asacbug 19753800:08
ubotuLaunchpad bug 197538 in network-manager "Network Manager 0.6.6 RC2 is now available" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19753800:08
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asacUbulette: do you have a diff.gz for cairo as well?10:22
asaccarlos: could you check that the syntax in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/LaunchpadTranslationSupport (for .po) file is what we can expect to be exported? i would like to handcraft .po files for ubufox based on that (unless you say that we can have an export today of course ;))10:23
carlosasac: we can have an export today10:24
asac \o/10:24
* asac hugs carlos 10:24
carlosasac: I'm finishing fixing the export to fit our needs right now10:24
asaccarlos: ok, can you fix the example on the wiki ?10:24
asacor take a look if its already the right syntax10:25
carlosI think is correct10:25
carlosat least I don't see any difference right now...10:26
asacok ... just give me an ack if you are sure ;)10:26
carlosasac: if we talk about:10:35
carlos# en-US.xpi/en-US.jar!/locale/translation.dtd(the.firefox.key)10:35
carlosmsgid "The original en-US text"10:35
carlosmsgstr "The translated xx-XX text"10:35
carlosyes... actually, no, it should be #: en-US...10:35
carlosother than that, yes10:35
carlosasac: also, if you find a message with a line like: '#, fuzzy'10:37
carlosthe translation should not be used10:37
asaccarlos: can you update the wiki page?10:54
carlossure, just a minute, I'm going to import and then export the xpi files you gave me yesterday...10:54
carlosasac: firefox template import failed, seems like I found a bug in our parser... xulrunner one is still running so maybe I'm able to provide you with an example .po file for it11:26
asaccarlos: how did ffox fail? (on which entity)11:32
carlosasac: the problem is with browser/safebrowsing/blockedSite.properties11:33
carlosasac: there is an unescaped '=' char11:33
carlosand that confuses our parser11:33
carlosit's easy to fix, just look for the first '=' to split id from translation11:33
asacyeah :)11:35
asacyou need to take everything from the first = to the end :)11:35
carlosasac: I just updated the wiki page11:55
carlosasac: I need to leave now, so I cannot provide you with an export just right now11:56
carlosI will provide you with it later today11:56
asacok thats fine11:57
jetsaredi1asac: I think you scared away the mozgest guy13:15
asacjetsaredi1: me?13:37
asacwhy that?13:37
jetsaredi1i got this email from him this morning saying basically "i give up"13:39
asacdid you ask him again?13:43
asacjetsaredi1: ??13:45
asacdid you contact him again?13:45
asacabout what?13:48
asacjetsaredi1: ?13:53
jetsaredi1not sure13:55
jetsaredi1he sent me a reply to the thread we had going saying for us to take down his new extension13:55
asaccan you forward?13:56
jetsaredi1i'm still trying to figure it out13:57
asacjetsaredi1: let him go.13:57
jetsaredi1i think you may have been a little too eager in a couple of your emails :)13:57
asaclast mail i got he didn't sound too unhappy13:58
jetsaredi1yea - no sure13:58
jetsaredi1err not13:58
jetsaredi1i did send him a reply asking what is up so we'll see13:58
asacjetsaredi1: what did he say when "asking to take down the extension"13:59
jetsaredi1"Please remove MozGest Redox."13:59
asacjust that?13:59
jetsaredi1then there was another email, but i don't know who it was sent to13:59
jetsaredi1i assume i was on the bcc13:59
jetsaredi1it was all in german13:59
jetsaredi1which - i could only translate through google14:00
asacjetsaredi1: could you forward those ... i am german14:00
jetsaredi1the subject was "MozGest, ich gebe auf"14:00
asacand can probably decipher his issues - if possible at all14:00
jetsaredi1which i think means i give up14:01
asaci received that mail14:01
asacbut you said that there was another14:01
jetsaredi1no that was all14:01
jetsaredi1the i give up and the one about removing mozgest14:01
jetsaredi1o well14:02
jetsaredi1anyway - did you see my update to the extensions page?14:04
jetsaredi1the gmail notifier maintainer was really cool and said that the next release will have a top-level license.txt file with the tri-license in it14:05
asacjetsaredi1: btw, i will upload extensions in a batch once i come to it. i have some other topics on my agenda and i want to update those that currently exist in the archive as well14:16
asacso don't feel neglected. your work is great ;)14:16
jetsaredi1no no14:18
jetsaredi1you probably want to review the version numbering too14:18
asachi phoenix2415:27
phoenix24Hi asac!15:27
asac[reed]: any idea if bugzilla is suffering hard atm?15:27
asacmozilla bug 40333115:28
phoenix24asac: I'm building an ff3 extension, "debuild -b", fails, please help!15:28
[reed]asac: yeah, something's up15:29
asac[reed]: ok ... so its not just me ;)15:29
asacphoenix24: which extension are you working on atm?15:29
asacis that in bzr so i can take a look?15:29
asachow does debuild -b complain?15:29
asacplease provide more context :-P15:29
phoenix24asac: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5256/15:30
phoenix24bzr, https://code.launchpad.net/~csharma/firefox-extensions/speeddial.upstream15:31
asacphoenix24: you just have upstream?15:31
asacno ubuntu?15:31
* asac looking15:32
phoenix24No, I was testing localbuild.. before pushing it to ubuntu15:32
asacphoenix24: ok please paste your rules15:32
phoenix24asac: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5257/15:34
asacok ant is not that bad15:34
asacwhat happens if you run ant in the toplevel directory of upstream?15:34
asacis ant installed on your sytem?15:35
phoenix24with ant build at toplevel directory, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5258/15:35
phoenix24What is the "ant", package name ?. . I'll check it.15:36
asacphoenix24: well you appear to have ant installed15:37
asacbut apparently there is a taskdef missing15:37
phoenix24"ant" is installed.15:37
asacmaybe that task is shipped within speedial (never heard of it before)15:37
asacphoenix24: your problem is "taskdef class net.uworks.andariel.Process cannot be found15:37
phoenix24yeah, check'd that in the build.xml.15:37
phoenix24the general rule is... if there's build.xml, then it its an "ant build" ?15:38
asacphoenix24: looks like its http://andariel.uworks.net/15:39
asacwhich appears to be not in the archive15:39
phoenix24ok, so what need to be done?15:40
asacmaybe try to just zip things up instead of using ant15:42
phoenix24ok, MOZ_XPI_BUILD_COMMAND = zip -r speeddial_xxx.xpi ?15:44
asacno its not that simple15:45
asaclet me try something15:45
asacphoenix24: here the patch you have to add to your .ubuntu tree15:47
asac(process looks like bull-shit ... so i just eliminated it)15:47
asacphoenix24: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5261/15:47
asacapply that to your .ubuntu branch15:48
asac(e.g. patch -p0 < /tmp/filename in case you wonder how)15:48
asacthen you can use "ant createxpi" as the build command15:48
asacbut maybe try to run that manually first and see if the .xpi works fine15:48
phoenix24I'll be back in a while15:49
asacphoenix24: btw, you need to add "ant" to the Build-Depends: in debian/control ... otherwise the build machines won't have it during build time15:50
asacif possible commit these changes in a separate commit15:50
phoenix24asac: while applying patched, I get error HUNK FAILED16:05
phoenix24what does it mean ?16:05
asacphoenix24: wierd. most likely its a whitespace issue16:08
asac(due to copy/paste/16:08
asactry patch -p0 -l < filename16:09
asacphoenix24: got what i wrote?16:16
asac17:05 < phoenix24> what does it mean ?16:16
asac17:08 < asac> phoenix24: wierd. most likely its a whitespace issue16:16
asac17:08 < asac> (due to copy/paste/16:16
asac17:09 < asac> try patch -p0 -l < filename16:16
phoenix24must be white-space error, "patch -p0 -l < filename".. doesn't work either,16:19
phoenix24I'll manually edit it, and generate a patch.16:19
asacyou can also do the changes by hand16:22
phoenix24yeah, doing by hand16:22
asacnot that many changes i guess16:22
phoenix244-5 in all.16:22
phoenix24asac: sucessfully build, but I get Warnings and errors16:30
asacphoenix24: yes you should refer to the /usr/share/common-licenses/LGPL-2.1 file in the debian/copyright file16:31
phoenix24ah! ok16:31
asac(if 2.1 is the proper license version)16:31
asacthe warnings should be fine imo16:32
asaccarlos: any update yet?16:32
carlosasac: nothing yet, sorry I'm quite busy with something else...16:32
phoenix24asac: Do I need to send mail to the Upstream contact, before pushing it to launchpad ?16:35
asaccarlos: ok, ic, is there anything i can do? ask kiko for a more official assignment? or maybe there is someone else on your team who could help out?16:36
asacphoenix24: no not ... the upstream ping can be done in parallel16:36
asacif nothing works we can also live without a responsive upstream ... but knowing who to contact is definitly beneficial :)16:37
phoenix24asac: I just copied the LICENSE provided by the source into the debian/copyright, that's not acceptable ?16:39
carlosasac: well, I'm going to have it done today16:39
carlosthe only problem is that will not be yet done16:39
carlosI mean, right now16:39
asacphoenix24: please keep LICENSE in the source16:39
phoenix24but for debian/copyright : I must use the license templates provided : /usr/share/common-licenses/16:39
asacif its just LGPL you don'T need to copy it into debian/copyright16:40
asaccarlos: ok good ... sorry for bugging you then ... just felt that you are pretty much utilized and wondered if there is anything we can do to help :)16:41
carlosasac: let's say that the whole team is pretty much 'utilized' ;-)16:42
asacphoenix24: no you just need to refer to the proper license in common-licenses16:43
asacif the extension uses a license not in that directory you should add the file you want to ship to debian/docs and name that in debian/copyright as well16:43
phoenix24asac: this is how my debian/copyright looks like ==> http://paste.ubuntu.com/5268/16:59
asaccarlos: i know ;)16:59
asacphoenix24: your text says "he Debian packaging is (C) 2008, Chaitanya Sharma <csharma24@gmail.com> and is licensed under the GPL, see `/usr/share/common-licenses/LGPL-2.1'.17:00
asacthats conflciting17:00
asacand please nem the real file in "text in /usr/share/doc/speeddial17:00
asacthats just the directory17:00
phoenix24this extension is tri licensed, so shouldn't I refer to all the MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1 ?17:01
asacjust say its "tri-licensed" and refer to the copy you ship in /usr/share/doc/speeddial/17:03
asacphoenix24: no ... if LICENSE says that ... just ship it in that dir and refer to that in the your copyright17:03
asacat best license your packaging under the same terms17:03
asac(just GPL or LGPL would be fine too though)17:03
phoenix24Licensing is really confusing17:05
phoenix24_debian/copyright varies from package to package, I doubt if there's a standard template for it.17:13
asacyes. thats true17:16
asacbut if you have a LICENSE file its mostly just referring to that17:16
phoenix24_asac: Is this okay http://paste.ubuntu.com/5270/ ?17:24
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Ubulette[reed], should I change the status of mozilla bug 333308 ?20:30
ubotuMozilla bug 333308 in Build Config "make clean and make distclean miss various files" [Normal,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=33330820:30
UbuletteAssigned ? it says resolved20:30
Ubuletteasac, [reed]: catched the <Hx> issue21:58
UbuletteI've just reloaded the page between the two21:58

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