CarlFKhttp://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate  "they move on to become Specs, "  https://www-admin.ubuntu.com/aunchpad.net/ubuntu/+specs05:33
CarlFK"Authorization Required "05:34
kgoetzhehe. oops.05:34
CarlFKshould I file a bug report?05:34
CarlFKwhat package?05:41
kgoetzi think theres an ubuntu-doc package05:43
mdkeCarlFK: it's the ubuntu-website product08:14
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CarlFK"ubuntu-website" does not exist in Ubuntu. Please choose a different package. If you're unsure, please select "I don't know"11:01
sommerhey all, is there a macro, or whatever, that will insert the latest kernel version?  similar to &distro-rev...15:10
mdkeCarlFK: it's not an Ubuntu package (because the website isn't in the Ubuntu distro), it's a project in itself22:39
mdkesommer: check in global.ent22:40
CarlFKmdke: ah. got it.  thanks22:40
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sommermdke: linux-kernel-version... perfect!23:28

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