beunoRinchen, ping for tomorrow so I don't forget. Who can I bug to get Planet Ubuntu Argentina included in the "Solar System" on planet.ubuntu.org?  it's in: http://ubuntu-ar.org/planet/01:13
mdkebeuno: you can do it yourself I think - https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~planet-ubuntu/config/main (reference - wiki.u.c/PlanetUbuntu08:16
Rinchenbeuno, elmo08:48
Rinchenbeuno, just ask lifeless about it and he'll point you to him08:49
beunomdke, thanks, but it seems I can't. That's just to add people to the planet, the side bar seems to be somewhere else09:17
beunoRinchen, will do, thanks :D09:17
mdkebeuno: ah, I thought it was in the html template22:38
mdke(the description suggests that it is in the branch)22:38
beunomdke, it seems it's not, and I couldn't find elmo22:39
beunoI suppose I shoudl file a bug22:39
mdkebeuno: an rt request, I suppose22:39
beunomdke, where wold I file that?22:40
mdkebeuno: you send an email to rt@ubuntu.com22:40
beunomdke, will do, thanks. (although I've heard it's a bit of a black hole)22:42
mdkeit's the only way22:42
mdkealthough maybe matt nuzum has access to planet, if you catch him then you might be able to expedite it22:43
beunomdke, will try that, thanks.22:45
mdkeideally, that bit would go in the branch too, I think22:46
mdkewith ubuntu-it we use a branch for the config/hackergotchis and another for the stylesheet/templates for the web team22:46
mdkethat would work22:47
beunowould be much more flexible22:47
beunobtw, are you dropping by one of these days?22:47
mdkei was meaning to drop Rinchen an email to ask about his availability22:48
mdkei'll do that tomorrow and we can hopefully hook something up22:48
Rinchenoh rly22:48
RinchenI'm available tomorrow and Saturday presently22:48
Rinchenwe have some stuff going on thurs and fri22:49
mdkehmm, saturday is a distinct possibility22:50
mdkealthough is beuno still around?22:50
beunomy plane leaves saturday 5pmish22:50
beunoso it would be more like a breakfeast  :p22:51
RinchenI'm an old bald fat guy...nobody really wants to meet me for a beer except the other old guys. :-)22:51
mdkei can't do breakfast on saturday22:51
mdketomorrow evening might be possible, but my wife has been a bit poorly recently so I might want to come home early22:52
Rinchenmdke, we might be able to Fri evening....it's the close of sprint party22:52
Rinchenalthough beuno and I might be in different pubs22:52
mdkeRinchen: ok, i'll drop you both an email tomorrow and we'll play it by ear22:54
Rinchenmdke, if you get off work early, I can probably get you into the building22:54
mdkefat chance of that :(22:55
Rinchenmdke, or just ring me. I'm one room over from beuno22:55
mdkeah right22:55
beunoRinchen, I guess we can coordinate going to the same pub. I'm rotating with what people I eat with so I get to meet everybody22:56
Rinchenbeuno, I wanted to sit in on your sprint but have been so busy I don't think I'll get the chance22:57
Rinchenok, I'm off...see y'all tomorrow22:59
beunoRinchen, right, you seemed pretty busy too22:59
beunocya tomorrow22:59

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