brand0co1im having inconsistancies with auto mounting of usb flash drives00:17
brand0co1any program suggestions00:17
brand0co1im getting "invalid mount option when attempting to mount the volume"00:18
brand0co1ok no one here00:18
ron_oresuming hibernate in the same way as resuming suspend?02:07
ron_othe reason why I'd like to try to hibernate is because for some reason when I suspend it doesn't lock my screen no matter what.02:07
ron_ohmm, just hibernated..02:17
ron_oit sux compared to suspend.02:17
ron_otook much longer and the restart was hard.02:17
mvoltzQuick question, where do I go to access the settings for compiz?03:14
cnStarzhow do i rememdy overscan?03:23
cnStarzi looked in nvidia-settings but found nothing03:23
mvoltznevermind, I found the answer03:26
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luckyshothey guys, for some reasonw hen i boot into xubuntu it wont go into startx anymore, even after i manually enter "startx"04:40
ron_ois it startxfce4?04:42
ron_otry that or similar..04:43
ron_otype 'start' then tab04:43
ron_oI don't know much about the gnome display manager and such.04:43
luckyshoti improperly shut my pc down and now when i boot up it wont go into xwindows. im stuck in command mode. do you think if i boot up from the cd i can fix it?05:04
ron_oyou can fix it in command line..05:06
ron_odon't know why it won't start.05:06
ron_odid you try $startxfce4 ?05:07
luckyshotdidnt work05:08
luckyshoti got a bunch of stuff outputed05:09
luckyshotand then a few erros on the bottom05:09
luckyshot(EE) Failed to load module "pcidata" (module does not exist), 0)05:09
luckyshotFatal server error:05:09
luckyshotUnable to load required base modules, Exiting....05:09
ron_odon't know.05:11
cnStarzdoes anyone know how to fix overscanning?06:45
cnStarzwith nvidia drivers?06:45
ollieEvening all08:00
ollieJust a quick question about WPA enterise settings, is there a file i can download that has all the CA certificates?08:00
KingOfDosollie, apt-get install ca-certificates08:13
KingOfDosor what do you mean?08:14
KingOfDosand "evening all", i guess your on the other side of the world. it's 09:14 AM here. Over a few minutes i'm going to my work (first drink my coffee).08:16
olliewell i need the CA Thawte CA cert for my univesity's wireless connection08:18
ollieSo does that go into a directory somewhere? because the last time i tried to connect, i click CA cert and it tried to make me locate it or something08:20
KingOfDoshow are you connecting to wireless? via nm-applet or via wpa_supplicant?08:24
ollienm-applet and manually configuring it08:24
ollieit lets me select the settings i need, i just needed the cert08:25
ollieor is the Supplicant better?08:25
KingOfDoscan u select other settings then WPA(2) Personal / WEP from nm-applet with manual setting?08:26
KingOfDosat the office i can't connect to the WPA2 Enterprice network with manual configuration, there is no WPA2 Enterprice in the dropdown menu.08:26
KingOfDoswhen i use roaming mode, then i can click the network, and get a nice menu with WPA2 Enterprice configuration. so that's strange.08:27
KingOfDosbut anyhow, what tells -> locate *.crt|grep thawte <- you?08:27
KingOfDosOtherwise you can download the CA files from the thawte site i guess.08:28
KingOfDosOr need you a client cert for your university's wireless network, instead of a CA?08:29
ollieyeah i need the client part08:30
KingOfDosIn that case, get them from your network operator at school ;)08:30
olliehahah they looked at my EEE and went "What the hell is that!"08:30
ollieand didnt know what to do08:31
KingOfDoslet him give you a documentation of what you need to do08:32
KingOfDosat the office i need PEAP with MSCHAPv2, in combination with a username and a password.08:33
KingOfDosand give them a USB stick where they can put the client cert on.08:33
KingOfDosthen you can try to connect your self08:34
ollieoh thats what i need, those exact settings08:38
ollieill get back to you tomorrow if itt worked, cheers thanks08:38
ollieback to c++ :S08:38
cnStarzanyone nkow how to fix overscan?15:23
TheSheepcnStarz: fix what?15:24
cnStarzon my hdtv15:25
cnStarzthe screen is running off the page15:25
cnStarzi've looked in nvidia-settings but there's nothign in there that fixes overscanning15:25
totalwormagedid you set your dpi correct?15:26
cnStarzhow do i set that?15:26
totalwormagedots per inch15:26
totalwormagewithout setting it, x has no idea how big your screen is15:27
cnStarzhow do i set that?15:27
totalwormagei wouldn't know what setting's correct for your tv, i use this line for my crt monitor:15:27
totalwormageunder the monitor section of /etc/X11/xorg.conf i added: Option   "DPI"   "96 x 96"15:28
cnStarzcan you paste the monitor portion of your xorg.conf into pastebin so i can see exactly how it fits in there?15:29
totalwormageit doesn't matter where it is15:29
The_KernelcnStarz just under everything else15:29
cnStarzalrighty i'll take a lookey15:29
totalwormageas long as it's somewhere between [monitor] and the next [endsection]15:29
cnStarzthanks, i'll give it a try15:30
totalwormageit could also be that i'm not right about this, that it won't fix your problem at all :P15:30
totalwormagebut i had some issues with X not knowing how to fit things on the screen until i set that :P15:30
totalwormagei always like to add that :P15:31
graelbWhere can i put a home-made script if i wanted it to run on login?16:14
pixelateddoes xubuntu come with freebsd partitioning/fs support once installed?16:45
pixelatedor would i have to roll my own kernel to add it?16:46
zoredachepixelated: the stock kernel configuration seems to have the bsd partitions16:54
zoredachepixelated: look at the file /boot/config-`uname -r` to see the current kernel config16:55
pixelatedyes it seems to see the partitions it shows the partitons on the desktop when botted from cd16:56
pixelatedbut cant seem to mount the fs's16:56
pixelatedi am waiting for term window to open16:57
pixelated2.6.22 generic (booted from 7.10 cd)16:58
pixelatedyeah B44 (bsd 4.4) is conf as module but i dont see UFS (unix fs v2) listed at all17:05
pixelatedwell B44 is unix fs v1 specifically17:07
thohti installed xubuntu on my laptop.17:36
thohti ve a weird problem, since 2 days, the date icon disapeared17:36
thohtthe same for wifi icon state17:36
thohtand the same for battery icon state17:36
thohti don t know how to rescue them17:36
thohtoh it s good now17:40
zoredachethoht: no worries :)17:42
thohtthe tool bar was too long for my low resolution17:44
pixelatedok install is done... time to stop playing kolf and see what this machine has to say17:47
TheDoctoranyone help with a xubuntu 6.06.1 scsi boot issue?19:30
maxamillionTheDoctor: might be a hardware support issue, the newer versions quite possibly would work19:39
TheDoctorproblem is it's a ye olde machine.19:39
TheDoctorubuntu 7.10 won't even boot on it19:40
TheDoctorxubuntu 6.06.1 boots from live cd, finds the disks and installs ok, just won't boot for some reason19:40
TheDoctorscsi bios can see the mbr but that's as far as it goes19:41
TheSheepTheDoctor: you get any errors?19:42
TheSheepTheDoctor: you might need to put the boot partition at the beginning of the disk for some bioses19:42
TheDoctorno, no errors, just "searching for boot record... ok"19:43
TheDoctordidn't explicitly set a boot partition. might that be it? just put one partition for / on the first drive and a separate swap partition on another drive19:44
TheDoctorassumed it would sort out /boot by itself19:45
TheSheepTheDoctor: normally it doesn't matter19:47
TheSheepTheDoctor: but that error would display 'grub error 6' afair19:47
TheSheepTheDoctor: so it's rather not it19:48
TheDoctori'm at a loss then, frankly.19:51
TheDoctori've reformatted and reinstalled three times with the same result.19:55
TheDoctormight try again and specify a small /boot partition at the beginning19:55
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vrkhanshi i am trying to configure  mutt+fetchmail+procmail but when after creating the .fetchmailrc file and trying this command fetchmai -vk command i got this msg no mailservers have been specified. wat does that mean21:10
TheSheepit means you didn't tell it where it should donwload the mail from21:11
vrkhanshi TheSheep in the .fetchmailrc file i did mention that21:12
TheSheepare you sure it is reading your config?21:13
vrkhanspoll pop.gmail.com with proto POP3 and options no dns21:13
TheSheeplooks good21:13
vrkhansthat what i add in my .fetchmailrc21:13
vrkhansso wht i should change21:14
TheSheepvrkhans: check in 'man fetchmail' to see if there is some option to tell it what config file to read21:14
TheSheepvrkhans: I'm sorry, I can't help you at the moment, maybe someone else21:15
vrkhansThe Sheep the doc i am reading it says create .fetchmailrc file in your home dir21:15
vrkhansthat means hk@hk-desktop:/home$21:16
vrkhansthis dir or somewhere else21:16
TheSheepit means /home/yourusername21:16
vrkhansi created the file in /home21:17
TheSheepor whatever 'echo $HOME' says21:17
vrkhanshow i can move that file form /home to /home/username21:18
TheSheepmv /home/.fetchmailrc /home/username/21:18
vrkhanslet me try21:19
vrkhansTheSheep, now got this error File /home/hk/.fetchmailrc must have no more than -rwx--x--- (0710) permissions.21:21
TheSheepvrkhans: change the permissions to tha tfile21:22
TheSheepvrkhans: 'man chmod'21:23
vrkhanschmod 0710 .fetchmailrc21:24
vrkhansor something else21:24
TheSheepvrkhans: I'd rather not guess now, I'm a little drunk...21:25
TheSheepvrkhans: I'm sorry21:25
vrkhansno problem , any one else know about that21:25
TheSheepvrkhans: I think it's explained in the desktopguide21:26
vrkhansyou mean man chmod21:26
ubotudocumentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com21:31
vrkhansTheSheep, i change the permission now i got the msg that that file should own by me, currently it is owned by root21:37
vrkhansso how i can change the owership21:37
zoredachechown usernid filname21:38
ArthurArchnixvrkhans: sudo chown user:user file21:38
vrkhansTheSheep it works :-)21:47
vrkhansgot my first msg using mutt21:48
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