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cyberixaeOne of my series is marked as "Current development focus". How do I change that?07:49
jameshcyberixae: pick "Change details" from the actions menu on the project page, and pick a different series as development focus07:52
mdkemorning carlos 08:18
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TomaszDhey carlos could you take a moment and see if totem's translation template is being updated without any problems? I have some doubts14:04
TomaszDall imports fail14:05
carlosTomaszD: indeed, the .pot file is not being regenerated on build time14:06
carlosTomaszD: I'm working on prepare a report of all packages with that problem so we can fix them ASAP14:07
TomaszDcarlos, ok so this was useful for you yes? Please add this package to the list :]14:07
carloscould you file a bug about it against totem package?14:07
TomaszDyeah sure, one moment14:07
carlosTomaszD: well, is not that I'm doing the list manually14:07
carlosbut trying to get the list automatically14:07
carlosif you want it fixed right now, file the bug14:08
carlosotherwise, once I have that automatic report, we will get it :-)14:08
carlosit should happen any time this week14:08
TomaszDcarlos, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/totem/+bug/19836614:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 198366 in totem ".pot file isn't regenerated on build time" [Undecided,New] 14:09
carlosTomaszD: thanks14:09
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ChrisWhey all, is there any way I can find out permissions I have on a project and/or tag projects I'm interested in so I can find them again easilly?15:30
Odd_BlokeChrisW: Ctrl-D? ;)15:54
ChrisWyeah, 'cos bookmarks work so well across multiple computers, especially those on customer sites :-(15:54
ChrisWand that also doesn't help me find out what roles, if any, I have in a particular project15:55
Odd_BlokeChrisW: I don't really know, I'm afraid.  There are a couple of hacks I can think of, but waiting for a Launchpad person to give you a better answer is probably a better idea. :)15:55
ChrisWyeah, where are they all15:55
Odd_BlokeChrisW: There's a Bazaar sprint going on ATM, so some of them are tied up with that.15:56
ChrisWthat in London?15:56
Odd_BlokeChrisW: Yup.15:56
ChrisWthat would explain why the dodgy kiwi is in town...15:56
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VadiIf someone has a program written in Python, and wants them to be translated in launchpad - where would they be writing the strings that describe what a certain string means? Launchpad then puts that explanation below the strings that needs translation with an (i) attached to it15:57
Odd_BlokeChrisW: If you go to the page of the team related to a project, it has a section entitled "Your involvement"...15:58
Odd_BlokeVadi: If it's with gettext, it's presumably in the .pot file (or wherever you'd normally put it).15:58
ChrisWhow do I see the team related to a project>15:58
Odd_BlokeChrisW: Go to the project page and look around.16:00
Odd_BlokeThere's not necessarily a related team, it may be a related person.16:00
ChrisWah, okay, got it now16:00
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bardhi, dumb question: can answers be edited by project admin or author? user just typed uncloaked email addresses in answer :(17:13
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VladimirMelohi there, I'm brazilian team translator (administrator), could anyone tell me if there is a kind of Rosetta channel?18:05
matsubaraVladimirMelo: you're in it18:09
VladimirMelomatsubara: so, here we can talk about rosetta, that's it?18:10
VladimirMelofrom one release to the next, does rosetta import any translation from upstream?18:16
VladimirMeloor this procedure should be done always by a translator?18:16
matsubaracarlos and danilos would be able to answer that for you.18:17
carlosVladimirMelo: we import any translation released with the code that is in ubuntu's archive18:18
carlosso we should match latest released tarball that is available from Ubuntu18:18
carloswhich may not be latest version in upstream's svn/cvs or other source control version18:18
VladimirMelocarlos: so, the translation team always translate, nothing is automatic, right?18:19
carloswhat do you mean by 'nothing is automatic' ?18:21
VladimirMelocarlos: I mean the rosetta will never import strings by itself from upstream, right?18:22
carlosnot right now, we depend on the version uploaded into Ubuntu18:22
VladimirMelocarlos: brazilian team is working on taking po files from upstream always18:23
VladimirMelocarlos: and translating just those strings which are not translated there18:24
carlosVladimirMelo: we are going to work on such sync, but nothing is started yet18:24
VladimirMelocarlos: so, there is an idea about it?18:25
carlosfor gnome, for instance, we would like to integrate with damned lies18:25
carlosso we get latest version18:25
carlosas soon as a translator 'release' it18:26
carlosbut we don't have dates for that yet18:26
VladimirMelocarlos: I appreciate this idea, the brazilian team does!18:26
VladimirMelocarlos: thanks for all18:27
carlosyou are welcome18:28
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Tuv0kNot allowed here18:47
Tuv0kSorry, you don't have permission to access this page18:48
Tuv0kI'm signed in..whats the deal?18:48
Tuv0kI'm trying to unsubscribe to duplicate bugs18:49
Tuv0kplease assist18:49
gabaughi, I am subscribed to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/13167919:46
ubotuLaunchpad bug 131679 in compiz "compiz.real crashed with SIGSEGV when attempting to unlock screen" [High,Confirmed]  - Assigned to compiz packagers (compiz)19:46
gabaugbut it doesn't show up in https://bugs.launchpad.net/~gabaug/+subscribedbugs19:46
gabaugI believe this is a bug19:46
tsaitgaisthi. how to get a gpg key from a ppa launchpad repository ?20:24
affluxI don't receive any bug notification emails since monday, 17:00 UTC, but I still receive emails from MLs. Any ideas?20:25
affluxtsaitgaist: I'm not sure, but IIRC ppas are unsigned20:26
tsaitgaistafflux: how to get aptittude/apt-get trust ppa then ?20:28
affluxtsaitgaist: you'll need to confirm manually20:30
tsaitgaistafflux: will there be an improvement for this ? (I'm asking this becaus I'm writing a script and try to avoid to ask user for confirmation for various installations)20:32
affluxwow. I just received *loads* of emails at once. Something's weird here :)20:32
affluxtsaitgaist: there's a bug report on this: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/18146220:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181462 in ubuntu "scheda video trident" [Undecided,Incomplete]  - Assigned to Brian Murray (brian-murray)20:32
affluxsorry, wrong link20:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 125103 in soyuz "ppa archives are not signed" [High,Confirmed]  - Assigned to Celso Providelo (cprov)20:32
tsaitgaistafflux: thanks. then I will force yes and wait until this bug finds a solutions. thanks a lot20:35
affluxtsaitgaist: you're welcome20:36
tsaitgaistafflux: aptitude's -s does not set yes to the trust question, is there another force yes (i can't see in the man)20:39
tsaitgaistafflux: -y I mean20:40
affluxtsaitgaist: sorry for the delay. apt-get has "--yes --force-yes", I'm not sure if there's an equivalent for aptitude20:45
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tsaitgaistafflux: yes, apt has it, but it's not recommended to mixe apt-get and aptitude. aptitude has -y, but it does not work for the trust question20:48
affluxwhat do you mean with "mix apt-get and aptitude"?20:48
tsaitgaistafflux: apt-get and aptitude have 2 different database, so i you use apt-get, aptitude will not know what was installed and does not have the additionnal info to cleanly remove it. if I understodd corretly20:50
affluxI don't think so20:50
affluxthey both use the dpkg database20:51
tsaitgaistafflux: from the ubuntu doc : aptitude - Curses viewer of packages installed or available. Aptitude can be used from the command-line in a similar way to apt-get, but only for some commands - install and remove being the most common. However, because aptitude keeps track of more information than apt-get does, it can be considered better at install and remove operations.20:52
tsaitgaistafflux: other howto pages recommend to only use aptitude if you begin with it20:54
affluxI'm not sure if this should be discussed in #launchpad, but this doesn't say that mixing them both is dangerous or not recommended, but that aptitude is in general the preferred way to install20:54
tsaitgaistafflux: i will use apt-get for ppa then20:55
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bardhello all, is there a way to edit answers on answers.sameplace.cc, either for proj admin or he who wrote the answer?22:50
thumperbard: I'm assuming you mean answers.launchpad.net22:51
ubotuNew bug: #198566 in launchpad-bazaar "register-branch barfs with traceback when registering a branchtwice" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19856622:51
bardthumper: lol, yes. too little coffee22:53
thumperbard: I think admins can (somehow), but the person who wrote the answer cannot22:54
bardthumper: is there a way? a user just handed out a few email addresses to spammers :(22:54
bardadmins as in launchpad admins? as a proj admin, I can't see a way...22:55
thumperbard: admins as in launchpad admins22:55
thumperbard: do you want to privmsg me the question url?22:55
thumperbard: if you actually logout and look at the question, you'll notice that the email addresses are hidden22:58
thumperfor exactly this reason22:58
bardI hadn't noticed. super!23:02
mptGoooooooooooooooood afternoon Launchpadders!23:57

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