sirex`Hello. I want to use #ubuntu-lt channel for Lithuanian LoCo Team meedings, but this channel is registered by some one else, who is last seen on Freenode more than year ago.14:53
LjLsirex`: hi. are you part of the lithuanian team?14:55
LjLsirex`: actually, i see that you are14:58
sirex`LjL: I am one of those, who trying to create Lithuanian Team.14:59
sirex`Is there ar chances, that I can get #ubuntu-lt ?14:59
LjLsirex`: is the current registrant (md5`) also in the team?14:59
sirex`I did not hear any thing about him.15:01
LjLsirex`: please, read this document about creating new ubuntu channels, and tell me if you have any questions: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/Coordination15:02
LjLsirex`, you probably want to add an entry for the channel here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat15:14
atoponceLjL: for requests, such as sirex`, do we send them to #freenode, to handle the channel ownership change, or can that be done here?20:19
PriceChildatoponce: it requires one of the council to request the ownership change, so here please.20:20
atoponceirc council?20:20
atoponcecool. thx20:20
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