johnny_how do you get around single user mode asking for a root password for maintenence?05:19
johnny_considering i don't recall setting one..05:19
kgoetzit should only ask if theres one set05:19
kgoetzwell, tahts how it used to work05:20
johnny_hmm.. maybe it happened before i got here05:20
johnny_hmm.. bad x driver.. it's using up 100% cpu..05:21
johnny_switched video cards.. and now it doesn't wanna start up :(05:23
johnny_really tho.. i just wanna disable x from starting..05:23
kgoetzjohnny_: use update-rc.d05:25
stgraberogra: ping (Edubuntu Add-on testcases)07:31
stgraberogra_cmpc: ^^07:31
stgraberogra_cmpc: ping08:51
ogra_cmpchmm, test cases08:52
stgraberI'm working on the testcases list for alpha-6, beta, rc and final08:52
ogra_cmpci only actually see two ...08:52
stgraberwe currently have g-a-i and WinFOSS for the add-on08:52
ogra_cmpcinstall the edubuntu-desktop paqckage from g-a-i with or without network08:52
ogra_cmpcchecking that a reboot notification shows up might mqake sense08:53
ogra_cmpcthe latest -artwork package has that so people log in newly at least08:53
ogra_cmpcbeyond that i see no special cases08:54
stgraberok, so just an "Install Edubuntu desktop" testcase with link to a wikipage with the compolete testcase08:54
stgraberwe don't have any Windows stuff on it right ?08:54
ogra_cmpcwe have08:54
ogra_cmpcand riched wanted to keep it08:54
ogra_cmpcbut i dont have *any* win around here08:54
ogra_cmpcnot even a CD beyond w9808:54
stgraberdo we have the old WinFOSS or some newer stuff on the CD ?08:57
ogra_cmpci edont think anyone maintains it08:57
ogra_cmpcso its still the same old versions08:57
stgraberI know that other CDs now have some kind of Wubi+WinFOSS stuff (haven't checked that myself though)08:57
ogra_cmpcimho we could drop it08:57
ogra_cmpcbut rich was clear that he wants to keep it08:58
ogra_cmpc(and we have enough space to aste atm)08:58
stgraberok, I'll download one of the CD and see what we have there as I need to link the testcase to the right wikipage08:58
* stgraber is off for a break09:00
stgraberogra_cmpc: still around ?12:28
stgraberogra: ^^12:28
stgraberI know I'm asking always the same question, but we will only have the Addon CD and will drop *all* of the others right ?12:29
stgraberso Edubuntu desktop will also disappear and we won't even have a LiveCD for demo purpose ?12:29
ograi cant say yes to the latter yet12:31
ograrich wants a demo CD12:31
ograi dont think i can do that technically easy12:31
stgraberwell, we will come back to the space problem then ...12:32
ograsince we'll break on size here12:32
ograwe wont, it simply wont fit12:32
ograedubuntu-desktop depends on ubuntu-desktop12:32
ograthat means we'll add up to the ubuntu CD *in any case*12:32
ograand since that will be as close to the edge as possible there is no romm for even adding a wallpaper12:33
stgraberok, that's what I thought (having an Edubuntu demo CD with no educational software doesn't make any sense), thanks for the answer12:34
ograbut there was no final word yet12:35
ograi just can point out the technical limitation here12:36
stgraberso I'll drop Edubuntu desktop from the tracker, I still can add it back afterwards12:36
ograprobably rich says we can go with 800M media since its a demo only version and people have to care themselves or so12:36
stgraberogra: heno sent you and Richard a mail about WinFOSS12:36
ograno point in testing oversized crap anyway12:37
stgraberbasically WinFOSS isn't maintained anymore12:37
ograyes, just saw it12:37
ograi'm fine with dropping it12:37
pablo7just installed gutsy to my secondary hard drive this morning.14:30
pablo7was wondering if someone could help me configure /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf manually.14:31
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some_dudeI got some dhcpd.conf issues keeping me from doing anetwork boot19:56
Kamping_Kaisersome_dude, orly?20:21
LaserJockogra_cmpc: sorry if you already answered the other day, but did you get my emails to pitti?20:37
ogra_cmpcyes, saw them20:39
ogra_cmpcwe only touched the topic for two sentences on the weekend20:39
LaserJockwell I haven't heard anything from the squeak maintainer for some time20:41
LaserJockI'm afraid if Ubuntu Archive doesn't take the packages as-is they won't make it20:41
LaserJockI can do native -> non-native changes20:42
ogra_cmpcwell, he wanted some smaller changes that look feasable20:42
LaserJockalthough by now I've completely destroyed upstreams packaging :-)20:42
ogra_cmpclike copying the licenses around etc20:42
ogra_cmpcthats no biggie20:42
LaserJockthe real problem is with the squeak package20:42
LaserJockwhich makes the others pointless20:42
ogra_cmpci'm not near my mail atm ... grmbl20:43
LaserJockI can't do much about GPL violations :-)20:43
ogra_cmpci dont see where that violation should suddenly come from20:44
LaserJockit's not sudden I can't imagine20:44
LaserJockbut Ubuntu Archive seems to look a lot more carefully than in the old days20:44
ogra_cmpcwell, it was good enough for elmo20:44
ogra_cmpcwith the old package20:45
LaserJockthere's some PDFs20:45
ogra_cmpcelmo looked very careful and deeply20:45
LaserJockalso some stuff that looks to be perhaps binary, but no source20:45
ogra_cmpcand firest even rejected it20:45
ogra_cmpcsabdfl pushed it in20:45
LaserJockwe're claiming that it's GPL20:45
LaserJockwhich I'm not so sure we should20:46
LaserJockbut there's *3* different files for the copyright/license and it's difficult to know which one is right20:46
ogra_cmpcone oly applies to fonts iirc20:46
LaserJockI'm told that the actual squeak VM is GPL, but squeak images, etc. are the squeak/apple license20:46
ogra_cmpcthats what i was told as well20:47
LaserJockbut there's also a whole other directory that's got various plugins, etc.20:47
ogra_cmpcand i think thats also outlined on teh squeak site20:47
LaserJockand I think a lot of them have individual README files20:48
ogra_cmpci'm way to hogged with classmate else i'd jump on it :(20:48
LaserJockthis idea of syncing with the squeak guys was nice in theory20:48
ogra_cmpchrm, yeah20:48
LaserJockbut I've spent hours and hours already redoing their packaging20:48
LaserJockI've got about 60KB of debdiffs already20:49
LaserJockand that's just the little packaging stuff20:49
ogra_cmpchow about just improving our current package20:49
ogra_cmpcand adding teh new stuff20:49
LaserJockwell, I do like their packages20:50
ogra_cmpcthat wont need to go past u-a20:50
LaserJockI can take their stuff, and rename the packages so that it fits20:50
ogra_cmpcand make it appear like an update to our20:50
LaserJockarrgg, I gotta run and teach20:51
LaserJockyes, since the actual squeak stuff is upstream20:51
LaserJockand not from those guys specifically20:51
LaserJockI'll give it some thought and see how easy it'd be20:51
ogra_cmpci dont think we'll have a meeting tomorrow btw20:51
ogra_cmpci have an immovable appointment20:52
LaserJockI probably won't have time :/20:52
ogra_cmpcqand rich vqanished20:52
ogra_cmpcno idea whats up with him20:52
krsnenduI am trying to install smbldap as a pdc on Hardy. Anyone know any tricks? It doesn't seem to work out of the box.23:55
krsnenduI used the latest version of smbldap installer23:59

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