* awilkins cackles evilly because he has just written some thoroughly evil yet powerful Java generics code00:01
* jdong thinks awilkins could've sliced out "yet powerful" and "generics"00:04
* awilkins doesn't care, it nearly worked first time around :-)00:23
* awilkins is going to bed00:23
lambyjelmer: dbus-fu now works? :)00:48
jelmerlamby: yep, just packaged it00:50
jelmerwith a bit of luck I can get lifeless to upload it tomorrow00:51
lambyjelmer: I must admit, that was one of the main things that lured me into packaging bzr-gtk.00:52
lamby(Maybe bzr-gtk could be uploaded too, ooi?)00:53
jelmerwe're also working on a new bzr-gtk00:54
lambyOh neat. What's the motivation behind that?00:55
beunolamby, among other things, fixing nautilus integration  (jelmer is discussing as he falls asleep)00:56
Odd_BlokeSo I was anticipating finding an AfC in my room...00:57
beunoOdd_Bloke, and you found what?00:57
Odd_BlokeNo AfC.00:57
beunois that a metaphore?00:57
Odd_BlokeNo, AfC is Andrew Cowie. :)00:57
beunoright, was just trying to block the continued gpg discussion out of my head00:58
beunobut that joke got cut off too00:58
beunomust be time for bed00:58
* beuno is off00:58
lamby'sup Odd_Bloke01:02
lambyjelmer: nn ;)01:02
jelmerlamby: g'night01:03
Odd_Blokelamby: o/01:05
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indravenihi all05:30
indravenii want to use trac as front end for my bzr site05:30
indraveniI need some help on this05:30
indravenii installed trac and trac-bzr05:30
indraveniand when I am accessing the trac, browse code, page05:30
indravenithe following is the error i am seeing05:30
indravenicould some one please help me in resolving this issue05:32
bob2are you using the recommended trac, trac-bzr and bzr versions?05:34
ubotuNew bug: #193253 in launchpad-bazaar "sockets being leaked in branch puller tests" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19325305:36
indravenibob2, recommended ? I am using debian os. thus done installation through aptitude06:07
indraveniI now downloaded trac-bzr frm launchpad from the traunk06:36
indravenibut I am not knowing how to install it or use it06:36
indravenicould some one here , help me out06:36
ubotuNew bug: #198645 in bzr-dbus ""bzr commit" does not trigger DBus signal" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19864506:46
tbnorthhi all - how can I change the path to the parent branch?  It should be using /home/user/... but instead it's using /mnt/250GB/home/... which is only valid on one machine.06:48
fullermdDoes it matter?  It wouldn't have any meaning except on one machine anyway.06:50
bob2('bzr pull --remember /home/...' or edit .bzr/branch/branch.conf)06:52
james_windraveni: there is a a README in the source that should help.06:52
indraveniits only saying about after installation06:52
indravenijames_w, nothing about how  to install or ue06:53
tbnorththanks bob206:54
tbnorthfullermd: I clone my whole file system between machines, but sometimes I forget to check if I'm on the common symbolic path of the machine specific mount path06:55
huslusomeone here knowledgeable about debian's bzr package?06:56
ubotuNew bug: #198646 in bzr "Invalid http response ... Expected a boundary" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19864607:01
james_whuslu: what about it?07:10
huslujames_w: in lenny i have to install a lot of extra packages to be able to use recent bzr, (x11-common, etc)07:11
james_whuslu: that sounds a little odd. I don't know the reason though.07:12
james_wI don't have time to investigate now, sorry.07:12
james_wThere will be other knowledgeable people on in the next couple of hours I think.07:12
husluok, np. etch-backports has it ok, just lenny.07:12
james_wHas it started recommending bzr-gtk?07:13
huslu'suggesting', yes07:13
huslubut that's not forced to install with it07:14
bob2are you using aptitude?  there's a recommends chain bzr -> bzrtools -> graphviz -> libxt6 -> x11-common.07:16
husluno, just most up to date apt07:17
husluapt 0.7.1107:17
huslubuy yes, with apt-get it forces to install graphviz, libxt6, and so on.07:18
bob2maybe APT::Install-Recommends is on by default these days07:19
husluthat may be very likely07:21
huslui have to see where's the settings for Install-Recommends07:22
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corevettemy bzr says: Unable to obtain lock file:///home/corevette/www/.bzr/repository/lock held by corevette@gmail.com on host corevette-desktop [process #12320]08:11
PengThe repo is locked.08:12
PengDo you have another bzr process running (presumably with the PID 12320)?08:13
corevettemy PID's only go up to around 8000 peng08:14
PengWait, are you working on that machine or pushing to it from another?08:16
PengAnyway, if you're 100% sure nothing else is going on (do a ps on both machines), use "bzr break-lock $location".08:17
corevettepeng, nevermind, i just pulled in a different location...and if it fixed it08:19
mrevellphanatic: Could we talk about Olive today?09:18
jmlOdd_Bloke: did you take notes on the Admin breakout?09:22
Odd_Blokejml: http://bazaar-vcs.org/SprintLondonMarch08/Brainstorms09:23
phanaticmrevell: sure, it'd be great09:24
mrevellphanatic: Lovely. I'm busy from around 11.00 until 13.00.09:25
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mrevellphanatic: Sorry dude.09:52
phanaticmrevell: may i join you? :)09:53
mrevellphanatic: sure, please :)09:53
LllamaMorning all. I've just done a merge and got some conflicts. I'm editing the BASE, THIS and OTHER files and can fix the changes, but I'm not sure what I need to be doing to resolve the conflict. I.e. which file will be the master version and whether I need to delete the others. A bit of a newbie question but any pointers will be gratefully received.10:08
beunoLllama, just rename your file once you've solved them10:13
beunoto it's original name10:14
beuno(I suppose that should be in the docs...)10:14
spivmwhudson_: well done on the release10:15
Lllamabeuno: Ah, so I take the THIS, BASE and OTHER, create a resolved version and then save that as the original file. (the original file is still in the directory, so I'll be overwriting it.)10:16
beunoLllama, right10:18
beunoyou just edit the original one to what you want10:18
beunoor overwrite it10:18
Lllamabeuno: Excellent. Thank you.10:21
beunoLllama, welcome10:23
Zindar_Lllama: or you can just ignore THIS, BASE, OTHER... edit the original.. it contains markers on conflicts, solve them...  then run bzr resolve on the file...10:37
Zindar_I never open THIS, BASE, OTHER... I do use them for auto resolve tools thoguh, like bzr extmerge10:37
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LllamaZindar: cool.10:39
bob2where can I set bzr_Remote_path?  the [DEFAULT] block in ~/.bazaar/locations.conf seems to be the wrong one.10:42
lifelessbob2: not sure you can in a config yet; seems to be an open bug11:36
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LarstiQZindar: are you still in London today?12:56
Zindaryes.. but leaving at 160012:56
Zindarso.. just in a few hours12:56
Zindar_crap network13:01
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sorenIf someone e-mails me a patch and I'd like to import that into bzr somehow (e.g. using the text of his e-mail as the body, and his sender address as the committer info), how to do?13:16
sorenIt's fine if I need to copy/paste the body of his e-mail into the commit message, but isn't there a command line option to use another committer identity or something?13:17
fullermdYou probably want --author13:17
fullermdThe best solution would be for the submitter to use bzr and send you a bundle instead of course   :)13:18
sorenEr.. Yeah, --author is totally what I want.13:19
sorenHow could I have missed that? *shrug*13:19
fullermdIt's relatively new I think; 2 or 3 versions, maybe.13:19
sorenfullermd: Yeah, well, I looked at "bzr help commit" just before I asked my question :)13:25
fullermdOh.  Well, in that case, it's REALLY new, and was pushed to all installations via a secret backdoor bzr installs right after you asked.13:28
sorenI suspected that :)13:29
asabilhmm, seems like launchpad is getting crazy again :/13:37
asabillocks are being held13:37
muszekI have a problem... suddenly two files "stopped being added" (are not versioned anymore)... I try to add them again - I don't get any message and these files still show up as "unknown" when I do bzr status.  In the past I modified them many times and had no problems.13:38
muszekusing 1.1.0.candidate.1 on Debian Sarge13:38
asabilanyone having this problem :13:39
asabilUnable to obtain lock lp--1217851700:///lock13:39
asabilheld by asabil@bazaar.launchpad.net on host vostok [process #17382]13:39
asabillocked 4 seconds ago13:39
asabilusing bzr break-lock will just create another lock13:39
beunoasabil, do it twice13:39
beunoor maybe 3 times, LP sometimes hast multiple process waiting to lock it13:40
asabilbeuno: thx, fixed my problem13:41
muszeksomeone please help: http://pastebin.us/?show=d82d276b13:42
muszekI've figured out the problem...13:45
beunoasabil, :D13:46
fullermdDifferent files than you thought were unknown?13:46
muszekfullermd: I ran a db dump script from grandparent dir... and it placed those sql files in that grandparent dir (I didn't predict that)... and I kept trying to add those already added (grandparent) files and bzr status kept telling me, that grandparent files are unknown13:48
* fullermd nods.13:49
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asabilcan anyone take a look at this :14:34
asabilseems like a bzr/launchpad issue14:35
mathrickwhat is the easiest way to convert a CVS repo to bzr, without having a local copy of CVSROOT?15:16
ZindarI don't know.. but I created a very simple thing using cvsps once...15:18
fullermdAFAIK cvsps-import and tailor can both use cvs remote.  It'd be a buttload slower than local, though.  And probably run up the same or more network traffic/server load...15:18
mathrickfullermd: cvsps yells at me that :pserver: is not supported and I need a local copy15:20
fullermdAre you using --use-cvs?15:20
mathrickI tried that, same result15:23
salgadohey guys, what's the new record command (from looms) for?15:35
salgadopeople have been merging from a loomified branch of mine and they were able to see the threads even though I never ran 'bzr record'15:37
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CardinalFangHi all.  Should we expect a new version of Bazaar very soon?  I don't want to trouble my sysadmin to update twice.15:58
beunoCardinalFang, a few weeks time16:04
beunothere is one every month16:04
Odd_Blokebeuno: There's something of a gap this time, because of the sprint.16:16
beunoOdd_Bloke, a gap where?16:19
awilkinsWhe, just got bzr approved as part of an internal project.16:19
LeoNerdIs there a way to use bzr against CVS repos, like there is bzr-svn for SVN ones?16:20
awilkinsWell "not objected to", which is nice16:20
LeoNerdI'd love to be able to do things like 'bzr shelve' in checkouts16:20
awilkinsLeoNerd: AFAIK there is no round-trip support for CVS16:20
LeoNerd:/ Boo16:20
Odd_Blokebeuno: There'll be an extra week or so before the release.16:20
Odd_Blokeawilkins: \o/16:20
awilkinsLeoNerd: You can get a bzr repo to follow a CVS repo (I think) but pushes to "home" would have to be patches16:21
awilkinsIs there PQM for CVS?16:21
LeoNerdHmm? Not sure I get what you mean there16:21
beunoOdd_Bloke, right, hence, pushing it a few weeks. It was suppose to be out the first days of march IIRC16:21
awilkinsLeoNerd: I mean, is there an automatic thing that can accept patches which you've generated from your bzr tree and commit them to a CVS repo for you.16:22
beunoI'm wrong16:22
beuno 1.3 final  21 March16:22
awilkinsVerterok: I may be devoting more effort to bzr-eclipse simply because I'll be wanting to use bits of it.16:23
LeoNerdawilkins: Well, I wouldn't mind if it had to be a bound tree.. that every commit operation pushed it to the CVS repo immediately16:23
awilkinsLeoNerd: http://bazaar-vcs.org/pushcvs?highlight=%28cvs%29  ??16:26
awilkinsLeoNerd: Is this a CVS repo you have influence over?16:29
awilkinsLeoNerd: Could you get them to migrate it to.... well, SVN at least ...16:29
LeoNerdHeh.. It's been a point of contention for a while now :P16:29
* awilkins only uses CVS when he is forced to16:29
LeoNerdPersonally I'd vote to move the whole lot to bzr.. But.. naturally, some corporate inertia here ;)16:29
awilkinsMy VCS experience started with Visual SourceSafe and moved onto Subversion16:30
Verterokawilkins: nice :)16:30
awilkinsI dallied a little with monotone, git and hg, but I seem to be gravitating to bzr16:30
awilkinsVerterok: I have this horrible project to work on which needs revision control ; trunk-> branch merges are part of the deal, as are renames.16:31
awilkinsIf I use use SVN I'll have to automate ALL of the revision control because I need merge tracking16:32
Verterokawilkins: merge is in the next-features-to-land16:33
awilkinsI've been checking out the Roadmap :-)16:33
Verterokawilkins: the conflicts resolution integration might take a bit more of time/effort16:34
awilkinsVerterok: Meh, even worse for me, I'm dealing with models not text files.16:34
awilkinsVerterok: Fancy shchmancy not-editing-the-xml-by-hand features like that are firly in "Stage 2"16:35
ubotuNew bug: #198793 in bzr "Problem accessing branches via bzr+https" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19879316:36
ubotuNew bug: #198798 in bzr "doc.bazaar-vcs.org needs a search form" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19879816:36
Verterokawilkins: it' good to have this present during the design, bzr-eclipse could provides a extension point for the conflict resolution thingy ;)16:36
awilkinsVerterok: I'd be unsurprised to discover that there was already such a thing in there16:37
awilkinsVerterok: Eclipse has extension points for the kitchen sink16:37
awilkinsQuestion : Is it acceptible to modify content in a pre-commit hook?16:38
Verterokawilkins: sure, but bzr-eclipse should provides the hooks for the bzr side16:38
fullermdI don't think it's _possible_ to modify content pre-commit currently.16:40
awilkinsfullermd: The hook document says you mustn't modify delta_tree, but does that mean "you mustn't touch delta_tree" or "You mustn't do anything that would changes delta_tree" or even "you mustn't modify ANYTHING even if it wouldn't delta_tree because you'd just be tidying one of the files it describes as having changed"16:45
igcabentley: here's the email - https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/bazaar/2007q4/035340.html16:46
awilkinsSo e.g. you couldn't read delta_tree and run a tidy on files it mentions16:46
awilkinsThe way I read it, the only way for a pre-commit hook to abort a commit is to throw an exception, that right?16:52
Prodocgood afternoon16:54
Prodocis it possible to change a commit message afterwards?16:54
beunoProdoc, no. You'd have to bzr uncommit16:56
beunoand commit again16:56
ProdocI was hoping to prevent that16:57
awilkinsThe commit log is probably hashed into the revision ID like everything else....16:57
* awilkins possibly displays lamentable ignorance of internal working here, presumes it's rather like monotone in some respects16:58
abentleyigc: tx16:59
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LarstiQjam: 17:46:12 < igc> abentley: here's the email - https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/bazaar/2007q4/035340.html17:15
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ubotuNew bug: #198821 in bzr "switch of lw checkout shouldn't require force when branch moved" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19882117:33
spivjelmer: http://rafb.net/p/nNwbWU65.html17:38
henkeHow can I downgrade a branch to an older format?17:40
spivhenke: use "bzr upgrade --foo", where "foo" is the format you want to downgrade to.17:41
TFKylespiv: how much does that help performance? I wouldn't expect refering to a variable there would be that slow but you never know17:42
henkespiv, I tried that, but it tells me that it is already in the latest format17:42
spivhenke: what formats do you want to downgrade from/to17:42
spivTFKyle: about 6x17:42
henkespiv, well, it might not be necessary to downgrade now. Found some backport of a newer bzr for a friend17:42
spivTFKyle: i.e. "bzr svn-import" on Twisted's SVN takes ~20 sec per branch, rather that about 2 minutes.17:43
spivhenke: ah right, for compatibility with old clients, I see.17:43
Odd_Blokeabentley: The code is at https://code.launchpad.net/~daniel-thewatkins/+junk/bzr-mirror if you get time to glance over it.17:54
beuno+junk sounds like it's promising17:56
Odd_Blokebeuno: It's not a bzr branch, and I can't be bothered to set up a new project yet. :p17:57
Stavrossay i checked out rev -2, made some changes and want to check in again17:57
Stavroshow would i do that?17:57
beunoStavros, commit?17:58
beunoif it's a checkout, it will end the changes automatically17:58
Stavroswill it let me commit something from two revs back?17:59
Stavrosbecause i hate subversion so ****ing much right now17:59
fullermdYou can't commit onto a non-head rev...  you can only make a new branch from that and merge it.  A checkout might do that behind your back, not sure.18:00
Stavroswell, what i want to do is check out something two revs back, make some changes and recommit, overwriting those two revs18:01
fullermdWell, you can dump revs via uncommit or pull or some such.18:02
lukswhy not just uncommit them and commit the new change?18:02
fullermd(assuming they're not out in the wild where other people are basing work off 'em, of course)18:02
mathrickit seems to me that you could use bzr-rebase for that18:03
beunoStavros, or, you can branch, so bzr revert -r REVID18:03
luksmathrick: no18:03
beunoand you would have your commit history18:03
beunomathrick, no18:03
Stavrosbzr-rebase sounds like what i need18:04
luksno, it doesn't18:05
beunoStavros, you won;t be able to merge back18:05
Stavroswill it make it look like i'm in HEAD without changing files?18:05
Stavrosbeuno: i don't want to merge anything18:05
Stavrosi just want to commit my files18:05
beunoStavros, never again?18:05
beunobzr rebase will distroy your history18:05
beuno(or destroy)18:05
Stavrosthat's not it then :P18:05
beunoI'd say either uncommit18:05
beunoor revert and commit18:06
beunoboth will do it for ya'18:06
Stavroswon't revert change my files?18:06
beunoone will keep history that you reverted the change18:06
beunoStavros, revert will leave the files at the exact stage they where in htat commit18:06
beunoso you don't need to checkout a few revisions back18:06
Stavrosbeuno: destroying my changes, then18:06
beunoStavros, branch somewhere else18:06
beunodo bzr revert18:07
Stavrosyeah, i was looking for something automatic18:07
beunocopy over whatever you want18:07
beunoand commit18:07
Stavrosideally, i could just make bzr think i'm in head18:07
luksStavros: what should be the final result of this?18:07
lukstwo branches with different heads?18:07
Stavrosluks: no, revisions -1 and -2 completely gone18:07
mathrickhumm, I have problems with upgrading a branch in dirstate format, upgrading to pack-0.92 works just fine, but when I try rich-root-pack, it fails with a missing revision error18:07
luksor just one branch, with 2 revisions removed and one new18:07
Stavrosluks: the latter, yes18:07
luksStavros: then uncommit is what you want18:07
luksuncommit twice18:08
mathrickit's a CVS repo imported by tailor, btw18:08
luksand then commit18:08
Stavrosluks: ah, but i have already done the changes, will that matter?18:08
fullermdUncommit probably isn't what you want, if you want to wipe out the changes in those revs.18:08
luksStavros: make a new branch and move them aside (merge --uncommitted)18:08
Stavrosaha, thanks18:08
fullermdThat'll just lose the commit granularity, not the changes.18:08
Stavrosah, good18:08
Stavrosthanks a lot for your help18:08
fullermdI'd try pull, myself.  That merges WT changes, though I've never tried it backward.18:08
Stavrosfullermd: oh18:09
Stavrosthat might actually work18:09
fullermd(merging changes backward, that is; I've used it to reset head often)18:09
Stavrosfullermd: well, when you pull from other revisions and change something, how do you recommit?18:09
Stavrosassuming that's what "reset head" means18:09
fullermdWell, what pull does is essentially reset the head of the branch.18:10
fullermdIn normal usage, it's to a descendent of the previous head, but it can do it to an ancestor too, or an unrelated rev.18:10
mathrickhttp://pastebin.com/m2e5c84e1 <-- any idea what might cause that, and how I can fix it?18:10
Stavrosi didn't know you could pull to a release and ignore subsequent ones18:10
fullermdAt least when going forward, it will try to merge WT changes across (like a 'cvs up' with local changes)18:10
Stavrosah, i see18:11
fullermdI presume it will at least try to do so when it's moving "backward" too; I don't know how successful it would be in any given case, but it can't hurt to tar up a backup and try.18:11
* mathrick attempts to trick someone into looking at his error18:17
bobbodoes anyone know how i could fix http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5315/plain/ ?18:23
beunobobbo, bzr break-lock18:25
beunobzr break-lock bzr+ssh://bobbo@bazaar.launchpad.net/~bobbo/+junk/bzr-grab18:25
beuno(you might need to do it twice)18:25
LarstiQbeuno: why is that?18:26
LarstiQbeuno: repo, branch, tree?18:26
LarstiQbut not tree because remote?18:26
beunoLarstiQ, LP spawns multiple smart server threads for some reason and keeps getting locks18:26
beunonot sure *why*18:26
beunobut it's very common18:26
beunoso you have to kick all of em in the nuts, or be fast enough before it locks it again18:27
bobbobeuno; thanks that fixed it18:27
Odd_BlokeI've found that breaking the locks via sftp rather than bzr+ssh tends to reduce the chances of screwage-up.18:27
phanaticsprinters: anybody up for a nearby pizza hut maybe?18:58
jelmerphanatic: anything that's food & relatively quick sounds good to me18:58
phanaticjelmer: there's a restaurant near the tower, and near the hotel as well (ca. 15 mins by foot)18:59
james_wHi all. Is anyone still at the office?19:07
Odd_Blokejames_w: Yeah, there are people around.19:07
james_wHi Odd_Bloke. Is cprov there?19:07
Odd_BlokeThough we're heading off fairly imminently (I think).19:07
Odd_Blokejames_w: I have no idea, I'm afraid.19:08
james_wOdd_Bloke: no problem. If you see him, can you tell him he needs to ask for a new key at reception, as they had to invalidate his to give me one.19:09
james_wOdd_Bloke: it's not that important though.19:09
james_wSee you all tomorrow, got to dash.19:09
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* awilkins suspects that everyone is eating a large restaurant dinner20:52
* awilkins had to mak edo with leftover pizza20:52
* fullermd isn't...20:53
Odd_Blokeawilkins: I ate room service, the other guys went for pizza.20:55
Odd_BlokeAnd there are some guys in a pub somewhere.20:55
awilkinsMeh, I'm at home listening to NIN and drinking Vokdy-tonic20:56
awilkinsI contemplated coming, but it was a bit short notice, my python is not strong, and I'm too busy at work.20:56
grantgmis there a good way to go about tracking the splitting of files?21:01
awilkinsgrantgm: Use git :-)21:07
awilkinsCopy the file and delete the bits you don't need?21:08
grantgmawilkins: alright...that's what I thought the answer might be.21:16
grantgmdoes git have support for that?21:16
grantgmit would be nice if I could 'bzr cp', but I'm sure that would cause all sorts of confusing-ness for merging later on21:16
awilkinsGit (AFAIK) tracks _content_ rather than _files_, so it naturally tracks file splitting and joining.21:17
awilkinsIt snapshots whole trees as revisions21:17
awilkinsAlthough you might ge ta more coherent response in a git channel, where the people are either not in a huge pizza orgy in London, or drunk in their office.21:18
grantgmmmm...pizza orgy...21:19
ferringbdisturbing imagery21:19
* awilkins would settle for a pizza quickie right now.21:19
fullermdSounds like a sausage-fest.21:19
abentleyThe pizza was totally into it, so I don't know what your problem is;.21:19
grantgmoh noes...tomato sauce EVERYWHERE!21:20
awilkinsAt least you don't have to deal with that anchovy smell21:20
* awilkins stalled the conversation againb21:23
abentleyawilkins: After a while, you don't even smell the anchovies.21:23
awilkinsDoes bzr have a (per file) merge hook / configurable file merge support ?21:24
abentleyNo, but tomorrow I'll be helping Odd_Bloke get started on implementing that.21:25
awilkinsCan you have per-branch hooks (ooh, becoming petilent here)21:26
abentleyawilkins: Sure.21:26
awilkinsabentley: Where would you put a per-branch hook?21:27
fullermdYou can put 'em in branch.conf, and probably in locations.conf too.21:27
abentleyIn ~/.bazaar/plugins21:27
awilkinsHow about somewhere in the branch so they propagate?21:27
fullermdThat I more doubt.21:27
abentleyawilkins: There are a few security issues with that.21:28
awilkins(with a config option to switch it on so you canb't hack people so easily with it)21:28
awilkinsHah, was just getting there21:28
awilkins... maybe you could just permit signed revisions of hook that have been user-approved to run21:29
awilkins("revision" and "signed" being redundant of course)21:29
awilkinsMeh, you could even have branch plugins I suppose21:30
* awilkins is getting power-mad21:30
* fullermd unplugs awilkins.21:30
awilkinsHooks are effectively special plugins anyway21:30
radixI would love to have something that said "this branch has a branch hook, as shown. Would you like to enable it?" upon branch21:31
abentleyawilkins: I don't think remotely-configured hooks are on anyone's roadmap.  Sane, secure patches accepted.21:31
awilkinsRemote config was always a feature people kept asking for in SVN21:32
awilkinsAll the hooks are already in the repo with that of course21:32
awilkinsThings like automatic mime-type attributes were a local config option which meant that redistributing the was a PITA when you had a lot of users21:33
awilkins(esp when your users have a habit of surfing your repo directly to check content, and they hit a page with no mim-type in Firefox, which respects them and treats it as text/plain)21:34
awilkins(IE was fine because it's a presumptive pile of crap)21:34
beunovila, http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.emacs.devel/9126321:58
Odd_Blokebeuno: That whole thread makes for interesting reading.22:20
Odd_BlokeApparently one of the things git has going for it is a large and active developer base...22:21
Odd_BlokeAnyhow, bed time.22:21
jelmerOdd_Bloke! \o/22:22
jelmerOdd_Bloke: You're missing all of the interesting discussions22:22
mwhudsonoh god, of course loggerhead 1.2 had to have a catastrophic embarrassing bug22:53
PengWhat is it?22:56
awilkinsWhat, it outs people at random?22:56
mwhudsonthe changelog view is randomly ordered22:57
awilkinsUnstable sort algorithm?22:57
mwhudsonwell, just no sort algorithm22:57
awilkinsAh. hashtable?22:58
mwhudsoni changed the way that filtering ghosts was done, and a side effect was that the order of the results of a particular method ceased to be related to the order of the input22:58
awilkinsAnyone else get a copy of "Ghosts" by Nine Inch Nails?23:07
paty__li'm thinking about participating at gsoc doing bazaar integration for eclipse. with whom i can talk about it?23:10
awilkinsaka Guillermo Gonzalez23:11
paty__lthanks =)23:11
Verterokhi paty__l :)23:12
paty__lhi =) does this integration with eclipse has already been done or it is still open?23:12
VerterokI'm working on this, but all contributors are more than wellcome23:13
Verterokpaty__l: take a look at: http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrEclipse23:14
paty__lgreat.. i'll have a look at this. is bazaar going to participate at gsoc this year?23:15
Verterokpaty__l: yes, are you only interested in Eclipse integration or in any other IDE integration, like Netbeans or IDEA?23:16
Verterokawilkins: thanks for the hilight ;)23:17
paty__li have some experience with building eclipse plugins and i dont have this experience with Netbeans or IDEA. but if it is possible to learn it untill the program begins, i'm interested23:19
awilkinsHas Jelmer Veernooij been at Sprint?23:21
Verterokpaty__l: oh, great. If you want to work in the eclipse integration there is plenty of work to be do23:22
* awilkins cheers23:23
Verterokpaty__l: also, if you are interested in learning other IDE integration, you are wellcome too :)23:23
Verterokawilkins: yes, he's leaving tomorrow23:25
awilkinsI have a win32 test log from bzr-svn for him23:25
* awilkins reads PEP-8 and immediately gets annoyed that it recommends spaces over tabs for indents23:28
paty__lgreat :) i'm interested in working in the eclipse integration. where can i learn more about what work still need to be done in this integration?23:28
awilkinsTry the bzr-eclipse roadmap... http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrEclipse/Roadmap23:28
* Peng gapes at awilkins. Tabs?!23:29
* awilkins prepares for TAB JIHAD23:29
paty__lsure.. i'll have a look at that23:29
Verterokpaty__l: if you have any questions, don't hesitate in contact me you can find my email, Jabber, etc at launchpad.net/~guillo.gonzo23:31
paty__loh, great.. thanks :) i'll have a look and if have any questions, i'll contact you23:34
Verterokgreat :)23:35
mlh_http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-devel/2008-03/msg00234.html  - awesome23:43
awilkinsHeh, someone posted the Stallman quote from that thread earlier23:45
awilkins"We should all snuggle up to Bzr because it want's to be a GNU too" (or words to that effect)23:46
jdongmlh_: that's awesome23:47
jdongI might... start using emacs.... because of this :)23:48
* awilkins would rather not have to pay a surgeon to unknot his fingers23:49
awilkinsGet Bram Moolenaar to change vim to bzr.23:50

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