Zelutpersia: ping00:00
james_wLaney: night. Good luck tomorrow.00:22
Fujitsudoko: Do we want to try to finish as much of the gfortran transition as possible for Hardy, or just get things installable as much as possible?00:48
LaserJockholy toledo Debian can be fast. avogadro just made it through NEW in 32 min. :-)01:05
bddebianHeya gang01:14
cody-somervilleHeya bddebian01:16
bddebianHi cody-somerville01:16
LaserJockhola Barry01:16
RAOFAloha bddebian, LaserJock.01:17
bddebianHi LaserJock, RAOF01:22
cody-somervilleI got an error when creating a pbuilder chroot in Hardy.01:33
mathiazcody-somerville: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-keyring/+bug/19811001:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 198110 in ubuntu-keyring "ubuntu-keyring doesn't install" [High,Triaged]01:37
cody-somervilleThere seems to be a lot of packages recently that seem broken because of a missing directory01:38
blueyedcody-somerville: workaround: "pbuilder login --save-after-login", then create the directory manually and exit.01:38
cody-somervilleblueyed, How can I login if I haven't created it yet? :P01:39
blueyedcody-somerville: sure, sorry.. I just had this during "pbuilder update", so.. but maybe "--bindmounts" can help you?01:41
cody-somervillePolicyKit, hal, and now ubuntu-keyring have broke recently because of a missing directory under /var01:50
ZelutRAOF: ping02:16
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RAOFZelut: Contextless pong!02:40
* Zelut loves the contextless pong.02:40
ZelutRAOF: I've got a merge update that needs some quick attention if you have a minute.02:41
ZelutRAOF: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/beagle/+bug/19371502:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193715 in beagle "Merge beagle 0.3.3-2 from Debian(Unstable)" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:41
jdongyou can hear the fight or flight process:02:49
jdong21:41 < RAOF> Possibly?02:49
ZelutI'd be cautious of volunteering blindly as well.02:49
jdongas we'd all :)02:55
Zelutsomeone on my loco does a lot of work with beagle and i promised him I'd try to forward his merge request.02:56
RAOFIt seems to be in the u-u-s queue.  It looks ok, from a cursory glance.02:57
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gmathtAtl2source won't build on Hardy (bug 190342). This is fixed upstream. Perhaps someone should repackage it?03:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190342 in atl2 "atl2-source to old for 2.6.24" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19034203:43
somerville32gmatht, file a bug? :)03:44
gmathtThe bug hasn't been triaged in the last month.03:45
gmathtPresumably the maintainer of atl2source is on holiday.03:45
gmathtSimply removing atl2-source from Hardy would reduce confusion.03:46
somerville32gmatht, what is the bug number?03:49
asantoniI've got a question for a MOTU, or anyone knowledgeable03:51
asantoniOne of my users reported a bug in a package, as well as the fix (the bug is present in gutsy and hardy)03:51
asantoniactually nm03:52
jdongwell that was anticlimactic03:53
gmathtbug 190342 : https://launchpad.net/bugs/19034204:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190342 in atl2 "atl2-source to old for 2.6.24" [Undecided,New]04:01
gmathtdidn't ubotu tell you the url?04:01
somerville32Okay, I'll request a sync with debian since they fix it04:13
RAOFCan someone recommend a not crap IMAP mail client for Gnome?04:20
* StevenK hides04:20
jdongRAOF: Evolution oh wait you said not.04:20
jdongRAOF: I use mutt because I've not found a single GUI client I'm satisfied with04:20
RAOFRight.  Thunderbird loses.04:21
jdongyeah thunderbird was better than Evo but still not great04:21
jdongI thought KMail was decent back when I used it though04:22
* StevenK is happy-ish with Thunderbird04:22
RAOF"I can't login because you've selected secure login and the server doesn't support it.  Please turn off secure login, and try again".04:22
StevenKRAOF: Is that with Thunderbird?04:22
RAOFIt's a stupid message.04:22
StevenKTLS or something different?04:23
RAOFSSL, I think.04:23
RAOFI don't really care whether the server (gmail) supports secure login or not - Thunderbird should do something smarter than that message.04:24
StevenKI can talk to an SSL server with Thunderbird04:24
jdonggmail runs TLS04:25
RAOFAnd SSL, apparently.04:28
superm1RAOF, i use gmail + thunderbird imap fine04:35
RAOFsuperm1: Yeah, you just need to uncheck the "use secure connection" button.04:37
RAOFThe actual point I was trying to convey was "why don't you just try _without_ that option, and give me a warning"?04:37
StevenKFile a bug? :-)04:37
somerville32RAOF, It should ask the user to first04:38
RAOFsomerville32: Certainly, give a warning.04:38
RAOFActually, better still: pop up "you've selected secure connection, but the server you're using doesn't support it. [Disable secure connection] [Cancel]"04:39
somerville32imap is so slow :(04:39
StevenK[Disable this time] [Disable in settings] [Cancel] ?04:39
RAOFBetter still.04:40
StevenKsomerville32: Oh, bullcrap. Try POP3 over a CDMA service.04:40
superm1RAOF, yeah that would be sensible though :)04:40
somerville32Everytime I've tried using a mail client over gmail's web interface, I switch back04:41
* somerville32 is actually setting up evolution as we speak to give it a try04:41
* StevenK doesn't have a gmail account.04:41
* StevenK doesn't really have any burning desire to get one04:42
RAOFThe web interface for gmail is very nearly great.04:42
RAOFI just _hate_ the things it gets wrong.04:42
superm1the nice thing about it is server side filtering04:43
RAOFWhich I still get when accessing it over IMAP.04:43
superm1just takes ages to get good filters04:43
superm1exactly :)04:43
RAOFEven if they have a dog-slow imap04:43
somerville32It doesn't help I have a few hundred thousand e-mails04:44
* RAOF has only 30K04:45
RAOFI'm surprised, actually.04:45
somerville32RAOF, that you have that many or that few?04:45
* StevenK is counting04:45
RAOFThat I have so few.04:46
StevenKA shade over 180,00004:46
somerville32RAOF, Clearly you're not subscribed to enough mailing lists.04:46
somerville32The next time you complain about mail volume, I'll remember this.04:46
RAOFI don't think you've ever heard me complain about mail volume :P04:47
RAOFSorry, closer to 100K.04:48
RAOFGmail seems to miscount.04:48
StevenKHeh, much easy doing it this way:04:48
StevenK% ssh enervated 'find Maildir -type f | wc -l'04:48
RAOFBut that doesn't allow you to have customised adds displayed in the margin of your email.04:49
StevenKI don't wants adds or ads in the margin of my e-mail.04:50
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RAOFStevenK: More XP!04:51
freeflyingbroonie: pong04:51
StevenKRAOF: WoW taught me adds are bad, anyway :-P04:51
superm1RAOF, gmail counts threads04:53
* somerville32 wonders why evolution thinks that some of his mail from gmail is from the year 203004:53
superm1not "emails"04:53
RAOFsuperm1: Of course, that's right.04:54
ScottKsomerville32: It's telling you you should be using Kmail.04:54
* RAOF installs KMail to give it a try.04:56
somerville32Having an offline client does make it to easier to browse your e-mails04:56
ScottKRAOF: If you want a full PIM (with caldenaring and all) install Kontact04:56
somerville32don't have to pan through groups of one hundred04:56
somerville32How do I get evolution to import my contacts from gmail?05:01
somerville32or does imap not support that?05:01
RAOFSo, thunderbird seems substantially faster than evolution (possibly because it doesn't yet have >100K messages in its database yet), but is ugly(er).05:02
RAOFIMAP probably does, gmail probably doesn't.05:02
FlannelIMAP just does mail.05:03
FlannelThere are some contact-over-imap sorts of things (Kolab, for instance)05:03
FlannelThere's also calendar-over-imap sort of thing, which... I can't remember if Kolab does it, or if ts called something else.05:04
superm1but there is the google calendar provider for gmail05:05
RAOFShouldn't a kontact crash pop up apport?05:39
ScottKNo.  KDE has it's own crash system that's not compatible or something like that.05:45
RAOFThat must make kubuntu bugs substantially harder to deal with.05:47
ScottKDunno.  The one bug I'm experiencing right now that apport triggers on apport crashes on too, so it's not really a lot of help for me right now.05:53
ScottKjdong: FYI, soyuz has now grown the additional concern that main backports can't build-dep on stuff that was in universe for that release (target release, not the source).06:17
FujitsuScottK: It has always had that.06:23
FujitsuScottK: It was just automatically throwing such builds out of depwait every publisher cycle, until I filed a bug about it.06:23
FujitsuThe depwait giver-back didn't know about ogre-model.06:24
ScottKFujitsu: Then how did Postfix 2.4.5 get into Dapper-Backports?06:24
FujitsuScottK: I know a lot of builds were eternally stuck in a depwait, pending, rinse, repeat loop for that reason, so I don't see how.06:24
* Fujitsu looks.06:24
FujitsuScottK: Looks like ogre-model sucked back then. THe build log says it was overriding for main, but shows it looking for main, restricted and univeres...06:27
FujitsuOr somebody broke a backports special case.06:28
ScottKFujitsu: I'd argue for the latter.06:28
ScottKFujitsu: Segregating backports into two separate unsupported sections makes no sense at all.06:28
FujitsuBut then why wasn't multiverse included as well?06:29
ScottKThat could cause legal problems.  Different deal.06:29
FujitsuTrue, but then so could restricted.06:30
ScottKNot really.  Restricted is so small and carefully controlled.06:30
ScottKIn theory it could, but not in practice.06:30
ScottKFujitsu: From my perspective this sounds just like security uploads disappearing from -changes because it was a bug that they were ever there at all.06:36
* ScottK ponders replying to the bitorrent thread on devel-discuss saying, "It's mono - reason enough to avoid it right there".06:38
FujitsuScottK: BBCode is also used in the email. I think that invalidates it.06:41
ScottKFujitsu: I need a little more context for that.06:41
FujitsuScottK: The author of the original email uses [b]...[/b]06:42
ScottKAh.  Right.  Agreed.06:43
FujitsuRight. How the heck does bug #125103 affect Baltix!?06:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 125103 in soyuz "ppa archives are not signed" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12510306:43
FujitsuIt's bad enough getting `Also affects: baltix' emails on Ubuntu bugs.06:44
ScottKFujitsu: All bugs affect baltix06:44
ScottKYou should file a bug about that.06:44
* ScottK doens't like it either.06:44
FujitsuIt's not a bug.06:44
FujitsuIt's just someone adding inappropriate bug tasks.06:44
ScottKFujitsu: From my perspective it is.06:44
ScottKEven if it really is a bug in baltix, I still don't want the mail.06:45
FujitsuIt can't know what you're interested in.06:45
ScottKIt can.06:45
ScottKIt doesn't, but it can.06:45
FujitsuI guess.06:45
ScottKFor example, if a bug affect multiple packages and I'm a bug contact on one package, don't send me the mails that are clearly about the other package.06:46
ScottKThese mass transition bugs just kill me.06:46
* ScottK really needs to get to bed.06:46
FujitsuOn one hand I find them annoying, but I find some of the useful. Just not the baltix ones.06:46
ScottKAs I said on the other channel, I'm trying not to think of this kind of thing as Launchpad annoyances, but as incentive to work on NM.06:47
ScottKNot kidding.06:48
ScottKGood night.06:48
FujitsuI'm aware.06:48
ScottKIt seems to be a given that LP is wonderful and so by definition opinions to the contrary can be ignored.06:49
ScottKI was told (I think over the weekend) if I needed to give up my opinion that the pre-beta U/I was better than the current one if I wanted anyone to pay attention to my concerns.06:49
* StevenK looks at RAOF. How do I translate a Gxx into a NVyy? :-)07:12
RAOFStevenK: Via a magic lookup table.07:23
StevenKRAOF: I figured that, but where is the magic table?07:23
RAOFI was just looking for it :/07:24
RAOFAlthough that's not authorititive, it turns out.07:24
RAOFHm.  The Geforce 7s are also nv4x (for example, my 7600go is an nv4B)07:25
StevenKlspci reports my card as G7107:25
RAOFThe nouveau DRI module and DDX driver will spit out the core name in dmesg & xorg.0.log respectively.07:26
RAOFThis is unlikely to be terribly useful for you, though, and I don't know of any other lookup table.07:27
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siretartcould someone please do a testbuild on hardy for me? see #198118 for details09:51
siretartbug #19811809:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 198118 in nxtvepg "nxtvepg won't start" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19811809:51
mok0siretart: the sid version?10:15
siretartis uptodate in sid10:16
mok0siretart: building...10:20
mok0done. Looking at lintian report10:20
siretartok, please request a sync then. thanks!10:21
mok0Ah. hyphen-used-as-minus errors...10:21
mok0siretart: but it builds10:21
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siretartmok0: would you please attach the buildlog to the bug?11:56
mok0siretart: sure11:58
mok0siretart: if I can figure out where cowbuilder put it...11:59
slytherinhi all, some of the activity packages related to sugar are not installable since python-abiword does not exist. What is the solution?12:10
slytherinSecond question. gnash plugin is not working (not detected by FF) in hardy. Is anyone else facing the problem?12:13
siretartslytherin: did you check https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnash/+bugs?12:14
\shslytherin: already installed flashplugin-nonfree? if so, change the /etc/alternatives link to the flashplugin12:15
slytherin\sh: No. I don't have nonfree installed. Also it looks like the name of the alternative may be causing problem. for gnash it is firefox-flashplugin (missing .so)12:16
slytherinsiretart: Yes I did that. Didn't found any bug so wanted to confirm if I am the only one facing problem12:16
\shslytherin: I had a similiar problem with it during the last days...just ask asac about it...12:17
slytherin\sh: Found the problem12:24
slytherin\sh: There is no link in /usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins to /etc/alternatives/firefox-flashplugin. Not sure if this is gnash specific12:25
\shslytherin: could be a bug in the packaging12:32
slytherin\sh: Looks like it is problem with gnash12:32
IulianRainCT: Hey12:39
sorenStevenK: Any particular reason why virtualbox-ose-modules uses a meta package rather than a virtual one?12:39
StevenKsoren: Don't care, it wasn't me.12:41
sorenStevenK: Oh, ok.12:45
rulusThere is a new version of 'gnuvd' in Debian unstable, and it should go into Hardy too, because the current version just doesn't work (bug #180383). Should I follow the sync request process as described here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess ?12:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 180383 in gnuvd "Van Dale website code changed" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18038312:48
slytherinrulus: First make sure the version in Debian works in Ubuntu. And you will probably need FFE12:49
rulusslytherin: I'll check that first, but it should work. So I follow the SyncRequestProcess and the FreezeExceptionProcess?12:52
slytherinrulus: yes. a bug with subject - [FFE] Please sync <package> <version> from Debian <unstable>12:52
rulusslytherin: ok, thanks, I'll do that later today; must go now :)12:53
ScottKrulus: If it's a bugfix only sync then all you need to do from an FFe perspective is add the new upstream changelog entries to the bug.  If it's got new features, it needs an FFe.12:56
\shTHX for the permanent FFe for wine :)13:02
ScottK\sh: You're welcome.  Now make it work... ;-)13:04
\shScottK: I'm on it :)13:06
\shScottK: wine is working on my box...compiled manually ;)13:06
ScottKSounds like progress.13:07
\shScottK: well no...somehow the package gives us broken binaries :( I need to find out what's the cause for it13:07
zulbecause it starts with win? ;)13:08
ScottKYeah well ...13:08
ScottKMy personal pain is an RC release from clamav of a new major version.  I haven't dared to look and see if it needs a library transition or not.13:09
\shif you want to know on what we are working: http://www.netviewer.tv/ live from cebit 2008, hannover germany..13:10
\shsadly only in german :(13:11
\shScottK: ok...the only thing which is not done during manually build is dh_strip...removing this call from debian/rules and prove my guess13:21
Hobbseedebian bug #40254913:31
ubotuDebian bug 402549 in totem "why not totem-gstreamer and totem-xine installed at the same time?" [Wishlist,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/40254913:31
jdstrandemgent: re: 197077 feisty debdiff-- there is a lot of autoconf changes that should not be there14:18
jdstrandemgent: hi btw14:19
jdstrandemgent: don't bother fixing it-- as mentioned yesterday, I was already working on this and have my own changesets14:19
jdstrandemgent: this is just for future reference :)14:19
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Amaranthi forget, what is the 1: part called in a version?14:50
Amaranthlike 1:0.5.4-0ubuntu114:50
bddebianHeya gang15:05
jdongschierbeck: are you serious? I thought we "fixed" that a year ago15:06
jdongerr... ScottK rather15:06
ScottKjdong: It's been 'fixed' again.15:36
ScottKjdong: See postfix 2.5.1 in depwait for Edgy and Dapper.15:36
ScottKjdong: Even after slangasek tried republishing the backports in Universe.15:36
jdongScottK: go launchpad.15:38
ScottKjdong: Yeah.  I've made it a policy not to deal with filing LP bugs any more.  It's not good for my blood pressure.  All yours.15:39
\shScottK: bad luck...dh_strip is not the bugger15:51
ScottKYou needed something to do with your free time anyway, right? ;-)15:52
\shScottK: I don't have free time ;)#15:52
\shanymore ;)15:52
ScottKRight.  Of course.  You're married.15:53
\shScottK: well, not officially, but it's like I am ;)15:54
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rulusHey, I filed a new sync request (bug #198424). Is it ok to subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors?17:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 198424 in ubuntu "Please sync gnuvd 1.0.5-1 from Debian unstable (contrib)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19842417:09
RainCTrulus: you'll need a FFe for it17:11
RainCT(unless 1.0.5 is a bugfix only release)17:11
rulusit is bugfix only17:12
RainCTrulus: ok, can you prepare a merge then, fixing the problem you mention?17:13
rulusI'll try, /me must read the merge documentation first :)17:14
RainCTrulus: just take the source from Debian and the changelog from Ubuntu, add the new changelog entries from Debian to Ubuntu's changelog and then replace Debian's with this one (to keep entries from Ubuntu) and then just do whatever changes you want (and add a new changelog entry explaining them)17:17
RainCTrulus: (and change the Maintainer field)17:17
BUGabundohi there17:18
BUGabundowhere can I find an HowTo for likewise and how to setup with an AD?17:18
RainCTHi jono, BUGabundo17:18
BUGabundohey RainCT17:19
rulusRainCT: thanks, I'll give it a shot :)17:19
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slangasekScottK: it may be that giving postfix back on the buildds now would be enough to get it to take17:27
rulusRainCT: done, now what to do?17:29
RainCTrulus: I'm not sure what the prefered format is (uploading the .diff.gz or what), but if you create a debdiff against the version in Debian I'll look at it :)17:30
ScottKslangasek: Is that something you can do or do I need to hunt someone down to try it?17:30
HighNohi guys - if  I convert a bug to a sync request what should I put the asignee and status to?17:30
RainCTHighNo: assigne nobody, status new17:31
rulusRainCT: sure, debdiff it is, I'll let you know when I managed to create one ;)17:32
slangasekScottK: someone with a buildd had needs to do it - you could try lamont :)17:33
geserslangasek: didn't lamont quit lp-buildd-admins?17:34
HighNowhoever wears buildd hads :-)17:35
ScottKgeser: Sort of.  He did but he still has rights for someother reason.17:35
geserScottK: he's a member of the duck17:36
rulusRainCT: http://zeus.ugent.be/~rulus/debdiff17:40
RainCTrulus: You've to list the most relevant upstream changes in debian/changelog (freeze policy)17:47
RainCTrulus: and please explain why the recode dependency can be removed17:47
rulusRainCT: ok, will do :)17:48
RainCTif there's any bzr-buildpackage user around, any idea why it doesn't uncompress upstream's tarball here (does it need to get an option or something in order to do this)?17:50
rulusRainCT: http://zeus.ugent.be/~rulus/debdiff2 :)17:55
HighNoRainCT: I have updated the patch for #197358 - I hope this one is ok. Should I change anything else on that bug like asignee...?17:55
RainCTHighNo: "malformed patch"18:01
RainCTedited it manually? :P18:01
james_wRainCT: hi, it's your lucky day :)18:04
RainCTjames_w: :)18:04
james_wRainCT: when are you expecting it to uncompress?18:05
RainCTjames_w: I've a directory (where the .bzr directory is) which just contains a debian/ directory, and in its parent directory I have the .orig.tar.gz inside tarballs/, and when I run "bzr-buildpackage" it copies the .orig.tar.gz inside the build directory and the debian/ directory too (inside a packagename-version dir), but it doesn't uncompress the tarball and debian/rules fails then because it doesn't find the files18:08
james_wRainCT: that is odd. It should uncompress, and then copy debian/ in.18:09
james_wRainCT: is this a public branch?18:09
RainCTjames_w: yes, ~ubuntu-dev/screen-ruler/debian18:09
james_wRainCT: ah, add --merge18:11
RainCTjames_w: works now, thanks :)18:15
ScottK\sh_away: Would you please look at the wine related debdiff in Bug #151982 and tell if you think we should do that?  I'm preparing a kdeguidance upload over the next few days.18:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 151982 in kde-guidance "Wineconfig doesn't detect Wine" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15198218:16
james_wRainCT: please run "mkdir .bzr-builddeb; echo -e '[BUILDDEB]\nmerge = True' > .bzr-builddeb/default.conf"18:17
james_wRainCT: http://jameswestby.net/bzr/builddeb/user_manual/merge.html for more info.18:18
HighNoRainCT: ehm, yes I did18:19
rulusRainCT: updated debdiff http://zeus.ugent.be/~rulus/debdiff2 :)18:20
RainCTHighNo: I used to do the same, but try if it works before attaching it ;)18:20
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bobboRainCT; i made a debdiff for Bug #196204 that you reviewed 2 hours ago18:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196204 in gtablix "Doesn't have a .desktop file" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19620418:57
* RainCT hides before he gets more review requests ;)18:58
bobbohehe :)18:59
* Iulian gives to RainCT a biiiig pie19:00
IulianI hope you like pie *G*19:00
* RainCT hugs Iulian 19:01
* Iulian hugs RainCT back19:01
IulianI knew it ;)19:01
RainCTbobbo: if you bumb the standards version also move the homepage to the source stanza, and remove the .png from the icon please19:17
bobboRainCT; is that all?19:18
RainCTbobbo: yes19:22
bobboRainCT; thats a change :)19:22
bobboRainCT; http://bobbo.mooo.com/~bobbo/gtablix_0.9.13-1-1ubuntu1.debdiff19:27
bobboRainCT; theres another debdiff for you to look at :)19:40
bobboRainCT; the original person on that bug has put in another debdiff with a more descriptive desktop file19:41
bobboRainCT; but it doesnt have my latest fixes19:41
bobbothe only real change is "Comment=Generate highschool timetables using a GUI for Tablix."19:42
HighNoRainCT: it is now fixed. debdiff has really created a mess as I never touched those lines before...19:43
rulusRainCT: thanks for your support :)19:49
RainCTrulus: you're welcome :)19:51
LaserJockhellboy195: ping20:01
hellboy195LaserJock: yeah?20:02
LaserJockhellboy195: regarding openbabel merge, did you try it without disabling the checks?20:02
hellboy195LaserJock: it would be a sync then right?20:04
LaserJockyes, if we don't need to disable the checks20:04
LaserJockbut that's what needs to be determined20:04
LaserJockit's always a good idea before doing a merge to see if we can sync :-)20:05
hellboy195LaserJock: hmm I'll check that. But I ask Jonathan Riddell about it and I not sure if debian changed there something20:06
hellboy195LaserJock: but if it's building in my pbuilder fine, can we be sure that's really working without disabling the checks?20:07
LaserJockhellboy195: I think that'd be a fairly reasonable assumption20:07
LaserJockhellboy195: my guess is that the first entry in the changelog is what Riddell was disabling the checks for20:08
hellboy195LaserJock: generelly a better documentation would be nice to avoid confuses and asking the previous uploader20:10
LaserJockhellboy195: what needs better documentation?20:10
LaserJockdo you think Riddell's entry should have had more info?20:11
hellboy195LaserJock: I think my entry is a little bit better. because I had to ask him *why* he disabled it20:11
* Fujitsu stabs scipy and numpy repeatedly for having braindead, hacked up distutils.20:12
LaserJockFujitsu: sorry dude, it is kinda messy20:12
hellboy195LaserJock: but in generel. I did a lot merges with terrible documentation ..20:12
LaserJockhellboy195: well, he might not have known20:12
FujitsuLaserJock: They both FTBFS now :(20:12
LaserJockhellboy195: I imagine if he'd known the real problem he might have patched it as Debian did rather than just turn off the checks20:13
hellboy195LaserJock: true. nvm sry. I'll check more carefully in future20:13
LaserJockit just saves you some effort if the thing can be synced :-)20:14
LaserJockFujitsu: bah20:14
hellboy195LaserJock: I don't care ^^20:14
LaserJockFujitsu: in the Hardy version or a proposed sync/merge?20:14
FujitsuLaserJock: Hardy version, and a proposed sync and merge.20:15
LaserJockuggg :(20:15
FujitsuIt built successfully a month ago.20:15
FujitsuBut failed in the archive rebuild a few days ago, and now.20:15
LaserJockhellboy195: if you see that the only Ubuntu change is to fix a FTBFS it's an easy check :-)20:15
LaserJockcan be a fast sync20:16
LaserJockFujitsu: darn20:16
LaserJockpython changes?20:16
FujitsuSeems to be LDFLAGS/CFLAGS pollution, but I can't see where.20:16
hellboy195LaserJock: hmm well I have to build a merge and I have to build a sync so I don't care. I'm happy to contribute to ubuntu and with a merge I have the feeling to do more (debdiff) than just request a sync ^^20:16
LaserJockhellboy195: well, it's much easier on sponsors if we don't have to figure out if it's a merge or a sync :-)20:17
LaserJockbut yeah20:18
hellboy195LaserJock: yeah. I'm sry for you not for me ;)20:18
LaserJockit's more more experience for you20:18
LaserJockheh, yeah ;-)20:18
hellboy195LaserJock: more experience?20:18
LaserJockdoing debdiffs, etc.20:18
LaserJockfor a merge20:18
LaserJocka sync is fairly uneventful20:19
LaserJockalthough better for the archive20:19
hellboy195LaserJock: btw, sync! should I also test it in my PPA or is it enough that it builds in my pbuilder?20:19
LaserJockthat it builds in your pbuilder20:20
* LaserJock wonders what we ever did before PPAs :-)20:20
zulit was like the dark ages20:21
hellboy195LaserJock: I adjusted the bug report20:23
LaserJockhellboy195: and it did build fine in your pbuilder?20:23
FujitsuLaserJock: I strongly dislike how upstreams response to scipy/numpy's failures to build when CFLAGS/LDFLAGS are set is to unset CFLAGS and LDFLAGS...20:23
hellboy195LaserJock: yep20:23
LaserJockFujitsu: kinda like "it doesn't happen if I don't see it"20:24
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LaserJockhellboy195: I don't think you want to have to bug be "Confirmed" but "New", but I'll take care of it20:25
hellboy195LaserJock: ones again. sry20:25
LaserJocknp, it's hard to remember all the changes :-)20:26
bobboRainCT; thanks for uploading that gtablix fix :)20:27
RainCTbobbo: you're welcome :)20:27
FujitsuLaserJock: It seems to build fine if I do it manually... must be dpkg-buildpackage doing things it doesn't like.20:27
LaserJockFujitsu: I've had experiences like that20:28
FujitsuLaserJock: I'll hopefully fix them up tonight and migrate them both to gfortran, but uni now...20:29
LaserJockFujitsu: yeah, I gotta teach lab20:30
RainCTHighNo: uploading ;)  (next time remember to add LP: #xxx to the changelog)20:30
LaserJockEnthalpy of Formation of Ammonium Salts \o/!20:30
* Fujitsu has 9 hours of classes.20:31
LaserJockFujitsu: geeze20:32
LaserJockI'm glad I don't have those anymore20:32
LaserJockalthough I seem to consistently be up past midnight anyway20:32
FujitsuI have a day off and only a few hours on the other days, fortunately.20:33
HighNoRainCT: ok, will do. Great that it works now. I hope to do some more fixes after tomorrow, I'm going to write an exam tomorrow and will have one or two days to be creative then...20:41
HighNoDoes the archive have upload counters for different MOTUs? I guess RainCT will be leader of the day :-)20:46
jcastrojdong: do you run a ppa for the p2p team?21:17
ScottKmdomsch: I've got a monitors configuration question for you if you have a moment?21:25
mdomschScottK sure21:25
ScottKmdomsch: IIRC you maintain Dell inputs to a package that has a list of monitors.  I just ran across where Kubuntu gets that information from and it's (of course) different.  I was wondering if you'd be willing to have someone take a look at it and see if there's stuff that should be added for Dell products to be better supported by Kubuntu?21:27
mdomschScottK, sure.21:28
mdomschI stick them in the hwdata package at fedorahosted.org21:28
mdomschthe two packages in Ubuntu that I know of that should pull that are21:28
mdomscha) hwdata (which generally just pulls from Debian)21:29
mdomschb) kde-guidance21:29
mdomschwhat's yours?21:29
ScottKIt's b21:29
ScottKSo maybe it already gets done.21:29
mdomschyeah, so, someone needs to update kde-guidance regularly21:29
mdomschthe upstream author wasn't too interested in switching it to just use the copy from hwdata21:29
mdomschthough I've been encouraging him in that direction21:29
ScottKMakes sense to me.21:29
ScottKFor Hardy though it's probably to late.21:30
mdomschI have a standing open bug to update kde-guidance's copy with a newer copy21:30
mdomschoops meeting21:30
ScottKOK.  I'm planning on uploading a kde-guidance update after Alpha 6.  If you could get me an input, I could include it.21:31
ScottKmdomsch: ^^21:31
mdomschsuperm1, ^^21:31
mdomschgotta run21:31
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squentinWhat chances do I have to get a feature freeze exception to upgrade my package (gmusicbrowser) ? The new version fix an important bug, a simple patch could fix it, but I'd prefer to upgrade it as it fixes a lot of small bugs and adds a few improvements.22:27
RainCTsquentin: is it bugfix only?22:28
squentinbut the changes are not that important22:28
ScottKSounds like a reasonable one to ask for.  You need to submit a feature freeze exception request.22:28
RainCTwell, I'm off for today.. good night all22:29
squentinok I'll do it thanks22:29
emgentheya people22:30
emgentblueyed, hey hey! :P22:31
blueyedhi emgent22:48
bigonshould I even try to request a freeze exception? http://paste.debian.net/5050423:16
bobbobigon; thats a big diff!23:19
crimsun_bigon: that's huge.  How many bugs does it fix, and how many of said bugs are fairly medium to crit priority?23:24
crimsun_bigon: (those are the criteria I used when on UVF)23:24
crimsun_sometimes you just have to bite the bullet, cough xserver-xgl some releases back23:25
crimsun_when it doubt, file one anyhow.  Worst case would be that it's ignored for 8.04.23:26
bigoncrimsun_: I will open a freeze exception and hit upstream next time I see him :p23:37

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