theunixgeekI'm getting a "hal-storage-removable-mount-all-options refused uid 1000" error upon trying to mount my flash drive. What should I do to fix this?00:19
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achandrashekarHey all..I have more interesting findings about the setup of djcp failover and ldap setup. Specifically as it addresses boot process05:18
achandrashekarif i bring up the second ltsp server before the first, at which time the second has a ldap client connected to the ldap server first it  hngs.05:19
krsnendu                                                                                                                                                 bnhghq ,ml06:55
krsnendusorry that was my baby06:56
stgraberogra__: Edubuntu Add-on amd64/i386 <-- Is that name good for you ?07:46
ogra__Edubuntu (Ubuntu educational Add-on CD) amd64/i38607:48
ogra__something like that07:48
ogra__rich wants the new name exposed07:48
stgraberok, I'll see if that name isn't tool long for the tracker UI :)07:49
ogra__so we can flip it around in intrepid to be "Ubuntu educational addon CD (edubuntu)"07:49
ogra__well, esle just call it add-on :)07:49
stgraberI need to keep "Edubuntu" at the beginning for the tracker though (otherwise it wouldn't be in the menu)07:50
stgrabertrying with Edubuntu (Ubuntu educational Add-on)07:50
ogra__then do as you suggested :)07:50
stgraberkeeping "Upgrade Edubuntu" as it is though as it's about upgrading the old Edubuntu and not the new Ubuntu educational thing :)07:51
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jvanrooyenHi im busy changing my lts.conf file in edubuntu gutsy for the clients to use 1024x786 resolutions? Did the changes but it stays the same09:22
jvanrooyenI also ran ltsp-update-image after changing09:23
jvanrooyenStill shows the lower resolution09:23
jvanrooyenCan anyone help on this one?09:23
cooliocan anyone tell me why the login authentication take so long12:01
coolioinfact sometimes it does not recognise the user12:01
ogra_cmpcnetwork saturation ?12:02
coolioogca: i have 40 terminals on networ, 1ghz between server and switch, terminals 100mb/s12:04
ogra_cmpcwhats the HW specs of that server12:08
ogra_cmpcfor 40 clients you will need at least 5.5G12:09
ogra_cmpcif the machine is low on ram or has slow disks and is under heavy load, it can happen that sshd times out12:10
ogra_cmpcgenerally you can look up login issues in /var/log/auth.log ... if you see the attempts in there its not the network ...12:11
ogra_cmpcif you get to the point where the liogin manager goes away and you see a black screen with mouse pointer, thats already gnome-session, so probs with that will be logged in ~/.xsession-errors12:12
ogra_cmpcgenerally saying "its slow" is like a bugreport that says "doesnt work ",,, you need to give a bit more details12:13
coolioi am checking the log12:13
ogra_cmpcwhats the HW specs ? does the server have enough ram ?12:14
ogra_cmpcand if so, do you use a kernel that can handle it12:14
coolio2 x cpu , 8gb memory12:14
ogra_cmpcand the free command reports all 8gig ?12:15
stgraberogra: Have you done the seed/package deps change to install italc with LTSP (in place of tcm) ?12:19
ogra_cmpcstgraber, after alpha is out12:19
ogra_cmpci didnt want to trigger new builds for it12:19
ogra_cmpcso tonight or tomorrow12:20
ogra_cmpci'm also not sure yet if i want italc-master installed by default or if i just add it to the ship seed12:20
ogra_cmpc-client will go into edubuntu-desktop12:21
ogra_cmpcadding it to -server doesnt seem right either12:21
stgraberogra_cmpc: I'd make both optional as it'll open two extra ports and one shouldn't do that when directly connected to the internet12:24
ogra_cmpci'd like the client by default actually12:24
stgraberwhy ?12:24
ogra_cmpcso the teacher doesnt have to run around and install it everywhere12:25
stgraberit'll have anyway12:25
stgraberas he'll need to install his key on all computers12:25
ogra_cmpci thought about adding a gconf check to the .desktop file12:26
ogra_cmpcso you could switch it on/off via a gconf key12:26
stgraberthe teacher needs to copy the public key from his computer to all of the others, so manual intervention (or scripted intervention) is needed in all cases12:26
ogra_cmpcright, we need a good gui for that in 1.0.7 ;)12:27
ogra_cmpcor 2.0 or whatever he will call the next version :)12:27
ogra_cmpcanyway ... i'd like to have it there by default, it doesnt need to start though ...12:30
ogra_cmpcis ica-launcher upstream ?12:30
stgraberit's the LTSP hack12:33
ogra_cmpcah, cool12:33
ogra_cmpcthat could check for a gconf key12:33
stgraberitalc-launcher is the part generating the config file12:33
ogra_cmpcor the kde equivalent :)12:34
* ogra_cmpc wonders what the kde equivalent for gconf might be12:34
stgraber.kde ? not sure of what kind of API they have for it12:34
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alumno10hi all!15:19
alumno10how can i umount usb drive in clients, with commands15:21
alumno10hi vistakiller15:32
alumno10ogra_cmpc, do you remember that i had sis7019 sound hardware, which is not longer supported by kernel, since 2.6.14 or so, then i found an usb sound adapter, i want to now if this could be a solution?15:34
alumno10the specific model is USBG-SV515:34
alumno10*(usb sound adapter model)15:35
alumno10*the obsolete sis7019 sound hardware is on the clients15:37
evenhi there, anyone uses LTSP here ?15:40
alumno10i do15:43
evenalumno10: which interface you uses15:46
evenxfce ?15:48
alumno10its pretty light, and loads instantly, the server is 512mbram 1200mhz amd , and clients are 200mhz ebox15:52
alumno10(11 clients)15:52
evenhm 1 got a 8 xeon 1.6 with 6G of ram, i need support how many thins i can15:57
eveni'll lunch15:58
ogra_cmpceven, you need aboout 128M per running session on the server plus 256M for the server to operate16:13
ogra_cmpcso 1.5G give you 10 clients16:14
pygiogra, have a sec?17:09
ogra_cmpcbad day for freenode today it seems17:15
LaserJockstarted last night for me17:15
LaserJocklot's of netsplits17:16
ogra_cmpcthere was an operator msg some hours ago17:16
ogra_cmpcbut that said they belive the DoS is done17:16
ogra_cmpcdoesnt look like though17:16
ogra_cmpcpygi, still alive ?17:18
pygiogra_cmpc, yup17:19
pygijust wanted to ask is there any edu-related app we would need? :)17:19
pygihey ^_^17:19
ogra_cmpcnot at that state of the release17:19
pygioh, I know that! But I was thinking to write one as part of SoC17:19
ogra_cmpcwe have plenty of CD space though17:20
LaserJockwe should have a nice app-review at UDS17:20
LaserJockget an early start on Hardy+117:20
* LaserJock wants a really good chemistry teaching tool :-)17:20
pygioh well, no Edubuntu soc then :)17:20
ogra_cmpcubuntu educational SoC probably ;)17:21
pygiok, ok, that :P17:21
LaserJockis Ubuntu a mentoring organization again this year?17:21
pygibut with what kind of game/app/tool? :)17:21
pygiLaserJock, as always :p17:21
ogra_cmpcedubuntu as a brand will become only one piece of ubuntu in education17:21
pygiye, ye, I know17:22
ogra_cmpcand i must say compared to the classromm cd + addon in gutsy, alternate + addon feels a lot cleaner17:22
LaserJockpygi: I kinda wondered if we'd really get anything after the last couple years17:23
LaserJockogra_cmpc: indeed17:23
* ogra_cmpc spent most of the last days with install tests and it looks way more professional as it is now17:23
LaserJockactually, what about that app-review engine/app that we spec'd out in Sevilla?17:23
ogra_cmpcnot as much piecemeal feeling anymore17:23
LaserJockwould the app-review thing make a decent SoC project?17:24
ogra_cmpcbut we should talk to the QA team17:24
LaserJockit's not something one of us is likely to have time for in the near future :-)17:24
ogra_cmpcthey probably plan something alike in a bigger view17:24
LaserJockPackageStorm :-)17:25
ogra_cmpcstgraber, do you know if something like an appreview web tool for user feedback is on the QA team todo list ?17:25
ogra_cmpcsounds somewhat like it would fall into the QA area17:26
LaserJockalthough as spec'd it would be a bit more17:26
LaserJockbut yeah, QA's seems to be doing that kind of stuff17:27
LaserJockanyway, I think that'd probably make a good SoC17:27
LaserJockI tend to think having SoC people write entirely new apps for Edubuntu is kind of a waste17:28
LaserJockwe don't do a lot of app development to start with ;-)17:28
LaserJockother than maybe if somebody wanted to do some sort of LTSP project17:28
pygiLaserJock, you mean as in good proposals?17:28
LaserJockpygi: yeah17:29
* pygi doesnt even have an idea what that is17:29
pygiLaserJock, what kind of user feedback app are you hunting for?17:29
pygior in other words, where do I see the specs/17:31
ogra_cmpcthe spec is "something similar to the wine appdb" with the scope of the spec above focusing on ubuntu arcvive as backbone17:33
mario_damn connection17:34
stgraberogra_cmpc: define app review ?17:34
ogra_cmpcstgraber, see the spec page above17:35
stgraberogra_cmpc: mvo asked for some kind of improved packages.ubuntu.com where users could vote for their favourite packages and vote for them17:35
ogra_cmpcsomething similar to the wine appdb page17:35
ogra_cmpcright if we get that sortable by category and we could have an edu section that would be perfect17:36
ogra_cmpcwhat we thought of was actually a bit more17:36
ogra_cmpclike a screenshot per app etc17:36
ogra_cmpcand a review system that allows commenting17:36
stgraberwell, the idea of mvo was to use the code we did for http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com and use it for packages17:36
stgraberso it'd be the same as brainstorm.u.c except that we would have all the packages in the DB17:37
stgraberand use apt's category or something similar for sorting17:37
ogra_cmpcthe brainstorm release actually remineded me of the old spec :)17:37
pygistgraber, isnt that just an addition to brainstorm.u.c code then?17:37
ogra_cmpcor rather of the fact that this belongs in QA17:37
pygi(if that's open source?)17:38
stgraberwe'll have an Ubuntu QA and Ubuntu Brainstorm session at FOSSCamp17:38
stgraberpygi: brainstorm.ubuntu.com (open source) is one of the Ubuntu QA modules for Drupal17:38
stgraberpygi: it's in fact the same website as iso.qa.ubuntu.com and qa.ubuntu.com17:38
ogra_cmpcgreat, i'll attend (i think ... not sure i'm planned for fosscamp this time)17:38
stgraberNicolas and myself will only be at FOSSCamp no UDS for me this time :)17:39
ogra_cmpcoh :(17:39
stgraberwell, I have exams the same week as UDS :(17:40
ogra_cmpcprague is so nice, you should consider adding one or two vacation days, its cheap there17:40
stgraberyes ... bad timing :)17:41
ogra_cmpcwill be a strange uds ... the first time since sydney without jim and scott ...17:41
ogra_cmpcin boston we had at least scottie17:42
mrunagiFUCK THE GOD DAMN OPS!17:58
mrunagiEVERY ONE OF THEM!17:58
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* ogra doesnt want to die ,,,18:00
alumno10hi all18:00
alumno10hey, edubuntu feisty, uses ltsp5 right?18:55
alumno10and according to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.22/+bug/18787918:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187879 in linux-source-2.6.22 "ac97_codec module and symbols missing, some OSS modules can't load [undefined symbol ac97_probe_codec]" [Undecided,Won't fix]18:55
alumno10sis7019 might work ?18:56
* ogra wont attend the meeting tonight ... see you all tomorrow ...18:58
stgraberhmm, ok ... see you18:58
alumno10bye ogra18:59
ograstgraber, rich will run a short one though19:00
alumno10hey, edubuntu feisty, uses ltsp5 right?19:28
alumno10and feisty has sis7019 support too right??19:31
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RichEd== edubuntu meeting == in #ubuntu-meeting in 5 mins ==19:56
RichEdwho's here for the meeting ?19:56
RichEdogra is not available tonight19:56
RichEdhi LaserJock20:00
RichEdogra is not here for the meeting tonight :( so no tech20:00
RichEdand i have a small crisis at home i am dealing with20:00
RichEddid you or stgraber or anyone else have any major pressing issues ?20:00
LaserJockI don't think so20:02
LaserJocksqueak isn't going all that well20:02
LaserJockbut I'm trying to figure out a way to get it to work20:02
RichEdi really need to attend to my issue at home ... so if anyone pops up, let them know we're not holding any formal discussion tonight20:03
LaserJockRichEd: oh, Google Summer of Code is starting up again. We might want to give some thought to any useful projects20:03
LaserJockwill do20:03
RichEdcould you run it then ?20:03
LaserJockrun what?20:03
dcsquareis edubuntu a version of ubuntu with the educational apps added? Or the difference is bigger?20:03
RichEdthanks ... pop in to the channel, raise the topic and see as a sidebar if anyone is around for comment or discussion20:03
RichEdi'll check logs from my window tomorrow for any follow up20:04
LaserJockRichEd: don't worry, we got your back ;-)20:04
RichEdthanks mate20:04
LaserJockdcsquare: somewhat bigger20:04
LaserJockdcsquare: a heavy target use case for Edubuntu is classroom LTSP servers20:05
LaserJockEdubuntu has been going through some changes recently20:05
LaserJockwhere LTSP itself has moved to the Ubuntu Alternate CD20:05
LaserJockand now we'll ship an Ubuntu Education Addon CD that has the educational apps and misc goodies20:06
LaserJockfor 8.0420:06
dcsquareI really like the games for my 4 year old, but I want to be able to use the computer as a "normal" computer too20:06
LaserJockthat's no problem20:07
dcsquarefor the moment i have ubuntu installed, and I tried edubuntu from the desktop cd20:07
LaserJockwhat version of Ubuntu do you have installed?20:07
LaserJockwhat you might want to do is grab the Edubuntu Classroom Server Addon CD20:08
* stgraber waves20:08
dcsquareI didn't see any major differences, but I thought I should ask first20:08
LaserJockin your Ubuntu install you can pop that CD in and it'll give you some option for installing the edu apps20:08
LaserJockwithout messing up your Ubuntu install20:08
dcsquarecool :)20:09
LaserJockand it has more stuff than the Desktop CD has20:09
dcsquareso I can make my daughter happy and keep my amp and eclipse :)20:09
LaserJockmy guess is that gcompris and tuxpaint would be real good apps20:09
dcsquarethank you very much20:10
LaserJockanother thing you can do20:10
LaserJockif you don't want to download the whole CD20:10
LaserJockis there are some metapackages that start with edubuntu-addon-20:11
dcsquareI don't mind downloading the CD20:11
LaserJockedubuntu-addon-young might be appropriate20:11
LaserJockok, that's cool20:11
dcsquareI'm on a decent connection20:11
LaserJocklet's you play around more20:11
dcsquarethank you for your time20:12
LaserJockno problem20:12

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