RockIslandLineThanks for the reference, the bug has already been reported and diagnosed.00:23
ron_owhy is gdm taking up like 35% of my CPU? Way too much for my core2duo.00:24
philphototrying to install 7.10 on an old imac desktop and the cd won't boot up.  tried  ctrl + c & no joy.  any help?00:47
TheSheepphilphoto: you are trying the ppc version?00:49
philphotoppc?  I'm new to macs.  just helping a friend get started in linux00:50
TheSheepphilphoto: power pc00:51
TheSheepphilphoto: old macs didn't have intel processors00:51
philphotoright, I know that.00:51
philphotoi suppose so.00:52
TheSheepI have 0 experience with macs, but I'm sure there is some info on the forums00:52
philphotowait, I got i, a different iso for the old architecture?00:52
philphotoI completely forgot about that.  thanks!00:53
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zuzmahow would I go about getting my usb volume on my headset working? I'm not too sure how to get it working as an input device with xorg.conf05:42
zuzmashould it be under /dev/input?05:43
zuzmahalpppp : (05:44
zuzmaxev game me keycode 176 and 174 for the volume up and down05:46
zuzmagod this is confusing05:47
KingOfDosI've got a problem with my EAP-MSCHAPv2 wifi network (WPA2 Enterprice)07:32
KingOfDosWhen i'm connecting with the wifi settings as "roaming", then I can select logintypes/protocols correctly. But I want to configure the wifi network as a "location".07:34
KingOfDosThere is only WPA(2) Personal available without the "roaming" option in XFCE07:34
KingOfDosWhy is the wifi setup so strange in xubuntu (on (k)ubuntu it works better)?07:35
KingOfDosAnd i know that i can configure wpa_supplicant to use PEAP / MSCHAPv2, but that's not what i want ;)07:36
KingOfDosThe most strange thing with Xubuntu I had at home. My wifi network is called "Somename [Bla]" (without the quotes). This wifi is using WPA-PSK. Via the gui, using the "roaming" option, I can connect correctly to the network.07:38
KingOfDosBut when i create a new location, setup the wifi for using that SSID, it won't connect. I guess because the [ and ]07:39
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nazdalfgreetings ppl........can sm 1 tel me wht to use to mount cd images in xubuntu14:20
maxamillionnazdalf: mount14:21
maxamillionnazdalf: or you can add a panel plugin that manages volume mounts for you14:21
nazdalfmaxamillion: hey gud to see you again.......and errr.....is 'Mount' sm software lyk Daemon tools or Alcohol in windows??14:23
maxamilliontechnically daemon tools and alcohol stole the concept from linux systems and yes, mount does the same thing ... you probably are going to want the volume manager plugin for the panel ... i think it will make your life easier and keep you from having to use the command line14:24
nazdalfmaxamillion: oh k.....i wil try it nw......14:25
ubotuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.14:29
nazdalfUbotu: thnk you fr tht.....14:34
nazdalfmaxamillion: thnks fr helping me again...adieu14:35
maxamillionTheSheep: i think we need to teach him to type entire words ... it would make helping him much easier :/14:36
ubotuUnless you're Dutch or Flemish, or a government officier, the letter 'U' is not a pronoun.  If you want to be taken more seriously, please bother to type out the extra letters in "you".  The same goes for "are", "why", "because", "anyone", and so on..14:36
maxamillionTheSheep: class time, bbl :)14:42
KingOfDoswho can tell me something about the network manager (from systray)? it's a strange peace of software15:00
TheSheepKingOfDos: check /usr/share/doc/nm-applet/15:09
KingOfDosthe path does not exist (only /usr/share/doc/)15:11
KingOfDosno nm-applet there ;)15:11
TheSheepyou are right, they forgot to include documentation15:11
TheSheepin this case, google is you only hope15:11
TheSheepthere is also man for 'nm-tool' and NetworkManager15:12
KingOfDosTheSheep, i looked to the /usr/share/doc/network-manager, nothing there. also the nm-tool and NetworkManager man pages. Already let google do some work for me.15:26
KingOfDosthe best i can find was something like http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-bugs@lists.ubuntu.com/msg659406.html15:26
KingOfDosthe problem is that i want to connect to a lot of wifi networks. and when i create a wpa_supplicant configuration file, that't not a good idea.15:29
KingOfDosthat's why i want to use some gui to select my network devices.15:29
KingOfDosor dial up connection (gprs / hdspa over bluetooth)15:29
Khandanhello everybody! anyone can help installing xubuntu on a penitum mmx 233 system? I got problem with ACPI and a y2k error massage15:56
TheSheepKhandan: what's the message?15:57
Khandanbios cutoff error 1997:2000 something like that15:58
Khandanand use acpi force or again something like that15:58
Khandananyway i can skip this too, but in the installation stage i got no mouse or keyboard working15:59
TheSheepKhandan: that's just disabling acpi, it's not critical error15:59
Khandanmouse if ofcourse is a serial mouse15:59
TheSheepserial mouse needs to be configured, it cannot be autodetected15:59
Khandanhow? can you give me any istructions?16:00
ubotuEnabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto16:00
Khandanand about keyboard? must i configure it too?16:01
TheSheepno, it should work16:01
Khandanthanks again!16:01
TheSheepno idea why it doesn't work16:02
Khandanhey guys! I just did what the help said, but it doesn't work still!16:32
Khandanabout serial mouse setup thing!!16:32
KhandanI changed com1 & com2 in the BIOS16:34
Khandanbut It won't work!16:34
zoredacheyou don't need to shout.... and Hello19:42
luckyshothey guys, for some reasonw hen i boot into xubuntu it wont go into startx anymore, even after i manually enter "startx"21:34
zoredachedid you do anything to update your video drivers, change resolutions, or anything like that?21:37
luckyshotzoredache>, i improperly shut my pc down by accident21:37
luckyshotafter that i started experiencing this21:38
zoredacheanyway, I suspect you could try making a backup of your /etc/X11/xorg.conf, then runing sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg21:38
luckyshotzoredache, didn twork21:58
briankoanyone have a clue how to disable file-roller?22:45
briankowhen I try to uninstall, aptitude wants to take out xubuntu-desktop as well...22:48
ubotuA meta-package is a package that simply depends upon other packages and brings them in. It's not a real package, but a very useful package that can drag in other package versions.22:50
TheSheepbrianko: xubuntu-desktop is just a metapackage, it doesn't contain anything22:50
TheSheepbrianko: also, you can choose your default archiwer using update-alternatives, I think22:51
TheSheepor maybe in thunar's configration somewhere?22:51
Alohais there a launcher applet?22:51
briankothat was all installed by default...I poke around for this thunar you speak of...22:52
TheSheepbrianko: thunar is the file manager -- the thing that displays windows with your directory contents22:52
TheSheepbrianko: it can use different archivers, depending on configuration22:52
briankoI use window managers for xterm mgmt :)  I'll see what I can find, thanks!22:52
TheSheepAloha: what do you mean?22:53
briankoit's rather intrusive, lynx downloads are even intercepted by this thing22:53
joobabyhow do I uninstall my version of old ubuntu and get xubuntu, someone told me that was why my computer is running so slow22:57
briankojoobaby: I used the 7.10 mini ISO to install from22:58
briankojoobaby: xfce is quite lightweight, you'll find it much less resource-intensive than gnome23:01
joobabyso I need to uninstall my old version or just download the iso, burn, and reinstall?23:02
briankowell, if you want to just whack your old install, just repartition the HD during the install23:04
briankojust keep in mind nothing will survive from the old install afterwards...23:04
joobabythere isnt anything on this hd23:04
joobabyexcept ubuntu23:04
joobabyi dont know what version it is23:04
joobabymy buddy put it on23:04
briankosure, then go for it...download the mini ISO23:04
briankoI run xubuntu and MythTV on a rather slow CPU, so I would imagine it would work fine for your video/audio app23:05
joobabymy pc = amd 64 3000, 1 gig ram, dfi lan party pci-e socket 93923:06
briankoyeah, you'll notice the difference with xfce...23:06
joobabyi like ubuntu23:07
joobaby i just got my computer fixed after like 6 months23:07
joobabydecided to hell with microsoft23:07
joobabyi dont need to be gaming anyway23:07
TheSheepjoobaby: ubuntu should be fast on this box23:08
joobabygood, id ont really do much besides surf the web, listen to music, and type papers23:08
joobabytoo bad I lost all my oink.com gigs when my hd fried :-(23:09
joobabyand now oink is dead23:09
TheSheepjoobaby: something must be wrong with it if it's slow23:09
joobabyyou think?23:09
joobabyi had my techie friends look it over23:09
joobabyits got my old hdd in it23:10
TheSheepjoobaby: maybe check in the system manager if something is taking some of the cpu all the time23:10
TheSheepin system monitor, sorry23:10
joobabywhen i click on irc23:10
joobabyit goes up A LOT23:10
joobabymemory usage is only like 20%23:10
TheSheepthat's about normal, I guess23:11
TheSheepjoobaby: what is slow exactly?23:11
joobabywhen i have multiple irc windows23:12
joobabyits types so slow23:12
joobabycrazy slow23:12
joobabyI cant listen to music through firefox23:12
joobabyand my mp3s from my cowon iaudio arent recognized, some guy told me to switch to xubuntu in #ubuntu23:12
joobabyi hope my processor isn't messed up or something23:13
TheSheepI don't think it will solve these problems23:13
TheSheepfor starters, you need to install additional stuff to open mp3's23:13
joobabysound works like on the ubuntu games23:13
joobabyi tried23:13
joobabysaid there was a conflict23:13
joobabyI cant figure out with what23:13
TheSheepbecsue of software patents and such, the ycanno be opened by default23:13
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats23:14
TheSheepbut I'm not sure about the slow irc windows23:14
TheSheepmaybe one of the techie friends could look at it23:14
TheSheepit's not that xubuntu is not good, it just seems to me that your problems can be solved without reinstalling23:15
joobabybut they work on windows?23:15
briankoI agree...I thought you just wanted to start from scratch23:15
joobabyi am23:15
briankowhich is sometimes better than updating a really old distro23:15
joobabythis if my first week or so on linux ever23:16
silverbladeMy Xubuntu installation yesterday went well. I have successfully replaced Windows one of my parents PCs with Xubuntu. Since Firefox and OpenOffice are the main apps used on Windows there, it's virtually the same. I even rearranged the panels to a similar layout to Windows.23:16
briankojoobaby: part of the learning process is the install...so maybe you might want to start from scratch, esp. if you inherited this machine from someone23:16
joobabyno i built it23:16
briankohow'd it get ubuntu on it?23:16
joobabywell it died because the hdd came lose, two of my friends convinced me to switch to linux23:17
joobabyseemed interesting to me23:17
briankoah...so the install is recent, by you?23:17
joobabyI had heard good things about ubuntu23:17
joobabyI was there haha, but my friend did it23:17
joobabyI can get him to help me again23:17
joobabywas just trying to figure it out on my own23:18
joobabyi.e irc23:18
briankosome X-based stuff can be really resource-intensive...for instance, I use irssi for IRC for that very reason23:18
joobabyim using pidgin23:18
PeckaHwell, at least for me it was like the fifth install with which I was happy23:18
TheSheepjoobaby: this slowness is really intriguing me, maybe you are using a vesa driver for your graphics card, it's slow23:18
joobabyhow do you see what drivers you are utilizing?23:19
briankoI had to install a restricted driver  for my card...23:19
TheSheepjoobaby: it's configured in /etc/X11/xorg.conf, in the 'device' section23:20
joobabywhich is more popular, xubunutu?23:22
TheSheepjoobaby: ubuntu is much, much more popular23:22
TheSheepjoobaby: xubuntu is not even officially supported by Canonical23:22
TheSheepit's a community effort23:22
joobabycan you explain the differences of kde and gnome?23:23
joobabyboth are new to me23:23
joobabyim from the microsoft generation unfortunately23:23
KingOfDosthe difference is big23:23
TheSheepjoobaby: they are just different dekstop environamnets, often with different sets of applications23:23
joobabyi noticed23:23
TheSheepbut you can use applications from one in the other23:24
joobabybut kde is more recent I presume?23:24
TheSheepthey will just look and feel out of place23:24
TheSheepno, they are both developed for similar time23:24
TheSheepkde had just recently a new version with some big changes23:24
joobabyif you had to say, which would you recommend to a new linux user23:25
TheSheepgenerally, I would say kde is more similar to Windows in its approach23:25
KingOfDoskde is heavy, but has more options (panels/nice features). gnome is more "simply" (my opinion).23:25
TheSheepthe applications will usually have a lot of options, not all of them useful23:25
TheSheepthe gnome tries to only include the really important options, and do "the right thing" by default23:26
briankoanyone know if it's possible to manage multiple installs of the same package with apt-get?23:26
briankofor instance, apache2 in /usr and in /opt?23:26
TheSheepbrianko: no, as far as I know23:26
KingOfDosand indeed, kde is more similar to Windows then Gnome is. but KDE can do more on default.23:26
briankook, so one gets to be installed manually then...23:27
KingOfDosbrianko, why do u want 2 apache's?23:27
TheSheepone can say that KDE is for former Windows users, and GNOME -- for MacOS users :)23:27
briankoone to chroot for outside access, the other for internal access23:27
TheSheepKingOfDos: more of what? :)23:27
KingOfDosbrianko, ok, then it's indeed an option for installing another ;)23:28
TheSheepbrianko: I don't think you need separate installs for that23:28
TheSheepbrianko: just two configurations23:28
KingOfDosTheSheep, Windows does not have "weather" module on default. and other nice stuff. the "windows tray" is not so tweakable as KDE ;)23:29
briankoI was under the impression ChrootDir was global for all httpd instances...23:29
KingOfDosand i like to got more panels, change stuff on the way i like it :)23:29
TheSheepKingOfDos: ah, right, didn't understand :)23:29
TheSheepKingOfDos: what's more important, windows doesn't come with a complete set of tools to build it :)23:29
TheSheepbrianko: I think you can start the daemon with a parameter telling it where to find the configuration23:30
briankohmm...well that would certainly be easier!23:30
TheSheepbrianko: of course, you would need a separate startup script in /etc/init.d23:30
TheSheepbrianko: I'm not sure how much work it is in ubuntu though23:31
briankoI could figure that part out...the multiple conf files is a good idea, looking now...23:32
KingOfDosTheSheep, my basic config for the most KDE configurations -> http://kingofdos.com/compiz/compiz-fusion-2.avi23:33
briankoyes, here it is:  running multiple httpd daemons with different User/Group settings...exactly what I need23:33
KingOfDosok, wobly-windows is NOT enabled on default in my configuration, that's only for "show off". but so you can see how i like my desktop (panels/etc) :)23:34
briankolibapache2-mod-chroot seems to be the ticket here...23:40

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