dat converts mp3 files to midi files04:44
phoenix5002i don't know whats causing it, it just happens04:44
tripppynickrud, that added the battery icon, still no wifi signal04:44
phoenix5002probably video card though04:44
nickrudtripppy: ok, next:   alt-f2 nm-applet --sm-disable04:45
notmeever69you could probably alter the scripts to drop into plain vesa04:45
phoenix5002I have an ati card "Radeon IGP 345M"04:45
notmeever69when it goes into suspend then bring it back up inot ati04:45
nickrudphoenix5002: you using the fglrx driver? Its a known problem, fixed with later versions04:45
notmeever69might work for ya04:45
phoenix5002how do I know if im using fglrx04:46
=== ghost is now known as noodles12
nickrudphoenix5002: are you using the restricted driver?04:46
Frogzoophoenix5002: -> /var/log/Xorg.0.log04:46
tripppynickrud, omg thanks04:46
Agent_bob        http://ubuntu.pastebin.us/?show=d22020b58  <<< why can't i do this ?04:47
phoenix5002im using a restricted driver04:47
efren20does anyone know a program for ubuntu dat converts mp3 files to midi files04:47
cloud210i have a question. not sure how you go about asking with everybody else here.04:47
FlannelAgent_bob: two reasons, root account has no password (is locked), second, root is disabled form logging in via SSH usually04:47
notmeever69efren do you know ath that entales?04:47
LiraNunathere isn't such a thing efren2004:47
phoenix5002my restricted driver is "atheros hardware access layer (HAL)"04:47
nickrudphoenix5002: try disabling it, and logging out and back in. Then try suspend.04:48
LiraNunamidi is pattern based, mp3 is based on raw data04:48
efren20notmeever69: nop04:48
phoenix5002but will that put me in vesa mode?04:48
Agent_bobFlannel wrong on both accounts    unless you know something i don't04:48
Jorge_anyone know of a good stock market simulation game for linux like Wall Street Raider for dos/windows?04:48
FlannelLiraNuna: Things exist, they're just not straight codecs04:48
efren20liranuna:how do i get my computer to find my usb device easy pccamera04:48
cloud210i need some help installing maya. (http://www.backports.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=66859&page=16)04:48
nickrudphoenix5002: not wireless restricted, ati restricted. And possibly. It's only a test of suspend. If you like04:48
LiraNunaFlannel, what!? You can't simply convert MP3 to midi, you got to be kidding04:49
FlannelAgent_bob: The root account is locked by default (as no password).  And then view in /etc/ssh/sshd_config and look at... well, near the top.  PermitRootLogin, it's no by default on dapper anyway04:49
LiraNunaMP3 is raw buffer compressed lossly, midi is a sequence of operation to create the music with HW instruments04:49
joddeCould somebody please help me with my keyboard?04:49
Agent_bobFlannel this is not default04:49
joddeI'm getting really frustrated.04:49
joddeSomebody please help?!04:49
efren20liranuna:how do i get my computer to find my usb device easy pc camera04:49
david_u know how u can make the panel transparent could u do that for the gtk theme where theres no solid color but transparency04:49
FlannelLiraNuna: like I said, it's not a simple codec issue (can't decode to audio and reencode straight) but its definately possible.04:49
notmeever69hang jode04:49
LiraNunaFlannel, oh, that's what I told him04:50
FlannelAgent_bob: You never said that, now did you?04:50
notmeever69midi is a 30 year old language04:50
phoenix5002if it works is there a way to do what notmeever69 said, and switch to that mode on suspend and then switch back to the restricted driver on resume?04:50
ShpookI need to search the contents of all files in a specified directory. They're all text files, but with different extensions(it's actually a website). What would be the best utility for this? I need to be able to specifiy which extensions to search also.04:50
nickrudShpook: grep04:50
powdaQuick question - Is it apt-get that creates files in /etc/init.d/ and /etc/<package> when installing something?04:50
iterShpook: grep <search term> *04:50
Agent_bobFlannel yeah.  but it's not important.  i've said it again.04:50
nickrudpowda: yes04:51
Flannelpowda: Well, it's dpkg, but yes04:51
Shpooknickrud: Thanks, sounds good. :-)04:51
powdaCan I force those files to get created again somehow?04:51
powdaI removed them manually and now reinstalling won't create them.04:51
Shpookiter: Thank you. Sounds easy enough, but I'm going to google it to learn all the parameters.04:51
ste-foyThank you for your help powda04:51
Flannelpowda: You need to --purge them when removing, "removal" doesn't remove configuration files.  Also, --reinstall ought to refresh them as well (although I've never done the latter personally)04:52
efren20anyone know how can i get my computer to reconize my usb easy pc camera04:52
nickrudpowda:   sudo apt-get install --reinstall -o Dpkg::Option:="--force-confmis" <package> iirc04:52
Agent_bobFlannel tripple checked PermitRootLogin yes04:52
joddeWould somebody please PM me if they think they can help with my key mapping problem??04:52
Agent_bobFlannel restarted sshd each time04:52
powdaThanks, I'll try that.04:52
FlannelAgent_bob: And you do have a root password?04:52
nickrudpowda: that's confmiss , I missed an s04:52
ShpookOooh, and it supports regular expressions. Just the kind of muscle I need. :-D04:52
Agent_bobFlannel passwd root    and passwd -u root   several times.04:52
=== ghost is now known as noodles12
Agent_bobFlannel if it was that simple i wouldn't have asked.04:53
CarlFKLiraNuna: midi is still what is used to work with stuff like keyboard/syssithers, right?04:53
iterAgent_bob: can you su to root account?04:53
Agent_bobFlannel also i can login with other account04:53
FlannelAgent_bob: This channel assumes you don't have a root password set, so your question didn't seem odd in the first place (we get that sort of nescience all the time)04:53
LiraNunamidi is nothing but a sequence of notes and instruments that tells the sound card what to play04:54
LiraNunathe player simply tells the HW what to do04:54
Agent_bobiter no. system is nosuid so su/sudo is imposable04:54
LiraNunaoff course some software players available who emulate midi devices04:54
cloud210please PM me if you know anything about installing maya, using the instructions found here http://www.backports.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=66859&page=1604:54
iterAgent_bob: what's the /etc/passwd line for root04:54
efren20liranuna:thanks and do you know how i can get my computer to recongnize my usb easy pc camera?04:54
LiraNunacloud210, just cd to the linux folder and use alien it's not that hard04:54
LiraNunaefren20, did you try google?04:55
iterAgent_bob: also check /etc/security/access.conf04:55
Agent_bobiter root:x:0:0:root:/04:55
iterAgent_bob: seems wrong04:55
Agent_bobiter k looking in access.conf04:55
cloud210LiraNuna, thats what i did. using the "for i in *.rpm; do sudo alien -cv $i; done" line. but instead it just creates folders with root access only.04:55
iterAgent_bob: mine looks like root:x:0:0:root:/root:/bin/bash04:56
Agent_bobonly the shell/path04:56
LiraNunacloud210, no .deb files?04:56
LiraNunado it one by one04:56
Agent_bobyeah i know.04:56
LiraNunatry with --scripts-enabled04:56
LiraNunasometimes it helps04:56
iterAgent_bob: you seem to have no shell for the root acct04:56
Agent_bobiter if the /etc/passwd was wrong then i couldn't login as root     no ?04:56
ljsmithxI have got a new phone and when you plug it in via usb it lets you choose webcam as an option04:57
nickrudalien creates monsters that will rip through your machines guts.04:57
iterAgent_bob: wait, you can login as root ?04:57
ljsmithxand in XP it is fine and XP sees the cam04:57
iterAgent_bob: ok so you can login as root at console but not via ssh04:57
ljsmithxbut on ubuntu it doesnt see it04:57
iterAgent_bob: correct?04:57
ljsmithxso how do i fix this?04:57
Agent_bobiter i turncated the paste.  the shell is there.   and yes i can   just not through ssh04:57
nickrudljsmithx: webcams have hit or miss support in linux still. What camera?04:58
ljsmithxumm its a pohone04:58
AutoMatriXefren20, so did you manage to find some help ?04:58
ljsmithxit has webcam func in ti04:58
bluewraithcan someone help me turn on direct rendering? ati mobility radeon x120004:58
iterAgent_bob: what's up with the shell, is it something funky?04:58
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:58
nickrudljsmithx: so I asked a bad question. What phone, exactly. Probably not supported, but maybe google will help04:58
ljsmithxyeah its a new phone04:59
Agent_bobiter it would have been a good guess "/etc/security/access.conf"  but actually that's not it this time.04:59
ljsmithxa boost Mobile04:59
navinhai to all04:59
navinwhen i am opening icedove mailclient i am not getting calender, what to do for this ?04:59
Agent_bobiter shell  yeah it odd04:59
ljsmithxnot sure04:59
alex-weejconfigure WPA2 without wpa supplicant in /etc/network/interfaces please?04:59
alex-weejnm broke and network-admin is also broken04:59
iterAgent_bob: I'm wondering if that doesn't have something to do with it, try perhaps chsh to bash to test out?04:59
Agent_bobiter testing05:00
prettyrickyhey guys do I always have to alt-f2 to start nm-applet or is there a way to have it start when booting05:00
alex-weeji've tried wireless-essid and wireless-key, i've tried wpa-essid and wpa-psk <key>05:00
alex-weejbut neither work05:00
iterAgent_bob: also you might want to make sure there is nothing wrong with /etc/hosts* files05:00
ljsmithxnickrud, i dont think it is supported.. i would have liked it to though05:00
triorieel_what does it mean when your very high of cpu %us but can't find a program thats doing it?05:00
Agent_bobiter shell is not it.   and how would /etc/hosts* affect only one account on a box ?05:01
triorieel_^in top05:01
nickrudalex-weej: check system->prefs->sessions, startup programs. It should have the applet there and enabled05:01
alex-weejdoes anyone know how to set up /etc/network/interfaces for WPA 2?05:01
alex-weejnickrud: it won't start. it's a bug.05:01
nickrudalex-weej: sorry, wrong guy. prettyricky system->prefs->session startup programs, it should be there (network manager) and enabled05:02
alex-weejconnection ":1.xx" is not allowed to own the service "org.freedesktop.NetworkManagerInfo" due to security policies in the configuration file05:02
Agent_bobiter you did catch that i can ssh in as a user  just not root  didn't you?05:02
hwilde!wpa | alex-weej05:02
ubotualex-weej: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:02
iterAgent_bob: yeah this is quite odd05:02
prettyrickynickrud-----> thank you!05:02
hwildeAgent_bob, you just need to set the root password first...05:03
iterAgent_bob: have you made any changes to /etc/pam*05:03
just_bobert_030How do I route an internet connection through an ibook ubuntu to an ubuntu on a pc? (7.04 for them both) The internet comes into the ibook in it's ethernet port, and needs leave from it's modem port into the modem of the pc ubuntu.05:03
alex-weejhwilde: tried it, it's all ridiculously out of date05:03
Agent_bobhwilde again ?   i've set it nine times05:03
alex-weejhwilde: the linux kernel has been through a massive overhaul for wireless stuff since most of that was written05:03
hwildealex-weej, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WPAHowTo05:03
triorieel_something is using 100% cpu power in user space but no programs shown by system moniter or top are the culprits...what else could it be?05:03
hwildealex-weej, you just need like two lines, wpa-ssid  and wpa-psk05:03
efren20automatrix:im trying to google it but found nothing05:04
Agent_bobiter ummm i don't think so.  pretty sure that pam is stock  one of the very few things that is tho05:04
hwildeAgent_bob,  pastebin the output of this command:     ssh -vvv root@localhost05:04
alex-weejhwilde: thanks -- i had been using wpa-essid not wpa-ssid.05:04
iterAgent_bob: yep good idea -vvv05:04
prettyrickythant weird it was on, but when I booted it didnt come on for some odd reason05:04
hwildealex-weej, if you want to see how I do it, look at the end of that link https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WPAHowTo05:05
hwildealex-weej_, I wrote my own script and then just launch it in rc.local.    then you just have to make your wpa supplicant conf file05:05
alex-weej_hwilde: i'm just going to fix network manager05:05
hwildealex-weej_, first thing I do is uninstall it... but to each his own05:06
alex-weej_i had been using asac's PPA and decided to downgrade everything back to hardy05:06
AutoMatriXefren20, please open your packet manager, open it completely and enable the universe sources ...05:06
alex-weej_and suddenly everything broke05:06
alex-weej_nm-applet wouldn't start05:06
AutoMatriXthe package you're looking for is in there05:06
alex-weej_hwilde: i HATE not having network until i have logged in, but i need VPN so i am stuck.05:06
hwildealex-weej_, rc.local buddy05:06
bAgent_bohwilde iter http://ubuntu.pastebin.us/?show=d343a639405:06
binarydigitwhere is log compression and rotation configured for syslog?05:07
=== bAgent_bo is now known as Agent_bob
Agent_bobhwilde iter http://ubuntu.pastebin.us/?show=d343a639405:07
hwildeAgent_bob, that says you are typing in the wrong password.   type in   "sudo su"   then type in "passwd"  and set the password.05:07
just_bobert_030How do I route an internet connection through an ibook ubuntu to an ubuntu on a pc? (7.04 for them both) The internet comes into the ibook in it's ethernet port, and needs to leave from it's modem port into the modem of the pc ubuntu.05:07
trippsdoes ubuntu (gutsy) support pam rlimits out of the box?05:07
ShpookAlright, question with grep now. If I want to search all files and directories for say, "Pepsi," I would enter "grep -r Pepsi *" correct?05:08
hwildeShpook, might be capital -R05:08
joddeOkay, for the love of god would somebody please tell me where to find the default keyboard map?05:08
Agent_bobhwilde it's not the wrong password. and like i said su and sudo wont work on a nosuid system except from an already root05:08
iterAgent_bob: looks like it's not happy with keyboard-interactive05:08
Ethernal_StormAnyone know how to make a VAP Using Madwifi-ng drivers in managed mode?05:08
AutoMatriXquelqu'un a de l'espérience avec le chipset RT73 (usb wifi dongle)05:09
hwildeAgent_bob, it is rejecting your password man what do you want me to say05:09
hwildeEthernal_Storm, did you ask in #madwifi05:09
Agent_bobhwilde just want you to tell me why it is05:09
Shpookhwilde: I tried....it doesn't seem as though it's searching the subdirectories.05:09
hwildeAgent_bob, because the password is wrong.  can you login as root at all in any way?05:10
efren20im in my packaget manager automatrix where do i go now to endable05:10
joddeCan someone tell me where the language files are stored?05:10
joddeSomeone?  Anyone?05:10
Agent_boblook i did    passwd -u root ;passwd root \n x \n x \n password updated successfully   about nine times.   the password is x and it's not wrong   got it?05:10
Ethernal_Stormi did got no answer05:11
hwildeAgent_bob, can you become root then ?05:11
iterhwilde: yes, he can login from console05:11
Agent_bobhwilde   tty24 [root@dell.~] ssh -vvv root@localhost 2>&1 | pastebin05:11
hwildeAgent_bob, pastebin /etc/ssh/sshd_config05:11
just_bobert_030How do I route an internet connection through an ibook ubuntu to an ubuntu on a pc? (7.04 for them both) The internet comes into the ibook in it's ethernet port, and needs to leave from it's modem port into the modem of the pc ubuntu.05:11
Flannel!attitude | Agent_bob05:11
ubotuAgent_bob: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines05:11
iterFlannel: meh I side with Agent_bob on this one05:12
decayHow can i get to nvidia's configuration panel? i have a dual monitor setup i'd like to config05:12
sebastiansilvai need to remaster a xubuntu livecd to have an icon on the desktop for running our OLPC sugar emulator - anybody know how to add this last detail to my livecd ?05:13
xifto which file is stderr being dumped to?05:13
sebastiansilvathe livecd is finished ready to be squasedfs'd05:13
hwildedecay, nvidia-settings05:13
sebastiansilvajust want to add an icon on the desktop ;-)05:13
AutoMatriXefren20, you open a terminal, type in sudo synaptic05:13
flowOveris there an example of all the fonts ubuntu comes with by default?05:14
hwildeAgent_bob, that sshd conf looks fine to me.  but your verbose output says it is rejecting the password05:14
Agent_bobbtw    i commented out the ip's for testing  so that sshd would listen to everything05:14
decayhwilde: thank you. howcome it's not in the menu anymore like it used to be in older ubuntu releaseS?05:14
macogwefren20: make that "gksudo synaptic"05:14
hwildedecay, don't trust the gui.05:14
AutoMatriXefren20, then in the configuration menu, the second option, you chould enable the checkboxes with universe05:14
xifTo which file is stderr being logged?05:14
macogwAutoMatriX: sudo doesnt always handle authority files for guis gracefully, so gksu/gksudo for GNOME or kdesu for KDE are recommended05:14
Agent_bobhwilde yeah   do you have any idea of what might cause that   excluding an acual incorrect password    cause the error is bogus.05:15
macogwefren20: what s/he pointed to can also be accessed through system -> administration -> software sources05:15
hwildexif, you have to put 2>>file   to redirect stderr to a file05:15
hwildeAgent_bob, you could have PermitRootLogin=no in your sshd conf05:15
=== narg_ is now known as narg
AutoMatriXmacogw, it works for me ... since I run the same version, I hope it should work for efren20, too05:15
hwildeAgent_bob, but your conf looks ok05:15
hwildeAgent_bob, can you ssh in as other users05:15
AutoMatriXmacogw,  but thanks for the tip anyway05:15
iterhwilde: yes he can05:15
xifhwilde: thanks05:15
iterAgent_bob: check grep sshd /var/log/*05:16
macogwAutoMatriX: i know it works, but it's dangerous05:16
macogwAutoMatriX: it can break permissions, so using gksu or gksudo is a better idea05:16
hwildeiter, it's really not that complicated... what else could it be05:16
Agent_bobiter umm blank  but i may not have logging turned on...05:16
AutoMatriXmacogw, I'll try to remember that ;)05:16
efren20automatrix:dosent let me hit configuration05:16
efren20but in sourse is cheacked allreayd05:17
iterhwilde: Agent_bob: yeah this is a tough one05:17
itercause it works, sorta05:17
just_bobert_030How do I route an internet connection through an ibook ubuntu to an ubuntu on a pc? (7.04 for them both) The internet comes into the ibook in it's ethernet port, and needs to leave from it's modem port into the modem of the pc ubuntu.05:17
flowOveri found exactly what i needed > http://www.apaddedcell.com/web-fonts05:17
Agent_bobiter yeah no syslog in the processtable  i'll turn logging on and try it one time and see if it logs anything05:17
Bossmanbetaanyone aware of a way of detaching a remote X application running via 'ssh -Y' for re-attaching later? (Just like 'screen' but for X apps) There's an old-old app called 'xmove' (last updated 1997) but it's very buggy and doesn't work over SSH. VNC and NX are whole-desktop solutions and doesn't work well when I want to run local & remote apps on a unified local desktop.05:17
AutoMatriXmacogw, please could you take over efren20's problem, he needs to alow his packet manager to use universe packets for his webcam, which is based on a gspca ...05:18
AutoMatriXefren20, sorry buddy, i've got to leave now05:18
decayanyone here have 2 monitors setup?05:18
hwildeAgent_bob, I would delete your root .ssh directory, reinstall ssh, reinstall sshd, reset the password, and you should be fine05:18
hwildedecay, yes05:18
macogwefren20: sudo apt-get update05:18
hwilde!xinerama | decay05:18
ubotudecay: xinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead05:18
hwilde!dualhead | decay05:18
ubotudecay: Information about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama05:18
hwilde!nvidia | decay05:18
macogwefren20: try running that to reload the package list.  anything fail?05:18
ubotudecay: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:18
Agent_bobhwilde heh i did that before i came here05:18
macogwefren20: or any odd errors or anything?05:18
=== AutoMatriX is now known as AutoMatriX_afk
hwildeAgent_bob, can you setup keys and login without the pw05:19
iterAgent_bob: do id_rsa and id_dsa exist in /opt/carbon/.ssh?05:19
decayhwilde: this is a problem i've had even with later releases....when i maximize something, it takes up both monitors, as opposed to one.... the task bar, too, runs across both screens05:19
efren20ok maco05:19
efren20problem is05:19
efren20ubuntu not ereconize my easy pc camera05:19
TinalJane Carr are you in here?05:19
just_bobert_030How do I route an internet connection through an ibook ubuntu to an ubuntu on a pc? (7.04 for them both) The internet comes into the ibook in it's ethernet port, and needs to leave from it's modem port into the modem of the pc ubuntu.05:20
decayhwilde: and i think ubuntu installed my drivers automatically05:20
hwildedecay, that is just an option in nvidia settings.   it's either twinview or dual xscreens05:20
decayhwilde: xorg.conf says nvidia driver si in use05:20
decayhwilde: which one are you using?05:20
efren20macogw:the problem is the computer dosent reconize my usb camera05:21
hwildedecay, in the nvidia-settings you want "separate x screen"05:21
macogwefren20: matrix said your drivers are hiding in universe, right?05:21
sebastiansilvaI can't find ~/Desktop on the squashfs05:21
efren20i guess05:22
macogwefren20: do you know what driver you need?05:22
decayhwilde: heres what im getting: http://img210.imageshack.us/img210/5366/screenshotnf6.png05:23
Stwangemy flash firefox plugin suddenly isn't working, has anyone else experienced similar?05:23
hwildedecay, that is one setting05:23
hwildedecay, change it to "separate x screen" and you will have two desktops and two taskbars;05:24
hwilde!flash | Stwange05:24
ubotuStwange: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash05:24
decayhwilde: i click the 'apply wh at is possible' button, and the main screens goes off. i only end up with a single monitor05:24
carrus85Stwange, define 'not working'05:24
hwildedecay, it requires a reboot.  it tells you that.05:24
efren20macogw:no i dont know what drivers i need05:24
Stwangecarrus85, hwilde, I had flash installed, it just... isn't working any more. It says additonal plugins required. I'm using 32 bit firefox on 64 bit ubuntu... unless my shortcuts opening the wrong firefox?05:25
decayhwilde: right. but by the title of the window being 'cannot apply' i thought there was something wrong. brb05:25
hwildeStwange, just reinstall it05:25
efren20anyone know how to make my pc reconize the usb camera05:25
ShpookIs there something morally wrong with me using httrack and grep to search a site for something, in order to win Jonas Brothers tickets for my daughter? They said use any means necessary.05:25
Stwangehwilde, it takes ages :(05:25
abhi_hi i'm on a dell vostro 1400 and i can't seem to be able to turn off my bluetooth adapter using powertop, the bluetooth light remains on even after powertop shuts the bluetooth service. how to get the bluetooth adapter to poweroff?05:25
hwilde!webcam | efren2005:26
ubotuefren20: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras05:26
hwildeStwange, use synaptic it takes like 2 seconds05:26
carrus85Stwange, I'd second hwilde on this one05:26
hwildesearch in synaptic for like mozilla flash or whatever it is a small update05:26
carrus85(reinstalling fixed that exact problem on my laptop, IIRC (then again, I tried a bunch of stuff, so it could have been something else I did...))05:26
neetoIs there a way to keep a process running in the background, after I call it from the command line?05:27
bruenigneeto: command &05:27
iterneeto: yeah finish your cmd with &05:27
carrus85or you can run it via setsid (this will keep the program running even if the terminal dies)05:27
bruenigiter: redundant05:27
storm-zenI had a number of partitions on an external hard drive disappear off my desktop ( and out of my file tree ) ... is there a way to get gnome to read all that in again (without restarting gnome?)05:28
neetobruenig: so let's say I run xfce4-panel &, it will do it and let me close that window without it closing05:28
macogwefren20: sudo aptitude install gspca-source05:28
iterneeto: alternatively you can start it normally and hit ctrl-z and the issue 'bg'05:28
efren20hwilde:none of thsose is my webcam05:28
iterbruenig: :p05:28
hwildeefren20, good luck writing your own device driver then05:28
carrus85neeto, run it vai setsid so it doesn't die when the terminal window is closed05:28
bruenigor use screen05:28
efren20sec macwo05:28
carrus85bruenig, or that05:28
iterneeto: yeah screen is probably what you want anyway05:28
efren20macogw:done did it the sudo what now?05:28
macogwneeto: to keep it from closing when the terminal closes, put "nohup <command> &"05:28
[NM]Packardare there any command cause when i tried to instal ubuntu it hangs05:29
neetoWhat does that stand for?05:29
hwildeno signal hang up05:29
carrus85no hangup05:29
neetoCool beans05:29
Jwetzel[NpO]-gonQuestion about synaptic and ndiswrapper: Why does it ask me to "Please insert the disk labeled:  Ubuntu 7.10 _Gutsy Gibbon_ - Release i386 (20071016) in drive /cdrom/" when I try to install the ndiswrapper packages?05:29
mosibfui use  > /dev/null 2>&1 & after my hlsw commands on gameserver, works fine after closing ssh05:29
neetoThanks all05:29
ROFFLEwAFFLESHow do I create a partition on the current hard drive i'm using? lolol05:29
decayhwilde: it seems to work. but i can't drag anything from a monitor to another. is that normal?05:29
ROFFLEwAFFLESHai guise05:29
hwildeROFFLEwAFFLES, gparted05:29
ROFFLEwAFFLESThe hard drive i'm using right now05:29
hwildedecay, yes now they are separate xscreens!05:29
macogwROFFLEwAFFLES: you have to unmount it05:29
iterJwetzel[NpO]-gon: you need to edit /etc/apt/sources.list to remove the cdrom line05:29
macogwROFFLEwAFFLES: you cant05:29
decayhwilde: i can drag icons, but not windows05:29
ROFFLEwAFFLESOh i see05:29
=== c is now known as Charitwo
ROFFLEwAFFLESwell.. i actually have to..05:30
macogwROFFLEwAFFLES: you cant run a program from a hard drive with the hard drive not mounted05:30
[NM]PackardIm using 7.08 is there a ubuntu release that installs ubuntu while in windows05:30
hwilde!return | ROFFLEwAFFLES05:30
ubotuROFFLEwAFFLES: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:30
ROFFLEwAFFLESso is there any other way05:30
hwildeROFFLEwAFFLES, reboot onto the livecd and run gparted05:30
macogwROFFLEwAFFLES: no. you cant partition a mounted drive.  it has to be unmounted.  if it's unmounted, you cant run from it.  use a live cd.05:30
Stwangehwilde, carrus85 it didn't work, said something about not installing at the terminal05:30
[NM]Packardare there any way to instal a test ubuntu in windows05:30
ROFFLEwAFFLESi dont have an optical drive..05:30
mosibfuROFFLEwAFFLES, just boot live cd, use gparted, its installed on live mode standard05:30
mosibfuROFFLEwAFFLES, live usb stick?05:30
macogw[NM]Packard: Virtualbox if you want to emulate it05:30
hwildeStwange, in synaptic ?05:31
ROFFLEwAFFLESi installed this using a windows installer05:31
ROFFLEwAFFLESi dont know how to boot from my usb stick05:31
efren20macogw:did what you told me what now?05:31
macogwROFFLEwAFFLES: wubi?05:31
hwilde!usb | ROFFLEwAFFLES05:31
ubotuROFFLEwAFFLES: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent05:31
Stwangehwilde, yeah, when you click "show output" or whatever it is05:31
decayhwilde: do you know how to access the compiz configurator as well?05:31
hwildeStwange, you should reinstall firefox then05:31
Agent_bobiter what's the perms on utmp ?05:31
FaithfulI installed xserver-xorg-video-openchrome but xorg complains that05:31
macogwefren20: umm "ls"05:31
hwildedecay, in the menu it's like apperance -> settings - > fancy effects05:31
[NM]Packardis there any windows installer for ubuntu05:31
macogwefren20: im guessing it downloaded the source for the driver...05:31
macogwefren20: dont paste the output here05:31
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:31
Faithfulopenchrome module doesn't exist05:32
macogwefren20: just look for a tarball named gspca something05:32
FaithfulI installed xserver-xorg-video-openchrome but xorg complains that  openchrome module doesn't exist05:32
iterAgent_bob: -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 3334 2007-10-24 17:43 /usr/include/utmp.h05:32
macogw[NM]Packard: you can virtualise it in virtualbox or vmware or whatever, or you can use Wubi to install it alongside windows, but i dont know how hell it will work. ive heard of breakage with it and i dont know if its been fixed05:32
Agent_bobk thanks.05:32
macogwefren20: if you type "ls" in the terminal in whatever directory you ran that from, is there a new tarball in there that downloaded?05:33
Agent_bobiter err no in var/05:33
decayhwilde: not here! theres appearance -> and a Visual Effects tab. but that is very basic. i'd like to get the rotating cube going and all =]05:33
navinhow to get the calender option for thunderbird05:33
hwildedecay, I think that is a separate package  3ddesktop05:33
iterAgent_bob: hmm what's the path to utmp in var05:34
=== ROFFLEwAFFLES is now known as rotlmfao
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion05:34
efren20macogw:this is what is shows esktop    Examples    Music                   Pictures  Shared     Videos05:34
efren20Documents  Incomplete  nautilus-debug-log.txt  Public    Templates05:34
Jwetzel[NpO]-gonthanks iter.  That solved my problem.05:34
decayhwilde: ill read up on that. but my main screen is running super slow. happens to you too?05:34
Agent_bobor var/lock   ?05:34
Agent_bobi have one in both05:34
Agent_bobthat's odd05:34
macogwefren20: oh umm hmm05:34
hwildedecay, nope no problems here05:35
iterAgent_bob: yeah I have no utmp in /var/log05:35
iterAgent_bob: or /var/lock for that matter05:35
D-Unitwen u do sudo apt-get install then a program, it downloads then installs the program...and with synaptic there is an option to only download an app...i have a ubuntu comp without internet and was hoping i could use that option and get a .deb to transger thru a usb device to that comp so that i have that app (k3b)05:35
Agent_bobiter you do have a wtmp there tho  right ?05:35
macogwefren20: ok try just "apt-get download gspca-source"05:35
D-Unitwould that work?05:35
iterAgent_bob: yeh in /var/log for sure05:35
macogwD-Unit: apt-get download <progra>05:35
iter-rw-rw-r-- 1 root utmp 384 2008-03-02 21:34 /var/log/wtmp05:36
Agent_bobutmp is supposed to be in /var/run   i'm thinking wtmp  and saying utmp05:36
macogwD-Unit: yes, itd work as long as you get all the dependencies too05:36
rotlmfaoBooting from USB memory stick can be very handy, but there is no guarantee that it will work with your particular combination of computer and USB stick. Even if you are able to boot from your flash drive on one computer, this does not mean that it is going to work with the next one. You can try experimenting with different settings in your PC's BIOS to make it work.05:36
rotlmfaosorry guys05:36
rotlmfaopasted the wrong thing here05:36
Agent_bobiter k thanks.05:36
efren20macogw:E> Invalid operation download05:36
macogwefren20: ah sorry "apt-get source gspca-source"05:37
macogwD-Unit: see what i said to efren2005:37
D-Unitmacogw, i hate this dependencies thing....thats y id rather just download windows freeware that works with wine05:37
navinhow to get the calender option for thunderbird05:37
vipshi, I just installed ubuntu and I'm having trouble searching a hard drive for a specific file, I tried using the search button but even if I put in file names that I see are in a folder, it doesn't seem to work05:37
efren20macogw:Unable to find a source package for gspca-source05:37
macogwD-Unit: it keeps you from having like 15 copies of the same libraries all over the machine like you do with windows and mac.  why do you think ubuntu can fit in 2GB of hard drive, while they need a ton?05:37
tritiumD-Unit: apt-get automatically handles dependencies05:37
macogwefren20: thats just weird.  it *is* a source package -_-05:37
macogwtritium: he wants to move them from one comp to another though05:38
D-Unittritium, wat does handle mean? do i do that on other comp? cuz if thats the plan, it wont work since there is no internet...05:38
macogwnavin: install the Lightning extension05:38
macogwefren20: im sorry i cant help you. i was intending to do homework05:38
efren20is ok thanks05:39
navinmacogw, where to get this package05:39
efren20anyone know how to make my pc reconize my usb camera05:39
abhi_hi can anyone tell me how to turn off my bluetooth device?05:39
prettyrickyis there anywhere I can set up where new windows open cause its so annoying to minimize it all the time to be able to move it around05:39
ubotuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup05:39
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about rc.local - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:40
Tinalnothing? well that's helpful05:40
efren20!usb device05:40
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about usb device - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:40
efren20anyone know how to make pc reconzize my usb easy pc camera05:40
itermy guess is the 'easy pc camera' name is a bit of a misnomer05:41
efren20is a intel usb webcam05:41
hwildeefren20, you are better off buying a supported webcam buddy05:42
iceswordwhat happened05:46
=== navin is now known as ganes
iterhi icesword gotta love that nick05:47
icesworditer, hhehe05:47
iterthat sw is pretty cool05:47
geck1Hi, I'm trying to install zenmap (nmap GUI), however when I run the .deb installer, I get the error:05:47
icesworditer, what do you work for05:48
iteruniversity unix sysadmin, you?05:48
geck1error processing...... trying to overwrite 'usr/share/pixmaps/ubuntu.svg', which is also in package gnome-screensaver05:48
geck1dpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (Broken pipe)05:48
icesworditer, i saw your hostname is .org,i ?nothing,just love linux05:48
decayCompiz settings manager is not opening for me. anyone had similar problem?05:48
Wahayaj #ubuntu-fr05:49
geck1can anyone offer any advice?05:49
iceswordgeck1, how do you install .deb05:50
=== syc_ is now known as psychode
geck1icesword, can you help?05:51
goniochromismhi folks, i having probs with installing grub (or lilo) using the alternate install CD05:51
hwildeicesword, dpkg -i .deb05:51
hwilde!fixgrub | goniochromism05:51
ubotugoniochromism: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:51
goniochromismjust won't let me do it - what's the easiest way to install it post-ubuntu-install?05:51
iceswordgeck1, maybe you need sudo?05:51
geck1did that =P05:51
geck1its unpacking, but I'm getting an error while it's unpacking05:52
itergeck1: you could rename that svg file temporarily and try again05:53
geck1dpkg: error processing /home/Desktop/zenmap_4.53.deb (--install): trying to overwrite '/usr/share/pixmaps/ubuntu.svg/', which is also in package gnome-screensaver. dpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (broken pipe)05:53
iceswordgeck1, maybe it needs some packages,which you don't have05:53
geck1let me try that quick iter05:53
geck1iter, i renamed it to ubuntu2.svg, yet i'm still getting the same error05:55
crackhead_25can anyone help me get my sound to work!!!??? i upgraded from feisty to gutsy, and now it doesn't. i dont know what happened. i've tried everything! even recompiled and installed the new drivers ca0106.. what is going on??05:56
uboturoadnav is a free street mapping and GPS navigation program with spoken directions, using free data available from the U.S. Census Bureau (TIGER, at http://www.census.gov/geo/www/tiger/) and the OpenStreetMap project (at http://www.openstreetmap.org/) - An !Edgy compatible package can be downloaded at http://roadnav.sourceforge.net/05:56
zuzmahow do I define an input device in the xorg.conf? Say somthing like a USB headset volume control.05:56
kramari got a question, i have installed ubuntu whit the internet cable pluged out, now it wont install stuff, any help?05:56
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about iwconfig - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:56
geck1kramar, plug in the internet cable?05:57
itergeck1: you could try removing gnome-screensaver first05:57
geck1remove it then reinstall it?05:58
itergeck1: remove it and try installing zenmpa05:58
geck1kk will give it a try05:58
zuzmasdsadfdas I hate linux05:59
dahliaI've tried to install several versions of ubuntu on the latest microsoft virtual pc, but I can never get the mouse to work. Anyone have any suggestions? (besides using a different platform)05:59
friedtofumaybe use virtualbox?05:59
CGS|JaredCan someone help me with a floppy drive and ubuntu?05:59
decaySometimes i get messages like this when trying to install something through synaptic:  Depends: libwnck18 (>=2.15.90) but it is not installable   why?06:00
decayi have all reps enabled06:01
iterdecay: conflict with existing packages probably06:01
supreme_hi, i have problems with compiz fusion, cannot change Yshadow06:01
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decayiter: i see06:01
supreme_could somebody help me?06:01
__mikem!ask | SuperLag06:02
ubotuSuperLag: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:02
__mikemsupreme_, that was meant for you06:02
supreme___mikem, my problem is above06:02
supreme_i cannot change Yshadow with ccsm06:03
supreme_i mean, i change configuration but it never took effect06:03
__mikemsupreme_, try restarting X06:03
supreme_i've tried but still Xshadow=1 and Yshadow=106:03
CGS|JaredHow do I mount a floppy drive?06:04
trippshow do i know if my box supports rlimits?06:04
__mikemsupreme_, go back to where you made the changes? Did the settings revert?06:04
tocis there special procedure for installing source packets on ubuntu ?06:05
toccan they be easily converted to .deb ?06:05
supreme_ccsm->window decorations->Xdisplacement=1 Y shadow  displacement =1206:05
__mikemtoc, you can always use checkinstall06:05
supreme_but shadow doesnt change according to ccsm configuration06:05
ca8shi, somebody know how can I update OpenOffice to 2.4?06:06
tocmo0nlordim new at ubuntu, just installed it, how can i make it so it stops complaining about me owning folders and stuff ? i cant delete or move anything because it does not give me the right06:06
__mikemsupreme_, since I never used ccsm personally, I am afraid I can't really help you. What time zone are you in?06:06
supreme_-3  (03:05am)06:07
__mikemsupreme_, you might try back later in the day. Most of the people here are asleep06:07
supreme_ok, i see06:08
supreme_well, thanks btw06:08
__mikemsupreme_, sorry I couldn't help you06:08
toc__mikem: so i can build binaries, and instead of `make install` i should type `checkinstall make install` -- right ?06:08
__mikemtoc, I don't know how to use checkinstall, but you can use it to create .deb files, and then install them like normal06:09
__mikemtoc you might first start by typing sudo apt-get install checkinstall06:09
__mikemGod, what am I doing up this late at night anyway06:10
toc__mikem: i've allready installed it - just checking with you what man page is suggesting06:10
__mikemtoc hold on, let me read the man pages myself06:11
toc__mikem thanks06:11
__mikemtoc, yes what you said appears to be the correct usage of the command06:11
__mikembut, I really have to get some sleep06:12
__mikemgood night06:12
toc__mikem it is great tool then :-) thanks a lot06:12
geck1iter, your solution worked to install zenmap, but now when i try and reinstall gnome0-screensaver, it gives me basically the same error with the ubuntu.svg file, and now i cant reinstall gnome-screensaver06:12
tocgoodnight __mikem06:12
trippswhat's the best way to tell if my box supports rlimits? i'm running newly compiled realtime kernel and have limits.conf configured but want to verify somehow processes are really running realtime06:14
lastelement0hey all. i set up an xp guest OS in virtualbox. how can i get usb devices to be recognized in the guest OS?06:14
itergeck1: yeah they conflict.. you might try forcing the install06:14
geck1how can i do that?06:15
geck1im an ubuntunoob =P06:15
ozzloyfirefox just popped up something saying i'm missing mathml fonts.  how do i install them?06:15
itergeck1: iirc it's sudo apt-get install --force gnome-screensaver06:16
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geck1command line option --force is not understood06:17
rotlmfaoI'm going to come back here when I'm finished trolling the *chans06:17
itergeck1: nope try sudo apt-get install --force-yes gnome-screensave06:17
=== co_g is now known as wilda
itergeck1: actually put --force-yes in front of install06:18
azteki booted the 7.10 livecd to backup data since i hosed the install. but permissions are keepin me from accessing the installed os's /home/<user> locations. can this be changed? how?06:18
geck1sudo apt-get --force-yes install gnome-screensaver06:18
geck1<--idiot, this isnt a terminal.06:18
pnukeidmy vga riva tnt 64, after installing my kubuntu can display max until 1024x786, but now  max res only 800x600, anybody know the problem with this ?06:19
geck1iter, i'm still getting the same error even with the --force-yes06:19
trickmacan somebody send me a random file i need to test something06:20
crackhead_25can anyone help me get my sound to work again???06:20
=== co_hUjaN is now known as u_jaa
itergeck1: you may have to force install w/dpkg then, dpkg --force-install -i gnomescreensave.deb (or w/e it's called)06:21
geck1iter, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58213/06:21
geck1thats the error06:21
geck1alright, i'll give that a shot06:22
trickmacan someone tell me how much /ping lag increases when you send/recieve a file?06:22
itergeck1: or force-overwrite actually might be better06:22
itergeck1: check dpgk --force-help for more info06:23
chedo guys know how to work ati video card for compiz or desktop effects ?06:24
cheanybodys here ????????????????06:25
chenobody will answer me06:25
AntkinDoes anyone want help with dual, triple or quad booting this morning?06:26
phabflash still doesnt work on 64bit?06:26
Antkinche hello06:26
Cpudan80phab: no it does06:26
chedo you how to work ati video card for compiz or desktop?06:26
Antkinche do you need help?06:26
Cpudan80!ati | che06:26
ubotuche: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto06:26
phabCpudan80 I can't seem to select it from 'Add/Remove Software'06:27
=== sourcode_ is now known as sourcode
Cpudan80phab: dont do it that way06:27
Cpudan80phab: Go to some page with flash and download it from within firefox06:27
phabCpudan80 I also tried installing the pluging fromt he tar.gz file into /usr/share/firefox/plugins/06:27
phabk let me try loading a site with the auto installer :)06:27
Cpudan80Go there and tell it to download06:27
chewow thanks guys06:28
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SmegzorIs flash slightly broken?  On Youtube I'm finding some flash isn't working and some work fine.06:28
Antkinche have you asked about your video card on Ubuntu forums?06:29
geck1iter, i can't find a .deb for gnome-screensaver, only the .tar.gz file06:29
Textbookanybody in here use VLC?06:29
geck1is there a way to force install with the files in the tar?06:29
phabI use VLC06:29
Textbookphab: what output module do you use?06:30
Textbookmine looks "blocky"06:30
ahorriblemessHi, I frequently lose my connection in irssi and Pidgin... is there a port I should open? I'm connected through a router, but I don't have these problems when I run Vista06:30
phabTextbook, I've never had to mess with the defaults.06:30
=== mrunagi is now known as mrunagi_
Textbookhrmm.. video output in Ubuntu doesn't look as good as on Windows (in my experience)06:30
phabare you using the nvidia/ati drivers?06:30
Textbookand I'm wondering if it's the output module, I've set it to default and X, look the same06:31
itergeck1: look in /var/cache/apt/archives/06:31
cheuboutu: i think i know this, i need activate desktop effects and compiz06:32
Antkinche Do you have a question or a problem today?06:33
chethat's a how to enable desktop effects and compiz on ATI 200M video card06:33
* jamesrdorn rolls out of his chair laughing06:33
Newbuntu2does anyone know of a tool/method to get lap times from a GPS? I have mine working, but I can't find something that will give me lap times06:34
Antkinche can you please give some details so we can help you today?06:34
chemy video card is ATI raedon 200M and i want to enable Ubuntu's visual effects06:35
geck1iter, you are made of magic and awesomeness, thanks a ton!!06:35
=== co_g is now known as wilda
geck1zenmap and gnome-screensaver both work now06:35
itergeck1: :)06:36
Antkinche have you posted this question on ubuntu forums?06:37
iceswordAntkin, hiya06:37
cheantkin: no06:37
cheantkin: do i need post first there ?06:37
crackhead_25hi, anyone help.. how do i stop and remove a running/busy module?? i have ca0106 running, and i want to stop it, and restart it with the newly compiled one i just made..06:39
hellpme1can someone help me load ubuntu and winxp dualboot again pls cuz i have reinstalled my winxp and now grub wont work.anyone help me pls?06:39
Antkinche that is the first place I would post a question, IRC is my second choice06:39
ubotuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot06:39
TheMidnightRidercrackhead_25, I think the command is sudo modprobe -r <modulename>06:40
Antkinhellpme1 Welcome do you have a question or problem today?06:40
crackhead_25it said fatal error.. module busy or whatever..06:40
cheantkin: ok man i will try thanks man06:41
crackhead_25TheMidnightRider: it said fatal error.. module busy or whatever..06:41
hellpme1Antkin: im trying to understand what icesword gave me06:41
hellpme1else f i still cant get this back running ill be force to use winxp only instead of dualboot06:42
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Antkinhellme1 I had problems chatting to Iceword last night I would be very cautious about any information iceword gives06:44
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto06:44
Antkinche glad I could help you today06:45
hellpme1he's giving me bunch of books hehehe06:45
hellpme1i think ill be able this dualboot back after 3weeks cuz i need to read the sites icesword gave m06:46
iceswordhellpme1, what?you need three weeks06:46
Antkinhellpme1 I have writen a two page guide to dual booting do you want the link?06:47
steph__hi folks. I have problems with wireless connection.iwconfig returns informations about my wireless card. Do I assume that the drivers are working?06:47
persnicketygoto terminal and type iwconfig06:48
hellpme1im not fast learner like you guys06:48
DarkmystereHas anyone figured out how to make another VAP in Managed mode...instead of monitor?06:48
Antkinsteph_ welcome can you please give more detail about your wireless card?06:49
hellpme1https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows  <--i tried to follow this using the ubuntu livecd and im on step 4 but i have an error like this http://www.pastebin.ca/92574006:49
hellpme1can someone help me with my error above?06:49
hellpme1Antkin: yes give me the link pls06:49
Antkinhellpme1 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=712997&highlight=dual+booting+guide06:51
SmegzorWhen I try to view this vid (its just some vines growing on camera) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTljaIVseTc I get this "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player." But I HAVE Adobe's flash player installed (from the repo).  Is anyone else able to view that vid or is flash broken again?06:51
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Antkinhellpme1 I have looked at your paste bin results there are two listing which one do you need help with today?06:54
nox-HandHow do I list all available modules? =)06:54
hellpme1Antkin: i cant get my old ubuntu and winxp to be both working, as of now when i turn on my pc the winxp boots and no prompt for grub for me to select which OS to boot06:55
* KarlosII hmm Big Blue keeps us Green :)06:55
hellpme1lately this dual boot was running but when i reinstalled my winxp,the ubuntu was gone including grub but the partitions are still there06:56
hwilde!fixgrub | hellpme106:56
ubotuhellpme1: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto06:56
Antkinhellpme1 did you install XP first and Linux second in that order?06:56
hwildethat one about recovering after installing windows is for you06:56
iterkinda slow in here tonight06:57
hellpme1Antkin: i have reinstalled winxp06:58
iterI guess ubuntu is working great for everyone :p06:58
nox-Handiter: Not the entire world has night you know ;)06:58
nox-HandAnyone know where I can ls all available modules?06:58
iternox-Hand: as an American I dispute that there is a 'rest of the world'06:58
nox-Handiter: As a part-Brit I dispute that you have a say in this06:59
BloodyScumi cant connect to the gnutella network for some reason, all my connections time out06:59
iternox-Hand: lsmod ?06:59
Antkiniter I do not think it is slow here this morning Do you need help with a question or problem today?06:59
larsweyiter: tonight? its 8 o clock in the morning06:59
nox-Handiter: Is that loaded modules or ALL modules?06:59
iternox-Hand: loaded modules07:00
hwildeit's 2 oclock in the morning here07:00
hwildenox-Hand, lsmod07:00
iternox-Hand: otherwise I would check /lib/modules07:00
hwildelsmod -v07:00
iterAntkin: lol actually I do have one request.. please don't disparage the other people in here that give good advice07:01
nox-Handhwilde: iter I need all modules07:01
iternox-Hand: they're all located under /lib/modules then07:01
hwildenox-Hand, you know we could probably help you with your original problem07:02
Antkinheellme1 installing Windows XP is the first step once done you can use your linux boot cd to enter into Gnome or KDE07:02
hwildeyou seem like you're ten steps down the wrong path already07:02
iteryup :)07:02
nox-HandOkay, I don't have the module I need -- how do I compie an extra module?07:02
nox-Handhwilde: I need the lirc-audio module07:02
hwildeapt-get install lirc07:03
iterapt-get install --reinstall lirc even07:03
hwildeapt-get install pulseaudio-module-lirc07:03
Antkinlarswey it is 06.55 am in the United Kingdom07:03
bluefoxxi dont understand the way im supposed to rip a DVD in K3B...anyone able to help me here?07:03
iterAntkin: oh so you're in the isles then?07:03
=== ganteng is now known as she_sad
hellpme1mount -t ext3 /dev/hda1 /mnt/root/boot  <--the website says this one and hda1 is /boot but how can i mount that in my own partition has only /dev/sda5 consists of / and /boot ?07:04
hackelDoes anyone know of a program which can convert Unicode to iso8859-1 or ascii and use common equivalents (e.g. convert emdash to two hyphens, or fancy quotes to straight quotes, ellipses to 3 periods, etc.)?07:04
hellpme1https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows  <--this is what im following at overwriting the windows bootloader07:04
Antkinhellpme1 is this a new question or are we still helping you with dual booting?07:04
hellpme1Antkin: i answered you lately07:05
hellpme1yes Antkin07:05
hwildehellpme1, pastebin    "sudo fdisk -l"07:05
iceswordhi,i am using dillo now,but the menu's chacracter cannot be displayed rightly,how could i tune it.thanks07:05
bluefoxxanyone?i want to rip the video and audio from a dvd to ogg while in k3b...07:05
=== ganteng is now known as she_sad
hellpme1hwilde: http://www.pastebin.ca/925748  this is fdisk -l07:06
ENL810DHello all.. how do I register my nickname?07:06
nox-Handhwilde: Not pulseaudio, alsa, the lirc module is called lirc-audio and is not supplied by default07:06
=== ENL810D is now known as enl810d
ubotuBy default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.07:06
hwildehellpme1, ok now which partition are you trying to mount ?07:07
Antkiniter Inland 60 miles from the coast07:07
enl810dThnx ubotu !07:07
hwildenox-Hand, why dont you just use the supplied stuff?  it will work so easy07:07
hellpme1hwilde: /dev/sda507:07
hellpme1sda5 is my / ubuntu and sda1 is my winxp07:07
nox-Handhwilde: No it will not, not for what I am doing. The lirc-audio module is required.07:07
hellpme1and i want grub to work when booting the pc07:08
hwildehellpme1, ok type in   sudo mkdir /mydrive      sudo mount -t ext3 /dev/sda5 /mydrive07:08
DJ_HaMsTahow will i know which dir a device is getting its drivers from ?07:08
hwildenow you should be able to cd /mydrive  and see your stuff07:08
boubbincan i execute javascript files in shell somehow ?07:08
hwildenox-Hand, ok so did you download lirc-audio ?  what form is it in .deb ?07:08
DJ_HaMsTathere are 2 /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/rtl8187 and /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/ubuntu/wireless/rtl818x07:08
nox-Handhwilde: Source code, I will have to compile it myself. I'll figure it out07:08
iceswordhellpme1, don't bother to change your mbr,google that "grub4dos"set your boot.ini,add c:\grldr=start ubuntu,also edit your menu.lst,put it in c:|07:09
hellpme1root@ubuntu:/# grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/root /dev/sda07:09
hellpme1The file /mnt/root/boot/grub/stage1 not read correctly.07:09
joeamineddoes splashy work in gutsy ?07:09
Newbuntu2I'm trying to use VNC over SSH with a windows client; I'm following the writeups but it doesn't seem to work. What should I put as my destination in the SSH settings?07:09
joeaminedi followed the instructions but it doesn't work07:09
hellpme1hwilde: i got that error above07:09
hellpme1Antkin and icesword i got that error above07:10
hwildehellpme1, /mnt/root is incorrect07:10
hwildehellpme1, what if you just do grub-install /dev/sda07:10
Antkinjoeamind can you please give more details?07:10
iterNewbuntu2: if you can already ssh to your remote machine, you'll need to open a tunnel from a local port to the vnc port on the remote machine, then you point your vnc client to the port on your local machine07:10
animebandoim very new to linux, and i am having problems getting my bcm4318 to work correctly07:10
hellpme1ok lemme try07:10
iceswordhwilde, i recommend don't change mbr07:10
hwildeicesword, I concur but he already did...07:11
hellpme1root@ubuntu:/# grub-install /dev/sda07:11
hellpme1/dev/sda7: Not found or not a block device.07:11
hwilde!fixmbr | hellpme107:11
ubotuhellpme1: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto07:11
hwildeyou really need to just follow those guides07:11
joeaminedantkin:  i installed splashy from official apt repository and added splah argument in menu.lst07:11
hwildeotherwise you are going to hose your system and it wont't boot at all07:11
iterNewbuntu2: if you're using putty, you should set local port to 5900, destination port to locahost:5900, then connect with your vnc client to localhost:590007:11
hellpme1root@ubuntu:/# grub-install /dev/sda07:11
hellpme1/dev/sda7: Not found or not a block device.07:11
Newbuntu2iter: I have that done, I think. I'm using openssh, not putty07:11
iceswordyes,the first sector,512 bytes are very important07:12
hwildehellpme1, are you running off this drive already?07:12
hellpme1im on livecd right now07:12
hellpme1im on ubuntu 7.10livecd right now07:12
hwildeso just type in fixgrub07:12
Newbuntu2iter: and realvnc07:12
FinnishHello, can anyone help me on Skype 2 Beta?07:12
hellpme1id ont have fixgrub07:12
hellpme1hwilde: i dont have fixgrub07:13
Newbuntu2iter: but my linux box is behind a DSL router07:13
Antkinhellpme1 have you booted into linux on the live CD? Have you reached KDE or Gnome desktop? Please do not try to install linux until you reach the desktop07:13
hellpme1whereis fixgrub didnt find one07:13
iterNewbuntu2: can you ssh from windows to your linux machine07:13
Newbuntu2iter: I'm forwarding port 22, and I can ssh fine07:13
hellpme1Antkin: im on ubuntu 7.10 livecd right now gnome desktop07:13
iterNewbuntu2: ok, and which ssh client are you using exactly07:13
animebandoHello, is anyone here able to help me get my 4318 wireless working properly?07:14
Newbuntu2iter: secure ssh (from www.ssh.com)07:14
AntkinFinnish have you posted this question on Ubuntu forums?07:14
hwildehellpme1, open up terminal, type in "sudo grub"07:14
hellpme1hwilde: ok wait07:14
hwildehellpme1, type in  "find /boot/grub/stage1"07:14
Newbuntu2iter: I'm not setting up the tunneling right, I think. what is my destination?07:15
hellpme1hwilde: and then root (hd0,5)?07:15
iterNewbuntu2: localhost:590007:15
BloodyScumdoes anyone here gave gtk-gnutellia? if so, are you having problems connecting?07:15
Antkinhellpme1 did it load into Gnome without any hardware errors?07:15
hwildehellpme1, yes if that's what it tells you07:15
hwildehellpme1, then "setup (hd0,5)"07:15
FinnishAntkin: Not yet, I'm still looking for other people with the same problem. I've seen two posts in the net with same problems, but no solution yet07:16
Newbuntu2iter: ah.07:16
hellpme1i got error after doing setup07:16
iterNewbuntu2: think of it this way: once I've connected via ssh, what should I now connect to in order to get to vnc?07:16
hellpme1hwilde: http://www.pastebin.ca/925753 this is my error after setup07:16
AfroRowanI hate ubuntu if this keeps on going07:16
Newbuntu2iter: ok, makes sense. I tried it, it works! thanks!07:17
hwildehellpme1, you've really hosed it... just reinstall from the cd07:17
AntkinFinnish posting to the forum is the first step it can be a lttle slower than posting a question here on IRC07:17
iterNewbuntu2: :)07:17
trippsinteresting - when I launch jackd with realtime priority, I can hear the latency buzzing sound and ps -eo rtprio,comm doesn't show the process with a RT priority. when i do chrt to 99 rtprio however it displays in ps as RT and the noise clears up. I wonder why jackd isn't really starting up in realtime? ideas?07:17
AfroRowanit continously say07:17
AfroRowanCannot eject volume07:17
FinnishOk, I'll do that07:17
AfroRowanand its driving me crazy07:17
Newbuntu2iter: how do I close all the instances of vnc4server? I tried starting a bunch...07:17
hellpme1hwilde: what do you think should i do?07:17
hwildehellpme1, just reinstall from the livecd07:18
hwildehellpme1, it will detect both of your partitions and install grub correctly07:18
AfroRowansudo umount -f /media/cdrom0  doesnt work...  sudo eject -r   doesnt work either07:18
hwildeAfroRowan, in a terminal type "ps -ef"  and pastebing the output.07:18
AfroRowanits drives me really insane07:18
iterNewbuntu2: kill -9 `ps aux | grep vnc4server | cut -d " " -f 7` perhaps07:18
iterNewbuntu2: you might need to adjust that -f number07:18
hellpme1hwilde: that is my big problem reinstalling cuz when im in Preparing partitions the menu wont display my old partitions and the livecd cant even see my winxp partition in that menu but when i click Places-->Computer i saw the partitions07:19
Newbuntu2iter: so basically, I tell ssh to connect to my router; my router just passes it on to my linux machine. and once that is done, ssh also intercepts the high port, runs it through 22 and it pops up as a local request?07:19
hellpme1hwilde: only in INSTALL program that i cant see the old partitions07:19
hellpme1gparted program even cant see my old partitions07:19
hwildehellpme1, your partition table is hosed then buddy07:19
jamesrdornanyway to get grub to re-detect the existing partitions and OS's on your drive w/o manually updating the menu.list file?07:19
hwildehellpme1, buy a new harddrive, install windows on half, then install ubuntu.  then hook up your old harddrive, mount it, and get your data off07:20
bullgard4There is a standard that standardizes the abbreviations for units of measurement of storage as follows: kiB = 1024 B, MiB = 1024*1024 B, GiB = 1024*1024*1024 B. Who did standardize this?07:20
AfroRowanhwilde :  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58218/07:20
iterNewbuntu2: exactly, though I would say that your ssh client 'opens the port you are tunneling (5900) and forwards it through the ssh session to the destination"07:20
hwildeAfroRowan, killall /usr/bin/gnome-mount07:20
hellpme1hwilde: what do you mean hosed then buddy? im sorry im not good in english07:20
hwildehellpme1, I mean if gparted isn't detecting those partitions then the partition table written to your hardrive has errors07:21
AfroRowanhwilde, so i must type killall /usr/bin/gnome-mount in terminal ?07:21
hwildehellpme1, you need to fix your mbr, then fix the partition table, then deal with grub07:21
hwildeAfroRowan, yes type that in.. or do sudo07:21
hwildeAfroRowan, that will clear out all those popups07:21
iterhellpme1: I concur -- if you need recovery software, R-Studio is pretty good07:21
AfroRowanbut my drive keeps on going07:22
hwildeAfroRowan, show me the full "ps -ef" output not cutoff full screen07:22
AfroRowanand the popups are returning every sec07:22
hellpme1oh my gawd07:22
iceswordwhere is dillo 's config file07:22
hellpme1reinstalling ubuntu isbad07:22
Newbuntu2iter: makes sense. I though in destination I had to put the router, or the server ip. but destination is actually telling the linux box where to send  it...? ie if I put destination 192.168.x.x my linux machine would receive it via ssh and then go off looking for that machine inside the network?07:22
j_humphreyhow can i cancel all printing jobs?07:22
AfroRowanwhat do you mean hwilde07:23
iterNewbuntu2: exactly07:23
hwildeAfroRowan, I mean show "ps -ef"  with fullscreen07:23
iterNewbuntu2: the 'destination' is always thought of from the point of view of the system you are sshing to07:23
hwildeNewbuntu2, http://www.ssh.com/support/documentation/online/ssh/adminguide/32/Port_Forwarding.html07:23
hellpme1thanks guy i think i have to reinstall again07:23
Newbuntu2iter: that's pretty neat, actually. thanks!07:23
hellpme1recovery is useless then in ubuntu07:23
hellpme1this is the big problem07:23
animebandoAnyone here have the Broadcom 4318 wireless and get it to work under x64 ubuntu? ive tried the forums but nothing i have attempted has worked thus far07:24
hwildehellpme1, if your ubuntu partition is ok, then just go to the livecd, do manual partitioning, and select hte right ones07:24
hischildhellpme1, why'd you have to reinstall?07:24
hwilde!broadcom | animebando07:25
ubotuanimebando: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx07:25
AfroRowanhwilde: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58219/07:25
hellpme1hwilde: im about to reinstall ubuntu but i cant continue cuz ubuntu install program cant see the old partitions i created07:25
Newbuntu2iter: btw, how do I enable compression on sshd? my client supports zlib, but when I turn it on, it fails to connect...07:25
=== wilda is now known as edan
hellpme1hischild: my message above for hwilde is also for you,  and in addition im trying to recover the ubuntu since i cant just delete my files and reinstall winxp again07:26
Newbuntu2iter: it says "algorithm negotiation failed"07:26
animebandothanks, ill try that page07:26
hellpme1but if i have no other option then i have to reinstall ubuntu and winxp07:26
hischildhellpme1, why can't you just reinstall? did you create a seperate /home?07:26
hwildeAfroRowan, one of those processes is the one spawning those.  looks like that bonobo activation.  sudo kill -9 633207:26
iterNewbuntu2: actually I would recommend no compression unless you are on a VERY slow link07:27
iterNewbuntu2: like 1200baud07:27
hellpme1hischild: reinstall ubuntu is what im planning but the partition part of installation didnt see the old partitions i have07:27
AfroRowanprocess doesnt exist07:27
hwildeAfroRowan, sudo kill -9 `ps -ef | grep mount`07:27
Antkinhellpme1 Gparted I use this often without any problems to date07:27
hischildhellpme1, define "didn't see"07:27
hellpme1hischild: it wasnt able to see the winxp partition i have07:27
Newbuntu2iter: ok. it's dsl, so I'll let it be07:27
AfroRowani typed that and the terminal disappeard07:28
j_humphreyhow can i cancel all print jobs?07:28
hellpme1honestly Antkin gparted didnt see my partitions of /dev/sda07:28
hwildeAfroRowan, did the popups disappear too? :)07:28
AfroRowanstill poppin up every time07:28
LainIwakuraHello, does anyone know how to add a link to the right-click menu on the GNOME desktop?07:28
hischildhellpme1, it doesn't really matter if it doesn't see the xp part. If you install ubuntu and grub doesnt find the partition, you can still use supergrub to get it back07:28
hwildeAfroRowan, that's not even possible... one of those processes is respawning it.  you just have to kill the right one07:28
hellpme1gparted sees my whole drive a unallocated 37.26gib07:29
hischildhellpme1, can you boot xp atm?07:29
AfroRowanits happening though07:29
hwildeAfroRowan, did you reboot07:29
hellpme1hischild: yes when turning on this pc,winxp boots automatically without prompting me to the grub07:29
hischildhellpme1, do you have free space to install ubuntu on right now?07:30
hwildeAfroRowan, pastebin /etc/fstab   it must be mounting somewhere...07:30
AfroRowanhow do i do that ?07:30
hellpme1hischild: nope im planning to overwrite it in my /dev/sda5 which is my old ubuntu07:30
hwildeAfroRowan, type in  "cat /etc/fstab"  and pastebin the output07:31
hischildhellpme1, right ... and what was the reason for reinstalling? because you can just use supergrub to get grub back07:31
hellpme1hischild: i havent tried supergrub07:31
Antkinhellpme1 you do not nead to buy a new hard drive. Try a free data destruction program like Erazer and fully wipe your old hard drive then start again07:32
PwhdaveyNeed some modem help here.07:32
hischild!grub | hellpme107:32
ubotuhellpme1: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto07:32
hellpme1now im going to try supergrub..how to get supergrub?07:32
PwhdaveyMany a problem with modem on Ubuntu.07:32
hwildehischild, I think he has to fix mbr first, then fix the partition table, then fix grub.  if gparted doesn't even see the partitions then there is something else wrong07:32
hischildhellpme1, second link07:32
PwhdaveyEach time I "sudo wvdial"...07:32
hischildhwilde, as far as i know supergrub can do that all at the same time07:32
PwhdaveyIt always says the device is busy.07:32
PwhdaveyBut tonight it hasn't for ages.07:32
PwhdaveyIt wont bloddy conenct\07:32
AfroRowanhwilde: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58220/07:32
PwhdaveyI'm sick of it all07:32
PwhdaveyProblems with linux from the start07:32
Pwhdaveycant even get on the internet07:33
hellpme1ok reading manual supergrub..be back later guys if i have an error to this07:33
hischildhellpme1, if you start supergrub (burn it, then boot it) it has an amazing onscreen help07:33
AfroRowanwhy does ubuntu never work well on a laptop07:34
hischildAfroRowan, i'm on a laptop now ... works without a problem07:34
hwildeAfroRowan, I have it running on many laptops no problems.07:34
AfroRowannit here07:34
hellpme1hischild: can i run supergrub even if im on livecd?07:34
AfroRowannot here07:34
hwildeAfroRowan, which one of those entries in fstab keeps respawning with the error?07:34
hischildhellpme1, it's a bootable cd of 3 meg07:34
Newbuntu2is there a light application that can be used to transmit voice over a network? I want to use a chat-like application, but I don't want to bounce out of my network (eg to skype) if I can avoid it..07:34
hwildeNewbuntu2, pidgin is instant messenger with mic supoport07:35
hwildeAfroRowan, comment out that line with a # sign and reboot07:35
iteryeah but pidgin uses msn or whatever, it goes outside local network07:35
AfroRowanhow ?07:36
hwildeAfroRowan, type in  "sudo nano /etc/fstab"07:36
hischildAfroRowan, sudo gedit /etc/fstab :-)07:36
oxigenanyone knows how to disable kompiz?07:36
hellpme1hischild: big problem i dont have cd writer as of now07:36
hwildeAfroRowan, go to the beginning of that line and put in a # sign07:36
AfroRowanif there is a possibility that the errors will NEVER appear again its ok with me07:36
hwildeAfroRowan, save the file and reboot.  it won't attempt mount that drive anymore07:36
Antkinhellpme1 Is your old harddrive 20 Gig or more?07:36
nox-HandI am trying to compile lirc-modules doing this: http://omploader.org/vZHUz/README  Yet, when doing the "make-kpkg --revision 2.6.22 modules_image" I get this output: http://omploader.org/vZHU0/pasta  --- Help? :/07:37
hellpme1Antkin: 37.26gig07:37
Newbuntu2Yes, I'm looking for something that just streams audio. I'm considering using VLC, since I'm comfortable with it, but it seems a tad excessive...07:37
hischildoxigen, metacity --replace in console07:37
Verichip_i'm installing ubuntu for the first time and im at the migrate documents and settings page and it seems like it's hanging07:37
AntkinPwhdavey What are your problems today? Maybe we can help you!07:38
bullgard4What is the default unit of measurement of storage size in the du command? I could not find the answer in 'man du' version 5.97 (September 2007).07:38
iterbullgard4: you can use du -h as well07:38
hwildebullgard4, du -ha07:38
Antkinhellpme1 37.26 gig is a good size to dual boot on07:39
hwildei've got one install down to 1.5G :)07:39
Antkinhellme1 Windows needs at least 10 gig and I prefer to give Linux at least 10 gig07:40
* KarlosII wishes for a Linux port of World of Warcraft http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=3707960949&sid=107:40
bullgard4hwilde: "bullgard4, du -ha" is an answer but not the answer to the question that I have put.07:40
oxigenhischild, hmm, this smells fishy :) will this change my window manager into console?07:41
hwildebullgard4, it's in bytes like everything in unix07:41
AfroRowani still get those fucked popups07:41
AfroRowanand i dont get it07:41
hwildeAfroRowan, what is mounting that?  what were you trying to do07:42
light50anyone notice firefox freezing on start up07:42
Antkinhwild 1.5 gig is small, if I have to I can remove my hard drive and just use a Live CD this is an option if there are lots of rootkit attacks07:42
AfroRowani wanted to burn a dvd movie07:42
hwildeAfroRowan, were you trying to do a samba share or what07:42
AfroRowanwtf is that lol07:42
light50like it half draws07:42
light50and then nothing07:42
=== ghost is now known as noodles12
Antkinlight50 I have Firefox with no problems are you on the latest version of Firefox?07:43
noodles12I just compiled a new kernel and I'm getting a kernel panic. It can't read my /boot though It's exactly the same as on my wroking kernel.07:44
hwildelight50, get all the updates07:44
AfroRowani dont know what samba share is07:44
light50Antkin: Firefox/ (Ubuntu-feisty)07:44
AfroRowani just wanted to burn a movie using K3b07:44
light50hwilde: Idownload everything when prompted, should i be doing more than that07:45
neonprophetlight50: doyou have compiz installed?07:45
AfroRowani got 2 go now07:45
hwildelight50, run synaptic and hit update07:45
light50ya i got compiz07:45
neonprophetdo you use the enhanced zoom plugin?07:46
Antkinlight50 have you posted your problem on the Ubuntu forum?07:46
light50'fact i only noticed this issue after installing compiz07:46
light50Antkin: no07:46
neonprophetuncheck "hide mouse point & scale mouse pointer"07:46
neonprophetit's a bug in the enhanced zoom plugin07:47
neonprophetthen restart x07:47
light50k i'll post it on the forums, chur..07:47
neonprophetit's all over the forum already07:47
Ubuntu-NoobHi all07:48
Ubuntu-Noobcould someone plz tell me how to change my refresh rate in ubuntu?07:48
Ubuntu-Noobits not an option under screen res07:48
Antkinlight60 please post there first, and come to IRC second07:48
Ubuntu-Noobmax is 50hz07:48
Ubuntu-Noobwhich kinda hurts my eyes after a long while07:48
Verichip_well i know how to kepe my php scripts secure the server i'm not too good at yet07:48
Verichip_i'm installing ubuntu for the first time and im at the migrate documents and settings page and it seems like it's hanging07:48
light50Antkin: alright...07:49
AntkinUbuntu-Noob Welcome do you have a question or problem today?07:49
Ubuntu-Noobhaving a problem setting refresh rate to 75hz07:50
Ubuntu-Noobonly option is 50 hz in the options07:50
Ubuntu-Noobany ideas?07:50
oxigenhischild: thank you, this actually work!07:50
boubbincan i execute javascript files in shell somehow ?07:51
AntkinUbuntu-Noob your simily looks unsure? Can I help you today?07:52
hwildeboubbin, no.  you would have to embed them in a webpage and open in firefox07:53
boubbintheres no way ?07:53
boubbinlinks wont run em...07:53
Antkinogigen your simely is happy. Are you feeling great this morning?07:54
Antkinboubbin theres no way to what?07:55
boubbinto execute javascript code from shell to get the output07:55
boubbinembed to a html or not.07:55
ere4siUbuntu-Noob, are you using a large resolution?07:55
ubotuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke07:56
Antkinboubbin have you raised this question on Ubuntu forums?07:56
ere4siUbuntu-Noob, e.g the largest on offer for your monitor?07:56
boubbinAntkin nope.07:56
zippytech_hey how can i set permissions on a folder for just one group of users?07:56
zippytech_and no one else07:56
iceswordright click on it07:57
iceswordyou mean from command07:57
hwildezippytech_, man chown07:57
Antkinboubbin That is a good first place to start with a question, IRC is the second best place for your question07:57
rares_ubuntusimplexio, i filled in a bug regarding that problem07:57
iceswordAntkin, hello,how are you doing07:58
zippytech_d---rwx---    3 root  mk         4096 2008-03-03 02:44 mk07:58
Antkinrares_ubuntu Hello and welcome do you have a question or problem today?07:58
rares_ubuntuthe lid problem when having an external monitor attacheed07:58
zippytech_i only want users from the mk group to access the file07:58
nox-HandI am trying to compile lirc-modules doing this: http://omploader.org/vZHUz/README  Yet, when doing the "make-kpkg --revision 2.6.22 modules_image" I get this output: http://omploader.org/vZHU0/pasta  --- Help? :/ No idea what to do from here now :|´07:58
=== ce_zOnkeRzzZ is now known as ce_limItEd
rares_ubuntuAntkin, i'm facing a problem07:59
voltxionHello, does anyone know how to install the g15 keyboard libg15 ? I have been following the guide on ubuntu's documentation.07:59
rares_ubuntuwith my laptop07:59
Antkiniceword I am fine this morning how are you?07:59
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Zoikssoooo... anyone know anything about softraids07:59
rares_ubuntui have a laptop and an external monitor07:59
erawfish_nox-Hand: your kernel headers are the wrong ones07:59
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iceswordAntkin, are you just angry with me?hehe ,i thought ...ok i am fine,just let that pass,hehe07:59
rares_ubuntuand when i'm closing the lid the Ubuntu hangs07:59
erawfish_!ask | Zoiks07:59
ubotuZoiks: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)07:59
crowwhats the best music player for ubuntu? somth like winamp for windows?08:00
rares_ubuntuand i have to power it off and on gain08:00
nox-Handerawfish_: How do I get the right ones? :)08:00
erawfish_!best | crow08:00
ubotucrow: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, join #ubuntu-bots and ask there.08:00
Antkinrares_ubuntu  can you please give some detail to your problem?08:00
erawfish_nox-Hand: buy getting them from the same place with same version numbers from wher you got the kernel itself08:00
crowbut there is something that is considered as the best08:00
rares_ubuntui have an HP Compaq 8510 W laptop08:00
erawfish_crow: no08:00
crowlike whole world is using winamp08:00
rares_ubuntuand an Dell 190708:00
ere4sicrow, xmms looks similar to winamp and does a great job08:00
rares_ubuntuexternal monitor08:00
nox-Handerawfish_: apt =|08:00
ArthurArchnixzippytech_: Let's say you have a directory (/sales) that you only want yourself and the sales group to have access to: sudo chown -R arthur:sales /sales08:01
rares_ubuntuand running Gutsy Gibbon08:01
ZoiksI just reinstalled ubuntu, now mdadm is not picking up my raid properly, saying it is only assembling 1 drive. Any ideas?08:01
voltxionDoes anyone have exp. installing teh g15 keyboard drivers?08:01
erawfish_nox-Hand: depends where apt gets its stuff from08:01
rares_ubuntuand all updates are installed08:01
erawfish_Zoiks: you should have zeored the drives FULLY08:01
ArthurArchnixzippytech_: You'd replace arthur with your own username08:01
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erawfish_!ask | vlk08:01
ubotuvlk: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)08:01
erawfish_!ask | voltxion08:01
ubotuvoltxion: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)08:01
iceswordere4si, hi08:02
Zoikserawfish_: no, that would defeat the purpose of me keeping the data on these drives. I have 4, 3 of which should be in a raid 508:02
zippytech_so the root user is the problem08:02
erawfish_Zoiks: then find out where on the disks mdadm keeps the info of the former raid and zeor that only, good luck08:02
zulerdongleHi there. Just wondering at 3 am if there is a key shortcut to ship between workspaces in ubuntu 7.10 and if i can use more than 2 at a time... Thanks08:03
voltxionHello, does anyone know how to install the g15 keyboard libg15 ? I have been following the guide on ubuntu's documentation and its still telling me the libg15 is not found any ideas?08:03
Antkinrares_ubuntu I have 5 Dell Optiplex computers may be I can help you today08:04
nox-HandWhich version of headers do I need erawfish_?08:04
rares_ubuntui will be very happy if you can help me08:04
rares_ubuntuAntkin, i filled in a bug08:04
Zoikserawfish_: any ideas on how to do that08:05
ArthurArchnixzippytech_: That sets the ownership of the directory, next you have to set the file permissions with chmod08:05
Antkiniceword are you going to reply to my message it is a greeting.08:05
erawfish_Zoiks: no08:05
ArthurArchnixzippytech_: But I'm not too good at that... I just use the gui. :)08:05
rares_ubuntuAntkin, bug number is 19697908:05
zippytech_i have played with it for hrs08:05
zulerdongleHi there. Just wondering at 3 am if there is a key shortcut to ship between workspaces in ubuntu 7.10 and if i can use more than 2 at a time... Thanks08:06
zippytech_i still can login as another user and still access the folders08:06
ArthurArchnixzippytech_: Once you setup the ownership with the command I gave you above, right click on the folder, set owner access, group access, then everyone else to no access.08:06
ArthurArchnixzippytech_: By default, other users are allowed to see the files, but nothing else. ie, they can't open them.08:06
ArthurArchnixzippytech_:  Oh, and make sure to check the little box that says make this the permissions for enclosed files too.08:07
erawfish_System Menu - Preferences - Keyboard Shortcuts.08:07
zippytech_any idea the command if there is no gui08:07
erawfish_!permissions | zippytech_08:08
ubotuzippytech_: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview08:08
Antkinrares_ubuntu that is good do you have a link08:08
juergen_hi, question to Sticky notes in Ubuntu08:09
zulerdongleerawfish thanks, just used it08:09
juergen_Where are the notes stored?08:09
juergen_I need to migrate them to another machine?08:09
erawfish_juergen_: grep your ~08:10
juergen_one way08:10
prince_jammysjuergen_: what program do you use for sticky notes?08:10
Newbuntu2I have a webcam mapped to /dev/video2, but I can't get any programs to open it...08:10
Antkinjuergen do you have a question today?08:10
juergen_gnome applets08:10
juergen_they must be somewhere in the gnome config for the users I guess08:11
rares_ubuntuAntkin here is the link: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/19697908:11
owner_Good Bye08:11
Antkinowner Welcome doyou have a question or problem today?08:12
ArthurArchnixzippytech_: Ok.. based on that link, if the /sales wanted to belong to you and the sales group only, then I think the the command would be sudo chmod -R 660 /sales08:12
prince_jammysjuergen_: yeah they must be in a hidden dir in your home. i was asking because i know tomboy notes are in .tomboy08:12
owner_Thank You ^^08:12
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owner_Good Bye~08:13
juergen_tomboy i found08:13
juergen_that is easier08:13
juergen_but this notes are the default sticky notes in gnome08:13
ArthurArchnixzippytech_: Oops. That -R is in the wrong place. And sudo should be required if you are the owner. It's: chmod 660 -R /sales08:14
prince_jammysjuergen_: right, they're probably in a subdirectory08:14
juergen_let me check08:14
juergen_thx for now08:14
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prince_jammysjuergen_: if you happen to know some text in one your notes you can do ::  grep -r my_text  ~08:14
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=== I is now known as cens0red
ArthurArchnixOh and zippytech_ Be careful with chown and chmod. Using them with sudo can easily render your system unusable.08:15
ArthurArchnixzippytech_: Like the link says. ;)08:15
prince_jammyszippytech_: ultra careful with recursive chmod08:16
ArthurArchnixzippytech_: But if you chown the directory so that you're owner, you don't need to use sudo with chmod.08:17
Smorgchmod -r can screw you ^^08:17
prince_jammyszippytech_: it's ok provided you only apply it to the subdirectory you want to change (not your whole home directory)08:17
Antkinrares_ubuntu I would copy and paste the top part of that and ask the same thing again in Ubuntu forums hardware support08:17
prince_jammyszippytech_: what are the permissions you want to set?08:17
amazinganyone using compiz?08:17
rares_ubuntuAntkin, can you please give the link for hardware forum?08:18
ubotuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection08:18
ArthurArchnixprince_jammys: 660 on a folder I think. Hard to say, zippytech_ isn't giving any feedback about whether any of these commands are working.08:18
unimatrix9hello all08:18
prince_jammysArthurArchnix: zippytech_  660 will not allow the dir to be opened08:19
prince_jammysArthurArchnix: zippytech_ you need to set the executable bit on a directory in order to be able to view its contents08:19
ArthurArchnixprince_jammys: zippytech_ 6 is read/write... why wouldn't that allow reading?08:19
unimatrix9where can i find an list of bash command for ubuntu terminal?08:19
Antkinrares_ubuntu http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=13508:19
prince_jammysArthurArchnix: because the x on a dir allows you to cd to it08:20
unimatrix9does the bash have an build in list that i can call?08:20
hwildeunimatrix9, just google bash system commands08:20
ArthurArchnixprince_jammys:  zippytech_  so its 770?08:20
prince_jammysArthurArchnix: yes08:20
Antkinunimatrix9 Welcome do you have a question or problem today?08:20
prince_jammysArthurArchnix: on a directory08:20
unimatrix9not really a problem but i am trying to get an full list of all bash commands08:21
hwildeunimatrix9, just google bash system commands08:21
zippytech_man i have tried every thing08:21
unimatrix9and was wondering if its on the bash, so i could view them08:21
prince_jammysArthurArchnix: mkdir whatever; chmod 660 whatever; cd whatever   bash: cd: whatever: Permission denied08:21
hwildezippytech_, what is your desired output08:21
zippytech_770 lets none group users in08:21
ArthurArchnixprince_jammys: zippytech_ ok, so chmod 770 /directory && cd /directory && chmod 660 *.*    <-- would that work?08:21
zippytech_660 don't let any grpi[ users in08:21
Antkinunimatrix9 have you googled or trired Ubuntu forums?08:22
unimatrix9yes, i am googling, but was thinking its a good idea if bash had an a-z list that you could call to look at08:22
zippytech_drwxrwx---    4 maryellen mk         4096 2008-03-03 03:05 mk08:22
hwildeunimatrix9, you could start by looking in the /usr/bin and /usr/sbin and /bin/ and /sbin/ folders.  anything in those binary folders will be a command you can run...08:22
Antkinzippytech do you have a question or problem today?08:22
unimatrix9ah ,good tip08:22
hwildezippytech_, what is your desired output08:22
ArthurArchnixzippytech_:  Do ls -l /path/to/directory/you/want/to/restrict and post the output here.08:23
hwildeunimatrix9, also if you type "echo $PATH"  anything in the directories in your path will be executable08:23
ArthurArchnixzippytech_:  that's an 'L' not a 108:23
hwildeif you would just state what you want i'll tell you the permissions command...08:23
prince_jammysbetter yet, tell us what permissions you want :)08:23
zippytech_i have 2 users in the mk group that need to work on files together and no others should be allowed in08:23
zippytech_i would think this would be simple08:24
zippytech_but i been pulling hair for hrs08:24
hwildezippytech_, ok so chgrp mk filename08:24
hwildeit's easy08:24
zippytech_the folder is mk08:24
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hwildezippytech_,     chgrp -r mk mk/08:25
sleepsterdang stupid terminal sorry08:25
sleepsterso anyways.. what's the best IRC client08:25
sleepsterthat people use?08:25
hwildesleepster, xchat08:25
zippytech_drwxrwx---    4 maryellen mk         4096 2008-03-03 03:05 mk08:25
=== bobslaed1 is now known as bobslaede
hwildeok that is owned by user maryellen and group mk08:26
zippytech_maryellen is one of the users in the group mk08:26
mavi-xchat for gui and irssi for terminal08:26
prince_jammyszippytech_: that's ok08:26
ArthurArchnixsleepster: TBDIC is what I use. The best damn IRC client. Google it.08:26
sleepstersweet thanks.. I will check it out08:26
sleepsterI am using Irssi right now..08:26
sleepsterit's not too bad08:26
bobslaedehey guys, i have a weird problem. I have a hp laptop, with a build-in card-reader. But when i but my sd-card from my camera in it, it shows up right, but the pictures are mangled08:27
zippytech_so how can a none group member access it08:27
Bitsanyone know a good american proxy offhand?08:27
sleepsterBits:  what kind of proxy08:28
hwildezippytech_, that's not even a sentence...08:28
sleepsterBits: look up squid proxy08:28
sleepsterone of the best/easiest08:28
AntkinArthurArchnix Your simely is not happy. Can I help you today?08:28
prince_jammyszippytech_: they may need to access it directly, not through your home08:28
ArthurArchnixzippytech_: I'd do a "groups username" and confirm that the user is a member of mk08:28
hwildezippytech_, only members of the mk group will access it08:28
threefcataanyone using Mint?08:28
threefcatawhat is the fortune in Mint?08:28
zippytech_i have a login ron that can touch files in the directory08:29
rares_ubuntuAntkin, i filled in the problem onto hardware forum08:29
Antkinavis . what kind of post is this ment to be?08:29
Bitssleepster thanks08:29
ArthurArchnix!Mint | threefcata08:30
ubotuthreefcata: The following are some examples of Ubuntu derived distributions that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes, please consult their websites for more information: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (support in #linuxmint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), Ubuntu Ultimate08:30
hakan_how can i install kde applications on gnome desktop?08:30
hwildezippytech_    grep ron /etc/group08:30
Antkinrares_ubuntu that is good08:30
hwildeis ron in the mk group08:30
threefcataArthurArchnix: thx08:30
magnetronhakan_: just install it, it will work fine08:30
zippytech_ron : domusers admins OFSFaculty08:30
hakan_ok thanks08:30
prince_jammyshakan_: you can install them normally, like any other app.  it may require that you install some kde libraries, but that would be done automatically by synaptic or apt-get, or whatever you use08:30
ArthurArchnixWell, there's your problem zippytech_08:31
prince_jammyszippytech_: ron doesn't belong to mk08:31
maxxeranyone using f-spot on hardy here?08:31
ArthurArchnix!Hardy | maxxer08:31
ubotumaxxer: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu08:31
zippytech_right and i can create files in that directory08:31
zippytech_i should not be able to08:32
maxxerthanks ArthurArchnix , sorry08:32
prince_jammyszippytech_: are you maryellen?08:32
ArthurArchnixzippytech_: So run that grep command on /etc/groups/ but put your username in.08:32
zippytech_i am ron08:32
hwildezippytech_, chmod -R 700 mk08:33
ziekerzCan someone help me?08:33
vi390where are the config files for that only XDMCP Logins show up at startup ?08:33
zippytech_ok i am blocked08:33
hwildezippytech_, your permissions are  drwxrwx---   they should be drwx------08:33
Antkinmaxxer hello can you give me more detail to your question so that I can help you more?08:34
zippytech_drwx------    4 maryellen mk         4096 2008-03-03 03:28 mk08:34
hwildethat should do it08:34
prince_jammysArthurArchnix: you know you can view what groups a user belongs to by typing :: id username08:34
suxxorhow can i open CGI scripts08:34
zippytech_ok so how do i get the other group members in08:34
Antkinziekerz hello Can I help you today?08:35
hwildezippytech_, it is owned by group mk so that will do it08:35
ziekerzI am unable to write to a DVD+R08:35
hwilde!k3b | ziekerz08:35
ubotuziekerz: k3b is a feature-rich and user-friendly burning application for KDE (and, as all KDE applications, works fine on GNOME). For a guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/K3BHowto08:35
zippytech_cd mk/08:35
zippytech_-bash: cd: mk/: Permission denied08:35
ArthurArchnixprince_jammys: I didn't, but it doesn't surprise me. :) cat /etc/groups | grep arthur  OR groups arthur  OR grep arthur /etc/groups  OR id arthur  ... did I miss any?08:35
ziekerzI'm using K3B. It doesn't recognize that there's a dvd in the drive.08:35
zippytech_for a mk member08:36
suxxorhow can i open CGI scripts08:36
hwildezippytech_, chmod -r g+rwx mk08:36
prince_jammysArthurArchnix: no, just mentioning a short way08:36
hwildezippytech_, that recursively adds read, write, execute permissions for the group mk08:36
Antkinziekerz have you posted this question on Ubuntu forums?08:36
hwildeprince_jammys, that command gives tons of other output :p08:36
hwildegrep is the best08:36
prince_jammyshwilde: ok, groups username08:37
Antkinziekerz Please post there first, then come back to IRC08:37
lastmanHow can I change from 6.10 to 7.10? apt-get dist-upgrade always prints "0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded" Do I have to change the keyword edgy in the source list?08:37
prince_jammysArthurArchnix: actually you're right, groups is better08:38
ArthurArchnixprince_jammys: Had to happen at least once today.08:38
prince_jammysArthurArchnix: i only saw the grep :)08:38
hischildlastman, you have to edit your sources.list first08:38
hwildelastman, you have to change your repositories08:38
hwilde!upgrade | lastman08:38
ubotulastman: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes08:38
Newbuntu2anyone know any gps software that does laps?08:38
lastmanok, thanks08:38
zippytech_se now a none member of the mk group can make files again08:39
vi390where can I disable XDMCP08:39
ndlovuI need to install sun java runtime - I see there's 5,6 and 7 in the repos... any reasons to use one of the earlier versions rather than 7?08:39
lastmanhm, I ve to upgrade from 6.10 to 7.04 and then from 7.04 to 7.10 :-08:39
hwilde!java | ndlovu08:40
ubotundlovu: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository (in !Backports for !Edgy)08:40
hwildezippytech_, I don't think you quite understand what you want or what you are doing here... it's really not that complicated08:40
* ArthurArchnix concurs....08:40
hischildhwilde, nothing is complicated as long as you understand it ... as soon as you don't understand something it becomes very complicated08:41
hwildezippytech_, here is some reading for you on chown     http://linux.die.net/man/1/chown08:41
swimbis there a plugin for audacious or xmms that is like the toaster plugin for winamp? http://www.myplugins.info/toaster.htm08:41
zippytech_man i been all over it08:42
zippytech_i just want 2 users to hae permission on a single folder08:42
Antkinndlovu Can I help you today?08:42
voltxionIs there a way I can tell if The key im pressing is actually being reconized as a key press to the system?08:42
ArthurArchnixzippytech_:  sudo mkdir /mytest && sudo chown root:mk /mytest && sudo chmod 770 /mytest08:42
ndlovuhwilde, that sound-bite and the website seems to recommend java-6 - why not 7?08:43
ArthurArchnixhwilde: That should create a test directory, and only allow mk groups into it to create directorys and files and stuff, right?08:43
efzparentpchi, I just installed Ubuntu on my parents/kids computer, and I was wondering if there is a decent keylogger for linux that my dad could use.  he likes to keep an eye on the younger kids.08:43
hwildendlovu, sry I dunno08:43
Antkinzippytech Can I help you today?08:43
suxxori want help today but probably i enter in wrong network list ...08:44
ArthurArchnixzippytech_: Copy and paste that command I gave, post any error messages it gives you. It should create a directory called "/mytest" then only allow mk group members into it.08:44
Antkinsuxxor Welcome Do you have a qestion or problem today?08:44
hischildefzparentpc, that'll be rather difficult to get a hang off .. though lkl seems to do what you want yet i have _no_ experience wth it08:44
zippytech_done no errors08:45
efzparentpchischild: is LKL command line or have a GUI?08:45
suxxorhow can i open CGI scripts08:45
ArthurArchnixok... as ron go to the directory and try and open it.08:45
ArthurArchnixthen zippytech_ try and make a directory like this: mkdir pleasework08:46
hwildeefzparentpc, you're not going to find help on keystroke loggers.. even if you are legitimately interested in parental controls you can imagine how they could be used maliciously08:46
Antkinsuxxor Have you posted your question on Ubuntu forums?08:46
hischildefzparentpc, i'm not sure08:46
zippytech_yes for mk group members and yes for non members08:46
hischildefzparentpc, as i said: i have no experience with it08:47
efzparentpchwilde: yeah figures :p08:47
ArthurArchnixNow, before you go and test this with some other user who shouldn't be able to get into this dir, and see the pleasework directory, post what groups they're a part of. groups userwhoshouldn'tseestufff08:47
efzparentpchischild: k no problem :p\08:47
ArthurArchnixzippytech_: So it works is what you're saying?08:47
Antkinzippytech can you give more details?08:47
ubotuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup08:48
zippytech_no , i have 2 users ron non mk member and kleasure mk member08:48
Antkinsuxxor Please post there first, then come back to IRC08:48
hwildeefzparentpc, you could try this:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22629808:48
zippytech_both can rw08:48
efzparentpchwilde: thank you :)08:48
ArthurArchnixzippytech_: Don't be distracted by the beautiful people. Can your mk usrs read/write, and others not see the directory pleasework?08:48
ndlovuI'm trying to install java7-runtime, and apt-get tells me 'Note, selecting icedtea-java7-jre instead of java7-runtime' - any ideas why?08:49
nox-Hand!tell nox-Hand about kernel08:49
zippytech_they both can rw08:49
OrakioBeautiful people where? Do they have clothes on y/n?08:49
prince_jammys!kernel | nox-Hand08:49
ubotunox-Hand: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - For more: /msg ubotu stages08:49
hwildeefzparentpc, it is a combination of tinyproxy + firehol + dansguardian     maybe you only want one or a combination of those08:49
ArthurArchnixzippytech_: And what about users who shouldn't be able to?08:49
zippytech_yes rw08:49
ArthurArchnixzippytech_: What does that mean?08:49
nox-Handprince_jammys: I already got it via !tell nox-Hand about :)08:49
zippytech_read write08:49
* ArthurArchnix slaps forehead08:49
hwildezippytech_, this defies logic08:49
hwilderon must be in the group08:50
prince_jammysnox-Hand: oh yeah i forgot that it works that way, sorry08:50
zippytech_your telling me08:50
hwildeor admins have access08:50
zippytech_4 hrs into this08:50
AntkinOrakio Do you have a question or problem today?08:50
hwildeit's really not that complicated;  some of your basic assumptions must be wrong08:50
hwildemake a new user in no groups and then try it08:50
=== ^silverdor is now known as ^EthYZZZ^
bullgard4What is an 'usb_endpoint'? detlef@MD97600:/usr/share/doc/linux-doc-2.6.22/html/usb$ find /usr/share/doc/linux-doc-2.6.22/ -type f -exec grep -i 'usb_endpoint ' {} + 2>/dev/null" does not produce an output.08:50
ArthurArchnixzippytech_: Users who shouldn't have access to this directory, you are sayng they can read/write? Can you please post the groups membership of one of these supposed members?08:50
hwildemake a new user in no groups and then try it08:50
zippytech_kleasure : OFSFaculty mk08:51
* ArthurArchnix screams08:51
zippytech_ron : domusers08:51
nox-Handprince_jammys: No worries :)08:51
zippytech_d-wxrwx---    2 maryellen mk         4096 2008-03-03 03:43 mk08:51
zippytech_drwxrwx---    2 root      mk         4096 2008-03-03 03:46 mytest08:51
hwildezippytech_, sudo useradd -m -d /home/wtf -s /bin/bash wtf;   sudo su wtf;   cd mk;   touch thisusershouldnothaveaccess.txt08:52
AntkinArthurArchnix No need to scream! Do you have a question or problem today?08:52
zippytech_this system run ldap08:52
ArthurArchnixhwilde: That's cool. does ; do the same thing as &&08:52
zippytech_could that be some of it08:52
Squawkzippytech_, without knowing what you are doing exactly since I just turned up, the user mk will have full persmissions to both those directories08:52
ArthurArchnixSquawk: I think he's trolling.08:53
zippytech_problem is the groups don't seem to work08:53
prince_jammysArthurArchnix: && only does the following command if the previous command succeeds (exits with status 0)08:53
SquawkArthurArchnix, I got a nice big red ignore button here if thats the case ;). But il give benefit of the doubt for now08:53
ArthurArchnixprince_jammys:  So it's a bit safer then ; ?08:54
Squawkzippytech_, dont seem to work? thast like saying. My car doesnt work, whats wrong with it. I need an idea of how it doesnt work08:54
prince_jammysArthurArchnix: && is better, yes08:54
Antkinnox-Hand Are you sorted?08:54
zippytech_is it possible to set permissions to just 2 users?08:54
nox-HandAntkin: Nopoe, but think I got an idea =\08:55
zippytech_i am having second thoughts08:55
Squawkzippytech, create a new group, add both users to that group, set the group of a given directory as that group, give the right group permissions to that direcotry08:55
zippytech_would ldap auth have anything to do with this not working08:55
zippytech_done that08:56
Antkinnox-Hand I like new ideas, this helps me to grow can you please share it with me today?08:56
zippytech_right now there are 2 users that should be able to access the mk dir08:56
ArthurArchnixzippy, what is the filesystem where this folder is located?08:56
nox-HandAntkin: Well, I found this neat app called module-assistant. Seems to be rather easy for module installing08:56
ArthurArchnixzippytech_: Ok.08:57
zippytech_could be permissions be set by a parent directory08:57
zippytech_samba nfs?08:58
Antkinnox-hand try to google it first then you will get the pros and cons, even ask about it on the Ubuntu software forum08:58
ndlovuI can start compiz from the commandline, but not from Systems > Preferences > Appearance. Any ideas why?08:58
Antkinndlovu Have you posted your question on Ubuntu forums?08:59
hwildeI still say make another user in no groups and then try it.  I think ron might be the root account09:00
ArthurArchnixHe's probably trying to set permissions on a ntfs drive. :P09:02
voltxionIs there a way I can tell if The key im pressing is actually being reconized as a key press to the system?09:02
nox-HandAntkin: Indeed09:02
=== CR_cwek_Toket_Gd is now known as coJKT_SK_Su2_gde
prince_jammysyes, i suspect that there's a missing piece of info in this permissions saga09:03
wasabi_how do i change the terminal blinking cursor color?09:03
wasabi_what part of bashrc do i edit?09:03
flowOveris there anything better than nautilus?09:03
dxdtWhat are some favorite RSS feeders people have?  Preferably one that will sit in a tray?09:03
ArthurArchnixflowOver: Two nautiluses?09:03
Frogzoovoltxion: xev (x events) & showkey -s09:03
prince_jammysflowOver: you can try thunar09:03
nox-HandAntkin: I take your two nautilus's, and RAISE you three!09:03
voltxionFrogzoo: Thank you09:03
prince_jammys!info thunar09:04
ubotuthunar (source: thunar): File Manager for Xfce. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.0-6ubuntu3 (gutsy), package size 208 kB, installed size 640 kB09:04
prince_jammysthere's also konqueror (kde based)09:04
amazinghow to restart x?09:04
prince_jammysamazing: ctrl alt backspace09:04
dxdtamazing: ctrl+atl+backspace09:04
hwilde!keytouch | voltxion09:04
ubotuvoltxion: Keyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net - See !Keyboard for changing layouts09:04
zippytech_that folder is a sub folder for samba  create mask    = 66409:05
zippytech_        directory mask = 77509:05
=== CR_cwek_Toket_Gd is now known as coJKT_SK_Su2_gde
jim_pi have a tiny provlem with my conky. The fonts after bootup look like ... with no antialiasing at all. I have to killall conky and re-run it to get them properly.Any ideas?09:06
Antkinjim_p Have you posted your question on Ubuntu forums?09:07
jim_perrr nope!09:07
ArthurArchnixsamba... the folder, is only browsable by samba... is that correct zippytech_? What kind of machine is this directory located on? Windows XP, Vista?09:08
jim_pi have searched all that conky thread that is there though09:08
voltxionMy Super Key is not working, how would I fix this?09:08
wasabi_guys, how do i change color for the blinking cursor in the terminal?09:08
ArthurArchnixwasabi_: The console or the terminal?09:08
=== CR_cwek_Toket_Gd is now known as CoJKT_skSU2_Gde3
hwildewasabi_, click on edit profile09:08
hwildeEdit-> Current PRofile -> Colors09:09
wasabi_which one for the blinking cursor?09:09
=== CoJKT_skSU2_Gde3 is now known as CoJKT_skSu2_gde3
wasabi_i just want to change the color for that09:09
hwildewe can't read the menu and click your mosue button for you man09:10
wasabi_there are a load of pallets09:10
wasabi_i was asking earlier what value of bashrc handles this09:10
jim_phwilde: i looked that up too,,, there is no setting for the cursor!09:11
Antkinjim_p Please post there first, then come back to IRC09:11
prince_jammyswasabi_: i have no idea, but env does show: XCURSOR_THEME=default09:11
hwildethe normal terminal is not the xterm tho...  it's a gnome-terminal09:11
wasabi_prince, thanks i didn't see that09:12
prince_jammyswasabi_: yes, but read above09:12
=== CR_cwek_Toket_Gd is now known as coJKT_Sktoket_Gd
ArthurArchnixwasabi_: And if someone hasn't mentioned it already, you can install console-setup or something like that. Check synaptic09:14
=== coJKT_Sktoket_Gd is now known as coJKT_skSU2_gde3
Viper111guys i can have GUI on ubuntu 6.06 LTS ? rite09:14
jim_pViper111: yes!09:14
ndlovuany idea where I can change the default Alt-Tab behaviour to include applications open on other desktops?09:14
Viper111jim_p apt-get install .... ???09:14
voltxionI am running a G15 Keyboard, with G15daemon and composer, after following the documentation I cannot get xev -s to reconize any of the keys or my Superkey (windows).09:15
jim_pViper111: you have a server installation now?09:15
ArthurArchnixViper111: U can haz GUI09:15
Viper111am doing it rite now i didnt finish09:15
Viper111but am just asking to see my choices09:15
jim_pViper111: if so... sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg gnome-core gdm09:16
jim_pfor a minimal installation of an enviroment09:16
prince_jammyswasabi_: it's right there in my gnome-terminal . Edit Profile-> General09:16
Antkinjim_p Do you have a question or problem today?09:16
ArthurArchnixAntink Are you a bot?09:16
jim_pAntkin: i did say earlier about conky09:16
prince_jammysthe real question is Do YOU have a question or problem today?09:17
ArthurArchnixprince_jammys: hehe09:17
vi390which config file is processed at startup ?   /etc/gdm/gdm.conf     OR    /etc/gdm/gdm.conf-custom      because both hold the same valuevariables somehow09:18
Ububeginhow do i change my screen resoultion09:18
Viper111jim_p when nstalling theses i can start the GUI by startx???09:18
=== CR_cwek_Toket_Gd is now known as coJKT_skSU2_gde3
UbubeginOr find what is current screen resolution09:19
Viper111thanks man09:20
jim_pViper111: what are you doing? a server or a desktop installation??09:20
prince_jammysUbubegin: you've tried the standard way, in the menu ( System->Preferences->Screen Resolution) ?09:20
Viper111jim_p am doing a server installion ubuntu 6.06 LTS09:20
prince_jammystest successful09:20
jim_pViper111: if you install gdm there is no need for startx09:21
Ububeginprince_jammys: Oh, thanks... for that quickie tip09:21
vi390/etc/gdm/gdm.conf     OR    /etc/gdm/gdm.conf-custom      Which one is processed at startup ?09:21
Viper111so i only write down gdm>??09:21
jim_pViper111: no no09:21
jim_pViper111: it will start by itself09:22
Viper111aha after reboot09:22
Viper111jim_p thanks man a lot09:22
Viper111jim_p to tell u wat am doing09:22
jim_pViper111: you are welcome09:22
jim_pViper111: go ahead09:23
Viper111jim_p i need to mak a server that has a webfilter application + proxy  so am using squid + dansgaurdian09:23
jim_pViper111: :| ok09:23
jim_pViper111: so you need a gui for all these?09:24
Viper111jim_p shall i download webmin ??09:24
jim_pViper111: i dont know... i have never done something like yours before sorry :(09:24
Viper111aha ok09:24
Viper111did u do somthig like SIP server09:25
jim_pViper111: my suggestion is to install a minimal desktop enviroment, and use some gui based apps to configure your server09:25
jim_pViper111: SIP?09:25
Viper111for ip telephony09:25
ere4siViper111, #ubuntu-server might be able to offer clues on that09:26
Viper111thanks man09:26
jim_pViper111: no... what i actually did was server installation + some minimal desktop + samba and stuff09:26
flowOverletme know what you find out Viper111.  I'm interested in setting up an auto answering line managing sip box09:27
Viper111ah ok09:27
BuyydeeCan I install a 32 bit Version of Matlab on my 64 bit Gutsy on a Core Duo Laptop? I also have the 64 bit Version of Matlab - which one should I use to have the least problems with it?09:27
Viper111when i find something i'll tel u flowOver09:28
simplexioBuyydee: 64bit09:28
flowOver cheers09:28
Buyydeesimplexio: Simple and precise answer, thanks.09:29
ramrodyesterday my home server began to make problems09:29
ramrodAttempted to kill the idle task!09:30
ramrodthis comes at boot and then nothing happens09:30
AntkinArthurArchnix No I'm am human, a computer hardware engineer with CompTIA a+09:30
xivenWhat do I do about KDE complaining that it has no "screens" (X Server to be exact)09:30
ramrodmemtest and hdd analysis got no errors09:31
AntkinUbubegin Have you posted your question on Ubuntu forums?09:31
lastmanIs there any chance to change the charset from utf-8 to iso-8859-15 ?09:31
Antkinlastman Have you posted your question on Ubuntu forums?09:31
hwildedude enough with the forums09:32
lastmannot yet09:32
hwildexiven, dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg    you need to rebuild or xorg.conf file09:32
prince_jammys!locale | lastman: check if this link is useful09:32
ubotulastman: check if this link is useful: To set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf09:32
lastmanAntkin: but this is a simple question09:32
riohondogood morning09:33
Antkinlastman Please post there first then come back to IRC09:33
ArthurArchnixlastman: Ignore Antkin09:33
ere4si!topic > Antkin09:33
lastmanWhat is this channel about?09:33
hwildeyeah it is not necessary to post on forum09:33
hwildeyou should google that tho because it's pretty specific and nobody here seems to know09:33
AntkinArthurArchnix Ignore me please explain why?09:34
hwildebecause you keep telling people to go to the forums09:34
prince_jammysAntkin: there is more to this channel than greeting people randomly and asking if they posted in the forums.  generally it goes like this: someone asks a question. if you know the answer, you answer. if you don't know the answer, you don't answer09:34
ArthurArchnixAll you do is say "Can I help you, do you have a question" and then say "Go ask in the forums"09:34
hwildehis question is already posted on the forum so it would just be redundant http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=58497009:34
ndlovuAntkin: what's 3+4?09:34
Antkinere4si Welcome Do you have a question or problem today?09:34
riohondoI am looking for references for intel video codecs, to see if gibbon can support them09:35
hwildeand the point of this channel is to deflect 80% of the questions with simple answers so they don't end up on the forums09:35
DJ_HaMsTacan someone dcc me the driver in /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/ubuntu/wireless/rtl818x ?09:35
ere4siAntkin, yes - my question is what are you trying to achieve?09:35
Antkinndloovu 7 is this a test or a joke?09:35
god_Hey all, wondering if anyone can help me on this... i have three computers this on on ubuntu, one on a light linux distro and the other on vista... i had them all networked and sharing files with oneanother before, now i have reinstalled ubuntu on here and the vista share is prompting for a password and user name when i use it too accsess this one. i think last time i had to edit the smb.conf but i havnt been able to find anythign wo09:35
god_rth while on google09:35
hwildelastman, try this link:    http://www2.instantiations.com/VAST/files/FAQ_Hints/CantTypeCharactersOnLinux.htm#how_to_create_the_Localedefen_US.iso885915_locale09:35
Antkinere4si to help you if you want it09:36
hwilde!smb | god_09:36
ubotugod_: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.09:36
hwildeyeah SWAT that's what you want09:36
UbubeginAntkin: why post them them on the forum ... :?09:36
Ubuntu-Noobcan some1 plz help me set the right refresh rate?09:36
Ubuntu-Noobhighest option is 52hz09:36
ere4siAntkin, read the topic then pls - and help everyone instead of hindering the process09:37
hwildeUbubegin, dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg         just take the defaults09:37
UbubeginI am using 75Hz.. is higher the better :/09:37
riohondoI am trying to run a power point, with embedded video. the video are described as Intel video codec 5.09:37
Antkinere4si what do you see as hindering? This is a support forum09:38
riohondothey won't run in Open Office, so I don't know where to look for linux support of codec09:38
Ubuntu-Noobi use 75hz on windows but how do iuse 75hz on ubuntu?09:38
riohondointel video codec 5, that is09:39
ere4siAntkin, read the topic pls09:39
UbubeginUbuntu-Noob: System->Preferences->Screen Resolution09:39
riohondohas anyone experience with Open Office and powerpoint?09:40
Ubuntu-Noob75 hz isnt listed there09:40
Ubuntu-Noob52 max09:40
Antkinere4si do you have a link to the topic09:40
ere4siAntkin, leave me alone pls09:40
riohondosometimes, I do not get higher resolutions until I reboot the computer. but usually you must have a monitor capable of supporting them09:41
tapasi heard that there's a mechanism which puts users into groups depending on how they login to thye system09:41
tapaswhere can i find out more about this?09:41
flowOverViper111: i found a guide on how to compile freePBX for ubuntu09:41
AntkinPCHENK Welcome Do you have a question or problem today?09:41
Ubuntu-NoobI have a widescreen LCD, Im currently at 1440x900 but refresh rate is stuck on 50hz :Z09:41
UbubeginAntkin is prob a windows sympathiser, who has come here to create trouble... Loser...09:41
Viper111flowOver really09:41
riohondoI am sure glad you helpers are more interested in identifying trolls that giving a yes or no answer. I'll be sure to tell em about this channel attitude in the forums09:42
_rubenUbuntu-Noob: refresh rates usualy dont matter for lcds, refresh rate's a crt thing09:42
drownerg'day everyone09:43
hwilderiohondo, what is your question?09:43
hwilde!attitude | riohondo09:43
uboturiohondo: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines09:43
ere4siUbubegin, yesterday he was complaining in #kubuntu about being kicked from here - I guess this is payback...09:43
simplexioUbuntu-Noob: _ruben is right09:43
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
drowner_does a live cd use the swap partition? Like, can I make a new swap and remove an old one from a livecd?09:43
ArthurArchnix!ops | Antkin | In the last two hours all he has done is greet people who enter the room. Then, he tells them to google it or go post on the forums. At least two people have left immediately after being told this before someone else could step in.09:43
ubotuAntkin | In the last two hours all he has done is greet people who enter the room. Then, he tells them to google it or go post on the forums. At least two people have left immediately after being told this before someone else could step in.: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryph09:43
Ubuntu-Noobhmz, really, i didnt know that :o09:43
hwildedrowner_, livecd doesn't use any disk partitions09:43
drowner_didn't think so09:43
riohondoYes, I know this, but why should I repeat a question many times when trolls are taking the stage?09:44
hwildeit is memory only09:44
hwilderiohondo, don't be a jerk if you want help.  I missed your question and i'm not scrolling up through the noise09:44
riohondoyes, someone knows about open office or no, you don't, then I can leave you to defend against windozers09:44
simplexioriohondo: far as i know everyone spends here their free time, second if question is one which you can get answer from google and you see that question coming 100th time, quess what i do09:44
hwilderiohondo, yes I know open office what is your question?09:44
riohondothanks for no help at all09:44
AntkinUbubegin I am no why a windows sympathiser, I did at Microsoft every time XP crashes. I have benn using Linux since 1999 and have Ubuntu on more computers than XP. I only use XP under protest because my Web Design business is all Windows software09:45
hwilde!ops  Antkin09:45
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ops  antkin - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi09:45
ubotuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow or nickrud!09:45
hwildeAmaranth, Antkin needs some reorientation to his purpose in life09:46
ArthurArchnixAmaranth: Re: Antkin "In the last two hours all he has done is greet people who enter the room. Then, he tells them to google it or go post on the forums. At least two people have left immediately after being told this before someone else could step in."09:46
simplexiolast 5 days 90% answers that i have give away have been googled which actually question from channel :)09:46
AmaranthRight then09:47
hwildesimplexio, surprising how people are faster to ask for help then search for themselves huh... you can imagine how far they are gonna make it in life09:47
UbubeginAntkin has gone crazy... hei, c'mon dude... dun mess it up for our new Ubuntu comrades09:47
AmaranthAntkin: If you don't know the answer don't tell them to Google it, just don't say anything09:47
simplexiohwilde: yeah. true09:47
AmaranthAntkin: And don't greet everyone as they come in, that's too much traffic09:47
Antkin>Ububegin I am no why a windows sympathiser, I dig at Microsoft every time XP crashes. I have benn using Linux since 1999 and have Ubuntu on more computers than XP. I only use XP under protest because my Web Design business is all Windows software. I have writen a whole page on dual booting Linux on my latest web site. I have a two page guide  dual booting guide on Ubuntu and Kubuntu forums09:47
* hwilde blank stare 09:47
Amaranthwtf was that?09:48
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.09:48
UbubeginAntkin has gone cuckoos09:48
AmaranthAntkin: You been hitting the booze a little hard tonight?09:48
hwildethis is too much for 5am i'm going to get some hot chocolate09:48
nox-HandWill someone help me get the audio_also module for lirc to work? =)09:48
simplexiobest one this emty_tin_can who whines about proftpd i think, i c&p his question to google and first hit was the rifght answer, when i pasted it to him. he just said that he dosn't want any tutorial he just wants help09:48
AntkinUbubegin cookoos No09:49
hischildwhat's the easy way to convert windows to linux line endings commandline?09:49
magnetronsimplexio: that was surreal09:49
ere4si!ot > Antkin09:49
Amaranthsimplexio: In that case there is nothing you can do for them09:49
simplexioafter that i didn't listen him /ignore helps09:49
hwildehischild, apt-get install tofrodos;   dos2unix filename09:49
UbubeginAntkin: so where is that link to ur website..which has that extensive guide...09:49
hischildhwilde, tnx09:49
ArthurArchnixere4si: Amaranth is an op... easy big fella. :)09:50
AmaranthI am watching the situation09:50
hwildeUbubegin, don't encourage him...09:50
AntkinAmararanth I drink Beck Beer and cider but not till evening it is only 09.42 in the United Kingdom09:50
Squawkhischild, what you wannd do exactly?09:50
ere4siArthurArchnix, k09:50
prince_jammysis there something i can help you guys with today?09:50
ere4simet him yesterday...09:50
hischildSquawk, i got some php scripts i wrote on windows (notepad) and i want to use them on linux ... yet they all have those windows line endings09:51
AmaranthLoLLo: Please don't do such things09:51
Antkiner4si off topic why?09:51
AmaranthLoLLo: I think by this point we all know what compiz can do :)09:51
AmaranthI thought for sure I was going to be rickrolled09:51
Ububeginhwilde, Antkin: i am not encouraging... i just wanna read his extensive guide on dual booting from Ubuntu to Kubuntu..dats alll...09:51
hischildAmaranth, compiz? what is that? :P09:51
prince_jammysAntkin: because the topic is support, and you're not giving any nor asking for any09:51
ArthurArchnixere4si: Ahh... sorry, I thought you made a typo for 'op'. My bad.09:52
ramrodall of a sudden im getting "Kernel panic -not syncing: Attempted to kill the idle task!" at boot time. this is the second time. first it began when i installed apache and after new install of xubuntu and yesterday when i configured lighttpd. is it possible that webservers make such kernel panics?09:52
Squawkhischild, ahh ok I know what you mean, though I can't remember what character windows uses for line termination. Once you know it a simle substitution in vim?09:52
ere4siArthurArchnix, k :)09:52
Amaranthramrod: No, this is usually a driver problem09:52
hischildSquawk, yes ... but there was a simple program that could do it09:52
hwildeSquawk, he just needs the tofrodos package.   then run dos2unix command09:52
hwildehischild, apt-get install tofrodos;   dos2unix filename09:52
Amaranthramrod: Sure you didn't get a new kernel or something too?09:52
ramrodno nothing09:52
hwilderamrod, sounds like you need to run updates09:52
ramrodit worked fine for monts09:52
hischildhwilde, yes did that :-)09:52
hischildhwilde, works <309:52
* tricaric just kidding09:53
* tricaric is trying the /me command...09:53
Squawkhwilde, never knew about that one, thanks09:53
hwildeSquawk, and the endoflines usually look like ^M  but you can't search and replace09:53
ramrodhmmm ill try if there are new updates09:54
AntkinUbubegin http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=712997&highlight=Dual+booting+guide09:54
afiefHello guys, I was wondering if this laptop hardware is suitable for running Ubuntu: http://pastebin.com/m5634e56909:54
Ububeginthis is the guide by Antkin... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=712997 ...Whoa what an extensive guide :!09:54
Antkinprince_jimmys I am giving lots of advise, this is a support forum09:55
hwildeUbubegin, don't encourage him...09:55
simplexiohttp://student.northpark.edu/pemente/sed/sed1line.txt Squawk or hischild, there is one lineer to convert end of lines09:55
hwildedos2unix is the bomb09:55
prince_jammysAntkin: you have given exactly ZERO advice in the hours i have watched you09:55
Squawksimplexio, thats what I had in mind to do it09:55
Antkinafief Welcome Do you have a question or problem today?09:56
hischildsimplexio, yes sed can also do it ... dos2unix is a bit easier for one who still has trouble in regular expressions09:56
hwildeit will still be in dos file format tho09:56
comandantehi guys!!!09:56
hwildeyou need to convert the format not just the characters09:56
hischildhwilde, the line endings were my problem which dos2unix fixed09:56
ramrodanother question, how can i access the terminal when i have this boot error?09:56
simplexiohischild: do you rememebr ehich package has that dos2unix09:56
afiefAntkin, Problem: my old laptop died. I need to buy a new one. Question, is the hardware I posted suitable for running Ubuntu GNU/Linux?09:56
hwildehischild, actually it converts the file format... you could run into problems especially in web browsers09:56
ramrodi allways update with apt-get update, upgrade09:56
hwildesimplechat, tofrodos is the package09:56
hischildsimplexio, tofrodos09:57
hwilde!hardware | afief09:57
ubotuafief: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection09:57
Ububeginhwilde: ok sorry guys... after reading (no...glancing at Antkin's stupid guide).... i think i dont have much to say already.. he is prob a retard... Using Linux since 1999, my ass...09:57
hischildhwilde, php parser has to read it and that ran into trouble with the windows line ednigs09:57
hwildeUbubegin, get over it man you are giving him the attn he craves09:57
simplexiohischild: i probably need that program one day09:57
Antkinprince_jammys I think you are joking I have been on for 3 hours and welcomed many new visitors and pointed them in the right directions09:57
hwildeyou guys are all off-topic09:57
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!09:58
hwilde"random chatter"  that is you.09:58
prince_jammysAntkin:this is not the "welcome" channel -- try #welcome09:58
simplexioAntkin,  prince_jammys, shut up and idle09:58
Antkinhwilde Welcome Do you have a question or problem today?09:58
hwildeyou were just specifically told to stop greeting people.09:58
Tm_Tsimplexio: behave09:59
hischildhi Tm_T09:59
Tm_Thischild: don't09:59
Ububegincan the admin block this fcuking moron, Antkin...09:59
Tm_TUbubegin: behave09:59
hischildTm_T, it was a joke ... i'll be quiet *zips mouth*09:59
Tm_Thischild: danke :)09:59
simplechathwilde, whcih package?10:00
hwildetofrodos package includes the command dos2unix10:01
NET||abuseHi guys, is there a way to explicitly block a domain name under firefox?10:02
NET||abuseI am trying to reach a website, but i'm being redirected to bloody smileycentral, it's really annoying10:02
hwildewhat is the website?  maybe it was hacked10:02
ArthurArchnixNET||abuse: add it to your /etc/hosts file10:02
NET||abuseArthurArchnix, hmm, that's a point,10:03
ArthurArchnixredirect it to or /dev/null10:03
NET||abuseor 127.0.0l110:03
Amaranththat site doesn't go anywhere for me10:03
Amaranthblank white page10:03
ArthurArchnixI don't know if /dev/null would work.10:03
hwildejust wait it will load up eventually10:03
Amaranthit says it finished loading10:03
NET||abuseAmaranth, hmm, i think it is flash site also (i'm not sure as i havn't managed to load it)(10:04
dgjonesNET||abuse, works ok for me, doesn't redirect or anything10:04
hwildeNET||abuse, type in "nslookup www.ia-beta.com"  and tell me the server it says10:04
ArthurArchnixAgree. Blank white page.10:04
Amaranthit's a frame that loads http://nbjmp.com/click/?s=14187&c=68835&subid=4110:04
Amaranthlooks spammy to me10:04
Amaranthbut that URL does take me to a game looking thing10:05
NET||abuseok, it's a digg link that was sent to me on pownce so i thought it would be credible, basically it's meant to be this new console quality gaming in your browser10:05
NET||abuseso it got my interest :)10:05
AmaranthNET||abuse: http://www.instantaction.com/account/register/?utm_source=ALL&utm_medium=35534&utm_campaign=NB&esrc=neverblue&psrc=3553410:05
hwildenotice how none of the links work like about or privacy policy or terms of service?  it's just phishing for email address submissions10:05
sebastiansilvaguys i messed up my privileges (chowned everything in / ) is there a way I can restore the original owners of files in packages?10:05
NET||abuseawsome, thanks for that link,,,10:06
Amaranthhwilde: the about thing worked for me10:06
NET||abuseit's a sign up for beta program10:06
ArthurArchnixsebastiansilva: !sudo10:06
Amaranthhwilde: but if it is real it is almost certainly a windows-only browser plugin10:06
hwildeAmaranth, the links at the bottom.  none of them work10:06
homerjhow do I disable the compiz option to put new windows in the most annoying place possible?10:06
Amaranthhomerj: that's "Smart" window placement10:07
Amaranthhomerj: afaik it's a port of metacity's placement code10:07
sebastiansilvameh meh.10:07
prince_jammyssebastiansilva: you *might* be able to restore things by chowning everything to root:root and then chowning your home dirs to their respective users.10:08
homerjthis "place windows" plugin10:08
ArthurArchnixsebastiansilva: Or maybe bastille?10:08
hwildeAntkin, behave yourself... don't greet everyone... don't refer to forums... and you won't have any trouble.10:09
homerjI don't know what's smart about it10:09
homerjit does know the most annoying place to put them10:09
hwildehomerj, you should try icewm  it might be more to your liking.10:09
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homerjna, I like compiz, but just that part was frustrating10:09
hwildehomerj, well you're in luck,  it's open source,  so why don't you write a better option?10:10
ArthurArchnixsebastiansilva: But if it were me, I'd do what prince_jammys10:10
homerjit just had a penchant for putting windows in the bottom right corner10:10
Antkin>Help needed I am trying to read the channel topic all I get is this10:10
AntkinINFO] Channel view for “#ubuntu!” opened.10:10
Antkin-->| YOU (Antkin) have joined #ubuntu!10:10
vi390How Can I set the font size in the Login Window, I almost can not read it, its to small10:10
Antkin=-= Mode #ubuntu! +ns by kubrick.freenode.net10:10
hwilde!topic | Antkin10:10
ubotuAntkin: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic10:10
homerj /topic10:10
UbubeginDoes ubuntu have that *bottom applications bar* like Vista or the Mac...10:10
hwildeUbubegin, it does10:11
ArthurArchnixI read his how-to on ubuntuforums... I'm afraid he may not be spamming, just a little slow. I feel a bit bad for being hard on him.10:11
Ububeginhwilde: Oh, what's it called.... :)10:11
hwildeUbubegin, google it I forget... something like commander-bar or whatever10:11
temikUbubegin: It does, it's called awn manager10:11
Mighty_Penguinor kiba-dock10:11
hwildeUbubegin, avant-window-navigator  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=385981&highlight=avant+window+navigator10:13
prince_jammysUbubegin: i think you're talking about a "dock" -- you can look up avant window navigator (awn) or kiba-dock, as mentioned above.  neither of them are available though apt, though.  you can also look around in apt to see if there's something that suits you10:13
hwildeawn is available through apt-get if you follow this link:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=385981&highlight=avant+window+navigator10:13
Ububeginthanks folks.. will follow ur leads ...10:13
prince_jammysah, there you go10:13
temikGood luck ;)10:14
prince_jammysdid not know it was available thru apt10:14
hwildewell it's not immediately available10:14
Mighty_PenguinUbubegin: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=554127&highlight=kiba+dock howto install kiba dock10:14
temikIt is avaliable through Heron backports10:14
prince_jammysi'm not much of a docker. there's also kooldock, but i don't know how that would fare in gnome10:15
AntkinCan you help me with the channel topic10:15
elkbuntutemik, which you shouldnt be recommending, tbh. heron is still in development.10:15
hwildeAntkin, type in /topic10:15
Nereos_I; looking for an equivalent ubuntu program of boot camp which included the fast OS switch> Does anyone know a little bit about it ?10:16
UbubeginSeems i have to install compiz or beryl.. which is recommeded :/10:16
hwilde!compiz | Ububegin10:16
AmaranthNereos_: Explain fast OS switching10:16
ubotuUbubegin: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion10:16
Mighty_Penguinyes Ububegin you have to install either or to get either dock to work10:16
AmaranthUbubegin: Beryl is dead, that means that guide is rather old10:16
AntkinYes I get10:16
ubotuBeryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz10:16
AntkinTopic for #ubuntu is “Official Ubuntu Support Channel | Important: type « /msg ubotu etiquette » | Be patient and read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FAQ | Support options: http://www.ubuntu.com/support | IRC info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC | Pastes to http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org”10:16
Antkin=-=Topic for #ubuntu was set by LjL on 07/02/08 14:26:0510:16
AntkinSo what is next? Do I get an email or what there is no info on these links10:16
AmaranthUbubegin: Compiz is on by default in 7.1010:16
FloodBot2Antkin: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:16
temikUbubegin: what distibution do you use.10:17
hwildewait what is the official version we are supposed to be supporting atm ??10:17
ph8hi all! I'm trying to set peth0 (primary network device) to half duplex and/or decrease the speed to 10mbps with ethtool - i've run the right two commands, no errors - but the settings don't change - any idea why that would be? Both settings are listed as supported in a simple ethtool peth010:17
Ububegintemik: version 710:17
Amaranthhwilde: Whatever you want as long as it's 7.10 or older10:17
Amaranthhwilde: If you don't feel like helping with 6.06, that's fine. You're not being paid or anything :P10:17
hwilde7.10 is gutsy gibbon right?10:18
temikUbubegin: You only have to install compiz manager10:18
mohbanahow do i get a list of all packages INSTALLED that contain the word 'font'?10:18
prince_jammyshwilde: yes10:18
Mighty_Penguinhwilde yes10:18
ArthurArchnixph8 what's the command?10:18
hwildeAmaranth, 6.06 LTS is the bomb man10:18
Ububegintemik: Danke , dude10:18
Amaranthhwilde: I would also say that if Ubuntu has dropped support for something (like all releases older than 6.06) you should just tell people to upgrade.10:18
hwildeI have that running on hundreds of machines10:18
Nereos_zhen you are running several os at the same time and you switch from an os to another one> check that video out, you ll see what im talking about.10:18
AmaranthAnd if these people want to use Compiz you should tell them to upgrade to 7.1010:18
hwildeI would never recommend compiz10:18
temikUbubegin: You already have compiz and xgl... Let me find the link...10:18
hwildeI consider it a virus10:18
ph8ArthurArchnix: ethtool -s peth0 speed 10  and ethtool -s peth0 duplex half10:18
mohbanahow do i get a list of all packages INSTALLED that contain the word 'font'?10:18
AmaranthNereos_: I don't see a link to a video10:18
ganeshow to use xen10:18
bullgard4Is it normal that  epiphany-browser permanently takes 25% of the CPU processing time when 19 Epiphany instances are open? (512 MB RAM)10:18
Amaranthhwilde: I'm on the Ubuntu compiz team :)10:19
Tm_TAmaranth: shame on you!10:19
hwildeAmaranth, well technically it's metacity that crashes my video card10:19
hwildecompiz is ok I guess10:19
hwildebut they are sorta bound together10:19
ArthurArchnixph8: I gotta check something, but you'll need sudo in front of that.10:19
rinovanwhat is xen10:19
hwildeI heard there is some 'nouveau' update that might fix it but I haven't tried yet10:19
AmaranthNereos_: Oh! That's not Bootcamp, that's a virtual machine10:19
ubotuXEN is a virtual machine monitor for x86 that supports execution of multiple guest operating systems with unprecedented levels of performance and resource isolation. Information on installing it for Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xen10:19
ubotuVMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player", not available for Gutsy, only Feisty and Edgy), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. Instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers10:20
Ububegintemik: hmmm, U mean thru the IRC , u can check whether i have compiz or not...10:20
hwildeUbubegin, if you have 7.10 you hav compiz10:20
mohbanaany get my messagE?10:20
AmaranthNereos_: If you run VMWare in Quick Switch mode and put it on one side of a compiz cube you'll get the same effect10:20
magnetronmohbana: yes10:20
Wayne^mohbana:  use aptitude in command line, press enter on installed packages, then "/" to search, type in font and enter again.... best way i know how10:20
Mighty_PenguinUbubegin do you have desktop effects enabled?10:20
hwildemohadib, dpkg -l | grep font10:20
ArthurArchnixph8: try ethtool -s peth0 autoneg off speed 1010:20
ArthurArchnixph8: With sudo, of course.10:20
Wayne^that's a better way... lol :)10:20
canhelow. is there an acroread for ubuntu. or do we have to download it from adobe10:21
flowOverthat is almost obscene how well the compiz super zoom works10:21
Amaranthhwilde: I told you the fix for your nvidia woes was nouveau. :P nouveau is the open source nvidia driver10:21
hwildemy drivers are fine man10:21
ndlovuI can start compiz from the commandline, but not using 'system > preferences > appearance' any ideas why?10:21
hwildeit's metacity window manager10:21
Nereos_I looked it up with google and it says that boot camp can do the fast switch . I thought linux had a same program ... sort of ...10:21
ArthurArchnixIf you want that change to survive reboots, you'll need to add that command (minus sudo) to /etc/rc.local10:21
Ububeginhwilde: i am 7.0410:21
hwildeAmaranth, wait are you in +110:21
icesword!find irkssi10:21
hwildeUbubegin, upgrade10:21
canis 7.10 feisty?10:21
ubotuPackage/file irkssi does not exist in gutsy10:21
Amaranthhwilde: If your X is crashing or your system is locking up it is a driver problem as only drivers can make that happen10:21
Mighty_Penguin7.04 if feisty10:21
icesword!find irsski10:21
Tm_Ticesword: stop10:22
ubotuPackage/file irsski does not exist in gutsy10:22
Squawk!find irssi | icesword10:22
ubotuicesword: Found: irssi, irssi-dev, irssi-plugin-icq, irssi-plugin-silc, irssi-scripts (and 1 others)10:22
iceswordgood :)10:22
magnetron!msgthebot | icesword10:22
ubotuicesword: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.10:22
Revhi people10:22
Revhow does someone say in English all the people from a same university that will be graduated during the same year?10:22
prince_jammysRev: graduating class10:22
hwildeRev, the graduating class of 200810:22
kalatian!offtopic | rev10:23
uboturev: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!10:23
SquawkRev, class of, will do it10:23
ArthurArchnixsorry Ph8 I forget to direct this at you, to repeat: If you want that change to survive reboots, you'll need to add that command (minus sudo) to /etc/rc.local10:23
Revthx to all of you :)10:23
ganeshow to use xen10:23
icesword!xen > ganes10:24
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cananyone using acroread on ubuntu. i know there are readers, but none of them can search10:24
UbubeginWhat the heck, my PC screen went white..when I enabled Desktop effects... For a moment, I thot i was screwed...Luckily, it reverted back...10:24
Mighty_Penguinganes in the terminal type: info xen10:24
ArthurArchnixph8: You need to turn autonegotiate off, because even if you tell it to use 10, if it finds that it can do 100 it will with autoneg left on. At least, that's  my understanding.10:24
kalatianUbubegin: you're using the ATI fglrx driver?10:24
kalatianit does that sometimes...10:24
prince_jammysUbubegin: yeah, that happens10:24
Mighty_Penguini'd never buy a ATI card ;/10:25
ganesMighty_Penguin, i not installed the xen , i want the clear detail about it & to use10:25
UbubeginMine is ATI10:25
NET||abuseHi guys.. I need to encode a .mov file that is 3 minutes long and 900MB, down to a few different qualities of flash flv.. what can i use to do this?10:25
Mighty_Penguinganes i would suggest to look on the xen website10:26
kalatianMy ATI card works fine :)10:26
NET||abuseWayne^, any thing that might help me in terms of a gui for ffmpeg, i've very little knowledge in it!10:26
Ububeginok, dudes...C ya 2morrow... Hope Antkin becomes sane by 2morrow :?10:26
Nereosthx Amaranth :)10:26
SquawkNET||abuse, pretty sure mencoder will do that10:26
NET||abuseSquawk, ok, thanks10:27
canwhere are the repository keys arestored10:27
prince_jammysNET||abuse: mencoder is also command-line, though10:27
canI did something like "wget -q http://packages.medibuntu.org/medibuntu-key.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add -"10:27
canand now i want to rollback10:27
canso I added a gpg key to apt10:27
NET||abuseprince, what about mplayer or something, anyway to use it to do conversions?10:28
Wayne^sudo apt-key list, find the key id, and then sudo apt-key del <key id>10:28
Wayne^or delete the key from /etc/apt/trusted.gpg10:29
ganesMighty_Penguin, in my pc kernel is 2.6.21 but the xen is available in 2.6.20 , will it create problem10:29
Mighty_Penguinganes, i do not know, but your kernel should support it if its higher than what xen supports10:30
prince_jammysNET||abuse: sorry, i don't know. i know that ffmpeg and mencoder are the best for this, but i don't know of GUIs. the commands can be fairly cryptic10:30
canWayne^: thanks. but I can not figure out which one is the key10:31
ganesMighty_Penguin, ok thanks10:31
prince_jammysNET||abuse: i'm sure a GUI will come out soon, if it's not out there already.  if noone knows here, you can always google for the specific commands that you need for your conversion10:31
canpub   1024D/0C5A2783 2006-11-2310:31
canI get things like these10:32
prince_jammysNET||abuse: but definitely ffmpeg and mencoder is what you want to install10:32
Wayne^NET||abuse: i sent you a pm10:32
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ganesMighty_Penguin, for xen ,whats the repository i have to choose10:33
Wayne^can: is the medibuntu key the one you added?10:33
YoshiSomeone can help me because i want to use gobby but i don't know how to configure it10:33
NET||abuseWayne^, ok10:34
rinovanwhat is gobby10:35
NET||abuseprince_jammys, yeh, 'm reading some tips threads on ubuntu forums. :) thanks for the names of packages though, that got me on track10:35
canWayne^: ok, I had to put a 0x before the key. now it works10:35
Yoshirinovan, Gobby is a collaborative editor10:35
Wayne^groovy, i was about to say how could you run sudo apt-key list and not know which one it was... it lists the medibuntu packaging team as the owner, hehe :)10:36
LanceHaighey everyone10:36
Mighty_Penguinganes, i dont know much about xen i couldnt really tell you much, sorry i cant help10:36
LanceHaigwhere do I go for support on dapper?10:36
ganesMighty_Penguin, ok10:36
kalatianLanceHaig: here, I believe10:37
LanceHaigI have a problem with locales10:37
=== juliank0 is now known as juliank
DJ_HaMsTacan someone dcc me the driver in /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/ubuntu/wireless/rtl818x ?10:37
dgjonesYoshi, This might help, I've seen gobby in action, but not used/set it up myself, maybe the website will help you http://gobby.0x539.de/trac/10:38
LanceHaigI get this when I run dpkg-reconfigure locales10:38
LanceHaigcan someone help me sort this out?10:38
Yoshidgjones, thanks10:38
Wayne^DJ_HaMsTa: all i see is ktl8187.ko in that directory, is that what you need?10:38
Mighty_Penguinganes, i've heard that xen is hard to setup, if you want software that will run emulate a system, virtualbox is available in the repositories10:39
DJ_HaMsTai deleted it :P10:39
DJ_HaMsTawait it should be l8187.ko10:39
prince_jammys!locale | LanceHaig: check if this link is useful10:40
ubotuLanceHaig: check if this link is useful: To set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf10:40
ganesMighty_Penguin, virtualbox i tried i have to work on xen10:40
Mighty_Penguinok ganes10:40
LanceHaigthanks guys10:40
LanceHaigi wll have a look10:40
ganesMighty_Penguin, ok10:40
DJ_HaMsTaWayne^: what ver of ubuntu ur running ?10:41
DJ_HaMsTasend it over anyway10:41
DJ_HaMsTail see if it works10:41
hischildMighty_Penguin, xen is rather hard to setup ... and usually you have to recompile a custom kernel for it :p10:41
karuna_bdchi, can someone help me? i cant go into terminal mode with ctrl alt Fn10:41
Mighty_Penguinhischild, i've heard it was hard which is why i suggested virtualbox10:42
ArthurArchnixFn means F1, F2, F3 and so on right?10:42
hischildMighty_Penguin, good suggestion .. i like it :-)10:42
Wayne^dcc isn't initiating a transfer10:42
Mighty_Penguinyes i'm using it right now lol10:42
hischildMighty_Penguin, i was just confirming your thoughts about it ;-)10:42
DJ_HaMsTaemail ?10:42
karuna_bdcArthurArchnix: yeah F1 F2 F3 nothing10:43
Mighty_Penguinganes what problem did you have with virtualbox?10:43
Wayne^i'll just ftp it one moment10:43
ArthurArchnixkaruna_bdc:  does this return anything: ps ax | grep tty10:43
ganesMighty_Penguin, no problem with VMware , my boss gave work on xen10:43
Mighty_Penguinah ganes, i see10:43
ganesMighty_Penguin, ah10:44
karuna_bdcArthurArchnix,  4157 tty4     Ss+    0:00 /sbin/getty 38400 tty410:44
karuna_bdc 4158 tty5     Ss+    0:00 /sbin/getty 38400 tty510:44
karuna_bdc 4163 tty2     Ss+    0:00 /sbin/getty 38400 tty210:44
karuna_bdc 4164 tty3     Ss+    0:00 /sbin/getty 38400 tty310:44
karuna_bdc 4165 tty1     Ss+    0:00 /sbin/getty 38400 tty110:44
karuna_bdc 4166 tty6     Ss+    0:00 /sbin/getty 38400 tty610:44
FloodBot2karuna_bdc: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:44
Wayne^DJ_HaMsTa: http://www.fsckin.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/rtl8187.ko10:45
ArthurArchnixkaruna_bdc: Try this Alt+F2, then: metacity --replace   then try switching to terminal 1, with Ctrl+Alt+F110:45
danandArthurArchnix - this is more likely a framebuffer driver problem10:45
* N3bunel saluta10:45
karuna_bdcArthurArchnix: nope, same problem, screen goes blank10:46
r-cwhat is the best ftp server to run on ubuntu server for anonymouse ftp over a wifi network?10:46
* ArthurArchnix steps aside, for danand to talk about framebuffers....10:46
ganesMighty_Penguin, deb http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ feisty main restricted is it a corrcet repository10:46
danandArthurArchnix - might be an idea to check the file /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-framebuffer and comment out the lines vesafb10:47
Wayne^DJ_HaMsTa: did you get that file?10:47
ganesMighty_Penguin, what i chose , there is no package like ubuntu-xen-server10:47
danandArthurArchnix - :)10:47
mohbanawhat does synaptic use as the backend apt-get or aptitude/10:48
crediblemohbana: neither, it uses libapt just like the command line clients do10:48
Wayne^mohbana:  man synaptic is your friend10:48
ArthurArchnixdid you get that karuna_bdc? try commenting out vesafb in blacklist. gksudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-framebuffer   and put a # ...10:49
ere4simohbana, apt10:49
r-cwhat is the best ftp server to run on ubuntu server for anonymouse ftp over a wifi network?10:49
danandkaruna_bdc - after that modprobe it - sudo modprobe vesafb. if that works you might wanna add vesafb to /etc/modules10:50