cjbEvening.  My Dell m1330 takes 25 secs to resume from S3, with latest hardy, due to the SATA link timing out.  Is it known?  dmesg snippet at http://pastebin.com/m563c7f7901:11
mjg59cjb: I've seen that on other hardware, though mostly with older kernel.s01:20
mjg59cjb: Do you see the same with gutsy?01:20
cjbmjg59: Dunno, just got the laptop today and installed hardy.  Can find out, though.01:23
mjg59That'd be helpful. You should be able to check from the CD.01:24
mjg59If it's a regression, that makes life much easier. Otherwise, we need to spend a while working out what's going on :)01:25
mjg59Is this on every resume, or just the first?01:25
cjbmjg59: possibly every resume *after* the first.01:31
cjbwow, interrupt storm01:32
mjg59Hm. Interestiny.01:32
cjb    4 root      15  -5     0    0    0 R  100  0.0 169:56.08 ksoftirqd/0        01:32
mjg59Yeah, you lose. What interrupt?01:32
cjbnot sure: http://pastebin.com/m571fa88001:36
cjbstill spinning on ksoftirqd, but the only thing increasing significantly is the timer interrupt at about 100Hz01:41
mjg59cjb: Huh.01:41
mjg59That's all very weird.01:42
cjbworks fine with Fedora/Rawhide, for whatever that's worth.01:57
cjboh -- the Fedora install is 64-bit, and Hardy is 32-bit 2.6.24-11-generic.02:03
mjg59Hm. Kernel code should be generic.02:10
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ddahi everyone. not sure if such a question is ok here, but in #ubuntu nobody replies.. how to know what parameters can a kernel module accept? in particular, freq_table13:18
ddawow, that's really simple! thanks :)13:20
ddanow I see that there are no params for that module13:20
mathiazHi ! I'm currently reworking the wiki pages of the ServerTesting Team. I was wondering what is the minimal information needed when filing a bug about a failed installation ?15:01
mathiaz's that user tried to install alpha5 on a poweredge 1950 and network and disk were not detected15:02
rtgmjg59: BenC has promised to revisit the ACPI patch that I recently reverted for FTBS. cjwatson also mentioned that you had a VT switching patch ?15:17
BenCmathiaz: lspci and dmesg are important for those types of bugs16:00
BenCmathiaz: lspci -vvn to be exact16:01
mathiazBenC: lspci -vvnn or -vvn ?16:04
mathiazBenC: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeamBugPolicies advises -vvnn16:05
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mjg59rtg: Yeah. I'll send the VT switching patch.16:29
rtgmjg59: I'm gone Mar 6-26, but I'll make sure it gets on the kernel team ToDo list. Thanks.16:31
mario_limonciellrtg, are you already gone for vacation, or got time for a quick question?16:47
rtgmario_limonciell: still here for a couple more hours16:47
mario_limonciellrtg, would it be out of the question to merge sky2 from linus' branch? It appears to resolve some pending suspend issues.  There are a number of commits that we are missing, so i'm not sure particularly which one it is that resolves it16:48
rtgmario_limonciell: the best approach is either lum or lbm. It depends on how much change there has been.16:49
rtgmario_limonciell: on 2nd thought, let me look at it.16:50
rtgmario_limonciell: can you pop the sky2 driver into LUM, build it, and see if it solves your problems? There have been a lot of changes since 2.6.24. It may also be a candidate for LBM.16:55
mario_limonciellrtg, I rebuilt my linux-image with it in place and it appears to resolve the particular issue that we were having 16:55
mario_limonciellthere is still a different suspend issue that happens occassionally (even if that driver isn't loaded), but the symptoms that we get with that old driver loaded don't happen with the new one16:56
rtgmario_limonciell: the issue that I worry about is regressions if I put sky2 in the kernel (a non-elective package). Thats why I lean towards LBM.16:57
mario_limonciellrtg, understandable.  16:57
rtgmario_limonciell: its getting pretty late in the game for big changes.16:57
mario_limonciellrtg, well i'll see if I can narrow down to a commit or two that resolve it particularly16:57
mario_limonciellthere are some memory alignment commits that I was leaning towards16:58
mario_limonciellwe'd prefer to avoid lbm if possible this time around -16:58
rtgmario_limonciell: looking at the interwoven history of changes, that may be difficult.16:58
BenCsmb, cking, amitk, rtg: ping16:59
amitkBenC: here16:59
rtgBenC: yo17:00
ckingBenC: hi17:00
BenCWe'll get started and let smb catch up17:02
BenCOk, welcome to the kernel team meeting. We missed last week because the team was in Lexington for a sprint17:03
BenCDetails on out meetings can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Meeting17:03
BenCWe'll start of we individual status17:04
* BenC is not typing well today17:04
BenCI'll blame it on guitar hero17:04
BenCamitk: Want to go first?17:04
rtg'cause your fingers are bleeding?17:04
amitkMainly worked with the UME team to get a ubuntu mobile image out to Intel17:05
amitkhave been working to integrate newer version of wlan and DRM kernel drivers for the Intel "Atom" processors, as they are now called17:06
BenCamitk: How did the sprint work out for you last week? Did the time with the MID team help?17:07
amitknext up is to looks the USB_PERSIST that we need to enabled to get out of the box support for eee pc and some other machines out there17:07
BenCamitk: out-of-the-box, meaning "with the right kernel param", right? :)17:07
amitkthe sprint helped in clarifying the roles of kernel team and the mid teams. They have to do some of the lifting to ensure the Ubuntu has the latest drivers17:08
amitkBenC: I am shooting for "enabled-via-sysfs"17:08
amitkThat's it from my end17:08
BenCok, thanks17:09
BenCrtg: time to hear from you17:09
rtgBesides a zillion bugs and patches applied, the single biggest thing I've worked on is the ABI breakage fixes.17:09
rtgsee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Sprints/Feb2008/HeadersABI17:10
rtgOther then that, its just the minutia of kernel builds, uploads, ABI bumps.17:10
BenCOh, for anyone wanting to see what happened at the sprint, here's the low down: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Sprints/Feb200817:10
rtgI'm gone Mar 6-26.17:10
rtgthats all from me.17:11
BenCrtg: thanks17:11
BenCcking: So how have things been going with you?17:12
ckingOK - working through the list of kernel bugs, the usual, patching, building, etc.. 17:12
cking..working out a better work flow now that I getting familiar with git and the various build machines17:13
BenCcking: Preempted my next question :) Are you finding enough to do in general?17:13
ckingYes.. and no.  Started to run a bit low end of last week.. ..but Monday comes around with more bugs..17:15
cking..are there any extra "challenges" then?17:15
BenCOk, ping me anytime if you find yourself running low17:16
BenCGenerally the blueprint list fills in, but this close to release, we don't have that anymore17:16
cking..well I did look at a few other kernel issues not listed on the bug list to get my karma rating up :-)17:16
BenCcking: yeah, definitely don't let the hardy-buglist be your only source for bugs...there's lots more out there :)17:17
BenCcking: ok, thanks17:17
amitkcking: I am sure the MID guys would love to see you around too :)17:17
ckingamitk: yeah - how do I get my teeth into that domain?17:18
amitkcking: you, Ben and I can perhaps discuss this offline17:18
BenCOne thing would be to get the stock+build-system tree up for intrepid/lpia17:19
BenCfor the MID/UME folks17:19
BenCAlright, not much to say about the bug list from last week except that we completely kicked its ass17:20
ckingIts a good feeling to do that17:20
smbOh well, just in case someones interested. ;-) I did mostly bugs. Beside of several smaller bugs, the one which was bigger timewise was the patchset for the i915. Otherwise trying to solve a duplicate vendor id issue upstream and evaluated how to get lum builds without installing the headers (for porter machines and build scripts).17:20
BenCSo great work there...only one bug got carried over from last week, and it's In-Progress17:20
BenCsmb: Ah, you're here...ok...17:20
smbYes, sorry. Failed to ping17:21
amitkBenC: right. I cloned Linus' tree and copied over the debian/ dir. But it needs compile testing before pushing out the interpid trees.17:21
BenCamitk: ok, good start, we'll keep that moving to hand over to MID/UME at UDS17:22
amitk As the plan stands, UME Interpid and Ubuntu Interpid will have identical git trees. I'll push something out next week.17:22
BenCOk, that brings the primary agenda to an end...17:23
BenCFirst thing I'd like to address is rtg being out for March 6-26...we will be in a general kernel freeze till hardy release, so there wont be much outside of critical bug fixing during that time17:24
BenCbut we have some CVE work and testing (LTS=>LTS mainly) to handle, so the rest of us will have to pull his weight17:24
rtgactually, I'm out Mar 5-26.17:25
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BenCOk, so we wont see you after today until you are sun dried and fat from eating rattle snakes :)17:25
rtgI'm getting short timers attitude.17:25
BenCThe other thing I want to point out is that we, the kernel team, have been slipping again on using this channel for general discussions17:27
BenCI'm just as guilty (and probably to blame) for it...but we need to make a strong effort to keep discussions here and be more transparent17:27
BenCAnd with that, I'd like to know if anyone has anything they would like to discuss17:29
smbHm, not currently17:29
ckingNothing immediately comes to mind17:30
BenCThis would also be an opportune time for community to raise any issues17:30
BenCOk, thanks everyone...meeting is adjourned17:31
BenCHave a great week, and see everyone next week (except rtg)17:31
smbThanks. Till then17:31
smbrtg: Have a safe trip17:31
zulBenC: is there a chance for an iscsi fix im working on to get in for hardy?17:32
zulits basically a cherrypick17:33
rtgzul: request a pull so we can look at it.17:33
rtgzul: use the git protocol. I've found that http doesn't seem to work.17:34
zulrtg: yeah I always use git17:34
zuler...git protocol17:34
rtgzul: no, I mean in the pull request, e.g., git://kernel.ubuntu.com/zul/ubuntu-hardy-xen.git17:35
tjaaltonif you guys want a bug to work on, I've got a crasher which is confirmed :) (bug 189185)17:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189185 in linux "Thinkpad X61 hangs when removing from dock" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18918517:39
j4k3bBenC: do you have a second to talk privately?17:39
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Kanohi, why does nobody learn from former mistakes?20:40
Kanothat does not only disable the modules which are in lum when you use: # CONFIG_SOUND is not set20:41
Kanobut also the sound modules of video drivers20:41
Kanothat patch is crap20:42
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