keescookI am presently stumped by insane network configs.00:29
mralphabetkeescook: you aren't the only one00:42
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* mralphabet mocks the network guy, "Let's VLAN *EVERYTHING!*00:42
* keescook hides in shame00:42
keescookmy home network has like, 6 VLANs.  ;)  however, today's problem is related to hibernation on my laptop, it seems00:43
mralphabetbut it's stupid vlan's . . . not for security or to reduce broadcasts / other traffic, he vlans 3 class c subnets together00:44
mralphabetI understand the point of it, but not there! anyway, hibernation sucks ;)00:44
Bambi_BOFHwhy are you vlaning /24's? o_000:45
mralphabetBambi_BOFH: EXACTLY!00:45
* Bambi_BOFH wonders wether he should worry or simply flee00:47
mralphabetit drives me crazy00:48
zulkeescook: 2 words....carrier pigeon00:49
mralphabetsneaker net > carrier pigeon00:49
Bambi_BOFHmralphabet: try doing an interstate link with sneakernet00:50
mralphabethey, there isn't enough bandwidth to cover a uhaul full of backup tapes00:50
Bambi_BOFHah right. a truck with a fancy name :p00:52
mralphabetapologies to those overseas00:53
Bambi_BOFHhehe. no worries00:53
* Bambi_BOFH decends into the very depths of hell itself... using emacs *dramatic chord*00:55
* Bambi_BOFH has a reference guide, and not a clue, so this could be ... interesting.00:57
mralphabetno other alternative? . . . ed?00:58
Bambi_BOFHvims there, but i need to learn emacs. and perl. so i'm combining the two into one very unproductive but educational day (and getting paid for it)01:00
mralphabetwell . . . that counts as a +101:03
mralphabetuhoh . .. fsck.ext3 is going crazy01:08
mralphabetBlock bitmap for group 2263 is not in group.  (block 0)01:10
* mralphabet orders a drive01:11
mralphabethow do you copy partition sizes from driveA to driveB?01:14
rhineheart_mhello.. how to install pear in ubuntu gutsy?01:29
mralphabetphp-pear - PEAR - PHP Extension and Application Repository01:29
rhineheart_myeah.. since my joomla is looking for it?01:30
mralphabetsudo apt-get install php-pear01:30
mralphabetI would assume01:30
rhineheart_mI got this error actually..01:31
rhineheart_mWarning: require_once(/var/www/joomla/editor/editor.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/joomla/index2.php on line 9601:32
mralphabetuhh, okay01:32
rhineheart_mFatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/var/www/joomla/editor/editor.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear') in /var/www/joomla/index2.php on line 9601:32
rhineheart_mthat's pear, right?01:33
mralphabetthe first error has nothing to do with pear, as far as i can tell . . .01:35
kgoetzneither does the second01:36
rhineheart_mthanks kgoetz! welcome back..01:37
rhineheart_mso.. any idea what it is all about?01:37
rhineheart_mI tried actually sudo apt-get install php-pear as recommended by mralphabet... but the says that it has already its latest version01:38
kgoetzit cant open /var/www/joomla/editor/editor.php01:38
kgoetzwhich means its probably not in the path listed .:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear01:38
kgoetzin the file /var/www/joomla/index2.php01:38
rhineheart_mwhat do you mean with that? which means its probably not in the path listed .:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear01:39
kgoetzthe file editor.php is not in either . /usr/share/php or /usr/share/pear01:40
kgoetzafk. lunch time01:41
mralphabetor in /var/www/joomla/editor/01:44
fujinanyone know of a tutorial/howto for clustering with redhat-cluster-suite on ubuntu?02:58
fujinas it's the only cluster suite in 'main', it's surprisingly difficult to find tutorials02:58
Fozzy57Hello....I currently have a LAMP server in place and I am having issues running Jabber and sendmail on the same machine. Is there a little trick that I am missing?03:46
kgoetzwhat sort of issues?03:47
Fozzy57Well I can get when I install sendmail it works pefectly. Then once  I install Jabber, I can not get any email out of the server....03:48
kgoetzany errors?03:49
Fozzy57I am using dotproject on the server and like to send emails out regarding status, and then have Jabber in place as a real time collabritive communication point in the server03:49
Fozzy57Just says "Failed to Send"03:49
kgoetzwhat about your mail logs?03:49
Fozzy57that is the funny thing the mail logs are not reporting any problems.03:50
Fozzy57When I set up sendmail I added a path to IPtables to route the email to the exchange server.03:50
Fozzy57basically I am just using the smtp functions to send out the updates....03:52
kgoetzwhy in iptables?03:52
Fozzy57well until I specified the path, and I would have to look at the server to get the exact information, I could not get any mail sent. This is a stand alone smtp box in network that contains an exchange server....03:54
Fozzy57the idea was that basically it would just forward the email to the exchange server for routing...03:54
kgoetzwhy dont you setup the mail server to send to exchange so it happens properly?03:55
Fozzy57Tried using a smart relay to do that, and it failed....It could be that I set it up wrong.......which would explain my problems now...03:56
kgoetzs/smart relaty/smarthost/ ?03:57
kgoetzi dont have any postfix systems setup with smarthosts, so i dont know how easy it is to do (i hate postfix)03:57
Fozzy57everything i have read on getting sendmail to work with exchange 2003 says to setup a smarthost.......03:58
kgoetzthats what i'd expect it to say03:59
Fozzy57i think it might only apply if the exchange server is an smtp server, which in this case it is not....03:59
kgoetzah. what is it in this case?03:59
Fozzy57well, technically i have no smtp server to speak off......exchange is installed as Mail Transport (MTA-2)04:00
* kgoetz has no idea what that means for us04:01
Fozzy57basically as I understand it ( I did not setup the exchange server) the alternative to smtp apparently is MTA at least that is what i have come to understand....04:02
Fozzy57this is what happens when you put a Linux person in an Microsoft environment04:03
kgoetzsounds pretty MSy to me04:11
ScottKIt's a pretty standard setup for postfix and exchange both to stick a postfix box between the big bad internet and exchange.04:53
kgoetzmm. but in that case postfix is the smarthost, not exchange04:57
ScottKSorry.  That's what I though we were talking about.  The reverse would be perverse.04:59
* lamont notes that the most common mistake with postfix relayhosts is to not put [] around the hostname, and therefore use the MX RRs for the named host for relays, rather than the A RR for the smarthost...05:40
pnukeid i try to install apache&php with deb, but install mysql with source, can i connect php with this mysql ?05:58
kgoetzif i dont have a /proc/acpi/ does it mean the server hardware doestn support it? i'd like to know how hot the CPUs in this system are06:26
faulkes-err, good question, what hardware is it?06:29
faulkes-could be a bios issue06:30
kgoetzdual P3, generic 1RU server, award or ami bios (i dont remember which)06:32
faulkes-I'd boot to the bios and check for any setttings there first and to see what rev of the bios it is06:33
faulkes-maybe consider installing lm-sensors and letting it run through to see what it finds as well06:34
faulkes-that should at least tell you what the mobo supports06:34
kgoetzlm-sensors is probably a good idea06:34
faulkes-probably, although I've been known to have worse ones ;)06:35
faulkes-usually after 10 or 12 beers :)06:35
* kgoetz will have to leave l-s until tomorrow - just started a memtest on the system06:36
* faulkes- nods06:36
faulkes-well, I'm just hoping this laptop lasts until the new one arrives06:37
kgoetzgot an ETA for the new one?06:37
faulkes-kb dead, dvd dead, hdd is making squelching sounds, I've had it running continuously for almost 5 years now06:37
faulkes-7 days or so06:37
kgoetza laptop? wow.06:37
faulkes-dell 600m, when I bought it, it was the almost top of the line thing dell sold06:38
ScottKBah.  New hardware.06:38
faulkes-so, I have a 1720 on order06:39
ScottKMy test machine is a L400 (circa 2001).  It was just retired from being my main laptop 4 months ago.06:39
* faulkes- will be glad for 1900x1200 real estate06:39
kgoetzproblem with the server i'm trying to setup is it runs perfectly in bios at a stable temp, but locks in a few minutes of booting. not sure if its the ubuntu snapshot or hardware doing it though06:39
faulkes-not sure if I'd call that a heat issue06:39
faulkes-point a fan at it and keep it cool06:40
kgoetzit was running (afaik) stable under the old ubuntu release it had -0 7.04 perhaps. tomorrow is its 'shake down' day06:41
pnukeidi want try install apache+php with deb (ubuntu), but mysql install with source.. it posible ?07:05
faulkes-possible? yes, at least as far as I know, so long as you satisfy the dependencies if you expect php to connect to mysql07:07
faulkes-as for a detailed decscription of how to do it? that is beyond the scope of what I could offer help for07:08
pnukeidok, in my phpinfo() mysql and mysqli say's that them connect mysql through sockect where /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock07:08
pnukeidbut previous installation mysql.sock set up in /usr/local/mysql/tmp/mysql.sock07:09
pnukeidwhere  ishould change..07:09
pnukeidin php setting or mysql.sock07:09
sorenExfil: Hello. Do I know you?07:10
faulkes-mysql.sock is a socket, if mysql is configured to put it in /usr/local/mysql/tmp then I would change php.ini to look for it there07:12
pnukeidit's ok to change mysql.sock in php.ini ?07:13
faulkes-that is not a guarrantee it will work though, as I said, beyond the level of help I can offer07:13
faulkes-just comment out the line and below it add in your new one, restart apache, see if it works07:13
faulkes-if it doesn't work, change it back07:13
faulkes-php.ini is just a config file07:14
faulkes-hi soren07:14
soren'morning, faulkes-.07:14
pnukeidok i will try07:14
faulkes-yes, I suppose it is that now07:15
* faulkes- really should get to bed07:15
basketball589##Linux (with ##) on Dalnet needs some good company and good channel operators. type /server irc.dal.net (or /connect irc.dalnduxTalk to see.07:55
basketball589##Linux (with ##) on Dalnet needs some good company and good channel operators. type /server irc.dal.net (or /connect irc.dalnduxTalk to see.07:55
basketball589##Linux (with ##) on Dalnet needs some good company and good channel operators. type /server irc.dal.net (or /connect irc.dalnduxTalk to see.07:55
basketball589##Linux (with ##) on Dalnet needs some good company and good channel operators. type /server irc.dal.net (or /connect irc.dalnduxTalk to see.07:55
basketball589##Linux (with ##) on Dalnet needs some good company and good channel operators. type /server irc.dal.net (or /connect irc.dalnduxTalk to see.07:55
basketball589##Linux (with ##) on Dalnet needs some good company and good channel operators. type /server irc.dal.net (or /connect irc.dalnduxTalk to see.07:55
_rubenthey really are desperate outthere in ##linux on dalnet ..07:57
basketball589##Linux (with ##) needs some good company and good channel operators. More flexible, more friendly.07:59
basketball589##Linux (with ##) needs some good company and good channel operators. More flexible, more friendly.07:59
basketball589##Linux (with ##) needs some good company and good channel operators. More flexible, more friendly.07:59
basketball589##Linux (with ##) needs some good company and good channel operators. More flexible, more friendly.07:59
henkjanhmm, nobody with ops around? i vote for a ban08:00
spiekeydoes dapper not use /etc/pam_ldap.conf?08:11
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sorenWell, I guess -srn is fine.08:26
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spiekeyi still dont understand the way of authentification when using a ldap backend :-/08:39
spiekeyWhen i log in via ssh the first module it uses is pam, right?08:39
spiekeypam_ldap to be precise.08:39
spiekeyi wonder how the authentification works with the pam_ldap.conf (http://pastebin.ca/927428)08:43
spiekeyhow does it know where to look for the user?08:43
krautsoren: you should set +n08:44
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Kamping_Kaiserspiekey, depends what modules you set it to ue08:53
spiekeyauth    sufficient      pam_ldap.so08:55
spiekeyso i use pam_ldap first.08:55
spiekeybut i do not understand how it knows where to compare the password hashes08:56
spiekeyin "/etc/pam_ldap.conf" it know what kind of hash it uses.08:56
Kamping_Kaiserspiekey, heres where i have ldap lines:08:57
Kamping_Kaiser/etc/pam.d/common-account:account    sufficient /lib/security/pam_ldap.so08:57
Kamping_Kaiser/etc/pam.d/common-auth:auth       sufficient    /lib/security/pam_ldap.so08:57
Kamping_Kaiser/etc/pam.d/common-password:password   required  /lib/security/pam_ldap.so08:57
Kamping_Kaiserand those files are sourced where relevent by (eg) ssh/login08:57
spiekeyyes. That makes sense.08:57
spiekeyand /etc/pam_ldap.conf is the config file for pam_ldap.so08:57
Kamping_Kaiseryes, iirc08:59
* Kamping_Kaiser grins. heres a comment i have from in that file: # here because "lamont said"09:00
spiekeyokay. So how does pam_ldap now know where to find the user?09:02
Kamping_Kaiseri dont follow09:02
spiekeyin orde to authenticate, you have to find the hash of a User and compare it against the password hash that was typed in. correct?09:03
Kamping_Kaiserhash of a user? password hash?09:03
spiekeyerm... "hash of a user" = Password hash of a user09:04
Kamping_Kaisercorrect enough, aiui09:05
spiekeyhow does pam_ldap find my user in the database then? In order to compare the password hashes?09:05
spiekeydo you know what i mean?09:06
Kamping_Kaiserlook in /etc/pam_ldap.conf09:06
spiekeythere i have "base dc=example,dc=net" and "rootbinddn cn=manager,dc=example,dc=net"09:06
Kamping_Kaiser'all that stuff' is how you configure it.09:06
Kamping_Kaisereg pam_login_attribute09:07
Kamping_Kaiserand pam_password09:07
spiekeyhow does it know my users are in ou=Users,dc=example,dc=net ?09:07
spiekeyit seems like it09:07
spiekeythis is my whole pam_ldap.conf: http://pastebin.ca/92744209:09
Kamping_Kaiserspiekey, which one?09:10
Kamping_Kaiseroh, pam_ldap.conf09:12
Kamping_Kaiserspiekey, what version of ubuntu are you running?09:12
* spiekey likes LTS09:12
* Kamping_Kaiser hasnt done ldap on dapper recently09:13
Kamping_Kaiserand my notes are on my work laptop atm :|09:13
spiekeyhmm...what a shame :-/09:14
spiekeydoes it not use nss to map username <-> uid first?09:15
* spiekey is confused09:15
spiekeyIt looks like  /etc/libnss-ldap.conf is the same as /etc/pam_ldap.conf09:16
Kamping_Kaiserthe pam_ldap stuff shipped in dapper is different enough from whats in gutsy (eg what is running at work) that i cant directly relate. especially since i've worked with it09:16
Kamping_Kaiseriirc actually, my other stuff was actually not ldap but something else. *shrug* i dont remember ;|09:16
spiekeyyeah, they changed a lot from Dapper <-> Gutsy09:16
Kamping_Kaiserpschulz01, evening09:16
spiekeymaybe someone else knows?! :)09:17
* Kamping_Kaiser pokes lamont 09:17
pschulz01Kamping_Kaiser: evening09:19
pschulz01Kamping_Kaiser: How do we fix logwatch?09:19
Kamping_Kaiserpschulz01, give it to kim09:20
pschulz01Kamping_Kaiser: hehe..09:20
pschulz01Kamping_Kaiser: .. or buy be some time :-)09:20
Kamping_Kaiserpschulz01, who is be? ;)09:21
pschulz01Kamping_Kaiser: Cricket's getting exciting :-)09:21
Kamping_Kaiserpschulz01, i'll hvae to check.09:22
pschulz01Kamping_Kaiser: I've been left holding the baby.. so if I disappear in a hurry you'll know why.09:23
Kamping_Kaiserpschulz01, no worries.hope it doesnt explode on you :)09:23
Kamping_Kaisershould be close, if australia dont lose any wickets in the next 5~ overs09:25
pschulz01Kamping_Kaiser: The last final is in Adelaide.09:25
pschulz01Kamping_Kaiser: If it's on.09:25
Kamping_Kaiserpschulz01, i'm willing to put money on it being a dead rubber09:25
Kamping_Kaiserin all honesty...09:25
pschulz01Kamping_Kaiser: What did the temperature get to today? I'm not gettign any email as my mail gateway crashed.09:27
pschulz01Kamping_Kaiser: It happens in hot weather.09:27
Kamping_Kaiserpschulz01, its ~30 atm in the city, so it must have been fairly toasty 2 hrs ago09:28
Kamping_Kaiserpschulz01, tomorrow is meant to be 3709:29
pschulz01Kamping_Kaiser: Beck nearly bought me the xkcd t-shirt - 'regular expressions'09:29
pschulz01Kamping_Kaiser: (It's birthday week :-)09:29
Kamping_Kaiserpschulz01, :) 'nearly'?09:30
pschulz01Kamping_Kaiser: Someone should outlaw angle grinders in hot weather!!09:31
pschulz01Kamping_Kaiser: Sat09:31
Kamping_Kaiserpschulz01, sorry, dont think you'll have a galaxy for your bday ;)09:32
pschulz01Kamping_Kaiser: Woot!~09:32
krautsoren: you should setup +n, anyhow external irc-users could send messages in this channel without joining it!09:32
sorenkraut: Ah, true.09:33
Kamping_Kaiserpschulz01, day before yesterdays userfriendly is good ;)09:38
Kamping_Kaiserno, crossword09:41
pschulz01Did you do it?09:41
Kamping_Kaiseri only know two answers :p09:41
pschulz01Did you see the 'UF' game?09:41
pschulz01Published a while ago.09:42
Kamping_Kaiserquite a while ago. i did, never tried it out though09:42
pschulz01I reacon we should. Print it out..09:42
Kamping_Kaiserat work ;)09:43
Kamping_Kaiserkgoetz, http://ars.userfriendly.org/cartoons/?id=2008030209:43
Kamping_Kaiserkgoetz, remember that for us09:43
pschulz01Kamping_Kaiser: He's good like that.09:43
Kamping_Kaiserpschulz01, hey, needs to have some use ;)09:45
* Kamping_Kaiser is thinking of heading off RSN09:45
pschulz01I am invincible!!!09:45
pschulz01(I'll have to show you some funky perl tomorrow.)09:45
Kamping_Kaiserlogwatch is enough perl for me this week09:46
spiekeysoren: could you give me a hint please?! How does pam_ldap do the authentification? How does it know where the userdn is?10:23
spiekeygrep -Ri Users /etc/* |grep -i example |grep -v smbldap-tools |grep -v phpldapadmin    => Returns nothing.10:23
spiekeyi would have exspected something like: usersdn="ou=Users,dc=example,dc=net"10:23
Kamping_Kaiserspiekey, did you set that OU?10:26
Kamping_Kaiserspiekey, also, use grep -v -e <string> -e <string2> -e <string3> etc10:27
Kamping_Kaiseror egrep, for that matter10:27
sorenspiekey: From configuration file of some sort (or defaults if there is no such file).10:28
spiekeysoren: so the default is "Users" ?10:29
spiekeyKamping_Kaiser: thanks, i will do that :)10:29
sorenspiekey: I would have guesses it was People, but I could easily be wrong.10:30
Kamping_Kaisermost places use people afaik, but as long as you setup everything the same it shouldnt matter...10:31
spiekeyI am just trying to understand where exactly this is set up.10:35
sorenspiekey: Dapper?10:35
spiekeyYes! :)10:36
sorenspiekey: I'll check.10:40
NineTeen67CometHi all .. fired up a new box tossed Ubuntu Server 8.04 Alpha5 (AMD64bit) and it is not playing nice with bash_completion. It'll finish out directories (sudo /etc/apac<tab>) but not applications .. like sudo aptit<tab> inst<tab> smartmo<tab> .. it just beeps.10:42
sorenspiekey: Ok, I haven't followed the conversation here, so I'll be asking silly questions for a bit, probably.10:43
sorenspiekey: This is pam or nss?10:44
sorenspiekey: Or both?10:44
spiekeyboth really11:04
spiekeysoren: The PAM module are used at different stages.  The "auth" lines handle the actual authentication.  The first line says to authenticate using the shared library pam_ldap.so.  This collects the user name and password.  If the LDAP server is available, it checks the password.11:07
spiekeyi would like to know how the "it checks the password" works in detail.11:07
sorenit probably tries to autenticate against the ldap server using the credentials given.11:11
sorenWhat's the problem we're trying to solve?11:11
soren/etc/pam_ldap.conf is used to libpam-ldap and /etc/libnss-ldap.conf is used for libnss-ldap.11:12
sorenI'm guessing they could be replaced by a symlink to the same file if one were so inclined.11:12
spiekeysoren: i already linked them ;)11:12
sorenOk. And what seems to be the issue?11:13
spiekeyi am trying to understand the magic. The credentials in the config files do not point to users or groups. just to a basedn and rootbinddn11:14
spiekeysoren: i am getting there...11:17
sorenpam_login_attribute might be what you're looking for?11:18
spiekeysoren: nono, its sooo easy!11:18
spiekeygive me a minute, i have to write it down11:19
spiekeythe whole "magic" is that pam_ldap looks in basedn for a Object that contains the posixAccount Class.11:25
spiekeythats how it finds the user11:25
spiekeysoren: http://pastebin.ca/92755711:26
spiekeysoren: are you impressed? :)11:29
spiekeyno? hmm..., :-/11:34
sorenSorry, was away.11:38
sorenGood work! :)11:39
J_Phi all12:55
J_PPeople, I would like to change my locale, how I do this ? What is command line ?12:56
J_Pdpk-reconfigure locale ?12:56
faulkes-that's a good question, one which I've never actually had to do12:59
aboganiHi Guys! I just curious about ebox. Is it ready for Hardy? Seems to me that lately zul is working on...13:31
zulabogani: hopefully I can get it into universe this week13:31
aboganizul: Thanks, Chuck.13:32
zulabogani: its in my ppa if you want to take a testdrive13:32
aboganizul: Yeah! I'll try it soon. Thanks again!13:34
J_PI install localeconf (apt-get install localeconf) but don't have command localeconf. Anyone know what is command to call localeconf ?13:35
sommerzul: I had a question about eBox... does it have to use slapd when you enable the users and groups module?13:37
zulsommer: no idea I just package it13:39
nijabahello sommer14:16
nijabacould you send me an email with your address?14:16
sommernijaba: sure14:17
sommermailing address right?14:17
nijabayeah, right14:17
sommerheh... thought I'd make sure14:17
nijabaTrying to get a machine with VT enabled sent to you14:17
zulnijaba: send me one as well ;)14:18
henkjanhmm, souns interesting :)14:18
nijabazul: you don't need one, you've got one in your head ;)14:18
aboganinijaba: Agreed :-)14:19
sommernijaba: mail sent14:19
sommerwow... that would be great14:20
nijabasommer: heh, we need KVM documented, right ;)14:20
nijabasommer: got your email, thanks14:21
sommeryep, another way to go would be to allow access remotely14:21
sommereither way works for me :-)14:23
Qbi-JensHi, someone told me, that /etc/init.d/$SKRIPT is not the "right" way to start or stop scripts. Instead Ubuntu developed a new mechanism, I was told.14:28
Qbi-JensI could not find any hints at help.ubuntu.com. So is there something new? Where14:28
Qbi-Jenscan I find more info about?14:28
sommerQbi-Jens: as far as I know that's still the way it's done14:32
sommerQbi-Jens: they may have meant upstart: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/14:33
sommerthose scripts still stop and start services, though14:34
Qbi-Jenssommer: Thanks. I'll have a look at it.14:39
zulmathiaz: I updated the merge with the ifup.d stuff http://people.ubuntu.com/~chucks/samba-3.0.28-merge.debdiff14:42
mathiazzul: ok - I'll have a look at it. We have some time before uploading as we're in archive freeze until alpha6 is released.14:44
zulill do the ffe when it looks good14:44
mathiazzul: I don't think we need a FFe for that. It's a bug fix only.14:45
mathiazzul: although it's a merge from debian - may wanna ask the release team.14:46
faulkes-if we're passing out VT machines like candy, sign me up15:00
IsaiahI was trying to install php 5.2.5 on my server, and messed everything up15:06
Isaiahnow when I try to install mysql with apt-get it says The following packages have unmet dependencies: mysql-server: Depends: mysql-server-5.0 but it is not going to be installed15:07
IsaiahIs there some way to fix this?15:07
sommerIsaiah: which release are you using?15:10
IsaiahI messed it up by trying to manually install a bounch of php 5.2.4 packages15:10
Isaiahand then wouldn't install so I ran apt-get -f install ( I know... stupid me)15:11
IsaiahIs there some way to get a list of packages I installed manually and remove them?15:12
sommerIsaiah: did you try apt-get install mysql-server-5.0 ?15:13
sommerIsaiah: when you say installed manually, do you mean with apt-get ?15:13
Isaiah mysql-server-5.0: Depends: mysql-client-5.0 (>= 5.0.45-1ubuntu3.1) but it is not going to be installed15:14
Isaiahby manually I mean download the .deb packages and install it with apt-get15:14
sommermmm... were the .debs from Ubuntu's repositories?15:15
Isaiahyes, I got the php *.deb here: http://ubuntu.interlegis.gov.br/ubuntu/pool/main/p/php5/php-pear_5.2.4-2ubuntu5_all.deb15:16
Isaiahand then downloaded everything it depended on from the same site15:16
sommerIsaiah: looks like you installed the php for hardy and not gutsy15:19
IsaiahAh... oops15:19
Isaiahis there some way to undo that?15:19
sommerdpkg -l | grep php15:19
sommerwill list all the php packages15:19
sommerthen do apt-get --purge remove package_name15:20
sommerthat should remove everything15:20
sommeryou can then do: apt-get install php-pear; and you should be off and running15:20
Isaiahok, I will try that15:20
IsaiahThanks :)15:20
IsaiahI do dpkg -l | grep php and it shows me all the php packages15:24
Isaiahbut when I do apt-get --purge remove php-pear (or whatever package) it says it's not installed15:25
sommerIsaiah: I'd just remove any of the php packages you might have downloaded and installed15:28
sommerwhichever ones are in the list15:28
Isaiahright, but how do I remove them if apt-get --purge remove packagename doesn't work?15:29
sommertry: dpkg -P package_name15:30
sommersort of the same thing :-)15:30
faulkes-I knew I kept that term around for a reason15:30
faulkes-new hostname15:30
Isaiahthat works sommer :)15:31
faulkes-hi sommer15:31
sommerhey faulkes15:31
nijabafaulkes-: don't dream about vt machines, it will be a loan, at best15:37
pwnguinkind of unfortunate that scripting languages have to duplicate package management on systems like debian15:38
faulkes-nijaba: no need to dream actually, I ordered a new dell yesterday15:40
faulkes-even got the new hostname picked out ;)15:42
IsaiahI'm using ubuntu server Feisty Fawn now, is there an easy way to upgrade it to php 5.2.5?15:43
faulkes-anyways, I'll check survey for new stuff and then head back to improving the forum reporting stuff, which is almost at the stage where I'd feel ok putting it into LP15:44
nijabafaulkes-: regarding the survey, I saw that you changed the names in LimeSurvey, which is great, but I am unsure on which to work on now.  Is it the inactive v0.2?15:47
faulkes-nijaba: my username is attached when you look at the ownership column15:54
faulkes-the others are listed as admin15:54
faulkes-but yes, the inactive v2.015:54
nijabafaulkes-: cool, thanks15:55
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faulkes-nijaba: inactive v2.0 is also what's in my LP because I believe I had to modify one of the template files as well16:11
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soulcso can I talk now?16:29
soulcso where can I get some help with apache2 now..... I would like to enable user dirs ie public-html.16:38
soulcer public_html16:38
spiekeyis this not an #apache question? :)16:38
soulcI think I asked where like a channel name16:39
soulcso your response should be #apache not a question16:39
spiekey#apache !16:40
* spiekey will brb16:40
soulcbut more to the point is there a ubuntu specific apache channel16:40
spiekeyhow is ubuntu and apache related?16:40
spiekey#apache is fine, belive me. Or wait here for some help :)16:41
spiekeyi gotta go16:41
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mathiazhiya keescook !18:10
keescookheya mathiaz :)18:12
IsaiahI'm using ubuntu server Feisty Fawn now, is there an easy way to upgrade it to php 5.2.5?18:39
keescookIsaiah: is there something in 5.2.5 you need?19:02
keescookyou could try building debian's php5 (http://packages.qa.debian.org/p/php5.html)19:02
Isaiahkeescook, yes I need to test my code with php 5.2.5, because the server I'm using is upgraded to 5.2.519:16
IsaiahI need to run the same version of php on both the production server and my devlopment server19:16
zulbuild from source maybe?19:20
keescookIsaiah: cd /tmp; sudo apt-get build-dep php5; sudo apt-get install build-essential devscripts fakeroot; dget http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/p/php5/php5_5.2.5-3.dsc; dpkg-source -x php5*dsc; cd php5-*; debuild -uc -us; cd ..; ls *.deb19:31
IsaiahThanks keescook, I will give that a try19:32
IsaiahWill that copy the mod_php stuff into the right place?19:33
keescookIsaiah: for more details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide19:33
keescookIsaiah: it will build you Debian's php5 .deb files on Ubuntu, YMMV, etc19:33
Isaiahah I see19:34
Isaiahthen I can just intsall the .deb file like normal?19:34
keescookIsaiah: with "dpkg -i" yeah...  though you won't get security updates automatically any more, etc.19:34
Isaiahright, that's ok19:34
IsaiahThanks for the help keescook :)19:35
keescookIsaiah: np.  :)19:35
Isaiahyou still around keescook?19:48
IsaiahI tried you suggestion, and it keeps complaining to me about an unmet dependency libdb4.6-dev19:49
keescookIsaiah: yawp19:50
keescookfor missing deps, just   sudo apt-get install DEP19:50
keescookwhere the DEP is what you need19:50
keescooksince you're spanning between old distros, you may have to "adjust" your debian package source :)19:51
IsaiahIt says I need libdb4.6-dev, but apt-get can only find version 4.519:52
keescookin that case, edit debian/control and use 4.5 -- that may fix it.  This is all guessing on my part -- I've not tried to do a php5 backport like this before.19:52
faulkes-nor have I but I would tend to agree that may fix the issue19:54
Isaiahwell it fixed things enough to let the package build19:56
jdstrandsoren: with libvirt, should vnet0 have an ip address? my libvirt guests aren't getting an ip address, even though dnsmasq is running (but vnet0 does not have an address)20:05
jddk23Hello everybody. I just finished installing Server 6.06 LAMP and it boots to a command prompt. How can I make it login to GUI? Also, what is the default root password? THANK YOU!!20:11
sorenjdstrand: It's fine for vnet0 not to have an address.20:13
sorenjdstrand: Think of it as a plug in a switch.20:13
jdstrandsoren: that is what I thought...20:13
zulsommer: ping20:13
jdstrandsoren: is there a bug on dhcp clients not working right with dnsmasq?20:14
zulsommer: traffic shaping fixed in my ppa20:14
jdstrand(this was working before-- I didn't change my networking either)20:14
jdstrandsoren: this is a converted dapper vm that used to work20:15
sommerzul: cool, I'll update this evening20:16
jdstrandsoren: ok, I am not going crazy-- I just tried another vm and dhcp isn't working there either20:25
jdstrand$ ps auxww|grep [d]nsmasq20:26
jdstrandnobody    7445  0.0  0.0  14696  1020 ?        S    Mar02   0:00 dnsmasq --keep-in-foreground --strict-order --bind-interfaces --pid-file  --conf-file  --listen-address --except-interface lo --dhcp-leasefile=/var/lib/libvirt/dhcp-default.leases --dhcp-range,
jdstranddnsmasq[7445]: no address range available for DHCP request via vnet020:26
spiekeysoren: you there?20:53
sorensommer: On my way to bed. Be quick.20:54
spiekeyi have    group: files ldap [UNAVAIL=continue]20:54
spiekeybut i still can not log in if ldap is down20:54
spiekeyis my line correct?20:54
sorenThat last one is redundant, I belive. It should be the default (yes,I know I was the one who told you to put it there)20:54
spiekeycontinue means it should carry on or what?20:55
sommernm, you meant spiekey20:56
spiekeyi guess so :)20:56
halcyonCorsairare there any dhcpd guru's around, or does anyone know where I can get help with dhcpd?21:55
sommerhalcyonCorsair: what's your issue?21:56
halcyonCorsairi'm wanting to assign a pool of ip addresses to devices with mac addresses in a certain range21:56
levanderIf I ran a cron job last night, but haven't set anything up with email on my system yet, where does the cron job output go?21:57
sommerhalcyonCorsair: not entirely sure that's possible21:57
sommerhalcyonCorsair: I guess you could setup a script to populate the mac range... at least that's one way21:58
kgoetzlevander: what are you running?21:58
halcyonCorsairit should be possible, i've found hints that it may be possible .... at the very least by dns-masq (although i'd rather not use that)21:58
kgoetzi'm fairly sure dhcpd does support that, for bootp purposes if nothing else21:58
kgoetzlevander: check you have a mail server installed21:58
halcyonCorsairbut the documentation on dhcpd.conf and dhcp-eval seems to be a little......dry21:58
halcyonCorsairkgoetz: any idea where i can get more help?21:59
levanderI just checked with dpkg -l postfix and dovecot, neither are installed.21:59
kgoetzhalcyonCorsair: if the comments in the config file dont give you any points i dont off the top of my head21:59
sommereh... kgoetz probably knows more than me :-)21:59
kgoetzlevander: then theres the problem - no mail server to send the mail from cron21:59
halcyonCorsairkgoetz: the config / example files only really cover the basics21:59
halcyonCorsairlevander: i can't populate the mac range beforehand because i don't know which mac's i'll be getting exactly22:00
kgoetzi strip my dhcpd config files after i configure them, so i dont have a default one ot reference *ekeeps looking*22:01
levanderkgoetz: just install dovecot, and i'll get the output emails?22:01
kgoetzlevander: ubuntu prefers postfix22:01
* kgoetz prefers exim22:01
Nafallodovecot doesn't do the same thing at all22:01
* kgoetz isnt sure how dovcot works22:02
sorenIt works fine.22:02
Nafallokgoetz: imapd and pop3d, rather then smtpd22:02
kgoetzNafallo: aah right :)22:02
sommerhalcyonCorsair: you might read through this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=67525722:03
halcyonCorsairsommer: i think that could be it......if it is, you are my hero22:06
sommerheh... I'd try it out first22:06
halcyonCorsairobviously i need to level up my google fu or something22:08
halcyonCorsairall i kept getting is a million copies of the man page22:08
* keescook <3 kvm22:09
NineTeen67CometHi all .. I've got a newer Sampron 3000+ processor. I've read both it is and it is not a 64bit processor. It is in a server/headless machine I've been playing with Hardy Alpha5 64bit server edition and it seem'ed "okay" with some minor bash_completion issues (prolly not associated w/64bit) and some difficulty in restoring MySQL databases (might be 64bit issue) .. ideas?22:11
* kgoetz has the idea you should ask a question we can answer22:12
NineTeen67Cometlol .. sorry, that did ramble .. Basically does the server edition make as big a diff as the desktop edition when it comes to 64bit issues?22:13
* NineTeen67Comet I'm not a fan of AMD anyhow, but I just wanna make it as easy on the processor as possible. This just a web server with minimal in house print/file sharing.22:14
kgoetzi'd say no, but i'll let someone else who knows more answer22:14
NineTeen67Cometuhn'k .. I'm headed off to slave camp "work". I'll keep playing with it. This is the first time I've been able to actually use new hardware in the 5 years I've been using Linux on my servers .. heheheh22:15
NineTeen67Cometthanks much for your time kgoetz .. I'm outty22:19
halcyonCorsairthat was.....weird22:34
keescooksoren: since you've done some dpkg poking, can you take a look at 198421 when you get a chance?22:46
sorenkeescook: Interesint.22:47
sorenkeescook: bzr branch with fix pushed. Yay karma :)23:15
kgoetzffs. why is there only dvd images at cdimage.ubuntu.com?23:20
sorenkgoetz: You going to have to qualify that statement a bit.23:21
kgoetzsoren: at cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/{7.10,8.04,gutsy,feisty,hardy}/* there are only dvd iso's23:21
sorenkgoetz: If you're looking for releases, go to releases.ubuntu.com23:22
kgoetzsoren: thanks.23:23
halcyonCorsairwhen is the hardy heron release date, anyone know off the top of their head?23:47
nijabaApril 2423:47
nijabahalcyonCorsair: ^23:47
halcyonCorsairyeah, just saw that23:49
nijabafaulkes-: how is your starting of a project in LP going?23:49

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