TheMusoWell well well. I got accessibility working from wubi, with a little command-line hackery. Need to try it without hackery first, to make sure it isn't a flook.! :)05:19
evandTheMuso: you managed to fix the command line getting truncated at 256 bytes bug?06:10
TheMusoevand: Not quite. I switched the access=* around with the --06:11
TheMusoThe -- means nothing, so as long as access=* comes before that, we should be fine.,06:11
evandMy understanding was that anything after the -- was carried over to the installed system.06:11
TheMusoJust confirmed it without touching a thing. Gets truncated at access=06:11
evandindeed, I haven't found a fix for that yet.06:11
TheMusoHrm right.06:12
TheMusoIts probably an internal kernel thing I'm guessing.06:12
evandI believe it's grub4dos, as the problem does not exist outside of Wubi.06:12
TheMusoAlternatively, have you considered putting a lot of the stuff thats currently on the command line, into a file, instead of on the command-line? Stuff like locale, keyboard, etc.06:13
evandindeed grub4dos has the kernel command line statically set to 256 bytes, but we patched it to match regular grub.  The problem still exists however.06:13
TheMusoYeah you said as much.06:13
evandTheMuso: I imagine those options are carried over from when Wubi used the alternate CD06:13
evandBut that would be a nice temporary workaround.06:14
TheMusoevand: Right, because thats another option, and I think wubi should detect what CD is being used, and act accordingly///06:14
evandI don't believe it even uses the alternate CD anymore.06:14
TheMusoAh ok.06:14
TheMusoMakes sense.06:15
evandI'll mention the idea of moving the locale and keyboard into the preseed file to Ago tomorrow (er, later today :) )06:16
TheMusoOk, because I think its our best bet, as they really don't need to be on the command-line, IMO.06:17
evandindeed, though I'd still like to fix that bug as it's eventually going to bite us again, I imagine.06:17
TheMusoLikely enough, yes.06:18
superm1cjwatson, could you tell me what part of d-i is causing this stub to come up? http://imagebin.org/1453407:32
superm1we don't need language support in our alternate disk (and languages are not in our seeds), so it'd be more ideal for that to not show07:32
cjwatsonsuperm1: that's pkgsel; preseed pkgsel/install-language-support to true or false (I assume false) to get rid of it08:34
cjwatson256 bytes> odd, the kernel has #define COMMAND_LINE_SIZE 204808:36
tjaaltoncjwatson: is there something missing that prevents using relatime by default? didn't we decide that it would be good to have?-)09:20
cjwatsonmostly, a technical difficulty inside partman with regard to picking any default mount options09:26
cjwatsonmight be able to do something though09:27
tjaaltoncjwatson: partman-base?09:31
cjwatsonno, a mix of other partman-*09:32
cjwatsonp.s. please don't reassign stuff to plain 'partman' - it doesn't exist09:32
cjwatsonI'll have a look at it09:33
tjaaltonyeah, there was some bug recently..09:33
cjwatsonI know, I've got it here09:34
tjaaltonah so it was exactly this one :)09:34
* tjaalton handles too many bugs..09:34
tjaaltonanyway, thanks for having a stab at it09:36
CIA-24user-setup: cjwatson * r99 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog functions.sh):10:15
CIA-24user-setup: * Make is_system_user always return false if OVERRIDE_SYSTEM_USER is set10:15
CIA-24user-setup:  (LP: #153310).10:15
CIA-24user-setup: cjwatson * r100 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.16ubuntu510:19
CIA-24oem-config: cjwatson * r424 oem-config/ (debian/changelog scripts/user-setup-wrapper):10:25
CIA-24oem-config: * Allow user creation even if a non-system user already exists (thanks,10:25
CIA-24oem-config:  Torsten Spindler; LP: #153310).10:25
* cjwatson blinks10:56
cjwatson'EXT3-fs: Unrecognized mount option "relatime" or missing value'10:56
cjwatsonI thought we had all the support we needed?10:56
cjwatsonoh, maybe mount is supposed to translate it10:57
xivulonwhat this the max strlen for the kernel commandline options?11:06
xivulonseems to be 2048, but I still get a truncated string at 256, evand had a patch for grub4dos11:10
xivulonwill need to recheck my testing rig11:11
cjwatsonas far as the kernel itself goes I believe it is 2048; there are several places along the way it could be truncated though11:13
CIA-24partman-partitioning: cjwatson * r666 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog free_space/new/do_option):13:15
CIA-24partman-partitioning: * When creating a new filesystem, set the default mount options to the13:15
CIA-24partman-partitioning:  contents of /lib/partman/mountoptions/${fs}_defaults if it exists13:15
CIA-24partman-partitioning:  (LP: #160450).13:15
CIA-24partman-partitioning: cjwatson * r667 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 54ubuntu313:16
CIA-24debian-installer: cjwatson * r892 ubuntu/debian/changelog: * No-change rebuild to pick up new components (busybox 1:1.1.3-5ubuntu12).13:32
CIA-24partman-basicfilesystems: cjwatson * r556 ubuntu/ (mountoptions/ext2_defaults debian/changelog): * Default to mounting ext2 with relatime (LP: #160450).13:34
evandthe kernel itself is 4096 on x86, iirc.14:06
CIA-24partman-basicfilesystems: cjwatson * r557 ubuntu/debian/ (changelog partman-basicfilesystems.templates): * Add Choices-C entries for mount options.14:07
xivulondo you rekon it is better to try to fix the truncation or do a workaround to shorten the cmdline?14:11
xivulonI mean, of course the first option is better, but not sure what sort of work is involved (wrt "several places").14:12
evandI think we should go with the workaround anyway (as discussed in PM, we're not using the alternate CD), but continue to try and find the source of the bug.14:13
evandlocale and layout can be preseeded in the preseed file on the desktop CD.  The accessibility stuff needs to remain on the kernel cmdline though.14:14
evandAs it's part of casper.14:14
xivulonI'd need "initrd" preseeding, in the sense that the settings are read in casper-premount off hard disk14:16
xivulonDo not think that any question is really needed before casper-premount14:17
xivulonmight even be possible to pass accessibility stuff in there14:17
xivulonAlso in lupin, we might want shorter aliases for "iso-scan/filename" and "debian-installer/custom-installation"14:18
xivulonI'd suggest "isoscan" and "c-i"14:18
evandThe accessibility stuff has to be on the kernel cmdline, aiui.  I don't think shorter aliases are necessary.  Moving the locale and layout preseeded questions to a file should be sufficient.14:20
xivulonIn my case locale/layout/variant are also in preseed, the preseed file is copied to initrd / during casper-premount and the options are imported in casper-bottom (iirc)14:21
xivulonithat basically should be +/- equivalent to initrd preseeding14:22
cjwatsoncasper could process the accessibility stuff when reading the preseed file14:22
xivulonyes, that is something I was thinking14:22
cjwatsonputting the locale in the preseed file doesn't actually work right now, I think, but could be made to14:23
xivulonas mentioned the preseed file is first seen in casper-premount but processed in casper-bottom14:23
cjwatsonI would definitely recommend finding the source of the truncation; that causes all kinds of irritating problems14:24
evandI'm confused, are you saying we modify casper to do such a thing?  Because the accessibility stuff isn't a debconf question.  Also, I thought the locale in the preseed file worked as we're using the desktop CD and the preseed file doesn't get read until very late anyway.14:24
tjaaltonsyslinux should allow at least 512 chars14:24
cjwatsonevand: oh, good point14:24
evandindeed, I shared that thought last night.14:24
cjwatson(not in debconf)14:24
evandI know it will bite us eventually :)14:25
xivulonI could grep out the relevant values from the preseed or another file and set things separately in pre-mount14:25
evandAs it stands we're only two characters shy of fitting the whole thing, I don't think drastic measures are needed.  Stripping out the debconf preseeds should be more than sufficient.14:26
xivuloncjwatson locale preseeding does not work, what about keyboard layout/variant?14:26
xivulondo I need commandline too for those14:26
xivulonevand I think we need a bit more than 2 chars, particularly if we want accessibility in there14:27
xivulonwe now also have "noprompt" in there14:28
evandah, I forgot about that.  Still, that's 11 bytes.  The debconf questions still cover that.14:28
evandthe removal of them, that is.14:29
xivulonevand can you have a quick wubi run and let me know what things should be removed from commandline and what added to preseed?14:30
evandwill do14:30
xivulonif you press esc at boot you also have options such as vebose mode ans safe graphic mode that may add a few bytes14:30
xivulonrelevant files are /ubuntu/install/boot/grub/menu.lst and /ubuntu/install/custom-installation/preseed.cfg14:31
evandtjaalton: my suspicion is that it's grub4dos' fault.  syslinux works fine, but wubi doesn't make use of it.14:32
evandcjwatson: so you suggested that I was correct about the accessibility stuff, but is there a problem with preseeding locale in a file for ubiquity that I'm not seeing?14:36
tjaaltonevand: ah, right14:37
cjwatsonevand: locale is configured in 14locales; preseed file is read in 24preseed and doesn't duplicate the work14:38
cjwatsonit will preseed it successfully for ubiquity, probably, but not for the running live system14:38
evandah, hrm.14:39
xivulonwill send an email to bean123/tinybit14:47
tjaaltonhmm, partman-auto/purge_lvm_from_device doesn't seem to work anymore, what's the replacement?14:48
evandThe longest option is 298 bytes.  Removing console-setup/layoutcode and console-setup/variant code brings us down to 243.15:13
xivulonwill upload the changes tonight15:20
superm1cjwatson, thanks.  would you mind merging that from the debian-cd branch at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/debian-cd/mythbuntu-debiancd/15:26
superm1 then?15:26
evandwhich reminds me, I need to dig for those instructions now that I have my IRC server back up and running.15:30
cjwatsonsuperm1: done15:30
superm1i might have a few more task related questions, but we'll see how the next daily pans out now15:31
evandcjwatson: what are your thoughts on having a wubi download link on ubuntu.com?16:00
evandpersonally I like the idea16:01
xivulonas mentioned at UDS, I'd be glad to donate/redirect wubi-installer.org domain16:01
evandas does xivulon :)16:01
xivulon...and xivulon wife (most importantly)...16:01
CIA-24oem-config: evand * r425 oem-config/ (debian/changelog lib/frontend/gtk_ui.py lib/zoommap.py): * Port zoommap fixes from ubiquity.16:11
CIA-24ubiquity: evand * r2537 ubiquity/ (d-i/manifest debian/changelog debian/control):16:18
CIA-24ubiquity: * Automatic update of included source packages: choose-mirror16:18
CIA-24ubiquity:  2.19ubuntu2, console-setup 1.21ubuntu4, localechooser 1.42ubuntu2,16:18
CIA-24ubiquity:  partman-base 114ubuntu3, partman-basicmethods 38ubuntu1, partman-jfs16:18
CIA-24ubiquity:  25, partman-partitioning 54ubuntu3, partman-target 54ubuntu1, user-16:18
CIA-24ubiquity:  setup 1.16ubuntu5.16:18
CIA-24ubiquity: evand * r2538 ubiquity/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.7.1516:42
CIA-24ubiquity: evand * r2539 ubiquity/ (configure configure.ac): Bump to 1.7.1616:44
evandcjwatson: any objection to me putting out a new oem-config?16:45
cjwatsongo ahead16:45
evandthanks, will do16:48
CIA-24oem-config: evand * r426 oem-config/ (d-i/manifest debian/changelog):16:49
CIA-24oem-config: * Automatic update of included source packages: console-setup16:49
CIA-24oem-config:  1.21ubuntu4, user-setup 1.16ubuntu5.16:49
cr3dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg does not seem to prompt for the video driver anymore, is this a known change?17:03
cjwatsonthat sort of thing is entirely up to the package's maintainer scripts17:04
cr3thanks, I thought it might've been a debconf thing because specifying -plow didn't change anything. actually, specifying -pfoo had the same effect and didn't give any errors17:06
cjwatsonit's not a debconf problem17:09
cjwatson-plow doesn't invent questions that the maintainer scripts don't ask. :-)17:09
CIA-24oem-config: evand * r427 oem-config/ (configure configure.ac): Bump to 1.3217:11
CIA-24oem-config: evand * r428 oem-config/ (debian/changelog gui/glade/step_timezone.glade):17:11
CIA-24oem-config: * Use a GtkEventBox rather than a GtkScrolledWindow for the tzmap to17:11
CIA-24oem-config:  match ubiquity (LP: #198179)17:11
evandcjwatson: did you miss the question about a link to wubi on the ubuntu.com site, or is it something that you need to give some thought?17:12
cjwatsonI don't feel strongly; newz2000 would be the one to ask17:26
evandindeed, had already planned on it, just wanted to run it by you first17:30
evandok, thanks17:30
evandxivulon: if you could start a conversation with Matthew Nuzum for what you'd like to have done and CC me on it, I'd very much appreciate it.17:31
xivulonwill do17:31
CIA-24debian-installer: cjwatson * r893 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 20070308ubuntu3220:10
TheMusoI'd be happy to help change the accessibility code to read from the preceed file if that makes things any easier...20:14
CIA-24partman-basicfilesystems: cjwatson * r558 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 56ubuntu320:16
CIA-24partman-ext3: cjwatson * r731 ubuntu/debian/ (changelog partman-ext3.templates): * Add Choices-C entries for mount options.20:20
CIA-24partman-ext3: cjwatson * r732 ubuntu/ (mountoptions/ext3_defaults debian/changelog): * Default to mounting ext3 with relatime (LP: #160450).20:20
CIA-24partman-ext3: cjwatson * r733 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 49ubuntu220:20
CIA-24partman-jfs: cjwatson * r719 ubuntu/debian/ (changelog partman-jfs.templates): * Add Choices-C entries for mount options.20:21
CIA-24partman-jfs: cjwatson * r720 ubuntu/ (mountoptions/jfs_defaults debian/changelog): * Default to mounting jfs with relatime (LP: #160450).20:21
CIA-24partman-jfs: cjwatson * r721 ubuntu/debian/control: Ubuntu maintainer address20:21
CIA-24partman-jfs: cjwatson * r722 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 25ubuntu120:22
CIA-24partman-reiserfs: cjwatson * r798 ubuntu/debian/ (changelog partman-reiserfs.templates): * Add Choices-C entries for mount options.20:22
CIA-24partman-reiserfs: cjwatson * r799 ubuntu/ (mountoptions/reiserfs_defaults debian/changelog): * Default to mounting reiserfs with relatime (LP: #160450).20:22
CIA-24partman-reiserfs: cjwatson * r800 ubuntu/debian/control: Ubuntu maintainer address20:22
CIA-24partman-reiserfs: cjwatson * r801 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 39ubuntu120:23
CIA-24partman-xfs: cjwatson * r751 ubuntu/debian/ (changelog partman-xfs.templates): * Add Choices-C entries for mount options.20:23
CIA-24partman-xfs: cjwatson * r752 ubuntu/ (mountoptions/xfs_defaults debian/changelog): * Default to mounting xfs with relatime (LP: #160450).20:23
CIA-24partman-xfs: cjwatson * r753 ubuntu/debian/control: Ubuntu maintainer address20:24
CIA-24partman-xfs: cjwatson * r754 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 35ubuntu120:25
twbI'm having trouble customizing the live system so it has both the correct time and the correct timezone.20:30
twbSimply fixing the /etc/localtime link within filesystem.squashfs and deleting the casper-bottom/02timezone script (and rebuilding the ramdisk) results in the correct timezone, but the wrong actual time -- until I run `ntpdate-debian -u' from the running live system.20:31
evandTheMuso: Thanks, but I don't think it will be necessary and I'd like to avoid making any large changes like that as part of the workaround.20:37
TheMusoevand: Fair enough, I'm of the same thought as well, but if there is no other options...20:38
evandTheMuso: indeed :)20:45
TheMusoevand: Had a chance to do any dmraid testing?20:46
evandTheMuso: thought you might ask.  That's my plan for all of this evening leading up to the meeting.  I only just got settled in and unpacked yesterday.20:47
TheMusoevand: Fair enough, I'll be around if you need me.20:48
TheMusoAs for getting it into hardy however, thats another story. The support folks don't feel that its something that they want to support, especially since it may give Ubuntu more of a bad rep t han anything. The example given was someone using fakeraid who has/gets a support contract with Canonical...20:50
twbCorrect me if I'm wrong, but surely the OS just sees a normal disk when using fakeraid?20:54
TheMusotwb: No thats not the case at all.20:55
TheMusotwb: Fakeraid is made up with a BIOS that writes special metadata to the hard disks, and in Windows' case, drivers that read that metadata and transparently handle the RAID functionality.20:56
cjwatsonif that were the case, it would be easy :-/20:56
TheMusocjwatson: Exactly.20:56
cjwatsonfrom everything that's been said, I'm coming round to deferring it20:58
cjwatsonwhich is a shame, but we *did* start on it kind of late, and didn't promise anything20:58
TheMusoYeah its a shame, as I do have a slight vested interest in it also. I am tracking upstream progress however, and will keep everybody posted, and will see what we can do for intrepid.21:00
twbOh well.  Fakeraid is pretty silly when you had md.21:01
TheMusotwb: Yes, but just about every consumer/prosumer/low-end server board comes with it these days, and most people don't know any; better.21:02
cjwatsonfrom the point of view of specifying a system, yes; from the point of view of having a fakeraid system already and trying to put Ubuntu on it ...21:02
TheMusoAnd yes, there is what cjwatson said regarding dual booting/installing Ubuntu onto an existing fakeraid.21:03
cjwatsonI'll find the master bug about dmraid support and pass it over to you (remind me if I don't); it could do with an "official"-looking update on status21:03
twbSo ubiquity supports md and lvm now?21:03
TheMusocjwatson: Ok.21:03
TheMusoevand: Nevertheless, it would be interesting to see how those fakeraid BIOSs you have behave, as well as any Windows tools that may be available for them.21:07
TheMusoAs we could at least mention something about different controllers.21:07
cjwatsontwb: no21:11
cjwatsonbut nor was it planned for it to support dmraid in this cycle21:12
cjwatson(the discussion above was just for dmraid support at all, and in d-i)21:12
twbFair enough.21:12
cjwatsonit's on my list for the 8.10 UDS21:12
evandTheMuso: indeed, I still plan on investigating this.21:12
cjwatsonUbuntu Developer Summit21:13
evandLVM and RAID in ubiquity is?21:13
cjwatsondmraid is21:13
evandah, indeed21:13
twbWell, I "fixed" my clock grief issue by running ntpdate-debian -s -u at the end of /etc/rc2.d.  That means something in rcS.d or rc2.d is doing something dumb w.r.t. the clock, and (bizarrely) ntpd -g isn't fixing it.21:15
TheMusocjwatson: I'd be happy to help/draft a spec for dmraid if need be.21:24
cjwatsonthat would be good21:26

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