mbradyanybody have time for a newbie question02:31
mbradydon't know if this is the right forum02:31
naliothmbrady: /topic02:36
mbradyokay, so I'm a *nix moron02:36
mbradydon't know if I need to download desktop or server edition of ubuntu02:37
mbradyI have a business intelligence suite (open source)02:37
mbradythat's running on Windows02:37
mbradyand I want to duplicate on ubuntu02:37
mbradyapp server is jboss with a MySQL backend02:38
mbradyI'm building this out for demo purposes, so I'd think I'd go server addition02:38
mbradythanks but02:41
mbradydoesn't really help02:41
naliothi'm not sure what you're asking02:41
naliothbut there are over 1200 folks in #ubuntu that can help you02:41
mbradyokie dokie02:42
mbradythat's why I'm throwing the question out02:42
mbradyI'll poke around02:42
mbradythanks again nalioth02:43
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