RyanPriorWhy doesn't Ubuntu have any default templates in ~/.templates?00:09
Dr_willisI always delete those anyway00:10
RyanPriorDr_willis: A blank text file, a blank OpenOffice document... installing the Eclipse package should add a Java template, and so on...00:11
RyanPriorSure you could delete them, but I think it would be useful to have some stuff in there.00:11
Dr_willisi find the users home dirs are getting way too cluttered these days00:17
ysth1RyanPrior: packages shouldn't install stuff in ~.  maybe they do put stuff in e.g. /usr/share/templates?00:18
cyphaseDoes anyone know why the repositories dialog in Synaptic has been changed so much?00:18
Dr_willisI thought ive seen a Examples in the users home dir Linked to /usr/Somthing/examples befor.. or similer00:21
X_I have alpha 6 fever! :D00:39
mooboo1me too :D00:40
mooboo1cant wait00:40
mooboo1even though its future freeze00:40
X_constantly refreshing the wiki page00:40
mooboo1so no cool new stuff00:40
mooboo1constantl apt-get update :p00:41
mooboo1think alpha6 is in 2 days00:41
X_I tried alpha 5, loved it00:41
mooboo1ya alpha5 was good00:41
Aeroraptor-Mcan you upgrade to 6 from inside 5 or do you have to start over?00:43
X_I tend to just format and start over00:44
mooboo1 March 6th -- Alpha 600:48
mooboo1Aeroraptor-M, you can upgrade00:48
Aeroraptor-Mmooboo1, ah, coolness00:48
Galgawhere can i check for new stuff included in Hardy01:05
ysth1wow, Galga waited 189 seconds for an answer before leaving01:18
Daisuke_Idoa new record01:21
Dr_willisLong-term-discussions. :)01:31
Dr_williswhen it takes 3 hrs for someone to reply to your 'hi!' :)01:31
mcquaidjust curious, when I look at the release schedule all the releases seem to be labeled as alpha builds.  Is there a reason none are listed as beta?01:37
Dr_willisI thoght we went from alpha to rc,  for 'release canidate'01:37
ysth1there's a beta release scheduled for 2008-03-2001:38
ysth1(but not noted in the Notes column)01:39
mcquaidyes i see the rc.  I guess I'm asking is why none listed as beta01:39
ysth1rc is 2008-04-1701:39
mcquaidah yes i see01:39
mcquaidi was looking at the notes column01:39
Dr_willisi find it easier to just wait till 2 weeks after the thing is officially released to worry about the next release. :)01:40
Dr_willisbut here i am testingit out.. heh01:40
mcquaidsometimes, i grab it early.  I think for gutsy, i just waited a couple of weeks afterwards, but some features i'm liking in this release01:41
mcquaidwhat gives me pause in updating early is the issue with certain cdrom drives and the supposed instability of the new gnome vfs01:41
Dr_willisI wonder if the samba/network share browsing stuff has gotten fixed yet. havnt updated in 4 days..01:42
Dr_willisthats the only issue ive seen.01:42
Dr_willisbut i aint been doing a lot with it01:43
mcquaidnot sure.  i'll probably wait for the next alpha at least before giving it a try01:52
EmmerPsome more people problems with ATI + AIGLX the last weeks?01:52
EmmerPmy X crashes when using it01:52
ethana2this brother printer is driving me insane01:53
ethana2it's fully supported with gpl code01:53
ethana2but it not only doesn't Just Work01:53
ethana2it just doesn't work01:54
ethana2it's trying to use the driver for the dcp-702501:54
ethana2does any of the 182 people in here have a brother printer?01:54
mindrapewe all use canon01:55
ethana2i would expect you to use HP01:55
mindrapeI dont own a printer actually... I'm part of the digital revolution.01:55
ethana2i wish i could be too01:55
ethana2my mom uses paper01:55
mindrapepaper is so 1999.01:55
ethana2yes it needs to die01:56
ethana2in the mean time..01:56
mindrapewell what is your brother problem?01:56
ethana2i want a tablet01:56
mindrapecant get cups to recognize it?01:56
ethana2the dcp-7020 doesn't work01:56
ethana2it just.. refuses to function01:56
ethana2and because it has fully open drivers, i would expect it to Just Work01:56
ethana2it's not even in the printer list though01:57
TheArthuris it reasonable to upgrade to hardy by changing my sources.list and running apt-get update?01:57
mindrapehttp://localhost:631/admin  <--- you doing it that route?01:57
ethana2so it tells me to use the stuff for the dcp-7025 instead01:57
mindrapeTheArthur - sure.01:57
ethana2no, I'll try that01:57
ethana2it sees it01:59
ethana2seems to identify it correctly01:59
ethana2...sent test page annndd....01:59
ethana2printer does nothing, but the job is reported as done02:00
ethana2all my print jobs are silently failing02:00
ethana2ok, how do i print via terminal to diagnose this?02:03
ethana2Error: no "print" mailcap rules found02:05
ethana2that error is universal over formats02:06
ethana2how do I fix that?02:06
mindrapesounds like a job for google ethana202:14
amblinhow do you specify a range of ports in UFW?02:15
ethana2finally found it02:26
ethana2it'd be nice if Ubuntu would do this by itself though02:26
ysth1TheArthur: or use update-manager -d02:28
amblinanyone... can you specify a port range in UFW?02:28
Milos_SDis there any problem with busybox update? I don't want to do the update before I know that there is no problems with it. :)03:02
igorguehi guys, you may remember me from the movie "I DONT HAVE WIRELESS" 1 and 203:05
igorguebut seriously, I don't03:05
igorgueI heard that the led was not working03:06
igorguebut I don't get working the network even the led :(03:06
igorguehow can I know which version of the driver do I have?03:06
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instahey guys, i'm seeing a *very* sluggish machine after upgrading to hardy.  it's a core2 @ 1.83ghz, 2GB DDR2 ram, SATA HDD, i915 chipset with compiz enabled ... everything is slow, but it's especially noticable switching between windows03:41
instaxdriinfo reports i915 on screen 003:41
efren20hey were do i download Hardy Heron Alpha03:42
getooefren20: are u running gutsy03:45
efren20found another solution problem is i need to compile my ipod or something like that can you help me>03:51
bazhangefren20: probably not a good idea to run Hardy to solve your iPod problem--though libgpod is 0.6.0, it is still early alpha; I posted a link in #ubuntu for you to follow on how to get that going.04:00
KanoCarlFK: did you try pxe boot and live mode?04:01
CarlFKKano: not yet.  still have your notes in my pxe/default though04:01
CarlFKKano: I did just figure out how to pxe boot qemu04:01
Kanoi guess you need a tun device, i usually use virtual box with internal emulated net04:02
efren20is there any drawing program where you draw something and could make it live like walk fire etc...04:03
Kanoi wrote a script that configures the tftpboot dir (i even enabled a text menu)04:04
Kanoand support live-helper + casper images04:04
Kanopretty tricky, also setups tftpd and dnsmasq04:05
Kanoif you run that in live mode04:05
CarlFKany idea how one pxe boot can boot a 2nd pxe/default04:05
AnswerGuyefren20: you mean animation software?04:06
Kanoyou only need ot change the DEVICE line to point to the currently not used device which is connected to the clients04:06
efren20for ubuntu 7.10 gusty gnome04:06
efren20or anything that works in it idc04:06
ysth18.04 hardly hobgoblin?04:06
KanoCarlFK: well you could define a file for each client04:07
Kanomac address or ip adress based04:08
AnswerGuyefren20: I don't know of anything that would be specific to Hardy Heron (this channel is about future versions of Ubuntu; general Ubuntu questions should be posted to the #ubuntu channel)04:08
CarlFKKano: same client.  my default file is getting pretty big, and I would rather not have to merge other defaults into it04:09
AnswerGuyDoing a quick freshmeat search on "animation" (http://www.freshmeat.net/?q=animation ) shows 119 projects04:09
AnswerGuyBut many are like MPlayer (irrelevant to creating your own)04:09
AnswerGuyMight take a look at Blender; I've heard good things about it.04:10
CarlFKcheck out blender - i think it does... that.04:10
KanoCarlFK: did you ever try to define another file via pxelinux.configfile? just look into the syslinux doc files04:10
CarlFKno.  i gave up too quick - eaiser to just cut/paste into one big file....04:11
AnswerGuyGifsicle (command line tool for creating ... GIFs and animations04:11
AnswerGuyAs for as I know the usual technique ... just using things like the GIMP is to make your base image ... then copy it, modify the copy ... and so on; and I guess some people use morphing software to automate some of the transitions from one animation cel to another04:12
bazhangBlender would do04:14
AnswerGuyGIMP allows you to have multiple layers, so you can have one image on a layer and work on the new cell frame on a different layer (which can be partially "faded out" while you work, just for your reference and is masked away completely when you save the new cel/frame.04:15
AnswerGuyBut I honestly have no experience in animation and very little in graphics work in general04:15
AnswerGuyI see there are several #blender* channels here on Freenode; and presumably there's at least one #gimp channel, too04:17
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hdevalencewhat version of X does hardy use?04:21
dareii7.3 i think04:21
dareiianyone know if 8.04 hardy will have OO.0 2.404:22
hdevalencei'm being affected by this bug http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10674 and it says it's been fixed upstream. That would mean that 7.3 probably fixes it, right?04:23
ubotuWine bug 10674 in directx-d3d "Wine Unhandled Page Fault with i965 video driver" [Major,Closed: invalid]04:23
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wastreli reported a bug05:11
CarlFK 198110  "Fix Released" - how long does it take for that fix to migrate to us.archive.u.c?05:18
phaxI am trying to install my printer on Gutsy but it requires the latest version of HPLIP which is not present in Gutsy but is there in Hardy, any pointers on what I should do ?05:20
CarlFKis your goal to print or find bugs?05:22
phaxto print05:22
CarlFKthen you should wait05:22
phaxwhat if I install the newever version of HPLIP from source?05:22
phaxthen  I should not expect things to work smoothly I guess05:23
CarlFKdepends on if you do it right05:23
Nuke_is gdesklets broken for anyone else?05:24
IdleOnephax, you could also upgrade but not recommended if you dont feel like looking for bugs and fixing/help fix them05:26
wastreli'm not looking for bugs, they seem to find me05:29
Nuke_serious question: why is everything with strange bugs written in python? is there something about the language the lends itself to brokenness?05:30
CarlFKNuke_: it might be because most of the things being written use python05:31
CarlFKwould you expect to find a cobol bug?05:31
phaxIdleOne, thanks understand.05:32
Nuke_all complaining aside, is it just incompatibility? new versions of python break old code?05:34
CarlFKNuke_: you have it backwards05:37
hydrogenbuggy code is buggy?05:38
CarlFKit is easy to use, so it is used for most things.05:38
CarlFKmore code = more bugs05:38
hydrogenno, easier to use = more bugs because more people are writing it without understanding proper coding methodologies05:39
hdevalencewould it be possible to install xorg 7.3 from hardy on my gutsy install?05:39
RAOFhdevalence: No.05:39
CarlFKif everything was writtin in basic, then the bugs would be in code written in basic05:39
hdevalenceRAOF: so I would need to use hardy?05:40
RAOFhdevalence: Pretty much, yes.05:40
hdevalencei want battlefield 2142 to work, and there's a bug that's fixed in 7.3 that stops it :(05:40
hydrogenCarlFK: yet there are far more parts of the system written in c/c++ than python, and look where the bugs are popping up05:41
hdevalencehydrogen: otoh, there is something to be said for easy to use languages05:41
ysth1there's an age effect; the python code is newer, by and large, hence buggier05:42
hdevalenceI think it's important to not be too unfriendly to people who are learning05:42
hdevalencethe language that is05:42
CarlFKhydrogen: ubuntu stuff is mostly writtten in python. the C stuff is from other sources, and mostly debugged05:42
hydrogenbuggy code is buggy05:43
hydrogenpython encourages buggy code by being so loose05:43
sykeunless its unit tested ;)05:43
hdevalenceI've found using c++ w/ qt is very nice05:43
hdevalencecompiler errors are annoying, but you learn from them, I've found05:45
ysth1python encourages buggy code by being worse-is-bettery, you mean?05:51
ysth1not sure how to interpret that "loose"05:51
hydrogenit sleeps around05:51
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GhotiPhudI want to get involved06:15
GhotiPhuddon't really know where to start06:15
Flannel!contribute | GhotiPhud06:26
ubotuGhotiPhud: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate06:26
FlannelFish food, eh?06:26
GhotiPhudhaha, yes06:27
ryanhaigh/j #ubuntu06:27
GhotiPhudI'm interested in the "screens and graphics" program06:27
ryanhaigh/join #ubuntu06:28
GhotiPhudI can never seem to get it to work right06:28
GhotiPhudso I'd like to take a look at it06:28
GhotiPhuddon't really know where to pick up the latest version06:28
GhotiPhudnot sure how all that works06:29
FlannelGhotiPhud: you might be better served in #ubuntu-devel, or even #ubuntu-motu06:30
GhotiPhudokay, I'll look there, thanks Flannel06:30
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DanaGOh hey, something interesting: suspend on nvidia works better if you have a script call glxinfo before suspend.07:31
DanaGIt seems odd, but it seems to help for god-only-knows what reason.07:31
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AmaranthRunning glxinfo probably puts the card in some 'sane' state08:08
Amaranthby going through the whole feature list and testing things08:08
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Gnine"unable to start the settings manager 'gnome-settings-deamon'. this could indicate a problem with Bonobo..." | 2.6.24-11-generic | gnome 2.21.92 | celeron 2.008:21
pwnguin for all the crap people are posting on planet ubuntu about NIN's ghosts, im currently of the opinion that it's about worth what they're charging for it08:21
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ubotuYou should avoid changing your nick in a busy channel like #ubuntu - it causes unrequired scrolling which is unfair to new users.  (Please set your preferred nick in your client's settings instead.)  The same goes for using noisy away messages; use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also Ā«/msg ubotu GuidelinesĀ»08:28
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Nubaeis there a channel for kubuntu+1 (kde4)?09:29
jussi01Nubae: #kubuntu-kde4 or #ubuntu+109:30
jussi01here or there is good, but kde4 specific probably better in #kubuntu-kde409:30
[Hardy]TuTUXGbug 19231009:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192310 in hyphen "package openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us None [modified: /var/lib/dpkg/info/openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us.list] failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite `/usr/share/myspell/dicts/hyph_en_US.dic', which is also in package openoffice.org-hyphenation" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19231009:57
hwildewho owns ubotu ?  wake him up10:13
NineTeen67CometHi all .. I recently fired up Alpha 5 (server amd64) and have found two things that I didn't see in the bugs .. Most annoyingly is the lack of bash_completion for application names (directories <tab> fine but something like sudo aptit<tab> inst<tab> smartmon<tab> just beeps).10:52
NineTeen67Cometsecond is the ubuntu-keychain keeps erroring out. I assume this is something that's in work, but I thought I would mention it.10:53
NubaeNineTeen, tab completion for apps works fine for me10:56
NineTeen67CometNubae: hum .. it's dead in the water for my gOS box too ..10:58
* NineTeen67Comet what'd I do?10:58
Nubaetype of keyboard maybe?10:58
NineTeen67CometI dunno, there are two diff boards. Tab works for stuff like "sudo nano -w /etc/mun<tab>/mun<tab>" .. but aptitude just isn't hangin' with Mr. Cooper ..10:59
NineTeen67Cometneither is apt-get11:00
NineTeen67CometIt'll work if I don't toss sudo in the mix .11:00
buzanyone else lost sound with the 2.6.24-11 upgrade?11:06
icemanwhere is #ubuntu11:31
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about channel - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi11:32
scizzo-iceman: /j #ubuntu11:32
ubotuThe official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org11:32
scizzo-iceman: it is there11:32
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toterhi guys... i'm having a problem with hardy heron... i installed hardy alpha 5 and i can't change the resolution on Monitor & Display under System Settings...12:46
toteranybody also having this problem?12:46
Dr_WillisYou did install the drivers for your video card?12:48
Dr_WillisI recall seeing that i could change those only after i install my nvidia drivers.12:48
toterthe message I get is: "The module Monitor & Display could not be loaded"12:50
toteri'm not sure if it's related to my video card driver12:51
Dr_WillisWell if you have a nvidia card. Install the nvidia drivers for it. And try agin. I will try here..  and check Other then that.. I got no idea,12:51
toterSo... you have installed alpha 5 and you can change the resolution with no problems?12:52
Dr_Willissystem -> perferances -> screen res.  works here.12:52
Dr_WillisI am using a nvidia card.12:52
Dr_WillisI am update/upgrading right now. :)12:52
Dr_Williswell the applet works at least. its not changeing the res.12:53
Dr_Willisof course I normally use the actual nvidia control panel tool.12:53
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foobarppl of #ubuntu has redirected me to other channel...12:55
foobari was asking HOW ubuntu does to include the acx100 firmwares directly on the iso12:55
foobarsince these firmwares are NOT allowed to be redistributed12:56
Dr_WillisIt may be they have an exception, or some agreement. I would think the ubuntu forums would have an area on this.12:57
foobarit is not explained anywhere ? :/12:57
toterDr_Willis: I can change the resolution using another program... Now i'm using 1024 x 768... but the module on KDE doesn't work.13:01
toterThe console output displays an error message... something wrong with displayconfig.py13:02
Dr_Willistheres a lot of issues it seems lately with some of the python parts13:03
toterbut try this later... installing alpha 5 and then trying to change the resolution on System Settings / Monitor & Display... I also tried updating everything with apt-get dist-upgrade... Still doesn't work13:06
toterbut that's fine... the resolution can be changed using another program...13:07
Dr_Willissounds to me like its possibially related to the various python stuff i saw last week.13:08
Dr_Willisbut what do i know.. :) im trying to figure out why smbfuse isent working13:08
Dr_WillisHmm.. Everytime i mount somthing with the fuse tools. Gnome is auto poping up a file manager window for the new mountpoint.13:09
toterYou're right... it's related to python... i get lots of error messages in the console... this displayconfig.py file has some problems13:10
bazhanga python 2.5 error here13:11
bazhangno complaints though really; much faster than gutsy by far13:12
Dr_Willisanyone else tryed the fusesmb tool under   hardy yet?  its seems to been broke now for the last.. err.. month or more..13:12
bazhangwill try it--what does it do?13:13
Dr_Willisit lets you mount samba (or windows) shares on the fly. makes  the whole network-neighborhood appear as a local directory13:13
Dr_WillisI got a wiki page done on it. :) let me find the url13:13
bazhangwell I could get windows in a vm; Dr_Willis13:14
Dr_Willisbazhang,  heh :) it will show local machine shares also.13:14
Dr_Willisbut I just googled for that wiki page and NOW i found some bug reports on it.. i dident find any bug reports on fusesmb when i was at the bug tracker site just befor that..13:15
toterabout the monitor & display problem: i found this13:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 173768 in kde-guidance "The module Monitor & Display could not be loaded." [Undecided,Confirmed]13:15
toterApparently this monitor & display problem is well known13:16
bazhangDr_Willis: okay; will do! will let you know in the next day ;]13:26
Dr_Willisbazhang,  i submited a but. found a similer bug mentioned by someone for the 7.10 release.13:26
Dr_Willisa bug even :)13:26
Dr_Willisi wonder if its gnome/kde related.. brb. I may as well trouble shoot this some more13:27
bazhanghaha okay will then go directly and confirm it then Dr_Willis ;]13:28
toterDr_Willis: What's the advantage by using this fusesmb? SMB is working fine on my alpha 5... Dolphin displays my shared folders and drives, no problem...13:28
Dr_WillisHeck i couldbe doing somthing STUPID.. but i did write that fusesmb wiki.13:28
Dr_Willistoter,  it shows the whole network of shares in a single local directory (is how the programs see it)13:28
Dr_Willisif a new machine connects.. its shares show up.  :)13:29
Dr_Williswhen one leaves.. the shares vanish.13:29
toteroh... ok... i'm still learning :)13:29
Dr_Willisall the shares appear as a local directory, so nothing special needs to be done to let programs access the data files.  Similer to how you 'mount' shares. but this is at a user level. thats what FUSE does - is let the users do what used to be root type tasks. :013:30
pavloshi there13:30
Dr_WillisThe whole FUSE system.. is.. sort of amazing.13:30
pavloshow can I install ubuntu 8.04 via terminal13:31
rskyou can't13:31
rskit's not releases yet13:31
Dr_Willisnot sure what you mean 'via terminal'13:31
pavlosI'm booting from the live cd13:32
Dr_WillisThe live cd - has a gui installer., isent there an alternative installer cd out yet?13:32
Dr_Willisalternative installer cd - has the text based installer.13:32
pavlosand I'm sellecting option 213:32
pavlosthat it says install ubuntu13:32
pavlosand it boots in a terminal13:33
pavlosIf I try option 1 I have problems with my VGA13:34
pavloscan anyone help me ?13:37
binaries-APPdoes anyone know how to connect a hardy desktop to a hardy server ?13:38
binaries-APPanyone ? someone?13:39
Picibinaries-APP: You need to explain a bit further, its a bit of a vague question.13:40
bazhangsame lan?13:40
binaries-APPi have a hardy desktop installed on my lappy. i would like to use it to controll an older machine, on which i have installed the hardy server13:41
binaries-APPthey are on the same network13:41
bazhangyou want to ssh into the server?13:41
binaries-APPyes , ssh was what i have found a bit of info on13:41
binaries-APPhowever when i attempt to connect to port 22 ( default?) the connection is refused ,even when provided with the reight login info13:42
Dr_Willisyou did INSTALL the sshd deamon/server?13:43
binaries-APPthe server is cleanly installed, with all of the server options :D13:43
binaries-APPaka lamp , mail, ssh .... the list13:43
binaries-APPi believe there is an alternative that is already built into the 8.04 distro13:44
Dr_WillisYou could check the logs..  /var/log/auth (i think)13:44
Dr_WillisYou sure ssh is installed ? :) try 'ssh localhost' perhaps as a test.13:45
binaries-APPin the gui ( desktop ) there is an option to connect to a server, w. the option to scan the network for a server >negative13:45
bazhang!info openssh-server hardy13:45
ubotuopenssh-server (source: openssh): secure shell server, an rshd replacement. In component main, is optional. Version 1:4.7p1-4ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 244 kB, installed size 644 kB13:45
Picibinaries-APP: What application are you using to 'connect to server'? are you using ssh?13:46
Dr_Williswow the auth.log file - has about 20+ lines of logging each time i ssh in.13:47
binaries-APPtheres a gui for it too no ?13:47
PiciA gui? No? ssh is command line.13:47
Dr_Willisgui for ssh? I just upen up a terminal and do 'ssh whatever'13:47
binaries-APPin the desktop its under places>connect to server13:47
Dr_Willisthats a sftp type thing. i belive13:47
Dr_Willisand it was Not working for me - i think theres a bug with it13:48
PiciThere have been some gvfs bugs abound recently.13:49
binaries-APPssh: connect to host localhost port 22: Connection refused13:49
Picibinaries-APP: Why are you connecting to localhost?13:49
Picilocalhost is whatever computer you are running the command on.13:49
Dr_Willisbasic trouble shooting wins again. :)13:50
binaries-APPtalk about a noob :D13:50
Dr_Willisps ax | grep sshd13:50
Dr_Willissee if sshd is really running?13:50
Dr_Willisif he cant connect to localhost.. then.. well nothing else is going to connect either.13:51
binaries-APPssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused13:51
Picibinaries-APP: is an alias for localhost.13:51
Dr_Willisif its not even running, you might want to try 'sudo apt-get install openssh-server ' just in case it some how dident get installed properly.13:52
binaries-APPps ax > sshd is running13:52
PiciDr_Willis: I'm assuming that he doesnt have the ssh server running on the 'client' computer13:52
bmk789has anyone used hamachi on hardy?13:52
Dr_WillisPici,  :) good point. :) i always got ssh on all the machines.13:52
PiciDr_Willis: Me too ;)13:52
binaries-APPi saw something like that somewhere but it only reminded me of japan13:52
Dr_Willisof course  he could walk over to the ssh server and try that command. :)13:53
binaries-APPi have both machines infront of me13:54
binaries-APPDR_willis: what was that command?13:54
Dr_Willisthe ssh localhost command you just used?13:55
Dr_Willisgo to the machines thats the ssh server, and  try 'ssh localhost' see if you can connect locally.13:56
Dr_Willisif you can connect locally, but not remotely, then either theres some firewall rules, or other stuff blocking the connection13:56
PiciOr you aren't connecting to the correct address13:57
binaries-APPbrb the phones ringing13:58
Dr_WillisYea. Be sure to try with the IP OF THE SERVER. :)13:58
Dr_Willisnot just its name.13:58
Dr_Willisbye all.. good luck13:59
binaries-APPhey i found some wiki on ssh, gonna digg that first, thanks for the points14:12
nDuffIn /etc/network/interfaces, I have a bridge defined with "bridge_ports eth0". This works fine -- the bridge comes up and adds eth0 -- but eth0 is also separately started and has its own dhclient run, although it isn't defined in the interfaces file at all (except as a member of br0). Where should I be looking at to understand what's going on?14:15
panosruhi, i got wine 0.9.56 but sound does not work, do anyone have the same prob?14:19
hdevalencewhere do I learn to how to resolve dependencies with apt?14:26
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lubos1should i upgrad now, or is it to unstable for my main system ^?15:32
=== lubos1 is now known as lubosz
pwnguinit's a testing version still; your ability to recover / reinstall after massive errors will probably dictate your choice15:34
pwnguini dont know of any15:34
pwnguin(massive errors)15:34
pwnguinbut if you don't have a liveCD or anything handy already, it could be quite painful15:34
luboszhm, i upgraded to feisty in july, it was still alpha last release ^15:35
luboszi wanted just to change the repos and do a dist-upgrade15:35
luboszmy system has a long lifetime already, not going to change that :D15:36
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luboszubuntu studio 7.04 => ubuntu 7.10 in july ^15:36
pwnguinyou'll miss important stuff that way, since it seems the gui upgrader contains some extra special magic that isn't in any particular package15:36
pwnguinpersonally, i keep around two installs on my laptop15:36
pwnguinone stable and one unstable15:37
luboszdo i miss that stuff also when i do the dist-upgrade with a stable version?15:38
luboszhm, so there are new packages which have to be added15:38
pwnguini believe so, yes15:38
pwnguinwell more like15:38
pwnguin"replace the group adm with admin" etc15:39
luboszand a upgrade from cd would do such stuff15:39
pwnguinyou don't need the CD15:40
pwnguinyou just need to use update-manager ;)15:40
pwnguinthe liveCD helps you in situations where your current install is hosed15:40
luboszwhen i replace the repos, will update manager do that?15:41
pwnguinupdate manager replaces the repos for you, and comments out the ones that aren't official15:41
pwnguinyou can re enable them afterwards15:41
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luboszbut if i want to upgrade via update manager, i have to wait for release?16:20
henkjanupdate-manager -d16:26
henkjantha'll give you the --devel-release16:26
antiatihello damn i have download 4 time kubuntu hardy and for 4 time i have get 4 bad  cd16:28
pvandewyngaerdedid you check md5 sum ?16:29
mazzendoesn anyone have also a lot of troubles with ati mobility radeon cards? i can only use the vesa drivers, as the "ati" leads to a white screen and the fglrx to a system freeze16:29
wastrelhi hi16:31
antiatipvandewyngaerde: i have get always error....with 4 burner16:31
antiatisorry 3 burner16:31
antiatimaybe better cd writer16:31
antiatipvandewyngaerde: i have made check cd rom after boot16:33
antiatiand after 35% it was always blocked16:33
pvandewyngaerdebut did you check the iso file you downloaded ?16:35
nekr0zhello to all16:38
nekr0zcan anyone help with a sound problem? PulseAudio works, ALSA doesn't, says it's busy always16:39
nekr0zand I can't even track what program is locking it16:41
Laser87sry for offtopic, just a short question: anybody here knows the local time in Texas?16:43
Milos_SDI think that newest tracker update broke tracker applet, becouse I don't have it now. :S16:43
nekr0zI just want to figure out whether the problem is between the chair and the keyboard, or I should file a bugreport16:44
Amaranth@now Houston16:44
* Amaranth pokes ubotu16:44
Amaranth@now Chicago16:44
ubotuCurrent time in America/Chicago: March 04 2008, 10:44:42 - Next meeting: Platform Team in 14 hours 15 minutes16:44
Amaranththat should basically be the same time16:44
Amaranthcan't remember what part (if any) of texas overlaps other timezones16:45
Laser87should or sure?^^16:45
Laser87anyway thx a lot16:45
Amaranthwell i know that covers most of texas anyway16:46
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BUGabundohi there17:18
BUGabundo(2008-03-04 17:18:08) BUGabundo:17:18
BUGabundowhere can I find an HowTo for likewise and how to setup with an AD?17:18
sykebug: I believe you can find thsoe with a web search17:22
BUGabundoI coulndt!17:22
sykeI came across some in the message boards while doing asearch for somethign else17:22
BUGabundothat's why I came here17:22
BUGabundoI could get in their mailinglist17:22
BUGabundobut its too much work just for a simple howto17:22
sykesorry, dunno17:23
BUGabundothanks anyway syke17:23
BUGabundothey should have some info on their site, or a wiki.... but I haven't found it yet17:23
BUGabundojust links for enterprise and comiunity mailinglist17:24
danielmhi all17:30
danielmany idea how to recover the 'default' value of screen brightness?17:31
NgI don't suppose anyone here is using hardy with the installer's encrypted lvm setup?17:31
hwilde_any way to monitor the data throughput on /dev/ttyUSB0 ?17:36
HEP85hi @ everybody18:06
HEP85today I did a apt-get upgrade and it broke mythtv. Where can I file a bug report?18:07
TuxCrafterhi guys, what is the packagename for the program that gives you the packagename on the terminal when you try to run a program that is not installed18:28
DrHalanhey, if i go on network it doesnt show anything not even my own machine18:30
TuxCrafterfound it18:31
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bmk789should i be filing bug reports for hardy?19:32
Picibmk789: Yes....19:32
bmk789because when i tried amarok they plastered all over "do NOT file bug reports!"19:33
zniavrehello (im french sorry for my english) each reboot the network is down i need to restart it manually by the network tool19:34
zniavreis it a known bug?19:34
Picibmk789: I can't inform you about amarok, but we do want other bugs to be logged, please search though before logging in order to decrease duplicates19:35
bmk789would someone have deleted the bug i submitted earlier?  it seems to be gone19:37
Picibmk789: It may have been marked as a duplicate, and would be hidden from the default search paramteters19:37
bmk789the was only one other bug about the program and it wasnt a duplicate19:38
Picibmk789: Do you remember the bug ID?19:39
bmk789the number?19:39
Picibug 19837319:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 198373 in ubuntu "Hamachi affects network connection in Hardy" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19837319:40
bmk789can anyone verify bug 19848619:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 198486 in firefox "Firefox 3 Huge Toolbars" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19848619:59
nerdygirl_ellieGood afternoon.20:22
nerdygirl_ellieAt some point in the last few updates, pressing the power button on my laptop has ceased to bring up the log out/turn off/reboot/lock screen window.  Can anyone here confirm if it still works for them before I open a ticket?20:23
nerdygirl_ellieIf it's relevant, my system HH Alpha upgraded from GG from FF from EE.20:24
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Assidi did a booboo20:32
kingrayrayfirefox 3 is crashing a lot today lol20:40
Assidi did a big mistake20:41
kingrayraywhat did you do?20:42
Assidi moved my desktop back to windows..20:42
Assidand the fonts suck20:42
kingrayraythat certainly is a big mistake20:42
Assidsoo freaking "HARD"20:42
Assidso now i got a headache20:42
Assidand i cant move back to linux20:42
Assidso im kinda in a mess20:42
Assidoh yeah.. against all odds, linux supports my hardware better than windows does20:43
Assidso the next person who speaks to me and tells me linux hardware issues.. im gonna kick their ass20:43
Assidi needed 8mb "drivers"  for my printer20:44
Hydrogenyes, because obviously your experiences are the only experiences to ever matter20:44
Assidwell.. not saying there are issues. but seriously.. when ym webcam decides to work better.. my printer works PnP.. you go get annoyed20:45
Assidwebcam refresh rates were so messed up.. almost a second + of lag. and thats local20:46
Assidanwyasy.. forget all that20:47
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lucasvoI heard that parallels workstation is available for ubuntu. will it also be available on hardy heron as soon as it's released? does anyone know where I can find more information?21:50
nerdygirl_ellieAt some point in the last few updates, pressing the power button on my laptop has ceased to bring up the log out/turn off/reboot/lock screen window.  Can anyone here confirm if it still works for them before I open a ticket?21:54
nerdygirl_ellielucasvo: I have heard the rumor as well, but can't find any real info on it.21:54
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
nerdygirl_ellieHi!  My power button doesn't pull up the "shut down" menu anymore.  Can someone on HH try it and see if it pulls up the menu for them?  I don't know if I broke something or I need to open a ticket.21:58
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
Adysnerdygirl_ellie: Works fine here22:09
Adyscheck System -> Preferences -> Power Management22:10
nerdygirl_ellieAdys: Thanks.  I must have broken something.... When was your last apt-get update/grade cycle?22:10
Adysdoublecheck in the general tab, When the power button is pressed22:10
Adysabout 15 mins ago22:10
nerdygirl_ellieCurious.  My power button action is still set to "ask me".22:11
Adystry set it to something else and back again22:11
nerdygirl_ellieNope.  Oh well.22:11
AdysCant be much more help. Reboot and if you manage to reproduce it, file a bug22:12
nerdygirl_ellieThanks Adys22:17
gilHi hi - anybody know if we're going to see the new style applications menu any time soon?22:25
DigitalNinjaI'm trying to get a Bluetooth headset working in Hardy. My Belken USB Bluetooth adapter was working but now it doesn't. When I plug it in and run lsusb I get nothing. When I remove it lsusb works. What's going on here?22:30
Lennybuntuhi guys.. weird thing just happened.  I'm running hardy alpha on my laptop.. I just downloaded the updates, rebooted, and now my screen is set to its dimmest setting.  When i use the function keys to adjust the brightness, it gets brighter as I turn it down, like the settings are reversed.  any thoughts?22:38
AmaranthWhoa, you have an LCD that emits darkons22:39
AmaranthSorry, had to say it :)22:39
Lennybuntuheh :)22:39
Lennybuntualso, the screen keeps automatically jumping back to full brightness (or should I say dimness) after about 1 minute22:40
Amaranthyeah, gnome-power-manager is funny like that22:43
Amaranthit's probably the "Dim on idle" setting doing that last bit22:43
crimsun_Lennybuntu: known, fixed in hal.22:45
crimsun_(not available in hardy yet)22:45
Lennybuntuawesome, thanks.22:45
crimsun_hmph, this is silly.  I can't tell if linux, xserver-xorg-video-intel, mesa, compiz, compiz-fusion-plugins-{main,extra} is to blame for these glitches with compiz.22:52
ethana2it's very unlikely to be the kernel22:52
ethana2and mesa can't even run compiz22:52
ethana2if it is the plugins, disable them one by one and see if anything changes22:53
crimsun_ethana2: I can't rule out the recent i915+drm updates in linux.22:53
ethana2I see22:53
ethana2turn on dtrace22:53
ethana2oh wait22:53
ethana2yeah.........  do we even have dtrace yet?22:54
crimsun_systemtap won't really help here; I'd need a serial console and kdump.22:54
ethana2well good luck..22:54
crimsun_meh, it's simple to work around.  Disable compiz.22:55
ethana2does metacity have compositing merged yet?22:55
ethana2i mainly just use compiz to kill all visual tearing and enable 2d translucency22:55
Amaranthethana2: mesa can run compiz22:55
ethana2it can??22:55
Amaranthethana2: and yes, metacity has a compositor22:56
Amarantha simple xrender-based one22:56
ethana2what, are you on an octal core CPU?22:56
crimsun_metacity (1:2.21.5-0ubuntu1) hardy.22:56
ethana2does it perform well?22:56
crimsun_"- This version support composite, its off by default"22:56
Amaranthethana2: i didn't say it could run it well22:56
ethana2oh, ok22:56
Amaranthethana2: if you have decent renderaccel22:56
AmaranthSo no if you have an r300 or newer, I guess22:56
ethana2it'll be nice to unify all that with gallium...22:56
AmaranthYes if you have nvidia or intel22:56
ethana2make life so much simpler22:57
Amaranthand actually last time i checked mesa's software implementation of texture_from_pixmap was actually broken22:57
Amaranthso you get white windows or some such thing22:57
Amaranthbut it does start22:57
Amaranththus the driver whitelist ;)22:58
gilIs anybody here using the binary nonfree Nvidia driver that can check something for me before I report it as a bug?23:05
LjLguerby: hi23:10
sliptteesrene@ubuntu:~$ sudo su23:11
sliptteessudo: unable to resolve host ubuntu23:11
sliptteesrene@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get update23:11
sliptteessudo: unable to resolve host ubuntu23:11
sliptteessomeone can help :S23:16
sliptteesi can't using gnome-terminal :-(23:16
Laser87slipttees: install xterm^^23:25
scizzo-slipttees: what do you mean with not being able to use the terminal?23:26
sliptteesrene@ubuntu:~$ sudo gedit /etc/hosts23:26
sliptteessudo: unable to resolve host ubuntu23:26
scizzo-slipttees: sounds like a completely new user...23:27
Picislipttees: I've already explained to you what you need to do in #ubuntu23:27
scizzo-slipttees: or you are using the live CD?23:27
sliptteesscizzo-: i'm using hardy23:27
Picislipttees: Why?23:27
sliptteesPici: ok ok23:27
Pici!hardy | slipttees23:28
sliptteesi can't waiting :d23:28
ubotuslipttees: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu23:28
sliptteesPici: i can't waiting for due april 208 :D23:28
sliptteeshttp://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/hardy/restricted/binary-i386/Packages.bz2  Hash Sum mismatch23:29
scizzo-slipttees: then you should also no that there is no garantee for it to work properly right?23:29
PiciHardy is NOT meant for new users.23:29
sliptteesi'm not new user ;-)23:30
slipttees4.10 has using :D23:30
scizzo-anyone heard anything about firefox3 beta 4 yet?23:31
Arwenhas anyone else noticed that the "Monitor/Display" control panel in KDE doesn't work anymore?23:32
ethana2scizzo-: yes23:34
ethana2they're doing a quality test friday from 7 to 5.. don't know what time zone23:34
ethana2it should be out saturday or sunday23:34
ethana2i eagerly await it23:35
ethana2the first thing I'm going to do with it is take it to acid323:35
scizzo-well lets hope it gets a good review23:37

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