windows_can anyone help me install java 1.5 so i can run frostwire?00:00
sdfewfsany idea why i can see arp traffic of the accesspoint via tcpdupm, but i'm unable to grab ip via dhcp?00:00
bazhangwindows_: do you have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed?00:00
windows_bazhang yes00:01
arizalordbanhang, sorry... command not found00:01
Spiral_Taili have to go.... i'll be back later lol00:01
arizalordbazhang, sorry... command not found00:01
amenadosdfewfs-> do you their handshake between client and ap...can you not gleam anything bout why it fails?00:01
sdfewfsamenado, it's going thru a bridge.00:01
westjdhow can I make another OS default over ubuntu in the Grub loader?00:01
ubotuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository (in !Backports for !Edgy)00:01
marlon_hey everybody00:02
windows_ubotu is funny00:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about javasucks - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about is funny - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:02
bazhanggconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel just like that arizalord?00:02
windows_ubotu go kill urself lol00:02
amenadosdfewfs-> what is going through a bridge?00:02
Jack_Sparrowwindows_, Please stop...00:02
PriceChild!offtopic | windows_00:02
ubotuwindows_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:02
Jdanielshi, my web browsers all continue to crash after I installed java manually. any suggestions on how to fix it?00:02
marlon_hey everyone, i have a ubuntu issue00:02
ubotuA/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2100:02
sdfewfsamenado, computer1 connected to switch, switch connected to linux bridge, linux bridge associated with AP00:03
marlon_for some reason when doing things that require root access, my hard drive will start reading, and bog the entire system00:03
ubotuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository (in !Backports for !Edgy)00:03
sdfewfsamenado, computer 1 see's arp traffic across the wirelss link, but, wont' grab IP via dhcp00:03
bazhangwindows_: you can /msg ubotu if you want to have fun; just not in the channel please00:03
Jack_Sparrowwindows_, please  use /msg ubotu windows  or whatever so as not to spam the channel00:03
arizalordhow can i add new panels?00:03
windows_omg all i want to do is install java for frostwire00:03
Asraguys .. I need some help00:04
PriceChildwindows_: then tell the channel which bit you are having a problem with.00:04
Jack_Sparrowwindows_, Did you read the link?00:04
Asraanyone got an idea how to speed up my internet connection .. Ive got a 24 mbit line .. should work faster then 15,5 kB/s right00:04
amenadosdfewfs-> what ip address does the linux bridge get if any?00:04
ubotufrostwire is a totally open source version of Limewire.  For installation help, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire00:05
cody-somervilleZoiks, ping00:05
fabio15,5 Kb/sec lol00:05
sdfewfsamenado, linux bridge doesn't need an IP address.00:05
bazhangAsra: that depends--what are you downloading00:05
sdfewfsamenado, defeats the purpose of bridging.00:05
Asrabazang: just some random stuff via torrent, but the seeds are over 20000:05
Jdanielshelp! my browser keeps crashing and I dont know what to do. =*(00:06
fabiocheck the max download speed00:06
Dracosdfewfs: hmm, even if you wanted to forward the bridged connections to another system?00:06
IRSeekBot_spysI'm thinking about getting a lap top00:06
Asrafabio: max down and up speed are on unlimited00:06
Jack_SparrowAsra, Not using comcast by chance?00:06
bazhangAsra: well that would be to do with port forwarding/NAT issues--what client?00:06
sdfewfsamenado, the wifi card in the linux bridge IS associated with the accesspoint and see's any traffic passing thru the link and other associated clients via tcpdump when in promisc mode. and it is passing ethernet frames from the wireless link to the wired link, to the switch, but computer1 is seeing the wifi arp traffic, just for some reason won't grab an address00:06
amenadosdfewfs-> linux box has two interfaces yes? one that associates to the AP and the other that connects to the switch?00:06
Asranope Jack_Sparrow ... Azureus00:06
bazhangJdaniels: right away or after a while00:07
Jack_SparrowAsra, Your internet provider?00:07
levanderIs the 64 bit nvidia driver more buggy than the 32 bit one?00:07
sdfewfsDraco, bridging works at a different layer of the OSI, tcp/ip shouldn't have anything to do with passing frames.00:07
cafuegolevander: No00:07
Jdanielsbazhang: right away00:07
sdfewfsamenado,  yes, it's got a wifi card and a wired card.00:07
AsraUPC .. I doubt you know it unless you're dutch Jack_Sparrow00:07
IRSeekBot_spysI was wondering, if I took an Ubuntu Live CD with me to BestBuy and put it into the laptops there, would that be a way to test if that laptop will work with Ubuntu? If so, what commands should I try, and how could I tell if the wifi will work, even if there is no active signal in the store?00:07
bazhangAsra: try a different client; transmission, deluge, ktorrent00:07
Zoikscody-somerville: hey00:07
windows_thx ubotu my frostwire works again :)00:07
Jdanielsbazhang: well with certain sites. like maill.google is a no go, but google.com just fine.00:07
cody-somervilleZoiks, Any luck?00:08
bazhangJdaniels: try running it from the terminal and pastebin any errors you get00:08
Asrayou say its the NAT right bazhang .. Iĺl see if I can adjust that00:08
PriceChildIRSeekBot_spys: see if the wireless card is recognised in the network manager00:08
amenadosdfewfs-> you have the wifi card of the linux acting as AP? ie in infrastructure mode?00:08
Jdanielsbazhang: wrong firefox from terminal? please tell me how00:08
luis_hello all, ok, so I extract tracks from a CD using sound juicer and want to put them on my ipod with amarok only that the tracks are extracted as .ogg, anyway I can make them into .mp3 in Ubuntu?00:08
Zoikscody-somerville: I have not really done anything since you left, I dont think i have enough space on other drives to make an image of them00:08
sdfewfsamenado, no, not in AP mode. should i put it in AP mode to associate with the AP?00:08
luis_hello all, ok, so I extract tracks from a CD using sound juicer and want to put them on my ipod with amarok only that the tracks are extracted as .ogg, anyway I can make them into .mp3 in Ubuntu?00:08
IRSeekBot_spysIs that System > Administration > Network ?00:08
sdfewfsamenado, doesn't seem right...00:08
PriceChildIRSeekBot_spys: its next to the volume on the panel00:09
Zoikscody-somerville: but i did a e2fsck -n on the degraded array and got told that there is an illegal inode number00:09
amenadosdfewfs-> im just trying to establish how your wifi card mode is, and how it is associated to the AP..(or acting as AP)00:09
arizalordbazhang, it said: none process eliminated.. it made nothing00:09
IRSeekBot_spysOkay so something should be showing up there, and even if there is no hot spot in the store it will be evident if the wifi would work if there were a hotspot?00:09
adekobai have a webpage on a remote shared-host, but I cannot access the apache logs. How can I log the number of downloads or somehow get a hit-count for all files (i.e., not just html/php pages)? I have cgi-bin access, btw.00:09
sdfewfsamenado, it's a wireless bridge, not an accesspoint. the bridge is asscoated properly with the AP.00:10
bazhangJdaniels: firefox00:10
Jdanielsbazhang: INTERNAL ERROR on Browser End: Could not get the plugin manager00:10
JdanielsSystem error?:: Success00:10
sdfewfsi need to bridge wireless internet into my wired network.00:10
PriceChildIRSeekBot_spys: yes, because it will have "wired networking" *and* "wireless networks"00:10
IRSeekBot_spysOkay got it.00:10
cody-somervilleZoiks, pastebin the output please00:10
luis_any programme to make .ogg filed into .mp3 in ubuntu?00:10
Jdanielsbazhang: I was trying to manualy install Java... I think I entered a command that linked...00:10
Jdanielsbazhang: yeah I dont know the terms.00:11
poddusI need some help installing ubuntu00:11
sdfewfsamenado, the bridge is working properly as far as i can tell. as my laptop is associated with the AP, and so is the linux bridge. and computer1 is seeing traffic from my laptop's mac address, so by which, traffic is going from laptop, to AP, from AP to linux bridge, from linuxbridge to switch, then to computer1.00:11
amenadosdfewfs-> which interface name of linus is the one thats connected to the switch? and you set it in promiscous mode?00:11
bazhangJdaniels: then that would be the problem--just type firefox in the terminal and pastebin any errors it gives00:11
Draco!ffmpeg | luis_00:11
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ffmpeg - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:11
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:11
Zoikscody-somerville: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58310/00:11
Dracoluis_: oops00:11
Jdanielsbazhang: INTERNAL ERROR on Browser End: Could not get the plugin manager00:11
JdanielsSystem error?:: Success00:11
shyboy_hi everybody00:11
thinkpaduserluis_:  http://marginalhacks.com/bin/ogg2mp300:11
khaotikcould anyone help me get my wireless working on a compaq presario c700?00:12
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines00:12
sdfewfsamenado, ath0 is asscoaited with the AP. eth0 is connected to the switch. eth0 and ath0 are in promisc mode. br0 has eth0 and ath0 added to it and br0 itself is in promisc mode.00:12
Dracoluis_: ffmpeg and mencoder should work00:12
khaotikmy blue light is on but i am still getting no internet00:12
Jdanielsbazhang thats what it gives.00:12
thinkpaduserluis_:  uses lame to convert00:12
luis_are these apps packaged with ubntu in the add programmes menu?00:12
khaotikcould anyone help me get my wireless working on a compaq presario c700?00:12
fabio!info lame | luis_00:12
ubotuluis_: lame (source: lame): LAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.97-0.0 (gutsy), package size 268 kB, installed size 728 kB00:12
joobabyI cant get my mp3 files to work after doing the restricited formats install, should I covert to vorbis?00:13
amenadosdfewfs-> now does linux eth0 have an ip address assigned? can you ping it from the wired client?00:13
bazhangJdaniels: you might try to undo what you did with the java or uninstall firefox and reinstall it--not sure what you did with the java though so hard to tell00:13
joobabyalso is frowned upon to ask about places to dl torrent, I used to use oink but its teh gone.00:13
cody-somervilleZoiks, When it asks you to clear, say yes00:13
bazhangjoobaby: using what app00:13
sdfewfsamenado, ip addresses won't work when the bridge is enabled.00:13
Jdanielsbazhang: if i find the command I enetered, would someone know how to undo it?00:13
khaotikcould anyone help me get my wireless working on a compaq presario c700?00:14
Zoikscody-somerville: i would have to run e2fsck without -n then wouldnt I? Is there any other flags i should use00:14
bazhangJdaniels: you need to describe exactly what you did, not just a single command00:14
thinkpaduserluis_:  you can do it from a command-line script, ie ogg2mp3 (Google it)00:14
tominglisSlart: hey, i tried sudo make uninstall and i get: make: *** No rule to make target `uninstall'. Stop.00:14
arizalordbazhang, sorry.. i'm a headache... but i'm still without panels!00:14
fabio./configure first00:14
joobabybazhang, cd player?00:14
thinkpaduserluis_:  i don't know any GUI programs to convert ogg files to mp3s off hand00:14
fabiothen  you can make uninstall00:14
gemidjyhello, I might be offtopic, but, does Wuby install within Windows and start it IN windows ?00:14
fabio!info sox | luis_00:15
ubotuluis_: sox (source: sox): Swiss army knife of sound processing. In component universe, is optional. Version 13.0.0-1build1 (gutsy), package size 194 kB, installed size 520 kB00:15
joobabyid rather not convert00:15
gemidjyinstall Ubuntu*00:15
PriceChildgemidjy: it does not "start it in windows".00:15
amenadosdfewfs-> really? you would not be able to assign an ip address to eth0? i would think you could, as the brctl interface br0 is different from eth0.. i may be wrong but that is how my thoughts are00:15
Jack_Sparrowgemidjy, Because it is unsupported and in my opinion a very bad way to try ubuntu00:15
kitchegemidjy: no it makes a image that you can boot into that is ubuntu00:15
kitche!wubi | gemidjy00:15
ubotugemidjy: wubi is an unofficial Ubuntu installer for Windows users - more info is at http://wubi-installer.org/00:15
Asrainstalling Ktorrent bazhang ... hopefully that works better00:15
PriceChildgemidjy: it is started from the same point where you choose whether to boot windows at its boot menu.00:15
hooper82Can somone help me re: static routes?00:15
sdfewfsamenado, i'm unable to get ping or any tcp testing methods to work when the bridge is up. this is linux, not openbsd ;)00:15
bazhangjoobaby: you are having hardware issues? what software application in #ubuntu are you using to play mp3's00:15
fabioAsra try transmission00:15
sdfewfsamenado, i can only use tcpdump to check for ethernet frames.00:16
Asratransmission better?00:16
fabiobitstormlite is the fastest around00:16
bazhangasra they are all better than Azureus ;]00:16
amenadosdfewfs-> i thought they use the same tcp/ip stack now..but i could be wrong too..00:16
gemidjykitche Jack_Sparrow thanks00:16
poddusWhen I try to install ubuntu 7.10 on my mac pro, it starts running the installer scripts but then the cd spins down and nothing happens. any thoughts?00:16
amenadohooper82-> what is the issue?00:16
thinkpaduserluis_:  look into soundconverter.  that might be what you want00:16
Asrawell .. fabio I'm pertty used to Azureus from windows which used to work fine .. so anything simulair but faster would be nice :)00:16
xenthrohey, I just compiled my first .deb and it works with ubuntu. where should I upload it for the good of all?00:16
bazhangarizalord: when you ran that command what was the error you got?00:16
sdfewfsdhcp won't bind to either eth0 or ath0 or br0 when the bridge is up.00:16
joobabybazhang, I dont believe so, I can play sound from other things, I assumed I was using the 'cd player' app00:17
bazhangarizalord: and that should be without the << you know00:17
thinkpaduserluis_:  it uses the gstreamer libraries for lame, i believe00:17
sdfewfstake bridge down, dhcp works and ping works. bridge up, ping/dhcp dies.00:17
neverbluexenthro, as u can imagine, its just not that 'easy'00:17
Zoikscody-somerville: i would have to run e2fsck without -n then wouldnt I? Is there any other flags i should use00:17
Jack_Sparrowxenthro, what deb did you compile?00:17
luis_how can I get soundconverter?00:17
bazhangjoobaby: you need to give the name of the app--not sure what cd player is00:17
Jdanielsbazhang: in firefox/plugins I typed ln -s (javainstalldir0/plugin/i386/ns7/libjavaplugin_ogi.so00:17
xenthroits "nzbget" a commandline usenet binary downloader00:17
amenadosdfewfs-> i see, i didnt know that dhcpd would not bind to eth0 if its a bridge..00:17
=== arooni________ is now known as arooni
neverbluenice xenthro00:18
Jdanielsbazhang: after I had all the java stuff installed in its own directory.00:18
joobabybazhang, on my add/remove list it simply says 'cd player', I could download another if you have a recommendation00:18
thinkpaduserluis_:  try 'apt-cache search soundconverter'.  if it doesn't return anything you may need another repo in your /etc/apt/sources.list00:18
amenadosdfewfs-> you really meant dhcp not dhcpd ?00:18
sdfewfsamenado, yup. but, i'm totally boggled as to why computer1 can see arp frames from my laptop, after it's going thru my bridge, and to the AP.... but won't grab dhcpd.00:18
bazhangJdaniels: that would likely be the source of your woes, as firefox complains about the plugin manager00:18
sdfewfsamenado, yes00:18
Asrawell .. ktorrent isn't much faster to be honest .. still only 6KB/s :S00:18
hooper82Can somone help me re: static routes?00:18
sdfewfsamenado, err no00:18
ThunderXDid one of the last upates broke ntfs-3g ?00:18
arizalordyes... it said.... gnome-panel: none process eliminated00:18
=== c is now known as Charitwo
DuKKoNhi, exist a repository from apache for ubuntu 7.10?00:19
brand0co1im having problems with usb flash devices not automounting correctly upon insert.  i get a "invalid mount option when attempting to mount the volume"00:19
Jdanielsbazhang I am certain of it, all my probllems stem from that moment. Any way to unlink them?00:19
brand0co1any suggestions?  how do i set up ivman00:19
bazhangjoobaby: try rhythmbox, amarok etc00:19
luis_when I typed in "apt-cache search soundconverter" all it gave me back was "soundconverter - Convert audio files into other formats", wtf? lol00:19
poddushow long on average does it take to run the rs.local startup script from a LiveCD00:19
JoeLuvsUbuntucan anyone tell me how to reduce the file sizes of pdf files created by either printing to pdf using cups, or in gscan2pdf?00:19
amenadosdfewfs-> you got an interesting setup there..00:19
tominglis_hi i have installed a driver, and want to uninstall it, but sudo make uninstall doesn't work, can i just delete the .ko file in /lib/...00:19
Asraohw .. there she blows .. 200 KB/s .. thats a lot better00:19
bazhangzth caps please00:19
thinkpaduserluis_:  apt-get install soundconverter00:20
arizalordbazhang: yes i know... it said.... gnome-panel: none process eliminated00:20
fabioSo Azureus sucks !00:20
tominglis_these were the instructions i followed, but i put it in the wrong place00:20
cody-somervilleZoiks, Can you give me the output of lshw first?00:20
tominglis_before putting it in the right place00:20
brand0co1help mounting usb devices in xubuntu00:20
bazhangJdaniels: I fear to tread there; perhaps delete that plugin00:20
Asrawhat was that other torrent agent you where talking about .. (yes Azureus sucks .. probably the java stuff clogging it)00:20
amenadotominglis-> you compiled a kernel module and you put it where?00:20
ConstyXIVhow do you get your laptop's external display to act as a second monitor (GMA 900)?00:20
thinkpaduserluis_:  it *should* install the dependencies and you can then run it from the menu00:20
fabiobitstormlite is very small00:21
thinkpaduserfabio:  i use transmission.  it is tiny00:21
amenadohooper82-> what is the issue?  i missed your response if any00:21
luis_it asks me if I'm root when i try to install it, wtf lol00:21
sdfewfsamenado, i didn't want to buy a bridge, as it's pointless because i have no control to make a transparent firewall. and i've done with setup with openbsd, which from my experience was flawless and a fraction of the effort. my friend has high speed internet across the street, and he has an AP. so, i'm trying to use a wifi card i bought and turn it into a wireless bridge, and bridge a wireless link into my switch, so the rest of00:21
sdfewfs my network is transparently connected to his AP.00:21
bazhangfabio: for Linux? or under Wine00:21
joobabybazhang, do I need to remove something in order to install another player? says there is a conflict and I should switch to synaptic package manager to fix it00:21
tominglis_amenado: /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/kernel00:21
JoeLuvsUbuntufor instance, I have a gif image thats 8.5x11 and the file size is 180k but when printed as a pdf its 2.6mb?00:21
Jack_Sparrowluis_, Please lose the rude shorthand00:21
fabiobitstormlite is very little and fast00:21
thinkpaduserluis_:  sorry, try 'sudo apt-get install soundconverter'00:21
sdfewfsamenado, you follow that?00:21
Jdanielsbazhang: how do I delete the plugin?00:21
fabiobut the version under ubuntu/debian is old00:22
tominglis_amenado: both ubuntu/media/usbvideo and drivers/media/video/usbvideo00:22
AsraI really want to see an interface thats easy to read fabio one that tells you more then the basic bittornado kinda thing ... ktorrent looks the part .. anything that works better/faster is welcome .. but it must be understandable :)00:22
bazhangjoobaby: yeah synaptic would be a good choice00:22
luis_aha, I got it, thanks00:22
fabioget it from redhat00:22
ThunderXDo you have a tutorial for using two different video cards on two monitors by actually splitting your GNOME desktop between the two cards?00:22
fabioand use alien to get the deb package for ubuntu00:22
Zoikscody-somerville: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58311/00:22
freenodeIs there a fsck program that works with NTFS filesystems?00:22
thinkpaduserluis_:  here's the website for it: http://soundconverter.berlios.de/00:22
=== freenode is now known as RyanPrior
thinkpaduserluis_:  with screenshots00:22
tominglis_amenado: but i should have put it in /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/ubuntu/media/usbvideo, which i've now done, but should i just delete the two old files?00:22
Jack_SparrowThunderX, You want one desktop spread across two monitors to make one wide desktop00:23
hooper82amenado > http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=714379 <-- that kinda sums it up.00:23
amenadotominglis yes, you can delete those kernel modules you put in the wrong directory00:23
RyanPriorIs there a fsck program that works with NTFS filesystems?00:23
ThunderXYes but using two different physical video cards (One for each monitor)00:23
JoeLuvsUbuntuis this the right place to ask this question? I have searched the forums and cant seem to locate anything helpful00:23
fabiotestdisk ?00:23
ThunderXI was able to make this work with one video card with two moinitor entries00:24
bazhangRyanPrior: you want to defrag the ntfs partition or what00:24
amenadosdfewfs-> you are bridging your wireless card to his AP? and his AP is in bridge mode?00:24
tominglis_amenado: ace, is there anything else i need to do, someone said i should change the makefile back to the bad addresses and sudo make uninstall but that doesn't work00:24
Jack_SparrowThunderX, THe short answer is yes. I have seen people do it..  /msg ubotu for twinview and dualhead  see if that helps00:24
Asrabtw guys .. thnx for the help ... I must say the linux/ubuntu world is a comforting pleasant one :) ... good night .. I'm off to bed00:24
sdfewfsamenado, i dunno about his AP it's a linksys something00:24
RyanPriorMy NTFS filesystem is corrupted - is there a tool I can use to dianose and fix it?00:25
amenadotominglis-> i would not touch the Makefile..or if you have to, modify the install target instead00:25
PriceChildRyanPrior: I would suggest using tools from windows00:25
osojoin #Azureus-support00:25
sdfewfsRyanPrior, scandisk!!!!!00:25
RyanPriorPriceChild: I don't have Windows.00:25
amenadosdfewfs-> thats what i want to know, you are using his AP or your own AP?00:25
ThunderXWith 6.06 I was able to actually have two desktops (One on each monitor) with the same hardware's setup: but I was never able to spread one destop on both monitors00:25
PriceChildRyanPrior: why do you have an ntfs drive?00:25
JoeLuvsUbuntuDoes anyone have any Ideas?  I dont want to have to email this to my wife so she can print it with primo pdf on XP to get a reasonable file size?00:25
Jack_SparrowRyanPrior, try to find hirens cd it is bootable cd with misc tools00:25
tarelerulzWhat is good text to speech program For reading Web pages ? Stuff like wikipedia .00:25
RyanPriorBecause I bought an external hard drive and that's what came on it.00:25
ThunderX /msg ubotu twinview00:25
sdfewfsamenado, i don't have an accesspoint,00:25
ThunderX /msg ubotu dualhead00:26
sdfewfsamenado, i'm trying to bridge my linux box's wifi card to his AP. which is working.00:26
sdfewfsamenado, as i can see ethernet frames passing thru the kernel.00:26
tominglis_amenado: thanks loads00:26
xenthroRyanPrior, ntfsfix (nix package) can only go so far as to flag an ntfs volume to be checked by the MS chkdsk... which comes with windows. you can also access it by starting up a windows cd and going to the recovery console. one of the options is "chkdsk"00:26
amenadosdfewfs-> im not sure if an AP thats in infrastructure mode, can be dual bridge mode also..promiscous is not bridging(at least i dont think so) but you said using openbsd it works..so am wrong maybe..00:27
zero88Excuse me. What is the best software to copy a DVD to an .iso other then Brasero?00:27
Zoikscody-somerville: that help at all?00:27
amenadotominglis-> it worked?00:27
palomerhow do you count the number of lines in a file?00:27
xenthroRyanPrior, in other words, you will need windows in one form or another00:27
PriceChildzero88: nautilus has that built in. Right click the file :)00:27
Jdanielspalomer: | wc00:27
zero88PriceChild i believe i used that. it made a 1.1 mb iso and stopped.?00:28
levanderJack_Sparrow: Have you ever gotten video to play from a Windows box over rdesktop?  I try it and just get a black box in Windows Media Player where the video would be.00:28
amenadohooper82-> two commands you need to make your ubuntu box a router00:28
sdfewfsamenado, yeah, i'm still investigating it. just weird why arp traffic passes thru but won't let dhcp requests go through.00:28
joobabynew to linux, trying to install an mp3 program but I can't get rhythm box, vlc, amarok, etc to install as there is apparently some conflict, how do I find the conflict in synaptic to remove?00:28
Jack_Sparrowlevander, no00:28
PriceChildzero88: first i've heard of it failing :)00:28
amenadohooper82-> sudo echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipvr/ip_forward00:28
PriceChildjoobaby: please pastebin the output of sudo apt-get -f install00:28
PriceChild!paste | joobaby00:28
ubotujoobaby: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:28
xenthrojoobaby, can you describe the exact conflict/error message?00:29
cody-somervilleZoiks, I don't see any partition assigned /dev/sdb100:29
zero88PriceChild, wow i jsut tried it again and it jsut dissapeared???00:29
Jdanielsbazhang: do you know how to delete a plugin from firefox, manually?00:29
amenadosdfewfs-> i guess having your wifi ath0 in promiscous mode, it sees all the broadcasted traffic, but it only means in monitor mode and not in TX mode?00:29
joobabyrhythm box says there is a hardware conflifct00:29
levanderJack_Sparrow: You haven't tried it, or it doesn't work?00:29
lunksHow do I make a module load on startup? I blacklisted b43 and thought bcm43xx would start automatically, but it's not...00:30
bazhangarizalord you still there?00:30
amenadosdfewfs-> to communicate you need both to TX & RX ..promiscous to me is only RX mode..00:30
Zoikscody-somerville: there was one there before I reinstalled ubuntu on the 750gb drive00:30
sdfewfsamenado, dunno. according to promisc all packets will be recceived by the interface, wehther or not their destined for the intented card.00:30
JoeLuvsUbuntuIf anyone knows anything about why the file sizes of pdfs created in ubuntu are so large and how to fix it please let me know00:30
Zoikscody-somerville: maybe playing around and trying to force it to mount has done something, but i certainly have not deleted any partitions00:31
shyboy_vous connaissez une applic sur ubuntu pour faire du benchmarking?00:31
amenadosdfewfs-> yes Recieved, but in promiscous  mode, i dont think you can also TX at same time00:31
fabiohuge pdf ?00:31
bazhangJdaniels: I would remove that folder, but worried about anything else that was done00:31
bazhangshyboy_: /join #ubuntu-fr00:31
cody-somervilleZoiks, Can you give me the output of sfdisk -l ?00:31
amenadosdfewfs-> you follow me? TX is not same as RX only00:31
fabioopen with evince and learn more about it00:31
ThunderXQuel genre de Bechmarking?00:31
fabiomaybe it's just a ps file00:32
Jdanielsbazhang: that was all that I did, so remove the linked folder?00:32
cody-somervilleZoiks, err: sfdisk -l /dev/sdb00:32
JoeLuvsUbuntua 1.6k file turns into a 2.6meg file when printed using cups-pdf00:32
nickrudThunderX: ??00:32
BIOSboilerWhat should i use to play mp3's?00:32
bazhangJdaniels: err well worth a shot--this is why I never do stuff manually ;]00:32
amenadohooper82-> iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o pppoe(interface) -j MASQUERADE00:32
ThunderXWhat kind of Benchmarking, I ment00:32
BIOSboilerWhat should i use to play mp3's?00:32
bazhangBIOSboiler: you have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed?00:32
Zoikscody-somerville: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58312/00:32
nickrudThunderX: ah, that was a reply :)00:33
Jdanielsbazhang: what bothers me most is that opera, galeon, and epiphany all fail as well.00:33
KuwangerI'm having some problems with Xnest.  How do I avoid the "Xlib: connection to ":1.0" refused by server"?  I've tried using -ac (which I don't like), but then the Xnest window doesn't display.00:33
sdfewfsamenado, had to poop, yes i follow.00:33
sdfewfsamenado, wonder if i need to do something with his AP00:33
bazhangJdaniels: then that is a worry; you did the same manual thing for them as well?00:33
BIOSboilerWhat should i use to play mp3's?00:33
sdfewfsamenado, i picked linux because wpa-psk is much friendly, even though it's not the final answer with wifi security.00:33
fabiocups-pdf uses ghostscript00:33
LaserLineDoes anyone know where I can donate my company PCs?  Hopefully a place that would install ubuntu on them and that's a credible non-profit.  I'm in Pasadena, CA (near Los Angeles0.00:33
sdfewfsi've cracked wpa-psk.00:34
jerbearhow do i install vmware player in ubuntu?00:34
Jdanielsbazhang i installed them after I broke firefox =)00:34
bazhangBIOSboiler: do you have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed?00:34
amenadosdfewfs-> you have to the tools to crack em? you have the talents00:34
BIOSboilerhow would i know00:34
JoeLuvsUbuntuI have the same problem with gscan2pdf, is there a better tool than ghostscript?00:34
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bazhangJdaniels: try uninstalling and then reinstalling firefox then00:35
ThunderXjerbear: Try whith Automatix00:35
Jdanielsbazhang: how do I do that?00:35
desertcQ: I hate optical media, in general, but I am trying to burn a bunch of Ubuntu discs to give away.  I bought a large spindle of blank DVD-R discs, and I keep getting the error "Wrong media type" with K3B and growisofs .  Anyone have any idea what could be wrong?  My recording drive has worked many times in the past.  I have tried rebooting, setting the record speed to 1x, tried different programs, and I have tried 12 different discs.00:35
bazhangBIOSboiler: go into synaptic package manager and check00:35
Jack_SparrowThunderX, Terrible idea00:35
jerbearThunderX: i'd rather not00:35
nickrudadd   deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu gutsy partner   to your sources.list, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get  install vmware-server  jerbear don't use automatix00:35
sutabiAnyone know of a wireless PCI or USB that works on Ubuntu without  restricted drivers? I have a PCI TrendNet 421PC which worked with the older versions of ubuntu but not on 7.10. So I just wanna but one and one where I dont have to jum p threw loops to buy00:35
Jack_Sparrowjerbear, Dont try automatix00:35
ThunderXWhy not, it worked for me fine: it even de-installed pretty well00:35
amenadoLaserLine-> how old are these PC's? you know the issue with non-profits accepting those, is it cost them a lot to maintain s/w or h/w wise00:35
jerbeartrust me, i'm not00:35
BIOSboilerwhats a good mp3 player00:35
bazhangThunderX: very bad suggestion please do not mention AUTOMATIX in here00:35
BIOSboilerhey jason00:35
desertcBIOSboiler: totem00:35
draremhow can I echo something to another terminal and press the enter key, kinda of like this..   echo 'ls -lh ~' > /dev/pts100:35
Jack_SparrowThunderX, No it dint de-install period00:36
BIOSboilerwhats totem00:36
jerbearwhy vmware-server?00:36
Jack_Sparrow!worksforme | ThunderX00:36
ubotuThunderX: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/00:36
fabiognome media player00:36
ThunderXI had no problem, I even updated from Player to Server00:36
alex1hi guys. i want to set up internet over ad hoc wireless on my ubuntu laptop. i tried "create new wireless network", but it doesn't show up on my other laptop. what am i doing wrong?00:36
amenadoLaserLine-> a good example are companies donating these CRT that are practically expensive (it will cost the non-profit more when its their time to dump it)00:36
sdfewfsamenado, aircrack suite, genpmk, and about 4Tb for hash tables, combined, eats thru wpa-psk like a hotknife through butter.00:36
bazhangJdaniels: sudo apt-get remove packagename or use synaptic package manager and mark to remove00:36
jerbeari just want the player00:36
nickrudjerbear: it is more capable than the player, you can create your own vms. Plays player stuff as well00:36
Jdanielsbazhang: thanks!00:37
BIOSboilerPLEASE help me-- whats a good mp3 player00:37
amenadosdfewfs-> you have that much storage ? 4TB? you have some serious stuff there00:37
jerbearBIOSboiler: quod-libet00:37
nickrudjerbear: but basically, because it's in a canonical/ubuntu repo, player isn't00:37
sdfewfsonly way to have a good chance is to have a REALLY wild key.    something along the lines of ;laksjdfpo)*@UY#P)*FY&AP{DOjfiyuha[owpeiur N)_*Q#&_($*#&_E)(*FU{#)(*E%#&RUPFDEIFIFJS:)@(#*   and maybe a few more lines of that.00:37
bazhangBIOSboiler: amarok, rhythmbox, many others00:37
jerbearnickrud: ok, thanks00:37
desertcBIOSboiler: you're received answers from 3 people00:37
kotsuGetting an encrypted DVD to play is frustrating.00:37
desertcNo one has seen the Wrong Media Type error when burning recordable discs?00:37
sdfewfsyeah, i bought 8x500Gb drives, it's around the 4tb mark. only $100  a pop. pretty cheap.00:37
cody-somervilleZoiks, Doesn't look good.00:38
fabioabout huge pdf00:38
cody-somervilleZoiks, I don't think I have enough experience to proceed.00:38
kotsuVLC was the answer for me.00:38
fabiothere is libgnomeprint00:38
bazhangkotsu go to www.medibuntu.org and install libdvdcss2 from there00:38
kotsuThanks Baz.. I did.. didn't help00:38
Zoikscody-somerville: should i run e2fsck on my degraded array?00:38
desertcconsider using DRM-free media...00:38
kotsuI added their repository.00:38
JoeLuvsUbuntudoes that do a better job?00:38
kotsuInstalled win32 codecs too,.00:38
Zoikscody-somerville: thanks for the help anyway so far00:38
fabioopen that pdf file and see what is about00:38
MFendesertc: tell that to netflix :-/00:38
kotsuVLC works right off the bat.00:39
fabioin my case yes00:39
ubuntu /dev/sda4 is my boot/root partition.. /dev/sda1 is my windows partition.. http://rafb.net/p/hFGwsy55.html what is wrong on this /boot/grub/menu.lst?00:39
zero88Ok. If i wanted to move a movie to my T-mobile Dash. Would I have to rezise the file and format, and if so to what.and also coould you tell me how you got that information?thanks00:39
amenadosdfewfs-> thats what i tell people, its not the AP they need to protect its their computer, yes a stranger may get access to the network..but not on their pc if they have a good security on their pc's00:39
desertcMFen: and that's why I dropped netflix00:39
khaotikhow do i get wireless working on a cmpaq presario????00:39
MFenalthough i agree that drm should burn in hell for eternity00:39
khaotikhow do i get wireless working on a cmpaq presario????00:39
MFendesertc: and went with.. what? if you're renting dvds you're getting css00:39
kotsuYes, VLC can handle css.00:39
kotsuI was using totem with xine backend.00:39
desertcmfen: you think drm should burn in hell, but you are okay giving them your money00:39
kotsuJust wouldn';t  work.00:40
bazhangkhaotik: take a deep breath00:40
MFendesertc: netflix didn't print the dvds, didn't establish the industry standard, doesn't care what's on them00:40
fabiototem-xine better than totem-gstreamer00:40
fabio(i'm not sure of that)00:40
MFendesertc: and it's already been cracked, so who cares any more.00:41
kotsuYes, I switched to xine fabio.  Still couldn't get it to work.00:41
kotsuSo just apt-get vlc and it "just worked"00:41
desertcMFen: In my country, getting around DRM is a crime.00:41
amenadokhaotik-> after taking a deep breath, describe what kind of chip does your wifi interface have, if its bcm43xx..i will pass..00:41
kotsuYeah, I had a real problem with bcm43xx also.00:41
MFendesertc: in that case, practice civil disobedience and rent dvds00:41
kotsuBoth on my laptop and desktrop.00:41
fabiomplayer is the best00:41
khaotiki had the blue light coming on but when i installed the ndiswrapper and added the driver i was using to the blacklist, the light quit coming on00:42
Jack_SparrowI had no issues with bcm43xx.. fwcutter worked first time on several of them00:42
desertcmfen: sorry, I obey my country's laws00:42
zero88Ok. If i wanted to move a movie to my T-mobile Dash. Would I have to rezise the file and format, and if so to what.and also coould you tell me how you got that information?thanks00:42
MFendesertc: then you deserve them00:42
crackhead_25how do i find out if my laptop running ubuntu has a microsd slot?? it has a slot, but i dont know what type it is..00:42
thinkpaduserkotsu:  use mplayer00:42
bazhangkhaotik: what wireless card00:42
MFen"Everyone gets the government they deserve"00:42
desertcwell - I better go before I get kicked for offtopic chat00:42
JoeLuvsUbuntufabio: I have libgnomeprint installed00:42
kotsuOk thinpaduser.00:42
zero88Also, how do i access my micro SD card on my cell phone?00:42
thinkpaduserkotsu:  sorry, TRY mplayer :)00:42
fabiomplayer rocks !00:42
khaotiki have already got it working on the computer i am using know but cant get it to work on a compaq presario c700. i think it has the same card as mine00:42
cody-somervilleZoiks, I don't think so.00:42
sdfewfswireless is still quite secure. the average mojo has trouble setting up keys let alone getting all the required software to work. on top of that i did have to tweak genmpk to pipe my hashes propely00:42
fabioso from gedit try to print a pdf file00:43
khaotikbroadcom 431100:43
amenadocrackhead_25-> umm they are small size like those tiny mem card in your cell fone?00:43
thinkpaduserkotsu:  there is a gmplayer GUI, as well00:43
riotkittieeww. bcom.00:43
kotsuI'll try think.  The only thing I have left to get working is my sound.  :-/00:43
Mighty_Penguini have made a reiserfs partition on my HD using gparted, and i mounted it through mountpy using sudo, how do i get the partition so i can copy and paste files to it?00:43
amenadokhaotik-> i pass then..00:43
bazhangkhaotik: I will give you a link just a second00:43
kotsuBut everything else is a dream.00:43
khaotikgood lookin00:43
fabiothe pdf file you will get is a libgnomeprinted file00:43
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crackhead_25amenado: i dont know if this is a microsd or something else.. i dont know well enough how it looks... what's the console command to see what it is??00:43
JoeLuvsUbuntuok,, let me try that00:43
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx khaotik read this please00:44
kotsuWatching LOTR Two Towers now.  Veeery nice,00:44
ubuntu /dev/sda4 is my boot/root partition.. /dev/sda1 is my windows partition.. http://rafb.net/p/hFGwsy55.html what is wrong on this /boot/grub/menu.lst?00:44
thinkpaduserkotsu:  sound may come muted by default?  open alsamixer and check it out00:44
kotsukk THink.. one sec...00:44
kotsu"The volume control did not find any elements and/or devices to control. This means either that you don't have the right GStreamer plugins installed, or that you don't have a sound card configured."00:44
thinkpaduserkotsu:  there will be little [MM] thingies under PCM and MASTER if they are muted00:44
amenadocrackhead_25-> you have seen those really tiny memory card inserts (1/4 inches) on cellfones right? as oppose to slightly bigger sd cards( 1/2 inches)00:44
thinkpaduserkotsu:  what's alsamixer do?00:45
kotsuOne sec...00:45
kotsu"alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device"00:45
Zoikscody-somerville: ok thanks for all your help, ill see if I can find someone else00:45
thinkpaduserkotsu:  you have no sound :)00:45
cody-somervilleZoiks, I would try posting something to the mailing list with all this information00:45
kotsuErrrr...  :)00:45
kotsuThat is correct sir.  :)00:46
thinkpaduserkotsu:  might try a command-line 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure alsasound'00:46
andromdaplease, anyone could help me with my webcam usb 2.0 in a bangho notebook?00:46
kotsuOk think.. one sec...00:46
thinkpaduserkotsu:  or is it alsa-utils?  something like that00:46
andromdait doesn't work at all00:46
Mighty_Penguini need help setting up a partition where the normal user can read/write to the partition, any help?00:46
nickrudubuntu: for a root on sda4 it would be hd0,300:47
Zoikscody-somerville: I have tried the forum, not getting much help there... I have no idea how to use mailing lists00:47
bluefoxxso, any tutorials on setting up ssh so i can access my comp from any windows computer?00:47
no0ticcould avahi-daemon interfere with ServerName apache directive?00:47
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras andromda read this please00:47
thinkpaduserbluefoxx:  is ssh installed?00:47
andromdathanks bazhang I will read it right now00:47
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam andromda and this too ;]00:47
thinkpaduserbluefoxx:  if it is, just start it with /etc/init.d/sshd start00:48
kotsuHrmmm.. command completed successfully but no dice.00:48
kotsuLet me have a look at system log.00:48
thinkpaduserkotsu:  still no device, huh?00:48
cody-somervilleZoiks, There just happens to be a linux-raid mailing list too :)00:48
kotsuYeah think/00:48
ThunderXHave anyone installed IBM DB2 Express C on  Ubuntu?00:48
thinkpaduserkotsu:  are there any sound modules loaded?00:48
bluefoxxthinkpaduser: im looking for  atutorial for it...00:48
thinkpaduserkotsu:  lsmod | grep snd maybe00:49
cody-somervilleZoiks, http://www.tldp.org/FAQ/Linux-RAID-FAQ/x37.html00:49
bazhangMighty_Penguin: what file system? ntfs?00:49
arizalordhow i can unactive compiz in terminal?00:49
Zoikscody-somerville: awesome, ill have to do some reading up on the mailing lists00:49
thinkpaduserbluefoxx:  sudo apt-get install openssh or ssh or sshd.  i forget which is the Ubuntu package00:49
andromdaok, thanks!00:49
thinkpaduserbluefoxx:  then /etc/init.d/sshd start00:49
LaserLineamenado: sorry for the slow response, most of the PCs are P3's00:49
thinkpaduserbluefoxx:  it should config your keys for you on first start00:49
Mighty_Penguinbazhang i just want to make a new partition that i can access via normal user and not root00:50
bazhangarizalord: to get gnome panel going hit alt f2 then type gnome-panel, then try that command if it is still missing the panels00:50
thinkpaduserbluefoxx:  then, as long as iptables or a firewall isn't blocking it, you should be able to connect00:50
ubuntu /dev/sda4 is my boot/root partition.. /dev/sda1 is my windows partition.. http://rafb.net/p/hFGwsy55.html what is wrong on this /boot/grub/menu.lst?00:50
Mighty_Penguini have 32gb free space, and want to use it for a partition for storing stuff00:50
fabiometacity --replace should stop compiz00:50
bazhangMighty_Penguin: to be shareed with windows?00:50
griffi1Mighty_Penguin: use GParted00:50
Mighty_Penguinbazhang no00:50
bazhangshared even00:50
bluefoxxthinkpaduser: keys??...this is all new to me...most ive done is tried to connect to another computer on my LAN00:50
Mighty_Penguingriffi1 i am00:50
griffi1create a ntfs partition00:50
nickrudubuntu: for sda4 , it should be hd0,300:51
bazhangMighty_Penguin: ext3 then00:51
arizalordalt F2.. dont run!00:51
Mighty_Penguinyes, i tried that, but i had to be root to read/write to that partition00:51
bluefoxxnetwork stuff is a little confusing for me...everything else i get <. <00:51
bazhangarizalord: disable compiz first then00:52
nickrudarizalord: in compiz?00:52
thinkpaduserbluefoxx:  did you install an ssh server?00:52
joobabyhelp installing amarok or any mp3 player00:52
thinkpaduserbluefoxx:  it is REALLY simple00:52
arizalordbazhang, how i can disable compiz in terminal?00:52
bazhangjoobaby: sudo apt-get install amarok00:52
bazhangarizalord: metacity --replace00:52
Mighty_Penguinbazhang i have created the partition, now how do i get it so normal user and read/write to it?00:52
Mighty_Penguinit isnt mounted atm00:53
griffi1Might_Penguin check your fstab, once you ve mounted you partition and change the right to your user00:53
bluefoxxthinkpaduser: ill give it a shot.00:53
bazhangMighty_Penguin: are you logging in as root?00:53
fabiopkill compiz && metacity --replace (my way to do it)00:53
Mighty_Penguinno, i'm not logged in as root00:53
thinkpaduserbluefoxx:  install the server (openssh sshd ssh or something) then start the service and you are done00:53
thinkpaduserbluefoxx:  ssh needs secret keys for the 'handshake' but Ubuntu takes care of that automatically, i believe00:54
thinkpaduserbluefoxx:  just run '/etc/init.d/sshd start' and you can connect once the server is installed00:54
arizalordbazhang, it said.. core dumped00:54
bluefoxxthinkpaduser: kk, thanks. i want to be able to listen to my music at school, from my computer XD this will help  right?00:54
thinkpaduserbluefoxx:  um... maybe00:55
Wrecanyone know why firefox's "I'm feeling lucky" feature doesn't work anymore (for me)00:55
griffi1Mighty_Penguin: What are you trying to do exactly ?00:55
thinkpaduserbluefoxx:  you *can* stream tunes through ssh00:55
Wrecanyone know why firefox's "I'm feeling lucky" feature doesn't work anymore, in the address bar (for me)00:55
Mighty_Penguini just want a simple partition for storing crap00:55
griffi1mount a ntfs partition from a normal user ?00:55
thinkpaduserbluefoxx:  but you might want to check out mpd or icecast for what you want to do00:55
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bluefoxxthinkpaduser: kk00:55
fabioi warn you , the windows partition is already full of crap00:56
thinkpaduserbluefoxx:  i have never done what you are trying.  ssh will get you in the door to copy stuff, however00:56
fabiolook elesewhere00:56
Mighty_PenguinI want to simple be able to use a partiton to store crap, and not be root to access it00:56
mintsoupdoes ubuntu's vim package do anything that might hamper normal functioning of auto-indent for python files?00:56
Wulframis there a food FAQ for setting up kde 4 on ubuntu?00:56
ArthurArchnixMighty_Penguin: And is this partition a linux partition or a windows partition?00:56
Mighty_Penguinlinux, i dont need to access it from anything besides ubuntu, i do not dual boot00:57
bazhangWulfram: guessing you mean Good faq there; try #kubuntu-kde400:57
ArthurArchnixMighty_Penguin: Then chown is your best friend.00:57
ArthurArchnixchange ownership I think00:57
[T]ankwhenever i ssh to a server it takes for ever to establish the connection. However if I ping it everything is very responsive. I wonder if i am missing a setting somewhere. I have checked resolve.conf and that I have a hostname set up. i do not know where else to look. any ideas? I am ssh'ing to an ip address not a dns name00:58
thinkpaduserMighty_Penguin:  just mkfs an empty partition and mount it in fstab00:58
joobabybazhang, says I have an impossible situation when I try to install amarok and gives me a list of several "unmet dependencies"00:58
thinkpaduserMighty_Penguin:  you can make it whatever filesystem type you like, and mount it with user perms00:58
ArthurArchnixMighty_Penguin: Say you had a partition mounted to /media/myfiles  and your name was mp  you would do this: sudo chown -R mp:mp /media/myfiles00:58
griffi1Mighty_Penguin: check this link it should help you out http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_Mount_MS_Windows_partitions_(FAT,NTFS)00:58
kotsuT.. try adding that hostname to /etc/hosts  it is probably doing some reverse name lookup.00:58
kotsuI've had that happen before.00:58
thinkpaduserkotsu:  got sound yet?00:59
Mighty_Penguintoo much at once..00:59
bazhangjoobaby: please pastebin the errors you are getting (not in the channel but to pastebin)00:59
kotsuNo think,.00:59
kotsualsa was not enabled by default00:59
nickrudArthurArchnix: that's true for fs's that respect unix permissions, doesn't work for ntfs/vfat00:59
kotsuSo I checked it.00:59
thinkpaduserkotsu:  :( nice find though!00:59
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:59
kotsuBut not getting very far.00:59
Peloevening folks00:59
kotsuI did an /etc/init.d/alsa-utils start00:59
ArthurArchnixnickrud: ah yes, but that is why I asked him if this was windows or linux partition, and he said he only runs linux!!! ;P00:59
nickrudPelo: tag00:59
Motorsport3hello, I just changed my ubuntu password, and now everytime I log on, it'll ask me for a password for my keyring. how do I fix this?00:59
thinkpaduserkotsu:  i think it comes muted.  might want to see if alsamixer shows a card01:00
Pelonickrud, are you available for something a bit off topic ?01:00
kotsuOk.  Let me try that again.01:00
nickrudPelo: sure, just getting off work01:00
* Pelo is IT apparently01:00
thinkpaduserkotsu:  then unmute the stuff if it does, and run 'sudo alsactl store card0'01:00
* nickrud was Just About to Sign Off01:00
Pelonickrud, does the flash on this page work for you ?  http://blog.wired.com/monkeybites/2008/02/mac-vs-pc-vs-li.html01:00
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kotsuthink:  Hrmm...  "alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device"01:00
joobabybazhang, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58315/01:00
Mighty_PenguinArthurArchnix i have /media/ i just want /media/sda1 soo.. i change /myfiles to /sda1?01:00
kotsuStill poking around.01:01
joobabypaste bin is cool btw01:01
ArthurArchnixMighty_Penguin: It might be a bad idea to chown /media ... ubuntu uses that for its own purposes. Why don't we create a new directory and mount the partition there?01:01
thinkpaduserkotsu:  i think you onyl enabled ALSA in Gnome.  the hardware is still missing01:01
kotsuthink:  what do you suggest?01:01
thinkpaduserkotsu:  does lsmod return any sound or snd stuff?01:01
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* bluefoxx drops to the ground clutching his eyes in pain from the blinding light of the sun in his face. oh the evil screen glare; on both monitors > .>01:02
Mighty_Penguinok ArthurArchnix so i would need to make a new file just anything?01:02
thinkpaduserkotsu:  it should01:02
bazhangjoobaby: what about installing rhythmbox--sudo apt-get install etc what does that do01:02
[T]ankkotsu: here is what I have already in /etc/hosts: http://pastebin.ca/927097 look correct? I have not changed anything01:02
kotsuI grepped for "snd" but it returned nothing.01:02
Pelobluefoxx, ???01:02
ArthurArchnixMighty_Penguin: What's the partition for? Multimedia, files,.. what do you want to call it? Lockeroom? :)01:02
kotsulsmod | grep snd01:02
humboltoUsually using public key auth in SSH means, creating a key-pair locally and putting the public on the machine you want to be able to connect to with public key auth. Now somebody has provided me with an id_rsa and id_dsa file instead. How can I make use of it without replacing my original key?01:02
nickrudPelo: yes, in both the 64bit and 32 bit firefoxes01:03
joobabybazhang: something about a hardware issue, let me try real quick01:03
Mighty_PenguinArthurArchnix just for storing stuff01:03
bazhangPelo: loads fine here fine too01:03
ArthurArchnixMighty_Penguin: Ok, try this then: sudo mkdir /storage01:03
Mighty_PenguinArthurArchnix calling it "Stuff" would work01:03
Pelonickrud, do me a favor,  get the flsh file from you /tmp folder and dcc it to me , I can't view this for some reason01:03
ArthurArchnixSure.. just switch that for storage01:03
kotsuTank.. that doesn't look right.  /etc/hosts is IP address followed by hostname for name resolution.01:03
kotsuNot URLs.01:03
[T]ankkotsu: that is the one created by default... how should I adjust it01:04
[T]ankjust remove the url stuff?01:04
AoifeStupid question... is there any reason I should be using UUIDs in my /etc/fstab over plain old /dev/sda* ?01:04
furythorI did installed Opera and now I can't get JAVA to work on it01:04
Galgawhere can i find about new stuff included in Hardy ?01:04
thinkpaduserkotsu:  try 'sudo modprobe soundcore' and see if anything loads01:04
StarnestommyGalga: maybe #ubuntu+101:04
kotsuTank.. here is what I have in mine.. some IPv6 also01:04
kotsukotsu@tranquility:/etc/init.d$ cat /etc/hosts01:04
kotsu127.0.0.1       localhost01:04
kotsu127.0.1.1       tranquility01:04
Dr_willisAoife,  it makes it easier if you remove disks, and use removeable disks a lot.01:04
Galgak, thanks01:04
arizalordhow i can disable compiz definitely?01:04
joobabybazhang: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58316/01:04
griffi1arizalord: uninstall it01:04
emmaget an ATi card.01:04
Peloarizalord, menu > system > prefs > appearance > last tab01:05
kitchearizalord: yeah just uninstall it01:05
thinkpaduseremma:  haha01:05
arizalordgriffil, mmm.. nice point...! thx!01:05
AoifeDr_willis, so if I'm on a laptop, and unlikely to change disks, it's probably not going to matter as much?01:05
furythorI did installed Opera and now I can't get JAVA to work on it01:05
Mighty_Penguinok ArthurArchnix i've made /stuff, and set permissions to my user, how do i mount the partition automaticly there?01:05
Dr_willisAoife,  proberly not. I set up My system to mount based on disk label. :) but i have a lot of hd's and i often swap them out.01:05
Pelonickrud, ?01:05
ArthurArchnixMighty_Penguin: Is this partition usually mounted at boot? If so it will be in your fstab and all we have to do is tell it not to put it at /media/sd#, but change that to /stuff01:05
furythorOpera crashes every time I try to run java applet01:05
ArthurArchnixMighty_Penguin: If you need help with this part, paste the output of: cat /etc/fstab   in pastebin.01:06
emmaCould someone pm me to see if my pms are working?01:06
Mighty_PenguinArthurArchnix, i have just created this partition and never mounted it before, but i would like it to be automatically mounted to /stuff01:06
AoifeDr_willis, cool, thanks for your help.01:07
Mighty_Penguinand i looked in fstab, sda1 wasnt in there01:07
ArthurArchnixMighty_Penguin: Probably a good idea to paste the output of "sudo fdisk -l" and the other one I just gave then.01:07
furythorMighty_Penguin atleast I did notice that I can't mount and unmount other disks than those at /media/xxx01:08
emmaAre PMs disabled in #ubuntu?01:08
griffi1what are PMs ???01:08
ultrawavePM = private message01:08
emmaPrivate messages.01:08
bazhangprivate messages01:08
ArthurArchnixemma: Different chat programs don't always get along.01:08
furythorI installed opera and now I can't run java content with it since it crashes every time I try to load one java applet, on other hand firefox works fine01:09
daspahIs there any way to make the smart quotes in OpenOffice become common plain quotes (single/double quotes)01:09
joobabybazhang, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58316/, does this tell you anything I'm doing wrong?01:09
ArthurArchnixdashua: I believe that's in the autocorrect menu.01:09
ArthurArchnixdashua: >tools >autocorrect >customquotes01:09
Mighty_PenguinArthurArchnix, i have a problem with my install.. i cant exactly copy and paste contents..01:09
Mighty_Penguinit comes out as YY for some reason01:10
okasaa cron job ive created to automate unision syncing does not work, however it does work when i manually tell it to run through my webmin account on cronjobs, any ideas?01:10
furythorI installed opera and now I can't run java content with it since it crashes every time I try to load one java applet, on other hand firefox works fine01:10
bazhangjoobaby: could you pastebin your sources list please?01:10
Mighty_Penguinsorry i'm being such a bother :/01:10
okasawhat do you mean it comes out YY?01:10
ArthurArchnixMighty_Penguin: If you're using gnome terminal you need to press Ctrl+Shift+C  or else use the mouse... is that what you mean?01:10
andreaIbexjoin #debian-it01:10
kotsuthink:  If I do a lshw I get the following01:10
emmaYou have to register your nick on freenode before you can send a PM.01:11
kotsu           *-multimedia UNCLAIMED01:11
kotsu                description: Multimedia audio controller01:11
kotsu                product: SB X-Fi01:11
kotsu                vendor: Creative Labs01:11
kotsu                physical id: a01:11
FloodBot1kotsu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:11
Mighty_Penguinno, no matter what i copy or paste in any program, unless sometimes i drag text, the output is YY01:11
joobabybazhang: how do I get a list of sources?01:11
thinkpaduserkotsu:  did you try and 'sudo modprobe soundcore'?01:11
Mighty_PenguinArthurArchnix what would i need to put in fstab?01:11
kotsuLet me try,.01:11
thinkpaduserkotsu:  really, the init script should load those01:12
ArthurArchnixMighty_Penguin: Hardy to say. Can you take a screenshot?01:12
ubotuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories01:12
Mighty_PenguinArthurArchnix yes01:12
kotsuWell, the command completed successfully.01:12
Mighty_Penguinhold on01:12
kotsuBut no output.01:12
bazhangjoobaby: just trying to figure out why you are having so many problems; did you use some third party software script to install codecs etc? are you using feisty, gutsy or what version01:12
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ArthurArchnixMighty_Penguin: Take screenshots of the output of those commands and upload them. I'll find you a link but I thik it's imagebin01:12
okasaanybody with experience creating cronjobs, i have a fairly advanced question.01:13
thinkpaduserkotsu:  did any snd modules load?01:13
ArthurArchnixMighty_Penguin:    http://imagebin.org/01:13
cody-somerville!ask | okasa01:13
ubotuokasa: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)01:13
Mighty_Penguini usually use tinypic01:13
lime4x4is it possible to run 5 lcd off one ubuntu box?01:14
okasa:) im trying to setup a cronjob, its executing, but not all my commands for some reason01:14
kotsulsmod shows:01:14
joobabybazhang, gutsy 7.1, i may have installed some fubar 3rd ware, uninstalling it now01:14
kotsuModule                  Size  Used by01:14
kotsusoundcore               8800  001:14
Mighty_Penguinhttp://i25.tinypic.com/2h67cz7.jpg ArthurArchnix01:14
bazhangjoobaby please dont tell me you used automatix; that would just be so awful01:15
thinkpaduserkotsu:  try 'sudo modprobe snd_emu10k1'01:15
thinkpaduserkotsu:  that is a shot in the dark01:15
joobabybazhang, no i dont believe so, it was some version of gstream01:15
Dr_willislime4x4,  with a bit of work - you could use 5 monitors...  -01:15
faolanwho uses Automatix? I thought the project was discontinued01:15
Dr_willisfaolan,  i could say somthing rude about Automatix users.. :) but i will refrain.01:16
lime4x4i got 4 to work but the 5th shows a desktop but can't get a mouse pointer to go there01:16
bazhangfaolan: those who dont know better use it01:16
ArthurArchnixMighty_Penguin: I also need the cat /etc/fstab   and if you could explain your filesystem that would help too. For instance, why two swap?01:16
Mighty_PenguinArthurArchnix can we go into pm?01:16
amenadookasa paste your crontab entry that is not working01:17
kotsuThink.. I'm at a loss.  I'll continue to probe, but thanks for hanging in there with me.01:17
daspahIs there any way to make the smart quotes in OpenOffice become common plain quotes? (single/double quotes)01:17
bazhangjoobaby: try this: sudo apt-get install pastebinit01:17
ArthurArchnixMighty_Penguin: No... I'm not the smartest guy in here, you're better off out here where others can help too.01:17
ArthurArchnixdaspah: I answered that already. Scroll up. Let me know if it doesn't work.01:18
joobabybazhang: okay I did01:18
Mighty_Penguinah ok, well i have two swaps, because i did have another system, which i forgot the password to... so i just decided to delete that partition, and use it for something useful01:18
Mighty_Penguinthe second swap is from the swap the other system created01:18
okasacronjob that is not working -> * * * * * /home/okasa/test.sh        the script itself runs, but this command does not #!/bin/sh \n  /usr/bin/unison -batch 11-13-Documents01:18
thinkpaduserkotsu:  you either don't have the right stuff in your kernel, which i doubt01:18
Mighty_Penguinand "cat /etc/fstab/"?01:18
thinkpaduserkotsu:  or a restricted driver may be needed?01:18
kotsuGood call.  Let me check that.01:18
bazhangjoobaby: now in the terminal type this: cat /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit and then paste the url (web address) it gives you here --not the stream of info, only the web address01:19
ArthurArchnixMighty_Penguin: In a terminal. Yup01:19
daspahArthurArchnix, Have you? Have you said my name: ?01:19
amenadookasa is the contents of  test.sh   #!/bin/sh \n  /usr/bin/unison -batch 11-13-Documents   but why you have that \n ?01:19
okasathats not actually in the script, i just mean that there's a line break there01:19
ArthurArchnixdaspah: I thought so... uhh..... >tools >autocorrect >customquotes....01:19
daspahArthurArchnix, :P01:19
phaedralthink i've got hal problems in gnome; not sure what to do about them01:19
daspahArthurArchnix, thank you01:19
draremcan i send a command to another terminal?  echo 'ls -lh .' > /dev/pts/201:20
ArthurArchnixdaspah: No worries.01:20
RoootyHi, does bash keep a log file so I can lookup output from the past few days?01:20
joobabybazhang: http://paste.stgraber.org/112401:20
thinkpaduserkotsu:  i think soundblasters use emu10k1 stuff01:20
lime4x4here is a copy of my xorg file  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58317/01:20
amenadookasa you can always put a -x option to #!/bin/bash  to put it in debug mode,  and maybe you have to redirect your error and stdout to a file so you can see the output01:20
daspahArthurArchnix, Any way to convert? my whole document is with smart01:21
amenadodrarem-> what happens when you tried?01:21
bazhangjoobaby: thanks let me see..01:21
crackhead_25how does the iphone work with k/ubuntu????01:21
Mighty_PenguinArthurArchnix http://i27.tinypic.com/fc1va.jpg01:21
okasaallright ill give that a shot, the wierd this is that i use webmin which lets me manage my cronjobs in a gui as well, and when i tell it to run the cronjob right now, it runs just fine...01:21
draremit echos the text to the other terminal, but that is it.. no enter key is 'pressed' or sent like I would want it01:22
ArthurArchnixUmm copy a "bad" quote, then click edit find and replace, then type a normal quote, then replace all.01:22
bazhangjoobaby: okay, go into synaptic package manager and disable the cd as a software source, then hit reload/refresh and try to install amarok again01:22
ArthurArchnixdaspah:  Or rather, highlight a bad quote, then edit find/replace01:22
efren20i need help syncing music to my 160gb ipod im using banshee nd gtkpod i sync in ethir program and it earsed my songs put didnt put the new ones and i keep trying to sync but nothing help please?01:22
draremis there like a control character that is the 'enter key'01:22
ssCan anyone help me with dual booting Vista and Ubuntu with Vista installed first?01:22
joobabybazhang, is that under the multimedia package?01:23
amenadodrarem  \n  is line feed01:23
okasai tried both adding the -x and grabbing the output, but no output was caught01:23
draremright.. dont think it processes tho01:23
bazhangjoobaby: no, under repositories; you need to go into repositories first and disable the cd as a software source then hit refresh reload and search using the search function01:24
amenadookasa-> how did you redirect the stderr and stdout?01:24
efren20i need help syncing music to my 160gb ipod im using banshee nd gtkpod i sync in ethir program and it earsed my songs put didnt put the new ones and i keep trying to sync but nothing help please?01:24
echosdrarem: learn 2 spell 'echoes'01:24
ArthurArchnixMighty_Penguin: Looks like /sda3 is your boot and /sda6 is your swap. /sda5 is an unused swap. Which would make /dev/sda1 the partition you wan to put stuff on, correct?01:24
Mighty_Penguinyes ArthurArchnix it is01:24
draremquit tempting ot01:24
orudiehey guys, my ubuntu 7.10 setup seems to be faulty, it freezes ...01:24
okasaamenado /usr/bin/unison -batch 11-13-Documents > /home/okasa/LOG01:24
okasaamenado the file was created, but is empty01:25
orudiei checked the cd for errors, said no errors found01:25
amenadookasa also add  2>&101:25
amenadookasa what does unison do anyways? if its editing a file, then most likely you will not get an output01:25
joobabybazhang: where can I find repositories? sorry for the newbdem.01:26
ArthurArchnixMighty_Penguin: Ok. This is the line you want to add to fstab:     /dev/sda1     /stuff     ext3    noatime     0       201:26
ArthurArchnix 01:26
Mighty_Penguinok ArthurArchnix01:26
ArthurArchnixMighty_Penguin: gksudo gedit /etc/fstab01:26
limpHello, I think I might be having issues with NetworkManager (the installed network manager installed on Ubuntu 7.10). It takes a very long time to connect to my wireless (while on windows it instantly connects, so no hardware issues). And after some time it disconnects, and whenever i try to reconnect, it crashes (nothing happends anymore, or the icon just closes). Whenever i try to "Connect to another wireless" it crashes. And it won't connec01:26
limpt in manual mode. The only way i've been solving this is to reboot my computer for it to refunction correctly. I wonder if this is what has been slowing down my computer lately (its only a month old, but since a few days its slower then my 6 year old computer). Does anyone have an idea of what is happening, and suggestions? Should I install another network manager?01:26
okasaamenado ments > /home/okasa/LOG 2>$1 ? where will it output the log?  also, unison is basically like rsync, and it does output when run as ./test.sh01:26
Mighty_Penguini'm not that new ArthurArchnix, lol01:27
ArthurArchnixMighty_Penguin: You might want to make a backup copy :) ok.. sorry.01:27
Mighty_Penguinbut thanks for the info :)01:27
Mighty_Penguinits cool01:27
amenadookasa it will spit it out to your /home/okasa/LOG  both stdout and stderr01:27
ArthurArchnixdaspah: Did that work? I only tested it on one quote.01:28
Mighty_Penguinok ArthurArchnix i have done that01:28
WhiteNerdOn Xubuntu, how do I change the logo during the startup bar scroll? I'm setting up a very strict workstation that requires it to display the company logo.01:28
ArthurArchnixUhh.. ok... so we got our folder, changes to fstab, it's time to reboot and cross the fingers.01:28
crackhead_25!ndiswrapper | limp01:28
ubotulimp: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:28
bazhangjoobaby: under settings01:28
daspahArthurArchnix, yes but i had to find & replace two types (open and close )01:28
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efren20i need help syncing music to my 160gb ipod im using banshee nd gtkpod i sync in ethir program and it earsed my songs put didnt put the new ones and i keep trying to sync but nothing help please?01:28
Mighty_Penguinok ArthurArchnix thanks for the help, and brb01:28
ArthurArchnixdaspah: Ah.. yup. That didn't fall under my single quote test.01:29
amenadolimp-> do you have it in roaming mode?  maybe your AP signal (the one you are about to associate is weak) compared to a neighbors..01:29
okasaamenado still nothing in the log file01:29
joobabybazhang: when I reload it gives me an error that one repository index could not be downloaded01:29
amenadookasa-> chech what unison requires, if it requires a tty or something,01:29
limpamenado: No, the signal to my wireless is nearly perfect, My neighbors though, is only 20 to 40%.01:29
thinkpaduserWhiteNerd:  the Xfce splash?01:29
WhiteNerdOn Xubuntu, how do I change the logo during the startup bar scroll? I'm setting up a very strict workstation that requires it to display the company logo.01:29
joobabybazhang: http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy-security/Release: Unable to find expected entry  multivers/source/Sources in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)01:30
thinkpaduserWhiteNerd:  or the boot splash?01:30
limpamenado, though yes it is in roaming mode.01:30
efren20i need help syncing music to my 160gb ipod im using banshee nd gtkpod i sync in ethir program and it earsed my songs put didnt put the new ones and i keep trying to sync but nothing help please?01:30
bazhangjoobaby: then disable it and try again01:30
amenadolimp then remove it from roaming and see if it makes a difference,  you may have to type in the essid of your AP01:30
bazhangefren20: what generation01:31
orudieanyone have a clue why my ubuntu setup installer wont work ?01:31
efren20the newwest one01:31
WhiteNerdThe boot splash ?01:31
efren20black vidoe01:31
tim_is the amd64 install image the propper one for a core 2 duo system? and do 64bit repos have all the same packages in gutsy as 32bit ?01:31
thinkpaduserWhiteNerd:  that is the usplash theme01:31
Starnestommytim_: the packages are mostly the same01:31
thinkpaduserWhiteNerd:  you can uninstall it with apt01:31
limpamenado, Yes i have tried. Like I said in my previous message: it just doesn't connect. Right now I am connected with it, but if I idle for a long time the manager will just get stuck01:31
joobabybazhang: disabled and reloaded, tried to dl amarok, same problem persists01:32
thinkpaduserWhiteNerd:  to change it to a company logo will be more difficult as you need to configure a new theme01:32
tim_Starnestommy: when you say mostly --- i really like obscure packages like r-finance and stuff - is there an automated build thing for these? or just whatever the maintainer chooses to put in for 64 bit01:32
WhiteNerdAny good tutorials on how to configure a new theme?01:32
bazhangefren20: you need libgpod 0.6.001:32
thinkpaduserWhiteNerd:  try 'sudo apt-cache search usplash' for more themes01:32
efren20link me pelase?01:32
milosevicanybody else having problems trying to use artwiz fonts?01:33
efren20or i get it in pack managaer?01:33
milosevicaccording to synaptic they are correctly installed... but then i call xterm -fn smoothansi i get a message saying that font could not be found01:33
ssIs there any tutorials on how to install Ubuntu 7.10 with a preinstalled Vista on an NTFS file system?01:33
amenadolimp radio signals do fade out, ap also maybe be put in hibernate mode if it does not see activities..maybe you can have your browser always up like to yahoo, yahoo makes sure you are alive, via javascript01:33
IndyGunFreakefren20: are you using an IPOD Touch?01:33
thinkpaduserWhiteNerd:  this is for Edgy but...: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto01:33
efren20ipod 160gb video black 2008 generation01:34
IndyGunFreakefren20: then gtkpod should work perfectly.01:34
bazhanghttp://gtkpod.wikispaces.com/Hooking+Up+the+iPod efren2001:34
efren20i have gtkpod doset01:34
thinkpaduserWhiteNerd:  it is time consuming01:34
rhineheart_mhello ... is this the right way on how to install pear? sudo apt-get install php-pear01:34
WhiteNerdHmm.... It might have to work though so thanks.01:34
efren20bazhang:igot gtkpod dosent add the songs my ipods in 0 songs right now01:34
IndyGunFreakefren20: i can'[t really explain it, i have a 30gig that is a little over a year old, and gtkpod works perfectly01:34
MasterRatgot a ps2/n64 to usb converter... and it's bein a finicky sort. got it to respond in jstest ONCE and recognized in PCSX2 once... now it's poofed again, tho js1 is still there.... any ideas?01:34
limpamenado: Gmail is always open. And plus I am very often downloading. It just crashes whenever i try what i have stated above ("Connect to another wireless") etc...01:35
limpamenado: I am so sorry, I have to go for a few minutes. Will you be here in half an hour? Little emergency here so I will be right back, sorry bout that01:35
silas428what do I need to compile and use an ASUS 167g-usb, with a RALINK 2500 chipset01:36
thinkpaduserMasterRat:  it might appear as /dev/input/jsx01:36
joobabybazhang, I think rhymthbox may be installing......01:36
bazhangefren20: you need to compile libgpod 0.6.0 for it to work with the newest iPods; instructions can be found at that link, also here--http://amarok.kde.org/wiki/Media_Device:IPod01:36
thinkpaduserMasterRat:  or /dev/jsx01:36
amenadolimp am going out too now...getting my dinner..maybe im back later01:36
IndyGunFreakefren20: how did you try to sync your ipod w/ gtkpod?01:36
okasaamenado i dont see any reference to a tty, though it is possible, im not very farmiliar with tty in general01:36
MasterRatthinkpaduser: it's definitely showin up as /dev/input/js1 currently, but I have seen it on js0 also01:36
efren20update songs01:37
=== Chris| is now known as Mighty_Penguin
meoblast001hello.... i have a Jabra BT125 that i bought for my ps3 but i want to use it with Ubuntu too, how do i hook this up... i know my laptop has bluetooth, but i have no icon in the tray01:38
efren20ill try01:38
okasaamenado does a cronjob run under a wierd user with different/no paths available?01:38
Mighty_Penguinthank you ArthurArchnix, :) it worked, i created a symlink to the desktop for easy access, thank you for putting up with me :D01:38
ArthurArchnixMighty_Penguin: Are you running Ubuntu in VirtualBox?01:38
Mighty_Penguinno, i'm running Windows in virtualbox01:38
thinkpaduserMasterRat:  i've never tried that converter.  however, a lot of progs look for /dev/jsx by default01:38
Mighty_Penguini only use windows vor mIRC01:39
thinkpaduserMasterRat:  you can do a 'sudo lsusb' to see if the device is detected01:39
ArthurArchnixhmm.. well, glad you got that straightened out with the partition. Here's a link you might be interested in. I'm off to bed.01:39
MasterRatthinkpaduser: jstest tho allows you to specify the device... currently it shows *all* the buttons/axis of the joypad, but pushing buttons does not get a response01:39
ArthurArchnixMighty_Penguin:  ^^01:39
MasterRatthinkpaduser: it shows up in hardware profiles of XFCE01:39
Mighty_Penguingood night ArthurArchnix01:39
thinkpaduserMasterRat:  hmmm...01:39
MasterRatthinkpaduser: and lsusb (Bus 003 Device 006: ID 6666:0667 Prototype product Vendor ID Smart Joy PSX, PS-PC Smart JoyPad)01:39
ArthurArchnixMighty_Penguin: For irc? Yeah, that's definitely the copy paste issue.01:40
thinkpaduserMasterRat:  so it is there just not functioning...01:40
ValpatineHas anyone used this guide to dual boot vista and ubuntu 7.10? http://apcmag.com/5046/how_to_dual_boot_vista_with_linux_vista_installed_first01:40
ArthurArchnixMighty_Penguin: Reinstall virtualbox guest additions using the latest addons to fix it.01:40
ArthurArchnix1.5.2 I think01:40
Mighty_Penguini have issues copying in ubuntu to any program in ubuntu01:40
MasterRatthinkpaduser: yup... it worked once... not sure why it stopped. unplug/replug and dmesg picks it up, but no workie.01:40
bazhangValpatine: some have yes; seems to be quite relied upon01:40
thinkpaduserMasterRat:  dunno then01:40
ArthurArchnixoh.. alright then... better luck next time01:40
Mighty_PenguinArthurArchnix i dont mean to keep you, but i copy just fine through virtualbox01:40
meoblast001i have a Jabra BT125 that i bought for my ps3 but i want to use it with Ubuntu too, how do i hook this up... i know my laptop has bluetooth, but i have no icon in the tray01:40
hwildeMighty_Penguin, ctrl+shift+c    ctrl+shift+v01:40
juice_anyone know if reason 4.0 can be installed in ubuntu using wine?01:41
pyrakwhat feed reader should i use?01:41
Mighty_Penguinhwilde, thanks but that is not my problem01:41
bazhangjuice_: check the wine appdb for more on that or ask in #winehq01:41
JeruvyI have a wierd problem, my nic will not connect to the router.  Was connecting fine to do an upgrade, then afterwards, the nic is dropping traffic?01:41
thinkpaduserMasterRat:  is the joydev module loaded?01:42
luis_guys, I was trying to install the package to be able to play mp3s and it gave me this "E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.01:42
luis_what is that>?01:42
pyraksuggestions for an rss feed aggregator?01:42
hwildeluis_, run that01:42
hwilde!rss | pyrak01:42
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about rss - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:42
MasterRatthinkpaduser: it appears to be loaded into the kernel as I cannot modprobe -r it01:42
thinkpaduserluis_:  it means it broke half way through installing01:42
luis_just like that?01:42
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about reason - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:42
bazhangluis then run the command01:42
IndyGunFreakluis_: where did you get the package?01:42
Starnestommyluis_: run this in a terminal: sudo dpkg --configure -a01:42
thinkpaduserMasterRat:  ok...01:42
JeruvyI don't get it, is there something funny with static IP's that I'm missing?01:42
joobabywhy won't you download rhythmbox?? damn you to hell01:43
Cortycya *01:43
MasterRatthinkpaduser: scratch that... it just let me remove it01:43
=== ghost is now known as noodles12
bazhangpyrak: do apt-cache search rss in the terminal to find some01:44
luis_ok, so I ran that and it told me this "ldconfig deferred processing now taking place01:44
luis_" and right after that it just waits for me to give it a new command01:44
PriceChildluis_: that means success01:44
thinkpaduserluis_:  try 'sudo apt-get install -f'01:44
noodles12I need help making a new initrd image for the new kernel i just made01:44
IndyGunFreakluis_: if you're back at a prompt, sudo apt-get update01:44
thinkpaduserluis_:  oh, n/m01:44
bazhangluis now try again to install what you wanted01:44
Survivormanliferea is a decent rss reader01:44
thinkpaduserMasterRat:  i think it is a module by default01:44
MasterRatthinkpaduser: re modprobe'd joydev and unplugged and plugged the usb back in... no change... cept its back on js0. heh01:45
hooper82Is anyone able to help me with some static routing issues?01:45
thinkpaduserMasterRat:  and by pointing a prog at /dev/input/js0 you get no response?01:45
MasterRatthinkpaduser: that's correct. even if I cat it01:45
thinkpaduserMasterRat:  i don't know then01:46
bluefoxxgods, why is my bloody mother such a friggen drama queen <. <. i swea i would shoot myself in the footif it means i can shut her up ~_~01:46
JeruvyI have a wierd problem, my nic will not connect to the router.  Was connecting fine to do an upgrade, then afterwards, the nic is dropping traffic?  Cannot ping gateway, cannot ping box.  Nic is up and has IP but dropping enourmous amout of packets.01:46
bluefoxxi have to go.01:46
luis_ok, after all of that it gives me a blue window in which at the bottom there is an "<ok>" what is this?01:47
* IndyGunFreak finds bluefox's part message a bit disturbing...01:47
luis_it has a grey box01:47
luis_with blue background01:48
okasaamenado thanks for all your help, for some reason putting the unison command to -silent (so no output at all) seems to have made the cronjob complete successfully, thanks for your time01:48
thinkpaduserluis_:  that is the debconf dialog for configuring packages, most likely01:48
thinkpaduserluis_:  just another way of configuring stuff01:48
luis_this is what happened last time I tried installing the mp3 package and it didn't work01:48
edward_there is a software called wordweb for windows is there a similar utility for linux?01:48
thinkpaduserluis_:  try installing the same package through the Synaptic package installer?01:49
IndyGunFreakluis_: how exactloy are you installing the package?.. what are you typing?01:49
Jeruvyedward_: what is wordweb for windows?  What does it do?01:49
luis_sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-multiverse is what I type in01:50
edward_it almost like a dictionary thesaurus etc01:50
EmmerPsome more people problems with AIGLX the last weeks?01:50
EmmerPicw ATI01:50
IndyGunFreak!medibuntu | luis_ can i make a suggestion, add the medibuntu repo to your source list, and follow the instructions01:50
ubotuluis_ can i make a suggestion, add the medibuntu repo to your source list, and follow the instructions: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org01:50
Jeruvyedward_: such things are in the desktop distro already.01:51
IndyGunFreakluis_: medibuntu is much easier after you add the repo.. sudo apt-get install w32codecs, and you have all the windows codecs01:51
edward_it runs in the system tray an when youre not sure on some word u press the associated shortcut then tyoe some letters from the word you're trying to get and it helps you out01:51
Jeruvyedward_: see application->accessories->dictionary01:51
IndyGunFreakedward_: yuou can also add the dictionary applet to your panel, thats what i did.01:52
edward_is there a way to have a local database from which it searches?01:53
luis_when I try to install them, it gives me this again E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.01:53
joobabyISO help simply trying to get mp3 player installed, don't care which one, have tried extensively01:53
IndyGunFreakluis_: have you listened to anything i've said"01:53
bazhangapparently not01:53
IndyGunFreaki swear, gripe cuz something doesn't work, then dont' listen to solutions.01:53
orudiedid anyone have problems with ubuntu 7.10 setup installer01:53
IndyGunFreaklike a damn windows user01:53
orudiefor me it just freezes01:54
orudiei tried 2 different isos01:54
bazhangorudie: this is the livecd?01:54
Jeruvyorudie: yep, 7.1 is a bit buggy01:54
IndyGunFreaklol, 7.1 is buggy?01:54
Jeruvylol yes01:54
orudiei dont know01:54
PriceChild!bug | orudie01:54
ubotuorudie: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots01:54
IndyGunFreaki guess my 3 systems running perfectly, are a fluke01:55
orudiei downloaded ubuntu 7.10 desktop edition01:55
PriceChildJeruvy: ^01:55
PriceChildorudie: did you verfiy your download and burn?01:55
rycolehey guys. if i used apt-get to install openssl, where are the config files for it?01:55
bazhangorudie: could you describe your issue with more precision please?01:55
JeruvyI guess, I have 3 too, but 2 don't.  One I fixed, the other, well nobody seems to know.01:55
orudietried downloading 2 different isos01:55
PriceChildorudie: did you verfiy your download and burn?01:55
orudiefrom 2 differnt location sin north america01:55
orudieyes, burned and verified data on completion01:56
PriceChildorudie: did you verify the download?01:56
TheArthuris it reasonable to upgrade to hardy by changing my sources.list and running apt-get update?01:56
luis_indygunfreak, I try to add the repo dude01:56
PriceChild!hardy | TheArthur01:56
ubotuTheArthur: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu01:56
orudiePriceChild: what do yo mean by veryfying the download ?01:56
IndyGunFreakluis_: and?01:56
luis_and sorry, I don't get all of this indygunfreak, I'm 13 yrs. old01:56
IndyGunFreakluis_: type this w/o quotes... "/join #indygunfreak"01:57
orudiePriceChild: it just downloaded to 100% complete, then i burnt it01:57
PriceChildorudie: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto01:57
Makuseruhow can i get amarok to play .wav files?01:57
orudiei had 7.04 installed on the same machine with no problems01:58
orudiedidnt need to veryfy antying01:58
NW2190Hey, when I try playing Nexiuz on my comp I can't use my mouse if I'm using my keyboard to run.  Anyone know how to fix that??01:58
edward_i had a unusual experience with the latest version of ubuntu 8.1 beta01:59
orudiethis is rediculouse01:59
orudiewhy wont this work ?01:59
orudieinstaller freezes02:00
Jeruvyorudie: toss it and go back to 7.0402:00
zero88anybody know how to compress with mencoder?02:00
hooper82Is anyone able to help me with some static routing issues?02:00
orudieJeruvy: i want to try the newest product02:00
Jeruvyorudie: wait for LTS coming soon02:00
bazhangorudie: then follow the verification instructions or try the alternate cd02:00
orudieJeruvy: thats what they've been telling me about 7.10 when i had 7.04 lol this is stupid02:01
Frogzoohooper82: what's the problem?02:01
edward_i had a unusual experience with the latest version of ubuntu 8.1 beta i'm using it on a averatec 3200 series laptop the livecd boots ok to the gui however it seem it doesnt detect the screen area for the lcd correctly cuz the display seems stretched behond the borders of the lcd...02:01
hooper82hey frogzoo, I'm trying to set up some static routes on a ubuntu 6.06 box I've just installed.  I've got the NIC's up and configured with static IPs02:01
edward_however after install i cant get any display and after a while it complains about low graphic mode but nthing after02:02
WhipsMcGeeI've got version 6 of ubuntu server running and my computer doesn't get an IP address when it boots.  If I type dhclient it gets one and everything is fixed.  Can someone help me get this working so I don't have to run that if the system ever goes down02:02
pdbHi, how do i get the ubuntu-xen-server package to show up in my apt-get02:02
pdbI'm running 7.10 desktop02:02
hooper82but when I try adding routes, I get - SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable02:02
bazhangedward_: that would be better discussed in #ubuntu+1 thanks02:02
hooper82any ideas Frogzoo?02:03
nostowhere can i get dvd codecs?02:03
orudiethis 7.10 installer froze my computer so bad, the cd rom wont even eject02:03
Chris|nosto to play just about any media, i installed ubuntu-restricted-extras02:04
Chris|i can play dvds02:04
Frogzoohooper82: you could add a 'up route ... " line in /etc/network/interfaces02:04
WhipsMcGeeanyone have any ideas why my box won't renew a dhcp address when it boots up?02:04
hooper82orudie, I'm pritty sure the installer locks the CD closed.  just hard-restart the pc and eject it while bios is still loading.02:04
Makuseruhow can i get amarok to play .wav files?02:05
bazhangorudie: there is clearly an issue with the iso (check md5 sum) or your burn speed; please verify or try the alternate cd--or visit #ubuntu-offtopic thanks02:05
nostochris, its not working unfortuneately.. i dont know what to do02:05
hooper82Frogzoo, yes, but if I can't get the standard route command working, i'm guessing there's something wrong with what I'm triyng to do02:05
limpWould someone please recommend me a good wireless network manager that would be better (or more stable) then the default NetworkManager (still in BETA actually) for gnome? I would appreciate very much, thanks02:05
Frogzoohooper82: what command?02:06
KanuhaHow can I remove the drives from my desktop?02:06
bazhanghttp://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html nosto please read this02:06
IndyGunFreakKanuha: actually remove them, or just make it where they don't show on your desktop?02:06
orudiebazhang: why are you sending me to offtopic when this is a major issue, how could i have messed up in downloading an iso and then burning it, tried it twice with different burning software and the iso's i got from 2 different url's provided by ubuntu.com02:06
KanuhaIndyGunFreak, just so they won't show on desktop02:07
WhipsMcGeecan anyone here help me out with a problem?02:07
hooper82Frogzoo: route add -net netmask gw eth1 (eth 0 is, eth1 is another network, i'm trying to get the data routing between, thats correct right?)02:07
IndyGunFreakKanuha: open a terminal, and type "gconf-editor"02:07
bazhangorudie: have you verified the md5?02:07
KanuhaIndyGunFreak, ok, got it02:07
IndyGunFreakKanuha: once that is open, navigate to apps/nautilus/desktop  and uncheck the appropriate boxes02:07
KanuhaIndyGunFreak, thx, that worked02:08
IndyGunFreakKanuha: np, it should work,t hats what its there for..lol02:09
orudiebazhang: verify md5? dont quite know what you mean by that?02:09
WhipsMcGeealright, if no one knows how to get dhcp to work on boot can someone help me set a static IP?02:09
bazhangorudie: scroll up02:09
WhipsMcGeeI've got version 6 of ubuntu server running and my computer doesn't get an IP address when it boots.  If I type dhclient it gets one and everything is fixed.  Can someone help me get this working so I don't have to run that if the system ever goes down02:09
orudiebazhang: if yo umean verify the iso, well i did select the "check disk for errors" option in ubuntu installer screen02:10
orudiebazhang: it completed the operation and returned no errors found02:10
bazhang!md5 > orudie read the pm from the bot02:10
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hooper82Frogzoo, no ideas?02:11
WhipsMcGeecan anyone read what I'm writing?02:11
Frogzoohooper82: makes no sense to define eth0 as the gateway02:11
ubotumplayer is a media player. It resides in the mutiverse repository and can easily be installed via applications -> add/remove. For codecs try !codecs02:11
Frogzoohooper82: but I don't really understand what you're trying to do02:11
hooper82WhipsMcGee: http://howtoforge.com/perfect_setup_ubuntu_6.06_p3 <-- one page down on that.  Explains static IP setup02:11
meoblast001i have a Jabra BT125 that i bought for my ps3 but i want to use it with Ubuntu too, how do i hook this up... i know my laptop has bluetooth, but i have no icon in the tray02:12
hooper82Frogzoo: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=714379 <-- I have it listed out there02:12
flowOverwhat would the command to turn var/www into a user folder?  i've set it up so apache only sees localhost02:12
cubias8719anyone know how to get compiz running?02:12
Dr_willisflowOver,  you could 'chown' it to be owned by a user if you wanted to.02:12
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup please read this meoblast00102:13
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ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:13
echelon_how do i make accents?02:13
echelon_on characters02:13
orudiebazhang: k thanx, i'll let you know the result after i'm done, still dont understand why i have to do this02:13
MasterRatanyone know how to get ninan (a sh script basically) to run automagically on startup (either XFCE or system, either way)02:13
cubias8719how do i get compiz running?02:13
joobabybazhang: fixed my problem, thanks for all your help02:13
limpI have just installed Network Selector, should i uninstall NetworkManager for no interference?02:14
echelon_no one uses accents?02:14
Odd-rationaleMasterRat: Try going to System --> autostarted applications.02:14
flowOverthanks.  i know chown02:14
flowOvershould've thought of that myself02:14
MasterRatOdd-rationale: I loaded it in there, but no workie... the command is nohup <pathtoSHfile> & (or &&, I forget)02:15
WhipsMcGeehooper82: thanks02:15
bazhangjoobaby glad to hear it ;]02:15
m0u5ewhere are all the file handler associations stored in ubuntu?02:15
Frogzoohooper82: you don't need any extra routes, just need to configure the interfaces & the correct routes will appear02:15
Odd-rationaleechelon_: Have you tried the chatracter map?02:15
echelon_i'm not going to use the character map for every character i want to type02:15
hooper82Frogzoo: ubuntu automaticly sets up routes..?  don't you need RIP for that.02:16
JeruvyFrogzoo: so if the installer tells you it 'has no route' what do you do?02:16
orudiebazhang: the tutorial tells to check the .md5 and i have the .iso02:16
limpechelon_ Not sure, but you have to install the keyboard layout for your language (french I assume?)02:16
FrogzooJeruvy: depends I guess02:16
echelon_yes, please02:16
JeruvyFrogzoo: you need to add  a route...02:16
Frogzoohooper82: you need to read up on ip routing02:16
Odd-rationaleMasterRat: I don't know then. Try the command on alt+f2 or in a terminal. See if it works there.02:16
Zoikshow long does a post take to show up on a mailing list?02:16
bazhangorudie: okay; and the question is...02:16
MasterRatwow... I must've been 'tarded when I created that... path is wrong in the autostart file....02:17
hooper82Frogzoo: yeah I do.  got any good tuts?02:17
d4rk4n6elhi somebody can help m with one thing02:17
limpechelon_ J'ai deja essaye d'installer sa mais c'est complique pour rien, va voir dans... 2sec02:17
m0u5eanyone know where gnomes file association conf file is stored?02:17
orudiebazhang: the tutorial talks about .md5 and i have the .iso , why would i need the md5 for ?02:17
Vicktoria_`Q: I have a laptop and tried installing Ubuntu and it's great, except for the fact it take A LONG time to load boot. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to why that might be? Thanks.02:17
limpechelon_, System, Preferences, Keyboard, Layouts, Add...02:18
bazhangorudie: the way to do is that way--you need help understanding the tutorial? just follow the instructions please02:18
meoblast001sorry... my computer had one of its frequent crashes... and apparently im the only ubuntu user who has this issue02:18
d4rk4n6eli install ubuntu abov my windows i like to put two systems working?02:18
* Bossmanbeta is away: Away02:18
echelon_limp, i'm on fluxbox :\02:18
hooper82Jeruvy, do you know much about routing?02:19
MasterRatbah... now it thinks it can't start cos it can't find the jar  file that's sitting.... RIGHT there. :/02:19
m0u5eQ: try profiling your boot, type press esc to go into grub edit, then press e on whichver boot you are loading, and type profile at the end of the string02:19
=== Ttech is now known as Helloworld
limpechelon_ idk what that is, I am quite new to ubuntu02:19
LowkeyI need help with my windows being screwed up02:19
Lowkeycan anyone help me??02:19
echelon_ok, thanks anyway02:19
MasterRatand now I know why...02:19
=== Helloworld is now known as Ttech
ConstyXIVare there any solid WebKit/GTK+ browsers yet?02:20
Vicktoria_`m0u5e, what do you mean "try profiling your boot"?02:20
Zoikshow long does a post take to show up on a mailing list?02:20
PriceChildZoiks: depends what ML02:20
m0u5eVicktoria_`: read up02:20
Odd-rationaleConstyXIV: I think epiphany webkit should be coming out pretty soon...02:20
Dr_willisLowkey,  be a bit more concise and clear in the problem you are having. and see what people say.02:20
amblinanyone using ufw?  how do you specify a range of ports?02:20
ZoiksPriceChild: standard ubuntu tech one02:20
PriceChildZoiks: no idea which you are referring to.02:21
Jeruvyhooper82: sure do02:21
limpI have just installed Network Selector, should i uninstall NetworkManager for no interference?02:21
d4rk4n6elanyone can help m02:21
JakeKonkerswhat package to do I need to install in order to have the tree command?02:21
LowkeyOkay, My top bar on all my windows is grey, I can't move them nor do I have minimize, maximize, or close.02:21
ZoiksPriceChild: ubuntu-users02:22
hooper82jeruvy, I'm trying to setup some routing tables on a...router.  anychance you could /join #hooper82 and give me a quick hand?02:22
PriceChildZoiks: I don't believe that one is moderated. If you have subscribed to the ML, it should be pretty instant.02:22
=== cody-somerville is now known as somerville32
ZoiksPriceChild: so all i should have to do is email to the list02:23
Jeruvyhooper82: sure, I'm doing a rebuild atm02:23
PriceChildZoiks: once you've registered02:23
Dr_willisJakeKonkers,  seems to be in the 'tree' package. :)02:24
Dr_willis!info tree02:24
ubotutree (source: tree): displays directory tree, in color. In component universe, is optional. Version (gutsy), package size 27 kB, installed size 92 kB02:24
MasterRatwoot, got it02:24
Alohahow do i start kmail under gnome? if i type it in the terminal, nothing happens02:25
PriceChildAloha: what do you mean 'nothing happens' ?02:26
PriceChildAloha: you just get given another prompt immediately?02:26
AlohaPriceChild: it acts like its going to open but doesn't do anything. like its running but no gui02:27
LowkeyCan anyone help me? My top bar on all my windows is grey, I can't move them nor do I have minimize, maximize, or close.02:27
PriceChildAloha: so doesn't give you a prompt?02:27
AlohaPriceChild: nope02:27
bazhangLowkey: running compiz?02:27
PriceChildAloha: that's not 'nothing' :P02:27
AlohaPriceChild: we define nothing differently02:27
AlohaPriceChild: either scenerio would technically be doing "something"02:28
bazhangLowkey: try disabling it02:28
Lowkeyyeah I can move them now02:28
Lowkeyonly on none, not on normal02:29
bazhangLowkey: go into ccsm and enable move windows02:29
flowOveris there a way to play any game cd protected game on linux wihtout using a no cd crack?02:30
PriceChildAloha: can't find anything on net to help sorry.02:30
flowOverthrough wine02:30
Blin182hi all02:30
mouseboyxflowOver, have you tried using dameon tools within wine, just an idea.02:31
Lowkeybazhang: it didn't work02:31
AlohaPriceChild: killed all processes and restarted in terminal. i'm getting error messages now. kdecore (KAction): WARNING: KAction::plugAccel(): call to deprecated action.kdecore (KAction): WARNING: KAction::plugAccel( kacc = 0x823a540 ): KAccel object already contains an action name "display_message"02:31
Blin182is there anybody from usa/02:31
mouseboyxI am.02:31
Blin182who is it?02:31
Blin182from where?02:31
AlohaPriceChild: works fine when i run in kde02:31
PriceChildAloha: I'd assume some helper app isn't running in the background that it needs.02:31
bazhangLowkey: you disabled compiz and it was okay then re-enabled compiz with the move windows plug in enabled and same behaviour? what else you have on that system? awn or something else? how much ram02:32
AlohaPriceChild: is there a utility that lists required helper apps?02:32
PriceChildAloha: no idea sorry.02:32
flowOvernm.  i figured out that if you use the autorun.exe that comes with games, that engages wine's drive detection a little better.  it'll just take some tweaking i think02:32
AlohaPriceChild: ok thnx anyway02:32
Fingelemerald made my firefox so slow, anyone else have that problem?02:32
flowOveri dont02:33
mouseboyxNo, but the title bar sometimes goes blank for me.02:33
Lowkeybazhang: 512mb ram - nothing but rar unrar and vlc02:33
=== _Scolo is now known as Scolo
Fingelswitching between tabs became really laggy02:33
bazhangLowkey: and you followed the steps I outlined? that is odd02:33
Fingelbut now I use epiphany and Im not really missing firefox02:34
crimsun_Fingel: (partially) depends on the video driver02:34
Kumoolhmm how do i set o'o'o together in xchat?02:34
Fingelcrimsun_: Im using nvidia02:34
Lowkeybazhang: yeah I enabled move windows02:35
premanHi ..Iam new in Linux..and now using Ubuntu ver 5.10..Ihave some question..how to connect Linux ubuntu to printer sharing in windows02:35
premanany one can help??02:35
checkershi all, my ubuntu install on my dell inspiron 1501 laptop uses system beeps for all kinds of alerts02:35
mouseboyxsystem >prefs > sound system bell checkers if you want to turn it off.02:36
bazhangLowkey: how about closing those windows and refreshing the desktop and trying again once you have disabled and re-enabled compiz--how did you disable compiz by the way02:36
Dr_willis5.10 -  thats an old one aint it..02:37
Lowkeyunder visuals in appearance02:37
Blin182hi duderino02:38
bazhangLowkey: alt f2 metacity --replace02:38
checkersmouseboyx: bingo, thanks02:38
elduderinoi'm kind of new to linux, and i just installed ubuntu gutsy gibbon on my laptop02:38
MasterRatthis is irritating... every program *sees* the gamepad, but nothing is talking with it :/02:39
elduderinoand everything save for my sound card worked right off the start, so when i tried to install the driver, i noticed that the root filesystem is read only02:39
elduderinois that normal? i cant really install the sound drivers because i can't write to the file system02:39
mouseboyxIt is read only to every user exept Root02:39
bazhangLowkey: type alt f2 (keys) then type in the box metacity --replace02:40
elduderinoi see02:40
mouseboyxsudo su elduderino  and you will be able to write to it.02:40
Dr_williselduderino,  how are you trying to install these 'drivers' ?02:40
MasterRatmouseboyx: was that to me?02:40
elduderinowell, i tried running the installation with sudo and it didn't work02:40
mouseboyxMasterRat, What?02:40
elduderinowell, i extracted the drivers and ran the ./install02:40
okasaelduderino try sudo ./install02:41
MasterRatmouseboyx: nevermind dyslexied your last statemetn02:41
elduderinoi tried that and it still was giving me nonsense about it being read only02:41
elduderinolet me try it again02:41
Dr_williselduderino,  what are these drivers anyway? Normally you dont just install drivers for the sound cards  that way under linux.02:41
elduderinoit's for realtek hd audio02:41
okkayI started to use ubuntu as desktop operating system, this is great :) i have installed total of 0 drivers and everything works perfectly02:41
elduderinocrappy integrated audio for my laptop02:41
mouseboyxelduderino, I have the same and it worked without drivers ... hmm.02:42
st3v3dndhey all, just tried installing gutsy from a livecd. The live cd loaded fine, the install went great, but when I rebooted I get "missing operating system". /dev/sda1 looks to be where everything is installed, and it has the boot flag, but no go. Any ideas?02:42
okkayyour hdd is not broken?02:43
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
mouseboyxst3v3dnd, this is so broad of what could be wrong.02:43
mouseboyxWrite a boot CD of Super grub and try to boot you OS with it.02:43
okasaelduderino what probably needs to be done is tell ubuntu what the default audio device is, unfortunately i forget how to do that, but it may be a mix of the alsamixer and the default sound device, try typing alsamixer to a terminal, it should tell you on the top left what audio device you are looking at02:44
henryv67hello all02:44
elduderinook okasa i'll try that02:45
elduderinogreat, now terminal isn't coming back up02:45
okasaelduderino do you click on it and it just sits there for a min and then nothing?02:46
henryv67hi guys i have a question. I have an ati card. radeon xpress 200m. I've tried all the tutorials and have had no luck with getting video, can anyone help me?02:46
mouseboyxpress ctrl+alt+f1 for a terminal outside of xwindows.02:46
mrcalkinhi, problem from a noob regarding a very old install of pidgin I just can't get to uninstall02:46
brand0co1whats the difference between konsole and terminal.  running xubuntu here02:46
pestilencewhat is the best rss reader?02:46
brand0co1best rss reader is akregator imo02:46
mouseboyxmrcalkin have you tried sudo apt-get remove --purge <pidgin>02:47
pestilencebrand0co1: i use akregator.  and it has a really annoying bug:  http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14677502:47
mrcalkinmouseboyx, yes02:47
mrcalkinit is one of the few programs I manually compiled02:47
pestilencebrand0co1: terminal probably means xterm, konsole is a kde app02:47
mrcalkineverything i've seen on the forums doesn't seem to work02:47
mrcalkinI finally tried to sudo -r rm the directory02:47
mrcalkinand its gone, yet it still opens....02:47
brand0co1pestilence: so no real difference betwixt the two?02:47
mouseboyxSee where the launcher is pointing to.02:48
mrcalkinI really want to upgrade past 2.0.002:48
snypzzhow do I find my ip with ubuntu02:48
pestilencebrand0co1: well, xterm is pretty basic...konsole is more feature-rich02:48
mouseboyxifconfig snypzz02:48
snypzzhow do I find my ip with ubuntu ???02:48
Starnestommysnypzz: ifconfig02:48
pestilencebrand0co1: but if all you want is a bash shell, xterm will do the job.02:48
jsavanyone here have atlantik?02:48
snypzzin the terminal right???02:48
Starnestommysnypzz: yes02:48
mouseboyxThat will find your internal ip, if you are behind a router.02:49
pestilencemrcalkin: type which pidgin in a terminal02:49
brand0co1pestilence: weird ive never had that problem with akregator.  idk maybe you want to try the google reader app.  other than that i have no other decent experiences02:49
elduderinoi'll be back02:49
mrcalkinit pops out /usr/local/bin/pidgin02:49
pestilencemrcalkin: so remove that ;)02:49
mrcalkinawesome :D02:49
pestilencemake sure it's not a symlink first02:49
mouseboyxr/m /usr/local/bin/pidgin ?02:49
mrcalkinpestilence, how can i check02:49
pestilenceln -ls /usr/local/bin/pidgin02:50
pestilencea symlink will show up with ->02:50
pestilencels -ltr /usr/local/bin/pidgin02:50
pestilenceif it wasn't a symlink before, it may be now :-D02:50
mouseboyxcat /usr/local/bin/pidgin02:50
elduderinoi tried runnign it with sudo, no luck02:50
krammerI cannot figure why my workspace is not working02:50
elduderinohow do i run alsamixer02:51
okasaelduderino do you have a terminal window?02:51
brand0co1if my automount inst mounting correctly for certain usb drives, shall i edit fstab or delete certain entries?02:51
mrcalkini think it might be a symlink now pestilenc02:51
snypzztrying to get to a microsoft pc02:51
mrcalkinpestilence lol02:51
pestilencemrcalkin: so just rm it02:51
snypzzI see it but not able to connect02:51
elduderinowell the terminal window isn't loading anymore for some reason02:51
elduderinoso i just went with ctrl+alt+f102:51
mouseboyxelduderino, press ctrl+alt+f102:51
mouseboyxthen ctrl+alt+f702:51
elduderinoyea i just tried that02:51
mouseboyxWhat happend?02:52
Starnestommysnypzz: are you using wireless?02:52
mrcalkinthanks a lot pestilence02:52
mrcalkinand mouseboyx02:52
mouseboyxexec ls02:52
elduderinonow when i try to run sound from the system prefs, that doesnt load either02:52
elduderinoit just shows the 'starting sound' on the bottom task bar and then never comes up02:53
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okasaelduderino http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Feisty_Installation_Guide go to that site and do what it says to "disable composite extension" but use the commands: sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf    and then    sudo pico /etc/X11/xorg.conf and add the "Extensions" section it shows on the website, let me know if this is confusing, and you will need to ctrl+alt+f1 to do this again02:53
PureEvilGeekwhats the next version of ubuntu being worked on?02:54
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu02:54
okasa8.04 i think02:54
elduderinook i will try it okasa02:54
PureEvilGeeksweet thanks02:54
=== killown is now known as darklee
elduderinoi gotta go check my laundry bbiaf02:56
snypzzanyone out there using xp / linux network???02:57
elduderinohey okasa is there a way i can copy and paste from the desktop to the terminal02:58
elduderinowhen not using the terminal window02:58
elduderinobecause that's a lot to add02:58
snypzzI am trying to get to my XP box over the network I see it but unable to connect to shared folders02:58
snypzzlinux to XP02:59
snypzzubuntu 7.1002:59
krammerI cannot figure why my workspace is not working02:59
okasaelduderino its only the 3 lines, and normally you can but you can NOT if you are going from desktop to the single user (ctrl+alt+f1) because you cant use the mouse, sorry02:59
danbhfivesnypzz: linux to xp, or xp to linux?02:59
ozzloyhow do i force sound to come out on the headphone jack only instead of the laptop speakers?02:59
snypzz: linux to xp03:00
pestilenceozzloy: that should be the default behavior when you plug in headphones03:00
mouseboyxuse proftp as a last resort03:01
ozzloypestilence: well that's not what's happening right now03:01
ozzloysound is coming out of both the speakers and the headphones03:01
mouseboyxtype smb://ipofwindowsmachine in a nautilus window03:01
snypzz smb://ipofwindowsmachine03:02
elduderinoi'm going too restart my pc03:02
elduderinoi'll be back03:02
mouseboyxsmb:// ip of windows machine ie .
macabro22Hello.. someone help me here please pretty quick. Can I somehow add programs that require root privileges to my start up session?03:04
RedHeronmacabro22: Google is your friend?03:04
ozzloyi'm futzing with volumes in alsamixer, but i can't get the headphone sound up and laptop speakers down03:04
macabro22RedHeron: you are03:04
flowOverRedHeron: then do tell me why this channel is here?03:05
blagwhat is the bar at the bottom of gnumeric for (see here: http://img88.imageshack.us/done.php?l=img88/7595/gnubaret6.png)?03:05
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Stwangehow can I make my 'show desktop' shortcut Super+D? I can make it Super, but that prevents me from using Super+B etc. for amarok03:05
=== bloo is now known as plen0x_
RedHeronflowOver: For those who don't know Google or forums?03:05
WhoaItsPhilwhats the file path for the folder that icons are stored in for ubuntu?03:05
* RedHeron is completely joking, FWIW.03:05
RedHeronI just wish I knew the answer to macabro22's question.03:05
RedHeronHi griffi1.03:06
StwangeRedHeron, what use would google or forums be without the kind of people that answer questions here?03:06
ErtainHello everyone.  My version of Firefox keeps making my X server freeze up.  Any ideas?03:06
ErtainMy version is the most up to date for Gutsy.03:06
RedHeronStwange: You do have a point.03:06
ozzloykilling everything, restarting.  brb03:07
mouseboyxErtain does it freeze when displaying flash videos?03:07
blagWhoaItsPhil: should be something like /usr/share/icons03:07
griffi1can someone explain me why I keep getting, "configure: error: Package requirements (pygtk-2.0 >= 2.8.0) were not met" when I install awn-curve, even though I have installed python-gtk2 and python-gtk2-dev ?03:07
WhoaItsPhilthanks blag03:07
griffi1any ideas pls ?03:07
blagWhoaItsPhil: np03:07
furythorI did install Opera but I can't get JAVA content to work on it, althought it works nice on firefox03:08
mouseboyxgriffi1, you need 2.8 not 2?03:08
ErtainNot flash videos, but Firefox in general.03:08
blagwhat is the bar at the bottom of gnumeric for (see here: http://img88.imageshack.us/done.php?l=img88/7595/gnubaret6.png)?03:08
griffi1mouseboyx: I ve got actually 2.12 installed03:08
bosanachmm people the how was the anti virus for Linux ubuntu 7.10 ? awgscan? can somebody tell me please?03:09
griffi12 isn t installed at all03:09
Jdanielshi! anyone know how to fix: INTERNAL ERROR on Browser End: Could not get the plugin manager03:09
Starnestommybosanac: it might be clamav, but you really don't need an antivirus in linux03:09
blagbosanac: do you mean avgscan?03:09
bosanaci dunno03:10
bosanac :S03:10
FloodBot1bosanac: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:10
bosanachow to scan with clamav ?03:10
Stwangewhat's +z?03:10
dopewhat's the command line way of seeing all the users on a system03:10
dopenot logged in. just accouts03:10
Stwangedope, who03:10
blagfor that matter, what is +b?03:10
Stwangeoh sorry :)03:10
Frogzoodooglus_: cat /etc/passwd03:11
Stwangeblag, +b is ban03:11
Frogzoodope: cat /etc/passwd03:11
blagStwange: ah, thx03:11
StarnestommyStwange, blag: http://freenode.net/using_the_network.shtml03:11
CSlimeRevelations 22:17 The Spirit and the bride say, "Come!" He who hears, let him say, "Come!" He who is thirsty, let him come. He who desires, let him take the water of my penis freely.03:11
StwangeStarnestommy, I know most of them flags I'm guessing it's similar to +m?03:12
Jdanielsanyone know how to fix this: INTERNAL ERROR on Browser End: Could not get the plugin manager linux03:12
FrogzooCSlime: the ops will ban for that03:12
blagbosanac: http://linuxhelp.blogspot.com/2005/10/clamav-free-anti-virus-solution-for.html03:12
CSlimethey will?03:12
CSlimeit was just a verse03:12
Stwangeah ok :) thanks Starnestommy03:12
StarnestommyStwange: users who otherwise can't speak can only be heard by ops instead of not at all03:12
szx0Is it possible to connect to two different shares on the same server with two different account credentials at the exact same time via SMB?03:12
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sarixehi, i have an old canon powershot A40, whose folders i want to browse.  however, when i connect the camera and turn it on, there is merely a message displayed that gives me the choice to import photos.  the camera doesn't even show up in nautilus.  how do i get it to do that?03:13
danbhfive!ot > CSlime03:13
Frogzoosarixe: gthumb ?03:14
sarixeFrogzoo : it doesn't show up03:14
lobogrishi everery body03:14
Stwangesarixe, is it not under /media/something?03:14
sarixeStwange : no03:14
sarixei even checked mount03:15
sarixeno mention of it03:15
lobogrissomeone from spain?03:15
efren20can someone help me im trying to sync my ipod and the songs dont go in03:15
Starnestommylobogris: try #ubuntu-es03:15
Jdanielshi, after setting up java runtime environment i somehow broke my browsers and get this error: INTERNAL ERROR on Browser End: Could not get the plugin manager, any help?03:15
lobogrisyou can use banshee efren 2003:15
efren20i use banshee03:15
efren20when it sync complete03:15
lobogrisor someone of manchester?03:16
efren20i clcick eject nothing03:16
sarixeFrogzoo : it shows up as a camera, but not as a folder03:16
efren20the songs are not in03:16
Frogzoosarixe: cool, now file -> import03:16
WhoaItsPhilok really noob question..trying to copy the folder Gnome-Lila to /usr/share/icons ...whats the correct command? i'm in the directory with the folder in it...i try cp Gnome-Lila /usr/share/icons   ...says ommitting file Gnome-Lila03:16
sarixeFrogzoo : that's not my goal.  i need to ultimately be able to format the card in the camera.  it doesn't seem to be mounted, or bound to any /dev device03:17
efren20can anyone help me syncing a ipod03:17
bazhangefren20: you need to compile libgpod 0.6.0 for that03:17
efren20i did03:17
sarixebazhang : how do you know what ipod he has?03:17
one_matthiashi everubody, drivers for ati mobility radeon x1400 ...03:17
efren20bazhang:rememebr you gave me the web a while ago03:18
mathmoiHi, changing my keyboard layout in System>Preferences>Keyboard has no effect. Is there a reason why?03:18
efren20bazhang:well did it can you guide me through it again please?03:18
Stwangelobogris, I'm from Manchester, but I don't see how that's similar to spain :S03:18
joeaminedis splashy working on gutsy ?03:18
mosibfumathmoi, the most common reason for that could be: it prefers xorg.conf settings over gnome/xfce settings03:19
joeaminedbecause i can't get it working03:19
StwangeWhoaItsPhil, try cp Gnome-Lila/* /usr/share/icons/03:19
usserlobogris: that's in europe, similar enough :P03:19
[1]flaccidif i want to mount an 82  Linux swap / Solaris fs, what fstype do i put in fstab ?03:19
efren20can anyone hep me sycning my ipod i sync the music and it dosent work =(....03:19
mathmoimosibfu: Well, I changed it there too with no luck. It's like there is some kind of auto-detection.03:19
Jdanielshi, after setting up java runtime environment i somehow broke my browsers and get this error: INTERNAL ERROR on Browser End: Could not get the plugin manager, any help?03:19
joeaminedanyone is using or used splashy in gutsy please ?03:20
bazhangsarixe: because he told me earlier03:20
sarixebazhang : ah, gotcha03:20
WhoaItsPhilstwange, it still wont work...now it says cp: omitting directory 'Lila-Gnome/scalable'03:21
WhoaItsPhiland it didn't copy anything03:21
efren20can anyone hep me sycning my ipod i sync the music and it dosent work =(....03:21
usserWhoaItsPhil: try cp -R03:21
cnStarzhow do i remedy overscan on my hdtv?03:21
cnStarzi looked in nvidia-settings but found nothing03:22
StwangeWhoaItsPhil, if you don't like the command line you can always use sudo graphically - alt + f2 and type "gksu nautilus", then use that to copy things03:22
morphiendefren20: what are you using?03:22
sarixeusser, WhoaItsPhil : cp -r03:22
WhoaItsPhilaha that worked...what exactly did the -r do?03:22
ussersarixe: you can use -R03:22
sarixeah, didn't know that03:22
StwangeWhoaItsPhil, recursively03:22
WhoaItsPhilah thanks stwange, didn't know i could sudo in the gui03:22
sarixelearn something new every day, i guess03:22
usserWhoaItsPhil: tells it to copy recursively including all the folders and files inside them03:22
Fryguy--should probably user -a so permissions get maintained correctly03:23
efren20morphiend:ok i tryed banshee still haviung problems gtkpod still having problems amarok still having problems when i sync it sycns cmplete but i eject asnd songs not there03:23
morphiendefren20: which ipod version?03:23
efren20i have the 160 black video03:23
Stwangeno worries WhoaItsPhil. You can use gksu <anything> from alt-f2, or from the terminal "sudo nautilus" would have worked03:23
efren20160gb black video03:23
efren20version number is a123803:24
Jdanielshi, after setting up java runtime environment i somehow broke my browsers and get this error: INTERNAL ERROR on Browser End: Could not get the plugin manager, any help?03:24
IndyGunFreakefren20: i have to admit, thats quite a mistery to me, cuz mine all work fine.03:24
efren20you have the 160 gb?03:24
morphiendefren20: how did you setup the ipod? did you plug it into a windows box (or format it as a windows ipod from a Mac) first?03:24
MECUHi. Is there a way to save my current setup? Like all the programs I have open on each Desk?03:24
danbhfiveJdaniels: have you tried removing java?03:25
WhoaItsPhilnow that command with the -r worked...but it didn't copy the folder...it just copied the files in Lila-Gnome to the new destination, but not the folder with it...03:25
efren20i had it installed in this pc before i sinstalled ubuntu i had it on windows xp itunes03:25
Jdanielsdanbhfive: yeah I've removed what I can several times.03:25
StwangeWhoaItsPhil, cp -R Gnome-Lila /usr/share/icons/03:25
danbhfiveJdaniels: maybe you can reinstall firefox03:26
WhoaItsPhilok thanks03:26
Jdanielsdanbhfive: also i've reinstalled it a couple times, relinked in.03:26
Jdanielsdanbhfive: yeah did that too... a llot.03:26
=== [1]DoYouKnow is now known as DoYouKnow
morphiendefren20: I'm guessing you can play songs off it with no problem, correct?03:26
morphiendanyone know why my mouse interactions would fall off the current window and into the next, if the cursor moved faster than the window refreshed.03:27
danbhfiveJdaniels: did you remove with --purge?03:27
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about purge - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:27
Jdanielsdanbhfive: no! please elaborate, i dont know how to do that.03:27
morphiendLike if you're resizing and you drag real fast, all of the sudden the mouse is highlighting text in firefox because that's the next place the cursor got to before the window was able to resize03:27
danbhfiveJdaniels: sudo apt-get remove --purge whatever03:27
morphiendefren20: good at least its being read from03:27
djwonkI don't understand the difference between using "tzselect" and "dpkg-reconfigure tzdata"03:28
simpsHello all. I am trying to setup Samba so I can view files on my windows from ubuntu. Right now, I can see files on Ubuntu from windows. On ubuntu, i can only see the windows computer, but when i try to access it under the Network folder, it says that the files cannot be displayed.03:28
jamesrdornIf anyone has a sec to help me. I am having a problem where the network utility is not saving my WPA key. if I open the network utility, add my key and click ok... everything works fine, but if the interface goes down (by reboot) I have to add the key again.03:28
icesworddanbhfive, why purge03:28
Jdanielsdanbhfive: okay so that has me wondering how do I figure out what to put in for <whatever>03:28
morphiendefren20: how do you eject the ipod?03:28
efren20morphiend: but when i eject i have no songs cant hear them only when i connect to pc and i eject in the eject button03:28
jamesrdornit's saving a hash from the key in /etc/network/interfaces03:28
danbhfiveicesword: Jdaniels --purge will remove configuration files also, which might kill your bookmarks etc03:28
szx0Is it possible to connect to two different shares on the same server with two different account credentials at the exact same time via SMB?03:29
morphiendefren20: so when you plug the ipod in you get the pretty ipod icon on your desktop, and to eject, you right-click that icon and choose eject?03:29
UbubeginIs there a way to hide the folders in the desktop...03:29
Jdanielsdanbhfive: i'll try it. any idea what whatever's value would be for java runtime environment?03:29
morphiendefren20: or have you been using the eject from amarok/banshee03:30
Jdanielsdanbhive: or a way to see all my installed packages?03:30
morphiendUbubegin: rename them to start with a '.'03:30
efren20no i eject from the media player when it takes ipod off i go to the desktop then eject there also03:30
danbhfiveJdaniels: you don't remember what you installed?03:30
morphiendefren20: I will say I've run into issues using banshee and adding files to my ipod. I've moved to using gtkpod03:31
djwonkto answer my own question: "tzselect only gives you a view of the time at a particular timezone. to change the timezone use "dpkg-reconfigure tzdata" instead" http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=32044203:31
efren20gtkpod does samething03:31
morphiendI had an issue where I would drag the files from my library in banshee to the ipod and then check the ipod library in banshee, and no files were there.03:31
Ububeginmorphiend: Oh, Sweet dude... wat bout those mounted drives... they dont seem to be renamable03:31
juice_so i just recompiled wine so i could play call of duty but now steam wont launch.. anyone?03:31
efren20morphiend: and when it finish snc it says flushing to dik03:31
morphiendDo your songs ever show up in banshee under the ipod?03:32
one_matthiasnobody have prolems with driver for ati x1400 graphics card ...03:32
morphiendefren20: are you songs actually mp3's? or did you use the default ripping methods? ubuntu defaults to ogg format and the ipod cannot play those files.03:32
sfearshello.. looking for some help networking a windows machine thru crossover cable & eth0 while connected to the net via wireless card on wlan2.. any ideas? i can only seem to get one at a time to work requireing a restart each time i make a change to the network settings03:33
efren20morphiend:yes they show up under the ipod and yes there mp3 files03:33
morphiendcan you play them from the ipod in banshee?03:33
simpsHello all. I am trying to setup Samba so I can view files on my windows from ubuntu. Right now, I can see files on Ubuntu from windows. On ubuntu, i can only see the windows computer, but when i try to access it under the Network folder, it says that the files cannot be displayed.03:33
efren20what do you suggest morphiend03:35
Jdanielsdanbhfive: not precisely what it would be called package wise, no. also, when I run --purge i get: E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)03:35
JdanielsE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?03:35
jamesrdornIf anyone has a sec to help me. I am having a problem where the network utility is not saving my WPA key. if I open the network utility, add my key and click ok... everything works fine, but if the interface goes down (by reboot) I have to add the key again. it's saving a hash from the key in /etc/network/interfaces03:35
one_matthiasgraphics drivers03:35
morphiendefren20: ok... then the files should be on the ipod if you are able to play them from the ipod. Now the question is whether or not the db is getting updated. Have you updated the firmware on your ipod lately?03:35
StarnestommyJdaniels: is the package manager open?03:35
danbhfiveJdaniels: are you running synaptic? or update manager?03:36
Jdanielsum synaptic, yes03:36
StarnestommyJdaniels: close it then try that command again03:36
efren20how i do that?03:36
danbhfiveJdaniels: you have to close those, only one can be open at a time03:36
danbhfive!tab > Jdaniels03:36
Jdaniels!tab ?03:36
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about tab ? - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:36
bazhangmorphiend: the new ipod need libgpod 0.6.0; he needs to wait for Hardy or compile it himself03:36
Newbuntu2is there any GPS software for lap timing available?03:37
danbhfiveJdaniels: you should have gotten a pm from ubotu03:37
efren20how do i compile it my self i tried in the wbe you gave me but got lost can you help me?03:37
techno_freakJdaniels, you can hit tab to complete nicks.. try dan+tab ;)03:37
efren20guide me throught hte steps?03:37
Jdanielsdanbhfive: ha oh thanks for the tab comment03:37
morphiend60gb black isn't new03:38
efren20no 60gb03:38
morphiendthat's the same as the 30gb's and that's what I have and it works fine03:38
efren20i have 160gb03:38
bazhang80 GB and 160GB are morphiend03:38
danbhfiveJdaniels: I think I missed a comment of yours awhile back...  I really pay attention to the highlighting :)03:38
morphiendthen yeah, you do need the new version :-P03:38
morphiendI thought I saw 60gb03:38
efren20how do i get the new version03:38
arrowanyone ever play lincity?03:38
efren20please just guide me throught it please03:39
Ububeginanyone knoes how to make the mounted drives hideable :?03:39
morphienddownload the alpha and cross your fingers03:39
Jdanielsdanbhfive: im gonna rm the direcotry and reinstall, so i'll be back when i break something else =)03:39
efren20whats the alpha03:39
efren20link please03:39
morphiendHardy Heron Alpha03:39
efren20in package mangaer?03:39
Jdanielsdanbhfive: the purge worked this time.03:39
instais it worth asking for IRC help if i'm running hardy?03:39
Ububeginefren20: Alpha: Untested and first edition of a software03:39
Starnestommyinsta: #ubuntu+1 is usualyl the best place to ask about hardy03:39
bazhangsure insta just in #ubuntu+103:40
dnusimUbuntu freezes whenever I unplug the power chord... any ideas?03:40
efren20morphiend:where do i get it in package manger?03:40
Daisuke_Idodnusim: i'm hoping you're on a laptop, because otherwise you're going to get laughed at03:40
dnusimDaisuke_Ido: =)03:40
Jdanielsdanbhfive: whats the best way for reinstalling firefox?03:41
blagthat doesnt look promising03:41
blagor maybe im just a pessimist03:41
jamesrdornDaisuke_Ido, LMFAO03:41
morphiendefren20: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron is the link to the wiki about hardy03:41
Stwangehow do you find out processor etc. stats from the terminal?03:41
morphiendas with Alpha software, your mileage will greatly very03:42
Fryguy--Stwange: look at /proc/cpuinfo03:42
bazhangStwange: lshw03:42
RyanPriorHardy is awesome, especially if you like finding bugs. :-)03:42
Stwangethanks :)03:42
Daisuke_Idoseriously though, it's got to be power management settings, i just don't know much about them03:42
mneptokStwange: cat /dev/proc/cpuinfo03:42
morphiendyou may want to check the backports for gutsy to see if libgpod has been backported (or request the backport)03:42
mneptok89 threghioear eghqa03:42
=== mactimes_ is now known as mactimes
sfearshello.. looking for some help networking a windows machine thru crossover cable & eth0 while connected to the net via wireless card on wlan2.. any ideas? i can only seem to get one at a time to work requireing a restart each time i make a change to the network settings03:42
=== hltpyldr is now known as B-16-p_minor
Ububegin....anyone knoes how to make the mounted drives hideable :?.... nobody knoes the answer03:43
Fryguy--Ububegin: hideable where?03:43
efren20morphiend:i dont know how to check backport etc.. donnt even know what you are talking about please help me?03:43
mneptokUbubegin: "hide-able?"03:43
jamesrdornmodel name      : Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU    Q6600  @ 2.40GHz mmmm03:43
cnStarzanyone nkow how to stop my tv from overscanning?03:43
RyanPriorUbubegin: Do you mean you don't want them to show up on your desktop?03:43
premwhat is terminal03:43
Starnestommyprem: Applications > Accessories > Terminal?03:44
UbubeginFryguy: I mean the mounted drives on the desktop... I want them them to be hideable...03:44
Fryguy--Ububegin: gconf and edit apps->nautilus->desktop and uncheck "volumes visible"03:44
Newbuntu2anyone know how to fix:  checking for XML_ParserCreate in -lexpat... no03:44
Newbuntu2configure: error: Could not find the Expat library03:44
RyanPriorprem: Terminal is a command-line for the graphical environment.03:44
morphiendbackports is when a newer version of a package is brought into an older release. Here's the link to enabling access to the backport's repository: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports03:44
danbhfiveJdaniels: I would think sudo apt-get install firefox       maybe add a --reinstall03:44
Fryguy--Newbuntu2: install the expat dev library03:44
RyanPriorUbubegin: You can do that with gconf-editor03:44
eshaasewhy does 'vi' take so long to load when i execute it in a screen session as opposed to outside of screen?03:44
jamesrdorneshaase, because 'screen' is to put it nicely... buggy03:45
Fryguy--eshaase: mine opens up at the same speed wherever I open it (although my vim setup is very customized).  Try running it without opening up any configs (see manpage), to see if that helps, and you can track down the problem from there03:45
efren20morphiend:can you explain it to me tell me what to do i understand better like that please/03:45
sfearshello.. looking for some help networking a windows machine thru crossover cable & eth0 while connected to the net via wireless card on wlan2.. any ideas? i can only seem to get one at a time to work requireing a restart each time i make a change to the network settings03:45
Fryguy--sfears: linux supports this just fine, the gnome network manager tool, however, will not03:46
jamesrdornsfears, are both interfaces on the same subnet?03:46
RyanPriorUbubegin: The setting is apps/nautilus/desktop/volumes_visible03:46
=== coJKT-SkTTgde is now known as coJKT_SkTTgde
Newbuntu2Fryguy--: thanks!03:46
Fryguy--sfears: you'll need to use ifconfig, ifup, and /etc/network/interfaces manually to do this, or just connect everything in your network to the same network segment03:46
sfearsnot sure.. i guess that's what i need help with.. should they be on the same subnet?03:46
Fryguy--Newbuntu2: the package is probably libexpat1-dev, although i'm guessing03:47
Fryguy--sfears: no03:47
=== non-anon_ is now known as non-anon
efren20\morphiend:can you explain it to me tell me what to do i understand better like that please/03:47
morphiendefren20: I can save you the trouble right now and tell you that it has not been backport'd to gutsy03:47
sfearsnetwork segment Fryguy-- ?03:47
sfearsalright.. separate subnet masks.. check03:47
UbubeginRyanPrior,FryGuy: I tried gconf in the terminal (but command not found) and i tried searching Applications- > (but cant find nautilus)...03:47
Newbuntu2Fryguy--: that was it... but now I get   checking whether libcurl is usable... no03:47
Newbuntu2configure: error: libcurl is needed but not found03:47
Fryguy--sfears: i mean reconfigure the physical network, so that you don't have 2 separate networks to deal with in ubuntu, which none of the gui tools are going to support03:47
bazhangefren20: you need to compile it; no backports for that03:47
Newbuntu2Fryguy--: I install libcurl3, but not enough...03:47
morphiendIf you would like that capability, I recommend reading the backports link I sent earlier and it will tell you (roughly) how to ask for something to be backported.03:47
RyanPriorUbubegin: You can type nautilus to search for it in gconf-editor/apps03:48
sfearshow do i start that Fryguy-- ?03:48
Fryguy--Ububegin: it's gconf-editor03:48
efren20bazhang:can you help me and guide me throught compile in it03:48
premwhat is best media player for ubuntu03:48
Fryguy--Newbuntu2: you need dev versions of packages if you are compiling source03:48
bazhangefren20: have you ever compiled anything before?03:48
sfearsi have the network settings window open.. i see both my wired connected & wireless connection are enabled03:48
=== CR_cwek_Toket_Gd is now known as CoJKT_skCwe36Bup
Fryguy--prem: mplayer probably, or one of it's derivatives (I personally use smplayer)03:48
efren20bazhang:but please man03:48
morphiendotherwise, you need to either install the Alpha (which I don't know how to do off the top of my head) or compile the library from source03:48
Jdanielsdabhfive: if wanted to rmdir /firefox how would I go about that effectively? in one quick command?03:48
=== Klowner_ is now known as Klowner
sfearsthe wired connection has a subnet mask of the wireless connection is on auto.. no subnet mask shown03:49
dnusimDaisuke_Ido: thanks for a good laugh. I'm gonna try some more things with the power managements...03:49
Fryguy--sfears: the subnet mask by itself is meaningless03:49
UbubeginRyanPrior,FryGuy : Awesome shit dudes... Thanks, now my wallpapers of that bikini girls looks great (without all that cluttering).... :D03:50
efren20bazhang:is that a yes or no please man help me =/03:50
eshaaseFryguy--: removing my .vimrc didn't help03:50
Wayfarerno sound in Gutsy03:50
Fryguy--eshaase: there's more to running configuration-less than removing your .vimrc03:51
RyanPriorUbubegin: The no-icon desktop is nice. :-)03:51
Fryguy--eshaase: like I said take a look at the manpage for the command-line flag that will tell vim to ignore all configs03:51
danbhfiveJdaniels: after you have done whatever, you may want to run this for good measure: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^               and dont forget the ^,   I gota run, later03:51
Newbuntu2anyone know how to fix this:  checking for GTK+ - version >= 2.2.0... no03:51
Newbuntu2*** Could not run GTK+ test program, checking why...03:51
Newbuntu2*** The test program failed to compile or link. See the file config.log for the03:51
Newbuntu2*** exact error that occured. This usually means GTK+ is incorrectly installed.03:51
Newbuntu2configure: error: needs GTK+ 2.2.003:51
FloodBot1Newbuntu2: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:51
Fryguy--Newbuntu2: install dev version of libgtk  (what are you compiling btw)03:52
nickrudNewbuntu2: install libgtk2.0-dev03:52
deeprootif i watch a movie using any player when i'm done i'm disconnected from the internet? any ideas03:52
UbubeginRyanPrior: yeah, all that cluttering ... gets a bit pain in the ass sometimes....03:52
Johnsonhey guys my window borders have just dissappeared03:52
StarnestommyNewbuntu2: install libgtk2.0 and libgtk2.0-dev03:52
Johnsonhow do i get them bac,03:52
Fryguy--Johnson: probably hit alt-g2 and run metacity03:52
lolwutpearthis probably an extremely dumb question.  i apologize in advance.  but im trying to copy some files from a cd.  ive put the cd in the drive but i cant see the files on the disk03:52
nickrudJohnson: compiz?  gtk-window-decorator --replace03:52
bazhangefren20: this is not really an irc type thing--you just paste the commands into the terminal and that does it for you--the link is here--> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=65852303:52
Johnsonalright ill try those03:53
Fryguy--lolwutpear: it'll be in /media somewhere (probably /media/cdrom)03:53
sfearswould the loopback interface be causing any problems using the two different netowrk cards?03:53
Ububeginlolwutpear: CD prob screwed up03:53
silas428is there an upgrade to evolution that allows you to download images from your e-mail?03:53
limpI have questions about switching to KDE, will someone help me answer them?03:53
Fryguy--lolwutpear: you'll probably have to either mount it, or make nautilus do it for you by navigating to "computer" and then double clicking on the appropriate drive03:53
lolwutpearwell, i just installed ubuntu from the cd03:53
Newbuntu2Fryguy--: Viking, it's GPS softwawre03:53
pyrakrecommendations for open source project management software?03:53
pyrak(web-based, for collaboration)03:53
Fryguy--pyrak: trac03:53
Ububeginpyrak: trac03:53
Fryguy--I BEAT YOU03:53
lolwutpeari went to /media/cdrom03:54
Ububegin:D .. my prev company also used it03:54
lolwutpeardid an ls, but saw nothing :/03:54
Newbuntu2Fryguy--: http://viking.sourceforge.net/mediawiki/index.php/Main_Page03:54
Fryguy--lolwutpear: like i said, you'll either have to mount it, or have nautilus do it for you (see previous statement)03:54
Fryguy--limp: just ask questions, don't ask to ask03:55
Johnsonit works but wheneveri close terminal i lose them again03:55
Fryguy--limp: btw, there is a wiki page with everything you need to know about switching a  base ubuntu install to different "levels" of kde03:55
nickrudJohnson: sorry, should have said alt-f2 gtk-window-decorator --replace03:55
mike9682000evening! I cannot see or mount any of my secondary IDE devices in Nautilus. Could anyone help?03:55
simpsHello all. I am trying to setup Samba so I can view files on my windows from ubuntu. Right now, I can see files on Ubuntu from windows. On ubuntu, i can only see the windows computer, but when i try to access it under the Network folder, it says that the files cannot be displayed.03:56
Fryguy--limp: googling "install kde on ubuntu" should give you everything you need to know in the first 5 hits03:56
limpFryguy, well not really03:56
Fryguy--limp: so ask a question then03:56
bazhanglimp: you want kde? just install kubuntu-desktop03:56
limpFryguy, i was just wondering what would happen to my gnome programs if i switch to KDE03:56
Fryguy--limp: nothing03:56
Fryguy--they'll still be there and work just fine03:56
bazhanglimp they will still be there03:56
Johnsonnickrud, thanks03:57
limpFryguy, still work fine...? then can i run KDE programs on gnome? what's the whole difference, layout ?03:57
Fryguy--limp: yes03:57
Fryguy--limp: KDE and GNOME are just 2 different base environments to work from. They provide a comprehensive set of tools that function 'as one', if you will.  They also each use different gui libraries (qt for kde, gtk for gnome, which will cause some visual differences if they are run side by side)03:58
mike9682000evening! I cannot see or mount any of my secondary IDE devices in Nautilus. Could anyone help?03:58
regeyaaye, kde apps work fine under gnome, and gnome apps under kde.  right now I'm running kde, but also running compiz-fusion, awn, firefox, and quod libet.03:58
Fryguy--mike9682000: wanna be a bit more specific?03:58
nickrudmike9682000: do you see them with  sudo fdisk -l ?03:59
limpFryguy, oh and while im at it, what wireless program do you suggest..? i just tried out network selector and wifi radar but none of them work... they just wont connect to any of my wifis. I've already searched the net03:59
Fryguy--limp: I don't run linux on a machine that uses wireless, all of my machines with wireless are either running osx, freebsd, or windows03:59
Fryguy--actually wait, none of them are on freebsd anymore either03:59
mcspiffquestion, I had a repo in apt.sources list. I installed some packages from this. Ive now removed and want to downgrade to the packages from the repos currently in my apt.sources. Is this possible/Does it make sense?03:59
mike9682000Ubuntu loads from a SATA; I gave two IDE hard drives with 3 partitions each. Nautilus does not see the HDD on secondary IDE. Does that answer your Q?04:00
Fryguy--mcspiff: apt-get update && apt-get upgrade should take care of them04:00
alex_iam lost04:00
alex_alguien parla en castellano, jajajaj ??04:00
axisysi am failing to install acroread http://rafb.net/p/JHpnjd39.html04:00
mike9682000fryguy: Ubuntu loads from a SATA; I gave two IDE hard drives with 3 partitions each. Nautilus does not see the HDD on secondary IDE. Does that answer your Q?04:01
efren20is there any drawing program where you draw something and could make it live like walk fire etc...04:01
limpFryguy, Ok. Do you know anything about the gstreamer plugin bad? Can't find it and i'd really want the equalizer on exaile04:01
Fryguy--mike9682000: so you don't have an hdc device, but you have an hda device?04:01
axisyshow do I force it?04:01
axisyssudo apt-get install -f did not help04:01
Starnestommyalex_: try #ubuntu-es ?04:01
Fryguy--limp: uh not really04:01
bazhangalex spanish? /j #ubuntu-es04:01
nickrudaxisys: do you know exactly what packages you got?04:01
limpFryguy, ok =) how do i revert to gnome if KDE doesn't please me?04:01
axisysnickrud: acroread04:01
Fryguy--limp: again, plenty of directions on the internet for that, but just pick the gnome session in whatever login manager you are using04:02
Starnestommylimp: just change the default session type in gdm/kdm04:02
nickrudaxisys: argh, wrong guy. I haven't run acroread since evince started working right04:02
Fryguy--i don't even run acrobat reader on windows...04:02
limpFryguy, you can choose between Gnome or KDE before logging in?04:02
Fryguy--limp: yes04:02
mike9682000fryguy: in fstab I have: /dev/sda1 /dev/sda5 /dev/hdb .dev/hda (hdb and hda are the CDROMs) and /dev/floppy04:02
axisysnickrud: well is it really acroread that is the problem? i thought it is dpkg that is failing to overwrite? no?04:03
efren20is there any drawing program where you draw something and could make it live like walk fire etc...04:03
mike9682000fryguy I also have a second SATA04:03
Fryguy--mike9682000: so you have neither of your IDE hard rives?04:03
mcspiffFryguy--: no go04:03
limpFryguy, awesome. I'll stop nagging u guys with my rediculous questions now =) thanks again =)04:03
mike9682000I have the primary only and the two SATAs04:03
mike9682000I cannot mount the secondary04:03
nickrudaxisys: yes, that's what happening.  Could you give me the output of apt-cache policy for each of acroread-plugins mozilla-acroread acroread and acroreader-enu ?04:04
Fryguy--mike9682000: you just said you had 2 cdrom drives, and didn't list any ide hard disk drives, so i'm a bit confused now, if you could clarify that would be great04:04
nickrudmcspiff: do you know exactly what packages you got from the other repo?04:04
mcspiffnickrud: yup04:05
mike9682000My computer has: 2x SATA, 2X IDE, 2X CDROM and one floppy The IDEs are connected to the primary master and primary slave, the CDROMs to secondary master and secondary slave respectively04:05
axisysnickrud: here u go http://rafb.net/p/2HH3TC28.html04:06
bazhangonly one floppy? ;]04:06
Fryguy--mike9682000: either your primary ide controller is on a different interface than your secondary controller, or it's disabled in bios, because if it were enabled, your cd drives would be hdc and hdd, not hda and hdb04:06
Fryguy--regardless of whether it found the drives on the controller or not04:06
nickrudmcspiff: you need to find each of those in synaptic , and use package->force version on each. Once you've done that, you shouldn't have any issues04:07
axisysnickrud: was it for me too?04:07
nickrudaxisys: where'd you get acroreader-unu from?04:07
mcspiffnickrud: sounds good. Still seems weirdest to me that you cant force apt to do a "use newest version in repo even if they're older"04:07
nickrudmcspiff: it goes by version number, not date04:08
ghosti need help after compiling a kernel. how do I make an initrd image so i can boot from grub?04:08
axisysnickrud: i was just reading this http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Gutsy04:08
* Fryguy-- has never compiled a kernel from scratch in ubuntu so i can't help you there04:08
mcspiffnickrud: well, this issue im having is the version installed has a higher version that the one in the repo. Same arguement, wrong term.04:09
efren20is there any drawing program where you draw something and could make it live like walk fire etc...04:09
axisysnickrud: so that means media ubuntu04:09
Fryguy--efren20: are you referring to something specific?04:09
nickrud!kernel | ghost (this has instructions on initramfs iirc)04:09
ubotughost (this has instructions on initramfs iirc): The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - For more: /msg ubotu stages04:09
Fryguy--efren20: sounds like the draw fire plugin from compiz that you saw on a youtube video :)04:09
n8tuserefren20--> if you are an advanced blender user, you can do those animations04:10
mike9682000fryguy: /dev/disk/by-id DOES see the secondary IDE label04:10
axisysnickrud: if i can remove it I can start over those steps04:10
axisysnickrud: must have screwed some step there04:10
nickrudaxisys: yes, that's what I was about to suggest04:10
axisysnickrud: :-)04:10
mike9682000furthermore I can work with all in Vista04:10
ubotuOn IRC, if you own a nick that is currently being used, you can make it quit by typing: /msg nickserv GHOST <username> <password>04:11
joeytwiddle(15:35:24) [+Ghostness] imo i have no opinions04:11
kamodoquick question... im a bit of a ubuntu newb, but just wanna know: how do i set my refresh rate to 60 at boot time for gnome desktop (beascially, booting works, but once i get into ubuntu w/ gui, all i see is lines04:11
axisysnickrud: so how do I remove it?04:11
=== l33t1st is now known as enl810d
nickrudaxisys: sudo apt-get remove --purge acroreader-enu04:11
axisysnickrud: wait let me try to remove.. not sure if I tried that.. i only tried to overwrite04:11
dn4I just put in an older gfx card, b/c my old one broke. How do I update my xorg.cfg to use the new one?04:12
Fryguy--axisys: you probably want to use dpkg directly04:13
nickruddn4: a quicky would be sudo dpkg-reconfigure -pcritical xserver-xorg04:13
Fryguy--dn4: edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf to make the correct changes :)04:13
mike9682000 fryguy: /dev/disk/by-id DOES see the secondary IDE label04:13
nickrudFryguy--: once it's in the dpkg database, apt-get will remove it04:13
Fryguy--nickrud: he doesn't want to remove it though, he wants to force reinstall the version from current repository04:13
kamodoNo idea: lemme rephrase, how do i edit xorg.conf at command line?04:13
Fryguy--or so i thought04:13
axisysnickrud: worked04:14
Fryguy--kamodo: open it up with a text editor..04:14
axisysnickrud: thnx .... oohooo!!04:14
Fryguy--vim works04:14
nickrudFryguy--: he's got that from somewhere else, needs to replace it with the medibuntu stuff04:14
kamodotheres a command line text editor?04:14
Fryguy--so does emacs, and at least a few others04:14
Fryguy--kamodo: there's several04:14
Starnestommykamodo: vim, nano, emacs, ed, sed, and some others04:14
Fryguy--lol sed :)04:14
Fryguy--that's pushing it a bit04:14
Starnestommyed and sed are very minimalistic04:14
axisysnickrud: take it back.. said too soon04:14
* nickrud has forgotten the name of the hex editor ;(04:15
dn4damn all the text on my screen is blue now04:15
kamodoty, vim worked by default install thanks04:15
dn4my gfx card is wack on crack04:15
nickruddn4: what kind of card is it?04:15
dn4nickrud: voodoo3 gfx04:15
Fryguy--hahaha kamodo just opened up vim and doesn't know how to use it, this should be interesting04:15
axisysnickrud: i ran this `sudo aptitude install acroread acroread-plugins acroread-escript04:15
* Fryguy-- waits for the "wtf i can't type text" statement to come04:15
axisysnickrud: and I get this http://rafb.net/p/uIEbB166.html04:16
nickruddn4: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -pcritical xserver-xorg will do it, had one of those once04:16
axisysnickrud: looks like it did try to install the plugin before core app ..duh!04:16
=== _max is now known as max
kamodoheh, vim should be fine, its not hard to find documentation on it once i can get it open04:17
Fryguy--i use vim 8+ hours a day at work :)04:17
=== Fersure is now known as Shinigami
nickrudaxisys: those are some screwed up packages it looks like. Try just installing acroread by itself first04:17
orionfyreWhere can I find a tutorial on how to add a command to the right click context menu of AVI files?04:18
dn4nickrud: what do I do after typing in that command?04:18
Fryguy--orionfyre: what specifically do you want to do?04:18
nickruddn4: restart X, that should set you up with a default video04:18
axisysnickrud: thats what I have trying now04:18
hdevalenceI have had a problem with wine (this bug http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10674 ). It says it's been fixed upstream (upream of X i think). How would I get the upstream version?04:19
orionfyrefryguy: I want to add a command that will runa  mencoder command line04:19
dn4nickrud: thanks04:19
Fryguy--orionfyre: check out nautilus scripts (google that should get you a good base)04:19
Fryguy--g-scripts probably already has a solution for that (g-scripts.sourceforce.net)04:19
kamodowow... so vim isnt just as easy as write the info, and save :/ lol (checking out a command sheet) welll.. thats fun04:20
Fryguy--kamodo: :)04:20
orionfyrefryguy: __/|\__ thank you for showing me the first step on the path to my continued enlightenment that is Linux ;)04:20
vALIENhey everyone... i got gutsy running smooth, never used wine...wondering if it is worth getting.. any opinions?04:20
hdevalencekamodo: it's way 1337er though04:20
nickrudhdevalence: if you're talking about a later version of X , you'd have to compile it or use hardy04:20
Fryguy--kamodo: vim is extremely powerful and fast after you get used to the way it does things04:20
axisysnickrud: check this when I try to remove it says its not there.. when I try to install it says dpkg error04:20
Fryguy--kamodo: like I said, I use it 8+ hours a day as my programming environment of choice04:20
kamodowell, i just need to set vertfrefresh from 43-60 to 6004:20
hdevalencenickrud: what version of X does hardy use?04:20
Fryguy--hdevalence: #ubuntu+104:20
hdevalenceFryguy--: thanks04:21
nickrudaxisys: complete output of the error please. (although I have no Idea why I'm working on a non-free piece of software from medibuntu)04:21
kamodoyeah, im a windows 2k guy... (dont laugh, im slowly making the switch04:21
Fryguy--kamodo: ironically i'm switching away from linux :)04:21
kamodookay, i scrolled down, and replaced the text.. will that work with vim?04:21
kamodojust gotta save, sorry if im being too annoying, hah, im glad you guys are friendly here04:22
tritiumFryguy--: why would you want to do a thing like that?04:22
Fryguy--tritium: switching to freebsd :/04:22
axisysnickrud: i thought i pasted the complete output.. it seems to be dpkg issue.. could happend to any app..04:22
tritiumFryguy--: ah, really?04:22
kamodois the command line text editor command cheat sheet.04:22
kamodonot very friendly04:22
nickrudaxisys: the complete error from sudo apt-get install acroread04:22
axisysnickrud: here is the paste http://rafb.net/p/v40QJh80.html04:22
Fryguy--tritium: yah, been playing with it in a virtual machine, and I got a new 8-disk raid array coming for my closet-server (media storage for the house), and i'm probably going to switch the OS on it to freebsd and go from there04:23
Fryguy--kamodo: you can use nano or something for now, which will be easier for you to get started with04:23
Fryguy--nano is installed by default i think04:23
nickrudaxisys: are you sure you ran apt-get remove --purge acroreader-enu ?04:23
vALIENhey sorry ... just asked about wine.. anyone have any opinions?04:23
mrpocketshow do you add more desktops in compiz?04:23
axisysnickrud: yes.. it says that pkg not found04:23
axisysnickrud: pasting04:24
nhlinuxI'm having a fustrating time with my lappty that has a bcm43xx wifi adapter. The following error message appears in dmesg "bcm43xx: IRQ_READY timeout" then my wifi stops working. What can I try to resolve this problem.04:24
dn4ianickrud, thank you for helping me out there. I have no acquired a way to see visuals which are changing subtle colors and makes for a psychedelic experience on a whole.04:24
Odd-rationalemrpockets: Do you have compizconfig-settings-manager?04:24
mrpocketsits in general options04:24
mrpocketsthanks :)04:24
kamodohmmm, wow.. im gonna try nano04:24
kamodohope i didnt break anything :P, i live i learn04:24
axisysnickrud: http://rafb.net/p/eF660m14.html04:24
nickruddn4ia: heh04:24
Fryguy--kamodo: don't really feel like holding your hand through the initial vim struggles :)04:24
nhlinux uname -a04:25
nhlinuxLinux dperry-laptop 2.6.22-14-generic #1 SMP Tue Feb 12 07:42:25 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux04:25
Kumoolif i take out the ubuntu uninstaller does the windows boot or grub goes away? at least with the win option04:25
Odd-rationaleCan pidgin minimize to tray on exit?04:25
kamodoyeah, i just need something easy, and something i dont need to pester ppl with too much04:25
kamodoahh, Nano is something i can work with04:25
nickrudaxisys: DoH!  adobereader-enu , what do they call reading something you expect but not there?04:26
axisysnickrud: lol!04:26
axisysnickrud: removing...04:27
ShadowApexHey I'm trying to migrate my Ubuntu home server to another computer. The new computer has a raid array. If I just copy the entire contents of my previous installation onto a new installation on the raided hard drives... will that work?04:27
axisysnickrud: removed..04:27
Fryguy--ShadowApex: probably not04:27
nickrudaxisys: now try the install again04:27
axisysnickrud: lets try acroread again?!04:27
axisysnickrud: heh04:27
Fryguy--ShadowApex: there's a certain amount of hurdle jumping involved in booting from a raid array04:27
nhlinuxShadowApex: it should sorta work. How are you going to transfer the data from one drive to the RAID array?04:27
axisysnickrud: and....(drum roll)... success!!04:27
nickrudaxisys: once again, pebcak ;)04:28
axisysnickrud: hehe04:28
KumoolOdd-rationale, there shud be a pidgin icon in the sys tray just click it there04:28
ShadowApexnhlinux: it has 1 ide channel so I was going to hook it up, mount them both from a live cd and transfer04:28
nhlinuxare you going to dd from one drive to the other?04:28
axisysnickrud: i cannot beleive u helped me with non-free pkg... (i am just teasing you my friend)04:28
ShadowApexFryguy: it's hardware raid, not fake raid. my new installation of Ubuntu on the new server boots flawlessly with RAID504:29
ShadowApexnhlinux: dd?04:29
Odd-rationaleKumool: Yeah, but when i close my conversation window it does not minize to tray.04:29
Fryguy--i'm surprised hardware raid works directly out of the box as well, but OK04:29
nhlinuxdd is a UNIX command to copy raw data from device to another04:29
Fryguy--ShadowApex: shouldn't have any problems then04:29
nhlinuxit's like ghost04:29
ShadowApexFryguy: hmm... I guess the worst that could happen is that I just reinstall04:29
Fryguy--Odd-rationale: if you want to minimize to tray, click the minimize button, if you want to close click the close button....04:30
ShadowApexnhlinux: ahh... i was just going to cp -r /media/hda104:30
Fryguy--ShadowApex: definitely don't do that :)04:30
KumoolOdd-rationale, the conv window the main window u mean or the conv window that holds conversations04:30
nhlinuxexample... dd if=/dev/hdc of=/dev/sda04:30
nhlinuxIn that example, I just imaged the old drive to my RAID array04:31
Odd-rationaleKumool: The one that holds the conversation. The main window goes to tray, I beleive04:31
ShadowApexFryguy/nhlinux: Could I just use gparted and cpoy the entire partition to the raid array?04:31
nhlinuxgparted won't do that04:31
ShadowApexnhlinux: why? When I run "fdisk -l" I see the entire RAID array as 1 hard drive04:32
KumoolOdd-rationale, i dont think that can be done unless u use an app such as all-tray tho i cud be wrong04:32
nhlinuxif you want to replicate the contents of the original drive (including the boot sector and partition table) to your RAID array, dd is the command to use.04:32
Fryguy--fdisk/gparted/etc are for managing partitions on a single disk, they don't have any support for migrating a partition from one disk to another04:33
Odd-rationaleKumool: OK. Thanks!04:33
kamodoanother question about xorg.conf    IS VertRefresh == Refresh Rate?04:33
ShadowApexFryguy: You can copy partitions to another disk in gparted04:33
nickrudkamodo: there's vertical refresh and horizontal sync04:33
talcitedoes anyone know a lot about the AIGLX or XGL bases?04:33
Fryguy--kamodo: vertical refresh rate, yes04:33
talciteare they supported or necessary?04:33
kamodoawesome, thanks04:33
nhlinuxI've never seen that featyre before04:33
ShadowApexnhlinux: ok, so if I use dd; what would be the syntax to that? Say my RAID array is /dev/sda1 and my old hdd is /dev/hda104:34
talciteI'm using compiz and FSAA 8x...04:34
nhlinuxdd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/sda (if you want to copy from sector 0 to the very last sector of /dev/hda, the first drive).04:35
nickrudtalcite: one or the other is required for compiz ...04:35
ShadowApexnhlinux: ok thanks. I'll go ahead and try that now04:35
ShadowApexI'll let you know if it works ;D04:35
talcitenickrud: I have an nvidia card... am I using AIGLX?04:36
kamodoINPUT SIGNAL  Video  RGB analog (75 ohms, 0.7 Vp-p); DVI-D (TMDS, 100 ohms)04:36
kamodoSync H/V separated (TTL), composite, sync-on-green04:36
kamodoFrequency Fh: 30~82kHz, Fv: 50~75Hz04:36
nickrudtalcite: yes04:36
talciteI see04:36
kamodooops wrong channel04:36
talcitehmm I need to find another way to increase performance04:36
talciteany ideas?04:36
nhlinuxShadowApex: /sbin/dumpe2fs works as well.04:36
nickrudtalcite: reduce FSAA . Otherwise, I know little to nothing about nvidia04:36
talcite=/ aww04:37
nickrudtalcite: or maybe 800x600 ;)04:37
talciteLCD lol, no choice04:37
Kumoolif i take out the ubuntu uninstaller does the windows boot or grub goes away? at least with the win option?04:38
=== CR_cwek_Toket_Gd is now known as coJKT_skCwe36B-u
gnychisdoes Gutsy come with any PPoE connection software?04:38
talciteyeah, I'm already using only 8x FSAA, not 16x like I wanted =/04:38
nhlinuxKumool: I'm a bit confused by that question. Please restate04:38
Odd-rationaleKumool: Are you talking about wubi?04:38
Fryguy--blah wrong window :(04:39
nickrudgnychis: I used to use pppoeconf , and pon poff . But then I got smart and let the modem handle it, I would configure at (or whatever the modem/router address was)04:39
talcitemaybe I should buy an 8800gt =P04:39
luckyshothey guys, for some reasonw hen i boot into xubuntu it wont go into startx anymore, even after i manually enter "startx"04:40
Kumoolyeah i installed wubi from the cd and now everytime i start windows the uninstaller of it comes up and asks if i want to make a backup of ubuntu or w/e... if i uninstall it does the grub function to select boot windows gets erased?04:40
hdevalenceis there a way to install xorg7.3 in gutsy?04:40
kamodoOkay, so I set my HorizSync/VertRefresh to the specifications on my monitor, and now I'm getting signal out of range.04:41
kamododidnt change resolution info04:41
acxtyHi, I want to connect a datashow on my computer but the FN key for the video output doesn't work is there a way to activate the lcd and monitor output04:41
Odd-rationaleKumool: To my knowledge, wubi does not use grub, I could be wrong, though...04:42
Kumoolk since i installed wubi first and then xubuntu i tho it wud b that well ok thx im barely using win if anythin goes wrong04:42
talcitehey when using compiz, do you guys get a situation where the windows won't stop wobbling?04:43
phynixthat sounds really weird04:43
Kumooldoes it shake or wobble?04:43
Kumooltalcite, does it shake or wobble?04:43
acxtyI am trying to activate the CRT output on my laptop, anyone?04:44
talciteshake I guess04:44
talcitewhat's the difference Kumool?04:44
amenadoacxty-> isnt there like a Fn key to activate both?04:45
Kumoolwell on som old monitors when it shakes it means that theres a phone around or something... but since its with that app specifically i dunno04:45
talciteohh, no it's an LCD04:45
acxtyamenado, the problem is that the FN Key doesn't work04:45
Odd-rationaletalcite: Is it mostly a maximized window or a window near the edges or panels?04:45
talciteyes, its a maximized window04:45
amenadoacxty-> you have a bad key on your keyboard? or you need to activate that in your bios?04:46
talciteOdd-rationale: Does it have to do with the edge attraction?04:46
acxtyon windows it works fine04:46
Odd-rationaletalcite: I think so...04:46
acxtyand the other FN Keys also work fine, except that one04:46
t0mb0ydoes anyone know where i can look to find out why when i do a sudo su, it does not ask the user for a password.  /etc/sudoers doesnt have anything uncommented to allow no passwd.04:46
Odd-rationaletalcite: It gets quite annoying...04:46
brandonc503hey all using ubuntu fawn and dont know how to get monitor to go to larger resolution. selections are only 800 600, but im sure monitor can do 1600 1200....04:46
talciteit does04:46
talcitedo you have any ideas about what settings work well to avoid it?04:47
brandonc503friend had me edit file before and got 1600 1200 but now that wont work04:47
luckyshothey guys, for some reason when i boot into xubuntu it wont go into startx anymore, even after i manually enter "startx"04:47
nhlinuxbcm43xx: IRQ_READY timeout, then my wireless craps out. Is there a fix for Ubuntu 7.10?04:47
phynixtalcite: do you mean compiz settings04:47
talcitephynix: yes04:47
Ninesvnsickslol Kamodo can't get the refresh rate to work :(04:47
phynixtalcite: friction idd it for me04:48
Odd-rationaletalcite: Do you have snapping windows enbaled?04:48
talcitephynix: what did you set it to?04:48
phynixwell if you turn it higher04:48
talciteOdd-rationale: I do. It's actually very hard to work without snapping =/04:48
phynixthey wobble less04:48
talciteI see...04:49
vampirefroghi. I'm trying to fix my debian installation with ubuntu. so I don't write the iso to a cd, I'm using vmware to boot ubuntu from windows. I also set vmware up to use the physical hard drive. however, I can't see any /dev/hda* from within ubuntu04:49
vampirefrogi tried modprobe ide-disk, but that didn't work04:49
phynixi found that out by accident when i was scrolling through and it made it really low and i couldn't click on a window04:49
LSD|NinjaHow do you define a Key1+Key2 shortcut in the keyboard shortcut editor? Pressin Win and L (for Lock Screen) puts in "Super L" which allows it to be triggered just by pressing the Win key04:49
Fryguy--vampirefrog: see if /dev/sda exists, you might have SATA disks instead of ide04:50
vampirefrogyes it seems to be there. let me try to mount it04:50
BerkeleyLinuxUsewhat's up room?04:50
BerkeleyLinuxUsehow's it going today in linux landia?04:50
vampirefrogFryguy--: yeah, that worked. thanks :)04:50
LSD|NinjaFryguy--: or ATA disks operating as SCSI for some reason ;)04:50
Fryguy--LSD|Ninja: whatever, it's a virtual machine, i've seen it do weirder things04:51
FrogzooLSD|Ninja: try 'alt a' for instance04:51
phynixtalcite: did that help at all04:51
FrogzooLSD|Ninja: Ctrl+Alt+A etc.04:51
LSD|NinjaFrogzoo: I kinda want Win+L because that's how it's done in Windows04:52
Darkmystereerr i have the new ati drivers with AIGLX how do i use Compiz-Fusion says no composite..04:52
Darkmysterewhen i try and enable compiz.04:52
talcitephynix: not really, if the friction gets too high, it becomes impossible to drag the windows =/04:53
talcitethanks for trying though04:53
vampirefrogok now I chroot'ed into my linux hard-drive root partition, and I'm trying to reinstall grub but if I call 'grub-install /dev/sda' it says "/dev/sda does not have any corresponding BIOS drive.", and if I try 'grub-install /dev/hda' it says "Searching for GRUB installation directory ... found: /boot/grub \n The file /boot/grub/stage1 not read correctly."04:54
phynixtalcit: what happens if you turn off wobbly windows04:54
phynixtalcite: what happens if you turn off wobbly windows04:55
Newbuntu2I'm trying to record video and audio from a PVR card. I can record it via VideoLan, etc, but I was wondering if there was a better tool that would also timestamp and such so I can synchronize the different streams together04:55
vampirefrogbasically I need grub installed on /dev/hda (which is now /dev/sda) :)04:55
prettyrickyHey guys can I connect my external hard drive to my ubuntu machine without anything getting lost04:55
Odd-rationaleprettyricky: Most of the time, yes04:55
prettyrickyhave you tried it by any chance?04:56
danakinprettyricky: ive done it with my seagate 400g, no probs04:56
Odd-rationaleprettyricky: Yes I have, ntfs fat32 and ext304:56
DarkmystereAlso, Does anyone here remeber how i got sound working in Ubuntu..?04:56
kamodookay, im still stuck, anyone know what the command for boot line is for setting refresh rate to 60? i used refresh_rate=60 in the livecd boot options and it worked fine04:57
prettyrickyok great thanks guys!04:57
Odd-rationaleprettyricky: In theory, it should work just fine, but don't blame me if something screws up ;)04:58
prettyrickythank you. I wouldn't04:58
nickrudprettyricky: just be sure to eject every partition on the external if you have more than one :)04:58
phynixhas anyone had their graphics card blacklisted by compiz fusion05:00
* nickrud finally can get rid of windows05:00
Pegorettisomeone from brazil ?05:00
nickrud!br | Pegoretti05:01
ubotuPegoretti: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.05:01
Odd-rationalenickrud: I wish I could say that...05:01
Some_PersonHelp me! trackerd eats up system resources (killing the process helps), and earlier my free space was 100-something MB, now its 36 MB. HELP! No one has touched the computer since now and since it had 100-something MB free.05:01
IdleOnenickrud, you mean you havent yet?05:01
Pegorettihey buddy05:01
nickrudIdleOne: needid it for the nano, I finally broke down and compiled something05:01
IdleOneomg! nickrud compiled software?05:02
nickrudI am a package addict, I like my fixes premade05:02
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=658523  how to get iPod working with Ubuntu ;]05:03
luckyshothey guys i improperly shut my pc downa dn now when i boot up in to wont go into xwindows. im stuck in command mode. do you think if i boot up from the cd i can fix it?05:03
IdleOnenickrud, I hear ya. glad you finally got the chains off :)05:03
NinesvnsicksHey, when I boot up ubuntu all I see is lines its using refreshrate 53 aparently?05:03
luckyshotim using xubuntu05:03
Ninesvnsicksis there a way to set it to defualt to 60?05:03
Some_PersonHelp me! trackerd eats up system resources (killing the process helps), and earlier my free space was 100-something MB, now its 36 MB. HELP! No one has touched the computer since now and since it had 100-something MB free.05:03
phaxhi folks05:03
luckyshothey guys i improperly shut my pc down and now when i boot up it wont go into xwindows. im stuck in command mode. do you think if i boot up from the cd i can fix it?05:04
IdleOneSome_Person, you can turn off trackerd in the system prefs IIRC05:04
nickrudIdleOne: heh. After building all the gnome 1.9 releases, evolution, rhythmbox (not to count all the times I compiled libc)  I got my fill.05:04
Some_PersonIdleOne: What about my disappearing disk space?05:04
bfrogwhy are there like a million -dev packages05:04
bfrogheader files must add like what, 10k to each install05:04
Some_PersonIdleOne: I was at 0bytes free when I just got on here05:04
Flannelbfrog: because people do development with packages as well as just using them05:05
nickrudbazhang: yeah, yeah, I try to avoid having mixed packages and unmanaged files.05:05
IdleOneSome_Person, take a look and see what is in that space that was not there before and see if it belongs there05:05
talcitehmm... is there a way to get the window to slide, but not wobble?05:05
Some_PersonIdleOne: had to clean stuff up just to make Firefox run correctly05:05
bfrogFlannel: dude, I don't want to have to install 10000 -dev packages just to develop some software05:05
StarnestommySome_Person: do you have any swap?  Also, what programs are using the most memory?05:05
Some_PersonIdleOne: how do i tell? and how do i turn off trackerd?05:05
bazhangnickrud: hehe just thought I would throw that out there ;]05:05
Some_PersonStarnestommy: i have a swap05:05
bfrogwhy must ubuntu follow the debian silliness05:05
yao_ziyuanit seems to me that many programs in ubuntu's repository are very outdated05:05
Starnestommybfrog: because it's based on debian05:05
Some_PersonStarnestommy: as for most memory, trackerd was until i killed it05:06
Flannelbfrog: You don't have to install 10000 -dev packages.  You don't need most of them, if any, to develop software05:06
PriceChild!freeze | yao_ziyuan05:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about freeze - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:06
atonalpaniccan someone help me get my artheros wireless laptop card working?05:06
brandon503_if i up date my distribution using the update included in ubuntu, will i loose my info in mysql db?05:06
nickrudbazhang: I read that one, saw all the foolish things going on, and just built libgpod and gtkpod in local.05:06
Fryguy--bfrog: uh... that's how software development works...05:06
IdleOneSome_Person, I am not on ubuntu at the momment but it is in the system prefs somewhere05:06
bazhangnickrud: nice! ;]05:06
bfrogFryguy--: yeah, not with other saner packaging schemes05:06
Some_PersonIdleOne: what is trackerd anyway?05:06
bfrogthey include the headers and docs05:06
gabrielsoulnao sei nem abrir pvt05:06
bfrogin one nice tidy deal05:06
PriceChildyao_ziyuan: ubuntu is frozen on release to ensure stability. Only critical bug fixes and security updates go through. You can enable -updates and -backports if you want.05:06
igoensHello, sorry if this question already asked: "Anyone can give me a reference for installing SN9102 based webcam on ubuntu gutsy? (The work one!)"05:06
Flannel!br | gabrielsoul05:06
ubotugabrielsoul: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.05:06
PegorettiNem eu... uhauahuhua05:06
IdleOneSome_Person, it is a nice tool that some people added to ubuntu to eat up your ram :) as I see it05:07
gabrielsoulcara os comandos nesse aqui sao diferentes05:07
yao_ziyuanPriceChild: ok05:07
Fryguy--bfrog: such as?05:07
PegorettiFlannel: !br05:07
atonalpanicanyone know how to setup an artheros wireless card?05:07
Some_PersonIdleOne: ok, i found the option, appearently it is an indexing thingy, probably what killed my disk space05:07
bfrogslackware :-)05:07
PriceChildatonalpanic: mine worked out of the box for me.05:07
IdleOneSome_Person, yeah probably05:07
Fryguy--bfrog: so then use slackware.05:08
gabrielsoul2k de membros e 2 OP05:08
gabrielsoulque moral esse canal05:08
Some_PersonIdleOne: now how do i get that space back?05:08
ubotuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.05:08
atonalpanicpricechild: i tried installing madwifi but i get lost along the way05:08
igoens<atonalpanic> anyone know how to setup an artheros wireless card? : What tipe of it's chipsets?05:08
Pegorettiisso nem importa aqui..05:08
PriceChildatonalpanic: post the output of lspci and lsusb for people05:08
PriceChild!br | gabrielsoul Pegoretti05:08
ubotugabrielsoul Pegoretti: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.05:08
igoensI need help with webcam here ... please :((05:09
brandon503_if i up date my distribution using the update included in ubuntu, will i loose my info in mysql db?05:09
nickrudbrandon503_: no05:09
PriceChildbrandon503_: no. Its always good to keep backups though ;)05:09
Pegorettiigoens: i think i can help you.. whts r problem?05:09
nickrudbrandon503_: you do have a backup regime already, right ;)05:09
amenadowho was that -- that mentioned improperly dismounting external drive by turning it off without EJECT, and next time it is plugged in, ubuntu refuses because it was not cleanly unmounted before? how you fix it then?05:09
igoensPegoretti: I'll make personal chat05:10
atonalpanicpricechild, igoens: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/58341/05:10
nickrudamenado: ntfs? boot it into windows a couple times.05:10
PriceChildatonalpanic: pretty confident that works out of hte box with gutsy.05:10
amenadonickrud-> ext3 drive..or any fs format for that matter?05:10
PriceChildatonalpanic: you may need to system > admin > restricted driver manager, to add the binary driver05:10
ubotuBy default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.05:11
atonalpanicpricechild: it doesnt even know i have wireless in network manager.05:11
nickrudamenado: hm. for ext3 , with the partition UNMOUNTED (just for certainty)  run   sudo fsck /dev/<device>05:11
PriceChildatonalpanic: you may need to system > admin > restricted driver manager, to add the binary driver05:11
amenadonickrud-> oh okay, i didnt think ubuntu would care...but its good to note the fix05:12
Some_PersonIdleOne: well i'll be darned. i found the trackerd files, 5.2 GB worth of shit05:12
=== Darkmystere is now known as Ethernal_Chaos
atonalpanicpricechild: in restricted it says "Artheros Hardware Access Layer (HAL) its enabled and in use.  but all i have are wire connections and modem...no wireless in netowrk manager05:12
PriceChildatonalpanic: pastebin 'iwconfig'05:12
IdleOneSome_Person, language please and yeah I believe it05:12
atonalpanicpricechild: correction: network settings*05:13
PriceChildatonalpanic: what about in network manager?05:13
Some_PersonIdleOne: i think people should be warned, this could affect a lot of people05:13
atonalpanici hear about that but i cant find it05:13
atonalpanicpricechild: im about 3 days into this where do i find that?05:13
PriceChildatonalpanic: just type it in a terminal05:13
Some_PersonIdleOne: "100% disk in use" is a scary message, and thats what i got05:13
Lasivianwhat's a good wireless network manager?05:14
igoensPegoretti: I leave you a personal message ...05:14
PriceChildLasivian: network-manager-gnome is included by default05:14
atonalpanicpricechild: i meant network manager, is it different than network settings?05:14
IdleOneSome_Person, submit a bug @ launchpad.net05:14
LasivianPriceChild: I mean that will show me available wireless networks05:14
nickrudamenado: I can see that happening, but usually the fsck is done automatically05:14
PriceChildatonalpanic: yes05:14
Some_PersonIdleOne: bugs already submitted05:14
phaxI am using the Gutsy distro, but there is a newer version of HPLIP for the Hardy distro would it mess things up if I install the package with deps for hardy ?05:14
JorjeAnyone there for help?05:14
PriceChildLasivian: network-manager-gnome does that05:14
PriceChild!hardy | phax05:15
ubotuphax: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu05:15
Fryguy--phax: yes probably05:15
PriceChildLasivian: its a little applet near the clock05:15
zero88WOW Please help. Anyone Here at all familiar with MENCODER?05:15
nickrudphax: almost certainy05:15
Some_PersonIdleOne: appearently im not the only one with this issue05:15
LasivianPriceChild: huh, maybe i'm an idiot, the only thing I saw was it asking me to put in the network details05:15
Lasiviani'm using an orinoco card if that makes a difference05:15
PriceChildLasivian: http://weblog.topopardo.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/01/nmapplet.png05:15
phaxFryguy--,  then how should I get the latest version of hplip, when I searching using the package manager it shows the version I have installed. My printer is not working with the current version, but is supposed to work with the next version05:16
PriceChildatonalpanic: one moment05:16
gabrielsoulPegoretti, is gay05:16
igoensBus 005 Device 003: ID 0c45:624f Microdia <-- works with gspca but no /dev/video0 = "What's the problem?"05:16
Ethernal_ChaosIs there another channel to set up my Cloak? freenode is basically spammers now..05:16
amenadoSome_Person-> you also checked under your  ~/.thumbnails   you'd never know the pr0n pix you browsed is still there :P05:16
Lasivian"connect to other wireless network" asks for me to input a name. probably something I screwed up :/05:16
JorjeI'm using an HP laptop not configured to Linux. I need to log in to my wireless connection, but I have no clue. I tried doing it by entering the name of the network and the passphrade, but it didn't work. Anyone can help?05:16
IdleOneamenado, lol05:16
nickrudEthernal_Chaos: you can ask for one on #freenode05:16
FingelRussian IRC channels are a blast05:16
phaxnickrud, thanks any comments about my question, would appreciate any pointers05:17
Ethernal_Chaosnickrud, I know its dark btw and #freenode has 1 op..05:17
PriceChildatonalpanic: are you sure you have turned it on with whatever hardware switch?05:17
nickrudEthernal_Chaos: they're probably not oped05:17
atonalpanicpricechild: im 3 days into linux, im not really sure of anything.05:17
igoens0c45:624f Microdia Webcam <-- works with gspca driver but no /dev/video0 = "What's the problem?"05:17
PriceChildatonalpanic: not linux.... a physical switch on the laptop05:18
atonalpanicohh yeah it doesn't have a switch05:18
PriceChildatonalpanic: i have no idea... that card 'should' work.05:18
khaotik_could anyone give me a link to get my wireless fixed on a compaq presario c700. its weird the fw cutter is installed, the little blu light turned on, but there is no connection or not even one network showing when there should be at least six. this is really putting a damper in my plot to load Ubuntu on every machine and take over the worl.05:18
nickrudphax: you can compile it, but I use ubuntu so I don't have to compile. You could ask for more help on #ubuntu+1 about the hardy hplip, I may be being overly cautious.05:18
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atonalpanicpricechild: how do i find the network manager?05:18
PriceChildatonalpanic: i use a 5005 abd all internet reports seem to make it the same05:18
=== Darkmystere is now known as Ethernal_Chaos
PriceChildatonalpanic: it won't help, your card isn't yet listed in iwconfig05:19
phaxnickrud, thanks, I don't know why it is not available for Gutsy05:19
JorjeI'm using an HP laptop not configured to Linux. I need to log in to my wireless connection, but I have no clue. I tried doing it by entering the name of the network and the passphrade, but it didn't work. Anyone can help?05:19
furythorhow I can run .sh files, which are scripts05:19
Starnestommyfurythor: sh file.sh05:19
Kumoolunrar doesnt work anythin thats like it? or somethin from winrar mayb?05:19
=== Ethernal_Chaos is now known as Darkmystere
Fryguy--Kumool: unrar works, fine05:19
nickrudphax: once an ubuntu release is made, it only gets security or serious bug fixes (like ones that lose data)05:19
khaotik_could anyone give me a link to get my wireless fixed on a compaq presario c700. its weird the fw cutter is installed, the little blu light turned on, but there is no connection or not even one network showing when there should be at least six. this is really putting a damper in my plot to load Ubuntu on every machine and take over the world.05:20
Odd-rationalefurythor: Also, be sure that the scripts are executable.05:20
atonalpanicpricechild: it never worked not even before i started messin with it.  i had that nasty problem of sound coming out of both speakers and headphones...my coworkers were not happy about me listening to rap music05:20
nickrudphax: that's why they have a very aggressive release policy of every 6 months05:20
Kumoolit fails on extracting05:20
Fryguy--Kumool: works fine for me05:20
phaxnickrud, ok makes sense but what about drivers which are not present in the distro05:20
phaxnickrud, they should be installed manually ?05:21
amenadoJorje you have an hp laptop but using which os?05:21
atonalpanicpricechild: recently i tried installing madwifi but it gave an error on file "apt pci"05:21
nickrudphax: we wait. Or, compile. I broke a personal rule tonight, compiling software :)05:21
Kumooltried -f and -d and nothin it fails extracting everything05:21
brandonc503hey im trying to copy my var/www/ folder to flash drive but says i dont have permission to read so i cant copy.. should i a. change permissions in my www folder. or b. use the terminal and some sudo command to copy www folder to flash drive05:21
PriceChildatonalpanic: your messing with that may have made things worse05:21
IdleOneI still cant believe it nickrud05:21
phaxnickrud, then i won't be able to use my printer till the next Ubuntu release :(05:21
ttotallyi've been trying to install ubuntu and it won't accept my partition scheme05:21
Fryguy--brandonc503: probably easier to just do it in a terminal05:21
Odd-rationalebrandonc503: Use sudo05:21
ttotallyi partitioned the disk with cfdisk05:22
nickrudphax: like I said, try asking about it on #ubuntu+105:22
brandonc503can you tell me what to type , im ubun-nub05:22
ttotallycan't i just tell it where to install?05:22
nickrud     /ignore IdleOne ;P05:22
prettyrickyis it possible to add more space to my partitioned drive, I only alloted 10 gig when I installed ubuntu and I need more....05:22
IdleOne      /kb nickrud you should of known better :P05:22
Starnestommyttotally: make sure the main partition has / as a mount point05:22
amenadottotally-> what option did you choose during install?05:22
PriceChildttotally: yes, choose manual partitioning, then allocate a root partition (for all your data) signified by: / and a swap partition.05:22
atonalpanicpricechild: possible, but the furthest i got was making the install file before it fail.  for me it didn't work straight out.  i have vista on this comp...so u can see why im desperate to get my wireless card working on linux lol05:23
PriceChild!ot | IdleOne05:23
ubotuIdleOne: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!05:23
Fryguy--prettyricky: there are plenty of partitioning tools that can expand the size of a partition, partitionmagic for windows and gparted come to mind05:23
IdleOnePriceChild, yes sorry05:23
Odd-rationalebrandonc503: sudo cp /var/WWW /destination05:23
ttotallyStarnestommy, PriceChild did that, the root is on sda6, a logical device05:23
JorjeI'm using an HP laptop not configured to Linux. I need to log in to my wireless connection, but I have no clue. I tried doing it by entering the name of the network and the passphrade, but it didn't work. Anyone can help?05:23
brandonc503Odd-rationale will cp keep the same permissions?05:23
Fryguy--brandonc503: using cp -a will05:24
brandonc503or should i use sudo cp  -a05:24
brandonc503.. kk thanks05:24
amenadoJorje you have an hp laptop but using which os?05:24
ttotallyit wants to reformat/partition the first three partitions, but two of those are ntfs05:24
miyakamy wifi doesnt work in ubuntu. Im using MSI megabook laptop05:24
prettyrickywell that question is which one do I add I have one that says swap, and the other one is ext3?05:24
amenadottotally-> there should be more options than default..05:24
Fryguy--prettyricky: ext305:24
ttotallyamenado, what do you mean?05:24
khaotik_could anyone give me a link to get my wireless fixed on a compaq presario c700. its weird the fw cutter is installed, the little blu light turned on, but there is no connection or not even one network showing when there should be at least six. this is really putting a damper in my plot to load Ubuntu on every machine and take over the world.05:24
amenadottotally-> look carefully at your choices which radio button you can click on05:25
prettyrickywill acronis disk director suite work?05:25
atonalpanicIs there any way to automatically mount my window vista partition so i don't have to click on the partition in COMPUTER to  get my songs to play in banshee?  my songs are located on vista, but i always have to go in to that partition for banshee to start playing05:25
Fryguy--why are people so into taking over the world with *nix05:25
Fryguy--prettyricky: probably05:25
miyakahow can I stop the start up sound in ubuntu? it continuous playing the sound and never stop. My laptop is MSI05:25
Fryguy--atonalpanic: edit /etc/fstab05:25
lastelement0how can i stop compiz fusion from loading the screen at bootup?05:25
ttotallyi already partitioned the disk, but ubuntu wants to write over my partions and just picks the first three existing ones to repartion for its use05:26
Kumoola ok lol i was using unrar ver 0.0.1 OMG05:26
atonalpanicfryguy: "Error: no "edit" mailcap rules found for type "application/*""05:26
Fryguy--atonalpanic: ... i mean edit the file..05:26
Fryguy--using whatever text editor you prefer05:26
amenadottotally-> it ccan only install on what you selected assuming you choosed the partition yourself,05:26
nickrudatonalpanic: I have     UUID=386C4F356C4EECE6 /windows        ntfs-3g    defaults,umask=007,gid=46 0       1    to mount my windows partition at /windows ; use    blkid   in a terminal to get your uuid05:27
ttotallyamenado, okay .. now what do you mean "selected"?05:27
amenadottotally-> are you installing now? tell me what choices do you have ?05:27
ttotallyi want it to install on /dev/sda6 with a boot partition on /dev/sda105:28
ttotallyamenado, just a minute05:28
amenado!who | ttotally05:28
ubotuttotally: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:28
nickrudttotally: use the manual partitioning05:28
NuCobraHi all, How can u remove ubuntu from my hard drive without doing a reformat? i also have Windows installed on the same drive and do not want to lose all my info05:28
atonalpanicnickrud: just write "UUID=MYWINDOWSPARITION /windows        ntfs-3g    defaults,umask=007,gid=46 0" to that file?05:29
ttotallynickrud, i did ... partitioned it beforehand with cfdisk, then clicked on manual05:29
amenadottotally-> yeah if you are in manual partitioning, you also have a choice for mount points.. so /dev/sda6 for /  and /dev/sda1 for /boot05:29
nickrudatonalpanic: yes, if you decide to mount it at /windows don't forget to sudo mkdir /windows05:29
NuCobraHello :)05:30
GGBtem brasil??05:30
brandonc503so that sudo cp -a start finish   said....05:30
brandonc503cp: failed to preserve ownership for Operation not permitted05:30
nickrudttotally: iirc click on the partition, then give the mount point you want that partition to have05:30
ttotallyamenado, i have / for root and /boot for /sda1 ... is that right05:30
amenadoNuCobra-> no worries, your windows can not see the ubuntu partitions if it does not have the ext3 drivers to see linux05:30
=== Darkmystere_ is now known as Ethernal_Chaos
Kikkoman[22:33] #ubuntu unable to join channel (registered only)05:30
KikkomanOh lol05:30
amenadottotally-> it is your choice, you ask me if it is right, what do you like to have?05:30
ttotallyamenado, that's not what i meant05:31
nickrudbrandonc503: do you have write permissions at the location you're writing to?05:31
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:31
NuCobraamenado: How can u remove ubuntu from my hard drive without doing a reformat? i also have Windows installed on the same drive and do not want to lose all my info05:31
amenadottotally-> well i dont know what you meant05:31
ttotallyamenado, i meant is the syntax correct05:31
atonalpanicnickrud: "I'm confused, which file should i add this too?05:31
nickrudbrandonc503: or, you're trying to change the ownership to root of a file you're copying05:31
brandonc503its my thumb drive.. how would i do that?05:31
amenadottotally-> yeah if you are in manual partitioning, you also have a choice for mount points.. so /dev/sda6 for /  and /dev/sda1 for /boot05:31
nickrudatonalpanic: /etc/fstab05:31
PriceChildNuCobra: use some partitioning program to delete the ubuntu partition, and expant the windows one to fill the space.05:31
brandonc503im trying to keep permisions the same05:32
amenadoNuCobra-> do you need to remove it really? why?05:32
brandonc503is for back up05:32
atonalpanicnickrud: its telling me it is a directory05:32
meekolopeNuCobra: its to cool to use, it freezes his fingertips05:32
ttotallyamenado, so "/dev/sda6" is what should appear in the table, not "/"05:32
nickrudbrandonc503: if any of the files are owned by root (or about anyone else) you'll have to use sudo05:32
Kumoolhow do install unrar from source?05:32
littlepinkdotHave a quick question about teardrop attacks, what type of firewall is best at preventing teardrop/DDoS attacks? Circuit or SPI?05:32
brandonc503nickrud i did05:32
NuCobraPriceChild: you know any good ones? for windows?05:32
nickrudatonalpanic:   gksudo gedit /etc/fstab05:32
furythorman, compiling that wine takes a while...05:32
furythortypo ><05:33
ryuenjinzeroNuCobra windows can do it itself05:33
NuCobraryuenjinzero: ya if you have the disk05:33
nickrudbrandonc503: hm. sounds odd. without knowing more about what and where its copying ...05:33
amenadottotally-> mount points will be  /  and /boot  which corrsponding partition you choose is your choice.. dont forget / should be minimum 2gig -- /boot only about 300meg is enuff05:33
prince_jammys!gparted | NuCobra: this is one, you can download a liveCD05:33
ubotuNuCobra: this is one, you can download a liveCD: GParted is a !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted-livecd.tuxfamily.org/05:33
NuCobraprince_jammys: ty05:34
brandonc503nickrud from /var/www to my flash drive05:34
atonalpanicnickrud: thanks imma restart and try it out05:34
ttotallyamenado, i normally use about 40-50 meg for /boot05:35
nickrudbrandonc503: is the flash mounted write only?05:35
NuCobraprince_jammys: it work in windows?05:35
nickrudbrandonc503: I mean, read?05:35
amenadoNuCobra  btw this is the best time to use that infamous  rm -rf * on the partition you want to remove..05:35
prince_jammysNuCobra: you boot directly into the CD.05:35
amenadottotally-> whatever suites you05:35
nickrudbrandonc503: or, is it an ntfs/vfat usb? those can't handle unix permissions05:35
ttotallyamenado, anyway, that's what i have for mount points05:35
furythorHow long building and installing wine can take ?05:36
hqxrivenbrasileiros na área???05:36
prince_jammysNuCobra: you can then edit the partitions (delete the ubuntu one and resize the windows one).  when it's done, you reboot05:36
nickrud!br | hqxriven05:36
ubotuhqxriven: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.05:36
=== CR_cwek_Toket_Gd is now known as coJKT_skCWE36B-U
brandonc503nickrud i have put other files there from ubuntu...05:36
PendetaI have some (probably dumb) questions concerning the Ubuntu Server Edition.  1. Can it be used as a workstation also? or is that not wise?05:36
NuCobraok if it works i will see you all around some time05:36
Fryguy--Pendeta: ubuntu server doesn't install a gui by default05:37
PriceChildPendeta: the server edition is just a different set of default packages05:37
nickrudbrandonc503: yes, but if it's an ntfs/vfat partition, you were copying into preset permissions.05:37
brandonc503nickrud it looks like it copied the files but the permissions where not persereved05:37
ttotallyamenado, let me ask this then. will ubuntu put linux in / automatically? and the kernel image/grub/etc in /boot?05:37
igoens0c45:624f Microdia Webcam <-- works with gspca driver but no /dev/video0 = "What's the problem?"05:37
amenadoPendeta-> yes it can be used as workstation, you may have to add desktop to get gui features05:37
PriceChildPendeta: you can install a gui on top of the server base install, or you can install server apps on top of the desktop install. You end with the same result.05:37
brandonc503nickrud what can i do?05:37
dn4iaoops, did I just show you that?05:37
=== Raistlin1 is now known as Raistl|n
brandonc503nickrud i have other flash drives05:37
amenadottotally-> affirmative05:37
prince_jammysttotally: yes05:37
Pendetaoktanouc, great.05:38
ttotallyokay, thnx guys05:38
nickrudbrandonc503: exactly.  if you want to preserver permissions, do   tar -cf www.backup.tar /var/www , that will make a file that will preserve permissions05:38
ttotallyback to troubleshooting then05:38
nickrudbrandonc503: or, reformat one of those other flash drives as an ext2/3 partition05:38
brandonc503nickrud can i do that with ubuntu05:38
nickrudbrandonc503: sure, use parted or cfdisk05:38
NuCobraif it downloads05:38
PendetaQuestion 2, how does file sharing work? Can you still keep some data files on each workstation?05:39
nickruddn4ia: yes, please avoid it in the future05:39
amenadoPendeta-> off course you keep your data files in each workstation, assuming the shared directory is from the workstation and not from the central server05:40
zero88W: GPG error: http://www.debian-multimedia.org etch Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 07DC563D1F41B90705:40
zero88 how do i fic this05:40
dn4ianickrud, copy that break 10-0405:40
PriceChild!debian | zero8805:40
ubotuzero88: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/relationship - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!05:40
nickrudzero88: first, by not using debian-mulitmedia05:40
nickruddn4ia: heh, mistakes are made05:41
zero88im trying to follow this http://tovid.wikia.com/wiki/Installing_svn_ffmpeg_on_a_Debian_based_distro05:41
brandonc503nickrud if i do that tar -cf www.backup.tar /var/www    ... where will it put the file?05:41
nickrudbrandonc503: in the directory you ran it in05:41
brandonc503k thanks05:41
PriceChildzero88: get ffmpeg from medibuntu05:41
Pendetaamenado, Thanks.05:41
PriceChild!medibuntu | zero8805:41
ubotuzero88: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org05:41
amenadoPendeta-> no problemo,05:42
nickrudbrandonc503: when it comes time to untar it, use   tar xf www.backup.tar, it will recreate the directory as a subdirectory of where you run it05:42
PendetaQuestion 3. Is there a web page somewhere that clearly but throughly explains how to set up a LAN using the Ubuntu Server Edition?05:43
PriceChildPendeta: get two computers and one ethernet cable. Plug one end of the cable in each. Done.05:44
luckyshothey guys i improperly shut my pc down and now when i boot up it wont go into xwindows. im stuck in command mode. do you think if i boot up from the cd i can fix it?05:44
luckyshoti can get in with the live cd i installed it from05:44
PendetaPriceChild, we have 5 computers, and two of them are Windows XP. Does what you said  still apply?05:46
PriceChildPendeta: get a hub or switch and 5 cables. Plug one end of each cable into the hub or switch, the other into a computer. Done.05:46
amenadoPendeta its much nicer if you get a hub or a switch in between05:46
brandonc503nickrud so ... sudo  tar -cf www.backup.tar /var/www05:46
amenadoPendeta-> and most likely you will need a router, so either use your ubuntu as a router/gateway or get a real expensive one :)05:47
nickrudbrandonc503: yes05:47
amenadoPendeta am assuming your little network will expand05:48
luckyshotcan anyone help me fix this problem?05:48
amenadoluckyshot-> re-install its a new install anyways right?05:49
DarkmystereWhats the directory Emerald Hides the themeś  after they've been imported..?05:49
brandonc503nickrud uh.. what did it do? i dont see new anything in /var/www05:50
Odd-rationaleDarkmystere: Either ~/.themes or ~/.emerald05:50
amenadobrandonc503-> what command did you type exactly?05:51
brandonc503sudo  tar -cf www.backup.tar /var/www;05:51
brandonc503and it asked for password05:51
brandonc503and i entered it05:51
PendetaIs it easier to use the server as a router/gateway or to use a dedicated router?05:51
brandonc503tar: Removing leading `/' from member names05:51
amenadobrandonc503-> which directory where you in when doing this command?  pwd05:51
NuCobraThis takes forever to Dwnlod05:51
Kumoolhow do i extract rar files?05:52
brandonc503amenado i did in terminal05:52
amenadoPendeta same pretty much05:52
amenadocept for cost05:52
=== CR_cwek_Toket_Gd is now known as coJKT_SkCWE36B-u
amenadobrandonc503-> in that terminal type this  pwd05:52
ogrehow do i detect the mac addy of my bluetoothe device?05:53
luckyshotamenado, not a new install05:53
amenadobrandonc503-> then look for a tar file in your /home/brandon05:53
PendetaPriceChild and amenado, thanks! Now I have questions about a different problem.05:54
Ninesvnsicksok me and my friend are having a hard time getting X to work05:54
NuCobraok how do i run it now that is it dwnloded05:54
brandonc503so i can just copy that to flash drive05:54
Ninesvnsickshe has an Nvidia geforce 680005:54
Ninesvnsickswe downloaded the nvidia drivers05:54
Ninesvnsicksbut they wont install05:54
Ninesvnsicksgetting: Unable to find the system utility 'ld' please make sure you have the package binutils installed05:54
ogrehow do i detect the mac addy of my bluetoothe device?05:54
amenadobrandonc503-> cp  source destination  ..may I also suggest some basic linux tutorials?05:55
brandonc503amenado nope05:55
amenadobrandonc503-> it would really help you..rather than asking every question here05:56
brandonc503amenado thats what xchat is for.. i learn as i need.. head starting to get full of php and sql stuff.. dont wana blow it up05:56
NuCobraprince_jammys: how do i run it now that it is dwnloaded05:56
brandonc503amenado ive learned much here.. i dont read good. have hard time getting book to read to me05:56
PendetaWhen I run tracert on any external url I get all stars except for the first and last line. Is this the fault of my ISP or a problem with my computer?05:56
amenadobrandonc503-> since you dont like to take the effort to do tutorials, thats the last help you get from me05:56
prince_jammysNuCobra: you have to burn a CD and boot from it05:56
brandonc503amenado i understand, thanks though05:57
ttotallyamenado, it works now. i didn't know to use the little format check box. once i told it which ones to format it's happy ..05:57
prince_jammysNuCobra: when you installed ubuntu, did you do it from live cd?05:57
Lasivianhow do I tell Ubuntu to rescan the pcmcia bus?05:57
NuCobraprince_jammys: yes then updated05:57
=== andresj is now known as andresj_
prince_jammysNuCobra: ok, same thing.  you burn a cd and reboot from cd. That way you can edit partitions without working inside them05:58
=== andresj_ is now known as andresj_____
=== revi_ is now known as gitARIS
NuCobraok ty05:58
NuCobraprince_jammys: ty05:58
=== andresj_____ is now known as andresj
prince_jammysNuCobra: the only thing i wonder about is your grub05:58
cryptkis anyone here that can help me with rebuilding my kernel05:59
NinesvnsicksI really need help here05:59
PriceChildcryptk: why do you think you need to do that?05:59
prince_jammysif he removes ubuntu with gparted and resizes his existing windows partition, will it affect grub?05:59
PriceChildprince_jammys: yes, he will need to use the windows install cd to restore the mbr05:59
prince_jammys"he" being NuCobra05:59
cryptkI am trying to patch a wireless driver, to do that I need to rebuild the kernel to have loadable module support06:00
prince_jammyswow he left06:00
Fryguy--cryptk: the ubuntu kernel has loadable module support by default06:00
cryptkmy kernel is telling me that it doesnt06:00
=== KnifeHat_ is now known as KnifeHat
PriceChildcryptk: you can load modules into the ubuntu kernel...06:01
Fryguy--cryptk: then you are doing something wrong06:01
prince_jammysPriceChild: he's not going to be too happy, since he doesn't have a windows cd :/06:01
cryptkok, is there someone here that can help me find out what I am doing wrong?06:01
PriceChildprince_jammys: there are other ways, ##windows for that06:01
cryptkthere are programs available through the package manager that you can use to restore a windows MBR06:02
MushroomsIs there a method for me to disable the 'main monitor' of my note book computer, and just use an external monitor?06:02
cryptkunless it is a vista MBR, then you need the CD06:02
Mushroomsbecause i have tried various dual screen configurations, but none of them seem to work properly06:02
pluxMushrooms: set the lightlevel to zero?06:02
LasivianMushrooms: yeah, that should be under applications/settings/screens and graphics06:03
ogrewhere can i get the hardy beta?06:03
PriceChild!hardy | ogre06:03
ubotuogre: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu06:03
Fryguy--there's a beta?06:03
Fryguy--i thought it was still alpha06:03
Lasiviantho to totally shut off your notebook screen you probably need to use the notebook bios settings or hotkeys06:03
PriceChildFryguy--: see ubotu's message06:03
Lasiviananyone know how to rescan the pcmcia bus?06:04
JeffHdoes the server edition differ from the desktop edition just by the software that is installed by default?06:04
Fryguy--JeffH: yes06:04
PriceChildJeffH: yes.06:04
kLownishim having a permission problem with my nas (wd netcenter).  I can view, and write to it on my linux box, but cant even view it on winblows..anyone have any idea what i can do ;/06:04
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Lasiviancan't get my notebook to see my network card when I swap it out06:04
JeffHdoes the server version include x-window06:04
PriceChild!windows | kLownish06:04
ubotukLownish: For discussion and help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubotu equivalents06:04
_Oz_Lasivian: ubuntu tends to have a problem with wireless cards06:05
Lasivianthat's not good06:05
PriceChild_Oz_: pardon?06:05
Lasivianit definately hates my Orinoco card06:05
PriceChildJeffH: no, but it is installable easily.06:05
_Oz_PriceChild: every wireless card I've combined ubuntu with has choked unfortunately. :(06:05
ogrehow do i detect the mac addy of my bluetooth device?06:05
JeffHPriceChild: Good.  I don't want a GUI06:05
kLownishPriceChild: I appreciate your ability to type the ! and a name, but that is not all of the problem..i still would like to be able to view/write to it on linux, and windows.06:06
PriceChild_Oz_: that does not mean they don't work for anyone else.06:06
PriceChildkLownish: if it works on linux, but not windows, then its a windows problem.06:06
_Oz_PriceChild: no, but it is sort of a known weakness of ubuntu at this point in time -- especially if it's a laptop.06:06
Lasivianwell, I swap cards and they don't show up in ifconfig, so I assume I need to tell it to check06:06
PriceChild_Oz_: I would suggest instead you find out the chipset and give helpful advice.06:06
kLownishPriceChild: maybe its a permissions issue that i'm no thinking of..06:06
kLownishwhich is why im here.06:06
_Oz_Lasivian: I'm just letting him know it's a common problem, that's all.06:06
PriceChildkLownish: if it works on linux, but not windows, then its a windows problem?06:07
_Oz_!laptop | lasivian06:07
ubotulasivian: Laptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org06:07
nraicHi, I am using ubuntu 7.04 64bit and I am trying to get flash to work using the Getflash script.06:07
cryptkmacromedia flash?06:07
_Oz_that was supposed to be06:07
PriceChildnraic: what's wrong with the flashplyugin-nonfree package?06:07
_Oz_PriceChild: I'm just letting him know it's a common problem, that's all.06:07
nraicPriceChild, I can't find it using the package manager.06:08
PriceChildnraic: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree06:08
limpHow do i know my KDE version?06:09
Mushroomssorry about that, i had to do a alt+ sysreq TT^TT06:09
nraicPriceChild, I get these error. http://rafb.net/p/G5prWm20.html06:09
MushroomsI can't remember who i was talking to, but in regards to setting screen preferences, you do mean system->administration->screens and graphics?06:10
PriceChildnraic: pastebin your sources.list please06:10
nraicPriceChild, I found the package on the site but yeh then it keeps asking for all the decencies06:10
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nraicPriceChild, How do I locate my sources list?06:10
mindheavyanyone ever have an icon get stuck on the desktop in gnome, an icon for a cd in the drive to be exact06:10
PriceChildnraic: cat /etc/apt/sources.list06:11
limpI'd really need to know how i can get my KDE version06:11
prince_jammyslimp: one not-so-direct way is to open any kde app (kate, for example) and in the far right of the top menu -Help -> About KDE06:11
FrijolieI have a Core2 Duo Laptop, should I be running amd64 version over the i386 version?06:11
Fryguy--Frijolie: no06:11
limpprince_jammys, thanks =)06:11
nraicPriceChild: http://rafb.net/p/ppSqh096.html06:12
FrijolieFryguy: is there any benefit of the 64bit OS?06:12
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Fryguy--Frijolie: access to more ram, that's about it06:12
limpOh by the way, on laptops how come then Fn+Arrow shortcut does not work to reduce/augment screen brightness (save battery)06:12
FrijolieFryguy: I do have 2GB RAM06:12
Fryguy--Frijolie: many applications are slower on 64-bit currently, and there's quite a bit more headaches regarding binary only versions of stuff (firefox, nvidia, and flash all come to mind)06:12
PriceChildnraic: system > administration > software sources.06:12
Fryguy--Frijolie: that's fine for 32-bit06:12
FrijolieFryguy: ah, well then I'm not missing anything...06:13
Fryguy--err, well firefox isn't binary only, but it runs flash06:13
Fryguy--Frijolie: nope06:13
FrijolieFryguy: alright...06:13
PriceChildnraic: please uncheck then recheck the first four boxes. Then move to the third tab and uncheck the first 4 boxes, then recheck the first 2.06:14
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=== asdfasdfasdf is now known as fotoflo
griffi1I m trying to install alsa with module-assistant, but I ve got an error saying : CFLAGS was changed, Any ideas please ?06:14
mindheavyanyone ever have an icon get stuck on the desktop in gnome, an icon for a cd in the drive to be exact06:14
crypt1029_ /msg nickserv link crypt1029 scorcher06:14
Frijolieis there an official release date for Hardy? -- it is next month right?06:15
PriceChildcrypt1029_: please nick to your normal nick and change your password immediately06:15
fotoflohey, im having a problem with ssh, when i use puTTy to connect to my ubuntu box it takes forever for a password prompt06:15
PriceChildcrypt1029_: in future do not perform actions including your password in a channel tab06:15
crypt1029_I already did, lol06:15
fotofloif i use the internal ip its even slower, if i use the extrenal ip, its a little faster06:15
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Odd-rationaleFrijolie: Sometime near the end of april, i beleive...06:16
Fryguy--month 4 and month 10 of every year (hence the .04 and .10 at the end of version numbers)06:16
Fryguy--exact release date hasn't been scheduled yet i don't think06:17
FrijolieOdd-rationale: ive searched for an official release schedule and all I get is vague schedule(s)06:17
Odd-rationaleFrijolie: I'll get it for you...06:17
dizzleevery time I switch my wireless network, my custom hosts file is replaced by the Ubuntu default. Can somebody help?06:17
careyHow do i get firefox to stop loading up mp3's to play them when i'm trying to download them instead?06:17
nraicPriceChild, Done. I did the reload, was warned about one bad package and that was it. I tired the add command again, no go. Do I need to restart?06:17
EnginAGuys any of you know what should I do to see a KDM/GDM login screen upon VNC connection to a ubuntu server =06:18
Darkmysterewhats the file to edit my screenś res for the splash screen?06:18
amenadodizzle-> look at your /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf06:18
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Fryguy--dizzle: the easiest way is to probably mark the file immutable with chattr06:18
ompaulEnginA, log in06:18
bastid_raZorDarkmystere; menu.lst06:18
PriceChildnraic: in a terminal, sudo apt-get update, then try installing the package again06:18
dizzlehmmm cool thank for the tips guys06:19
EnginAwith default setup when I log on the the VNC server on my ubuntu box I just see an X session running by root with a console opened.06:19
Odd-rationaleFrijolie: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule06:19
Darkmysterebastid_raZor, Err, thats not it its a file that just has res in it..06:19
nraicPriceChild, apt-get update done, package is still not wanting to install.06:20
FlyerfyeDoes anyone how to connect to the IRC at a University, I connect just fine at home06:20
FrijolieOdd-rationale: thanks! that's what I was looking for! the Beta's coming up thanks..06:20
Fryguy--Flyerfye: ?06:20
StarnestommyFlyerfye: try port 800106:20
nraicPriceChild,  sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree is the correct package name yeh?06:20
Flyerfyehow do I do that06:21
StarnestommyFlyerfye: depends on the client06:21
Darkmysterewhats the file to edit my screenś res for the splash  loading screen so i wont have to wait for it to load and all that..06:21
Fryguy--Darkmystere: install startupmanager06:21
FlyerfyeXChat-Gnome IRC06:21
Fryguy--ew xchat :(06:21
nickrudDarkmystere: /etc/usplash.conf06:22
Flyerfyewhat client should I get instead then?06:22
burner\-uhm.. at resume (from suspend) i get a *out of range* message on my screen. Then it goes to a black screen with a blinking '_'06:22
Frijolieis GNOME going to upgrade to v3 to "compete" with the new KDE 4 (not trying to start a flame war) I like GNOME better06:22
burner\-then i have to go to (ctrl+alt+f1) and back to (ctrl+alt+f7) - and there's X working fine, exept from a weird mouse pointer06:22
nickrudFlyerfye: xchat   plain, (or irssi if you're masochistic)06:22
bastid_raZorDarkmystere; if you'll read in the menu.lst it'll tell about adding it.. defoptions=vga=791 ..06:22
Fryguy--Frijolie: gnome is going to continue along it's course, just as it does now06:22
nickrudFrijolie: off-topic, you should ask on irc.gnome.org , #gnome (and no)06:23
Fryguy--Frijolie: feel free to look at their release schedule to see what they have planned, or, god forbid, actually do some work for them06:23
Fryguy--prince_jammys: bitchX is no longer under active development, and has been pretty much completely been replaced by irssi as the de facto cli client of choice06:23
jamesrdornis there a good way of freeing "shared" memory? I had a VM open that I had to kill. Normally this RAM is freed when the app closes. It wouldn't be a problem but it's 7.4GB of ram that it in use.06:24
Odd-rationaleFryguy--: Do you have a link of the relase schedule and planned features?06:24
prince_jammysFryguy--: oh06:24
Fryguy--Odd-rationale: no, but google does06:24
FrijolieFryguy: I know it appears that GNOME is a little poky in the incremental upgrade category... I would help if I knew how to code06:24
prince_jammysFryguy--: then i'm uninstalling it :)06:24
Odd-rationaleFryguy--: Thanks.....06:24
Fryguy--prince_jammys: irssi is really nice06:24
nraicPriceChild, are you still there?06:25
prince_jammysFryguy--: i'm about to get it06:25
PriceChildnraic: yes06:25
PriceChildnraic: apt-cache madsion flashplugin-nonfree06:25
lkthomasI am using marvell eth chip06:26
lkthomasbut ubuntu default kernel seems can't find it06:26
ogrehow do i detect the mac addy of my bluetooth device?06:26
Darkmysterewhat exacly does that vga=773 do?06:26
ogrehow do i detect the mac addy of my bluetooth dongle*?06:27
iceswordDarkmystere, vga=788 =1024X72806:27
PengIf an application crashed saying "Segmentation fault (core dumped)", where would it be dumped to?06:28
nraicPriceChild, E: Invalid operation madsion06:28
nickrudPeng: /var/crash06:28
dizzleoften my laptop screen will blank ( i assume its saving power or something).  When i move my mouse to show the screen again, there is no response and i ahve to restart Xserver. is there a fix for this? is it a similar issue as hibernate/suspend?06:28
Darkmysterewell brb trying it out06:28
BenniBoyahey, how can i get gcc to build for winows?06:28
dizzleare there fixes for hibernate/suspend now with gutsy?06:29
Fryguy--BenniBoya: using mingw06:29
nickrudlkthomas:  try   lspci | grep -i ethernet , that should tell you if the kernel sees your ethernet chip06:29
bastid_raZorDarkmystere; http://tinyurl.com/2q9qrd will help explain it a bit more06:29
PriceChilddizzle: hibernate/suspend work fine otb06:29
ryan_mandelbaumi have a mac g3 ppc and my synaptic keeps crashing every time i search for something06:29
BenniBoyawhat is mingew06:29
Pengnickrud: Oh, ok. It's empty.06:29
Fryguy--BenniBoya: gcc for windows06:29
PriceChilddizzle: if you decide to use proprietary binary blobs things may break06:29
BenniBoyacan i build it for windows in ubuntu though?06:29
lkthomas01:00.0 Ethernet controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Unknown device 4357 (rev 12)06:29
nickrudlkthomas: so, the kernel sees it06:30
lkthomasbut ifconfig can't show anything06:30
pstvi'm a newbie06:30
Fryguy--BenniBoya: what? windows in ubuntu? what are you talking about?06:30
BenniBoyafryguy--: can i build programs for windows eg exes  in ubuntu?06:31
Fryguy--BenniBoya: what exactly are you trying to do06:31
Fryguy--BenniBoya: no06:31
ryan_mandelbaum i have a mac g3 ppc and my synaptic keeps crashing every time i search for something can anyone help me?06:31
catmistakeHow do you reconfigure gdm?06:31
pstvis there a way to find the programs i install?06:31
catmistakegdk-config or somehting like that/06:31
ompaul!snyaptic | pstv06:31
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about snyaptic - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:31
Arekkusuryan_mandelbaum, have you tried leaving it for about 10-20 seconds after it turns black and white?06:31
geoaxishello people06:32
BenniBoyaone alst thing, where is the ubuntu version fo a PATH file? ive added my path command to profile and bash_rc and it didnt work06:32
ompaul!snynaptic | pstv06:32
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about snynaptic - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:32
ryan_mandelbaumit closes completely06:32
Fryguy--BenniBoya: it does, you probably have to log out and log back in06:32
ompaul!synaptic | pstv06:32
ubotupstv: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto06:32
geoaxisI am have an intel motherbaord with has intel high definition audio06:32
BenniBoyadw i fixed it06:32
Fryguy--(or just export a new path on your current shell)06:32
pstvi use snyaptic to install but where did it install06:32
Fryguy--pstv: debians package manager installs to standard linux locations (/usr/bin etc) by default06:32
geoaxisany chance that i can get its drivers out of box06:32
Arekkusuryan_mandelbaum, that's very odd.  Are you using Hardy?06:32
prince_jammyspstv: what did you just install?06:32
ryan_mandelbaumno dapper06:33
ompaulpstv, once installed it runs /bin /usr/bin /usr/sbin /usr/local/bin lots of places are correct06:33
pstvi google for help but no luck06:33
pstvaircrack ng06:33
nickrudlkthomas: lsmod | grep sky2 , what do you get back?06:33
prince_jammyspstv: have you tried to run it from command line?06:33
pstvi heard about it and as curious06:33
lkthomasnickrud: empty06:34
pstvi installed it through synaptic but now where do i execute it06:34
Fryguy--pstv: just run aircrack-ng, from a terminal or whatever06:34
prince_jammyspstv: try typing "aircrack" in a terminal. (Applications->Accessories->Terminal)06:34
nickrudlkthomas: try sudo modprobe sky2 (based on http://cateee.net/lkddb/web-lkddb/SKY2.html)  , then check your ifconfig06:34
ryan_mandelbaumno imusing dapper06:35
ompaulpstv, from menu Applications Accessories Terminal06:35
pstvi did that too but nothing shows.. googled it06:35
ompaulpstv, type air and hit the tab key06:35
pstvok let me try rite now06:35
Flyerfyehow do you end a process in terminal?06:35
pstvjust air and hit tab? ok06:35
stiv2kwhat the heck is "extra timer interrupt" in powerTOP?  It's causing 80% of my wakeups per second06:35
Arekkusuryan_mandelbaum, your sources list might be corrupted.06:35
Fryguy--Flyerfye: use the kill command06:35
lkthomasnickrud: modprobe sky2, but then eth still not found06:35
Fryguy--or ctrl-c will kill most currently running processes in termianl06:35
pstvnothing happen06:36
ttotallygrub doesn't seem to be correctly configured .. i'm getting "Error 15: file not found". In grub.conf, it seems to be treating (hd0,0) as the root file system, but it's /boot. and the root device is sda5, not hda1. are these known issues?06:36
prince_jammysFlyerfye: kill PROCESSID or killall proces_name or pkill process_name06:36
ryan_mandelbaumi checked that all it looks fine06:36
Flyerfyewhat if I dont know what the process is?06:36
nickruddpkg -L aircrack-ng | grep bin should show executables06:36
FlyerfyeMy mozilla says it wont open a new window until I close the old one06:36
Flyerfyethe problem is, I dont think the old one is running06:36
prince_jammysFlyerfye: killall firefox-bin06:36
pstvi've also tried apt-cache search aircrack06:36
FinnishIs there an easy way to update to newest version of Audacious?06:36
mavi-Flyerfye: alt-f3, killall -KILL firefox06:36
Fryguy--Flyerfye: ps is a command that can help you find running processes and ways of identifying them06:36
ttotallythis is a fresh install06:36
Fryguy--killall with a processname works too06:36
Flyerfyethank you06:37
sladigaror, just use system monitor06:37
Arekkusuryan_mandelbaum, there are no error messages at all?06:37
Fryguy--ttotally: sounds like you tried to do some custom stuff during the install, so no it's not a known issue.  you're pretty much on your own if you decide to do something other than what the guided install tells you to do06:37
nickrudlkthomas: That's about all I know about that chip. It's listed there, as supposedly supported by that driver. There's not a heck of a lot about that unknown device on google06:37
aseanochoHey all.  Does anyone know how to find out the proper vga setting for the CLI text size?06:37
prince_jammyspstv: type "man aircrack"06:37
ttotallyFryguy--, ah, okay. is there any way to get to the grub.conf file to edit it?06:38
mavi-aseanocho: google. there are lists over those resolutions06:38
Fryguy--ttotally: it's in /boot06:38
prince_jammyspstv: aircrack is probably a command-line tool that comes with several executables06:38
pstvlet me try man aircrack06:38
prince_jammyspstv: that's just a guess06:38
prince_jammyspstv: it's a wireless packet sniffer, right?06:38
stiv2kwhat the heck is "extra timer interrupt" in powerTOP?  It's causing 80% of my wakeups per second06:38
ttotallyFryguy--, right, but the filesystem won't mount or something's wrong. I can't get my hands on anything.06:38
aseanochomavi-:  I've googled it, and tried mult settings.  Nothing has worked except for vga=ask, and I don't like any of its options.06:39
Fryguy--ttotally: without knowing what you did, nobody is going to be able to help you06:39
ttotallyFryguy--, okay06:39
ogreanyone tried aircrack ptw?06:39
BenniBoyai just downloaded vim, how do i open it, i used synaptic package manager06:39
ryan_mandelbaumhow do i reply to a specific person06:39
bastid_raZoraseanocho; http://tinyurl.com/2q9qrd may help06:39
ogreerr aircrack-ptw*06:39
stefanoubuntu used to recognize my ntfs partition but suddenly hasnt recognised it anymore, any clues?06:39
Fryguy--BenniBoya: run it like you would any other program...06:39
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Fryguy--it'll also show up in your applications menu06:39
pstvis there a menu i can install that will show applications installed from synaptic06:39
n2diy_! sd06:39
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:39
ogrestefano:  external?06:39
Arekkusuryan_mandelbaum, I'm sorry, I don't think I can help.  It would be best to repost your question for all to see.  I can't do anything without error messages.06:39
crypt1029pstv try joining #aircrack-ng for help with your issues06:39
nickrudpstv: apt-cache show aircrack-ng06:39
BenniBoyaits not in applications emnu06:40
ogrestefano:  one have windows on it?06:40
crypt1029chances are I can help you out with it06:40
stefanogot ubuntu and windows on same hard drive06:40
Fryguy--BenniBoya: so then run it from terminal or w/e then06:40
BenniBoyawhen i run ti in terminal, it looke really cut down06:40
crypt1029I just solved my one problem with aircrack (driver patching issue) but I am pretty versed in aircrack06:40
Fryguy--BenniBoya: care to be more descriptive?06:40
ryan_mandelbaumhow do i reply to a specific person06:40
Fryguy--the terminal version runs fine for me, and looks just like any other version of vim i run on any other machine06:41
ompaulryan_mandelbaum, you use their nick06:41
aseanochomavi-:  Any other suggestions?06:41
PriceChild!tab | ryan_mandelbaum06:41
uboturyan_mandelbaum: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.06:41
BenniBoyait just looks like a terminal window with room to type,06:41
nickrudryan_mandelbaum: type the first few chars of their name, hit the tab key. Repeat until you get their name06:41
neoi do want to reinstall windows, so the existing mbr will be overwritten ,so unable to access the ubuntu ,,, help!!!!06:41
ArekkusuUse /msg <name of person> <message>06:41
Fryguy--BenniBoya: what do you want? the graphical version of vim?06:41
pstvthe apt-cache show aircrack thats just information to the http correct?06:41
neoi do want to reinstall windows, so the existing mbr will be overwritten ,so unable to access the ubuntu ,,, help!!!!06:41
ompaul!grub | neo06:41
ubotuneo: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto06:41
ryan_mandelbaumnickrud, thanks06:41
neoi do want to reinstall windows, so the existing mbr will be overwritten ,so unable to access the ubuntu ,,, help!!!!06:41
ompaul!repeat | neo06:41
ubotuneo: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience06:41
ogrestefano:  either an unclean shutdown or you have to change premissions to the ntfs partition. i know when i had win that id have to do into /media/ and open it up as root to read my win partition06:41
Starnestommyneo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows06:41
nickrudah, I'm the first nick highlight for ryan_mandelbaum !06:41
Fryguy--BenniBoya: that's gvim, it's in a different package.  'apt-cache search vim' to see the different options available to you (vim-full is a reasonable choice)06:42
BenniBoyais there a vim gui?06:42
prince_jammysneo you're back -- i was typing about this as you left06:42
nickrudBenniBoya: gvim06:42
ompaulnickrud, wrong06:42
BenniBoyakk ty06:42
pstvi'll do more googling on the aircrack... here's my other question06:42
nickrudompaul: tab comleted highlight ;p06:42
stefanook thanks06:42
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines06:42
ryan_mandelbaumArekkusu, thanks for trying06:42
ompaulnickrud, I got him the other way but yeah we bot did :)06:42
pstvdoes anyone have atlantis pluging and how can i get it06:42
n2diy_I have two SD cards, both work in my camera, but only one works in my reader?06:42
ogrepstv:  let me know if you find anything interesting. i would like to learn about myself06:43
ompauldosfsck | n2diy_06:43
pstvogre how does irc work can i add u somehow06:43
n2diy_ompaul: ?06:43
ttotallyFryguy--, I didn't do anything very complicated. Set up "/boot" on /dev/sda1, "/" on /dev/sda5. Then ran install, rebooted and got the error.06:44
ompauln2diy_, there is a program called dosfsck and it might be of use to you06:44
ubotuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines06:44
pstvso does anyone have Atlantis (the fish aquarian) plugin?06:44
ogrepstv:  try /j #airc and meet me in there06:44
cnStarzdoes anyone nkow how to fix overscanning?06:44
pstvorge: how about msn do u have that06:45
crypt1029you want the atlantis plugin?06:45
pstvcryptl029: ?06:45
n2diy_ompaul: why would I need that? I'm not running DOSh here?06:45
crypt1029it should be part of compiz-fusion-plugins-extra06:45
crypt1029I think06:46
pstvyes i do06:46
ogrepstv:  yes i do but i cant pm u because this nick is unregged. join that channel and ill give u my mSN06:46
crypt1029install that one through the plugin manager06:46
ompauln2diy_, the cards more than likely are06:46
crypt1029pstv:  it should be part of compiz-fusion-plugins-extra06:46
neoi have installed a lot of softwares and costumized my settings for ubuntu,,, i case i reinstall ubuntu the installed softwares and settings will be lost ,,,, can i make an image just like ¨norton ghost¨   so that i can just revert back to the older image06:46
Fryguy--neo:  yes06:47
pstvplugin manager? hold on06:47
ogreompaul:  i know. cant register this nick though :( thanks anyhow06:47
n2diy_ompaul: I'm not running an M$ here, why would one card play with linux, and the other one won't?06:47
SupaFlyHey i really really need some help desperatly, please help me with this cause my entire computer is having troubles: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4450172&postcount=106:47
neoFryguy: how?06:48
Fryguy--same way you do in windows..06:48
pstvis that the compiz-fusion plugin extra?06:48
Fryguy--make the image and restore it or whatever06:48
ompauln2diy_, I made a suggestion based on prior knowledge - the cards format can be broken06:48
SupaFlynah just ccsm06:48
SupaFlycompiz config settings manager06:48
neotell me the exact procedure...06:48
SupaFlyi installed it, then everything went bonkers06:48
SupaFlyi went and done sudo apt-get install ccsm06:49
crypt1029pstv: yes I think so06:49
SupaFlythen i turned on the desktop 3d cube06:49
SupaFlythen the customs visual effects turned off06:49
pstvok let me try06:49
SupaFlythen all the visual effects stopped working06:49
n2diy_ompaul:roger that, but they both work in the camera, but only one in the reader!?06:49
SupaFlythen my taskbars, both bottom and top dissapeared06:49
shp_______Hello and welcome to shfa please enjoy your stay you can learn about our activities at http://www.tubgirl.com06:49
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ompauln2diy_, camera more forgiving?06:49
shp_______Hello and welcome to shfa please enjoy your stay you can learn about our activities at http://www.tubgirl.com06:49
SupaFlynow i have absolutly nothing on the desktop except for the wallpaper06:50
shp_______Hello and welcome to shfa please enjoy your stay you can learn about our activities at http://www.tubgirl.com06:50
pnukeid i want try install apache+php with deb (ubuntu), but mysql install with source.. it can ?06:50
shp_______Hello and welcome to shfa please enjoy your stay you can learn about our activities at http://www.tubgirl.com06:50
neoFryguy: do u know exact procedure?06:50
n2diy_ompaul: I guess?06:50
pstvi've already got the compiz-fusion plugin extra installed but it doesn't have the atlantis plugin06:50
Fryguy--neo: no06:50
pstvogre: did i get your msn?06:50
neoany help06:51
sickzhola, tengo un duda con ubuntu, alguien podria ayudarme?06:51
pstvthanx for the help guys.. i'm new to ubuntu but i'm starting to love it06:52
Fryguy--SupaFly: what happens if you run metacity --replace06:52
Odd-rationale!es | sickz06:52
ubotusickz: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.06:52
pstvto be honest its kinda hard work with it06:52
Fryguy--pstv: not really :/06:52
prince_jammysneo you could burn a copy of your home dir on CD, and then use aptoncd to save the installed packages *i think*06:52
sickzthanks Odd-rationale06:53
pstvFryguy would u like to be my teacher06:53
SupaFlyFryguy ill try that now06:53
prince_jammys!info aptoncd : neo take a look at this06:53
ubotuaptoncd (source: aptoncd): Installation disc creator for packages downloaded via APT. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.97-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 135 kB, installed size 1024 kB06:53
pstvi'm sure this chat room is a great place to start for support..thanx guys06:53
SupaFlyFryguy nothing, im still missing everything from the desktop06:53
SupaFlyoh man, i hate it when things like this happen S06:54
Fryguy--SupaFly: run gnome-panel --sm-client-id default106:54
neowould this revert back the softwares that i have installed from reposetry06:54
SupaFlyFryguy it says "A panel is already running."06:54
prince_jammysneo: this would save the packages from your cache and then you could reinstall06:54
SupaFlyweird, cause there aint no pannels running06:54
SupaFlyi tried rebooting to make sure too06:55
prince_jammys!clone | neo: check this out too06:55
ubotuneo: check this out too: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo dpkg --set-selections < my-packages && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade » - See also !automate06:55
Fryguy--SupaFly: run "killall gnome-panel" and then run the other command06:55
SupaFlyFryguy dude, you are a legend, it got my panels and desktop back!06:55
SupaFlythanks heaps :)06:55
prince_jammysneo: that last one saves a text file that lists all your packages.  you then save the text file somewhere and run the second command to download and reinstall all the same packages06:56
Fryguy--SupaFly: btw, there's tons of random stuff going on with ati and compiz, might want to do a bit more research before you screw with compiz some more06:56
Fryguy--SupaFly: or just go and buy an nvidia card06:56
SupaFlyyeah thats true06:56
SupaFlyim getting a new pc very very soon, so im gona get an nvidia card this time06:56
prince_jammysneo: that pretty much leaves out your personal settings, which you can do by saving all the hidden directories in your home dir06:57
* chalcedony smiles06:57
neoin case of no internet connection????06:57
prince_jammysneo: in case of no interned, install aptoncd and create a cd with your packages06:58
chalcedonywhat's the command line command to get a file from a url ?06:58
Fryguy--chalcedony: wget06:58
chalcedonyFryguy--: TY :)06:58
chalcedonycan't remember the word06:59
SaajanHello people !06:59
XiXaQonly sudoers get the Update Available icon in the notification area, right?06:59
nickrudchalcedony: thing web get, you'll never forget again06:59
chalcedonynickrud: THANK YOU :)07:00
Fryguy--man i'm really starting to like freebsd07:00
chalcedonyFryguy--: a lot of people do07:00
iterFryguy--: go bears07:00
neothen how to revert back using aponcd07:00
Fryguy--iter: lol07:00
fallorewhen xchat starts up on ubuntu start it is positioned so that the top bar you drag to move the window is behind the top "applications, places, system" toolbar. is there a way to change this?07:01
Fryguy--fallore: depends on what window manager you are using07:01
crypt1029hey, I finally got make modules to work w/o it yelling at me about needing loadable module support07:01
falloreFryguy--: i haven't touched it to my knowledge07:01
b_eccahelp with syncing iphone to ubuntu... it says add user to fuse something... so what i did was to type 'sudo usermod -G username'... not 'sudo apt-get does not work' :( help07:01
Saajantry to change screen resolution07:01
crypt1029I had to copy the .config file into the sources directory07:02
=== swombat_ is now known as swombat
Fryguy--b_ecca: edit /etc/group manually, the user needs to be in the wheel group to sudo07:02
b_eccait says Sorry, user username is not allowed to execute '/usr/bin/apt-get update' as root on username"07:02
b_eccaill try it @ Fryguy07:02
chalcedonyok how to unzip `install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz' ?07:02
Fryguy--chalcedony: tar xzf flash_blahblah.tar.gz07:03
chalcedonyoh you're great07:03
ogrechalcedony:  with cli or gui?07:03
ttotallydoes ubuntu automatically make /boot a directory on the root file tree, or can it handle /boot as a separate partition? anyone?07:03
you_help me07:03
ttotallyi mean "the ubuntu install program"07:03
Odd-rationalettotally: You can have /boot separate07:03
prince_jammysttotally: you can do it either way07:03
you_I met some problem during upgrade07:04
chalcedonyogra: command line (visually impaired)07:04
Fryguy--you_: can't help you until you ask a question07:04
b_eccaFryguy: i cant save though, it says i need permissions, and doing 'sudo gedit' doesnt work07:04
you_pycentral: pycentral pkgprepare: already exists:07:04
Odd-rationalettotally: The default is 2 partitions root and swap07:04
ttotallyif boot's a separate partition then the installer will recognize it automatically?07:04
Fryguy--b_ecca: need to log in as root to change07:04
ogrettotally:  when you get a fsck during boot it will be alot qicker if u set boot partition07:04
b_eccaok thanks07:04
pnukeidi want try install apache+php with deb (ubuntu), but mysql install with source.. it can ?07:04
Odd-rationalettotally: Just select which partion you want to use as /boot in the partition step07:04
b_eccaFryguy: so ill delete the line that says fuse::'something'07:04
limpI am updating to KDE 4, it is asking what default DM i should use, what's the difference between kdm and kdm-kde4 ?07:05
ttotallyogre, i like to have boot on its own07:05
Fryguy--b_ecca: no, just add your user to the wheel line again07:05
ttotallyOdd-rationale, okay, did all that but grub doesn't seem to be set up correctly07:05
b_eccaoh ok07:05
Fryguy--or better yet, go to "users and groups" on system administration and edit it there07:05
ttotallyi'm getting "Error 15 ... no such file"07:05
n2diy_I have two SD cards, both work in my camera, but only one works in my reader?07:06
Odd-rationalettotally: Are you installing ubuntu along side another distro?07:06
itern2diy_: hardware issue -- I would make sure the 2nd card makes good contact in the reader07:06
ttotallyOdd-rationale, that's the plan. for now i have two empty ntfs partitions07:06
Saajanrmmo ehci_hcd to read card07:07
Saajanrmmod ehci_hcd to read card07:07
n2diy_iter: done already07:07
itern2diy_: they both have the same file system?07:07
ttotallyOdd-rationale, i'm just trying to get ubuntu working before i worry about xp07:07
Fryguy--ttotally: install xp first07:07
Odd-rationalettotally: Actually it is easier to install xp first07:08
Fryguy--ubuntu installer is much better at dealing with xp than xp is at dealing with ubuntu07:08
ttotallyFryguy--, okay07:08
Fryguy--there's no good reason to have a separate /boot partition unless you have multiple *nixes floating around07:08
chillshey everyone iam usnig a cdma modem... the dns server is very slow how do i force it to use a particular dns server ?07:08
Fryguy--chills: edit /etc/resolv.conf07:08
Odd-rationaleor you have an encrypted /07:08
chillsk thanks07:08
n2diy_iter: ahh good question let my check. Though, the camera won't format the one card, that nedis it07:09
limpFryguy--, again me =) In choosing a default DM, what's the diff between KDM and KDM-KDE4 ?07:09
Fryguy--Odd-rationale: good point, although I imagine the people savvy enough to encrypt / aren't going to be asking about getting their machine booted :)07:09
chillsany fast public dns server i can use ?07:09
Fryguy--limp: no idea i've used KDE for a total of 5 minutes in my life07:09
iterchills: opendns FTW07:09
Fryguy--chills: i use and
stefanowhen i try to mount my ntfs partition i am notified that i dont have the privileges to do so.07:10
chillsk thanks07:10
limpFryguy--, k thanks anyways.07:10
Fryguy--stefano: sudo07:10
AndrewMcI have a sound problem using an intel 8x0 driver, a mixer device isn't created.07:10
AndrewMcany hep?07:10
limpAnyone else knows?07:10
Odd-rationalelimp: I would assume that ione is simply the kde4 version, more up to date.07:10
Fryguy--limp: just pick one, it probably doesn't matter and you can change it later07:10
chalcedony~/install_flash_player_9_linux$ ls07:10
chalcedonyflashplayer-installer  libflashplayer.so07:10
* chalcedony blinks07:10
limpodd-rationale, what is ione?07:10
prince_jammyslimp: typo for "one"07:11
Odd-rationalelimp: The kdm-kde4 one.07:11
Odd-rationalelimp: ya sorry typo...07:11
ttotallyOdd-rationale, i think the reason i used to put boot on the first partition was the old bios issue about no being able to read more than a fixed distance into a disk07:11
chalcedonyERROR: Your architecture, \'x86_64\', is not supported by the07:11
chalcedony       Adobe Flash Player installer.07:11
iterFryguy--: what are those DNS servers?07:11
* chalcedony beats head on desk07:11
limpOdd-rationale, sorry bout that, english is my second language so yeah xD07:12
Odd-rationalettotally: That is true for old bios07:12
Fryguy--iter: no idea07:12
Fryguy--ttotally: REALLY old bios07:12
ttotallyOdd-rationale, okay lol07:12
Fryguy--ttotally: that issue is at least 10 years old, more than that07:12
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
limpOdd-rationale, would a 3x KDE theme work on KDE4? I assume so but you never know...07:13
Odd-rationalelimp: probably, you might want to ask in #kubuntu-kde407:13
ttotallyFryguy--, ouch!07:13
lkthomaswhy /etc/modprobe.conf does not exists ?07:13
limpoh there's a channel x)07:13
prince_jammyslimp: try #kde #kubuntu or the above channel #kubuntu-kde407:13
limpThanks all =)07:14
Fryguy--i really should leave and get some real work done :(07:14
prince_jammyslimp: yeah but there's not a lot of traffic right now.... just try the theme and see07:14
iterFryguy--: lol I hear that, just don't ever get hooked on yahoo answers07:14
b_eccahelp i get error "Sorry, user username is not allowed to execute '/usr/bin/apt-get/install' as root on username." after doing sudo usermod -G username...07:14
AndrewMcI can't get a mixer device with the intel 8x0 driver on an nForce motherboard.  Any help?07:14
Fryguy--b_ecca: like i told you before, you need to add the user to the wheel group for sudo07:15
prince_jammysb_ecca: you can use visudo to add yourself to sudoers07:15
b_eccasorry im kinda new to ubuntu so i dunno how07:15
b4l74z4rwill there be x-fi support in ubuntu soon?07:16
prince_jammysb_ecca: you need to be member of the "admin" group07:16
Fryguy--b4l74z4r: pretty sure it supports it now07:16
b_eccahow do i do that on console?07:16
prince_jammysb_ecca: mmm the problem is if you can't sudo, you can't add yourself unless you're root, i guess07:17
b_eccaafter doin visudo  'visudo: /etc/sudoers: Permission denied'07:18
prince_jammyshow can she get out of this? she has to log in as root07:18
b4l74z4rFryguy--, i tried it a week ago and it didn't work07:18
Fryguy--press ctrl-alt-f1 and log in as root07:18
AndrewMcb_ecca: can you run the "Users and Groups" settings app?07:19
prince_jammysshe can't sudo, so she can't run it07:19
Fryguy--AndrewMc: she won't be able to run anything, she removed herself from administrators group07:19
Fryguy--like i said, ctrl-alt-f1, log in as root, make the change there07:20
iterprobably just boot to single-user mode and add the user acct to wheel07:20
b_eccaAndrewMc: nope07:20
prince_jammysshe has to log in as root, which is a problem unless she set a root passwd07:20
Fryguy--iter: strangely enough i just learned it's not wheel in ubuntu :/07:20
AndrewMcb_ecca: did you enable your root account first?07:20
prince_jammysFryguy--: i was gonna ask if you're using ubuntu07:20
AndrewMcb_ecca: if not, today is going to be your lucky day; you get to learn to use a rescue CD!07:20
b_eccaAndrewMc: i dunno07:20
prince_jammysbecause  to my knowledge she can't even log in as root unless she set a password07:21
b_eccaAndrewMc: i tried logging into root but it wont log in07:21
Fryguy--i am, i also have freebsd and a few other oses  sitting in a virtual machine right next to me07:21
AndrewMcb_ecca: try using a resuce CD07:21
Fryguy--lol, how to hose a system with a single command that doesn't have "rf" in it07:21
Fryguy--just boot the livecd again, mount the partition, and edit the /etc/group file07:22
b_eccais there another way? AndrewMc i think that'll be my last choice if nothing else works :)07:22
AndrewMcif you can't log in as root, you need to boot with something that will let you be root.07:22
AndrewMcb_ecca: are you comfortable editing /etc/group ?07:23
iterb_ecca: yeah reboot to cd, mount partition and edit necessary files07:23
b_eccai can see it but i think it doesnt want me to save07:23
b_eccai can see /etc/group07:23
=== Handy_K is now known as BoY
prince_jammysb_ecca: you can't save, for the same reason07:23
b_eccacan i do chmod?07:23
iterb_ecca: you are locked out right now, you'll need to boot from CD07:24
AndrewMcb_ecca: no, becuase you don't own /etc/group.  reboot from a CD07:24
prince_jammysb_ecca: you demoted yourself to lowly user - you can't do any admin stuff. you can't chmod that file07:24
b_eccaso after rebotting i just edit /etc/group then add what?07:24
=== Handy_K is now known as BoY
AndrewMcb_ecca: add your username to the line that starts with adm07:25
AndrewMcb_ecca: then save the file, the reboot from the hard drive.07:25
prince_jammystry this line::   admin:x:117:becca    (your username)07:25
AndrewMcyou should now be in the adm group.07:25
b_eccamines says admin:x:11007:26
AndrewMcprince_jammys: she needs to match the gid of the existing adm group.07:26
prince_jammyscan someone else check if that line is standard?07:26
b_eccaso i just add admin:x:110:my_username07:26
Fryguy--b_ecca: it should say admin:x:110:yourusernamehere07:26
prince_jammysb_ecca: yeah do that07:26
b_eccaoh ok, so that means ill log out first :(07:27
prince_jammysb_ecca: just to see something, do cat /etc/sudoers07:27
b_eccaprince_jammys: permission denied07:27
prince_jammysb_ecca: lol, i was about to say07:27
AndrewMcprince_jammys: sudoers has to be root:root07:28
prince_jammyswhat a mess07:28
prince_jammysanyway, try the above07:28
b_eccasure things, thanks for the help07:28
b_eccaill reconnect when it doesnt work07:28
prince_jammysb_ecca: you know how to mount?07:29
prince_jammysah she left07:29
AndrewMcshe should be able to log back on from the livecd.07:29
Fryguy--she's not going to think to do that07:29
AndrewMcI was about to suggest that she try.07:30
AndrewMcso.... anybody here got some help for me?07:30
AndrewMcI can't get a mixer device to show up for my soundcard.07:30
AndrewMcthe alsa driver matrix says to use the intel 8x0 driver, and that module is inserted, but still no mixer07:31
DASPRiDi have one free 270 gb disk and one free 230 gb disk, now i have a disk with 490gb data. how to backup those 490 gb data to those 2 single disks?07:32
ubotuBrowsers available for Ubuntu: Firefox (GTK, Gecko engine), Konqueror (KDE/Qt, KHTML engine), Epiphany (GTK, Gecko engine), Dillo (GTK), w3m (terminal-based), Links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !man page), edbrowse (command-line), Opera (Qt, proprietary)07:32
prince_jammysicesword: check out elinks07:33
prince_jammysicesword: it's like a spiffed-up lynx07:33
AndrewMcDASPRiD: how much space is actually used on your 490 gig drive?  all 490 gigs?07:33
DASPRiDAndrewMc, yes07:34
DASPRiDi want to crypt it with dmcrypt07:34
DASPRiDso i first have to backup all data07:34
Fryguy--DASPRiD: i'd recommend looking at truecrypt first07:35
AndrewMcDASPRiD: use tar.07:35
DASPRiDAndrewMc, how does tar help me there?07:36
Desuismthis is test text07:36
DASPRiDFryguy--, i know truecrypt, thanks07:36
DASPRiDDesuism, test failed, sorry07:36
AndrewMcDASPRiD: first see if using -j (bzip2 compression) will make your data small enough to fix on the 270 gig disk.07:37
Desuism(I'm testing my IRC Clien07:37
DASPRiDAndrewMc, all data are still maximal compressed07:37
DASPRiDthey won't get any smaller07:38
AndrewMcDASPRiD: how did you compress them?07:38
iterDASPRiD: you can split a tarfile with -M07:38
iterDASPRiD: however you are probably limited to the size of the smaller of the 2 disks07:39
DASPRiDAndrewB, well they are all in compressed file formats07:39
DASPRiDiter: thats not enough then07:39
iterDASPRiD: perhaps you should manually create two directories, one with 230GB data and one with 260GB data and put one on each disk?07:39
AndrewMcDASPRiD: you could also use lvm to create a volume that spans both disks, that would give you about 500 gigs07:40
DASPRiDAndrewB, well in one fact i wasnt true07:40
DASPRiDits 580 gb data, and i have tose 220 and 280 gb disk and some other space left on another 200 drive07:41
* ^MissU^Mwah^Mwah da si bEBEK JEYEK NDAK YACH?>???07:41
AndrewMcDASPRiD: in one partition?  if so, you can still use lvm07:41
DASPRiDhm i would like a less drastical option07:42
iterDASPRiD: how about just copying the data over?07:42
itersimple and effective07:42
DASPRiDiter all directotries manually?07:42
DASPRiDthat isnt simple07:42
Thomas`how i change the charset on xchat07:43
DASPRiDThomas`, why do you want to change it, utf-8 is fine07:43
b_eccathanks guys worked perfectly, did visudo on recovery mode added admin:110:my_username07:43
b_eccabut now cant see drive sda1 on desktop :(07:44
iterDASPRiD: seriously? just rsync avc /first/dir /newdisk/dir ?07:44
itererm rsync avz that is07:44
prince_jammysb_ecca: you logged back in normally or are you on live cd?07:44
DASPRiDiter and if the new disk is full?07:44
DASPRiDhow to continue with the next?07:44
b_eccai logged in normally07:45
b_eccathanks for the help, but now i cant see sda1 the partition where my windows op sleeps07:45
iterDASPRiD: I assume this is a very large directory with 1000s of subdirs?07:45
Fryguy--b_ecca: click on places | computer and then just double click on the drive you want to use07:45
prince_jammysb_ecca: mm can you see it through a terminal? or nautilus?07:45
b_eccasomething says when i type in 'mount', /dev/sda1 type fuseblk07:45
DASPRiDnah, the 580 gb disk itself contains about 1000 subdirs without any further subdirs07:46
prince_jammysb_ecca: so it's mounted07:46
b_eccacoz remember i did something like sudo usermod -G my_username07:46
Thomas`how i change the charset on xchat07:46
iterDASPRiD: so why not just copy the first 400 or so dirs, then see how much space you have remaining and copy as needed?07:47
DASPRiDiter how to tell to copy "the first 400 dirs" ?07:47
b_eccawhen i input 'mount' it says /dev/sda3 on / type ext3 (rw,errors=remount-ro)07:47
b_eccaproc on /proc type proc (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev)07:47
b_ecca/sys on /sys type sysfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev)07:47
b_eccavarrun on /var/run type tmpfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,mode=0755)07:47
b_eccavarlock on /var/lock type tmpfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,mode=1777)07:47
b_eccaudev on /dev type tmpfs (rw,mode=0755)07:47
FloodBot1b_ecca: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:47
crackhead_25can anyone help me get my printer to work?07:47
crackhead_25[02:44] <crackhead_25> it was working fine a few days ago, before i did a feisty to gutsy upgrade.. arghhhhhhhh07:47
DASPRiDiter: i'm locked to console only07:47
iterrsync -avz /[A-K]* /newdisk/07:47
prince_jammysb_ecca: just paste the line with /dev/sda107:47
DASPRiDiter: ah, thats something with that i can work, thanks :)07:48
b_ecca/dev/sda1 on /media/sda1 type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,noatime,allow_other,default_permissions,blksize=4096)07:48
iterDASPRiD: remember that's only CAPITAL A-K :)07:48
DASPRiDuh ^^07:48
DASPRiDwelll its regexp, i can do [A-Ka-k]07:48
prince_jammysb_ecca: and you can browse to it in the file browser?  (/media/sda1)07:49
DASPRiDbut then it would be .*07:49
DASPRiDwouldnt it?07:49
AndrewMcDASPRiD: what about non-letter characters, like ?_+ etc?07:49
crackhead_25prince_jammys: can you help me get my printer to work? it was working fine a few days ago, before i did a feisty to gutsy upgrade..07:49
DASPRiDlemme check if there are some07:50
prince_jammysb_ecca: also try what Fryguy-- said.  i'm on kde so i don't know if there's something special in gnome.  otherwise you can just create a shortcut on your desktop07:50
DASPRiDexcept and Æ, there are only numbers and letters in the beginning, and umlauts07:50
iterDASPRiD: I just tried rsync -avz ./[A-B]* ./foo/ and it copied A and B to ./foo/ ok07:51
prince_jammyscrackhead_25: i'm not good with printers .. but post any details (errors, if any) and the kind of printer and someone might know07:51
crackhead_25it's not giving me any errors.. it's a hp 3550.. it just goes in queue, and then doesn't come out and print..07:51
DASPRiDiter hm i think i could also nfs mount the disks and do it from my workstation with nautilus, couldn't i?07:52
iterDASPRiD: frankly if I'm copying a bunch of data I don't want to lose I would stick w/rsync07:52
iterDASPRiD: not to disparage nautilus but gui-copy seems a bit scary07:52
prince_jammyscrackhead_25: did you try the standard stuff - like looking at the configuration under System->Preferences->Printers? (i know, pretty lame advice but i don't know about printers)07:53
Ubuntu-Noobcould someone help me? When watching vids on youtube or any other video site, the vids always seem a bit jerky, its not at all smooth. Is there anyway I can smooth it out?07:53
Ubuntu-Noobhappens a lot with larger vids07:53
DASPRiDwell i just checked, a-k, numbers and the Æ should all fit on the 270 gb disk07:53
crackhead_25yeah, i've tried all the standard stuff07:53
prince_jammyscrackhead_25: ok since noone seems to know right now, here's some more generic stuff :)07:54
ubotuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows07:54
DASPRiDhm iter, rsync doesnt like:  rsync -avz [0-9a-kA-KÆÄä]* ../data407:55
prince_jammysmight as well check if there's any clues there07:55
Ubuntu-Noobits mainly larger vids, low quality vids are smooth enough07:55
=== konoha_girls is now known as co
iterDASPRiD: try rsync -avz ./etcetc07:55
Ubuntu-Noobbut anything higher quality is just jerky07:55
AndrewMccrackhead_25: I'd try going to http://localhost:631 and configuring it using CUPS directly07:55
iterDASPRiD: or you can specify /the/full/path/to/your/files07:56
DASPRiDiter ah idneed07:56
DASPRiDthat seems to work07:56
DASPRiDt's building the file list, than can take time i think :)07:56
iteryeah should take a bit07:56
crackhead_25AndrewMc: i can see it there fine. i try the test printing. it never works. it just goes to queue and then stays there.07:56
DASPRiDiter copying is running, well, after it is done i can simply compare the filesize of the copied directories and the original once07:57
DASPRiDif they match, everything is fine, aye?07:57
iterDASPRiD: yeah, rsync has a verify switch too iirc07:58
AndrewMcDASPRiD: I'd use md5sum or the rsync verify switch07:58
AndrewMccrackhead_25: not really familar with your printer...07:58
DASPRiDiter is verify -v ?07:58
AndrewMccrackhead_25: mne does that when there is an NPI error or it's turned off.07:58
mexleauch nicht schlecht07:59
basketball589##Linux (with ##) needs some good company and good channel operators. More flexible, more friendly.07:59
basketball589##Linux (with ##) needs some good company and good channel operators. More flexible, more friendly.07:59
basketball589##Linux (with ##) needs some good company and good channel operators. More flexible, more friendly.07:59
iterDASPRiD: mmm might be --verify or -V ?07:59
basketball589##Linux (with ##) needs some good company and good channel operators. More flexible, more friendly.07:59
credible!ops | basketball58907:59
ubotubasketball589: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow or nickrud!07:59
iceswordwhat is the shortcut for to go to some url in W3M?07:59
DASPRiDbasketball589, stop spamming07:59
nixternalhe will stop now07:59
nixternalAmaranth: to slow man :p08:00
Fryguy--lol @ a bot saying "help channel emergency"08:00
DASPRiDiter: doesnt exist08:00
iceswordwhat is the shortcut for to go to some url in W3M?08:00
iceswordlike in lynx,if i hit "g"then i can enter url there08:00
trippsok, so I've got a realtime kerne installed (uname shows PREEMPT RT) and my limits configured in pam's limits.conf file. When I start a program, it has normal priority but I can modify it using chrt. How do I set default priorities for programs so they have it at startup, without having to use chrt after it's launched?08:01
UbubeginCan I IE be installed in Ubuntu...08:01
Fryguy--Ububegin: internet explorer runs in wine, or use virtualbox to spin up a virtual machine with an entire windows install inside of it08:02
=== HashBox_ is now known as HashBox
iceswordwhat is the shortcut for to go to some url in W3M?08:02
iceswordwhat is the shortcut for to go to some url in W3M?08:02
iceswordlike in lynx,if i hit "g"then i can enter url there08:02
UbubeginFryguy-- : thanks , i will google and cont'd from here...08:03
Ubuntu-Noobcan someone please help me set the refresh rate for my monitor?08:04
Ubuntu-Noobits not listed under screen res08:04
kesshiwhy does xchat faile to retrieve large channel lists08:04
Fryguy--icesword: /usr/share/doc/w3m has everything you need08:04
Ubuntu-Noob52hz is the highest it will go08:04
Fryguy--kesshi: because x-chat sucks08:04
kesshiwhat client do you recommand08:05
kesshiisnt that text based08:05
kesshihow do you switch channels?08:05
kesshikeyboard shortcut?08:05
Fryguy--ctrl-n, ctrl-p, alt-#08:05
iterNote that rsync always verifies that each transferred file was correctly reconstructed on the receiving side by checking  its whole-file checksum08:05
iter^^ from the rsync manpage08:05
Fryguy--or i have my mouse mapped to change it too using the 4th and 5th buttons08:06
Fryguy--alt-leftarrow and alt-rightarrow work too08:06
kesshiow ok i will keep that in mind08:06
kesshifor now i will contiue with grafical interface :)08:06
iterDASPRiD: did you see my paste from the rsync manpage08:08
DASPRiDi dont think so08:08
iterDasprid: Note that rsync always verifies that each transferred file was correctly reconstructed on the receiving side by checking  its whole-file checksum08:08
DASPRiDah good :)08:08
DASPRiDiter: i guess is hould use shred to surely clean the paritiion, right?08:13
magnetronmy GNOME panes spontaneously disappeared. how do i get them back? starting gdm again?08:15
iterDASPRiD: yeah, if you're paranoid08:16
wasabi_is there any program that can do what devilspie does? i'm trying to get it to work with awesomewm, but it's not playing nicely08:16
iceswordit is shift+u08:16
DASPRiDiter yes i am :)08:17
itergnight all08:20
=== Handy_K is now known as BoY-PunK
wasabi_is there any program that can do what devilspie does? i'm trying to get it to work with awesomewm, but it's not playing nicely08:21
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=== dannyboy is now known as dannyboy20
PendetaCan RAID 1 be installed from the ubuntu-7.10-server-i386.iso?08:28
DavieyPendeta: yes08:29
dannyboy20how do i install CNR on 7.04 ?08:29
=== konoha_girls is now known as naruto
PendetaDaviey, is it difficult?08:29
DavieyPendeta: not too bad - once you see how it tries to do it08:30
=== _GeNomiCGirLz21_ is now known as co_kren
PendetaDaivey, does that iso come with a package installer?08:31
dannyboy20how do i install CNR on 7.04 ?08:31
DavieyPendeta: Create the RAID-1 partition, then you get a 'virtual' disk to work with as you normally would - note it's not the livecd installer08:31
DavieyPendeta: The installer is a package installer :)08:31
z3wbanyone here know about asterisk?08:33
DASPRiDAsterix and Obelix?08:33
z3wbim trying to get asterisk to work08:33
z3wbbut im having sound problems08:33
PendetaDaviey, thank you very much!  I'll probably be back asking a lot more questions once the iso downloads.08:33
z3wbwhen i use chan_oss in asterisk, the sound is all distorted08:33
Davieyz3wb: probably better to hit #asterisk08:34
z3wband when i use chan_alsa i get no sound, even though my alsamixer settings are all set up properly and working08:34
z3wbi am in #asterisk08:34
z3wbbut its a little slow in there, so i went ahead and asked here too just for the hell of it08:34
z3wbwho knows, might be some asterisk-savvy people in here08:35
AdemoSUbuntu 7.10 64 Bit ---- I recently deleted my paritions with Gparted Live CD, in order to reinstall Ubuntu. I can get to the first menu, but both Live CD and Safe Mode Live CD lead me to a Black screen that eventually just sits there. Ubuntu 32 bit, and PCLinuxOS 32 bit work fine. I have used Ubuntu 64 Bit in the past. ---- The reason I care about 64 bit is to use all of my 8 GB of RAM08:37
=== _GeNomiCGirLz21_ is now known as co_kren
neohow to install screenlets?????????????08:38
AdemoSI have had usplash issues in teh past, which I beleive to be the issue now, but I was able to install Ubuntu 64 bit in the past08:38
AdemoSAny ideas?08:38
powerboywho's know the linux comand?08:39
neohow to install screenlets?????????????08:39
burner\-neo, go install a friggin chill-pill08:39
deformationsudo apt-get install screenlets08:39
deformationor get the deb from getdeb08:40
burner\-anybody got exp with ivtv-radio, btw ?08:40
AdemoSdeformation, any ideas?08:40
krinnshi all08:40
powerboywho's know the linux comand?08:41
krinns i have ide disk when i try to install ubuntu it gives bad sector errors08:41
krinnswhat i do08:41
krinnscan i remove these bad sectors08:41
neoburner\: do i need any software for that?08:41
deformationAdemoS, i am sorry have no idea08:41
wasabi_does anyone here use 9menu?08:41
wasabi_!info 9menu08:41
wasabi_!info | 9menu08:42
ubotu9menu (source: 9menu): Creates X menus from the shell. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8-1.1ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 14 kB, installed size 76 kB08:42
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about info - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:42
AdemoSHmm, I guess I'll use an idea from the forums, thanks anyway deformation08:44
Dangermikecan anybody help with a seg fault core dump with firefox after a new install?08:46
Dangermikeit happened with a previous install and i formatted reinstalled everything to have it happen again08:46
Dangermikei unpacked the crash log i just dont know how to go about diagnosing the error08:47
wasabi_!info ratmen08:47
ubotuPackage ratmen does not exist in gutsy08:47
wasabi_!info ratmenu08:47
uboturatmenu (source: ratmenu): Creates X menus from the shell. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.3.14 (gutsy), package size 16 kB, installed size 96 kB08:47
Amir880anyone here can help me?08:48
Amir880am i in the right room?08:48
LSD|Ninja!info desktop effects08:48
ubotuPackage desktop does not exist in gutsy08:48
sapHello, is there a tool in linux to geo- locate an ip address?08:49
Amir880is this the ubuntu help?08:49
=== ewook_ is now known as ewook
Amir880can anyone help me plz?08:49
ere4siAmir880, yep just ask08:49
LSD|NinjaAm I imagining it or are the tools to configure the desktop effects just not included OOB in Feisty?08:49
Amir880im trying to install ubuntu08:50
Amir880but can't partition my hard drive08:50
Amir880i get an error message08:50
Dangermikesap, geoip-bin08:50
sapDangermike, in the repos?08:50
Dangermikesap, yeah08:50
sapDangermike, k thanks , will check that out08:51
Amir880so can anyone help me with making a new partition please?08:51
LSD|NinjaOh, there it is. Has this changed since Feisty? o_O08:51
DangermikeAmir880, whats the error be a bit more specific08:51
=== louis is now known as zioroboco
tmadsenHi, I have downloaded the Ubuntu 7.10 server edition for a university project. I see that iptables is installed, but how do I find if it is in kernel or user space?08:52
chazcoIs it possible to make Kaffeine the default player on Ubuntu until the problems with Totem are fixed?08:52
Dangermiketmadsen, if i am reading your question correctly your trying to find out if its installed?  you would type 'which iptables' to see08:53
LSD|Ninjatmadsen: afaik, iptables has always had a user/kernel split08:53
Dangermikesorry if i read incorrectly08:53
Dangermikesounds like i did08:53
Amir880Dangermark: it says NTFS is inconsistent. Run chkdsk /f on windows then reboot it TWICE!08:53
* ^MissU^Mwah^Mwah mau offf achh Pulang208:53
tmadsenDangermike: I know that it is already installed, I just wondered if it was compiled into the kernel08:53
tmadsenLSD|Ninja: OK08:54
DangermikeAmir880, do you still have windows installed?08:54
Amir880yup im trying to do a dual boot with ubuntu and vista08:54
Dangermikei had a problem with this also i had to cleanly shutdown windows using start->shutdown if you just hit the reset button on the pc you need to boot up and do a clean shutdown08:55
Dangermikeit would also be a good idea to follow the error message and run chkdsk08:55
ra2helpme please08:55
Amir880Dangermike: i did a restart which would do the same as shutdown08:55
ra2with my ubuntu desktop08:56
ere4si!ask | ra208:56
ubotura2: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)08:56
Amir880i tried that didn't work08:56
chazcoAnyone know when Totem subtitle bug will be fixed if Kaffeine cant be made default?08:56
ra2yes, at present I cannot to move or even create a folder in my ubuntu desktop...it always..says...operation is not permitted..you dont have permission to do it08:57
Dangermikechazco, system->prefs->prefered application08:57
Amir880So what do you suggest Dangermike?08:58
chazcohmm... missed that. Will that make the change for all media files (.ogm, .m2t, .avi, .mp3... you get the idea)?08:58
DangermikeAmir880, i need to do some googling but firefox is seg faulting :( trying to look it up now08:58
Dangermikechazco, no just the multimedia player i think you can right click those individual files and change the default programs and it will update08:59
Dangermikechazco, i cannot test this ATM but try that08:59
Amir880thnx dagermike08:59
ra2I cannot create a folder, move it or event empty my trash..in my ubuntu desktop...help me pleaseeeee08:59
chazcohmm... all the files i listed currently open with Totem, so they should change?08:59
chazcoWill try it and see :D08:59
Dangermikechazco, right click ->properties->open with09:00
ere4siDangermike, have you asked in #firefox?09:00
Dangermikeere4si, yes and mozilla's irc09:00
ere4siDangermike, ne reply?09:00
Dangermikeere4si, before i reformatted i could not get the debugger to catch the seg fault it would infinite freeze until i broke the program and then it seg fault....no reply from anybody09:01
Dangermikeere4si, i am about to post on the forums though09:01
neohelp on installing screenlets09:01
chazcoChanged ogm extension at least... hopefully totem subtitle bug will get fixed though09:01
ra2dear ere4si...help me please09:01
ra2I cannot create a folder in my ubuntu desktop09:01
Amir880Dangermike any luck?09:01
ra2or even move it with mouse09:01
DangermikeAmir880, lol installing epiphany now09:02
z3wbwhats the apt-get command to search for packages?09:02
ra2it says...you cannot copy it ...bla..bla09:02
Amir880alright :)09:02
ere4sira2: right click the desktop = does thst work?09:02
tonyyarussoz3wb: apt-cache search something09:02
Amir880i was wondering if its okay if i make a new partition in windows and THEN load ubuntu ?!09:02
ra2but when trying to create folder it says error09:02
Amir880and install ubuntu in it09:02
ere4sira2: make it in your /home folder09:03
ra2You do not have permissions to write to the destination.09:03
Amir880does ubuntu install in NTFS partition format?09:03
ra2thats is the message09:03
DangermikeAmir880, it would probably be easier to do it via gparted on the live cd09:03
tonyyarussoAmir880: no.09:03
neohelp on installing screenlets09:03
DangermikeAmir880, you will need (want) to create an ext2 or ext3 partition and a swap partition09:03
LSD|NinjaUbuntu can resize an NTFS partition though09:04
Amir880okay cuz i can't do it through gparted09:04
Dangermikeswap needs to be the size of your ram09:04
tonyyarussoAmir880: Of course not - NTFS is a Windows filesystem, and closed-source.09:04
ere4sira2: in your /home folder is a dir called desktop - open that and make there - it will show on the desktop09:04
Amir880Dangermike im totally lost09:04
Amir880what are those?!09:04
DangermikeAmir880, well at least your eager to learn ill find an article that explains it09:04
Amir880Dangermike is that why its not working? my partition is NTFS09:05
Amir880i sure will appreciate that09:05
Dangermikeyes you will need to resize the NTFS partition and create at least 2 more new ones09:05
DangermikeAmir880, swap and your ext2/309:05
=== CAP1909 is now known as TheOomph
TheOomphnecesito ayuda con ubuntu09:06
Amir880goddddddddd its a LOT more complicated than what i thought it would09:06
ra2do you know what is the probelm .?....cause before..I make it so smooth but now its very difficult09:06
sapDangermike, I installed geoip from synaptic :) . but how do i start it now?09:06
Dangermikesap via terminal09:06
TheOomphHi I need help with ubuntu09:06
Amir880im totally lost09:06
sapDangermike,  geoip09:06
sapbash: geoip: command not found09:06
Amir880i want to do a dual boot with Vista and Ubuntu and just don't know how09:06
TheOomphMy LiveCD don't start correctly09:07
TheOomphbut It isn't a problem of the CD09:07
TheOomphbecause in an other computer it works perfectly09:07
DangermikeAmir880, sorry i cannot keep my browser open long enough to read the articles to see if their worth anything to read i would google  'ubuntu ext3 and ntfs' choose the ubuntu forums link theres a wikipedia link and a ubuntu starters guide link09:08
TheOomphhttp://img254.imageshack.us/img254/7672/error002dd8.jpg This is a photo from the error09:08
TheOomph-i have read all guides I see09:09
TheOomphbut no solution09:09
Amir880oh ok thnx man09:09
Amir880i know i have to convert to ext 1 or 2 but the thing is its not even letting me to make a new partition09:10
archmanwhere is the NetworkManager conf file?09:10
DangermikeAmir880, google the error it came up with results09:10
DangermikeAmir880, i just couldnt read the articles :(09:10
sapumm.. any ideas for starting geoip?09:10
TheOomphcan anyone help me please?09:10
ere4siarchman, /etc/hosts I think09:11
TheOomphI must work with my computer09:11
Amir880oh ok thanx for the help man09:11
ewookwe all do.09:11
Dangermikesap geoip tab tab09:11
Dangermikesap you will see 2 programs installed09:11
ere4siTheOomph, did you md5 the disk?09:11
Dangermikeman geoiplookup09:11
TheOomphwhat is md5?09:12
wasabi_i'm trying to change the font display for 9menu, the manual says -font fname; i've tried using arial or arial.tff but nothing works. what exactly is fname referring to?09:12
DangermikeTheOomph, you said it worked on a 2nd pc right?09:12
archmanere4si: yeah, thanks, i want to disable auto-connect, there is not an option; how to do that?09:12
sapDangermike, ok sounds good. so i'll read that now :)09:12
ere4si!md5 | TheOomph09:12
ubotuTheOomph: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows09:12
Dangermikesap theirs also geoipupdate09:13
sapwhat does it do?09:13
archmanere4si: turning off roaming mode?09:13
BlouxouTheOomph: It's an algorithm that you can run on data that basically creates a unique string from anything. If the data is changed in the slightest, the MD5 value will change. The idea is that we can use it to validate the ISO isn't corrupted - we know what the MD5 value of the perfect ISO is; and if there's any change in the data the MD5 will change09:13
Dangermikesap also if this isnt to your liking go to synaptics and search for GeoIP09:13
Dangermikesap i donno ive never used it09:13
Dangermikesap i just noticed it installed it when i installed geoip-bin09:13
sapDangermike, ya i installed geoIP-bin from synaptic09:14
ere4siarchman, I don't use wireless - sorry - have rached the end of my knowledge there...09:14
sapDangermike, and there is only one "geoip" in synaptic09:14
archmanere4si: do you know of any networking channel?09:14
BlouxouTheOomph: e.g. I can calculate the MD5 value of "Hello world!" is 86fb269d190d2c85f6e0468ceca42a20, whereas the MD5 value of "Hello world" is 3e25960a79dbc69b674cd4ec67a72c6209:14
Dangermikesap yes only one package but search the descriptions they could have different package names but still do GeoIP stuff :)09:14
ere4siarchman, can get u a link for wireless docs09:15
sapDangermike, oh i see. k ty09:15
ere4si!wireless | archman09:15
ubotuarchman: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs09:15
BlouxouIf there's the slightest change in the ISO, such as a missing !, the slight change has a chance of breaking the entire installation in a very subtle manner, so we use MD5 to verify.09:15
archmanere4si: tnx !09:15
Dangermikearchman, it may be worth your time to man ifconfig09:15
PendetaHow do you convert a pc into a thin client?09:16
BlouxouPendeta: Without significant hassle, you don't09:16
TheOomphwhere can i download MD5SUMS?09:16
DangermikeTheOomph, any ubuntu download site should host the md509:16
BlouxouPendeta: Try gOS if you want an effective thin client; if a machine isn't already a thin client; well, it isn't a thin client09:17
=== jono_ is now known as jono
BlouxouPendeta: gOS is designed around a low-spec system that relies heavily on network-provided services09:17
BlouxouPendeta: Also look into remove server logins and VNC09:17
z3wbwhat ubuntu package do i install to get gsm support in alsa?09:17
DangermikeTheOomph, http://releases.ubuntu.com/7.10/MD5SUMS change the version number for yours if your not running gutsy09:17
BlouxouIs there anything like a perfect Ubuntu laptop? I want to get Ubuntu running on a laptop without too much grief and I'm happy to buy a new machine in order to do so.09:18
wasabi_i'm trying to change the font display for 9menu, the manual says -font fname; i've tried using arial or arial.tff but nothing works. what exactly is fname referring to?09:18
archmanDangermike: nothing, tnx anyway !09:18
ere4siPendeta, nfs mounts will help in that - or smba shares09:18
DangermikeBlouxou, dell sells preinstall'ed ubuntu laptops if thats what your looking for09:18
TuTUXG_Blouxou, try system7609:18
BlouxouDangermike: Okay, amend that. I'm happy to buy a new non-dell machine to do so.09:18
BlouxouTuTUXG_: Cool, I'll take a look, thanks.09:18
Dangermikewell at least you have taste09:19
TuTUXG_Blouxou, np09:19
z3wbBlouxou: from my experience, i've learned that most linux distros are trial-by-error. you put it on there, you find out what doesn't work, then you fix it, and learn something about linux/computers in the process09:19
TuTUXG_Dangermike, lol09:19
PendetaBlouxou and ere4si, thanks I'll check into those things.09:19
TheOomphI can't understand anything :(09:19
dgjones!hcl | Blouxou, You could pick a laptop that suits you and then have look at the hardware compatibility lists to see whether people have installed and what issues they had09:20
ubotuBlouxou, You could pick a laptop that suits you and then have look at the hardware compatibility lists to see whether people have installed and what issues they had: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection09:20
z3wbso how do i get alsa to play gsm files?09:20
b_eccahelp with ipod-convenience using iphone, when using 'sudo iphone-mount' i get the error09:20
b_eccassh: : Name or service not known, but i installed ssh already09:20
jenniCan someone please help me with recordMyDesktop09:20
TuTUXG_Dangermike, im not a dell hater, but i know ppl have really bad experience with dell09:20
BlouxouDangermike: Actually, the current generation of Dell hardware isn't too bad. It's just their customer support is terrible. I'm tired of threatening to sue them through an uninformed and poorly trained call centre worker with poor English.09:20
b_eccaand i can connect using 'sudo ssh root@ip_address"09:20
BlouxouDangermike: Eventually, I managed to get a full refund on my first (and last) ever Dell purchase -- and keep the machine -- and I've decided never to do business with them again.09:21
popeyjenni: what's up?09:21
Dangermikeyeah the outsourced tech support is somewhat of a standard de facto these days09:21
jennipopey, I want recordmydesktop to record what i hear, and not my mic09:21
BlouxouDangermike: Not really. The specialist builders don't outsource tech support.09:21
TuTUXG_Blouxou, dat happens with all major laptop vendors probly09:21
popeyjenni: I have never done that, sorry09:21
netron1234dell have always been crappy. thats not exactly news.09:21
BlouxouI don't care if they have to be ultra competitive as a major vendor. If that's what it takes to sell laptops cheap, I think I'll pay the premium.09:22
z3wbis it even possible for alsa to handle gsm?09:22
Blouxoudgjones: I'll look into that, but I might just go with system7609:22
krinnsany one knows my disk is giving bad sector erros09:22
z3wbwhen i aplay gsm files i get nothing but white noise09:22
netron1234you guys heard of system 76?09:22
krinnsi want to recover my data09:22
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about gsm-utils - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi09:22
netron1234you want to recover your data?09:23
Dangermike!info gsm-utils09:23
ubotugsm-utils (source: gsmlib): GSM mobile phone access applications. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.10-10ubuntu3 (gutsy), package size 150 kB, installed size 484 kB09:23
Dangermikez3wb, thats not w hat your looking for09:23
jenniCan anyone tell me how to set recordMyDesktop to record what I hear (audio) instead of my mic09:23
z3wbDangermike: I know09:24
z3wbthat's some kind of SMS thing09:24
Dangermikeirda modem etc yeah09:24
TuTUXG_jenni, i guess, change the audio input device?09:24
z3wbif i could just get alsa to work with gsm files, then i can get asterisk set up09:24
jennirecordmydesktop doesnt let u do that09:24
Dangermikez3wb, sox can convert formats from what i am reading09:24
BlouxouHaha, someone's been googlebombed. A search for system76 turns up wikipedia [[FUD]] on the first page of results.09:24
sapDangermike, unfortunately that tool isn't much descriptive . Rather I found a good online resource: http://www.geoiptool.com/ . Thnks for the help tho.09:25
Dangermikesap np i didnt think you would fancy it but never-the-less glad you found a solution09:25
BlouxouIf it can be done programatically, Maxmind has the best solution.09:26
sapDangermike, and I also learned something new today . the "tab tab" thing u told me to search09:26
TheOomphnow I have the MD5SUMS archives09:26
Blouxousap: It works in IRC too ;)09:27
TuTUXG_Blouxou, http://system76.com/product_info.php?cPath=28&products_id=51 looks nice09:27
Blouxou(... on some clients.)09:27
Dangermikesap hehe yeah thats a very cool time saver for looking for programs09:27
TheOomphbut I don't know what i must do09:27
sapDangermike, ya i knew abt it on irc but not in the terminal09:27
DangermikeTheOomph, compare your iso image to the md509:27
BlouxouTuTUXG_: I might get one of those actually, they seem quite decent09:27
TheOomphHow can icompare it?09:27
DangermikeTheOomph, burn it at a slow rate, not as fast as possible09:27
Dangermikeif it matches09:27
ubotuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows09:28
BlouxouTuTUXG_: $1902 -- ouch09:28
Dangermikepaying the premium09:28
TuTUXG_Blouxou, seems like they havent started to offer penryn yet09:28
BlouxouI was originally hoping for a system off eBay09:28
BlouxouTuTUXG_: I can upgrade it manually09:28
humehi... a very basic issue with gimp: how do I set the color for pencil / paintbrush? cannot make it other than black right now..... anyone?09:28
TuTUXG_Blouxou, what did u add?09:28
BlouxouWell, my budget is about US$1500, but I need some deceent specs (e.g. 2gb ram, a 7200rpm disk)09:29
BlouxouTuTUXG_: Err... well, just about everything, actually.09:29
TuTUXG_Blouxou, I always upgrade the ram and hd myself, laptop vendors always overprice those stuff09:29
BlouxouTuTUXG_: Mainly Core 2 Duo T7700 2.4 GHz 800 MHz FSB 4 MB L2 ( +$265.00 ), 4 GB - 2 x 2 GB DDR2 667 MHZ ( +$150.00 ), 200 GB 7200 RPM SATA ( +$220.00 ), Extra 9 Cell Lithium Ion ( +$129.00 )09:29
smacky1check this out i just build a amd quad  and ubuntu wont install at lease the i386 any idea;s09:30
erawfish_smacky1: more info needed09:30
TuTUXG_Blouxou, T7300 or T7500 is good enough, 4 gb ram may only take about half the price if u buy it somewhere else09:31
u007-1hi, anyone know how to create a shortcut / launcher on gnome desktop which execute the binary at the binary home directory?09:32
cminionanybody can help me with an openSSH problem. Nobody's answering on the dedicated channel.09:33
BlouxouTuTUXG_: But then I'd have to install it.09:33
Dangermikeu007-1, right click -> create launcher09:33
erawfish_!ask | cminion09:33
ubotucminion: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)09:33
aimazu007-1: right click on the desktop, click create launcher, in "command" put the full path to the binary09:33
BlouxouI'm an accountant, and certainly not a geek, let alone someone capable of installing RAM, even if it only means sliding away a panel and inserting some sticks of memory.09:34
BlouxouTuTUXG_: And I figure if I'm buying a new machine I might as well get the best09:34
u007-1aimaz: i want it to execute in the binary path09:34
Blouxou(within reasonably bounds...)09:34
TuTUXG_Blouxou, i c..09:34
DangermikeBlouxou, although its usually pretty painless i have managed to catch a pc on fire by installing ram before ;P09:34
Dangermikerandom freak accident09:34
BlouxouDangermike: How very reassuring :P09:34
u007-1Danermike - i need it to have pwd on the same path as the binary...09:34
TuTUXG_Blouxou, actually install rams / hdd is pretty easy09:35
TuTUXG_Blouxou, but not with sony laptops09:35
Dangermikeas aimaz just use the full path then if it needs to ask for privileges start with `gksu /path/to/binary`09:35
Dangermikeas aimaz just said*09:35
TuTUXG_Blouxou, as far as i know dell hp toshiba acer and lenovo laptops are all esay to upgrade09:36
epiboxcould someone tell me where gnome stores the .xml containing the menu items in the main menu?09:36
epiboxor isn't it an .xml?09:36
BlouxouTuTUXG_: I'd rather take it to the store anyway09:36
Dangermikeprobably .gnome09:36
BlouxouTuTUXG_: In which case I'm going to be thoroughly overcharged and I might as well get it OEM09:37
epiboxI looked inside .gnome and .gnome2, can't locate it09:37
TuTUXG_Blouxou, if u wanna just pick the the highest spec the vendor gonna offer, im afraid the price gonna be expensive anyway09:37
smacky1I just build a amd quad four on a M2A-Vm Asus board with four gigs of ram and I cant get ubuntu 7.10 I385 to install09:37
u007-1Dangermike - thank you, my shortcut got space, thats why it didnt work :) thanks09:37
smacky1opps I38609:37
BlouxouTuTUXG_: In which case I should really get a used but fairly recent model with hardware support09:38
Dangermikeepibox, i dont know but i do know you can run alacarte for the menu editor09:39
Dangermikeepibox, theirs also another menu editor (gui) in system->prefs09:39
AmaranthWhat's the problem?09:40
AmaranthDangermike: That's just alacarte again09:40
Dangermikelol your right09:40
Wind``hey guys, i have a serious porblem09:40
AmaranthDangermike: You can get to alacarte through right cick->Edit Menus, System->Preferences->Main Menu, and just running 'alacarte'09:40
Dangermikei though they looked different but when i took a double take09:40
Dangermikethey were the same :|09:40
Wind``switched to the KDE session and when i tried to switch back none of the panels/menus/desktop loads09:40
Wind``everything is up, but i can't seea anything.09:41
Wind``any ideas how to fix this?09:41
Amaranthepibox: The GNOME menu follows the freedesktop.org standards for menu systems. It uses an XML menu for layout and ini-type files for the actual entries in the menu09:41
Amaranthepibox: The system version of the menu is in /etc/xdg/menus/ but you can also create user versions in ~/.config/menus/09:41
z3wbi installed sox09:41
z3wband using the play command i can play gsm files perfectly09:42
Dangermikez3wb, cool! :)09:42
z3wbchan_oss still produces garbled sound, chan_alsa still produces no sound at all09:42
smacky1wow i build this powerful machine and ubuntu can't handle it ...go figure...lol09:42
Amaranthepibox: alacarte creates a user menu and merges the system menu into it (there is an xml tag to do this) then all of its changes automatically go on top of the system layout09:42
josh13i have a backup file "foo.txt" obtained with crontab -l > foo.txt . I'm on another computer, I would like to crontab -e with foo.txt as input... how can i do that ?09:42
ndlovuif I install a .bin file on ubuntu, is there an easy way to uninstall it later?09:42
Amaranthepibox: what in particular did you need to know?09:42
Amaranthndlovu: nope09:42
erawfish_smacky1: apparently you cannot answer question siether. so have fun solving your problems alone. HAND09:42
ndlovuAmaranth, does it depend on the application, or is there just never a way?09:43
erawfish_ndlovu: depends on the file. usually not09:43
* Wind`` sighs09:43
Dangermikesmacky1, as it was said before more info is needed on what is happening09:43
amitprakash_whats the app which lets you select gdm login theme09:43
Amaranthndlovu: Sometimes they'll be nice and include an uninstaller but basically the only way is to find all the files it installed manually and remove them09:43
smacky1after the reboot it go'es to a black login in screen09:43
Amaranthamitprakash_: System->Administration->Login Window09:43
Dangermikesmacky1, can you switch to a terminal and run sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg09:44
Amaranthamitprakash_: I wouldn't get to attached to theming gdm though, in Ubuntu 8.10 (October 2008) we'll have a new rewritten version of gdm that doesn't do theming09:44
smacky1no sir09:44
z3wbso still no working sound in asterisk for me >:I09:44
Amaranthsmacky1: nvidia geforce 8000 series09:44
Amaranthsmacky1: ?09:44
MasterRatgot a ps2/n64 to usb converter... and it's bein a finicky sort. got it to respond in jstest ONCE and recognized in PCSX2 once... now it's poofed again, tho js1 is still there.... any ideas?09:44
Amaranthsmacky1: did you install and enable the nvidia driver already?09:45
ndlovuAmaranth, I've heard of an app called checkinstall that supposedly keeps track of such things for installing source files - do you know if it works for .bin files also?09:45
Amaranthndlovu: it doesn't09:45
Amaranthsmacky1: interesting, what card is it and what driver version did you install?09:45
ndlovuAmaranth, thanks09:45
amitprakash_Amaranth, whats it called tho? gdm-theme-selector or ?09:45
smacky1hold on let me get you that infor09:46
Amaranthamitprakash_: gksudo gdmsetup09:46
smacky1my video is xfx Nvidia Geforce 8400 gs09:46
Amaranthsmacky1: and you installed the nvidia-glx-new package for the driver?09:47
Amaranth!info nvidia-glx-new gutsy09:48
ubotunvidia-glx-new (source: linux-restricted-modules-2.6.22 ( NVIDIA binary XFree86 4.x/X.Org 'new' driver. In component restricted, is optional. Version 100.14.19+ (gutsy), package size 4896 kB, installed size 14848 kB09:48
PlateroI have chek the md509:48
Plateroit don't match09:48
Amaranthsmacky1: oh, the driver in gutsy is too old09:48
Platerowhat must i do now?09:48
Amaranthsmacky1: you need to install the one from nvidia.com manually09:48
=== Platero is now known as TheOomph
Dangermikesmacky1, its not supported but if you can get into the system using vesa drivers envy was easy to go through09:49
Amaranthsmacky1: for now boot in recovery mode (option on the grub menu) and uninstall nvidia-glx-new, then when you reboot you should get a somewhat working X back09:49
ubotuenvy is not needed or supported. Use the Resticted Manager to install binary drivers and see « /msg ubotu binarydriver »09:49
Amaranthsmacky1: then you can get the new driver09:50
Wind``Amaranth, after switching to KDS on gutsy i can't switch back to genome09:50
Amaranthsmacky1: in recovery mode run `apt-get --purge remove nvidia-glx-new && reboot`09:50
smacky1Amaranth i did the envy thingy09:50
Wind``any ways to make the panels/menus load?09:50
Amaranthsmacky1: oh09:50
Dangermikesmacky1, go back to envy and choose the uninstall option09:50
Amaranthsmacky1: in that case i have no idea what it did to your system or how to go about helping09:51
AmaranthWind``: sorry, i'm not sure what you mean09:51
Wind``after the login i get a blank desktop09:51
Dangermikesmacky1, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto09:51
MasterRatwait, whats wrong with the envy way? :/09:51
ubotuenvy is not needed or supported. Use the Resticted Manager to install binary drivers and see « /msg ubotu binarydriver »09:51
smacky1so to much CARD ?09:52
Wind``it's there, but i can't see it.09:52
Dangermikesmacky1, probably bad drivers09:52
AmaranthMasterRat: The only version of envy I'd recommend using is the one that only works with hardy (Ubuntu 8.04)09:52
Dangermikeor wrong drivers09:52
AmaranthMasterRat: Older versions did some bad things09:52
TheOomphmy md5 don't match what must i do09:52
MasterRathuh, seems to have worked ok here :/ tho PCSX2 is touch and go and the graphics are garbled... might be related, might just be poor emulation, tho the game i tested is listed as playable09:53
DangermikeAmaranth, do you know how to diagnose a firefox and epiphany seg fault from the crash reports i see the memory maps etc. but i dont really know where to start :\ this is a brand new install of Gutsy09:53
dgjonesMasterRat, kernel updates are likely to cause you to end up with a broken system once you've used Envy, you end up having to reinstall envy after updates to the kernel09:53
Wind``bah. never mind.09:53
BlouxouHow is it that just as search volume for "linux" declines, search volume for "ubuntu" increases in almost perfect proportion?09:54
smacky1I have a junky card i hate to put it in this machine  that i used on my old machine that work on unbuntu09:54
AmaranthDangermike: run sudo apport-gtk /var/crash/<name of crash file> and let it send the crash data to launchpad09:54
AmaranthDangermike: it'll automatically get us a stacktrace and such09:54
b4l74z4ri'm awaiting x-fi support in ubuntu09:55
smacky1ok y'all thanks for your help back to the drawing board09:56
niketasGuys, does anybody now how to use shortcuts when I'm switched to another language keyobord layout?09:57
niketasE.g. when I press Ctrl+C, it doesn't work till I switch back to English09:58
anne795hi, i was wondering if anyone can help me set up an ubuntu wireless router :) !09:58
[Hardy]TuTUXGniketas, u have to switch back to english i guess09:58
=== slipNslide is now known as sturmtieF
fract^wizzEhm, maybe a little weird question, i remember last time i used ubuntu and i had to edit some kind of "list" or configuration file to get access to download some programs in the "add/remove" thingie, i hope you know what i mean.10:00
Dangermikefract^wizz, system->admin->software sources10:01
johanpre44Hi everyone! I need help with getting a serial impact printer to work with Ubuntu (7.10), can anyone maybe give me some pointers?10:01
ArmedKingHey all, I'm about to change my data partition's Format, What Linux File system is best for saving large amounts of data?10:01
fract^wizzDangermike, Oh thanks! Thats it :)10:02
DangermikeArmedKing, im no expert on the matter but i stick with ext3 and i use ext2 on my older laptops with lower system specs10:02
bainfract^wizz: You can use the "Software Sources" option in System->Administration as well10:02
[Hardy]TuTUXGfract^wizz, ext3 is fine10:02
ere4siniketas, in your non-english language - is the c still just c or diff?10:02
=== marilou is now known as sque
[Hardy]TuTUXGjohanpre44, system->admin ->printer10:04
fract^wizzbain, Yeah, he said that too a little earlier =) Thanks anyway10:04
niketasere4si, I suppose Ubuntu thinks it should be different, but why shortcuts aren't multi-layout?10:05
lunksI have 2 drivers available for my wireless card, bcm43xx and b43. Right now, b43 is being used, but I'd like to use bcm43xx. How to I make the switch? Just blacklisting b43 didn't work.10:06
johanpre44OK, I've got the printer configuration tool open now. Searching for printers does not show my Serial Printer (but it shows all the network printers etc). There is also not option to select for printer connected to a serial port (the parralel port is in the list)10:06
ere4siniketas, I'm not on gnome atm - isn't there a profile or similar?10:06
niketasere4si, a profile of shortcuts, layout or user -- what profile?10:07
tarelerulzIf you make home movie that is on a dvd recorder cam and you convert to say avi or ogg or what  doe when you put it back on a dvdr does it have to be 4.7 gb ?10:08
b4l74z4ranxiously awaiting x-fi drivers10:08
hwildewhat is xfi ?10:08
b4l74z4rsoundblaster x-fi10:08
Dangermiketarelerulz, no it doesnt have to be the full size of the dvd10:08
Dangermiketarelerulz, my "backups" of my movies are usually around 700mb but i still put them on a dvd10:08
niketashwilde, XFI is a 10 gigabit per second chip-to-chip electrical interface specification defined as part of the XFP multi-source agreement. (c) Wiki10:09
hwildeso it is faster than pci xpress ?10:09
tarelerulzDangermike:  What if you wanted to play them back on normal dvd player ?10:09
rnartoshow can I configure plone over apache2?10:09
niketashwilde, I suppose so10:09
rnartosI mean the 8080 to 8010:09
ere4siniketas, I'm on my fluxbox box atm so can't explore for you - I remember there was an option but not the name10:09
b4l74z4rx-fi is a family of soundcards from creative10:10
Dangermiketarelerulz, your dvd player will need to support those codes if their avi. Its called raw format and its usually found in the user manual of the dvd player10:10
Dangermiketarelerulz, you could always convert to dvd format if it doesnt play raw format10:10
niketasere4si, maybe you can say what I'm generally supposed to do?10:10
Dangermikebut any newer dvd player will do so10:10
MasterRatany joydev experts about?10:11
Dangermikernartos, you need to change the listening port10:11
rnartosdefault is Listen 8010:11
tyguaikehave use LumaQQ?10:11
hwildernartos, add another line that says  Listen 808010:11
ere4siniketas, nope - but there is an option - I'll google it10:11
niketasEmmm... Sorry, bb evrybody10:11
Dangermikecan you telnet localhost 80 and GET ?10:11
=== oden1 is now known as illethal
hwildetyguaike, what language are you trying to speak here10:12
ere4sityguaike, english10:12
tyguaikeim is china10:12
gerroI get this error a lot on dmesg "eth0: phy reset until link is up" and I can only go to google.com while every other site doesn't work. resolv.conf has correct dns information and I can ping my router, strangely though I can't go to my routers ip address through the browser. I tried w3m and I could enter the login info for router but then nothing happened.10:12
tyguaikeno english10:12
tyguaikeyes CH10:12
tyguaikeyou see10:12
Dangermikernartos, http://docs.neuroinf.de/PloneBook/ch2.rst  read the linux/mac section10:13
tarelerulzThat part about converting to .avi to dvd vob or what every .  Surely they would not need to take up 4.7 gb . So you could put couple of your home movie on there ?10:13
tyguaikeyes ch langua10:13
hwildewhere is the bot at10:13
Dangermiketarelerulz, it can if you add menus and such but it doesnt have to be the full size of the dvd its the format that your dvd player is going to care about not the size of the file10:13
tyguaikehave use LumaQQ for ubuntu?10:13
* MasterRat points at ubotu10:13
ere4sithnx _ruben10:13
_rubensome1 needs to do some cpr on ubotu10:14
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ch - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi10:14
ubotuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk10:14
MasterRatyah. what he said10:14
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about xinoise - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi10:14
hwildetyguaike, /join #ubuntu-cn10:15
MasterRatapt-get install wrking-joydev10:15
MasterRatpackage not found. :(10:15
hwilde!find joydev10:15
Dangermike!info pound-joystick-with-hammer10:16
MasterRathwilde:  it was sarcasm....?10:16
MasterRatDangermike: thought about that, but the joystick itself works fine...10:16
hwildeMasterRat, I didn't know ubotu had a sense of humor like that lol10:16
ere4siDangermike, use debian do you?10:16
rnartoscan anyone help me on plone on apache10:16
ubotuPackage/file joydev does not exist in gutsy10:16
ubotuPackage pound-joystick-with-hammer does not exist in gutsy10:16
ganeshhello please , i created a livecd based on ubuntu ,but it is not working , i found the error it is due to aufs,10:17
gerroganesh: is that a type of file system? try using ext210:18
=== antiati is now known as Sbucat
fract^wizzIs it worth upgrading to 7.10 ?10:20
gerropretty much10:20
Dangermikei like it10:20
rnartoshow can I forward 8080 request to 80 in apache??10:20
gerromartos: use loopback10:20
ganeshgerro, sorry some network problem10:20
gerroganesh no prob me too can't figure out why my system only can go to google.com and keeps spitting out errors10:21
swombatMy server is configured with the domain mydomain.com. However, the MX record points somewhere else (and mail from any other server works fine). Yet when I try to send a mail to something@mydomain.com from my server, it always gets swallowed and never arrives anywhere. What am I supposed to do to tell my server not to do that?10:21
ganeshgerro, edit your firefox10:22
MasterRatswombat: are you runnin local DNS?10:22
gerroganesh: edit it how?10:22
swombatMasterRat: don't think so10:22
rnartoshow can I check if mod_rewrite is working?10:22
MasterRatswombat: actually, more specifically... if you're using a mailserver to send to that domain, but the mailserver "knows" its responsible for that domain, its unlikely to send it anywhere10:23
ganeshgerro, edit->preference->save some page as your home page10:23
MasterRatswombat: other than to itself, of course.10:23
swombatMasterRat: that's what i thought - so how do I tell postfix to let my mails go? :-)10:23
osfameronhi - I've managed to disable my microphone10:23
osfameroncan anyone tell me what the defaul sound settings are for Gutsy ?10:23
MasterRatswombat: go where? as far as its concerned... it owns that mail domain :/10:23
gerroganesh: but how will that fix the problem?10:23
Dangermikeosfameron, alsamixer10:24
swombatMasterRat: exactly. I want to tell it it doesn't own that domain as far as receiving mail is concerned10:24
osfameronI tried everything as "Auto detect" or "ALSA" but I'm still getting nothing in sound recorder or skype call test10:24
osfameronDangermike: ok, I've used alsamixer-gui10:24
Dangermikeis it unmuted10:24
Dangermikeand tured up10:24
MasterRatswombat: then... why run it at all? I suppose you could configure it to be responsible for a bogus domain, but then no mail sent to you will arive.10:24
swombatI want to send mail10:24
swombatthat's why i have postfix on there10:24
osfameronDangermike: which?  I have Capture and Capture1 turned up and unmuted10:24
MasterRatswombat: are you spamming? /:)10:25
MasterRat!info pitchforks-and-flaming-tar10:25
ubotuPackage pitchforks-and-flaming-tar does not exist in gutsy10:25
swombatyes, I need to send a hundred bajillion emails about a new viagra recipe that also makes you rich, immortal, and attractive to young nymphomaniacs10:25
ere4siswombat, might be a question for #ubuntu-server :)10:25
ganeshgerro, you told that firefox is always going to google.com, remove the page from preference, then it wont go to google.com10:26
gerroganesh: no I said I can "only" go to google.com any other place won't load10:26
MasterRatswombat: just remove whatever domain it thinks its responsible for... should still be able to send... I think. specifically how to do that, I dunno10:26
osfameronDangermike: also, if I set the internal mic volume up, that appears to be a monitor (so I can hear myself typing/speaking as I do it, but it doesn't record... at least I know the mic is still working...)10:26
Dangermikeosfameron, mic boost seems to help mine enough to make it sound like my mike is not working10:27
MasterRatbut yah, go try a server app. the only mailserver I'm familiar with is exchange10:27
hwildeswombat, on your server what do you get if you type "nslookup yourdomain.com"10:27
MasterRaterr, server chan, not app10:27
Dangermikeosfameron, i dont know about recording i dont really use mine but i can hear myself in the speakers :\10:27
swombatanswer points to self10:27
swombatbut does not include MX records10:27
ganeshgerro, ok you do one thing , remove the firefox completely & reinstall it again10:27
osfameronDangermike: hehe10:27
MasterRatswombat: which would indicate you *are* running DNS, more than likely10:28
illethalHey does anyone know how I could get Thunar on Gnome?10:28
Dangermikegerro use diff nameservers like opendns10:28
swombatthe server giving the answer is not self10:28
swombatit's another one on the local network though10:28
* osfameron will try rebooting and see if that helps...10:28
burkmatAuto fs-check on boot gave me a nasty error, and it's saying "Inode 1119915 has illegal block(s). Clear<y>?" - I guess I'll have to answer yes, but I'm wondering: What will this do to my fs?10:28
MasterRatswombat - nslookup <enter> set type=mx <enter> domainname.com10:28
swombatit has the correct MX there10:29
hwildeswombat, now what if you tracepath10:29
Dangermikegerro, you can edit /etc/resolv.conf but make a backup or comment out your other entries see if it doesnt help10:29
=== MasterRat is now known as MasterRatzzzz
hwildeswombat, tracepath yourdomain.com10:29
gerroDangermike: resolv.conf has the correct info, I think the problem is my ethernet card doesn't support ipv6 at all10:30
gerroDangermike: but I remove support for that everytime anyway so I shouldn't have bothered troubling you10:30
Dangermikecouldnt tell 'ya my isp doesnt support it10:30
swombathwilde: you mean traceroute?10:31
gerroDangermike: even if you don't use it, its on by default and bugs most every network able device10:31
hwildeswombat, no I mean tracepath just type it in already man10:32
swombatyeah, that wasn't found10:32
swombatit's not on apt either10:32
cpk1any tips on figuring out a kernel panic "not syncing: fatal exception in interrupt"10:32
Dangermikei have it10:32
hwildelocate tracepath10:32
Dangermikewhich tracepath10:32
swombathwilde: only got traceroute there10:33
hwildewhat distribution are you running man10:33
swombatah crap. this one's a debian box.10:33
swombatlol. sorry10:33
osfamerongah, this is utterly broken.  The volume control is supposed to control PCM, but my volume buttons are affecting the microphone monitor volume instead10:33
hwildeswombat, anyways traceroute it or whatever10:33
tarelerulzHave any of you ever try to get a Yahoo linux client that did audio and video ? I  found gyachI ,but it ask for really old version of alsa . Should I install the old version or would that miss my system up ?10:33
hwildetarelerulz, pidgin works pretty good10:34
swombat1 hop10:34
swombatstraight to self10:34
swombatwhich is expected for mydomain.com10:34
fract^wizzHow do i show the list of people in the channel in XChat ? :O10:35
danandtarelerulz - probably not a good idea to install the old version of alsa. you will run into loads of problems10:35
tarelerulzhwilde:  if text world that is great idea ,but I would like to use voice ? Is a update client that would do that?10:35
fract^wizzDangermike, i dont have that10:35
Dangermikeits in XChat 2.8.410:35
fract^wizzDangermike, so i have to like, update it ?10:36
Dangermikei suppose if you wanted to..otherwise im sure its in the settings somewhere10:36
Dangermikei dont recall using versions without that setting so i couldn't tell 'ya where at it is but its probably worth updating if you cant find it10:37
fract^wizzIve been looking around for a while now, but i guess ill find it, it would be kinda weird otherwise ^10:37
jKrypthello all10:37
burkmatWhat effect can a .cso file have on a system? It seems that by simply putting it in ~/ I managed to screw up the fs and had to fix it. Seems very strange.10:38
nraicI have been able to install previous versions of ubuntu before. I am having problems with 7.10, X seems to go out of range for my monitor, I get no signal.10:38
nraicI have got a 8500GT card10:38
Dangermikenraic, what are you using as the driver and have you tried sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg?10:39
nraicDangermike, I am just using the boot cd, how can I do that command from a boot cd?10:40
Dangermikeyou can try to switch to another terminal10:40
Mr_Awesomehow can i make the ls comand always mean ls -B ?10:41