barryhello and welcome to this week's asiapac launchpad reviewer's meeting03:00
barryis anybody here today? :)03:00
barryjamesh, mwhudson ?03:01
barryjamesh: hi.  is it even worth having this meeting today?03:01
jameshbarry: a short meeting wouldn't hurt03:02
barrygreat.  i'm just glad i remembered this week :)03:02
barry[TOPIC] agenda03:02
barry== Agenda ==03:02
barry * Roll call03:02
barry * Next meeting03:02
barry * Action items03:02
barry * Queue status03:02
barry * Mentoring update03:02
barry * Review process03:02
barry   * sabdfl request: make sure enums to be in the same interface files as the schemas where they are expressed.03:02
barry   * thumper - unwrapping import statements (line wrapping that is)03:02
barry   * drive-by copyright year updates03:03
barry(we can blow through this pretty quickly)03:03
barry[TOPIC] next meeting03:03
barrysame time next week?  i guess most people will be back from sprinting and meetings by then?03:03
mwhudsonmakes sense to me03:03
barry[TOPIC] action items03:03
barrythumper's not here and his was the only continued item03:04
barry[TOPIC] queue status03:04
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barrycrap, helps if i turn on mootbot03:04
barry[TOPIC] queue status03:05
MootBotNew Topic:  queue status03:05
jameshI'm currently working on stub's one, and am also on call03:05
mwhudsonjml's is merge-approved, really03:05
barryjamesh: great thanks. i couldn't quite finish sinzui's before i had to leave for the evening, but i'm going to try to finish it tonight03:05
jameshjml is assigned one of cprov's branches which could be a problem03:06
barryit's a big branch iirc03:06
jameshthe other branches owned by jml and thumper are for other people who are sprinting03:06
barryare they generating the branches during the sprint?03:07
jameshI have no idea03:07
mwhudsoni don't think so03:07
jameshthe team leads probably won't, and the bzr sprinters would be working on bzr stuff03:07
barryso they're probably not itching for their lp branches03:08
barryanything else going on about the queue?03:08
barry[TOPIC] mentoring update03:09
MootBotNew Topic:  mentoring update03:09
* mwhudson is slightly surprised to see a branch he thought he'd landed still on there03:09
mwhudson(but not on-topic for this meeting)03:09
mwhudsonbarry: a bit fat "n/a" to this one?03:09
barryi think so!03:09
barry[TOPIC] review process03:10
MootBotNew Topic:  review process03:10
barry   * sabdfl request: make sure enums to be in the same interface files as the schemas where they are expressed.03:10
barrythis was from a couple of weeks ago, but because i missed last week's meeting here, i wanted to keep it on the list03:10
barrygreat, thanks03:11
barry   * thumper - unwrapping import statements (line wrapping that is)03:11
barrythere was a vote on this at the last ameu meeting.  it was rejected ;)03:11
barryi'm thinking of keeping it on the list so thumper has a chance to defend his position03:11
jameshI had no real opinion on this one way or the other when it came up in the branch I was reviewing03:11
jameshbarry: did you see thumper's reasoning in the review where it came up?03:12
barryjamesh: i didn't03:12
* jamesh looks03:12
jamesh"""I have personally found that the import areas are a high source of merge conflicts.03:13
jameshSomething that the bzr hackers do is to split them like this once there is more than03:13
jameshone line of imports.  This is especially useful in places where there is a high likelyhood03:13
jameshof different people editing the file at the same time.  This way the bzr merge code03:13
jameshand just insert the new imports instead of conflicting."""03:13
barryah.  that did come up when we discussed it. the general consensus was that it wasn't hard to resolve the conflicts and people didn't want to read through a page of imports03:14
jameshso his reasoning is for usability reasons rather than style03:14
jameshIt hasn't often been a problem for me -- if the list of imports is so large that it is a problem, then the file probably has too much code in it :)03:15
mwhudsonwe need an import-aware merge algorithm!03:15
barryjamesh: agreed! :)03:15
mwhudsonbut i don't really see this as a big problem03:15
barrymwhudson: +103:15
mwhudsonmash the import statements together, M-x sort-imports, run pyflakes03:15
barryi'll relay the decision to thumper and we can put it back on the agenda if he wants03:15
barrymwhudson: yep, that was basically the consensus!03:15
barrymoving on...03:16
barry   * drive-by copyright year updates03:16
barryi've started to see some branches trickle in with updates to the copyright line.  i guess we don't have a script that fixes these, but do we have a policy about them?03:17
barryor is it cool to just fix 'em as you see em?03:17
jameshIs there a particular problem we're trying to solve here?03:17
mwhudsoni'm never really sure what these copyright lines are for, truth be told03:18
barrynot a particularly serious one imo since we don't release the code03:18
jameshI mean, there is no problem with people updating the copyright lines, but it probably doesn't make a difference03:18
barrybut ianal03:18
barryjamesh: that's the way i feel about03:18
jameshany code that does get released will need the copyright headers changed to something other than "All rights reserved" anyway03:18
barryit's kind of silly that those lines are there at all i guess :)03:19
jameshbarry: it is worth having there in case a file gets separated from the tree03:19
jameshfor the same reason people license headers in the source code that they release03:20
barryright, but anything that gets released will need to be vetted anyway03:20
barrybut i guess we're getting off track.03:20
barryit's okay if people update them in their branch, but we don't care too much03:21
barryanyway, that's it for me.  anything you guys want to relay to the ameu crowd?03:21
jameshyep (although reviewers should still be making sure that a license header appears in new files)03:21
barryyep, definitely03:21
jameshnothing from me.03:22
mwhudsonme neither03:22
barrywell, thanks guys and talk to you soon!03:23
MootBotMeeting finished at 03:23.03:23
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