Stormx2`They were seperate conversations. I'd come into the channel and not even read that.00:00
Stormx2`I was commenting on XKCD. It was hardly about oral sex or something.00:00
ompaulyou were asked not to continue - then you debated the call00:00
ompaulbad idea00:00
ompaulif a call is made it usually has good reason with it00:00
ompaulso leave it to the ops please00:00
Stormx2`good idea, I don't see how anyone can justify stiffling reasonable debate. Sorry I started it in the wrong channel but even so :/00:01
naliothStormx2`: Ubuntu isn't here for "debate" of any kind00:01
naliothwe provide #ubuntu-offtopic as a channel to discuss non help stuff00:02
Stormx2`I'm well aware you do so.00:02
ompaulStormx2`, so ehh why you here?00:02
Stormx2`A couple of reasons:00:03
* ompaul waits for a moment00:03
Stormx2`1) To contest that "blows" does any damage to anyone in the channel 2) To complain that I was kicked AND banned because I debated the decision. I would have come in here or brought it to PM if I though that was what you wanted.00:04
ompaul2) now you know00:04
ompaul1) it was a context even if you were not aware of it00:04
Stormx2`But was that the best way of telling me? With a ban?00:04
ompaul0) now lets get on with it00:04
mneptokStormx2`: i gave you *plenty* of opportunity to back off and let the subject drop.00:05
ompaulthe fact is you were asked to back off00:05
Stormx2`Okay, final thing. Where do you draw the line on !ohmy. I mean "blows" is pretty low down on the vulgar scale but things are lower. You must draw it somewhere.00:05
ompaulthere is no line - only context and common sense00:05
ompauland when I say that it means that the line position may change given conditions00:05
LjLStormx2`, no, there are many lines that just cannot arbitrarily be drawn no matter how hard we'd try. and hey, if there *were* a way to draw such lines with inequivocable clearness, we'd just have a bot instead of ops.00:06
Stormx2`Bots can't understand context.00:06
* mneptok is actually ~3500 lines of Python00:06
LjLStormx2`: and indeed we have ops.00:06
mneptokStormx2`: and neither can people who, by their own admission, just joined a channel00:06
LjLmneptok: that's your problem, the language.00:06
Stormx2`mneptok, wait, what?00:07
Stormx2`I understand the context of my own remarks, thanks very much.00:07
Stormx2`When I joined doesn't come into that.00:07
* nickrud thinks mneptok needs an upgrade00:08
Stormx2`Whatever. I still thing it's very knitpicky.00:08
Stormx2`But point taken, I'll contest things in here.00:08
Stormx2`You guys do a good job 99.9% of the time :)00:08
ompaulStormx2`, your context is not in debate here - as for knitpicking when you point one finger several others point back in your direction 00:08
ompaulStormx2`, please drop it now00:08
Stormx2`ompaul: I was about to. Those were my closing remarks o.O00:09
ompaulwith that I point to the topic of this channel and bit you a good day00:09
Stormx2`Kay, cya00:09
ompaulthe full moon is out :)00:10
nickrudirc op is punishment indeed00:10
* ompaul whips self to remind self00:11
naliothdo we have a macedonian language channel?00:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mk - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:02
ubotuSNuxoll called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (CSlime)03:13
naliotha troll.03:15
naliothpure and unadulterated.03:15
Hobbseeand -uncensored is wondering why he got klined03:28
naliothHobbsee: oh?03:32
Hobbseenalioth: aren't you there?03:32
naliothyes, in another shell03:33
naliothhad to go look at it03:34
naliothyou are aware of why, right?03:34
Hobbseetrolling, apparently.  i'm not in -offtopic03:35
naliothahh, you missed it.03:35
naliothit was classic03:35
Hobbsee /query me with it?03:36
mneptokplz eat DrDerek kthxbai04:03
PriceChildIts an ompaul!06:19
ompaulPriceChild, 10 points for a correct answer, and your next question is what time is it?06:20
PriceChildIts "too early" o'clock06:26
naliothnot for trolls06:26
PriceChildUu a nalioth too.06:27
ompaulPriceChild, did not not feel the network quake06:27
PriceChildompaul: hmm?06:27
ompaulPriceChild, me n mr n at the same time06:28
PriceChildscary stuff06:29
* PriceChild checks out nin06:31
naliothPriceChild: ghosts.nin.com06:31
ompaulits a bit early for that06:31
PriceChildnalioth: yup already got it :)06:31
ubotucredible called the ops in #ubuntu (basketball589)07:59
jussi01Morning lads and ladies08:56
elkbuntuAmaranth, i'm pretty sure there'll be few people lining up to report drderek missing if he were to meet such circumstances... ie... kick him if he gets even stupider09:35
AndrewBAm I not right in guessing that ubotu changed owners recently?12:33
AndrewB!User list --capability=owner12:35
AndrewBubotu: User list --capability=owner12:35
AndrewBoh it is Seveas still12:36
Mez!botabuse | AndrewB :P13:26
ubotuAndrewB :P: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.13:26
PiciTsk tsk13:26
MezPici, ? me or AndrewB ?13:27
PiciAndrewB ;)13:27
AndrewBMez: approve me on the GB translators dammit or you will be getting bot abuse! ;)13:29
MezAndrewB, /msg13:30
Picihmm http://scrutator.lo2k.net/Master/sortChannel/channel=%23ubuntu-offtopic14:14
jussi01hmmm, which bot?14:15
PiciAmaranth is looking... or is going to kick everyone14:15
AmaranthI fired off an email too14:17
AmaranthMez: Get anything interesting?14:18
Amaranthit's probably stealthed like those other log bots14:18
PiciBesides an imprint of Seveas's shoe?14:18
AmaranthSeveas: Your script is messed up, you didn't drop the +o14:19
PiciAmaranth: He never does, I think its on purpose14:19
AmaranthAlright, lets go through a list here14:19
Amaranthanyone know who that is?14:19
MezAmaranth, I might have14:19
Mez-Eneloop- VERSION Orbit Technology v1.6.1814:19
Amaranthgood enough for me14:19
Mez-Aranel- VERSION Seni Ilgilendirmeyen Bir Surum14:20
Amaranthweird nick, never heard of them, never seen them talk before14:20
Mezhmm I also got14:20
Mez<zenrox> pissoff now or ill get you, i know who you are and whare you live14:20
Amaranththen again...14:20
Amarantheneloop joined again way too fast14:21
Mez!CoC | zenrox14:21
ubotuzenrox: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/14:21
Mez!CoC > zenrox14:21
AmaranthI don't know anyone but us that autorejoins on force part except us14:21
AmaranthThat looked more like "oops, i left this channel, better get back in to log"14:21
Amaranthis #ubuntu logged too?14:22
Amaranthand Eneloop is in #ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic14:22
PiciI'd see what users are in those freenode channels and cross reference them between each other14:22
AmaranthI'd banforward random people to here but then they might start logging here :P14:23
MezFreenode Channels where bot is on: #zftalk #ubuntu-offtopic,#trac,#symfony,#adium,'madwifi,#debianfr14:24
AmaranthMez: But they are apparently logging #ubuntu too14:24
PiciI think its a neat idea, but I don't remember anyone asking to do it.14:24
Mezyes, but Currently thats offline14:24
Amaranthor they were 24 hours ago14:24
jussi01#ubuntu #ubuntu-devel #ubuntu-fr #ubuntu-offtopic are all listed in the list at the bottom of the links page14:24
Amaranthdamnit, i need a small channel :P14:25
LjLsummarize for me please - we have a couple of bots (eneloop, aranel...? with different version replies?) logging links that are said on channels - correct?14:25
AmaranthWe don't know who the bots are but yes, we have bot(s) in multiple channels logging links14:25
PiciLjL: http://scrutator.lo2k.net/Master/sortChannel/channel=%23ubuntu-offtopic 14:25
jussi01LjL: that sounds about right to me14:25
LjLPici: yes i've clicked14:26
PiciLjL: ah, okay :)14:26
PiciWasn't sure if you missed the link14:26
LjLso they've been there for ages14:26
LjLwell, weeks14:26
Amaranthlooks like 3 weeks to a month14:26
LjL"aranel" rings a bell somehow14:26
PriceChildWhy don't we just figure out how long 10027 is and see who joined then14:27
LjLPici: how long what is?14:27
LjLerr, price14:27
PriceChildWell t hat page infers they've been online 10027 seconds...?14:27
LjLthey have?14:27
LjLtell you in a moment14:28
PriceChilddoesn't it?14:28
Amaranththat's almost 3 hours14:28
LjLyeah indeed that's nothing14:28
PriceChildAmaranth: pardon?14:28
PriceChildLjL: pardon?14:28
Amaranth--> sen3 (n=sen@ has joined #ubuntu-offtopic14:28
Amaranth--> benzss (n=huhu@5ac0fb33.bb.sky.com) has joined #ubuntu-offtopic14:28
Amaranth<-- tonyyarusso has quit (Nick collision from services.)14:28
Amaranth--> tonyyarusso (n=anthony@ubuntu/member/tonyyarusso) has joined #ubuntu-offtopic14:28
Amaranth--> neeto (n=chatzill@ has joined #ubuntu-offtopic14:28
Amaranthso it'd be sen3, benzss, tonyyarusso, or neeto :P14:29
LjL12:42:37 03/04/0814:29
LjLis 10027 seconds ago14:29
Amaranthsen3 is not there14:30
Amaranthbenzss is in too many channels that don't fit14:30
jussi01Amaranth: not tonyyarusso hehe14:30
Amaranthjussi01: i know :P14:30
Amaranthand neeto is not there14:31
Amaranthso that number either isn't seconds or doesn't mean anything14:31
PriceChildare you sure? I calculate it being nearer 11:40 utc, DOOM_NX14:31
Amaranthah, right, i was a few minutes off14:32
LjLPriceChild: i checked with 10027, course it's changed now...14:32
Amaranthstupid rounding14:32
LjL11:39:35 03/04/08 UTC14:32
AmaranthDOOM_NX is in channels that aren't being logged14:33
PriceChildHe's not a bot.14:33
MezThe status page also says that he's in #debianfr14:33
Amaranththis is so frustrating14:34
MezI've whoised all in there cept the ops, and none of them are in -offtopic14:34
Amaranthso it's multiple bots then14:34
LjLhttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58372/ this is for -ot14:34
Mezno ops are in there either14:35
Amaranthgah, why is debian so broken14:35
LjLthey *aren't* (afawk) in any channels that aren't listed at http://scrutator.lo2k.net/Master/status though, are they?14:36
AmaranthAlright, I don't have time for this14:37
* Amaranth goes back to hating debian for making his work harder14:37
MezThey're not in some of the channels eitehr....14:37
Mez(#scrutator I've looked on lango, efnet, they're not there14:37
jussi01I suspect there is more than one bot, and they have different bots in deifferent channels correct?14:38
PiciI was about to say it was 'beasty' but hes not in all of the freenode channels14:38
LjLjussi01: yes14:38
LjL#ubuntu is offline now14:38
Amaranthwell that rules eneloop out14:39
LjLthe entire freenode is offline now14:39
LjL#symfony: [15:40:02] --> Albah has joined this channel (n=Albah@
Mezdo we have anyone matching
LjL/whois albah14:40
Piciseems likely14:40
LjLPici: not likely, it's it14:40
PiciMyrtti: hi! we're playing detective today14:40
PriceChildMez: going through a load to see14:40
AmaranthWell that solves that14:41
MezAlbah is the name that was given to a bot ...14:41
LjLit *says* the name of the bot on the site :)14:41
Mez(it mentions albah on the site)14:41
PiciI must have mispelled it when I did the whois the first time14:41
MezIt's in #u-t now too14:41
Mezwhich I didnt see before14:41
Mez* [Albah] #ubuntu-offtopic #python.de #symfony #madwifi #zftalk #ruby #adium #seagull 14:42
Amaranthnot anymore14:42
Mezlooks like it was just rebooted too :D14:42
Mez97s online14:42
LjLyeah it just joined14:43
AmaranthBanned from #ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic14:43
Mezwhere's .lu ?14:44
MezThey've just launched another few bots too..14:44
Amaranthi never spell that right14:45
LjLme neither14:45
Mez* [RedDwarf] (~RedDwarf@lango-5CD71EA1.lo2k.net): None14:45
Mez* [RedDwarf] #scrutator 14:45
Pici.lu  Luxembourg14:45
Mezthats a masked address on another server for another bot14:45
LjLMez: on another network right?14:46
MezLjL - yeah14:46
Mezand 14:46
Mez* [scrutator] (~scrutator@oil-ocean.lo2k.net): None14:46
LjLwell, no *.lo2k.net on freenode14:46
MezLjL, we cant see that ...14:47
MezI dont think14:47
PiciAnd concidering the one bot isnt set +s (?) I dont think the others would be14:47
LjLMez: well, yeah if they are +i we can't, but given i'm in all channels they claim to monitor, i should see them14:47
LjLPici: +i14:48
LjLPici: +s is for channels14:48
MezDave2, fancy checking if there are any annoying lil bleeders from that mask ?14:48
PiciLjL: Hence the question mark :)14:48
jussi01Pici: how did you come across that site in the first place?14:49
MezI swear I saw Dave2 around a second ago14:49
Picijussi01: magnetron pasted it in #u-ot, I think he was googling for himself14:50
jussi01ahh, ok then14:50
LjLPici: you question, i answer14:50
* Mez may have also found some more bots14:51
Dave2I see nothing related. And why does my xchat keep hanging.14:53
MezDave2, cause xchat sucks ?14:53
Mez<Amaranth> Albah: Are you a bot?14:55
Mez<Albah> Amaranth: You do not have permission to access this page when the sun and moon and stars are you.14:55
MezLMAO I didn't notice that14:55
Mez* scrutator (~scrutator@oil-ocean.lo2k.net) has joined #scrutator <-- FQDN (unmasked) from efnet14:57
LjLDave2, can you make me contact for #ubuntu-lt please?14:59
MezDave2 is the shineh15:07
LjLgary, please?15:07
GaryLjL: canna do that yet15:07
GaryDave2 should, or better still ask nalioth 15:07
LjLboth unavailable it seems15:07
* Mez slaps Dave2 15:07
LjLeh... you were marked away now15:08
MezLjL, hehe - but he's also chatting in another channel ;015:08
MezDave2, fancy a drink later?15:08
MezI think you owe me one from last time ;)15:08
Dave2Hah, I have far too much work to get done and 10 days to get it done in15:08
Dave2LjL, want me to drop the channel and op you so you can register?15:10
Dave2with a fresh channel setup15:10
LjLDave2: same for me15:10
GaryLjL: is that a L for -lt  and if so where is lt?15:10
Garyoh, d'oh15:10
LjLDave2: thanks15:11
Dave2I'll take that as a yes :P15:11
Garyshould have known that, what with all the broken lt cars in our carpark (motorway rescue)15:11
MezDave2, So that's a no then ?15:11
Mez<Mez> Dave2, fancy a drink later?15:12
Mez<Mez> I think you owe me one from last time ;)15:12
Mez<+Dave2> Hah, I have far too much work to get done and 10 days to get it done in15:12
Dave2ah, yes, I really need to get this done. no idea how I'm going to \o/15:12
Mezso no beer ? :(15:12
jussi01Mez: Ill shout you 2 beers if you make it to my local :P15:13
Mezjussi01, which is wher E?15:13
jussi01Mez: Oulu, Finland :P15:14
Mezbit far from me15:14
jussi01yeah, figures...15:15
jussi01you might not like the weather either15:15
MezIt's actually vaguely sunny here15:15
jussi01we have a nice -9 here :) http://weather.willab.fi/weather.html15:16
jussi01that weather station is about 1km from my house :D15:16
Davieywe have 8-9 here (or that is what my car said)15:16
* jussi01 is ~200kms from te arctic circle15:17
Mez8ᴼ here15:20
Jack_Sparrownickrud, I see -9 and wonder what scale that is on..  you and I will both have weather in the high 60's today15:46
jussi01Jack_Sparrow: celsius15:47
Jack_SparrowIs there a multiplier for that.. :)15:47
Jack_Sparrow71 f here yesterday15:48
jussi01Jack_Sparrow: google has a good converter15:48
Jack_Sparrow21.6 c to you15:49
Jack_Sparrowyour -9 is our 1515:49
jussi01Jack_Sparrow: 16to you15:49
nickrudJack_Sparrow: heh. Southern Cal has some advantages15:49
jussi01Jack_Sparrow: Id love 21 degrees mmmm... warmth15:51
Jack_SparrowOur house was not heated until this year..... Took it out 15 years ago and never got around to putting one in.15:52
jussi01Jack_Sparrow: I die with out heating15:52
Jack_SparrowI can believe that. To us it was not a big deal... Occasionally get up in the am and bake something to warm the house15:53
Jack_Sparrowtake care, time for me to have breakfast and do some exercises.15:54
LjLis it just me or is there amazingly little activity in #ubuntu today16:47
Amaranthyeah, it's weird16:48
Amaranthit was busier than this overnight (US)16:48
Amaranthi suppose i could blame politics16:48
Amaranthbut that's only a couple states16:49
Seeker`It does seem quite dead16:49
Seeker`I'm sure I could go and start spamming stuff if you are bored :P16:50
PiciIt was busy this morning.16:50
no0ticprobably it's the right time for my question :)16:52
naliothSeeker`: you and nickserv fighting again?16:55
Seeker`nalioth: yup16:58
Seeker`nalioth: better?16:58
MezQuestion: What should we do if a user responds with a threatening message to a CTCP version?17:07
Mez/whois zenrox17:07
Mez/ctcp zenrox version17:07
nalioth1204650512 11:08 CTCP VERSION reply from zenrox: xchat 2.8.4 Ubuntu             ??17:08
naliothi see17:09
Meznalioth, did you not get the message aswell?17:09
naliothyes, it was up in the high numbers17:09
Mezah, irssi ;)17:10
naliothi've requested he change it17:11
PiciGah. What is with the bad advice today.18:16
jdongPici: have you checked the forums?18:23
* Pici gives up, goes to lunch18:23
=== mc44_ is now known as mc44
=== nalioth_ is now known as nalioth
ubotuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore20:33
AmaranthHey, I heard back from the logging guy21:04
AmaranthHe says the bots are run by other people that just plug into his API21:04
Amaranth'If you don't want this bot on your channel, please put channel in private. If channel is in "public", I presume logging is authorised.'21:04
Amaranththen he said to just ban it21:04
Amaranthwhich we did :D21:04
naliothAmaranth: and klined21:06
naliothcan any of you power users tell me why my torrents and irc work fine but my web browsers and email client just sit and spin?21:12
Amaranthnalioth: DNS?21:20
naliothAmaranth: how are the torrents finding their way?21:21
tritiumWho grants ubuntu/member hostmasks?  Seveas?21:21
Amaranthnalioth: Peer Exchange is IP based21:21
naliothtritium: the council21:21
PriceChildtritium: me, nal, lj.l or elky21:21
tritiumPriceChild: ah, okay.  We have a newly-approved member in our LoCo that needs a hostmask.21:22
PriceChildtritium: send him in once he's followed http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup to link two nicks and set an email :)21:22
tritiumPriceChild: thanks.  gcleric did you see that?21:23
PriceChildgcleric: please follow http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup to link two nicknames and set an email.21:23
PriceChildgcleric: Could I also have your launchpad url./21:23
tritiumThanks for your help, PriceChild.21:23
naliothAmaranth: i can ping www.yahoo.com, too21:23
naliothif it's DNS, it's not systemic21:24
gclericPriceChild: https://launchpad.net/~grammatoncleric21:24
naliothgcleric: please identify to services21:24
tritiumPriceChild: I can provide you a link to the membership announcement on UWN, if you need.21:24
gclericPriceChild: and I've registered my nick to gcleric21:24
PriceChildgcleric: equilibrium?21:25
naliothPriceChild: of course21:25
PriceChildgcleric: please identify to nickserv.21:25
naliothgcleric: we cannot proceed until you're identified21:25
=== credible_ is now known as credible
gcleric /msg nickserv link gcleric wanqui-121:26
PriceChildgcleric: please identify to services and change your password immediately.21:27
tritiumremove leading space21:27
PriceChildgcleric: /msg nickserv set password <newpassword>21:27
naliothgcleric: you cant link or do anything with your nickserv account until you identify to it21:27
naliothyou guys are putting the horse before the cart21:27
naliothhe needs to identify to nickserv21:27
PriceChildgcleric: yay you're identified. Please change your password immediately if you haven't already?21:29
gclericsorry for taking so long I'm at work.21:30
PriceChildgcleric: so you've got a linked nickname and email set?21:31
gclericyes, I believe so..21:31
PriceChildgcleric: ok cool, one moment while I find a staffer to apply the cloak :)21:34
tritiumMany thanks, PriceChild, nalioth.21:34
tritiumgcleric: do you know who to talk to for an @ubuntu.com email addy?21:35
PriceChildtritium: they are set up automanually, from days to a week or so.21:35
PriceChildI 'think' its elmo that takes care of them.21:35
tritiumAh, so he may already have it.  Thanks for the info.21:35
gclericthanks so much.. =)21:36
tritiumgcleric: try sending a test email to gcleric@ubuntu.com21:36
PriceChildtritium: gcleric: you will get a grammatoncleric@ubuntu.com address as that is your launchpad id.21:36
tritiumah, right, not gcleric21:36
gclerictesting now/21:37
gclericdoes not appear to be setup yet.21:39
gclericPriceChild: thanks for the help. =)21:42
PriceChildgcleric: no problem, please stick around until we get the cloak turned on21:45
PriceChildgcleric: You do not have a linked nick.21:48
PriceChildgcleric: please follow http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup to setup a linked nick, ask if you need help with something.21:49
tritiumPriceChild: I think he got called off to put out some fire at work.  He'll return shortly, hopefully.21:49
PriceChildtritium: An original excuse, will let him off this time.21:51
tritiumI'll return later as well...21:53
gclericI'm back...21:57
gclericPriceChild: done..22:00
magnetronhi, i'm wondering what the policy about bringing logging bots to #ubuntu-* channels is.22:01
PriceChildgcleric: could you paste the output of "/msg nickserv info gcleric" into a pm with me so I can check?22:01
Amaranth_'the only mail I receive is from "open source" channels which don't like to have his links spread around the world.'22:02
PriceChildmagnetron: the bot logging urls was klined from the network.22:02
Amaranth_'I will add an "if" in my API just for you. I don't want to spread links from a community so close minded.'22:02
Amaranth_this guy is fun22:02
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
magnetronPriceChild: it came back, it's here again with the name Jyaku and hostname men75-1-81-57-40-39.fbx.proxad.net22:03
PriceChildmagnetron: gimme a moment22:03
PriceChildmagnetron: What channels?22:04
AmaranthI just told this guy to cut it out22:04
magnetronPriceChild: #trac #ubuntu #seagull #ubuntu-fr #adium #zftalk #ubuntu-devel #python.de 22:05
PriceChild(more than whois?)22:05
PriceChildAmaranth: the status page has been locked down to guests also.22:05
PriceChildAmaranth: what was the trigger it responded to last time/22:05
AmaranthJyaku: Are you a bot?22:06
Amaranthit just did it again in -devel22:06
AmaranthApparently this guy wants to get his stuff completely banned from freenode...22:07
Seeker`whats going on?22:07
magnetronPriceChild: he was on the quakenet irc network too. i found the bot in a channel named #scrutator on that network. he was there, and the bot in that channel was named Mez with the real name Martin Meredith22:07
magnetroni would like to ask Mez if he knows anything about the bot22:08
PiciAre you sure that wasn't our Mez?22:08
magnetronPici: it was the same nickname and real name, i was coming here to ask him about it.22:09
Picimagnetron: I believe its him, he was looking for the bots on at least efnet earlier today22:10
magnetronok, so that's why22:10
AmaranthYeah, he was tracking them across all the networks they were showing on their status page22:11
LjLhttp://scrutator.lo2k.net/Master/status now gives "not authorized"22:16
LjLi suspect they want us to stop knowing the bot's name...22:16
AmaranthI told they guy he'd better just give up on freenode completely22:16
ubotuIn ubotu, ryanakca said: kde4support is Please join #kubuntu-kde4 for support. See !KDE422:17
LjLargh, again22:17
ubotuKDE 4.0.1 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.1 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.1.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.1.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde422:17
LjLi *really* don't see why we should have a separate "support" factoid22:17
naliothAmaranth: you've talked to the logbotmaster?22:18
AmaranthYeah, he has/had a contact email on the site22:18
LjLnalioth, an operator of some channel sent them an e-mail about it (who and which channel, i don't remember, but i can check logs i suppose)22:18
AmaranthLjL: that'd be me?22:18
naliothAmaranth: ah.22:19
LjLAmaranth, not sure, i don't think i looked at the nickname at all22:19
naliothwell, until they contact the staff, we're gonna keep klining them22:19
AmaranthFirst email said bots were not allowed without permission from the irc council and asked him to remove them, then he got pretty upset/hostile22:19
AmaranthThen I told him he should keep them off freenode completely as they are being actively looked for and klined22:19
PriceChildmmmmm humbug22:19
PiciAmaranth: Was that about when the status page became unavailable?22:20
AmaranthI just sent that second mail like 5 minutes ago22:20
AmaranthHe probably took down the status page around the time he started emailing me though22:20
AmaranthWould have been about an hour ago22:21
ubotuIn ubotu, ryanakca said: kde4 is <alias> kde4support22:21
LjLi don't... *think*... so22:21
PriceChildI'll message him.22:21
Amaranthother way around?22:21
PiciI was going to suggest inviting him here, but whatever.22:21
LjLPici: what i did22:21
PriceChildPici: seems like someone has :)22:21
LjLPriceChild: oh look just pm22:23
Amaranthi wish i had some way of being notified when someone joins #adium and/or #trac at the same time as #ubuntu-offtopic22:26
PiciI was wishing for a way of comparing /names between two channels earlier today22:27
LjLPici: heh we think alike22:27
LjLPici: except i was going to compare /who (hostmasks)22:27
Amaranththat too22:27
PriceChildHe wants it because the "support in -kde4" bit is all the way at the end22:27
Amaranthyou guys use irssi, write a little script22:27
Seeker`couldn't you write a script that calls diff?22:27
LjLPriceChild, things are most prominent when they're either at the beginning or at the end of a message.22:28
LjLSeeker`, that's one way i suppose, but i think it's more complicated than it sounds22:28
PiciI just ended up throwing them into a file and running sort/uniq on them.22:29
PriceChildSo what shall I say?22:29
Pici"Have you asked your question on the forums yet?"22:29
Amaranth@lart Pici22:29
Amaranthaww, i thought it worked here too22:29
PiciAs did I22:30
LjLuh, is he around again22:31
ryanakcaLjL: oops, sorry, didn't see the invites in my status window22:35
LjLryanakca: well no problem, price talked to you about it i think22:36
ryanakcaLjL: mind if I add Quizbuntu to the list of bots with cloaks on IrcTeam/Cloaks ?22:38
LjLryanakca: since it has a cloak... no22:38
ryanakcaLjL: /whois ?22:39
ryanakcaoh, sorry22:39
ryanakcamy bad, I thought you had say "since it has no cloak" :)22:40
ryanakcaand, the page shows "ubuntu/member/nickname" and "ubuntu/bot/$nickname", mind if I remove the $?22:41
LjLryanakca: make it italic perhaps22:41
LjLi mean, both22:41
Seeker`are you guys hunting / removing log bots?22:44
Amaranthdid you find one?22:45
Seeker`Amaranth: No, just wanted to make sure that Mootbot was safe :)22:47
LjLit quite is22:47
LjLwe aren't huting *our* bots22:48
Seeker`LjL: Just wanted to make sure noone got a bit overzealous22:49
LjLSeeker`: well, mootbot might definitely want an ubuntu/bot cloak22:50
LjLoh my22:50
LjL/whois ljl222:51
LjLactually, /whois ljl2 ljl222:51
LjLhow on earth has that stayed connected22:51
Amaranthalso, you don't have /wii?22:52
LjLAmaranth: just about every day i think i should make an alias and then i don't22:52
LjLalright, i've overcome laziness22:53
LjLnow i just have to remember i have it22:53
Seeker`LjL: We are trying to get it hosted officially22:59
LjLSeeker`, that doesn't change anything with respect to cloaking22:59
Seeker`LjL: And onto a better server - I dont have access to the server it is on atm, and the person that does has disappeared22:59
LjLSeeker`: the code *is* available?23:00
Seeker`LjL: Yes23:01
ryanakcaSeeker`: worst comes to worst, I can give you an account on my server (same one than runs Quizbuntu)...23:05
Seeker`LjL: http://tensixtyone.com/svn/mootbot/23:05
Seeker`I have an account on the server, I just have never used it, and therefore dont remember the password23:06
PriceChildssh keys ftw23:09
Seeker`PriceChild: I forget the passcodes for them too :P23:09
* PriceChild headdesks23:09
* Pici facepalms23:30
* LjL handclaps23:33
* jussi01 wanders off to find a bed...23:37
* Seeker` facedesks23:42
* nickrud doesn't feel so bad23:49
* mneptok feels slippery23:49
* nickrud sidles away from mneptok 23:49
mneptokimagine a walrus, drenched in baby oil.23:50
* jussi01 pukes, then really goes to bed23:50
mneptokyou know, as tasty as that sounds, i'll just eat a baby.23:50
nickrudthank you, no .-)23:50
nickrudgah. 23:51

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