troy_sLines on Murrine tabs erm... should go?04:40
troy_sCimi> quite ugly, I have a lot of better colorschemes04:40
troy_sSure... ugly... from a guy who is using a wallpaper that looks like it was created with a crayon.  *sigh*.  WTF does ugly mean?  Anyone?04:41
_MMA_troy_s: I think quite often with Cimi there's a language barrier and he would choose his words better if he could.04:44
troy_s_MMA_: I am pretty sure 'ugly' means the same.  I just find it of questionable aesthetics when someone forwards an opinion and well... still puts some rather dated effects into their work.04:45
troy_s_MMA_: But you and I speak the same language on that.04:45
troy_s_MMA_: Side note -- ghosts is down.04:45
troy_s_MMA_: Three times the expected response.04:45
thorwil_MMA_: hi! so you can render my SVG? do you like the direction?16:55

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