staind9383good evening01:01
tgm4883!ask | staind938301:08
ubotustaind9383: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)01:08
staind9383haha, ok thanks01:09
nettow0822tgm4883 did you get to see my post?01:09
tgm4883nettow0822, haven't heard of that issue before01:10
nettow0822ok ty01:10
nettow0822tgm4883 what is the easiest way to tell what tuner is with what adapter?01:21
staind9383is it normal for  firewire channel change to take more then a few seconds to change channels?  It looks like there is no 'enter' command at the end of the number string, so it waits for more input then finally changes01:27
nettow0822hit the enter key after selecting the channel.....see if that helps01:30
staind9383the script doesnt initiate the change until after i hit enter on the channel i want to goto01:32
danzigrulesat least you got firewire to work ;p01:33
staind9383in any case, the result of this is recording about 2 seconds ofthe previous channel when a new recording runs01:33
staind9383danzigrules: good call, a big pain in itself01:33
danzigrulesI still can't get it to work01:34
staind9383its flakey... every once in a while, it refuses to prime and that is that...  i had it working for months, then like 2 weeks ago it just stopped01:34
staind9383then about a week ago it started working again01:35
danzigrulesI keep getting a firechan error01:35
danzigrulesfirechan, error unable to get handle for port 0 error no valid capture cards are defind in database01:35
staind9383i've never seen that one01:35
staind9383does plugreport show you a connection?01:35
tgm4883danzigrules, can you pastebin the output of plugreport?01:36
danzigrulessure, gimme a sec01:36
tgm4883nettow0822, what do you mean what tuner with what adapter?01:36
nettow0822is there a way to enter the channels.conf info manually into mythtv?01:40
nettow0822this info    WDSIDT:621000000:QAM_256:2048:2049:101:40
tgm4883_laptopnettow0822, you may be able to do it in mythweb01:42
tgm4883_laptopdanzigrules, can you successfully prime it?01:42
tgm4883_laptopcan you post that command01:43
danzigruleshttp://pastebin.com/m6e312aef <--- the backend log01:45
danzigrulesyou want the prime command?01:45
danzigruleshttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV_Edgy_Firewire <-- I followed that01:46
tgm4883_laptopdanzigrules, yes, but i want the one you specifically used successfuly01:46
staind9383danzigrules: looks like you didnt specify the right type of box01:47
staind9383what model calbe box you have?01:47
danzigrulesdct6416 III01:48
danzigrulesone sec tgm488301:48
staind9383'FireChan, Error: Model: 'Other' is not supported by internal channel changer.' seems to indicate that the setting in mythbackend for cable box model was on other... i think.  There should be an option for your box01:50
danzigrulesjust 6200 and sa_something01:50
danzigrulesis what I used01:51
danzigrulesunless you want the /etc/init.d mythtv-backend file01:52
MythbuntuGuest47Hello... Having an issue when entering LIVE TV, mysql will crash and scheduled programs will not record.  Have to repair the database each time.  Using Mythbuntu 7.1002:13
MythbuntuGuest47anyone have an idea as to what is causing the crash?02:15
MythbuntuGuest47*should mention, this does not happen ALL the time and the PC locks... Upon reboot MYSQL is corrupt02:15
nettow0822tgm4883_laptop I found someone with the same problem.....http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/308655?search_string=channels.conf;#30865503:03
staind9383is it possible to transcode a hd recording captured from a firewire box to dvd?03:11
rhpot1991staind9383: nuvexport just exports them it doesn't modify the current recording so it depends if that is what you are looking for03:17
rhpot1991I could prob add a line to mythexport to do so if you came up with a ffmpeg line that worked well03:17
staind9383doesnt nuvexport interface with transcode?03:17
rhpot1991I've only ever ran it from the command line03:17
rhpot1991staind9383: are you looking to write the files to dvd for playback?03:21
staind9383here's sometihng strange... i'm not doing anythin, but the cpu usage on mythfrontend is 100%... i just finished watchin live tv.  only one core is pegged though.. the other is completely idle03:21
rhpot1991mytharchive can do that for you03:22
rhpot1991can write them for playback in players or in computer I believe03:22
staind9383i'm not running anything else though... not at the moment03:22
rhpot1991what does top show?03:22
rhpot1991launch a terminal or ssh in and run top03:22
staind9383yea top shows 33% us, 66%sys on one core03:23
staind9383the other core is 0%03:23
rhpot1991it should show you what process is doing that though03:23
rhpot1991what menu are you sitting on?03:23
rhpot1991I see the thumbnails eat cpu on mine, never 100% though03:23
rhpot1991I'd restart the frontend03:24
rhpot1991exit out03:24
staind9383that was raelly strange...03:24
staind9383i went back one menu in the heirarchy03:24
staind9383and the usage dropped liek a rock03:24
rhpot1991you running 0.21?03:24
rhpot1991I'd keep an eye on it and just assume it was a hiccup03:25
rhpot1991if it happens more then worry about it03:25
staind9383think so... whatever version was on the latest rev of mythbuntu03:25
rhpot1991depends which version of mythbuntu/ubuntu you are running and where your mythtv sources are coming from03:25
staind9383i went back into the main setup menu and the core is pegged again03:26
staind9383i'm running 2.6.22-14, x86-6403:27
staind9383ubuntu 7.1003:27
rhpot1991dpkg -l mythtv-backend03:28
rhpot1991run that03:28
rhpot19910.20.2 prob03:28
rhpot1991check your /var/log/mythtv/mythfrontend.log for anything funky03:30
staind9383nothing from the past few mins.  I see lots of NVP: prebuffering pause and NVP: Prebuffer wait timed out 10 times.03:32
rhpot1991those are normally from playback03:32
staind9383those appear during times i was watching tv03:32
rhpot1991how fast is your cpu?03:33
rhpot1991might be a HD thing03:33
staind93833600+ x203:33
staind9383using firewire to record... maybe something to do with that?03:33
rhpot1991I get a lot of those with the experimental builds while playing over wifi, but thats about the only time03:33
rhpot1991I just started messing with firewire so I'm not all that informed there, and my box is very underpowered for it03:33
rhpot1991I'd reboot and see if you are still seeing that cpu problem, your system is up to date and all right?03:34
staind9383should be03:34
staind9383i'll double check and reboot03:34
danzigrulesgeez, all the people that got firewire to work03:35
staind9383danzigrules: i'd say i'm damn lucky when it comes to that03:36
rhpot1991danzigrules: it works almost OOB with the new trunk weekly builds03:36
rhpot1991installs all the files there for you, just need to figure out the firewire config stuff yourself03:36
staind9383rhpot1991: i have some stuff out of date, should I just apt-get upgrade?  what are the odds that will break something03:36
danzigrulesif I had a clue how to get the newest I would try that ;p03:37
rhpot1991it *shouldn't* break anything03:37
rhpot1991I've seen crazier things happen though03:37
rhpot1991I generally let whatever upgrade as long as things aren't being removed03:37
rhpot1991then ask questions later if anything goes wrong03:37
staind9383ok then, well i have not put that much time into this freshest install... so it doesnt really matter if it screws up03:37
rhpot1991you can always sudo apt-get -s upgrade if you are worried03:37
rhpot1991will do a test run03:37
staind9383oh yea?>03:38
rhpot1991I've never seen it fail so I'm not sure how useful it is03:38
staind9383i really have to learn more about linux03:38
rhpot1991danzig: http://www.mythbuntu.com/auto-builds03:39
staind9383danzigrules: are you sure that your particular box is supported via firewire?03:39
rhpot1991danzigrules: warning they are trunk builds and they are the same builds that are in the mythbuntu alpha releases, so stability may be an issue at points03:40
staind9383i've only seen mention of the SA ones and the 6200 series03:40
rhpot1991ya do you have any info on your box?03:40
rhpot1991I have a 3200 working well03:40
staind9383mine is the sa4250hd03:40
staind9383rhpot do you see a lag time between when you tell myth to change channel and when the box actually changes?03:41
staind9383ok.  well i feel better that it's not only me then03:46
rhpot1991how long of a lag?03:47
rhpot1991danzigrules: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV_Firewire03:48
rhpot1991that is pretty good, I had to work around it not finding the firewire GUID with the trunk builds, but I don't think you need to worry about that03:48
staind9383well its like you pressed the channel numbers onthe remote but did not hit the enter button03:49
staind9383so you hav eto wait for the channels to take03:49
staind9383its not terribly long03:49
danzigrulessorry I was setting up the weekly builds03:49
danzigrulesI thought I saw that someone had got the stb to work03:50
danzigrulesI am trying to find it again03:50
staind9383rhpot1991: post updates that setup screen is still pegging my one core03:54
staind9383the main menu screen seems to put cpu at 100 % also03:58
rhpot1991danzigrules: try following this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV_Firewire04:00
rhpot1991unless you went with the trunk weekly builds04:00
danzigrulesthat is what I followed in the begining04:00
danzigrulesnow am updating04:01
rhpot1991if you go with the weekly builds all the files should be in place, but you still need to follow the stuff from the begining and make sure your box works with the broadcast method then setup the captuer source04:02
staind9383i'm off to sleep.  had enough for one night04:06
danzigruleswell, it shows up in windows now, as a media server. now to see if I can watch live tv ;p04:16
danzigrulesstill no valid card04:35
danzigruleseven changed the node thru phpadmin04:36
rhpot1991are you running trunk or fixes weekly builds?04:37
rhpot1991dpkg -l mythtv-backend, what version?04:37
rhpot1991ya the files are only included in the trunk builds04:39
rhpot1991you need to install them by hand like the wiki says still04:39
rhpot1991did the firewire_tester stuff connect?04:41
danzigrulesyes it connects04:44
danzigrulesI added the apt-key and the repo, and it says I am updated04:45
rhpot1991what exactly is the problem, does it not show up in mythtv?04:50
rhpot1991did you check your logs and so on?04:50
rhpot1991and did you follow the entire wiki04:50
danzigrulesstill getting the no valid capture cards in database04:53
danzigrulesin the log04:53
rhpot1991did it prime?04:53
danzigrulesthe file is different, wasn't sure if I should try to add all that again, but I appreciate your help04:55
rhpot1991I'd walk through the wiki again04:56
rhpot1991and make sure you follow everything04:56
rhpot1991skipping anything could cause it not to work04:56
rhpot1991that or go with the trunk builds if you don't mind running experimental software, or just wait for 8.04 to go past alphas04:57
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suamme1this may seem a silly question, but in 8.04a3 how can i change the display aspect ratio to 16:9? It is adding letterboxes to my HD content and distorting my SD content.06:45
suamme1(actually, that's alpha 2 with all recent updates06:46
WcktKlwnI beleive you need to change the resolution06:46
WcktKlwnor are you talking about mythtv06:46
suamme1well, my x resolution is at 1280x768, but things are only distorted while playing video in myth06:47
suamme1for some reason i can't get nvidia-settings (7100 onboard) to go up to 1366x768 iirc.06:49
* famicom is now playing: Ainsi Parlait Zarathoustra--SuKaR-- La Fange Tektribe11:50
jduggandid anyone answer my question last night? My screen session messed up so i couldnt reattach to see if i got a reply? :P13:26
frank23jduggan: only answer was <tgm4883> jduggan, screen setup wizard?13:29
jdugganits in SVN13:32
jdugganjustinh's plugin13:32
jduggananyone know if its likely to be in mythtbuntu13:32
jduggan(trunk repo)13:32
directhex|workjduggan, if it's in trunk, why wouldn't it be in trunk builds?15:44
jdugganperhaps it was --disabled15:45
jduggani dunno15:45
jduggani didnt check what trunk build my mythbuntu box is running - but svn check out had it built in15:46
jdugganperhaps the next build will have it15:46
tgm4883_laptopjduggan, are you talking about where you set the arrows to your screen edges?16:10
wilberfanMan, what makes a perfectly good Mythbuntu install suddenly go kernel-panic on me?!16:12
surlyjakecat piss16:14
wilberfangee, and I don't even have a cat....16:16
wilberfanIt first locked up on shutdown...then gave me the following when I tried to reboot:  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5265/16:16
surlyjakeif it was me, I'd blame messy RAM16:17
surlyjakepull one out... play musical chairs with the ram sticks...16:17
surlyjaketry using a single stick from another machine16:18
wilberfanreally...?  hmmm.  never would have thought it was RAM related...16:18
surlyjake...or run memtest.. (but that takes too much time)16:18
wilberfanhuh.   ok...i'll give it a try...16:19
surlyjakethe error refers to ramdisk...16:19
wilberfanbut wouldn't a RAM problem affect my other distros on the same machine...??16:19
wilberfancuz everything else boots fine....16:19
tgm4883_laptopwhen it locked did you REISUB?16:19
wilberfan(sidux, gutsy, xp)16:19
jduggantgm4883_laptop: yeap16:20
wilberfantgm4883_laptop: yes, i did!  NO response whatsoever....total freezeup...16:20
tgm4883_laptopjduggan, that is in alpha 3 ( i played with it last night) so it should also be in trunk builds16:21
tgm4883_laptopwilberfan, wow, that is a hard lock :(16:21
wilberfan(actually, i RSEIUB'd)16:21
wilberfani'd just done an update before trying to shutdown...any connection you think?16:22
tgm4883_laptopare you running 7.10?16:22
wilberfani'm using the non-ext3 filesystem...(xfs?) could that be the prob?16:23
tgm4883_laptopwilberfan, are you using that on / or just on your recordings drive?16:24
wilberfanthe / partition IS the recording drive16:24
wilberfan(is that bad??)16:25
tgm4883_laptopAFAIK, that is a bad idea to have / as xfs16:25
wilberfanreally? (why am i learning this now?!)  ;)16:25
tgm4883_laptopyou should partition your drive, leave 8-10 gb for / , I leave 1gb for swap and the rest mounted at /var/lib as xfs16:26
tgm4883_laptopwilberfan, not sure, i just read that / shouldn't be xfs, perhaps it was in mythtv-users16:26
tgm4883_laptopi do / as ext316:26
wilberfan"the rest", meaning /home etc?16:26
tgm4883_laptopno, the rest of the drive16:27
tgm4883_laptopthe above was for a dedicated machine16:27
tgm4883_laptopno need for /home on a seperate HD then16:27
wilberfani'm a lil' confused...  how do i install myth / on one partition and designate the recording partition as xfs?16:28
wilberfan(i'm an intermediate noob)16:28
wilberfanand i smell a reinstall in my future!16:29
tgm4883_laptopduring install, do manual partitioning16:29
wilberfan(i do that anyway)16:30
tgm4883_laptopsection off 8-10 gb as ext3 and mounted as root16:30
tgm4883_laptopthen do swap16:30
* wilberfan is nodding16:30
tgm4883_laptopthen for recordings, use the rest of the drive, mark it for xfs and mount it at /var/lib/16:31
tgm4883_laptopor wherever you want recordings to be16:31
tgm4883_laptopif you have done manual partitioning before, it's really not that hard16:31
tgm4883_laptopwhen you get in there you will see16:31
wilberfani have, yeah...16:31
directhex|worki use xfs root at work16:31
directhex|workadmittedly on sgi kit, with an sgi support contract16:32
wilberfandirecthex|work: do you agree root might be better as ext3?16:32
wilberfan(just tryin' to get a consensus here..)  ;-)16:32
directhex|workwilberfan, i think that's a sensible attitude to take, yes16:32
wilberfanhuh....  well, you phuck up and learn!  :-|16:33
directhex|worki say this as someone who used jfs root on his myth machine and is suffering for his sins16:33
wilberfanit's been a couple of months since i did my last mythbuntu install...is /var/lib/ the default recording location??16:34
tgm4883_laptopSweet I just got an email from south africa that says i will receive 20% of $21 million if I help them out16:34
directhex|workyes. you don't need to make that folder the big one, it can be anywhere, as long as you change the recording location16:34
wilberfantgm4883_laptop: lol.  buy me a new laptop then?16:35
frank_tgm4883_laptop: you'd be stupid not to!16:35
directhex|worki have a better offer16:35
tgm4883_laptopI know, to think, out of 6 billion people they picked me to help16:35
wilberfandirecthex|work: wait, i'm confused again...16:35
directhex|work50% of $15m from zimbabwe16:35
tgm4883_laptopI'd do it, but I'm already getting 10 million from Nigeria.  I just have to send them $5000 more for some paperwork16:36
directhex|workwilberfan, you can make any folder your recording directory if you want. /var/lib/mythtv is certainly the default though. it's just a little... inelegant if you want to share non-myth media across a network16:36
* tgm4883_laptop thinks that /var/lib/ is a bad place for recordings16:37
wilberfandirecthex|work: well, i'm NOT at the network-sharing stage yet!  :-016:37
tgm4883_laptoponly because /var needs to be formated during an install16:37
directhex|worktgm4883_laptop, i use /data/MythTV/Recordings \o/16:37
wilberfanso best advice on what i need to specify during the install...?? (during manual partition phase)?16:38
wilberfancuz i'm gonna start reinstalling here in a sec!16:38
tgm4883_laptopis this a dedicated backend machine?16:39
tgm4883_laptopas in, not used as a desktop too?16:39
wilberfanwell, it's a multi-distro machine... used as a desktop, too...16:39
wilberfani've got sidux, xp, gutsy installed on it also....16:40
wilberfan(bit of a distro whore)16:40
surlyjakey dont you just run myth from inside of ubuntu16:40
wilberfansurlyjake: not sure i'd know how to do that yet!  (not even sure i knew that was possible!)16:41
wilberfanthe whole mythbuntu install seemed like a good way to get my tootsies wet...16:41
surlyjakeit surely is. but from ubuntu, its super easy. i'm pretty sure you can install it from the gui package selector16:42
pdragoninstructions for all possible combinations of mythbuntu frontend/backend/desktop16:42
wilberfanbut i'll still need an xfs partition to record on...?16:42
surlyjakei just installed it by sudo apt-get. if i want myth up, i run it just like any other program16:43
pdragonxfs is recommended but not required16:43
wilberfansurlyjake: kewl16:43
wilberfanpdragon: so if i wanted to do the 'recommended' thing...?16:43
pdragonif you've got the free space to partition an xfs partition, you can just point the recording directory there when you run it on the desktop16:43
surlyjakeuse gparted to create whatever partition you want. my recomendation if your system is already up and working, just get an extra (perhaps external drive). format it however you want...16:44
pdragonyou can change the directory mythbuntu records to at any time16:44
surlyjakemy theory is, whenever your system is already working, dont mess around with your OS drive. (i'm too stupid to keep everything working)16:45
wilberfanwell, it'd have to be one of the partitions in one of the 2 existing hd's in there now...16:45
pdragonno problem. just make sure that partition is mounted when it boots and you can set it as a recording directory16:45
wilberfanwell, if you think about it:  i already have a (non-working!) rather huge xfs partition in there right now (the recently demised mythbuntu) AND a working gutsy install....16:45
surlyjakeso reformat the xfs partition and point your recordings there16:46
pdragonthen just install the mythtv packages and set the recording directory to that xfs partition and you're good to go16:46
wilberfanso i just need to mount the xfs partition (maybe reformat it?), then finger-out how to install mythtv withing gutsy...16:46
wilberfan(great minds think alike...!)16:46
wilberfanare youze guys gonna be around for awhile--in case i need my hand held?!  (LOL)16:47
pdragonyep. if you want instructions for installing mythtv on an existing desktop, go to that link i posted16:47
surlyjakeuse /data/recordings or just /recordings so as not to even put other data at risk16:47
directhex|worki recommend /badger16:47
directhex|workit's a fine mountpoint is /badger16:47
surlyjakeim @work for 7 more hrs......16:47
pdragonyeah, i use /opt/mythtv/recordings myself16:47
* wilberfan can't tell if directhex|work is joking16:47
wilberfandirecthex|work: why "/badger"???16:48
pdragonwhy not /badger?16:48
wilberfanuh....sure  why not....16:48
* wilberfan hates it when the big boys tease him16:49
directhex|workwilberfan, i'm anarchic and sarcastic, but for the most part, my sarcasm is never overtly false16:49
wilberfanI want the "Install a Frontend on an existing ubuntu Gutsy Desktop" option, don't I....16:50
directhex|work/badger is a perfectly acceptable mountpoint, technically. i'm usually using /tmp/badger when mounting isos16:50
directhex|workwilberfan, you need a backend first16:50
pdragonoop yeah... that's important :p16:50
* wilberfan looks behind himself16:50
directhex|workhang on...16:51
wilberfannow...see?   you have to be careful with Lil' Scottie here...16:51
pdragonyou want Combined Backend, Frontend, & Regular Desktop16:51
surlyjake**i never knew myth could be so homoerotic16:51
wilberfanI didn't scroll down far enough:  THIS is the option I need:  " Install a Backend and Frontend on an existing Ubuntu Gutsy Desktop"16:52
surlyjakehiding it right under your nose ;)16:52
wilberfanwait...if i click on that install link (in gutsy) it will go get the packages for me?!16:54
* wilberfan gives a low whistle16:54
surlyjakeonly one way to find out....16:54
wilberfanok...  lemme go get my partition magic disc ready...16:55
* wilberfan starts his BuntuYoga regimine...16:56
wilberfan[Parted Magic I mean]16:58
wilberfanjeez, reformatting that partition took about 2.4 seconds...17:06
wilberfanI just thought of a snag I'm gonna run into:  my xorg isn't configured for my TV...17:07
wilberfan(which always happened automatically during the mythbuntu install)17:08
surlyjake..... plug it in...17:09
wilberfanyou mean the tv?17:09
surlyjakeyep. what kind is it?17:09
wilberfanA Phillips magavox (is that what you meant?)  NTSC17:10
wilberfanwell, it's always plugged into the nvidia card on that machine...i just turned it on now...17:11
surlyjakelcd? plasma? what connections17:11
surlyjakeold tube? what resolution17:11
wilberfanoh.  sorry.  s-video.  tube.  resolution?  uhhhh.... not totally sure...17:11
tgm4883_laptop640 x 480 probably17:12
wilberfansounds familiar...17:12
surlyjakeyeah. 640 sounds about right.17:12
tgm4883_laptopIIRC, all tubes are 640x48017:12
tgm4883_laptopbeen a long time since i had a tube tv17:12
wilberfanlemme see if gutsy booted...17:13
wilberfan_ok.  gutsy booted ok....17:14
surlyjakego to the nvidia control panel and fire it up17:14
wilberfan_i have a bunch of updates...should i do those BEFORE doing this mythtv install?17:14
wilberfan_it's been so long!   Where's the nvidia control panel live?!17:15
wilberfan_ok  it's open...17:16
wilberfan_oh, look  there's already a TV-0 thingie there...17:17
surlyjakeGTFO! YEY!17:17
wilberfan_(no values though)17:18
wilberfan_"TV Encoder: NVIDIA"17:18
wilberfan_"TV Refresh Rate: Unkown"17:18
wilberfan_That's it17:18
wilberfan_Now what?17:20
surlyjakewhere does the tv encoder thing show up?17:21
surlyjakealong the left?17:21
wilberfan_"GPU 0 - (GeForce FX 5200)"17:22
surlyjakego to the x server display configuration option on the left17:22
surlyjakemake it look like this:17:22
wilberfan_Hey, there's a "TV-0 (Disabled) icon already there...17:23
wilberfan_surlyjake, even though it has "1280x1024"?17:24
wilberfan_And "make it look like this" omits the HOW part!  :-O17:25
wilberfan_wait...need to reboot...  brb17:27
wilberfan_surlyjake, the largest option i have for resolution is "1024x768"...and the refresh rate is greyed-out to "auto"...17:36
surlyjakewhat happens when you select it?17:36
wilberfan_or should i select the "640x480" one??17:36
wilberfan_"Auto" won't let me select it....greyed-out17:37
surlyjakeoh. yeah. go to 64017:37
wilberfan_"Auto" still greyed-out, though....17:37
surlyjakecan you just hit apply... or ok.. or something?17:37
wilberfan_should i do a "Detect Displays"??17:37
surlyjakethat will just put a "1" and "2" on the appropriate display17:38
wilberfan_There IS a "Apply" down there, yeah...17:38
wilberfan_"The current settings cannot be completely applied due to one or more of the following reasons:"17:39
wilberfan_"The location of the X screen has changed"17:39
wilberfan_"The location type of an X screen has changed"17:39
wilberfan_(It goes on like that for awhile!)17:40
wilberfan_I guess I should "Save to X Configuration File"?17:40
wilberfan_"merge with existing file"?17:41
surlyjakewhat's the other option?17:41
wilberfan_just unchecking it...17:41
wilberfan_so the choices are 'merge' or not!17:42
surlyjakelol. i always just do whatever it defaults to.17:42
surlyjakeif all hell breaks, you can fix it.17:42
wilberfan_lol   ok. it was checked by default...17:42
surlyjakesudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg i think17:43
wilberfan_ok, now what...?17:43
wilberfan_restart x?17:43
wilberfan_(gawd.  i hate doing this part!)17:43
wilberfan_ok...keep your fingers crossed...  brb17:43
wilberfan_should i see something on the tv now?  (I just logged out, and back in...that'll restart X, right?)17:45
surlyjakectrl+alt+backspace too17:46
wilberfan_cuz i'm not seein' squat17:46
surlyjaketry pulling the nvidia settings back up17:46
wilberfan_Nah...TV-0 is still (Disabled)...17:46
wilberfan_something didn't "take"...17:47
wilberfan_I got this when I tried to merge:  "Unable to create new X config backup file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup'."17:48
surlyjakeoh shitz17:48
wilberfan_zat bad?17:48
surlyjakerun sudo nvidia-settings17:48
surlyjakeyour normal user cant edit the file anywayz....17:48
surlyjakederf. sorry17:48
wilberfan_That WOULD explain that error...yep....17:49
wilberfan_WORKED THAT TIME!17:49
wilberfan_Hey, I gotta desktop on my tv now!!17:52
wilberfan_i'm assuming my next job is to change fstab so that my xfs partition gets mounted...?  or....?17:53
wilberfan_woot, indeed, my friend.  woot.17:53
surlyjakewilber. i have to say.. this is the first time my input has ever been helpfull to ANYONE on IRC. *im new here*17:53
wilberfan_well, then we're BOTH weiners...uh, winners...!17:54
wilberfan_what's our next task, there, sensei....?17:54
surlyjakeyep. sudo nano /etc/fstab17:55
wilberfan_I already see an entry for my xfs partition in fstab...but it can't be correct...(the UUID will be the OLD one, yes?)17:55
surlyjakeall the extra crap i have no idea about17:55
surlyjakeall i understand are /dev/<whatever> and /<mountpoint>17:56
wilberfan_well, i know there's a command to display the device UUID's...but i don't remember what it is...17:56
wilberfan_i have it written down somewhere....17:56
surlyjakeum. open up gparted to make sure that you are thinking of the right partition17:56
wilberfan_yeah...it's my "dev/sdb1" partition...  (first part on 2nd drive, i remember that...)17:57
wilberfan_"ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid"  !17:58
wilberfan_surlyjake, ok, the existing mountpoint is "/media/sdb1"   I need to change that, don't I?18:00
surlyjakeyou don't need too, but i say you should.18:01
surlyjakebut first you need to create the place where you will mount it18:01
wilberfan_but that means i have to CREATE the mountpoint...18:01
wilberfan_and then there's those pesky permissions!18:01
wilberfan_should i do the default myth point?18:02
wilberfan_or be creative?18:02
surlyjakeonly you can decide.18:02
surlyjakelol. sorry18:02
wilberfan_well.... help me out here...  i think "/something/recordings" would be good...18:03
wilberfan_where should i put it...?18:03
surlyjakehows that?18:04
wilberfan_that works...18:04
wilberfan_so now, uh,   "mkdir /mythdata/recordings"??18:05
surlyjakemkdir /mythdata18:05
surlyjakethen /mythdata/recordings18:05
wilberfan_"SUDO mdkir /mythdata"?18:05
surlyjakeim a root cheater18:05
wilberfan_(man, gotta watch this kid like a HAWK!)18:06
wilberfan_OK.  got /mythdata created...18:06
surlyjakeok. forget about making the recording directory. make it after you mount the drive18:07
surlyjakenow go back into fstab and point away18:07
wilberfan_oh.  ok.  we're gonna wait on the sub-directory?18:08
surlyjakeotherwise, the subdirectory will be on your root drive...18:08
wilberfan_does /mythdata already have the proper permissions?18:08
surlyjaketrial and error18:08
surlyjakewe can chown and chmod it after mounting it18:08
wilberfan_ok, lemme edit the fstab now....18:08
wilberfan_now, what is it?   sudo mount -a ?18:09
surlyjakesudo umount -a18:09
surlyjakethen sudo mount -a18:09
wilberfan_well, umount told me several were busy...but i'm now the proud owner of a /mythdata partition on my desktop!18:11
surlyjakechmod 77718:12
wilberfan_you better give me the entire command...18:12
surlyjakeSUDO chmod 777 /mythdata18:12
wilberfan_(at least i knew enough to know that wasn't complete!)18:12
surlyjakeSUDO chown <your username> /mythdata18:13
wilberfan_doesn't username have to be mythtv or something???18:13
surlyjakethose are wide open permissions18:13
surlyjakefrom my understanding 777 will let any user read/write/modify the data18:14
wilberfan_oh, ok.  cool.   done.18:14
wilberfan_(provided this works when were' done, this is fun...)18:14
wilberfan_we must be getting close to the back-and-frontend install....18:15
surlyjakeim lazy with file permies on stuff like this, so yes... it is "insecure" but if you want to spend time securing TV recordings, go ahead18:15
wilberfan_nah.  not at this point...   too nooob.18:15
wilberfan_the world is welcome to my pr0n....18:15
surlyjake2secs. i'm at work18:16
wilberfan_(wait. except that one with me and the cantelope!)18:16
surlyjakefirst, test out your mount by copying some stuff in there quick18:19
wilberfan_[copying 347MB video file] so far, so good...18:20
wilberfan_done!  and it even plays!18:21
surlyjakealright. lets not get all distracted by your 347mb porn file18:22
wilberfan_[LOL!  thats exactly what it was!!]18:22
surlyjakenow we are at the super easy gui part. smile for me.18:22
surlyjakethis is also the well documented part. read this http://parker1.co.uk/mythtv_ubuntu.php18:23
wilberfan_[now officially jake's bitch, apparently]18:23
surlyjakeskip about halfway down until you see "sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install mythtv mythtv-themes"18:23
wilberfan_Is that link better than this:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV_Gutsy_Backend_Frontend_Desktop?highlight=%28mythtv%2918:23
wilberfan_it might amount to the same thing....18:25
wilberfan_(man, them blue screens bring back memories!)  {shudder}18:26
surlyjakeyeah.  basically, except the ubuntu.com one references  the mythbuntu control center and is more gui-centric18:27
surlyjakego ahead and use the ubuntu one18:27
wilberfan_what's that link for?18:28
wilberfan_more help, right?18:28
wilberfan_(Oooh, look.  I DO have the PVR-350....)18:28
wilberfan_(Oh, wait...I'm using the nvidia s-video out...)18:29
wilberfan_so i can do the myth install now...?18:29
wilberfan_yikes.  here it comes!18:30
wilberfan_that's pretty frickin' nifty that you can click on a link and have things start installing....18:30
wilberfan_(too excited.  must go pee...)  brb18:31
wilberfan_hey, i get to specify my remote now...18:33
wilberfan_hmmm... I guess "Hauppage TV Card" is the best choice?18:34
wilberfan_[now installing xfce desktop]18:37
wilberfan_is it done?18:37
wilberfan_is there a way to tell?18:37
wilberfan_hmmm.   wonder what's next...  do i log out, and back into....myth?18:39
tgm4883_laptoptry to start myth18:40
tgm4883_laptopit should prompt you to be added to the mythtv group18:40
wilberfan_via the mythbuntu control center...or....?18:40
tgm4883_laptopapplications .> sound and video > mythtv18:42
wilberfan_tgm4883_laptop, don't i have to configure the backend first?18:42
tgm4883_laptopthen mythtv-setup from MCC is what you want18:42
wilberfan_and there is no menu entry for myth in sound/video...18:43
wilberfan_should i keep the "Ubuntu Desktop" choice...since this has been added to a gutsy install?18:44
tgm4883_laptopIMO, MCC needs a little bit of clarification in that area18:44
wilberfan_even though this is an 'older' box?18:44
wilberfan_(Pentium 4)18:44
tgm4883_laptopwell even if you uncheck Ubuntu Desktop, it will only remove the metapackage and not really accomplilsh anything18:45
wilberfan_(you know--i REALLY appreciate the help you guys are offering...]18:45
wilberfan_do i hit "apply" after each setup--or wait until the end--or...?18:45
tgm4883_laptopsecondly, if you are only using it as a frontend, it will boot into xfce4 and gnome will only be using a small amount of HD space18:46
tgm4883_laptopapply after every page, it should prompt you to do so18:46
wilberfan_nah...it's back and front...18:46
wilberfan_"downloading add'l package files'.... ok18:46
wilberfan_must be installing the necessary back and front stuff....18:46
wilberfan_pretty cool....18:47
wilberfan_ok   system roles is done...next is probably....MythTV Config?18:52
wilberfan_ah...now there's a mythtv frontend entry in my menu, too....18:52
wilberfan_telling me to restart my session...  brb18:53
wilberfanhey, new theme!18:57
wilberfanfirst thing I notice though, is that at some point, something (xorg??) will have to be changed:  main display is coming up on computer monitor--NOT the TV...18:57
surlyjake*WOOOt. i'm back.18:57
wilberfanwe missed ya!18:57
wilberfanafter i get this all configured, do you know how to make the TV as the "main" display...?18:58
wilberfancuz it's now the monitor...18:58
wilberfanoooh.  and here's where i have to specify the recording file etc...18:59
surlyjakeshould be in the nvidia-settings panel18:59
wilberfanyou came back just in time!!19:00
wilberfanlooks like it's installed--time to configure...19:00
wilberfanhow do we set up that "recordings" subdir now?19:00
wilberfantgm4883_laptop has been helping in your absence....19:01
surlyjakesuweet. how's it looking?19:05
wilberfanwhen do we set up the "recordings" subdir?19:05
wilberfani'm in the configurating stage....19:06
Tuv0kErrors were encountered while processing:19:07
Tuv0k mythtv-frontend19:07
Tuv0kE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)19:07
rhpot1991_laptopTuv0k: sudo apt-get -f install19:09
Tuv0kcmon rhpot1991  you know I tried that:)19:09
Tuv0kI'm no noob19:09
wilberfan[running mythfilldatabase]19:10
rhpot1991_laptopwhich builds are you running?19:10
Tuv0k13 not fully installed or removed19:10
wilberfansurlyjake: not sure when/how to create the /mythdata/recordings directory....19:11
rhpot1991_laptopand it was previously working right?19:11
Tuv0kSetting up mythtv-frontend (0.21.0~fixes16338-0ubuntu2)19:11
Tuv0kjust noticed somethine19:11
Tuv0kchown: cannot access `/var/log/mythtv': No such file or directory19:11
surlyjake@wilber-> i'm looking19:11
Tuv0khow can that be19:11
surlyjake@wilber-> i'm looking19:12
wilberfan_sweet.  mythfilldatabase still running ok...19:12
wilberfan_surlyjake, thanks dude...19:12
wilberfan_[watching mythfill]19:13
rhpot1991_laptopTuv0k: is mythtv-backend already installed?19:14
Tuv0kbackend is on a diffent machine19:14
Tuv0kthis is only a afrontend19:14
surlyjake@wilber-> its in the backend setup. it should pull up automatically before you are done setting everything up https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV/Install/mythtv-setup?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=be_setup_3.png19:17
Tuv0krhpot1991_laptop, fixed it19:18
rhpot1991_laptopjust made the dir yourself?19:18
wilberfan_surlyjake, hmmmm.  There was an option to set it up for me when i tried to quit the setup...but i don't think it worked....19:18
Tuv0kthx though19:18
Tuv0kgive sup my regards :)19:19
wilberfan_Man, now i don't know how many of the plugins to select....19:19
Tuv0kI've relocated recently, so I have not been around much19:19
=== foxbuntu___ is now known as foxbuntu
wilberfan_Mythflix never DID work before...19:19
wilberfan_What is MythVideo?19:20
rhpot1991_laptopTuv0k: looks like that should have gotten fixed in the latest weekly builds: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/+bug/18564619:20
wilberfan_And what about Media Playback Applications?   Do I select ALL?  Some?19:20
surlyjakehave fun19:20
wilberfan_this'll be nifty as hell (if it works!)!19:21
wilberfan_does myth select the player it uses?   do I select it...?19:21
rhpot1991_laptopwilberfan_: I believe its the internal mythplayer by default, but you can change that19:22
wilberfan_"Generate dynamic button mappings"?19:25
wilberfan_under the Remote Control section...19:25
wilberfan_any ideas one way or the other?   (it's currently UNchecked)19:26
wilberfan_any idea what causes the faint horizontal bands that scroll up the tv screen?  (interlace or something??)19:32
wilberfan_or how to fix it?19:32
wilberfan_and...is it safe to issue a "shutdown -h 01:00" type command to shutdown the computer after I've done my recording for the evening?19:33
MythbuntuGuest32hi guys, i was hoping someone could help19:35
rhpot1991_laptopwilberfan_: should be fine, and you can enable deinterlacing to see if it helps (not really sure what you are describing)19:36
MythbuntuGuest32on my mythtv program guide the preview video is on the left and it is all fuzzy, everything else on myth is perfect19:36
MythbuntuGuest32can anyone help?19:36
MythbuntuGuest32(the preview video should be on the right)19:36
wilberfan_Guys, i gotta leave for work now...but just wanted to say Mega Gracias for all your help...   When I get back tonight (6-ish Pacific Time) maybe we can iron out the last remaining wrinkles!19:44
wilberfanhmm.  does the keyboard not work with myth any more?!19:48
wilberfanoh, wait...there it goes....19:48
wilberfanis there a better way to shutdown my machine (post-recording) at the end of the night than just a shutdown command (ie, "shutdown -h 01:30" etc)?23:32
wilberfan[crickets chirping]23:39

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